Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR, = LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Keliet t<? tijk SrrrKRKRS.?Mr. Robert E. p,.yle tbc president of that veteran and stcrl ir "orps th?* F*rnvtkVin Fire Company, has oi>iigi"g!j furnished us with the following statement of the receipts and expenditures of the e.\< ur?i'?:t recently given by them for the benefit of the Virginia sufferers by the yellow fever Total amount of receipts. ?190; ex penditure*. $131 33?leaving a balance of ?5o <>7, whioh whs deposited by Mr. Doyle with Chubb Brothers. and by them transmitted to the Howard Association of Norfolk. Chuhb Brothers acknowledge the receipt of 87 from the workmen employed in the nary yard, collected through the exertion* of W. 1*. S. Sanger, for the relief of the distressed. From "A Lady" the same house had received 515. We would here repeat, that as the two cities of Norfolk and Port.-iuouth are alike necessit ous. pors.?nc or societies making contributions would do well to es|>eeially de.-igi.atc the di rection which they desire the tunds to take, and if designed for the distressed of both places it sh ?uld be expressly stated in tho let ter transmitting the money. Cacght im thk Act ?Last night, as Me?t.r. Mockabee, Staniey and Thomas, of tho auxil iary guard, were passing about their beat in the northern section of the city, they entered an alley known a* Hor. -hamp alley, located between L and M street, their attention was attracted to a man who was rather suspiciously engaged. The guards watched him closely, and saw him in the act of filing a building lo cated in the alley, the property of Mr. P. Mae key As t.ocn aa they discovered what he had done. Mr Thomas went to the pjm t and extin guished too firj, while his associates, after a short race, succeeded in arresting the incen diary Oa tho way to the guard hous?* the prisoner dropped something, wbi.'h one of the guards pieked up : it was a bottle containing spirits of turpentine. A ball of lampwick w?s found upon him. which, in addition to tho testimony of the guards, was rather strong evidence of his nightly vocation Upon ex amination before Captain Birch, he ^ave his name a-John Tont.*\ but upon being reeog niitd by several persons he admitted that his nauie wis John Jones. lie is abcut ?wenty twn years of age. rather good looking, is mar ried, and hiitsfroio Baltimore, but has been living in Washington for a year or two. lie denied that ho set fire to the house, though he did not deny his connection with the bottle of turpentine and the ball of Inmpwick : Lc said ho was in t the only one. lie wa* sent to jail by Capt. Birch. in default of S2.UOO bail. We are informed that, other evidenee wa- dis covered this morning. There are jaid to be warructs out against him lor stealing. A Pleasant Mkltim;?A friend inforn s u? thit or. Min lay afterno >n '? The Missionary Society of the Assembly's Church," h id :: very large nL.d most interesting meeting. In ad?liti<-n to ihe regular business, in the pres * ence "f the pastor, el ler>. trustees, ard many friends, handsome premiums were given by K S. J'?rdan. Esq.. to tbike youths who corn Bitted and recit.'d to the examining committee, consisting of Me->rs. Bonn. Well", Bogan. Prcntice and M Neil. que lion* in the cate chism and fell -ted p?rii? r.- of Scripturc. At the r?'?jue-t of the c lamittee the pastor of the church, the Kev Mr. C;;ro:hers, after appro priate remarks, distributed the awards?the lirst to Ma-*er E j?ey D u~la-s. the secord to Mi-tcr Lonry. the third t<> Master Lawrence, and several other priies, the rewards of merit and txrelltnce. On motion of John W. Wells, Esq.. a committee was appointed to have ex ?? ecated lithograph likenesses of the pastor, after which the president. Mr. O'tfrion. lai.I bef'Ta the society, which at this, its third monthly meeting, already uumbers between one hundred and twenty and one hundred ar.d thirty member". Utters of eongratulati n an l encouragement ldr..-- d to theiu by the 6es-?v>n and 15 >irl of Trustees of the Church, which were rea : by ih?. Secretary. Mr. Powell, and by a vote of tin. members, ordered to he record'-d in lull on the minutes. The society then adjourned with singing the I> >xology. A NoElk Wova!??Mrs M-ry Ann Mako ney. a lady ? this city, arrive I ir. Ba'tirn >re yesterday rr ruing on her way to Norfolk, lor the purp >e of nursing ' ;e unfortunate fellow heings wl. are there.- uffering from the scourge. The Republican, trom whuh paper we 'earn ttis gratilyinjf intelligef <???. - ivs that she ap plied oire tly to the Beard of ilealth of Balti more. and v -luiite?T>d her -ervices f>r the p pur p. ?se Shu w ? to leave yesterday after noon for N rfolk "n the Bay Line of Sicamer Ourc ?temporary remark : '? This I iy ^ <es among the *ick endorsed in the btpjj.^ st manner as a lady, ard one whose sol# enut*v. i is t > do g**<.?l to suff? ring hu manity Herwbrle -">ul seems enlisted in that cau t She pud her ..we pa-sago here from Washington, ai d offered to p:iy tne boat pas sage to Norfolk ; but this privilege will not be allowed Such a woman is worthy of remem brance. She tears nothing, and she asks noth ing. in her humane and courageous efforts." Cc5Trk Markkt was. thi ? morning, supplied with an abundance of fruit-, of all kinds pe culiar to the reason ; generally at reasonable pric<*? The peaciies were of a better quality than heretofore, and sold at l^i to 25 cents a peck, or from 02! to 75 cents a bushel Can taloupes an i watermelons, piles of them, more plentiful than ever, gladdened the eye, and. ?is a conscquence. eommauded ready cust >m ers. In tact, everybody carried away from the iuark< t-hou-e a suj'ply of the first named fruit, especially. Sweet (lotatoes, a?nl Irish egg plant- corn lima l far..-. apples, evcry ? thir.g nice in the Vigetnb'u line, was tempt ingly displayed; a- many evidences that we live in a eity of plenty?at this particular time Batter, however, maintains its bi&h pri es. uaaccoantable. eon-idering tho good pa-tu:age?fr m 20 to 37 cents a pound ac cording to quality. The hens positively re fu?? to lay at a less reward than 20 cents a dozen' Ji k.?'?ur hot. Is, f?r several days pan. have been quito full with persons on their way home frviu tiie springs, the moun tains, an l the numer<>u-i interesting an l plea sant pla. e- ?.f resort during tho h.