Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1855 Page 4
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' vr.M\(4 STAR THE STARS. 1 asked a little child one day, To tell me if ah* knew What were tbose p rint* no far away, (n tbe sky so deep and blue? With lo?k, as sweet as eMId e'er bore, She ga?e answer true: "They s-e but boles in Heaven's floor, To let the glory through.'' I a*ked a maiden in her 'teens, Who modestly repl-ed: "They are but spots, where glory gleams, From Him who for os d?ad." I asked a wiuow, clothed in Mtef, And by her woes borae down, Who said, ' they fcive my > aul relief,? They're diamonds in his crown." I asked an aged Christian meek, With hor-y locks a??d trey, Who said,' they're guide* for tho?m who seek, The straight and nf'.tiw way." I asked myself-niy b'a i replied: "They are but ?*.aw-dmp* .m*W, Reflectin* glo.jn multiplied, From :?im who rulcfi all." A Stdnxt Smith ?The Dean of St. Paul's waa one of those fine wits who never failed. Whatever is r orded of bim is good. Here is a uew one?at least new to us. He was once dining in com finy with a French gentleman, who had been before dinner indulging in a va riety of free-thinking speculations, and rad ended by avowing himself a mate rialist. 44 Very good sotp this," said Mr. Smith. 44 Our Monsieur, c'est excel hente. " 44 Pray, sir, do you believe in a cookV ZD* An old lady in Alabama objects to the erection of the telegraph near her house; for, says she, "supposin' thar should be a war, and they should be sending cannons anu bombs along the telegraft. and they should bust right here and tear everything all to pieces, I should like to know who's going to pay for it? Take it away off thar, for I don't like the pesky thing no how !" ZD"Boys and girls are as different as though they came from opposite poles. The former take to dirt, torn trowsers^ throwing stones, and saucing the neigh bors, as naturally as colic to cucumbers, while the latter avoid all such on the loose spreeing. Girls are generally quiet, neat, cozy, and well behaved; and where voq find one romp there are ten demures. There is a design in all this, no doubt. John and h'usan should not be alike any more than salmon and the Fourth of July. It is a curious fact that at parties, balls, or wherever a refreshment table jgl spread, every man seems to regard it as kis just duty to till himself to the very mouth with ail the 44 delicacies of the season,' and to accomplish it in the least time possible, as if he were a gun, and anxious to ascertain his calibre, and find out how quickly he could be 1 :aded in caae of necessity. ZD The young lady who 44 jumped at an offer" dislocated her ancle and threw her heart out of place. At last accounts she was recovering. Leaping has its dangers. " I hold it to be a fact, ' says Pas cal, 44 that if all persons knew what they said of each other, there would not be four friends in the world." [Cr Many powder their faces that their skin may seem white; it is a poulterer flours an old hen that it may pass for a tender chiken. 'C^Mrs. Partington's Ike'has bought a horse tha* is spiritous, he always goes off in a decanter. GC^There is no mwic like the voice of a happy child, and no beauty like that of an intelligent one MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Lea it For Days. Ii4vr6 Ntw York. .Juii** 0 Quaker City New York..Havre June 2* Uaioa New York. .Havr* Jim-; yy G0-Tbe California steamers leave New York oa tl e Stb and SCth of each month. ? ^RIVALS AT PRINCIPAL IIOTEU3. SlaMoyal Houi- i d wilt, ib J Bea, NY W C Bestor, M b l do W P Farnsh, Va W Clarfc, Md Dr F Archer, Te* W Murphy, Pa W fl Giffborn, Mj F >1 Wynkonp, do F Gerhard, NY T 3 Wagner, do T Garner, do J F Horfcfcch aad family, J W Clari, Tenn DC R 8 Joynes, do W B Cnbaugh, Md F Hunton. Va E A Clabaugh, do H Barny, N Y W L Clark, Va C Par?on?, la Li t Drice, Pa H I'angeifieid, Va T J McK.tig, Md H M Hamilton, Md W U MeKaig, do W Constable, NY -Mr Schneidan, 111 C W Modin, di Brow *?' Hctsl-T * a M. BROW*. M L Graves, NY MS Plummer, Md " FnJI, <lo tj i McG. uder, <lo VV c Fiagg, do J W Taylor, 111 H llowsoo, Fa . H Ford, O G L Caiiidin, Va J E Brown, NY C W in.-hip, Ct T B Wheeler, do Ca>t VV h Slack, Md J F Ca-ey, Ky S I) McEnery, do W G Lancaster, Md ^? Brown, do Mrs Lancaster, do Mr tkou, do VV Folk, Va T \\ Ball a family, do Miss Folk, do ti Muibeck a. lady Wtliarda' Hotel?o. x. k j. c. nrztij**? E L Stepiienson, NY H H Simons, En* J Townsend, do G B Gr^ason, do P Town send, do J LiUon a family. NJ Lt Biddl-, USN H L Daggitt a. lady, Mas* W B R> n-haw. do J P Wurslim, NY J W Fa bens, CA J M Warren, do F Webetrr a lady, Maw G Boberteon, do B Phoinsssy, Fans J A Griswotd, do RAPryor, Va P M Jones, do K K Meade, do W Leonard, do J E Frieud, do H Howard, do OWLail.NU J E Ritclue, La Capt K M Morris, USA ' aiterf States Hotel?i. c. iicuii. C Howell, Va J K dears, Md M M I bompten, do E Lucas, jr, Va M C Jones, do M 8iz*r, do A L Amos, Pa Hon W Shannon, O Mi's V Darinaut. Mich ii Alexander a dauxbter. HB King, NY Va W C Auiicgs, Md C B Sherman, Md L B Sampson, SC B T Fellows, do H K Aming'oti, Ala J Hancock, La W C Ltuaiiiugion, Va Klrkwood ll)KM j. b. a a. Iiuwuud A h v ? Hamlin, Md k ^441 J 8 VV'uuiler, N Y ^O,noi,> ^ A McLioagall a lady, do A M Link in* a lauy, Md VV J W*rieurDC n Butlt-r, M*s.- C ? Siiiclaii, Va J Howell a lady, do W M Burwell, do C W Wi jomaii, NH Mm* L Burwell, do Col B Hayes, jr, Md Mi* k ? Wmans, jr, do Kaailan lloa?t( Alsiaadrla, Va ?. mwioh, r*o?c.i*roa. W B Canfiek;, Md Z Tui aer, Va C A Washington, Va J W Tebbs, do J A Wa-?hia^cot>, do M G Hannon, do J A Haoner, do Or T W Smith, tio J L Janney, da Hon T L Willnais, Tenn E Martin, do j G Miller, lady, nursa ? A k Boten, do 3 child*n, Mo 1> K Clear, do- -- - ' ? K G%ryn, Md J B Kinne), do Mrs Boynton, NY J B Ni?ka*r, do * E-fkyton, do W MeBlair, Md Mr r Mjcb Mr* McBlair ? f child'0, H il K >b?m~>n, <k> B T LHiplen, NJ MMatb.NY FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALOON. THE undersigned respectfully announce* to the citiaensof Washington, that he has opened a Gentlemen'* Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between 11th and 14th streets, where he is at all times prepared to accommodate them in all branches of the ton^wial operation. Hair Jutting performed in the very latest sty lea. He would call particular attention to hi* Wigs, Toupees, Braids, Fnaettes. Whiskers, Mustachois, kc., and is prepared to fill alt orders in the above line at the shortest notice. A good assortment con stantly on hand He respectfully solicits a call, feeling umi that he cannot fail to please all who may so favor him. Js g?eolm JOHN HERBORN. POTOMAC PAVILION, Piney Point, St. Mary's County, Maryland. IMilS desirable placc for health and sea-ba'.'mni will be opened for the reception ur visitor* on the 15di of Juue, with nolbiP- ,eft ?n<ior,e that ?rfll promote the comfc.rts z' its guest. Many improve paTe mads since my lAst season. A Lunch R%on be.9 been built for t^e accommodation ?f v'.sators at all reasonable hours, day and night. Stables and Carriage Hoilfcs have been built to accommodate those at at a distance Billiard Table, Pistol Gallery, Shuffle Bop.rd, Ten Pt. Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and are free to visitor* only. I am thankful to the public for their nilronag? the last two seasons, and hope to see my old friends and many new lace-1 the coming season. The Pavilion shad be clean ind well kept Ohll?tr?n with whooping co'igh or measles will not be admitted as hoarders. TtKMs or boiid: For single day $? 00 For three days o? leas than a week, per day . 1 50 By the week 10 00 Hy the month, p;-r day 1 So W. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Boxes have been placi d on ail the Steam ers for the accommodation of visitor*. je 5?eolm A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! A LL ye lovers, of the good things of this life, an 1 J\. we will tell you where you may obtain at lead sonic of them. Thanklui for past favors, I would respectfully a*k a continuance of the same dur ns this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furm>h all who will give me a call with the sweet and cool ing Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, Sic Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties. Ball.'., Excursion*, Pic Nics, lie., kc., and upon reason able terms. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th street.-;, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Best quality ICR C3EAM s?ld at )1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3rv JOHN W. RIGHTSTINB. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker k Janin," for the management and ar zMmentof cases in the Supreme Court of the UmttJ States, and before the Court of Clniurs at Washing ton City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m M. WILLI AN, LADIES' DRE :3 AND TRIMMING STORE, Pa. avenue, betrrecn 7tk and 8Ik ttreeU. MWILLIAN would respectfully announce ti ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has juet received from the Northern cities a complete stoc* of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Ribands A I irge lot of Bonnets, in silk, crape, and straw, of ? the latest patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embr^i denes of all ?tlnd" Dresses made in the latest Paris fashions at rea sonable rate*. Pinking and Tinting and Kid Gloves cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, ready made, and made to order, may 31?eolm CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, a very large a^irtm- :it of Pleasure aiidrA-BJi Family CARRIAGES, of the lat.-si fish ions, which I will sell as low as the same quality of work can be sold m any of the principal markets i! the United States. Th*- subscriber i? uow.deAling exclusively in Car ria?es ot his own manufacture, .-Mid all work -old hy him will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work In this market. As I always Keep a laree as-onmc-.t, I invite purchasers aud other* to ex amine my slock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built :o order Old Carriage.- taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 490 Ta. avenue ind 4# street. may 1 ?er>3m ] TEE MUTUAL FIfc>; INSURANCE COMTA NT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, CCHARTERED by Cofigrnss, offers to the property j owners of the District i;aftr and cheaper mear.t of insurunce than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. *AKAB?kS. Uly>*ef? Ward John Va?; Riswici Thomas Biagden P. W. Browning f. Howard, Mathew G. Lrnery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana aveuet and 7th Ftrret Office hours fiom 3 to C o'clock p.m. feb 26?eot f ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a tine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They ar?- from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, ke., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, oa 14tli ?ireet, north of F. HENRY ERPEN. teb 28-eotf NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF I1ALL & BROTHER. BARUCH HALL, surviving partner ot Isaac Hall, having, on the 28>h day of Febn?ar>, 1855, assigned to the undersigned all the stock in trade and debts ot the firm ot Hall k Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, lia bilities, and engagements of the eai 1 Arm of Hail * Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rate ably among such eif the remaining creciton. of said firm as ?hail within six months from said 38th day of February, 1855, execute and deliver to said Ba luch Hall, full and absolute releases of all indebted ness to them respectively by said Baruch Hall, sur viving partner as aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to such creditors of said firm of Hall k Brother, or said Baruch Hall, surviving parraer, as may desire to participate in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliv er to said Baruch H ill, full and absolute releases as aforesaid, within the period of six motlhs from said 23th day of P* bruary, 1^55 RICHARD WALLACH, Tiustec. Je II?eotAug28th I'OR POOR AND LABORING MEN? SMALL BU1LDL40 U/18 of 10 feet or more, ?? various parts ot m? City, anU (isorgeccvn, a leTi prices, an-i terms to suit. LG07f> ft C4.?. r D 1 "j D I H U 3 T O a iii , , Pr.r s?ie, detirarabie at tc? Canal, cr WIuitas '< Waihiiig'cn. O*- or AJisandna. I.LOSD A CC. ICtb hti?-1, cpu freuui./ It *-1t PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD QUICK STEP.?This excellent piece>if Music of tilt popular composer, Mr. Robert Heller, has just be?n published by the ?ubscriben>. The title page is m?