Newspaper of Evening Star, June 19, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 19, 1855 Page 4
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EVKNING STAR. DKA1H AND THE MISER itbirtvill r ir a a r t> so i* . On in iron b->i with N>lt? and locks, Sat a niiMr ciniic his store ; Death being a wing, fur the ion ot the thing Flew in through the boiled door, But the e**er miser was none the wiaer, And he never dreamt of harm; TUi death draws near with a wicked leer, And seized the miser's arm. Now the mi?er knew death by his ooiiesome breath, And his gr.m and ghasUy smile; But otyeetinf to ?o to the world below, He asked If he'd wait awhile. "No! thc*r? i* a ship at sea belonging to me, Freighted with glittering r>ld, III #vi? her to t?mi, and cargo too. If you'll just let go jour hold !" '?No! why. then 111 five, if youH let in? live, Th? wbole of my broad estate ; I've silver atd gold in rams untold, "Diamond*. gem? and plate ; But my soul, you know?its lost if I go? No, Death, you'll n?n refuse ?" Death shook his head, and smiled as he said, "A Biiier has none to lose.;' A Reminiscence and a Moral.?The Boston papers contain the announcement that the mansion of the late Professor Webster, at Cambridge, Mass., is to be sold. What reUecLions is this simple notice calculated to call up! A house, famed for the most ' legant hospitality, where were wont to meet the beauty, the taste, the fashion, the intellect of the land; where every accessory to comfort, to enjoyment, to happiness, was at hand, where all the amenities of the family and social ci^-cle seemed to blend with even more than the usual felicity that crowns the most favored lo* of mortality ! And now, where are the inmates whose pres mce, in the day we are calling back from memory of the past, was a perpetual joy? We will not go beyond the suggestion of the reminiscence. It prompts reflec tion that it will do no harm to any to dwell upon. There is a stern, sad, sorrowful lesson in it that may be laid to heart by alL We have often thought while recurring to the once was and the is now of that mansion, of \\ irt's touch ing and eloquent description of Blenner hassett's 44 Beautiful island on the Ohio," as being peculiarly appropriate to th: subjects of our reminiscence, lie reared there a palace, and decorated it with every romantic embellishment of fancy. A shrubbery that Shenstoie might have envied, blooms around him. Music that might have charmed Calypso and her nymphs, ia his. An extensive library spreads its treasures be.'ore him. A philosophical apparatus offers to him all the secrets and mysteries of nature. Peace, tranquility, and innocent shed their mingled delights around him. And, to crown the enchantment of the scene, a wife; lovely even beyond the sex, and graced with every accomplish ment that can render it irresistible, had lilessed him with her love, and made him the father of her children. In the midst of all this peace, this feast of the mind and of the heart, the destroyer comes, lie comes to turn this paradise into hell. Reader! This destroyer was "Mammon, the least ercctsd spirit that fell from hsawi." Mocxt Yernox.?The ladies who have taken charge of the schcme to buy Mcunt Vernon, the residence while liv ing, and the tomb when dead, of the il-l lustrious father of his country, have put forth an eloquent appeal to 4'the Daugh ters of Washington" to interest them selves in the matter. We are pleased to see that the ladies of Richmond are I moving in the matter; they could not have a nobler mission. The tomb and the home of the father of his countiy should belong to the citizens of his na tive State. Success to their patriotic en deavors say we ?Richmond Post. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Stmt. Leave For Dayt. Ht Louis....-.........Hr vre New York..June 6| Ariel .Havre New York..June !< Afia Liverpool.. Boston Jane 9 V- ashir.etoa New York.. Ilremen June 6 Eericsson New York... Havre......... June 16 Hermann..... Sou'ampton.Nrw York..June 2o Africa. Bosun Liverpool ...June 20 Illinois .....New York...Aspinwall. .June 20 Htar of the t?outh..New York... Liverpool.. June 2u UuakT City New York..H wre June 2H Union New York..Havre June 30 3J-Tte California steamers leave Now Yoikoc the 5th and 20th ef er.cb mouili. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL IIOTJ3J3. UrcwBta' Uotal?t. r. k u. movi, J F Star:, SI T L Williams B F Johnson, O E Fontaine, Va mis* M Hern or, Ark J Croc ken brough, do M Boy ley, L<* JM Watson, Ga J H Bishop, Ct W Moffitt, do R S M ung?r, do HO Anderson, La W H M'inger, do Jin Andirsoa a servant, A R Boteler, Va do C A McEvoy, do Miss McCrav, do T S Whitley, NY TE Jordan, 111 Mis* A Whitley, do Mr*Th imph u, Pa 2 Misses Miller, do Miss Clark, Md A P Barn* *, Pa M Clark, do H P Hopkins, O W Cunningham, do J L>ans, di F !>upp A lad.., Va O L Jami-on, N Y II Dupp, do H W F- ib'fti, La W Sugen, do 1) T Peebles, do M Cohen, Md T R Paitou a live ladies, J Fus?tll, do Pa W Hamilton, do CPoek -oc, Ca J W Scott, Tea Sslieaal Hotel?u d. wtiuu T "tfnlbken, Md A Hunter, jr, Va J 8 Vnte*, do W C Je>sup, Ky p G Gtimour, London F M Bunce, U^N 8 J%na?ou, Md F N Gi-bume, NF II Resnny, do II Spear Va D F Brt.wit.-r. NY 8 Patterson, Md W Van Ms.n:n, do ? J 8wegelberg k sister, N H Deck* r, du Pa W Kmuey, do S P Smith, Del 8 8 Osgood, do ? H Polla d, do F <>ak*mith, do Mini L Winston, Va J Mviuuer, Va J It Drinkard, do E Ives, Moil C H Ar told, NY J Wzl*er A Inly, UJ W H >fvers, do 11 Parker A I:.d;, Mass C J Gi'rnan, Mi U ill * r da' Hotel?a. a. A j. c. wnuu M Frrrnll, NO DC McCammon A lady, K (> Mickrrsm, lAoes Pa .M Lefferte, NY J "M Minor, NY i; H Striker, jr, da T B Ljrncb, Pa J Roberts, do UeV Dr Norman, da O A l/ewenc? r, Pa 8 Vernon A lady, NY VV P Ftirni^s and daugh- Com Breese, US.