Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA3HIHQT0H CITY: JFRIDAY AFTERS#?!* Aagast 10. ^^Adtkvtissmhhtr should b? handed in by 12 o'clock, M , otherwise they may not ap pear until the next day. ? mmm ? ? JOB PRI!fTI*G. We are moving oar prenes into a fine new press room, where we will hare greatly in creased facilities for the execution of Job Priktug. Our other facilities for the neat, expeditious, and economical execution of Job Printing, of almost every description, hare likewise been greatly extended of late. So we ?re now prepared to give satisfaction in that line to all. Counsel before the Court of Claims wrill find the Star olfice the best place in Wash ington for the immediate and correct execu tion of their printing jobs. Give us a oall. _ Owing to tho moving of ouc newspape pre* to its present location, and the changC of the engine and the Rafting to adapt it to the new pre^-room, we shall be compelled to depend upon the hire of laborers for a few ay* or the "power" necessary to print our P?l*r Subscribers receiving their papers ?omewhat later than usual in the meanwhile ' "*rcfore, know the cause of the delay. 8p IE IT OF THE MOEHIHO PKESS. The Union of this morning comments on be very lan political change of the New York Courier and Enquirer, enlisting under the banner of Wm. Lloyd Garrison, and jokes o^r Islxn S' ***** irj Americai1 ^blic VZ?*t?!l/eHC*r '*** of Massachusetts : hap i r J ' an natlon*I, is, on the one z, "f sr*-* not de-nair thai IT 1 I*8*' and <*o *?:u"s2rt"jsw'th".h" ?? ?ni aft tb. ktginiiiL*tke'^ff by "" that f""" l? :hs "4""? - >"*'? iac"?Lr^.br The Baltimore Suti. commenting on the tfville riots, says, very justly : Lo?L?rineJPaper8, up to the day of ection, anticipated a riot. Svby* The ex cau"srf\h Ve |'ubli3tU ?bowyclear!y ffe vfer to thr ?U/,age". arc unwilling to 5T to the*? publications, for wo can in itodu0f th,at *pint which fflu*t ever KS?he ri'L * ?Ptrage. It is enough ssvV h? r?tK "n.t,CIP^J- The Demo crat says the authorities were applied to f..r S^esLA^ R ^ New Orleans for the preservation of ?itizwTof b^thCleCt^D ?f Sevcral ^ pec table SShtha- etn'/frt,CS. " RuardiaiiS of the SortnritJ ? Cr be ^urcd an op portuiiity to deposits his vote This would have obviated aU cause of dissatisfaction But no such measure was adopted. we henMhH1' f th? e,ect[un' anJ ?fter the riots, we hear the> < umplamf that one party took t.o< f* r poU*' *nd excluded numbers of JWi7frS,,hV,.ri'e "f BOt ^ r. 1*'lTd' h? VOtVOf Louisvilleia Xnr^Ll r - tl matters nut ^w a man is icpnved of ais vote?whether by violence or by tbe insufficiency of means provided for p?pu:.r elect,.,b7 fraud, partially, or any Tbb Ybllow Fevkk at Norfolk axo Portsbgltb.?At the hospital in Norfolk on the ith mst., there were six new cases and one death, and in Portsmouth and Uosport eight new cases and five deaths. The Portsmouth Transcript has been su* pended, temporarily. in consequence of the absence of tho printers of that journal. Cvd. W. B. Whitehead, of Suffolk, Va , ha* contributed 5100 for the relief of the sick and distre-sed of Portsmouth and Gosport. About seven thousand persons, it is estima Ui, have left those places since the commence ment of the epidemic (on the fifth of.Julv ) or upward of one half of the population ; since which time there have probab ly been seventy deaths by the fever. Pacif.0 Railroad?We bar. receive.] tb. !"* "'""J iu quarto form, of .bo Jeportt oi Exploration. j Surrrja, to wcor ?... tb. mon practicable route for a r.ilroad from tbe lUauMtppi rircr to tbe Pacific O.-ean m.Ue ud?, tbe Jit^twn of the SeereUrj of 'Jr m U' ???r<ling to acta of Coegre*. The work ?? accompanied br map,, ,bowing the varum, route- ,bKh have beeu examiuej' and w of great interest indeed. PEHSOHAIi. .... Ex-President Fillmore, at last advices, was in Ireland, lie visited the birthplace of iD<1 ^?'? .... Mr. Samuel D. Houston, the only mem abL?[o^LKT,Ua:! L<Pa'atar? who favor JM>le to the Territory e becoming a free ^tnte has resigned his seat. ' .... A congress of all the meabars of the of'boa^ Maria Christiana in t P a"? Ahwrt}y, -^me^hero arriviT f ^' J?l w a<kr,f L'd tho ^???lsbJrg duchess of Aiontpen Mr. Mills B. Godwin, a compositor in D!5Patch. (who is well Ik? .V c,tj' harln? resided here for about lire- years.) hss lost during the preva ? of 'bo fever at Gos.^rt. afatSer mother kp'ther, brl,ber-i? l..%?;:LLe"; piac^ n' aU ?f whom yere residents ot that ....?Horace Greely looks all the better fur V(jya?*- The ?carvj treatment he ex penem ed in Paru., growing out of hi? unfortu 7 W'th th*1 tt*fortuuate concern, the Crystal palace, was a great drawback to the enjoyment of hia peregrinations in France. ....The wife of ex-Senator Foote died at Almeda, California, on the 10th ultimo. ....Robert McKnight, a ifcath Carolina printer, after working at his business in that ?