Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAftHIHOTON CITY: WEDNESDAY AFTER AI.ENTS FOR THE STAR. The following persow are authoriied to con tract fvr th? publication of advertiaemanU in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer. N. W. eorner of Third and Chestnut streets. hew York?S. M. Pkttlroiu. A Co., Nassau street. Bort'.t?V B. Palmbb, Scollay'i Building . ? .? ^ ? .i [3*=* Owing to the mering of our newspaper pre&s to its pnsent location, and the changing of the engine a id the shafting to adapt it to the new prc^-room, wo shall be compelled to depend up- u the hife of laborers fbr a few daya for the 41 power" necessary to print our paper. Subvribers receiving their papers somewhat later thau in the meanwhile will, therefore, know the can*" of the delay SPIRIT OF THE MORiflKG PRESS. The Intelligencer s?y-< with great force, of the Louisville riot*. ?? The evidently not impartial and wo trust grta'ly exaggerated telegraphic d> ooatchos from Louisville rw:?il .-ceiies of riot, vioK*nce, and UoMlsM, during the eleetion held in that city on Monday, which all true lovers of law and order will denounce in the most solemn and emphatic language. ?' It matters not?1-> adopt ihc language of the Baltimore Patriot oi last evening?it mat ters not that the occasion was one of gr? at po litical feimet:*. it matters not who were the aggressor*, the nwailiitts an 1 the assailed are alike deserving of indignant reprobation. since they wire both guilty of violating the law hy usurping the authority of the Judiciary ami avenging w ith their own hands their real or fancied injuiie*. It is fivm such shameful riot-> ad thece that our institutions arc, brought into dingrasc. itvaot one city alone which suffejf iruiu the (ll? U of sanguinary lawlsv ness?the whole country share* iu the oppro brium. If ruch ou'ia;r?a arc continued : if the maj ?sty of the law is not rendeied para mount to the acts ?t it dividual? ; if iu broad day, and in tho midst o4 a crowded city, wo are to settle oar ?|uarr? 1? with the Bowie knift, the revolver. and the firebrand, we had better close our trir unals, igunre all gove nment ex cept that of tor.o. Mid he prepared to try on* elusions with the find person we encounter i:i the street ?? It is *?range that the people of the United Stat' ??a people so sensitive of the < pinion iu which they are held abroad who pride thoir. selves on the freedom they enjoy, on tho toler auce ti.ey av?.w, and cspeciuUy on their ca pacity l'or self-government?should sutler them selves to beeoiae guilty of acts which are semi ha r bare us in lh:ir character, and so utterly destitute of ail those conservative elementj upon th?* permanence of whii h depend" tho existei cc ot" tr.e Republic." The Union layiof the telegr?phir'acr>ouii'j of the Ijouisrillc election liot: '* It does not -urprise us that the election ;it Louisvi'.le was inaugurated on Mmday la^t bv mobs and murders; nor doe? it surprise us lh *l the t? legraph should ?ay that ? al'jieigner tired the first oh?*t.' When it i.? known, hovurcr, that the Louisville Know Nothings h??ve bee:j rendered -n infamous by their violence tnM their former organ, the Couiier, indignantly denounced them, it hanlly possible that tL.? ? foreigner-' wuuld fire upon the sc-calie.l 'American?;.t a lima, to->, when the adopted citizens were afraid to go near iue ballot boxes, surrounded a-- t'uey wore by ruffian* of tbe low est or?ier If had been given out for dajj that the ballot boxe:' were to be ? guanl ed " by the Know Nothings, as they were iu W ishing ton. and that Louisville should be carried !.>r that pnrty : heme the resulting bloodied and death.'' The Uutj<:, under the head of '? "Lugloriocj fate of a Know Nothing falsehood,"* also com ment? with contempt ard warmth up.?n the Pope's Nunci-j story of Rayncr, it ?tands when confronted with Barringet'-< brand of falsity upon it. The Elscticos. North Carolix a?More rcornt newt throws the election in the first district in doubt. The Norfolk Urfjro/i, a Know Noihing paper, pub lishes return* which, if true, elect Paine. (Know Nothing.) there, over Shaw. (Dct.i.) They are a> follow Chowan - ? 3 maj. Gates - " Perquim:?ns 'J'J maj. PasfjUotauk .?????????? 27.* Tyrrell 21-. 4 Can.dec *' Hertford \U 4" Bertie 11" *' Washington (ieported^. 1W? *? Northampton do .... - 200 *? Halifax do - ft Craige s majority (in the seventh district) will foot up at least I 20". against at th>> last Congressional election, as he gains &WJ in R-wan ami Anson countie* alone. From Puryear's (th%?ixth district) we have returns from tw ? countic: otty whi? h corfirm the imprc>oion ixpreised by us vc terda;.. that the contest wa? a very elo-<- ?n?v indeed. They arc a? f? Hows, vi* (A' A ) Rockingham.... 1.2nt 17o , Forsyth ........ bTT n?6 This is a small ffain for Scales over the vo?c in the last ].revioua Congressional election, when Puryear ? majority in tho whole district was 3-ia. Tr.