Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HII6T0N CUT: RATI RDAY miRNMN laly 91. AGEHTS FOR THE ITAt. The following persons are authorized to con tract for the publication of advertisements in tAe Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Pa liter, N. W. comer ?f Third and Chestnut streets. New York?8 M Pkttisgill A Co ., Nassau Street. Bo#toe?V. B. Pal an, Scollay's Building. XjT Advertisruehti should ^e handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. THE WEEKLY STAB, Tor the week ending to-day, contains its usual ?variety of interesting intelligence, both foreign and domestic: an excellent substitute for a newsletter to a distant friend. Price SI.25 per annum, or three cents for a single number. 8FIEIT 0? THE XOBITIirO PRESS. The Union reviews the prescriptive action of the recent New Hampshire Legislature to disprove the protest of Mr. John Wilson, late Commissioner of the General Land Office, that Jvoow Nothingism is not prescriptive. The Union also contains an anti-Know Nothing letter from the pen of the Hon. Philip Philips, "who represented the Mobile (Ala.) district in the last United States House of Representa tives?for a copy of which, by-the-by. wo are indebted to that gentleman?wherein it is ahown that the grand purpose of the new party is Catholic proscription. The Union also further comments on the marriage be tween Know Nothingism and Abolitionism in Jllinois. The LiUlligenctr is shocked at the levity displayed by the London Times in comment ing on the late repulse of the Allies before Sebastopol. The editor cannot bring himself to believe with the Times that the war is to Jast at least twenty years longer, and deplores the fact, it so it id to be, as likely to prove ter ribly disastrous to the interests of humanity, and is of opinion that the questions in issue might easily be settled but for the false pride ?1' the Governments involved. e have received a printed copy of the address to the students of the Washington Sem inary. on the day of their exhibition, on the 2th instant, by Richard U. Clark. Esq , of the Washingtro bar. It was an effort peculiarly appropriate to that occasion. Also, a catalogue showing the subject or ti tle of every patent granted by the United States Government prior to the year 18^5. and the number issued under each title ; by J. S. Brr wn, A. M. Inventors anil others will find this a very valuable and interesting little work for future reference, as well as suggestive of new subjects of invention ?Effect^ of the Heat.?On Thursday there ?were five sudden deaths in Philadelphia from the excessive heat The thermometer in the afternoon indicated a heat of #7* degrees in the Tbe sun was so intolerably hot that many bricklayers, house carpenter*, and other* working in exposed situation*, were compelled tlu,t their Ub?rs The heat affected every I'-'dy and all kinds of business. Restoration of Arks?Governor Medill, commander in chief of the militia of the State ot Ohio, has issued an order commanding the restoration of arms to the Sarsfield Guards, of Cincinnati, from whom General Sargeant had taken them, on account of their refusal to obey his orders, and parade on the 4th of July The Governor has also appointed Senator Pugh to i>e major general of the division, taking rank ?ver (Jencral Sargeant. The Cholera refore Sebastopol.?The London Morning Advertiser, of the 6th inat.. lays. Private letters were received in town last night, which state that the cholera and diarrhoea are carrying off immense numbers of cur tfficers and men iu the Crimea. ' FBBSOWAL. Col. Wood, of Cincinnati, has entered into an enterprise with Barnum for gettine ui. four Baby Show*-<,ne in Borton. onfln flff tinaore, one in Phiiapelphia, and one in ^ew'vork' ?D ?f lhe Ut* "bow in ....Among the marriages recorded at the City Register's office, in Boston, Mass., within a tew days pa?t, is that of a colored man of f r.y, to a white girl nineteen years of aee C ?.nment is unneceeary. ....Jacob Diffenderfer, one of the gallant fpints of 76, died on the l?th inst , in the cvunty of Lancaster. P. , in his 08th >ear . .The ??Ocean Wave," a sprightly daily japer, published at Ca,* Mav, contain* the toflowing items The Hon W. H. B.sHcl ?f Jit., anJ General J. S. Aruioud of La., are at i ?n. K KbUtC,, li0td The Hon Lane has been sojourning, fur some time at Congress Hall His L^cellency ?m." Price of New Jersey, H?n. Thomas S Tin ?ou, penury of State, and Hon. RJP Thorn t Tt th VrBty ilen*ra1' are the guerts . the Mount Vernon. A number of M C s Cd'mS- * ?a?'k*r "f .."Heman J. KcJ6,kl. fc,, of the port of New York, and Capt Roberts T' Jodgin?"t w- T*ma- v s *? c., ? Tm Itb of Ji lv i.v Lo.xdo>.?The London .Morning Advertiser says: ??Jll!Jl!- rKR00,Mj WSre' on Wednesday eve ning last, the scene of a great eithcrim? ,r 'I JuI> Rnd the anniversary of American In >f America s moat distinguished men. " t^burg Ei,!^, Pe" that city on Thur-dav of 0CCBmn? ?v.r.i .c"rh^.b1?p* JBsnicatiuft frua kit IMhei iki'j 7m' come t? him. Oo Thursday uirte I *d' 10 MyiBg he was going t., h? tafh^r Ind* walking about the -trceN so,^ tl^ *** down, saring ?? latiier, I m thar '? TL ,Wd who had been watching i>;n, woman found him dead ^ hlIU' Weal UP *?d . Baluui-ir- Jtru-wlMuO. u,.lm te'X'Vi "VV *>"""'> *<??? SJ. Wheat'\ IJ 2 IT ft?7* cents for the week! ?Uy and fcRu 4 bUhhf1' V< -^r' ?^eenUonred ind^V^*45* dec,infc ? ^nwhitr Coruis'in ?