>tato Mttridtljf for fifty-seven years, has re tire<l and placed himself in the care of hi* chillren in Alabama. He is seventy-two years old. ....Hon. J. Scott Harrison declines being a candidate for the Governorship of Ohio. ....M. Do Belverze, admiral, commanding the French squadron on the West Indies and riewfoaiKLland nation, is now on a visit to the* .Niagara. He is making a tour through Canada, accompanied by some of the officers oi the vsaxdian (ioTernmcni. .... We perceive in the liat of the nominees ot the Democratic party of California for State offi -era te be choeen at the next election, the name of Mr. C F. Powell, formerly of this city, nominated for a State's Prison Dijector. ....Judge David Davis, of Illinois, has ar jirci. and is at Will aids' hotel. WASHINGTON FEW'S AlTD GOSSIP. The Louisville Eiots.?We have at length a reliable aooount of these terrible^ffairs in the Louisville Courier of the 7th infant, the day after the election. The Washington reader will pereeive thai though no weapons were used in oar late municipal election, the arrangements of the Know Nothing managers here for tho perpetration of frauds on that oc casion. were closely parodied there, and were carried eut, by the aid of the torch of the in cendiary, the knife and fire-arms. As a matter of course, men who have sworn to perjure themselves, when acting as elec [ tion commissioners, on the witness stand, In the jury box, or wherever such acts may be ncceasary to justify and earry out any and everything designed for the benefit Of Know Nothingism, and who. professing to be law abiding citizen?, secretly countenance such f.Zts as wcro perpetrated ou Monday last in Louisville, and those which transpired in this city on the 4th of June last, (so well calculated to lead to the Louisville results,) will continue U> palliate and justify Know Nothing parti san ends, fraud, falsehood, murder and arson. {From the Louisville Courier, August 7 J Thr X KKKfDLE ELECTION RloTS IX Loi'IS v LLK.?We passed yesterday through the forms of an election. As provided by the statute, tuc polls were opened, and privilege ,ranted to such as were " right upon the goose, nth a few exceptions, to exercise their electtvo franchise. Never, perhaps, was a greater farce, or. as we should term it, tra Jj*dy, enacted. Hundreds and thousands were Ueterred from voting by direot acts of intimi ! ''at'On, others through fear of consequences, and a multitude from the lack of proper faci lities. The city, indeed, was. during the day. in possession of an armed mob, the base pas sions of which were infuriated to the highest pitch by the incendiary appeals of the news paper organ and the popular leaders of the know-nothing party. On Sunday uight largo detachments of men were sent to the first and second wards to see that the polls were properly opened. These men the ' American executive committee" supplied with requisite refreshments, and, as may be imagined. they wero in very fit con dition on yesterday morning to see that the rights of freemen were respected. Indeed, they discharged the important trusts com mitted to them in such manner as to commend tliem forever to the admiration of outlaws! They opened the polls ; they provided ways and means for their own party to vote ; they huffed and bullied all who could not show the sign ; they in fact converted the election into a perfect farce, without one redeeming or qualifying phase. We do not know when or how their plan of operations was devieed. Indeed, we do not care to know when such a system of outrage? such perfidy. such dastardy?was conceived. ?V c only blush for Kentucky that her soil wa? the scene of such outrages, and that some of tier sons were participants in the nefarious swindle. It would be impo&*iblo to know when or how this riot commenced. By day-break the polls were taken possession of by the American party, and, in pursuance ot their preconcerted game, they used every stratagem or device to hinder the vote of every man who could uot manifest to the 4- guardians of the palls" his soundness on the Know Nothing question. We were personally witnesses to the procedure ot the party in certain wards, and of these we ietd authorized to speak. At the Seventh Ward we discovered that for three hours in the outset in the morning it was impossible for those not "posted'' to vote without the great est difficulty. In the Sixth Ward a party of buliies were masters of tho polls. We saw two foreigners dri\cn from ! je polls, lorced so run a gauntlet, beat unmercifully, stoned, and stabbed. Iu the case of one fellow, the lion. >\ m. Thomasson, formerly a member of Con gress from this district, interfered, and while appealing to the maddened crowd to cease their arts of disorder and violence, Mr. Thomasaon was struck from behind and beat, liis gray hairs, his long public sen-ice, his manly presence, and his thorough American ism. availed nothing with the erased mob. Other and serious fights occurred in the Sixth Ward, of which we have no time to make mention now. The more serious and disgraceful disturb ances occurred in the upper wards. The vote cast was but a partial one, and nearly alto gctner on one side. No show was given to the iriends of Preston, who were largely in the majority, but who, in the face of cannon, mus kets, aud revolvers, could not. being an un armed and quiet populace, confront the mad mob. So the vote was cast one way. and the result stands before the public. In tno morning, as we state elsewhere, sSPl carPeutcr, living on the corner ot Nlth and Market streets, was killed near Hancock streets. A German named Fits, for merly a partner at the Gait House, was severe ly, if not fatally, beaten. ^teraodh a general row occurred on fchelby street extending from Main to Broad way. VVe are unable to ascertain the facts concerning