Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1855 Page 3
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k EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ? Not to my Kjowumk. Si*."?Yester day. John K:?n? ?ud John Connelly, were ar raisrned before the Criminal court charged ?with having made an assault upon William Tucker, (of the Seventh Ward,) on the night of the first Monday in June last. When we entered the court-house, Mr. Tucker was giving bis testimony ; according to which, on the night in question, he ap proached u hackman, near the National hotel, ??nd wished to engage him to take himsplf and ? small party t<? Mr. Bohlayer's, on Capitol hill, where, it was understood. the last named gentleman had prepared un entertainment for his political (Know Nothing) friends, and of which Mr. Tucker and his companions desired to partake. The hackni-'n, according to the complainant, refused to hire his hack, where* up<>n Mr. Tucker stooped to ascertain the number of his vehicle. W hile thus engaged, tome ore struck him. with, as he thought, a whip, cutting his fare, and prostrating him. tireat excitement cxi.-tod at tne tiaie, accord ing to : he narration. The particulars of the assault having been given, Mr. Ratcliffe. the counsel for tho defence, ask*-1: Were you drunk, sir, on that occasion ? Witness I had been drinking a little. Mr. R Were you drunk f W. Not to niv knowledge. Mr. K. Did you not dnnk at the steamboat wharf* W. Yes ; a glass. Mr. 11. You reoollect that very well! [Laughter.] W. I do. Mr. K Did vou not have a broomstick ? W. I had. Mr. K Did you strike the hackman? W. Not to my knowledge, sir. Mr. H. Did you not call him a son of a ?? W. Not to my knowledge. I Laughter. | Mr K It seems that you have your anewer? cut and dried, as you reply to every question, " Not to my knowledge. [Merriment.) W. N?t*to my kuowledge. [Laughter in suppressed tones J Mr 11. Were you not with a crowd of five or six ? W. Not to my knowledge. Mr. K D.? you not acknowledge that you were drunk f W. Yes. I had been drinking. Mr. K Did not some one exclaim, " D d Irish ?"' W. Not to my knowledge. I heard nufrodj ray so, Mr Katcliffe. Mr. K Have you not a prejudice againsl the Irish' W. 1 respect every man, and? Mr Key. (tor the United States.) interrupt ing Don't answer that o nest ion: hold youi Mr H, (to ihe Court.) Please your honor. J want to show the temper of these men. I wi.-d to show they have a prejudice against th<? I ri-h The Court You can ask whether he has t prejudice against those men. Mr. R I don l see how the question can bt separated. W. I have no prejudice again-t any mai living. , Mr. R. Were those men Irish ?*' W. don't know." Mr. R. I again a.-k, did nry of your paitj eav ??Damned Irish?*' W Not to niy knowledge I have no enuiit) against any man living. I will take my oati to that. Mr R. I have no doubt of it. Another witness told all about the fracas representing, among other things, that Mr Tucker had a bro >m on the niirht in question ?-w?*ejii~g the pavement with it?not hirtin, people on the hrad with the article. And i t^ird witnw.-s testified that ho c line over frou the I-land with a parly to hear about th* clecti n returns, aud tliat Tucker, with h: broom. gave the word march in military style Mr. Ratcliffc What was tho object ot carry ing the bro >in ' Wit :ie*s. Mere ?port I don't consider tiia it was a military diill, though Mr. Xucke. eaid "Fotward ! march Mr K. It was mere childish sport ? ' W Vts. i have (in response vo a question Bo prejudice-*jfaiut?: the Irish Several other witnesses were examined The re-ul" was. ib" jury rendered a verdict of guiity against thedefendants; each of wbou was fined; by the C' jurt. ton dollar;. Pen lit .Schools ?The ex imination of Mrs Ogden s school, (male primary of the secoi.c district.) was conducted chiefly by Meters Richards and Wight, in the presence of tin largest assemblage that w?- have seen at a;.} one "f the examination.-1, eousL-tingof trustees teachers, parents, and friends ot the pupiis The order aad riplinoat the school w.i- a h ?titrable. the examination thorough and very creditable l">tb to the pupil-and their tcache * ? hose tact mi governing boy--, in cultivate.^ habit* of sclf-contt >1, industry, and attention and inspiring the b >y^ with a love of school and of study i.- quite marked. It was ea.-y u perceive th.?t a good in ral iad'i?cce had been eieni.-ed over the pupil-, of whioh th*.' r-.-u!) was seen in iheir whola c >nduct- Th" soho-l wa ? ad-Ires- d by M-'.-sr-. Richards, Wight, and A- i-t.iut P >-tmaster t?en? ral King, wucs? e??r i* *? worthy pupi! of the school. JlASLiSESi ?This morning we saw a la?l> complain to a magistrate that she had beec beaten by a fellow wh'? called himself a man. The fellov, L.?d knocked one of her teeth out, and had cut her hand, which was bLeding when -he complained. This lady ha* been sick lor m ?nths, and whs very weak and unwell when she wa.i attacked- Wo hope this itvinly a- t m ly receive it-ju-t reward. Thi* r -miwt us that, witiiin a f v. week.-', we have htard the live- 'u wiv?c thrcaleuei, ai:d a greater num ber ot then: whipped by drunken husband-, thau in a- many months during tli?? time it ha: been our duty to notice the local occurrences in th's city The w v - generally, either from fear or ??ttier cau-^ , rctu-e t -pr secuto tiitii husbaud-, and so th^y e.^-ape justice. \ Nun Hotel ?The tw<? adjoining hotels, the Empire and the Potomac House, on Penn sylvai ia avenue, near the corner ofjFtu r-and half street, have rei-??iitiy been ihn wn into one. remodelled, refitted and refurnished in handsome stjle, and tbe eotablishment, now calle?l th- AxkkH'AS Uotkl. is kept hy Messrs. lleflelv>w*T aud L >retl. Mr. II., as the land lord of the Empire, earned a high reputation here, which bo and his enterprising partner will doubtless Mug'u' r.t. th -ugh their increased facilities for making a large company com fortable in all respects. Their terms are mod erate; and they are determined that those who {?atronize them shall he pleased with their tou-e and all they experience there. Tha??ks ?The noo-couimi.-sioncd officer*and Iirivates of the Light Artillery company from rort MrU"iiry have rctume*l their sincere thanks for the unbounded kimincss with which they met from thocit'tens of Washington du ring their short stay in the mitlst of them. Il ? ing quartereil at ti;? 