Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE Pah do.*-?J<>bn Rolling*. John Gorman, Win fmn* Wni. I> Bailey. John Barry, r.rui Thoe. Sullivan, boy? from ten to twelve year* of age. coBTicted at the present term of the Criminal Court for riot. an?l sentenced to imprisonment in jail for term* ranging from six to eight weeks. have been pardoned out by the Presi dent of the United State*, on the petition of citisens. who made the application on account of the tender age of the prisoner , and the further apprehended danger to their moral* by an association with the adult inmates of that institution Col. Charles Lee Jones drew up the petition and interested himself in obtainingsignatures, and it was presented to the Executive by N?j r Joseph A. Berrtt, into whose hands the pardon was placed. A Ore for thf. IIfaimifk ?A correspon dent has kindly furnished us with the follow Jteeipt for the headache : ? The present extreme beat of the summer has caused considerable debility in tho ner t. us >y?tem, especially with the female sex. pausing that most painful disease, ''head ache For its immediate relief, take a piece of red blotting paper, (such as is u^d in the public departments.) fold four or five folds, in tiie sufficient to cover the whole of the part effected, dip it in a basin of ice water, and np plj it, pressed close to the head. As it ver readily absorbs water, it also evaj>oratc<? ac cordingly. and with the hand repeat the cold water?the paper remaining?every five min nates. and soon till the pain ceases, which will be at the farthest time, half an hour The great power of the paper is, that in the evapo ration of the water, it absorbs the heat from tbe head, which results in quick relief Depend upon it, this is no hoax. The FrxfRAL or MaJoR Nicholrox took flsee yesterday afternoon from his late resi dence on Capitol llill. The religion services were performed by Rev Smith Pyne. Ilia re main* were followed to the t? mb by a large number ot triends and acquaintances, both in private and public carriages; there were also in the cortege officers of the army and navy, and a full company of marines under tho com mand of (.apt. Tansill. His horse was led in the procesuon. bearing the military equip ments. while the uniiorm of the deceased was spread over the coffin The Marine Band wa present in lull force, and performed an im pmwve and magnificent dead march, com posed cxnrcssly f?r the occasion by the hiehlv talented leader of the band. Professor F. Sckla^ Living ox the River.?A great many of ear young mechanics, who find it almost im possible to work during the hot season, make up small parties, who hire boats and go to shady spots on the river to enjoy themselves Catfish feasts appear to be their favori e meals! at is fun for them to strip off their shoos and ?t?ekingv and wade to the flats at low tide and by tee ling am-ngthe tall grass to fiud the laige black-backed fish, fresh and pure, in Mmbcrs sufficient for their sustenance. Care lessness frequently sickens these novel fisher men. and they are forced to return to the c;i.y before they wished to leave their pleasant company. To spend the days agreeably is very easy, if a little attention is paid to the oU rules of Ixaak Walton's club, "Keep in the shade; hide the bottle where you never eia find it; and don t try to eat more than J-B want." ?The Sabbath School of the Meth edi-t Episcopal Church South had a pic nic ye.-terday. at Arlington, that delightful place of *umuicr resort They were joined by the ppiboi a kindred institution, of Alexandria, Virginia A \ery pleasant time was paused by all who were present on the occasion. The hospitable proprietor. G. W P. Custis L'so not only mingled with the gay assembly. but made them a little s-neech. the sentiments of which were peculiarly gratifyirg The only regret is that the party were not enabled to return until near midnight, having b?-en obliged t. wait f..r the floodtide before tncy coalJ cross the river. Excnsioag ox Moxnar.?We respectfully fit attention to t;i?j ailvt*rti?ciiieiit of the *?t4?rn Hose CoHpasy, of thin city, and that of Our Club of Georgetown, who c?n template on Mmdny. down the Po tuMae, on excursions; a species of pleasuring quae popular duang this .-eaoon. Such ar Jargemeiits Lave been made as will insure fatufacn.'u. Considering the hot weather, and the easy means of escape for some hours In.m lU oppressive influence, we can scarcely t ?ubt that our friends of both parties will car ry d >wu th*.' river with them large number- of excursionists. This Mobhtis. at the Centre market, many were complaining of the conduct of tn.y, who were Minu.-iug themselves by throw leg various artk-les into their market ba<ket? including a live crab, which act ari?aml particularly to amu?e the crowd of youngsters who were standing about, so blockiug up th; cangW4V that many had to wait a long time before they could get through to make their purchases The ladies thought that a little attention ,bould bo paid to the 'aneway by the proper offi.oro, and those mischievous boys who have no businos there, driven from their 1-ungmg places. TheCoxcebt, by the Marine Band, this af Urnoon. should the woather prove favorable, will be more than ordinarily attractive. We bave obtained the following, as the programme ?f i reformauce : The M .r*eilles Hymn ; Over RwmI? Quicksteps; SlUt.ftMPwIka; On the banks of Guadaloui Kitty Dear : ?,rand Spanish Walts ; Kusdan JaUonal air, newly arranged, by Professor l. ? never heretofore performed in thi City; and Katy-Did Polka. Cts-TRE Market, this morning, was plenti fully supplied with all the go mJ things re 5* for gastrouomie purposes. The follow 1? thc J"**" fresh, i>er L 2S? V veal. lUal5o ; mut n,Sal..., lamb, per or., 5rtaH7c.; pork L?b ,P? ">? <1* . Mil. 13ic.; U?r ?2. ! a ,Tr 2-*-: chickcns, ,t7c ? CKZ. p?r ,?k. Jiuj. T rrtlf '' *t'PIe"!4 ?c-; peaches, *1 20; Smb?TH: ,K?rkK ' **?'' c^UillI'?'"' ?V.; cu umbers.Jv.. cabbages, per head, 3aAe.; beets. ?Jh S? ^ ; i 'gg-llants, E^rERTaiNME.NT ix PnosrerT.?It eolurnns tW u-rtf*rerc" 10 our advertising th-iriireeinn A 1>eriutt8 wiU exhibit the rithTS ,u ^is city on *ud21 ,,f A 1 tl ?l Ju,jr' anJ 1,11 nitetv n. There are one hundred aud addition to the wli it,.,,, 1 ^ he*r??, well trained. ances ondert* Lfto? t^ei* ftrfosm ' UL,lcr tfl? direction of their masur. rl*** f? BbvTH,;r Jruggist^ and apotheca ? venue a'Ll C"'u*r uf ^-nsyivania careful v e%enth streets, are scrupulously i K*nl.kmCD- seem deter ^Bi-ite , c ur*e"u?,y =?rve everybv>dy; re basin.