the disturbance. Some fourteen or Siteen men were shot, including Officer Wil liams. Joe Selvage, and others. Two or three were killed, and a number of houses, chiefly Gorman coffee-houses, brok^i into and pill aged. About four o'cloci,;when the vast crowd, augmented by accessions from every part ot tho city, and armed with shot-guns, muskets, and rifles, were proceeding to aitack the Catholic church on Shelby street, Mayor Barbee arresied them with a speech, and the mob returned to the First Ward polls. Pres ently a large party arrived with a piece of nrass ordnance, followed by a number of men and boys with muskets. Iq an hour after wards the largo brewery on Jefferson street, near the junction of Green, was set firo to. In tho lower part of the city, the disturb ances were characterized by a greater degree of bloody work. Late in the afternoon, three Irishmen going down Main stroet, near Elev enth, were attacked, and one knocked down. Then ensued a terrible scene, the Irish firing from the windows of their houses, on Main street, repeated volleys. Mr. Rhodes, a river man. was jhot and killed by one in the upper story, and a Mr. Graham met with a similar fate. An Irishman who discharged a pistol at the back of a ifian's head, was shot and then hung, lie, however, survived both punish ments John Hudson, a carpenter, was shot dead during tuc fracas. After dusk, a row of frame houses on Main street, between Tenth and Eleventh, the prop erty of Air. Quinn, a well-known Irishman, was set ou fire. The flames extended across t he street, and twelve buildings were destroyed. These houses were chiefly tenanted by Irish, and upoo any of tho tenants venturing out to escape the flumes, they were immediately shot down. No idea could be formed of tho num ber killed. We are advised that Jive men wire roasted to death, having been so badly wounded by gun-shot wounds that they could not escape from the burning buildings. Of all the enormities auuoutrages commit ted by the American party yesterday and last night we have not now time to write. The mob having satisfied its appetite for blood, ie paired to Third street, and until midnight made demonstrations against the 11 Times'' and 4 Democrat" offices. The furious crowd satisfied itself, however, with breaking a few window-paues, and burning the sign of the Times office. At one o'clock this morning a large fire is razing in the upper part of tho city. t'pou the proceedings of yesterday and last night we have now no timo nor heart to com ment. We are sickened with the very thought of the men murdered, and houses burned and pillaged, that signalised the American victo ry yesterduy. Not leas than twenty corpses form the trophies of tliii wonderful achieve ment. Inter-Oceanic Ship Canal.?Wo learn, from a reliable soarce, that some enterprising citi zens of the Uriled States and New Granada have discovered and *rptor?d the long sought for r>>ute for connecting the Atlantic and Pa cific oceans by means of a jhip oanal This great desideratum to tho commercial w. rid is certainly the most grand and important enter pri-'v of this "fast'1 age, and worthy the at [ tention and consideration of every civilised people and government. The plan, as we understand it, is to go up the Atrato river some fifty miles from its mouth, with a depth of from six to ten fathoms, and from thence to the Pacific?a distanoe of tome ?ixty miles more?without a single lock or other obstruction in the contemplated canal. A liberal grant has been made by the Gov ernment of New Granada to the persons en gaged in this grand andertaking; and the whole rohte, frota one oCcah to the other, ha? been accurately surveyed, and the facts de veloped are beyond doubt or question, so far as the feasibility of the work is concerned. Nothing of which we are advised can equal the importance of this project, and the fact? presented to us are clearly presninptivo of the practicability of the enterprise. When we get the report in full of tho engineer who survey ed and measured the route, we will present it to our readers. The Br-iing Spirit of the Day?is much like that which distinguished the era in American public affairs that signalised tho adminis tration of the elder Adams. The only point jf difference is, that, then, tho cry was against infidelity, so far hs religion was concerned; while at this time it is against Catholicity, the religionists who take part in. the crusade of fho hour, huggirg to their hearts not only those who mast shamelessly deny tho existence >f a Supreme being in their habit of life, but -hose also whose infidelity is a matter of every lay boasting. The stato of popular senti ment that enacted the alien and sedition laws broke out in riot and bloodshed, wherover specious demagogues of position in society stepped forward to countcuanee such demon strations against the foreigh-born in our coun try, not more than against the letter and spirit jf our constitution and laws, and the eternal principles of justice, liberty, aiid rightj on which they (tho constitution and laws of the United States) are founded. It required but same two years for tho people to come to their senses, as was manifested not only in the re peal of the dangerous class-legislation to which ?te refer above, but in ostracising nearly all he public men who were conspicuous in the work of