-fyri-iiE ?xr <ui thi^.State we have new* which 8.iti?fie.i u? that Johnson's majority in the whole Mate bid? fair to be as lartje, if n ?t larger than at the previous gubernatorial ele ; tion, when It was 2 '*00 lu ll counties Gentry's net gain i< but 9 votes; and in the t Lirty-6 ve counties yet to be hearl fiom, f .!in :on'j frieuds anticipate eotisi lerabla gains for hiui. Samuel A. Smith (l>cm.) is certainly re elected. We har* retom^ from his district :v follows, vU : Anelertou Blount. ? ao?ntaOt Monroe ? Mei^ !sft ? McMini: t?r. t:c Ura<lley 'W ? Mari ? ll'i Hamilton 63 ? K*"^tj ckt.? From Kentucky up to the tiiuo of prep-iring this suiumaiy, we have not n single addition:. 1 clertion return. Alabvxv ?Tho returns, so far a? rl>cy are reliable, show thai the opponents of tke Ad ministration have gained nothing whatever by adopting th?? j!ia-e ?>t Know N??thiagi$ai. They (the return? to whhb \?c allude) ar? a? follow^, vi* Majorities f ?r Shortbridge. K. N.. for tl>verncr?in Montgomery .'Wo; in K.d ma 2-?7, and C.?hnwt>a ??" Thus there w no material variation *) far. from the election in 1^53. when the Democrats fue^eedod through out thState by their u.-:uil Diajority. The Ld:o*iug arc additional returns from Alabama, iu ahiub we r>!aco little oonhdenct-. as they come to us with the ear-mark of Knosv Nothiug fabri atiMti? upon tbeni: Lauderdale county, gives U00 n:a j'rity for Win ton. the Lt inocr.di: candidate. The cMiotv gave Pierce about S.i0 majority. The folio ning i-ountic- are reporte 1 to give their maj tit its for Sbortbridge. the Amtiioan candidate: Pjllaj county, ul?) majority?it Jave Pierce SJ majority; Perry eouuty 4JU ml >rity?it gave Pierce 2^0 majority; Antauga county JO m^j^rifj?it gave Pierce 120 Uia jority WASHIWO'rOH HEWS AKD OOBSIP. ihe Loi'.mvilla Riots.?The following is the ouly additional account of this dreadful affair that ba? aj yet come to hand. It is a tele graphic despatch from the telegraphic agent at Louisville, who is noted for hia falsification of facts in aid of the Know Nothing party We therefore place no confidence whatever in the truth and justice of the coloring he gives to this lamentable affair, more especially as in every previous ease of the hied, time and in vestigation has made it plain that the foreign bora citizcns, the weaker party, were the as sailed?not the assailants. We forbear further comment! until we have more information iu ! the premise^ : Locrsvmna, Aug. 7.?The disturbance com menced in the First Ward, where an Ameri can, named Burge. was stubbed, and beaten nearly to death by a party of Irishmen. The assailants of this man were arrested, but aftor ward three American* were fired upon while quietly passing the Uerinau brewery. A gen tleman riding iu a carriage with hid wife wns lircd on at the ?ame time. Then a complete shower of shot and hullots was rained from .??itne Herman bouse* on the crowd below, by which many wore wounde i. Ry thia time a mob ?>f aimed foreigners began to collect in the vicinity, and an indiscriminate slaughter of Americans commenced. Other Americans quickly crowded to the spot when the firing from the windows was continued. The Amori caii8 set lire to the brewery and sacked several houses from which guns bad been fired. Al>outo o'clock, in the Eighth Ward, three Americai a wen; attacked by a mob ol Irish with lire-anus?oue was killed aud the other wounded. The Iiish now took refuge in a house from which they contrived to fire upon tho crowd, killing two more Americans. After a desperate strugglo the hou*e was forced and the murderers within were captured. Oue of them was forthwith hung by the exasperated crowd, but a policcmm cut him down while he w;i> slill living. 11c was afterwards shot, however, and died this morning. f or some time longer a regular discharge of roles and guns weie kept up from a row of Irish liou.-os, on Kloventh street, on all passing Americans, sevcial of whom weio wounded. Finally, the Americans attacked the houses, lut failing to dislodge the Irish, fired the buihlicgs. Reinforcements of Americans soon arrived, with cauucu and muskets. Sitae of ihc Iri.'U ?fcre shot in the burning building--, and others were captured. No attempts wer? m -de to st ly the flumes. and s ane two or three nlocks of buildings were burned. Several other iires occurred in different parts of the city, adding to the tenuis of the night. '.the American*, having become perfectly in furiated, marched to the office of the Times, a Democratic paper, whiclf was only saved fron destruction by the iff^rts cf Mr. Prentice and oth\.r AmciLans, who urged the crowd to ab ati'-in i'roin further a.-ts of violence. Tn.s nwiniug more di.riurbances occurred. At 11 o clock a huge ia?b proceeded to the levee au>? uliacticd a of fri.ih houses, frcni whence, i. was reported, some thot* were tired this morning. * fcfior.s are being m-? le to restrain the mob, and it is hopid quiet v/ill be restored. ^ A report pi ova lis that three persons were killed this morning, but it is doubtful. liiKKE o ilock, p. m ??The ciiy is now quiet. k iity extra .police have been sworn in, and Judge Luilock and others are making tq eecaes at the Gouit-housc to tlie citiiens, requesting them to maintain the peace. Pub lic iceliug Las become comdderably calmed. 