Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Peine School Examinations. ? Primary School. No 3, junior dep t meet under the Oar* of MUs Jhuc E Thompson. wa? ex?mine1 yestedsy There were present Messrs B ? OOB and Hanson, of the Board of Trustee*; Col Randolph, of the late Board; and the Secretary Of the teaohera. Mrs Ogden atd Mrs Coale; Misses Middleton, Lowe ard Myers; and Mr. Lndaay, who ?ai for a log time a faithful teacher in the publio schools. There are fifty four pupils on the foil of the sohool, of whoa forty were preaent Mi-a Thompson has had charge of the school but a short time; the children however, appeared well. In t ie elementary studies in whioh they had been examined, they had been thoroughly taagQt, especially in arithmetic, and evidently showed, by their oareful drilling in tho ele meats of reading, apelling notation and nu meration that what was worth d?ing at all ia worth d"ire well. Col Randolph briefly addressed the pupils At the o o-e of the examination. Primary No 3. senior departmant of the third district. This school is under the oare of Mra Freeman, and ia taught in the base ment of the Metbodiat Protestant Church, Sixth Ward The examination w^a conducted by Mess's Davis. Pearson, and Magruder, of the trustees, and witne'sed by a number of ladies ard gentlemen, among whom we noticed O C Wight, E-q . teacher of one of our pop ular academies, and several teachers of tho public schools. This examination give great aatisfaction, and the trustees .'peak in aident terms of the succe-sfu* result of the efforts of the lady in cha ge of this department There are sixty-nine scholars attached to this achoo', and nearly all of them were present. We are glad to see that the members of the late Board of Trustees, who were always so ready to work for the interests of the schools are still anxious for their prosperity Among all who rrjoioe at the prosperity of our public schools, we see none more ready to assist in promotiag their interests than the late members of the Board of Trustees Seeds or Disease ?Although our oity has, within the present year, enjoyed a rema-kabie degree of health, we tear tnnt thu happy con dition of sanitary affairs will n^t continue to exist if the filth in the streets be ?uffored to retrain. The bruiting, frying weather having now oommenced in earnest, the action of the sun on the putrifying substances cannot but affect all who are within the range of the de compiling inflaence. Such was the di-gnetingly filthy condition of a certain part of the Second Ward, that a cartload of clack mud, emiuiBg u a loud stench." was yesterday gathered from a gut ter, takiDg a range from curb to curb: and there waa still " more of the same sort" left. Whether the purifying process ia to be ex tended to other localitiea. we are not informed. Ia the rameof humanity we call on the municipal au boritiea to orderout ?' the shovel and the hoe," and :he fll h cart, too. to remove the" seed* of disease, "prominent in the atreets and alleys Quick lime plentifully sprinkled would do no harm we think. Cbimijal Cocrt. ? Piiday afternoon and this morning the following named cases were triei Joseph Ring srd Margaret Ring, dis orderly bouso, ruilty; Frank Bell, petty lar ceny, guilty . Elixabe'h Golden, bawdy house, rnXgclty; William Batler, alias Uenry But ler, a?sault, not guilty; Martha A. Safford, alias McJuire, was this morning arraigned for stealing from Mr?. Mary A Campbell, in M*y last, three or four hundred d.lla'a worih of silver plate. M- Key appeared for the Uni ted States, and Messrs Ritcliffe aud Morgan for the prisoner. The lady was abient in New Y<?rk at the time of the larceny. Officers Handy and li< ss. accompanied by the Captain of Police. John l>avis. diacovere i the valuables in the trunk of the accused, on English Hill, and thry were all subsequently returned to the own' r. The jury were on? of box but a few minutes, when they returned with a verdict of guilty When we left the court house, at noon, a ne gro named Frank Bell, was under trial, charged with an asault with an intent to kill Mr. Wm Coxen. in May last Cb*tp.e Marxet.?Our principal market, this morning, presented quite a beautiful and animated appearance. Ihe stands were ail occupied, and provision* were plentiful snd in excellent, order; purchasers were numerous, and seemed pleased that a slight had taken plare in the prices of some articles. The fol lowing are ttie prices of most of the artic ei offered for aalct Beet?fresh, per lb , 10al5;., salt 8al2c , dried 14c. veal 9*12c.; mutton. 8al2<5; lamb, per qr., 1522*$!; pork?fre?h, per lb, 12#o , salt I0al2s ; bacon, lOal&e.; lard, 12io ; butter. 25a3lc ; eg?', per do* , 16 a20c ; apples per peck. 25<37c ; potatoes, 50e. ail; be?ns. 25c ; peas. 20).; oaoba es, eacb, 3al2io ; beets, per buneb, 4artc ; cucumbers, per do* , 25c ; apri:ots, 12ic. T*x Cose set Last Niout ?Notwithatand ing the heavy fall of rain between 8 and 9 o'clock, there was a goodly number of ladiea anl gentlemen at Carusi's saloon. The audi tory expre sed their delight by repeated out bursts of applause M lie DeBoye must be acknowledged aa a correct renderer of Men dalaaohn and Beethoven, on the piano forte; Professor Ahrend was acootde-1 the eredit of being the ben violincellist that ever per formed in tbia eity. while M'Ue Schmidt, for cce ao young, aoquitted herrelf with credit in the bea'utiful oavatina of Weber, and particu larly in the aria from Elijah. Professor VVsg ner'a clarionet solo was delightful; and the performance* of Messrs Fi>erueh, Weber, and Arth, served to contribu'e in an eminent de gree, to the gratification of the auditory. Flove ?Tho best brand of family fiour ia selling in tbia eity, by retail, at fourteen dol lars a barrel! The editor of tho Cleveland Herald offers to stake hia reputation for veracity, that fiour will be down to $6 SO per barrel in the coursc ot thirty days; saying the erjps never looked be'ter in the State of Ohio, anl the prospect is that there will be the largest yield ever known in that 8'ate We presume that no mac of truth in this vieinity would venture to stake hia verecity on such a ? probability, as it appears to us, the price of I the article see ma 11 have g >t up so high that It will be a very long time before it can come down. It may veil b# said tho price is ' Irm." Msasss S. C. Hills 4 T. N. Brabeears. it I will be aesu by our advertising eolnmna. have aatabliahed a new store. <>u Pennsylvania avenue opposite to Brawns' Hotel, where they have for sale a choice and extensive esaort tnent of boots aad aboea of every aty le of finiah, and ef tho best workmanahip. BsacTirrL Puesest?We saw, at the atore of M- C W Boteler, this morning, a beauti ful silver pitcher, elegantly ehaned, bearing the inscription '? Presented to William B. Ma 1 ruder by A K L. Keese. aa a token of grate. *ai remembrance for medieai aervlsoa rendered to hie ferny." Ci^r?e ICaexet ?An abundant aopply of all the geod things of life, thia morning, and tbe attendance of country people unusually ?