Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE IIeroks ii Peace are not (infrequently f >und to be cowards in War, and men, apparent ly selfish in time* of general health^ are dis e^vercd to be self-sacrificing in the hour of dreadful trial, when perti'enoe prevails, and the hearts of the bravest rink with apprehen sion. The trnth of this assertion has often been demonstrated during the prevalence of the yellow fever at Portsmouth, as we learn from private sources. A gentleman who had the reputation of being haughty, not (according to those who foim their estimate of individual character in the abeeoee of proper data) caring for the welfare cfhis fellow citiiens, moved by the distress ? pound him, at once devoted himself to the ofiet* of humanity, and, by every means in k>? power, administered to the rick and the djir/;. and even procured the deceased as de cent burial as circumstances would admit. They who farmed so poor an opinion of b's characteristic? had led ! Ue is now receiving the " love and thanks of man and woman.' Adversity develope3 real worth. Colonel Watts, the President of the City Councils of Portsmouth, has taken a large seheol-bouse. well locat< i for ventilation, and to that place has removed the children who have been deprived of their parents by the yellow fever, and appointed such superintend ents as will care for them during this time of rbeir distiess. A* OrriciAL Oeatoe.?Yesterday officer James Little, well known to our citisens as one ?f the comical geniuses of Washington, Vrhen in the act of executing a search warrant in the Seventh Ward, was opposed by a lady, who objected to his entering a certain room. Jimmy begged, but to no purpose; his fair opponent w.v in no humor to permit his entry. Jimmy reasoned, but she was inflexible. At last he took another mode. Assuming an attitude that would serve as a model for the study of some of oar law student*, he delivered the follow ing eloquent speech: "Maaam Were the combined powers ol Erubus led on by Pluto himself between me and that door, I would make my way through fifty times their stop, and enter that room. The law. Madam, commands only where it <>an compel therefore be pleased to stand out of my way." Jimmy says '-the lady fuc cubed" Accident.?We learn from the National In telligencer of this morning that Mr. Jaoob Hull, of Prince George's county, Md., (wh<i ha? been a sojourner in this city for several months past.) wv? thrown from his buggy ;< few miles out on the Seventh street road, on Sunday afternoon, and sustained very severe, though, we believe, not dangerous injuries His right leg was broken below the knee, and he has some internal hurt which may possibly prova to be the fracture of one or more of hi* ^ ribs. Mr Hall weighs nearly three hundred pounds. and there is of course greater difficul' ty iu determining the precise nature and ex tent of his wounds than in ordinary cases. Ht , was brought to the Washington Infirmary im mediately after the occurrence of the accident where he will remain in faithful aud skilful handi uiitil his recovery. A Touch or the Lash.?Yesterday, a young man hired a very fine team from the keeper ol a livery stable, and, after taking acompanioc in with him, went "bobbin round-' the city. His style ot driving nut suiting the owner, he &ent a messenger to request the return of hi; horses and carriage. The young man consid ered the request insulting, and made some threats against t'ue person who was the bearei of the request, his female companion urging him to carry Jhem out on the spot. In th( afternoon the team was returned to the stable where the messenger was sitting. The youm inau attempted to punish him there, but aftei a few unsuccessful attempts to strike hii cool, deliberate opponert. he found it neetvsarj to make a sudden and rapid retreat because o the skill with which n horsewhip was used bj the opposing hand. Ax Orcas Grinder, who was preparing t' nerenade the folks in the Centre Market, waj started from his position by a police officer this morning. The itinerant musician thei went to the Avenue, where, in a short time lie cracked U ^vther a large crowd, composec mainly of children; but he did not auoceed ii extracting fr in them a large number of pen ? nics. which, in this season of plenty, the ju veuiles expend for fruit and small beer. W< have always noticed that the monkey elicit more admiration than the melody; whicl either chows a love for toology paramount t< that for the music, or an admiration of th* tricks of the animal as being indicative ofmor merit than the mere turning of a crank afte the manner of the man at a grindstone. The Yopeg Ladies Classical Institute a select family boarding school, is located a No. 490 E street, between Fifth and Sixth sta. Kev. Stephen 11. Mirick being the principal The courre of instruction includes the Latin French, and English languages, naturu science, mathematics, history, mental ant moral philosophy, and belles lettres?in shor all the branches usually pursued in the be? schools of the country. His system is admira bly adapted to taat tnorough development an< severe discipline of the mind necessary to se cure the great objects of female education. A Grievous Nuisance.?Wo are informet that the alley iu the square bounded by Nintl and Tenth and E and F streets, and east of thi run, is in a condition most likely to breet cholera within a very short time. Vain effort have been made to induce tiome of the Corpo ration officers to have it cleaned, and to pre vent any such future accumulation of filth a; exists there. The B<:aid of Health are re spectfuliy requested to look at the premises as there are many poor negro families sur rounding it. who would go off like chaff wer< a pestilence to break out there. Bad Practice?We bad a complaint laid before us, this morning, by a gentleman wh< had suffered in the outward