1'uion Hotel, they partic ularly exj-rcss ti?iii thank- Ui the Lost and hofetes-. Mr and Mrs. Maher. where every wish wa- attended t<? cheerfully, aud almost ev? ry WMUt anticipated by the lady, with a mother s ear*-. That abundant prosj?erity may attend then;.-?-Ue- and family is the heartfelt b ?pc of every menilH-r of the corps. E\a?iv\tio\.?Among the Private S-hool now pa-"1-:!!^ through their annual exan:iuati??n? i" th-?t of Mr Riciiard We have been much gratified to notice, when wr hn\>* U-eu prc.-i-m. the thoroughne.-s with wu?cli hi- pupils have b? --n drilled in their va rious it ad ie.? by the efficient and experienced cory* of teachers employed >n the Vaion Acad emy. D wa- announced ye-terlay th it the annual di?trit?uti.>n of prvu):uiilr would be mad" to the m<->t deserving pupils on Friday ni'gbt, in the bail of the Academy, comiucnoiiig at tt o'clock Mi i? 1'rnnLrs.?Much complaint i-1 iur?de ?f a larjr* mud puddle at the entrance t-i the Centn Market, near the inline house, and ot the broker, aind lru-lty condition ot the side walk between Ki/hth and Ninth streets, skirt ing tiie market square. The attention of tho proper authorities i- respectfully duecUd to thL subject. l tictc.N Coax ?Wo sco by the bid of ? for t 1 , - litunor at thc'Kirkw.sxl II ?u*e. '? that their jrae-ts are to be treated to given * C"n h,..r oi ihe ;? a*)n We le im. on Ji. v. tac v..: i kfas xa;sci flear tius city Forum op Jilt Celebration?The mem ber* of the Sixth Presbyterian S.ibbath school, tether with the teachers and parent?, met af tho church, (Island,) on the morning of th-^ 4th inst.. and proceodcd to tho Fourteenth street bridge, where tho boa; (Capt. William son) w:ie in wailing to receive them. The pas sage across the P<?tommc to Arlington wfwnii'lc in "fine style. Tho party, after landing, soon assembled in the Pavilion, where th" Declara tion of Independence was read by Mr. Henry Noble, toacner, and a brief but appropriate address delivered by the superintendent of tin school. Master Marion Bradley then recite tho "American Flag." Master Kich'd Thomj - son followed in a well delivered and well di gested speech of half an hoar, his subject be ing "The Bible." Tho comply then sepa rated for lunch and recroatiua, intending t reassemble in tho afternoon to listen to other speeches from members of the school. In the meantime the saloon wns taken possession of by ether parties, entirely disconnected with th<? school, who fell to dancing m though that were the chief end of their existence. Parties continued to arrive iu small boats, chiefly o'>v of the ages of 10 and 18, some of whom weie in a state 01 intoxication, staggering about ai d making use of indecent and profane Inuguage, and acting as only those can ah who have bio adieu to every ?*.nse of propriety and fueling of shame, ami immolated themselves upon the ait-ir of that bloody Moloch?alcohol. Darn ing, swearing, and fighting having becom.'* tLe order of the day. fie Sabbath school parly was collected togetner and returned home ?t an early hour in the day. Notwithstanding u light rain that wad falling on their return, tin party concluded to retire to the church and finish tho celebration that was commenced in the woods. In a large; and commodious room ia the basement of the church, tables were ?nread nnd loaded with good things, of which ail having partaken, parents, teachers, and children spent several h"urs in social inter course??' a feast of reason and a fl-.w of sou!"' Foul Gi' gutter? and the 1 street on D L-trcct from Twelfth to Fotir teenth street*, arc in a condition that di - graces our city authorities. One who doesn't 1 want {> '? throw up must hold one's ik-so on passing there, bo also are the gutters on Tenth street, immediately south of Ponnsjlva nia avenue. Those responsible for the street in that vicinity, should forthwith 1 be prosecuted for failing to remove as offensive and as dangerous t? tho publk health, as ever before disgraced Washington city in hot weather. Deat> ?On the 5th inst.. at the residence ot C <i. William Robinson, (late of Virginia.) on Georgetown Heights, died M-'ses. a descendant of African parents, aged onr hundred years. M isos was born tho property of the grand father of the Colonel, and served tho Colonel's r father as well as himself until about filly ago when be and his wife werw liberated for his great fidelity as a servant. ?nd a piecc ol 1 laud and means to work it with were given to tneni : but Moses becoming too infirm t>> labor, 1 he was taken iu ; ud cared for by the Colonel up to th ? day of his death, lie expired a? 5 gently as if tailing to sleep. Foot Race ?Ye terday, the vicinity .-f the Navy Yard was in an uproar, on acvount ol uii immense crowd of persons r:ici ag or*; man, who was making fast time, evidently to cave hi ' life. Bricks and tones were flying at the fu gitive, who was knooked down Willi one ol ' them. lie was secured by Officer Willett; but 1 even then tho crowd wanted to boat nim. If appeared that he w.i working as a 1 ib'Tei '-n a building in the Navy Yani. and for some ' reason struek a man Willi hi- hod. whk'h caused tho excitement. li s was held for a lurthei ? hearing. The Concert, which was to have taken 1 place last night, at Cirusi's Salon, for tin benefit of St. Vincent's and St .1 ?-? ph's ?>, ph.m A-yluuis, has been pe>s'.|?>ncd until na; Thursday evening, in consequenceof the raii v slate oi the weather. The programme embraces some of the gem of tiie most celebrate- 1 composers. and mu -a ol r i!i ? b< st v-?cai talent of the ei'.y In.s been so cured for the musical entertainment. Th-. Con ert will hi ut d r ib?- direction ' Professor D.tnucs, of Georgetown College. A Tolice List?M y 0 N il and Hu- h 1 Loekery. and iudeocut language ; ti t 1 ai.d costs D :vid Wueoler, assault ami bat tery on Mrs. llilton; jail. Win. W ii-Lr, M iicellus Brown, J. Hays, Elii <bcth R> ? ii. riol, Hays w~s he! I for court, iad the ? I der dismissed. Nathan Burke, edored, no: - . resident; woi k-hous;.-thirty days. Mrs. Stiud'I, i assault; security for peace. \\ 11. lli k y. i threats; dj. Jas. Mo->re. do.; do. huielii e Br.wly. assault; do. B Sii&dd, threats; do. . Catharine Hays, riot; security for court. Ja-. ? M 'jrc, profanity; fin-; andco:-t.- Tho*o ca.-et ? wore tiied in the fifth di-tii-t, unl the arrears were made Ly offi :ers Wise, Siuio.uls a; d I Timuis. | The Whole Ncmber of Plpils in the Pu'- - 1 lie Schools In April was 2.175, entered, 167; ' withdrawn, 117, suspended, 54; corporeally 1 puni-hed, 61; prose!,t every school day, 571; 1 average attendance, W, visits made by irus ' tees and secretary. 