*r<e, bat the pnee* are atill exorbitant. If -ae article u a shade lower than former qno. X totters, another is a shale higher, and so the 1 average tariff is about tho same L n I>mow:,,I'? THE Hcall ?Yesterday, Mr. ? Burns, a soldier in the Mirine corps, was I drowned by the upseriog of a boat in the I "f^r? during a squall in the afternoon. The I "dy was recovers! soon after by his friends, ? aatl was interred taia morning with the usual I honors of the service I ~An inque*t wm held this morn I 0f"'*,t&? b>dv ot a female intan* found in I v cei' the restdecre of the late Gen I , \'e9i It bad evidently been in the water a ? Wgnme th? Jury could not decide whether m / *h?te or colored : uor if it came to its I bj vioJsioe. I Gaeblisg.?Ofi^er >Viso, ot the - *triCt P'-lfie arrested Sylvester Lee, I e?iored, and Moses Thomas, slave, for 1 V, r' ,,n Buoday. Lee was held to bail I ? ? vourt, and Thomas received ft;teen lashes Exccrsics to Piitbt Point ?The excursion to Piney Point and the pio nle grtten up by the members of Virginia Tent, of the Inde pendent Order of Rechabltes, (a TAla&ble auxiliary in the temperance cause,) will take place on Monday next the nalr steamer Alice V. Price haTing been ehartered for the ooea ?ion, and will leave the Seventh street wharf at 7, *ni the Nary Yard at 74 o'clock in the morning The members pledge themselves that every effort thall be made for the com fort and pleasure of all?promising an excur sion rife with enjoyment alike to the lovers of nature, the invalid seeking recreation, and tercsicboreans The party wii remain four hours at the Point?allowing an opportunity for fishine and bathing?and return homo by moonlight. ??? StccutTT roa Praps ?The party men tioned in jesterday's Star, as arretted for riot ing in the Fifth Ward, had a bearing yester day before Justico bates Ail wore held to security for peace. Editor or thb Truth ?[For the Wash ington Star ]?When you noticed that wicked aot of Throwing water upon The Editor of tbe Truth, you p ace the case, so as to make it ap pear, that the Editor was in the wrong?as bas run through nearly every article or notice that has appeared Concerning him in your 5*per. since July 1853?why is it so? Is net astice due to the right dooer in Washington City? Or, shall the wicked Join hand in hand to do wickedly, and go unpunished? The w >rd of God says they shall not ?will you allow your Star to be the means of shielding wickedness in high placcs, where you think it can be done with impunity??enough of this In the exorcise of cay right as an Amerioan Citixen, I >?d water thrown upon me by a wicked M nikin. in the employ of persons who have since 1849, been trying to deprive ine of my Constitational rights, because I am the author of Total Abstinence which I intro duced in Baltimore in 1839. and aided ly honest means to spread the glorious News until it will reaoh the bounds of Humanity. It being the steping stone To pure and undo filled Religion, and millions hare already been tenefiied by the Holy principles of The Truth, according to tbe word of God. as I preaeh, and practice?In hopes of Honoring my God, Therefore. Drunkards, and their ad jwicls, wickedly persecute me. as baa been done in Washington and elsewhere, T? the disgrace of my persecutors, and the perpetual annoyance of The perfect, ted servant of God James Robkrtso.n Editor of The Truth N. B. My true friends in tbe district of Columbia will please tu be ready to aid The E R. 0 which will support The Truth. [C0M?n:!*iCATeD. Mr Editor : I desire, through the medium of your paper, to " give in charge" to the p> lice of the First and Second Wards a much neglected law. I a a advised that there is an ordinance of this corporation which enacts that " it shall not be lawful for any persons to * * ? * fire any gun, pistol, cann:n or other firearm in any street, avenue, alley open space, public square or enclosure, or in any other part of the city within two hundred ytirdB of any building. ? * * * * under a penalty of not le?s than five dollars f>r every such offence " Now, I desire to know whetbor the watchman at the Treasury building, who is in tbe habit of making night hideous by firing off a blunderbuss between the hours of twelve and one o'clock, claim* an exemption from this provision ? If he does, it mu&t be bocause his favorite diversion cou.cs within one of the exceptions enumerated in tbe ordi nance; if so. I dosirc to ask which one? Is it occasioned by " the performance of any philosophical experiment," or any " theatrical amusement?" or does he design it as a teati monial of his " respect for deceased persons" generally ? I have been told that it is done for the purpose of frightening the pigeon? which have accumulated under tbe eaves ?f the building in such quantities as to consti tu.e a nuisance I beg leave to say that, in my opinion, the remedy is worse than the dis ea;e But why should the pe toe of an unof fonding and semi somr^us neighborhood be dis-urbed b7 tho reverberations which are nightly made to roll and thunder through that imp>sicg colonnade, when tbe desired object might be obtained without thin grievous in convenience? Why not pull tke old barn dotcn ? It is a matter of surprise to me that a remfdv so s<mple, so summary, so radio! and so effectual has never suggested itself to the legislative mind. Verbuvi sat. Yours trulv, Osx or raa Victims. Jobb 19, 1855. Watch ItRTraws ? Charles Dupree, colored, drunk and disorderly; fine and cos*. John Warner, eolored. do.; work house 30 day*. H. J. K,barts. do; do Fbajklih IIall ?The managers, in behalf of St. Vincent's Orphans, esteem it their duty publicly to return thoir thanks to Mr. S. P Franklin for the ase of bis new and commodi ous Hall, corner of Ninth and D street*, which he gave for an unlimited period, for the late festival. Also, to Mr J. Reese, who kindly supplied the gas chandeliers. Ac.; and to our citiiens generally, whose kind feelings and sympathy so often manifested, tend to encour age thoee who bear tbe labor and burden of those little ehaiity gatherings Through the o^phaLs' prajers they will receive a rich re ward: '-For inasmuch as ye have assisted one of those little ones, ye have done it unto me." We are happy to report to oar patrons that tbe net proceeds from the late festival amount to $370 87*. C. A Masi, It Secretary. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Ghoroxtow*, June 33, 1855 Agreeable to our anticipations, Mr Semmes of the committee of ways and means, submit ted to our City Councils, last eight, a very e'.aborati and coooise report upon the message of the Major in relation to the subscription of oar Corporation to the Btoek of the Metropoli tan Railroad Upon a perusal of the report, we discover that the committee f ally endor-e the views of Mayor Addison, as heretofore given by us. Tbe report u accompanied by the following resolutions : Unsolved, \e That for the purpose of test ing the publio sentiment of the voters upon the eall recently made by the President, Di rectors and Company of tbe Metropolitan Railroad, for an additional instalment for, and on acooont of the oorporate subscription to the s'ock of said company, the Mayor be, and he is hereby authorised at some early day, to eause to be opened a public poll of the vo. lets of the town, to be had opon the question of meeting or rejecting said oall. And be it further resolved, That the issue in this election hereby authorised shall be, the abandonment of the corporate subscription to the stoek of the Metropolitan Railroad, or i s payment; and the ballots shall have writ ten or printed upon their faoe, the following language: ' Shall the Oorporate sabsoription to the Metropolitan Railroad be abandoned?" and any voter in the affirmative, shall write, or cause to be written, or printed, the word 44 Fee," and those in the negative, the word ??JV? ? Mr. Bangs offered a substitute for the reso lutions ; and after eonsiderable diseussion the whole subject was laid upon the table until next Friday evening Several other bills of minor importance were reported by Messrs Bangs, Myers, and Semmes, and acted upon. From the report received this morning, we discover that both the flour and wheat markets have given way, and prices have considerably declined. Tbe former, this morning, is dull at $10 26, and the latter at $2 0oa$2 10 for white, and $2 for red. At Drovers' Rest, this week, 50 bead ot beef cattle were offered and sold at $4a$5 on the hoof equal to $8 $10 net Old sheep 3*a4e ?>er lb. Lambs $2 25s$3. Hogs $7 50a$3 50. SrlCTAToa. Cocx Figdtiro ?The Georgians are against fighting ooeks. There was recently a contest between North and South Carolina cocks, a* Maeon, Ga , the field the gallant Carolinians chcose to try the game ot their fowls on. Tbe Georgian, published at Macon, protests against it, ari says: 4*If people of the neighboring States will indulge in such cruel sportc, they ?ugbt td be required to keep them at home, and we are sare that we bat express the senti ments of nine tenths of tha paople of Georgia when wa say so M Armor to Raisi a Chaiw urid iv Rito l.rTioHABT Times ?Mr. Blahop, owner of bishop's Floating Derrick, yesterday. at West Point, oommsnoed the undertaking of raising ifaaMlte chain. wbiob, tinder orders from Washington, in 1778, we think Was made?it? weight being five hundred tons?and c*rnng ao o:?a the Hudson at West Point, to intercept the passage of British vessel* above that place. The chain was broken at eaota sida a few tears after it was pat ap and has roam'.ned undis turbed since though one or two of its massivt links were, for years, on exhibition in the (late) Albany Museum. The depth of the river at the point where it lies is 125 feet. Mr Bishop has son ruled for it and satisfied himself that he can rai*e it ?Albany Argus, 20th inst. Brick in Nebraska Citt.?There are al ready in this place two large kilns of briok ?early ready for burning, and a third one ia about commencing. Oar townsman. S. F. Nuckolls, has contracted for several hundred thousand; and all the brick now making ar?i sold in advance Brick of an excellent qual ity are made here, at very reasonable rates We have one briok dwelling house already completed, which is aicut the site of the pres ent Capitol building, and its entire cost is less than twelve hundred and fifty dollars, being about one third as expensive as ths buildings of a similar siie at Omaha City.? Ifebraxka City Newt. r>~7?0000 MEDICINES.?It is estimated that AVER'S CIIEEUT PECTOKAL and CATHARTIC PILLS bars Sons mnrt to promote the pnblir health than any other onel (?dm. There can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral has by Its thousand on Ihoniiand cures of Colds, Coughs, Asth ma. Cronp, InttnenXM. Bronchitis, Ac., very much rednoed the proportion of deaths from consumptive diseases In this cnontry. The Pill* are as good as the Pectoral, and will cure more complaints. Everybody nerds more or lees purging. Purge the blood from it# Impurities. Purge the Bowels, I.lver, and the whole visceral system from obstructions. Purge out the diseases wljich fasten on the body, to work Its decay. But for disease* we should die only of o'd age. Take antidotes early and thrust It from the system, before It Is yet too Strong to yield. Ayer's Pills do thrust out disease, not only while It Is I weak, but when It has taken a strong hold. Read the as- | founding statements of those who have been cured by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, Ulcers, Skin diseases. Rheu matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Pains, Bilious Com plaints, Headache, Heartburn. Goat, and many less dange rous but still threatening ailments, such as pimples on the face, Worms, Nervous Irritability. Loss of apnetlte, Irregu larities, Dizziness In the head. Colds, Fevers, Dysentery, and Indeed every variety of complaiuts for which a Purgative Ren:edy is required. These are no random statements, bnt are authenticated by yonr own neighbors and your own physicians. Try them once and yon will never bt without them. Price 23 cents per box?6 boxes for |1. Prepared hy DH. J. C. AYKK, Lowell, Mass.,-And sold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. G. M. LINTHICVM, Oeerg?town. . J Ah. COOK A CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggists | everywhere. may i?eo2m [V-y?OLD SORfS. fl.CERS, AND ALL ERUPTIONS and , all diseases arising from an Impure and depraved state of the blood. See the extraordlnai y cure of Wm. O. Har wood, a highly respectable citizen of Richmond, Va., by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He had ulcers and sores of the worst description, and Anally got so bad. he was ui.sble to walk, except on crutches. A few bottles of CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE, the great blood prrifier, cured him, as it has cured hundreds of others who have suffered with rheumatism, bad effects of mercucy, and pains and ulcers of the bones and Joints. ?