man by a partial application of the hydropathic system?name ly, a douche- from an upper window?the occu pant of the chamber emptying her slops on those below without respect to persons; thus showing no partiality in tier medical ministra tions. To say the least, (aud we, too, speak from experience.) we are not particularly fa vorable to that mode ot treatment. Job* T Russell, indicted for forgery, ar.d confined in jail since the last term of tne crimi nal court oi this District, appeared before hu honor, Judge Crawford, by habea* corpus, yea Unlay, attended by his counsel, Colonel M Thompson, and gave bail iu the sum of one thousand dollars for his appearance at the next term of the criminal oourt, and was there upon released frcrn custody. Cettee Market ?Another fine and exten sive display of fruit**, vegetables, am' meats this unrning, the priees about the unc as those of Saturday. Our preference is, that if any persons are to break their legj, the indi viduals who persist in throwing refuse fruit, such as canteloupe and watermelon rinds, on the footways, may be the victims. We fre quently hear of marketers being tripped by t&e slippery fragments. Tee Okpiai.?The Hoard of Managers of the Washington City Protestant. Orphan Asy lum gratefully acknowledge the following do nation.- : A stranger, ; Mr. Jas. McGuire. *>50; Mr . l)e^au^iin, ^5; Miss Dahlgreeu, Si>; through Mrs. Col. Turnbull, $5. Sisan K. Cox, Se;'y. The Maujos, in worthy imitation of the Franalin Fire Company aud the American Rides, intend, next week, we learn, giving an excursion dowa the river?the proceeds to be applied to the relief of the Portsmouth, Uos port and Norfolk sufferers by yellow fever. Tub Pastor or St. Patrick's Chi h< b ac knowledges witu thanks the receipt of one hun dred dollar* from a Protestant gentleman, to be transmuted, with the collection taken up at St. Patrick's on last Sunday, for the reliei of the sufferets at Norfolk aud Portsmouth The Frajteli* Fire Company e Excursion, it mu4 not be forgotten, will take pla-e to rnoriow Ue repeat, I he piare to be applied to tne relict tin* sutlere-* by the yellvw icwr ui tMe infected cities vi Virginia Relief.?Sweeney Rittenhouse A Co., bankers, the recipients ? * contributions for the sufferers by yellow fever jtNorf>Ik, Gosport, an<? Portsmouth, remitted, on their account, U*.st Saturday, the sum of 5258.50. The total amount collected in the Nary De partment and its bureaus is $133.50. It is sa;d that over $1,000 have been sub scribed by the persons employed in tlie Wash ington Navy Yard At a gue<3, we think wc may safely say that about $2,500 hare been already stobsciibcd, in this city, for the relief of the sufferers. Tee Alarm of Fire, last evening, about 8 o'clock, wa? cau ~d by the burning of gome ra^s, old papers, Ac., in a house on. Pennsyl vania avenue, between Third and Four-?nd-a half streets. There was considerable smoke, a great noise, and probably some flames, but we have not heard that any other damage was done. ? Joe Pentland intends visiting Washington with his Circus troupe, and will perform on the 30th and 31st of August, and the first of September. Joe is the popular clown to his own troupe, and is a host in hLaaelf. The es tablishment h^s been supplied with entirely new and brilliant equipments. The Corner of Tenth and & stress north deserves the attention of the municipal author itic3. The pavement ha" been covered up by carmen, who dump their dirty gatherings there in spite of dccency and the city laws. The Observatory Building.?The dome of the National Observatory is much improved by the coat of white paint (c r is it canvas ?) spread over its former black surface. Fifth District Police.?Reuben Dodge, threatening his wife, jail; William Dodge, profanity, fine and costs; Patrick Kelly, threats, security for peace. Watch Retitins.?Topley McGregor, col ored, drunk, workhouse ninety days; Jacob Payne, drunk and disorderly, do. thirty days; W. H Ridgway, assault on Mr. Gross, jail; P. McAvoy, resisting officers, jail; John Gal oway, colored, drunk, workhouse thirty days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, August 21, 1855. During the last few days, business on Water street and along our wharves has presented a much more encouraging, and lively appear ance than it lias for several months past. The number of vessels loading and unloading has been very considerable. The fine flouring mills of Messrs. Boyce A Taylor, Wilson, Ray A Bro., Edes A Lyons are all getting in full blast again, and the extensive cotton factory of Mr. mlson, (the Pioneer,) with tho multi tude of industrious operatives resembles a bee hive in mid summer. The iron furnace ol Poor A Co., is also in full blast, giving em ployment to a number of worthy operatives. The contract for furnishing the atone for the Treasury extension has been awarded to Mr. Dennis O'Neal, of our city. A portion of tb? stone will be brought from the Port Deposil quarries, and the balance from Mr. O'Neal'i quarries upon the Potomac. We would inform '4 Justice," of the Organ and Georgetown Advocate, that we alway. smell a rat when we see his tail; or, in othei words, judge of the character of a correspond ent by the language he uses, and always make it a point never to run a muck with an indi vidual whose head and heart aro both m bias?ed by corrupt principles, or the firs! named member, so downright Know Nothing ish (naturally, we mean,) in its character, a' to preclude the possibility of his couching a short communication in decent language. Jus tice is burned at the result of the election? that's all. As an evidence of the superiority of the Evening Star as an advertising medium, ft . I gentleman residing in our city had a want in serted yesterday, and this morning he hat been completely besieged with applicants eve: since he reached bis place of business; an<i when we