Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1855 Page 4
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% T f ^ t ^ *? ; ft ^ I A |l . ENGLISH CHURCH K? The "too early Io#t" Mis* Laodon left a* a legacy to the world a portfolio of aopublithed po?m?, one of whioh ia the following, touching and beanufnl : How beautifully they stand, Thoae ancient altars of t ur native land ! Amid the pasture fields an 1 dark ereen woods, Amid the mountain's "loudy solitudes; By river* bread that rush into Uio sea ; By little brooks, that with a lapsing sound, Lake playful children, run by copae ami lea! Each in its liitie plot of holy rround. How beautifully they standi Thoee old gray churches ot our native land! Our livs are all turmoil; Our souls are in a weary strife and toll, Grasping and training?talking nerve and brain, Hot* day and night ti? cam! We have grown woildly?have made gold our god, Have turned our hearts away from lowly things ; We seek not now the wild flower on ike -od ; We set-n not snowy folded angel's wing Amid the summer skies? For visions come not to polluted eyes I Yet, blessed quiet lanes ! Bull piety, still poetry remains, And shall remain, whilst ever on the air One chapol bell calls tu&h and low to prayer? Whilst ever green and suni.y churchyards kr,ep The dust of our beloved, and tears are shed Prom founts which i-i the human heart lie deep! Something in those aspiring days we need, To keep our spirits lowly, To set within our hearts sweet thoughts and holy. And 'tis for this they stand, The old grey churches of our native land! And even iu the cold corrupted mart, (n be great city's heart, They stand ; and chancel dim, and orpin sound, And stated services of prayer and praise, Like the righteous ten, which were not found Por 'he polluted city shall upraise, Meek faith and love <ancere? Better, in tune of n< ed. than shield and spear! A Willing Witnbs3 ? In the Muni cipal Court of Boston, during the trial of liquor cases?that is, of cases arising un der the Maine law?much merriment is occasionally excited by the colloquies that take place between the Court and the witnesses. Here is a specimen: Judge?Did you ever notice a "bar" in the store of Mr. ? Witness?1 did not. J?Was there a counter in the store? W?There was. J?What have vou seen upon the coun ter? W?I have noticed a pitcher. J?Did you ever notice anything other than a pitcher? W?Yes, your honor: & sugar bowl. J?What besides these articles? W?Tfcere were some bottles. J?Did you ever see any one drink from these bottles? W?I hrve. J?On how many occasions, should you think? W?Several. J?Did you ever taste the contents of them? W ?I have. J- What did you call tor, usually? W?St/me saddle t>ags. J?Was there anything, to your be lief, intoxicating in that beverage? W?1 cannot say there was. J?By what other name wa? this li quor called? W?Mrs. Dr. Wheeler J?Mr. Clerk, pay this man the amount of his witness fees, and let him withdraw. UOVKMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Nm.tC. Lea it fjr Day ^nel.?. Havre N< w York..Jur*e 9 Uuak>r City New \ ork.. Havre June 28 Union New York..Havr?. Juiil JO Tm' CaiiiuiLU itcadien icave Ne* York ?>n ?he 5*1; and DOvt uf e.tch ntOnJi. ? *']'! V iLS Ai PRINCIPAL n')7EL?. B X6? Hotel?^T. r. fc. K B?3f? A H Cop,- r, Pi II Y Bingnian, Pa E 11 Morrii,S(.' W J Hawthorne k lady, L J Mabi, do Va H Pars low, La Mrs Diamond, Pa J D Gardiner, do Miss Diamond, do G W Hillary, M>! J B Diamond, do J M Pluu. uer, do RL Wright, Va C C VcGrnder, do J L Slocunt, HI J 8 Be t, do J Campbell, Tenn P H Pow. r. Va m Cohen, Md T saiidtfjon, M l J 11 Pifer, do T A Bodkin, do A S Gray, Va P Duffy X trie, d, Va G W Thompson k lady, J Barbour, do lud Mrs P H P -wers, servant T J Turner, Md k child, do E V? 1 t-lt, do H Jacki>oii, T? x W A Jarboe,do R Bowden, NY W J Lancaster, do W 8 Jo?n?oii, Pa f J Barker Si s<.n, NY A A Uudg'*, Md W daiiih, do "W illnr.ii' llotfcl -a. a. k j. c. Viiitt Lt Col B Brags, U3 Prof B Hilliman, jr, Ct Mrs Brsiy Miss Batch elder, NY W P Abendr th. jr, N Y J U Floyd J G Pergu- hi, Km E M Scabrock, JSC P Rodders Pa W Triplett, Mo R G Laiting, La P S Shelton, Mass W Hunt. M aas A McKinstry, do K Key, Ky li C Miller, Ala H W Gamhrill and lady, P VV Hauewinckel and Md lady A J Mistead, do J Bradley, Tea Mi*s E A Davis, do B Roberts, Mil J Aialarl, M K S Rolph, do B H Bartoi, Pa Geu H W Paltry k family. Mr Bpntg. Md La Miss H Key, Ky W li Dauglers, do Capt Buch?;ian, 1'SN Ktv4V' N 1'eudletcn. Va W P 1 euitg, Pa LA Curriu, do J Maidack, jr, NY Aatloaal Hotel?i p. ntLu." J D Hrun-mead, Md J F Ltwrcnce and lady, J T Young do Ky J Gousuiine k lady. La .'diss E Pope, do Mir* J Ooandine, NY j p Thompson, do W Carpenter, Ky A C Br wn. do J T Vaiwell, NY H Passlar, La B Wo??d, do M O Uavnon, Md T P Buailcroes, Va J M ^usdisli, Va J Well, Pa J C Normandy, France J Noble, O H H Cocke, Cs* M D Noble, do C D Marker, Md R B Rolph, Md MAPeffer, l a B Roberts, do m Klikwood llama*?j. a. K a. Kiaawoon O W Thritt, Ala T A Johaston K servant, A Moody, HC Ala H Harrison, NC G W Rhodes, Mi K M ixnulass, Pta R p (.r Mass J H.?l!er, Md C \\ W xHlmaa, NH Mi# Peters. Va H Hayes, jr, do L M Goldsborough, Md tt Hill, do rf C Mendenhall, Ind - "Meet Statsi BoUI-l C. liruiT. B T Fellows, Md W A K?dam, NY -? aunth S M Van .Vyck a lady, JWW.rth.NY m; '' W Radde, do J Bird, Va H E Sa/kiuaan, do G R Goff, Mass ^ - ??-* i- a^aton Haas*, Al?i??dria, Va niwton, raoraiiToa. J M ^tandi.b, Md M U Davidson, Md P Coyie, DC J Brandtburg, Va A Co; le, do K C Hroun, do Mr Garter, Va A G Gray, do MraGarber, da \v Mi-a Garber, do v\ Tavloe. do W Horner and daughter, W P Parish, do do D R Clem, do G B 12oro?r, do t \ l'ryur, do J D Gardner, do J Haddock jr, NY C A Gunnel, Md J Corning H. iadv do Mim. Cobb, do C F lieuient, Md' Wiilarda' Hotel?Old Point Comfort, Va M N Vails, Bait R Pull, Phila C Heukley a lady, do U || Barnes, lady, 2chil Jbo S Cunningham DC dren K si-rv't, Kichm'd I Cohen, Bait W BrockeU, Portsmouth R H Harris, do Wn U Davis, Petersburg P P tfullivan, do Maj W H French, >ld H Whuney, Norfolk Miss A B French, do Mr* J Brandt, child and L W Webb Norfolk nurae, Ball TJU Ridley,do Mrs Dodge, do T R Daw?on, Phda J W Ruling fc sor, Va Hon A D Mann, DC J F Reynold', Norfolk tht" R?h? Eichmon . Chas Reedf-r, Rait 5?r- ?? r. B"'?, do A Hetmilary. do A - *: ! I f yrrl-bit * Ham'I RarohWh, ? = HN M 1 A f. . fc.:, \ a M li L>uu, I