#*See advertisement. rV~T=*Z D. OILMAN, Druggist, has removed to 5SS Seventh street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and la now |>re pared toflll all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Slavs on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day and night. The uight bell Is on tiis right of the store door. ap 14?lm (V"7?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?tt-onchltis, Congh, Dyspepsia Liver Ootrplalnts, Scrofula. Ac.?For all diseases of the Female System It stands preeminent. A Blergyinan Jnst Informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate ch'ra'ter?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Its mild ao tl in on the stoicac!*, liver and kidneys, will core Dyspep sia, Congh, Asthma, Bronchial and Lang Affections Pains Ic the Back, Side and Biva?t, Consumption Scrofula, Elien rcatlsui, Oont. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowed Compla'nts, Plies, Worus, and Nervoos Debilities?with all diseases arising from Impure blood, und Is the greatest female medicine ev er knowu. This Invalaahle medicine Is working wonders n.poo the human frame ad ve-t'.s*roei.t to-day. tr.arl rr-"p?DR. HO IFLAND'8 CELEBRATED GERMAN PIT ' TER3 ?, nervous, depressed lu spirits, and a prey to Innumerable mental, as well as physical evils, the victim to dys|>eps!a. Is Indeed an object of enmmtsseratlen. Vet It Is absurd f >r him te despair. V.'e 'are not how weak low, nervous, and Irritable he mar be. the cordial proper ties of HOOFI.A ND'S GERMAN B1TTK US. prepared by Dr. C M. Jackeon, Philadelphia, are ?tr< nger than the many beaded m- n-ter which is preying u:>on his body and mind; and If he chooses to try them, we will injure a speedy cure. See advertiseinent. Je 7?in rr~7? PREMIUMS AT THE FA IRS.?WHITE HURST'S I*?' still In ths ascendance.?The Juries of each of the lats fairs at Baitim ;te, Richmond, and New Vork awarded their btghsst prenilnms to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and ?? premium at Crystal Pilace, N?w York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurst's Gallery la this city Is on Ta, avenue, betw. ifc and SUi streets. fob 17 rv?7?NOAH WALKER a CO., Marble Hail Clothing Empo ' rlnm, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully annouues that tlielr dlsplsy of Spring and Snmnier Clothing is now ready for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons "f the neweft and richest designs In material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy In fashlouable article* ol dress an opportunity for selecting Is offered from one of t<>? largest and most attra<tlve stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very rednred scale of prices. " ap 17 n?~p? MORE EVIDENCE.?We have Jnst been informed by a gentleman from the country with a large family tt-st he has had a great many attacks of Hummer t'oinp'ali.t, but not In one Instance has tie failed In m iking a perfect cure lu less than 24 hour-, with BAKER'S PKKMIUM BITTLRS ? He bcii -?es also, that |i0 WolM ?<* b?we paid his d. tier's b II without the Bltt*rs. He ears he never Intends to do without It In his family. His uaine will be used If required, but not wishing it published. Price 6C cents per bottle To be had of CHARLES STOTT A CO., Washlngtcn, D. C., CANBY A HATCH, and SKTII S. HANCE, Baltimore, and by Druggists evsrywhai e. eolt !>~^?L.UN18?LUNGS.?We refer our readers to an sdver tlsement In another column, for full particulars con oerning the H YGEANA of Dr. Curtis. It la said to be one of the most remarkable cure* for all description of di*e*?e* of the lu:igs ever dis-xjvered. Its virtues have been lcetlfl>-J t- by hundreds, who have obtained tlielr knowledge b7 tlis beat of all teachers -experience. CAUTION?Dr. CUKTIS'S HTOE VNA is the original and o -.j gannlne artlcls. may 2S?lm St A KitI .%.!>. At Trinity i hurch, by tli?* R<>v. Gen Cummins, on the iJWlh in-taiil, SHELBY CLAKKE, E*q., W 1,17.7.1 E A , dau?ht?*r ol Thomas Woodward, Efq , ot G firj-town. L) C. In Auga?ta, (J<-o , on the Hist ol May, bv Rev. I)r. A. Mean-, L4WSON I' IIOOVBR, of Wakliinp l?>n City, U. C. to Miss INM E V., daughter t f Jno. Jackson, of the lorm?-r place. (Nat Intel 6i Rail pap< rs copy.) ' DlXLt. On Saturday mornine, the 231 instant, at 9 o'cl'k, JOHN ELLIri Sr., in thf 73<l year of hi?? age, The friends ai d ncqueintanee^ are iiivited to M tend hia luacral to-morrow (Hnnday) atteraoon, al quarter pa.-t 4 o'clock, from his late residence on 6ib rt. On Thurndav ev<-ninit, at 8 o'clock, of congestion of tb? brain, CLEMENT COX, itoo of Wni. H. and Mary E (*i>d?y, a^ed 3 years and 2 months. Wants. WANTED?TO HIRE A COLORED BOY, fi?m 14 to 18 y^arn of age, u> wait at to' e, Slid do other hnut>tiwurk in a private family. Apply at Nn. 41K Ninth !>t.,no^lbeaJi,. corner of H. je 23?D* \\T ANTED?RV A SMALL FAMILY A nice V? little house, containing from 4 to 5 rooms, with kitchen, garden, flic. Location on Capitol M il or in the direction of the Navy Vnrd. Address, through the Foal Office, DAN. IIONGLER, Navy Yard. j? 22-2t* \jkj ANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A W Stone Quarry and contract for nale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. This Uuarry is imniediately oppo site Georget wn. Large Khanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the ep<>t. Tt is quarry fur nisbes thu best and largest truck Sionc, kc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOVD fit CO , Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front hy 130 leet w deep, for Hie low price of ?75?payable .$3 a month without intereet. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7tb si., above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28?3in JOHN FOX, Sec hoarding. Board img.?p' ea^ant rooms for summer, with boarding for families or >-ins>le persons can be had by eaily application at KING'S, 303 north C street, between 3d "lid The house ia de limit, fully situated, and has ,ust been thoroughly rt n ovated and refurnislied. Meals furnished to fami lies and day boarders accommodated on r> as^nable tf-rma. Je4 ?lm* rVjO TIC K.?