Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1855 Page 4
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evkning star. THE HIOBT BT ?AERY CORNWALL. Oh the Hunmer night Has a amile of li^tit, And ?he aits upon a sapphire throne, Whilst ih" sweet winds load hex With xarlan-la of odor From the bud ol the rose o'erblown! But the Mitotan night Has a pirrring right. And a step both ttro ig and free , Ami a voice of wondrr, Like the wrath r>{ iiiiind?T, W h?Ui ht fcUoHi- ia Uut n irmy sea. And 7/;nter nisht Is ?I1 eold and white, Au ah** sinr* th a song of paia, Till tl?e wild bee huuimrth. And the warm spring eometh, When atiu die* in a dream of rati*' O, the mubt, the Bight I Tis a lov^!y sight. Whatever the clime ?.r time, For -orrow then -oareth, A^il l.i? lover oivpoureth Hid soul ?c a ?ur-bngnt rhyme. It brin^tSh sleep To tii?: far, ?t 4ff-p. The forest bird to its ;;e?t; To care, b ij'u liO'Jrs, And dreiinc r.f fliwtra, And that balm to the weary rest Fight with a Hugr Rattlesnake ? Mr. Daniel Terryman communicates to us an account of a thrilling encounter he recently had with a rattlesnake. On first discovery, hie snake-ship was preparing to appropriate to his use a squirrel by the side of the road, but possibly fancy ing larger game,4t put alter" Mr. T., who gave 14 leg bail,'" and ran. On find ing that the gap between him and the snake was closing, Mr. T. sor^ht the first weapon in the shape of a club, and turn ing, gave the snake a blow just as the reptile was pausing- and gathering for the fatal spnr.g. The blow came just in the nick of timo and just in the ngLt spot, sevei ing the Lead from the body, llr. T. says: " After the head wa^ severed, the body -continued to run in diilerent directions, as is generally the case previous to death?but in this case i: continued for an unusual length of ume, owing, no doubt, to the size of the reptile, and the amount of the muscular strength which it possesed After it became suflic'ently quiet, so that it could be straightened out, I measured it closely and found it to be exactly six tcet eleven inches in len^.h, by nine and a half inches in circumfer encer being the largest one of taat species that had ever h?o:i soon in that region or country.?Jlass11 cm {Ohio) yews. Transient Young Men'.?Girls, be ware of transient young men; never suf fer the addresses of a stranger; recollect that one good fanner boy or mechanic is worth all the floating trash in the world. The allurements of a dandy jack with a gold chain about hi-* neck, a walking stick in his paw, some honest tailor's coat on his back, and a brainless skull, can never make up the loss of a kind father"s hone, a goon mother's counsel, and the society of brothers and sisters: their a flections lust, while that of such a young man is lost at tho wane ol the feonejmoon. 'Tis true. Chkk&fclnrss and Song.?If you would keep spring in your hear s, learn to sing. There is moie merit in rntiody than most people are aware of. A cob ler who smooths his wax ends with a song, will do as much work in a day as one given toill-natureand fretting would effect in a week. Songs ire like sun shine ; they run to cheerfulness, to fill the bosom with such buoyancy that for the time being you feel filled with Jane air, or like a meadow of clover m blos som. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN JST?AItfESS. I.ea i For D?yf. St l.t'Ji ?...Havr?* New Yoik..June 6 Ar.?l H<vi?? New Yoik..Jun?- 9 Ana L v. rpoi-l..Borton .... June 9 W.utiiDgtou New York.. Bremen June 6 Ktn<:es(;:i New Yi.rk... Havre June 16 II. r.uaui &?u'aa<ploii.N>:w York..June Air?ea ?i.wt??n... Liverpool...June i!0 IIIimmi Nt. a \ ork...A-ptnw:.:i. June LI) filar ni iiie 8ou:h..N? w York.- Liverpool.. June 5i0 Qna*er City New Vork..Havre Jun ilt UuiOii New Y>?rk..Havre Julie oC i'ue Caiil' rn; i steanieri leavt; New Yo/k on U c itii and 20;h of nit ^Ui. AKKIVAXS AT PKIilCIPAL EOXEUi. .4f&ticnai Hotel? < c. wiLI.i*? II D Weed, lalj, Z cfcil I A Edwards, Jti dren. Ga E Alil/rtt, dn Mrs Ca-cii.t'.n, do J A6w>tt, do J W<jod, Pa H Marbury Tenn II F Vansaut. do A i Lowing, Aid J AlcCuilou^li, DC Mr Fani.ilo jit McBu^ind i?id lady, Mrs Wiliiaa , da NC T H S^u-.n, Tex !1 Footer, Md J *1 McCcrk.e, do! FJon ?