Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D TTTE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED HVERY AFTERNOON, (LXCLIT SUNliAYJ At tk* Stm Buildi- z, rontrr l*.'n7t*ifl+<iMS mv>rr.UA avd E'*ventk 'trfi't, II j U. D. WAlLACn, WW be to suhsrrifcen In the cities of Wash ington, fi"trr-town, Alrnndn*. Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A UUARTER CENTS, ptfthl* weekly In th* Acents- To mail subscribers the "nbscriprioti price is THREE HOLLARS AND FIFTY TENTS n yrar In advance. TWO DOL URS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR \r T HRfiLE MONTHS. fty-Hmor.* copies on DSWT. TREBLE PATENT IMPROVED EYELET MAJ CHINE. Firs* patent?combined on n*i? Mock gtTon'l nil *nt -self feedtn* with eyelet Third pat* at?patent improved fastener, riveting both rides All parii*1* 'ti want of a r>od Eyelet Machine, an* s'rwitfv recotnmondcH to it*? but LIP M AN'S PATENT IMPROVED, which is decidedly the bm?t trcr l?roii?ht before the public, po'sefint numerous ad vanuees, viz : It is strong, durable and not!table %n j?et out of or der. It punche- tli*hol?* well, ani to fit the Eyelet, and ia one operation clinehe<- the Eyelet oil M?th ?ides. (| mtps time, a? the papers ft-f ne?d not bo reversed or turned over to clinch the Eykt a se cond'iime, as is the c*?* wt'h a:! other M ?< chine' It is useful to the M'rl'in' in Cline awaypnihts, as w? 11 a? U? the attorney orC~-oveyancer,t'ie shoe maker, Tail'*. MWtner, and numi-rons others, and is a very 'abor savin* Machine SoM by a!l the principal Stationers and Fancy Ooods Dealer* thrmuboql the United States. Aaents for Wnlitiftm. TAYLOR k MAURY, may 21?tf Bookstore, near 9th *t ? A CARD. eg E'oiiomv W th* r*zd tn Great BUsdticUon in the pric? of Fat* & Caps 'J! HE undersigned, havmi made atrangeai' nu with a New York Hal OmpoBf to b?- con stantly ?ntoiK'i with the very best Moleskin or UHES3 HATS, p?l up in the latest style, offers litem a' th* naprecedeated low price of g3,:jl>, worth from f-ur to five dollar-; second qua.ily, ff'.U worth fmm flN to $1; and h very cod !ashi<B nSle Hat at ?i jT3?> wort i from $3 t?> 3:1.50 Also, Ite' be k Co* Half, at a much less advance than they have been here t-?' >re sold in this city. Fir^t rate beaver 15 its ?3,5?. All kind* of *?fl I1AT.C am: CAPS v^ry !?w. In order to sel! at the above I .w pr!c *s the cash system oik be adopted ; com-'quenily those who pwrlNM* will not be '?hsrved fr>ni tfteen to twenty live per cent, as an offset for bad d--bts. ^ ANTHONY, (for anar.v years tn tae rm^oy of Todd & Go.) No. 3,Oi!tiioiN? pi?cc,7th st., ap 13? tf Ski dv*>r uojili of P'-an. avenue. 30*iiiHi5Q WFW u Tn*:a ras 3UN. CHARLES WRRNER, Pernsylmnia uremtc, opp-itite Itrosn.' Hofel H AS fitted up the eomroodkm bait ever his Ros tanrant as a firat clsa< liAfl .R BEER SA? L*>?)N. haviU5 pr> ure.1 a ?upply ot" every lemry and eon?f->rts found in first eiass establishment* ol Ue kind in ihe Non em citie?. HisRIHNF. WINES and French White W:ne?, as well as U:s Clarets, Sejar* L~z?" Ber.r, German, Icaiiai:, ani CHEESES, an-1 indeed f ev ery other approbate iurury in such an ..statdish nieut, is ufarpMMi ia th's country. He s<.H'-its a call fnnn his fneisds and the public. may 12?li' DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDS?>If. Ltenust, late of the firm ol i, Hun: at Donaldson, continues to ^ . ?f*\ manufacture and insert those Ix auuful j porcelain te th, with or without sums, ^ for specimens of which (made and de poeiied by the late firm * was awarded the lir^t premium at tne Mechauicd' Institute Far, recently held in this city Tnese teeth are carved a?id shnde?l to eritcaen partw u'ar cax, ac.i! their rea**mblance to the aatu r ii .ruans is pirrt'ect ai to deceiv ? the mart prac tised eye. Particular attention al*o pad t ? an? pre serving the natiint1 t'.^tti Char^?*' moderate and a!l op?rOH?p= ?srraat? soc.thwest eorne: Seventh and l> - s.- e? tjanre on D m:?r 2' Ni)TIOE T? 2 WHiTt iicu: ?: 7&VIL iion Ac h j b<i6n t ctfld for ;11 seasoa, at! 'or ri Larie a d small parties can be acoojiiuoda'.ed With Me*l?, 4ic. For particulars app'y to WILLIAM CUKL, on F. be-ween 21st and 221 street*. N> Cx 'jrv-ion parli'-s except thwr* a'ready en aa<.-!. < an fnni'sii r..i u f?w:> 'f'i'ei ?>?? pt cx'.rt fr?r the lis- ol t-i? iiotuc. By onler of the MANAfiESS. may #1 ?M iV JiFim _________ LAND W iBRANTS WANTED. TUBande.sisnfsl will pay ilii hi^u-t price for L?:tui1 Warrants. Stock.- bouu^it and s<iM ie: 1 II \MI-TDN H. FANT, No.4^*> P^. avtuue, WashUijton. liny 29?lrn (Inl ? l*n?an> "ICE-IL'E?ICS! CHI AMI.Ii i W - t*.."* U.*-, "i I'?u avenue, / ophite 8f ti ' tl'ji1'., . ?k ? [? zur%*ii?'* . me t*siL< i? -?? ^ * 1 ?' vrtiacia b- ?riii *rii9tm caJ, tt? a#?y quiBl'lini, ai ?Jia ieWi>t cf. ??ay PLEASURE TRIPS TO TI1E WHIT* l!: i!J::.fc PAVILION. ..i? TJij >? *-*t- lici'l. VVASU IO?s w* XiiOi. COLL\il. can cha.t it 1 ioi pnblic or f^"C. panie> t.> vt*i! th* Whur II- use Pavilioe, Aj ?ii .t Vernon, Fort WasUinxton, oUi? r . lace- i?n th?? fiver. The ^Vtsite House I'avilioa i- now ?'