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND lv Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room arid shower bath? and every attention to render it most agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. ap 23?3m ~|>OARUING.?M.tS. KINO, No. 318 F st. norUi, 13 bas several pleasant vacant room*, suitable for families, or tin> le gentlemen or ladiia. Gentlemen furnished with Meals. The House is delightfully situated, and hat Jnst been thoroughly pointed, papered and lighted with gas Je 31?eolt* BOARD, *e.~MRM. BATES, on the south west corner of Pn. avenue and wth street is pre (ared to accoinmodafi: gentlemen with rooms, with cr without board. Every effort will be made to ren der thoee comfortcble who may ffcvar her with their pMrooaf*. ap Tor Bale and Fent. Furnished rooms.?several ?ood Par ion and Chambers, in the immediate vicinity o| th General Post Office and Patent Office is for rent, either with or without board. Aiidress this office. Je ?-*_ For rent-the three story house situated on I, south side, between flth and 7*h streets. For particulars inquire of ("HAS. KF.E NEN, Collector forGa* Company. The rent *ha!l b? about $180 ner annnm |e 31?3t* FOR a A LB-A SMALL tRAME ami Lot, No. 50 LouiAi'tfvi avenoe, wh-^(iod. It prtscnfS a ra>e oppoitunity t a person wishing to ir>aK" a good investment, if not sohl toon It will be for rent. A!so, a three story Prick House an.l Lot No. 57 Huh ?truet, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 160 tt dtep, will be cold low and on a long credit Wanted, a few shares of Georgetown Building As sociation Stock. Apply to E K. LUNDY, No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown ; or, No 40o E j street, Wa?hlngton. je 31? 1?OR SALE-A TWO ST^RY BRICK HOUSE, on M, between 12th and 13th streets. The lot on which th* same is built fronts 24 feet 7# inches, by 125 feet deep, miming back to an alley of eight cr feet. Aho, a lot on L ureet. extending fmm L street to Ma*s chu.-etts avenue, 150 fret, fronting 26 feet four | inches on L anil Massachusetts avtnue. Applieation to be made at the Grocery Store, cor ner of 12h stieet and Massachusetts avenue. Je21?3t* For rent?in Alexandria, va., that large three story Brick House, well known as the best s-tand in the city lor a hotel and rostaurnni, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House. and now occupied by Mr. MrGonegwl. Possession eiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD ?*. CO., | Claim Agent, 15th ?t, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hing ten, D. O. m?v 30?if FOR RENT-THE THREE STORY store and Dwelling, No. S6 Bridge stre? t, George town, so long occupied a* Emmen'a Confectionery. Apply to ARNY, next do? r. mav 25?eotf For rent?the store now occupied by Joseph Hug^tns, Jeweler, No. 31 ft ?Vi na, avanue. E. OWEN SON. je 12?eo2w rilll RENT-^ FINE THRE-STOKY AND JP attic Rriek Hou-e, No. 35 6 C Ftrwet, between 4% and 6th, with every convenience <i> siral.'e for a pi ivate residence. A pump of excellent water in the yard. Apply at HAVENNER'S Bakery, je 16?eo2w C, l et*een snd 6 :i s;s. ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES $150 a year will be received for the rent ot fiose new and convenient cottages at K< ndail Green, with two acres of ground, staMe, wood shed a:id other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pn?e water art' near ihe door, snd cornmunicat on if had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?tr?ets and Pet.n. Avenue, moming and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation ot clerks ir the departments. T-> secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house Ht Kendall Green, after office hours, where the k?ys may be had and the houses inspected at any tin;*-. Several of these residences will be sold on Itberai terms. WM STICK XE>', No 4, Kendall Gre: n. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1*55?tt For rent-rf.veral handsome par lors and (Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 333 Fftrect ap'J R Building lots and dwellings-For sale, Lota on Third street, near tne City li nil; on F, between Third and Fourth; on E, letw- i'ii Fir*? and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seven'li, between Land M: on K, between Fourth and Filth; also, oppo ite to Franklin Square; Ma~sachu?ctH avr-nue, between Fsrst and N. Capitol; Firs' \A rd, G near Twenty first; Virginia av nue, nearTw n'j firat: \. Hampshire avenue, b?tween H and 1; also, two frame dwellings on Fourth between F and G, will be sold low lor ca?h. Island property?Two srasll f ame tenement* on I, between Four-and-a half and Sixth; al-o, lots on Virginia sveno..-, rnd a variety in other nans ot the |slin4 and City, nil of which will be sold on terms accommodating to r uit pnrchr-ftj Enquire nt No 3J7, Pennsylvania av , opistj jt ? to Browns' Hotel. may 28 lmeo DAVID MYF.RLE. \V\L''ABI.E LOT FOR SALE. ON C ST., between 13th ai d 13'^ streets. Title nidi-put able Size, SO by 80 feet. For terms apply at the corner *f Kith and C sts., to Mr. PLANT, je 20 eo3t JjlOR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE _ Teinu.?A three story ^'iaine, v.ith base "cut on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth Mieete west Also, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sis. we.-t Apply to James W. Barker, residence on 11 t^tre? t r.orih, between 12th and 13th streets we^t. DICKSON fit KING, ap 5?^itf Georgetown. FViR KENT.?FOUR NEW AN!i CONVENI cnt Hnck Houses, brown mastick front*, con tKining parlors with marble mautels,dining ;o..m, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and cituate.i on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and the Departments. Rv'nt very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE'S office, corner ot Sixth street and Eouisinna avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Druj Store, Eleventh street. Island. mar 6?wtl HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily loejtted Building Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, i?n gra^' J streets, can, until spring, be bou^li' at the exceeding low price of $75, payable month Tii'r uulispuiablc. Uiiiou Land Office, 7th pt., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Ian 0?6m JOHN F< >X. St crrtaiv NOTICE. OUR customers are mo?t respectfully notified thai their accounts will be pros ntrd to them on the 25th instant. To all thoae who will have ihf kindne.-.i to call and settle their resp? ctive account> oil or before the 1st July, we shall be exceedi:igl) obliged. We have a number of accounts rendered on thf 1st January remaining unpaid, and would say tc those indebted that, unless we receive the money fm thein bv ihe 1st July, we shall be compelled to place ruch bills in the h^nds of an officer for collection. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. je 21?lOt MOKEUUN; a tale?claiming to be by Sir V% altci Scott, 50c Abbott's liii>tory of Napoleon, 2 vols, octave, .?5 Constance Herbeit, a novel, by Miss Jewsbury, 37c The Con'roveoy between Senator Brooks and Arch bishop Hughes, 25 cents, je 1? FRANCK TAYLOR. STEWART'S SKYLIGHT DAGUERREAN GALLERY.? W? are making splendid pictures lor lower pricci tl. n any other Ga lerv in the city. They are per fectiy life-like, and satisfaction is always given. Gallery dUeclly over M. W. Gait's Jewell y Store. Pa. av. nue > i im AT IIOISE ! PET2R SH4K0HAI HAS BEIUKNSD, And having taken up his abode at RYDER & PLANT'S, Wif lie harpy to see his old fViends at thoir es tablishment, No. 499 Seventh street, eppotite Odd Fellows' Hall. je 15? tf Tl/ATClilCS, 11 JEWELRY. SIL VKR \VJlRE, t4c. M. W. GAL P k. bro. are constantly receiving large invoices o( the above, and offer every article in their line, at the lowett ralet. GOLD and SILVER WORK of every descrip tion. made to order, such as TESTIMONIALS richly embellished, with appropriate designs, SIL ver tea sets, DINNER SERVICES, &c. Precious Stones set in every styl?! however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, &c. cut on Ftone M. W. GALT at BI O., 334 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. je 14?U JUST RECEIVED ON consignment? 400 boxes Oranges and Lemons 1C0 b'lthels Ground Nuts 2000 pounds Cream Nuts 300 Pine Apples For sale by MURRAY fc semmes. je 21 - eo3t Ofries Clerk or Horss or Kt>s , U S , 1 June 6, 1855 / SEALED PROPO8AL8 will bo received at this office uniil 12 o'clock m.. on Sa urday. 30th of June n?xt, lot furnishing for the use of the Hou?e ot llepresentativfw two hundred tons best ANTHRA CITE COAL, while ash. The coal must be pure mil clean, 100 tous of large egg size, and 100 tons in lumps about the sise of a fourteen pound weight ii.2t0 pounds to the ion, and delivered free of extra charge in the vaults oi the Capitol. Al-o, for furnishing for the use of the House of Representatives, two hundred cords of first quality reasoned hickory WOOD, twenty five cords to be sawed twice, the balance to be sawed once: the whole to be measured, sawed, and stowed nuay in the .anli* of the Capitol at th? expense of the ?on | trarror. Both wrod and coal are to be delivered on or b? fore the 15th of October next, and to be tunject to inspection a* to quality, weight, and meai-ure by a E?r*on to be appointed on the part of the House ol ej rei"..?ntaiives J. W. FORNEY, Clerk houm of Representatives. U. 8. JO 7?Tfc4t ? ? Auction Sales. &-t~ For otkmr Amotion SaUt tee flrtt yqgt By OR KEN * SCOTT, AillUmrfc Large and yalcafle brick hou*e and Lot, and vacant Lou, at the corner of 13th and H >t-eet*, on ffew York avenue, ft Anction ? On THURSDAY, lb* SO?th instant, we ihatl sell, at 6 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, that large and vft aab!e brick situated at the corner of 13th st West*nd H streetnorth, on New YO'k avnne, with the lot on which it >-tands, it b ing part of Lois Noe I and 3U, in Sqtinfe No 250 having ?> fiont on H st of 35 feel, running with (nf Jine of 13:i street 104 ft Tut house if a three rtory brick, n< arlv new, con mining seventeen food and convenient]!? a ra"2?>d rovxn.i and ce lar, with widn pa-sape ;ftt*?igh the hoit<e. one of the rooms ?s occnpmJ a* a ;roe?-rv sio e, and we!! known t > be one of tLe best tm?<(??? stand* Also, the vacant Lot adjoining on the w.Hst, ha* ing a front on H .-tieet 2.' frft, running hack to a wide all?'v, eontaining 2,4T4 sqaere. feet; ae<i part ot Lot No 30, atlj".'ii?r>B the above on the north, front ing on Litli street. ruling ha?.k to a 30 ft et alley, conta nii:g 1.184 square !?e{ The above described property is hinds a;c'y lo cated. and considered one of Mm most di'maW** and valuab.e pieces of propeit) n??\v for sale in Well ington Title indr*put?bie T?rms: Oi e fourth cash ; balance in 6, 12 and 16 m 'nth-, the purchaser to aive n >t? for the deferred payments. beaing interest from day ?I sale. A dcui given and a cited o trust taken. GREEN at SCOTT, je 21- d Auctioneer*. By OHKKN & SCOTT, Auctioneers. HAND80MF. TWO STORY AND ATT IT Prick House Jiit'i Lot on the no>?h hide of K street north, n?'xtUie c ? n<*r of :fitlt st eet we't at Auction.? On TUP.SDAY, tl" SUtii instatr, we ? 'El1 sell, ai 6 o'c'oc* p ??., 'n (rent of the pr-mi ?e?, the ab >ve rte?=rn*ed property, t>*in?r Lo* No 2 in Square No 4, having a Irnia on no, th K street of ft;) feet, runriirg C* K a.? < qu;?l width 110 feet 11 in. th.- house contains n:n?? good and convertlentiy ar !.anz? d roonvi anil kitchen. Ttie jil?o*e described property is handsomely lo cated a liule west, and in the ixm^Ciate victaiiy of, th ? Circle. Title indisp'.itnble. Terms: One sixth ca^h ; balance in I, 2. 3, 4 and 5 tears, the purchaser to give note* f?r the deferred payment? bearing inter. st from the day of rale. A deed given and a de>-?1 of tru.-t taken. ORF.EN ^ SCOTT, H 0^?d Auctiore?r^. I?y OWFV.M 4k SCOTT, A nr.* *otie?r a. HriLDING LOT AT AUCTION?On I UE.^ L>AY, th?* ^th uiaiaat, we sii ll evil, at half pa?t st* o'clock ?? m , on the iwemise-, Lot No. 33 in fiifxlivision ol equ -te So 5ti9. huvma a frt nl o> an alley of;*J Itet, ru>ininf hack ft4 feet, 1 fiM ?qua.c feet. Term? ra?li. CKEEN & SCOTT, je 20 - d Auctioneers. Ity ommiJV CO j BalUm!>iC. OMNI':Ud COACHES AT AUCIION- Will h-,- cfl'i red r.t Public S^lr, at the Citiz,,,''.-! Lii.e St iblcs, ortifr iifOib<en (no-.-/ En aw ?tr? rt) and Hoffman streets, Baltimore, <>n haTUROAY. the June. in-*ant, commencing at 10 o'clock, if fair, or if not fair, on the Monday tol'.owing, at the same hour? lit eood second hand Omr.ibna Coacbeu Several ret* il .rncss, l<>t of Tools, 8te. Ttrtn- o'Sale: One half cn*h; the ha>ance for now*, with approved endorsers-, payable in 6month* with interest. WM. T. f-TEIGER Tnstee. je 1.9?d _ G1U3QN it CO., Auct^? By C, BtG?Ji;:.Ei Ancttr.neer. 'I'RUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE improved I p.itd unimprov <1 Heal E-tite ?In pur nance oi a de<-r?-e <?;'the Circuit Court of the District ol Co lumhia, sitting in chancery, naseed in a cause wherein Levin M- P? w? II ami jtannrttf Powell a/? comp'.u, ants, and A llradl?*y, Sidney A Bradlev, ChirleJ M Thrust'-n, W IIimii T1uu.