t"-?a?iig MtsaC M Perkins k ?r J l^awson, do vast, do J Kowieu, ' FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALOON. rj^HE undersigned respectfully announce!" to the ; citizens of Washington, that he has opened a Gentlemen's Hair Dressing and Shavi"g Saloon, on Pa. avenue, between 1 l?h anil 12th streets, where be is at all tim-s prepared to accommodate them in all branches of the toa=orial opemion. Hair Cutting pertormed in the very Inert styles. tie would call particular attention to hu Wigs, Toupee*, Braids, Fnxettcs, Whiskers, Mustachoi?, h.c., ana is prepared to fi!i all orders in tlie above line at the shortest notice. A gwd ass r ment cci stantlv on hand He respeotftilly solicit* a call, foclit g assure < that be cannot fail t<? pl<as? all who may so favor >nm. J* 8?eolm JOHN HERRORN. POTOMAC PAVILION, Piney Point, 8t. Mary a County, itfpryland. r.s1HIS desirable place for health and i-ba:hine will be opened for the reception of visitor? on the 15?h of June, with noth n? left undone that *ill promote lhe comforts of its guest. Many improve ments have been made since my la?t season. A Lunch Room has been built lor the accommodation ol visitors at al! reasonable hours, oay and nielit. Stables and Carnage Houses have been buiJt to accommodate those at at a distance Billiard Table. Pistol Gallery, Shuffle Board, Ten Pin Alleys and Baths have all been improved, and are free to viritvr$ only. I .im thankful to the public for their patronage the la^i two seasons, nnd hope to see my old friendt and many new face- the coming season. The Pavidon shall be clean and well kept Children with whooping cough or measles will not be admitted as boarders. TiRMS OF BO&RIK For single day $*> 00 For three days or less than a week, p- r day.. 1 50 By the week 10 00 By the month, p?r day 1 25 W. W. DIX, Proprietor. Letter Bct;s have beer, placed on all the Steam ers for the accommodation of viators. je 5?eolm A CARD.?LOOK HERE! ALL ye lovers of the food things ol this life and we will tell you where you may obtain at least some of tbem. Thanklul for past favors, ! would respectfully ask a continuance of the same dur lie this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furnish all who will give ine a call with the sweet and cool in2 Beverasjee in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte R-tise, Blancmange, Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen eraily kept in well regulated establishments of Un kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Takes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, he., Sc., and upon reason able t?r.n*. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.? Best quality ICE CREAM s?!d at *1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m JoHN W. RIGHTSTINE. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker ana louis jamn have formed a co partnership under the firm cf "Walker 1 Jann." for th? management and ar SHinent of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court of Claims at Washing ton City. Address Washington, D. C. Eiay 10? eo3m MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! H ?< tJIKKSi, Jeweller, No 33U Pa. avinni, HAH received-this day, direct, the largest assort nient of" maamficent Roman ami Florentin M' 'SAIC JEW EERY, which ever been otfersd in this city. I'lie patterns are of the very latest styles. flie lot, being raiiier iarge for the advanced s n<Vi, will be sold at extremely I v prices. Maifnifi^ent sets ot Pin- and Ear Rtn^s, from gii up to .*50. Admirers of this style of Jewelry are in vl' d to examine tins .assortment. je 11 DENTIST kY. Dr. MCNSON nwptcual y caih public .-mention to Ins new. patent, ?nd GREATLY IMPROVED iii 'titod ol seltin, ArtilicialJ Teftii, with Continuous Cum the very PERFECTION Ol- 1 lit* ART. J hisstvle oi'Teeth has the follow; ,g advantages over all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS. COM rOBT.and PEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these r? sptt ts, and in rome other-- excelline. Public in spection Is icspectf diy e-licited. ca!1 r.nd fee specimen*. CAUTION.?N cth.'r Dentist in tli>' District o* Colombia has a ri,'ht m make this- style of Teeth. !?.- Te? :.i constitutionally hcr.lthv, plugged till wari-.n'ej for life. Ofice ?r>o bouse at No. ?9 8 E street, r -ar th.: corner of Penmy'vania avenue and 14tb fire t. ap 21?tf CARRIAGE S?CARRIAGES. I H/ E now on band, bad constantly fi i hini>, a very large assortment of Pleasure andcJKBJL Family CARRIAGES, of the lat<-,? f ^b e3B ions, whicb I will sell a* low as the 8an.e quality ol work can he sold in any of the principal markets of | the United States. The subscriber is uow dealins exclusively in Car nages ol his own manufacture, and al! work sold by him will be w?irant"d, and compare favorably with any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex amine my stock before purcha*ia,i elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages takea in exchange or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS fOCNG, Sign of the Gi Iden Ilor;e, No. 409 Pa. avenue rod 4% street. may 1?t->3m TZK MUTUAL FIBK IH3URAlfC* COM PA 3Y OF TH<t : ISTBICT OF COLUMBIA. ^ ARTERED by Ccngre?ri, <:fiers to the property \ j owner- of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS WILSON', Seeretarv. MATHEW G. EMERY, Tourer. aiHiaug. Ulysses Ward John Van Ri-wick Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning F. Howard, Maihew G. Emerv. J. C. McKebien, Office, Columbia Place, corner Loniniana avenue aii 1 7ib street. OtTiee Lours from a to 6 o'clock p.m. feb 26?eotf ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORG \N; and a fine Risewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, he apply to Prof. SCHEEL. on 14th street, north of F HENRY ERBEN. teb 26--eotf PERRY'S AND GILLOTT'S 8T EL PENS in variety, boujht in person from the manufactur ers by the undersigned, in this way securing genu* r.eness, as well as the be*t quality nnd finish, ot each brand. FRANCE TAYLOlL may 26 Sl'PklRlOU i'ABLK AND POCKKV Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Sic ?A large assort nient, lower than at any other pla:ein the city. For good articles and low prices alwavs call ?t the Housekeep r's Furnishing Su?re, 490 Seventh fet. may JO G. t RAM IS Land warrants wantkd, for which the highest prices will be paiil by CHUBB BROTHERS, may 31?U (Intel) oup ihe Treasury. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL P.UTI.DINQ LOTS of 10 feet ar mcr-, In raxiouj pirta ol tbaCity, and G^ercsvown, al I?w price*, and terns-i to suit. LLOYD * CO I I' I lb ! H G H'fOrfi, P: T til*, deliverable at the Gac.,1, or ?V harVM jj ^fftblngtoc. ?ieorar?toirt. ir A'sicaadria. LLC7D & 00. opp Treasury IVvartn:ant It IjRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD QUICK 5 STEP.?This excellent piece of Music of the popular composer, Mr. Robert Heller, has just been published by the subscribers. Th<J title pape j* mest elegantly emhellished. HILBUS fc IIITZ, Masic Publishers, Depot in Star Building*. je*~ READY-MADE SUMMER CL?JTHING. s 1 AVING witbin the la.>t few days made great t i additions to our former stock of Ready-made Clothme, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in price and quality to visit our extensive t>a*esro>ms beiore making their selections. Our assortment of White and colored Shirts Gauze, merino, eilk and cotton Under-hirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stocks, t'ravsts, Scarfs,Ties Collars, Gloves, Hosiery, Sic., Is very larg; and complete, making our present stock one of the most desirable to select from iu pri ce* and qu^litv to be found this side of New York. WALL fc STEPHENS. 39J Pa. ave. next door to Iron ilail. Je 4?u" (News) I.EX \NFMH A PdLKA SCH< >rriSH-Hans Kruiumactier's new piece of the above name, dedicated to Miss Eliza J DeC imp, of this city, just put I lilted and for sale at the Music Depot of i' 5 HILBl H k HITZ._ .?l?ur cuxtomers are respeetfnliy in J^| lormed that on and after Uiis date, until Sep leinber, we Khali close our store everv evening at 7o'clock. HILRiJS k HITZ, Mn?ie IVpot. PR. Til??#!>. UAiSSMAN Keej* uu huu's fiom ei^ht to ten o'elock a.m. No. 505 i?vr*l/t *?, Off. Odd ftUovn Hall, iua/ w-ia* PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. 76 12 Triascey DtrvtTififtT, May 12,1856 SEPARATE PROPOSALS for furnUhing tbe fta tlowry required by thi1 d^partaien during the fiscal year ending June 30, 18)0, wl'l be cMiv?d until 12 o clock m., on the 3vih day of Junp next.?~ Tbose unaccompanied by s?\-<?ra?tory testimonial* ( f ability to folsill the coatrart will not b# consid ered. All the arti Met must be of the vary be-t quality? 8?impi?H ot each article a<*o:rp?ny the bid The sample'of the pTtv to whom the 0">ntract n ay be awarded will ba paid for by th; ds ptrtmrnt; t-e other* will be r-tumel to the re ' pirti^t No lid w 11 be considered when the article* awpmpicylng it are not of the b?et quality, an I suPea tc the wa ,t=; of the department: ..^d i'.ferl'.r, spnrious, or imitation articles will ; ubject the bid to rejection at the pleasure of t :e )"p-rtment Ka h prtpcal mnst be signed >y 'hi firm or in 1 v dual ranking it, and mus* s *cify a price, an i >m. one prke. for each ard every article contain- d in t' e schedule; and. a t withont uniformity there in the department would it difficult to make a de cirion, nme will ba taken into nonsiderattou un'ess u~?t?nti?lly aifreeing therewifh. AH the articled to be firuiehei must bn of the b-st qualify, ?nd delivered without d-)ay w! en or dered, to tb? sat pfacticm of the head ot the offloe for which they are required. The department reserves to itself the r!ght of or dering a grtater or lew quantity of each and every rticle contracted for, u tho pub'le service d#t r^ qui'e. r applying an inferior article at any time will be ieeruu i sufficient cause forthwith to acnul the eon tract. itonds, with approved scarify, to be given by the person or p^reons oootracting; and in cas* of a 'all ure to supply the ardcles required, the contractor and his sureties Khali be liable for the forfeiture spec fied in such bond as liquidated damages. The subjoined litt specifies as nearly as new c*n be doae. the amount, quality, and description cf each of the kinds of articles reqsdrrd: f8 reaias tolio post, satin or plain finish, faint lined, aad trimmed, te weigh not less than 17 lbs per ream 141 do foolscap, hand n^de, faint-lined, and trimmeJ, to weigh not less than 12 lbs p r ream HI do foolscap, machine, fairt lin?d, and trim nred, to weigh not less than 12 lbs P?r ream 11 do foolscap, plain, hand made, f:?iut lined. aad trimnroi, .o wo'gh not less than 12 lbs per r nm 5 do foolscap, plain, ra?.china, faint licad, and t domed, ti weigh not than 12 lbs per r:-ia 39 do ioolrcap, blue lild, hanl mnde, faint iin-*d. garden pitiern, cosm only k nown as tespatch or oon?ular paper, to wekli not 'ess ha-j 16 ltis per ream 394 do quarto post, hand nude plnin, 'aint lined three side*. per reim 83 do quarto p~st, machine, plain, fiint-lined thi< e sides. per' ream 12 do quarto port, band rn*d?, plain, tiint lined <cur side*, per ream 5 do quarto post, ma-rhine, feint^dined four sides, p*r ream 17 do quarto vost, ?rench, taint lined, three side.i, per ream 27 do i ote paper, gilt, per ream 18 do di pi*In cU? - do m?dium P'-.jwr, for books, per ream 62 do ?oj>jlng paper do do 4S do envelop* paper, y. llcw or buff, royal, per ream 7 do do do flat eep, white or blue, per ream 3 do large brown envelope, per ream 29 do blotting paper, royhl ?lo i.77 dozer rard? Perry's best metallic pens, par dozen *i rds 61 do do of ail cthur manufacture in use per dozen cards ?roe* metallic pens, b?-st qu?-Ji*y, cer gros? quill*. No 80, f-er >1 1 M quill.*', No. 70 d? 6 dozen ever pointed .ilT?r pencil ?, with gold peog, p? r dozen 10 do g Id pens, Brown's or equal, pe- d't^n 5 do silver esse- for .fc?. -ame, p?ir dopen 8 ^ro-e o; l<; far ever p< iut d pencils, assorted tizep, j er rrr 217 doz n beet black-leij (.enrjli, p*r dozen 10 do r?*K a-1 j.eaci!ti, p-r ii zen 15 do fcld-rn ivory, w inch, p?r doz?n 320 do re?l linen tap.?. asfo*ted, j?r drzea 75 do k t.frte, assorted foiors anl wijth-, in hacks, pee dc zen 4 do pounce boxes, of ivory, per do??n 1 do du do ooc^a do 8 do i-dhl bore? do do 1 do do ?in d) 9 do w.i'o- stands, O:- boies, ctcob, p?r d Ken 17 do eraserM, Rodger* .t son's, iv?ry handles genuine, rer dcz?n 38 do penknives, ltrdzcrs t Srn's, or equs'. 4 blades, backhom or p',trl handle, if n uine. per dozen 11 do w er i timpy, Ivory haadl-per doeen 1 do d! do lignum-vlto haaJle?, i^er doten '' 4 do offics *h?