left, they were still coming. We learn from the camp meeting in Mont gomcry county, that every thing conncjtcvj with it is moving on quietly and harmoniously The number of persons in attendance is verj large, and the pr ^pects for doing good is en couraging. A considerable number of oui Methodist friends contemplate attending tht meeting rear Bla.lensburg, which commcnce< on the 24th instant. Tbe following vessels arrived at ourwharvc; yesterday : Barque Wm. Chase, Dorry, St Thomas, to F. A A. 11. Dodge; Brig Fidelia Hicks, New York, to F. A A. H. Dodge; steamer Columbia. Harper. Baltimore, to Hvdc A David??on ; schooner America, James, Port Deposit, the F. Wheatlcy. The brig Marj Perkins. Hickey. is now being loaded with flour for Boston, by Hartly A Bro. The flour market this morning is less active and inclined to droop?held at $8.75 as ir Duality; none arriving by canal; soles con ned to home manufacture. Wheat is begin ning to arrive quite freely; market heavy and and inclined to droop also; red S1.70a$1.75; white $1.75a$1.85?the last figures for strictlj Srime. Corn, none offering, would command Days Spectator. The Yellow Fever. We have but little additional news froa Norfolk or Portsmouth concerning the fever. The fever is raging in Norfolk with fearfu' rapidity, and many deaths are occurring there among the high and the low. In Norfolk, Capt. Freeman and R. C. Bar clay are reported dead. Benj. W. Palmer, Purser's clerk in the Gosport navy yard, it also dead. About twenty new cases were reported in Portsmouth on Saturday, a large proportion of which were colored persons. Among the sick, are Newton Ashton, Dr. Cocke, and Capt. George Chambers. Dr. J. N. Schoolfield and Mr. John Emer son of the Virginia Bank, are recovering. The destitute little children, (about 30 in number,) who have lost their parents by the pestilence, are snugly quartered at the Acade my Building, being kindly nursed and oared for. In addition to the Sisters,'' a number of charitable ladies had arrived at Norfolk to assist in nursing the sick; and nurses are still in demand. A merchant from Norfolk, dircct from Port mouth by the Seaboard and Petersburg Rail roads, brings the latest tidings from Norfolk aad Portsmouth, and they are of a truly mel ancholy character. He states there was no abatement of fever whatever. The general impression seemed to be that it was rather on the increase at both places. . From Hampton, we learn that Mrs. Segar's (from the infected district in Norfolk) was the only case of yelluw fever that has occurred there: reports to the contrary notwithstanding. Mrs. S. has entirely recovered. A correspondent of the Petersburg Express writes as follows: 41 About four-fifths of our white population, are scattered abroad in every direction, and those who remain are rapidly falling before the Fell Destroyer. God only knows what will be the end. Every relation I have, and nearly all my friends are gone. Gladly, most gladly, would I leave, but I cannot and will not desert our citizens in their distress " The Petersburg Democrat publishes the following letter from Norfolk, dated the 17th instant: "Provisions have become scarce; Meal, i3.50 per bushel. There is no butter in mar ket, and Baltimore corn beef can be obtained from only one house in the city ; in fact, sup plies of ail kinds have been cut off, and no mar ket carts dare approach our city ; for dread of violence from tueir neighbors in the country. Deaths by fever are nut all reported I have thi.1 iul'writtatioa train a physician wbo ha.-' much j iac'.i " Al! pers-ew are required to r;poit to tho li >aid of Ho-tlih cat** of t'jver that they may know ol alter to-day. ? t\r PEPSGNAL. ... .Dr. W. W Waikins, of llowarl County, Ma., was ycstcrdiy nominated by a Know N< - tiling convention a& tbcir candidate i'nr Con gress, from the district couipo'ed of the colir. ti#? of Calvert, St. Mary's, Prince George'/, Anne Arundel. lloward, M.'ut^oui'.ry ntd Charles. *.i.I>r Win. II. Freeman and Dr. Castro, late cf Cuba, have left Philadelphia for Nor fjlk, to offer their services to the sick. ....J. T. Hart, the Kentucky sculptor, now in Florence, Italy, has the Ftatue (for the la dies of Virginia.) of Mr. Clay, in rapid pro cress. Al6o, he has shipped frotn the port of Leghorn three of his finest marble busts; Gov. Cri'tmden. Gen. Taylor, and Kobt. Wickliffo, Esq?his latent and best productions, much lauded in Europe for their exquisite finish and exceeding merit as works of art. ....Tho New York Temperance Societies are making arrangements to give John B. Gough a grand reception on the occasion of his risit to that city, sometime next week. We would suggest that this popular speaker bo engaged to speak in Washington. The cause of total abstinence nccdB revivification, just nowi ....Judge Gayle. of Alabama, formerly a Whig member of Congress, is out against tho Know Nothings. ....Mr. Jas. E. Wharton has retired from the editorial chair of the Wheeling Times, after a connection with that paper of nearly twenty yearn continuance. .... Kacheii? to be feasted and feted, New York fashion, immediatoly on?or rather be fore?her arrival in this city, probably on Wednesday next. A steamboat has been char tered to cruise about the Bay to wait for the Pacific. Invitations to th^ number of some three hundred and litty have been issued to all the tUsiiugue about town, including a mil itary company, inu'ical and dramatic corps, distinguished politicians, members of the press, telegraphic reporter?. autograph collec tors, daguerreotypists, biography mongers, and a multitude of others of that ilk. Alas! poor Rachel! ....A complimentary benefit was to have been given to Miss Funny Osborne, a clever young comedienne, at Wallack's Theatre, New York, on Friday evening: but alas! it wat ' too late'*?Miss Osborne died on Thursday. Her health had been filling for some