117, number of school duys, ? IV; days io?t by teachers, 4, number lost by 5 pupil.-, 7.5^0; aggregate of days attendHiiec, *1,472. Nearly one-fifth of tLe school tin.e was lost by ihe staying from sch<.?ol of the pu pils. The b^st average attendance was in tl ?? 1 l >urth district. The best attendance was by the puf'tls of M'ss Parsoua's school in the v.-eond district; in th?? fourth by Mirs LeeV; > in tin- fii-t by Miss Middleton s; in the thud ; by Mr. M* Cuthran's. Tiie number ol childri ? 1 waiting aduuidon is 178. The Mahkets.?To-day, there was a!i cx cell.-ut supply of pro-.i^i us in the market, notwithstanding the ruin, which continued through the night. Mmy of our marketers 1 the surrounding cuntry were absent, which 1 was a cause of regret to our citizen-. Tho 1 vegetable, stands looked well?iudee I. evety thing for sale havii.g been brightenoi aD l elvansed by the copious showers of the nigiit. It is u-ele?- to give a list of prices, as it w> uld be nearly a repetition of what we have here tofore stated. Injunction?We learn from the Alexandria 1 Gazette that an injunction ha> been granted, by Judge Tyler, against the Washington a!.d Alexandria Railroad Company, to prevent the turther prosecution ol'that mad, at the re^ii'-st of Major <i. T?K?hnian. through whose farui the road is proposed to be carried. Bonds to the amount of S5.UU0 have been required. Criminal Coi rt?George A. Watson, con victed of stealing building stone, was sen tenced to thirteej) months at hard labor in the penitentiary Geo Wilson, negro, for -dealing a watch, waj sent to the same inslitu'.iou fur fifteen months. False Alarm.?The alarm of fire about 9 o'clock laot night, which cau.-e<l a ringing of be!! and scamj?ering of the juvenile*, w:o* Without real cause, so far a.s wo have been able to di-cover. S? H'?>L Examination.?The public school tau^hi Ly Mr. Goldsmith, third district, juuiui division district school, thirl dis-trict s<.diool l,..u-e. will be examined on Tuesday, by the whole I. >ard . R ain?Our eity was visited with heavy rain, yesterday evening, and throughout the night, accompanied by fearful flashes of lightning and deep rolling thunder. We \ke re?/I F.stei? to -tale that the .lames R nb-y mentioned in ve-terday's Star, for a.? siult and battery, is n?t Jaim-'-y ? .f the Second Ward. The Flvix; Artillery left the oity. yes terday afternoon, on their return to F->rt M- - Ilenry, Baltimore. A Father avd Son Drowned ?A few days ?go. while a number of M'?rra*?ns wer being t-apfi/.td near Newport, hv . an ?'M mari. named Alexander Williams, swatn ??ut into the ri\ r. acd was seen to sink. Hi- - i*. >- ho w < .-tripped for baptiaiii. iuuuediatel\ phtngi l Pi after him, but being nuabl^ t> .-wiui, s >Oi went und?*r. and b >th fa'her and son peri -hod within a ft w feet of eaeh other. { jjflndi in a has ii"w ,'W railroads with I 4"("> mil?* ot tr.i 'it-?mplet. 1,2,'?0S mib.M in cm .-tiU '.^.1. iue whole at an e.-timal.>, costing 5"?0.2.>5.3'?2. Thes.-> n?ads are rapidly devel op;Bjf tb?* re:oarees of the>. whi -h ^^>11 -vii rauk i?-on.-<?t thchiH agricultural a i ! uoinmerviul Ui th? Vuivu 0E<)RfJETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. I'ECRiirTow:?, July 7. J8o$. Owing to the very inclemeut st-te of the wither, neither branch of our City Council* wore in session laPt ni^ht. Wo have never see:i in our market at tin's ^'?^n ?f the year, a more abundant supply ??f line vegetables of every description. Not withstanding th,v (ju&ntity of potatoes, .how ever, there seems to be no disposition upon the purl of vender* to lower prices to a living *t*ndiri. They are still demanding S2 per bushel. The Vigilant Fire Conin.tny have revived to give their grand excursion down the Puto mao on M ?:d.iy. the 15th instant. The fine steamer George Washington has beeu scared for the occasion. At the last meeting of the President an<l Di rectors of the Chesapeake und Ohio Canal ' "nipnny. the following changes wore made, to lake cff.'ct from and after the 15th in<tant : Tdoyd Lowe, superintendent of Cumberland division, vice A. Willisou, removed; Dentin Janues, superintendent of Hancock division, viee James Condy, removed; Lewis (J. S'an hupe, superintendent of Willianuport divi.-ion. vice Henry Avtz. removed; L?vin Benton, superintendent of Antieatam division, vice Ch .rlcs Clark, removed; and Eli Stake, col lector at Williaiusport, vice CUhs. Embry. Mayor Addijou, we learn, has appoint'-.1 Mr. Joseph Hunt as a Sunday policemin for Water street and the adjaerit part of the town. At Drovers Rest, this week, the offerini's of beef cattle were fully <?qu:>l to the demand. Prices ranged from Sf.o2t to? 4.50 por 100 1!..-. on the h'?of. equal to *7.L'oa>9 net?showing a "till further decline sineo our last. Old thcep, 3 l?r ,b Kto*8 < lambs, ?2a*2.75 per head. The Hour market is firmer, with sales, since oui la-t, at r?M>J . 75 fur ftandar 1 brands. ?*N'K C T ATO K. QovEn>on Kkedrr Uexkral String kellow.?The M. Louis Intelligencer of th< 3d instan^ contains a letter from Kan.'as. pur |K?rtii)g to give the particulars of the recent tracas betweeu Gov. Reeder and Hen. Strintr kIIow. Tho origin of the rencontre is repre sented as follows: Yesterday morning (ien 1J Stringfellow, <f Weston, Mo., proceeded to Gov. Reeder'* resi dence. near the Shawnee Mission, and after introducing himself to the Governor, sai l, '?! understand, sir, that you have publicly vt?oken and written of me m tho East as a frmiter ruffian, and I have railed to ascertain whether you have done so ?" Gov. R. did not write <>r speak of you in public."' Gen. S. Did you speak ?if mc in th ve teriu. anvwbere, or at any time V Gov. It. "No sir.*' Gen. S. '-Did you use niv name at hII?"' Gov. R. ?? 1 may have used your name in private conversation." Gen S "Did you n-<e if di-respoctfully ?" I>id you intimate, or insinuate, that I was other than a gentleman " Gov. R ' i might have done so '' Gen. S. "Then. sir. you uttered a falsehood and I demand of you the >atis|'a- tion ot n gen tleman. I very inneh question your right t - that privilege, for I do not believe you to l>o a gentleman; but I nevertheless give you M,e opportunity to vindicate y.uxr title to that i'lt iraeter, by nllowiDg you to sehvt sir*h friends a- you may please, and I will do the name, and we will .