>t and sultry term. In a lew d .js ttie many " sinumar retreats'' will, in u manner, be deserted. Tbk PdiLosopbi;u or tqk Agc ?The KoHEKThoX continues to make th?- St. r tbe Organ of bis sa^e a ivice to his fell* w man. if one much superior to weak human nature generally, may fairly be called To day ho discourses up n the Organ, that shock ing -heet. whLhmu-t hereafter hide its dimin ished head. It is, of course, to be expected that alter this blast lrom the sage and pious philosopher s horn, the very mortar to which tho l.rieks of the Organ office adhere, will retake l.mjrer to jeriurm it.-- duty: and they (the bricks tforesa.d) will eouie tum bling du?u around the head of that wicked follow, the reporter who impiously doubts the philospher - n.f il!.!,ili!y. Thus the sage phi losopher discourse th ?'The Organ of lies * on the 25 in-t. said Mr Hobtrt.-oL, cannot be as be represents ?elf. The " Servant" and 4> A|>o.-tle" of tiod. Kijice the Scripture commands that when they Smite you on the one cheek turn the other. (That mean? when they rub your head with a brick bat, let them rub it again," Ac.) Now i Judge from the Classical interpretation of the Scripture the Reporter must have had a bri?-k in his hat. when he wrote ths article in question, and like tho " Bub iuchee Poet By roo" he wrote under the intlu -nce of lievils Nectar, alias Alrhuhul. And hu thought like all imps of darkness, he could contiol th*-go.*i ?ense of this community and cause The People of God to believe a lie. That they with him self might bo damned but when tho Truth is told The Organ cf lies will soon be sold?as was tho wjultl be liepubhc, which is umorg the thing- that were, passed away like a tale that is told, or like Jonahs Gourd, it came up in the Night and died in the light. 'So will it be with the Organ of lies, and its concomi tants. All will pa^s away from this earth only leaveing the ?limy substance of its author The l>evil. For it is plainlv to be inferred that The Devil was the first '* Knoic Nothing ' and all that dj his works ar4 his Children. And all liars arc the children of tho Ddvil, for he is the father of lies. So i.iuoh for The liari Organ. Persecution is at the foundation of the whole of my enemie wicked works to me James Kobektson, The Servant of Goi. ^lebertson ?*, indeed. " a brick!" Jcye.nile I' night, a num ber of little boys were taken to the guartl house for stealing fruit fioni the K-nchcs and wagons of persons wi o v.ore at the market house preparing to ilijp<i?c? of their produce this looming. Thes?? -m?!l attempts at rob bery lead to greater crimes: and parents -houM be careful that their children are not led into temptation ??iuall boys roaming about late at right in company with older children and acc -mplished thieves, are likely to travel the road to ruin. Mimtarv Visit.?The fifty-third regiment, citizen volunteers, of Baltimore, at a recent meeting, decided to visit Mount Vernon on tho 12th of September. They will arrive in Wash ington by a special train of cars, and proceed to that place in a steamer chartered for the purpose. There are uiue companies in this regiment, mustering an effective force of near ly lour hundred men. Flag Prpskstatiox.?We learn that, on the 12' !i of .September, a number of the friends <t* the Washington Light Infantry intend pre senting that c rps with a flag. Such a giitjs, to ?ay the least, deserved; the Infantry being the oldest volunteer company in Washington, and maintaining a high character tor its pfr sonnrl as well as its effective drill. Ocb IIotkls are Raking arrangements to receive and accommodate a lirge number of visitors during t e coming season. They all anticipate that there will be a lively, bu?y. und exciting fall and winter in Washington. | C'JM VfrjllCATED. Usksow* VorAi.igT.?Mr. Editor: Since the appearance, i.i the columns of the Star, of the few lines over the signature of the under signed, nnpreci at.">ry of the exquisite taste iu t!;e rendition of the charming songs which, c* eras their tirst notes break upon tho ear. hu-h the tnusic-Iovi people at Eighteenth and F streets into rip; attention. other com mendatory notices of t'ne minstrel's merit have followed, in one of 'vhich it is perceived tho attempt is made to draw hiia from his roman tic night walks, on the high grounds of F ptreet. to other parts of the eity < f less inspir iting wonery. The writer is moved, not so much by selfishness a regard, for tho in creasing fame of cur musical favorite, in sug gesting the idc i, which, probably, h;?s nlrcady occurred to him, that there is much in sur i unding objects, exciting the spirit and im fiarting buoyanee to tho feelings, to give the lighest success to hi;. bt<l tfi'orts; and to thia end it is believed there i-' no point in all Wash ington w> favorable as the apex at the corner of Eighteenth and F streets, where one looks down, under stars and i.."on, on the beautiful Potomac and all the surrounding city Kit. in ? KM Til StRtXT. Watc i Ukj: r\s.?V>"i!*. Carter, Michael Radv. Frank O'llru-.i 1>. Clancy, stealing cantclopLS, and di?: irbii>g the marketers; and cost;. Ch; ?. Sn.ith and Walter Ford, colored vagrant : w ?rk-bouse .">0 days. Win. lloach. drunk auu <li: -rdcily; fine and coals. Janie- Ma now, stealing a watermelon . work house tlays. uEORaEi'av:n cokuespundence. OroRCETowx, August 2S. 13S5. l'roiu bis advertisement in another column, it will be seen thnt Mr. I*. A. llowen ha:> ec cared the build>rg forms riy occupied by the late Wm. ii. Abbot'. i'<-r the u<c of his Mathe matical and Cia-.-:: ti Aeaieiny. This build ing having been ere Ted 1< r this special pur pose is much better 1 ipted to the uses of an extensive school than th" one heretofore occu pied by Mr Bowen. It is large and airy, well ventilated, and unincumbered by build in.: "f :my kind that c-^uld prevent the free cir ulation of the ai>- through every depart ment ve.-y import mt desideratum in a school-hou-c. Air 15. has also secure I tho services of a very eflicici t assistant?a gradu ate of tho Univrr-ity ? Virginia?and intends enlai .ring s>i w!i ,t the -].here f his academic op ratioi s. As teacher fy .uth. Mr. B??wen has acquired r. reputation rarely enjoyed by men of his age. llis i.caJemy is sit uated on est .