Newspaper of Evening Star, August 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 23, 1855 Page 2
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KV ENING STAR. V A SHIHOTOK CITY: T?VKSr?AY \FTKRMWO!< Aagait S3. AHIATS rOK THE STAR. The f .11 wii)4 persons &re authorized to eon for t-b* pah|ic*tt'?B of advertisements in Ihfa Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmxr, N. W. corner o/Tiiir.l and Chestnut street*. New York?8 &l. I cttikqillA Co., Miwan ?Ut et. UoftoG?V. C. Palkkv, Scollay's Building. FFHUT OF TIE MOBICHTG PRESS Tl:* ln!tlhg(nctr, discussing the current inrui i"n? into the territory of Mexico from tbit of Ttxtf. says: " lii ar column our readers will find seme further particulars concerning the iiites tine war waging on the Mexic n side of the R., ard of tho part which bcdies of tu. t. fr n the l-nited States. und?*r a military organizat uu. i ro taking in it, Sf * auxiliaries' to tco bands on the other wide of the river in rv'"elli >n a:r?.in-t tbo existing government of Mexic". it is liiffh timo that the attention of the American public should be called to the feature.- of this ruthless predatory invasion, id violation as well of the law* of tho United ht ii hi of the law of nations?an invn?ton of liie territoiy of a friendly Power, at tho cap ital of which the Gov*rrmeiit of the United Stated actually has at this moment an Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary i'??r tue parp seuf representing and preserving the peaceful relations established between the tw? countries " It i?, perhaps, from an inherent defect in all forms of republican government that legis lative enactments look rather to the punish ment than to the prevention of offence*. The constituted authorities of such Governments, thon^h at nil times sufficient to punish the opt u violation of law, are not always compe tent to restrain the thoughtless or vicious from act that have h mauifest tendency to its vio lation. In a Republic. more especially, e l bracing so large an extent of territory as that ut she Unite?l State*, and under a Govern ment formed rather to enlarge than to abridge the liberties of its citizens, it must always he in the power of a few licentious and turbulent individuals to commit mischiefs so serious as to brin; dis^racc upon the nation before it is possible for the Government, however vigilant or \v?'II-disposed, ti interpose its restraining aim The Cnior?y in view of the fact that the Pres ident i?; uffering from ague and fever, urges him u<. t to kave the pure mountain air of Vir ginia at this time Tho Union, discussing "Southern Rights and British Reviewers,'" tayt : ?'Tho-Ju^y number of the Weitmiiister Re view, r Eii:i;h monthly, contains an elaborate article upon the policy of the United States, from v hich we take tho following passage : '? 'The progress of civilisation and the con scivne o of mankind are against the slavehold * r-s r.n I they know it, and therefore thiy ;.re de.-pera.te. llere, at least, is a party which has au objeet, vis : the preservation of lie J rivilegt j and the property of its mem >ii llcnce that energy of purpose and con tancy of action which make up for the bad uc ->9 of theii cause and the fewness of their number. These three hundred and fifty thou a. d slaveholders have far more voice in the jjuvernmcnt of the twenty-three or twenty-six million ?nh&i>~tanU of the United States than have the landed aristocracy in that of Eng . lauu. In the South, though even there but a small minority, they secure almost all the other whites, by holding out to each Oi e of the m the chance of possessing human property, and fcy insuring to them the luxury of opj est ing a ldact man, even if too poor to own him. By appealing to the caste feeling they enlist the prejudices, and by the work which they set their .laves to do they involve the intei . c?ts of both N ?rth and South on their side ; ai d by the compactness ot their party organi x 'i'-u and the singleness of their'object, they aold th?. oalance between, and therefore the rule over, < very other party in the Union Every ye sr how, ve-r. tuis predominance is be coming l oie d.ihcult to preserve.' '? Tt-p i 'ea thrown oui by the British re v wer (as to the power of th~ slaveholders) is o e of th'Hipp n-;e i.. which fanatics like Twi ;j<s ar*^ Ja?rison love to luxuriate before amalgamated crowds. If a pretext so shallow deserve un answer, it would be ea.-y to show the overwhelming power, on tho other hand, of the minorities represented in the Congress ot the L'aited Stat', s by the abolition leaders. There is not one of these abolitionists who T*aMy represtnt3 the wbite people of his dis trict or bis State, however he may oonstrnc tively affect to do so. Take the abolition Sen ators, for instance: Senator Hale, of New Hampshire, is the representative of about five bundrvi free negroes, leaving three hundred aud sixteen thousand five bu:.dred whites ut trTty neglected. Senator Seward is the rep rpsentative of ab<>ut twenty-five thousand free tn the State of Now Y Jik. to the utter ai d c TTtcmptuous rxe;usion of three milli uj seventy thousand whites, who arc made to act Ki inferiors in the grand game of that wily Irr.der in the cultivation of the fanatical spirit of abolition. Senator Wade, of Ohio, another of the tamo class, turns from the nineteen hundred thousand white men of his State, and bestows bis affections upon twelve thousand free blacks. Senator Sumner has no care for the nine hundred thousand whites of Massa chusetts, his mission being to flatter and to lavvu up n vhe lorty-aix hundred free blacks of Itia State. Tho sjUic suggestion holds good ?f such repre.