-ars, 11 ;nrh s p?r d:zen 4 do offlc scifsrrs, per desen 11 do inkstanas, cut glass, recently iovented fountain, movable tops, p^rdocen 4 do Inkstands, ca.e. iron, p r dosen 6 do French pump China insstands, per doaen 10 gallons b-ct ink. black, the department tohav? ^ of the market, per gallon bottles ink, black, th- d-partment to have choice of the market, per quart 5 quarts ink, r >d, th ? department t* have choice of th- market, per quart 46^o*.tles inV bin-, the depnrtment tohavechoioe the market, per quart bottle ' d0 ,Qk' re(l the department to have choice of the market, In pint bottles, p?r bct'Je 209 do earmine ink, small . itt, French, or iuual per b ttla 518 do ink best copying, in \? pint lot'les, per bottle 1000 waf. rs, large rtd, f >r depsrtment sen), per M 109 pounds wafers, common size, red. per pouud 117 do sealiugwax, beat extra superfine, scarlet, per pound ^ ' oo do b'ac^, per pound 34 dr- India rubber, prep ?r*l. per pound J do .. d? , unprepared per pound 1<8 quarts black sand, per quart 26 ounces pounoe, per ounc? 1 dozen cumel's hair pencils, a^-rted. per dos?n 1 < 0 p^undi twine, llr.en, j>er poucd 164 do do cotton, per pound 141 M pcoket envelopes, cf whi hot yellow paper, of the fullo*iDfc e zes, via: 8k by 3k inches, p?r hundred 11 dos?n ralers, malio^any, round or flat, ner dozen " 44 do alisti : pen-boklere, Alden's, per doaen may 14-law7w . INo. 631 ] " IS otic? of the establishment of an additional land district in the State of California l^UKKKAS under tho provisions of the act of IT, approved March 3, 1853 entitled, ? ~*P,, Pr<>vide lor the surrey ot the public land in California," Ac, the I?r^H?nt ot the United *t i es is authorized, at such time or times a* ia his judgment the public interest may eo imperatively require, * * * to divide the Mate of OalifWmia icto tw? or three separate land district", two of which diatri< ta were established un der sa.d act by publi-; notic?, dated 21st March. ^ ? *ad TThereai the survevs and s^tt'em>*iit< have extended in California so fsr that tho conve nl-nce of the iettlers and the public interert miuire the -8ta' lifciiment of the three di-trirts authorized by the act cf the 3d March, 1853, afor-naid ? Now, thereS>re, be it kno?*n, tbat under, and hv ,be ?aid act o/Con?r?Hs of Sd March 1J53 the Prasiient efthe Lniiul states hudirdcted that the State of California shall Sdiride^^ three feparate land districts, the bouudarien cf which are as fol'ows, viz : All that part of the State, oommenring on the Pa? ciflr ooaat, lying north of tbe Une between town ships seven and eijrht (7 and 8> north of Mount Di bble base line, thence runnipar oaet on said lin? to the meri.han thanoe south < n the meridian line to th?'.ue dividing townships three en I four (3 and 4) north ot said base !i-e, th-^ceewt ou s.?id line be tween townjhlps thrve and four to the extern boundary of the State, will form the "Cppxe Lis TRicr, the land office for which has be?u established at McrrynUU. ?f lJ'ag "?Uth Cf ,b# *b0V" deecribed limitB and ncrth of the I'ne diTiMca townl twr?:T one. south, (or fifth sUnd ard south) will f>rm the "MmiLit District," the of 7birh i8 ?t Bmicia; and all that part of tho ^taU lying south of the fi;th standard pirall-1 the ,X)WE* District.' v h?r^toi^re organize t, the offi^ for which is ea ablished at Lot Angelot; and in tSuJ a*? BcW/1"Ction ^ the Pr^id-nt of the I nitpd states, under the act of CongrgTa afore'aid, the boondaiiea j<b-!ve mentioned t,h?lJ in Jaturebe spe" vely^ ?f th^ H&lcl 1&nd d:it' ct? Given under my hand at the city of Washington, thi-. ninth dav ox April, A. D. 1855. By order of the President: JOHN WIL80N, ap 12-lH*18*laB', l,,r (1?neral Wfflw NEW AND OLD PIANOS. U ^i.'i ?Vv "aW stIire ,lir8'-t,t iisaorunent of . T *IAT ,eV, r "rtere ' ,n t,us cily from Hal J'0'' ,aacon ^ Itiiveu, and Knabe, bathle fe Co. a celebrated rnadufactoriva. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon veiy easy terns wr iff' raJ?'eJv. i1 n? u,,,'a on|y a fvw months, which ve offer at the low price of *200 ca*ii, a sccond hcaid Piano, ky Andre Sticn, for #75. A very tine second hand Chkkcrinc Piano for sale or reut at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange lor new. Always on hand, Stools, Covers, Violins, Guitars, I lutes, Accordeons, Music, lie. kc ___ F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania avenue, maf 10 bet. 9th and 10th stroet^. WHE \TON'S ELEMENTS Op 1X1 L.I'M UonaJ Law, new edition Adams Equity, utrw cdtuon, witli American note i?? r*A??a TAuoa WE>OULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR IJiOR ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER MADE.?Thus spoke a ww m l good mai, but mark the change J Let the afflicted hear him, and theu decide whether to Buffer on or be ir.-j.e whole. Ye professional rn.'n, with ruined health, hear! Rev. I a via W. ncMKirtrr. the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popula. and extensive ly read paper, the Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in his editorial of the 16th o*" May, 1855 thus speaks of HAMPTONS VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time ago we merely al'uded to Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great r. lief wo have ourself derived fiom its use During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary habits, we became quite dyspep tic, and were very m u !i troubled with vertigo For more than twelve yeari after leaving col'ege, we were laboring un ler these two afflictions In the spring ol" ISUOj our general health been me so delicate that it was with pr* at difficulty we coda attend to t!*e ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive or gans became wholly <Vratged; losing as it seemed to us, all their activity and v:iality; we were con stantly depressed in spirit, our energy almoft for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to action. We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired of ever recovering our health, when a female triund of oum importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us that .vc wouif fiod great relief from its use. \Vc briefly replied, "we would not give a tioLar for all the THvt turr Il.unpton ever mode, so far as i-tir own in iivid ual healiti was concerned." We had no faith iu it nor any other medicine in effecting a curt on us. In the kindness of her hesrt, however, without con suiting ua about it,lie sent and got one bottle and urged us to accept of it. and for her sake, as it couid not possibly injure uf, to use it according to dhec tion. For the high regard we had for her and her act of kindness, w e promised to do to. And witn out exageration we can truly say that before v. e had u*ed the conten'9 of oae bottle we felt like a new man We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. vVe were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. 