?!.? n tor viri tors I? is a iieautiiu; jJat " ( ?' l?!tJ*ore .rips j it tm a fiat Bail astd DimBC room , e.;>.i xicw IVn Pin Ali?-j .. , t\jt paitic&!ars app y t ">;!?' Tr ?l tnt Ompaav, or th'.* *'apt;a:is ol ti.' Ro^j. Mr W'lLLLttf COKE U .V.n.^hirg Kf;eah2ie:tU wile boa>. anJ is prepared to tarn:ju parti oa tile l<est t, nuj. ?2l?l PURE SILVER WARS? A MAGNIFI Ct>.N i AsaOii < MLN i*. MW. OALT n BF.O. cu I ait^ntimi to ihei ? ur.u.maily lar acao; jacnt of Sn?erwaxe, cuuxi >iin( of? Solid Oliver l"caS?'t?, c<>iu;l>' ? Siivrl PitCllers. i1'?li-t iSilV r 1,'ij. iH isilwr Cu|; iw>! Saut> ? Coblets filver FishC^rv;*r? an? F-rks. Crua b Scrapers Case Kr.:v e, Fruit Saoveh Su^ur tiiftus J?*Ily Sp oa-, Cfccvwe fit -cps Pickle KaivtJ ai.d , Mi?e dp??o.!s, SaUd Toi.^s, \e.ctoUf !?>'?< FrUti Kn- T- ^ " - -rt h.k:,i, Cream unJ kravy t^i io-; Ice Ur^arj Unirei, 8a t Nipkin U...,s, Buti r i?r.:v?-s, Tea Suaiac.s Tia, T*Wa, .iud D?:sert apo Kij FoiUs ol t ?cr> variety _ . Breaktaj-t aaJ dinacr Co3ee S;KK?^i, ?. Alro, <t SkIJ l<Ujt Ifc- filttieli! t.; i bilVK/ ware, oaiiaule i**t l l?tii cay, sad oUier presents The Above U a:i of oar oat. xasufacture and It wurraaten u> be pur:-. M. W. CAI.T it r.KO , IBl Pa. avt., L#r.w. fth a..u ICth -'.i. bar 31?if GREAT BARGAINS TV LADCb',CENTS'.HISSES'. AND CBL J UiiENS'Ev.OTS .Mi isaOLS.~ri.e -_. Tlli'-f t !IJT c.hj;. led t . . -OV,. fr' in teMl ? t??e >UH?" lie MOW uCCdptCt, i*?s ;3lui | Lt. l . W"d asM?ne.i ?:?!.?!; ??. I. lO'M aXii OC-I 4t greatly ie luce I j_>. :es. All i*er*iiis m i.f in; arocl< will liad it t-i Ci-vatiUi^i; to Call bclofe Uiircilaa.k|| iHrt-Hni-'t1: r A. 11. SLOA.i, No 30 ft av., t^ar lotii ?t-, -ariii side, kny 1?3m HEllaES EAGLC PLUMBING AND GAS-I'lT i' ING UiiPOT. rl>HE sehwriber re pectfuliy cjinnnnrpi to I tries4* and the public u j' iicral ll ?? j>?-' tn*fil llje !i'j| |e| Ot* tr'" C?-?ebrHlsd IKiOGLj* IXJi'BuE Al TING 81 "I'TloN A'iL) FORCE PI HP, wh'.cti received U.e .>JLVER .li VJtl. !*??? fmir of iht* Mrtrojoliian !?-U l?t<, and ia now p.- p.iieJ to funii?h who u>>i| tairor ium wun icvil. His swc? .t Ki s , k 1X t i l*i-1> ar-; un?ar p.?sse<l in U?e llutili.t. Witii lui > vjrp^ s ,i, . ? , wcrnnee. he p#?? i.mi-? Ii I ' mi aii - T.t. r. ,n Ui PLUMBUM AMD li A.--^ iT I IMG t**.? v i. v > *?_i li of ?p:.ti.'h All worS djtr: r; r?af?-4 to j.?e complete t.?t -tafl'nio JOHN :XK^E, uiay I?tf t ;;r. t4:.: '? ? .uid pt r? r.ue. DO YOG WA!;T FIR3T RATS ICE CKCAil r f't l#a? once to AkNV. 15- Itfe ?li' et,G?orfetnwn, JT nh I ? wKl *L by the ttnimuh' ta*i 4*i:liinio?f ICl. I. Kt \M3, WA Tt> ICEf?, aiU CAhliS. ??> ?? X* ? *TIC K.?I n? tved ii.> i!ay t n#-.v +r.-n i> meni of :*LEE7E i" I'l ONS . i.d STUDS.nt" tin rityles. Also, a vanely jf otiier new '?"?is: if Vmt i'hauii*, Clbb lain*, Biace lets, Puis Earimm, Ri:-e*. etc t?reat iii.iucviur j s o??te,j ^") i ui' baser*. if. SEMKLlf, No 339 i hti. llth and IDth st-. S'tx 1' ... i I' . !? fl mAHQ I>! .iicmi ie rriiHiU. %o. sud J'.V-'eliy lUldf tO Wdt!i ii.jj a JOBS R. BLVAJI8. WILLIAM rnOKPSO* Sal.VANS 4fc Til IPSOl, DKAMtRS IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS:&c.. Mo 330 PoimylTHDl* RTtnuti Wireen Sintk and Tenth etreets. Washington, D. C HOUfH? FURNISHING HARI>WAR1*.. Britannia, Germa i Silver, Alhata and Silver Plated Tea,Tabb* and Desert Spoon* CarvcM and F 'tk.- , Steels, Kmvea with and with oat F'?rfes :Priw ui <, P'^ckTin and Plate-* Candlestick*; Shovwl and Tong.j, Waffle Irone, S Iron-* Mi 'in and BeH Metal Ketr!?s, Furnace?,Gndiroi.s, Owof, fcc. niJII.DING MATERIALS. j Rcral Cottnge, Closer, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pail and Trunk L.<ks F.iuUlo. Door, and B in-J Hingis, Screws, Cut and V\ rought Nadj, Bolts Brad's" Shntirr Scj^wh ami Stuhbs, Door 8prii?r?, Handrail Sere??s, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Shestej and RmI, *c. CADTVKT makers- goods. Hair Cloth, CurN Hair, M->s, Gimpr-, So'a and Cbair Spring Yeiiiriap Bhnd H'?ok>?, Rack Pulley*, Roller End*, H racket7, F ur.iii'irc Nail? Glue,r.iflin Handles uud Screws, Diamond Scrc^T Pities, kc CARPENTERS' GOODS* P';iue?, Saws, i>raw:nc Knives, Spo*eshavea. Chis els and Ganges, Plant* Irons Aog^rs, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machin?s, Ham bums. Hatchets, Di vels Bevils, Squares, Gunge*. Axe?, &c. B-.ACK8MITH AND COA'H MAKERS GOODS. Black an<l Bright Springs, Ail?*s, Felloes, Spokes, Unix;. Shalt*, Poles Sleigh Raniufs, Silvired ??nd B.ay Bands, Stump Joint-, Stwop Collars, Top Props Curtain Framrs, lumps, Inside Linings, Silks. Daui'sk, Seaming Cord* Tuft5, Ta?i?el?, tsutUms, Tacks. Frirqes, Laces, anrt Plain ar.d Enamailod Canvas.; Ilus-ia Duck, EoHimlled Leather, T.?*sthrr, XC. EL VANS & THOMPSON, jd 1?6m 346 Pa. avctiua XisTiF" AIiATIOIST ^ FOB THE CURB OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY "WONI) ^tiFUL.'H H YGEANA Brought h*-i&6 tv tho door of rht> Million \ WONDERFUL discovi ry has recently bi-in made by Dr. Curus <iithis city, in lie in at meet of Con .u.npuoii, A-umia, a?;d iU d.