time. ..i.Rev. Mr. Streeter, the oldest minister of the Universalist denomination in Boston, preached at his church, on Sunday last, 'tbe first sermon he ever delivered, which wasorig inally preached fifty years ago, in Richmond. New H lampshire. lie delivered it twenty-five years ago, at the request of his parishioners. A lady by the name of Mrs. Gardnei, come to her death under very painful circum stances at the camp meeting near Reisterstown, on Thursday afternoon. Whilst perambula ting the ground she was stung by an insect, ind being In delicate health, the injury re ceived affected her nervous system to such a-.i extent thst she ruptured a blood vessel and lied in a short time. .... We learn from the Catholic Mirror that ?' on the morning r>f the 10th at the Con vent of the Visitation, Mount de Sales, Mi>s Elizabeth Rotch, of Alexandria, now Sister Mary Juliana; Miss Mary Dyer, New Jersey, now Sister M. Catherine ; and Miss Teresa Hughes, Pennsylvania, now Sister M. Vero nica. were admitted to the White Veil. The Rev. Father Ward presiding." 1T7* A Letter.?(Sot to be read by Ladirt ) Baltimore, August 16. Dear Sir?It is working marvels here. Old men that have been 20 vears afflicted find relief and actually shout for joy and gratitude. Little c hildren that have suffered for months have bwn cured in four or tive days. One old gentleman ?<ays he '? feels twenty years yoon^jer.'' Another that five drops relieved him in h'Jf an hoir A music engrave*ha* been cured that wa? given np by four Doctors. Two partial rw?r;t!ysis entirel* sestored, and ever so many Rheumatic cure* Sprains, and Burns, of which it is imixwuible to keep an account. A large Ovarian Tumor, (an aggravated ease,) all dissolved and cured in three ?veek*?and an inveterate Chronic Piles cured after constantly using the "Electric Ott:1 foui weeks; although the gentleman coi'TH uot have t?een cured had he abandoned it after a few trial*; md temporary relief _he persevered In its use. Mr Hance, who is thelead'ng dtaler here in medicine, a man of fortune and business capaci'v, say* he never sold any thing to compare with it, (and surely he has s.>Ut some.) and he think* it will entirely supersede all the abominable stull sold as external applications, (made of turpen tine, bituminous oils, &c.) One man ?avsfort*n years he has tr!ed ever, thing that came alon?r for his case, but never touched the disease till he used '? De GmiA'j Eltetric Oil1'' from Phil delphia. and he would ulve ?20 for a bottle if it could not be bad for less Send on 200 dozen small, 100 dozen medium, and 150 large size immediately for Mr. Hance alone. p Yours, Ac., O. 9. To Prof. De Graiii, Philadelphia. In Washington, a gentleman at Brown's Hotel (please call and see,) says his wife was cured In one day of a very painful and swollen ankle. A man on the Island is getting stronger from pa ralysis, and has spent before hundreds of dollars to no purpose A geatlem ui told Wallace Elli ott, Esq., Druggist, that this Elqctric Oil cured his lame leg in a day or two. And several well known citizens have derived so much benefit from it as to praise it bevond any application known Hundreds have been cured of corns and little pains too small to make a note of it; but enough can be told to convince any mau however scep tical. The "Electric Oil " is very cheap in the large bottle* Be sure you get the genuine, with Prof DeGrath's name blown in the bottle, and written signature on the label. No (genuine) 44EUetric Oil" to be had of pedlars anywhere in the United States ; therefore beware of imjK>Hition. Sola bv Messrs. STOTT A CO., and bv CIS SELL, Georgetown, and others. au 18 try Te Nervous Sufferers.?A retired Cler gyman, restored to health in a few days, after uiany years of great nervous suttering, is anxious to make known the means of cure'. Will send (free) the prescriptions used. Direct Rev. JOHN .M. DAGNALL, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N Y. au 17?lm Uy A Remarkable Remedy?For all pains, cutt, bums, wounds, sprains. Also, Rheuma tism, Neuralgia, Headache, Corns, Tooth-ache, Womb Complaints, bites of insects, sores of any kind whatever, use Prof. Detirath's ELECTRIC OIL, from 39 South Eighth street, Philadelphia. This article is pleasant and soothing. STOTT A Co., Agents. C1SSEL.IM George town. au 18?3t ITT* Premiums at the Fairs?Whitehurst's stluin the ascendant.?The juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and New York, awarded their highlest premiums to J. II. W. for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Diguereotypes exhibited. Mr. W also received two medals at the World's Fair, London, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitehurst's Gallery in this city is on Pa. ave nue, betweeen Four-aud-a-half and Sixth streets, feb 17 JjjTThe Marble Hall Clethlag Emporium Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for Gentlemen and Boys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be equalled for the coming seasons, our present stock cf Coats, Vests and Pantaloons will besoldatpri ces that cannot tall to please. Cashmerett, Drap De Eta, Cassiineres, Alpaca, Drillings, Linens, Marseilles. Ac., of superior cut and workmanship, au ? NOAH WALKER A CO. MARRIED. On the 19th instant, by the Rev. Jno. C Smith, Mr. RICHARD H. MOORE to Miss ELIZA JANE HALLER, all of this city. DIED. On the 21st instant, FLORENCE, only child of Thomas and Elizabeth Bontjey, aged 9 months and Id days. The friends of the fainllv are respectfully invi ted to attend her funeral, from the residence of her parents, on M street south, between 10th and llth streets east.. Rest little one, thy troubles all are o'er, Thine aching head is pillowed here no more; Now thy blest spirit's winged its flight above. To join tn seraph hymns of Joy and love. * On the 17th instant, SYDNEY CLARI'.SON. infan' son of G. E. and Rebecca J. Kirk, a*ed 4 months and 7 days. On the 16th instant, WILLIaM ROCHE, in the 35th year of bis age. On the l!Kh instant, ROBERT ALEXANDER ufant ?oa of John L and Elizabeth C. Hawkins, a*ed eight months and eight days. %?n the20th instant. SALI<1 K HOUSTON, in fant daughter of C h and Jessie M Weaver At Spiingtield, Mass , on the 15th Instant, l\lrs THOMAS DENNY SARGENT, aged twenty six, of this city. WAJfTB. Information i* wanted of one William Harris, a shoetuifc*' bv trade. came to tain place some t?lx years age, from new Jrrn?yx and who, it Is supposed, now uve* in Georgetown Ajiv one knowing such person where be is to be found will confer a great fn^or upon his mother by leaving information with the Mayor of Georget wo. au2l?3t WJ ANTED?bv \ MIDDLE AGED wo man. a Situation to do th^cooking wasbn? and ironing of a small family, or takinp'rare of ? 