Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1855 Page 3
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ft EVENING STAR. "local intelligence. The Exaxixanox op a Select Cuss or Boys. from the four principal publi< school*. f*>k place yesterday at the Smithsonian Insti tution. The first district was represented by Masters J and W. Oiven, Sotheron, Weaver, and Fuwler ; the second by Masters Falkland, Mctfee. Douglas, Roby. and Dalton; the thirl by Masters Davis, Curtis, Tucll, Scott, and Evans; and the fouith by Masters Bradley, rroggan. Ashdown, J. H McOee, and Wright. The youths presented a very intelligent ap pearance, and paused the severe ordeal to which they were subjected with much spirit. The examination was conducted by Drs Mil ler and Duhamel, of the Medical Associa tion. Mr. Richards, of the Union Academy, Mr. McLaughlin, of the State Department. Messrs. Bacon. Polk, Hanson, and Pearson, of the Board of Trustee*. and the secretary. A rcsnectablo number of the teachers of public ar.J private schools, and friends of the pupils, were present, among whom we notieed Prof. Henry, of the Smithsonian Institution, who has on all occaions off red every facility which the Institution could furnish to the friends of public education. We understand from one of the committee that the examination was very satisfactory, aad that a report in detail will probably bo presented to the Board of Trustees at its next meeting. The object of the examination was to tcet the advancement of the pupils, and to select one pupil for a scholarship ir- Columbia Col lege. and to be educated under the patr--..agc of the Mcdical Association of the District. Av.viu.xe Themselves or the Seiho*.? The landlords- of the wveral hotels of Wash ington are. just now. providing sumptuously for their guests, though at .his time, as alwR} > in the middlj of a long recess, there are com paratively few trangers iu Washington. The season is bringing to our markets a profusion of meats, vegetable*, and traits, almost un precedented in quality, and the last mention ei really unprecedented in the price. That is. vegetable- of a!l descriptions sell at proba bly lower prices in the Washington maikctd at this time than ever before. There is much, however, in the art of preparing them and all other eatables, as a really accomplished cook will serve even poor food so that it seems nu tritious. as well as rich and palatable, while an incompetent one will spoil for the appetite of civilised humanity even such vegetables, incuts, and fruits as now load down the Wash ington markets. By way of showing hew we live in Washiugton in hot weather, we here with append the caste for yesterday's dinner at the Kirkwood House, where they have a cook who knows his business thoroughly, l>y the-by : Soup?41umbo a la Creole. I ish?tresh salmon boiled, anchovy sauce. Boiled?Ham and cabbage; mutton, caper s.iuce; corned beef and turnips; chickens, parsley sauce. L'ntrees?Lambs chops, broiled plain; com pote of squabs; frleasee of crabs; macaroni a la Italian; fried chickens, cream sauce; stew ed beef with tomatoes; pear fritters. lloast?Beef, veal, mutton, lamb with mint sauce. \ ejetables?Green corn, boiled potatoes, cabbage, new potatoes, turnips, green peas, mashed potatoes, beets, snap beans, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, rice, squashes. Relishes?Lettuce, horse radish, pickles, eoid slaugh, old cheese. Pastry aua Dessert?Frosen custard naples biscuit, plum pies, apple pies, blackberry pics. rasp'>erry tartlets. Fruit?Melons, cantelopes, apples, pears. French coffee. A laborisi; ms. named Thomas M. trann, who's been spreeiug for half of his life, went home last night in a bacchanalian plight, arid sought a conflict with his wife. He picked up a sin k and gave her a lick, with all of hi ftreagth. on her head ; ai d she lay on th? floor. (wide open the door.) while the news inong her neighbors was spread. They came in a crowd, and their talking was lond. for shame of the inhuman elf who, alth >u^h he wis '-full," meantime took a *? pull" fre.m the bottle that darkened the shelf. S,?on the revived, when the doe-tor arrived, her blood flowing "nvast in a torrent; and the hus band w?. shaken by the throat, and taken to jail on a justice's warrant. There let him re main. a *oorn and a shame, till he of his spree ing gets over; and may be repent, and hi* f"jly lament, and resolve ever more to keep 8 jbcr. Miss Xoble apj-eared this morning before Justice Morsel I, to answer the charge that was brought against her ye^teiday. and for which she was held to security to api>ear this morn ing. she produced the receipt, as evidence that she did not keep the house, but rented it to a colored man named David Freelin. Miss Xoble and Mrs. Price, we are informed, are ladies of excellent character, not meddlers with the affairs of others; but striving to up hold their own reputation, while they leave the sets ol others to the law and the judgment of a discerning public. The above is given as an explanation of the ca^e to which we referred yesterday, concern ing the allegation of keeping a disorderly h"Use, and as a matter ef justice to the ac cused. Stalloviso Pi vs.?Our exchange papers statu that, on Sunday last, a girl, eleven years ..f age, died in Boston from the effects of .-wallowing a quantity of pins. Females for merly?we do not know how it is now-a-days? were t s) much in the habit of putting pin* into their mouth: while arranging their toilet; thus incurring the risk of swallowing the brass skewers. But in such eases the white of an egg should be immediately taken into the stomaeh The gelatinous substance will form a eating for the pins, and cover their point*- ; ?n important consideration, preventing them from sticking on their passage through the body. Merry Bachelobs.?The excursion of this club, yesterday, was, we are* informed by a gentleman who went with the party, all that it was expected to be The c mipany spent a nierry time on the river and at the White House. The ladies vera young and hiiwi Si?me. which would baTe in tde up for all de fi-;ect?e.- i-ossible; the gentlemen acsouituo datiug and attentive; the music goo<i. and the dtrcit g exc*llc?.t Merry as those gentlem*. !i Iiofv-te to b*) at ail tune-, they could never ??