-ire. .. th<? corner of Wa*h ington?a !'-c:.t:< n vy way veil adapted to the purpn?*'. being tiigb, I altay. and quiet. The du'ies < t this v . it t?y will be resumed on the 3d of September. ][/? A < nril?\"? II. V. lii atky would mo?t resr? tfally inform the ladles and gentlemen of Georgetown, Washington. a id vicinity that,after an absence of ten years from the District, he has again .eturned, aril will. ' n the 1st September, l-5?. take charge of th" old established dyeing es tablishment, on JeJ? isi n .-tree!. Georgetown, l) C W. H. W.. previous to his departure from the Uistriet. served an appreatireship of nine years at tL?- alwve named estabUshnieai, under ni* an i le. F. NVheatley. one i.t the be>t practical dyers in th" District of i. olit:nbia. ai.d he !?? now at con Hider:\blf exiiea>?- reMttiaj; and improving the abte.r namea e-tab'i.shmeut iu a manner that will enable to do ^11 work iu Lis line of bindneKs la a style unsurpassed liv 5?.ny d\-r to the District, and as he Intends devt ting unremitting attention to business, he feel* eoutldentof giving entire sat isfartion to ali who may favor him with their ^>a tronage I>aJb*s Sii*. Woollea, and Cotton Dresses; Dounets, Shawl , Kib>K>ns, h.c , neatly t lea used or colored Gentlemen's Coats, Pants and Vests, Cloak.- fcr.. dyed a/id scoured in a su perior style Carj?eLscieuns?,d. unrl In fart dye'ng and scouring of every de*1 rl:u:on ?lon?- with near ness ^nd d'sn?tch at W Vl WIII^TLKY'8 Cloth Dressing, Silk Woollen and CWton Dying Establishnieni. west ?ide of.'elBprsor, between Bridge utreet and the Canal, Georgetown, aa d? lot# P" Premiums nt the Fairs? Vl'hitehvrst's still in the ascendant.? Tbe j iri?-s of ea<-h of the lite f t1rs nt Baltimore. K ichmond. and New \'ork, awarded their bight -.( premniim to J . 11 \V tot theii superiority of I'hatogrupbs, ? te?eoseoj>es and Da^uereot\pes exhibited .Mr W also leoeived two medals at the World's Fair. Londou, and a pnrmiuin at Crystal Palace, Nv'W York Also, the a.-r.t awards of the Maryland institute f^r 'hree years j, Wbltehurft's ti.Jlery !n tni < c.ty is on Pa. ave nue. betweeeu Four-and-a-half and riiith streets, feb 17 |f^ Don't believe 11.?If any interested one teil:jyou that physic. Iodine*, Guiacuin. Itleeding and one hundri'd other Injudielous means, will relieve pain like iny "KLKCTK1C OIL," don't you believe It. The simple proof Is dally made evident In this clt) by the uuuolug of the previous bad management of the most severe eases ever beard of iu this eoamiy or any other, by the use of my Klectric Oil. tro,u 30 South h-l^hth stieet, thiee door. Uluw Chi stia:!, Philadelphia. N It An experlenced physician in attendance. Cactios.?Aer* my vritti a signature. bfOTT ii CO, AgenU. au 22?lw IDT Htrrii('.hru the Stomach.?The grand dorilderatuui of promoting health at this sea.son of the year Is to relieve the stomach of all Impurities, to invigorate, to aroase the liver from torpidity, and to exp<*l from the Ktwels all unhealthy secre tions. Thl> should t?- d.'iie b\- some gentle med icine that, iu its action, will not debilitate the sys tem. Impair the nerves, or bis loud ?he natural spirits, for w hich purpose we know of no remedy ever vet invented tn it can Is 1 n to approach in ef tlrary the eel. brat si I'UKMIU.M lllTTKUS, manufactured fr ?iu our* ly vegetable substances, bv Kiijab H ike-, or Hii brnoiid cilv, and sold throughout the ? ountry b\ apothecaries generally. These llil'ers are ots uliar to the summer and fall disease* of a Southern elimate, and, when takeii according to dirts-lions, are a sure cure for Dyspep sia. Diamiua, Dysentery, Cramp, t holic. Cholera Morbus, Ague and Fever, Son. Mouiarh. Nervous Headache, and almost ? \,ry other affection aris ing from Impurity of the blood or disordered stom al h To those who have not y I tested the superi ority of IJaker's Premium flitters, a- a family medicine, over all otlu rs known to the civilized world, wh -?av lt?^e no time in doing so, as they will allord alioc?st lii^iant relief. Try them by all means. Price ?> cents per bottle. To be had of CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wash ington, D C: CAN KV k HATCH, and SKTH S HANCE, Bait.more; and by Druggists every where. eo3t ITT Dr. Ifsoflaud's Celebrated Oermau iSlttcrs.?Weak, nervous, depressed In spirits, and a prey to inirimerable mental, as well as phy sical evils, the victim to dyspepsia, is indeed an object of commisseratlon. ?"et it is absurd for him to desii&ir. We care not how weak, low, nervous, ana irritable he mav be, the cordial prop erties of HOOF LAND'S GKK.MAN BITTERS, prepared by Dr. C M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are stronger than the mauv-headed monster, which Is preying upon his body and mind; and if he chooses to try them, we will injure a speedy cure. See advertisement. je 7?3m U7- To Jlervsns fruiterers.?A retired Cler gyman, restored to health in a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the mcaus of cure Will send (free) the prescription* used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAGNALL, 5? Fuiton street, Brooklyn,N.Y. au 17?lm jjj- Ayer's Cathartic Fills?Fills that art Pills!?Peof Hath, Stat?? Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr. Hayes knows, viz: Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Emory Washburn. Governor of Mass. YV. C Plunkett, Lieut Gov. Man. Edward Everett, Ex-Sec. of State and Sena tor U. 8. Robert C. Wistheof, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., U. 8. A. Abbott Lawrence, Minister Plenlpo. to Great Britain. IJohnB. Fitzpatrice, Catholic Bishop of Boston. MEN THAT AUK MEN ! Amcn^ the diseases this Fill has cured with as tonishing rapidity, we may mention Costlveness, Bilious Complaints. Khf umatism. Dropsy, Heartburn, Headacue arising from ;i foul Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Morbid inaction of the Bowels and pain arising therefrom. Flatu lency, Loss of Ap petite, ail Ulcerous and Cutane ous Diseases which require an evacuant medicine, Scrofula or King's Evil. They also by purifying the blood and sumulating the system. cure many complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach; such as Deafness, Partial