*,<<> J C You^^ jr, Dtl iSvC-K?Jt3, T- f 8l II. BrOWlti C E Law, USN W H Drum, NY R VV Granam, do Sen M .VcwGrar* 11 H I>aJu?u. do aJa T ?l:K liuci.a an, do J F?uli1hei?er, Va M Lizard, do II O Vick, %!i II C ii, Ky VV U Cha.tip?a.n, NY T 4 \\ :I.-?on. NY C f;o:ng. do UPf..k, D^l ? C DoUd, do L C 6ri> L: n-t. in, Ya J VTtut?h, \C W C WUaaiiM, W*I'ar<tn> Doui-n. a. & i. r. w.iui) II Whitnu-, Va J F Webb, Mr..a C LBunnt NY I K do <; H Stewart, I"-'A J P f'oa.hony, do I> McCaery, :.!d J A Rockwell, Ct ii I., Cl A 1' Uocl well, tio A L?d.-om. lady, 1 rhil- J W'< r!h Jk I'uly, Va (iri n wrmh, La t. P Lull, I'tfX Dr L ii Cbapwui kbdj, VV II Hope. Md NY D Lay'i, DC Ma P Lncenbul, US.\ A P Hum, Pa Ii l erkin. .t wu, Pa 0 T I a-ey, Ky 1- I ve?. >J.^ J A Peiid^ater, Md A T Burui: y . Ky U B Merton, do J G Taj tor, Ky Klrkwnoti Uoikl-J. a. k. a. KiKKWoon S H Perrv, Va Mr Baylor A M f'mit.i, Ti x JP (.argilon, DC VV B?'i ra b fa.nilv. NY G W Maywerd, fa i*Il^loa and I'ficr. A H Warm. O id K V Plumer NC r 5t KiTlui-, Me U HihImhi, M<1 J T',v.n, la IT Bvana,jv DC I r ? cn., Va K in ef,do t* V ecurlet, P? T Neil do Mr li*>rb?rt, do E Lapnrte, do Mi- Herbert, do VV Y Beiry, M-l C r MniU), Md t'nttad SUt?3 Hotel- >. C. ItClJIT. A Merchant, Va HC Horni*. NI J K Aib, do a Kilg -re, Pa j B Clark, I'a j s Kilgore, do L I Frita, t*C T C Mather, Ct II O Vanderbilt, NY Col K T Thompson. Fa Z B Pratt. Md VV M KiMingn Va J J Claketaan and lady, Mr Browning, NJ Fa taoiliu i?o??a, Alexandria, Va A KfW'iUK, fBO^HIKTOX. B D Bpal.iia?, Md Dr ? M Brown, Va J Moor , La TIILrwU, Ky W II Bull, l*C W T Kandolpli, Va A W Ciimi, Va i: I! Mi ler, UC Mi^t Miller, DC VV Marahall, Va J B New;oa li Uid^v* ay, do J 8 1? .vi#on, Va J A Cc'lina, do P kjtatrt, NJ ' VV V*oitdworth, NY J L Co* 4t 3 ^erv'u, Va A MeGt>aj>a!, DC Mr Heaih, dj *ir liray. Cat Mr lioMrard.Tex II S VVaid. Va J Hunil.ury J Matour, do G A PicMnan Dr Jorrina, DC U Howiaad Wl Riiig, Ya UNITED STATES MAIL, THBnrrORiePnr NKBKA'KA A*T? KAN8AS. 1 Ail OrtU'X BgrAXTMKXT, Juna 1, 1K65. PROPOSALS for carrying ?li* te*dl* of tha United glat.a fnm tb? 1st day of January, 1*55. to the 30th day tf Jute, 1SG8 inclca^ve, on the following In the T^rriccriwi of Nebraska and Kansas, wil he rewlvd at the Contract Offio* of the Foot Office De artmeDt, in the .Mty of Wa-hln?ton nntil 3p m., of the 1 ?t day of Octobsr, 1S65, to bs decided by the IOth of the ram? m nth. TKiUUTOKY OF NEBRASKA. Proin lrt nf January, 1 W\ tnlttnf July, ia?8. No. 15001 P.f>Ti(W:nn, ii licit en-tv, M!?a-~url, b Stephen W. Story's, oa 'ho Miwnnr*. b?? two?n the t?o Ne'u&L&s, Mr. Pcrket's on Muddy Creek. J.->hn A. Hng?t?ron'a onth. Gr.'at N?, Mr. Boat's on th?Gr??t N* mabi, aud Marysviiln on Blue -Kirer, to Ne* Fort I?er.jey, Flat'e rivir 316 miles and ba< fc, obm a week L?ar-.- Oifgrn Monday ai 9 n m Arrive at Few Fo-t K'rr.ey in 10 3ay? I# ~ ve New F.irt Kern-y Mindly at 6 a in Arriv* at Or* jon la 10 day" Bid" to ran by a preened seheiuls will bo ono f-id#rel No. U0?2 From Nshama Agency, in Kantaa T*rri tory bySephen W. Brory'a,at Htary'- F*rry, Brownville, Nebraska City, Weeping Wat-r, Thompno 'a. at Thompann'* Ferry. Platte **"ontb, B llev-ew, Omaha City, Flnrenee, Black H"d Hill*, and Black Bird City, to the m'U'h nf Nyoway river in th-? territory of NT-hra?k , 2io mi eB and back, once a week. Letve Nem?ha Az< n?v Arrive at the in^uth of Nyoway river 1 enve the mouth of Nyoway ri?cr Arrive at Nemaha Agercy Bid 'era will uropose a fecbtviule cf dapirtures ;?nd arrival* No. 15003 frcm Be'Wie* (Sty, by Omaha CitT. F^n t.nelie. I'Ewneoj on Lcup for!;, to Fort Laia mie, f00 m'l -s and back, twice a mc nth Leave Bellview City Arrive at Per Laramie I'-a e * ort Laramie Arrive at Beilvi w City B; M?-ra will propose a schodule of departure and arrivals. K'J. 16004 From Nebraska New F*4 Ker n-y nr.d Ach Follow, to Fort Larainiv, 600 miles and l<a<k. t*i.e a m nth Leave c braffka City Anivo at For? Tarsuile Lecv-: For* I.iruai^ Arrive ai Nebrjaka "ity BiJlerr %iil propose a schedule ofdcparlut?