\ ters, NY VV C Haffingtuu, Md T VV WaneaiWickel, Va Mr Bate* A la-iy. Nil J H VViibr, O Hon J H Smith, NY K Oooiex,' luii Gen Uerran, do K Pontbu, NY L'altad Stataa Hotel -r. c. a*omi. C W Tc<M, Cal J Mill?r. NY J C Nnir-, l?C R W G*-is* ndorfT, O <5 H Parker, do J, Md k O McKce, do Law head A, Mo E Ciageiv do 8 Kp,>ey, do J Powers, 1 * i?n B J Kruaklin. NH JL,t Col W C Dunn, Va ltli*kwoo?l lloaaa?j. h. A s. kixkwood F C Bro*-n, Pa C W Topping and ladv, G W While, NY Va ji E Putteti, Nib S* B Jiliiieloa, do II ii'-)(itr, Mus G D Mercer, do J B Wkttlri. NC J H Rich, do W f Bin/, Md Kaailon Kauas, AUi??d*la, Va. *. MawTos. yaoemrroa. R >1 Carter, !a?ly, 2 ehil- A Hunter, Jr, Va died A nurse, Mi A J McK<>y, do W M Cablinger, Va E C Hrown, do A McGnoegaJ, DC 1** liai'ey, do E Font tain, Va Miss Bayley, do TB Lynch, Pa Mr Slo .sen, do 8 Gordon, La D B Lucas, do W Smith, NC K Orey, do W T L'-unz, BC GO Lordly, do W Seaih, NY R F Browa, do FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING 8ALOON. THE undersigned respectfully announces to the citixens of Washington, that be has opened a Gentleman's Hair Dressing and Sliaving Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between UUi and 13th street*, where h* is ut all uok's prepared to accommodate them in all branches of the tonsorial operation. Hair Jutting performed ia the very latest fctjles. He would call particular attention to hii Wigs, Toupees, Braids, rnxettes, Whiskers, Mustachoi*, fitc., and is prepared to fill all orders in the above line at the si. or est notice. A pood assortment con stantly on band. He respectfully solicits a call, feeling assured that he cannot fail to please all who may so favor him. Jt 6?rolm JOHN HERBORN. POTOMAC PAVILION, Piaey Point, St. Xary'i County, lUryUnd. THIS desirableplace for health and sea-bathing will he opooed for tin; reception of visitor* on the I5ih of June, with nothing left undone that wiil promote the comforts of its guest. Many improve - luents bare been made since my last season. A Luik-Ii Room lias bceu built for the accommodation of visitors nt all reasonable hours, cay and nigbt. Stables aud Carriage House-) have beea built to accommodate those at at a distance Billiard Table, Pistol Gallery, Shuttle Board. Ten Pin Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and are tree to rutors only. I am thankful to the public for their patrona?e the las: two seasoms, ui.d hope to see my old friends and many new faces the coining season. The Pavidou shal! be clean and well kept. Children with whooping cough or measles will not be admitted us boarders. TERMS OF BOARS: For single day $2 00 For three days or leas than a week, per day.. 1 50 By the week 10 00 By the month, per day 1 35 W W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boxes have been placed on all the Steam ers tor the accommodation of visitor?. je 5?eoliu A CARD.?LOOK HERE! ALL ye lovers of the good things of this lift;, and we will tell you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thanklul for past favors, I would respectfully ask a continuance of the same dur ng this Spring and Summer. 1 am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with the sweet and cool ing Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Cream*, Water ices, of all flavors, Scbarlotte Ren?e, Blancmange, &c- Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, flic., Stc., and upon reason able terms. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Best quality ICE CREAM i*?ld at $1 50 per gallon. may 7?coGm JoH\T W. RIGHTSTIN'E. ? LAW PARTNERS!!! pT~ Robert j. walker a.-.d louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker k Janin," for the management and ar eament of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Couit of Clairv^ at Washing ton City. Address Wash'ngton, D. C. may 10?eo3m ~m7~\\riLLLAN~ LADIES* DHE3S AND TEiMWIKG STORE, Pa. avenue, between 7tk and Hth Ureits. MWILLIAN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has just received from the Northern cities a complete stuck of GOODS, among which may be found New style French Dress Trimmings Fine French Flower* and Ribands A large lot of Bonnets, in siik, crape, and straw, of the latest patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi denes of all kind*. Dresses made in the latent Faris fashions at rea sonable i ates. Pinking and Fluting, and Kid Gloves cleaned. Ladies Manti'las, ready made, and made to order. may dl?eolui CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand, and con*untly lirdshin^. a vary large assortment of Pleasure anrir -ft?fe V. Family CARRIAGES, i:f the lat.-st f.uh ion?, which 1 will stil &? low as the same quality of work can be sold in any ol' the principal ai.irkets of tite United States. The subscriber is now dealins exclusively in Ci!r <?t his own manufacture, and ail work soid by hiui will be wairaau d, aud compare favorably wi ii any work in this market. As 1 always k?* p a large MHUataliI itiviic (> a-... is lo and other* to ex amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest n >tice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 499 Pa. avenue and 4% street. may 1?er?3m TEX MUTUAL IfcStTTlANCJl COMPA KY Or THE i.ISmiCT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED bv Congres.-, rffer; to the property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of lasurariee than anv oth? r Company. ULYSSES WARD. President. CHA-4. WILSON. Secretary. MATIIBVV G. EMERY, Treasurer. MAKAKXRS. Uljiaee Ward John Van RLiwick Thomas Biagdcn P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKelden, office, Columbia Place, corncr Louirfta? avenue and 7th ctreet. tjfiicc hour.- from d to 6 o'clock p.u. feb 26?eotf ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, aoth now on exhibition at th^: Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENKY ERBEN of New York For terms, &c., apply to Prof. SCHEEI., on 14th street, norui of F. HENRY EKlJE.V teb 26?eotf NOTICE TgTtIIE CREDITORS OF HALL fc BROTHER. BARUCH HALL, surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having, on the 23:h day of February, 1855, assigned to the undersigned all the stock in trade and debts ot the firm ot Hall & Brother, to be applied to the fuil satisfaction of certain debts, lia bilities, and engagements of the said firm of Hall k Brother, aud tue surplus to pay and distribute rate ably among such of the remaining crecitors of said firm as ehail within six months from said 2atli day of February, 1855, execute and deliver to eaid Ba tuch Hall, full and absolute releases of all indebted ness to them respectivtly by ?aid Baruch Hall, sur viving partner a. aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such creditors of said firm of Hall 8t Brother, or said Baruch Hall, surviving parrn* r, as may desire to participate in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliv er to said liaruch Hail, full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six mouths fiom said 28th day of February. 