-^ntatives as Giddings, L. D. Campbell, and their confederates. Toelevate the tree ue?ro to a political and social equali ty with the whites, and to give utterance to the idta of the immediate deliverance of the colored p pulatiou of the South, is tho whole bu. in. * ol the abolition representatives iu Coi^rer*. The \ast interests of the whites? e. tho intelligent ami energetic Caucasian racc?ire utterly aband ?ned and lost in the wild of these fanatics after the danger ous phantoms and follies to which ihcy are committed. *' iir w e have received from the [ierio<dical e tablitbment of Colonel Joe Shillii;gtou. tlie Seplea.bcr number of the Lady s Book, haml aemcly illustrated, nnd containing a choice variety of reading matter. The fair sex will be plcafed with the fashion plates, as well aa with the literary < onteuts of the volume. Cholera Yellow Fkveb at Havana. l^aies from Havana to August J 1th report the cfeolera a* raging -Tith great violence among the ?. !dier? and negroe3. Fifty yellow fever cues were at the houpital. PJB80MA1. ... - Cel. Clement C. Biddle, President of theThila lelphia Savings Fond, a gentleman whose lifo stood irreproachable for integrity and excelunee, died iu that city on , llondxy l?*t ....The Baltimore Au:cricanofthism.rning says A man was arrested yesterday on the ehar^e of violating an act of Assembly by working on Sunday. He was a blacksmith and engaged in sheeing a harse. He was fined $3 33, which is the penalty the law impoacs. Two Whig Conventions assembled Philadelphia on Tuerlav. one composed of Oid Line Whigs, and tho ether of the " Regu lars ' The former are opnosed to all " Secret . txcietifi,'" and denounce tno restoration of the , M soux. Compromise. The Regulars consti tute a *ort of 44 fuMon" party, against Know .Norn-uga?they nominated a ticket for the As sembly. ....Mrs. Reid, wife of Capt. Samuel Reid, who distinguished himself at Faval ia ti.-- war of 181^, on board the brig Gen Arm strong, died on Saturday la*t at Wheeling, *? u stated that she made the first flag ? nited States, as at present adopted by Congress. .-?..Mr. Georg* Vandeshoff, the English ac tor, Waa ir.ariied to 31rs. Mary Thomas, being ? th? ? Miss .Makeah, Monday last, w Boston. WASHHTGTO* itews aid oowif. i Gohifc' Going!! Gone!!! (in a horn.)?We are liu-ra'ly run down with verbal inquiri*? and letters relative to the errasil of true mewy, charity and love upon which, according to p rumor current in>Wasbinj;tou a few dayewncc, and noticed in the Star with appropriate com mendations, those two distinguished Ku.-w Nothing loaders of this city, the Reva. Ulysj' * Ward and French S. Evan*, were to have sc outer? this time. We gave the public th: story for tp/iat it ir.ts worthy doing our duty at the same tiuio in bidding them God spr :J, and in holding thcui up to the public between fore-finger and thumb, as it were, as objects of universal admiration. For while five Know Nothing clergyman, whoso homo was among the so sorely atBietcd and dying, hai absquat ulated?run away from the post of trial and danger?none of the cloth-cleri.'al from a dis tance, except those terrible fellows the Catbo lie priests, (who. according to brother* Ward and Evans when advocating Know Nothingism, aro so dangerous to the morals, practical Christianity, and liberty of our beloved coun try,) had hastened to risk their lives for the sake of suffering humanity in the infected dis trict. W? knew of the desertion of their poa. by those five Know Nothing clergymen of the vicinage, and wc did not dream that any preacher who was nnibitioni of meddling in the diity, godless, and profitless pool of poli tics? any Know Njtlnng preachcr? would venture down to supply th? place of the eow ardly and soulless recusants. We were overjoyed to learn that our low es timate of Kiiow Nothing clerical human nature was incorrect; for we love, from the bottom of I our heart, to think as well as possible of al1 men. Judge ye, then, reader, how our gonial nature gushed with puro delight on learning on the Avenue thai oar so-distinguished fellow citizens. Brothers Ward and Evans?the bright lights of Know Nothing Christianity?the so much holier, purer, wiser, more benevolent and truer diciples of the Saviour of mai. than the Catholic clergy, had resolved to hit thither We knew they must be all we say complimentary of them above, or th?*y (W. and E.) would cot. the one on the stomp and tb? other through the newspaper of which he is a proprietor, and for the course of which he ir therefore, in part, responsible, have done then best, a* of late, to cry them (the CatholU clergy) down as being next to devils incarnate, as manifested in the dangerous tendencies el their clerical labor?we rejoiced thnt they, a true followers of their master who went about doing good at all ri-ks and hazards, had nobly determined to essay to rescue tbo reputation o! Know Nothing Christianity, so imperilled by the cowardly conduct of the five bright Know Nothing clerical lights of tho infeoted district * We were exceedingly happy for forty-eight hours, and puzzled our brain to get up the presentation of some suitable testimonial?a handsome silver service to one, an 1, to the other, a magnificent edition of the lloly Scrip tares, or a life membership?purchased and paid for?in tho society for the conversion ol 44 tho King of tho Tonga Islands," or in the world-renowned society for presenting every babe in the interior of Africa with a flannel shirt and a moral tract, or something of the sort, on their return home?to Washington. Judge of our surpriso and mortification, reader, yesterday afternoon, on learning thnt when congratulated in the market on his & self-sacrificing and truly Christian determina tion. that renowned clerical Know Notbin leader and newspaper propriet >r, brother Ward, repelled the allegation as an indignity ? ?as a base elander?"concocted, very likely by that dirty rhcet, the Star Now, wt lake the liberty of hinting very gently U brother W., that in so expressing himself he i? not doing the clean thin??is not making a Christian return for our many kind and com plimcntaiy expressions concerning him in the original announcement. llut we may uot longer detain the reader from the portion of the Ward an J Evans cor respor.dence we propose to publish to-day, ou; oiiginal announcement having caused us to be flooded with letters on the subject: Washington Citv, Aug. 21. Editor of tiu Star : I stopped your paper some months ago be cause i thought you incapable of doing ju tice to the American party, to which I beleng I will, however, renew my subscription, as see by you said ye-terday of the Ke\ Messrs Ward and F. S. Evans, tbat you can ?