& aud at rivals No. 16C05 1 rem L;n<.nn, In Atchison county Mia M.tri l?v J hn W. rland's aud B*niie.;5a Fer r. on !liv Vinofuri l'.ver, to Nebraska City, 40 rc.le-i Mid bark, one-* a we -k Leave Licdun Moad v it ii a m Arrive at N?bra.*ka City same d y by '0 p ct Leeye Nebraska City 7u<-*iay at 6 a la Arrive at I/r;duu <ame dav by iOp m Bid.' to run t?i..te a ^eek will'tw ''or-s-'le-rd No. ILMZ Vi.m .l?awo;4A. ;n Mills county Iowa. b> Cviro (iorUo. low-, to teilvie,. Ci'y, 12 miles a?.d b?ok, thre^ time? a w?*-k Le^ve Gen ?o<id Tuesday, Thur ?lay. and ?ia ur dar at P a in Ar ? ? B-liviM* City "sza > lav-. If 12 r.i L:aT? B-Kvk'W City Tnefday/Thur^Hy, and .-atu'day a P a m [ Ar.ivc a' ?ilen-!-of.'< ?r me by 4pm iliu-1-" c miae? cw j-.t Ccrn QorJo v?i'.i coi>. ri !(-rJ 1'i i f->r i?re r se?k strriw il'be coni.IJo'?d 5 No. 1J>00: Fori ConrrJ. ? 1 ff , Towr., tr O. she ' i':tv. r. m l-?< and back, tu*eo ?ira>? ?? i Le-.r- <%>u cii 1 jf?H Moniay. ITinrp-lay. and ! t B ?* K Arrivn at ? uoa i <"*ity ram ? ay - by 10 .. m Li ave Umaha t.'i y jHt-ridny, "Ihuse. ay ?. d Sat- ' urd-.y it i ?q f Amr.- at uriei- B otr RTe 'ay; by \1 m M f t on-> a -yp k wrvfc<* wjll N- eon id>-re I No. io- Oi ! r ( r ?- ?. in H< '? rn;t- , Mjkm nri. ?o BrowiiT?! ?*, fO ?? i! Fa d back, < net a Kt.k L* ?v- ? Trj~n Tu eda at 6 a m Arriv, a f rrrnv I p am- lav by 10 p m I/1 fl!' ti vilb V.'mJi r*4j,v i' f; h la Arrive it Or? onv?m* day bv 0 p n Eii! ? to ?? L'?-ctnr on h:? "?w-tf 1 cimn-n-o ?' e (u-r ic a. - M o?^.??leal at : Mr ? r.rM'e. will h<* <rer?i 1 No. 15000 Fnci S-dnay To* .. to Nebnai-i Citv 13 miles aril ba- , ore> ?> I enve S'<troy .-a-ti-d-y a: ^ a m Arrir- %' N'-o a-ki ify kiu- <Jay hy ""2 m Leave N'ebr ? fcs ;ty tur^lay a* / p m A r 5v a* r t.)nr?j st ne .iny Yy - p rr . No. l&o 0__Fr-m''nTof;nrtfn,"lown,to Platt'sMfu'h 9 _ ii -- ???I U -k, n x"~X Leav- Cire Gor iu i u^l?y and ?at'jrduy at 10 ! a a Arr r, ^t P Vo-,ith naue dayp by 12 m ? Le-T- !?!? |.1?; Mcuth Tnesd^y ai d 8*tura?y at 1 ; pm } A rn- st (> m O came -Nyn by 3pm I !; ! to: cne n * :e.\ ?rvl'e wl!l b-"eor.?iid r-?d 1 No. 16C'I Fi in o-.ora, Mu^-mri '?> Brr rnv lle 5 : ic le : tid ? r.rk. tbr-^e 'ines a L-e- S'-ncra Monday, W-dne'dhy, ?nd Fiitlay at 10 a m " j A>-iv a* Bro*-t-?'tP ),,no'?ajaby 1? m ' 1> ? e ?>r . "i 3Ic-nday, \Xe<n~" ?s-j', na i ? F- iday ii 2 j- m A-rit?- r.i -on*>ra mt-.c d?y<= bv 4pm Bidd ia wil' j - ?*-:i?-1 j'.-, a-iatinc awre^ r?:v^-?w??. li? ion-idfr-vt. j Nr. 1^2 r.- iu S ;ior.?, Vii, u.:,'o Vbr.i'Jta Cit*', ] 2.r> rr Iff n; j barl:, ? no:- a t?:k " j Lean- -onori v'rn-lr.v at 4 a u Airiv a* N?Vra V.a f.iy daybv 12 a !?^?v ;? i.r -kfi City Mumim rt'l j m A' r; vo ?.t So."i( "ft ->aaie jay l>y 9pm t Tb:a -nu ?. i; ?T;pp- -.d tr N> u n-e-ncarr. No. 160! i Ki- ir ouncil B'ttf 1 ?a, re Florence 0 i_i!?s a*id back fb *>? : mer a \ I L?"*?*- ?? C nut3!-nd?.y, W*rdneud,vr, hd 1 Fi idly at 1 p m Arrive at F'cre .?? sac day? by 3 p m L*?ve F'.n-eneeMon?'.ay, W. ir^ day, nrd F ?? dvy a* 10 a ni Arrive at Cn;m ii Tilc fT fain" 'tavs bv 12 m bids t? run by a prep ,>*d .<tel*u;e will b- eon ?id red. and ? ee a wet.1: s?rvi ?< wni al?^) be Cft'.cilfcr- d No. 15014 F oui n*r>ne?> bv 1 City, to F nt-v nelit-^3 miles and "ack. thr^-e t'ln^-a ? w-ek Lritve I <r-n ?? MccdeV, Wtdnenday, and Fri day a* 8 a m Arrive at FontAae'V -ttr.-. day^i by 6 ? ru L.?.ra Fontaiifill<* Tue itay, 1'iiursdav. anuSfo turdiy a* 8 . m /rrire at I' orenc- sa ted- ya by 8 p m Biif. fn^enre a wek s-rvi ? will b? ?'>r?i.l^-ei No. 150'f i r in Gienwood Iowa, to Unit's Rloutii, 0 mill- aii'i twiee a w*tk L?> ve Gieaw;^ .Monday anJ Tburadsy bt ".2 m Arriv i.t 1'ia.r'a }? *?ui- d*ye bv 2pm I'lait'd Mou'.h Monday aul ThuihJjiy at 3 pm ? rive at Glenwoo l same daya fcy ft p m * B- i ft <>r cm ;i v???k .-rvice v/itl ly co:'?Iit-r"d. No. i:0!? Froa Sidney. !rwa. to J. I) N. Thcmp aoi.'a, a' 1 hoiao'oi.'B Ferry, 16 mi:?3 jii bvV, a wwk ly-a.e MJ <?? M.mdny and Friday al S a :n Arrive at TV.oiappf.ii g Ft-rrv iame day- f-y 12 m Lea?e1hf Mfaon'a Ftrry Men lay and F.iday ut lpm Amvt? ?' Sidney tame tiayn by 6 p ir. fi is f ?* on<*?? a w ?U wtvir! will l?;? ' nrwder-ai No. ISO 7 i'rom ^sgnolia I ?