*ivp out heJ5fl ><? i? i settle the matter a" gentlemen usually do " !'? " 1 cannot g?. i am no fi-'htina man." Gen S. -Then I will hnve to fre-ti vou as i would any other oflcn^ive aniiii sl ' Aud with that, he kno ke 1 down Gove mot Reeder with his fist. PtN FiM.v-.isco a Whalinu Pout ? A laiVf portion of the Amerii-an whaling fleet, hereto ire-i-iezw uzing at tho Sandwich I-tend . [Topto mako San Francisco tho harbor ? i t ioir resort, l'ort charges have been reduecd a an indu-ei?iei t. arid more thin ;i hut.?lp d are expected there within the year. l ?ey Will be owned as well as supplied t- ere bciore ion'. -. L^P^Among t ' e ttecr.ijfo pa.^i'ngers who left -N-.w York on Thursday in the am-'-i" "t?i ot the Weat, for Puebla Aren t^ wero Vbo'.it ii.iy European volunteers, vriiose se; vice-* have 'c'n secured for a certain time bv th- i: >\\\? - mcnt' f Xic tragua, in coiijun_iion w:th the A< i*e.-i->ory Trai'.sit Company, to construe! for : 11 aftona on "v-rtain y.o ition* w >st likely to be attacked by filibusters. ?/''''."A*"r**N;> s v>:i.k[:?atro ufhman uiT n,wrv"1"' lr? ..plrlU, ?o I ? pr.7?>.nn?^b?e,^,it.l, w?U ?? j.i.--i-*> evil# Y?t It1 'V 'T' "" obJ'rt"f rsawUs?<T??i.Mi. *?t It ?h ibiTii 'I f *r him (?? W? r??r? net bow -amIi lioor. AVo S GKHMAN l!ITTTH% iirtime i v lir. ? ^ f ' ^rou' lelphi% mre -tron<er Ui*u tli? jn^n\ tr b?""''Jr Vl* uhU t..1y .I?i .... ,i, ^ w"wl" ^"iiMn1"!!1"8 V fHK KA1KS ? WIH7KRI BST6 V.. ?t milS jnri^ of ?,f tho ' it* J*'"*: ??* VcrV irded ti etr LUbmi r-r? ? io J. II. w. fjr thflr frnperl* r!t? r.{ p:Jy. jj?, t>ter?oaon{>e* ?ni riiu^rre.tyi ?*' MltU-itPl. Mr. W. ?.?o riy? 1 v?d two Medal., at tUf W..rl,l ? *air ^JU> 4-'1 * preniioiu *1 Cry*-.*) Ptl??-e, K?w Yr.rk. Also, Ihe arm ???rd8 aftbe Matylnuu tc?tUu;o for y*?% i? ^iut. AWW"ri?"r- ,u c'** ?? o? r?. kT?ccr. b-tw. AJi and 6lu direru. ^ iT!7fc?2A,! w*IjKrR * ^0., Warble n^U Clottiln^ Kmr.^ ,,lnp ',D'-#r JJrowna* Hotol, r>-<t> <tf"t|V ?a;?* uiioe h c ?r ?nd Summer ri'.-h!.!)? :? t < ? ?>I-1 PtnU (io,i? or the na?<*t ?n<l i'ch<?.t d;rix..8 in '* w T-> wtai-wfu ?. i .y exce. ??!?*?? w,U, ^-..nonir la f?e:'oU ?bl? urth irtr v?( .?pp,,rt?uuy for tl 0|J?-red fro*, one <.fU.? ? , W" '' ?Ur?? tl ve eiock of cuo-ie ever o.V. r I li. ?ul? u?/ ?l 4 verj rb'ioc^J mc4i? of prico#. ^ ^ (\ y~l'KLS0XS 8' TFEIJINO VllOU I'iSEA^LS OP 1/IF 'U' ?-e. lu ? Cr<*4t majority < f stored U> lir^ltuby k f.lthni UUI of Or. Ci'BTIS'M IIYtiu ANA or luballuK V?por. rty tiie Doctor** new msti.ol Is trcAtmeat, t!i?- u.e'lir*i ??yat la broii^lit in direct nut-, t 0?'ml ifc" iNi'u' *iul cMBotWtvf ItavlQf 4 boue ? II drn;4lt>(rt ??;i it. "m ?dvert!?moei.t ic tut* p*p?r CACriOK.-Dr. Cl'KTIa a UVGKANA I* the ortcirml ?,,d only seuclae article. Je 3lt im ^"r'flOOP MKOiriNKS.?It t? e?ttiiiatod that A V 7. R ? 8 . eUKKRV FKCt OK A I. and OATHARTIO HILLS have mol? to Pr"""'t? ttirr put.lic hervltfi than any other ont-1 eaae.,. Tliere can t.^ ui. qu??ttcn that the Clie, ry P*cMral ? thousand on thoueand cureg of CoMs, 0,iikh<i AKth ?*. Cronp, liirtncttii, Broiirlittla, Jr<\, very mucli rrduTd the rroportion of il^atlit trout o..neu;ii|.tiv^ riiat-'.aen In thin country. Tiie fills are a? g.^>d as the Pectoral, ai.d will cnr>! more r->ni|>lalutn. Kvoryl udy not.;* mole or !e?* pnr,"tn^. Pnr?? tl.- bK,..d " ,m Inieurltiea. Purne tha B ll,wr ..nd tl.e wl...le >iac?ral ?yet?*m froia ohatra"tloii#. Tiirxe ..ut the di4e>se? Which fasten on th?t>, to work It* decry Hut r.r IIm?| j w? <1le, ouly cf a<-. Take abtld..|?? early a.,,1 thrust It from the ?y.teai, be/ore it la yet too *tron? iff Ayer'a Pilli do thrnat out dlsoamt, not only while It |g weak, but wh?n it lini taken a ?tron? hold. R^ad the aa tooodlii^ etateiueiita of tboao Who have be?u cure i by theiu fr?in drea lful Scrofula, Or..),,y, I'lcora. Skiu liae?.??, Rheu m%tl*ni Nrnrahtla, Dy^pepefA, Internal Pain, BiU.u- Coro pla.utN, Hnadarhe. Heartblira, Oom, and m .nv v.. .l*U)-a. ro'j* but atiil t'ireateiiinx ailinenta. aach aa ptBi|>iea on tue .a?, Worms, Nerrona Irritability, Loss of -.ppetlie, lrre,tB Uritles, D!?lneae In the head, Colds, KeTere, Lya?uitei y ai d Indeed every *ar -ly of conji'laiate for wblcba rari?tlve Remedy la rei?Ir?,l. r';*e? ?. e no ranuom sUtensents, bnt are authenticated by your own neighbor* and yonr ?>wa physicians. Try tl.-m ouceaod you will^ueter be without tbem. Prl. e ;"> ceota per t?<x?fi bone? f;.r $1. ^Preyarad by UR. J. C. AYSR. Lowell, llui.,-And gold Z. V. OILMAN, Washington. O. M. I.! VTHICl'M, Oiar*etown. J AH. COOK A CO., Kraderlckaborg, aad by alt Drngal-t# ? rerywhera. ^ ^ ^ may t?eutm D OILMAN, Prn*xi*t, has lemoTed to 828 Seventh elreet, opposite to the Patriotic Rauk, and Is now pr* pared t<.Cll all order* l<.r Me liclt:e?, Paiata, Oils, aud <ii?*a on accnuimodatliiK t?rm<. Strict attention will be paid to physlclan'e prescription* at all honrs ..f tho .'.ay and iilcbt. The nUhi ball la ou too right of tho siora door ap it?.m rT--^oLn soum, i lpkrs. ani? am iRrmoNs and ' nil 'ti*,x??a arising fr im aa inipnre and depraved state of the bljod. Nco the extiaordinaiy citro of Wm, Q. liar ?o<>d, a highly reepe -Uble citl/en r,f Rlcliraon l, Va.. by Cat tor's 8j au'sh Ulxtnro. lla had ulcers ar.l s..r?*a of the worst ilea, i ipti .n, and finally *ot so h t.|, '-e was nnahle ?<? Walk, sxrspl on cr'ttclies. A lew bfitties of C A R T K R ' 8 SPANISH MIXTrRK, tl).'great blond pnriiler, cured him. As K has ? urei hundred* of others whs have ^u:Teredw ith rheumatism, bad rdects of mercucy, and p,.ir-s and ui -ers of the bou^s aod Joint*. ?,*S?e advertlseiuent. r>l PHBNOM FN A IN MKOICINK.?RrouehUta, Or-nrh, '?y~' ny*p?u?!a. Liver Complaiuts, Scrofula, A?.?Kor all dlseaie* of the Ketnale Systcn It etan/la pre eoilneut. a U'srgyman Just laforms us It baa enred him of Bronchitis oi a deSjT^te .-Ttracier?partlcalara hereafter. HAMPTON'S VKGCTAULR TINCrrUR-Hy Its mn<! ac tion <rs ihe fumach, lleer and kldivya, w*.U ctt?e I?yepep j tia, Omn A?thm*. Brondilal aud Lnn* Aibt'.ions Pains In t!?<} Eaik, ?M? i.nd Hrea-t, C->'ienmpUou. S :*ofala, Rl.ea ?nat'iia, Oont, NVoralKta, fistula, RowM CiiciplaiuU, t il?s, | Wjtdjs, aud Nervous lHtMlltie*? with all dieeaeea ariflng f-om *->ipBre bloM, and Is the greatest female m?-d'c<"? c\. erkMwa. Tale ln?a'.u-:.:e uedtrloe is working wooden noon thehmcan rrame. Seea lvortieetner.tto da7. n'ai 7 I OK SHIIaLINr.TON fta< ju?-t recclvtd J ?I lliirp?.r i Ma^-iziiie for Jaly Pat nam n tfo do (?rafiatn's do <lo f.adi??s' Gazette of F.