Blindness, Neuralgia and Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Liver and Kidneys, Gout," and other kin drtd complaints arising from a low state of the body or oostructions of its functions. They are the best Purgative Medicine ever discovered, and you will but need to use them once to know It Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, Lowell, Mass., and sold by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z D. OILMAN, Washington, O. M. LINTHtCUM, Georgetown; JAMES COOK A CO., Fredericksburg. je IT?2m 37" Letter fr?m U?n. Jvha Elinor Uotti, ?f Virginia* Richmond, July P, Messrs. Win. S. Beers A Co.: Gents?Consider ations of duty to the atHictetl alone prompt me to send you this voluntary testimonial to the great value of "Carter's Spani>k Mixturefor that almost incurable di. case. Scrofula. Without being dispo sed ordeendng It necessary to go luto the particulars of the case, 1 can say that the astonishing results that have been pro duced by the use or that medicine on a member of uny own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the best physicians had been exhausted and ail the usual remedies bad failed, fully justify me in recom mending its use to all who may lie suffering from that dreadful malady. 1 do not mean to say that it is adapted to all constitutions, or that it will afford the same relief in all cases; for, of course. 1 can know nothing about tuat?but of what I have seen of the effects. I would not hesitute to use it, in any and every ca?-e of Scrofula, with persons for whom 1 felt ah inttrest,or ovei whom I could exercise influence cr control. Respectfully, yours, Jno. M. Bottb. IC^Tiie MnrMe Kail Mothing Emporium Browns' Hotel Building, offer unusual induce ments to purchasers of Ready-made Clothing for G?'ntlemen and Hoys' wear. In order to present our customers with a stock of Goods not to be e ~ .'ailed for the coming sea-ons.cur present stock (?I Coats, Vests and Pantaloon- will be so'd at pri ces that cannot tall to please Cashmerett, Drap ? Eta. Cassiineres. Alpaca, Drillings, L'nens, Marseilles, Ac., of superior cut and workmanship. E'J 9 NOAIl WALKER A CO. MARRIED. On the 27th August. by Kev. JoJ>n C. Smith. M .THOMAS HARItV to Miss MAKGAIIET HARTNETT, all of fbis r ity. DIED. On the27th infant, GEORGE J ACOB WAR DER, only child of Geo J and Helen C. StUllrr le, aged ll months and 27 days The friends i f th" family are Invited to attend the funeral at 10o'clo< k to-morrow (Wedne day) n.orning from the residence of Geor^eS McEl fresh, 12U Sixth street, between F nd G * ?..i the 27th August ALBERTEEN, aged 11 months and 9 days, infant daughter of Alary E. a- <1 Albert W. Martin. T'uou art gone, dearest Abbv. yet we will not com plain, For we know 'tis all right?we shall meet thee again W here sorrow and parting and death are unknown, And dwell with our Saviour Inthat bright heav'i; ly home. * On the2t>th August. HR1DGET. wife of Wm. H. i!a; ward, in tiio :>7th veir of h : age. ?the 23th A'.?ust. JESSlL MAG AW WEAVER, wife of E Weaver, lite of ?i adville, Penn. On the 27th of August, CLARA MATILDA, d ; i^liter of Jair.:s T. and Luanda L. Mcl;to>h, a^.: 1 5 \ears. - MMW??I t ?? .. ? MMMT' f?l- MUtXCEJI: * NOW LA1D1KG OAH flAAUr fqualie;'ENGLISH LATHS, ?WUjUl/U full len_;ti and !hl? k. 7IMM> iirst quality Eniii-h U k tt- which w* will ?-ell at lift) . i.ts inder tije irark?t price, if taken away Immediately f rom the wharf IN STOKr. 4' <MH?feet prime5-1 Carol'' i tlo ?rl:;g.seasoned l.i.tHNifeet prime 1-1 E S. Flooring, seasoned i'l.UHO feet prime o 4 Norwav Flo.iring ??; ;o.!ii?i f??? prime assorted Wh'te Pine. All of which li be sold at the lowest un>ki t pr. e for cash, or'o s r li i uston.. r ? as v*>* choose to trust FIT/.IIUGH < OYLLfc BRO. an 23?eolw (UnlonA Organ) Jl> il N BICKSUN, DA!f'L B.GORDON,k WM? KING hii-'^ a. ->cih.t> d themselves to gether in the Wo.'id and C^al business, atid have loca'ed their plan* uf business on the corner of I strtet and Vermont avenue, one s jnare northeast of Lifkye?te Square, wher> they feel warranted in saving th^t tuey are prrj ared to furnish all who may fa/or them with a call, with the very best qua ities of l^ebl^h. Whi'e ;>tid rted Ash COAL, oft'..? d'tt^rent siz??. A!so Cumberland lump, run of mines, or tine for Smith :, Ac Aiso. Hick ory, Oak and Pine VVood. a'l of which will t?e de i ertd promptly and withdeipat* ti. at the very lowfit Itrint; rates, and for cash a little lower Families iwant of fuel would do well to give lis a call before making th. ir purchases for the winter, as our stock has been carefully fleeted, and in quality second to none in thu l)>*trlct DICKSON, GORDON A CO. fta Z\?Jaw 1 in I GEO. W. K. KENNEDY. WM O. TPoH. NUTICE OF COPAKTNl.ltSHIP. I HAVE asMj"iaU-d with me in the (irocery lius iiess William G. Pur.n. which .*111 hereafter be conducted under the tlrm of KENNEDY A FU iil, to take effect from the I -h instant. Heing thankful for tbe larg patronage hereto fore ? xtciidt'd to me. 1 h?>j>e it mav be continued to the new Urn: even more liberally, as it s hall he Cir constant aim to keep none but the best gocds at tiie lowest prl"es and to endeavor, by every p*?s. it?lc means, to pie;'.-..* ail wLo may favor us with theii custom, at the old st nd.' ?dd Kellows' Hail. 7th st. GEO. W. KENNFDV. August 2J, lhiwi. au 2J?eo'jt MADAME ll.'A AllHIYAL. lLTADAMK R. respecti'iillv' tnforn-i the public in general, that sue will cive information ij. all the Ailalrs rcuting to LLf>-, Health, U caltii, Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law >uitd. Ditlicul ties m Business, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and in respect to ail other subjects. Sho i-j ai^o able to teli tue Ages of Persons by reading numbers. All those who wish to consult Madame H will please rail soon, as she will remain in the city hut a short time She can be consulted at all hours of the day and evening. Her name Is on the door?No 367 19th street, three doors from Fa. avenue and 11 street Gentlemen 50 cents and Ladies 25. au 2U?5t* COAL AND WOOD. rilil E subscribers would respectfully announce X to consumers of Coal and Wood that they have recently established themselves ia this city, as Utaler* im Coal ami Wood, ai d hopes to receive a liberal share of