leading the popular mind astray tyr their own selfish and unprincipled ends, and n such a reaction in the popular mind Hi that ,'rom that day to the era of the burning of the ihurch of St. Augustine, in Phila lidphia. all were, with great unanimity, considered ene cies to the principles on which the con<titu lion of our country is based, who countenanced ;'?e idea that it was just, legal, and patriotic 0 make distinctions among citizens of the Uni .ed States on account of birth-place or religion. The existing phase of popular opinion to .vhich we refer, owes its origin, in ir.ea iure, to the increasing hiibit of olfico-sceking .?mong our countrymen. Whcio one man ought office forty years ago, at least one hun Ired, if not five limes that number, seek office low. As it is impossible to gratify ail, an 1 as aany of the disappointed arc mere blather kiting, small-beer politicians, without either :haracter or true patriotism, they cast around hem for some means of obtaining revenge on he party whose election they aided, but rho preferred to entrust the business of the iovcrnment in other hands than theirs ; and >eing, most of them, cunning demagogues, hey essayed to play on two elements of he organization of the human mind, in which ho history of the progress of man, from the arbarism of the remotest times of which re have a record, shows that man i* weak :st. That is, to play on tho religi 'U? pre udices and the natural antipathies of race nate in the ignorant and pa.-sionatc thr?>ugh .ut all time and in every clime. The latter lement, by the by, may not fairly be pro tounced a weakness of humanity alone; as it .ever yet has happened that ;i strange d"g ap proached a lot of curs without instantly hcin;. ct upon, unless the latter, ou carefully sur veying tho etrangcr, became satisfied that in he tight they might possibly come ? ff second jest. But leaving this, our episode, we have emark that a portion of the politicians of the >ther party, ambitious of place at any sacrifice if American institutions and principled, at nee seized upon the burning hato and anti Imerican schemes of the disappointed Dcmo rats, on which to ride into power. Together. 11 most from tho date of the last presidential nauguration to this day, they have been proi cuting their plans; collecting large bodies of he ignorant, brutal, vicious, bigotted, fanati al and demagoguish in the secrecy of midnight, nducing them to forswear their integrity and illegiancc to the laws of the land and its con ititution,by specious appeals, which are success ul with even such persons, only because honest, patriotic, truthful, experienced and well in armed men are not permitted to bo present to :xpose, in the hearing of the masses, their langerous and really revolting tendency. In iuch secret meetings they aro taught that to lie is virtuous; that to perpetrate frauds | igainst their opponents is justifiable; and that X) commit violence under cover of tho dark less of the night, is patriotic. That this has ueon done for somo tirno past all over the United States, is proved not only by tho ritual jf the order, but by the affidavits of honest ind patriotic men who, having gone into their i?>dgof>, have felt it to be their duty to make public what transpired therein in their sight tnd hearing. Their system of operations, while well calculated to give the order evan escent success at the polls, is also just the thing to end in such riots as those of the pres ent season in Newark, Williamsburg, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Columbus (Ohio,) and Louisville; which being of a character almost unheard-of in the United States'since the days of Alien and Sedition law supremacy, are pal pably the result of the teaching of Know No thingism in the secrecy of its midnight con claves. Bounty Land Warrants.?In the case of a female warrantee, a femme covert, twenty years of age, the General Land Offico has decided that, if the statute of the State in which her domicil is situated allows females of tho age ?>f eighteen to transfer real estate, the local land officers are authorised to permit the war rant to be located in the name of an assignee, upon its being filed at tho proper district land office, with an assignment executed by the warrantee and her husband, according to the forms prescribed in tho general circular of 3d May, 1&>5, and accompanied by a duly certi fied copy of tho statute aforesaid, with evi. dcnce showing the place of her domicil. Hondacity ?Notwithstanding the dreadful features of the Louisville riots, we cannot help beir.g amused with the utter lack efprinciple, honc.ty, truth, justice, and sound American 1 at ui.tniiesied by the New York Exprtss in its oommonti on the dreadful occurrence* of Monday last The false veraion of the affair, telegraphed in all directions bj the man who has sworn that he will perjure himself in the witness' stand, or commit any crime that may be necessary to be perpetrated to serve " the ends cf the ordor," is instantly seised on by the Express; and by its similarly foresworn writer, is embellished with the addition of any number of monstrosities, coined to suit the oc casion, in that person's brain. In the face of the fact that every Know-Nothing original ac count of the murder and bloodshed resulting within the last year from their efforts to over turn law, fire