*e been so merry without the company of the fair ones. -? Camp Meetisg.?A religious meeting of this description, is to be held by the Metholi-t Protestant Cnurch. in the woods on the farm bvlongin^ to Col Wm Miiror. in Alexandria eouuty, \ a . oil the 21 t?f August. A pr?;j>er c mri.'.ltee has been selected to make the ne C'sjary arrangements for the accommodation ol all wh > may attend, and to secure go?-d order during the c >nliiiuanco of the encampment. Tue proprietor has declared that no huckrter 'ng will be allowed on bis grounds, and that the law will be strictly enforced against all ??senders. Am .ng the ministers expected to be present at thi* meeting, are Rev ThoniRs JI Stockton ami Rev. Dr. Webster. Coupon at ion Caseh?Officer Wise carried the following named persons to the workhouse y? sterd ly. under an order from Ju->tice Bat? e : Ann Ragan. James llagan. aud Ann Mdler. drunk. to serve VO days each. The following c?s*s were also disposed of: 11. M-Cafferty, filing liquor in small quantities contrary to the license law, fine and cost . He wa< not sent the workhouse, as has be?.u stated. Owen 31 Ardle, keeping a d->g without license, tioe ? nd e.sU. The WoRKHE* at the Pateut Offi-e building are relieved to-day from labor by a want of material. The marble is arriving, we learn, but it is probable the bauds will not resume work before M >uday morning. We uoih-e in various parts of the city that, where practica ble. persons employed on house building have erecte l temporary awnings to protect them from the effects of the suu. The Or eat Circle Co*pa>t or Rivers ,* Dtfciorg will make its entree in this city to morrow morning, and will exhibit here for fire ?ay: at eIi.| 0f which tune, we guess the *ev?r;- of equestrian, and brain, and other sports connected with the establishment, will have been satisfied The programme is va ned, ani the feats, doubtless, will be inter esting ? ttc*, formerly.of Monument-Mease and I nited States Hotel, Baltimore, has leased the National Hotel of thi? city.. recently u< d -1 the superintendence of E D. Will^ni. The > National will be closed from the 1ft of Angu ;t until the 20th of September, in order to put it in proper repair for the ?ecbmmedation of guesto ?-? A Pic-Nic of a literary society, called the Webster Lyceum. took place at Gal ?* *v?vU on Wednesday, the 25th itist. Appropriate addrewes were delivered on the ?3e?si?r by the members, and an interesting and happy time was experienced by all who participated in tho exercises. A Fall of Raik, last night, served, some what. to cool the oppressive temperature, although, if the quicksilver had fallen twenty more degrees in the tube, there would ha' e been no complaint in consequence. [COVMCSirATBP. The Law Stands i* the Way.?Mr. Edi tor : I see by the printed and published min utes of oar City Fathers that a bill is row pending in the Board of Common Council to allow Aldermen, who are under fflc city char ter mad? ex officio justice* of the ponce for Washington county, to hold the position* of Corporation justices. If our good representa tives will take the trouble to examine a cas | reported in Judge Cranch's reports, 4t.h vo'., page 722. II?ll vs. Corporation of Washington, they will find that uu Alderman iu Washing ton city eannot sit in a in which tho Cor pora-ion a party. C. July 2ft. 1855. ' Can this be so ??John Wyeth. Eso., ofH >r risburg, Pa., (formerly State Attorney.) ji ?? writes Prof. DeGrath, Philadelphia, thnt no thing tver created such intent excitement th'jre as lias his "Electric Oil," it bnviin; cured some cas<*s in nr. incredibly short tunc ; and ho states the particulars of those eases, (sec Philadelphia. Ledger.) Here iu Washin^: ton, doctors nave cured neuralgia in twenty minute* ; and we know of some old standi ng complaints, of a painful nature, for which relief has been obtained very soon ; and iu all cases, great benefit has resulted from its uso. Messrs. Stott & Co., have sold large quantities, an?! Seth Uar.ce. Esq., of Baltimore. a thousand dollars worth in a few days. So it goes. * Watch RETrnxs.?James Reed, vagrant, let Roberta Knoxviile. profanity, fine avul costs; Charles Miller, do., workhouse 30 da.\s; Betsey Miller, piofanity, do. ADDITIONAL CALIFORNIA NEW3 Fight rf.twre* Yankee Sullivan am> Mcligax.?A savage fi.iht took pl<>ce on Sa turday night between William Mulligan and Yankee Sullivan, in which the latter was ter ribly bitten about the face and head aud other wise battered. The circnmstanccs are nearly as follows : A dispute arose between Sullivan and Mulligan at a cock pit. and tho latter chal lenged the former to a ?' fist fight." which wa. declined?but upon being urged the challenge was accepted. It was agreed?soil is alleged, that the contest should take place in an apart ment of Tysen's Exchange, and thither the principals repaired, followed by a largo num ber of persons interested In the quarrel.? Vpon arriving in the passago way. Sullivan was felled by a blow from some weapon, ai d while upou the floor wae beaten, stamped am! bitten in a shocking manner?a man of les. hardihood could not have existed under the amount of punishment administered. Sullivan wa-s removed from the scene, and is now con fined to his bed from the injuries received.? ?>an Francisco JTculd, June 30?_ Guano.?The ship Harriet Hoxie. whieh cleared yesterday for St. Bartholomew'* Bay. Lower California, is the first vessel that has left our port to load gu ino. on the upper Pa cific, for the Eastern States. Heretofore ail our homeward bound \csscls, in that trade, have made the Chinch.t Islands their depot, but the advantages offered of a nearer and les.