their pa tronage. We have now on hand a good supply of Oak ai d Pine Wood A laffe supply Anthracite Coel oi various sizes, both Red and White A>h now a^oat, which will be ready for sale and delivery rl:is week Cumberland Coal of the besr qualify for family, smithing, and manufacturing pt;r pos'*s. Oiders tided promptly and satisfaction guaran tied always. CASTLLMAN A BRO., Corner of D and 6th sts , on the Canal, au 21?2w \ CARD.?Tbe subscriber Informs bis fr'ends and the public that he is now able to attend to hi* business. He can be found at his old stalls. Centra Market, ready to wait on them as he always has done heretofore. The be?t of BEEF always on hand. JNO. WALKER, jy 25?tf Victualler. WASHINGTON CORPORATION b per cent Stock for sale by RIGGS A CO. an 20?lw NEW Ml'SIC received weekly at 3u6 Fa ave nue, near lUth st. J. F. ELLIS, au 21 MKS. A. C. REDMOND'S NEW GAL lery of Daguerrean Art.?Ha*/ingengaged the services of an exfierieuced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable prices. No. 2iM> Fa. avenue, northwest oorner 11th st., over Ford A Bro's Drug Store. aui>? ^ COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned have this day formed a co nartnershlp under the name and style of HARTLY A BRO., for the purpose of transact ing a Flour and General Comjiiisslon business, at lt)l Water street, Georgetown N. B. HARTLEY, E. D HARTLEY. Georgetown, D. C., August 1,1865. au U?lm* WANTS. WANTKD?BY A MAN OK BUSINBSS qualification*, a good penman and quick at figures, a sltuat'on as B^rs-keeper, Assistant, clerk or copyist, in a respectable mercantile house, tfflre or agency. Address "A II. ' at this office, au 27?tw* WANTKD BY AN EXCELLENT German Coachman, of s aid year*. who is yrovided with the best testimonials. a sltuat'on as ?room and driver. He refers to Alfred Shuckir.g, F.^q. Ad dress "German." at this office ail 27?2t* -errANTED?A COLORED GIRL OH WO Vt man as a Nurse for children. Apply imme diately at No 8 Louisiana avenue, south side, op posite City Hall. au 27?'it* WANTED-A PRACTICAL MAN, WHO has experience in the making and burning of brick, to go about 12 miles from the city in Prince George county. Md Enquire at the c tiice of JOHN C. BRENT, au27?3t* No 30 Louisiana ave. WANTED?A SCHOOL-ROOM IN THE First or Second Ward, for a select School of from 15 to 211 bovs. Ground dorr preferred Address, by letter, "X Y," care of Ta\lor& Maury. * an s?tf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG but competent man, as Clerk or Hook-keep er, or in any employment where he can make him self generally useful. Good reference* given. Address "J W F," at the Star oihce au 18?tf WA N T E D?A GOOD W ASHER AND ironer, that can brimr good lecommenda tions Also, a Cook, and a female to work in the house. ApplyutMrs Bates's boarding house, on the southwest corner of Pa avenue and 9th st. ati 15?tf WANTED?TO SELL, O.N LIBERAL terms, eight or ten neat and nearly* new Fram? Houses on the island Enquire of J. ROHIXSON, au2<>?eo'iw Jeweler. M9 Pa. avenue. WANTED?A BOY TO feET TYPE IN A ?Country Ofll-e. near Washington. To on. wh*> understands the business 1'beral wages and constmt emplovment will be given. au 1*j?eotJt WANTKD?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low pri< eof *?7.>?payable S3 a month without interest. Apply it theVnlon Land Office 7th street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28?Cm JOHN FOX, Sec. BOARDING. \LA1)Y HAVING TAKEN THE PLEAS ant and newly repaired dwelling on Tenth 'i.-eet No. between l) and E. will b? pleased to receive one family, or several gentlemen, on terms the most reasonable The nntms are lnrue at.d handsomely furnished. and a large vard at tached to the house for the exercise of children I! ing near the avenue, it is most convenient for ta'ile and transient Iniarders. an 27?I w* I HOARDING.?PERM A NEXT \M> TABLE I ^ I carders can b>* accommodated at No l-?i Eleventh street, we t sid?. In-tween G and H sts Lo ition pieasantand healthy, with well furnished and desirable rooms. au 20?2w rHOARDING.?MRS. Dt VALL.No BI Penn 4 * sylvaniaavenue,opposite Ilrowii's Hotel. 1 a> several large a'ld desirable rooms, suitable f<?r f . nilies or single gentlemen, whi' li she will rent with board at moderate prices. She can also ac commodate six or eight table boarders. jy *>?tf |>OARD,Ae?MRS. BATES.ON TIIES. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ''th street, is ?sre^Ktred toaccomiiKXliitegcufleire't with room v.- :h or without board. hvr-ry ftlui t will be made to render those comfortable who may favor Le? win their patronage apfi?tf FOR SALE AND RENX. LIOR li i:\T.-A YMU I'KKTrV ANi) l neitlv iiu'shed frame house.? ordaining six r<; ims. kitchen, wood-boils'*. \ f"r rent at -d2 ftti pe- month. Enquire of J. H. DKl RY.Citv Post Oi:ice aa2b? JL OR sA LE?THE STOCK AN D FIXTUR ES r of an old and will e->iabli-hed Restaurant, nrv doing a good business The rt-ason of the ad criiser in ottering tostll is 'hat be w'^hes t? fu ;ai(e la other business For terms tpply at No. ?i ??umg.vss street. Georgetown, D C au 2- ?Jt* GEO U PPERMAN I?OARD AND ROOMS ?Tiroorthie 1' - -P f<?r rent, with board, at inj p s?re.?. >- I Hi< Mow. and the immediate vicinity of the Patent Offi' *?. au ?:>?* i< ,^OR REN T?A T W () -STO K . A\l) A T*I i. * Hrick House, II ^t.. let'*.era 12th ir.d lath, c.o Gaining eight rooms a. d a c is f. t :>?.!' Apply to J VV. BAKlvK'.i, on il s'.r i. ucaI to Lutueran Church. au 2>?tf r-OR RENT-TWO BRICK HOUSES \ EAR l the corner of D hiid 9; h ?-tr ?-t north. t'ovy\.'i g.ven the one on IJ street o-i tuv 1st Septem ber. the eihf*r on thefith October i i-r sale two Lots in Square 1, fa.ntli.i; M st. no: a. Kor particulars enquire of the underpinned, nor'.h wing Capitol Extension '/. JONLS. j au 58^?31* J^ORSALK Oil EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property -The advertiser has a farm in Prim . Widiamco , Va . contain' about "13 acres. In a high ?t:?t?- of cultivation, a ? ? large r:td nomn:o dii os brick Mansion, wi n ..tuer improvements t ? cor,e<pond The situation la rerft f,tl> healtuy and embraces every po.ssitle advan'age, whic? he wishes to exchange for cl y projiertv. T--3 farm c oi.' 