3;nce then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, and so fir as our libors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilitfes, and worldly carcs will alio*, ot?r spirit* hive been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as we please, and when we please? and all is well. For the sake of the r.fflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the sa-jo relieffr?m if use that ??e have. It tihouid be hept ia every family. No family should ever be without H \MPTO N'S VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lairycrt, Doctors, Ba .krre, Ministers, in all th? Departments of Stata, Ladies and (.'c title in- n in the highest walks ; f life, as well as th' se moving in tilt most humble spheres, t-penfc of the ciues on them selves and friends by this wonderful article. Call and g-i swmpntcis jr'.i!-, and see c ire o Cough, BronchiUrf, Uhcunia:i.-m, Neuitupia. uv pepHia, Nervousness airti General Weaknes*.' As - female raedicinc or for delicate ciiildten. vve ??/? it unequalled. .Sold by MORTIMuR & MOWBRAY, 140 iia.i more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadwpv, N. V rk Chas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moors, D. B. Claris Claris X Dowusa, W. Elliot, ar.d II. !VL-pBi:r. son, Washington; al#o. by R. S. F. Cisstt, Geor^t town, and C. C. H*r?y. Alexandria, and by Drtij |i>UeVer;Khi. c. REV. JOIIJV LA?MfMN, PAKTOR ()p THE EXETER 8TKF.KT, M. E. CHURCH \ strong dcs?re to benefit the abided induces htm thus tu cer'ifv. W; thai ena ; any other mediciuu to present such si icr.s-s of testimony froio gentlemen and ladies of high ^t:tnding of our own well known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BROV CH1TIS, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, &c Bai.timorx, January 24th, IK*. Messrs. Mortimer Sf Mot?l<ray : I take pleasure in sa. ing to you that I have used > >ur "Hampton's Tincture" with very great p rofit From a serious taroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when f com menced to use ' Hampton's Tincture." I found it. effects upoii my general h?alth most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive irems soot! rit 'it ed op under its lire ' have several u:.: :.- recommf nded it to nr. frteads, and in < very ease, as hr as 1 ktr . a torn? 'd, they have ti."5e it with sr-cces-:. Your.- truly, ? ?-Un Lanauan, I'ucio: Of Exeter st., M. E. Church. Baltim BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Ralxi&h, N. C.; Feb t, IBS; iletn t- Mortimer & ihio'ray: I d. In re'ty certify fiat about twelve months ag' I was u.ken ?.vfth a ,-evn hemorrhage of the Lut:*-. and had four attacks of it I wa? advisee! to try Lr. Hamptr.n'r Vegetable Tincture I procured one boitle, and after takin" which, I was satisfied tint I was much beu< ijgkjd thr.t, after takirg the f.-arth bottle, 1 wu entir^^well, ard now i enjoy tts guos! health as ever I did in my life. I can, and do, With out the least he^iiatiop, recommend t??e Tincmr' to all pr-snna afflictcd ic ny r ly. T jurn. Geo. ^V. Wbaki it. CURB FITS?READ! Mirttc.the Skk i\an Chl4.?Froin one of the moil raspectabk Drugci-ta tit South Carolina. t.'HARLBSTOK, g. C. t<ept. 91, 18&<. Menrrs. Mf!v?BxtT :_The sale ronr Harrpiou's Vegetable 1'incture is increasing every ?lay, and every botf'e sold recommends this valua'ile medicine to the afflicted. Several of our plan!ers have tried it in different cases with aston laiiiMg success, and are getting it by half dozens. It has been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu rja^c affections, and a wonderful crire has been performed on a r.e;:ro bov, differing from Fits. I will furnish you w :u a number of certificates if you wid: them. I ain, gsnllesuea yours, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamoblets gratis, and seir caret ol Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pcj?sia. Nervousness and General Weakness. Aj a female medicine or for delicate children we believe It unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & M HVBRAY, 140 Balti more street, iialtimore, and Broadway, N. York Ciias. Stott h. Co., .t. B. Moor*, D. B. Clarsx, Ci-arrb S. Bowmko, VV. Eluot, and II MrPiiva son, Washington ; a!-o, hy R. r'. F. Ci -bki,, G^oree town ; and C. C. IUrry. Alexandria, and by Dn:g gist* everywherf. feb21 -tr Privato Modical Treaties 07 Till fEiYHlOLOGIGAr. VfK-V C? M&FRUQJt SH. a. JLA CKOIX, K. It? A LB AX X. Y. S60 L'sgss and 130 Vlie Pluin and Color?'! .TJUio graphs and 19" PrU? o?iy Cants. ?JMSect fref of poetsgeto all parts of the Uaion"?? 0HS\PEST BOOK RVEB PU15LIBHKD, nod cont-.fning SMrl7 d nhlB th? quantity ol r -AlVnR mntt^r iu that of the Ft7TY CKNT8 OR DOLLAR PCBLIOATION8. It (ration the PHYBIOIXV ay cy map*riaq?,ce.j the ."?"-ret if Irmitiesand disorie? of "o*ith and maturity, rc suiting from exc?>?B> s, which d"??troyth o physical and nra U! j.ovjfirj, with ohaerratioe^ cn raartit?e, ita dttlsa and dbqaaliftcsticns. end tl;x'r remedl#' ; litb^ra^n?, illustrating the acatomr and phy?ic'.o ;y, ?" i di;*as??H of the r^j re lustive orgat-i <>i hot'. r *i?s, their structa.?, ani fr.uct; >u. A t:!s.r c.)mprehensive lr?s tiee cn the duties und e?aua?*i??? f single and mar ri?l life?hiL^r r.nd fnutml al'la^aM, mode rf &> ccring thtai and inf>\*tile ones?iheit ohrlacion 1 raiu-i-i- ?--urtint hints to tii *4 ocnten>platin^ uaa'Ui^CJ? t.iil vV\ ov*re. b to it; ncn<v bower.r. thonlrt take tnit lai* pori*ot Bvsp wiiiso'nt Srst coua-iliias na p*at?? acBuaentatiee on c* and medieal treatment ol fexHles from ini-jccy to old a<??, each cum graph ically illnstr*.it?l by beaatifui liihogtaphiQ platen? nervoas debility, lie c us?i and cu.e, by a p at cnoe so eiai^le, olf and nffectaal. that iailure ti> lcp:>?l?>l??rules for dai'/ :aanagejnest?an eesiy on Stxrniatorrhtea witii nractical ohcerration^ on s Baf?r, and more eccce^sra'. mode of tr?atmnnt?pre sautionury hints on the a*.il3 recalling froti amp.ri sal praotice?an csnay uu all ?!i:,*a?efl ar'slnj iron ludLecretion, sith p:?ln snd eimvla rales by *?bicb all p ?rcone ctc e-ire thrmselvas without me.:cary reiae-JIee for tl.sse oelf iuiiijted miseriss and Ul-ip pointed licpea so uufortun .tely f revaieai in the young. It is ?. trathfa'. r-i?i'f.r l> the ai*r*.'