Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAB. ZEKIEL GOES A'COTTETIJT A*in the walls the crook-neck# hung, And in imong 'em, rusted, The old (Queen's arm, that ttranther Young Brought back from Concord, bu'sted The verv room, 'cau?* ?he was in't, Looked warm, from floor to ceilin'. And she looked full as sweet ag'in As the apples she was peelin'. She h??ard a foot, an' k no wed it tew, A'raspin on the scraper; All ways to once her feeltu's flew, Like sparks In burnt up paper. He kind o' listened on the mat. Sum doubtful of the sekel: His heart kept tfoin' pity-pet, But he.'n went pity-ZKiuKL. Philodtnhy and Children's Breaaos. In the d squ ires of our city, it is. Teal !y distressing sometimes of an afternoon to witness the rff? ct produced by nurse* vieing with each other .a decorating their poor little infant charges so a to make them look genteel. Go to a fashionable watering place. nnd the ease is morse; parents and ?: .i rsali?ofeel their credit at stal>'. in producing the best-drossed little responsibilities. In the country, proper ly so ca le I, how diff rent. ThttJ children are allowcl to kick off shoes and stockings if they pi. a-*o iu hot weather, and to run Hbout a.* and where they ehooec. The effect is th it they grow ap robust and strong, with hou'.thy mind'* in healthy bodies The effect of these city fashions, pusbed to the ex'rrtine.'t they are, upon hrnlth, is r.oi easily to be estimated. A child, drc^edup in fine clothes, eanno* take proper haartv ex. r cise. Its movements are all watched and eon strained by the iiupos. It never stirs without the fear of being .-colded by somo one f.>r dis arranging its curls or soiling its clean dress, llow Uii-'vr. ble aiithij constraint upon its free dom. T'. ose ringler* so carefully arranged, what r. source of iui*:ry and often .-iekneso. Long hair will absorb as much of a child's strength in -eason as w -u'd give it an iwh of growth Now it tickics the nock, now it incrca-t* the warmth, and r.'?w it is wet and pve? iNpehiid a pcrpatu il cold ud sojv thrr. .f. This bn?> drc>sing mu.*l be u .-ource of count less irritations. Th?> nurse acquires the habit of perp.-'nslly nuar.p:Dg. interfering, watch ing and checking ail the fiee nations of child hood. and th? little one learns io believe that to sit still, and take the-o lectures meekly is the Vc?y c-s.-.nce of beiog a good child. lis spirits broken iu, an ! it bccames a docile su. pliant, instead of a free, bold, and invig.?rous child. No wonder itachc<k is j ale. and lie doctor is constantly needed, or that it gr^ws u;> nervim/. irritable and peevish. The direel rosl of ?=.!} this is no trifle. It may gratify a parent's t-icto for the moment, jfratity th;.t !*ind of af'ution wbich loves to nestow costly tokens of regard, however use less or irjurious. bnt where is the piudeni mo ther that would not better show her kir,dnesa by creating a little fund. and saving all the"1 supcrfl\?>u- eiptwes for its use a: a future day? The extra cost of thi.- curlin*. indkiog and wa-bing line dresses for tvr> >ach little ones, io no' les?> than equ ?1 to the time of a maid servant, or S250 beyond what is requi* site in attention for their 0?st health and grvat est comfort. There art- telegraph ?tocks in the city where every *250 thus si:ved would in .'rf as^in eight years to 51)25. The habits of infancy form the tastes of youth, and the pas sioa for finery is easily cherished. But wh-tt man of moderate weans can ;ifford to marry one of tbesey -uag lilliesof tbi vally. who t ":l not. neither do tney -'pin. while arrayed more gorgeously than Solomon in all his glory f Life itself is often put in jeop lrdy by all tL?i A thin, 5 ie dress has given many a child the croup ; a low bare neck haa enlarged the ton sils. and contracted the chest of inasy a pretty little ora. We ourselves have very lively re collection* of chilled and aching fe-H. chil brainsardii numer.ibleo herevi's, through the thin, pretty, bnt tight shoes into which the feet of cur childhood were cra.nnie I even iu winter on a Sunduy. that wo might appear re spectable at Church. A littl>; jhdd ju*t beginning to walk olirnb: up to the top ot a pair ? i jtairs. step by s ep alone Its feet get entangled iu its drees, if bitches h?- idlong down to the bottom. au>l its nratn i? ii jure-i for life Tor it dies, and the la ther find? 'be Lopes and toils ?.f u life i'ru-tra ted What has caused it? Some feeble 1j< e inserting at th*- bottom of its dress, through which its little foot n itur ?lly caught. t<.ro the liuro and tripped it up. Would tl;a. iatlu-r but take a pen knife and cat away the whole of sneh dangeroaa finery, it would b- no small kindnecs to the child, nnr-es t<? the ??.,.ttrarv not wit b st and i r.g ?FA iladrlyhia Lrdge r. Kith Escarr. rnoM Death.?The for Cyiog kite? ba?again come arour.d and it i:; improved to the fulled extentia almost every street, lane and ai;?y in the city Whilst there should no1, be viiu he'd fn?m children any innooe->t spo' s. th' ro is a Ihw which prohibits iiie flying uf kites, and it should be respected. Yesterday inorn iDg about eleven o'cl*<i-kf.l bvy at>>ut eight years old named Jajob Bloom, with several others, was flying a kite from the roof of a thr** story house in Frederick street, r.?*i'r Fayette when he approached so near the ed^e th*t he lost his balance and lcll t j the yard bel.-tr. lie was at <o.oe picked up and exam ined. when it was discovered th ?t tliough h? bat tkllcu a Ji;u">^e of nearly thirty feet, not * bone whs broken, the only injury -u-taincd being some severe bruises, lie whs removed to the residence oOiis parents iu Louiba/d Htrcet, and will nf t probab'y >oon attempt Ngain to fly a kite from the v<*>f ot a Loum. Iu every Miction of the city ohildren uiay be nten on tb? tops of houses cng;?ged at this i=port, and the only wonder is that more are dvt injured or killed. Th?rv is plenty of va cant ground ab.-nt tho tuburbs of the city whero tbey c uld iuj >y the pleasures of their sport uiib? ut danger to theLis*dve? or toe yr> bat ility < f en?ia leering the lives of other* by fri^liteuir.g h'?r-e--. Th* fine f >r flying kit in ai.y street* withi:; the I in-ts of diriet t:ixa tiou ie dollar-?Halt. A/nir.i i)t. We fancy we ha'e flattery, i^hen all w? Uate is the awliwaidacss of the fl ;ttcrer. *ovs;iots of om.i steamlrn, jt'pwu. L*avts lor Day WasLti.; ton..Bremen New Yoik..Julv la Aala.?????????ii!/trpcol.???,,h .*???? July'J! J^rle t,....,#,. .XI a vie .N e w \ cr t. *J nly *i ip* The Caiifotaia steam*:ra Mt'.v V' vb iL? Sth ami 20U: of each mr-nth. ARRIVAL* AT Filial i-dL UfilKiJ. Cr?WBi; 11 atei ?t. p. X a tiow^ W?C Oodgers, <ia J T Mcf'ormlrk, Va J G Papier do P II Si?rl? do A I) Ca*ev A la ty, NC J Met"own,do W J Ha?kam do Krof J C Kincer. Md C W Styren. do J C Wanhtn^rton, NO K W Murehiren, do Mrs Washington A sons, W T O.n-io, Fl* do J L huii^trn, !