1 ive o ? lock.?Another outbreak is feared to-night, in coi.scqufci.ce of a laixo quantity of gunpowder having been found in the pos sc?M-?n of the iiisti in the Kighth Ward, which fact has greatly revived the excitement. Large numbers ol' Irish arc leaving the city this alter noon. Ihe Virgin.a Railroad Controversy.?Wo rire pained to find that the Richmond, Freder icksburg and P_>tomaj Railroad Company bear, with ill g race, the t ransfe r of the conti a it for car ry irg the great Northern and Southern mails from their cr.Krpmoto th?;seof the Orange and Alexandria and Virginia Central Railroads; en terprises of quite mu -h utility to the publi j as theirs, and in nil respects quite a> deserv ing of the patronage of tim Post Office Depart ment. In this ????uiitrv no Itailroad Company havs a perpetual right to contracts w. h the Post Office Department, which is bound to i'?ke icS bargains with those wh", in its judg ment. hi. <t answer it* purposes, time, regularity and expense biiog duly considered. The new arrangement, by which the old road loses its contract enjoyed lor g(? many yfar1, wa*. doubtless, made by the Department iu order to avoid the vexatious delays iu the transpor tation of the mails for some sixty miles on the Fotomac river, in the winter, when the chances are even that one out of every four or five tr>ps will, iroiu ihe ice. end in the failure to ??opnect. and thus throw the receipt and de livery of letters, Ac., over from twelve to twenty-l' ur hours, to the vciy serious incon venience and loss to bu-inef i men, in all tlio Atlantic c >;.?t country especially. For ten years p?st. accident?, or rather delays, ou the Potomac, Mii-ing from the ice. have caused more imprecation? upon the Post Offi-e Department than delays on almost all the rest of the n;ail routes in the country. Thi-- i- notorious. Pud the complaint* againrt such mishaps ure just ; though it never was just to charge them to the account of the De partment, which, in employing the Richmond, t icdericksburg, Potomac company, oL taiued for the public iho best possible mail fa cilities betweon Washington and Richmond fhc,' existing. Tlie completion of the Orange and Alexandria i.ud Central Railroads, how ever. have affiled the Department the mean * "f i"'sitiv? insurnnoe ugainst fumre delays irojn ice iu the Pvitoinic, an.I the Postmaster General has promptly availed the business public. >o vitally interested in this ineurance, ?.f the means in question, at an apparent extra cost cf 1 ? ihaa ten thousand Collars; though we uoubt whether, when ail the expenses under the old arrangement, of every descrij - Lou. are taken into consideration, the excess of co^t by the new arrangement will reach one thousand dollars. Wc havo the kindest j>oss:blc feeling for the Richmond, Fredericks burg, and Potvmac com pany. the ptoncer in successful railroad opera tions ia the Old Dominion, und believe, as we trust, that the rapidly increasing through travol will vciy shortly put into its coffers more than it loses by the new arrangement which the Department has felt called on to make, liut the convent nee and prosperity of the great business community is of far more importance to the public than that company's -rirtcreft*; and wa feel well assured that public oj inion, certainly after the experience of a single winter, in avoiding the tiansporUtion of the great Atlantic-cc a-t mails on tho Poto mac, will superinduce a very unanimous pop ular approval of the changc, which has been made in view of the interests of all. from Mai ne to Louisiana, rather than to meet the viewy of the siockboldcrs of a single and par tiruitr railroad enteprise. Hew they com? to Xyttify Everything ? It sc'-m- to us that tho New York preps employing special correspondents, are ever the reading public a-tr.?y. and fighting windmills exi?tingonly iu the brains of their conductors. We have devoted column after column of tlia.Star, almost weekly, to the contradiction of their mistakes and roorbacks concerning matters transpiring here and other matters of which information f>r tho pressiJ first attainable nt this point. This we have done until we, if notour readers, nre heartily ttred of seeing the Star's column-1 so occu pied. It seems, however, if we propose to continue to fulfil this journal's mission as the disseminator of correct information on Ameri can public affairs, our task is never to end. Thus we find in the Washington correspond ence of the New York Time of Saturday last, any number of cock-and-bull storici with reference to tho PreeidonK his cabinci. 6cv. Boeder, and that gentleman's pecuniary transactions in tho lands of Che Kaw lialf-brce 1 und military reservation?, which are duly 3et forth with all the gravity of well ascertained truth ; every material one of which, however, is false, being the creation of the inventive brain of that journal's correspondent, some rampant Seward Abolitionist, who boli^vcs in the morality of writing false news when inter esting truth is not to he had out of which t?