<d aj 1 ihoee contwi^latiiig wamrga. in pemsal U p*^ ticu'arly r??a?mend-^i to pr.rnoci r.aitn.t-*5tiln^ oret doubts of th *!r t^rsi'-ai condition, und Tho a> t ooiibtrior.r o? ttvicg Rbrardel the h?lth, happineu aad priTi'.fct'J to nhicii every human Lting ia e.n ilf.ed to. ? Prioei US seats per copy, (;; tie oopiea for onc dol lar. rs ailed free of po;ttjr to a^y p*rt cf rbs Tal tod States. N. R.?Thcue wnt p-t'er may coasnitl.- I tux-u opon any of the diseaufea a pen vhinh hi* Ixx.-i a-e^u aiuher :erroualij oi by iaaii. Mciiolna uer.v to my p?rt of th?t Unlcii according to diiectious, fiat'e'.y packet; ana caiefnliy eew-ared frcsa all obwrvatien. Address Or. K. U ^.^OIX, No-ill Mtiaon L*u i or Pobl W.ce Box .:73, Albany. N. y. 4ST* Otl'J# cpfu daily iro!n a a r;. ?- 'j p jn, ?pu on genday trc>m 5 unrll 6 pm. Othco iviBond ft<-ra No l-5 Deatarst., to 31 ?*.lda? Lfj?, AlLany.N Y. ?ieoT L. J. 9IIUDL.KTON, DEALER IN ICE, Office and Dtpct south side F, m-:' to txrrner 12th 4. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had i:i large or small quantities. 09- Office open from 5 a. m. to 9 p. m. m I?eu2m rjiW?? FT A IVOR that have been in use for a v months for sale ut?oii very cheap and rea- ? ?0 h|i ;tro... JOHN P. ELLIS, 900 fa? uvcuue, bet. ftb aitd IQtU >i(Mt - DOCTOR HOOF'.AND S 0 ELRBRATED ?mnan Bitters, rurtutn wt DR. C. M. JACKBON, PhtlMlV, Pa., WtLf. Krni<-TCALtT CTR* ' v urn compuwt, dyspepsia, uchmcr, Chronic or Aerrout DtKUty, Ditto? ?/ tKt Kidney, aud all ci:teuK* tirUtM from a tU?. ordered Liver 9r Stomach. Such as Constipation, Inward Pi let, FttHnem. or Blood to the Head, Acidity of tin; s>tofiia-:li, Nau sea, Heartburn. Disgust lhr fond, Fullness or tv< ight hi the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink ing or F!uturir.E at the Pit ef the Stomach, Swihi mind of the Hea<|. Hurr ed and difficult Hreathinc, PluJtring at the Heart, Chokin? or Suflocatint Sen* auons v- hen in a lying Posture, Dimn<? ot Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Otill Pain in the ll<*ad, Deficirncyof Perspiration, YehoxrneHe of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, He., Sudden Flu-hee of Ucat Burning in the Flesh, Constant linacui ine-j of Evil, and <rreat depression of Spirits. 'J'HE projiriitor, in calling toe attention of the 1 puldi.- to this pr?*f>Hr;?tioj, do?.4 so with a feel iiigj of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tr.tifm to the diseases for which it U recommended. It is no new nnd untried article, but one that ha? -rin#d the test of a ten' trial before the Amen crn people,and <lx reputation ??i?d sale is unrivalled i?y auy e;nular preparations citant. Tl?e tesOKi'my in its favor given by toe most prominent r.n?l well* k town Physicians and individuals, in a'l parts of she country is immense. The following from North Carnhna is respe-uftifly sub** itt referring any who may still doubt, t" my "Memorabilia," or Prao ticai Receipt Book lor Fanner? and Families, to he had rrati?. of all the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and M ir.ufactory, ISO Arcli a;., Philadelphia, Ph. TESTIMONY FROM VOKTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. IV. S.i iih. of I'ivc Hill, Rick mtyrl Cwtly, N. C. Pr?r 'iit.r., March 4th 1P5I. Dr. C. M. Ja? ksoh, Philadelphia?Dear Str: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rm, lor-the last five years. Such was my coi.ditii n for twelve months that ihe physicians and a'l who siw me said I must die. While in this condition. I wa> carried to the watering places i.i Virginia, 1 ennes see and North Carolina, but was not benefited by any water to which I wa? taker,. While on n*y way home, 1 stopped a wf >;k at Rntherfordton, a sind) 1 village in North Carolina, to try the rflect ol soHie Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug more to gci some medic ine for my chili! and myseif. Then were ?t veral of the vifhse physicinns in the store, and one of them seemed to lake snnif interest in my case and, after risking ire some questions, eaid In had been i dyspeptic. and had been grentty bene fited by tile use ?f "Dr. H<fOfRnd's U<rmiin Hi* teis," prepared by y,;u, ai.d he in isted tiiat I would try the He also called the next day at iny room, and in-?i.-t?d so much that I would try them t" at I arfced h:m to g-?t me one bottle. He did ii. Hini 1 commerced taking it as directed, and I do fa\ I was more hem-fitted by it than dl the water and ii ''iieiiie I had ever taken After reachine home one of my neighbor* came to me for a preseri|rtlon ard medicine, (h'- a dyspep tic.> and i save him nearly n'l the Bitters I had ten, tvnich eflfected much goo.l in his case He has often railed on me for more of the same k;nd of inrdi t iiie, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to g< t any more for him or myself i, y " 0 there |;<re, please ship m? a flowm rf more as soon aspov rWe. Respeeifnlly yours, W. SMITH. D. Ii. HOOKER, Roger's Storf. Wake Co., N. C., 0 -tober'24.1C53. says:?'4 flavin? exfierienced very treat benefit from the use of " Hoofiand's German Bittert,"' in Chronic Dysentery anil functional de rangement of the Liver, and iu concomitant evil?, 1 am de-'r nii <rf ohtainins a inantity of it f?ir the benefit of try commnn fy. you will, therefore, pleuse genii a lot, Sic. fte. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOP. ilrirrsviLr.R, V Anitin Co , N. C .Nov. 1st, 1WJ. Di C. '1 Jackson?Dear rfir: Allow me to ex ;ness to you my sincere tianka for your discovery >f a i!H dicinti whicU, to say the least of it, f<a* ef !"<:cted a cure tint all oth?r medicines, that f have iken. hive entirely fru!<M to <;o. "H-jofland's Cer man Sitter!" have" eurcd me cf tha most stubborn <nd a<!t'ravat?<I cum* of :he pilrs that, p> rhans, ever fell 'n the lot of nnn My ease i? ac t a ftru ef r in U is community, f*s I am w<dl knnwi in this and the tirrtmnding counuen. and can truly say thai my re covery has astound*: ull my fiiends and telatior.g, ris i had tried everytniez re?ouuuended,and notb-ng ihd me any cm-! i was prevailed upon to try '*ie Hitters V?>n "?re l:*?erty ft- i^ake any iv=e of is communication, for the benefit of ?h>; iffin ted ;<?U mav think on<p"r Tnity your?, WM. j. ATVVOOli. 