>C Miss Washington, do "VV" M lif^row-. do Mm B<>.id. d > ii \V W hi e A latlv. Ala iss iiond. do V. <) Ridci-. do C. M Clark do J A Tliofiipitoit, X V Mrs Clark, do M (JallaUfr, Ua A U Miipley A lady, O T M Hewitt t W B i'urm-K and *ijter. Mrs K Ii Snrar*, Va Md J Ii CampLeli, Ta H l>orse%* 4 sister, do ii U Ko-ers. Nid Krv Lr WatM?n. NJ R Cromwell, Jr. do \\ E Web-ner, Va Mi?? S Cromwi U, do T I, p.-j J K Vm B V J?*lya. Alas* J 11 Fr?*iaod A famUy. I)r Anderson A lady, Mo do Miss C J ones Va M1?* S F Jones. Va Ii l> Bandill, Mass J Scott, Pa J Tj*ajj^er. Md WliiAtds' Hatei?u a.Aj.c w:llisd D C Kin^, lia J Jone?, Md . L N C W H Spooi,er. Mo U V Wv-dhery. l*t*A Y Flavi.s, Tet?n ? B Co?riatii?o. Va J I* SI'Kiwtrp, Cal Com Mriiit ham A liitf^rd, Va ? Woodn.ff, Conn Sli** J Chutefchii). Kv A Hiteji.-ctli, J Chun tihill, do W >i Ciej^ li.iw and ly. B Carroll, do . NC W Kiee. Pa Kirkwaed li?uie?j ii ft i. ititwooi. f/H J'ar^^.it, O PS Carrea. i'a L M Farrum.-. and lady. K P Br>an, Vd Ma? Ml?* P Bryan, do A W Barker, N V J J I.imCdon, DC ft B Hi. keoa, Md M A Miictiell, Md H J Wami,KJ failed Slates Hotel?a c r^cxkct fl A Pnaps. Kv J Jliuiwu and danuLtV. J) C Lekeas, ..11? kv J K Sterling, \ B C Maddox ?* M B&r;?es. XIu B S Cariioti. N V J w Cooper, do Miscellaneous. TaiAicit Department, June 26,1S55. DPOPOSALS will be rectived at thl? depart . n^nt until tbt 27th day of August next, at 12 o clock, m., for furnishing (wrought, fitted, and delivered in a proper state to put Into the building) dl the material for the exterior wall* of the south win/ of the extension of the Treasury Department building, which will be either granite or marble, a* may hereafter be determined. The bidder whose bid Is accepted, to have the privilege of furnishing the material for the outside of the re mainder of the building when Congress may have made the neres?ary appropriation* for its construc tion. provid'-d that at that time it is deemed for the interest of the United States to give it to him. The department reserving the right to leject the proposals hereby invited, should the interest of the United States require it. The stones mist all be wrought to the dimen sion*, sizes, models, Ate., which may be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. On the court or renr of ?he exterior the walls will l?e plain c?l?ler, with plain window opening* nfeqtial height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar to rhe rear "of the pre*? i luiihling. without the architrave and frieie On the remainder of the exterior walls, the col umns end antae, their capitals and bases, the enta blature J?nd bnhmtrade. tne window and doordres sing*. Are., the *tvle of architecture of the present building, so f;tr as ornament Is concerned, will be preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window oj*?nintr*. which fnay be varied, except tho?e in theea?t end <>t the two wings. The sites, slinpe. and dimensions of the column*, antae. "apital*. bas?-s. and cro*s section of the entablature ind balustrade will i>e the same as in th?* present building. It oi yranite, the shaft of fhecol-imns may l>e either in one or three pieces of equal length. The ha**? and capital of the columns and antae will each be in one pi?**e. The architrave of theentab lature will extend in one length from centre to cen tre of antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but one block, with both sides ind bottom wrought, together with such parts of the top as rnnv b* required. Those over the antae. the outer fact* and the top and bottom ed:re. Th-i f.troof the ashlei must be perfectly wrought to the sample, with all the nec*s?ary hi-ads. re '?ates, returns. Arc., reqiired. The lieds. builds, ends, ice., rough hammered to the square. All re bates, uiouldin<js,, ornamental and levelled work must be clean wroiu!ht,and;iL;n,eablytothe direc tions given l?y the superintendent. If marble is n>ed. the shafts ol'the columns may oe in four and five pieces; the architrave in one length frOiii'Viitretocentreofthecolumnsor antae: but over the former rnnv be composed of three separate blocks. one laving flatwise, forming the underside and the tirst inemljer on each edge; the other two standing on edge; forming the inside and outside faces of the same. T nose Qk'er the aniae must be in one block. The measurement of the material and work de livered. and the payment thereon will made agree ably to the following form and schedule, and all bids must i?e mode accordingly. Scbed tie or rule for the measurement of material* to l>e delivered. viz: Cornice, per foot in length, including cost of stii. k,, arid workmanship.. t Architrave over column, including cost of s:oj k, fit i'.'ht, and workmanship Arc hitrave over an tne, inclndingcost of stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of columns, eac it including cost of st.xk, freight, aid workmanship Capitals of antae, each, including cost of stock, frei/ht, and workmanship Dates of antae, each, includingcost of stock, freight, and workmanship.. liases of column, each, incl-iciug co^t of stor k, freight, and workmanship Shafts of column, in one piece, including co>t of stock, freight, and workmanship.. Shafts of column, hi three or more pieces, including cost of stork, freight, and work manship Plain stepx, (with a cross section of 1 7 by iito s inches,) per foot in length, inclu ding cost of stock, freight, and workman ship Platforms, y f t wide, length not exceeding lOfeet, including stock, freight,and work manship, per superti? ial foot of surface se^n For any greater width than 3 feet, up to ? feet, an increase of price per superficial foot for each additional 3 inches of width cf 7 Ail the other stones of the building whose width does not exceed three limes their thickness will he in -asn red as follows: Th* stock in all stones whose contents do not eve?-d JU cubic feet, will be measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cubic foot f For all stones exceeding 3il feet and not ex ited iag ;ti cubic feet, for each additional foot an additional nri< e of. per cubic, foot. For all stones cv*-eding 70 cubic feet in con tents. for?rv h ad f'tioral foot an additional price of. per cubic foot For stones of greater width than three times th-ir thickness, there will be paid an additional price of per c?nt for eaca additional three inches in width. Tue wo k on the above will be measured *ud paid for by the superficial foot. For each tupo iicial foot of flue hiimiueied granite work seen, equal to No. 1 hammering on per supcrflcial foot No. 2 hammering on Boston custom-ho.ise, per superficial foot N'?. U hammering o:i Boston custom-house, per Rupe.