or sack buildings, and kill individuals, in order to carry their political points, (as at Williamsburg, Newark, New Or leans, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio,) have been j.roved to be atrociously false on investi gation?the Express comments on the Louis ville riots, so as to create in clear heads and honest hearts the impression that the party or parties responsible for the article would not hesitate to steal, cut a throat, or fire a house, if under the belief that duo punishment for such acts could certainly bo avoided. Pardonsd?We understand that the Presi dent has directed the pardon of Thomas Harry, convicted some time ago in the criminal court for this county of an assault with intent to kill the late Psino Todd, Esq. Ilarry has been confined for four years in the peniten tiary of tho District of Columbia, and had about eighteen months to serve. f _____ - e Appointed.?Mr. Thomas J. Prevat has been appointed Register of the Land Office at Noonansville, Fla., vice Paul McCormick, re signed. A Light-house Keeper Appointed.?Caleb L. Goold has been appointed keeper of the Bear Island light-house, Maine, vice John Q. Bremcm, removed ; salary $350 per annum. The Current Operation! of the Treawry Department.-^Onyesterday, the y th of August, ?here were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stock S13.6S4 24 For the Treasury Department...? 15.621 61 For the Interior Department.... ? 20.222 54 Por the Cuftons 5 210 Oi War Warrants received and en r V5"* 103,770 00 Interior repay warrants 2,120 47 Drawn on account of tho Navy... 15,240 00 covered in from miscellaneous sources... 113 09 The Election!. North Carolina.?This morning wc have news by tel jgraph from North Carolina, which increases tho prospect of the defeat of Puryear, (K. N.,) who, it will be recollected, was an opposition member in the last House. Scales, bis anti-Know Nothingopponent, is, in all prob ability elected, which will make tho North Carolina delegation in the next House stand anti-Know Nothing 6, Know Nothing 2. Alabama.?-Our correspondent at Montgom ery, than whom we know no more reliable man in such cases, telegraphs to us to-day as follows: Montgomery, Aug. 8.?Winston's majority M immense. We have returns sufficient to show the triumphant election of Dowdell. Har ris. Shorter, and Houston, (all anti-K. N.'s? lid ) Nothing decisive yet irorn Cobb's dis trict. In the Mobile district, there is a pros pect, so far, of the election of Stawlworth (anti) over Percy Walker (K. N.) The Legis lature is largely Democratic, and Fitxpatrick's re-election to the Senate is thus insured. Au hour before tho receipt of this dispatch, we received another from a distinguished pub lic man, as follows: Montgomery, Aug. 8.?Dowdell is elected i>jr five hundred majority. Winston will be sleeted by upwards of six thousand. Dowdell's district is composed of the coun ties of Chambers, Russell, Macon, Tallapoosa, Montgomery, and Autagua. They usually 5've an aggregate anti-Democratic majority of .'.000. Mr. Abcrcrombie, Whig, has been their representative in Congress for some years past. Dowdell, we know, had determined not to run. but was forced out as late as the last of June, (lis victory, under all these adverse circum stances, proves that Know Nothingism has greatly injured rather than strengthened the ?au?e of the opposition in Alabama. The dis trict borders on Georgia and is principally ?ettlcd by Georgians; which, in turn, is sig aificant of the fate that awaits Know Nothing sm in Georgia at the approaching election in that State. Tlnnessee. AV e are without additional re turns from that State. The last insure the slection of Smith, anti-K. N., and of Zolli koffer and Rivers, K. N.'g. Nothing decisive aas been heard from any other Congressional jontest in that State, though we take it for granted that the new delegation will stand Know Nothing 7, anti-Know Nothing 3. John son's majority for Governor will be about as large as he received at tho last Gubernatorial ulcetion there. Kentucky.?No further election details have reached us to-day from Kentucky. Know Nothing dispatches claim Morehead's election by between 6,000 an,! 7,000 majority-highly probable, if their election commissioners did ilsewhere in the State as at Louisville. (Vide the extract from the Louisville Courier of the 7th instant in anothor column.) A Parliamentary Division.?The parties. who in Parliament are opposed to the present war, may be divided into two large spinning classes; thow who, like Bright, spin Won! ?PiuicT W 1,keGIudst?De> spin long yarns. ^MASONIC.?A special communication of the Grand Lodge of the District of Co lumbia will be hold^n on MONDAY, the 13th in stant, at Island Hall, at 5 o'clock p. m.. for the purpose of laying the Comer Stone of the "Ger auin Reformed Cnurch," corner 4# and 1) sts. Officers and members of the Grand Lodge will tnke due notice thereof. Masons in good stand ing are fraternally invited. By order M. W. Grand Master : 8. T. 6HUGERT, au 10?3t Grand Sec. lN ADJOURNED MEETING OF ???CST"the Protes't Episcopal Missionary Com mittee of the District or Columbia will be held at the residence of the Rev. Mr French, TO-MOR ROW (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at6 o'clock As the question of the immediate appointment of a resident Missionary will be considered, a full attendance is earnestly requested. au 10??t ATTENTION. UNION GUARDS?You are hereby notified to attend an adjourned meeting on FRIDAY, August 10th. at 7^ _ o'clock. Each member is requested to attend this meet ing as business of importance will be laid before the Company. By erder: P. HARRISON, O. 8. au #?2t? .NOTICE ?First Grand Excursion of _ the American Rifltnun.?The members of t his Corps most respectfully announce to their friends and patrons that they will give an Excur sion on THURSDAY, August 23d. Particulars la future advertisement. Lieut. ROB'T T. KNIGHT, au 7?tf Chairman of Com ?