- frequeutcd port ?re not to ba ^lightlj' re garded. openi.ig as it does, a new aveuue < i tiade having a direct influcncc on our market Ha/i Francisco Tines NICARAGUA. I>Err.ATor Walker's Exvepition? Flight or the IavAPtn*.?The following intelligence has been received in a I?tter from Capt. Bk th^n, of the Transit Company's st-^mship Sierra Nevada. adlressed to Charles M >ri*u, E*q.: '? Captain Walker was beateo out of R-ibas with the loss of twenty men. The natives who had joined him all deserted. He Wi hotly pursued by General Basoker. lie threw < ff his coat, containing all his documents and mi vate letters. In their flight, the invale:* passed through San Juan del Sud on the night of the 1st of July, seized a schooner in the harbor, and sailed for part? unknown. They left the barracks at this place a smouldering mass of ruius They took the passengers' boats to embark in, bu* returned theiu, aad did no injury to the property of the Transit Company. ' It is probable that this intelligence will rea.'h San Francisco in time to prevent the depar ture of the reinforcements under the lead of the notorious Parker II French, spoker. of jn the annexed extract from the Alta California, of June 30. The Expemtion to Central America ? S-jine little excitement i? rife about town aiuon , that very excitablo portion of our populati* ;i known a* the filibusters, owing to the report that Parker H. French is to start iu a few days, with a band of over thirty men, for Nicaragua. The report that Mr. French has received grants of land from ttoe government of Nicara gua must be a mistake, as the only grant made was that to Mr Walker, through a third party. Walker is doubtless there by this time, with his little force, aud Mr. French is probably going to join him. It is said that tiny men have enlisted in various parts of the State for the enterprise? add this to the sixty-three ot Walker, aud we have one hundred and thir teen eager expeditionists, determined to re store liberty and order to that very warm part of the continent. We cau guarantee plenty of aguadisr.te. fruit, jiggers, fevers, rain. trea :h e.y. and small glory; but what else the re former* will obtain, we must estimate from the history of the English and Prussian attempt-> to colonize the coast lands of Nicaragua during the loat half century. The Kansas Legislature.?The proceed ings of the Kansas Legislature have boeu ri ceiv?.d, but the majority were quite local and without general interest. Mr. Marshall's bill on the qualification of t voters wac read a second time and referred to the committee on election^. Mr. Anderson introduced a bill providing that no person be permitted to take a seat in the Legislature without taking an oath to sup port (he fugitive slave law, und that till per .-ons convicted of propagating or in any w;i\ circulating contrary sentiments or opinion.-, be ineligible to any office of honor, trust, or profit in the Territory. The bill wa.s read for th- first time. Mr. Wilkinson gave notice that lie would bring in a hill lor establishing the )>etmanent location of the capital of Kansas sixty-three miles from Shawnee. It was unanimously voted that the Sergeant at-Arms furnish the House with a copy of the laws of Congress of 1850, and the law- ol' M:u 8 K-husetts of 1855. The evening session was prefaced by a r>ugh-and-tuiuble fight between Mr. Miller, editor of the Westport News, and Mr. Brady, public printer to the Territory. Both are pre slavery men. Mr Woodson, Secretary of the Territory, is rej>ortcd to have said that he would assume the reins of Government in case Gov. Reeder refused to recognise the Legislature. ftfllW Weapons.?An English offi ei visited the cemetry of the Russian church ai Kertseh. after it* recent capture, was greatly surprised to find a number of new graves. A no one had been killed, and as no epidemic malady prevailed in the town, he conceived suspicions, aud had the graves opened. II. f<>uud iu theui not fewer than fifty magnificent brass guns, quite new, and a gn at quantity o! projeetiics and gunpowder . ?EE F?ajici?co Mi*t ? The coinage at (hu mint, lor June, am^untei to $2,030,664 and tor the lait five months to S?,000,000 Tht denottts during the came time reached f5.618, fu . ? # are now so perfected, that id forty-eight hours after the reception tf the dot the coin will be ready for delivery. , ,tiT |.?r S'o BLEEDirtfj, VqUlTIKO, 1*1" R<>I NO i ?' R BtlS tekingMy Elect'lc Oil Is *jwrfwt rharnt In Us action upon Uta absorbents, which ft excite. to Uke up and carry out of the system *U sweflHngs, and allay* all pains. You mav physic till you are poor as a snake, and still the swelling* remai.i All local derangements require a specific applica tion. My Elertric Oil is that very beai tiful rem c<^7? good for little children, as well as old people, and it phases everybody. Come 3nd see what a cure was just made In a distinguished family in \\ alnut street Price 50 cents and SI. See n?y written name, Professor Pe Grath, South Eigh'ti street. Philadelphia, on all the bottle*. Messrs. SHott & Co. alone have retailed alwut 8*2(<0 worth in a few days?and soine of the most wonderful cures have been made here in Wa?h lnrrtin that was ever known. jy 27?3t AT* Letter from lion. John Minor Rotts. of Virginia. Richmond. July W, IS.w. Messrs. Win. S Beers A Co : Gents? Consider ations of duly to the atllicted alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to ti.e prca: value of "Carter's Spanish Mixturefor that almost Incurable disease, Scro fula. Without being disposed or deeming It necessary to go into the particulars of the case, i can sj that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians lad been exhauste# and all the usiial remedies ha I failed, fully justify iue hi recom mend'j.^ use to all who may be * uttering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to sav t\at it Is da; ? constitutions, or that if will alK,*d the sa ??-lief in all eases; for, of course, I can know nothi _ about th ?t?but of what I have seen of the effects, I would not hesita e to use it, in anv and ever) case of Scrofula, with persor for whom I f-]t ah interest or over whom * could exercise or control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Botts. If?" NoRh Wnlker tr Co., Mtirblp Hall Clothing Emporium, und^r Browns' Hotel, re sjvs {fully announce that ineir dWplayof Spring and Summer Clothing is now readv for inspection f imnrislng an assortmeut of Coats. Ve-<ts ar.*l Pantaloons of the newest and richest de-<l?nis in material, trimming and workmanship. TrT em tlem^n who study excellence wirh economy in fashionable articles of dress an opportunity f??r se lecting is offered from . e of the largest and uiosr attractive sto^k of goods ever offered in this city at a very reduced scale of pi ices. ap f7 CT7" A Phenomena in M?