-flcal foot No. 4 h^mmerm /ca listen custom-house, per superficial 'oot Uor all bed;-, builds, ends, backs, fcc., taui inered full to tue square, a, ordered, per superficial foot L.ach b tider to furnish a sample?a cube of oar f >ot of the 'tnrtu he proposes to cLliver, with five faces hamm-red. giving on four sides his under of the above four qualities of hammering: the fifth :.ide, h!s rough hammering; while the sixth may show the rough stock; ruid this will be used 8i a standard in Judging of the stock de liver-d If of marble, the fhrerf the ashler must be ham mere-' in ihf most perfect manner, agreeably to a s tmole of the siie above named, to be fuirished by the blr'.df-r; and the s.irfa.-c ?c: ii xvlll be meeif u:< d and p ud for at per s jp?*rf3(;:al foot. For hammering of beds,buLds,backs. Ac., fi-11 to the s'p.aie. ts ner same. per saixjrhc.<J foot. If t'uc a?ov'<? ic ozr.d rabhed, per cent. Is to be added For iiamm'*r<n" of chaiir.elsand rentes, not ex eeed..i? I by X inches, cent additional per lineal foot For hammering of mouldings of one curve, per cent. ?ddiilonal itp/n the cost of plain woik; o? two rnrv* a. per cent. ;ipou plain work, per su perflc.Klfo<?t. Faeh arr.s or. san.e, ceati per lineal foot. For hammering bevelled work, ].?*?r cent. ad dltioaai to plain work; but to apply only to the j part c i it off from tie go'iare work, and which Is iu no cas? to be meai.'ire?i in the plain work. | For hamm'iing of c irrnlar work, percent. additional to p.'aiu work. N inetv j^r oe:it. of the amonat of the work done and mat' ri J celiver?d. according to the contract price. (?id amonn to be atcertainod by the es'i mate of the superintendent appointed for that p;ir po?>'-,) wUi tie f-,. .il frjii; time to time as the work i proec?d*. ana tea p. r cent retained nntil the com pletion of ih?- 1-ouii.n.t ar:.i accptance of the work, Ac., by the .iuu-fiu? afoieoaid. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers or me<'bani< s ; 2>ul the assignment there<?f, ex cept by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury. Will ii" a forf.-it'ire of tbe same Kvtry projswal tr: isl be accompanied by a writ t*.i guarantee, signed by two responsible persons. (certLSod to bt- >o by the district attorney or judge of th< *:i;d il.sti ? t) tbe bidder wij, when re quited. if his propo?il.s l?c acoepted, enter into a contract and t?or.d, with propt>r aiid suihcient se curities, in the saui of fifty thousand dollars, f.?r th3 faithful performance of the same, if for tbe whole work, and of a proportionate amount if for a part thereof Any information touching the mat i ter call be ootaiut-d b^ application to the Treasury L)ei?arti?ieiit. rro:ws^> will aJ-^o he rt'<"eiv? ,1 up to the afore said date for furnishing antl delivering at the site, j by the je-rch, the r;> i;.rh stone for the foundation. cellar, anil area walls of said buildin j-. and must i?e of the \cry best description for that purjvise They will Ik required in sach quantities and a' such times a? will he most for the convenience of the operation on * work, ami iu quality, to the entire approval ef tl?e siip-rintc-nd.-nt. The ?Ie tartment rest-rvin*' the right toreje? t tbe proposal isrebv invited if the interest u{ the United States should require it. I he proj?vj-*als must be sent to this department, directed to tUtt siuierinteudent. under cover to the Secretary ot the i reasury, (endorsed *? Ai<> ttrtitl.i fit tkr Tr-.ti>ui y /?u t hi lit,- ?/(<sii?n,'')aiid\k'iU ?>e ojiencdat one o'clock, p in., of tue last da;, fixed for receiving the vaiue, in the presettte of tlic bidders, if anv choose to attend. Knqulrer, Richmond, Va ; Sentinel, Alexandria. Va.; intelligencer a?id Star, \\ ashiugtoa, i>. C.. S in .iml lle .ublican. Baltimore, M<1 , IVnns l\a iiiau, i'hiLidflph'.a; iJay linuk and Sun. % ork. Po>t, li -ton, \.rgu.?, Poithutd. Me.; I'atiiot. Concord. N. II : snd Argus, Albany, N. V .two times each wet k for sixty days. L:ill to be sent to Secretary of the Treasury. A. II. BOWMAN, Sup't of Treasury Building Extension je 27?2ewt;oday *. , Hltl rtAXIUiillo PU.KtSlll!;!) UAUK. a ,<1 Frns. Colfee Oreqnes, ttiegins, Colfee Filters, Coffeepots. Teapots ' ^ Boilers, Coating DUhos, Imperial J, Cover:., Soua Tnteens, Castors, Pitchers l-u|?, l?amps, Landlestirks, S^-gar Lamps, Spit ' Vk*' ! ou**koei*r'? F'un.iaiiing Store ?Wi Seventh sueet Ofiu. rMAJTCItf. J? *?u BLAKK UOUHH of all kinds and for sale at unusually low prices. )y * FBANCH TAVLOK. Information for Travelers. 3Y RAILROAD DIRECT TO THK W5ST Time between Washington and Wheeling l?nt J?jf heart I Ruining Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours !! THEOVeH TICKETS AITO BA.00AOK CHXCKS TO ? ./ HAS IS WASHINGTON. The baltimor1e~and ohio rail ROAD having greatly improved It3 Western connections, now oftr* th? fnlWt inducements to Traveller* between WASHINGTON, BALT1 MOHK,andall portion* of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The connection betwe?? the Trains froia Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptlvmade at th* Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 miles from Baltimore This is the onlv change of car-; required between Washington and the Ohlorivcr. Baggage Is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, f with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tickets for points be yond. Tne connecting Trains leave Washington daily ?tfi a. m. and 4* p. m. On Sundays at'the latter hour only. At WHEELING dirrrt rnnntetion is mnde with the trains of the CENTRAL t>JIIO R A1 L ROA1), running from Bellaire, on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge. Zanesville. and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at N ewark with the cars of the N ewark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago, St. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C. <>. Railroad trains con nectwith the fast trains- of the Little Miami Rail road to Xenia, Cincinnati, Lo.iisville, etc At XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad)connection is .formed with the trains through Dayton, to lndiaii ipolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island. St. Louis, etc. JO" Passengers holding Through Tickets for Mewphi*, Virksburz. Satrktt, Xetn Orlrans. ;tc.,whlctiarealsosoldat Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold bv this route. IfT For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when the Ohio is uavigaole between Wheeling md Wellsvllle (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travelers are requested to not'ce that while thl is the only route affording Through Tickets and <^iecks in Washington, it is also the shortest rffo><t spcrdv, and direct to nearly all the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 6&1 miles, Ik in ? about 100 miles shorter than by any other route! FARE, BV THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON To Wheeling, *9 50; Colum bus, #!3 t?5: Dayton, $15 50; Cincinnati, t* ; Louisville, uy railroad. SIS 6.3, by stea^wr fro'p Cincinnati, S18 OC; Indianapolis. ?17 50; CPtve Und, asl'2 50; Toledo, S15 80; Detroit. 