#?, Uj XU.trucs, & 1 ii'??- an.i ha k orf* a Lfavt Ma,n<>i:a Tu? <?ay at K <? m Arrive t FJ. r#n<*eadni?day by ?i \> m L'ave Flv-!.?i;c?- Wedne: la7 ?t Sa ai Arnv at Majrno'la * oi'diy by b o m No. lfui* F ' in Mh?noli?. low*, t^ l?!ack B rd C'Bj, ' ?j inHf- a J taCr.?i;r# r. ??*jk L* ?v?- o'ia ?ida> at 6 a m * r ive it Black bird City ?ama .ay fcy i p 4 L-ave l;.a??< ' irdCity t aturdas ?> 6 ? m' A:r fe & *sui.- iiay by ' p m No 1501A From ^-v'^nnt's Bluff. Trw.t. to ! Fird City. 20 bJcb an.' hack, once a Vtek IiHav? Sarjr-ai.t'i 1 ff Tueelay a' 6 a m Arrive a* H? i Brl <nfv a,mie day ty U a b?-(,v<? Bl:xk lrd Oiiy 'i L"-'t?y at I ]. t> ArriTe it 2r.r;r?a t'j Bluff m.c# day by 7 p u j l?Ci0 i'rem I n?veiiv">r:h C.lj Ly S.;aal -y\, ? U ? u.y, G-sa iKpper fall-", "lioak P ir;, V %. ' million, t j L>jer'5, t u Bl^ B!a?>, ? aiel j back Leare Uiv?E7?ih City Arrive at Dyer's I^?vh Dyer's Arriva et I eaveawtrth City ?ui l?*ra *ri-1 rta!v di tino? and a i*aa? ti 1? Tbi^ r >ut? u anj noted l? be In Van^as. No. Ifitlit Frtji:i AtuuKio to Marysville, ? mile? atid ba k Leave 4lchi-? n .?rrtve at Ma yrrilla l^wvf Vtar, ?v"'ilrt Arr've at Atebi^n Thie n'Uto is ?rppovd to b>- !n No 1602< Frrm -argeant's fluff to Ploxence, 80 md*a and brick. r-nee a wenK J/eave ';irn? nt*8 Uull Arrive at Florence Leave Florence Arii?H at 'argsant's Bluff Jdd.l.r* wi'l prupo ea Mh?Iu'e 0/ depsrtirss auu arrivals. KANSA 1 LK TTOKY. No. 16 "f-6 Fr?'"n Mh r t .1.* ph, **o , by IIi^h?and, to Marvaviile i'i) anl ^ack. once a wtwi I ?ave *>t. J eph on ay at 6 a m Ar.ive at Vary .'jjle Thur^f av by 1) p 31 L ave ary vil e Monday ft fi a in Arrive at rt. Joseph Tburwb ? by t> p m 1 hie rf uU? i-? to 1 e eiiprr.^odtid ly . if it w 11 not be let to contrae*. No. 16107 Vrr.m Ooniphan. i.y Ho f lliver, to liigb taod ii indt-i aa ! b;.ck one-, n wo-k I.- Iv.iiij.!iHn TburMiay at <5 a in , r ^ >? tan't eani? tiny by 10 p in !/??** High mn4 Friday atft?oi Arrive at itonioban ..ay by 10 r, m Uq. 18 OH Tr -tn Atch^ju. bv Hnrinff to tire J p-r ..r^.k, 24 ,r.a ba-;k, ??nA5 a w??'t Leave AtcbL-o!. iloodaj at 6 a m , ********* I I t - - Airiva lit Otawbopp^r Craek ftam? dav bv 10 fiQ !>'*?<> flrw**iopp?r CT~>fc Tn*>d*y *t ft , ra Arriv* at ^t-",bi?v' ??????* <iHy by 10 p m. No. Pr?>-^ Kv*k p f?,by w. rl vlmTZ>Ort?3 fc?>pp?r Creek. 17 taiie? an J back, three Uimt * w?ok Luave Kieknpoo Tue?3av. Tburrday, atd Hatur (lay at 6 am ' Arrive at Ora*.hopper Creek nv.m* dav* by 12 m Leave GrttMhopp^r Cietk To?*dav, 1'hursday, and Sat rday at 1 p m Arrive at Kickapco p?m? rjaya by 7 p m .. f'*8 1to run "iia week will b< c^npidTol. No. 16310 From Luavvnw rthCity. by \*uato Sh'ld# 0?awkee, \\ h.tlield L"rir.(; Hallet. Saint Mary's Mission, Vermillion lliver, and Shan non, to I awcat-, l4ti fiatltti and onoe a week 1-eav* L-aveawrrii Cl'y Monday at 6 a m Arrive at, Pawnee ?a uriav (5th day) b? 6 p w Le?ve Pawnee M<n iav at a a m Arrive ut Leave:, worth .Saturday (Jth d?j) br fl v ra Bids ti> cximd 'o Port HiVy, cno mile furth-r, wbl bs or u^drtivj. No. 15811 Fr id W. stp>rt, -Vlo . by Franfclln, L-w renc- City, Toke?ka Toj^la- CJity, 1 nootnp ton and -'n inn *h, t> Whitfield, T6 miles and back threa times a week L^ave Wea*p. rt Monday, Wtvlnp?dav, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Whitfield next dnyn by 10 p m Leave Whitfieid Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at We&tport n*xt days by 10 p m. llida to run ono? a *<?*? v-iii b^ conJiierw*. No. 16212 Prom Wwtport (M >,) hv Ball Cre?k, Black Jaok, One-iluadre.? &? d-Ten-Mile Creek, and Council City, to Council Q;ovf, Hi mil?P and b^ck, on<*> a w ?k I^av* tort Mc.nday at ? a m Arrive at Council Gro- e i^.furdav by 0 p m I^"ive Couroii Grove Monday at fi a m Arrive ai WeatptTt Saturday by (J p in Na. 15213 From We-" port <,Vio. ) by WtVirslon, Os&wattcmte Miami Atenoy. Pan'reville. t<r car Hound. ?in* Creok. and Lit'le Oiagt, to Fort Hoot' 10ft ini au 1 i fi k, orot' a wetk Wpgtport Mooda- a'Hsm Arrive at Port hco-t \Vf* Jn?aiavby 8 r. m L->a;<- For' S?tt Wyi lCsd\y at 12 m Arrive at Wo^tport ! v 10 p ?i No. 15211 from ?a*- nit' mit* M iNnry 8b?ratha's, to th? Sa2 so<t i'cx A^-ncy, 69 and ba?k. on^e a w -k Leav 0??