*dlc!n??.?Bronchi tis, Cough. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint*, S< rof ula,&c. For all diseases of the Female S?-tern it stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman j'!?t inform* n.-> it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate ? fcaracter?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? By Its mild ar'ion on the stomach, liver and k d ?uivs, will cure Dyspepsia, Cough, Asthma. Uron ? hial and Lung Affections, Pains in the Ba< k >ideand Breast. Consumption. Scrofula. R':ei! mati'm, Gout, Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Com plaints, Piles, Worms and Nervous Debilities with all diseases arising from impure Mood, ard i? the greatest female medicine ever known. Thi - invaluable medicine is working wonders upon the human frame. Sold by MORTI MER A MOWBRAY, NO Bal timore street, Baltimore; 301 Broadway, New York; C'l AS. STOTT A CO . J B MOORE, 1) 15 CLARICE. CLARKE A BOWLING. \V EL LIOT. and H MCPHERSON, Washington; also, bv R S. F. CISSELL, Georgetown; C. C BER RY", Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. ID" Premiums at the Fairs?WhitHtnr^N -till in the ascendant.?The juries of each of th? late fair-, at Baltimore. R iebmond, and New York iwarded their high test premiums to J . H W for ? heir su|>eriority of Photographs, Stcreowojn:? and i>aguereotvpes exhibited Mr. W.also received two medals at the World's Fair. I>ondon, and a premium at Crybial Palacc, New York Also, the hrst awards of the Maryland Iiw-titut for three years pa*t. Wh'tehurst's Gallery in this city Is on Pa av<" Que. betweeen Four-ahd-a-half and Sixth streets feb 17 !Ii* Z. D. Gilinaii. Drm;ls!, has removed io.r> Seventh street, op:>ositethe Patriotic Bank and is n~w prepared to rill all orders for Medicine PJuts, '?i! ana Gla*s on accommodating terms Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre* ? rlpflons a? all hers of the day and night Thi ni,rfit bell is on the right of the store door. ap ?i l[~r" >lore Evirirnce.?We have ju-t t.?-i id. formed by a gentleman from the count. / v :li lar^efamily that lie has had a srreat uvttr r ta k - of Summer Complaint, but not in one ln-trn ? n ? i failed in making a perfeet cure in lew than 1 hours, with BAKER'S PRK.MIL M BiTTLi?: Ile believes also, that would not have pad Lis doctor's bill without the Bitters He says he n >??:? intends to do without It in hlsfamtlv. Ills, nan will be u>ed if required, but not wishing it pub lished. Price 50 cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wa^h >n xton. D. C iCANBV A HATCH, and SE Til S. 1IANCE, Baltimore; and by Druggists everv where _ ' co-it' il_y~ Ajrer ? v uutarnc 1'ills.?Pills that a> Pills'?Ph> f IIavks. State Chemist, of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all PiUs, and an iiexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Haves k.iows, viz: Lkmcel Suaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. i'.MORv Washburx, Governor of Mass. \V. C Plcskktt, Lieut. Gov. Mass. Edwasd Everktt, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor IT. S. Robkkt C. Wixthrop, F!x-Speaker cf Rej)s., U. 8 A. .Abbott Lawrescb. Minister Plenl:>o to Great Britain. tJonxB. Fitzpatrxc*. Catholic Bish<<p Boston MEX THAT ARK MEN ! Among the diseases this Pill has curul wit': as tonishing rapidity, we may mention C<?~tiveness, Bilious Complaint*; Kheuma'i-m. l>ropsy. Heartburn, Headache arising from a fool Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid Inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom, Flaui lenr-v. Loss of Apjietite, all Ficerous and Cutane ous Diseases, which require an evacuant medif iue. Scrofula or King's Evil They also t?y purifx in the blood and stimulating the system, C ire ? < < omph-.iats which it would not be supjMsed '?o dd reach; such as Deafness, Partial blind! Neuralgia and Nervous lrritabilitv, Derangement <>f the Liver and Kidneys, Gout, and other kin dred complaints arising from a low state of ll? 1 sidy or obstructions of it* functions. Thej r :hel?es? Purgative Medicine ever discovered, uiul you will but need to u a; them once to know it. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass . and sold by every respectable drjggl^'. Sold bv A. D OILMAN, Washington, O M. LI N'THlCL'M, Georgetown; JAMES COOK \ CO., Fredericksburg je 17?'Jin 1E7" l>r. Ileofluad's Celebrated Oermun UitterK.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits and a prey to innumerable mental, as well as r?lij - sio?d evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of cominisseration.' Vet it is absurd f<> him to (i?-M?air. We care not how weak, low, nervous, and irritable he mav be. the cordial prop erties of llOOFLAND S GERMAN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C. M Jackson. Philadelphia, are ?-tro;.ger M>an the many-headed monste"-. which i? pre\ing upon his body and mind; and if h? chooses to try them, we will insure a apeedv cure. See advertisement. je 7?'im DIED. On the ?Jtith instant, at (i o'clock a. m . In Ba!:i tnore, MATILDA A consort of G. t!. Grammar. Ijsq ., of thi3 city. Her remains have been con vened here for interment. On the morning of the *J7th instant, in the sMt! year of her ape, Mrs. MARGARET REBECCA wife of Win. ii (jiorbutt, and daughter of the latt J??un ami Margaa*t Keitii. ID * Hei friends and those of the family are re spectfully inviteil to attend the funeral from th residence of her auiil, Mrs. Sheid, Hith st., ainv.-c .New York avenue, at 3 o clock, on Saturday hi ternoon. * On the-J5tU inst . GEORGE WASHINGTON vonuyreni sou of Alfred and Lucy A. Burdiue. aiicd 1 > ear and *i7 days. BOARDING. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE fur uisbed with a large pleasant front chamber, together with board in a private family. Location two squares north of Pa avenue, ande^ualdis lance east of the Treasury Building. Address Box 271 City Post Olllce. Reference given and requirejl. jy 24?lw Rare chance?a new brick holse for sale or rent, situated on the corner of Mas sachusetts avenue and 10th street, containing ten rooms with cellar, and a pump of good water In thevard. The house is built in the very best manner The terms will be moderate. Apply to GEO. T. LANG LEY, on L street, between 9tb and Tenth. No. 5P4 Jj'^?lw* BOARD,&c ? MRS BATES,ON THES W ?orner of Peuiinylvania avenue and 9th street, is prepared to accommodate gentlemen wit h rooms with or without board Ev?ry effon will be made to render thn*e romfottaUe who m:tv favor her vith th^lr pat:onag?.' ' ap6?tf WIRE DISH COVERS. Round and Oblong, from 6 to 18 lnche?, cheap, at G FRANCIS'S, jy?