'i'in e nitterH are entirely l erctab'c, ?hey invi^ont* and strengtlien the system, never prostra e it, nnd :ar. b? u.-erf for infants a~ will as adults. F - s*tle hy respectable dealers everyw f.ere and by V.. D. OILMAN, We. hi::ron; J. KIDWELL, Qeorsetown; and J. B. PIEHPONT, Alexandria, mir 1?lv n a ptvp '(? SPANISH MIXTURE. Tht G-c?t Parlltir of tha Olu'tfl Z Sot a ruticie of Korcury In It ta In*LUBLl Kihkct for Scrofula, King'.1! Kril, P.heuan*Uiu, Ob&iiat! Oot&neocr Kruf-lioPS, Phcpieti or Pu'ttoles rn i!.? feoe, Slotchea, Boils, C!in>ajr. Sora JSyes,/.in^ vVom or Tetter, g.-sb' t and PaJaoftie B-g*i aud 81atiK>rt U?csr2, fe^philitic Disrrdei>, Lua^-'eo. r-piuAiCor.-la nts, int all ths diiwu'v ( erislnj; frota m Injadi^ious Merenry, Tin piwi -m in ?il?, or Imparity cf the Blood | Diii valufc: !? M-dicine, siiicli hae beci-ia? cel<? jL brated 5,?r U? number of ?*tr?.'rdln?ry cures ?Tect'vl through 'ts agency, has induced the propri | :>x?rg. ?t the urg nt requeot of their frieju ', to o3?r t to the pnblic; which they do with the utmcrt coc- ( ilenca in ite virtu?a ai>d wcuderful cun?tive prep- I ?rti s Th? fcl!owia< certifcoates. roi'twei frcst a | , aig? tuuuber, we, however, atrorger teatlnionv \ than the era flrr-" ofthe pr'jpri?tor?; and ate all , irert gentlem-c kar>wi in tl.'lr localities snd .: th? highest ri^pectibll'ty, issny of theai reading , n tiie city of K chaior.d Va. i. uOTDKN, *eq? of th? Bzrhange Hotel, Erh- , mond^ known "'?arywhere aay s he has seas ? lie 'C. e<S- | cine cnlltxl Ciaraa's amnion MutinEi,ad&ir.tatarad , in over a hucdrel (a irs, In nearly a'l the Tor eliichltit rsconuneadeU, wiui the luOtt astos ihi^Rly good recults lie euyt it is th?sn')#tea Lr*?rd aar? i ?"r.'cin? b* h .?. AGUE iNO f2VSR?GR5?\T 0UR3?J. U-re'of e^ify thr.t tr-r ttrce "mvsltud A^ne wtiI 7fv? L?t the inc^t violent dejcrlpruin. I had ttevr.ral Fhv ikiar.e, t"x'i largr quar.liUer. of Quinine, ilercury, icd I tel.f?e all thf Tcnl'? adtai-tisad, tut all with :ut penni.nen: relief. At last I tried Carter't tfpaiiLali Sliztare, t^o of vshl-jh ?ffc."tuaily ;ured Be, ard I am hadpyto pay I havr. had nfitber shilla or fevers since. ) oooj.ider it the b?ct Ionic in tlda *rorll, anl tht. f ii/ Cist %?er csKcheddvcaae. JOHN LO*TC!Dx!W. Bum Ditch, rear Ilktarond. Ta. 0. E. L?uOK ^ uot iu vha oity cf Bi-hmoca uid fo*1 mtny v:ar6 ch? Post Ofiice, heo such jonfilence tn the &?;i.cnwhini cZ~v:j of Carter's Spanish Mixtura, tut I i:s his Loa^ht upwards of le 1 bcttUp. which he bc? giren awa7 to the sfRicted.? Mr. Lack Bays he n*?er buvc It tc fall when 1 ?i\ .n according to directions. Dr. AilNGK, ? pr tctieiai: Phrsliiac, end fcitt?r-Iy i.rths Oity Hotel, iu the ci'j of Ri^binocd, ays Le tiff ritnefged ii a tonb^r rf intern?* th* eJTectw ct O'^'er's PpanieL Mixlcr*. viiich rare moit tru') larj-ilsiug. He Mya in a ? of Oonauacptlon, de endect on the Liver, t?w gw-i elects were woo erfni indeed. 8?::UJtL "A. DKtJaiKU, of the firui cf Diiiiker A Srtr.rna, F.ichmf nd, ?.ir?3 caied of liver Ccia piwint of three years etandfnir, by the rue ci twe bc-itlfis of Carter's hp&nirh ^1 it tare. GHKA1 CUKK OP EOEOFULA.?l*he IdltoM e? the Ilichstond Stepaa .can had a oervani eicployoi in their p?Rj roor:, cured of violent Scrofula, (*>m binM with RLeumatism, which eadreh- dlcuLlad oimfremwori. T*o bottles of Carter* Spanish Mixture made a perfect cure of h'rr, ard the Ti ters in a public noticer ^ay they "chnsti'i?'^ rexra mend it tn all who are afflicted* with acv diseaso jf the hlood." STILL ANCTIiHU CUiiH #J &QKOi\ .4. a fezv valuable soy cured of SarcfriU oj Cat?rV*h Mixture 1 consider It truly * vi.^ibU iiedicine. J AMI1B M T A.YLO?., Oudu.'^r is.i B. F. and P. R. R. Co.. Kichmond. \ j. SALT &HBGM OP TWKNTF THA lit CCi5i3 Mr. ^t)HN THOMPSON, r<Miui3if ia Lee nlTro! Eichtaond, w.s cured Ly ihrer? of C>a ft'i Spiiulah Mixture, of ??lt llheum, wUth hut h*u f^r neailyfYeoty vuai-J, tsd which all the pLytiirians of ch.? tfip ofild not .ure M-. Thc?^?peoi; 1b t we ' fttowr 7-^tthanf In thecPy of Rlcliiu->udf and h> Is meat ?t?sr,aritafclj. WM. f- H-*7TSKWH, cf Hichinoad Lad a ficrviaf eare-i at philis, in the worst form, by Carte? ? ?panuib laixtnrb. He say8 he cheerfully reoom uonde it, and couUss it a rery ii>Taluao'e n<> ji ciiit. ?DWIN Bbfll'ON, comibfssioner (4 th? taveuu-, aayo r>e has seen the go<><l effeotf of Carter s Spaaifh Mixture in a number of ?vphilitic oates, *c?i ww ?* is a perrteot eure f rtliat norribla di?eaae. W4L 9 HA&WO?">D, ?i Uicamoo.L eartd of o'.U Boras ana Uloers, which di^nhled hiu fr*-?? wilkic^ tcok a few oottle:- of Carter's 3panlsh Mixture, anu ww eaabSed to walk without a crutch, in a short time permanemly curnl. _ ^ _ _ Principal Depotc a* M. WARD, CLOC* * Co? No. M Mhidar. Lane, haw York- .. r. T. W. DFOTl' k St>Mc, No. 183 INcrth liecotid ?t, Philadelphia BKNNkrT A BMBfi, No. VJt Main street, Rich Va. And for sale by OFLARLIS 8T0TT, Washington, D. 0; H1NBY FB*I, A'exandria, and by Drajtfiati everywhere. Trice $1 per bottle, cr Tt bof Uo H ffc ?* 9 25?1* i > "Va BMOIE0 OP THE OOUNTlss oPSlEU. jX stnjtur by K> TATbijlT^ tf avn.rky mrj.ctohy. BY K4H.ROAO DIRECT TO tub WEST. Cime betwaen wmhisftoa and whaaliaj bat 174 boars! Uunni/ig time hitwn Washington *wd Cincinnati 17 aourt !! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! h TIIE HALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD av1ng rmtly impmvid it? Western connee tions now offer? tin fullest inducemnnta to traveler* between wa-li.iifton. Baltimore, and all portion* of uit west, u.* nortcwcst and the scuifc .vert. The cniin'dimi bftvnn the trams frrin Wash 'np'in and t-ie trains br.nnri w?t from Baltimore is ilways promptly made at tlie vv a?tmirton junction j (Sttely ralt.-u tlie Relay 9 mile* (rota batti more. This i- the only rhanse ot can r? quired be iweec Wn?liii.clou and ih?.' Ohio rivr. Hagg tge m (checked to wlwrlibj at tbe wa^brifton nation, and redm m and transferred ther* (with .lie pa?*fni<*r?^ without charge, for those holding jiroilgti lick? u for point- irynni Tlie coun? cting tfate* l?ave ^ a*hitu*ion daily at 6 a m. and 4^ p. ?a. On sundays at the lait< r hour only. At Wheeling Jure i connection it. iuade with the train* of u?e CENTRA!. OHIO RAILROAD, run aing from Bell aire on the Ohio. near Wh>elinc, 'l.r-7'nh cambridge, Z.