> make up a letter. Ono of these .stories goes to show not only the utter recklessness of such writers for the pre?.', but their extreme ignorance. So we quote it. It is as follows : ?:Thc two judges, Lecomptn and Elmore, have replied to the chargos against them, ad mitting their share in the land operations, but pleading ignorance of the law* and regulations forbidding them Now the truth is, Judge Lcc^iupte had neither lot nor part in any of Governor Rccder's purchases or bargains for lands in Kansas: nor is he charged with any such of fence whatever. So, of course, no reply was received from him to any such charges. Really it scorns a hopeless and never-ending task, this effort of ours, to nhoot down the rooibacks of this class of Washington con tributors t<? tho columns of dist int journals. Falsehoods on Falsehoods ? It will be rec ollected that Rayncr's original false statement concerning Mr Barringer's conversation witi the Nuncio at Madrid, made the latter an nounce to B. the appointment of Judge Camp boll to be Postmaster General before it was made. On again looking over his letter t Ellis, of the ltfih July, ult., wo find that, to ;et oat of the sorapc, he in that falsified his original statement saying: 41 About four weeks since, on iuy return Philadelphia, I met Mr. Barringer in Balti more, and, in conversation with him, I men tioned the fact that I had taken occasion to speak publicly of whnt ho bad said to inn about the '' pe's Nuncio, having stated to me before he (Mr. B.) had heard, and before tuc news of tho same had reached Madrid, of the formation of Mr. Pierce's cabinet, that ho (the said Nuncio) could tell him ono man that w >u;d be in the cabinet, to wit: Mr. Camp ocll of Pennsylvania, a member of the Roman Catholic Church.'' Thus, persons who get up such roorbacks are ?ompelled to plunge deeper and deeper into the mire of falsi lie at ion to save the apj>earanc.' of consistency, as the foundation on wh' h their stoiies rest are swept from under them by the power of investigation and truth. SigniAcant.?The New York Cousin end Umjuiier, upon the first announcement of the removal of Governor Reider w.n red-mouth-*d iu its denunciation of the President, nnd elo quently comprehensive in its defence of every act of Govi rnor R., but since the publication of the correspondence in the Union of Sunday last, it has changed its t ,ne. and talks in th's wise : '?Governor Reeder, we *ay it freely, ought not to bate engaged in speculating in public lands at all, or to have manifested any sue a disposition. Allowing the complete truihiu; nea.s of his own representation, that be only .?<rfccd. with others, to purch-tse the half bree'l Kansas lands, in case fcuch purchase should irevive the sanction and approbation ot the President, and that tho other purchases he actually did make, were ol Uuds legally open 11 pre-emption, still, in view of his relati i s to the Indians ai d to the settlers, and t<? the ..eces&ity of his keeping tiiuisch not only wit)* ? ut bias, but without the least semblance oi' bias, amid the disturbed and eonilietiug inter nal interests of the territory, it behoved him to keep clear of all such transactions. 11 is failure to do this, so f ir as ho personally i once rued. cxcludesThim from our particul ir ryinpathies. The New York Evening Post ha la riy gone demented. A short time sincc it very properly denounced Walker and his compan ions as a band of plundering murderers. In i*.sis?ue ol Monday last wo find smothered ie piting over the rumored action of Costa Rica, in the way of countenancing and aiding tho-e bandits. It (the l'ost) is evidently Kinney t.iad?vc;y evidently. This is apparent in lU labor* to bring about the re-establishment of African slavery in Central America; a work in which a year ago nobody would have dreamed of ever seeing it engaged. Paid Up ?We h ear, incidentally, that in f >i luation has reached this city that tho - mount of the Government's recent judgment (ibout 5IV,000) agiiiist Beverly C. Saunders, late collector for the port of San Francisco, was promptly paid at San Francisco, where Mr. S. is engaged in busiues*. Tiie trial, it will be remembered, took place in Baltimore. I ha Currant Gporatioas of tho Treasury Department.?Onyestcrday,tho 7th of August, here wero of Treasury Warrants entered on *.ho books of the Department? For the Treasury Department...? J2,630 00 For the Interiwr Depaitmcut 4-u 62 . ?r tie Custons 37,262 63 War Warrants received and cAl tered 377,690 43 War repay warrants received and entered 17,003 12 Covered in from Lands 200.021 14 Drawn on account of the Navy... 152,536 10 Tin: IIollioay Street Theatre, Balti more ?The new proprietors (managers) of this thriving establishment are Me-srs. George Kunkel, Tho?. L. Floyd, and John T. Ford, the latter boiug the active manager of the the firm, the title of which is " George Kunkcl A Co." Mr. Ford still continues also t<> man -go their old enterprise, "the Kunkels' ? Ethiopian scrcnaders. 