< 490 Seventh ?t. WrAj?TED-*BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a >it-T?fion as a Chambermaid. and "Will do ??r n3?. ,rh<" <~n b? ?ri] recommended. Address ??A," at tbL office i) 27 It* \V\?TED"A ^'T^ATItTV BY KYOUNG , V Man*"???? in ? hotel or private family he has no objection to drivings carria2e Ooodrc jvrfjjr Addrew"wm<"at?*??<>??, WAN TED 1M M KDIATKLV?A MIDDllL aged Woman, who can do the cooklne ?washing and ironinc of a small family To one who can come well recommendM as to chararter ability, Ac ., libtral wages will be* iven Apply at SCI1WART2TA SON'S jy 'J3?eo3t Drug Store Information wanted of Elizabeth Carter, widow of William Carter, who sery?d on ljoard of United States ?hip Levant, on Coast of California. JOHN D CLARK, Jy 25?U 527 Twelfth at. west. \\T AN TED?A SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE, * ? either fornishcd or unfurnished north of K, Wwccn Ttli and 15th streets?a cottage house pre ferred Address, pnvt paid. "X V." staMng leans nd location, through the City Tost Office. iv'?5?3t# * i' \\TANTED?A PARTNER TO ENGAGE *> in the provision bus .less. Address "J R" at this office. jy^5?3t* WAN TED-A TEACHER WELL QUAL ified to act as an assistant in a Selert Classi cal and Mathematical Academv. PA BO WEN, jy2l?dtf Georgetown. C!X GOOD STOUT BOYS WANTED?TO k wcfk :tl the harness trade. Apply to the un de ?signed. DAN C ' .V I'll? LL, ?ad'"**, Pa. ave-me. ucar National Hotel jy 2a-St* W'an Fed-ever ybopy to know that they cr>n ;ret a lot "I feci ffnf by 130 feet de.-P, for i?>e low pri eof $,c?peyaL.eSSamonth withoot Interest. Apply at theVnlon Land Office 7th stm t, above Odd Fellc <' Hall. ap29?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. TOR SAL3 AND RENT. '["> I.KT-A TUBKK-STOkV flOl'SK ON 1 I, between 6th and ?tb streets, 'containing 6 ioo ns. It has lately been put in complete order, .?ii from top to bottom The key will be found i.cKt door west. For particulars"inquire of Mrs. Miry Ann Nallv, or CHARLES KEEN AN, jy ?3t* corner Wh and G sts. |Y?0 R R E N T?A COr.i FOR TABLE COT ? tage. with S rooms und cellar, on 10th t.tiee'. i?etwcea D and E street*. Possession given on 1st An Apply at the Coal and WoodS" ar<^ i r^ir ly opposite. S. S. HAkYEY. jy & - J OTS F??R S A L E.?TWO OK THREE -ood Building Lot-? in a rapidly improving neiiitb ? hood for sale on ttn jttnrs1 credit. Ar*plj to J ii. PRURY. jy vl?tf I^OR SALE ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE ? and hot. No. 50 Louisiana av-'nne. Washing ton It presents a raie opp?M-turitv to a person wishing to in!ikw a sr?>od investment. ?Mso. a three-siorv Brick House ami Lot, No. 57 High street, Georgetown. Lot 'iti feet front bv ltHl Vet deep; will be sold low and on a 1o>?<^ credit Apply at Louisiana avenue. jy 2o?tf OR REN T?A NEW TH K EE- STO R V 1. Frame House on L street, near 1.5th, contain .;?4 six rooms and a kitchen, all neatly finished. To a <;ood tenant the rent will he 812 per mouth. Inquire of J. H. DRl'RY, City Post Office. jyiy-ti _ FVJR RENT.?A handsomely furnished House near the Public Department is offered for rent. To a responsible tenant the rent will he moderate The House contains a bath room and gas fixtures. Enquire w;. '.he premises, No. 270 n street. Jv 5---lm* Ft LNT-3 REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES. V sjl.V> a year will be received for the rent of ?.hose new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, v-iod 'bed, ii?d other conveniences attached Pump-?of oure water are near the door, and communicati<>u ? s had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh t:t ?t> ">nd Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af tciroon at the usual fare, for the accommodation ol cic: i..- i? th-s Departjfients. To secure th'; advantaite of this irreat reduetion ?if rent. application must t?e made to "he iM:d<'.r?igued. ''itlier by bitter or hi his house at Kendall lireen. after hours, where the keys uiuv 1 ^ hail and the houses in^jsicted at an. tirue. M- jv< ra! of tLcoe tesidtuices w ill be sold on libe ra'. terms. WM STICKNEY. No. 4, Kendall Green. .N B. -Keuts paid qua.teriy is adva.xcu, j;n 9?eolf . . .% m 1^ O Tf R E N T?A TWO-STORY FRAME 1 with basement, situated on Prospect Hill. ? eor^etewn, commanding a beautiful view ?f the Potomac river. Apply to T. O. Donnoghue n^ar tiic Catholic Church, or R H Trunnel, No. T3 Fr-deiick street, Georgetown. D. C. Jy 11 ' FM > K K EN T?SEVER A L 11A N DSOME PA R - lo's and Chambers, with Board Also. Table ?nd Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F street. apt>?tf C WARRINER, WATCHMAKER, .Vo j3tl Fa. acennt, b'tir*'d 9tk and iurA ?trr;ts, WASIIINOTON, d. c. IMvoting, Jeweling, and every kind of repairs in Watches jy 17 ? 3m MJLl MB JAN COLLEGE, Wn?hiu^ton.D C R-*v J. 0 Btsxit, D D , President and Profes sor of Intellectual rind Moral Philosophy. William Rugglfs, I.L .D., Professor of Mei^han ical PL losoph> and Vstronoinv. Kev \. J. Hcstingtos A.M., P. lessor of the <Jre?*k and Latin l anguages Charles C Jewktt, V M., Prof?j?sor of Rhet oric and Be!le> Lettres. Lewis H Stkixer, A M., M O., Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. E. T. Fristok, A.M., Professor of Mathematics. William E.J illsos , A.M., Professor of Modern Languages R. C Fox. A. B., Tutor in the Greek and Latin I (?t nguages i. G. Nash . A .M., Teacher of the Preparatory De pcrtment rPil V. session bcirins on the last Wednesday A fr SeotoiiiVr, n?sd continoes nine ironths, m t:. the last Wednesday in June. Candidates r ?r Hdtnissi<>n n.ay 'je "'nsaiiicd on Monday aad Tuesday procrdiug the on-nlng of the ression r?.e regular Collie Course req?tjn-s four years for !ie degree of A ll. Those w, jing to do -*o may omit the ancient languages pursu* a sckntifie. < ourM- three year* for the degree of R P. An ad vanced course is also pro\ ided for the degree of A M. Students may pursue any particular branches where tnev ean do so profitably, and will suf ficient studies fully to occupy* th^ir time, and re ceive u certificate of actual attainment. A l're,oratory Department is established nnder the ' supervision of the Faculty, with *kn at>ie ;mri e.