1*15 sfc'j Chicago. S'20ti5and ijilOOO; St. Louis, g-JS Hi and #??*>; Memphis, New Orleans, $11; etc. 'L7* FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY, M A RTIN SBU R G, C U M BE R LA N 1?. BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS. Pi EDM ON T, OAK LAN D. and FA IR ?1 OU N T. passengers may leave Washington at (? .i in. or I\ p. m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take'6 a. m. train from Washington. JUT" For trains to and from Baltimore. Anapoli , etc., s?e ?peeial advertisements. fir For furth- r information. Through T;< kcts. 4c.. apply to THOMAS II. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN H DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore may 3?tf ORANGE 4e Al.KI.lMMt IA RAILROAD. GKK AT SOUTHERN MAIL LINK! 'J^WICK daily lictween WASHINGTON ard the SOUTH, vi<i ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONS VILLE and RICHMOND?no night lin. on Sunday. " L-ave Washington tf bof re ? o'clock a m Leave Alexandria * " ^ a m Leave Washington \ " 7 <? pm Leave Alexandria % 11 8 p m FARES BY NIGHT LINK. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsvllle ' y j .>? Fr->m Gordonsville to Richmond.*."*!!*"*!! 2 Travelers will find the morning line the cheap est, most pleasant and expeditious route to the <>reet,brier White Sulphur, Fauquier White Sul phur, Warm. Hot, Alum and Canon 'SpriT> Warrentou, Charlottsville, Staunton. Strasbt x Winchester, Harrisonburg, Lexington. Vveir .s Cave, Natural Bridge, Luiay, New Market, Mid dlehurg, Ac FARES BT M0T-NIJJG LITI'H : From Alexandria to Warrentou, - - PJ 00 Gordon-vlli-', - :{ fy " ChirlottesT ilie, ? I 50 " u Staunton, - . cm " " Strasbur^, - -3 ?j '? W incheJter, ? - :j 5 ( Luruy, - - - 4 Z6 " " New Market, - 5 00 " " Middleburg, - - 2 25 OMNIBUSESandBAGtj AGi; WAGON'S will o* at the Depot of the Wiishington Railroad, tr. convey passengers and baggage to the Steamb at. ?or A [?XAND K I A. a distance of(i miles, allow ing ample time for uieals. 11. W. VANDEGR I FT. J>" M Gen. Supt. THK POrOMAi; RIVER STEAMBOAT COMPANY *?STEAMKR ALICE C. PFICE CAPT. SAMUEL BAKKK. ? WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON AT SIT, o'clock a. m., and A LEXAN- _ ^ DRIA at 7 o'clock, a m.? On TUESDAY MORNINGS?FcrAlStcT Currioman, L. Machodoc, Piney Point, KinsaJ-' and Cone. On FRIDAY MORN INGS?For Chnpel Poi::t. .. Icomico, Leonardtown, Plncy Point, SI Mar\- ? and Cone. - On WEDNESDAY, (retum'ng)?Lfavp (> at 1 o'clock, a. m., for St Mary s, Plnev point ?veonardto^'u Wicomi-o, and Chanel Point. . ^A^KDAY, freturning)?Leave Lone at . o'clock^* n., for Kinsale. pfney Point, L. Ma thoctoc, Cnrrioman, and Mattuv rift A. C. Price will call at the usual land izn on the river when slgiuds are made. By order of the Bo trd: ^ , ,/AMES P SMIT11, rr.)n!dent. Alexandria, Vu., June 1, ls?5. je 15??/ %T RAM DO ATS CONNECTS !1G WITH EACH TRAIN OF CARS AllRIV b>g in Wastulngton acAlexan- . irla ?The Steamers TH(>S. ctii - ' ' r; t \ lit or GEORGE WA>H IN G TONwiUmnV? the E&ove connections, l. a?iiig Wafhin 'ton at (, - ni.. for the Orange and Aiexa-idria Can, and con ne't with the ^allle train on the;.- arrival. lET1 MEALS fiirnish??d on the boats '1'Ue Boats connect with all the trains from BaJ. tirnere SAM'L GEDNr.V, Captain. may 17?tf 1 ALEXANDRIA tc WASHINGTON 1SOATS. ^|M1E Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON wii a. leave at the following hours. Fare cents. The THOMAS COLLYER, wh^^ffj?^:; vvays engaged, wlU make trips on the route at al ternate hoars. Leave Washington htd, 8, &*, 11*,**, 4, 5* UHvl # ? (j Alexandria at 7, 9, 19*, 1^, 3*, 4*, an.* 1 ? ^he Boat will leute Alcxiindria a* 1 V r m . or Immediately on the arrival of the cars if 7?a <Q1 COB SOW, Captain. THE NJBW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES ? MAIL STEAMERS. K SHIPS COMPRISING Tf are the ATLANTIC, Captain West, PACIFIC, Captain Nye, BALTIC, C iDtain Comatook, ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton These..hips have been buUt by contract, express ?y for Government scrvice; every care Las be ?> aken In their construction, as in the en?lne u .asure strength and speed, and their acco?nmjdi PiIC* 07 PAiS/.SS. *" "'t11 - ? i'W ^ ork to Liverpool, In flratcabin, j 2 & tcond cabin, - . . . > Exclusive use of extra size state rooms - *i* From Liverpool to New York, - ii0 a id i ' An etpef ienc<d Surgeon attached to each siir" No b-r'.n can l>e secured until paid for. * For freight or passage apply to EDWARDif. COLLIN8 & CO. 56 Wall street, New York I'EUWN, SHIPLEY & CO . Liverpool. E. G. ROBERTS A CO.. 13 King's Arais Yiird. London JOHN N'UNllOE A CO., 5W Hue Notre Damy des Vlctolres. Par's GEORGE II. DRAPER, Havre. The owicrs of these ships wilt not be accounts ? le for go d, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, vif eloui stones, or metals, unless blUs of ladin^ ar eigned therefor, and tiie value thereof therein ?>? pressed. novl6_iy WASmNOTON BRANCH RAtLROAii. CHANGE OK IIOLRS.?Oa and after Mon day, -he S11 Instant, the Trains will * if**m WMhinKtou at 8 a- ,n-. and 3 and On Sunday at 4* p m s J?*1B,W,nJre " aad ?* ? ? , ?md 3 and 3M P- ? Oa fcondav ?:4* a. m ap <3?<r T. H. PARSONS, A?eat. Information for Travelers. TO THE PUBLIC. The steamers* mount ternon BALTIMORE will stop at Al exandria. both day aud n!glit. and( at the landing on the Potomac river: Fare by tb*se boats, vix: To A'exand.ia f0 ]'^ To Marbury's 1 00 To Cockpit Point 1 50 ToQuantioo 150 To Sandy Point 150 To Aquia Creek... '2 00 Eicursion tickets to Aquia Creek and return. Hi eluding dinner or tapper, #2. A doductlon on this charge will 1* made to partie* of ten or more, wishing a daylight or fhooniight Excursion. This will afford to our cltiiens a pleasant recre ation from tbe heat and d^st of the city at very moderate rates. I. R EYNOI.D*, Captain. \VM. MITCHELL, Captain Either of tbe above bouts can be chartered for Excursions, Towing. Ac., bv applying to GEO. MATTING1.Y, Superintendent of the Washing ton and Fredericksburg Steamboat Coir.jany. Jy *21?eo3w CANAL TACKET LINE TO TOIJII OF H (M'KS* rpiIE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been i- thoroughly repaired and pnt^W^^^grnr-^ in first rate order (the m*chinerv-|S,*y?