13^* We have received from the publishers, Litu-ll. Son A Co., of Boston, the August num ber of the Panorama of Life nnd Literature, containing a choice collection of interesting ar ticles written by some of the best authors. Tne At RicrnA Polka, composed and dedi cated to Miss Mary P. Marron. of Washirgtor, by Frederic Kley, is the title of a piece of inusie, for the piano forte, just published by uur worthy and enterprising neighbors, Messrs. Hilbus A Hitz, Star buildings. Pacific Railroad opexeo to Herhxahn. Tho St. Louis Republican of Friday last, an nounce that the first train from St. Louis to liermann, Mo., passed over the rails yester day, in safety and with good speed. The dis tance is eighty-one miles. On and after Mon day next, passenger and freight trains will run regularly between the two points, and we anticipate a considerable accession to the bus iness of the road. In two months more, the iron hone will bf running to Jefferson City. LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THS STEAMSHIP BALTIC N*w York, August H.?The ?tcamer Baltic with her regular European dates. arrived her* at half-past-six o'clock this morning, bringing out 200 passenger*. The news from the seat of war is not of uiuck importance. It was rumored that Genera! Simpson and Omir Pacha had resigned The French continue their approaches be f< re the Malakoff which the Russians still continue to fortify. Neither has made an> -orties or assaults. and the position of all par ties in the open field is unchanged. The British in the sea of Azoff have destroyed the bridge of boats at Gcnit^ch without loss. The operations in the Baltic are unimportant Preparations for the campaign on the Danube continue. The Turkish loan ha* all been taken. The British Ministry will he able to keep theii place. The Spanish uneasiness is mostly allayed Sir William Mole?worth has been definitely appointed as Colonial Secretary The Bashi Bazouks at Constantinople have mutinied and omtnittcd groat excesses. A formidable insurrection ol" the Arabs has broken out in Tripoli In Asia the Russian army rcinnin n^ir K.irv, but have not invested that city It was rumored that Sebastopol would s>on be attacked by both the land and sea force? of the Allies, composed of 100 ships and 10 iHiO men. On the night of July 13th the Russian fiao ! demolished the new French battery between the Mainclon and the Malakoff towers. The late dispatches despondingly of the im mense efforts of the Russians in strengthening f'uc defences by the ei-ection of formidable for I liiications. Tho Gorman Diet has accepted the Austrian propositions contained in the late circular. Propositions for peace with three additional point*, havo been submitted by Prussia. The present attitude of Austria causes much li-quiutude to the Wvilcru Powers. The Dutch authorities of the Hague have forbidden enlistments for tho foreign legion. ?nd forec recruits have been arrertod. The Ei:gli.>h have commenced the construc ti"n of a citadel at Helligoland. An Italian legion is forming at Navarre for the Crimea Accounts from Warsaw state that the prohi bition to export corn has been rescinded by uus?ia, and the Russo-Austrian frontier is :g:iin free fjr commerce. A letter from Erzeivunc states that the Rus sians had occupied the village of Ycnikeni. containing large quantities of stores and pro vision* belonging to the allied army at Ears. Tho Turk? arc completely blockaded at Kan-, the Russians occupying the entire plain. \ IK5X.Y, Thursday.?General Tuttlebcn is dead. Melnikoff succeed * him a? engincer-in ehief of Sebastopol. Tuieste. Thursday ?The Russians ap proached Kars. but after firing a few shot-, suddenly withdrew. It was said that General Muriueif now intends attacking Erxeroum at ;i.c same time he invests Kais with 20,0t>0 men. Turkish troops are inarcLing to reinforce Er zeroum. I he remains ul Lord Ra/lan arrived at Bristol on the 2!th. They were landed with gnat p.imp on the d.jy following, and on tho next they were interred privately at Bading ton. Additional troops arc being sent into Italy. A French corvette is reported to hare been wrecked the coast of Anapa. The Eaiperor Napoleon left Paris on Wed* lie dny to join the Empress in the Pyrenees, r.nd wi.l return with her in a few days. The insurrection at Tripoli was caused by iiie Ar;:l.'s suffering a failure in tho crops, ami bun- oidercd to contribute an addiiioual amount. Gourina heads tho revolt with a command of 14,000 men. It is said that he Intends to besiege Tripoli* Several French and English steamers havo been sent to pn - foct the interests of Europeans. Horace <?reely came as hearer ol dispatches. THE MARKETS I.iv tRiooL. July 28.?Cotton?Sales of tho Week 000 bales; to speculators 4.(KM) ; to exportcrs 2 -SOO. The market is dull, and ha< declined lt|. Sa'es on Friday 7.000 bales, ard the market closed dull Orleans fair 7d: mi l dling lij; Upland-fair 0.1; middling b 1-6. Maxcqkhteh.?Tho market is dull, wiih an 1 decline. Sales on Friday 7.000. and the market closed dull. Prices noarly the same those ot !he Liverpool market. JJrealstufls are generally unchanged, ex cept white corn, which has advanced 3s per quarter, ami yellow and mixed corn havo ;it var.ced Is. ol. The markets closed steady. Flour?Western Canal 4iia-lUis: Ohio 4:)s. Corn?white being scarce realised 44<; yellow corn .'Wi:?:;ys. J s Richardson, Spon-e A Co., quote Provisions generally unchanged. L jrd has advanced 6.!. and is firm. Baring Brothers & Co., quote : Iron active. Welch rails on board 7Ja8. Sugar U active and higher. Collec is firm. American stocks are active and unchanged, except railways. Consols 91. THE LATEST. The Russians marie a sortie on tho 24th, hut were repulsed. It is rumored that the sccret expedition is io attempt to forco the harbor of Sebastopol, with the co-operation of the beseigers. The Liverpool cotton market is quiet, with a decline of an eighth. AV heat and flour are unchanged. Corn is better. Provisions are quiet. Lard higher. Consols 91. In South Carolina flour is selling from - j to per barrel. Coru has already fallen ?