>n a pinch, treat true Americans kindly and do them justice W bo, on learning ol'their in tended departure for Norfolk, will say tb.. Know Nothing ministers of the Uospel are not willing to embrace the first opportunity of de moiictrating the faith tbat is in them *. Who will assert tbat when they warn their couu try men ol the dangers to American society luiking under the long black robes, shave crowns, and sanctimonious countenances o the Pope's emissaries, they are not t,' rea^y to risk nil in the di charge of all th duties of a trun minister of faith. hope, chari ity and divine love, graco and mercy ? A cept the cougratulationH of your fellow-eiti zens of the American party on the evidence of your returning sen-e ol justice, as mam festcd in the really handsome and just tribute you p:iy in the arli -lc in question to the two pure men and distinguished American clergy men., to whom it reiers. Ax Amebic ax." Ai*orsT 22. 1H55. Mr. Editor : liavirg been pretty well " cleaned out" by confidence in the Rev. M Ward's American newspa|>er speculation at the time of tho Virginia election, though ( 1 "go in" with | tliat gentleman politi cally, I should like to make myself whole on him, it possible. So I have to inform you that ii" jci.u or any one you know are in clined to gamble a little on him, 1 am ready to bet from one to five hundred dollars that Messrs W.-.rd and Evans, or either of Lheui, will iu: go d >wn to Norfolk and Portsmouth to attend in auy way ou the sick and dying there, during the contiuuunce of tho yellow fever in those places. If you or uny one olse will take such a bet as I propose, just drop a line (which will be promptly attended to) through the city ? j?ost office, to On Haxn. Ai.kxanmiia, Va., August 22. To ttu Editor of the Star . Permit mo to say that you must have been egrogiously sold by somebody in being induced to say iu your paper that tho Revs. Ulysses Ward and French S. Evans are going down to lower Virginia in these times of afllictiou, dan ger, and death. Though a Protestant. I am forced to acknowledge that tho only class of ministers of the gospel who, as a class, inva , nobly seek such posts of danger wheu the se r vices of Christian ministers are so greatly needed, are the Catholics, which is one strung reason why I have little faith in Know Noth iug abuse of the Catholic priests. Though wc frequently seo and hear of noble exceptions in the case of other ministers who, following the example of their Lord and master Jesus Christ, take no thought of sell uuder circum stances such as now afflict Norfolk and Ports mouth. tho fact that they have families of their own depending on them, and other per sonal ties of the strongest kind to bind them to earth, is a good reason why, in such trials, they are not, as a class, as unselfish as the priests. Wlere a preacher dues in that way prove his right to be looked up to ns a real ministering angel, he should be honored and cherished above all his compeers lie is, indeed, a true Christian teacher, instructing by his acts ;>* well a > bis nords. lint X put no frith iu the idea that any nreaeher, who makes a noise as a Know Noth ing, can be induced to go near Norfolk and Portsmouth as matters now stand down there. | They preach, every one of them, doath and instruction, or something as bad, to all who liffer from them in politics; to the " priest-rid den Irish" and the "blind Dutch,'' espocial y. who arc the chief sufferers undor the afflic tion, which Providence, in his inscrutable wis lom. has sent on the doomed Virginia citiea. J Their faith is pre-eminently "a living\ faith"?aTaith which will not permit them to isk tlnir carcasscs in any such death-dealinc itinospherc as just now hovers over Norfolk j ind Portsmouth. For proof of this fact, look I *t the running away from those places of the Know Nothing clergymon. who " pulled up ,takes and put out'' when dangercamc about' | C vepc.-vt, Mr. Editor, some body must have "told" you, in putting on you such a story as hat the Rev. Ulysses Ward and French S. Kvans arc getting rcadv to depart for Ports- ; 'm ath and Norfolk. Why. the idea that any ! Know Nothing preacher-politician would go lown there in tiiuf? when some other work is jo be done besides "exhorting the mourners" j 0 como to the Kuow Nothing altar, as one of hem did here just before our last election, or .Then those w&o are dying intestate, like sheep with the rot, are of a class leaving no property , behind to he administered on, is nonseusical. | Yes. Mr Editor, as shrewd as you are, some wag or other has "sold" you, ymi may rely ?n it. Anti-Know Nothing. Norfolk, Va., August 22. To the Editors of the Star: Our Know Nothing fellow citizens of this iftlieted city are to-day rejoicing over your mention of tho purpose of the Rev. Messrs. Ward and Evans of your city to come down here and render their ministerial service in this our day of sore trial. Tbey have been more mortified than I can express by the con luct of some of our Norfolk and Portsmouth dergymcn. strong syuipathixcrs with Know >iothingism all of them, in leaving their suf ering and dying congregations to get tu heaven 'he best way they can under such circum stances as