-wanes ot the Lun??. We refer i t DR CUKTl~'S HYt>E ANA OR INHALING HYGF.A . VAPOR AND "MERRY ^VttUP." *Viih thia n?w method, Dr C. ha restored in.tny atlheted oacs to he-ilt't, a-* an evidence > ( wiiicti be ha* innumerable certificate* Speakinz ot trie tn atm ut, a physician remarks, "It is i vitleul tnat i haling?constantly brea'hing an isree ible. b-almg vapor?the in diciual prop^rto .? iiiij-t com in direct contact wnb the wiiob- usual cavitie ot tlie luius, a ?d thus ??ape trie uniijf an.l varied cluing s pr'.duc- d upon them wh> ii intr> Juced uu the ouimacb, and -ubj< ct to tne pn^ce^s of dige^Uob " The Hygena is foi ?file at al ti e firn.^.-fa thr .Ii^huut tlic count, j.?N. Vori Dutct* mow o/ ./ar?. J 4 Trie Inha er i* wmn on the bn-a^t under th?. linen witi.oo. til .' ^l>I l-'-Onti aieuci-?Jie heat u! the b'>dv t-'-ng ?>' :t to the fiuid Hui dred- ?f cab't -'t care i. \Uc Uiu ti.Uowaig, uiight be Tia' ?Jne pac'<it?c or tr.e H; :- m haa cur>?d me of the Asthma of ctt ye ns' ttac^iri^ J F KisaBraav, P. M. of liunoannon, Pa I a.a car- I of ih .j Asthma of ten years' maiming !:y Dr, CiuLtf'ti H;. ?euiia. y.LV.IlVH-C Eastow, Bpvittlya, N. Y. Mrs. P'ih!, of %*o. I Hanmnd ?tre? t, N Y , was cnreil of a severe caio of iiroachi'jr fey the lly *eai?a. M,;r am been crrH 11 <*. dt-'i -.--ir ? cou-.'h rrf ; iviyral v- ji ?lucdim;, P.n.1 t ? ci;l',>! to l?c uicura bl'- :?? tl?? p-t>>i-'i?m?. el?? wu < u.'?d m oi ?? moaih by the Hygtana. J. H. G\' F. M RicHumad, Me. Tiit Rev. Dr. Cnat riK, of N? w Y rk, testifies o.r uiir medicine in tlie I? j? 1 >wi:ig : \iw Yokk, Nov. 13^ 1854. D: ir Sir?I think of Dr. Curt?'-- Hvge.'.na .*.3 a r. ir. d.-? . ? >?( t?i? ihr-">?.t 3n?i L ^ tlav na bs-l i^iue opportunity to testify ii3 i-thca.-y, f am ror^Ti;-: d tlr.t it i- a m'Ht excelleut medi me, :~.ih tn; .i;Tup ^i.u luhaliag apphc.ii.oii to the chi-st. ; P/ot if.. ? lit \v*i.'-3 u. aA ii.ii'-ws: Gcntl?n?.a?I have rtce .fly h .d occasion *.o test y:ur Ch- r> y Syrup a-.-: Ijj Vapor, in a cauc oi cl:r?iib' ;? t t".rir.t, t;;*? ^i?tl rtfused to yield to c.n er foru.i iKtroiUineni, a ad the n>u!t lsa.i 3?tis?ed ?rt- ibat, w'.. ??over nmy fee iHi comp' Ul-on oi your pr?',-iritior:, r. i? n.? iiiiiK""!'"". but cn ere- '-lent r ;:n?-i!y. I \vi.ia, !'nr iho .-ake ot the afflicted, that it PDul-i '? rou^ht witbsn tt?e ien".h of a!i. i r iouMo, ??? of the ico<t culcbrakd Ibjoiciaa' ir. h York writw .is ii'll?it3: (ir. L arx-> Dear Kir-yavuifi wllr.f wrd thr r.i n tit ?,r.eet- 'ji >?'?ir Ji^eiuia .[ iuhalir.2 Hyg?ian v.. Ch?;rrv Syrup, it. ca:" of Chrcuic. B'mi i| i. -- 3 beim- 'much in t'avor of count* r irritation iv. iii. atioM tae ti.roM, ImehU l>ti? nnitlittifn ! i a> i.. f.tor: c i'-trftilly rtcoiniatnd your .?l<.iU (r.t.:U .ApptLTdiiH iw.'inf tl' ? uio r of.rivi :eni a.n; tJicuii of applying anytiurz of the kind i t n.r d"tiiit, tliousanda of pei-on.< r.: rclu:veJ. aui Li;uiy cured, by u?i.g your IUC4ll vi**br. lLud-tn. : : d all a ?.! to confei tnat J r.m op p. 8i-d to prc-i-icribii.g or , cn\ ctwtnoiihd.-, l.-tic this liitli: r.< atl. t ?.:rit .1 k::;. r.nrf m eff. i i: tii' ca.-e abuve m!u<l< d i?, tavu ii.JUct -1..- tcupi a* in iin favor- I You are at hU.iy to u?i Uii? in an7 way v? u may tliink proper. liiaj^tCulIy, you?s, 4.c. C. tiiiNa, M i:.. Xo. WO Houston Htrett, 11. Y. Pm-e lilrei a 4>.i V i^. Sold by CURTIS H PBi'.KlNS ar.d LOi'D t* PAL'L. N?> 140 b mibrtr? street, N. Y 1 .a.' pat aa.: ?. nt Iiee to any pai. of the Unlt? i Stated for ten doliar?. m N It?Dr. Carti*'* llyk<a?. i iho OulGlN '.L and liNLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all "lli ri ??i-? unit* i<u;s, >r vi!.* and iiijiiri>.u- counteife-.u Sbun Ho m a^ y<.u woui-i F'-r sale in \Va->hinfton by I'llAltLLS i?TO'IT, Pa. av nue. near 7tli street; and J. B MouiiG in tae FiifM VV' ard. may 22 -6.:i DENTISTRY. DC MUKS^jN r^peetfuny calls public aitrnnoi: to Ini new pa-.enl, ami GREATLV IMPROVED itKlhol oi si'tim? Artitina Tr-th, w?Tb Continuous Gum the Vrry^*"*^ PERFECTION t>F THE ART This stylo ot Peetb iivstlii- following a^vfinta^ * over all other*, viz: ORF.AT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS. l.'OM FOBT. and BEAUTY, vicing with Nature in the* r?*sptct.s and in some oth'-rs Htcellinn- Public n? ?;it.ctii>u i? respectfully aolieitcd. l'l?a:-c call ami see sp. eiiuetj. CAUTION.-No other Dtniietin the Di.-trict oi Co:unibM baa a rigfit ui inaUe this ..tyle cl T?-eth N. B Teeih coiistiutiofialiy oealtliy, plugc?Mt a.t.i warranted wi lifL*. otBcr- snd horn*' at No. 39 U E street, m ar the corucr of Pcauflwwa aveuuc and 14th street. ap >U--tf liAIR WORK. OKNAMENT:? or'Ilair, t>aeh a^ llra^e'eU, Cbat ela ns, Chii.i.i, B/i astp:na, RarringB, Fiti^ef I U'nu. infcte to o.'iier, ui a:., drored Ueaign. | All order- iYihiuUy aitemie l to. Specimen* ! .ay be -t ui.v atorn? I II s4 k'% li. SEMKEN, No. 33U i'a. av., biHween 9i'i and ?0ih st<. Mar M ; I iERRY'fl AND GIIJ.OTT'S HI EL PENS ia variety, ?? u:;l.t in M from th?r uianufactur i'ia by the un.ferf .^ned, in tl.i? way securing eenu iaem-fs, a? arcil ?-4 the b?-si qui! ry .tnd !iiis?