1855 RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee. Je 11?eotAug28rh FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ?1 MALL &UILDING LOTS of 10 feet cr more, la O various p%rts ot the City, aud Gecratotra, al ym prices, anl tei?iB to rait. LLGl'D A 00. tiuiiiDma BioaiL, for sola, deliverable at the Oankl, or is Washington, Qaorgetown, cr Alexastiiia. I.LO'iD k 00. llth itrMt, op?. I.reasur / Depai-.'iaaat. If a?!? PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD UUICK STt'i'.?TLis excellent piece of Music of the popular composer, Mr. ttobett ileilti, ha^ just been published by the subtteribers. Tue title page U must el?gaaUy einkellisl.ed. HiLBUS k 1I1TZ, Music Publudiers, Depot ui S^ax Buildings. jc i~ READY MADESU-MMER CLOTHING. HAVING within the last few days made great additions toour former stock of Ready-made Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in pri re and quality to visit our extensive sale*ro ;uis betore making their neleclkma. Our assortment of White and col- red Shirts Cause, meriuo, talk and cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs,Ties Collars, Glovrs, Hosiery, Stc., Is very large aud compiet", making our present stock one of the most desirable to xelecttrom in i>ri cts and quality to be found Ui>s side ?f New York. WALL it STEPHENS. * 344 Pa. aye., next door to iron Hail. Je 4?tf (News) HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. I). 21 N. S ?t.Ui wonii, 2 vol?, price ^1 00 Harper's Magazine for June 25 Hari^r's Story B w>k No 7, Virginia 25 Puta.iui's Magazine tor Jane 25 Godey's Lady's Book do 25 Graham's Magazine do 25 All the New Books, Magazines, Cheap Publica tions and Weekly Facets received au wwm as pub lished and tor sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 148 Bridge street, Georgetown, may 31?tr Land wahuants wantkd, for wbich the highest prices will be t*id by CHUUB BROTHERS, may 31?tl (Intel) opp. the Treasury. WBEATON'S ELEMENTS OP INTEUNA tional Law, new edition Adams' Equity, new edition, with Americas note J? 5 FUANCK TAYLOR. 1 PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Hotto ct RsntrrtwTATTm Vvtttv Prmw, - Clerk's Office, Ma? JS, 1855. JK pursuance of tfc* 17th wt'on af the act of Congress of the 2C'.h August, 1S42. entitle** An net loga'lzlnsr an?l making aprrnprfat'ont *?r anrh n*oetsary ebjects a* have b*ua usu*llv included in the geaeral appropriation bills withrut authority of law, and to fix an>l provide f >r certain Incidental expensed of the department* and offices of gev ernKient and for o<her purp38?:>," seal'd proposals will bs received at tht* office until WednesJay, 27 th June next, at 12 o'clock. noon, for furnishing the following articles of f tat io eery ?>r the u e of tha House of Representative during the Thirty fociih Congre's, vis: DKjJCBIPTIOV OP ARTICLK8. Clam 1 ?I)ip>r. Item 1?600 r?ams white 1 ?id quarto pott, extra superfine, fa?nt lined ? 2?100 runs [9*ra? article,) unruled 44 5?60 reams while laid Ra h pttt, exTa super fine, fa'nt lined " 4?26 reams fnuuw article,] unruled 44 6?100 reams extra sup irtine crpam laid no*e paper, ja ^e tize, faint lined atd gilt edged 6?100 reams fsjme arlcle] unruled 44 7?100 reams extra superfine : resin laid note, small size, gHt edyt d 44 S?100 ream i white nap p*per, extra super fine faint lined 44 9?20 reams [*amepapt;i] unruled 44 10?10 reams b'acc borcer monrolrg p?per, 5 reams letter and 6 ream* note size u 11?100 roam? commerced laid note paper, large size, faint liced Proposal* for the above must trtate tha j.rice per ream. Of items 1,2, 3. and 4, a port'ot*?not to exceed one half of each?to be furnish-d g it idgwl, if re quired. CL188 IT.?Ep vrltpe*. Item 1?200,000 envelopes, tLi k 'aid wh'te, lrrgs letter tize 44 2?200,0C0 envelop, thick laid white, small letter or larg- note sit'* 44 3? 50 000 envelopes, thick laid white, rmail note a'zo 44 4 ?60,000 envelopes, thick luid white, official size " 5?*00 OCO envelopes, laid buff, large letter size 44 6 - 50.000 envelopes, la'd buff, official size " 7?100,000 envelope, laid buff, rn vJiua. be tween letter and official size, smooth and etrorg, f r news pap^rs and documents The envelopes are to bs in all ease, adbe-ive Preference will be given to those having full pockets. Proposals must ttate the price pir thous and. O.A3S III?Knivs, (&. Item 1?75 dozen four blade rell'l handle prckst knives 44 2?75 doz?n [-ame ?r'lc!e,] rtaghandle 44 3?25 dozm two Made pearler shell bandl* po<k?-t kcive?, rmafl size ** 4-50 -a?es s issr.rn 44 6?60 pairs first rate oTicc 'bears 44 0?8 dozen iv>ry handle era>rs Proposals for knives and eru.?ers ma-t ptite the price per dcz-n. Items f> os. 1,2, 3, *. nd 4. ere to be of the best quality and first style of finish. Class IV.?Ptns, I-enho'ders, Pencils, ami QmTj. Item 1?50 gro.'S IVrry "a double patent large blue bum1! pefla. fiae p^iutt 44 2?50grcsj ferry's lar?e ban?l double action pun " 3?100 gross Peiry'stl.reo ptintedp?n) M 4? 300 gToss fin* quality metallic pens, in boxes, fqual to Wheeler'j United Stages pen > '' 6?100 gross fine quaiity metallic pens, on ca^ds " ft?20 gross bclt'on p*t s, on ear^a " 7?3 grcss porcupine quiJl ren holders " 8?3 gro?3 meewrod pen holderi for lar;e bar rel pens 44 9?3 groos roeewoo.1 pea hildera for small barrel jens 44 10?10 gros- pen hollers bert styles, for p?i3 wi h.)ut burre'H 44 11?2 grces f*ncy jma hoi '.eis, hanJsome Stales 44 12?cO gross biark l al n"ncils. ^qua! to Fa b-r?s, No? i, 2. and 3 44 13?5 jr<v8 r*d le d p-nr !s 44 14?7,000 quills. 5 000 !*-;? cjrn'itv oraqua. atd 8,000 b***t q-ibl'ty C avjfi i 44 15?20 dozen grll T?jth s iver c.iscf? none I ut f .*s: rati quality wi'l bs consider ad (.'L.V3S V ?InL on-1 Jrd tlcunit. Item 1? 30d zenin^,'n p.-it b^t:'M 44 2?-Od'-zen iLk, in h?-.lf [? n bottles 44 :i?ladox*n tok.iu quar b >tt 44 4?1 > dozen red ink or curicine 41 5?5 dozen ?'andi hn , tlhin i or cut glass iulrstxnda, with rar^, A-: 44 &?5 dozen fiie Cli na irk tand.-?, gilt nuu i and difbefi 44 7?10 doz^n l-.ani-oino cut glars ink3tands, la g-e dzs 14 8?10 dceen ha rt'^me cut gla-'d inkstands, ni diurj .?lit* 44 9? 