* bu,hel dine on floUr in tho Balth!! de* ? frrat ?, in New v!?k^'?e mmrk*t ? not ?w*y within the last two dav^a? glV*? ?2< cents per bbl ?Bolt. RaciM ITS FOR THE Cbirca Th. V Mail state? that there are a - - N,affaru cruits about joining the Forei J r ? ?? fifty dlpTiS *?"y and lftt Niagara on the u in . **rr*ine. fame place. tbt 96 ,nrt? for the WA8HIH0T0H 1TEW8 AFD GOSSIP. A Permanent Bridge over the Potomac ? We have witnessed the strife upon this subject among those identified with the various inter ests advocating different positions for thia pro posed structure, and have come to the conclu sion, after many year? experience with the temper of Congress, that until our fellow citi zens of the District of Columbia harmonize upon the question, we may struggle on in vain for a permanent structure over the Potomac opposite or above Washington. Congress will not vote a dollar for more than the necessary repairs of the present rickety old concern known as "the Long Bridge," and of the Falls' Bridge, until they are satisfied that there is little difference of opinion as to the location, among those on this side of the river immediately interested; and also until a plan endorsed by the Engineers of the Government is presented to them which shall not contem plate a very heavy expenditure, and will yet be permanent in its character. As for obtain ing an appropriation of millions to that end from the National Treasury, the day has gr>ne by when that might have been accom plished, however desirable it may be to this community and that of the surrounding coun try. Our fellow-citizens should look these facts in the face, and take their measures in this connection in view of them. It matters very little, indeed, to the general interest of this city, where the bridge shall stand, so that a permanent connection by bridge with the Virginia shore be secured Nor will its even tual location have any injurious effect on the value of the property in any quarter of Wash ington. as many seem to believe. The reader may rely on it, that Congress will never be persuaded to appropriate a dollar for a per manent Potomac bridge, until the great mass of the people of the District of Columbia har monize their difficulties over the question. A Defect in the Law.?The Court of Claims, yesterday, found itself in a quandary. Judge Gilchrist was too unwell to appear in his seat, and on examination into the details of the law under which it exists, it was found that no provision had been made by which two of the judges could sit and transact business in the absence oi the third. So the two present did not even take their scats, but caused the Mai shal to adjourn the court until to-day, by pro clamation. To-day, if Judge Gilchrist is suf ficiently recovered to bo present, the court will adjourn over until Octobcr; by which time, it is to be presumed, that some hall, in the way of a permanent court-rooiu, .within the Capitol, as the law provides, will be ar ranged for the accommodation of this tribunal; as after October the Supreme court-room, in which its sessions are now held, will be re quired for the Supreme Court. The law is equally defective, by-the-by, in designating the Capitol building as the place in which the Claims Court must meet, as it is so inconve. niently located for its business, which has reference to matters wherein much of the tes timony consist* of papers of record in the va rious Executive Departments. Congress will, doubtless, change these two features of the law as soon as they come together; the litter more especially, because thry cannot conveniently give up any portion of the Capitol to this court* at least until the cxteu-.ien of the building may be completed The Press.?The friends of Lord Raglan at. tribute his death, for the most part, to the comments of the press upon bis conduct of Eng land's share of the Crimean campaign, gen erating a condition of nervous excitability in his system, which deprived him of life when dyentery came to its aid. They are essaying to get up popular sympathy against the license with which the English newspapers and pe riodicals are discussing the Government's re sponsibility for the disasters of the campaign, and with reference to each prominent officer's share of the censure, which is deserved some where. Wo apprehend that their labor will be in vain, as the people of England, whose organ the pres?s is, arc destined to increase rather than to lose any portion of the liberty, rights, and co-equality of privileges they now er.j >y It happens that the privileged clashes, who arc altogether chargeable with the unfortunate turn the affair, of Britain have taken in the Crimea, know at least bv this time that it is impossible to hide from the masses the fact that they?in the Cabinet and on the field?arc the sole authors of England's shame. This knowledge, on their part, can not fail to paralyze any efforts that they might possibly otherwise be able to ina'ie. to con tinue for their own benefit tho civil and uiili tary systems of the realm, which have, togeth er, in this case, proved so inefficient for the protection of the interests and honor of the nation. Tha ProepecU of the Sou;K-Soine erudite and wel'-informed Northern man is doing hU b<*t through the columns of thg Journal oj LumMtrec to enlighten his brethren as to the true condition and prospects of the South lie writes with a powerful pen and po^esftee evidently a thoroughly informed and practical mind. We nevertheless doubt the ability of aught human in these times of the general prevalence of optimist notions throughout the North to beat common :>euse views into the noddles of its self-sufficient and flashy-edu cated masses, who possess just information from books sufficient t j make it a curse to them and the whole country, under the teaching of dem agogueism in the pulpit aud in politics. We quote tho writer