'Tii-Si A<Wre" "K R " "HBC " w OOD CUTTERS WANTED ?TWO OR three Wood Cutter* ran obtain employment by applying immediately toll. iumbr.RLEY, ffgvffj'ny. Road*, on the Columbian Pike, six miles scjth tf the city. au 20?lf_ WANTED?a SITUATION BY A YOUNG man either t a Grocery or Hardware Store. Address "A G," tn-ough Post Office au 40?4t# WANTED?a SITUATION BY A YOUNG but competent man, as Clerk or Book-keep er, or in anv employ men i where be ran make him self generally useful. Good references given. Address "J W F," at the Star office au 13-r-tf WPnt ED?a GOOD WASHER AND ironer, that can bring good recommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the hou?e. applyiilfffs Bates's boarding house, on the southwest corner of Pi* r*enoe and 9th st. au 15?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that thev can get a lot '24 feet front bv 130 feet deep, fbr'the low price of *75?payable #3 a month without interest. Apply at thevnion Land Office 7th street, above Ode Fellows' Hall. ap38?6m JOHN FOX, Sir BOARDING. A LADY HAYING tv KEN tfl E PLEAS ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth street No. 468, between D and E, will bn. pleased to receive one family, or sovera! geptlemen, on terms the most reasonable. The room.-, aie l*rge and handsomely furnished, and a lafge yp.rd at tached to the house for the exercise of children. Being near the avenue, it is rpost convenient for table and transient boarders Also, a vouth 14 years of age, intelligent, active and moral, wan's a situation wh**re he can have constant employment. au 20?lw# Boarding.?permanent and table boarders can be accommodated at No. 4*21 Eleventh street, we. t sid-* between G and II st* Location pieasan^nd healthy, with well furnished and desirable roo:n< au 20?2w BOARDING ?mrs duvall,No.33 1 Penn sylvania avenue, oji(>osite Brown s Hotel, ha> <evenl large and d*s'r?ble rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, vrm^b she will rent with board at moderate prions. She can *l*o ac ?'>date six or eight table boarders. jy 30?tf Boarding ?mrs. m. c. greer.* avenue, near the Capitol, ha? several laige and desirable rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, *>he will rent with or without board, at moderate pnrf *. A ho, 'ranslent l>oarders can accommodated with >oard bv the day or mea!. iier tablr* is at ail time ?supplied with the best the market can afford, au b?eo2w ? (Halt Sun: OARD,ac?MRS. BATES.on THE S. W. come: of Pennsylvania avenue and 8'h street, isprepared to accommodate gentlemen with room>, with or Wfthou* i>oard. Every effort wi 11 be made to render (hove comfortabls wco may favor Lei with their patronage. kpti?tf B FOR SAL'p AND PENT. For sale?a desirable new two story Frame Dwelling, with g??od back build ing. it is situated on the mo* i healthy and plea ant part of High street Georgetown, and contain* - rooms, kitchen and eel ar to a persou iu waiii of an excellent private dwelling, a rare opj>ortuiii ty is ottered Also, the adjoining vacant lot. For terms eirpiire of WM hING. al the \v<h%1 -nd Coal Yard of l)ick*on; Gordon. X. Co . "wafet stieet, Georgetown. au 21?tas3w *pu RENT-IN ONE OF THE BEST L<> 1 cations in the cily, a new and convenient dwelling huusc. with gas, water, ac Apply a! no -*i)7 I street, between pith and ll'h. au 20?"it# I^or RENT?THE LARGE ANDCOMMO dions House, No 4?>ts Penns-. 'vania avenue, ?tear the National Hotel. Enquire at the Clothing Store on the premises, of A SELDNER. au 17?6t# PRIVATE sale .?SEVERAL framb Houses, suitable lor !n.rp*? or small fv;niiit> containing from 4 to in rooms cacn, or. *q>ta~t south of Square 516, between ltb >th stretls, uid fronting Massa-.*.hu-^tt awni'e ai<d 1 street Terms made easy. Luquire on tald square at no .>01. au 4?eotf FO R S A L E?IMPROVED AND unim pioved Real Estate?jennings PIGOTT AUerney at Law and Agent for Ileal Estate, ha> several small Ho.?se* and Lots; f**>d a number ol unimproved building L<ju in different pcrtion> ol 'he city, which he will sell at moderate pr'.ccs uid on accommodating terms Persons wlohln^ to sed or buy may do well to give him a call He will take charge of Real Estate, attend to leasing, rentlug, Ac., investigate titles, and at tend particularly to conveyancing Office 516 Washington Library, on 11th street, between C and D. au 16?3w Rooms for rent?a parlor and several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Also, a small frame House for rent or for sale. Title good. Apply to E. k LUNDY. au 8 No. 46 Louisiana avenu**. Confectionery store for rent J or Sale?The first Confectioner' Store in Wa?