^hlnn do Chamber's Jourual do Household Words do Oodev'* l.adv's Hook do >r.w York Journal do SHILLING TON ^ Hook tore, jy ' Ud90U UulIdiJ^. for sale and rent. F^on RUNT?A GOOD STORK AND BACK Room, on ?th. between G and H stm-is. It would be a irood stand Tor anv sort of busing**. It was last used for a stave and tin store. Al?r<. for rent the upper f>art of mv shop It is 60 feet deep by the width of the shop It would make a good plar<> for a carpent-r shop, or a stop for a cabinet maker. I have for sale two spring covered Wa-on? and one four-spring two-horse AVagon The wairons 1 will sell cheap. 1 Lave also for sale 3.H00 feet of 3-inch hand Moulding, at mv shop. ] will ell them at *2 per hundred running fee*. 1 am now prepared to do anv work at the short est nitice, as I have a rood smith as there Nin tne city. Any of my friends that wants work done in the best manner will please call as thev will g? t it at the shortest notice. For terms for tb?* Store or Shop enquire oi mo at my shop on Seventh street, between H ajid 1. JNS A. H'lijL Jv:-it? . OTORE OR OFFICE ROOM FOR RF.NT k ' The Rooni situated on the north side of |'a. avenue, betwee n 14th and 15th stree ts, at present 1 occupied by Messrs. Keller flr McKennev, er*. will be vacated on tin- T?th irt^nt. ant! ft?r rent. It i- well adapted fi>r the banking or ex change b'.sjne-^, ftincv, hardware, or -hoe busi ness, particularly for thchoo business. a* there is no sti?re of ? f?is description in or near the neighbor hood, and an establishment of the kind Is very much wan'ng for the convenience of the people in this section of the city. and there is no doubt buMvhat a good am! profitable business could be done. !*h"Te is .ilso a dwelling house over the Store Both would be rented together if desired Apply to O K. P. RAXARD, or the premise-, or to / Brown. Agent, directly opposite. jy 7?2t* FM)R RENT?TWO NEW HRICK IIOl'SES <?i N. between K'th and 13tli struts. They contain two parlors, live chambers, mi want's r< on dining room, kitchen and doable cellars, with convenient yards :?*?>?! out houses. The buildings are located in a healthv and rapid I v improving part of the city. R? nt ?'21 per month. For fur ther particulars enquire on the premises. jy ??eo'J,* l^XCELLENT CIIWCE TO ENGAGE IN *-?* the Grocery Easiness, et an old established Stand, in a i^o.h! neighborhood ?The v'of is on the S, W. corne i of Montgomery and Dunhartnn street*. Georgetown. At this s'uiid nnv one of business habits. keeDiug a go??d assortmentcaaiiot fail to ?lo well, there beini' no store with a good assortment in the neighborhood. For furtherpar ticulars enquire on the premises of Jy ??3t A ll MOU XTZ. Ij^OIl RENT ? \ handsomely furnished Hotise near the Public Department isoflertdfor rent. T o a responsible tenant the rent will t>e moderate. The House contains a bath room and uas lixtures. Enquire on the premises, No. tiT'J II street, jv 5?lm* I^OR RENT.?TIIE BUILDING ON D ST., near the corner of Twelfth, is i" ?r rent, either in part, or whole. Apply ut ihe Sou .llice jc-M?tf I^OR RENT?THE B ASEMENT OF F?>R rest llaM. in Georgetown, and >? vcral rooms on the lir-t tloor. I'osse-don j?iven on the 3d of July. The main Hall or Concert Koom i? ne\* ly benched,and will ?>e rented bv tiie nigh' or senr '?n, on mod-rat.; terms. |i. FORI!EST. jc ?"2w+ corner of F and 2?'th st reels I^OR SALE?A SMAI.Ii FR \ME HoisK anil la?t. No. 50 l/ouisima av-nue, Washing ton. It present - a rare op|*>iUunf v to a person wishing to mak" a good in vest meat. If not sold so??ii it will tie f> r rent. \I?o. a ihree-?:o-"v i>ri? k House and Lot. No 57 Iligh vtr?-et, Geo, .;c-t?'Wii, |<(>t -2i> feet front bv loM leet de- j?; Will in* s<*iil low ,in<l oil a l'':lvr credit. WAN' lED?A f. ?.v^har-xf Georgetown Build ing Association Stock Apply to E. K. 1,1 NOV, No. t'> Biidiie street, Georgetown; or No. 1un K street, Washington jevfl?tf 1^<?R RENT-IN ALEX \NDRI \. VA .that large tlm-e-story Brick House, well known a> the lust st..nd in the city for a h"?tel and I'-staur an:. on Ca-neron street ?*?p|msite the market ho m.*, and now oe< upr <1 bv Mr. McGon?*ual i'li^i^sion ^.iveu on the 1st of .l?|y A-'?dt>-.s l,;,?)YD X. CO . Claim Vjent*;. I'iftccntli s>irci t, op}?osite :iie Treasury, Washuigtoii. 1). C iu? tf HOrSESFOR RENT ?A TUB ME-STORY Ui ick Dwelling, with a twa- -ior\ b?< k build ing, and all the n.ic^ssaivout boihliiii:-. sitiiHted i t Cox's Hi.'r, Fir?t street, Georgetowr'. It Ins spaoioas j>arior.- and a eoiumodioiis hall: and ;s c.onsid'Ttd on" < t' t!ie irio?-t desirable ???m (!?'' Uistrkt. There i>an enclosed i^t. west and <idj'4ning tli? hon?c. Tn? isosare > < w o !>inl t>v ?h- Sco.retaty of ??, ? interior, i'o- .c.,i.?a itiav be had en the 1" ?h of l i.!y. Also, a sub>La:;tiai lwo-f.!ory Ilrirk Ilou-e, w ith spacious grotu.ds itboni it. slt'.ati d on the soutli? wt st cmer ^t F ar.<l Twentieth street*. Washing t'ui. Possession given on the 1 of July Apply to iiLALJEN FORREST, je -j?2\v* C orner of F and 2 nh streets. Rents reduced to suit the times. ^'??'?0 a year will he received for the n .it of those i, w ar.d convenient Cottages at Kendail Green,"With two accs of grouiid, ?.tal'!e, wood shed.and othei convenie.ic'tl Pumps of pure wa er a.L- near t!ie door, ami communica'.o.i is had with George tow-i by way of 11 and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania aveiiii?-, im.>ruin^ and af ternoon. at the usual fare, f >r the accommodation of clerks in tho Depa.tments. To secure the advantage of this gr^nt redu< tion of rent. itnm> (Hate applici'ion must lie i.i .l?- ?o the undersignetl. either by letter or at his hou <? at Kendall Green, after oillce hours, where the l.evs may be had ar.d the houses inspected at any time. Neve'-al of th'.-e re^ideucw'wilt v>ld ":i 11??*_? - ral terms. WM. STH KNEY, No 1, Kendall ?>retn N. B.?Rents paid qua teily i>- advascb. i;p 9?eo:f pOR RENT?SEVERAL 11 WDSOMCPAR X lors aad Chambers, with Hoard. Also, Table and Transient Board li'iuire at Mm SMITH S, Z-M F Mrevt ,-.p "i?.f Homes i or all ? beaftifella and healthily h^vat'sl liuildiisg l.<-ts, VI !? et :>y 13d deep, on graded streets, can. uiu t hi*, h.: Isiiliiit at the e\ee?sli;ig low pi lev < f j<a? ? able ?>er month. Title iudi.