< ton. II ratio Ca'or, Kl.zi. ieanne tc and l)i k'Tim Pniliips Ttuus'on; t rah Ti-ritmon, Charles M., lielf-n K , ; ??d Thomas \V. '^rusfm; Fanni- C. Tiiruston, <?HB''ette i'.. Ahrt-il IJ . mid Sydney Tfniflon *>re defeinlai ts. tii?: iindersicred tru-tees, 8|iptt>nted ander -aid tlticrb'', will proceed to ???!' at auction, up n the pr< inw -t, .o the highest b d?ler, ttie followins d<->crihetl Loti ant} Houses, 8iinated in <;ie Miyol iVafhi-gt.>n, viz: Ou TIIIJRCI.'AY, tht 12:h i4 <y of July next, at 6 oVI-'ck p. ni , lhe v.hoi'- of -cii -re Tlns?<;uare i^ bounded by Ttiiid and Fourth an et-. betwt en H u d ! htreetnanl In: ei' -a^'-nu , and will l? s t d i i I ts suiiable it r luiil i ig comiorialce dwtl lin^s, arn! "a. h lot set arately. i ?n FRIDAY, the 13th ol n^xt, at fi o'cloc? l? nt , or??!? al t>, 7, r.w.i 8. in >q:,.ir ? nmu'K'rc ! 630. A portion of th?s properly is improved by goo?l i suh -tant' tl iiou*?s, tin re>t is atuuipr ?ved. On MONDAY, the loth ot J il, neit. at <? o'clock p in., lot 18 and part of 19, in square numbered 16 I'his property is elig.bly sttuat* d, on K street, r.eni /he lowtr O-org* town bridge, and !*? lmj.rnvei by a will built ti? r e ttory Lr:ek house, ba x bui d ins, and ?table. The terms of t*|P siid sate shall ' e as fol ows, to wit: One fourth part of the pirchase money eha'l be p:ti.1 at the tiim- ol a ? I rale, ai:.1 the hal trce ii ? q-ial inst dmenta, at 1, 2, rm ; .< years, the putcha ser to g've for pai. deferred payments his bond, witli a -liretirs t<? be approvetl by the trustees, or such otiier security a? th'- trust.-c - t-J'afl d? em uflieient It th" ternj- ofsh" ^ale are rot complied with in four days, the tru?t-Ci r seive to themselves the right t > -se.I sgain, at th<- purchaser's risk and Oil Al! conveyance at the cost of the purcha^r w fl. VVEMI, I Trustee! JOS II. BRADLEY, jr f ,r-slLn JAS C McGCIRE, je 18-law3wfi 12,13,S l'jj sly Auctioneer. By ?A?s C. RIcUUIHKt Auctlon-tr 'i RUSTEE-S SALE OF VALUAULK H?H'st i and Lot oil the corner of F street -o*ith and 3 suect west.?By virtue of a de^d in trust lr< m Jn>: t". i olfon and wife, the subsetiber will sel^at pub lie sa|?., on THURSDAY, th< 'JtJth day of June 1US5, at 5]/. o'clock p. m-, on th" pj? misi-s, par.s o Lois Ntw. 54 an I 25, in Square No f 39 fr> ntmg 4 feet ou F street Fouth, b/ &? f et 6 inches on 3 I ft west, with the buil ing<? and improvements, whiel consist of a weil bui't two siory frame h ?use, w?tt brick bakery attached. The a ove property is el'^Uy situated on th? Island, and offeia a favurable opportunity tn p- rsoni desiring a residence oi to make an investment. Th** terms of sale w lil be one-third cash, and tin balance in 6, 1 ri and 1(* months, for notes bt anig n tere^t from the day of sale, secured by a deed o t'Ust en the prop rty. If the terms of a:e are not complied with in si] days after tne sale, the property will be resold at thi risk and expi use f.t* the purchaser. A'l conveyancing at expense of purchiser. CtiAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. JAS. C. McCJIIIRE, 'e 5?iHifliils Auctioneer. THE POTOMAU RIVER STEaAiMA'] COMPANY^ STEAMER ALICE C. i'RICt CAPT "AMUI-L BAKER, _ -IT* w WILL LE'.VE WASH1NGTOI jyfi5i^*C\T 6 O'CLOCK A. M., AND AL t..-. ?.!>' i a *T 7 O'CLOCK A M ON TUESDAY MORNINGS for?Mattox, Cur rioman, L.Machodoc. Piney Point, Kinsale, Cone ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Chapel Point Wicomico, Leonardtown. Paiey Point, St. Mary's Cone. ON WEDNESDAY (returning) leave Cone at < o'clock a m., for-St MaryV, Piney Point, Leon art-town, Wicomico, Chapel Point ON SATURDAY (retu ningj leaving Cone at < o cbii'k a. in , for- Kinsale, Piney Point, L. Macho doe, i urrioman, Mattox. Caliitii; ht th" usual landings on the river wliu signals are made. By orccr of tue Board : J AS P. SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va^ June 1, 1<&5. Je ?tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING With ?ach train of Can arriv ir^ in Waahicgtoa or Aleran dna.? 'I lie dreamers THOMAS COLLYEBt GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the abnvi connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. in for U* Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' j same train ou their ai rival. Meals furnished on the boats. The Buala connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, eJapt. may 17?d "selling OFF. V\TE have concluded to quit the fancy silk trade Tf and in orter to reduce "ur large stock wc shall com oence to day selling off our eutire stocl of Far cy Brocade, Piaid and Striped, Col'd Silks ai COST, and many for less. Also, all Printed Bareges, and thin Drea.- Goodi at 25 per cent les? than former prices. Ladies aud purchasers generally are invited u examine our assort.t en; before makieg their se!ec< tioce, iij we are determined to ? ffer gr?;at 1 argains. t OLLEY i. SEARS, No. 5*43 Seventh st, 3 doors north Pa. av. jp 13? eo2w A CARD. MRS CAMERON infoiin* her friends and formei patrons that her health being entiiely restored the h is resumed her former busmess, and has or hand a general assortment ol Dr. Banuiri|('s AB DOMINAL SUPPORTEhS. Her long experienct and success in applying the Brace is well known, Ladie* requiring particular attention can be accom mod a cd with board ?rooms are laige, iocatiot health>, and a pleasant walk to the Departments It ij n? ediess to speak of the benefit of the Biace t( ib? efBlcted, it has b^en too successfully tinted t( require comment Re erenca given if require* Address No ?99 Fourteenth etreet. near the M? ?? men . je 16^1,23?3i? 171INE ENGRAVINGS.?We have reci nUy re ; ceived a large lot of fine French, English, am American Engravings, which we are veiling offal exceedingly low rates. JNO. F. ELLIS, jo 31 306 Pa. avenue. TELEGRAPHIC. BKrOSTKD rot TBI DAILY EVEffma BTAJt Arrival of tha Daniel Wabater N?w Orleans. Jen* 22 ?Tbe Daniel Web star, from Sao Juan, arrived her* to-day, with 83 paaaangars. and San Jfrasoitoo date* to tha lit i- St. Ihe Star ofj the W?et left San Jaan for New Yoih on the lftth with 500 pueeogera asd $700 000 in specie. Arrival of the Ariel New York, June 22?Ihe eteaaar Ariai frrtn Havre revived here this evening The Ariel ietc Havre on the afternoon of tha 9th tani9 daj on which the At'.a tailed She brings <17 pusecgers and Sitia papers of ihe m rr.fng i-f her departure, bat they contain no'hing additi >cal beyond glowing account# of the icteing ? f the Lord Major of London at Paris Baltimore Markets Baltimorb Juseii?Floor? Howard atre V olosed at $10. bu* snUf quenfly aold tot Hi 87#, City Mills is held at 59 871, bat bo sale*. Wheat id declining?a?le* of rod at 91 18% $2 20, white at $2 Jrta$2 25 Corn?aalea of vrhite, (la$l 03; yellow. $la$l 01. Few York Marketa New York. Jure 23 ?Cct'on is dnl', with a i'dinirg le cietcj Floor bss declined fte.; ?alej<>f4 500bbls go^I Ohio$3d$y 50; So> liars is firmer??