6 d-:een h^i d.-onio preg3e/l g'aes, various patterr s 44 10?6 doien 44Drfcper'?," or cthfr airiigit pit en4 !r.k>fands 44 11?5 Jezen 4tFry'a" improved, or other elastic i^k'tands 44 12?4 dozen bancL^me roTcela!?, ladies' ink stand , v rinu? pattercs 44 13?5 dozen poreV.e spring ink&taads, best quality Claui VX.?Micmorcmdum Foe?::, Porifvlioe, Zal>Uds, and Diari'j. Item 1?20 doxen rucmnraid id bocks aofiorled sfzes 44 2?20 dozen portf.l!->3, qiart% with lock3, tablet*, und of fln= qnsli-y 44 3?10 d?zen portfVJ s.cnp, with lock*, and of fine quail-y ft 4?10dozen jre?rl tablet', wi b n?rci!s, and of 8uperioj qc?Vty a- d finish 44 6?16 dcaen n>-k??t diari s, oi'fine paper aad fiti~b Clas^ VII.? Wax and W.;/??*. Item 1?5 pounds cmal1 "-is- tricwp^ren'' w*fer3 various cclor', in tancy b?x :s 14 2?2 gr?FS motto wa'ers, ii f:rcy i?: x**i 44 3?200 pwund- r'd wax, o'rery fine t qnality 44 4?50 boxes fancy wax. in tiuall h^nd'tcms boxc.' Class VIII.?I\:pr,r Keiyhttand Fajrr Fablers Itam 1?25 iczen alabaster papei weights, cJ?-gant patterns 44 2?30 dozen cut glfc/z paper v eighth, finest qua ity ana ptttem* 44 3?30 dosen nise-isch lino ivory folders, one inch wide, and not leas than 9 ounoes to the dozen 41 4?20 desen 2ne iv.">ry foid -re ?>oe inch wide, with strong bandies u 26 doien fiae pearl fold'-ro, af*c>rtfd pxt/rnr., strong handles Class IX ?XiiZillamyjuM. Item 1?250 dosen red tape, I*o. 13 44 2?260 dosen red tapi, No. 25 " 3?60 dozen white tof>?, No. 'ifr 44 4?26 doua v?*ta tap*rr f.?na.<, with wax ta P'ra. fiae quality u 6?20 dozen band box**, fira^ualitT 44 6?1,000 pounds biaci ?aiid, in pound papers M 7-10 doz'n tetter clirs, tilt 44 8?10 dozen letter clips, bronze 44 0?200 fine ivory hatdle letter stamps, checfl uerel 44 10?150 fine ivory hand e letter stBTopg, p'a'n 44 11?12 dozen pieces b *t quality ofliee taste, various colors 44 19?12 doaen bottles adhesive mucilage, b:et qua'ity 44 13?12 dcj?n inohair peuci's, I'irge size 44 11?5 i>ou:dsIn>ua rubber. In usual t-lzepieoas (native gum preterrod.) 44 15?600 ikins of parcLiueat, 15^ by J1 inohe*, to be ol the t<Ht qualify, and rub d. an per eauible furnished by thli office. By the aetapproved June 17,1814, theClerkof tha House of Repr?HMtntat vee i- direct ?d to confine his pur oIiasM exclusively to ar -ideaof (he g-owth ana man ufacture of the Luited St*to*, p:oviJel the same can be procured of f urh gr wih and uiul u'tc'ure of suita ble quality and at revocable prices-, up n as gcod terms as quaiity and price as c.ju fce.obttined of for eign growth and maDufactu:e. A preferenoe will therefore be given to the productions cf American inlu try; and all persons maliic - proposals to sup ply any article will sUte wiieiher the wune is of tha growth and manufacture of the Unite-. Sfate*. The articles are to bediiiiverdd iree cfany cbarga fi?r carriage at the ?Woe of the Clerk on or before the 15th of October n-xt, and to be paid for as soon as the Committee on Aco:unts shall audit tire bill Kach bidder, though he may <?esire to propose fir the whele of the artlcler above enuni3rated. will be required to make a tfparol? and distinct proposal for each item; and no proposal or paper ? mbrtcing more than a single Item wi'l beeonsiiertd. Paeh propo sal to be ecdors^d 44 Proposal' for item No.?, rl^g* No. ?, ofs atlonery for llous?o/Kepre??ntatives f f the United States, and addressed to tfce undersigned Tbey will be free of postage. Sufficient f peclmenp of ench ?t? m to accompany the iropneal. marked with the name of the b:d ler aud the nuHib?T of the clas: &nd item, awordlng to the bbovo ai vertis ment. The person offering to furrneh any description of araclea at the lowest price (quality couriered) ?l.all rwselrs a contract for the sun.*, on exe uftog a bond, with two or more sureties, Mitisfurfory to the Clerk, for the performance of the #am \ T.r.ier af rfeiture of twio* the contract price iu the ca~-e of fhilurt; which bom must bo filed in the otf.js of said Clerk #ithln ten days aPer the proposals have been opeued and the result Ctclarfd ?lhe ri^ht Is re?errod, in c?m it should be neces sary, to order a furth-r sopp'y o: all or aoy of the articles oantaincd in the above lis4. J. FOt;*EV, Clark Honse Representatives Uuited Sta'es. Maj28?law4w | COPARTNERSHIP. WE have this dav formed a copartnership under Uie firm of fctAL (Iavevku, fur ihe sale of Wtnes, Liquors, Cigare, lie., at wholesale and retail, at No. HA Seventh ropp. Ontra Market. ' J. T. SEAL, 1 mj C. W. tfAVENNEU. WE WOULD NOT OtYI A DOLLAR For all th* tincture hampton ev er m ADE.?Thus spolte a mac and good man, but mark th? change ? Let the stfticted bear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or be mad? whole. Ye professional in?m, with mined health, hear! Rev. Jamka W. HvmuroT, the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive Iy read paper, the Christian Banner, published at Prederieksbur*, Va., in his editoria! ot the IPth of May, 1855. thu? speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTDKE: "Some time ago we merely al'udnd to Hampton'i Vegetable Tincture, wuh a promiae of noticing more particularly the great r? lief wa iiave ourself derived ftoin its use. During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary habit*, we became quite dyspep tic, and were very much troubled with vertigo F.w more than twelve years after leaving college, we were laboring unJer tli?se two afflictions. Intjte spring ol 185y, our general health became ho dela ate that it was with great difficulty we could atteod 10 the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ale immediately turned acid, our digestive or gans became wholly deranged; loving an it seem?