-I .T**y S** being removed and horse power substituted) con tinue* making her regtila: trips betwee n George town and the above place. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H. ft II. (1 Ritter for Point of IJorks on MONDAYS, WED NESL)AYSand FRlDAYSat< o'clocka. in; and the Point of lto<k? for Georgetown on TUES DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the -aine hour, stopping at the different landings <,.loni> the line for the reception and landing of passengers svd freight, going *?"d returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 oVlnck a m., and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11. Altera at 1. Edward's Ferry Monocacy 5kt. Knowlan's Ferry 6, and Point of Rocks at 7 o'cl'k o. m Returning, leave Point at ? a. m.. Know lan's Ferry at 7\, MonocacyH, Edward's Ferrv ' I, Seneca 1, Great Falls 3#, a ad arrive at George town at 7 p.m. Passage through either way ?"2. Meals M rved regularly on board tbe boat st mod erate price-. CHARLES RIUL, Capt. je dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. * ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FARE round trip, SI, from Alexandria ? ei) **". s* 75 rents ?The steamer thiimasififrV?* - COLLYER leaves Washington at y, and Alexan dria at 1)^4 o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol foi the Ixwit ;'.t o'clock. Co?.ch fare 10 cents. I'?r s.iiis wishing th?? roaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on tbe boat. oet 2s?tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. 10 ALL 7HA? VALUE THEIR SIOJHT. *^CT\C? \T7"IMl t.> to call the attention to :tii that sntt-r with defective right, caused by it.'P. si< k nc-s and particularly from i;la?s<'? injudicious!, selected. to his sujierior SPECTACLES ami GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a tree spherical ?ccurafy," and brilliant transparent.. sailed precisely and l* iit'liciaiiy to the wearer a< - cording to the concavity ?r coiiveitity ?>f the eve Ver/ numerous are the ill effects caustd to the precious organ of sight from tiie commencement fusing glasses in not being precisely suited, l?y the use of an Opiovu 'er: ;uid the practice of mai.v years, enables him to measure the foe^l disease ol ilie e,vs. and such glasses that are absolutely re quired will be furnished with precision and satis faction. J .T acknowledges the very liberai encourage incnt already obtained, and fiirlher solicits tlie pa tronage of those that have not yet availed them selves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use. and stating how raaoy inches th?y tan read this print with their specta c!? ran i** supplied with such that will improve ii eir sight. I nmimerable testimonials to be seen ; and lefer ences given to many whohavederivedthe greatest ease and comfort from his glasses Circulars t<> be had gratis, at his office. No 512 Seventh street, three doors frotu Odd Fellow*' llall, up stairs. Norfoi.k, September 7,18M. Sir The Spectac les you mudfor me suit very well, and set in to hav??'irnprovt d my sight more than any other I bav? lately tri-rd lATT. w. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained firm ?Mr. Tobias, and lind them of frest assistance ic in.- sigtit, andcorreiipondiiii; wiiu h!> d<--< i.;rtioii oi iSe i' I recommend him a" a skil'f ii or?ti. chin. HENRY A. WISE. Mr. J. T obi /.s : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you famished me yesterday are pari.i< uiarly satisfac tory to me. Tney are very dm idol!) the be-t i pos^es.s, an *i I am the owner ol' eight or rine p^ir < arcfully sei^-:tcd in dillcieut plate's and from o,? ticians recommended to me on account of tbeii rrt;l' e.- i?>ual standing In Kugbtnd, Fram e and tbf United Slates. 1 have?been also pleased with your reimrks and directions on the treatment ol the eye#, ft,' thepurpoeof prc^ervingandlmprov i'lfc ttie si^,ht. ile-pectfally, vours. CHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. ).VNCHBCB6, Nov 1??, 1^54. Mr. John Tob'as having furnished me wito Glasses, by;which 1 l?een greatly aided (my vision having suffered greally from reading ai nl*rhf in my earlier life) it afford- ine the highest pleasure to suy that I consider birn a skillful prac lical optician, and well prepaicd loaid those whe may :iccd his professional services. WM. 1?. ROUZ1E, 1 Elder of AictliO?Iisi Conference. Wax'MwTifS, N. i'., Jan. 87. 1^54. Mr. J. Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to sav th >t the Spectacles wiii* h I obtained from you last week a.e entirely satisfactory. From an ineqi>al v in t he visual range of my eyes, 1 have here'o fore fo ind great ditticuity In getting glasses of tbe j.rope; fo< al distain^s. It aiierds me pltaisure to state that, by the aid of vour optometer, this d lT cidty has been happily obviated so thai the''lasses vom furnished mc are decidedly the bet?t adapted to my ejcH of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yorrs, U. ? DRANE, Rector of St James'Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, IH35. From natural defects and the unequal range of r. v eves, I Lave been compelled to use glasses for several years. . I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly tlttea to m\ eyes Four mouths since Mr. Touia.-; made two pain especially for mc, which I have found ,c serve ine perfectly. Dv the use of his optometer he b enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I most cheerfully recommend .Mr. Tobias to "all hr.ving occasion to ir oglassts, and bear my tet ii ?i.ony ?vS to his skill as an optician. H EN R Y E BALDWIN, As&Ut. bec'y toKl^'ii La:;d Warrants. Jy l>3-tf FAIR IULL BO All DI KG St IdOOL FOR GIRI.S, Sandy, rovnty. Mi. 'pilli uinlh term of this Institution will com 1- incrtce on the 10th di>y of the niuth montL (September) next. Circulars containing tbe needful information ii, rege.rd to the School can be obtained by those wht il^sire It, by addressing, at Olney Post Odice Montgomery county, Maryland, R. S. KIRK.oi \V M H. FAR<4UHAK Refer to Jno. T. Towers, Lambert Tree. W. D Wailat h. je3o?StWftV \OTICE lO THE CREDITOILS OF HALL kBROTHER. f>ARUCII HALL, surviving partner of Isaar I ^ Hall, Imving on the 28th day of February. :n55, assigned to the undersigned all the block in Lrade and debts of the tiri'i or Hall Jt Hrother, to he applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, .iabiiit ies, and engagements of said lirin of Hall St Urother, and the surplus to pay and distribute atcably among such of the remaining cred tors of said Crin as shali with'n six ironths from said 2Btli day of Februnry. 