now surround us here. Many of :bcm go further than the anti-Know Nothings in praising the conduct of the Catholic priest wid the Si&ters of Charity. I have heard not 1 few of them say that the contrast has been enough to make thein forever wash their hands >f Know Nothingism, which does not turn out what it vaunts itself to be in matters of real re ligion, as demonstrated in the trial it is now having in our fiery yellow fever furnace But to give you a truthful idea of what all who remain here think and feel with rcfcrence to this contrast, I scud the following extractfrum a late number of the Norfolk Argus : " The Catholic priest, Sisters of Chai ity, and our worthy Mayor, llunter Woodis, Esq., do servo more praise than we can find language to express. Their sclf-saciifnirg and unre mitting attention to the sick, have called forth the admiration of all. Morning, noon and night, without any cessation, they are going all the time. Other ministers and our physi cians, too, are deserving of much commenda tion, but some of the former have ingloriously lied, with blanched cheeks and trembling Hinbs, while their flocks^ufl'cr fortho bread ot lite, and die without the sweet consolation of the Gospel, lie who searches tho heart ot men, will surely reward all according to their ju.-t deserts at the (Jreat Assize." But I will not trespass too much on your valuable space. and will therefore conclude by a'Ving you to say to the Pievereiid Messrs. Ward and Evans that their clciical services here at this time arc greatly needed, and can not fail to be precious in the eyes of the Lord, as well as to do much in the way of counter acting tho impression that Know Nothing soli citude for tho cause of vital ai.d practical Christianity, as evinced in the war they make on tho Catholic clergy, is mere "gas,"' blown to cheat the ignorant for political ends, ai evinced by the Know Nothing preachers, wuo have recently given leg-bail for their appear ance in this quarter?after their day of real trial shall be over. A Trie American. Tho Kinnoy Expedition ?It seems that Mr. G. G. Presbury, of tho Girard House, Phila delphia, begins to realize that going bail fur hucoaneering expeditions is a dangerous ex periment. liis principal, Col. Kinney, not being forthcoming on the day set for his tri ?1 in New York, for the violation of the neutrali ty laws of the United States, he (P.) has ob tained a postponement of tho cause, alleging Col K.'s intention to return, to bo tried, Ac. Poor fellow! when the Colonel gets back in time for the trial he'll know it. He says in his affidavit: "As this deponent understands and believes he (Col. Kinney | **as cordially welcomed as the, enterprising leader of a peaceful colony about to settle upon lands to which their [liisj cm ployers, tho Nicaragua Land and Mining Com pany, wore represented and supposed to have obtained a valid title." Mr. Presbury must fancy that the court is blessed with a large amount of credulity when he compounds the welcome extended to the ex pedition by the cut-throats, refugees and o-it laws of Greytown, undor the load of thoes aped criminal Martin, with the Government ind citizens of the State of Ni?ar;igon who have formally and Botoriously pr oclaimed C ! K'nnoy and his baud of invaders to be pirate?, and arc armed to the teeth to expel them when ever they mnke their appearancc anywhere in the interior. A Knowing 'Un.?"The Federal court for Kansas Territory have d'eided in favor of Atchison's Legislature and against Reeder on tho question of the scat of government. Of I ourse it has. It was sent to Kansas to co op erate with Atchison iu ail things. In the same nl>irit the same court decided the question of j -lavcry !?efor^ setting foot in the Teiritory, for ] t'te two judges f rom slave States took slaves with them and now hold them. But the assurance of tho Legislature in procuring this opinion and of tho court in giving it, may be estimated from the facts th:it one of the three judge::, Johnson, from Ohio, refused to entertain the question, and another, Elmore, had been dis missed for land speculation?. Reeder was suspended nearly a month before he was re moved, in order that he might not interfere vuth the legislative mob, but Elmore wa< per il.itled to act for the putpose of ratifying its proceedings after dismissal. ?? It is asserted that Dr. Morton's claim, f und(?d on the ether discovery, is now under investigation in one of the departments, with a view to its payment out of the contingent fund The story seems improbable, but I ob - rve that the committee on Tuckerman's de falcation report that ?>50,000 of it may be re covered out of the indemnity expected t?? be allowed to Morton. This mm was advanced by Tuckcrman for lobbying purposes." The abovo fair, mild, and unaccusatory .norceau is from the Washington correspond ence of tho Now York Times, and is a fair specimen of the accuracy and perspicacity of itj author, who sends to the North more twad ulo and trash for new; from Wellington. than any of his co-laborers in tho work of picking m ?tes out of tho eyes of the Administration li s cock-and-bull-story about the Kansas court is a gom in its way, equal to the other about the " suspension" of Governor Reeder. Upon just such facts are uiue-tenths of tho ac cusations against the President manufactured Governor Reeder was not suspended for a moment. He continued in the discharge of all his duties as Governor of Kansas until the uioment of his reception of the notice of his re moval and the appointment of his successor: nor did Judge Elmore diioharge any of the functions of his office for a moinont after he was legally out of office This writer's accusation against the Admiu istnthn beeause I>r. Morton chooses to pre sent a claim on the Treasury for the use of his alleged discovery in connection with the prop cities of