*d to us, all their activity and vitality; wc were con stantly depressed iu ?pirit, our energy almost for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us ou to action. We hail taken strung medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and ail to no purjMwe Vi e had despaired of ever recovering our health, when a female found of oarj importuned us to get i bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us that we would And great relief from its use. We briefly replied, "we would not give a dollar for all Vie Tir.c ture Hampton ever made, so far as our own indivi.i- j ual health was concerned." We had no faith in it nor anv other meiiicine in effecting a cure on Us. In the kinrines? of her heirt, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one battle and urged us to accept of it, and for her sake, as it could not possibly injure us, to use it according to direc tion. For the high regard we had for her and her act of kindness, we promised to do so. And with out exageration we can truly tav that before we hud used the contents of one bottle we felt like a uewman We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Hi nee then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our bead cl^ar, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cares will alio*-, our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what wc pirate, and as much as we pleas#:, and when we please? and all is well. For the rake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the same relief from it? that we have. It ?hould be hept iu every family. No family should ever be TURE1"11 A M PTO S'S VEGETABLE TINC Laicyers, Dot&m, Ba \l>rc, Mini iters, in all th? Departments of Stats, Ladies and Gentlemen in the highest walks cf life, as well as ih^se moving in the most humble spheres, speak of tha cures on them' selves and friends t.y this wonderful article. Call and *?-i pampluei* i*r*us, and see cares o> Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuruiria, Dvs pepsia, N'eivnusnes*: and General Weakness. As u female medicine or for JeJicate cluldica we tdie ?t it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWRRAY, IWBalti more street, Baltimore; and :*M Broadwry, N. York Cms. Stott & Co., J. B. Moor?, D. B. Clark Clarkk ft Bowliku, W. Elliot, and H. MePaaa 'ok, Washington; alto by K.F. Cissil, George towii, and C. C. Ba&ai, Afciroidria, and by Drug guitterar} r.hc. c. REV. JOHN LAN AH AN, PASTOU OP THC EXETCR STRBBT, M. E. CHURCH?A aHong desire 10 tent fit the a.'Pjctcd indrces him thus to cenuy. We ch;J cage any other tuedicino to present su^*h a ma.v'i *i testimony from gentlemen md ladies 01 high standing of our owr well-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH. BRON CHITid, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, ho ? Battuior*, January 24tli, iaesti$. fflortiKij/-1\ hutxeurayz I take pleasure in saving to yea that I have ust-d >3ur "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. t rorn a senoustaro^t affection, my general health h^d become very much impaired, when I com tuenced to <? Uainptcufc Tincture." I found its effects upon iny general health most -aluiary.? My nervous system and digestive organs joon right ed up under its use. I have ?everal times recommended it to my frwnds, and iu every case, as ft.r a* 1 have been iu formed, th^y liave us^ it with success. Yoars truly, joint LAHAtiAK.Pa^tfir Of Exeter ;t., M. C. Church, Utiitimore. BLEEDING OFTIIE LUNGS. RjCciah, N. C., Peb.8, 1355. ile-nrt. IHrrtiaur if MowWcy: I do here y cenify tiiat about twelve months a-o t wa.< taken With a -evc. e uemorrt?age of the Lungs ?md had four attAcLsof it ! \v?s advised to try Dr. hunpton s Vea< ialile 1 inctui 3 I pr<K;uted cne bottle, and aft- r taking which, f was tausurd that I was much b.uur; ami ih^t, .u^cr taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, ar,d cow I enjoy ns jjooil h?^Jth as ever I did :n .ay lite. I can, *nd do. wiUi out the least htuiauoiu xcctaiiuitaid the Tincture to allperson- afLiclcd in ray way. Yours, Gao. W. WiakliTi CURE PiTS?BEAD! MsrtMlhe f-it'c titan Ooid.~~Fnna or.8 ol the mot, rwpoctable Druggists ir South 'Jaro'ina. Obaklestoh, B.C. Sept. 81,1853. mer^. r.iiRTiMtH <k Mownxir:-The sale tt your Hampton'j Vczctahle Tincture is every day, and ev >ry bottle nr,id recommends t:ii? valuable medicine to the afticted. Several of cur planters have tried it in different cases wuh aston ishing cuccess, and are geuing it by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest lenieuy for ruti taatic affections, and a wondenul cure han been pciYonned on a negro fcov, f^ from Pits. 1 will furrnoh you with a number of certificates if you wish them. ' I am. ge.;it!en?en. yonr?. W. G. Thott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, r.nd see cttr< sc? Coii||h, Bioncnitis, ltiieu^natism, Neurai^'a, Dys p.jp3:a, Nervousness anj Gnceral Weakn. L. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe i: unc-<4uaileii. Sold by MORTIMER & KOV/BKA7.110 "i'ti more street, Baltimore, and JO-1 lirjad.vay, N. York Cqas. Stott u. Co., J. B. Moor*, D. B. Clarki, Mtlii k Bowusb, W. Elliot, and I! MrPaca son, Washington ; ai>o, by R. S. P. Ci -scl, G?orgc town ; and C. C. IliitKY, A.exaadria, aud bv Dm gists everywhere. lebil -tr" Private Medical Treaties ?!* "lt? FIIYSiOiiOuICL VliW Of MARMAQJ*, K. H. H CaOIX, fig. f> t if y S60 Ptgw and ia& Pine Pliin Colorod Lllho 27*p>is i?id i iotoe. W Prist only lii O'Sftiit irsc or Ctu-s of th?< Unic- "W& OCSAt-fi^ BOOK iVafl PUWhlKilED, cnnUiUltei awrly tht qcanlitv cJ Wailsa; iiialtsr in that of'the I'lfi'V C!?cVT8 OR TX)LL.4B rauLiaaTiojm. Iltrefctfon tho PHYSIOLtV GY Of MARRIAGE, ted ths j , fir.nlHeFasd di^rdar cf youth tnd lijfurlry, r? sxitthig ."rt m erc?=>s^, wki? J<*Jtroy thepbyaical 6ad =?ea tai po* era, with ub^rrkCiMu cn ioarriags, tut dati?e aii<I dt'tjuaiitltutioas, nnd their remedi*,.; with iUusiiating th* anatomy and phyi!Uo~y, ai,d diof tho tvpro. ductive orgaa.-j of both e< id, their atruotcr >, vutt and fuactiorji. A pc>uia; atl coRiprfehja?iy4 ts? tnia oa the duties atri CAfeuuJ*?f hLi^ia ri?l life?happy and ti'l jiv j. aode rf ^ caring tham?lcftititocw unn ninliJe ocec?fhetr obvtalicn and renxtvai?!ra:- ?j-Uuit hint* to th-xi oontsciplating niuUu:rsy. ts*i v.iii ove/?o?if cb Jeccioaa to It; nona, ht-wersr. alinuld take thiJ un portant eUp <w!tli??o.t trit oocsiatlng its pvgefr? commentaries oa fie ?iiKn#i?sand madioal treatusat ol females from ip.Csncy to oM i.i?, ftxch &u.e m*ih loaUy lllugtratei by beaotifaJ lithographic plate* ? c?rvo?a debility, IU oaoj-i r a*l ems, bv a prac-wi at oace go sl^sy.d, ;rtfe t^tu cJ-.H i?;al. that laiiora ia fnncsslble^?ralce for daily m&:^{;'rieut?t.n runny oa Ej^oruatorrhxa with practical obwrvfcLsia c n a safcr, and more suceaaa^a? nod* of ti*?tuent?pre iantioiitry Liu Is cs tho s\ ila rraclting ftom iiupiri eal practice?aa cm? rt all diiea^ aiirf"* frec? indlbcratlon, \iith plain iad rinple rulas h- >Lioh all yerhOM can ccro thKr.K-.'IrM nltheat Exeforr? remedies for those salf Infilcted ta!ccriw and pointed hopes eo oaici-tnaatelj prevalent in th* rcung. It is a truthful adviwr to tho aiarrted ana thoae oontsninlHtlnf: nnxri^s. It? nern'al |fi r?. UonlnTly reootciEeiided to miiKuS eutortal se 8T?t doubts Of th ?ir phyiiicafeoo-litian, end wojij* conscious of haviag he?nk<J th? haaJtli. hgneiness PTiviiegtf to niiich e\cry hu^a bein;* is ec I n5 I"cr c5?y? cr fiTft eop:? fo* o-o dol tad BUtw potUia* tc any fart tf ^ Col ^r? ? F*7 ocnauU Dr Li C: nr? ?pon any cftl,? ii'WW;if; opf.a vhJch hla fc->ci tr<*t? M^tCofetWa^l3L0r 1)7 "U{1- tO t,Q1 v-2 Lnku acaoriing to dl?a?tiotv>, aa.