- 'U-Cc"'s '? tl,it line of the w?v sf \r T- i* WAttr? Would remark for the (ean>n. fu1, au<i a hrat?ful 'ycU'!,"" ?f?*T r**"0BriM J>'hn i>?i l' uii-l i Thoma. Bvjlo, l" been sce jail pAln / ^k-^I'rf^-nment in the county liar ch ?nfe * w If?a" Wa'wjj, ,luitt?d of a sim t'ne of the ir r "S*011 ^jler was tried on f>robtaio JtQil'r. ,,er 1-lj* preteocea, ?im! fuand otherV aid ,k U b? duly ar"'K??d on the in the l??Hri tV^'1 W,U ,,n>b*b,jr be ?unn '"net penitentiary. '?mpuijcf .... w WB:' wer^ engage<l In vf a.l these noL ' the rriuf'r?l ciuse call tiie -invrf,1^ requests u? to c sJfuonof Hi- .?intlie C*iaii,ioner to the mth of ' p 011 5ee ,r'J 6tr?*1 Trti^g to Fight.?About 11 o'clock last night two young men got iuto a quarrel on E near Twelfth street, which requited in an at tempt to fight. Lockily, they were pervaded to separate. The cause of the contention was the intellectual capacities of two aldermen? one frmn the Fifth and the other from the Seventh Ward. A NrxBKit or our citizen* have recently Jeft Washington for the springs and the sea shore, and others are preparing to escape from the heat of the metropolis. This is an exam ple which would doubtless be generally fol lowed. did pecuniary means and business en gagement! permit. Jv 6E Crajich a.\d Major Howle.?Re port.* were current to-day. that both of these gentlemen died this morning ; but. on inquiry ;it the proper sources, we ascertained that the rumors were untrue. They are. however, suf f ring with illness. Rev. Jacob W. Wijcaim. died in this city yesterday morning of biliou- dysenterv. in the 29th year of bis age. Watcr Retirns _S. Sw??et, indecent re marks; (ine and costs. Louisa Smith, disor derly conduct: dismissed. Ni!*k* eh.?Mr. James K. Plant desires the public to understand that he is not a Know Nothing, and has no sympathy whatever with that organization. And, further, that no mem ber of his family is in any manner directly or indirectly inclined to Know Nothingism. The fact that other persons In Washington bearing his surname arc Know Nothings, who are mis taken for himself or his sons, induces him to make this publication. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 21, 1855. Only one Board (the Common Council) of our City Councils was in session last night. The following business was transacted : A communication was reeeived from the Clerk of the Corporation, covering his quarter ly accounts for the quarter ending June 30th' referred to the Board of Aldermen. Mr. Osborn, from the committee of ways and means, to which was referred the Aldermen's bill tor the benefit of R P. Dodge, reported the same to the Council with the recomuienda *loJ? that it pass; which was adopted. The resolution of Mr. Bangs authorizing cer tain flag footways, which was laid over at the m <!.cting- WatI thcn U,ken UP- aild passed. mil from Board of Alderman in relation to swine was aiso taken up, and passed. (This ?crtainly a w holesome police regulation, and for the sake of the olfactory organs of the citizens living in certain thickly-settled local ities. we sincerely hope it will be rigidly en forced. | Mr. Myers presented the memorial of D. W ivlmundson, Jr., asking the Corporation to enact some police regulation to prohibit the watering of horses, and other animals &t the puMic i-umps; referred. Mr. Myers, from the committee on claims, reported back the Aldermen's bill appropri ating S2?.o0 for the benefit of J. M. Botelcr passed. Mr. Myers, from the same committee, re P?rt*d ? ^"appropriating ?303.50 for the benefit of \\ illiam Jewell. ?33.25 for the ben e5l"f Michael Terrill, *,4yl tor the benefit ofW H. Tenney. and S100 for the benefit of ?-iMiiuc! Loots; laid over temporarily. Mr Osborn proposed the following message to the Board of Aldermen : '? itentlemen?We have disposed of oil the bnaincss now before us. and propose that when the two Boards adjourn this evening, it be Tlu' upper Boar 1 not being in session, the Council adjourned to Friday evening next. We regret exceedingly that in addition to the one or two other unimportant errors which accidentally crept into our notice, yesterlay. of lhrt riuminution at Mr Boweu ^ ac?'lrniy. (in consequence of the manuscript, inci dent to the hurry of writing.) that '?/</??' whs unintentionally placed before the word ?? en viable, as it conveyed a meaning wholly dif ferent from what w:u< intended. ^e have been assured this morning bv a gentleman direct lrom the lire at Fall-, that the report which was in circulation in our city yesterday that an epidemic had broken out among the hands engaged upon the Washing ton Aqueduct is wholly untrue. The following gentlemen have been elected officers of the Rough and Ready Club for the ensuing year: J. M. Palmer, president; T. S. Black nun. vice president; George Moore, sec retary; Jr. M- Clements, treasurer. We have been requested to say that the s earner Alice C. Price. Capt. linker, which 'V* koen chartered for the excursion of "Our Club, on Monday next, will stop at Page's wh.irf. in Washington city, and not at the Fourteenth street wharf, as stated in the ad vertisement, and at Blxgden's wha.f, Navy iard. 