ether, in the Army and Navy?any a 1 every man having a right to present any c : iia ho may fa icy he holds against the Gov u .iuient, wiw*e duty it u W give it a fair to* vestigttion at least?reminds us that the Tim*s blows hot and cold on this subject. Thus, nut long since its columns groaned with the wail ings of its former Washington correspondent because, as alleged, the Administration failed to pay sufficient attention to the preposterous Gibson claim, in which the correspondent Aforesaid was notoriously interested. Really, .t is necessary to know how the Timu eonccrn are "t4 interested" in coming to a comprehen sion of the true value of its representations | concerning current affairs at the Federal M' ? tropolis. Shot Flying.?A Washington correspondent of the New York Herald, in that paper of yesterday, takes occasion to slander the Hon. John Perkins, of Louisiana, and at the same time to misrepresent that gentleman's per sonal relations with the Secretary of State; presenting Mr. Perkins to the public as an ap plicant fur office at the hands of the Adminis tration, and saying that his appointment is i opposed by the S<x:ret*ry of State. There is not a word of truth in anything the writer in question says; which is the sheerest ' tissue of falsehoods?nothing more. Judge Perkins desires no office, and has applied for | none; nor has any one applied in his behalf. He is in Washington wholly on private busi ness, and is on terms with Secretary Marcy, in all respects, cordial and friendly. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 22J August, thore were of Troasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department...? For the Interior Department....? For the Custons War Warrants received and ca tered ............ War repay warrants received and enterod Drawn on account of the Navy... Covered in from Customs Covered in from lands The Epidemic at Portsmouth and Forfait. The accounts from Norfolk and Portsmouth, i reeeived last night, show that the fovcr is alarmingly on the increase?every part of the ! two cities being subject to its influence; no ; condition in life being exempt from it?high I and low. rich nnd poor, white and colored, arc stricken down with the fever. The appearance of Norfolk is represented as being really gloomy. Most of the stores are J closed, and the streots almost de:-erted. Nearly ! half the white population have guue oil'. In j all the epidemics which Norfolk has passed through, from 178'.? to the present time, nothing tu equal it has been seen. For tho 24 hours ending on Tuesday at 2 p in., there were thirty-seven deaths iu the two j cities. I The following are the names of some of tho victims, recently deceased : Mr O'Rourke, boy Summers, Jno. Christian. Dick Mullet, Mr. Greenwood. Miss Adcle Lc Page, Horatio Moore, Miss Caroline Ktiffin. I Mrs. Copes, Mrs. E. F. Murphy. Mrs. Ghise leu, Win. Wilder, aud four colored persons. There are near 250 cases of the lever under treatment in Norfolk The doctors follow tho same mode of treatment in vogue at New Orleans, (which has been recommended by Drs. Stone and Peniston.) which consists in the urein of the hot mustard bath in the first in -tdcce, calomel and <|uininc followed by castor oil and constant swotting?ranstard plasters on the le^s and back of the neck, ice to the head, ui.Ltl tuo fever is broken, then t-mall doses of (juiniue. If this proves successful, careful nursing is stiictiy enjutned?the ligat est gruel or s..up, iced lemonade, a little iruit, the oulv food and drink allowed for several days. l>rs. II M. Webster and C. K Walter left Baltimore yosterlay for lVitsmouth. to aid the pin sicisn- of that town in their ariu-usduticj. Other physicians of Baltimore have proffered their services, aud will no doubt, spoodily re pair thither. Dr. Wcb?tcr has h..d much ex perience in yellow fever cases, having been in ihe Mexican, during which there was mu< h of it in the Gulf of Mexico. On Saturday night. ? me fiend attempted to fire the office of the Beacon, and if tho attempt hal been suc^ssi'ul, the entire lower portion of the city?which is almost deserted?would havo been destroyed. Tho fire companies were promptly on the spot, aud saved the building. Tuis is the third attempt in three years to burn the Beacon office. Benjamiu Peddler, and Oiivcr Ellsworth, two of the principal witnesses in the ca.col" I?ccker and G 'slinc, charged with killing Murphy, died o.i Monday The B >nrd of Health have directed hospital quarters to be fitted up at Lambert Point lor colored sick persons who require to be moved?their ownevs being hell responsible for the expense. A correspondent writes under date o:' Mon day. August, 2U. that tho deaths and new ca ses to-day number more than they have done since the fever first made its appearance. A lighter load was taken from the wiiuri' to day, by the Kearn ferry boat Priucess Anne to Ju lappi Hospital, at Lambert's Point. Provi sions of all kinds have gone up to uu almost incredible figure; bacou is 20 cents per pound, and ratal *1.75^^2 per bushel. The Beacon of Tuesday says: ? " Wo regret that Dr. Stone was compelled to leave in tho cars at 8 o'clock, yesterday ai'ter noon to take passage in the boat for Baltimore. Ever since his arrival on Thursday, he has been engaged daily and nightly iu Visiting the s -k in the city, at the City Hospital, and has piid two visits to tho Naval Hospital. He promptly wont wherever he was invited, He nas given all our physicians the benefit of his professional expciionce and observation iu yel low lover eases in New Orleans. His visit and that of Drs l'enniston ar.d Freeman, has bad 'i mc-st happy effect on our afflicted communi ty, gi\iug more confidence and allaying appre hension. The Norfolk Herald has been compelled to diminish it* size, there not being compositors enough left to get the paper