*h a?^C*^f?]ly f',ourt,,1 ol^rvtttion. CR01^? No 31 Laac x Albany, N. Y.. A ?Uy ttiia. 9 n u to * p a, Z.Z& on ganday from i until b p ai. aa mi" 2fL??itajMlovo,i No. U Baa^r sL, j* MIUOLIsITON, nm ^5ALKK IN ICE, ** f, next to corner 12/A a. TIIE OPFICE w^?TANTLY ?N HAND AT quantities ' hl?h Can be had in ,ttr8? ^ ?n?H ?^-^9m0Pen fr0m 5a in to 9 p. m. riTWO Pi,*NOS thnt have been in uaefora ~ts^p. MrMwllwiiu. I .DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S . CBLEDR4TKP (German Bitters, r*r*sr.ri) ?t Da- * * JACK803I, Miilad'i., Pft., _ WILL IFntTTALl.T (TUB t fcf?EB COJPIilNT, DYSPEPSIA, jaundigk. Chronic or Aervous DeUUty, /Wow o/ fla Ztsrsi *-?*? Such aa Conciliation, Inward Piled, Fullnca*. or Blood 10 the Head, A<jdity of the Stomach, Nau ?ea, Heartbnrn, Disgust for food, Fullness ?? weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructation-., Sink in* or Fluttering at the Pit ??f thr Stomach, 3wtm ming of the IWnd, Horrid and difficult Itreathing, fluttering at the Heart, Cooking or Suffooatui^ 8rn<ationa when in a lying Posture, Dunne** .it Vision, OuU of Wtbg bei?>?c the t-igbt, rev. r ?jol Dull Ptiin in the Ilea !, Deficiency of l'<-r?pir.iii<iii, Tdlownfsi of the Skin and Eye?, Pain in tin* Side, Hack, Chest, Lim'w, &C., Sudden Mmbo ol Heat Burning in the Flesh, ?>*n?t:iiit Itna^ui ings of Evil, and i?reai depression of Spirits. 1 Villi proprietor, in calling tne attention of th<* , public to this preparation, doea no with a fuel :t:g of the ulmo?t confidence in it* virtu*'# and Habi tation to the disease* for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but oue that ten stoad the tent of a ten years' trial betore the .\mwi crn people, and it* ref?utntk?u and sale is unnvwihd ay any tiuular preparation- extant. The testimony iu its favor given by the most prominent and weil mown Physician* and individuals, in ad parts oi (he country is immense. Tlie foil owing from North Carolina is respectfully submitted, referriiig any who may strtl d?niH, to my "Memorabilia," 01 Prac - tical Receipt Rook tor Farmer* and Families, to be bad *rat;s, of a:l the Agent* tor the German Bitters. Pnucip:d Otfice and Manufactory, 140 Aicb a<, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pme HLi, Rich mond County, K. C. Pine litti, March 4th. 1S54. Dr. C. M. Jacksoi*. Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I hav- been a euDject ?-f l>y*pep.-in, m it* wor*t f ?ru>, for the lati five years. Such was my condition for twelve month* that the physicians and ail who saw me rani i uiu>t die. While in this condition, I w ? carried to the watering place* in Virginia, Tannes see and North Carolina, but wainot benefit t-1 by any water to which I wis taken. While on my wav home, I stopped a week at Rutherfor'ton, a smrfl 1 village in North Carolina, to try the efiect <?( some Chalybeate water in that place. About the I aft of the week, I went into a drug store to get souts. medicine for. my child ur.d myseif. Th',re were'sevcral of tbe vifl.ige physicians in the store, and one of them seeanH to take ??.me interest in my case, and, after a?kin,? lie s"?me question*, Mid he had been n dy.^peptic, ar.d had been greatly buie titled by the Hh?ot'"Dr. IbmfUnd's Onnin Bit ters/' prepared by >" u, and he insisted that I would try the liitt?rs He aie-o culsed the next d:;> at my room, cud iri-i-ted so that I would try thcta that I a?ked h'm to grtuie one bottle. Tie di 1 it, and I commenced taking it a? directed, and I do sm> I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine i had ever taken. Al ter reaching botoe one of my neighbors cane1 to me. fur a pieseiiption and medicine, (he a tic,) and i give hita nearly all the bitter- I h^.d left, which effected much go- -? in hi* ca.*e. lie ha* often callcd on me for more of the r-a:ne k nd of medi cine,. iineinf he w*m more benefitted by it than any other be had taken, but 1 have not been aide to g? t aay more tor nira or luyscif V.1'1 ,?Ui^r? - lore, pl::a^i: ship tne a d'?ui or more a? noon as ,?o? gible. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. 1). 15. If* KiKRR, Roger's Store, Wake t>., N. C., f??tober 24.1-^53, says:?'' Havin? etperieneed verv eivat b< nefu fnm the uae of " Hootland's German bincrs,*'iH Chronic liyseut<ry and luucti:>nai de ra?2<?ment of Uie I.iv? r. :ind its evil-, I am desirous of ob::.ining a iuaL;tuy ??f it for the benefit of ray community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, &c. &c. CERTIFICATE OK WM. J. ATVViX)D. IIcntsvillc, Y/.nni^ Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st,!S^3. Di. C. M. Jacksfin?Dr*r Sir: Allow me to ex prces to you my 'incer^ think? for your discovery nf a medicine wuicU, to say the Ica-tof it, h-i* ef tected a cure that all other medicines, tlmt i nave iaken. have euurtly failed to ?io. "Il<>otLii.d s Ger man Bitters" have t ared mc of tlsa nin-1 stui<ba?n and ar^vated ca*?? of the riLts that, perhaps,ever fell to t!ie lot of man My cas.-* is r.c? a -tnineer in LLis comtnunity, as I mil w? II k:i >w?i in th? and t??e unrounding counties, and can truly tav that my re covery has abounded ail my friends and relation is I had iried even tiling r>;cocu:iei:ded, ;.n<l nothing did ine <uiy good t-.iol I was prevailed ui?on to tr> the Bitter-. Yoa L/e-it lib fiy to m-eke anyufco; this conimenkaiion, tor the benefit of the* afflicted, vou mzy tltink proper. Truly your*. WM. J. AT WOOD. These Wt'.eM are <rit*reiyt>rzct4i.'ile, they invigorate and stri ncLh n the sy-tem, never pr< errate it, and cat be u -ed for infant.