-^S?NOTICE.?Th? Books of the Columbus ?vJSk Building Association are yet open, and will remain open until August 80th, 1965 Persons desirous to subscribe for shares can ao so by making application to the undamgred. oTAn&CH WARZMAN, sec . No. 16 P. O. Depart., or 410 Ninth st. jy 78?w3w EXTRA!!! ODD FELLOWS' HALL. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, Aagatt j0# ANNUAL BENEFIT" or MB. I. t. PLOTD, Who ha* the pleasure of introducing to the mUn of hit friends (he new piece be C. W. Tayleure, called the Black Statue, ALSO Infrrwl 9?E LwE C T PROGRAMME, Introducing the popular song of a _ .. BOBBING AROUND. W. J. Florence, for twenty-foar Baltimore* niKht* the Holiday street Theatre. ?radwxc* Mr. J. W Adams *u 10~!t JOHN T. FORD. Agent. BBBANOED CONDITION , ?f ""*?* b? residence. No. JMO Fifth st . last night. or before * o'clock this moving. Anv ?.LB h<T' lf leftmt Mrimi denee, or at the Star Office, will be mo?t grateful. ?Tnj X ???ct?d and distressed family. r\R? WADSWORTH has returned, and will 7 ? PIfa,gd to ** <hose desiring his profes " m DenU#t Office in f odd s Marble Building. auio-lie PLM?nR^ w?m ,new wbmt< RaV'? Arlington Mills, in barrels and Quarter barrels. For sal* by SHEKELL BROTHERS, ,. 0 No.40, opposite Centre Market, a" 10?31 _f Intel] SWEDISH HAIR CREATOR.-The man ^ ufarturers of this article have so much conti denee in its success, that they apply it at their rooms in New ^ ork and make nocharge until the hair is produced. For saieat LAMMOND'9, 7lh st au 10?3t ICE! JPLSTJec?lTef **r ^h?>ner Kate Hel-n, two ** hundred and fifty tons first quality Boston Ice L. i. MIDDLE TON, Office and Depot corner F and 12th st*. AA I lit au 10?eolw PLEASANT RESORT. CJPRING GARDENS, (formerly Favier's Gar U den) on M street, between 17th and 18th. open every day and ^^ening through the week On Sundav Coffee, Chocolate. Ice Cream. Ac., is for sale. No sniritous liquors allowed on Sun ^ CHRISTIAN LIGHTBECKER. au 10?lw* ANKLE TIES WE would call attention to our assortment of ANKLE nES for children. Also, youths' Patent Leather PUMPS, together with a general assortment of BOUTS for men, women and chil dren Just received, and for sale low. by MILLS A BR ASHLARS, No. 333 Pa. av., bet. tith and 7th sts au 10?.It NOTICE.?The undersigned being about to visit Europe, desires those having claims against him to present them fur liquidation at his residence. No. *03 G street, near the War Depart ment: and earnestly requests all indebted to him to pay their respective bills promptly. JOHN GREGSON, - au 10?3t Veterinary Surgeon. NOTICE. PROPOSALS will be received, until the 27th A inst.. for furnishing the Treasury Department with one hundred cords of Hickory and one hun dred ahd fifty cords of Oak WOOD, or any per -ion thereof nit less than 25 cords The wood to be cf the best quality, and to be delivered, corded and measured on the premists. without expense to the Department. And, also, for from 15o to 200 tons of best Cumberland COAL, all lumps. S. M McKEAN, Superintendent S. E. Ex. Building _au 10?eot27 GRAND BALL AT SPRING GARDENS* (FORXSELY FAV'lEU'S GARDE* ) pHRISTIAN LIGHTBECKER takes pleasure in announcing that he will give a GRAND HALL at the above Gardens on TlJESDAV AF TERNOON. the 14th instant, commencing at 5 o'clock, on which no efforts will be spared on his .part to make it pass off pleasantly. The Marine Hand has been engaged and will perform some p opular airs. Tickets 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and lady- au lo?3t* NEW CONFECTIONERY. ~ SEBASTOPOL is not vet taken, but the Store first door west of Mr. J. F. Ellis' Music S:ore. on Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th streets is ta ken. where we will open on Saturday, the 11th in stant, with a general variety of Confectionery, to which we invite our friends and the public gene rally to give us a call. Ail our Confectionery is manufactured by us. and will warrant entire satisfaction. Ice Cream and Water Ices at f2 per gallon au 10?3t U. H. RI DEN OUR A CO M.MADAME R.'S ARRIVAL. ADA ME R. respectfully inftrms the public in general, that she will give information in all the affairs relating to Life 1 Health, Wealth Marriages. Love, Journeys. Law Suits. Difl^ul lies in Business. Absent Friends. Sickness, and Death, and in respect to all other subjects She is also able to tell the ages of persons by reading numbers. All those who wish to consult Madame R., will please call soo. , as she will re main in the city but a short time She can be consulted at all hours of the day ant 'venin ' Her name is on the door?No. r..1l D st "three doors from It th. I-adles. 