^?watt(?I^i<? ?\t8 rt m Arr'v e at tac an.1 Fes Agency ssno tay by 10 p m L> ave 3ac atrd F a Agency Tu^- 'ay (ia e Ar '.v at <>?watt mie 8?me ?'f.j by 10 p la No.l6'il5 Fronp W?-t I\,j t, jMo.) i?. Tunai.' -Ik ? and OM Catholic Mis-i-n, to ca?u Mcuod, 4*") m?''s aiiJ bu.t k, ooc.- a vf.ok L?hv? W^it ^<>iut ? liur day at to a n Arrive at Mi urd aa- ^a> by 18p ia L-f vp tu *?r Mojnil F day at San Arrive at Vt'e-t P.tint wine u y l-.y 10 t :a Ko. jWI'5 Pr- m "c'-u by \Var.L?'u5n, to ?ac pi I P x A.'en-y. !K) mil.-K an>l b '.k, ^uzu a yr ok I/4xve T* J.umieh Arnt" a? Sacrin i F^x '.g? cy L?av? Sac ?viri 9ox A^^u-y Arrive wt T'kummb Bid iersMrili proposea scbaduiu of departures and arn?a!s Thii- servioc i< rup;- .1 to o? unueo- ih^ry at pr' Pent. No.l('"2>7 From toil,?!-?*. by V?-?, to Il'^jliiarJ, W) m'lea and one.- n we- k I>. v? Vt^nJ ?)' ' t 0 a m Ar It- t lli/h *' ?! ? ? ?r t. . i>y '0 p ra leave Hi?, ju.i! o d* ai 5 ?"in Artl**?? a' r-o-ipiaa -.Hurl.-y !y 'Opn Xc. J6*218 From F ' ''r-tlioli^ jfir.don !u i ?fco O ag-nation, 10 ; ;i?.p and U,ck, ci.c a I Ti< --k Lej<re Ko t rc>t? M*n 'ar t 8 m Air veat .t hole ? brin sv e I'.'iy ' 7 10 p m Lt-'.ve ''a" o' c M p.; ov T : m 117 ft ?'? a n rri cht Fort Se t* ? m* j.y b -Op 11 So. I.j \\i to Frt t'eof, * * T? ma* '"olk'j, to V. p ia:, (Mo ) 10 it. !. ?.ni b c onc? a we>: L?a-t f r Scj' W J.- f 1 m Afrriv Went Poi t -^le d i ? by :o^ ni Lo^ve \\ ?* t Point T; ursd.iyai rt < m Arr'r?- :j! F rt ?c>'t **vr\.- d v '? y 10 ?'> 'U No. 15U.0 F.-. m F rt S? t: 'y I; ? rj Wool to N c?bo, (>lo,) 75 tai'v?- nr.ii bark, 01133 h W?rk L?ar- Fort Sc-tt *" >-i'-. ,?r- - c ;t ni A:r!v? -t N-o h" Pri :ay by i t p ?? L?>?"?? Nee ho i'.G* 'a. a* r a :n Arrive a: P rt f Tue dry b 3^ p :n No. 15-21 'rora ?.<??i\ >i~ r('i < iiv l.y iiic-\a'JD't, ! Ate- ???>*?. Fonipj; r?, n- t'iint. to aL> h<?a 52 l- :*r '?!? .- (,r. ? ? w -> k LnmLmt BwmtbCi'y u- d vitlaB An k '?' U'hib hi' .1 ? 1 . !f:.v-* w hltebi-ad'.-; * cjsn i<. at !! ;? 1*1 Arrive a' Leave w rt'i t\t-< uu i ;y v 10 pn ; Kc.l5-2^? Prom P h?)? - to 'njf; vlll-, I'n ullra an 1 b-' k. ? nc a ^ ; k I<?*w ; nwno? M ? lay sit c , M A"ri^e a ^l:?r v. I ; a j v v 0 p la 1 oay? ?frryville "?1 it 6*a !:? Arrive ut Pjivr-.L':* ? u *y ' v f m. Wo. .52/3 Fr"m (>.,i t i' c . v !\ F >:t to J'f.T7xjce 4 * mi'i'p *i -' b -^c (? v."** pfek Tj ve .? 11 ? c l 'rove >rc?.:!s.. a 6 a m A rive a' I' .wn ? n-x ony bj 12 m Lea. Pawn' <> Tt p -3 y t.". p ri A:i i at Cr ur fi' ? r? t t . ?. Ky by 10 p n bij: .0 rua t'? 1: ? i w-ek . i i ?i- c n-,!. t**'.. Iu.1.2.1 F ou .ft . (V< ) t j A'.elii-vn, IS mil n a d b ' k t'^I -e ? ?? k L t:i- \\ ?* T ? f. 'iiiilay (f. a ni 1 Ar*-i.-tt Alclti?< u ?. , 12 ia I^av,< A eH on ) i;i sdiy ui . S . u, 1.^ it 3 j> v\ Arrive at \W t 1. * in - dav-. 0. V p uj i'b'.i rr>< t- 13 ;apjrjWHi ;o -.n. by No. 16 it!. No. 15^6 Fr-m T?.??ifn? by Ba;)t: t Mi^inn Unicut'*c, Pni n #; ft jT.a7.n-e, bI mils)- a?i*i b;c*, r^< :i v.-. k. L?HVi: Tecu. b'i *?*<?? dav ;it a c A/, ive at rawn .e \V.; U; : i 4y \j ?j -> !a 1>?mv> lawn ' 1 .ur'di;> it ?* a . Arrive at 'ffuuif 1 ;;r ? y ! v C p t?i. Ko. 16/26 Fr m ?' wic; t-j i. e.. 1, ? naioj -n! hi k. ? tre j v?ci*l Is- ave Pawno* Arriva at Ke d-r L?-rtVe R ?dT Arrive at Pawn- e Bid 'ers wil propoi^i a rolieduia iieJ r*at? tl.c diktanee. No. 163.7 From W-ntp rt, i' T ,.,) by Pr w^lPe ESo.'u a-x' St. HariiHT'l. r> > r.l'rrx Ajt^.y, i/J rile? and r.v.pj ; v.-e- k I/-?.vh u n-itji r- V n Jay ? 11 2 <n Arrive at . ;t< *ii<i F- s A ix-y IVnla^laj by 12 m L:ay? S.u- a> d F x ucy V, ^iv .^day a'. 2 pui Arrive at W ?tp' rt t i by 3 p ir. No. 15 -S tr< xji Kaiisa*. Mo.) by VVv 11I i*e sud Jack oii\ille, t (.'wvkiw, 0>J i.nloj ui.a once a we?*k laihTe Kantaa .tf ^d;?i ?t ? a ra Arrive at Opawk'tt i.exc dnv by 12 ta L? ave Og wkoe Tai^-diy ;tii>"m A,rive at Kin: sls a xl c: y by V? in Jbid-s to ran tiir-w aa-- ? w,. L '*111 bu enucid ered. No. 15:^fl 'rom Indf por>b i i^'i (*">*..)' y th- lu-ttlr iiieita at tk>* mouth vj" ; ? Ilutr'nno. on :he ipF?f ?rkiriaa~, ant l.iit' *,d; LrtV Settle-! in a ?. ut th'i h?a?l f th.? Nieolbt P.ivr, t' S*ocVt .n, <.'