'i he most extensive preparations are t>< ;ug made lor this excui>ion, and from present indication?, it will be one of the largest and most brilliant which has left our city this seas >n. The popularity of the buat ami the captain, to say nothing of the excellent repu tation of the Club, is sufficient to insure a crowd. About 2(K) bead of beef cattle offered at Drivers Rest thi* week?most of which was s)i I at ?3.25a;4 50 on the hoof, equal to 57.50 net; old sheep *2 25aS3 50 per head, lambs 51.75aS2.75 per head. We have no change to note in the flour or grain market since our report of yesterday. Spectator ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, July 21, 1855. On Thursday, about 11 o'clock, as Mr. Wil liam A. At well, conductor on the Warrenton stem of the Ohio and Alexandria railroad, was coupling two cars together, he fell between, and wa? so mangled that he died in a short time. His remains were brought to our city by a committee of Warrenton gentlemen, and on yesterday his remains were committed to the tomb, a detachment of the liydraulion Fire Company acting as pall bearers. Mr. A. was a young man of some twenty-two years, of kind and accommodating disposition. During j-oine months of his life he resided at the Wash ington navy yard, where he leaves many friends. Yesterday. some of the gearing of the Pio neer mills machinery took fire. The alarm was quickly given, but long before our fire men could arrive the danger wa# over. The alarm of fire on Thursday ni^ht was caused by the light of a conflagration in the direction of Washington. The storm, on Thursday night, was one of the heaviest ever known in this section. Houses w? re unroofed, fences blown down, trees up rooted, ;md great damage done to the growing corn. The barn of Mr. Roberts. Cameron Mills, was partially destroyed The residenue ofti D Fowle, at Burgundy, ami Felix Rich ard-'. ?t Valincia, and Col. B S. Ashley, on Patiick street, were struck by lightning. The Methodist Episcopal Church south Sab batb-school took u fine excursion, yesterday, to Arlington Springs. Arrived there, they united wnh their Washington friends, and spent a most pleasant day. The I. 0. U. B. of M junt Vernon Band give another of their pleasant excursions to Arling ton next Monday. The Young Catholics' Friend Society of Alexandria are about to build a fine hall over the present St. John's academy. We learn that the building is to be so constructed as have under the same roof a fine Sunday-school room, a chapel for the children, and a hall, library. Ac., (jt the Young,Catholic's Friend Society. A*i. MARRIED. On the 17th instant, by the Rev. A Uolmead. JOIl\ V. SHIELDS to Mtw M KINO, both of thiicicv. ? DIED. On the '20th instant, Mr*. MARTHA AGATHA CROSS, wife of JoM-ph Crow. Esq . in the 43d jewr of hor a^e. after a short but painful Illness. L 7- The friends and acquaintances of the fam ily are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral on to-morrow, the instant. at J o'clock, from the rendence of her husband, on Virginia avenue, be tween *M and 3d *ts. * On the jyrh inntant, in the *?#th year of his a<<e. th*- Her Jacob W. WIN ANS,a nativeof F.lit abnhrown, M.J. In Georgetown, on th? loth tnsUut, ELLEN R A V, only child of Robert H and Sarah E. Wat km?, aged 11 tueuUuutdV wwrlcs. Marry'? Corns?The pre-ent \d inlnistration and the ?' Ktrrmir Oil '?Some My the Administration Iiave go*, dou n"?even ?ome alitor* (the oracles of popular opinion) per tinaciously a?sert it. Prof Chas. DrGrath never asked an editor for a favorable opinion. All re spectable Doctor* consider it altogether t*fra to advertise in a paper, yet they are very clad to l?e noticed by the editor of a respectable journal?provided it co?t hiin nothing. Now, thin obsolete Idea is fast decaying. If a man. in whatever po?ition, makes a discovery. be H coming out labeled in ESgluk. If thin lr ads on n*v body's rnrw*. they can b?3 relieved v *ry soon at Messr*. Stott's A Co.'s dr|)<j; ?t<?r?. J :i*t to see the crowd come for it, and to hear the emltationof the relieved?some with painful swel ling reduced, and limbered joints; others relieved of Veuralgia in half an hour. But all cases are not alike. Some require a little longer time than others. ClWBl,, in Georgetown, also keeps it. jy *!l?3t HJ-ll Does It!!! ?Prof. Charles DeGrath's " Electric Oil,'' from Philadelphia, is already spoken of in Washington a* tieing what it claim* People hourly come into the drug store of (Messrs. Stott A Co. with a cured hind, a curtd foot, vio lent Neuralgia suddenly relieved, a swelling re duced ; and they say it is wonderful,?Messrs Stott A Co are daily witness to these fact# ; and as they have. Within a few days, retailed over ? 1U0 worth, they have had frequent opportunities of learning the ert'ects of this great remedy. They would not sell it if it were not good. The same opinion prevails in every place where it has been introduced; and in Philadelphia they rely on it altogether to relieve raiNs. Price?50 cents. 75 cents, and SI ; large bot tles much the cheapest?but even a small bottle is cheap for Corns alone; also for Ear-ache and Tooth a'H*- jy i!0?3t C7" Letter frem lion. John Minor Botts, of Virginia. Richmond. July P. H.v>. Messrs Win S Beers A Co : Gents?Consider- j ations of dutv to the afflicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to tie great value of "Carter's Spanish Mixturefor thut almost incurable disease. Scrofula. Without beingdisposed or deeming It np**e**arv to go into the particulars of the case, 1 can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of iny own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the licst physicians had been exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recom in nding its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to' say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will atf'ord the same relief in all cases; for, of course, I can know nothing ab.iut that?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every case of Scrofula, with persons for whom I felt an interest, or over whom 1 could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Botts. IHT Premiums at the Fairs?WhitehursCs still in the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore. Richmond, and New York, awarded their hightest premiums to J . 