*t elegantly embellished. HILTUTS k HITZ, ? Music Publishers, Depot in Star Buildings. Jo READY-MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. HAVING within the |a*t few days made great addiuons to our former stock of Ready-made Clothing, we are now prepared in offer gentlemen every inducement ia price and quality to visit our extensive salesrooms before making their selections. Our assortment of White and colored Shirts Gauze, merino, silk and cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stocks, Travats, Scarfs, Ties Collars, Gloves, Hosiery, Sic., Is very large and complete, making our present stock one of the most desirable to select from in pri ces and quality to be found this side of New York. WALL Si STEPHENS, 399 Pa. ave.. next door to Iron flail. ]e 4?tl (News) rs HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. D. E. N. South I worth, 2 vols, price $1 00 Harper's Magazine for June 25 Harper's Story B*ok No. 7, Virginia 25 Putnam's Magaaine for June 25 Godey's Lady's Book do 25 Granam's Magazine do 25 All the New Bonks, Magazines, Cheap Publica tions and Weekly Papers received as soon as pub lished and lor sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 1 '4 8 Bridge street, Georgetown. may 31?ir Land wakuakts wabitkd, tor which itoe highest prices will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, 0>*> 31?U (Intel) opp. the Traasvry. ITTHEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA , j ?: La-.v, n"w edition Adaa*? rJqutt", n?w < with American note 5 FEANCK TAYLOR, NAVY BEEF AND PORK FOR 1856. navy drpartmsnt, unrmu of ProvMou and Clothing, jHBe l, 1S65. STS&IFS!?*' "idoraed " Proposals fr T, '. and <br Po k?"118 th* CM' ?*} ^ *"*" 12 O'clock O ^ 14?? tf?7 Of July next, frrfurniah h* t ?& *??, of.*11 oo*t anl risk to the nitod Btttci, at tiw following qiyj yards : lm., . ? Barrrti Itetf. Barrth pork. At Charleatown, Ma.?s 1.400 1 200 At Bncklin, N T ?J5 a. v. ::?$$ i$5 tteMhbof'thi"*(d lWf W'1 P01"11 muat ** deli Wed ." . June, 1868; unless Mrlier d?liv??r ?? v qU dby the chi?f of thl? bureau, Uym?nt to be m*.'e within thirty days iftar deliv P.Hd-rs must sprify their price* soparatoly and distinctly in aeprrate for the teof ?nd for the ?n pl?ces of dtlivery, all oxpens m and all charges. JSf .from Weil ikttaed rattle, slaugh ST 7 ?J 1164, and 1 hp tK i January, iRSfl, ?rr| we'ghing not ThAi?^? ^uodrrt^PCunds, net weight, eaeh. th? h?il? 1* 0f hind quart-rs, and ton iSn Moulder clods, the shoulders ofmu* ffc "ttcUng pieces, aud at least eight ;z:t:r ,wj~e 0?etch forcquarter.or tb? parti marked Howl, 2,3. 4. and 5, on th- drawing or delineation of the for- and hlni quarts of an t0 aQd fjn^ ?? part of the onntract, nuet be wholly excluded from each barrel, and the remainder of the carcass. insi>adafbtiv9 cut into a doner, must be cut tfmmjh xtuha sivoavd 1 !*1 *"* *** me/ri a tquzrtj, ntat, cmd smooth ap ?fn<* l?> Uw tight pounds, nor more than tiq$lve pounds, each. Jfh,\POrknrt* V&*4 from corn-fed, well-fot tenel hugs, slaughtered between the lpt day cf No 1',mnd Vho lat d*J ?* January, 1856, and weighing n*t leas than two hundred pcands each StySi"4**4* w! ?t? buttB, ruaips, lard aDd all refuse pieces 1"? m cut ?llh a iCno and knife, in pieces weighing not less than six pounds, nor more tb%r twelve pounds each Both the beef and pork mu?t be salt?d with at least one ititute bu-hel of Turk's Island, Lie of ? iv, or St Ub's sa t; and the beef must have nve ounc-s of fine pulTerffced s iltpetre to ?a=h barrel exclusive of ? pic 1?, to beSiade fromf.e-h water as bright and Clear?!1 ***** *' *** ^ bi m'Ut ?at&!a fuU 300 Pounds, net Ijfh-P ^ ^ ?,rvpor ' Rud n0 cx>ias o: w???ht in either article will be paid f r ih?^?/ I:1 f u w' ^ made of the bast pwotied heart o-" white oak stives and beading': th staves to b?- not Nssthau flve-einhtha of an inch thick; end the headings not 1*m than f?lTrXt0u r'h* ?f aa is,!"h thick 5 th'V must be t?SS fourths hooped over, including th?? iron boors with the whi e nak cr hickory h ,op,, and each b? n il <OUr ir0L hor;,u Tix : one of one and a half Inch in width on ea?h b lge, and one of ??e}"Dd an e'Kb h inch in wiath on ?ach chime, and 'a.h to .e of OEf-sixte-nth of an inch th'ck F<ich " uf ,he ?p??7 .Va?;b be, with the contractor's Ltm* and the year when packed, and w. Jght; and shall al-o fc? branded on J2T, tng the ,e,ter B or p?as th??? l*he bee and pork will, unless otber?is'< directed by the chi?f thle bureau, be in?r?'ted bv the in tp'eting oflJcera at the r?spect;ve naw yards afore ^ tor provis V se feted bj the respective con k?' Wh0 mu;t likewiiP have the bar-els pntTn SS^SSSR^-10 '.h" satfs^ti.>n of thsPcom tffS?ion ,enilPt1kV<l Davy y"ds foresaid, af cerinapec .on, and at their own expense. ,?r ?or? approve sureties in a sum equal to one-half the estimated amount of the contract will ?lT?qii f^1, aalten centum in addit:on will b? withheld from the imouLt of each payment to be mad-, as collateral security for the due and faithful P'Tf jrmanc? of'he respectiye contr cK which will on no a-oount be p*id until the oontra ts are eom ^ rrf^- and is to be forf-ited to the Lnued P^tes iu the erent of failure to complete the deliveries within the pr^ ibeJ period. In case ot failure cn the part of th" con ractor to deliver a'! ?ra;,y of the bwf or pork ab v,. mentioned, of the quality >n i at the time and placcs rbove provided, I '" contractor will forfeit and pa7 to tke Unite.! SUtefV as liquida-^i damage*,a snti -f money ^quat -o twice the am unt rl the contract prioe to be ptid in caw of the :?ctiial deliv-ry th^re-.i; which iio-ii i*.*: -.amages a;ay bo r coverei fro~i time to t'me ?J they Pa. *j*at wi)l b.^ by bni tod .-jtatos at the p-riods ab^v- tp,-cihed, (?teent ng the ten nsr ten'um to be wi hh Id until the oompl* ticn ct the contract, w i.ofcre . tated,) after the said beef aad jork ahal. have b?