in question as follows: '? In two, or at most in three yean, from present indications, the capitols of the most widely reparated slave State- will be brought within seventy-five hours of each other, by railroad communication entirely through slave ternary At an *arlief period will the Gulf of Mexico be reached in a considerably less time, trorn the Chesapeake Bay, while Charleston ;uid Savannah will be within thirty-six hours' travel of Louisville and Memphis, Baltimore, Alexandria. Norfolk Petersburg, and Rich mond, will be directly eonnectcd, by loco motire velocity, with Vicksburg, Natchcz. Mobile. Pensacola and New Orleans. ?? Upon the face of the globe, there is not so stupendous a railwav network, as that in em bryo, which is to embrace in its circle, and ul timately develop every foot of Southern soil. Texas and Florida, under its influence, will profit alike with Maryland and Delaware ? (' uch mineral and other resources are to be un locked in the long neglected mountains and of Virginia. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennc<*ee. j w will contribute in as great a degree to the prosperity of those States, and their Southern a m?' as have the products of their luxuriant # .u ^lscoveries have i>ointcd out > them their hidden treasures, and arranged the manner of their realization. Richmond, ,*? i*c^itica manufactur ing, aaid heathful location, may become the Manchester from which the South will derive lU suppliesof cotton and woolen apparel; aud Knoxfllle, heretofore shut out from intercourse with the world, the Birmingham, which will furnish it wifh all that may be required of imt Vulic articles. Iu> position Is central, and the centre at which the trains ou *4 th? great r >ute* will meet. Its adjacent coal fields and ii<>n. coppcr and lead mines, are numerous and inexhaustifcte ??The day of dependence upon the North by the South Tor market*, a* for merchandise, is Mpidly passing away. With it, social inter course will diminish in a similar ratio The ii calculable value of the Southern travel may be cut off to such an extent as to render it of but little profit. The more mountainous re gions of the Slave States abound with medici nal springs, of as varied qualities and cura tive virtues as the celebrated Spas of Germa ny. Many of them?.?ime quite new discov ered?are surrounded by picturesque scenery, and are perpetually fanned, in the warm months, by invigorating, salubrious breeses. They arc all bec*uing easy of access. Two vears hence a railroad ride of twentv four hours from tide water, will place the seeker af trr it at the one farthest off. They are des tined to speedily be the most fascinating ob jo ists of summer attraction on this Continent. t<> the fashionable and wealthy, as also to the ' lame and afflicted.'' Northern cities and watering plaees were never so prosperous as when thronged with Southern visitors. Those visitors, in the main, they must prepare them selves to lose." Kansas.?The following is the substance of the platform adopted in the Lexington (Mo.) j Anti-Abolition Convention : 44 That the agitation of the slavery question in Congress or the several States must finally r -sult in a dissolution of the Union; that the resolution of non-slaveholding States not to admit another slave State is a declaration of b'utility to the Constitution; that the diffusion of slavery tends to ameliorate the condition of j the slave, and maintain the equilibrium a;ainst the n >u-slaveholding majority; that t m Kansas-Nebraska act and the fugitive save law are cordially approved ; that the in c >rporation of moneyed associations for the Si.irpose of colonization in Kansas is unprece dented in history, and i< an attempt to thwart the purposes of the Constitution and the enact ments of Congress; that these colonies will necessarily lead to resistance : and while they disclaim any intention to interfere with actual a 'tilers, they will protect themselves and prop erty. Eighteen border counties in Missouri co.itain 50,000 slaves, which will become value less if Kansas becomes the abode of abolition fa latics. They appeal to the good sense of the N ?rth to put down fanatical aggressions and emigrant-aid associations, and leave Kansas to a natural settlement." There is not a word in it which we do not heartily endorse?not a word. We caro not w lat misrepresentations of the conduct of the Missourians the anti-slavery press may put forth, the country, everywhere, will, sooner or later, come to understand that the Mis sourians are merely contending, like true hearted men. to prevent the consummation of the schemes of the Abolitionists to rob them of the 50.000 slaves in the eighteen counties of the State bordcriug on Kansas, using Kansas a^ the means of so doing. We do not approve tl cir treatment of Gov Reeder personally, more especially because his record as a public man disproves?, in our belief, their allegation of sympathy with abolitionism. The following list of the officers just elected by the Legislature shows that that body is about to do its best to defeat the plans of the abolition aid societies, every one of its officers elected being partisans of the adoption of a slave holding State constitution : Of the council, Thomas Johnson was electcd Sresident: K. R. Recs, president vro ttm.\ obn A. ilaldermau, chict clerk ; Charles 11. Grover, assistant clerk ; and Cary R. White head, sergeant-at-arms ; and Wm. Godfrey, doorkeeper. Of the bouse, J . 11. Stringfellow was elected shaker ; Joseph Anderson, speaker, yvo if in. ; J. M Lysle, cuief clerk ; John Martin, assis tant ; T. J. Cranuner, sergeant-at-arms. Fusion.?It has been determined that the fall conventions of the (nominal) Whig and Republican parties of New York shall meet this fall at the same time and in the same place. This means ''fusion," of course. What i.