-hinj?ton, betwen 10th and 11th streets, south side of Pa avenue kept for long years by mr J. Miller, with all the nectar. Tony, sufficient for large parties and balls and 4,(khi persons. A cake machine (Invented by the subscriber him -elf) large enough to make :j,ww or 4,000 pounds afcakedally; other smaller machines, ana espe cially every article used in a large confectionery establishment. For terms apply to JOHN MILLER, between 10th and 11th streets, Washington, au 16- eo3t FOR RENT?THAT VERY DESIRABLY situated Dwelling House no. 6, 4.k street, the former residence of the mib?criber. only a few rods froni the City Hall, recently occupied by Thomas Blagden, being in complete order, containing nin? lodging rooms, two of which are ver large rooms, wardrobes in six of them, a pair of hand some spacious parlors, main hall ten feet wide, _;ood dining room, kitchen and stove room, suit* able for a large family. For particulars inquire at the store of White a Sons, no 321 Pennsylva nia avenue. W. g W. WHITE, au 16?eolw Rents reduced to suit the times 9150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed, and other conveniences attached. Pump, of pure water are near the door, and communication i.s had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh -ireets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent, immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on libe ral terms. WM. stickney, no. 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly in advance. ap 9?eotf For saTe-two hundred lots Price $75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per cent, discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. )yj*5?am Lots for sal e ?two or three good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on ten yearj' credit. * to J. H. DRURY. ll?tf UWVI FOR RENT?severalhandsomepar lors and Chambers, with Board. ?Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mil. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9?tf selllngma^itlllas AT 11AX.F PAK E. WE have twenty-two Mantillas yet on hand, and as the season is so far advauced we will soil them at just half the former pi ices for cash. We enumerate them: 5 very pretty Uack lace Mautilias, at s3 each, for ' mer price ?6 j colored silk and lace ruffled do., $4 50, former price #9 4 black silk fringe trimmed do., former price 810 3 black applique fringed do , ?5 50, former price *11 ?J super black silk do., 89, former |*ice s18 2 ricn white bridal do.. $7 50, former price * extra rich embroidered bridal do., SIS, former price *30. kaxwkllk bro., 3)2$ Pa. avenne. bet mb and loth stH. iu 11 --ctl tl vi EM 01k S l*F THE coontess of iilefc - ivl sing ton, by r k Madden, M. R 1 A , two vols. FRANC* TAYLOR. Atrc-noK SAiEs. o By WALL, HARVARD '* Ancll?*^* N Wfcn*E*>DAYMORNINO. we will sell, at tt* CoafTtlonery on ??, 1 eext to the corner of I), the entire <eek in St?i* ' oonsistlmrof til dlflVrent kinds of Candies nviaily ?2 A(9(abMmriit of the kind Also Glass Jws. Cennter Hole*, and large S? gar Show Case. Tcnmcash. " WALL, BARNARD ft CO, au 20 2t Auctioneers. ByQRBEN ft SCOTT. Auctioneer* LAHO'E ANII tOMMODIUU HU.ICK. House and Lot on 1 npitol M?ll ?( Auc tion.?On TliF/SDA Y, the Jl*t instant, we shall sell, at 5 o'clock, f ra., on tbe premises. the lanre and well built three-s?orv t?rick House, lately oc cupied by the Hon. judge Cranch, situated on Delaware avenue, next to the corner of north 8 ?treet, near the n^rtl; ^ate of the Capitol. The boat* contains thtrietu conveniently arranged rooms and wide passage through the house, and built with thW k walls, and a cei!&r under the whole building, and the lot being half of J-ot No. 6. in Square <fc<i, having n front of thirty ffvt six inches, running 1U6 feet seven inches to a thirty feet alley. The above 4e*crll?cd property la certalnl> one of the handsome*! locations and most beautiful slte? in Washington, predating the most com mandfot> Tiew. There ie ?wo a pump of excellenl w^er near the w<x*? Tern:* One-fon,"th rash; balance a ciedit of 1 and*2 years, the purehs.<? to give notes forth* deferred payment*. hearing interest from the daj A deed given and a deed <rf trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN ft SCOTT, au 15?d Auctioneers. By GREEN ft SCOTT. Auctioneers IJXTETSIYE SALE OF C ARRIAGE* ^ ( oacbmakrrB1 and Uln-V-miilis' Tool* Lumber, Shop Fixtures. Arc., at Aactioa.? On TUESDAY, the 21st instant, we ?hall sell commencing at 10 o'clock a m . at the Coack Factory of Messrs. Has; p and Weedln. at tin corner of 9th and C stree s, immediately west a tbe Centre Market. Washington, all the stock li the establishment, vl*: An assortment rf Family Carriage*. Coaches Buggies, all well finished in 'he best stvle Several unfinished and ?er*nd-b?nd Carriages Baggies Also, the stock of Lumber, which is well *>ea soned; such as Spok"s, Haw, Fellows, finished and unfinished. Carriage and Bng-gy Wheels; hickory, ash and cherry in the plank" A large lot of Coachmakerv T?v>ls, Benches and Vices A large lot of Tools in Blacksmith's ^ep, Bel lows, Anvils, Palnta and Paintinc Apparat m A large lot of Iron and Sprincs f??r Carriage* With many other articles which we deem un necessary to enumerate The abo -e mentioned Mock will positively N sold to tbe highest bidder. Terms: U nder *.>?? cash; over *50 a credit o 2, 4, and 6 mcwhs. for notes satisfactorily en dorsed. bearing interest. GREEN ft SCOTT, aw 9?eod* Auctioneer*. TRCSTCK'S sale of a desirable Lot.?On WEDNESDAY evening next, tin JiJd instant. at o'clock, I shall sell, by virtu< of a deed of trust duly recorded. in front of thi premises. Lot No :26, in subdivision of So nan sontn of Squarp 915. fronting 4" feet <?i Mary lane avenue, running bark on the line of 9th st. cast t)( feet 4* Inezes. Terms at sale au 10?3t* JNO J. DYER, Trustee. By JAS. C. McGtrIRE. Auctioneer. SMALL FRAME HOUSE AID LOT O* Third at. ut Public Auction.?On WF,D NESDAY afternoon, August '22. at 0^ o'clock on th*? premises, I so^ii. -tfII parts of lot- No 1^ and IN, in Square No r2T>. fronting 1!