-h. oi ?ach brand. NCK TA YMiR. nay O IFF.KIOR TABLK A CCD'a Cuileiy, Raxois, Sci??oi>, :?.c A lar^e m? nt, low. i than at any o'her pl*'? in 1 o g^l artkJ^a aad So* pn ta alw:.y? rail at th. llousi k- pi:r's Furuo^iiig Siorc, 1 nsay JO " I BANC In WlTE'rt COOLERS, soinething new, ai? exctl enl arlirle. IHIlfBLE ICE PITCh 1 EW, differ, hi s:.le? and ain:s; Brtitauuia Fltcbe?, ! o, aail cover.*d ; all of Brittauuia and Block Tin V? are. For sale low, at the HouaekeeperV FurniMoi.g Store, 1941 Seventh O. i.i Ji G FRyclS. ALEXANDP.lT"POLKA SCHOTTIsH?Hail. Krunimaeher'j new piew of thr above name, dcuic 'ted to MUs K.iw J DeCamp, ot litis city jo-t pmlMhcd and for ?Je at me Munic Uepoioi je & liiLBtU * HITZ. No. 267. WMUMTON STlim M iBiUPAPT^RF, S. E. corner qf Pa. at. and Eleventh Ureet, Sole Agency for CHIL80N, GOULD St. CO.'S Warming and Ventilating Apparatus M PONT) fc CO.'S (of Boston) Union Double-Oven rooking Range, J. L. MOTT'8 (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Con--tanrty on hand, and receiving LATRORE STO V 458. for heating two *torie*; l'.rlor and Cham ti?r URATBH, EnanH ed and Japanm d Co-<kiitjr, Flail, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room 8 - OVF.8, Plain, Tinned and Enamelied Iron HOLLOW WARE; B.oeW Tin, Planished and Jat?i.;iie.l WARE in errat van<tv. All of which will !c wlil at the lowest p"?sibie rates, that will cnnittarc favorably with any fc-iaa lis'imt nt south of New York. An examuiation ol'iny stock is earnestly w.iicitcd. ?>n a? j i s skirvinq ASS PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, &c., Ac.?Wc hav? now tn store a !????? vari i ly of fine and common I'an?, Harrison'a and Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, rooth Powders, playi'i* and visiting Cards, fine Portmon i ait?, Cigar CawCard Cases, Hn?!trts, Canes, kc, Sc., all rf which we arc st-llinc out at low prices to suit the times at ihe Piano. Mn..ic, Sta tionery, Perf umery, and Fancv Uoods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. aveuui-, bet. 'J;b and 10Ui sts. may 23?tf NEW AND MLD PlANOSr VCTC have now in stor?? the largest assortment of f PI AN 8 ever oflere . in this city tir>m Hal 'ct, I'avis it Co., Hacon J*. Raven, and Knabe, Gteids 8i Co ** celeltral'd man uiac tones. These Pianos we guarantee, and s< II upon veiy easy terns Also, a new Pi no use! only a lev/ months, which wt oflV-r at the low price r.f ,$L\'iO . ash; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stion, fi'r .*75. A very fine second hand Chickering Piano for sale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Air iy* mi liiao, S'n<>ls, Covers, Viclnit, Guitara. Fluu>, ACcorUeon.-i, Music, ic he. Jons f ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania ?vrnue, cay 10 bet. 9?h and lOtfc 'treen. NEW bOOKS RECEIVED AT suill:sgt"!i?s. i'iie Watchman, will be (our.d a fitting companion to Ihe popular and simple doty of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magazine for June?commences a new volume The Missing Hnde, by Mrs. Southworth The Two Guardians, by th?* author of tieartst&ce 11 larch Lorivooi, a tale o: modern life Virginia, Harper's 8tory Book for June A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancics, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from ? 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T'liS IKi'l'EL atth^ favoriu watering place is * now 'ipen tor the reception of cueti's 1"h>; ; n tir-: e: :ao!i-hri.fcnt beau put in sin* .oi. r, aiid greater laviiures have beeu mudt lot lanuing pat^ seie|? rs. A small steamer has hr?n h:.r:ert;l to act it- t> n ? .^r up..ji tli? la,-|{-<r mail boai.;,and aiso to make ad ditional mp'i to Norfolk mid Portsmouth, inclonint: two iu,?eon Sunday to and ir<<m tho^ecities, thereby aJToidit.e an <.pp jrtunity of a ptt&jam . xcu?sior> and i.n c>-'? ijatuing Tiie isuit will n.afce lithiny ' A<'lllt?IOIl;-i llaret: 4aVn in I'UI'II W^f-it. Coiiiinunieaiions (.l.oidd h<- aidies:ed to C i'. WlLLARl) k HRO., Proprietors. Je 1 ilw Ol Point f amfort, Va. PR: liPECTHS for publishing mnrth/y Musical Work in the city of Washington. j iiE und r iw :"d. at tii<* so{ic Lati:>;i of many of Jt their t--.ii. Ui^il ^astoiner*, pro.iosc pitbli^hin^ a inriuhly Musical Work, entitled l hti TTutioaul 2i.0utli!y I2usir.^l M^afzico ri,,; Magaime will from 'our to ?.j page* ol Music, selected from Uie best European and Na tive ? omoogt-.rM In additina to the Music an extra -het-i will be added, containing the latest Mnsical N>.wb, &Iu6ieal Nouces, fcc I'he Magazine tviM ? i print u on Uie b-.-ft quality iMusi< paper,and will ik froiu eu^raved plates, in the neatest iiikii* ner. The firi-t t.uiaHtr of th?- Magazine will be ready ??.brur th-j Ltot July, 1"55. Mr S V. N'>yss, the Agevit for the Work, will solicit aut scription frtmi the citizen- of the District of Coluic liia an<l Fhow a sp? citnen number. Jauki. II. Brans, No. loO Bridge stro? t, is the ;tg< nt for Georgelouu. I1ILBU8 k HIT7., Mubic Depot, cor. Pa. av., 1th and D sts, feur iluilaings, Washington, D. C. 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Souih i worth, i vols, price ^1 00 H.irp?