- ^till called "Whig" in New York is simply the wing of Mr. Seward's followers who have s<. far kept out of Know Nothing Lodges. A large wing went into the lodges, and came out of them only to go into the Know Something Republican?party lodges. The Silver Grey;?, or Fillniorites, are nearly to a man Know Nothings, and support the Philadelphia Platform. In that party is also a large wing of the Hard Democrats. The Fillmore wing of tho Whig party of New York has at no time within the last oix years embraced more than a third of the number of votes identified with lh'.* Seward wing or interest. The Democratic leaders in New York, in view of this state of things, feel perfectly sure of a sweeping tri umph in the fall; a? the Sewarditescan hardly be as strong after the formal split in the Know N"thing party, as when they, in a great meas ure controlled its council. A Treaty with the Sandwich Islands ? Yesterday, aftrr we went to press, we under ^tind thf Secretary of State and Chancellor Lee, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni p< tertiary from the Hawaiian Kingdom, con cluded the negotiation of a treaty between the United States and the Sandwich Islands, mu tually advantageous and highly important in relation to the commercial intercourse be tween the two countries. We have every reason to believe that it simply secures t> both c< uutries the advantages of commercial intercourse on a fixed batds, ,-imilar to that on whioh our commercial relation- with other civilized countries is fixed. Eweltoring Weather.?Yesterday was a very oppressive day in Washington, notwith standing the receut showers. It is exceeding ly dangerous to unacclimated persons to labor long uudcr the glow of the sun while careless of their diet and drink. Persons in the habit ol using intoxicating drinks pretty freely are much more liable to the sunstroke than the temperate; and if necessarily much exposed at this season, should be careful how they es say to quench the raging thirst created by strong drink, by liberal potations of very cold water; almost as dangerous to them under such circumstances, as excessive drinking of ardent spirits at all times. To their own Detriment ?Many applica tion for military bounty land warrants are da ly received by the Secretary cf the Interior, wh > causes them to be transferred to the Pen sion office, to which they should have been ad dressed diret^iy. A day or two of precedence is thus lost by the delay in reaching the bu reau to which they properly belong. Ai an average of 000 applications rcach the Pension office daily, and as but from 300 to 1 350 warrants can be issued daily, a party ad dressing his application to the Secretary of the Interior, it will be perceived, gets some thous ands lower down the " in turn ' list, than if he had addressed the Pension bureau directly, j ' A Pro Tern Marina Corps Quartermaster. Captain George F. Lindsay. Assistant Quar termaster United States Marine Corps, has been ordered from tho New York navy yard, where he has been stationed for somo years in the discharge of the duties of his assistant qu irtermastership, to headquarters, the Ma rii.e Barracks in this city, to discharge the duties of the quartermasUiship of the corps, | made vacant by the death of the late Major Nicholson, unfil the President may make a permanent appointmrnt. Enoraxoua Land Sales.?We understand that tie sales of the puhlie domain in the Fort d *s Moinea (Iowa) Public Land District this tcMon. hare been tremendous. Exclalire of the lands taken np there with bounty land warrants, in the month of May they amounted to an aggregate of 5300,723 KO, and in June to ?244,703 95. These transactions are unpre dented in that quarter. A Secretary of Legation .?Michael W. Cluskey, Esq., of this city, was appointed, some days since, Secretary of Legation to the Ilawaiian (Sandwich Islands) embassy accred ited to this Government. To hold this posi tion, it will be remembered, it is not requi site to be a citizcn of the government so cm ploying the individual. Mr. Cluskey is a na tive of Georgia, and is a young gentleman of very decided character, talent, and energy. Th* Statuette ?we were mistaken in what we said yesterday with reference to the price at which Mr. A. G. Southall proposes to dis pose of copies of the beautiful model of the equestrian statue of Jackson, in Lafayette Square, in this city. It is <-10 each, instead of 520. as we said on that occasion. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 20th of July, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For tho Treasury Department.... $17,452 19 For the Interior Department 60,405 98 For the Cnstons 13,223 02 Covered in from miscellaneous sources 33.015 79 Covered in from Customs 62,578 70 Navy Appropriation Warrants... 3.054 80 Drawn on account of the Navy .. 