?l fjniia *,*00 uui^, on'j.i a' mnth lyj'V- 1 d- p?r?d::rce Arr v at StA ktoa L'h v Stcikton Arrive at in opend s.(^ l?i it t ru ' L a [?" in-.' r,rV .j "tj.j 11, {.a^ii fih -r p .irj ein Hen of thaw ,uwl i . tiii lOUf,. . .->(?-> CAr.v?y iui.ll tb?-Lt'.t P -iM'1 time, W |! ii. J >t:Mu ui. Mc.lkiii Fr. a ai ?t *0 gb (Mo,) by dnat *?? ai>.!A^ncyan l b-. ra, to iiarysvj^e, !'5 rai'-.- sa'l U e\, ":i e - wn? u Sr. rt ^ j fiepL Ifrid.iy ar 6 a ia Airivem Mary Mi 1- iifx: itav by a r ia I<eav- M-rvRville un*)i- at ears Arr ve a:^ain? Uy bj 0 p ia Mo. L6iS31 Proia U'e?ton. (1! ,) Lv I. &n. t-> AL U1 so.-.. 1*1 ;l?*f- * nd '? a<-l( | . n iv-tk 1 ejv > V.'? uton M .oibiy aii'J Fri Jav ?t t a ia A-riv. a' Ab^hiion -uiae ,&yj by i'J ie Lervc AvhiPcn Mondav au ' Fridu* at 1 p in * n* vw u on <?aj ' y 7 1 ia< to run on** a we. k w:ll ;?? ooncideT*! Ko. 16*232 P.v.m F^hv -liwcrtli, l.y ,-^ti rg Cve k Cjoa-inK, lliekory 1 ?.;? t, <ulc**,. WbitLe . floldfor Silver ;*k- OttbeHB Wiakl, K ckr e^k, ai.d 11.11 to Fort Kile .ISOmil** en 1 b ek. twice a w-s k Lnaf ? Fort b-avenw >r h Mcn.lsy and Thurpdav at 0 1. m Airive at Fort Il.iey WeJiii^daj hnl Snturday by *2 111 L?w? Furt Itlley Wtdrewlay and t2at-:rJay at II p m Arrive at Fortl>Jivenwor h F.kiiy audMoaday by 0 p m D ti? to rsn once a week wi 1 b>' cocpidered. No 15233 From Pert Leiiv nv., by the settle m-nts and town* ot L rrrwase, Wilson Hprin^, Potfhw-.ttainie, a>.( Su???r Cre-k, t?) Fi'-rt d ott, 126 miles and b il. on^e a week le-v Port L??f?ii?(. th W dtiurdav at 0 am A: rive at Fort fie^tt Fril::y bj ti p m Leave Fort ^aturiUy a 'fi ? m Ar-iv- at Pert Leavenworth .M mday by .'1 p a. No. 15-234 From lis ,\| .,) ?(> bawronc^, <Kan :hf* ) 40 m le-; *.nu back Kis tbse* ,. w-ek I^ave Kan? da ly. elivpt Sunda . at G a m Arriv* at L&wranre Pan.e .?ayi y S p m L .?v^ Lnwrena' cbu.'y. uiid.>y, at 6 a m Arrive ar Kan>?a Paa>- dt?y bj H p ai liid* to ru-i tl.r^e tioiM, ru] off* a werk, will t* con* d.. ;-d. No. 165*36 Fr m J'oit cttr. br i-Ujjar Mound, C'n tn-vill-, and flonry th riuan a t^ llibbarJ, 5? mile- a d b?ck ouci a hi^k Lave Fort .-rott M'e-lr?ai?j at 6 a ia Arrive >,t Hibbard lb a r? Jay by 12 m l.eav- llibbard Thurify at 3 p m Ar-iv* at Fort ^-o-r F Hay bv 0 p m No. 16?J6 Pro in Port Atohiaori o MaryavlUa, 120 mile-: a d thr?-ti *-eh a week Leava A'eh son aiotduy, Medaa day, an-J Fri d"T at # a tu Arrive at Maryavii;# ^VtdaM,du}'. Fridav, an4 Suud*y b/ U lu Lnt* Mar-^vWe Wednwday, Friday. and Sun day at 8 p m Arrive at A'cbi^on tridr v, Fonday, wi Tt?cs dny by !? p ra Itidn to run ?r?-? n we*dc Hill b? ?nund^'oi No. l.'iiZk From White* by Highland, Iowa Point, to Story's Landing, 40 mhos and back, oece a week I/>-ve Wh't^h^d'p F May at 5 a to Arrive at et.iry'n Landing *??*?? day by 9 p m ly svn .'?tory,<< Landing flatur 'ay ct & a m Arrive at Whitehead'* r-anw day by 9 p m No, 15238 Frrin Oregon, (M^.,) by Iowa roint, to Highland. (F.ansa*,) 1:1 mil p. and back, occ< a week L"ar.> Orrcfon Patunlay at 6 i\ m Arr'v- *>t H ghl*n<l F-me dny by '2 m l^eaiv Hiffhlaed Saturday at 1 p m Ar'ive at Oregon Maine d?<* bv 7 p in. No. 15239 Frnti Port Leavenworth to Sac and FttX Agene". 100 n?iU? and back. coce a w?*k Leive Y.'Vi Laave'twcrth Mndny at G a m Arr va at Sao and Fox Apeacy VV-dueflday bj 12 m Leave *i?e and Fox A *?nry Thur-day nt ?3 fc m Arr've at Fort !>?aVrfnjror h Patnrdav by 12 in No. 16240 From Fort Jfcott to Fort Atkinem, ? mil" aad hue*. Leave Fort Soott Arrive at Fort Atkiui?:u Leave Fcrf Atkinson Arrive at Fort S-ott BiMerp -will sta-e the dlrtaoce and pr<>po?e * schedule. Ne. 15;-U. From F ri 8eott to Crawford Seminary, ? BJilrS and b.<ck Leave Fori S ott Arrive at Crawf rd Seminary Lea- e Crawf,id tJ<niin&ry Aniv? at F r F^ott Bidders will stat) the distant?* Vud propose a schedule 1 No. 16212 Fi om Wertjorc to For1 .Icotl, ? miles and talk Ltavt- Wee'port at Fv/rt Scott L?ave ?'ort Sa tt Arrif t Wee* port Bidder; will Ft??e tin di.-tinco and prep0"*? '?* schedule. F;.r tr-ia?! of proposals, rui-ar-tp* anl eer'-'fi c?.Be; also. im-truciii-nn and, (fin uri'.'