-r'ti Magazint- for June 25 Harper's Story Utok No 7, Virginia 525 P Utam's Msgaz ne for Juuc 35 Godey's Lady's Hook do 35'a Magazine do 35 AJI the New Books, Magazines, Cheap Publica ti'Uisanil Weekly Papers received as -oon as pub :iihed and tor sale by E. K LUNDY No. 15J 8 Bridge street, Ge.?rgetown. may 31?tr wIhVER WA.iiKtPLA'ikl) WaUK ./ AHD PINE FA.?C1 OOOOij.-Silver ?> .Te?- and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, Owlets, Cups, Spoons and Forks. Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable lor presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons aad Porks, 011 best Albata. The articles are warranted as represented, and will be sold at a small 'advance. II. SEHILfcN, 330 Pa. avtfuuc, bet. Uth aad iCih sU?eUi. war 59-U" Auction ftalee. By J. ??. KcQDIRi;, Auttton??r. I Ktf8TEE'S84LEOF VALUABLE AND EL 1 ' 'Pj^y "Hutted Real E?ta?e on the Maud" By of'tS'ii? iW u?H tn,,t'^]nnfi J on the Cui d ay ri i 1 r<*orded ?n Li. er J A. S.. No. twos J <0,*.r . the *?rgcnb.;r will <m|L ?t rui? KSiait'5S!,,7.HliaSDAy' 2,1,1 ^y W joie. hilfof r ntK,' lo Pi*r,"'' "!! ,hc Premise*. the nortli 52?h! jh . r ^ Wh,,leof l','t 13 h' 8ounr? 543, the whole fronung .0 ieet6 inches on -1 \ street KiSr? an1 f' :{rc,:,s Mil rnnainj ba-k 100 te. t k. an alley, wuli Hit buile.ines a d iir pnneiuents, which are two lwi> *tory and me cot . tage h'tili . nua* Dwelling Houses, well t?nd siih s antin'lv built, ??r sin much th.fcoi a.- may be ncces sarv m tatirfy uuci dc-d oluum. T he shore ptoprrty is situsfd in a rapiJIv i?o | proving :?;.rt ot Uie cay, am}* n favorable op 1 . ? ,itMr"u? of obtainingaiesiJence ? !.?Jpale ?villh?o&e fourth ea*h;wiriue id 6, l-,ano 18 <nontiis, f.w nou s bearing taier. ^t from day of salt, ?? cur? ti l?y adteJot fru*i upon ii?e proper! %. ' L the terms of gr,](? jj-jj |j,,( complied irith in six da/satier ,n- talc, the property will be resold a: tii" risk aw J axp* rt.+t* of the pufchs^r. Al! conveyancing at cost ot purchaser. chao. h w all trn,Tmim"c J AS c. M Gil I KB, J? Auctionerr. By GttKfcR * MOtT.AvHaWMVfc VALUARLB IMPROVED PROPERTY NE^R tb- Navy Yard at Auction- On THURSDAY' the 21st instant, we ?.hall sell, in front of the proa we8, paftofL t No. 3, and ail oi l.o- 4. in square ! ? !t lnP the Pr"P'rty be I on wjp c t ? Mr Uel T J.ittle, situated on outh ?., fcetween ih and <th streets enm. and m ~r the Vary Yird M-rkn ? lo-. No.ih a go d. substantial,and coriveni. ntiy arranged Brick Owelliiig Houm-. ^ot No 4 has a tr< tit on I. street, of 50 feet, and w:ll b(> <>itbdi(rided to t ujt purefciwrf., (,r :t pari of which is a good bru k Florf h??n>e or ngjec. We d?- ??? it "nnece ssrny to <?-?y anytliinL' re!r;tiye to the de^irafcle location et me above describe*, property, as it is veil known. Title tndi-put?ble -rtT' Tal*L0, p"iilth ca3h > balance in C. 19, 18. 21 *?*?? ??????, the pur. tmm r tu give note* tv.r the de.erred paymenu, bea-jng intore. t from d tv <)J A deed givtm and a deed n> uust taken. ?HCEN i gf'OTT, Je 15 a Ai<ctionaer? By JAS C. M'GlilliK, ^citon?rr 'rBUSTEE'8 BALE OP VALUABLE KEAL I Lstite - By virtue of a deed of ua^ t fm n Fia : CU !fH;l< n. bearing d? fe on tlie Iir t d.iv ofD. eeiu b^r 18-16. and record, d in Liber W. B No K??. iios ifcjl, SifcJ and o;?j, ttii -UbscriLer will sell al public sale, on MONDAY, tl.e lni, day .f Ja? ? lo55, atOo ci ck p ni , (?n 'h>* the ?vt st hall of Lot No -2, in Squat. J47, lronunM 29 Icet ..a north L ftrc^t, between 13th act l-J h str? ei< w e ;t rutminp - nek 120 feet, wiih the buil<iiuL'f> and im uroveai ms tie re-.n, whidi cousin; of two w. it b' :lt frame dwelling hous s. Thn r.bove property i? well located in a ranidly improving part ?.f ib,; -itv. ? 1 The term.s ot tint laJ.- 'w .ll he o?e half cash rmii the balance in 6,12, and '8 months, for notes b^.ir ing interest day of sale, *r.curtd by a de..ii of tru>t on the property If the i nus ol sale r?re not complied with in -=n days after tlie -ale, the nroper'y will he reto.d at tile nsk find expena;: of the purchaser. All conveyancing at enst of pure.'i .ser WALTER LENOX,-Yustee. J AS. C. AIcGl/lRE. _ie ^ cokds A ucuot:c.:r. By J. C. Br.!>t'nik'. AueilCixtr. TT4LUABLE RE.lL ESTA'IE AT PTTHLfC * ?. ^!lle-TT;-e ""?"criber wii! pell at public *aie. on MONUAV, th< 18. i day ot June 1855, at ft o'cIk V in, on lite premises, lot No 2>. m sijuan 367 rnr.tirc 26 feet on lO.ti ire?t west, betwe? i: N and O streets north, .ml improvements, v. aich cons:;t of iwo small fruue liou. es. Terms of sale; Oii? third ctuh, and balance in 6. 12 jnd 18 monih noun, bearing interest hum ?.ay ol' oal^, secured bv a deed <?: trusi up >n the pr-'psrtv ff the tenon are not complied with in'- days after the *ale. the ro;.erty w i,l be resold at uic ii^k snd expe.-:je ct tlie purchaser All conveyancing at ihe expense of purcha.-fr. CHAS 8 WALLACi!. A.; ?r;iey. J,\MES U. MoGUIHE, may 2Ti?eo&ds Auctioneer. wy ?? c nofil'lU}. , Aur.ilon^r f IFIOir^ COLLEtTIf >N OP RARE A\I) VAL iwhlc c iS Pamiingj at Huoltc Aucliun.?1?? : f i'.