^putahle Umeu land OtBce, Soveuth street, almve (tJd Follow>' 11.ill. JOHN FOX, Secretary l??d:n I^OR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE Terms.?Athree-stur. Frame,with luisement, on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west. Also, a three-story Frame, with bm k bu!!ding, on I streetjUorth, between Fourth and Fitih streeTs west Apply to James W. Baiker, resilience on li >ireet nortn, "ls tween Twelfth and Thirte?-iun strveta west. DICKSON A KING. ap5?Thtf Georgetown. Fn?K RENT?T?E THREE STORY STORE and Dwelling, No. -si Bridge street, tieorge town,fco long occupied as Emmert's Confec tion ery. Apply to AR_> Y, next door. my i!a?lawtf t'tOR RENT?FOUR NEW AND C(?\Vfc nient Brick House-, brown ma>tkk fronts, containing parlors with marble mantels, d-tiin^ room, kitchen, servant's room, and live chambers euch. and situated ou Thirteenth street. Island, near the public, grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and tne Departments. Rent very mul e-rate. Apply at R. !l Clarke's ottice. corner of Sixth street and Louisiaua avenue, or at D. B. Clarke's Drug Store, Eleventh street, Island, mar 0?wtf \X SPECIAL NOTICE. rE would respectfully inform all persons hav ' ing accounts with us that they are all made ott". and those that are not called for will be ren dered in full to 1st July, when we very rcafcouablv expect and most earnestly request that they will come forward and close them without giving us the trouble of calling a second time. in connection with this notice, we take this op portunity of expressing our thanks to those friends and customers who have so liberally and promptly patronized us during the past six months, and nope for an increased continuation of the same by giving our personal and strict attention to busi ness. and conducting it upon fair andcorrect prin ciples COLLEY A SEARS. 5'23 Seventh street. 3 doors north Pa av je '25?eofit FOR POOH AND LABo7u.\G ML*. OMALL BUILDING LOTS of 10 feet or more, ^ in various parts of the Citv, and Georgetown, at low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO. BUILDING STONE, For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves, in Washington, Georgetown, or Alexandria. LLOYD At CO. t5th street, opp Treasury Department, jy 23?lv L\ND WARRANTS. OHN p CLARK, Agent for Claims. No ,V2? I'2th street, will pive t!ie highest market price in ^old for Land VA arrants je T?!m* Pit-NIC BASKETS.?Just oper??l a variety of Pic-Nie. Traveling, Card, OtRce, Work, School and Toy Baskets Also, a lot of Fresh Perfiiiuerv, from \p??llos, St. Harmon and Jules Hauel, Philadelphia; Combs, Brushes, Fans, I'ia^itig and ViMtiug Caids. Card Cases, Porte Monnaics, Jet GikkIs, Pocket Cutlery, Cagea. Music, Musical Instru ments. Stationery, K<\ ' JOHN F EL1.1S. Pa. av bttw Ninth and Tenth tt>. .) AUCTION 6AIEB. B By J. C. McGFIRE. Auctioneer. OOkS AND BO I MO VOLI OF Nrwtpnprr* at Auction.?On MONDAY afternoon, Jui\ Oth. at 7^' o'clock. at the Aucti.ui Room'*. 1 shalt **-11 a choice invoice of Books, manv of them handsomely bound and llln*mie<l Al<o. a nnruber of Bound \ ? luun *> of the Con gressional Giot?e and Appendix. I'iiI ?n. Intclll ireneer. and Campaign Paper* Term* <?sh B J AS. C MeGUIRE, jv 7 ^ Auctioneer. Bv J. C McGUIRK. Auctioneer IfERY HANDSOME Bl ILDING LOT IX ? the Northern Liberties nt Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon. HHh. at o'clock, on tbc premises, f shall ?11 I'ft .Nn 20 and part of I.ot 21. in S No T*^'. fronting 2" feet 1 ir.< h* < on Sth street w?->t. Mwet'n N and O street* north, running back W fo^t t Incite.*. Terms at the sale. J AS. C McGlIRF.. jy? d Auctioneer Uv OR F.F.N A SCOTT,*. FtRAMC llOl st \M? I.OT nt Auction? Oil TUESDAY. tli ? U'tii we Khali *??11, In front of the premise*. a? ? o'cl.v k p in , Lot N<?. 5, in Square No *.<" frontii:;<m? \ Hamp shire avenue. near the ?: t:. f of 21st atreet, hrtw no"tli M and N struts Th- 5 -t i- Ur^e. the m te p.:td bounds of which will l?- 'lewn ?-n the ?'.a\ of sale. Also, the in.nrovemen*-. whVh arc a g--od two-story Frame Dwelling House, stable, milk house, and a pump of excellent water on the prem Terins : One third cash ; balance in ??. ii and I* months, the purchaser to notes for the de ferred payments, be-irlng inleic<t from the day of | the sale. ! A d?-ed given and a deed of trust taken If the purchaser should fiil to comply with 'he terms in live davs from d ?y of sale the property will be resold, at the ri*k and c<wt of the first pur chaser. by advertising three times previous to such I resjde in the National Inteil 'erv -r. GREEN A SCOTT, jy( (J Auctioneers. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. ! n(ll R FINE BllLDINU LOTS at Anc | I1 tion On WEDNESDAY, the 1 lih instant. we ?hall Hell in front of the premises, at ti o'clock p in ., the following valuable Building Lots, viz : Let No.; in Squ ire No. .VJ, having a front on n i,ih G street of feel '2% inches, between 'J3d t and 2lth streets, runnirg l ark to a wide alley, | containing 5.0W feel. Lot No. b, in the Mine square, containing ?.?'i3 i feet. [ Lot No 3. square No ll. fronting VI f?-et 10 in on north 11, between 2jd and '.li.ii sts.. cciitaln;:!^ 7.-H?i feet. Lot No. P. square No. .rv5. fronting V; feet 10 in. : on 2:1*1 stree' vest, between it and I streets north. ' containing 4.51U feet. The Sale will commence on Lot No 2. square 1 52 Title indisputable Terms: One fourth cash ; balaore In 0, 12. and 1- mouths, for note* bearing interest from the day ' of sale. ; A deed given and a deed of ?ru?l taken i>KEEN A. SCOTT, jv ft?d Auctioneer*. F.v GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers. \rAU ABLE IMPROVED AND I MM proud Property at Anction.?On Till l.s l)A\, the 12th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at6 o'clock p ni . part of Lot No. 14. in Square No. 45?>. having a front of "> feet s:i inches on north G street, runiitrrj 'si< k I *? I teet J Inches to a wide alley. U iw.rn ?:th 7th siryet* west, improved by two brick 11 ousc*, 11 b> i?l)( feet, each one storv Terms -*10cash: *1,100 payable in monthly instalments of **? j? r nsontu."without inten-st; the balance a credit of ti and 12 months f??r notes hearirii; interest, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred |iavm:.'nts. properlv secured Also, u? t o'clock ?aine eveiiiiia. we shall i sell, in front of the premise*. Lois Nos. > and 4. in Davidson's si' of Squar<- No 1M, 1.axing a front of 2* feet each on north L -tre?-t, running . IJ11 feet to a wide alley. i Title indisputable. Terms: One-third ca?h : fti?