170,054 11 War Warrants received and en tered 26.413 50 |5pThe Prussian government is locking well to its arms. Orders have been given to convert. a.? soon a* possible, 2S0.0C0 weapons of the old system into Minnie rifles. As soon as this is accomplished 600.000 others are to be altered after this fashion A mechanic in Zcllc has taken a contract binding himself to deliver 129,000 rifle sights within a year. ,N O T I C E.?The members of Osajre _ Tribe No. 6, I. O R. M., are requested to attend a meeting of the Tribe at their Wisrwam on MONDAY EVENING, the 23d instant, at 7 W o'clock, as business of the utmost importance will be brought before thein for consideration. By order: C. C. Ml LLS. Sachem. R. II. Graham, Assistant C. of R, jy 21?It# J-^S^THK GERMAN YAGERS takTpleas. sKjSk ure in announcing to the public that tbev will give an Excursion to the WlllTE HOUSE August 13th. l'articulars in future advertisement. jy '21?eo3t 3T-^5>THE NATIONAL GUARD take pleas. ure in announcing to the public that they will {jive an Excursion to Piney Point August '2d. Particulars In future advertisement. Jy ld-3t Lost, on Thursday evening. a p^ar Cross Breastpin The finder will he suitably rewarded oil leaving it at Mrs. SMITH'S, *233 F street. jy 21?3t* TVTEW WALTZ.?Just published by the sub iv scribers, the ??Multiflora Waltz,comj>o?ed and dedicated to Miss Saliie Drisch, of l^eeuburif, Va., by Prof. J. A. Young. lilLBL'S A HITZ Jy Music Depot. L'Xt ELL.E\T GREEN TEA at 60 cents. *-J All other kinds constantly on hand, such as Old and Young Hvson, Imperial, Gunpowder, Hyson Skin, Oolonjr. Souchong. Pouchona, Ninu Yonc, Orange and Flowery Pe. co and English and London Breakfast. All Teas warranted to yive satisfaction Samples may l>e had on appli cation at the Tea Store, 510 Seventh street jy '21?eo3t HALL A HENN1NG. JUST RECEIVED ABEAUTIFIJL assortment of Vegetable Ivory comprising ten or twelve different patterns of p< arl-like whiteness. Also, Frank Leslie's New York Journal. Bal lon'* and Peterson's Magazines at ADAMSONS Bookstore. 7th st., opposite the Post Ortice jy 21?3t# 4 CARD.?The attention of Carpenters. Build > ers, Dealers in Lumber and all who may wish to purchase Luinher Is respectfully invited to the sale which will take place at 3 o clock p m , on Monday, the 23d instant, at the Lumber Yard, at the corner of 0th street, near Pennsylvania ave nue, immediately In the rear of our store GREEN A SOOTT, jy ?1?It Auctioneer*. clocks: clocks: IF you wan? a good honest Clock?one that will always tive you the correc t time, drop in at G. FRANCIS. 49(1 Seventh street. He has Clocks that cannot be excelled?handsome and good time keepers. He sells low, and every Clock is war ranted. jy'21 No. 32SJ MANTILLAS. [No. 32S IT is our pleasure to announce to the ladies that we are now selling very pretty new styles Black Lace Mantillas at $2 75 Black Silk Mantillas at s*3 Black and colored Lace and Silk Mantillas ?4 Black, white and colored Lace and Silk Man tillas, froin *5 to ?15. We invite the ladies to call and see the display in our Mantilla Room, second storv. MAXWELL it BRO , No. 3'& Pa avenue, bet. IHh and 10th sts. jy 21?eo3t Building materials, tar. rosin. and Cumberland Coal, White Pine and North Carolina Girders, Joist, Scantling and Rails Fa-tern Shore do do do Spruce nine do do do White North Carolina and Eastern Shore Pine Boards and Plank, of all lenjrths and quality North Carolina White Pine, Spruce Pine, and Eastern shore worked Flooring Poplar, Cherry and Oak Shingles. Lathes and Pickets Tar, Rosin and Cumberland Coal All for sale and delivered to any part of the Dis trict at the lowest market price tor cash, or on time to prompt men. H N. A J. W F.ASBY, Lumber Yard, corner *J#th and D sts., jy 21?3t First Ward. GRAND CIVIC St MILITARY EXCURSION OF THE Montgomery Guards, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On THURSDAY, August '2<l. THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS respectfully announce to their friends, civic * and military, that they will give their Third Grand Excursion to theWhite House on THURSDAY. August 2d. 1855. Two Boats having been chartered for the occa asion, the first boat will leave Georgetown at ft o'clock in the morning. Washington at 8)$. Navy Yard at 9, and Alexandria at 9U The second boat will leave Washington at 2 p. m . and proceed directly to the White House. The first boat will leave the White House at 7 o'clock, and the second at 10 or 10 ^ p. m. Fischer'a excellent Cotillon Band is engaged fbr the occasion. Columbus will serve an excellent Dinner at 50 cents a bead, and refreshments at city prices. Tickets SI?admitting a gentleman and ladies; to be had of the Committee, or at the Boat on the day of the Excursion. Committee of Armngtm+nts. Lieut Reilly, Lieut Feeny, Sgt McEniry, t$gt Burk, Private Wall, Private Malone. jy 21?dte FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE ST A BLES. IN announcing to the public of Washington that 1 have taken possession, by purr has- , of the above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied iwRSft by A. Schwartl.) 1 wish to inform^Ull them that it will be entirely conducted by mv*elf. and that all orders left upon the premises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and careful drivers The Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horse* ; having stated hour* for lady eque? trian* in private or puhik, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment. Persons reouiring ooen barouches or familt car nage*, can lie satisfactorily accommodated, as well as those desiring riding hortes for irmtlemen or ladies. FRIEDERECK lakemeyer, j>"21?3m Agent. LIST OF LETTERS in f*? Pott OfIr*. Wathtngton. D C.. ^ INV5 [Ordered to be advertised in !h? " Frmtmg Star,'' agreeable to the following flection of the Post Office Law?it being the new pa per baring the Urgent circulation *>f any daily paper pub lished In Wa?hinc(<M: Sec. 5. A*d ht it further ???titd. That the list of letters remaining iinoilk*! for <n any po*t office in any city, town, or village, where new* Kra shall be hereafter, lie pub *1 once only in the nev spaper which, bring issued weekly* or nfteoer, tk*'.l h*rt tkt Inr^ttt ttrrulatioH within the range of the delivery of said oltice. to be decided by the postmaster at such office.] Ttwm yln; for letters la tka foUowlag Uat, wilt plaaae My they are A*TiiT?n. LADIES LIST. A'wtln, Mr* BiUa Aoliby, Mr* M?nrarat B Adarrt, Mr* Mary A AUlr.n.n, Mr* Milliner, Ahien*. Mr* V A.lama, *1?