<,H?riene? d teacher, and special attention \.*il! be niven to lilting pupils to en' r College. With a full and able Faculty, students are with < onMdeuce invited to the usual'benefits of our best institutions, with those advant; '/,** peculiar to the seat of the General Government. Circulars, with all needed information, may be received by applying personally or by lptter to the Pre*ideal Jy " -2aw3v. '17S| IMPORTANT TO T1IR LUHES. [373 One Dollar's worth of Goods for 75 cents ! 4 S we centcmplateenlargiiii'andotheiwise im -i proving our store, we will commence from thi* 4:ite -iid continue until the l'jth of August .icvt (at which time the hnprovemeut is to coin i.i nee) to sell our large and beautiful assortment c f Lawns, Tissues, Bareges. G^atleiueu's aud Hoys' w? ar, and iu fact our entire stock of SUM MLR (. OODS at greatly reduced prices for a sh. We h,?ve also on 1\and a complete assortmeut of I tidies' and Gentlemen's Summer Gaiters and Faucy Shoes, which we are disposed to sell at hits'. 25 p? r cent, less tluui our usual pricc-'. i'ersoic. wishing to save money would do well ' > irive us a call as thev mav confidently rely on ub:ainini> GREAT BARGAi"NSi R. B. HALL, No. 373 North Seventh st., one door above jv 13?eo-Jw R. O. Hyatt's. JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, FREDERICK COUNTY, YA.?Opened on the a 15th of J une. From Baltimore,ash- > i ngtoti or C u mberland in earl v morning trains to Harper's Ferry, thence ^>y WinchesterJtiil Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from depot 1J^ miles in coaches to Springs in time to diNe same day. Rice's cotillon band engaged. Sulphur baths. Medicinal effects of water well known. E. C. A R M. JORDAN A BRO. jy 6?eo6w C'EMENT, PLASTER. HAIR, fee. ' Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of Cement, Plaster, llalr, Ac., all of which we are selling very cheap. LAWTON P. HOOVER, Fotonmc Lline Kilns one square south of the Lower Bridge, near Georgetown. jy 16??x>3w (Intel,Organ, Union) St HI TTER * KAULERT. ARTISTS, FKtSCO, DECORATIVE, an* x\ every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Neonlng, Archi tects. corner Penn avenue and Utk street, will be promptly attended to. jy ll?im* * I AUCTION SALES. By OR KKN A WOTT, AwWwwwi. ! rALUABLE BC1LP1XC AXDI OTTACF ? I.nt> nt Auction?On MUMUY. thf ar^ ! frtfant we <*Bal! on the premises at 5?, ? elk ' p. m , a valuable building Ml. desirable fur a business stand. fronting ib fret on D srtreet. by po feet d**?p. adjoining F oy's Hotel. inuuvdistviv op posite the Railroad Depot Immediately after the above we ?btU artl. on the Capitol llfll, fourteen Cottage Building Lota fronting on Third street ea?t and E atreet north. In Squares 754 and 763. from 1? to f feet ear h. run nlnfc back from 9P to 100feet, overlooking tbe city in a healthv location, and an abundance of food water from pump* Terms : One-fourth cash ; balance In ?, 12, 19, and <4 month*, on notes bearing interest Deed niven and deed of tru-%! taken to serure deferred payments. Title indisputable A plat will w exhibited at sale. GREEN * PCOTT, jv27?d Auctioneers I By WALL. BARNARD 4 CO., Auctioneers. OLIOE TOP BtOtiY CARRIAflKll A?C k tion.?On TUESDAY afternoon, ,V*t instant. J at f. o'clock. w? will sell In fmnt of our More vie>d slid* top Buggy. Which la UI good orde nnd verv >u.ialde for ft.mily or for a |) ?J^?an Terms at tbe sale. WALL. BARNARD * CO. Auctioneers. The veiibh is f>r prlv^i? *aie until that uo^. at our Siore, corner Wu si and J'a ureuut jy27^3t W. B *_CO By J. C McCUIRTJ. Auc'-loneer. ^INE Bf tOUl.H KKOOI) ?I?UE AND Celtc* \oction.?Ob TI'LSI* a Y, the 3'H I instaut, at > o'clock a. it , in fiout of the AuU;on Room. 1 shall sell OLEAN A. a U i, blooded brood ! in.ire. and her roll, <M?..nle La ha," ?L-ed by Mr ( ClarL Mills's sr>lendit; prairie staP ion. This stool: is wrth . t be attention vZ pureha?eT* The m.'.re is very suitable for a doctor's car. tage or any llghl wagon use. ..nd ? mUwithoiK hitch ing J. C. McUUir ?2, j jy 27?FMATu Auctioneer By JAS. C. VieGPIRE. Auctioneer. ONE OF THE BEST GRCIERV Siands iu the it* at Public ?ale.-' TIIl'RS i DAY afternoon. July 26. 1S55. at 0 o'clock, oi. :hc ! premises, 1 hall sell that valuable property situ ated on the corner of B and t2tli ect?, near 12th street bridge, formerly kept as a Grocery store by Seii^*!ack & <"'ark, and late by Win. I!. Cl??>. ' W ith a sufficient enpita! to extend the busiress to a wholesale as well as net Ml business, more par ticularly In the feed, llour - ad bacon tr^le, no lo cation in the city otters greater facilities The warehouse !> .if brick - ret-t front by 50 ft j deep, two sb.rie* high, and l .t of tb* be>; mate rial in the it>?st substantial manner. Tbm is al so attached a lot in the ear 25 by 75 feet. The premises can lie -en at any t'.,..e by >11 j cation U? C. P Sttack, on if, wtvmeu la. a and j 13th streets. t Immediately after, I ? >aui s>u.. .i lot fronting *21 f<f"i on south D. betwe- t l*ih ? id lJth sts., run , uiijy Ua< k cI lect u. a- . feci pa?ed alley. Terics Oiie half ca-'i; residue in ?1?, twelve, eighteen *nd tw nty-four months, satisfactorily , secured, be?iin? interest. J. C. McGUIRE, i jy21?d Auctioneer. i ill/* The above sale is postponed in c?n*e? aue.ace of the rain, until Tt fc>DAY afternoon, JuneUist. same hour and place. JAS C. McGI'IRE, jy 27?d Auctioneer By GREEN A HCOTT. Auctioneers rpWO-STORV FRAME HOI SEAN PLOT I ?t Auction-? On TI'F^DA Y, the3lst inst., l we sli;ill sell, In front of the premises, part of Lot in Square No 515, fronting on 4tb street west, between K and L str>*ets north, on which is a good ! two-story Frame House, containing live good rooms. The abovedescribed property is handsomely lo cated in a rapidly improving part of the city Terms ?4<?u cash: balance In momhlv payments of S4? per nvnth, satisf^ctorilv secured. GREEN & SCOTT. Jy 27 -d Auctioneers. By JAB. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer ffWO SMALL FRAME HOUSES * LOTS 1 on tbe Inland at Pnblic Sale, withont re. J serve.?On FRIDAY afternoon. July'2<"tb. at | o clock, on the premises, I *naii sell part Lot j No 4. in Hquare No. 58*2. situated near thec-^rner of South !> and First street w***t, fronting 40 fe?-t on D strrrt. improved bv two sma.'l Bouses , earh fronting a?< fee' with an alley l>etween There Is also a 12 feet aliey In the rear. Sale r??ser\e Terms: t?ne-tl i^d cash ; (he residue in6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust ! on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Jjr 06?d Auctioneer. By J A M FS C McG UIR E. A nr.t?oseers I^WO SMALL FRAME HOUSES and lots on the I;>laud at public sale witr.out re serve?On FRIDAY afternoon. Jul.*C7tt, at j o'clock, on the premises, I shall seO. part of lot \<> I, in square No SS2, situated near the corner of Snn?h D and Flr?t street, west, fronting 4ti feet on D street, Improved bv two small Frame House* ' each fronting ft*t with an alley between; there j is also a 12 feet alley in tbe rear [ Sale without reserve. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 and | 12 months with interest, secured bv deed of trust ! on the premises. JAMES C McGUIRE, jy 25?d3t Auctioneer. By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. F^RAME HOUSE A>1> LOT at Auction ? On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, we shall sell. In front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., L??t No. 5, in Square No. 99, fronting on New Hamp shire avenue, uear the corner of *Jlst streets, lietw north M *nd N streets The lot Is lar^e. i?c c? and bounds of which will be shown on the day of sale. Also, the improvements, which ar^, a gocd two-story frame Dwelling Houso, stable, n.iik hou*"?, ant! a puniji of excellent water on the prem ises. Terms: One-third cash , >?aiance In 6. T 2 a.ii months, the purchaser to give note* fo?- the dt f?7red pay men is, bearing interest from the day of ? he "-"ale. A deed and a deed of trust taken. If the purchaser should fail to '?omply with the terms in ive days from day of sale."the property will be resold, at the risk and "ost of the first pi - chaser, by advertising three time* previous to such resale in the Na'lonal Intelligencer. GREEN 4t SLOTT. jy 24?d Auctioneers. Bv J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpRUS J'EE'S SYLE OF VALUABLE IM I proved Real Estate.?By virtueuf a deed in tru?.t l?earing date the ,VMh ?l?v of May. A. D 1-51, and duly recorded in Libet T. A. S , N*?. 7M, folios iT). ??#>. 237. and '?i~ one of the land rt^ords for Wasbiu^ton oountv in the District of Colum l)ii, we will -vll :it r> bile ??!??, in fr?>nt of tbe ?^reiiiises, on FRIDA^ , the jd day of August. i^Sj. at G o'clo< k p m , a part -?f Lois Nos 1" and 11. in Square No. ai7. in tnccltv ?f Wa .lington, iu said District, and Itein^ descrilied as follows : Beginning oil ihe line of south D street 56 feel and three inches froin the southwest c rner of said square, aiul, running 'hence east with said street 25 f-et. thence north 1UU feet, thence west 25 fee? and thence south ltio feet to tbe place beginning, with the improvemei.ts The said lot is well improvi 1 with a r. at Cot tage House. Terms of sale: One-third in c-.?b, and the re mainder in two equal payments six and twelve months, with interest, to'be secured by a deed of irust. The terms of the sale tobc complied wi<h in fve j days, and u|?on default there' i tbe Trustee-, e j -erve the ri?ht ; ? resell the premises at the cost ; and risk of the first purcha?-*r. All conveyancing at pur- .aser * o?t. W. if Vv ARD, ) t _ J.Y DAVIS. ^ Ttcstees JaS C. McGUIRE, jy 20?eo7t Auction-er. Bv C. .M . BOTKlER, Auctioneer. ? POSITIVE SALE OF A \ ALUABLE lot at J Anction.?On THURSDAY afternoon, Au gust 2d. at 6'j o'clock, I shall sell on the premises the west par/of lot No. 1, In squareNo. l?s?,front ing 42 feet ?? inches on North H street, betwt-en Tenth and Eleventh street east, depth 90feet, con taining 2,^22 squan feet Terms: One-half '-ash: balance on a credit of <s and 12 months for notes Waring interest secu;ed l>y deed on the property. C. M BOTELER, jy 25?eoAds Auctioneer. Bv GRKEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. 'pRLSTEE'S SALE OF LAND IN WASH 1- ington ( ounty, District of Columbia.? By virtue of a deed ol trust, dated November 3d, A. D. 1854, and duly recorded in Liber J. AS. No. f<9, folios *-!57. 258, 259 and 260, one of the land records for Washington county, in said District, we will sell, at the auction rooms of Gr?*en A Scott in the city of Washington, on THURSDAY, the 2d day of August, 1855, at 5 o'clock p. m . Lot No 16. in the subdivision of a part of a tract of lanu called Granby, in the county of Washington, the said lot containing five acres of land, more or less A plat of the subdivision wUl be exhibited at the sale. Terms: One-flfth cash, and the remainder in four equal payments, at one, two, three and four years, with interest, to be secured by a deed of trust. AU conveyancing at purchaser's cost The above mentioned property Is handsomely located in a very elevated position, with a com mauding view, about three miisa from Washing ton. northeast rf the Capitol, on the new cut Bia denshurg road, past Mrs Pearson's MlB. VTC BE8TOR, lTm.te?* W II WARD, t rruMet* GREEN 4 8COTT, Jyib?*o44s AucUonesr. ?<FQ*Typ yntTMl B\tw: n# * k*r, Utir Itm Mexico. New Oolka>*, July IKlh ?Th* Drintr <)riub? bu armed ?Ub City el Mexico's dtiei ?i tbo 19th Tb? capita tii qaiet Ssnta Anna'? bohtr in-law is ?e?d to have b??i, ap pointed minister to the U?itW St ?U? Ssnt* A n r. *' i family Womld Imvi VertCnij on the 26th. in the war steamer IturbiJr. It wu reported that Santa Anon wu willing V> tuakc concession* to the revolutionist#. Deciaioa in the Caee of W;!Ui Philadelphia, July 27.?Judg* kai.v this minting :n the United Statea District Court, committed PaMmore Wilhaaaon for on tempt of court in uiaJung a false return to the writ of habeaa cotbaa iv-ued in ration to ths >iav?? taken from Mr. Wheeier The julge ?taUd t'<st t'ue g-md jn y cjui.i brii^ an iui.ctme; t ajiiut Wiuitta.