50 cents, and gentlemen the same au 10?5t# ODD FELLOWS' HALL. . KUNKIL'S Great Opera Troupe Still continue their UNIQUE PORTRAITURES, Interspersed with BURLESQUE PIECES, OPERAS AND NEW SONGS. Observe the daily programmes for particulars. Admission 25 ccnU. a" 1(t-tf JOHN_T. FORD, Age n t_ NATIONAL HOTEL, NORFOLK? VA~ B. B. WALTERS, Proprietor. TTAVING purchased the above well known es M. A tablishment, I respectfully inform mv w* friends and the traveling public, that the ?5ti house has been thoroughly renovated andjjiM. newly furnished throughout, and is now open for the reception of permanent and transient board ers. I return my sincere thanks to my friends and the public generally for the liberal patronage ex tended to m? for the last twenty-three yean and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, as suring them that nothing will be left undone to make them at HOME while sojourning at the Na tional. N B ?A four-horse stage Coach leaves the Na tional Hotel every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday for Elizabeth City, N. C. au 10?lm B. B WALTERS. CH1CKER1NG A SUNS' PIANOS. JUST received from Boston, a further supply of Louis XIV and Parlor Grand PI ANOS. My complete and extensi voas sortment comprises the new and so-approved Par lor Grand, magnificent Louis XIV , central and "ili,ar! IV.'TJL ofMand 7 oct . from the old established and famed factory of Chlckeriiu? A Sons, Boston. " Also, in store, recently received, 6, 6 w and 7 octave Pianos, with entire iron frame, of teauiiful tone and elegant finish, by Brown A Alien, Bos ton. Mr Brown, the senior partner of this firm is one of the oldest and most skillful piano makers in the United States. By the packet of Wednesday next, I shell re vive an additional supply of Pianos from both the above factories. As I make all my purchases for cash, I will sell, either for cash or approved notes, lower than a piano can be purchased in the factory and brought uere. Second-hand pianos taken iu part payment A good assortment of Guitars, Violins, Flutei, Ac,Ac. ' New Music received weekly. au 10?& RICHARD DAVIS. FIRST GBAND EXCURJlON AND PIC NIC or THE George Washington Club, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On WEDNESDAY, Aagast 15. THE members of the GEORGE WASHING TON CLUB, of Georgetown, m k. take pleasure in announcing to theirJa??~g3f brother Club* and the public generallytha^hey have chartered the safe and commodious Steamer George Washington, and will give a grand Ex cursion and Pic Nic to the White House Pavilion on the above named day. The members of the Club pledge thems'lve. that no pains or expense shall be spared to make this one of the best excursions of the season Cotulon Muaic ^ ? c?k^ w toJ ^woofg?town at 7, W ashing ? 8, and Alexandria at 8j| o clock, returiing at a seasonable hour toUfhlS ? gentleman and ladies ; io be bad of any of the CommiUee or at the beat. i Committu tj Arramgtmtntt. Lemuel Brown, Chas Grimes. A ndrew Clements. J no Heard. J no Gobort, J o< Crouse au 10?4t copinrmiHir. THF. undersigned have this day Rwrosd a try. partnership under tbs name and atria of HARTLY A HRO., for tbt purpow of tninaari in* a Flour and General Commission buaiaeaa M 101 Watar street, Georgetown N B HAKTLEY, E. D. HARTLEY Georgetown, D. C., August I, 1865 au V?im* p|AGUERREAN GALLERY FOR SALlTn r Aleaandrta. Va. One of tbe best rooms la Alexandria. WU1 bt sold cheap far cask Aav P?*a?n who waau to leara tbe easiness WU U will teach tbe art of PhoUwrapk Inv artUt*1 U worlh ??* ^uadr^ dollar, to hz?s iwasriKBte a My.1Sttsyj?? a acar on tbe Hi side of his face. hs/l oa when be left a dark pair of pantaloon* a cLerk ered jacket, and a shirt with calico boeotn Rac ing learned that he did not go In aa<4 boat and fearing be may have been induced to go off ?? mother direction, 1 hereby forbid anv one fro in ^^hitn Mary WHEELER DANA WAT FROM THE SIBSCR l M l h , AS, lirjag in Montgomery countv, Md , on the? 24th July, a black Boy, named Nathan. answrn 1 to the name of Nace. lt> year* of age. about 5 f?et bigh. He is a stout boy. and when spoken to ap pears aurly; had on when be left a worsted wiater 2*P> cot'on osnaburg skirt and pantaloons and old ?wot*. He has been seen in Washington, where ae now mav be skulking about or secreted A re ward of *2o will be given if taken In Montgome-v county or within the district, and *50 If taken be! 1 ^tho^ limiU. EDEN BEALL PO* THE CHILDREN.?A great variety of I Toys, very cheap, at *u v~3t LAMMO.ND 8, 7th at ?BASKETS?Work, Card. Traveling. Knife P Cigar. Office. Market and Clothes Ban-' keta. If you want a good basket, at a low prW ?-?all at 41W Seventh street G FRANCIS au 8? IfOROCt O AKO ELASTIC BELTS. Bar. iVA ry s Tricopherous for the hair, superior P.? naden, Hair and Tooth Brushe.. Combs. Ac . for ?*le* ^ LAMMOND'S, 7th at augS?3t J. E. SHIeAs A to" * _ ClALfl IX BED* white ashIhthkacite COAL waaHmoToii, d. c. IE? Office, corner Ninth and H streets. JR". Ya,d wd "'hmT' foot of lTth st , opposite ashlngton Monument. a a 8 Iwo P>R SALE?Excellent Familv Horse, Rock- * away and Harness. The horse will f\y I* warranted to work well in single or2<-%^ double harness, to be gentle and free from incki' lie has been used ax a family horse, and ia now 'old because the owner has no further use for him ?he whole will be disposed of separately or to gether, and at a low price. Thev may be seen st I'AKE.M> ER S Stable, (formerly Schwartz*'*.) ^?n G street, near the War Department If not / previously *old. will be ottered on Saturday next at 1U o'cl k, at tbe auction store of (ireen A Scon ^ au 8?3t \*AJ. JAMES'S MILITARY DIlTIO^. ??