-en inspect* d and re ceived, and bills f?.r thesamoihs 1 b;.v< be-?n pre aenfed to the n<-vy agenta, reef>ective y, duly ap proved by the commandant') of the resD cMve navv yards, a-o rdic^ to the torms of c ntra'ct The part* of the b~f to be <x-*ud*d wUl be parti*, larly dtngrvilsd in the eiigr.wtng to be attached to the contract Persons in'tr-itot can ot,tain than, with a drawing of th* barrel, on apph cation at this office. liidders whore proposals are ac *pted (and aon others) will hi torthwitl notiiel, and aa ear'v as practicable a contract will he .rnnsmitte^ to them for execution which out-act mu-t be returned to the bare* u within Uhx U?j^9?xolu8iv^ of the ttaa re?iulr. d for the r-gular transmission of the mail a record cr duplicft'e of the lettor Informing a bolder o' the acoep'ac n of j,j8 propo8Hi deemed a notifica ion tbe-?of within the meanlrc of ttie ac. <?f 1840. and his b:d will be made aud ae ceptod in c-nf rmity with tbls understanding K*cry offer made must l?e vrcomnanied (sis direct ed ii the 6:h secti n of the act of Congre* making appropriations f?r th.^ naval service for lH10-'d7 approved 10th August, 184 5) t.y a vrTitten g Jaran' t?<e, F^gned by one or mere responsi lo persons, to the effect that he or they undertake that th? bidder or bidders will, if hb or tbeir Li.l b. accepted, enter inh an obliptioD withia ten d*jt% witii good Mi 8c??*nt Hureti'P, to furniih the article propoeeL This giiarantoe must be i-wompaniel bythecer tifi'Me of the bnifel States district judge. United ata'-s district at omey, or navy agent, that tli? guarantors are a';lo to make good th^ir guarantee. No prtpDcal will teeomridtred unites accomna nil d by euch guarantee. The bidder's name and residence, and the name ol each meiLl>er of the Er^i. where a company offers with the Chrisdin auniL" written in fuli. mil' be di tinctly stated ' ?>;a?rr ih? joint reroli tion of Congreas, approved *<th jJ/t'ch, 18^4, 4,a11 i?idrf rbr FQ^plies ot provi 810UH, clothing, fcnd ?mr.ll storos for the um of the navy, mav be rejected at the option of the d?part cjent, :f made by one not known pj n manufacturer of, or regular coaler in, the article propo ed to bs farnisheJ, which fket, or the revsrre, must be dis tinctly ststod in the bids offered." June 4?laj?4w Or pick C'lkrk IIoi sx or UxraxtKN raTivKs, SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at tins office until Monday, 2d July Beit, at 12 o'clock m , for furnishing for the use 01 ihe House of Repre sentatives during the 34th Oongrcs, folding p: p?r as follows : * 1 p 1,000 reams buff or brown envelope paper, smooth surface, strong and tough, 19 by 24 incnes in ? ze, 10 weigh not Ie<s than 23 pound* to the ream. 500 reams, same as above, 21 by i?5 inches, 96 pounds to the ream 100 reams strong and smooth manilla paper, or . aaa ?U1??th hardware |)ap?r> ^ Uy 31 inc{jea 1^)00 reams white flat cap in half sheets Proposals for the above must state the weight and pnee per ream. Tee paper must be delivered flat, and in such quantities, and as such times between the date of the contract and rhe 1st dav of Novcm M r nexi, as shall be specified by this office. No ex tra charges are allowed for the delivery of the pa Flf* ^,rfa?ynablt5 deduction from the face of the oiils will be made until Uiey shall be passed by the Committee on Accounts. JOHN W. FORNEY, Clerk of the House oi Representatives. je 18? lawtJuiya NEW AND OLD PIANOS. W'EBUMn2ff in 8tore tlle ,ar?est assurtmeat of flANOB ever oflere.. iu this city, from Hai u;t, Davis k Co., Oacon & Raven, and Knabe, Gaehie ? Co. s celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon veiyeasy terms Al?, a new Pi :no used only a few months, which we offer at the low price of $>00 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre skien, for .f75. A very fine second hand Chickerica Piano for sale or reut at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on hand, Stools, Covers, Violin*. GuitArs. Flutes, Aecordouns, Music. &c. kc. John f. ellis, ... JO? Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. 9th and 10th streets. PERRY'S AND GILLOTT'S ST .EL PENS in variety, bought iu person irom the manufactur ers by the undersigned, in this way securing genu ineness, as well as the best quality and fini-sb ol each brand. FHANCK TAYLOR. may 9b SUPKRIOR. TABLE AND POCKET Cutlery, Rator*, Scissors, kc ?A large assort ment, lower than at any other place in the city. For good article* and low prices always call at the Housekeeper's Furn^iiing Store, 400 Seventh m*J'* G. FR ANCIS "tlTATKK. COfkLKiiS something new, an JLl **cc,lent "Uele DOUBLE ICE PITCH LRS, different styles and sires; Brittanniu Pitchers ojien and covered; all kinds of Brinannia and Block Tin ware. For sale low, at the Housekeenw's Furnishing Store, 400 Seventh st. . may 30 _ G WLWCI3. ALEXAWDRIA POLKA SCIIOTTrSH-Hans Krummacher'g new piecc of the above name, dedicated to Mb* Elira J DeCimp, of this city! ju? put.lishPd ?tfl tor saie at tiie Music Dein.t of ^ * i*iL0ub k anz, WI WOttLD NOT GIT* A DOLLAR For all the tincture hampton ev er MADE.?Tbn* spoke a wide and rwxl man, bat mark tbe change ! Let the afflicted nfcar him, > and then decide whether to puffer on or be made whole. Ye professional man, with ruined hcalh, , hear! ReV. Jams W. Hukwcut, the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive ly read paper, the Christian Banner, published ai Frederic asbur?, Va., in bi? editorial of the 18th of May, 1WA. ihtw speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time ago we merely alinded to Hampton'* Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great relief w? Itawe oureelf [ derived from it*Tine During our collegiate courwe, ? owing to pedentarv habits, we b?c*.me quitfdyrpep I tic, and weTti very lunch troubled with vtrtigo For . more tlian twelve years after leaving college, we , were laboring un.Ier thes?- two affliction*. In the spring of 1830? our genera! health became *o delicate that u was with great difficulty we could attend to I the ordinary dutiea of our profession Everything , we ate immediately turned acid, our dig??stive or ; fans became wholly deranged; losing a* it seemed to us. all their activity and vitality j we were con . sUntly depressed in spirit, our energy almost for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to ; action. % We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our d?e?, rrd nil to no iiurpm;e We had despaired ot ever recovering our health, when a female friend of ours importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, asiuring us that we 4'ould find great relief from its use. We briefly repll.-H, ''?c irould not five a dollar far all tAe l\nr lure llamyton ever made, so far as oht own. individ ual health was concerned." We had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in effecting a cure on m. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle ard urged us to accept of it. and for her bake, as it cou'd not powihly injure us, to man it accord*ng to dinrc tier*. For the hi*h regard we had for h-r and h r act of kindness, we promised to do so. And with out exageration we can truly say that before we had used the conten's of one bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were alraid to give it op, fearing our old diseases might return, Since then, oUr digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cares will alio#, our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as we plea?e. and when we please? and all is well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the same relief from its use that we have. It Fhould be hepl in every tauii'y. ?fo family should ever be Wf'hoiit H \ MPTON'S VEGETABLE TINC TURE.'5 Lawyers, Doctors, Ba' '--re, Minister*, in all thu Dtpa'tments of Statu, Ladies an J Gentlem-*n in the highest walks of life, as well as th >se rao/ing in the most liumt'le spheres, .-peak of the cures 011 them selves and friends by this wonderful article. Call and g'-t pamphlets agatis, and see etret o Cough, Bronchitis,, Neuruiria, Dv pepeia, Nervousness and General Weakness, As =? temah; medicine or for delicate children we b' liev? it unequalled. Hold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Bum more street, Ba'riniore: and .'KM Broadway, N. Yon Cqas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moont, D B. ClaRKa Claris A. BoW; ;r.o, W. Elliot, and II. McPbii sox, Washing?.":*; auo, by R. d. P. L'isskl, George town, ar.d C. C. P.rrxr, Aieiandria, and by Dru* gute every wtafe. Rev. joiin lanahan, pastor of the EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A strong de.-ire to benefit the afflicted induces li.m thus to certify. We challenge any other medicino to present sGch a n;a;s of testimony from gentlemen and ladios of high standing of our own well-knowi. citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BRGN CHITI8, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, &c. Baltimore, January 24th, 185". Messrs. Mortimer 4' Mcnclna-j: I take pleasure in saying to you that I have used your "Hampton's Tinct-ire" with very great profit. From a serious throat affection, my general health liad become very much impaired, when I com menced to use ''Hampton's Tincture." I found i*r effects upon my general health most salutary.? My netvous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several tisnc3 recommended it to r.iy friends, and in every ense, as far as I have been in formed, they h?.v:- use it with success. Yours truly, Jon:i Lixauan,Pn*ior Of Exeter st. M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING oFtHE LUNGS. Ralkigd, N. C., Feb. 8, Uesrrt. Mortimer '? Mowbray: I do hereby certify ?hat about twelve months ago I was taken with a severe, :ii-morrhage of the Lue^ and had four attacks of it I was advised to try lfr. Hajnpton's Vegetable Tincture. I procured one boitie, and after takinc which, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, alter taking the fourth lirttle, 1 wa? entirely well, and now I enjoy as good health ns ever I did in my life. I can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recomm-nd the Tincfire to all person* afflicted in my way. Toons, Gao. W. VV*akl?t. CURP FITS?READ ! litre to the Sick, than OoLl.?Fioin ons of the tu- 5t respectable DrugsisU in Sonth Carolina. Cna aLKSTon, 8. C. Sept. 21,18,ki. Meagre. Mortimu fit Movjsrat:?The sale of your Htmnton's Vegetable Tincture is increa&wig everv y, and every bottle sold recommend- tt*? vaitii- s 'medicine to the afflicted. Several of orfl pi ante* s have tried it in different casus with antoir ushinf success, and are getting it by half dozens. It but; been found to the greatest remedy for rheu matic affect on?, and a wonderful care has been performed on a n< |?ro boy, suffering from Fits. I will furnish you with a namb?t of certificates if you wi:li theai. I am, gsn?K'ucn yotirr, VV. G. Tkott. Call ar.d get |?iuphlebs gr.iiis, and see curisol Cjugh, Bronehitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgra, Uys pepsia, NervoiianeFi :ind General Weakness. As h female medicine ?.i for udiute childreu we bolieve it unequalled. ^old by MORTIMER M< >WBltAV, 140 Balti more stn el, Baltimore, and 3" 1 Broadway, N. York Cua3. Stott 6l Co., J' li. Mooax, D. B. Clarbi, Ci.arkb t*. Bowliso, W. El iot, and H. Mrr?*a ao?i, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci-sel, George town ; and C. C. Brrry, A!ex?.tdr:a, and by I?raj gi5ts everywhere. teb 21?tr Private Modical Treaties 9* rea ??lTT?IOLOOiOA.L Tlfcvy 0J MARTHA a* UT at. B. i.A CilOlX. ?. K>? ALSAtrr. N. F. 360 Pagrsi ICO Fins P'aln and Colored L?ttc araph.] ?p<! Plates. 49r Prl?? c:i!jr Sf Carts IS ffd^Sent tr..c ol postagetoail parte of thi Union-?* '.THSAPKHT BOOK ltVEE PUULIRHED, tnd containing ?early double the quantity ol r-if.aii.g matter in that of'the KHXY OKNXe 01*. DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. Tt traate on the PHYSIOLO GY Of M ARRIAGK, and th? tscret i*-nnniti^ttud JLoordei of ycuth and maturity, re sulUng from eaeowes, wbia': destroy the physical aud met UJ povrrr, with oa?TTatin,!a cn marriage, i:a dutiu and disqoaliflostionB, anl th^ir rareadiefl; Trith lithopraphs, iilusuaiing tbs anatcmy and pbynolc^y, * oi disea^ss of the reprr iuctive orgaid u." Loth oissa, their ?rrnctur-, uat4 and fn^t:?afl. A ooytilar a&d oomprehensive tr*a tin a on tkt.d'.t??p ana c/jual'l-x: ?. f single and mar rlcd lilo-htypy and li aiCtl al'ianvs, mode of eiv ouring tharn Infel'e ' T3i und Inutile ones?rbe!r obvlatton n-ij ret^ov.U?? m inrtaat hints to tb<-*e wntomplr.iing mat ;-: ? .?y. toat will overcome 'b |<?etion3 to It; nons. bt?w?v<r, ibonid take '.his Im portant step rr<-ho?t ?r?t coniaitir,^ its pa^ie? ocmner.tarict < rt t).