-a lor peijury From Xaneaa and Utah. St. Lous Jul*?* ?Tliw Kan?es H-rall a: n' uncch that a piwjoct ir on foot lor ai ' 'Xil| Platte ounty Mi "our i, to Kansa. by pur W Advicoa from ball Lake to June |L'. late that the crvp pn?pec's were glootny Tuo gra^uhopprrt wero destroying e\ crythu g in the valley ru from Eanaaa t*r. Lens, July 27.?Advices fr>>?u Kat a as to tl- ? 26th rtate that the co.ami ttee appointed by thi i?fgL?'*tnre to -'raw up a uifi o *1 to t'a? President for .he rwuu>v~i ofGo*. l'.?oder, reported yesttrd ? They act for'H various ;ouj^!aicts again?t Ri-edcr, c%:ling r..m a clog to the wheals ot government, aou praying for his t7?*edy removal. Arm a t of Steam:r?. New Yo^k, July 2^.?The turvay^ig acaoo nerJainea Guthrie has arrived from SavaM.ah. The rteani'-r Granada. fr>ia New Ciieao* and ilav na !? below. U 8 Yoeeel Spoken New York July 27 ?The steamer 0? nada Kpokt <"T Tortajas. on the 221, the Oy aac. All on board wore well. Baltimore Kor*et?. Baltimobe, July 27 ?Flcuriadull. bale, of Howard struct at $9, City MUis uff- <ed at SS.62. Grain uucha Nt-w Orlc- :? Markets. New OaiatMi. Jul* 25?Cotton is ?n. ~b*aged?s?loa of 2,230 bale* Floor $8. Corn H2aV2^. Charleston, July 25?Cotton is firm?ealee of 10b bales at fcalifo. New 7or* M&rkotg New Yoaa. July 27.?Flour is fl?n. Sale# of 5,000 bbls State at 06*$8 6?. 6 nth cm dull. Sale* of 300 bbla ?i SIP Wbeat firm. Corn higher?sales of 22 00# btt-aeU at 91c. Beol" and pork higher. Wuiiky ateady Btoe* Market. New Yore, July 27 ? Money la easier, and tucks are better 8*le? of N*w York Central It-ilr^id at iu2, P^'drnj. 65; Cumoe liad, 27{: Hudson liiver*Railroad. 431, Eil- Kail tuwl, 51. Bv GREEN k SCOTT, Auctioneers HOISF A\D LOT 0!H TUE ISLAND at A jrtiau?Ou FF1PAV the ?7th Infant, a>. o'clo. k. p m , we nhall 1n flroi:tof tbepmn t-r?, pat r* f.Tt \<i "J, ?n eq-mr- 5TT fr< .tfnp 33 feet ou aouth E street. beiMreen o?l and , west, running back *l?o .t JW? feet \r*th 'be 'm* proveiiM3tt?. which n comfortable frsin l? ise Terms: One-third cash; balance lr. i ->V 12 months, for notes bearing Interest from '.ne dr y of lut sale. A deed given and a de?-d trnst tak -n. UfcLLA k t*a?TT, jy25?eoAds Auctioneers By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioa Ht!IOM)MC HOtftEHOLD ar I Kitchen Farnttare at Aacttaa.?On MONDAV, the 30th ln?taut. we shall sell, at the reaideucc of Geo Butler. Eaq., near the Nary Yard, on So ?th Carolina avenue, and near Pennsylvania a etiue, >?etween (Hh and ?tb streets east, at 10 o'clock a m . an excellent assortment of Furniture, ?!? : Mahn^axiy spring seat Divans. Lounges, Ac. Do and Walnut Parlor Chairs *ad Rock era Do do iSofa, aide, and ceuuc Ta W Do do Bureau a and Bedatoads Walnut and other Washstands and WaitffebM Chamber S?ts, cane and wood aeat Chairs WalsvtWcinan Table M.tho^any S^erretary Three-ply, Ingram, paarage and stair Carpets Hair and shuck Maitrewes Ttathcr Boliuers and Plllowrs Girandoles, solar, hall and o'.Ler Lamps Mantel Ornau>ents, Glass and Cruckeryware Refri .orator, i-arabee's make ^etteaa L?t ^hool De?>ir? uihv < iablftaanri ( Lairs Cooking and o'her Staves W itL a ^ood aaxortnieiit of Kitchen Requisites Ttnu: Luder 825 cash over |2S acred*.' of sixty and niuet) Haj-s. for /totes satiafartoril, en dorsed, bearing luierc^t GREEN A SCOTT, jy'24?d Auctioneer* BOOT AND SHOE STORK EEMOVF.P /'"'EORGE BREMER has removed bis wil known Gentlemen's BOOT AMI, >HOK Store and Factory from 11th street, j i^tween Pa avenue ard E ntreet. to Ps avenue, afew doors above WtUards' Hot*;! I > is prepared in his new premises to give sa"i faction to all. G B has by dlut of great care la purr basin; his stock, employing none out A No. I workmen, and by bis < pn?ity to fit his customers so as to have hL- work *? i very easy ??n the loot, while It i ways exhibits tbe ino^i fc. ..ouabl; st\l?r. 'trned a reputation in Lis business second to that cf no otiier cuM^ai-work kr^? and shoe rmker in the l on. lie solicits th alrona^e of all, ti.d his u a- will be most rruaonabie to all. jy IS?tf Ne. i*l] NEW SHOP. (Ka.Hr '|>HE hi. iscribers have entered Into copartner 5 ship under the firm of Summers A Messford. at No. 5>-7. Seventh street, Island, near Marvlan 1 Avenue, for the i>urpoM? of manuforturin*; >AD DI.KS, BRIDI.t.S. TRUNKS. HARNES8, aad e n-thing in that line of business Having laid in a aood stock of materials, they desire M no?if/ th.-i' friends an the p-t'oiK generally, tl*a' tL?" sie ready to jerve "lem with any articles in ?-eir :lne at short notice, as good and as cheap as ai>y o'her eslabllshment of tLo kind in this city JAMES H SIMMERS, GEORGE A SESSFOFP Jy 9w FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE hTA BLES. (N announcing to the public of Washington that I have taken pnaneusion. bv purchase, of the above Stables, on C street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartx.) I wish to itue:uv_ them that it will be entirely conducted by myaelf, and that all orders left ';pon the premise*, wr.ll be attended to punctually with ekaian: Ca rtages and careful driver*. The Riding icbosl will r>e con tlu. lod by a professional equestrian and perfectly docile horse* ; having staled hours fbr lafly eque* trians. in private or ptit>l)c, as tbev may prefer Particular attention will be paid to hones kept at Liverv In bis establishment. Persons requiring open barouches er family ear nages. can be satisfactorily accommodated, as wnl as those desiring riding horses for gen'lei nan or ladies FRIEDERECK LAKEMLYER. Jv SI?3m Agent. J I ST RECEIVED AT tttlUlKOTON I Periodical Depot. Godey's Ladies' Book for August Ballou's Dollar Monthly do Peterson's Magazine do Household Words do New York Journal do Abbot's Life of Napoleoa .Moredun, by Sir Walter Scott The Winklea The Prophet, er Moononlsm VnnoUed i emale Life among the Moimuna The Heiress of Haughtoa Trial and Triumph, or ftrmneea la the hoooaLeld. by T. S. Arthur Wa'.kna. or Adventures on tbe Mooqutto Shore Norvai Heatings, or the Yankee Prlvetoes All the New Magazines. Cheap Pablioaiiona, and everrthlng in the Stationery line oonstsaUy on hand and foe sale at JOE SHILUNOTONja Odeon Batiding, oor i* ? and Pa ?T. Jy*J

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