1-65, execute and de liver to said B,:xi<.ch Hall full and absolute re leases of all indebtedness to them respectively bj wiid Haruch Hail, surviving partner as aforesaid Notice is therefore hereby given to such credi tors of said lirin of llall ic l.nther, or said BantcL Hmll, surviving paitasr, wmay desire to partici t?ate in tbe benefit of said assignment to execute ind deliver to said Haruch Hall full and absolute ? ?leases as aforesaid, within the period of six nonths from said *2t;tb day of February, 1RS5. RICHARD WALLACH, trustee. Je 11?eotAug-i-sth _____ itEL?E'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. ^FHIi uobscriber respectfully announces to hb * friends and the public in general that he ha>^ received tbe hrst lot of the celebrated DOUG F.'^ u?>UI?LE ACTING SUCTION AM) FOKCK I'UMP. which received thet*lUVER the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' insti tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who may favor htm with a call. His stock of GAS FIXTURES are unsurpas^d in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he pride# tiir.iself to Jill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FiTTlNG line with promptness and despatch. i?7? All work done warranted to give complete satisfaction. JOHN RI'.ESE, may 1?tf corner Gth st and Pa. avenue, HOYiAKD'S V. S. Sl'PHEnE COl'KT Report??, vol 17, just published and for salt by FRANCK TAYLOR Jy23 Memoirs of the countess of bles ?ington by R R Madden. M.R.I. A., twe voU. FKAISCK TAYLOR. Medical. INHALATION 70R TEI CCR* or ASTHMA A HO C 0 H 8 U * P X10* . NEW AND fSRY WONDERFUL ! i I Draught h?nr u lha deer ef the Millie* 7 4 WONDERFUL discovery has recently bee a J- *- made by Dr. Curtis, of this city. In the mrnt of Consumption, Asthma, and all dlsea?*i of the Lung*. We refer to Dr CURTIS'S IIY GEANA, or INH ^ LING HYGEAN VAPOH AND CHERRY SYRUP. Witt thi.? new m* thod. Dr. C. La* res tored many ??lcted o.ic* t<: 1 ealth. an an evidence of which he hat inoutnera ble certificate, Speaking of the treatment. a phy sician remarks, '-It is evident thai inhaling?con stantly breathing an agreeable, healing r.ipor?*?< medicinal properties must rome 11 direct rents'* with the whole arr'.al rarities o' the erd thus escape the many tzA varied >rndi<-j d thern when lotrod'.cert into tue stor.McL ?nd subject to the proeees cf digestion.'' The Hyk alia is for sale at all the Druggists throughout u:? country.?N. Y. Dutchr-a? Jam. 14. The Inhaler is wtrn en the breast oate the lin en, without the )ee*t 1-K?nveaienc*??the heat o: the body belR~ suffirient to evaporate the ?u!?t Hundreds rf caws ?f cures, like the foDowlj/ might be named. One package of the Hygeana la? cored mo c the Asthma of sit yew standing. J. F. KEESBF.RRY, P. M. of DuncaaiM, 1'p . I nm r?red of the Asthma of ten years' standi--. byDr Curtis'? ilvgeana ?MARGARET EASTON, Brocklym, N. Y. MRS. PAUL, of No. 5 Hammond street, N. Y was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by th< ; Hy;;eana. My fcistcr has be^n erred cf a d'strersing cc-c- ? of several years'standing, and derided to be (:? curable by the rhys'.r.iata. She v aa cured la on isouth ty the Hyt^ana. J. H. GAUBERT, P. M. Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. CHEEVER. of New York, tes.i i iSos uf our medicine In the following lan/nuge: Naw Yoaa, Nov. 15, Isil. UeurS'.r: I think highly of Dr. Curtis'? l< . KM as a remedy ind>-. a M of the tlir and Having had some opportunity to testify its cy, I am convinced that it is a mostesceller.t rvr.v edy, bo'h tiie Syrup uud the inhaling appUcaiier lo the chest. Prof. S. CENTER writes iih as follows: t?i ntlemen?1, have recently had occasion to u J your Cherry Syiup and Ilvi/ean Vapor, inar.L* ^?f chronic sort throat, that refused to yield s i other forms of treatment, and the result ha* ?*?:?.? lied me that, whatever mav be the composition vour preparation ."It is no imposhat an ' 1 tent r> medv. I wish, for the ?i.>< ?r tie uiLu t?**l j "uat it might be brought within Unit) of al!. DK. JOHNS, one of the nuw4i>2ik"U-)b Pnvti cians in New York writes us fd?)i: Dr. Curtis?Dear Sir?Havi4|C Witnessed tht excellent effects of your llygoans cr lahaimg ii\ j "an Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Cnroi. :< | Bronchitis. aud being much in fa?rrof counter ir i i.ration in aa'eetions of the throat, lironrhia) tube, i and lungs, 1 can therefore cheeiftilv reconuner d j rour Medieated Aparatus a? being th?- must n i ??enient and effectual mode of ap^lyin^ mytha. j <)'the kind I have ever seen. No aould thousund: nfjw>rsons mav be relieved, and many cured, t>> u-mgyour medicines. I must here l?e allowed to ronfess that lam o>? r>o~? ?l to presrribiug or usin^ serret compounds ??ut this little neatly eontrij-d article, and its ?-f. Certs in the a'.x?vt alluded to, have induce, .ne to speak in its favor. Yen are at lilwrty to use this in any way yoi. may tbisik proper. Re?pe.'tfully, yours. &r ., c. jonxs, m. d , No. t?(?U Houston street, N. Y. Pr'ee three dollars a pa"ka??-. S?.'d ??v ?'L7RTI8 & PERKINS ai.d BOYD * 1'AL'L, i4^ Chambers st,. N. Y. Four jiaekai/es st r.t fiee to any part of the Unl d States lor ten dollars. N. B ? Dr. Curtls's HvgeanaIstheORIGIN KI aud ONL\ GENU IN L ARTICLE; all ciLer ire base imitations, or vile .?.nd Injurious couii.t: feltf. Shun them as you would POISON. For sale in Washington b\ CH.'.S. STOTT Pa avenue, near ?th street, end J. B. MOOR11 in the First Ward. may <U?i.rn CARTER'S SPANISH MI 2 T U IIE . THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD NOT A rAKTUM V t MKftCfRT ir? IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY fer Scrofula iviny's Evil, Blinnmatism. Obxtiutr Cut;.:. ??i?s Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the f ? ?? Blotrbes, boils. Chionic Sore Eyes. H in^ Worn or Tetter, Scald lit ad, Liilar/eiuent and Psu: of the Bones a-id Joints, Stubborn Uhei*. Sv pbiiitir Disord?*rs. Lumbago, Spiu;il Crr.. plaints, and all the diseases ari?ini: from an in judicious use of M-rcurv, Imprudcnce in Lif?. or Impurity of the Ul??xl. rpiIlS VALUABLE MEDICINE, wh1<"h fca a l>ee?>me r< lebralrd for the number of extraor dinary ei.res, eflVeted through its ayenev, has in duced the prap* ietors, at the ur-.-ent request of the: r friuid*, to offer it to the public, Which lliey do with the utmost confidence in its virtues and v. < i, t!<?rful curative properties. The following c?'? a eatt?, ?elected from a large number. are. however, stronger testimony than the mere word of the p-, - ?rietorsj and are all from yentle'iien v/rll km*wi n their local it ?es. and of the highest tn?|wUaliil' ty, mani of theu. residing in the cit) of Kuc moud, Va. F. BOYDEN, Esq , of the Exchange Hate . ^Rie.hmo'id. known everywhere, savs lie i,.i* - tLe Medicine railed Carter s S.-am-h M t ICRs, administered in cvr ah'indud ej-.