>0 per ceat. per bushel in the last few weeks. There were heavy cxportations to Northern markets. The cotton crop is a'so said to be doing well. Thitlkts.?A lady by the name of Mrs. Mjrry, residing in Connewango, Cattaraugus county. New York, became the mother of three line daughters at one birth, on the 221 ult. Their united weight is 13? pounds. That town ol' Conncwango is deoidbdly a rich place. LjpOn Saturday evening, in North Roches ter. M iss., Mrs. Smiley, while in the a;t of closing a window, was struck by lightning and instantly killed. She was about 3o years of age. No mark of the fluid was peroepti* Ide on her person; A Loxo Absence.?John Gilinan, a citizen of Dexter, Jefforson county, N. Y., who had been one of the unfortunate 44 sympathizers" in the Banadian revolt, in 1838. taken prison er and rent to a British penal colony, returned to his family on the 26th ult., after an absence of 17 years. A Swallow ix Church.?A swallow flew into Rev. Mr. Skinner's Church, Warren itreet, during the performance of a voluntary. It made gomo half a dozen graceful circle? round the church evidently pleased with the music, and then floated off through the window it en tered. The little visitor created what young ladies call a 44 sensationBe', FKRSOWAL. .... t'diuxan4<?r Strinrham t' S V ??< Willard V Hotel. .... It is determined by the old-line \Vhig? and Independent Know Nothings of the Second Congressional district of Lonisiina to repo ?Hate the Know Nothing nominee for Congress Hon. T. G. Hunt, and to hold a convention tr nominate a candidate in opposition. ? ?..The Warrenton (Va ) Flag declares ir lavor of Mr Wiec for the Presidency. .... A Woman's Rights Convention i* to br held at Saratoga, on the l.r?th inst . in which \<?y Stone (Blackwell.) the Rev. Antoioet<< Crown, l.rncstine L. Rose, and other strong ? inindod women will figure. .... Two German girls, with a hardy-gurdj 1 nnd tamborine, hare netted ?2.000. in the fhort space of two months, in Australia ! ???? Charles El let, jr., has been compelled by ill health, to resign hi* position of chief engineer of tho \ irginia Central Railroad. Baron Hir.speaie, Neapolitan Minister to the Government of the United States, is at Saratoga Springs, as ? also J. S. Thra? ?.J Cuban fillibusu-r notoriety ....Life at Newport is pictured just now as most diplomatic and artUtie. LaWrang*. Big now Arcodio. Renaett, Lauron*, l>rs Francis and Comwell. C urtis. Utrobe. DeTn.biand, Cha-. Brooks, arc among the g?K?d male com pany, while th- "ladies are working th?i. lingers off m embroidery forthv Kpucopalfoir and the boys dancing their feet away in tLt polk* and in the sea " ... .Thurlow \Y eed h about to retire from wie editorship of the Albany Lrening Journ.i' and .Samuel Wilke*?n, of the Buffalo Dem-c racy, is t> take his place. So says a dispatch from Buffalo. 1 M. Jullien is giving a fre*h series of grand concerts at the Surrcv Zoological Gar dens. London. '? prior to his departure f. r America .....Judge Pettit, of Indiana, has removed Ihc fine? against the Lafayette papers for e?* tampt, growing out of tho publication of to - i i mo ay m a ca>e whero he had lbrha de it I ?K TH" YelI-?w Fcvkk.?Capt Jonas 1 Levy, late of the U. S. tran?n>rt -i i American, who has had hundreds of caacs tt Yellow fever under treatment, says he neve! ,.nr?w of a case terminating fatally after ob serviug the following direc tions: Dissolve ii a wine glass of water a table spoorful of com mon salt and pour the same into a tumbler adding the juice of a whol- |,?m?n and tw wine glasses of ca?tor oil. Tho wholo to b tnken at one dose, (by an a lult.) Then . ho rn ustaid foot-bath, with a handful of *ilt i, ?i? water, the patient to be well wiar ped ii n 9 UnUl Pcrsl'ir?titakes pin ESt remOVa,: V* bci1'the ^ ?T the p . tientl? be wrapped in the blanket. Aft-r wards, app.y muitard plasters to the abdi uien, legs, and sole* of the feet. If the head ule. apply musUrd platers t. , ^ bta<1 *"d to the tcierles. Afte fever ha* been broken. tnkc 40 grains o: quinine and 40 drops of elixir of vitriol to ; quart of water. Dose?wine glassful thro times a day. Barley water, lemonade, an. ice water may be used in moderation. Ljr A gentleman, the appearance of whose ^ y, COraplimcI1,ed- a*id 'n replv Mu? *c" ?? - V- ? - X C I R ?* | o \ OF THF \nrvr CatholirFriend Society?Omnib MORROW?"',h TO f M ?K KOU (Thursday) the ?th Instant, at % t e fore o clonk a. n, , and at * before s? oclo, k x. m , to convey passenger* to the K reunion i>o;,t li the above namett Socletv auS-.t COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS ,NOT,cE -fVr,i (iT?n t ErrMrs,o? ?/ Particulars ia future advertisement Lieut ROB TT rxMGIIT. - Chairman of Com. _ _ JTO*aRMF,US INI) OTHER? At a Fair which will 1m- held on th~ B*?1 pX'!