<itc?ville and Newark, to uolumbuh. T!w?e train* connect at Newark t?ith ih.r car* of the NewarK.matiesi Id and Sandus ky r.illr<-a?J tor dan&at-ky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Lout*, tic. At ctilhbbut the c. o. h ?ilroid trains connect jeitl the fa-t trai.:s "f ?i*c UfUe Miami RaUramd to teaia, CINCINNatl LOUISVILLE, etc. At .tenia (on Little Mia*?' hall-oad) ,'?aTC^mj' lirme<l wifti the tram* f*)rcu^ indian APOLIS, Terre ha lit*. Laih>rh'n Chicago, Rock inland, st- look,etc. 9ji~ pariwuera holding thronch tlck?'** ,or Mem I'liit ficljJturg, SatrKc*. Sen- Orleont, etc. ? ^^icli .re elto sold at washington - ate transferred a. cia ;*t'nati to Mnil aenntii on the Ohio. tickaw" or F.vansvilic, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold hy th? route. etf-for CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to pnu i| ?, Detroit, chiracs etc., ticket* are sold, when lh<! oji'o is navigable between Wheeling and WelUv.iie (foity ) where a connection with *;?.? <.'lcve'nr d and pitldwrg 1> 'ilroad k made. ti a vein** are r? qn? s vi n iiotice th?t wkiie th?s is the or'v route ;iflor?!ins'h' uth tic^?t a:id checks in Washington, it i? aleo the ?">ortc?ti niort sjwwty, a:id dir?ct to ii'-Kriy am the len-*in? p^int* in 'be iv c*-t. The i iftance irom washington toCm c.iiiiati i- but Biles, being abwt 10u ail# short cr than by any ???h? r n-utv.! FARE mvthr??rCH TICKET FROM WASH i NOTON : T ? Wheeling. ??? M; j 'olur.ibu!" (L>; Dnyton. ft!.1) SO; Cincinnati, $16 ; Loumvilla, by r:>>lruad ?i(;6.r?. hy stentc* r!n>m l "incinnati, 018; 11> dinnapoli? ?17 50; ch-vHand, 019 15; toledo, $ic 8<;; l?. trow. $15 'JO. Clii. acn.6r?> tio an'' 50; hl Loui?, f*& 50 and 5^. M? mphis, %'2Q, New or k?ns, $.'ll, rtc. roi! rrel>pri?'k .md HARPER'S FERRY wartfnsbitkg. BERKELEY sl'ri^igs, cum BERLANIi. hbi?fOkl?SPRI \gs. pi^mont, Oak I:ui4,aad fairnioun'. pa^ngurs may leave wa?h in^ton at 6 a m or 4^ p. m. For the minor wav ^ta'.ions hwi-cn haliimore and Wheeling, take 6 a r?i train froin wasinngfhi. f'>r trains to and from Baltimore, annapolit, eio.. etieclal advrrtif m> rte. For tv.rth''i information, throuch ticket*, lie., ?ji|hv to TBOS. H. pakjicxs; it nt. at m'uliiii|. tun huui'?n. JOHN h. IN>ne, ma?it r ul Trar^nrtiitioi Baltirn<v md f?hk? Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf ______ wa8uikgtun kiiancu rallroad. cii4nge OF HOURS. Ov and after Monday, t'ie is-l instant, the oain? will Leave washtnpm. a: 6 and 8)4 a. in., and 3 ana P ? ()n Sunday at 414 P Leave Baltimore at 4if and 9if a m, and 3 and 5%' p m On Sunday at 4k a m. ap 23- u T. ii. parsoiy.^, ar nt. Molt bodoll'i Line. Si:W rORK^LKXANDRM. WJsmXGTOM UTY, JISD DISTRICT Ob COL CMS IA 1' JiCiCflTS* hfmfls lin? t>f PACKKT.^ SAILS WEEKLY i iroin pu r 1 i rut River,new Vork,and oftenet il neres*nry. ?nd are < ^mponcd ol iht fbliowutg gr.4 c'.l'ai fe^wela; iiew schr A. V. Rrle'l. Bedell, mas<t?r. New scbr. Mo''. Hc<icll, A. v. tredwcll Schr. Ann D., wm. Oliver, muster. Schr. f'ftcnt. L. A. suiiib, master.'cr in-Chief. \vogljjp, master. Schr. (rreen rau, wil-on, innsicr. The?c vessels sire all fast filers, and the master* men of erj?rience in the trade, and the only regu line of washington Citv packed. M<?7 "1 lledell. Wall street, n, Y. d. 8. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, va. thomv8 rilet, t-b 1?6m waslk?^ton and D. C. (r/ufax AFD alfxaifdeu eailboad, On mid after Tuesday. a'ou. 7, 1854, 'i'iiK Cars !*??? Aiexardria dally for Oonion? j. vtils and lu>r^?di?tft etitjons at 7 % o'clock, ?. ta., oi tb? arr.val ot the heat from Washington, fi-lt *aaple hot for breakftltt on board. ccn. at manarj?ae Junction ?.tli a trais for straa b'ir?r, at wemtitou J r etion with a train for War r.nton, tad at (k>peon?t :ie with tha traiu cn tha virgttua *>-'.rral Uaurc-ai ^ i: i'.i :' a on 1, Char lottaa rllle, antl 6tauuu<a. tb* cars !???????* gc-rjon.triue t'aily frr Alexandria and intsrmeduta -ratic at ht'ore 13^ a. on ?r'* arrival f ?.t" t-aios <?? virciciao^atral rail tea j frcm suehsoad, oiurlo vitviha. and stauntaa theouftft TICKETS frcai ilea an J ?-'t tr> ifsmavn oc * '* c-or^oarellle 3 to 44 " ciati?.rtwttile ......... 1 2i 8tattiit02?.m. 6 oc ** (* fetrawlwirg 3 53 *' " lrcciiliiirg....,..^.^ 6 tl ? s? 3 m u fc Lurmy 4 ZZ a *? h'ew Mark?t 5 09 m u MMMterg-. .a? S 35 Per L/&ehb%x? e. srr- iiiir with th-? r'j*gt* at tiailcticevill?, on moatiajs, ?r.>iuee.jatb, aad irt lavn. i"or Luray and Market, er?nsctin? with tha ; miff* at Cu!pep?' on vufedtja, thursday*, and8*a ltfl-ty. pit widchmttr inily, ocnr.e:ani aith ttt ittfss ?t pledci^nt p^r mmdlebarg 4a. ly, cosnwdag ?tth the rtage* ?* tbe piains. Per orlsr: w B. B?cc?:BTT. Agent I?c"? 7?"'tf fofiiount vernoh. oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. jfara ronnd trip $1; ffom Alt* ? .dr:a 76 ceus ?tl? ihomas cv>LLYRR leav?? wanhin^toa nt 9 aad Alex* : Jria at Qyj, o'cio^k.^ ^ coaahm 1? ?ve t!.e 0?p:tcl t^r the l<^.t at ? A o"dk. l". a-:h fire ic ;?nis. pernor* t.-iahliig tl?9 '3>?ac! :6 v'U l^ava rati with Gar., h Packer. m9fie-~huiecl'< on toe bt*r. dot ????ltf SAM'l gkt'nry, ca?t tilr h?w KIRK 4 livkkpool V NIT ED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tier ships comprising tjis lins am . in*? ATLA n*T:r. Tayt. paci-jic. on ft nye, IJAi TIC. Oapi. oamjlo'k, abdjamc. Capt. oraftoa. jjimt have been baiit cvdflntrac:., exprea* :y frr gcvtra^ent aei^iy!; e??y 'ar? has bmi in their c a?tru:Uon, ?? lr the cnginaa to '< etre;.gth and ep^ei. auil a<xx?nuaol% tlcn? for pw53nr?n> are for e.ieganca a:id contort ,. , , Prtee ef pa:i-tg? frow new yarfe t? Liverpool, in first -sj~ ft.3co?.d ? jy ili'lu'stfl use of eatiw sias a.a^e rooms..........m 300 Pro? ????>1 w vcrk ?10 and 130. An experienced aurgeon atta-;fc-d to <?ch jfclp. No berth ch? ??cur?si until p?-id icr. *cr heiiiht ar appiy w ml>WAKi? k. COLLINS k CO., tb Wall arro?t. New York, illtows, shjplk\ h 00, uverpocl b. 0. ROD RUTS k 00, is King's ansr. Yard, London. JOHN munf.0k a 00, ?d ru# Notre Lac.e 4e? tv-trlrei, Par"'; geo. 1i. LKAPr.ja, Harv. ?b# owuer' of the*>e ships will sot ha acoonntabia lor (jold, aifer, bullion, ppedf, jewelry, predoci ston*a or c etale, unless hills ef lading are algnd tberafcr. ?ai the value thereof therein expraaita aov 16?div banking HOUSE 07 faibo ft houme Opposite L'mtcd Statet Tteamry. BONDS, Storks md other micaritiee parch*** and mid. In.i rest at the rate of ?g j** crai per aauum m; lowed on depuaiu wtvtt ifltt l?l h tart i* itk^li k laoim-lb

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