'ns alarge q. antity of fruit of a I kliids. For particiilars enquire at this ottlce for the ad vertiser, who is now'ln thlsciU'. a a 27? jVOTICE ?A TAVERN TO LET.?ONE OF 1^1 the best stands on Pennsylvania . venue, and now doing agood business. !?; oii? r d lor r? it. th" fixtures and h uruiture for f?ale The hci:se will Iw1 nted low to a good tenant. A rare cha.n e is otl'cred to any one wa ting to ^o into such a bu-.i nes-i. Possession will be glv^n ai auv" t::n? when desired. For further lnforinatlou addr. ;s "J Hctt," at this oai?e. au 21?3w* R S A L U?IMPROVED A\D UN 1 im proved Heal Estate ?J I N N I NGS PIGO 1'T Att 'iuey at Law and Agent for Real F.staie, has sev-ral small House* and Lots; and h number of unluipruved building Lots i-i dill rem portions of the city, which he will sell at moderatt prices and c.n accommodating : rais P. -so is wishing to ? !l or bay may do well to irlvc bin a < ill He will take c harge of Real K->.tte attend to le* ing. renting, &.? investigate litics, a. d at tend parilcilurly to convevanelng Oihce 510 Washington Library, o i 11th mo !. between C and D. au If?:)w IIOR SALE?A DESIRABLE NEW TWO 1 i.tory Frani? Dwelling, with go<nl Lack build ing It is situated on the nu?st hi. althy and pleas ant part of High street, Georgetown, and contains - rooms, kitchen and cellar. To a person in want O'. an excellent private dwelling, a rare opportuni ty i < ottered A No, the adjoining vacant lot. For terms enquire of WM h IX G. at tha Wood ai d Coal Yard of Dickson, Gordon, fr. Co Water stieet, Georgetown. au 21?T\S1w 11 o R R E N T-A TWO-STORY BdlCK House, on 10th strtiet, Ijetween 1) and E, ia>xt af j in ing the rebiaence of Peter Force, l.sq Also, Office Rooms No. 5. 6, and 7, on s-econd tl x r. and a large room on thiid floor, at Colum bia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street Apply to i. J. M1LLLK, \ger,t, a11 '23?eo-2w Columbhi Place. I^t)H SALE -THE SUBSCRIBER wUl oall the highly valuable and desin le Farm on w h'.v h he now resides, containing siiiy acres and upwards of land, about miles from the Centre MarVet, and on ? mile east of the Anacostia, or 11 -idling's Bridge, directly on the Marlboro' and V\'ashing*on road, most of which has been cleared In iht! last live or six years,and for gaideniugpur pos-'s is unsurpassed by any in the District, tLe s< il being ali?nt loam. There is about 1: or 11 at res of meadow land, 1^ acies in strawberries til the Lest variety, 3 HI yourd (teach trees In full beax lrg^. The improvements area two-storv dwelling a; !d kitchen with two room ?, corn hosue, stable for four horses, smoke house, &c. Persons desirous of purchasing are invited to call and examire the premises. Ft.r further parllculars enquire of the subscriber o? the premises, or Col. Nay lor. City Hail. Wash ington. D C ROB'T K. NEVITT. an '23?2aw>w# on MS FOR RENT.?A PARLOR AND - several very pleasant furnished Chambers for rent, in a new brick house. Apply to ' E. 1C LUNDY, au 3 No. 46 Louisiana avenue. It F 3 OR SALE?TWO HUNDRED LOTS Price ^75 each. Two years' credit, or 10 per c*at. discount for cash. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7th street, above Oaa Feilows' Hall. Jy *28?3m Lots for sal e.?two or three i g>od Building Lots In a rapidly Improving neighborhood for sale on tia ytars' itedit. ? J. H. DRURY. I^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with Board. Also, Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. ap 9-tf UMBRELLAS, BASKETS, Engravings, Per fumery, Ac., at ELLIS'S. 3Ui Penn. avenue, near 10th at. au 2i? AUCTION SAI.GS. by BARNARD a BUCKEY; Georgetown ^JTOCM OF fiROCEKlES AT AllTION. ^ On FRIDAY next. at 10 o'o'otk a m we , will sell the stork of Groceries in the store (J vj Cost's) on the corner rf Bridge and Jefferson sts Georgeto?n We name in part? | I rown and Refined Sugars Molasses and SI nip. Rice Rio and other Cotfees. Ground do. Brown and Fancv Toller Soaps Green and Black Teas, a good assortment Clacking. Tobacco, Cigar* Fepj>er. Mustard, and other Spices Starch. Oil. I.aru. Salt U hiskey. Brandy and other Liquors \\ Ith a variety or other Goods not here mentioned rue sto. k Is fresh and will l?e sold withcut rt serve. Terms at ihe sale. barnakd a blckey, *J d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 1)LILDINU LOT ON THE l?LANI> \T Auction.?On FRIDAY afternoon August ,<s . ato o dock, on the premises I shall well l?ot ''? -*? subdlv.sinn of square No 5W, frontin" ?JU feet on souih D, between :jd and 4 k sts . nm ? '".ng \tark HO feet to a 10 feet all?y Terms ? One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6, y and l~ months, for notes bearing interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premises. JAS C. McGUIRK, ^ Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McQUIKE, Auctioneer. SjTOt K, FIXTI RES AND FURNITURE k of at onfe, tioiiory Establishment at Pub. lie Auction.-On TUESDAY mou.lng,Septein I J r th, at lUo c ock at the Confectionery Estab ? i.soment of Messrs. R\der A Plant, on Seventh | s re t in,rncdiaJelv opposite Odd Fellows Hail I snail s? U all their stock and Fixtures, comnrl- - Ing? ? ^ xcellent roda Water Apparatus St.vlving. Glass ('a*"*. Counter Ca es ?"ounter, Glass Jars. Awning Oval gih fiaine French plate .Mirror Marble top Centre and SofaTahbs !; me-Mat Chairs, i uriain* and Shades Excellent Brussels Car|>et, Oilcloth i baking I teasiis. Moulds, I- r?e/eis Silver pla'ed S|>oon<. ( i 'f Cream Plates, 1 he above 1- uruiture and Fixtures are all of the best quality ar.d nearly new, and the ?>aie offers an excellent opportunity to persons desiroiIS ot en. in the CoDtectionari busin* s>. Terms All sums of ami under cash : over f ?a0V2' ail(* days, for notes bear interest, jorilv tiidor^l. n01 JAS C. McuLIRi:, _ * "1 Auctioneer. Bv J *S C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer A^!!