^D AY aftern in, June !2th, atoViorh . ; Ihe Haloon over Puiuliatd'H t;o< ksi..r?, corner ol Ilth street an-1^niie, I ^hall :.??); a colte.;iion <?f r.t?o and v t'liaitl^ t ?i! Pa'atinjs, s> !er:ted with ?cr- at ear." I>> II N. Barlow, E-<j., from vanou^ cal lenes on liitf Contii.? iu. Ataoag.-t thi:n? *L1 c ?. <? ?;? I speeip,! n ? ot l>.,iii?T,>,ifno, Vch>tjticz. ^ir tio.ifrey Ivneller, A. Van, Jet:-, Wilson Lam-boro', .duriiia, Yernet, Poa^in. Sfcayer, jr.! and othe is. The Saloon r.iii t^ open ami the Pictures on free c<hib;:io;t until tin: ('atalops^.s nitty be oltiaiiivd ai ihe saloon r-r al t^c au it ion r? ~:n . T. rm?: ,*lt?a:id 'mdcrcn?li; r,vr,- tha' sum a credit ol si.vl, .m.l r..-. .,, .j***,:. , nott;:--wui^fictoxi ?y endorsed, Ik^zj:^ .ati f . J Al. O. Mc(>UrRE. Je AUCU(*n?i.r. r&~*i,ov * ,</|c '* i"*sxpt. * d until rULHDA V fiiternooi., Jl- ? 1S?, ts.i, .ur. J AS. C. MrGL IRE, juneli-o MA?. By OKiCKW HCOTT, Auvtl?u?ar?. V^TALl'ABLE HI'lLDIXI LOT NE\If THE Ijone Brad:* at Auction.?On WEIJNESDA V lit: 2jl.? li.-l.Ujl, i -',i [?; 7 f "tl .jlc p . j4. ? hall ot Lot No 11, in Square 257, iroiiiin-'24 feet on -outh D street, between 13^ r.nd 14th ets. w,-.t rio- nina bick W leet to a 30 h et alley The alx.vt described property in iiam;?naitiy lo cated near ihe Lon^ Bnd^e. Title iBdu*|r.llabil lerms: ?M<0 ctuh, balance In ux and laontbv, tor notes bearing mt iest fioai iho day ot tut; sale * A deed given and a defd oi tra-t tak- n j GriEhN &. St.OTT, jit 14?d Auctioneers HI be d to the above sale, at the same time and pla-e, 0 imk) <>r 15 0u<l *o-d Uiickn, mi a a lot of Lumber. Terms cash. (?KEEN & Pt'OTT, Auction cars. Uy J.c Me<?VIRK~AmcUonmer. VERY DEfllRARLE IIUILD1NR LOTS AT Public Au; lion.?On TUESDAY aft. ruoon, June 19th, at fi ..'clock on tl: - pr ,.i;?,cs. I -liall ell, Httbdivistoris 55, .^i, :,7 51 aed LO, ,?f Square \ ,. 44H; eacb frontii^ -24 tecl on 6tii Ltlw, nnrtli V! ana N sir?'?.m, runnit g back 105 fr *t These l it- arc sitna <1 in a lapiuly imp-evuts f.artol tlie city and are v. ry dturablc, beiu^ graded and p ved in front. Terms: Onc-'bird ca^h ; the re.?iJue in C and 12 months, wiih interoft, secured by a deed ol trim on the premiers. . . J AS. C. McGUIRE, Je Auctioneer. <St kfuTl', Amtlone^rc VALUABLE UU1LD1NU LOT ON V1ASSA chusi us avenue at Auction ?Ou VXEDNES l?.A V, the aath iiiBtant we saall sell, in front of the premises, at G o'clock p. w , a beautiful Btiil.Iiap Lo , situated on Massachusetts avenue, between 4tu and -tn fctrccts west, it being Lot No. 2?. in So. 517, having a Iront ?m ihe avenue of 67 feet 4 in running hack to a wide alley. ' Terms. One-1bird cash ; balance in 6,12 and 18 m mtlH, lor uutea bearing interest from the day of Lllis *uIt ? A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, ^ Auctioneers. By J. Cj KcflUIRE, Cnetlonaar. rRUSTLE'S H \LE ?)P VALUABLE IMPROV ed Prop, rty in t .e Pirst Waid ?On MONDAY allernoou, Jun<- 25tb, at rjg o?ch>ck, in front of th' premises, by vir:ue ol a deed of trust, duly recorded, *e., ihe subserib- r will ctll thai valuable piece of property situated at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19 h streets The i;r provem. nts ccn si?t ot a large and cotumorfi ub three st ry bn< k dwelling house, wun coach house, and o her out buildings. ' Terms cash. W. A. MIX, Trustee. . . JAS. C. McGUIRE, *c " " Auctioneer. LA^P WABRAftTS WASTED, for which the highest prices will be oaid by ?ji ^ BRtiTUEHS, may ul?tl (Iatei) opp. Uie IVeasury. WHEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTLRNA uonal Law, new editian Adams' Equity, new edition, with American note j* - FRANCK TAYLOR. I E VENING ST AH. A TALE OF ODIVTKLLOWSHIP ; or, woman's c Riosrr. A lodge of I. O. O. P.. at Woodstown, determined to have their lodge-toon* (.one Hp clean and nice; it was resolved uuammously that Mrs. K should be employed to do this job. After the meeting adjourned, the guar ..Ti10 k"new the inquisitive charac ter 01 Mrs. K?procured a billy-goat, and placed him in a closet that was kept ns a reservoir for the secre'. things. IJe ' hen informed the lady of the wishes1 , r the lodge, pnd request*! her to comr early the next morniBg, as lie would then he at leisure to show her what was and what was not to be done. Morning came, and with it Madame T ? with her biO in, brushes, pivils, tubs, 4-3., prepared and armed for the job, and found the guardian waiting for her. "Now, Madame," said he, "I will tell you what we want doue, and how we came to employ yon. The brothers said ? was d.lrieul to get anybody to do the j )b and not be me idling with the secrets in that little closet; we have lost tht Key, anu cannot find it to lock the door - assured them that you could be depend ed on." r '?Depended cn !" said she, "I guess 1 can. My poor dead and gone hu band who belonguu to the Free Masons or the! Auti-MaiiOQs, 1 don't know which, used to ten me a i the seciets of the concern, and when he showed me the marks thi gridiron made when he was initiate*. and told me how they fixed poor Morgan, 1 never told a living soul to this da.; if nobody troubles your closet to find out your secrets till i do, they'll lav there tdl they rot?they will." a tnought so, said the guardian ',41jd n?w i want 30U to commence in taat corner, and give the whele room a detent cleaning, and I have pledged m\ word and honor for your fidelity to your promise, now don t go i:n0 that closet !