-. ai^?ce and uadira:treatmfal of fem;J?s froiu li incy to old are, each c?ts? graph leally il'ustrateil by beautiful lithographic plates? rervoo debl'.'lr, it! ca~MB and cure, by a precew at once ro simple, -tf? effectual. tfc*t laflate is Inrofsible?rules lor 1 ifly management?an in Scormatorrhaa vilh practical oWrvationa c.n a safbr, and mere ruccer^ftii mode of treattnert?j-re eactlonar/ hints on. thr, evi!i resaltitc from stn pit i sal practicfr?aa e?s^y en all diseases arising fraia IndiflCTP'.ioo, with plain and simple rules by ^Meh all persona can enre tti*m "elvea T^ithont ner.Tiry r?mc?Ilp-3 fcr tho?e self inflicted miserie;) and ul^sp point* 1 hopes ih> unfortunately prevalent In th? yonng. It la a truthful adviser to the married and fhocVcontonplating man iagc. Its perusal Is pai ticularly roeomuiondrd t>< pflraona entertaii-'s,; s> sret doobta of their physical condition, and wlio ar? oonsclouo of Laving nttarded the health, henpine.s ??d privi>g?a to rriicl. eT?ry hrjnan belr^; iz eu titled to. Price 1A teata per copy, cr Ave oopiea !nt cce <*.oL iar. Mailed free of postage to any part of lis Lii led states. N. U.?Tliofe who prefer may consult T.aC^cu vpon any ofthsdise^s upon whirh hi? a!: Iw.i ?ithur ^foonally or by m?il. V.edfcfna cent acy part of tbe Union a ccording to direction*, raf>ij packed aru csrefnlij seoured from all obeervaiiou. Addrtses Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, No B! Kald^n Ur ? or Poat Office Bos i?7P, Albanv, N. Y. ttr Ottoe open c'aily fn m 5 a u tu 9 p u, a&d cn 8un?ay from 2 until f? p ex. tRf OfCco R?mov?d from Ho. tS ik?<ei n<^ to Ml Mafdaw Lt??, Albany, K Y. dee 7 L. J, aiUDLKTOa, DEALER IN ICE, Offire und Dejct soul it tide F, uexi to cornci 12Ik A. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ?>\ HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be b&u in large or small quantities. Offline open from 5 a. rn. to 9 p. m. nt 1?Awa? -- fpWO PIANOS that have been in use for a I few months for tale anon very cheaii and rca aonciilo terms JOflN r. ELLIS, >041 Pa. avenue, but 9th and 10th sis. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBKATKD (German Bitters, PStPAUtt ST DB. C. K. JA.CKB01T, PhflaTs., ?*., WILL KfFBCTlTALLT CURB V UTOCOIPUIHT, DYSPEPSIA, JiUMCK, >?~~ ?f <2 ?r~. "i'i <**? a:HMM on??,j from a ?rtfer^ Such as CoTtsJljvTtton, InwarJ Piles, PoJIikw, or Blood m the H? ?d, AHdity of the stomach, Nau ne*, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Pullpes* ot wi-ight iu the Stomach, Hour Eructations, Sink ii.g or Fluttering at the Pit of the Eunuch, Hwim ming of the Head, Hurried and difficult Breathing, Pliittering at the Heart, Choking or Suflbcauni: Prn?ation? when in a lying Posture, Dunne** ot Vision. Ootn of Web* before the Sifht, IJ?:ver and !>ult Pain in tlie Hea.l, DeSciencyof redpintion, Yellowness of the Skin and Byes, Pain in the Side, Hack. Chest, Limbs, Xc., Sudden Flushes of Hi?t Burn iginthe Flesh, Constant Imagm ing.-3 of Evil, and great depression of Spirit*. ?"ITHii proprietor, hi calling tee attention of the l public to Una nrepamtOM, does so with a feel ::sg of tne utmost confidence In its virtue* and adap tation to the diaeaaea for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has toad the test of a ten years' trial beiorc the Amen c; ji people, no.' ten reputation and sale is unnvall \\ !?>' any similar pr<j>aratlon? extant. T'.e ? -uni ?ny in Its favor fives by the most prnm';icnt a!?d we!l knoWn Physicians and individuals, in all pan* nt ihe country is immense. The following from Camlina is respectfuliy subxitt d, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Becript nook for Farmers and Families, to be h??d ritif, of a'I tie Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Otiice ana tlsnuftetotf, 130 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. H'. Smith, of Pine Hill, R'cA m#n>f County, N. C. Pint Hm . March 4th. 1801. I)R. C. M. .Ursaon, Philadelphia?Dear S:r: I riave been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its wo??t I" rra, for tlie lust five years. Such was my coe.ditioa for .tt'lv months that ihe physicians and all who saw me said i rnuit die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering places in Virginia, Teiiues see and North Carolina, but was not benefited b> r.nv water to whicii I was taken. While on ruy way home, I stopped a week at Rutlierfordton, a sinal i vilia^e in North < Carolina, to try the 'fleet ' l soNiR Chalybeate water in that placa. About tt.? la?t of the week, 1 went ui;o a drug store to get some medicine for my child and inysejf. There were several of the village physicians in the at-we. and oneol them seemed to take some inter, st in my case, aad, alter asking me some questions, said l>< had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly kmc fitted by thr use of "Or. Hoofland's German Bit ters," prepared by you, and he in&isted that I wouitl try tlie Bittvra He also called the next day at my room, -ii..! insisted so much mat I would try ttieiii ?hat I asied him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and 1 do say I w.iei more benefitted by it than all the wster and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbor* came to me a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i gave, tiim nearly all the BiUers 1 left, which effected much cood in his case. He has often called on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but 1 have not been able to gel any more for him or myself ?-J, there iOre, ship rue a dozen or more as soon a* pos sible. Respf ctfully yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., October 34.18a3, says:?" Having experienced very ireat benefit from the use of " Hoofland's German Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, t am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for th# benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot. tic. he. CERTIFICATE OF W.M. J. ATWOOD. Hcktsvilijc, Yadkin Co , N. c ,Nov. 1st, ls->J. Di. C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex ntesH to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine whicU, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure tiiat all other medicines, thM I have taken, have entirely failed to do. "HooAwmI's Cer man Bitters'' have ?ured me of thu most stubborn and aggravate*! case of tr.e pii.e* that, |iertiaps, ever fcjl J? the lot of man. My case is net a ftrar.per in tr?Ls ccmraimity, as I am W' ll known in this ?nd the -sirrotmdiPf? coun'ies, and can truly tav that mr rt. cov' ry has astounded all my friends and relatrms. as 1 had tried everything reoommended, and notbirg ?lid me any g"w>d until 1 was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You are at liberty to rtake any u?:e oi this communication, lor the benefit ol the atf ;<?;< d. vca uiay think pio|?er. Truly yours, WM. J. ATWOOD. 