^.!lE FtR.MTURE A HOUSE, bol l I uutilv ? arriage, Matched "'"rs-s, Rotkaway. Faimij; I ten?ils. *c. ".V c.SDA\ morning. September Hth. at ten o clock, at the country seat cf Thonia* Marshall ? -q , ?.car the village of Teunalivtown, on the turnpike to RockviUe. about two miles fruni Geor getown. I shall sell all bis handsome Fnrni t^-eaiid Housekeeping KfiVcts. consisting in pait Kosfw. od carved Brocatelle covered Sofa, with our it.ii s. uo. to inatrh Mahogany French Sofa and Chairs, flouhed in c?iia. v colored b-..caiellc. curtain* to mat< h ?laurgantr hair si,rliig-se:.t and Chairs v?'w ?. .si Arm t hairs \\ hatnet Superb French Mantel Clock, with Candelabras cost >? {(.O Rosewood Secretary- and Bookca?e JM irMe top Centre and oth t Tables Elegant ?llc frame French piTc Mirrcr. plate 6.; bv "1. with slab and l?raek-1 Veiv-et ?ru-se>s. Tap-strv and other Carne's. with iv ux> to inateh, al- new and of excellent v 0 ie pair of elegant gilt six light -1? Chandeliers Dining room, hall and other g?s fixtures *!? <1sUad<, Bureaus. Withstands C< ne a;:d wood s^..t Chairs. R.K-kerv China, Glass. Cut!? rv\ Ac CoDking. parlor and Chamber S'ove% Together with many othrr art., le. n >t nccessan to enumerate At twi o'clock ? <?re handsome Family Carr'age. but lltt'.w used superior milthed iron grey Carriage Handsome I on Sleioh, R<v ka.v u agons, Ploughs. Harrows Harness, Shr.vels, | ??r|r? Cultivators L< t of Hay and <*orn. I'otatots II?'t b> d Sash, \e Tern.s: ?.*? and under c**h; over that s ,o a credit of ,?ii four m ia hs for notes suti>fac'.o nly endorsed, bearing infere>t a,.d J A? c m- guirk, ? Ancti'>uecr ??GREEN A <MX>TT^A?eUMMn 1 ?<?l BKHOLB AND KIT? HES Fl KNI ? ? tare at Au. tiou??x, PRIOAT. the :.'m ins.ant. a'. 'Do el.>ck a m . **v >h.i'l se-1 at th? r-suience ??f H lady deel mng Lou-., in*, i- Cn I sii.-et norh, between !?:h and loth stre^Hs Ve^l ?No WI. a good assortmtut cf Furniture. \!z: Mahogany parlor, roc kin., and Chairs l)o t^ecreiary Do marble ton Pier Tubie and t.h's? ? > . ? , a*hstanu> and W ardroties la ler . hamber and Stair t,*arp?-Ls and .Matting .Mahogany car l and oiher I doles K '?irando!es Astral and other Lamps ? ?- nt:*l Mattress s >'!.nde . and Curt-tins K dial; r and Cooking 'stoves. A? . '1 eriiis at Ihe tale lV. . GREEN A SCO l r, r-"-?d '-"mn H By C. vV. UOTKLER, Auctioneer SALE O F A VALI ABLE LOT F ST. at Au? lion.?On TUKSDA t afternoon, An prist '>'h. at?;^ oVo'k, I stall sell, on tte prem ises, I,ot \o i. in Sqi'are No w,l. si?i!;.t?d on F sireet ri.?.-th. t?etween gist a.Ju *i"Jd s s, west, front ing ft) feet 7 inr lies, running ba-k lvfc f. ct ? inches Containing ^.1^3 s?juare f?et. Term.-: One-third c-^sb; balance on a or dit of t> lg and I- moi!tl.s. with r w 'jeariig int.r^st. secured by a deed in tru-it upon t> ;iropeity. C W BOTFI.KR", an 25?d Auctioneer. By WALL, BARNARD & CO., Auctions:*. OTO( K OF SttOND- s? AND F t R N I O ture, \-c., at torll? ??Da WEDNES DVY, *^>th instant, at 10 o'cl.^ka. m .we will nell at the store of Messrs. t:.ues. opjKJsi..* the \\ est Market, tlielr entire sto. k in trad.-, eonoltt ln^ i .? p:?rt?>f? Rocking and other Cha'rs Bedsteads. Bureaus. 4''es Mahogany and other Tables Washstaiids. Matt reuses, B.-tls L.'oking and Toilet <ili?ss?rs Toilet >ets, Cio?-ks. Crt>ckerv Glas ware. C.itier^, Tools ?.f all ki .ds iron, l>ra? copper, and ^teel Articles of every variety' Tinxvar-, I'ols. Kettles. Ac. Also, i nt'RtfsN Fnevt lopedia, complete. W ith tire greatest assortment of goods of every variety. Sale positive Terms cash. WALL, BARNARD x CO., au 24?ts Aurtloneera. By GR KEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. ^UCLLLUXT liOl^LilUIiD k KITC II - A eii Furniture, Piaao Vorte al Auction. On WEDNESDAY, the X'Mb lastant. we shall si 11, 10 o'< h?ck a m . at the resjdtu> e o/ a iadv declining house keep, u^j. No. 4#'3 Fourteenth ?t., nesr i'en.isvlvania ave-ice, ui.m- dialcly opposite the Franklin Engine House, au trcelltat assort ment ,<f Kmulture, Til: Mahogany spring seat and otutr Cliair^ Do card, d-nin^r a:;d b^eakfa.-1 Tablet. Do marble top Tier Table a.;d Gilt Mirror Do Bareaus Do Writing Desk, Bookcase and Secretary Piano Forte, Window Curtain* aud Cornice ll<-dstcads and Mattress Wa<h?-tands and Sets Carpets. Matting . nd Olhloth Ciil'n?. glas<. i rockery and Britannia \\ are Cooking, airtight and other Stoves With a large assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Tci ius cash I'be m<?st of theF uruiture is nearly new and the sale will be well worthy tlie at cntiou of |?;rsous wishing to purchas.* ^*?od furniture GREKN A SCOTT. au 25?d Auctioueets I II By GREEN A SCOTT, Auctionee-s. IM SLHOLU AND KITCHEN Fl'RNI ture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the ?Jltth instant, we shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of E W. Farley, No 'J21 Eighth street, between M and N strtt-is, a good lot of F uruiture, viz: Mahogany Bureaus and Looking-glasses Bedsteads, cane-seat aad other Chairs Cherry and other Table?, Fea'ber Beds, Ac. Carpets, Cookingand otehr Stoves A lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms cash. GREEN A SCOTT. au?l?co Ads (Organ) Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 0?ALL AND DESIRABLE SQUARE OF ^Ground at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 29th, at 6 o'clock, at the Auc tion Rooms, I shad sell the sauare north of ?c<iara No. 337, fronting respectively on Rhode island aveaue, lKth, north Ota and 11th streets, and con taining 5,5&J% square feet 'This square i* situated in a neighborhood wber* property is rapidly enhancing in value, and Is worthy of attention. Terms: One-half cash; the residue In 3 and o months, for notes secured by a deed of trust and bearing interest. JAS. C McGUIRE, an 25?<1 Auctloreer. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. KLI'OhTLU FOK TUL BVUIKU *TAR Th* lever in Norfolk Norfolk, Aug. 27. P. M ?Mayor W<?Jii i* dead. Thirty five deaths have occurred in the l*j"t 48 boar#. ho<1 tbi pani ? is Mcrrtsi: ; In Pt rt<ooath, tbe mortality U reported t<*aiful Among the deaths art) tbo*e of Oapt. IMckereon, Mr? Graves. William Smith. Mrs. Sinnott. Edward Curtain, Nathaniel Ether idge. and John Minter. Among the death in Norfolk arc, the wife ot Jo*. 11 Robertson and F. Roberts Antony the sick arc, the wife of Lt K L. Page of the Navy. J.'hiiC. Rodgcfs, L. Parson*, Thotna 0*cr,c, Dr. Constable, Dr. Nash, and Dr. Dri^s Thomas Oorprew and John Sbipp continue to recover. New Orleans Affairs New Orlkaxs. Aug. 27.?There i? no; in the markets worth repotting The number of death* for the week were 471; cf the yellow fever 367. There was a f >n-idorabie decrease of mortality during tbo I itter part of the week, and the physician* s iy tl at the fever is abating in their j rivato p; act ice. Ihk Markets.?Cotton ha*declined from i to is. Fkur ?7.i0?Mess Pork S20 a 220 ^0. later from the Rio Grande New Orleans, August 27.?Th* rteam?r Xaulilus with 1 iter dale.