&frC<d .Cr"r)c- Piscatawav dirt, let u,\: f x 'e eountv, Aid , on THL'RSO \ V ? ? of Aiigu.i. at which, among other thin"s t? -Morgan horse Noun j (.itlord. ^and'car^tlr^ carriagehorseh. thrwierom, u,SF'"d iKS"^KniM r M?oksof theColnm>.u? Building Asvxiatlon hre \et open aa.t remain op^n until August ^i'h. lSSS ' Persons desirous to sub^ hbe for shar^. ran do ?o by niakiny application to the nndersb'riM <i. A SOH WAR ZM AN. See Jy 2^w3w 10 P ? I>rpMrt ' ?r 410 ,V|n,*1 ?*? yOR THE rHILDRt>i.lA ireat vwiety of i roys, very cheap, ai ? 1 _au.~-3f UMNOMi s. ;th st BASKETS? Work,"l ard. Travt KnaV Key. Cii/ar, Oiliec, AJu ket and Clotnes B?s }?>?" wa"f a K'XHi biisket. at a low prjre. tdll ?t. 1>) Seventh btrtet. G FltAV'i Is an 8? ' irOROrJO A>'|> ELASTIC BELTS B r \Ty \^Trfrorht'rous for the hair, superior l'o ninde?, Hair and Tooth Brushes. Combs, A. , i?. w LA MM D ? si mu?Rr'ETOW'1 FEMALE SIMIMRV. 1 wiiiu,7l Ann,,ul ^ion Of tllU In, I it 1,1 ion ,, ^ dl commence on Monday, Septenji^r k! I line teal attendance Is requested, and app i. at ion foi admission must be early made. Catalog**:, with course ofttudiej, and terms tc had on application to the rrinclpal au ^-eot^pip W|LL1AM J CUKK. J. E. SHIELD* A- CO.. I?EALEK? IM RWHITE A .a ANXilP.ACITE COAL WASHINGTON, D. C. Offlre, corner Xlntb a-id 11 stn-et*. w'ii i ?'d avV<l XVLarf' fuot ot M , opposite >\ ofclilngtou Monument. anV?/w* T?-, COURT OF CLAI>1*,~ ,u,'dei>>i-;,,ed wiU ?"?Nl lo any bnMne-v which may l<econUded to him as a coin.ihs -loner ap,x,inted by the Court of Cialma?o7"k." 3^r.7S ,he ^ <* an >-^awt|w JOUX S. TVSON'. P?.^. SAL,/V7KxcolJeut Famil1' HorRe~RoTk A awav and Harness The horse willV^\__ be warranty to wo k well in .ingle or>W? fu. ka?e^'J'0 ht* and free frommFl lie has been used as a family horse, and is now xk U>'a.use tl}f owner has no fuither use for him I he whole wilLbe disposed of separately or to gether, and at a low price. Thev mav be mm T.AKLMVLU S stable. .(formerly ^U^r^ V on t* street, near the War Department. If no previously sold will be ottered on Saturday ne^ "'an ^tk; ^ the aUCti?n St?re ?f * ^OU $ 1 0 ?EV AR,? J*i11 ^ U'ven for the appre 4 "r of the person or persons vi i broke open my shop on the ni^nt of th" ? h iw, and stole therefroni two saw, wnoothinir n"n imicles' a P*?i>orUouaie reward for theabov, au?llt# ^OftTHHOUdE, ? ? Istb strert. MV- 1^iSEVS M,L|TARY diction. -V . ft* V scarce. *3 50 Capt. Duckett s Technological Alilitan* Diction o^to'Ts#' ^ngl'^h and French, 1 vol Campbell s Sla<-al History of Great Britain. 8 vol. octavo, f T 50 Memoirs of Admiral Sidney Smith, b? Sir John ?rv. ?.\?rrow'11 R 8., a vols, octavo, f i ?5 The Miliary Force of (?reat BrlUia. by Baron C Dupin, 2 vols, octavo, 1 75 McArthur on Courut Martial, V vols, octavo, finelv bound, 3 75 Tytler on Militan- Uw and Courts Martial, 1 vol oclavo, finely bound, 1 75 Aye on Courts Martial, 1 vol. 50c The Military Acts and Articles of War by Maior Hough, Judge Advocate, Ac, 1 vol, octavo, Glennie'. Memoirs of Campaigns, Battles. Ac 1 vol, octavo, '2 25 ' c ? 1 Drinkwater's Sieire of Gibraltar, I vol ?&. Schimmer ? Sieges of Vienna, 1 vol *>c U?l.j.M.i.uJofMUI.?yO?sr,| TOlnm(, Alfred u, w?. Laeut. Col. J ebb, Royal FnHurn .. *c ?1 ,o1' PRANCK TAYLOR. ODD FELIX)WS? HALL. ELEVENTH AKWUAL YI3IT OF KURklL?| OPERA TROUPE! ^ ho, lo addition to i most incrcmftil end Pff fretlv organised Ethiopian Corps of rOMHMNI, VUt ALISTI, 4 DAIVCKRH nowinrludeihe highly celebrated Infant prodlfr^ THE WELLS CHILDREN .? Jy."ioin,roir:hira,,on fender* their port ml rum U*p4VALI.ED IN TAI.KNT iv? -1 wiU ro?r"?n<* on MONDAV EVE* l?>t*. August Gib Admission TWENTY VIVE CENTS. ?'H ?' '? "d ?-??? *u l~St JXO T. FUKU. Agent " HMRBH "OLIVE** rfia ?>> v THF. subscribers Laving no uifor !2drtUl which I n, Tn tlSifiT j^mTrZ ' will Mil a bargain lo in ?v wishing purchase by calling on C. Mver. a ?J?? ,nffl Wood and Coil Yard. Xo 27 W*trr n "XT'tV c MvwtfV SS7* WALL. R.tKKARDi ( O., ~ Auction A "Commission Mrrtkaali Corner of <?th street and Pa avenue. (south sld?) will as iimal, ;tiier,d to all sales of Household Real Es?ate, and Personal Property, Cnrriama' Horse*. Ac , ?r good<?of anydescriptionconsignM 10 them, or Uie mo?t reasonable k-rmv and w ill jive (heir personal attention. All saW entrusted to them will be attended lo with proaif4t*ud- and dispatch. Mhi'nl cihli advaDceK iua<1e ori conhl^nnen; . . wall, Barnard a fco, *" ' ?eolm (InteM Auctioneer* I'l Rt BOSTON ICE. A PLENTIFUL supply of tbe above ii.disper ? V *rtl( le Will f* kepi on band tbroivlou be season. at the ?-Eldorado House. Pa avenue twtween rid and I* streets, where families rrsld ng lu the neighborhood caa be supplied in lar^e ?r small quantities, at the lowest rate* CLEMENT REYNOLDS X. B ? Choice Wines, Brandies. Cigar* Ac .tinners, Supper*. Ac., supplied i? ;.?<* ^vle i*'ial. at shortest notice. an :_eo!m SELECT ( LASSK AL AND M AT 11 EM AT H AL At AIIENY l'lIE d'ltles oftb.H Institution will be resumed i V""da,V s"l,(r,","*r "W The number of -cboiars being limited early application* from tbe ? <>rnw^p?'roii* of the School are particularly re ??i '^''"'ipal ran be seen at hi* residence, No on and after tbe *nh T-rnw: Per quarter, of II w<*ks. ? li So r r<-a? li .md Draw atr fitrt. *1 :~",rr ?' A "OWEN, Principal 1*It V IHIIIDS. |ITST r* ^ved at the Washington Store No If, ' oppose Centre Market ' mr'r;0?uiiful Calir<*" 10 cent., '?'"a "* onl>' 10 ard wide l-a\* .is ?A c?.nts Do d? 4 cents H^sid -s the a?K)ve our entire stock of Summer i'<Tch.'m,,|S;,n- l?