-iiiic ondi'lons t< be inco jor t?i iu tn* eci> tracts to such eat*nt as the d*?.irtxae?it may de-ra prop?r,) .u ? adTer'i-txrnt !n iii* ? propose frr m*d! tervlre ti the wf=pt?'rn snd eou b^vs urn states dated 9th .laivarv, lt-54. JAtfBS CAMPuKL-L, june 4?lawtw i -?tmniUsr General Wii WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR LlOR Af,r. THR TI\'OT?TRR ITA.VPTON ?:V M Ar,L.?T!.'i^ a v-unii n^an, but mark !t?c cnai'gr : J,^t a*; iiiIL- t' d hear aj?d ill en liecidt! vhftii.-r to suil'-T on ?r In; m-v e *'uolv. Y? j'f0fV'st-j0;ial mjis, vviUi ruined lical it, hear! K("7.\V. 'ft" Tirr-!, ih^ J and in ff pe.ndcr.t <!iJitorfi! *h-u hiftty pupalti nn?l ?xt?'ii-ive iy read p>'|H-r, th < *bri-tiati pyho-h^d at Frederi?;k:.bura, Va., \<\ ni ?-rtit.?riai <?t tne trth o May, lU5i> trm? ot i/.MPl'ON'd \EU& TACLLTIXi FCLL: "Honif tirn? I W mwij tfaM tn Fl.uitji'On' V'?2t Tr.icmn with a promise of i.oiiciiu. more pa"ticu!uily ib:* =rf{3: r. iu: we have nurcci: ?1env?'ij troni iua u#e {>iiriiiL' <nir < < !i?vi:i;c c?)itrs?-.,?!? tr< redci.tarv h .h i , we bt-wuv i|?iit?-.1y^|.eji tic, ami were very i (c|i frouM*>I Willi v rti?>? Foi mi?re tli.ill tMri ive year.< aii^r leaving C'dlc;'-, \v wi re laboring un ier tini ?-o affliction* 'in Me .?P".'l!K of I8J.y;?-iir^ r,. r:tl h? :llth 'K ctine ao d?;'icat? tliat it v;a- ;%ith ^ o:iRcn!iy uv coat i .ute d to i e oidinary }?jti?-s of iv;r .-inn Rvi r>tbiai: W4 ate iei?n?fiiat? !v fi:,-:i? ?. , , I. our or ??ani beenrn-wholiv d?ra;ij. I, f,. a- it kpiiu?-.1 to u^, all iJ.eir activity and v.tal.iy; we weri; con ..tantly de;ne.s>ed in ?iur^v alioo<t for souk n?. and nothing lsut n^ .? ?itv urged ns on to action. W't; had taken strong me(l;?ii: p!i "iv?'.l s^rat p.;rticttla -.ty in our d?. i. and all to i:o jiur}N?-e " 'A'e had despaired of i v<t ?i*c?v?':!1ir our healtiit wh'.-n 3 fietr.ale uu::d '>f our- iinjiortur- l u - to a *<of?.e ci lliuitplotiV V*t-sr? :aiiii* t'incture, aaauring n* itai we w?ni . gf.-at r?di?.i from u- u^c V\'t l.r.? d> r^pli ?d,4>ic?' trouM not sire a ilol.arjvr all the 7Vic tun- H imylon ccrr mule, o I:ir a- '>nr imn individ ual bealili wa> conCtnieil." V\ c no iiiitli iu it nor anv ether iwdicme iii ?d!V ct.;;^ a < ure on U4. In llie k:n.;n? of iter heart,h*?\vever, wiilioutcon fulling us a!#out it, fli?'o.'*nt an.! t?"'T onf l?*ittiv ard vg?d ii? to 'ie- ?'p: of it, audi r i m r ? iko, u it cmM not piwiMy lajwra ? ,tc >??. ji aerordiog todiree lion Forth- li ? r.< v,,? inn f.,r j;^r ai:.l l;.;r act ofkinhm , ore pmv i*?d to <t?i .? *r..i wit't out cx-<j' r :i:on ? ?? r*:. . r ti ? y r.,y l.iat b- if ire we had u ?! tilt: cnnlt;iik in oil' boKi* wu icli like a iu vr roan We n.--d,' .? * : :'"v y. frf.:a ten to fi:t;;? rt boj tlrs. W* were afraid l >alvc it up,fcarini nut old (iir- .we -ir.irht n t'itii. f..c: i... ?, otir d.go-iive organ*iovi bn-nuifunal] eooeet,ottrboaMci ar, and *o far as cur le.borx, tubilitiw, icapawd biiitien, a:iil ?vori,:iy t :tr- will aiin.v, our yjiitii.-? have i.h( ji h'-.oyar-. . ?:i j w- iwhat wi | ami as orach ..t, wtt |d< .i f. and vvii> ti m pieMi - laitRbodl l"' the ?ak? of tbi JHcM w taai.*' ?hf ftiati nilti. tiial !?*!?? ;.i !i'.-! the sa-i i i. lief front !-'? 'i- -c iid. I; . i..?ttSd bo b p! in every ianiiiy. No family nhoaM em b? with /?: H \ >1 PTO WS Vti'iGTABLE TiNC TUiiK. ' Lawyer?, D-'rcl > >, JI. . ... , ,/cr.j, if. ill tl:- ! DcimmWi of 8ti Ladies ao4 tulwueiiike highert mikf ? I !? ' , as wet .? th ie novio|ia tlw fTiost i? . ?-iit..iK ? ?, - . ti *-. oa l>.m 3 a.;?l ti;? ..>< tiV tl>i-^fticie. <;aH :m<! get paai9oi>*< ,;r. md weemece j Cog|k, Rraachitis, Sbeumatii ??,. NevaMa, l:v<- | t?- pt-ia, No:. -- .? | (Ji.',"i :? i ; t? /. - mate mvdict:io or I or Jcic'.ii.: u?i a >v: LeJtc. j it aanquallr i. by i!?>. i iM %&,'.!?? ' } i'l'J taore sfr- , >' .imcrr; ;?: ,! '?: J Ilrja?l>.*:-*v, N. V?.r Cii..?. Stott ?. l)o., J. Mo iu, n. Cuni Clarke b. l!ov/;.mo, Vv Ft.; it C. V. !1l?> fori. \t a Mo; :?ti; i,, 1*. s. e-r.? ;.iwu, ,:no C. C- lifjiii, Aiua-,:un i, aod i>y j>tut 4izt2 t-v^ry w tie <?. I>By. JOUH I 1AHA .. i^,.. ! i i,i Off THR 14. Kx; i K:i ? t Ui.,.. , .,1 c. CUUUCiL -A ?> r~ to t> nehi t?; - rifli.c; d iudcce* Inm LUU^ to ce."ltv. .?? tli'.