-e-., i :? early all the diseases for which it is reeommei * - ed. with the most astonishingly good results I*, says it is the most extraordinary medicine he h^? ever seen. AUUE A\l* FEVER?? RE AT CURF-l herein cettify that for three years 1 had Aj?ue j Fever of the most violent description. I had s*\ eral Physicians, took iar^e qupMtities of l^uinin*. Mercury, and i l>e!ieve all tlie Tonics att^'-iti < ??. but all without |>ermaneut relief. At las* 1 tri ^1 t'arler's S^anisli Mixture, two bottles of whi? < ettectuallv cured me, and I am happy to f~?y 1 have had neither chills or fevers since. I ro? - sider it the best Tonic iu this world, and the oui , medicine ihatevt r reached my ease. JOHN LONGDEN Deavkh Di rcH, near Richmoud, Va. C. B LUCK, Esq., now in the city of R"; k mond. and for many years in the Post Otfire. I.; s such confidence in the aslonishiri^ eficaey of ra - ter's S|>anish Mixture, that he has btnight uf wards of op bottles, which he has given away the atllicted. Mr. Luck savs he ha* never known it to fail when taken according to directions Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician, and r,. . iiieriy of the City liotel, in thecit^ of Rirhmo;,d. says he has witnessed in a numbpr of iuMa-.-.s the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, wl,..* were most truly surprising. He mvk in a ca*e < ; Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the g\A>o effects were wonderful Indeed. SAMUEL M DRINKER, of the firm of Drin ker * Morris. Richmond, was cured of Live, Complaint c>f three vea.s standing, b.* the usf of two bottles of Carter's Spanish .Mixture. U RF. AT CU RE OF SCROFULA.?The Fdi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed in their press room, cured of violet.? Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism, whit h en tirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish .Mixture m?de a perrtct cure ? l him, and tee Editors, in a public notice, sav the "eheerfullv recoratliend it to all who are afflicted with anj disease of the blood. STILL ANOTHER CVRE O FSCRO FULA. 1 had a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly z. valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. F, and P. R- R. Co.. Richmond Va. SALT RHEUM OF TWENTY YFA K?< STAND INU CURED.?Mr. JOHN THOMP SON , residing in the city of Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, o; ^alt Rheum, which he had for nearly twe:itv vears, aud which all the physicians of the riii could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well know:, merchant in the city of Richmond, and his cure is uiost remarkable. WM. A MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had a servant cured of Syphilis, in the wor>t forn>, ?> Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says hechecrfully recommends it, aud considers it a very invaia^'ol. medicine. ED Wl?i BURTON, commissioner of the reve nue, sa\s he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture In a numuer of Syphilitic rjrfs, and says It Is a perfeot cure for that horrible 61? ease. WM. G. HARVVOOD, of Richmond, cared ? old Sores and Ulcers, which dn-abled hlui f<om walking. Took a few bottle* of Cai tor's Spat, i -h Mixture, and was enabled to walk withoutac.', In a short time permancuUy cured. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOdE & CO., No. Ss) Maiden Lane. New York. T. W. DYOTTA SONS, No. 1 Si North Second street, Philadelphia. BENNETT A BEEUS, No. Lii Mala fUtet, Richmond, Va. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT, W a-V.'rg ton, D- C.j HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, aid oy Druggists everywhere. Price CI per borne, or six bottles for 32. sep tl?ly SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER.?Gentlemen's best quality of Shirts made to miasare aad warranted lo lit, at the lowest New York prices. WALL * STEPHENS. 3S Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. JjW-tf (Ne Medical. ~ Fill (ill MEDICAL TRKATItE ? en TBS PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF IdAREIAOI, *T SI. II. LA ( HUII, M. D., ALBANY, N Y., ICT S60 Pages and 1? Fine, Plain, and Cotaed Lithographs and Plates. Price *ilj Tw?ty-Fl?? ???!?? Stnl Frtt ?/ Potiari f* mli parti e/ tl? Umim. i 'HF.A PEST BOOl EVER PUBLISHED? anil containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter l? that of the , fTfTY CI NT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It tifiti on tbt PHYSIOL* i oe\ of marriage, I : nd tbe Secret 1 afinnltlea -id P;<vcerof Y< -Mb nnd *~~\ '?TeHirity, resulting from ei- %. I rjesses, wLirh t?*t~oy the physical avd irrntal'pow i e?. with O'KfnrlSvM rn I Marriege. Its di tics r.nd diaacaT. Beatles, and ttcir r? ir,.d!es; with Lltb? ,-?rar>t*, L'iaatrNtaf ine Arelnmy ?r4 Pbf?l?l?q*'. tbt He I pifdiTt-Tr Orrra^sef bc*b Kin, their rtrueture, ?'sf.?,r.i*d ' :nrt5,'n?. A popular and crmpreben I *We Trent 11* on the Putl-s erd Ca?.*>altkra at sln ; L'ieaad marrlM lift*?taprvard ftnl-fnl alPrur-en, ; nail<f s ring theru? ; re'lr.:?i?? ind Infertile ; onor?their tibT'atlon and rtxroTal,?lirponar.t . l:Jr N to it:c?r c-u?* ir i.laiinj; rr.ati1ir<?jv. tfcat w:i over-oiue cbjecl'ona to it; however should take thb*nt *trp without in: oonnuJtln^ 1 ? pr^e*?ni P 'rr.jl^fn tie dlr?c?ea and nwdlral Ui-atntt ef fenr *s from kifai.r v to old are. eat fc t - e ^npbldUy illustrated bv ivaftlfnl Utbcgra j plik plate*?ucrvou* de^ilitv, it* ?df?c* and cere, oy 3 proces- at once so tiinplr, fafc, and ?ffectus! that failure I* Irapor^He?nki fr.r dally manage j it ent?on e<v<av on i?|>om:atorrba<a, with practica. I o'onervaflor.* nn a ?afer and mm s sueeessrnl mod i <>f treatment?precautionary bin** cn tbe evils re i -ulting from enj)irl<-jJ practice?an essay f>a ail ' disease* arising irom Indiscretion, with plain and < simple r lies bv wblch ail peoons < an cit.* tbem ( *??! ?? Without mercury?remedies for those felf ; inflicted nrreric. and disappointed bone* so ur 1 fdrtnnnely jiirvaJcnt In the young. It I* a tn:tb ful adviwrto tli?' married and tb?M?* ronter?.f?lai>e^ ( nnrr?i2T Its |? r;is:il lv partlrtilariv re? otrurriKl , ?*?! to |?*rvons entertainiiiv ne? r?*t doubts of tbeir pbyvi< al?onditioa, and u Lo are con^t lt?iik of Lav ;m;. bn^aidrd tlie L>'allh. h^ppim-s*.tnd ?o wbirb ?\-?*r h'ltiuin j; rntitlM Price TWKNTY-FIVI-: CKNTS n.r ropy*. ?: F ;iy Cntiirx fr?r <!'??' |)<i!!ar Mailtd free of fo*t a^e to ail t f Ow l'ni'?