out. Speaking of the epidemic, the Herald says : A severe thunder storiu on Friday evening, f dlowed by heavy rains during tho night and the afternorn of Saturday, has caused a re markable change from the previously exces sive hot weather to au unusually cool temper ature. The change appears to have been un favorable to the sick, and the number of deaths sincc the change of weather has considerably increased ; though as far as we have ascer tained there has been uo increase of sickness. The disease, it will be seen by our obituary record, is embracing a wider field than here tofore, and some of our most estimable citi zens are falling victims to it. Six families in Fcnchurch, between Holt and Main street?, have been visited by it. * Contributions from abroad aro pouring in upon the Howard Association for the relief of the destitute poor and sick of our city aad Portsmouth. This is no time to stand upon false notions of pride and etiquette. Let us overlook the errors of those who have plaeed themselves or been placed in a false position ; for wo know thoir sympathies are with us. But there will be no want of provisions, , though there is a deplorable deficiency of nurses and attendants, which money cannot always procure. A case of sickness is some times left unattended to in due time, for the want of a messenger to go for a physician or procure medicine ; hence it is liable to be ne glected until it is too lata. We are glad to be |able to report that the sick in the City Hospi pital at Lambert's Point are doing well, and that no death had occurred within the twenty four hours ending on Saturday. Miss Andrews, of Syracuie, (the Beacon says.) who has been attending on the sick at the Hospital, was brought up from Julappi on M >uday, by his Honor, Mayor Woodis, and she is now attending on the sick family of C/Otain Guy, chief of>police, whom wc regret tw ltvo u quite ill, together with til bis faw 82 V,551 33 11,248 75 53.321 38 3,364 63 1,572 V>V 20,824 2fi 48,976 76 ily. The Major and all other* who have wit - nes*ed the exertions of Miss A. speak in the very highest term* of her philanthropic and in iafaligable attention to the rick, both at the Hospital and in the city. From Portsmouth we learn that the fever i rapidly on the increase. The number of deati ? each day is truly alarming: averaging thrte or four more than occor in Norfolk, wh( re there are about V.COO inhabitant. Dr. Trug-en writes to the Petersburg Ex press that ho is attending the patients of two other physicians, (Dry. Schoolfield and Mau pla, who are down with the fever,) and that a?i*tancc ia much needed Ha calls upon physicians, iu the name of humanity to come to their help, and bays : " Deaths are occur ring all around us. new cases are multiplying hourly, ami our mean* of treating them are hourly diminishing.'' Drs. llattonand Hodges are the only physicians now up, besides l>r. Trugicn, and Dr. Hodges is absent in the country, in attendance upon hi.- family, who are down with the disease The Beacon and Argus, of Wednesday, con tains the following: The Rev. T. G. Keen, of the Baptist Church, arrived here from Petersburg in the cars, and took lodgings at ihe National Hotel. Mr. Keen lived in Mobile during the yellow fever epi demic in 1853, and became acclimated by hav ing the lever. The Howard Association are anxious and willing to relievo all destitute {teraMis; but in order to avoid imposition, which is beginning to be practised to a considerable extent, they h:ivc requested all responsible citiaen*, who know of cases of distress, to send a certificate by the applicants that they are deserving. The authorities of Hampton have revoked their recent ordinance Preventing the lauding of any persons from Norfolk or Portsmouth Any one exhibiting a certificate of good health will be admitted. Still.?Yesterday the slow and regular strokes of the old cl<?ck far up on Freemason street, wore distinctly heard at our office, not Tar from the river, and in the very heart ol the business part of the city. The measured notes sounded strangely and sadly, and fell upon tho ear like the melancholy toll of a funeral knell. This was well calculated to force a deep sigh from the heart, for it was but another evidence of the woik of death that is going on in our midst. The song of the stevedore ia hushed ; tho hammer of the aiti -an lies useless upon the work-bench : tho roar and clank of machinery are not heard; the engine fires arc wxtinguiched ; the noise and bustle ot business have given place to a'm >s! a death like silonce in many parts of the city Disinfectant#.?The lime carts wore about on Monday, and lime is distributed iu plenti ful quantities iu the gutters, damp lots. Ac. There is still room for move?deal it out with 1 a lavish hand. Having occasion to around the dock- yesterday morning at low tide, m discovered that they were still throwing off their offensive malaria. Pour in the lime, chloride, copperas, any thing that will kecj down the stcnch. From Portsmouth, the Argus has the f .Hom ing intelligence : Cant. G. Chambers and his son are both very ill. Dr. Man n is better Dr. Schoolfield is getting we'!?his lady is ill. Patrick William is dead. Old Mr. Ash ton is dead Several ol ?Joseph Billisoly's family are sick, but moit of them are doing wi ll. The disease seem* to yield more readily to medical treatm\ t, but there is but slight, if any, abatement of it We want medical aid, there being but three physicians able to do duty. Dr. Lovett is get ting better. The Y*l.low Fcv'iiR at New Orleans is rapidly on the increase, if the telegraphic des spat;h published yesterday, rnnour^ing 334 cases there last week, be correct. Thi< is an increase on the pr. rious week of 102, 53 over the highest number in 1&55, and presiscly the same us the largest number in any week in copartnership dissolved. rPHE copai