- ? "i O'iii r ? ? -(' ;> t<? pnMtNck a liio.-; nf te?imoxty (h ni ntH . aadladwooi iiijii ataa I ag ot o'trowa w ;! kaowe I 'tilixeti'*. who testify oi < i:r?.-- '.'ti-i, 1:1jO>' j t-UITlH, 11KE! Vl.i'I . i;v:.MA.Kc F* ? " >*. J j, .r.ry iltli, lcoj. Vj rri. Martin, r ? .Vou/r^- ; i t'?V'; plwnnin lo >?. i :t i kiwwti v orMllu>ptot -? Tiaetare,? witit eery great fit i t foui a Srt troai a:.'<'uo. . .. y j;t*r?4';ai .:i; i ' become eery uocli itajriuiea, \-. ?>? ? i c*hu i ? i?''ii- 1 to ii-c ? 'Iii'ij. ?? i'i.n.iare.:' ? foui><i *? eCade epoti ay v...n. i.-; tauhb and laialaty. - V.> i;? roos ryMen ?!.?1 CL^i -.iVu owaiin roon n^at "ill ll r* t I \ i. i nave &eve:hi r Ua r-:; .-.. it to ny ? riend#, mid i!i i ^^ , itU^L uc*4 i.* formed, UtKj linv.- u..c- .1 wiU. 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Bavanl of .ur plant ? i navu tited it it uiiteroi.. cj. i;s v/itti at.1^2. tuliiajj -u< li'h.*, '. i.y i.mi . li lint !?t .i bat.. 1 to La ii._- ^. caoVt r; ai? oy f.?i nj'nia afllstiiiaj, stoi r. -.t.a cure ha- L ea periormidcn a negro i.,w, rVom I will furai:.ii >au w.ib a of cer.iucr.ted if you ouii them 1 am, ikar.UemeA >t.t.rr, W. <i. Ti.ui r. t;a!l and net puanhirw 0t.< ctuutd Lot.jh, bronchi ti-, hi., m.aii m, Wiiur I<yn sepna,NerrowMSiaod6 aenl Weekeess. Asa female uiediciuf or for deitcat. <-l.dorta we otoevr it unequalled. Soid i>y MOKTI'tlER h r,< WTbll W, H0 liaiti iaare cut i.t; B dtimore, and :J01 Brc-sdv/av N yt.rk CB*s.8rorrfcCo., j. n. Mooac. I> B-Ctaeass, r.ARKr a Bowu.tfl. W . F.i l; :t, and H %irPauK soa, Washington; af.^, by R. S. P. Ci ,;tr Geouc town ; and C. C. llKKat, .Alexacdria, and by Lnic paU everywhere. fej, 21?u fOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ^' B'I:I<l.iN?3 c; 1.1 fir mir? it '?3 tano-js ai*0: and (i^cTj>iio~wu l* .<><* prtCTSP, an J ' to suit. 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Heartburn, for 1.1 xi, ; uI1?<..-h < : weight ?n ili?? Sunaacli, Sour Eractafcixis, Sink ini? or Fluttering ai tlra I'm of the Htomteli. rtwuo mmg of Mm llt id, hurt ed 'nd diffical* Mr.Gibing. Fluttering at the fbar, ? ticking or Hufluraimt Hrn*atsona when in u lying r> oiir, Hiumn? m Vifion. Dots of W< >n? !????? '-T- ;ii?! i^nt, fVy.f ?? f?.t l)uli Pain in tho UcoJ,I??ticiency of Pc*piratM u, Yellowness ot Uie ykin and Eye*, Pajii pi tlx Ita. k, Ohm, 1.1 mini, Ac., SuiMcn nu-|m< ot Ileal Burning in i he l'lesh, Constant Irnagin m;s of Evil, arl preat depression ofHpmti. f|iHB proprietor, in calling !???? attention of the X public to this preparation,dot* so with a Ced ing of the almost confidence in it* vir'-i^s ami adap tation to th i ulr-? ha< 5 ft>r which it i* recommended It in no new and untried nrticl^. but on" that hrji stoad tfi-* to*t of a t.n y< am' trial before ;:it* Auieri crn pOfifJe, and its reputation and sab- m unrivallei tiy any similar preparationf*e*tnnt. 'I*he tnniiarmi in its favor given by tbe nio-t prominent .ino weil nMnH|riMM and Mmduuls in ?. 1 pin* 01 ;fcp country ;* inimcnx-. T! fob >wiu; from Norm Catdina is re*pe- U'uiiy sub itt- d, rrlHrnng anv who may stiil doubt, to uiy ?4M morabiliaf"or Prv ? tical Receipt Took t-?r Farmer* an<1 FamPies, to t-^ iiad jra'ist, of a'l the Agent.*- ior tilt German Bittern. Princtpal Ottice and Manufactory, i'40 Arch Philadelphia, Pa. TECTIMOSY PRO/.1 NORTH <AKOLIX4. Certificate of l*r. H*. Stniik, nf Pine ItM, Kf-fi mlni CoMiiy, S. C. lii:.', March 4th, iJR. C. M. Jack1"! , P}iiU<i? Ifriii*?!.???.*.* ^ir: I fiav<* b??pn a sul?i? nf ir it? w.<?st f rrr?, tor the but live yeari. fliich was nr ct i<ior> to weive mon'tf tie t;:'> i>i:' i? inn- nnd all ivtoo xav. me *akJ I uiu.-t die. Ula ia ti.i? ?-o. i1io?hi, I ww carried to th?' watering places in Virginia,?Tauiw see uii i A'orili but wa-noi l>; any water to wine ; I wd." t.ihcn. IVkii'* on i?y way Irene, I-=!> !?"<?.I awttk at Ku'.?i~n'.>r-)toti, p. ??tn d! village in N ?rth * 'irots:-.'?, t'< try the ?tT;c* oj -f?wic ('haSvhease *?at< r in ihn p:artj. About !::?? ;ast frf the w-.ek, I w.-at tnto a drjg nt ?r?i t?? i ^>nii Medicine i<-i i<.w ci. !d and ki>s<::f. 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