*' and .then left the lady to herself. No sooner had she heard the sound 0 his feet on tte iast step of the stairs than she exclaimed: -Don't go in that closet! \V hy, what on earth can there ba in that closet. I 11 warrant there is a pig, grid iron, or some nonsense, just like the Aoli Masons, for all the world, 1 11 be buund. I will just take one peep, ann nobody will be any the wiser, as I can l keep it to myself.'7 Suiting the action to the word, she ; stepped lightly to the forbidden closet. , turmd the button, which was no soener done than b-a-li! went the billy eoat ' witn a spring to regain his liberty, which came nigh upsetting her lad- shin. Both started for the d.-or, but it was fi'led with implements of house-cleanin", a!i were swept clear from their position dow n to the bottom of the stairs. ihe noise a; d confusion occasioned by such unceremonious commgdown stairs [drew hail the town to witness Mrs. j K~?'s eilort tj yet from under the goat a 1 d pile oi pans, tubs, brooms and . oru.ihes in the street. ; Who should be fir-t oa the spot bat jii.c rascally Joor-keeper, who, altar re I S?at, which v/a_s a cripple for j in.:, and npiif'Jng the oiL-.r that j bound the ?:<od woma;i .0 tho eari.h ; anxiously inquired if she had been taking the degrees ? I - Taking the degrees V exclaimed the lady, " if you c&ll tumbling from the top to the bottom of the siaiis, with the devil aiter je, taking things bv u grees J iiavv them, and ti ye .frighten folks a< baa as yo have me, and hurt them tc bcot, 1 li warrant they'll make as much noise as I did." '? 1 hope you did liu- ope-a w:e close:, madam," said the door keeper. " < pen the closet ? Evo ate the a^ble fche w*.- forbidden ! ff you want a wo man to do any thing, tell her not to d 1 ?t, and she 11 co it sart;n I could no? siand the temptation. Tlie secre: was there -I wanted to know it?1 opened the door and out popped ihe crit ter right into my face. I thought the devil had mc, and I broke tor the stairs with the devil butting me at every jump; 1 leii over the tub, and got dowu stairs as you found us?all in a heap." " But, madam," sa;d the door-keeper, " you arc in posistssiou of the grea* se cret of the order and must go up and be initia ed, sworn, ai.d ride the goat in the regular way." 4; Regular way !" exclaimed the lady, anu do you suppose I am going near the tainal place again, and ride that critter without a bridle or ladies saddle ? No, never! I don't want nothing to do with the man that rides it. I'd look nice perched on a billy-goat, would nt 1 ? No, no, never! i 11 never go nigh it again, or your hall outlier?it 1 can ever prevent it no lady shall ever join thfeOud teiiows. Why, I'd sooner be a Free Mason, and be broiled on a gridiron as long as fire could be kept under it, and pulled from garret to cellar, with a hal ter, in a pair of old breeches and slip pers, just as my poor, dear husband was! And he lived over it, too, but I never could live over such another ride as I took to day." ^ The Folly op Boyish Amcskmbjtts. The other day we saw three or lour boys throwing rocks at a nest of martins close by our office, and one of the stones in its descent came very near the head cf a lady, who was walking a very little dis tance from where the boys were at work. We ordered them to desist and leave the spot, but the mutterings of the little chubs gave evidence that"no little morti lcation of feeling was the result. We had scarcely opened the papers of morning, when we noticed in an Eastern exchange, that a lady, walking thoi streets near where these bird-killere had,' congregated, was disfigured for life, by' one of these descending missiles hitting j her in the region of the eye. On Saturday night, Vth inst*, som;. THE WEEKLY STA R. Thi? cjci Uoki Faauty N? w? Joarwi?tat untune ? W*** variety of utumsrnit* nrnOiag tfcaa to be r.<uuU la auf utter?to published oa ^atwday mn. f?f?0 oofjr, pet ubub fi Kb TO evraa. ?>???< ' M?O?WW>l?Wl ?? I ? I l??HWWH W?W?W*W? nm*H?**?iini??n?i|ii|li?? ** 0(7- ( *ta. ;wv4IUaslt m tavaaca. ft7~ Wnf?" ooptm (to wrapfwrv) rmm be pmemrx* at tbe counter, taun*diately afto itae mm* tfV? p.tfKr. Price?Taaaa ?nrr*. Pomimn who act a* ?*? nu wft! be nio* a cmiimK of iweaty p?-r r boys in the city of Macon imaged them selves by sending up kites, with paper lanterns attached. The string of one bioke, and the kite sailing out of sight, alighted on the top of a house in the northern part of the city, and ere the in mates were aware of their danger, the roof of their pcautiful residence was wrapped in flames, which destroyed ih?* entire building, leaving the owner and his family (one of them sick;) minus a costly home. A few more examples of the felly of such amusements in cities, onfht to tr.a*e the authorities more watchful of the ri siug generation in general, and their de structive proclivities in particular.?Co luinbus Enquirer, WANTS TO O.