tnemhip heretofore existing brtwefr X WHEAT LEY A MONRISuN, ban be?;, ibis day dhsolved by mutca1. consent Either can sign the name of the lirm in liquidation J. F WHEATLEY, D. L. MORRISON August 20th. 18*5. au 23?lit* BROOKEVILLE ACADEMY, M~ntgon>' ry eo., Md THE Fall Session of this Institution will corn* mtnee on Monday, September 3d. Catalogues, containing full information relative to the School, may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at U onhevUle. Md., or from Chak . II Lane, Esq., Pa. avenue. E. B PRETTY MAN, A M.. an 21?2w Principal. MADAME K. S ARRIVAL. MADAME R. respectfully informs the public in general, that she will give information in all the Affairs relating to Life, Health, Wealth. { Marriages, Love, Journey*, I?aw-suits, Ditttcul ties la Business, Ab en', rilend*. Sickues* and Death, and in respeel ta all other subjerts. She is alto able to tell the Aj^es of Persons by reading uum>>er*. All those wnowisb to consult Madame R will call soon, as she will remain in the city but a short time She can be consulted at ail hours of the day. Her uame is on the door?No 30? 19:h street, three d<^ors from Pa avenue and H street Ladies 25 cents and Gentlemen the au 23?31* WM. PETTIMONE, BOOKBINDER AND FLANK BOOK MAN UFACXUREB, Soutkfut corit'r Ett;Sth aifi D strtfts, WASHINGTON, D. C. an 23?2w3t* OKO. W. B. (IMIEDT. WI.O. PC?H. NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. I HAVE associated with me in the Grocery Bus. inets William G. Pugii, which will hereafter be coi.ducted under the tlrin of KENNEDY A PI G 11, to take effect from the iUth instant. Being thankful for the large patronage hereto fore extended to me, I hope it may be continued to the new lirm even more liberally, as It shall be our constant aim to keep none l>ut the best gords at the lowest prices, and lo endeavor, by every j.os*Pale means, to please all who may favor us with I heir custom, at the old tand, Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th st. GEO. W. KENNED v. August 22, IK>5. au 23?eo3t NOW LANDING t)AA AAA tirst quality ENGLISH LATHS, ??rfV/v/full length and thick. 70,COO tirst quality English 1)$ Picketts, which we will sell at titty cents under the market price, if taken away immediately from the wharf 19 STORE 40,0u0 feet prime 5-4 Carolina flooring, seasoned 40,000 feet prime 4-4 E. S. Flooring, seasoned 40,009 feet prime 5-4 Norway Flooring 250,000 feet prime assorted White Pine. All of which will be sold at the lowest market price for cash, or to such custom*rs as we choose to trust P1TZHUGH COYLE A BRO. au23?eolw (fnivnA Organ) JOHN DICKSON, DAN'L S. OORUOV A WM. KING have associated theui'elve - to gether in the Wood and Coal business, and have located their place of business on the corner of I street and Vermont avenue, one square northeast of Lafayette Square, where they feel warrant*d in saving that they are prepared to furnish all who miv fkvor them with a call, with the very best qualities of Lehljrh, White and Red Ash COAL, of the different sues. Also, Cumberland lump, run of mines, or fine for Smiths, Ac Also, hick ory. Oak and Pine Wood, all of which will be delivered promptly and with despatch, at the very lowest living rates, and for cash a little lower Families la want of fuel would do well to > ive us a call before making thtir purchases for ibe winter, as our stock has *een carefully selected, and In quality s'nrond to none in the District. DICKSON, 60RD0N A CO. au ?Jawlm CAMP MEETING 1 JERSONS wishing to attend the Camp meet i ing near Bludcnsburg, to commence on the iith Instant, can be comfortably accommodated b, application to JQ|]N Z1MM1JBMAN nu 2t at McGregor s Store, 7th at. COACH ESTABLISHMENT. prasjylrtMia flf'**', fcefiW'W Otk III. BRIDGET a HALL have removed from Sixth street to the south side of Penna.Q^S^V, avenue, between 4k and ?th streets. where they are ready to do ay kinds of work in their line. . . The old stand on Sixth street la for rent. En quire above. au 22?tf Metropolitan Railroad Office, > Gkokgktown, August 1,1855 I 'IUIE Svond Annual Report of the Pres'de it a and Directors is now ready for distributlo i. Stockholders can be supplied by calliog ou th? Sccretitry or sending their eddres* through th' post oiiice. J. w. PEBBLE Sec. au J-- law3w TO SPORTSMEN. Tlfk this davonaa our fl*? -ipflrU the seae^t VV of SINGlJTaad DoUH..t KOW WNG PIECES and GVNNING APT*A RATT7S, and would reenectftillr sol Wit from tb? citlaeas of Wuktnj'mi and aajotBtn* r?*irrtW? of MaryUnd *nd Virginia an MinilMllon of oar etock. confl d nt I hat wr can this wot ?ic* them ikwrw. sortment of good* in (his liaethan avrm before offered in thin city, and at prtoes that cannot f%u la p ease Wf woald name. la part? Siufle ud double barrel Bird wd Deck Giw, rrom ft 50 to f 150 Powder and Drain Flask* and Mot Ban. Malts, of Dixon'a. Hawkler*. aad other Powder aad HtiB'ui| Horns, Game Bqgs, Game Case* and Cowr , English, Fienrb and \meeiran Pereueetoa Caps, Powder. ?bot. Balis, Wad* Wad Catlaaa, Patent Wtre Cartridges, W reaches. Screw Driver* Nipple and Cork CWuners. Cleaning Rods, Cap Primeis. Dog Collars aad CkMBi. Coupling Ckaias. W hips aad Call.. And a One stork of tiuasmttlTs Materials We would atao invite attention to aa aatfiaiv new aad loag-doslred article, juat received. rti ALL Patent BALL CARTRIDGE, made aapeaasW to lit Colt's Patent Revolvers, bjr Elery Bros , London K TICKER * CO., 353 Pen* av., naarlr opposite Brown s au HJ (Organ* Jnt eo4t ] Proposals far kalUiai a Light.bensr aa Jeaes'a Point, aear Aletaadria, V?. TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 1 Orricc Light aotsi Boaro, > Washington. Aug ft Ibtt \ Proposals win be received aatn it ?'cisrk m , on the of September neat, when the bids will be opened, lor furalahlag the ?Material* and bidding a llght-b*>c?e on Jones' Point, Po tomac river, aeai Alexandria, bjr the 30th at No rms foer next. It will be a framed building resting aa brick foundation, and of one and *-katf-etorv, with >>aseroent. having a circular tower on top far the support of the lantern?the korixontal dimension* tieing 39 bjr )9 feet Detailed drawings and ?pe? locations can be -een at this oflre, and at the oflloa of the cotter tor at Alexandria Should any bid he accepted. a contract will b? executed at ore for the work No pavment will be made until the whole work is coinp'eted; and before It 1s reoelvwd It aunt )<? iuapec ed ar\d approved by the agent of the gov ernment appointed to superinted the work?said ?Rent having power to reject all mat'-rlal* and worknanship, net in iccordance with the term* of the contract The right is reserved to refect n.y ami all Md* ?hat iwv be deemed prejud' .