-- ?.- w. li u ad jits. For xtIj l>y resiiectable d -aiere everywhere, aai' by Z. I). OILMAN, Wa hi. rn :.; J. L. KIDWELL, G?-orcetowi>; and J. 8. PIEttPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv t'AKTIH'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Ib* G>*at Pjrlll*r of tSi*J Ulood I Kct ft Ferticle cf tlercury la It ab Ina*i mUji.1* ii?wTor fteroftiia, ili* ?'s .Wl, iXbeomadsn, OsKtisaU Cuutnenca E.yptiorJ, Pim?>le6 or Puftu'ra oil f??, ?lt?tcfc*% Bells, Caroalr Sor ? , Worm or Tetter, S-jaJv.' Head, ?rl?r.;-aiett_an'i Pain **ie B??niBd Joints, gtnVore, b.'-hiiiti: I>iiorders, Lamb&jto, ^jin9i C:n>;L*'ats. bad ah the di9tx*f.<? ?riaioj frjcfr.n injuci.'ous uj?e of *der^ury, In pru i are ii: '.ire, cr Imyurity ej the Ii*oM. rC.*? Vf.l'Ji"* TJ vl;> ?'sir - tVli bocosMcsie* bi-ted for Ui>* number rf .xracrdauy 'jnrei. throagh ilt iodnctl tns pro; i ?tcif, at t>? ui-j; rt issu^t cf Uuir frl?nie, to -ff- t it to tk? public, T'hich ll::'y uj *;ith the uts-.- t rou [idee:* in ite V.r.u ?? tod ncz.uerr-^1 cur?^ ve rop *rti e full'> .vifi c*rt!Scat*s, 'tleclcl a nn'n'fr. are, hcrrtcr, evronjter t<*t!;i.ot? ;oaa the uaie wo. i of vis ptoprkiorr; sad 42e sli t'rcLi jcnlloia.n w*!l Vt:wa in ttielr V-calitits, vf tbibl^best re*-i?-.t::'m)t7, mauy of lii^ia rofluic^ Ln the ait/ of itliLsioo I \ a? F. BOV l?ii hi'^, r.f the Fxchangp Ustal, 11'ei tnoad, knc.-jrii rie-e etynl-f>M im?b Lle_ latnt cabled Oaai x?.*3 Svam^ M JtcoM.miaiwujtr i In over a lii-iiJti.i cast", ia j?iny ail tha for which it It uiiati icd, nitn the aiort -?tiu Lhtngly good re rait? IIo taf3 it ia tLertoatei tn.*rdiB*rv s-.f-iirine he bar frerwcB. AGCt AND FKVKE?GRZAT CD?.*.?I hereby oertify that for l:irse years 1 Lad Ayoe nod of Uie most Ttclunt d^cripiion. I bad Kieral Phr bi^ibcs, took l*xi{e qntntit^- of Cnl-iizu, ilffrcary, u?d I believa all llw T :n.:s adriitir-d, bui.aU c>nt penianoit mliof. At last I trt-d Oirter*s ??.pt-rj-.-. M:TT~re, tnj bcltlra ci whlsh ?3sciuai!y cora-1 and I r.m hct-py to My I "e&tc LaO neiiii r chillaor ie><?ie aiace. 1 ooxu>li?rlt the b?st Toido In thi.i world, b^d the onif ra*di*.ine that (Ttr raaahed tar oiie. JCHU LC^QD^N*. ilAATaa Ue.'iiU, t!MT Va. C. C. i.dCK, ii;-; , tow ia tia city cf R'tibacad and for ytara i-a He PiAt OIL,;, has ecet? acnld*3.-e jjt th? antoi<l3ilr? elScr.Tjr of Car*-rV Kp'nisb tiat h* ha!i bough-, ep-srr.rdu cf iS bcttlift, which he haa glrea to the uflootel.? 5dr. Luok says he hai net er kccca it vo ?ui when taken aocording to uircct^aae. Di. HilNGis, c ptaatisii-^ and forcer'.y otthe Ci'.y Hotei, iu tha nt7 of XUchxucz^i, i-iy h? hw wlta^Kl l.i a nuiaber of insunoenthe effete c.t Carter's 8panl.?h !^l;ihjre, *h! h tr;re icoet truly aarpr^ins;. II* ra"t? ia ?. of Oonsniupilon, de peadent: on lbs Lmr, tbw &ooi e^;a wen aoa dsrfal indoed. aa dUiL Id. DHL:;L2;^ <>t ttc ?na of Ihiakar & Slorns, Ikichmond, iroa ouiod cured cf idvar Cota Klai'it cf three years standing, by use ox trc pttlea of Oartrr'B 3taavh Mixture. QRKArCCBB OF HCKOFl LA ?Thi KbitJ of the Riehmood Kepablisaa h<d a servant mrAojui in their pzoss roc in, cured of ti'Uat Bj.-ofuiai, oorn bined aith Rhecraatiaj, which enoroiv diulied hlra from vcrk. T*o of c^rinrs frpaidrh Mixlc-o iraij a tir"c;t c_je cf LIl:, and tba Ii_: tctf in a public notify*, cay thjy ??'ibaarfUIiy ic?nd it to all xfho are ai&cted tritli a :y >LcAiJt> ot the blood." btill Ahors ci ct i:s o* sotii/uuL^-i tad ? rery rain a hie boy car?d ef Brroftia ty Oartn'? bpaai&h Uixtui e. I a;-iaid? r it truly a raluablo meaiuia^. J A UL3 ?i. TAV^R, Oo^tacirr cn She R. r. and r. it. it. XUefcrson^ Va. SALT iiliiiUiil 01f 1'WiKTF YiASg PTUTLiiiS OUF.MD Mr. SUV!:* TSOMP.-WN, re*idl?* Ia the fdty oi Richmond, was cured by three bottleo of IXrie-'a bpauiih Mintire. of Bait hbeum, which he htd in nearly rventy years, aud wbioa all ths phyab'tefj Of Ote- 4i-j <ucid not care. Mr. Thjaipaca is a veil kaor. i i^wttat in th? city of Liohnicalf aad Ids if mi*t Z^K *ri.*W?. WIS. A 1IATT11FW?, of Rltbicond had a Mcrant cured 'J* gvghiiis, in tbe worst form, by C?r<er'e spaaitb Mixture. Da raye he cbwrfuiiy recoxn m-nda it, and coneidere it a lery iaraJuable medi dat. SDW1N BUIirON, cctn^iasioaer oi the reToau*. says he bar neen the good effects of Carter'a I'j-aaieb Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cares, and says It If a perfect eure f rtliat hcrtible disease WM. G GARWOOD, ef Richmond, cured cf eld Boras tad Uloeri, wh'ci dii?aoled bia frem w?Ulic^_ look a tow boUita cf Carer's Epaiiish Mixture, aud wae nuaMeo to walk without a crutch, ia a sL.i time peneanentiy cured. . _ _ Priccipal Depcta at M WARD, CIX?B * Co* Ra. 38 MaUbn La?-, New York. ? T. W. DYOXT A BOfiiiJ, Ko. 1SU Norta aeoond at-, Pluladelphia ? . . . . FRM.ITT A BJ1LK8, No. 136 Main street, Rich mond. Va. And for aale by CHAHLBfl BTOTT, Washlngtcn, D. 0; HENRT P1UBL, Alexandria, and by Dra^fims "zrJ Smbottle,or bctslea fcr tk iif ItMOHm OF THR COUNTER UK bhfes. JJH slofion, by H. R. Madd^ M. R I. A., two TRAVELERS* rT**CTORT. B? R.% IJ.KO % D DltlCT TO TEC El rime between Wuiii^icz aad but 17* Soar. J *"* I Hunting tim* ktiwn. Wuktngum md CiPemnmtt 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Baggage Cheekito be had in Washington!!! H THE BALTIMORE* AXD OHIO RAILROAD AV1NG greatly improved it* Wester? coaa?f t'.on* now ?tfVr* the fVtllft induc^m-an M 'rarelera between Wa-dnnetoa, Baltimore. aaSau portion* or tRe Wot, Uit Noftlivest and the Sow won. The connection bciwc< n the train* fnwn VVut uigtoa iin4 the uaiiiK bound w-?t trooi RaJuBKkf m .U-.vay? oroaiplly nadc at u,e Wellington Juna** (hijely called the Relay ||ou el ? mil** from Btfu more. '1 ills l? the. only ctanae of eara required t? .weec Waahiacton and the (Him. rtver. Ba?t m becked ihroaqh to Wtn^iinj Kt -tmon, and reckecked aud tnu.terred there, (wit* Uie pa?.*-n*?-r*) without c bare*, (?r :boae boidi* through UcU< la (<>r pulnu b( youd. The connecum train* Ixave \VaUiii.;xon daily at 6 a. m. and 4% \ m. <>n Sundays at the lat??r hour cwly. At Vtlit^lini JWe* countrfion ?? mjwJ?- with tR tituns of tbe I'tNTRAI, OHIO RAILROAD, rxt int.j from Bellaue on the Ohio. r.ear WbteUa. through CHutiridce, Zaa^aville and Newark, u, COLUMBUS. Ti?e?te trauu> connect at Nrwart Willi the car? of the Newark. Man?6<Id and t*ni>4u? ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, F>etroit,' bke?|t St. Iiffli?,fte. At Columbia* tbe O. O. Rai^rnad train* coiaen wtUi the la*t trains of ;be IAttie Miami Ratlrc^i us Xom, cincinn ati, L< HJISVLLLL. ?c. At Xenia (on Little Miami Railroad) conn. cu?? fanned with the trains Uir. ugh Dayton,to INDIA* APOLI*, Torre Haute, Lafayette, Ctileag*., koc* Irianri, fit. Loui*, etc. Pafen-er* hnldinc threurhtlek#:* lor Htm yhis f-hcktlmr;. Natcket, Acr <to lean* etc.. wRct *re alto sold at Washington? ate iranoenW at<V cibiiati to ilte Mail dteaiuer* on tbe Ohio. Tictm Jor Evansville, Cairo, and St. Loum art sold by it* ronte. ?SfFOR CLEVP.FiAfD, and r:n nrrelaiR <? Toledo, Hetroir, Chiea**, etc., t* k? ta are aou. when tbe i Miio u navigable b>^wwen VVtiee|iri| u4 VVellsviile (forty nules) where a connect..* mu tbe Clcv?>snd and (Htfltaarg Railroad ix ma le. Trareiicrs are nquea cd to iK-tice tliat ukiletk* is the route tfl -rdinq through Ik k't? aii.lch*rH * In VVa'bin^ton. It it a!*o the ehoriest, ro?X *T**v and d?r?rt to nearly nil the learimp pMMi ?<i? treat Wert. Th?- fr->m W>??-uifon u?Ca cutnati i i but 65 J mile*, l eing ?Wit 1W milea etv er than bv any otner n?ui?? I fart uy Through ticketfr<-m wakh I NO TON : To WVelinf, *9 50; CottTmMi* fl.lii,, $15 SO ; Cincinnati, ?16 ; Lou win. by railroar1 '?y * tncinnau, ilmiiapolM, 617 6fl; Cleveland, fli 13; Tol*do,|tf eu; o.tfoi:, 5i0, Cbicaau. U5 and .?H? Louis, $36 50 aud 3^5, Alcuiplus, $2U, Ne?<ir lean?, SSI, eic. 4Hi- tOR PRCnnRIClC and H ARfT-RHTRW MARTIN38CRC. HEMKELF.V Si'KINCS.CT* KEULANH, BLDI ORHfiPRl %<?.??, t'l^du.oj.t, Ul land, ?nd Faiiii.oaiiU, pa?*-:ugtre w iy luvc U'u Liigi m at C a in or i1^ p. ta. For the u.iuot wm BUtions between Baloraofe and ua^, takel it ra train from Wariiiapfrm. JK9~ For train? to and from llaltimoie, Aaoapo.*, etc., *e s|?ecial adverti.- wnU. 4&-F-* fartiicr informaiion. tbrctteli tickets, kr , ap^ly to TliOS. 11. PARS iNfi; AC m, at M'ulu^. lonSiaiiou. JOHN /I. ImjNR, Mauler ol Transportation Rr.itimorc ard Obn Rxtroad, Halumore. mby 3?tf WA?fllNoT02* jBR.USCO H.MLKOAD. ( H*NGE OP IIOCRS. ON and after Monday, ilie 2J>I instant, the tram will Leave Wa^hin^ton at 6 aiid a. bu, and 3 >a4 m p m On Sunday a: p ui Lcare BaiuiL irt a; <}^' and 9j{ a la, and 3 and S H p ai On Sunday a? 4i^ a m. ap83-tf T. H. parsons, Agent Xfii? Uott SoddU's Lino. NEIV YORK ALF.XJ1 XDfl 1.1. WJt':JfMGTOi CITY, DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA PACKETS. THIS LINE OF packets SAILS WEEKLY fiom pier 14 Em River, New York, and often** if ncce?~ary,*nd axe componed of tbetollowiai ti.? jla^ vemeif: New ?chr. Jl. V. Befell. Bedell, master. N :w aciir. Mat iUi'cll, A. V. Tredwefl. Schr. -J?m D., Wra. Oliver, nwiatrii. Sch'. I'olunt, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Commander in-fjkxef, WogllHB, Daatrr. Schr. CrreH'^cry, Wil*.n, rnarter. Ttiefe vw*el? are rJI fart Mtlerj, and the bh-'i men of evperi-jice ifj the trade, ??nd tbe only rej* lar line oJ WlduiisM City paekcta. MUTT BEDEI.L, VN all Ptred, W. f. 4 S. 8. masters a SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, frt 1?6? Wajhtngton and D. C. )S?KG2 LED ALZXAHSRIA IAHE3AD, On and afltr 7\usduy, Nov. 7, 1854, I^.HS Cars le?-T^ iUuadtlk da'ly for Qcri-** . 1 ;.*? aoa iiiit ik> xtW'Qi at 7 4 ?'ci'Kk, l in., oj the arrival el Iht lea', {rem ^ v-La,:^ SViSg ?.r:pl: za-.e f< r linldatt ca loard Cm tnodtig st jr.iaii Jonr.?.a vnth a ti-alalorSn*' >ur;, Warr?c*on J j. rrir-n vritf- a train fctKv > uL d. u:i at Gc.rdocjrLJ? wit': tto train* cn tu r.rg-.ala t^ratrai Eailrctd ft^b^chmonitOLtrloC* r.ilc, ar.2 dtacatMt. Tk? rtrt Ioar? t>o: ini^rllla Uaily for Alexaad^i Ir.ttri^iHate ?L-t_-u*, at V^oafcr* i2, a.? 133 % ?rirs.1 c f the trtir-i c: the vu^cia Cectral tit read frcn iiidiaioaJ, Uharioztesrliia, ana Stasaux. T?:iXUei1 TICKETS r. :a Herait Jria to Warrentr,'*? ,|2 C9 * " Ocrdoncvflle.S W ? ? 0harictt?6viUa 4 * u u RtacnUn S 00 u aLail uig...^. 8 tJ ? ? Lyncaturg ( T? * ?? XrL-cjjfcjter....^...^.- 8 W ? ? T.^rgy , ...., 4 S4 ? ? Wnr Kiiket ? Oi u u lulallfbatfr 2 7k for LfS^baifg, uut&ecsincr w<Ui t:? stages u ?iUiioite?Yu^a, c_ i?./a, "W&iwadaga, and ?~ Lya , Ki' Larty aad Xc.t T*art?4, o.'?n;'.ilng with tin : r.:? at ?, ou i R, and Sat' t-'iay. f '-i Wlr.'.lmlot daily, :oai.wt^ag niJ: the ita^a tt ti&.< atout. r.r k; idtotan? daJy, cdomuting witu Uu su^< ai tl i Fiiusa Per crurr; M. L. lilLX&ll'i!, AgaaL Tier T?dtf i'Oii MOUNT VERKON. 4 it. O* TUESDAYS wui FHn)ArS. ' torpid tr-p 11; frcmAlu 1-nari. 7i? c?iti--ILe TUOJii.6 COLLYXR '.??? Wasiir jt:-a at 9 anl Alexanlxia at o'clock. Ceidut letve t?3? Capitol let U.e beat at bJ| c'sft Ocum fi re >0 cantiK Perwins niuLing _n? Coaehea wili.laara tkalr ra? unoe viu? Geo. A 'lboa. Park?r. L?aefcha?uU cn tli? Luat. VCt 2Z~UU SAMT. GZDKYT. Oajt VttlS MKV/ VOBtt it LrVRR.PO"*' UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. fT*in? Fmrs ouxMisixa this lism au I *???<!* ^ A ATLirrrO, Ca-t. TTrSt PA01V1C. Cast. Nya, . RALX10. Ca. t. Ofmrtrck, ADIUATK; Capt. flra.V? r-litiar? b?n fcoilt by ccntrart, eapr??i If for GcvtrtiUfct aorvloe; avery care ba? l** t*.ten la t!;rir cinftraslon, as in tbe Ea^ae- W ;n??re strength asd apr-el, and tbetr aWlaB^0J, tit>ca far pacto?i<g?ra ara uiwquailed fcr and cocJbrt Bz'hm of jiafisaga frr? N?r York to IdTtJT?^ ^ first n*lHn...~~? Sf?cocd Cabin > iliclu*sr* aw oTextfa *'*" iita f "t w ai..? Jp From Ltrt rrocl New Y: k f i) tl0. An exy?ru???*l su-tr^ t) atf?V'.l to iM* No berth oau U necared uni I pnid tor. for fraigh; ar pw?<mgr a-ply to hX'A kL. COLLI Nh A 00 , U Wall fcUo?^ New York. HaOX.N, 3HIPLRY A 00, IivarpooL 1. G. ROBERTS * CO., IS Sing's Ame Vani, London. JOHN MUNROK A 00 , 28 Bue Notre dea Tl -tolrafi, Pari*. GEO. H. DRAPkR, Iiatae. The owr.?r? of Lhe^e ahipa will not be asornntabM far gold, silver, kallion, (peda, Je^alry, preoee* stones or meUN, unleae Mils of lading are sipsS th^rwfor, a?4 the value tharaof tharotn nov 16?dlv BmiHO BOUSE OF PAIR0 ft KOCH* B?" Ofjmtt UmUd SMm NDS, Stock* and om?< aoevmaa r?rcb??* andaold. Interest the rate of aix t?er ce?t fM: aaaai' lowed on de|<MUn v i.oa lull wr 9? dafi?

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