'i'h' ? bitters are eulirely tegelahle, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it. jj:d can be iHed for infanis as wr:ll as adults. F >r Mia l;y respectable dealers e verywhere, and by 7.. D. GFLMAN, Washington; J. L. KlDWELL, Georvetown; c_nd J. B. P1ERPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv , CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tsj; Ov?mt P*rlfl?r of tha Blood I ]Vut a Particle of Moreury In It Xn Iin*uiPLl HiMtitr for Hrrol'ula, Kiaff'* Evi! ;.l;ecK-*U?a, Obstln:it-? C-tannous Eruptions. Piracies or Pu>tuies oc tiia fa-vt, Blotches, lioPs. C4>roni^3ors F.ym, King W? a or letter, 1 <-ai, ?alarzeiueat aui Tain of the Booea aud Jolut^, Htctbora Ulcere, Pyphlouc D-?>rutrr. Lun,t r>s*f, Peinel Ooniia at?, a~d nil di?ef.-r' a'ieiai: freta'??: injudwinus uw* cf Jisrmry, Ls: t ruH -a?.f in - U>. or fmparity of the Blood I'tiLld ViJuaole Medicine. ?hi?.h La? ceecT* *'.?? i ur^ted for the number ef utaordinary mre ?iTrcted tbrouni ???ene7, hre induced toe propri etors. it th; urg Lt rdquect of ihf ir friends, :o offer ': to the pub!"-:, tvIiIcL they do with the uliacrt ono Menra in its nrtU'S atd worderful curativ. pr:p srti s T'-1 * ^erti?:ttee, loiected f-oxn a large nmnbsr, ?.re, howercr, utronger terimon than the riere wor- cl tve proprietors: *nd are ail iron: gentleusa tr-dl kuovn iu their localities ami r>" tlie blithe-:; rexpacUuUIty, many of them reviving la lis c!*y of Ya. IT. BOYBKN, of the Exchange Hctel, Rhh a:sd, knpvrii ererjwhrre ssyahe has see u the SIe-1. ivin- tailed (*t>unsu MiXTiraa,adr:ir'?t.?7ed I11 orsr ? hnulrea caseu, in ne^riT all the aim**"* l'r.r -wuichit It ra^fmmer deu, witlb the cottac; a ifbl^y r?oo-l r* fults. Ho says it hi ths ir.ost *z tra*tbinary tuedldne ts h:>? ever i^en. AGUJi AXZ) ? EVRR?0 ?t If AT OniljL?1 hrrebj oeriify tbat for thre? yr^rs i Lad Ague and I'*ver of the mcs- violent description. I had aevertl Phv tcdans, took lar^f qnantiliee of Quinine, ilitearv. and I believe ail the Toaise adrettiaad, butallwidi out ptrma~en< rel's:. At laut I triad Carter's Sptni'h Mirtu-e, two bottler, of which effictctily care! see, and 1 an hiy-xy to say 1 have had nriih^r .-dilBs or 'evets rincs. I corriiarit the base T. ale a thia *?orld, and tue ca./ urdismc ibat *vor wetieduycase. JOHtl I/?"GDBN. Biatui Ofcn, Tiacr Ivi:hrH-rid. Va. 0- B. L\3C&. , rr>T ?c city of Eiohmond i.nd for many y?t rs ia tbe Po^ OfP-ce, htn nacl; ccnfid*nc? in tie ;-/:caisMnr eflcaey of (J*rter'b Spanish Fiitara,'JHa* .09 1.*^ bought npwardj cf 5c bottiea, which he has giTta avay to the aiC^oted.? ilr. I.urk Lay a he Lm never known it to fail ?haa taken i-ic< ??iiag to directicna. J)r. MINOS, a pmctijinR Phyeldaa. ?il formerly cf thj City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, pay- v.* hm? >ltneiaou in a number of instaaoea the e!T*ru 0! Carter's Hpanifth Mixture, which ware most truly su.-priaing. He says is a we of Consumption, de pendent cn the Liver, the good effects were won derful indeed. 8AMVML M. DRirn:*B, oftta firm of Drinker A Sfom.t, KJihiuoad, was <inred eared of Iivei Ctim r-laint of three years ffanaing, fcy tha uae cf twr 'vOLVlea of Carter's Spani h Mixture. QUEATCURK or SCP.0?LL1.?The Bditon. of tha Bichmcnl Ilepub'ioan hvi a eerrant emyicyed in their presp r>xira, cured c' Tinlent Ssrcfaia, con bined ^v?th RhaumMism, which entlrelr di??b^ed uim froiu tork. Two bottiea of Getter's ftpaaiab Zixture made a peifeot ccre of him, aad "whs Edi tor. :a a pnblic ucttae, say tlwy "p'icaiituiT r:-:Dm me^d It to all who are jjEictsd with U7 cJmv.k cf the blood.* STILL ANOTHIH C'URi Of BCEOJ -JI ?.?7 a very valuable boy eured of garofbla r/ 0?''er'? Spanish Miixtaxe. ) consider it truly a valtubi ? meticite. JAMES M. TAYL'>1'., Oontu:t >r on the ?.. t. and P. B. R. 0?, Richmond. Va. SALT ttUSUM OT TM LNTY Y1AR8 BTXIPJIM^ CUblfD Mr. JGRH THOMPSON, rbsidlag in lis cJtyc! dichooad, was cored by thrsa bottle* of Carter's Spanish Mixture, cf halt llheum, which he had for nearly treaty years, and which all tha phyeiclasa of tha e?V ^uld not care. Mr. Thompson is a we'd ksowr c*nchant in the nfty of Eichmocdf and hir li meet *K?.>?rkable. ?. * J iTTHJCIVf, of Richmond had a aarvant Tured at ^^rpbi'i?, in the worst torm, bv Cartar'f Si-auikh Mixture. He says he obeerfhliv recoo memlh It, and conrfderi it a very Invaluable meii etna. KDWLN BURTON, commimioner of the ravennr says he h&ti leen the good effects of Carter's bpaaisl> Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says It is a perfect eure for tbat horrible Oiaeas?. WM. ?. HARWOOD, af Richmond, eared of old Sorea aad Uloers, which ol4kblt*d hie frem walkir ;? Took a fcv bc.ttle? of Cartr's Spanish Mixture. at>. wna enahied to waik withou' a crawh, in ? ?'?? time panaaneully cured. . _ .. Prineipal Depots at M. WABI?, 0IX)i* *? tloi 1*a S3 Msidau Liana. N* v York. . ? T. W r-YOrr A B0h?, No. 183 Nortn kecotd ot., A BKIlRtf. No. Maia atroet, kiali "aS for aale by CBLARLB3 FTOTT, Washington, D. C; IMNRY P?l , Alexandria, and by Dragghui bottle, or stx bottlsa ftr tfc ?S3 SI?lv ?MOTrS OP- THF C*>UNTEp3" Oa.HT.FH. TO THB W im? between Washington and Whe^^ but It# honrt! ~ Running time bftur'n Washington ea< Cincinnati 37 hours f! Through Tickets and Baggage Check* ft be had in Washington !!! TMH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD I I AVING greatly improved it# W? stern coakec IX U<w? now off'm tin fullest induct menu n uavilrn between U a^luiiEton, Baltimore, u^m portiou* <?( th* VVeM, the Nottiiwe?t and the Sagfe wrat. The connection hrtw?m the traina from Waft, iijton and the train* bowid wo?t from Baltimore a *iw?y? pr?Mii;?0r marie at the Wa-hitipf* June*** fairly called the Relay li^ r) 9 mile* fma Balk more. Thu i? tin* only rU.uote 01 ear* required * twwc Washington ami the Ohio river. Bimy ? checked through 10 Wheeling at the Wa?hiiigiaa xtatioa, and rechecked and tran-t'erred there, (w?j :.e w thf^H chare*-, for thoae holdta* I 'hroufh tick* u tor point* beyond. The conaectiag 1 irnn.' I?ave \\ a?hin?i >n daily at 6 a. cn. and 4U > I ia. Ob Sunday* nt the latt? 1 hour only. At Wheeling dire t conncci:or. is made wuh the : train* of the CENTRAi OHI? ? RAILROAD, mo nirtf Beflaire on the Ohio, near YVb'tlin* irouth rMobf.Hc^, anil Newark, 10 COhrMHUH. Tn?