-*A ary. I,(MO pages, scarce. S3 5o Capt. Duckett* Technological Military Diction ? ary. German, English and French, 1 vol octavo. 4 50 Campbell s Naval History of Great Britain 8 vol octavo, #7 50 Memoirs of Admiral Sidney 9mith, bv Sir John Harrow. F R S.. 2 vols. ocUto. ft 75 The Military Force of Great Britain, by Baron C Dupin, 2 vols, octavo, 1 75 McArthur on Courts Martial, 8 vols, octavo, flnelv bound.3 75 Tytler on Military I*aw and Courts Martial, I vol octavo, finely bound, 1 75 Aye on Courts Martial. 1 vol, 50c The Military Acts and Articles of War. by Major Hough, Judge Advocate, Ac, 1 \U, octavo 1 50 Glennie's Memoir* of Campaigns, Battles, Ac 1 vol. octavo, 2 25 Drinkwater's Siege of Gibraltar, I vol. 62c Schimmer's Sieges of Vienna. 1 vol. tfcfc Healc's Manual if Military Geography, I volume. British Military Biography from Alfred to Wel lington, 1 vol, #5 cents Lieut. Col Jebb, Royal Li%ineers. on strength ening and defending Military Post*. Houses Hedges, Woods, Wails, Ac., 1 vol. many engrav ings, 75 cents ?S- FRANCE TAYLOR. SCHOONER .OLIVE" FOR SALE. ~ THE subscribers having no use for said veewl A which has een thoroughly repaired,'"m ' will sell a bargain 1o any one wishi ?g t?^Ma purchase by calling on C Mvers A Son, aMheir W ood and Coal Yard, No 27 Water st . George town, D C. C. MYERS A SON* au 7?tf DRY GOODS. JUST received at the Washington Store, No. 18 opposi te Centre M arket 5o pieces beautiful styles Calicoes, cost 10 cents. for 6^ * Ginghams only 10cents \ ord wide 1-awno 0# cents Do do 4 cents Besides the above our entire stock of Summer Goods, consisting of plain and plaid Bertges. do A. uo. Challies, Grenadines. Uarege Robes. Barei"> \ de Lains, Lawus, Ac., will be sold without re gard to cost. We are determined to dispose of them by the 1st September. ALso. a good assortment of Domestic Goods v ,w51caa a* lowas anv house in the cltv. I he ladies are solicited to call and examine the above good* WASHINGTON STORE. _ No 18, opposite the Centre Market 811 4 ?*>t _TlM? MRS. A. t. REDMOND'S X: r.\V Gallery of Daguerrean Art and Photo- * i. v graphing is at No. Pa. avenue, northeast corner of 1 Ith street, over Ford A Bro s Drutf Store, Washington. Pictures taken at 50 cents and upward*. Mrs R. is a graduate of Wbitehurst s estaMi- h ment au 6? GEORGETOWN lOLLEGE. D. C. THE next session of this Institution will com ineiice on Monday, the 3d of September The preparatory department and collegiate course are both conducted by able and exprrienced Profes sors, who devote themselves to the moral and n tellectual advancement of those confided to their care. A large and spacious buiMlng has just been completed to be used exclusively for the accom modation of the younger students. ThHr dornii t0^ivpUy study hall, class rooms. Ac will be entirely distinct from those of the other studeats, and ofiicersespecially assigned will at tend them In their pastimes and preside over their studies. A complete separation will thus be ef rected between the younger and older students, the advantages of which must be apparent to all those who have the least experience in the educa tion of youth. The observatory of the College, Its extensiv* 1 j ^??P. *PP*ratus, rich and varied libraries, jil Minerals. Geological Specimens and shells, afford to the Students of this Institu tion advantages rarely to be met with . ^ B A. MAGU1RE. _ au 6 dim President WATER COOLERS.?Some of the Land / soinest and best everyway in the citv. wil, i be sold at reduced prices. Jr Also, Double Ice Pitchers, lower than ever at the Housekeepers' Furnishing Store. 4?u Seventh G. FRANCIS au 4? . niD AL J?CO At H?COAL J!! A CAR GO of best quality White Ash Anthracite . ui**'IiOW soon to arrive, for sale by the ton or vessel load. Phis description of Coal has been used by hotels here, and pronounced to be of a most supe rior quality We will deliver it from our wharf '?hf7llr ln, any Part ^ th? <%> ?? Philadelphia wholesale prices, only adding the cost of carting. J E SHIELDS A CO., Corner Ninth and H streets. au 4?lw* (lBtei) Te the Families ol the District. Johnson's Metropolitan Washing Machine!?. *** mvESTios.?(tjtist jut issckd ) Shr.VERAL a1"***)' irivinjj entire satisfac L, "onto the purchasers Priet onlv 910 Saves .-if I; Lasot!!' The METRO' OL ITAN WASHING MACHINE does not and <-??. *ot (from the arrangement of its parts) injure clothe in the least, though they be of the most delicate texture, whilst the dirt Isentirelv and thor oughly removed. Experienced and competent judges pronounce it the best thing of the kind yet out. A bo\ or girl can operate it with tLe greatest ?**? and get Information. Present agencies: HAUPTMAN'S Furnishing Store. 9th street, near the Avenue; and WEBB'S 0th a id Tth.^ Other depots will be established so soon as ar rangements are perfected. H^L-L.VJrAS#(COrTH'r Oftth and B * C^mbta ' Proprietor for the District of ' au 4?tf law partnership R1La>t?Rfb'iidWALKER g* LOUIS J AN IN * co-partnership under the 0Hn Janln f?r the mausgem-n. and ? E l, tb* preme <5sorf of the Mon ,be' "* Ctol- ?' Address Waahinjfton, D C ?s,

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