11 \V. for their su j>eriority of Photographs, Stereoscojies and I>a^uereotype? exhibited. Mr. W. also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehnrst's Gallery in this city is on Pa ave nue, betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth .streets. f"b 17 IL^ X. D. Oilman. Druggist, has remr?v?d to.V> Seventh street, opposite the Patriotic Hank, and is now prepared to till all orders for Medicine Points, Oil and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre scriptions at all hours of the day and night. The night 1*11 is on the right of the store door. ep 14 Jioah Walker A to., Marble Hall CI- thing F.mporium. under Browns' llotel. re spectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now ready for inspection comprising an assortment of Coats. Vests ami Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs in material, trimming and workmanship. To gen tlemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable articles of drws an opportunity for se lecting Is ottered from one of the largest and inost attractive stock of goods ever oflertd in this citv at a very reduced scale of priccs. ap 17 jf7" Unprecedented Success.?The excite ment in t>ehalf of Baker's Premium Hitters, eon tin ies to increase in Richmond as well as through out Virginia, as a cure for Dyspepsia, Torpidity of the Liver, Sour S'oumch, Nervous Headache. Ague ami Fever. 4c. To >*? had at the principal Drug I ?stores throughout the city of Richmond aud the State of Virginia. Orders promptly attended to by addressing E. BAKER, Richmond. Va. Church Hill, Richmond, Feb. III. IK?1. 1* ar Sir:?Being satisfied that my wife, who lias suffered ve.y much for several \ ears from neu ralgia. has recei vedgrcat beneflt from Baker's Pre mium Bitter*, and haviiig used them with great success in cases of summer complaints with my children, I take treat pleasure in recommending them to the public as a valuable family medicine. From Rev. Rkcbix Fokd. Mr. E. Baker, Proprietor. Richmond Post Office, Feb |fi. This is to certify that I have used Baker's I're mi'iiu Bitters in mv family, which 1 Hud to !?? a very valuable medicine iii l<iss of ap|ietite. and giving tone and strength to the whole system. In ague and fever, wiifto I have administered them, tnev have n?*ver failed to make a perfect cure. As a family mcdicine they stand unequalled. F. W Danforth Tbev are perfectly harmless, and may be taken at all times ny adult* or children. Price 5M cents per bottle To be had of CI1AS STOTT A CO., Wa-h ington. D. C.: CANBY A HATCH, and SETH S. IIANL'E, Baltimore; and by Druggists every where. to'Jl ITT" A Phenomena in Medicine.?Bronchi tis. Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Scrof ula. Ac. For all diseases of the Female System it s-ands pre-eminent. A Clergyman just informs us it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?particulars hereafter HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE ? By its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys, will cure Dys|? psia. Cough, Asthma, Hron chial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Back, Side and Breast. Consumption, Scrofula, Rheu matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula. Bowel Com plaints, Piles, Worms and Nervous Debilities? with all diseases arising from impure blood. and is the greatest female medicine ever known. This invaluable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER A MOWBRAY, 110 Bal timore street, Baltimore: $>l Broadway. New York: CHAS. STOTT A CO., J. B MOORE. D B. CLARKE, CLARKF. A BOWLING, W EL LIOT, and H McPHERSON, Washington: also, by R S F. C1SSELL. Georgetown; C. C BKR R Y. Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. iFT- Ayer's Cathartic Pill*.?Pi//* that are />?/<? .'?Prof Hayr?, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Emory Washburn, Governor of Mass. W. C Pldneftt, Lieut Gov Mass. Edward Everett, EE-Sec. of Stateand Sena tor U. S. Robert C. Wisthkop, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., U. S. A. Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenipo to Great Britain. fJoHsB. Fitzfatrice, Catholic Bishop of Boston MEN THAT ARE MEN ! Among the diseases th's PiU has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costiveness, Bilious Complaints. Rheumatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowals and pain arising therefrom, Flatu lency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and stimulating the system, cure many complaints which it would not lie supposed they could reach ; such as Deafness, Partial Blindness. Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout," and other km dred comnlaiats arising from a low statu of the t*Hly or obstructions or its functions They are the uest Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use thein once to know it. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, '^owell, Mass., and vild by every respectable druLgist. ' Sold by Z D OILMAN, Washington, O M. UNTHICUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO , Fredericksburg. je 17?'.'m 0* Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bllter*.?Weak, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a pt?y to innumemble mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseration. Yet it is absurd for hiin to despair. We care not how weak. low. nervous, and irritable he may be. the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAND S GERMAN BITTER*, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson. Philadelphia, aie stronger than the many-heaaeu monster, whiab is preying upon his body and mind; and it he Chores to try them, we will buuire a speedy cur*. 4dverti?ewettt ' )???> WANTS. ~ TTTAIMTED ?GOOD WAGES GIVEN TO Yt a competent White Woman to do the gen eral housework of a ?ma!l family. Enqulroat No 1?