*?e tr;an* connect at Newark iv.'h Ihe cara of the \-wa*k.Mnn?ti''ld and Baadaa ky R.illr?a<i f * San 'urky, Toledo, Ltetraat, Chicago rLout", etc. At Oolnuibua the C. O. R tilroad trim* connect the iZSl ?rain* of the little Miami R.rilro*.; u Xcria. CIMCIKNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc At Vcnia (on Little Miami Railroad) connection ? . .rroed >.th the trains U.nmg'i INDIA* Arum, Teire Haute, Latayctte, Chicago, Rack Island. St. Louio. etc. a^- Pat-neuter* ho'diug through tlc?"c?* lor Jtfrm ,.M* ncJi+vrr, Nat* ha, A"e*r Orleam, etc., wMcfc 41 alfO fold at Wa-hingion- *ro transferred a C?. oinnatt to the Mail Steamers on tli^Ohio. Tiekat* ?or EvaitTillc, Calm, in?l St. Louia ere sold by tlii* r.mte. -Crf-FOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland ta T'tlfU i, Detroit, Chicago, etc , ticket* are auM, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and rt'elisville (forty miles) where a connection with 'ho Cleveland and Plttst-or* Railroad i? made. Traveller* are r? que* ed to notice thai wkile thta is the only route affording through ticket* and <h*eka tn Washington, i: n aim th* sitorie**, mo?t apeeay, and direct to nearly all the leading point* in ike great Wei<t. The fr ta \Va*Lang?on toCia 1 innati i? hut 633 mile*, being about 100 mile* short er than hv any other ront?I FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, f9 j0; Colcmku* fl3 ?6, Davton, f 15 5t?; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louiavilla. by rrulroa.) 918(5, by steanx-rfraaa Cincinnati, flft; la dirjuuolM. $1* ?^n'< dcTiluid, $19 15; T??le?|... ^55 O-troii. ?I5 20; Chicago, .oju fv5 and $151 50. ftu Loui*, 50 and Memphis, $36, New Or 49- 1 OR FREDERICK and H \RPER*S fERKT M AltTINSBURG, BERKELEY HPRINGB, CUM BBRLAND, BEDf ORI? HPRI NGrt. Piedmont,?>ak land, and ratrmount. p?-stag.-r* ru iy leave Wash ington at 6 a ui or 4*4 p m. For the minor way -latiOBS hi-tween Baltimore and Wheeiiag, lake 6 .1 nt train from Washington. For traiitfi to and from Baltimore, Annapolu, etc., see special advertiaeni* nta. ?1f-For farth'T iii'brniaii"ti. through tickets, ke^ a|>i*iy Ui THO8. U. i'AKS' 'X'S; \g nt, at Wa*Uin|. ton titauon. JOHN fL DoNE, Master 011'iandportauoa Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore, may 3?tf WASHINGTON BliANOll RAILROAD. CHANGE OP HOUR?. ON and after Monday, the 23d in?.ant, the traica will Leave Washinfton at G and a. m.. and 3 aW IH p m < >n Sunday at 4% p m Leave Baltimore at 4^ and 9* a nt, and 3 and 5 if p m On Kur.lay a: 4J{ a in ap 23- U T. I!. PARSONS, Agent Mott Eedell's Line. SEW yORE.JtLUXANDRLM. U'JismSGTOM CITY, JtSD DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA PACKETS. ' jllHS LINE OF FACKLTS SAILS WEEKLY JL from pier 11 P.:>t Rivtr, New York.and ofteaei if nece<?sary, an.i are cojnpo^.?d of tlit fallowing tint c'<im trr^le: New schr. Ji. P. BnAtil, Bedell, mxwer. New schr. Mott H&UU, A. V.TredadL Scbr. Jlnr> D., W111. Oii?cr, ma.->ter. 8chr., L. A. Smith, maxter. Sc'nr. Cominander i?-CW, Wn^ua, manter. Srhr. Green'ray. Wilson, nr e-r. Til esc vcf?".s Kre nil !a-t and the maaieti men of cjrperieace in tie trade, ami the ou'y regv ira line of >Va?J?:i?ton City pre ken. MOTT BEDELL, Wall rtretd, M. Y. P. S. MASTERS .V SONS, Alexandria, Va THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?f*n Washangirn ard I). C. CB ^JfOE A!TD ALKJA5DRIA RAILE0AD. (H and oftfr Jvejday, Nov. 7, 1854, V3E Oars lr*?.-? Ale_?nd>Ia daily f."?r Ojrioa* J rills 5b4 Ictanaadiate .-tattooc a? 7if o'clock, t ci^ or th? artiT?." of ?!?? t. at Wt hin^cw, liaf fr.r T 'akfaet cn ^oard. Caw u-stic^ ?t .!nnod?c * it'- a tr*U for 8tra? jurn, a; TVarreaton J a ctioc wiL'< a train for War* r-iit. n, and at Qor lorjr i^? wj-ii tjj? traiaa cn taa V rgicia Ral'ruii f : T.i aU, Cl.arlotUa' -!lle, ani 2tjujnU>c. The cak-e l??re G Ca"y fa Alozaa^rU ?na In?errertla'?*, at Vi l^fot* 11, a. ok tie art! 'l\ of tS? ?rn>.s c,t tte vin:iaia Central rati rc-*l fc'.ia lijchrcoi i, ci'ar'.ott^avii;*, and euuntca. T'IB07>;1H TICKKTg iri jk JLaanlrj to V, veutcn ...$3 00 * '* ?on)ocniil*. 8 bO " " ChariotU irille - 4 S3 *( *' ?uut;e? I *9 " n StrMburs a M *' ? Lrii'?hburg..w.?w.^. III ?* ** T4^noh*e 'r I M " " ? 4 # f.ew ktarxat....?...~. ? 08 - '* Middlebor? 1 a ft? Lyu:hbci(, fcnii*ctL.g with U?e ftacaa at '.^?riottaeviUe, c t McnJ^ya 'Tfwauo^idays, aai JtV Jays. i'cr Loray anj Krw Marl^M, oona?rtin^ wftfi tha *? *rc? at Oulpep-r. on to?Ja?s^.nraJay*,aad Bat tfday. Wt?* Wizih'rttt d>Jy, co&n*rclnc with tie ftajea ti Pl-iaaout for MkMirborg dai.'r, coanec::nf with the btafei kt tl-a Plalue. Per order: W. B CR(KJSfTT, lg*at OCT 7?-4tf andris ?? cents FOK MOUNT VfiRNON. On TUESDAYS acd FRIDAYS, 5 are roaud trip 91; from Alei ji?The THOMAe OOLLYKR laav* Waaain^:n at 3 end A atsi Iria at U.1^ o'ciook. Cc^chce leave the Cap!vci l.-r the boat %i 8 Ja o'elk. Coach tore 10 centa. I'arsoDQ wf^hlitf tha Ooaebee trill leer# their re# lace with lee. A Thoa. Pari?r. Rcfreehaaentc oa> the boat. art So?Jtf tAJi?L GIDNMY, C?pt %'llit. 5IJCW YUKK 4 LIVhKPUOL UMTBD STATUS MAIL STEAMERST t~1HB ::iIL?.J OOMI'AIfiiliO faiS LiKl XH8? ATLANTiC. Oar-t. Wc?t P iCTTPIC. t^atL Nye, Baltic. Cap:, a^stock, AD Capt. Sraftoa. Iliw rL'ra !ikr,? been |M r*ct, aipreje ly tor Qofc^rment aervi>; WfBf car* haa bea* (?ken in thetr oonatmrMon, aa in tha Kafinea u Insure gtvesgth and rpeet, and th?ir ?ncommo4e uone for pa^aengere are oeequalJed for e!e^B8* ?u.d comfort. Price of paaaa^e ft"? Naw York to UrtrpooL, to fiat oaWn.....~~....??.?$1? 3ro:nJ Cab\A? _T0 Blditfiv* w eftfOa alw Ala woai...^^ M from l.fvprpoo! to New Tori *JJi) aod ?A Aa experienced aoTRe-.n att i-hf J to each ?htp. No t<erth oa? aecur*d until p*id for. For freljht er p*-aare arvly u> ADWAkD k. COLUNt* A CO., M Wall street Naw York, UROWlf, PttlPUtr A 00, UverpoeL B. ti. KC?BKKT8 A 00 IS King'a Arsaa Tari, UmJon. J0UN UUNK'. JC A CO, Xiu? Notre Dame a^? \i U>irec, Paha. GEO. H. DH.APHL liavw. Phfl owner of theee ships will not be a^untabla for roM. ailver. bulliori, -|>e?3e, i?u<ry, predoea atoaee or uietaU, unlet** ball# ?r laiao( are atfaa4 ther ?fc>r, acl -iie vaiu? Jieracf therein etprewA aewlf?dly BAHKJNO HOUSE OF PAIBO * F0UM1 OppMif LnUeA Statet Tuaiwi BONDS^^k, and other .????PwO?** and aoM. Intereat at the rate of six percent per aaauie kl; lo?ed on iiepoaiu wht? leftwjf day* ?? be^e*

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