* S?r?li P Ade la, Mr* Urbacca Bryan, Jullau Kakar, Ml'* Otlmkla Boan, Irt Anna Boric, Mra Ellen Hum*. Miaa Liu* Uell. Mra Betey Brown, Mr* Clara T Barnard, Mra Jennett W Ben y, Mia* Mary M B?itlar, M la* liar rial Ber.y, Mai y M Braudon. Mita MtMtra BolWar, M ra Bita liutler, Mr* Margaret Bw h?r. Mra JAM Batemac, Mlaa Sarah Aao Bri-ilcl, Mlaa Helen Buahley, Miaa Vary I Ohm, Mr* Aaa Maria Clarke. Ml** Annie Cox, Mr* KHza Oaue. M m Mary Creeaa, Jaany Clark. UUa Maria On ?ill, Ml*a Julia 0>'x-?n, Mra Sarah ? '?dwell, Mies Jinny (V'-uor, Mlaa Cordelia Carter, Louisa Caruil, Ml?? Jane t> (Vuway, Miaa Campbell, Mlaa Kir a* J Oar roll, Roaen* tV'uiil*1 n, Mr* M A DouKla*a, Mia A J B.>nal?1*on, Annie M f)nu?'il?**,'Mt*a Mollla DonuaJl, Madame Allna Hare Oa*l?, Mlaa Anna A Devoi. Mia* Mai y t Iteeddy, Bridget Dirl*. Miaa A EMia Darl'laon, Mra Julia IHrty, Miaa Mary K leien, Mlaa Virginia Klward*. Ml** K. ?a F:nr re, Mlaa M <iy Ann Fletcher, Ml-* K ea Ho->d, M'a* Mary Grerrn, Mlaa 4 Pl?a Uitu, 11k A .'ell (iray, Mis* hilen Gxaa, Mra Al ia C Giltett, Mr* Mar'e t UlilaU. Mta* AM.ia Gardner, Mr* 1 K Hall, Miaa L?nra Ball, Rath Ana Hniua, Mlaa Fanny P Haje*. mi*- CaUi*rin? ll.-urten, Mucarrl IIuJimb, Mra Join O lla? *n, Mlaa Lura A Uarrl*. Miaa Mai*a*1tt E Hnrdle, Mr* Suaan Jone?, *l? Mary II J Mia A i aistia C Jar keen, Lnciuda J .tin*'.:;, Mlaa Fran<-la RMw?!l, Mlaa Martba A k~aney, Mlaa Ann Lew .a, Mia* Mary Lewia, Ml-a VI. rtnla T LacVey, N .r) Jaue Le*>t?, Mi?* Sally a Lyaa. Ml** Mlaa Margaret Ltinly, Mr* E K M-<fi-.ii, Cat. arise Miller, Ml-a Morrla, Miaa Ada J Mailing. Mr* N?ucy Murp'iy. M.aa l.acy D Stafford, Miaa Jona Smith, Miaa Ada L bml'li. Miaa Mary A H|?i< er, fciiaa Ida (<alion, Mr* C A Shannon, Mra Ana P Sirren*. Miaa Alice Kale Tl>una>, Dim H A T>?lberv Mi?? Ik-li'a Taylnr, Ml?? Rfk-T* Wal(h, Mr? Cor.rad W:?a, Mr* Oa'harine 3 Wiil|?ni?. Ml*a Maiy E Wiai'r, Miaa Mary Wiiltl, Mr* Lydia Wcod, Mra M*ulda A INITIALS.?Mill V; Eu;*ult. OENTLEMEN S LIST. Andoraon, W P Adain*. W W Alber, W ni A'iaiua, Theodore A'len, Tboa 1 MrMk T J Anir!"*, Mr Andrew*, Jo* AUmr^er, J T Arm-ti oa;-,. J?me* Arniitron^. li<; > J Alv..rk, E ji A<! iiiia, Chaa M Ati-.u*, Chrtabi'r Adaiua, Geo W Butler, W J llrewer W 4 Co Browlen>;, W H Byren', Wm Bryau, W H Plait^a, Hatnnrl Kranrla, Kicb&i 1 Koreu-r, H D Fittoab<?rn, H W Finch, M ti Kiahi-r, H> nry Fn!ipr, C W Uarinar, ffa Oa it, S W Oatea, Siu'l tl tt, I/mil* E liage, Jn.> I> OvnMey, J C S ii iruT, M I.t L Uritulall, U?a U Gar?C, D W (>iblH)tl?fC U Ui'Biondl, A Gayna, G Hubbard, Chaa Bennett, Re*. W W Bunt, \Vaaiii><?ti>n Hi yant, W O ByriH**, Tli<>a C Bi inkarbot, U II' rke, Patrick Btiib.ii), P.?trlck Br.uw.ui Paaiua Be;, U W Biiily. M T Bvylea, Mlcliaal Baker, Loaia Brx^xab^ra, Jera B?im, John A Butler, Jamea Back u?, J H Barry, John B-iily, Ju* Brady, John Brown, Henry ButJ^r, H?*nry BH.:y, O K Hnuier, Thoe 1 HoDey A rh<>m ? Bay cock, T^ioe H xl'^ea. Silas H HUl.. U M Herbari, Philip A 3 Heavier, Lorenz Howard, |h Hoikiut, J O C Hollrm, J b Ilaliu, J no Hedley, Jno p McCIeava, R H M .-Call. I boa NcE' >y, T Kayior, J G >' eale, M r N'-rtliway, LD A Oe J?? Noonan. Cornellui N'ewhann, A O'.V-ile, Tina O'C-Tiner, Ttio* O'Briue, Michael Perley. W H Pbilli|?, Wm Phillip*, M iii I) Parria, V l? Parker, Tb.>* J Paine, t'amuel Phillt'-a, L Potia, J S Phi kar, Jame* I'elr'-e, J A Prnvoet, H-u y Parker. Kraacil Piutub, E s Pe*!-oer. Audi ear Rowley, W 8 Rifturd*. I>r V liiil'ai A C- . TL .? 2 R nd, s F Koae, Mai & B Roe. R bert k'?t. f A Heilesan, Mid J G Rankin, P G Hundley, H A Hailuv, H P Har}? r, G<o Haiumertley, G H Harrla, Geo P Heobiu, V Huuon. F A But Uford, Geo D 3 Hutli, T G B..\t sr, <??o A Rcleu ? A Burche, C Bi unitie, C H Brr/bsl, Berth' Id Blii-dell, Albert B-e?-;ier, A T B?all, A T Byrne Ale*S CraiK A bra Ohrter, W L Oprr?ir!?n, W B Ct .rk, V> S Crowtfer, Wiu O ri'tlaniHiii, S M Chill m, Robert Colli.D, R Hall, Dr C B Hud >>n, E X H. yt, Eli HiiKhaa, E B HiWai I, D B Harvey, D Bouter, C W Hi'sitt" A Cltro Hiil, ill <C Marw '<d, Capt Un'lI.MId, A Herman, A D Joiinaon. Tbo* Jouia. J M Jamee, Ch<? J K<uJali, W W Kcru, Dr P?oi Ca-hman, Patilck J KerrUk, B F Cam?r?n, M C Ci.eteiettl, Lul* Cor^ui, Ji'O N C?<liran, J L Onalnt Jere Ct'riiwell, P, Mid'u J J Crangle, .1 ani??* Carroll, L'r Juu Oo?, JaniH I> Oarr. Jn? Rahn, I> Rid* ell. Hi ft M Kr h, A Ktiuteil, C Knapp, A 1 -?N, w H Lrncti. Robe't LauiMlale, I?r P Iodic*.J M Lee, J no Lee, Franc'* Camrbell. Jvmei W Lar'an. Cornelia* CI tree, June' R Carroll, Dr Joo H Catmroa, BugU Cllae, Rlna>in (V'T Gao A Cook, L?r K J <1 it ke, E C Cordnn. E Cleiu^ata, K C Cheney, mark Crottiera, A Do'ieitv, Tooa ?* ft b Leuibacket, Chaa Marehall, W U Hoorc. W H Ma?lll. W H M"Oi v, Wai MaUin^ty Tbog Mltcneil, Tiioa Murphy, s R M< ia>, R le ? fcb'k lUnlk, M Ki J no A Kr .ey, Joa C Roblnaon, H II J R?inaa. Hoirb Raio*ay, H Aalitou Ru-enm, H G Rakietr*w, G T Rllaj, P P Rlclmr<lai>n, C A Ko ol, Anibio~a Mnart, W L Sumh, Tb"a Stanton. Satnut! 1 Strantr ^ Stone. I?r Slierio* k. Jv hell w iriti bach, Joa snitth, Joe Him Smith, HarrUoii Ste?-re, tteo l>!uitk*i'n, Gt" S'lmcer. O I K V Sitaona, K L s?'t\ ru!.< *i Reiiklo'l. Conrad S(e*?rt. B Kf 11 el l y, L W T^lb*rt, Wm Tayior. T W Taylor, Tho* T-K-ker. S W T ill-it, Bvl-rrt Torrawia, R P Thouip-ou, Rl- bard T.tlwlt, J H 1 ii'-taraon, Jno TbcuiM, C M 1 ? 'mpa'n. Allen * .