*lei of 1 6u0 bbla at $10 25i$IO 87. Wheit iff dn'i, with a declining tendency. Corn?Wesiern mi ltd at $1 Olafl 04. Pork nar declined 12?i ; rew iuw $19 50 par bbl.; prime $lrt Beet is firm wirh an upward ten leocy; countrj bics $10 7&3$12 62i par bbl L\rd is unchanged. and in moder.V.a demand Whisky?Ohio 37s37ii per gallon. BTew York Stock V&rkaf. Naw Yonc, Jane 23?Stocks are lower. Money ii unchanged. bales at tbe drat board of Erie's at 52; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 91}; Cleveland, Columbus and CioaioBatl Railroad $108; Cleveland and Pittsburg Rail " -nd, <9#: Kradiig Railroad. 92i; Cumber land Coal Company, 31; Cant n Company, 28; New York Central Railroad, 100]; Vir ':nia 6's 100#. U?tor.RSIc;\EnfSROCEr.Y MEB WxZS? chants, tl^nrdtr in g-ve unit lor recr?-eu- n <? tlis clerk? in their emp'oy, dutir g the wanntn of hi Summer month*. h> lebv agree 10 clow their re ipec'ive stores at eiiihi o'clock p. m , (t*?tur<'.ay ? vfn:r bb excepted,) from lliia date until the Irrt day of 8ept? n?n? r next GEO. h TII03 PARK I R fc CO., S*>1UEL KA?'ON 4. CO., MUKR W 8t SEMMES, il AMILTON a LEACH, B. ? MOR-'ELL, It A it B' M 'K & SEXMES, E. E. W IT? 5t CO, ED HALL. SHEKEL!* BROTHEBS, BFRRV a BOlVjE, MID:?l,KTON Si BEALL, JESSL B WILSON. Washington, Jnne 11,1B"5? ?w ENGLISH 1 UiiNIP i & EUTA BAG A 8EBD8 |UiE undersigned liu*Ju*t received directfr?m tbe * rrnw-r*. a well selected *a>ck of ihe lol owinr: ?^iirving's Livr.rol Swede or Kuta Bag*, Lang's improved ?:o , Gr*en and Purple inpp<-d d'?, MTfeus C h >, ?\ ?iit?- and K< d Tansnrd, O angp J<-lly, Dale ? ivhtid, Wliit^ Nor 'nllt, and other Tur. ip?i Ea?!y n?* Eiriy 8rowba I H*i Week*. Pint iialcli, Purple ivpp?*.| Str.p leavM Gud** ? Turnips. J.irly Y'?rk. L;:rgc Vork, Fin l?urch, Drumkeai, IJeart shar-d ?;th ni^ny new and G?d Cal b ie?*a, all warranted frr. h, offiaeec qual iv and are o lered al v< ry ni- d rait pu o*. JOH ^At'L, j'i)?1? Ct* Mat 7-') ? ii 'I H ^tr?et?. A CARD. ATKS. K. Pllll.LiP , No- 401 Firth st., 31 between G and 11, de?irca to inform the ci'U of Wat-hi; s ou and vicinity, that Mm: is now jtnpa^d to cive in struct ions on tb?* piaoo r<>r???. She Ii4? i^iretit mnric in m'iii*! < f the principal iliee itt me Union, and ha* e=rim<? aiiot%ui( thai ?he < iu!l> comp' U-ni lodistliar^e thedunea of her pro ..?km?n to the suti*/Aetion oi thoec who may f vor with their patr?r.a2?. TermM: $11 tor |p??-on^ at her recidcnce, or *12 ai 'lie r- m eace vf net pupils je 12?eo3ni* M. WTLLTAN, LADIES' DEE S AND rR-MWlNG STORE, Pa. avenue bctxecu 7(4 ar.d etA $tr* ??. MWILLI'.N w->u'd recp^ctiully annrmnte to e the !. lieenf Waatiuii;ioii, that h?? haj jost received from .!??? Northern citif-a a complete Hock '?i (iOOUS, r. ."i.g which may be louud? Vcw -tv|? F:? i:. !i Dress Trimmings 1'int Fr< nch Fiuwen and RihuHsi A lur^e lot of B xniela, in silk, enpe, and straw, of ih<* laie.-f pattrrua And an < xc?l!pat ajenrtmcnt of hindaome Embroi derive < f all kin.l< |)r<-ne? mitde in the latrrt Paris faetii ms at re* etNiabfe ? ates. l iDkific ind Flutine and Kid Glov* cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, ready made, and made to order, may 31?eoliu N"LVV BOOrece.ved and for Mie at HHILLINGTON'8 Botikatote. The Life o! Napoleon, bv Abbott, complete in 9 vol*. T!i': Winkles, by the author of Wild Western Scenej < "on<* Cm Corners, tbe Experiences of a Conserr*. tiv?? family Tal n for the Murines, by the author of Los Grin f>n. Misring Bride, by Mrs. ffomhwortli Mnredun, a tale of the T?<lve lluudrcd and Tan, by iMr Walter Scott, Ba;t RaWnuV Mnxaziue tor July. All the New Book * and every thing in lha Sta tionery line, for *a'e at 8ilILLINOTON*8 Cook?iore, Odeon Buildiac, car. 4^ si, and Pa. av. je IB?tr Notice is hrrxbv uivKXtbati shal! apply to the Department of tb<> Interior !? r the is<ue of a duplicate Land Warrant, No 100 060 for 4 > acres, supplemental to Warrant No. 33 0ib for 40 ai res, i*i-ued to Plei^ant Lacy. ? iih n hlaiiK ansi^nu cut oo tnc back tin reof, which waa iiurcliased by rn" of ihe emid Lwy, and forwarded t<> a |!> tith'tnari in Wn!>hingion City, in the 14.b uf May lae>t, a id wairh haa not b^en reetived by bun. G D NEAL. Piltfil<ania C. H., Va., June 16, 185i. Je ao?Iaw6ty TlirUAEL NOUKSE, No, 461 TUitiee*tA street trtd, for the Mntaal Life Icatiranea Compa ny of H&r'foid Conn. SHOULD not every man depending for support on hi? uai!y employment aecure lor the ia5U>) in cat>e oi bia de ?th, by ii.uuriaf hia lile. la a certain aniount, stv ^ 1,00J, by pay>n/ frotn aix to twelvw dollars per auuniu?or, i>houH not tbe wifa, if he otnita it, teenre for herself, by her aavinf and ap oropri man for that purpose I ruin 50 centa to II per nfiiiih. - (Organ) Je 91?lawlSw IMPOBTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING T^ERSONS removing fr'>oa the city, and wishing I to dispose of their Furniture and H. uaekeep ing Uteni-ils. ac , w thout tbe trouble of sending them to public auction, can do bo by calling on us at our Store. 317 Pa avenue, corner of Ninth ai, ai w ' are prepared to buy all such goods as may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling on us, as we will p:?v the highest caah prices for au suchg-ods. WALL, BAKNARD k CO. je 7?2m 31T Pa avenue. PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. r|,H 18 Baud is auitaMe for an , and all pur; X and ie warranted to give satisfaction to all thoM who may b? pleased to eng4?,e tbem, either aa a Bras*, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the abort e&i notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Taltavuli's Store, oppoMie the Marine Barrack* N. B.-Orders left at HUhua & Hitx'r Music D? pot, will be promptly attended to. n.ay 25?4m SCHUTTiK 4 KAHLERT, i. n t i s t a , Fre co, D eorative, every d4 anption of ORNADUCKl AL eilNTIXO, Order* left with Baldwin and Nenning, Archi tects; will be promptly attended to. je b-dl?i* fHILAD-LPHIA L&OEB BKSB D5P0T, 381 Pa. avenut, ketwen 4# and 9tk +*. tl E have at all times the best PHILADELPHIA y v LAGER bEtK on band and offer It now lor pale foT $3 per ke|, and In quart bottles for $1 30 per doieu We send lha beer tree of c.wt to all pans of tfte city. 4^- Manv phjraieians have recommended J?. bet r as one of Uh> bast remedies for weak stoBsrV je 18?lm*

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