^aln *n<i F,Uld K"<Ves, do lel!^ .'llare-e Kobe*. Karen* ard ,o r. t",W*Cv &r ? wil1 ?"? -old wftfcoutrrT ara to cost. \\o are determined to d srv>se of he;n by tl.e 1st September. Ti\\TJ kooA "wwunent of Domestic Good*. i f i ^an ' a" lrtWM?r bouse in the citv I Le l3dje> are sot|df?d lo cl> and the ibove-fods Washington stork an 7_r,t IC; ?','K'"Wc ltw> Market f OHT?A l.*. ket, containing P F Bacon > l>-;"ieaeo*vpe.'rith p. ncif *nd chai- 1*. !i N*'d *nd 71,1 ct Five d..llar> r^uT.rd Will he g1Ve? if at SAM L BACON A ? ^ rrrner ??h Mr?e( and Pa avenue au 6?3t ***? A* ? ? REDMOND'S j\ Gallery or^Da/iierreau Art and Photo , nr, at N? -IU Pa.ave.u-. norths :^e'. \VashiJySrt' ?Vt"r tOTd X Br? " Ur" Pi- tU'e* taken at #i c?nis and up>vard Mr* R Is a graduate of WUtefcur*'* ?iubli*l,. rier,t autt? GCOKGETUI) N t OLLCUf, Q t . " ' Hill: uext*ew.ion . f this h.stjt.ition wtll com ?- e on Monday, :L-3d o' Se,,?. .nbe 1 pre:>arafc*j' deiwrtnient and c??Uegiaie cnurae are ?cth coi.djctcd by al.le ai.d ?-kperiej. .-d Pn>fe? ytr*. Who demote thens Ivo. to I he m?ru| a? , ? el:e< tual j?1 van< ? nienl of Ih.v* iontlded lo their car*. ro^.te '.io"" basjust been completed to lie ii^ed eirlatlwlv fOI the OMidaiiori of t| e younger studen** Tl;? ir durnih r ?y. play ^-rouuds. sf.dy ball. r\A^ riH.?in 4r "i ? entirely dl?iiw from tLo?. ?f ,.,brr and ._ B?eet>e^(ieciaUv aMi gn-d will at. ?ii?i tht vri ii tii* ir f*a?tiifi*K ?i?d i?pn *U ov^-r tbHr -rudies A complete Mefiaration will lb us heef. . < ted uetweeu the V*.*ger and older students. ' 'ie advantages of which must i* apparent to alt Mtotewho have tbe iea*t e*|?erience in the educa ? i?>n ?f \ outh. The otjse'vaton* of the CnUe^e. its ettensive bilosopbtcal at iuratu>. rich and v?r;ed libraries ^ .>ll,1'"als- t>***U"ifical Sperimeu* ?id Shells, rttfo d lolL.- St idents ,,f this liiktitu -iOii advantages ra/tly to be met with. ??r i. B A MAUVIKE. Jim President BARGAINS IN LACES, RIBBONS. Ac I '! T'jELADIKS?1 will comnM-iM>e this dav ?,ii . ^ k ^ rw'4' lo uuk" rtM"" all t.oods My stovk consists of Straw aud '?imp Bonnet*. Bonnet and Sa>h Ribbon*. Can Irimnuu^r S11d 1 ancy KibiK>n Laces, Embro.d r les. Net*. Caps. Glove*. Ac. I name in p-^it . Straw and Giinp II -nnct*, I2uc to Mraw Hats, Caps ai d Gipsies bonnet. Cap and S.ish Rihlstns all prices r.rab d Setts fron< y.'*- to $15 l>0 Habits aud ColLirs Ho Sleeve. 12^ ceuis to S* a pair I.ace emb d Sleeves and Collars Ho Cands and Veils Do Habits, faUs and caps ?uusiin do Ediring* and ln?ertitigs Camoricdo d? do do do hands and Flounrings .uusiin do do do I iuen > mit d Handkerchiefs Plain and lig'd .\e?ts And a U* of Dm Caps, which will Le sold ? hfip to close thf*ui out lViturneries. > ,aps. Combs, Brushes and a lot or i- ancy Aolion*. A T\TK No 314 Pa ave . betw. l(?th lllh *ts au C co-It YITATLR I OOLl.LS.?Some of the hand v v soiuest and best everyway in the citv will oe sold ?t reduced prices. Also, Double Ice Pit, hers, lower than ever, at tue Housekeepers' I- uruishing Store. 4?. Seveulh G. FRANCIS. all ?* ?? i oal coal coal ttf A CARGO of best q. alltv White Ash Anthracite T. si2-r- n<>w *aoat, soon to arrive, for by the ton or vessel 1< ad ID- This description of Coal has been used bv r' r ?rr> ?"^Pr?o?,?need to be of a most sui* r or quality. \\ e will deliver it from our wharf i\. , \"H U?any ,,art of ,he c,tv- at Philadelphia wholesale pi ices, only adding the cost of cartV. J E SHIELDS A CO., . , . Corner Ninth and H street*, an i?Iw* ilntel) To the 1 au*i!ie? of the District. Jokrsou'e Jtetro^olitan Wa*Mcg Machine!!: NKW 1JIVE? TIOSI.?(PATENT JC?T ISSrBD.) OKN KRAI, already sold, giving entire satisfor. ? tion tothe cuivbas^rs. iri eonlv**0 Saves I imk; M..*eC! The METROt Ol I I A.N WASHING M ACHINE does not and rait. .(?I' (*?? the arrangement of its parts) injur* lothe* in th<- least, thotigh thev be of the iio. -lelicatetextiire. whilst lb* dirt is entirely and th?r .^Lly r.-,n.,vtd Experienced a. d comnftrnt Vdge* pro,Kunce ii the N-sl .hlng o| ,be k.nd >dl out. A 1?(.; or girl can operate it with the ireaiesl ease Call *?d get infirmation . P^s!'T ^neies: H Al ?'I'M AN*"S Furnish**Stole, 9ih street, war tbe Avenue; aid Wl.bR S Steam ?jiming Factory, G street. U-twem fith and -ti. Other de,sus will be so ion^s^: raagement* are pertet ittl 31 ALBER T P. ttOl G LAS, (corner ?r?.K *nA u ShU*-0 ^ ProPrtetor for tLe H.stric * '? au 4-if rpviT^' * SISTER'S xEXlALE SEMINARY Fob DAi* pupils, 'niii;,f2Li,fr l2tk ***l3<A' ?jj "?' ?'r ?? *"?>? L^; tUd ?*Lr* ili^ ^ i?tond opening an ^tmSS^xi ,>oardin;; pu^u on 821? of N< - T;ie latter I-; situated on the railm*<< .n^ gwi'lu Vvtor, a'a fcld! m re ? ??dMAettdiSept UV ?v.sw-*t International Law, The Jesuits Russia, t^amartine Chief Justice Taney on I'surv Peter the Great. Counter of kw< ? Homeonathy. copn^r in t? Mas.achaaetw, CrfticiMnM Ac ' SabKrlptioa, *, aiutum' *c FRANC* TAYLOR. I ?

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