< ;rr. H C 1 ao ?. >a?, Co' E W a lck. W D 2 Wt'llarok, W ? ..l'?mi, w H W bttaker. W J Whlta, Tb? M Vrlllltiit**, Samnal M' ti'irautaiy. SLS Walk*,, tapt u s U'fflli, Lt J !* Alnrry, Jaiii-* Mudd. J H C De B.vlland, J V 8 M' *i ? Capt J A Do a'iir, Jd" P D?5-u. E W Ikitbrow, C T Dcnev an, C Dn* i. Col B T Dllion, H^niy Elliot, \V H Ea.ia. W O Edwarda, T S Entmart, L W Eoitner*on, H J 'lly 31- U Henry Wuriay, Ge<> Mah on. C.iaa Mac ?c, C L M rh. 1 Ttoa W C K McUntra, F B W^Rec. Jam?? McRenrjay. J > Mclltaln a Pml McCaaLu, Maj Whiir ?r. K A Po|>a Whit.. Ml. haal M'nirier, Zijorua W>ulaud, J H Ward. Jno H Wileoit, J.? Ii W Hl'iig. J C Wlni?r, J i V.' kcr# JiMpa w n iiihi, r ii W^ aH, n Wallirr. B-fJ W <lk?r. Ale* G W*;er?'->i.e. AdM|<'a J. G. BERRET, P. M. Blue lick asd Bedford waters, received this day, fresh and pure. J. C MOORE. DrugKtM, Pa. avenue. opj9o??ite ^even Buildings. Jy 10?3t pDIA RUBBER 10>IBS. Morocco Hclia. -i- Hair Brushes, o* Marrow. Bay Riim.Cnlo. ne, Transparent Bar Soap, and a large stock of Fancy Notions Miiiabk for presents, at jy 1?J?3t LAMMOND'S. Tth st. IV to O! FOR THE SPRINGS!?Persons who l contemplate ajonrnev to the spr ngs, sea-side, mountains, or the country, should not neglect to call at Pa avenue, and get their stock of hair, tooth, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes Dress ing. side. putt', neck, hue and pocket Combs, tine Pomatum. Hair Oil. Bav Water, Cologne. Ki tra^is for the Handkerchief. Soap, Toilet Honrs and Powder, traveling, pic uic. work, and card Baskets, ftc.. at the Piano, %ftisic. Stationery and Variety Store of JNO. F ELL19, 3U0 Pa avenue, bctw }lth and l<ith sts. jy 18?tf ' C WARRIXER, WATCHMAKER, No 330 Pa. aren*t% b-tw<'rt 9th and 10r* rtrttts, WASHINGTON, D. C. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repairs Watches. jy 17-3m COAL!COAL! 'PHE undersigned is prejiared to deliver COAL X of the best quality, at S<i 50 per ton H. C. HARROVEK, 3d street, 3d door south of Pa. avenue. N B?I give 2.240 pounds to the ton. Jy U? lm PEWS FOR SALE.?A few new* have l>een added to Christ Church, and are oflcred for ? le on pleasing terms. Apply to H. C. Matthews, corner Washington and West streets, or to P. T BERK Y A SON, jy 12?eo3t Water st , Georgetown THE FAIQIIER WHITE SULPHIR SPRINGS \RE now open for the reception of Company and in a lar more attractive conditioa . ? than they ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against thwni^ 'M having been published in the Petersbuiy Intdii geiicer and Baltimore S?in to the ettert that the) were closed for the season is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it. The subscriber tru-Ls that he will not be made the victim of such inali-uity; and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transf-iring it to their columns will disabuse the public inind tLroiu h (he same medium. ALEX. BAKEil. jy 13?2m WATCHES. J I ST received, a large Rtpsortnwnt of Ladies and Gentlemen:s line (foLt) WATCHES of mry sire, style and manufacture. The above is by far the best and cheapest ever offered to our customers M W. GALT A BRO , 324 Pa. aveoue, bet. 9th and H'th st*. jg 21?tf SEALED PROPOSALS FOR FUEL, Office of U. S Pe^itrvtiart. ? Wasbingteti, July 10. Is36. J SEPARATE PROPOSALS will berfrtlvedat this office until noon of the first day of An ?um l&SS. for furnishing the prison with 125 cords of half seasoned good oak Wood, of me dium size, and free of lop wood 20 cords good pine Wood 5t> tons red ash anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered upon the Penitentiary Wharf, and the coal In the prison yard *. _* THOMAS THORN LEV, jy 11?eotAugl Warden SIITERS OF SI(RfT!!S rpAKE IT TO SEBA><TOPOL TO HEAL JL the wound* of Inhuman carnage take It to the cottage of the lowl\ . and relieve the pala* af accident or diseane;?take it to the mansions of the rich, to Hoot be the *ufering that neither station nor wealth can mitigatetake it even where through the wide world, and ?T if my "ELEC TRIC OIL" is not on Its henijrn mlMion. heal ing, soothing. and relieving. a* has not been done since the dav the Good Samaritan anointed the weary pilgrim Tti? ?H?n b?*r, IV* irniMI*! tt*t> k* trong. AU*1 |n?Mi of l?4o PROF C. IVOR ATH. Philadelphia. P. S.?Thin OH may br reli"d on for partial D afness Por particular* see bill*. jy pic iric 'PHF, mont delightful Pic Nicof the tetvMi will I be held in the Collejje Gronnds. on T!'K(^ D.YY. July ?l. for ?he benefit of Trinity Chnrch, Georgetown. . The beauty of fhe pl?ee. with It* wild and pic turesque scenery, together with the refreshment* provided for tin- occasion, will insure to families comforts and pietMM which they cannot obtalri in any other location The nearne * cf the *pot to tGeorgetown and Washington, will allow any one to participate In the pleasures without fatigue of travel or fear of accident. jy '?*??3t. IRE DISH COVER*. Round and Oblong, from 6 to IS inches, cheap, at G. FRANCIS'S, Jy 20 41*0 Seventh st VEW FLOUR 11 For sale at the PIONEER MILLS. jy20?3t Alexandria. Va. I^OR SALE? A FIRST RATE FAMILY Carriage or saddle lloive. Also. a good draught Ho^se. Harness and Cart ltj.oj.1 order Will be -old Ijw, a* the owner ha* iio further use for them. For particular* ad ?? \V," at the S'.ar oflfce jy 20-3t* w RIVERS tc DERIOCS' GRECIAN CIRCUS! Newly Equipped for the Year 1855. WILL EXHIBIT AT WASHINGTON, Oil July 2*. 