>1 Pension Office, during office honrs. j>' 21?If ' - XJL7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Woman ?? a situation an ChaniVrrnaid or Wet Nurse. Address ,;K G," at this office. Jy *21?It* WA NTED IMMEDIATELY?A YOUNG and healthy V\>1 Nurse. for a baity 2 month* ?<td. Apply to Dr. J. F. MAY, C street, from 3 to I or 7 to p p. in. jy g??tf WANTED-EMPLOYMENTBY A YOUNG Man a* Assistant in *<>me countiny room, office. or <tore, where a good penman and account ant may h? wanted. Address "W. B. Clawt," Alexandria. Va > jy ?J'*?It* I7IARM HAND WANTED?A man and his wife, without children, to go on a farm. Thr man to work on the farm, and the woman to do the cooking, washing and ironing, and milking. A poly after 3 o'clock, at 51U L street, between f'th and 1:1th. jy to?3t* WANTED- A WOMAN (GERMAN PRE fened) to do the work of a small faniilv In quire ?-f J A M F.S OWNER, A street north. betw Sth aud 6th streets east. jy 1??tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that thev can get a lot "21 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of ?75?payable #3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office ?th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap2??3m JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING-. Boarding can be obtained at ui Tenth strct, between E and F, at $3 per week Six or eight can be accommodated, jy 19?3t+ "jVOTICE.?FOR RENT?PARLORS AND Chainl>ers, with board. ANo, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and shower twtlis. aud every attention to render it most agree able to her boarders. Mrs P G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. a p 03?3m llOARD.Ar ? MRS B \TES,ON THE S. W. li corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ?>th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, v ith or without board. Every ert'ort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their |>atronage. ' ap6?tf TOR SALE AND RENT. IO T S FOR SA I.K-'UVO OR TIIRKK -J good Budding Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on t> n y or?' r'rflit. Appiy lo J. 11. DRURY. jyil?If POR RENT?A TWO-STORY BRICK 1 House and back budding, containing eight rooms and ? ciiur, surr >undid by a large yard, with pomp, a id stable. situated on the south side of Third stroll, titmryrtowu. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate Apply to C. Cropley, on the premises, or to HENRY KING. At the Potomac Insurance Office. jy ^1?lit 'OR SALE?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. .*?(> l?ouisiana avenue, Washing ton. It presents a rare opportunity to a person wi hing to make a j;?>od investment Also, a three-sto:v Brick House and Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot 'if feet front by I6H feet deep; will be sold low aud o.. a long credit Apply at Hi Louisiana avenue. jy -JO?tf I^OR RENT-A TWO-STORY BRICK House, .No. 3M D .street. For terms apply lo E. Ill N T. No. 1? Louisiana avenue. jy lit?it* 1/ O R R E N T?A NEW THREE STORY Frame House on L --reet. near 13th, contain iug six rooms ami a kin hen. all neatly finished. To a yood tenant Hie relit wi;. l?e SL! per month. Inquire of J. II DRURY. City Post Office, jy l'J?tf _ I.M)R RENT A TWO-STORY BRICK Dwelling on '1 street, near 13th street, No. 2<9, pleasantly situated, with a fine enclosure and con venient outbuildings. furnished or unfurnished. Apply al the premises. jy 16?tf F O R K E N T? \ T\V O-STORY FRAME ? House, with hasement. situated on Prospect JliP. (ieor^etowu, commanding a beautiful view or the Potomac river. Apply to T O Doniiogb'ie n?3ii- tin: Catholic Church, or It H. T runnel, No. 73 t'tedeiick street. Georgetown, D. C. _ Jy i> > I^OR SALE?A LOT ON CAPITOL 111I.L. containing P2..'iuo fret It can V?e divided into halves. Eunuireof E. F. QUEEN, Tin street, near the Northern Market. Jy 11?*2w If >R R ENT.? V hand -omely furnished Hoose "I near Ihe Public Department is offered for rent. I o revjM>nsil>lc tenant the rent will l?e moderate. The House contains a bath room and gas fixtures. F.nqulreon the premises, No. '270 II street. Jy 5?lm* l^OR RENT.?THE BUILDING ON D ST., r near the corner of Twelfth, is for rent, either in part, or whole. Apply at the Star office, j - M?tf ^OK R ENT?SEVER AL HANDSOME PAR lor* and Chambers, with H-'atd 1 Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs SM ITU'S, "233 F street. apt??tf 1 P< jU>R RENT OR SM.EON RE\*o.\ABLE Terms ?A three-story Frame wTitC hasem?nl. on New \ <>rk avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets we*t. Also, a three-story Frame, with back building, on i slreetuortb, between Fourth and F if th streets west. Apply to Janvs W Barker, residence on II street north, \>etween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets west. DICKSON & KING, ap.j?Thtf Georgetown. If OR RF.NT?THE THREE STORY STOR E ? and Dwelling, No *6 Bridge street. George town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confection ery Apply to ARN Y, next doer. si?-lai " my ?lawtf Fi'Mi RENT ?FOUR NEW AND CONVE nient Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, containing pallors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant'* room, and live, chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and the Departments. Rent veiv mod erate. Apply at R . II Clarke's office, coiiter of Sixth street ai?d Louisiana avenue, or al D. B. Ll irke's l)rn:J ^lore, Eleventh stieet, Island mar 6?wtf Homes for ai l ?beautifully and healthily Inc ited Building I?ots, '21 feet front by 130 deep, on graded streets, can. until spring, be l>onght at the exceeding low price of STa, pay able *3per month. Title Indisputable. I nion Land Office, Seventh street, abov? Odd Fellows' Hall. JOHN FOX, Secretary, jan 9?6m MRS. t. RUOI'F, MILLINER, (lately from New York) respect fully informs the ladies of Washington y that she has taken rooms al No 1> t .i?t vjl Capitol street, near the t;Hstern gate of Capi tol Park, where she intends to k<>ep on hand a "[lend id assortment of the latest styles of SPRING Bt?NNETS. MANTILLAS. A. ., which will be sold nt on* half tin price usually sold tn the floret of lAi* rtlff. Bonnets sold for from ??'