> feet on 'id street '.vest, between G and H streets nor'h, rtrn ning back 93 feet 9 inches with the irnprovement consisting of a frame dwelling tous" Tttle fnaisputable Terms: One-third cash ; the i i6and !i months, with interest, secured by a deed of trur on tbepremise*. JAS. C. McC.UIRE, au ib?d Auctioneer Bv i AS C MHiUIKE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE 1 RA< T OF LAND > EAR Heltavilie ul Public Sale.?On THURS DAY, August iid, at o'clock p. ra . at tbt Auction ooiiis, 1 shall sell a fnu t of land ne?i iJfltsv lie, containing hundn-d ar-res. Thi? place Is firms of ,\I#~?srs Ma'low. SoiH.r and l'ur%Tr- ''-'ve'!1) acres ^ r , ared thf b.-'.Iajace in wood; u v*pii *??'?? red by spring ami a never failing stre3r?. 'I here is o.. the place a goOa > ^ h?u?e Terms: SjOOcas.;, Uit residue k '?an^ " months, with interes' securi-d hy a d of trust on tbe j>roj>er'y. JAS. C. MstiUJRE, au 17?d Aortionecr. 1 By GREEN ft SCOTT. AAcHeneers. .UTiASlVK SALE OF >1 V t**?A5IV, _J Ualnnt, i:nrt other ?-nrn?iure ?t Aue t?on.?On t H IDA V, the l7lh ins'ai'i. we sh.dl ??li. at the so ltliea'-t comer of 7tL a>id i> st* ,? p j ositr the Patriotic Berk, a' 10 o'clock a m , i larjfe assort mcrrt of excellent F fnilt,.re. \ii: Mahogany Sofa--, -of. HrUs'.tad . t.' .in:" s. and Union Chair? Mahogsnv nejring, parlor revolving. and castei Chairs Do fine Wardrobes, cen're, ?;ird, dtn'eg and o'he Ta les Do marble topctutr* s'd?, '?ofa and otbei Ta Me ? Do marble tr?p Sidtbovds, dressing and Bnreans Do marble top Wjib CI<?set* and Nlght star.ds Do Bookcases and Secretaries and V/ritlng Desk Do aud walnut H;itra':ks, Cribs and Cra dles Da French and walnut Cot'-age Bedliead? 2 finely paint- d Cottage Qhamb'T **e.s <"ane. i.tb e, fancy rush, r ckibg a id other Chairs tillt and mal.Ok!any and walnut frame Lcoking Glas-es Feather Beds, hair and shuck Mattresses China, glass and crockery Ware 3 Copying Presses, Mann s p?t?nt With many other articles whi- h wc deem un neceasary to euumerate. Terms: sums oi and under SiO cash; over ?2o a credit of 'J,and 4 mf?jths, for notes bear ing Interest, sa'Nfactorily e!?dor-ed The above stock of Furniture l> new and in per fect order, and will be sold to tl.e highest bidder GREEN X SCOTT, au L5?d Auctioneer* jrr The above sale will be continued on Til L'RSDAY, the-^Jd instant, same hour. wheM there will be added to the sale three flue inatble top pain ltd Cottage Set. four fl::e Walnut Kzten sioa Tables, one fine gilt GotLlc Frame French plate Mirror, 72by 24, and mirble bracket GREEN ft SCOTT, au 18?eoftds Auctioneers. 1 MARSHALL'S SALE. N virtue of writ of F iere Facias issued from the Clerk's ofllce of tbe Circuit Cour: -uf the Dis trict of Columbia for the county of Washington, and to ne directed. 1 shall expose to public sale for cask, on MONDAY, the 27th of August next, at the fteal of the Court House door at u o'clock M , the f*dlo***in^ propertv. vi* : All that piece or parcel ei ground lyin^ aud being in the city of Washington, and known on the plat of said city as the w<ast half of square No. 753, being lots No. 4, 5,9,7,8,9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. and 15 in said square No. 753, together with ail and singular the improvements thereon , seized aud levied upon ss the property of J ames C rutchett, aud sold to satisfy Judicial No. 5f to October term ls5l, in fkeec ef Charles N. Noeil and Henry Decourse v J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Coluchle au 2?d20t FOR SALE?Five excellent Work Horses ? One pair are matched, and fine car- /7V ^ riage horses. Tbev are sold for no fault. 1 have no further use for them Any one wanting good horses can buy these low. Also. 500,(MK) good bricks, which will be sold low for cash or good notes at short dates. Applv tc me, on 10th street, between Ptnna avenue and C street. CHARLES LYONS, au 14?eo3t* CURE FOR HOT WEATHErT 4 RNY S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, aod WA - V TER ICES, for which he was awudtd a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanic^ Institute, is highly recommended for tbe above. Will be sent to any part of the District free of chargw. Send your orders to fc>4 Bridge st., GeonritOTM. J y 2?eotf SILVERWARE. JUST finished a large assortment of elegant Sil ver Ware of the latest styles, consisting of sol id Sliver Tea Sets, Silver Walters, Pitchers, Gob lets, Cups, Salt Cellars, tc. The above, with an unusually complete stock of Silver Spoons, Forks, Ladies. Dessert Knives. Napkin Rings, ftc., of every pattern, are of ocr own manufacture, warranted pure, and oflVred at the lowest tales. Every description of Silverware made to orde* from original designs, however elaborate ft. W. GALT ft BRO., 334 Pa. avenue, between tnh and 10th sts au 15?et LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. THE subscribers will locale Land Warrant I either in Ohio. Indi&na, Illinois or low*, and and give a correct description of the land located If, upon examination, this description prove* In correct, they will themselves take the land, giv^T for it another warrant for the same quantity. One of tbe firm resides in the \Y??t.. and ulv? the business his uersuun.1 surierlntendaiui t MILLER ft BROWN, Mt4. 7th st., opposite Poet OB<e, Washington Jy 13?eo3m TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. reported rem the evening itar< The Fever is VL-jittia . J?ai,timors, Aag. 2! ? Ibe lalnet advioes fVona tport tarenty-g>9 deaths from tiro o'clock OH w ?t?rdaj Ui tno o'c'oek on Mon ?lay. aixi in V..rt* twenty-four v"*e?Uu for the same period. The Howard Association have sent an o^irr U> Baltimore for a large amount of proTisio.ia, maUre-j?c?, Ac., which are to go down by the b"*t thi* eveuing. The collodions in Baltimore now amount to j upwards of $10 500. Praiseworthy Proceedings. IJosToir, Aug. 21-?Tbe mechanic* of the Srtvy Yard, at a meeting called for Uio relief of the Goaport employe?