-TllJBRi'D-A EOHAJTCZ IH fc.?AL LIF? A yonng pprig of upper-tendom was brought to the mayor's office this mom by his father under the following circam siances : It seems that some time since he saw and became ei amorcd of a vouag and ver v interesting lx)king girl, of not very doub; tul reputation, residing at Ne. ? Mercer street, wh:?n> be frrqurntly importuned to m*rry him. The^e importunities sho resisted, as emanating fioin a young and inexperienced youth His parents event ually hi aid of the relation existing be tween their son and th'S young worran, and accordingly sought an interview wrli her, which resulted in the girl promising never to see him again. Several weeks elapsed without their a^ain meeting or seeing ach other; bul at length the youn< man grew impatient, and commenced adlrvssiDg TV'tcs to the >T,,ung lady, requesting her to form as signations with him Ac. These notes, it appears, she did not notice. At length He became quite unmanageable, and :iade various threats of self-destruction, .fcc , if she would not consent to see him tor a few momears, perhaps for the last ime. She at length consented, and the intimacy was renewed, and grew as strong as ever on the part of the young ;nan, who having plenty of ready cash, was a bird worth ptucking. In a shoii, time he became again a constant visitor it the house, and rgain renewed his im portunitiasto her to become hi- wife, but this she stoutly refused. His parents having heard that the parties were again intimate, the father at once proceeded to E g ith \\ ard station, and requested Cap iain Turn hull to arrest the girl for es tranging the affections of, and leading his on from the paths of virtue. This request the captain refused to oomply with, on the ground tha there was no charge again?t the young ladv, that would warrant him in so doing with out a warrant; but said he would tsk her to accompany him 10 the mayor a >ftico. which the father nqui ,ted him to do. Yesterday meaning t:? ca/. ;iu ac cordingly called on the girl, and she very willingly went with aim. Arriving t.te,-: the lather laid his complaint before Jua ti< e Osborne, *ith the verr mod. ;t re quest that the g:;l be sent to iiiackw Jij -?il-ad as a ?L?t, in ord^ i to e.-i ii; the i.tlccuoas of his fr ni This me jii ige ret us d to co>nrly frith, as no charge had been made her th.*t wo -Id l*'ji 1 the s ighte.xt ground ! t *j doing, but ad. ,se<! r nber that soul laore gentle und rea.->oaable me-ias be ns'rted to in order to quuachthe aider of this as pHng youth. The gi:!,on being questioned l~s tv> how the intimacy had been icnvwod, frankly revealed* th? tacts tk ab ve stated, aad otiercd to p-oduce tLi ct. : ; aJdreSiiCd to her by tho young a.wn. whi L 4 uu upkucJ tii j a, do. ol* bod. u.<* fi.Lti aad no:i, the ia.tor having all along led the f nncr to believe that ha was the inaoceat party, who L_u b.eo ensnand by the ycung lady, rreatlj against h,s will, as he wai leaving hfs fai-lier's house. i ho cas3 war, dismissed, and the par ties relumed to taeir resp^c' ive h< m's. the father caagi m.d at iLe conduct of uib son, and the young girl, no tioubt hear tily gi??.l to be nd of her foolish lover.? iV. Li pi ess. OeGANIIKD LlCBNTlOiTSKKSS ix Baooc* ltn ?A New Yoik corre.-poadw'at of tha Butfalo : xpieas furniiaes the iutelligeace: " A wicked and dangerous socialistic sect have sprur:g up of late and estab lished their headquarters in Br. okh n the City of Churches Thi* *ect *ule themselves * Progressionists,' and have male and female agents who smu-gio ttiemsilves into our faaiily circle^, -nd, after three or four visits adroitly al.udo to the eaisteuce and peculiarity of their ; institution.' The doctrine ol this s ?: is, that matrimony, as at present uaaer stood, is a ludicrous sham ; that a man lias no right to live with h;s wife unless he loves her spiritually as well us phys ically ; that a woman is not bound to live with her husband unless she lores him spiritually as well as physically ; and that when she sees another whom she can love 6d/<?r,she is morally obliged to cut the former and take up with the latter, and ko on, according to each new fancy, until she dies. Th* agents of tbia soct are very numerous, and the institu tion itself is filled with proselytes?made up in the main of huhbands who lave abandoned their wives, and of wives who have abandoned their husbands, to gether, as one of its agents informed me, with a bountiful supply of young men and women who have never yet been ' yoked' in the usual lorm. As you may* readily imagine, this sect is Ireakiag up the peace and happiness of a great many families. *' IC^ R al friends are wont to visit ua in our prosperity only when invited but in adversity to come of their own ac cord. (?7* It is pleasant to grow old with a good friend and sound reason. (ty" We ought to be equally mindful of our &b%'ut aud present friends.

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