? lo i-t?, worth from #5 to *19. Mrs. R. is determined to retail her stock to the holies at prices she usually receive* at wholesale to the stores. The ladin* arc invited to call at her rooms and judge for themselves. jy IS?31* lime: lime: lime: f^REAT REDUCTION IN PRICE!?Best quality wood burnt Lime at EIGHT V cents per barrel. < 1 am now selling the best quality of wood burnt Lime in Washington at eighty cents per barrel at the kilus and eighty-five cents delivered in any part of the city. This is twenty-five per cent less than the market price. LaWTON P HOOVER, Potomac Lima Kilns, oue square south of the Lower Bridge, Georgetown.. jy 16?eo3w (Union,Organ,Intel) JOKDAVS WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, J FREDERICK COUNTY, V A.?Opened on the lath of j line. F nun Balti more, \V ash - irig'.on or Cumberland in earlv morning trains to Harper's Ferry, thence oy Wiuche?ter< Railroad to Stepheaaco's depot; from depot 1^ miles in coaches to Springs in time to dine same day. Rices cctilion band engaged. Sulphur bulks. Medicinal eilw.U of water well known. E. C. A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. jy 6?eo6w C1EMENT, PLASTER. HAIR, Ac. > Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of Cement, Plaster, llair, Ac., all of which we are selling very cheap. LAWTON P HOOVER, Potouaai Lime Kilns one square south of the L'lwer Bridge, near Georgetown ' jy 18?eoyw (Intel.Organ .Union) _ S('HUTTER~A_KAHLERT, VKTISTS. FRESCO. DECORATIVE, aad everv aeietiption at O K N A Ai K N T A 1 painting. Order* left with Baldwin and Nauulag. ArchJ tects, lomer Penn avenue and 11th sue**, will iw picmpiiy attended lo. jy li?lu?* AUCTION SALES. By JAS C. McGUIRE. AwcHwww. ONE OF THE BE*T GROCERY !!!??<? in the City at Pnhllr Sale?On THURS DAY afternoon July 2R, at o'clock, on the premises, I shall *ell that valuable property situ ated on the corner of li pud 12th street*, near lith street bridge, formerly kept as a Grocery store by Sengttack A Clark, and late by Wm H Clark. With a sufficient capital to ex'end the business to a wholesale a* well as rrtailhn?ine?i, more par ticularly in the feed, ttour and bacon trade, no lo cation in the city otfers greater facilities The warehouse is of brick. feH front bv SO ft. di?p, two stories hi^h, and built of the best mate rial in the most substantial manner. There is al so attached a lo? in the rear 4S by ??? feet Tiie premises can be seen at anv time by appli cation to C. P. 8en:^tack, on D, between 12th and 13th street#. linmediatelv after. I shall sell a lot fronting 91 feet on south D, Wtween 12th aud I3tb sts., run nine ha<k 81 f?>et to an In feet paved alley Terms: One half rash; residue in si x, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four mouths, satisfactorily secured, bearing interest J. C. McGUIRK, Jy 21?d Auctioneer. Ily GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers Household ami kitchen pvrxi. lure hi Auction?On FRIDAY, th?*7th instant, we shall sell, at the house next d?>or to Mr. Purdy, on the north side of Pennsylvania av enue, between 1st and 2d streets, at 10 o'clock a. m., a good lot of household Furniture, vix : .Mahogany Sofas, Chairs and Tables Maple and cherry high and low post Bedsteads Mahogany Bureaus and Stands, l nion Chair* Feather Beds, Bedding and Mattresses Cane-seat Chairs, Waslistauds and Wardrobes Parlor, passage and chamber Carpets Moreen and other Window Curtains Fine Cooking, Radiator and Airtight Stoves Crockery Ware With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms: All sums of and under S25 cash ; over ?25 a credit of GO and 'JO days, for note* satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 21?d Auctioneers. By J . C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE ASID I Beautifully situated Building Lot on Third street west, between Pa. aTenae nnd V street.?Bv virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 2*?th day of February. 1S53, and re corded in Liber J. A. S. No. 32, folios 302, 3t0. 904, the subscriber will sell at public sale. on WEDNESDAY afternoon. August 1st. 1*55, at o'clock p m.. on the premises. Lot No. 11, in reservation No. ll. fronting 25 feet on Third street west, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, by 150 frrt deep, to a ii5 feet alley. The above pro|>ertv is eligibly situated in a most desirable |?art of'the city, rapidly enhancing in value, and otfers a rare opportunity to persons deMring to build or invest. Terms cash; and if not complied with in three days after the sale the Property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upou one week's notice. All conveyancing at the erpense of purchaser. CHARLES S. WALLACH. Trustee. JAS C McGUIRE, Jy 12?eoAds Auctioneer. By C. W BOTELER. Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON the Islnml nl Auction.?On THURSDAY afternoon. July ;Jfith, at 0 o'clock. I shall sell, on the premises, part of Lot No. 7. in Square 351, to gether with the improvements thereon, consisting of two two-story frame Houses, In one of which there is a store, which is considered a good busi ne*s location. In the rear of the store there is a lar^e, convenient and substantial two-story brick bake-house. This property is located on 11th St., (the princi pal thoroughfare to the steamboat wharves) betw D and E streets south Terms, 0?e thi-d cash; residue in ft. twelve and eighteen months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises C. W BOTELER, jv 10?eoAd* Auctioneer. ADMINISTR ATOR'* SALE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Prince George'* Conntv I Will expose to pub lic Sale, on FRIDAY. the'27?h day of -lulv, in?t , at 10 