> balaace in S. I"J, and I" nronths. for notes tearing interest from the dav of s^le. A given a de*xl of trrsr taken GREEN A SCO I T. jyC?d Auctioneers By J C. MoGUIllE, Auctioneer. \7"FRY VALt ABLE Bl II IHNG LOT ON I?, n?ar Thirteenth street.?On WED NESDAY AFTERNOON. Jul-, ?oVlk. oti the premises. 1 sliail v-ll pans of i#?. - No. II and I'J i'i square 2.'J. fronting ?!???? it 'Jo fe^t on north D b,*lwe?'u |-jth md l-Dli -.ireets, run ning ba* k an aver.:; e d-.j'lh '?! at"'1!! To f.-<-f iVrrns ??ne th'rd a-!i. the residue in and 12 uionih*. f t r?"?es i- arinn iu'en^t ? id ~ec 11 red by a ?lee?l c-f iru>t oti the prem:s?*s JAS. C McGl lRC. 1 Jy 5?eei J A ikinr. By J. C. MAG EIRE. A'Ctii neir. CtHANt ERV SALE OF VALIAHLE IM > proved Real Estate and >l:sr?et CJar?len. ' IJ,- vlrtuu of n. d.vr-e cf tiiO Circuit Court of the District cf Columbia for W a-hin^ton county, made in the cause wh? r<:/i? Marv Holfui 1 u. admin istratrix and heir-at-law of Thomas M? >? te. de ci.^si'd, is complaiuant. and Hannah Ai<;ore. ?ind James Moore, and Lawia Ana Moore his w;fe, heirs-at-law of said Thomas Moore, deceased, are d t- ndan's. No l.'?;7 inchan* cry. the sub-Hri lier. tr;i-t-.*e ap|*>intcd bv s.r.d decree, will sell n? public auction, on TUESDAY, the loth diy ef July. at ti o'clo' k, p in . ?>n the premise*, the'wiiok.' of square No 3'tJ, in the citv of \\as| - in^'on. fronting 3l0fiet 01 each of l!th and I2tl. streets wert, and -irJ feet 2 in' hes on ea< h of V and W -treets north, and containing ab?'Ut62.67J ? square feet of gr. aid. witti i?'ii?dings improve 1 iti Mi. - u:id j?ppurteiian.;es. which consi-t ?M a \v? 11 1 aaU substantially two-story brick dwelling i house and frame stable, Ac Tne above property is eligibly Ituated and rap ; idlv enhancing in value, and i;as i? t ri occupied i ;ind < ultiva ?ila.- a mark'.'t u' fd* n f??r i;~anv years. [ Ih in an excellent cond lion tor that purpose. <ind 1 with a very *Ito:l distaai e <f ei'her of the citv ' luaiket*, ajid otters to |'Ot>oiis desiroas ef obtain iny a valuable ma ket gard< n or ?n in vestment. a rare opjsHluiuiy. Tlie terms of saie. a> | r. - til?- d bv th- said dc cr?a-, will lie one-fourth of th-; par^ha-e money to paid in ca.?h, 2nd the balance in ti, l?. It and j month-. t-J Is- r-cured by the- puruLaser's note. ' liearing inter?-st from th?- da'' of tL- > lie. with s? 1 cr:ri*y to l^e approved bv the trustee. I 1*0:1 the .meat of the purchase m<?aey and inter.--t. :uid the railncation of the s;ih- by t!i<> Court, th* irust.-e w?ll convey the pri4*rt/ to the purchaser | in fee. ' It' the term* ef sale ire r.oi complied with in si* days after the tal" the property will lie r**o!dat the ri-k ar.d expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. I AH IMWI W iit^ at expense ^>f the purchaser. CllAS. S. W ALL AC li, Trustee JAS C McGl IRE, ! j;; 15?eoAds Auctioneer. COME ALL YE THAT ARE WEARY AND QIEMII VOIR TIIIKST. VRN Y A SII1NN res}>ectfullv return rheir m<?st sincere thanks to th*--ir friends and the public in general for the patroeage herHet'oie ?<? lr'*-rall> I>estowed u|M?n them, aud announce rhai they are not only prepared to nwive order* for iheir I'll!. Ml I'M Ml N'ERAL WATERS, Oat also for iheir snp?'.'ior t ha!ni?..yne I'ider a<'?t I'oner. b?<fled and draught Ale. Root Beer and Mead. l?ager Be^r. in k?*gs or bottles. Carln?irated Ginger?a new lieverane, which is so highly ro'cmniended by physicians of the Northern ? kti?rs. All order* pro??iptly dispatched. Union Bottling Depot, 37 Green street, je 2ft?Iw* Georgetown. D C. [No 53f ] VOTK E OP AX ESTABLISHMENT OF an additional Land ??l?cein the Territ. rv 01 Oregon ?In pursuance of the act of Congr ss a,' proved February 17. lfc5i. entitled "An a< t to e< ial?li?h an additional land district in the Teriit u; of Oregon,'" to be called the Euinquadistrict.em bracing all the land lying south of the fourth stand aril parallel, it isherebvd*iclar?-d and iivide known ilia" llie land ollice Lr said di-triet has lieon loea ted by the President of the I ni'tsl States at the town of Winchester, in said Territory, until other wise ordered Given under mv hand, at the citv of Washing ton this 17th day of Mav. A 1) l-3f> JOHN WILSON. Commissioner of General Land Ofllce. may 18?law!2w MRS. GEORGE. [ATE from England, wishes to inform the la J dies and geniR-menof Georgetownand \N ;i*h ington that she can be- consulted on the j?ast. :?;??* ent and future uvents at her residence. No. -i'i r irsi stree^ between Potomac and High streets, a few doors trom Forr*>t Hall, Georgetown. Ladies 2j?Gentlemen 30 cent* From in the- morning until 9 at night, je 2J?2w* SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE IIALL. HAMPTON. VA . IS situated within two mile* of Old Point Com fort, with which place hourly commnnl ms cation i* had bva n.-at andcommodio ^ebn- '.T ' nibiis, of the mo?t modem ?t> le.also ov tieji?. /\;r _ Hacks. &c. The llall will be open for the recep tion of visiters on the 14tli of May, at which time the proprietor hope- te? l>e able to inake comforta ble and h.^ppy the stay of all who may be seeking pleasure or health Many improvements have lieen added, such a cottages for families, play grounds for child en. shade treeK, Ac., indeed every thing that can con duce to the comfort of visitors. Tor health and beauty of location, this j lace i? unsurpa?m d. There is daily communication with the steamers of Richmond. Norfolk and Baltimore Terms, ts-rdav.... ** 0" Tei 1 ti*, |ter week. II '<? lernis, pei mouth. <pci davj 1 jt ->>-ew; ii. 0. UA.NES. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. RI'rORTF.D FOR THE EVF5I*?*T*R, Latrr Iron California N?w GaLBA>*. July <5 ?Th* atenuior Prc metheu? hao arrived here with Calif >nii? d?t< ? to the lflth uP , tw? w.k-K* later than prr?i'>u< mlvicM The mining new* is fimnMi, am! the rhip m?nt* of gold have l?ecn large MtiMTt. I>olU?n au-i Datrow a claim b*#Ud cor. firmed by the Commissioner:1. The law prohibiting gambling w a# generally observed. Ihc town <>f Auburn had l< cn destroyed by firr. The Know Nothing* had car red the uanief pal elect???n.- at 1'iaeerville and "tber town-.. The Walker expedition ha l arrived a! Ni<-a? riifu*. and the town of Kiva? 1c*s tnkeo Nicaragua wi*? in a rtatp of great ex itemenl. Violation of the New York Prohibitory Law; New York, July 7.?A further hearing ?as had to-day before Jrvige Bird?al? in the rmm of Smith, charged with filing li-|U'<r contr <rr to the prohibitory law. The point.