30, aud 31. aud Augast 1 and '2. I"!m immen*e establishment cost th" proprietor* over 50.000 DOLL IRS. The Company i* composed of THIRTY-FIVE FERFORMERS. Of the most talented that can be bad either in Eu rope or America, namely : Madame Camilla Gardner, the Parisian Eques trienne, Madame Wood, the great English Eques trienne; Mom. Paul Cane, fiom the French and German Theatres : Slgnor Blitz. the Italian Jug ?j' -r; E. Derlous, the American t*ccne Rmer . F . K;ver?, tLe I'nrivalled Principal Art Rider. E. Woods, th<? ereat French Scenic Rider; M otter G -orge I>e-io:is, the Wonderful Hurdie llider, Mr. Geo. SIonian, the AcrobaMc and Uymn>*Mc Performer; Master Charles R iver*. General K id< r and the greatest Tumtiler In the world; Moocha chow Pedro, the youthful boy of manv forms; Mods (Jerome, the Sampson of the World. Mom*. I .a Borde, E. Lewi*. "F Rivers. T Nambe. R B'igle. H Ha^ae. R Thompson, N. Springer and n'tmerou* auxiliaries. HIO ANTONIO CAl'ELENO. who has just arrived from Russia, having been engaged ai an enormous expense will make his tlrst appearauec ill America wilb his GREAT K 1**1 AS REARS. These wonderful animal performances through out Franee and R m.?ia Lave astonished every Be holder. F or full part Ice lar* of their performances se-i the bills. Messrs. R. River* and E. Derious beg leave to announce that thev have brousht from Russia and France sonic entire new performers Also, new comic afterpieces. never before performed in this country. This mammoth concern comprises One Hundred and Ninety Men and Horses The gorgeous proces*ion will enter town or city every morning at ID o'clock, led by Mr. Withers.' N w Vork Brasi?and I'andean Band Poors open at 4 In the afternoon and at 7 in the evening. Tickets 25 cents. No half price jy 40?1W C. W F C LLFR, Agent TLe above Company will exhibit at ALEIASDR1A. on Till RSDAY, tht Jrtth. and FRIDAY, the '2~th instant. Also. at GEORGETOWS, on FRIDAY, the 3d of Auguat. Jt *T REC EIVED AT SHILLISGTOS'S ? ' Periodical Depot. Godey's Ladies Book for August B;tIlou's Dollar Monthly do I'eier-ou'* Magazine do H ?u*ehold Word* do N w York Journal do AV'ot's Life of Napoleon Moredcn, by Str W alter Scott The Winkles The Prophet. or Mormoni?m Unveiled IVnale Life among the Mormons T ie Heiress of llaugiiton Ti:al and Triumph, or hrmnessin the household. by T S Arthur U aikna, or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore N 'rval Hastings, or the Yankee PnvaU*?e Ail the New Ma^annes. Cheap Puhli ations. and ever\ thing in the Stationery line constantly on hand and for sale at JOE Sill I LINGTON S Odeon Building, coc. 4 , at. and Pa ar j\ *? ; \\ ood Engraving. Lithographing. aud t oj> prr-plate Ea^ratiag. OrFICE SCPfcHlXTFNDENT PlBLiC PfIST'NI.I WaibiiuToi, July IS. 1-45 f PtOPOSALB will he i Md . until the 23d day of July ia*t. at 1? o'clock, m fo.- drawing and engravl.Ig upon wood in ib?* highest style of art. tw< nty-f nr or more iliustra tion* (sit by four aud oar lia'f in In**) of ?>< ene*y. to illnstmte the report of the n^ent Japan expe dition. Also, for drawing and engraving, in the *air>c manner, twenty or more small cut*, for same wml All these engravings will 1.? required t?? le driwn upon the block* in the very l***t style, and the drawing submitted to this oftlce for correction or approval: and when such drawings are a(? proved, the engravings are to be executed in tie neatest manner Proposals will also lie received until the saaie dtie for drawing in eiayou. in the highest *tyle of a '.upon stone, and printing w, M?. and thn*e tint*, ten thousand or more< opie* of twrHt-. - f-iror more quarto plates (six by nine inehe*) of illustrations to accompany same report Pro|K?sals will also be received for diawing .t p irion of the work lastabove nan.-d. ;iiid priu'in^ i ? colors. Profo<al* will also be received until the un,t date fi>f engraving upon copper, in the highest style of the art, ten or morequarto illustration* of lK?taiiy and natural history, to aooompiny refiors of Mir veys of route for railroad to Pacific arena. The illu-tration* will be open at this offlce. for the inspection of those pe! oas d?*si":?u* of bidding f ?r the sjinit*. until tu? cliv-inir of li.c t?d*. and any information desired will also be ftirni*h< d 'Phe |>aper r^piired f-'r punting the lithoprapLs will Ik* furnished t?y this oftioe Contracts will be entered into with, aad bonds with security will lie required from, the ?uto'ks fn' bidders for the laithf il exec ..lion of their con tra* t*. The bid* will state separately th* price, and hwt one price, fi?r each < la*.? of woik bid for. and the time required for the execution of the wo*-k*. or portions of the saine.and mu*t ts>addre**ed. p >st a^e paid, to '? A G S^nwn, Siij^rinteiideirt of t!ie Public Printing. Washington, I> C and be plainly endorsed " Proposals for Wood Entrra viri?." " LitliOgraphing," or " Copiwrrla * bu graving." A G. SEAMAN, jy 13?143 So i .eti nte ndent BOOT ASD SHOE STORE REMOVED* /^KORGK BliF.MER has rww ved Lis wej;. "* known Gentleman's BOOT A\D MIOE Store and Factory from 11th streev le wcen Pa avenue and E street, to Pi avenue, af?*w doors above Wlllards' Hotel. He is prepared in bis new premises to gitre sa'is fa<;ieu to all G B. has l?y dint of great <-are in pnrehasjng lis stock, employing n?H?e but A No 1 workmen. a??d bv bis mpar ity to lit his custoniefi< so** to have hi* work *et very easy on the f?iot, while it al ways exhibits tb* mo* fhshiouabl^ -tvle, earned a rep itation in his busine** second to that of u9 other eustoni-work t?oot and shoe maker in the Vnion. He ;olh-its the patrouage pf all, and hi* term* will be most reasonable to all jy +-f( LAND WARRASTS BOIGHT atthehi^b est rate*. Sijjht draft* remitted to person* at ? distance sending me Warrants, on any city tbey may des ignate Stocks bought and sold on commis*ion HAMILTON G FAST Canker, 4B Ta avenue Washington, t). C Jy 15?liMoAWd4t lUtef)

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