o'clock a m . if fair, if not. on the next fair dav thereafter, at Ellaville. near Rl*denshurj_r. the residence of Douglas Va*v dii ALL THE FERSONAL ESTATE left by him at the time of his death, consisting of 3j shares of Mo- k in the Itai.k of Washington, D. C . and a larjje quantitv of Household and Kitchen Furniture. Th? household Furniture is nearly new, lias Kvi j'un haM^l hut a short time, is of the most modern and fashionable style, has liecu selected with con>iderable laste. and those desirous of pur chasing are partirulaily req-ae;-ted to attend the sale Terms: For all sums of ^nd un<Vr *10 cash: all sums dlHtve that amount six months credit will be given, with notes, with approved security, bear ing Interest from the dav of sale. \. C. STEPHEN, Adtn'rc. t. a , of Douglass Va>s, deceased. Jy 12?eots By J C McGUIRE. Auctioneer rpilREF. NEW THREE-STORY BRICK 1 Houses in the Northern Liberties, nl Public Salf.?On TUESDAY afternoon. July 24th, at G o'clock, on the premises. I shall sefl Lots and J. in Norman's subdivision of square No li"?, fronting on Pth street west. at the corner of N street north, running back f?-et 8 inches to a I<> fett alley, with the improvements, consisting of three new three-story brick Dwelling Houses, with back buildings, containing 7 rooms each, with w<x?d she<ls. Ac. i The corner building has a store attached which Is jiow occupied as a grocery, aud is doing a llrst rale business. Terms : One-third cash ; residue in fi, 12,18 and 21 mouths, satisfd'.torily secured, bearing interest. JAS C. MsGFIRE, jy 17?d Auctioneer. V By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. TALI ABLE BUILDING LOT ON CAPI ' tol Hill at Auction?On TUESDAY, the j 21th instant, we shall sell, on the premises, at 8 u clock p m . Lot No. 1, iii Square No. 75ft, front ing 32 feet on C street north, between 2d and 3d I sts. east, running back 100 feet Terms: One-third cash; the balance in 6 and | 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the ' day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCO IT, Jy 19?d Auctioneer!. By JAS C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. r|H!REE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a. ut the corner of l*?tth nnd K sts. at pub lie Sale. -Ou WEDNESDAY afternoon. Julv 25?h, at 6)% o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lots Nos. 2-i, 21. and 2tf. of Davidson s sul>divis ion of Square No. '.Kv5. situated at the cornet of 12th street west and K street north, the whole fronting 7*% teet on K street, by U7 feet 5 inches on 12th street. These are probably the most eligible and desir able building lots for sale in that delightful part of the city, to the sale of which especial attention is invited Title indisputable The property will be sold entire or In lots, as de Terms, One-third cash; the residue In 6 and 12 months, with interest. satisfactorily secured. J AS. C. McGUIRE, Jy 19?d Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE improved PROPERTY the Island at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY, the 25th instant, we shall sell, at t? o'clock p. m., in front of tLe premises, part of Lot No. 1 in Square 46.*, having a front of 51 feet on V irginia avenue, running back 111 foet to south C street, with the improvements, which are two good brick aud one frame House. The brick houses contain six good and conveniently arranged rooms and kitchen each. They will be sold separate. The above described projierty is handsomely lo cated on Virginia avenue, between t>th and 7th streets, and presents many inducements to persons wishing to make a good investment, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the Island. Title ludisputable. Terms - One-third cash; the balance In ft and 19 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, Jy 16?d Auctioneers. By J. C. McCUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef fects?On THURSDAY. Jalv 96th. alio o'clock, on the south side of E. between 9th and 10th streets. 1 shall sell the Furniture and Efforts of a gentleman declining housekeeping, compris ing? Mahogany hair spring Sofa and Chairs Marble top centre and fancy Tables Rush anu cane-seat Chairs. Whatnot Mahogany extension diniug Tabic Walnut refreshment 'I^ble rout Table Mantel Clcck Giiandoles Three-ply and ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths Straw Mattings. Rugs. Drugget Walnnt aud maple Cottage Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureans Washstands Hair and husk Mattresses, Toilet Sets Biessing Tables, Wardrobe C'*?klnii Stove and Fixtures, Refrigerator Etcellsnt Tin Safe, Buckets. Tubs. tic. Tog??fc?* with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. iermi: and under cash- over that <-nm a creuii o4 k 4 months for satisfactorily endorsed nrt?is. heheg interest. ? ^ JAS1 C. McGUIRE, j > AuctUH^er^ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REPORTED FOR TUX EVKNINOSTAR. Ths Acc'd*nt on the Verm?at Railroad BrRuv>TO<r, Vr . Jnly 21 ?Only three pa* Sanger* were slightly hart by the explosion o? ihc Vermont Central railroad- The I?emo tive, tender, and baggage ear were thrown down an enbankment and completely demol ished. The conductor, Richard Bash. ?u torn to piece*, and the engineer inrtantly killed The fireman *u not expected to *ur vire. Naval Intelligence Bosto*. Ja y 21 ? Portions of the maehi rery of the :t:an frigate Merriinac arrived at the Nary Yard yesterday, and the frigate Is heing rapidly completed. An immense foun dery is projected at the Nary Yard to eorer three acres. The ftigate Cumberland is goiag into dock for repair? Dot tractive Fire Hew Orleans. Jaly 19.?The Verandah hotel wu destroyed by fire last night. Ixw* $ 100.000, on which there if an insurance of S'J5,000. Drowned Nkw York, Jnly 21.?William S Wonderly, of Baltimore, a cadet at Went Point, was drowu ed while bathing on Thursday evening Few Orleans KarkeU. New Oblbaks, Jnly 19.?Cotton in easier, but not quotably lower. Flour i* lewor Charleston Markets Chablesto*. Jnly 19?Pales during the week of 2 900 bales Cotton at lHallJc. for middling. Rice |c. adrtnee. Freights to Liverpool at &-16d. Baltimore Market!. Baltimore, July 21.?City Mills fl >ur 'u held to-day at S8.50, and old IJoward Street at *9 75. without sale*. Wheat ho* adraneod 5 to 7c Sales of 15.000 bushel* at ?1 55a^l .05 f<?r red, and Sl.65a*l 77 for white. New Maryland oat? 52a51c. New rye, SI,15. Hew York Market*. New Yore, July 21.?Stocks are higher. Money easier. Flour firm ; stales of State ai 25*59 ; Southern at 510 37. Wheat?Red *1.95. Corn firm ; Hales of 30,(>00 bushels at 9(V-. Pork dull. Beef firm. Lard, in bbls., 11c. Whisky 41c. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR 8I0HTT WISHES to call the attention to all that suffer with defective sight, o.ised l?y a^e. sick ntv! and particularlv from jrl.-jwe* ini"dirio ?lv elected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy,' and brilliant transparent y, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye Verv numerous are the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Oj>tomrtrr. and the practice of many years, enable? him to measure the fo< al disease of the eye*, and such glassy* that are absolutely re guired will be furnished with precision and satis faction J T acknowledges the verv liberal encourage ment alreadv obtained, and further solicit- the pa tronage of those that have not yet avaJed them se' ve* of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send In^ the glasses In use, and stating how many Inches tbev can rend this print with th?ir specta cle^. can be supplied with such that will improve their sight. I nnumerable testimonial* to he ?-een ; and refer ? ences given to manv who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No 512 S**vrnth street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs Nobfole. September 7. ISM. Sir?The Spectacles you nude for me suit verv well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried LITT W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained f <?m Mr Tobias, and find them of great assistantr to inv sight, and corresponding with his deM ription of the focus 1 recommend >>lm as a skillful opt: olan HENRY A WISE Mr. J Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles vou furnished ine veMerdav are particularly satisfac tory to me Tney are very decidedly (he beat I possess, and I ant the owner of eight or nine pair, carefully selected in different places and from op ticians "recommended to ine on account of their frofeesional standing In England. France and the nited States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eye*, for the purpose of preserving and improv. iug the sight Respectfully, yours. CHAS CALDWELL. Professor of M. C-, Louisville. Ky. Lykchbcbc. Nov. 10, IsM. Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glasses, by which I have been greatly aidtd (my vi?l ~m having suffered greatly from reading at night in niv earlier life) It affords me the higher pjtire to say that I consider him a ?killful prac tical optician, and well prefmred to aid those who may need his professional services WM. B ROL'ZIE, Elder of Methodist Conference. Wilxihoxob. N . C., Jan. 27. Isol. Mr. J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to *av that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you la-t week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, I have hereto fore found great difficulty in getting glas??es ef the proper focal distance. It afford* me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that thetrlasse* you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted io my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours. R B DRANK, Rector of St James'Parish. Department of Interior. May 7. 1HS5. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. 1 have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my ?yes. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye I most cheerfutly recommend Mr. Tobias to ail having occasion to useglasse*. and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. Jy is-tf FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGASIltD. HAVING now completed all mv arrangements for a first rate BRASS AND COTILLON BAND. 1 am again at the service of the public to attend fcicursion Parties. Exhibitions. Varades. Pic Nlcs. Balls and Serenades All those in fa vor of citlxens' band are respectfully invited to en courage our enterprise, here in Washington city. P. FlSCHERTLneder. P S.?This Band, under my direction. Is regu larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty years I can give satisfaction to every one Residence. Pennsylvania avenue north side, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets, iLst door west at Iron Hall. Orders left with Meters Hilbus A Hltz punrtu ally attended to. Jy It?lui* TO THE PUBLIC. GRAY'S NEUTRALIZING CORDIAL! THE GREAT B(tTANIC REMEDY* J*OR Dlarrhosa. Dysentery, and Summer Com plaints of Children can be had at CHARLES BTOTT A CO TS. Pennsylvania avenue This preparation is unsurpassed for the above diteases. No family should be without It during the summer season, when the above diseases ars so prevalent. It U particularly recommended lor children. Price 25 cents per bottle. Prepared and sold by JAMES GRAY, No. 2 Water street. Baltimore Md. jy li?fw ? [PERSONS WITH DEFBCTITK VISION i are invited to eaasUne my extensive stock of all kinds of hPBCTACLES and EYE GLASe ?4 Glasse* of aay kind. *och as Cataract, Pera b^a, P^uSpn:. lW?We Concave, Double Con vex. and Colorsd Glansos, put la at short notice, w ith reat caw. and persons In want of glasses may be sure k? get thooe which benefit the ovo. irr Circulars "Defective Vtsion gratis at H SEMKEN *, 390 Pa. a venae, bee 9th mar jo UH> WARRANTS Land " 19th etreft, ippmite the Trrattrr. 1

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