^i U tbc t-ub!ic 1 terest All bids should be and Adresse ? to t>, -inderslgned, endorsed "Prapoi Is 1 Jour* s Point lllgbt house." KDM'D L F. UART'ASTLE, au23?eotm Eng .?er ferre?aiT AMUSEMENTS. JOE Pi \'J'% JL li e Xj S S With I "tire *iew ar 3riliiar Fqni' men!! ? rpilIS baperb T-->'ip? .-|ll eihibl ; I U.\ V IK K IT S'tUARK, THURSDAY, FRir .V. asd HAMKDAY Auj est 3^ *nd 91. *?d Sept 4. i FOR THRhK Its r* *' APTKH ??N ..\C VKNT '? Door* op?n at 2 *? d 7 p. m. Peifor.nance aif I <?n hour albrrr i .. ' Admission 'i4 rent*. ; Thi* Companr Is dtstlngalshed or the'?ler.aie, novelty. ai.'l \ irlety of Its enter* KIJUESTRIA V GYMNAI,V!<1 ? %u f?\'TOM '*:C. Dlffiiryln? the nighest of ' ^x a^ 1 j Domestic Ta>* t. ^ ^ rheprn^lf al \Si?ts < * this Troore are I .Madame VIRG1 MA S?ll R W >Oi), Mens NICOLO A PIIPI A', Mr OKO P*"'*KI ? ,K. Mf ^WU* P! SARI *. ,?r. C S* EK V. ?Oj. FRA K P/ Tt?R, ftr rfO-T"T, JO^ ^.<TU10. For partl-u'ar* w :"j p:.. clj* ho?- s. At GEORGiITO" N "n 1TESDAV, u,-"t wth, ai>:' * LV " ..i 8U m V\.*i)>E D/ , Aug a At 21au ' 3? .Sej xourrTAJtExr aid vahcy b .ll at rus nrtrrn H. s. SPR.%t?8. '1VIE Touni*a?fr?i . -*1* T" *" X DAY, the 3 th of Au st, .na Farry t?. , the evening uf tuc elst. Koijhts from a diitunre a. Invited to u'jti 'h* lists with the son* of the Oi<! >oirii:tion Oa WEDNESDAY the 9th in*.ant,? ra will be a Smg Ohfut; the Venl^t >%*<(? ?) to ba eaten on the day of the tou.narii?-i.?. au 16?lw ALEX. BA-.KR. PLEASANT RESORT SPRING HARDENS, (FORMERLY FAV1ER*8 GARDEN.) On M Street, l><W?s Srremttenth BtfkU'ntlt. OPENED everv dsy in the week, sndaa Sun day. Nosplritou* llq-ors allowrd. but Cof fee. Chocola'e, Ice Cream. Ac., will be for sal* Weber's Bras* Band will perform every Mon day and Thurt-day evening, beginning at abo<;t 9 o'clock. Admittanceftee aa 1*?3m All stranuers visiting the City should ?ee Hunter's Cata logue of (he curiosities of the Patent OAee Al so. bis Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HI NTEK Is to be aoen at 460 Tenth street, miy 31?3m* A ( ARO. rpo THE tsICK AND INFIRM -ADELINK X BOWMAN offer* her servj< rs aa Nurttr, and subiiiiia the following c?mir?endatioaa from mhik of our most eminent physicians. Her attenti'Hii will be uuremiltiug .utd cli&rges ui"derate Res idence No. 4-'b! I ?Ueet south, liuar the Navy \ srd The following certificate* f:>>m three uttdical gentlemen were gi"ea her, the original of which is in her possession : The bexrrr of this, Adeline Bowman, la well known to mc. She Las had mu< b practice and experleu e iu taking care of the sick She 1* h?n eat, sol*er and Industrious Any one In waul of a Nurse or attendant would tfnd her kind ard at'en tive. A W MILLER, N i> Having confidence !n the opinion of Dr .MUler. I do not hesitate to endorse the a S A H. McKIM I b-Iieve la the above G. M. DOVE au i2?9t* SYDNEY SMITH'S MEMOIRS, by hi* dau^hUr, Lady Holland, with a selection fro:u his letters, edited by Mn? Austla, 2 volume* clo'h, The Jealous Wife, by Miss Perdoe. paper 5?* Confession* of a Pretty Woman, by Mias Par doe, paper. SO cents TAYLOR A MATEY, au 22? near ?that Memoir or rev~sydney smith, edited bv Mrs. Austen. 9 vols Pa nma in ls56. FRANCK TAYLOR au ?2 'pHE LARGEST STOCK OF PIANO* I ' this city can be found at JOh. ?' Fancv Store," JM Pa. avenue, ti-ar ltK^ t. a > 21 SVRARGERK AND < ITI2.V >k in Faacv Notioas or Toys sv ^ for re<. '.; can hnd a large collection at au 21- 3t LAM MONTHS.? to a'.eet NEW ML'SK received weekly it Xi a ave nue, near 10th at. J F. Et.LlS. anil \ I TMBRKLLAKi SASK TS,E 'ravtag*, Pe~- I J fuine'>~. Ac., at ELLIN'S, 3ub reu u *. ue near K't1 <t. au*' A1 *? - ? ? . SILK B\r.lRU EST AH -IHM'>T, BKB*a THK luiul BELL ct ?: )N" VRATD. JAT T the old eetablisl.-^l t'ye li-tuae !'e ?'?I Pa. ? avenue, souM . it dcor to e tr- *v Brow-natot.e Building. Mons Grandjean a Pr otlcal F rencl ?lk Dv er, from France p! *ges b "*elf to < ,e in th* mtMtbiiUiant msnnc. ->U the -rious >lors, c i Silks, Satins. Merino*. ^ de . * c Alpaca * Ac , which cannot b- surpassed la Phliadelp a or New Ycrk. Also, Crape Shawls, and Silk Dresses hruid somelv cleaned oa the French si v. lientlemen's Coats, Pants, ar-I >?"ooller Go<k1s cleaned and dved on the Lo >don styU Jt^l'amih Mournlnp *'st pe b . ,?icV>. in sit hours' notice s*i -%* ASHINGTON < UKL'OaATION ft ner W cant S'ocb for .? ale by CO an 20?lw MRS. a. C. RkDM',lt*),8 NCW r.AL. leiy of Da .'acre- Art.? 1. .a rf"t MP*d the services of aa expt-^uced ar*l >t, is f iy t r*f> t*?l to take picture* et^ral to a*. ? 'n tw *U),vadtft rtiMMrtilt r>rloe-t. No. fVI Pa ?< awtL' i^t coraer llth at.,ovc. Fotd A Bro'a J*ni^ 'ions. au 4? Baskets?Work, raid, t^vt"-g, i ifc Key. Cigar, OMce, Ma'ke aad Clo* .es :aa keta if you w*nt a good baakot, at a k w ,rka. call at t?0 Seventh street ? FRANCIS an b?- . French drawing pcmTl* nh tb? several manufbcleries of Bausch. Hardarn th? Wal'ci and Contce. Imported dlred ??,*??? the nta k^rs In Paris, by f H A * Ch T A V I OIL Jt* ?

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