* derided were that the f< urth rectioti. whieh make.-a. -ale of liquor a misdemeanor, 1? constitutional, and. that if the law dors aoi r*ach imported li<juo:!?, the proof that lienor* sold uro domes tic, lies with the government. From Maranzaa. Nrw York, July 7?lKfe* from Mitama.* to the 27th ult. reprose&t the he.< ltu of tho place a? good, the weather fine. and the pr* pocte of tho growing crops favorable. Sugar aad molasses were acarre and held high. Busi ness and freight- were dull. Tho Religions Tea: repudiated by the Louis iana Council New Orleans Jtily ?The Know Nothing Council of Loui.-iana ha- repudiated tho rolig ou- te?t jt the 1'bilalefphia platform. Baltimore Mr?r>^U Balti*''Ru, July 7.?Flour??ale? of WV| bbl.-. Howard street at $$.75.* nf new red at 52 15. and white at 5-2 2j. old -2 M3a*2.10 Corn?The market Hdtll; salui of white at 10 V.. and yell w at 1W0:. !7cw York Markets. VkwYork Ju'y 7 ?C-?tt?m i*du!l F!our^? l'ri-'es have a-ivan od 12ie.. with anlewof 4.7."?<l bid.- . at at 59 25 for'?bio, and 511 f?r Sonth ern. Wheat?The market is unchange 1: 4 (MHI bushel* sold. Corn if firm. with sale* of 41MHX) bushel* at *9a92.. Pork is firm, with an up ward tendency; cales of 4??rt bbl? bmi at -IV 37J. B -ai'is firm. Whisky is dull, with soles of 2? 0 bids, at 4K'. Stock Market. New York. July 7.?St?ck-< are l?etter. an l the money market is easier. Sale< to-lay at the fir.-t board of Erie K.tilr >ad at 5(?i. Cleve land and Toledo Railroad, '.*3: Hudson Kiver Railroad. 43; CuuiberlandCoal Company. 30 i: Heading Kailroad. V5?; New York Central Railroad. 1011. Michigan do . V7J. Cleveland and I'ittcl/urg, t?2 llifuois Central, V-E Vir g :iia 5'.-. 99 WANTS UfANTED? IN \ I'RIv ATK TAMII V. A white woman a* cook. w.i-her .t:ij .r.>i.? r. To out who und- rji'sndi her duty wv|| t.Hid n-a^c* and idniiahlr hour i> oftnd. Apply at \o Y? ?l.wi. UlMTj.Ti'Wl'B. Jy 0?3t UfANTKU?A WOMAN WHO CAN C??\ir. vv?ll rwotnrr'*nd?-<i a* a ? hi Id'* ii'irv will h? ar of t fcoo'l hHna'ion J?, u >plvmg at lio I". ?t , opihMttetbeCier.eral I'ottOii<*. jytt?St* 11TANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WHITE II MMB |a '.! and Ile>t rt-It-r- i <?* re^iir.^i. Apply ai No. "J Moa)^?ny * lifHC'loWH. Jy ti?4l 11." AN TED?AT THE AMERICAN HOTEL. ? f Pa avenut ?ree?. :Urt?? qulfk and intelligent Girl?>. (white) tn th? ra|iiictty of U?t>l? wai'cr^. It isd' *lrat4e that af?pli<a;lou t* nta''. imtn< diatflv In p?-r on to th*? proiirtetor* Haspeebower a i.??m:tt. UrANTED?A COUMLEO PBMALB N9U vant. J-he uiual a qui.'k and good wa*U t-rw'i'njn inu^t und. rsta^d ^oniethinv of eook'n^. Th*1 Inchest rate ofwajwi will t?e given for a frre or ?ilav*? woman, who can br;'?- perf<rtlv MfflsfaC tory re<^oiameadationa. Addreaa 44 P D." at tu Mar oillce. )v ?? -ill W /"ANTED?A SITf ATI<?\ BY A MAR ri^d man and hi- wife, without a faaiilv. tn town or country. Apply at No #HV North C?u?itol ktrect. Jy ft-A* 11TAXTED.?A WET Nl'Rt*E WANTED IT iami-diatfly f<?r a child al??ut oil inou'h* old Apply at No 355 Pa ave . near 0th M oi?i Anpr jy ?>?5;# IfOUSE WANTED?THE ADVERTISER. 1 wishe* to bu> a small, cheap IIoqm* and Mt!?at?*?l wi *t of l-^h ftr*-^, lietrnwn I aiul N ?u? IVr?im> having aueh pco|)erty f?r -ale will plena* slate its location and tin: lo\r?-st rail, prirr, to a ?" .tl?-d note. ai:d left at the ??tar Ollic*", anldrt'*-^ d U? "T U L." je'JU?Tt* W WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW thai - tf.ev cau jjet a h* fit-t front l?v 1^10 f?*t d"ep. fi?r the low pric?'of .<75?iiayahie a month without in'?T>t. Apply at tbel niua Land Ttn street, a<iovc Odu rdloaV llall. ap?Jm JOHN FOX, Se?*. BOARDING -v-?>TICE ? FOB KEXT-TiKbOtS AMI il Cliamhm. wi'.b hxurd Alxt. tal>lean?l tran sient l-K?r?1. With a lutliiiu; r??nn and showvr >w(hs. and ?-verv attention to render it uxst ax?"*s ablc to her hoarder# Mr* P G. MURRAY. Cor-ier Pennt?>lvaaia avenue and !>%' ?t ?p "23? it <?ARI>. Ac ? MRS BATES,ON THE8 W ?1 corner of lVuusslvaiua av? ir. and '?th s i<v<, i^ prcfuo-d toaec..jiiniodnf?'tj?'n?l? n?^n wirhn-om-, with without lxi.1 rd Every ?llfort will Im- madr to rainier those cotiifortahlo who may favnr her with their pjtionage. apt>?t! BRILLIANT SAILING NiT< II. '?MIE lovers <if thin h<-autiful and entertainiu^ A sp.>rt are hereby informed that the -? rit?er contemplates getting up. on the July, if praetieahle. a GRAND REGATTA Two chased Ktrum;an Mlver oohl?*ta will con stitute the prues The most valnahieto Iw-awanl ed to the most rapid boat In tbe raee The ne*t !>wt to bav i<f th? ? coud |feminm The ma' H s ?? !>e between Ixiats belon^inr: to Washington, ^etown and Aleiandr.a ltoatu iiaviny dtrkx over 25 fnet a re ineli^i>?le to entrv. The proprie tors of haat-~ must I ear in mind that thev cannot enter anv l>uat nut owned in the above }>hu.e? at this time Ma ay boat cwners are now preparing for tUo -{iort to take place on the 'iith July, and. fr??in tho apparent interest taken, it premises to be one of 'tie most eiitertaininc and rtnttrrkt afi'alm tver U-fore ofl'cred to the lovera of txml chasing in this city. The fallowing craft have already entered for tin* conteM: KNOW NOTHING. ^ II.!. WATCH, (the light-b^e'M * raft that otf the pitcher last aeawn tnumphaatlv I skimmer. Martha. A large and beautiful steemer will be chartered for the oocaaion. in order to attord all who dwira to witneaa this beautiful sail an opportunity to bt hold all ita various incidents Owner* of boats, and others, desiring to enter their ciaft, or learn the manner and intention nf the Regatta, or termaof entry, can be gratifbd In any manner by < ailing at the Citv Re*tauran?.cor ner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street Fort Washington will t?e the distance designed by the undersigned and returning to the point of starting. I' i< ?? of entrv todepend n twin the n* ?nS<? of eon \.nts Wi| L lONEt* Citv Restaurant, cor. Pa av ar?d 13tb +' je JO?iawtf RSON'S WITH DEFECTIVE VISION are invited toeiamine inv ? *ten?lve stock <?f all k.nd?ef SPECTAt'l.l.S a-*d EYE GLASS ES. Cla>-<s of any kind, sucti a? C'atara-1. I'ar i u-ia. Periacnpie. l?ouble Concave, Double tin vei, and CcUO'i-d Glasses, pn? in at ih'it notice, wiih gnwt care, and p? rsons in waj?t uf ^la-*ea may be sure to get thoae which Ix-neMt the eyo. ^ in- i i^-uiart-DefMtive VlM.?n ^ratliat H f KM KEN s, 3P? ^Viiuic, bet "Jib aud t?t ?tv imi .0 r

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