*, last night rotod U> oontribnte a day'a work each for that pnrpose The rum thus contributor will amouut to f 1,? S00 Death of a Veteran Officer. Philadelphia, Anr 21.?Clement C. Bid die. who commanded a company at Camp Du pont, in the war of 1812, died this Jorriug, aged 60. Hew President of brown's University. Peovidbkce, Aug 21 ? Barbaa Sears haa been elected President of Brown'i University in thia city. Baltuaore Market a. Baltimore. Aug. 21 ?Flour waa dull thia morning. A lot of g?**l Ohio brought T5. H iwa> street sold for the same City Mill* was offered freely at $8.76. but found no pur chasers. Wheat upon t.1** plantation fell off from i to 10c. per bushel; V?bite sold for $l.f&^?1.88, red $1.70a$1.80. Corn waa uncbanpl; white &Sa?0c.. yellow VOaWv Rye waa dull; aalea at SI OoaSl 10 Oats?lea of fair to good Maryland. 42*46c.; dark Pennsylvania, 43c.; f>r good newd>hio, 45c. Hew York Markets New Tons. August 21.?Stock* are duU, and money is unchanged Cotton is firm and unchanged. Flour is firm; jalca of 6.000 bM?. Southern at 50 Wheat?The market is unsettled; Southern white at S2 12*. Corn b lower; aalea of 20,000 bushels. Provisions are unchanged. OFFICIAL. Teeasckt Depabtksnt, Aug. 3,1-85. Notice is hfi'by given to holders of stock of tke loan authorized by the act of IMS. redeemable on and after tbe 12th Novemb*r, lbfiS, that the whole or any part of that stock will be purchased by this departme?f at any time previous to the loth No VMiiber next, for which 3 per cent, premium wiif be paid In addition to the sums expressed In the certificates. And to tbe holders of the stocks of the other loans of the United States, that purchase* of the same to the amount of 91,310,000 will also be made during the saute period at the fallowing raxa. For stock of the loan of 1*<42, a premium of IS per cent; for stock cf the taws of 1S47 aod 1918, a premium of LS per c?at , for stock issued un der th* act of i860, commonly called Texas la d? mnity stock, a premii m of 6 per cent Interest will also he allowed. at the rate stipu lated n tfce ceriflcates, from the 1st July last to tbe day of >etUe:i*ent here, with one day in addi tion. 10 etiubie the Treasurer's draft to reach the party. Certificate tra!?emitted to this department un der the present notice should be d ily assigned to the United State* by the party entitled to receive the purchase-money. Payment for ih<*e stock wM be made by drafts noon the assistant treasurers at Moslem. New York or Philadelphia, a* the parties ratified W* recelee the money may direct JAMES GUTIIKIE, aa 4?4tNcv30 Socrc?ary of the Treasury Ci ??*?.? E F. klUM KLL * CO., rums in ALL KINL3 0? COAls AID WOOD. FOURTEENTH STREET. Frwto /?'? ?**??' have now on band every artMe in their line which will be sold at prices to suit the times They elicit a share of publlo palrona?R, pledging thems?l?es to give satisfac tion to ui N B.?A cargo of White and Rea' Ash Coal (afloat) will be sold icwrlf ordered from tfce wharf, Jt ?eol in* HALL a HENNING, WHOLESALE & RETAIL T> A *>EALEiU. No. 610 Seventh Street, HAVE lost received, and are constantly receiv ing nesh supplies of TKA wh1<-h wel off?T In luanttties to suit purchasers Our pri-e* are low, and assortment unrivalled./ ?onslstinc of? IMPERIAL AND GUNPOWDER, OLD AND YOUNG HYSON. HYSON SKIN AND TWANKAO, OObONG, POWCHONO. SOUCHONG. NINO YONO. OR a.NGK, FMItVER Y PEOCO ENGLISH AND LOVliOX HRF.AKKAST,Ac. in g-lb packs. u and V ohests and boaes Teas parked lo order in lur-lij^t boxes, from * to 25 lbs capacity. All Teas warranted to ^ive satl-ihction C?rders prompt!y attended to. pie* may be had upon application au lft?eo6t VI I STKAllitKS vIsitinK the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiositl'es of the Patent Oflcr At* so. his Description of Powell's Great Pleture* HUNTER is to be seen at 4*0 Tenth utiwt may 31?3m* A CARD. MRS. E PHILLIPS. No. 4ei Sixth street between G and H meets, desires to inform the cltlxena ct Washington and vicinity, that she Is now prepared to give Instructions on the PIANO FORTE She has taught music la some of the principal cities of the Union and has testimonial* showing that she is fulls com petent to discharge the duties of her profession to the satlsfhrttoa at' those who may fhvor her with their patronage . Terms: sfo for *4 lessons, wi her realdeaoe. or 012 at the residence of her pupils Je la' A CARD?Tbe subscriber informs his friends - and the public that he Is now able to attend to his business He can be found at his old stalls. Gehlie Market, readv to wait on them as be always has dooe heretofore The best of BEEF always on hand JNO WALKER. Jy 25?cf Victualler tiotki: (locks: |F you want a good honest Clock?ore that will ? always give vou the correct time, di op la at G. FRANCIS. 490 Seventh street. He has Clocks that cannot oe ex relied?handsome and gwx* time keepers He sells low, and every Clock is v?*T ranted Jy *?_ STEWART'S SKYLIHHT GALLERY. f\AGUKRREOTYPES taken for SO centn*ad W upwards, and fitted In splendid cases We have the finest light in the city, which for soft ness and distribution of shade is not surpassed if equalled in the United States We invite all who want good Pictures to call at t?ii Pa. avenue, between ?th and 10th strnets. over M. W. Gait A llro.'s Jewelry Stole, au II?lm COPARTNERSHIP. fpHE undersigned have thia day formed a oo X partnership under the name' and style of liARTLY A BRO., for the purpoee of transact ing a Flour and General Commission business, at 101 Water street, Georgetown N B HARTLEY, E. D HARTLEY. Gkobostowm, D. c., August 1, It45 au lm* " MRS^TTc. REDMOND'S NEW Gallery of Da^nerrean Art and Photo graphing is at No 29u Pa. avenue, northeast corner oflUh street, over Ford A Bro's Drug Store, Wajshington. Pictures uken at SO cents and upwards Mrs R is a graduate of Whltehurst's establish ment. an ft? BASKETS?Work, Card, Traveling. Kal*, Key. Cigar, Office, Market and Clothes Bas kets. If yon want a good basket, at a low price, call at 490 Seventh street ?. FRANCIS. au 8? _

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