* from the Rio Orando arrived to-day The revolutionists were await i. .; to lie ?r of the downfall of .Santa Anna Death of a Distinguished Clergyman Ntw York, Aug. 2<.?Kcv. Stephen iI <J ne, President of the Americau Bible 1'uion, d'<d this morning New Yerk Marke't. New York, August 2s ?Cotton i? un chuged. Flour is easier, but not ?ju dably lower. Sales of 6.500 bids common to g ?.>d Si tie at *7.8l?** 12i ; Southern. c 'iriunn to t ? g< id 2i ; au i >V.42t>10 for extra Wheat is unchanged, with a limited demand at previous rates Southern >I sOa^l VH) and Slat!K f >r white. Corn i- a tride bM s :ies of St* 000 ba.-hel*: western mxed a? *^lc. H liskey is steady: sales of l.?0 bbl- Ohio ai 4 St <ck? ate lower I'r.ited States 6's of i*>'*'7 at H^*; Hv K S WRIGHT: Gecr.r?.town I >OI1IO K14 O SlUAK A!> l? MOI, \S*K!> atAactiua ?On FRIDAY n><t. the 31 ?t In slant. ai 12 o'clock, .?u F A. A H Ifctd^e * wharf tte carijo of tLe harquv Win Ch<t>e, from Pence, Porto Kico consisting of? Lhds Sn;r;ir. part prime 12 h htf ?> Molassf* EDW'D S. WRIGHT. autIT?d ^ Auctioneer Hr JAS. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. \7ALI ABLE < O R M I II LOT OK TNK I s|;?ntl at Public Auction?On THl'Rit D 1Y af;ernooii, August 3nth. at 6 oVlnrk, on th? prt' I shall sell l ot No III, In S<p;are M>. frenting 4- feet 11 Indies, on street, at corner of *<uth M. running back 75 f?*i Terms : One-third cash , tbe residue In (j and 12 months, for notes fecund by deed of trust and bearing interest. JAS C. McGFIRK. au23?d Auctioneer. BvC. W. BOTF.LF.R. Aietloaeer CAI.K OF VKRV M i't .iOK ItOtSK ^ bold Furniture ut Auctiou On THl'RS IIAY morning, August :*?. commencing at lo o'clock, i shall sell at tbe residence of Lieut S Cha*? Parnev. on K street. Iwtween ??tb and "th M.eets. all < f bis household Furniture. consisting in j?art of? Onegrard Piano, rosewood, of superior tone and tinlsh. made by lien, Paris .*? large eilt frame Mantel Mirror?< One pair lar^e Pier Glasses, with ricb gilt tabl?? stands Walnut S(.fas and Chairs, covered with garnet and red plush One set liarrjtiet Chairs oak, covered w>th plush. imported bv Pouiiu Carved ro?ewood Sofa Tables, K^vptiaa and white marble top. style Lou if Uti, liainask and la<~e Wiridou Curtains and Cornice '?as and candle Chandelier?!. Pendants. A. Handsome ^iit Candelal>ras and OlrT'iidole* F'^ striau S'atues of Tailored and ? lari ida !?:.?!!/<* reePnin^ fcups from Fra Uiavol" Fosewood and walnut Kni^ert-?.. China Orns uients. Ate. Heavy mab ?irany extension Dining Table Handsome Dinner and Desert Sets Mm r-plut<-d < overed Dishes One elegant Kj^rtrne, heavily plated Oliver plated covered Pitcij-r*. Goblets, Temmr? WhHts, Castors, F rks. Egg Stand l<lo. k tin Cbahfv Dist??s, Coflee and Tea Cms Ta'tde Cutlery. Tun.1 ler?. Deutntev* and Wines Walrrit dressing Uun-aue, Wardrotje,. Wssh k'.und* and Bedsteads fc. j-.^rior Feather Beds and earbd Lair .Mnttre?H, 4 Handsome < ottiuf Set consisting of wardrobe, bed-t. id. bi'rean. wasbstaj:d. chairs l)n?- larj;c faacv Iron frame and stand Pavche Glass rajiewtrv. Brussels, ?-Slv and other Carpeting Mr I'lc dining room ?:m cbnir* Mahogany and walnut Bookcases and Wrltlrur Desks [.out.^es, * ?tlIre Chalis koii It itra^k. Sti-ve-; Dookiug Ctensll*. Kitchen Furniture. Ac r? -' tber with other articles not de?-med nei*essary to particularize; altogether forming a very at tractive sale, well worthy the aitenMon cf hous?kee'*n?. Term 4: All sttins of and under ???i cash, over ? >t' l'td not exceed 1 njt *io0. thlrtv and ?l*tv davs; >ver *ii*i. 1, 2,and 4 months, for approved eu i..-rs?Hi notes, bearing interest. C. W BOTFLFR, an 25 3t Auctioneer OintlAL. "i DtrAtram, Au,' 3,1W'. f\?>tlc?' is hereby given to holders c-f ttoek cf tl.o cai: authorized by the art of I'M, rodtvmablc oj u:d after the ivth November, 1-i.t, that the whold >r a:iy px-t of that stock vrJl t* p.irchavd by thlj U j .^ruuent at acy tlico piiAloj* to th '3t<.h No 'en.iier ne.t. for whVca n jvi cent prr -l! .m wLI h paid in addition to the ?air_j exprcssbd in the ertiflcates. A'id to the holders of the sderk* cf th?! o;her c>ans of the States, ttat uurcLaaui of tbe hrr to theamouatof ^l.ilo.tHdM^i id^obemadj [;irl:ig the same period at the following ru.Ua.: Ft r stock of the loan of b>42, a premium of 10 k r .<at ; for stock cf the loan* of IM7 and 1^18, a ?reuilum of 15 per cent ; and for stock ls^aed un it r the act of 1=20, eocnmonly callcd Texu?-In leainity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. L.terest will also be allowed, at the rate stlpu k ?d in the cert'.lioates. from the liu July last to Le aay of settlement here, with one day in adul loa, to enable the Treasurer s druli to rt*a^W Lm ?rtv. CertiJlcutes transmitted to th'f departi#eat i's kr ibe present notice should be duly to be I'niied Stotes by the party entitled to rsn r* Le purchaae-money. Pay:nentfor these stot ks will ?ht made by draft* IJW the assistant treasurers ct Ronton. New Ycrk r r'.iladelphia, as the parties entitled to r?celve L? money may direct. JAMFS GU1HKIF, 1 ?dtNovjo Secretary cf the Treasury CASH PAID toil FlKKITlRk. [D KSONS declining bou??-k.*epinj;. or having 1 a surplus o| household effects, will And us at 1! t: mes prepared to pay them tbe highest ca.h nites for their bxtisi: stock, cr such artii lesa? h^y may wish to dispose of We uili also ex L: new faruiture for old at mod'talc orlce* Fnrniture neatly repaired and varnished at the iho.tcst notice, on reasonable terms BONTZ A COOMBS, Furniture Warerocms ?th et , bet. 1 and K. au 17?2w STEWART'S SkYLlGlIT GALLERY. DAGUERREOTYPES taken for 50 cent* and upw~ards, and titted in sp'.endid cases. We lave the finest liyht in the city, which foraoft ies* and distribution of shade is uot aurpassed it icnailed in the United States We Invite all who want nood Pictures to ca'l it 3-21 Pa. avenue, between 0th and 10th street*, iver M. W. Gait Jt Bro.'s Jewelry Store. au It?lm E.MOIR OF UEV. Sl'OMlT SMITH, edited bv Mrs. Austen, 2 vols ; Panama In !sS5 FRANCK TAYLOR

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