-d Slati* V H ?Tbiwe \*Lo prt-fer n.jv consult Dr. LA CH ()l X ujn>ii <ny of tlic di-ease* u[>on u bleb tbl^ trtv.!?. ciflit-r [er?onaily ?ir l?v u.ail M**di c in f.,ut lo ;ury p?it of tbe Union act t iding todl recflout. utoly j^t( k>-d and carefully nerurcd from nil <>b nntlon Addrvn lir M B LA CROIX. No 31 Maiden L-ico. or h>M Oflkrv Bo* 5Ti?, Alhanv. N . Y \^'JT < o|- u d;?ilv from H a m. to )) p. m , a:id oil Stiiida\ f oia until i p. ni ? RKMOV Kl? from No 96 Ikawr at. t?? Maidea Luur, VII :?nj, N. V. dec ??y U <M X o It HWOFLil ??? tr.l.KBK ATKD GERMAN BITTERS, rsErARF* av lir. C. M. JAI KMIS, i'liiledplplifm. Pa., ?TTLL rrricTrnsxt rrae LITF2 C F A ? ; D - PFIA, Jaumti'rt, CHrnmir ?r N*rvon.< !>? 'n 'irjr. Z>n ???e> i'/ tht ??< nil IhtrUMt ar?'?*< frvKi a lHnordirtd l.irtr or Stomirk. ^ufb is r?i>'inatiM. In?ii4 P;lex, Fullne?^.or 1>i*>? ??11 ILi?- U? -d. At )dity tif ilir "n. Nau a?*a. Heartburn. DSjiiM f<?r f?w>d. Fnlliw***. or Wright In the St >nia< b. Si?ur F.rnrtalioim. Sinb |nj or Kli.ttcr.nj at the Pit t?f tbe Stomach, Sv.*/ of tLf llcad. Hurried and Ititliciil? Fr?-atbinv. Fltm>*rla* ol the Ht-art. Choking t r S?!tfot uiitij S? ii^i'ioii* wtjrii in a Ivia^ PtMture, J)iimits? tif Vi>it?ii, |>,-ti. of Uflu l^efo*,* tb^ I>' f?r and l>i'1! Pair In the Head. IMI errnrv of Percpliatioii, Velione?s of the ?kin r:;d F\?*a. Pain in the Side. Hack. <?he*t. Llttibn & ' Sudden Klu?l.e* of Html Riirnta/ In the Flisij. t oristant Imagining* of Kt11, ai;d ^reat l>?-;'reN''iiin of Spirils. ri'ilF. PROPK I l.TOR. in ealMnir the attention a of t'ue i u?4ic to thl> preparatiou, djen mi wttu a f?*eiu'^ of tl?e utmost eonlkieaua in Un virtue* a'.d : d , i?"at:-ti of il tt> the dl>? hmy for wbi' b It 1? re 'unr nd> d. !' i< new nr?d untried artt-'le.bnt one ?ba' h? ?to.d th?- tt~-t t?t a ten \*e.;r^' tris?l le fore 'he Aine' i< j*.ii jr?*??ple. ar^d its r,-put-?:>. n and *ale is miri \a'i?u b\ iuv similar prej^aration* e*tant. Tbe lt-?' tutor- v in iis fevttr h'vcb by tbe m?i>t promt* in . ! \u-ll-kDoa i. Phynk iain and ind: vnii.ale, in .i.'l of tUeco<;nir\' l? imineiive. The fol '?Ariii fivir; Nt'^fh Carolina 1* re---nerffii!ly mib ooitted. referrini; aay who ntay ?t:ll doutit. t?. tha "Mtmorr.oil.a." t?r Pranirai Re*l|< Book, far Fcrnn rs and I'amiiies !<> l>e Lad gratia of all tba for the (jt rnu;ii Bitter.. P.incipal Ottre ?nd MarmfactoT, lsJO ARCH STRKLT, PU1LADF.I.PHIA, PA. rKSTIBION V FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Ctrttficait cf Ur n* Sin*tk,t>f Ptiie Hill, Rtck tr.ond A' C. Pi>-a 11 i t . March 4.1"S1. Pe. O. M. J*c*f?o>'. PhiladelpLia?Dear Sir: i been a nubjkd <-f Dyapepeia. in iu vorkt i'irm. for the l^.?t live yt-ar? Such \va? my oondi Iio i fnr twelve moniLs that tbe pbvaician* and all saw me sa.d I mn-t die While in tLi* < "n dition 1 was curried to iht watc: in^ place* in Vir ?;iuia. Tennes^ef, and North Carolina, br.t ?m r.ot >?enetitteu by any wrtter to wbir-h I was taken While on my way bi-me I stopped a we, k at R utb e.*fordioa. a "iii-til villi'^'e |u North Crruiina, to try the ??il'c t of M?nit* Ciialybeate water in that ".face. Kx tLe lust of the week 1 went iutoa ?lrii_' ?.tor* t > ve; seme medleine for niv child and myself. The e were several of ttie village pbynl c'.ana in the v?re. aisd one of tbein wvnitd to take some interest iu i:ij ra?e. and. afrer a*-king n?* >oni? ?jue?tit' s;t.d bv l?;*d l?ern a dvs|*i>ik- a id h ?1 i? e?i ^re^'ly Lcneiifed bv the use of llOOF I.\M > ? FRMAN UlTTl RS. piqaad bv yo ?, ..iid he Insisted 'hat I would trv the Bitters. He nl*ocalled ttie ne :t dav at mv mom. a->d In ? -d so m.K h tliat I wonid trv them *bat I .i-ked Li m to cM use one bottJe. He did it. <iiid I rom iiti ..?-eU c.ik::!ir it an directed, and I >?'a* rr:< re lien .:11. ?t by it tL.-n ail the \v?U-r and iiiedx ;ue I had ever taken Apf r rtath'^s heme one of mv nel^bbt n< ? aine to tne for h pres. riptioa and Uitdicine. (l^ >di? pt'ptlc.) and I gave him nearlv all the Bitters I hit. which effected much good !i, hi* t a*e He ba< often calkd on me for more of the name k?nd of niedicire. saving be was ti.ore benefitted by ft than any other he had taken, but I have sot b>-en able to jet any more for him or myself since; w.ll i3u. therefore. pi?-a*e ship me a doi?n or wore as ?oo;i as i?o*sible. Ke?pet.tfuuy, youra, \V SMITH. I). I. HOOikKK. Kn.rr'1 ^toie, Wake Co., N C.. tk-tolier ^4. li>S3, wv*: '?Itavii.ij ei^erit.i.11<? very ^rea' benefit from the one t.fHOOf LAND'S OKltMAX BITTERS In Cbr? nlc l>vs?-i:ierj nnd fi iK-Uonal (Urai jetneal of the Liver, finl its concomitant evils, I a;:. d?r- iroat ?f e.btain'.ic a quaatltv of it for the Itencfit of my coit;jXiiiuii> . Tou will, tuerrfore, plea?e tead a lot, kc., Ac. CLRTIFICATi: OF WM. J, ATWOOD IleavaviLLK, Yadkin Co., N. C > Ngvencber ui, 1 >u > Dr. C.M J rt*n?Dear Sir: Allow me toei ^ie:..s to v oil iuy bjiccrc tiuiukr for your discovery ??f c. iiit<?iciut- vt hii U, to ?<ay the lta?t of it. iu> ei T?: 1 a cure tLatill other 'medicines, tLai I have ilrcp. havetnurel) f.iiiedtodo. UOOFLAND'8 tiLilMAN IHTTl'.RS Lave cured meofthe inwt ?ti Wjorn and ai'-TT.vated case c? the ttat, ?ei^ps. ever nil to the lot cf man. My case Is ol a r.traiig'-r in this mil?Bity, as I am well anewn in \Ju:.?a:.d lue surrounding c< .mties, and sit truly ray ^hat l.? lejovcrv bk? ^*tounded al. av i.itnils .,nd aa I bad t: i?d everything -,v* (..rn.ead.d, I'.tic. toihicg did nie a?.y good i'U ii I v. -.; pn. vi.ihd i.;-on to ir\- tbr Kt'.ters You ire at ii;;? i< v to make any use of tLls roirmunb a-'" mu for U.e benefit of the aillicicd, you may thick 'iiuiy, ' WM. J. AT WOO v. Tue?ebitters ar. tx.mly e? ~t:mbUy they invlj ?rate?uJ ftiotgtLen tu? nyaietuf iitver prostraie t, anu t an bv. u.-ed ?or aa wtil aa adaUa. Fuf >?Ue by t Lablc dealers everywhere, and ?>y v.. D. OILMAN, V\ asixir^uia; J L. KID vvELL, CawgetotMi, and i. R. PlERPONT, vlexaudrla. mar 1?ly WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, ft. M. W. GALT A BUO are constantly receiving large invoice* of tbe above, and oiler every article iu their line at the lowest rate* otM.D AND SILVER WORK of even de vcripiiou made to order, sucb as TESTlMO* N I Al S, richly euibeliisb- d. with appropriate de signs, MLVER TEA sEiS, DINNER SEK Vit_E^,4.c. Pieciou* i*t in every style, however eiafc omte. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, Ac., cut on ?~fce. M. W. GALT A BRO., 3^4 Pi. a*., befweca Niath and Tenth s?i. Je ??--U 1,'A>S, I i.!< ? l "?!* B Y, it'll IT A K T I - . clns, Ac ?We have now in store a large vari* r.t? of fir.e aiid common 1- ana, HarriM>n?s and Lu tn'a * c< l't^fuiuay, blushes, Combs. ?? iUi j; a.?d playli.3 Cardfc, '1 ooth Powders, Ports \loi nales, Cij;tr Cases, Card Cases, Baskets, *c., ail i f whiob we arw selling out at low prices to alt the times at tba Piano. Music, Stationery, and Fact y Goods store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 3Wi P? avenue, bet tth and loth ?u aay CI?tf

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