Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAtHIJfftTOW CITTi W1PW1SPAY AFTERNOON SeM< * SPIRIT OF THE KOBVOTe FBSM. The Union twin the opposi ion for its want of common principle. end thinks manifes tation of mendacity on the p^rt of Southern Know Nothing n to ha cr>'?g aloud agsinst the recent Dem< ratic Convention at Sjra'use, whilo f ?t?ng in conceit with northern Know Nothing' ui ss it is now doing, notwithstand ing in pro* stations to the contrary. The Intelhg'ncer tj-day pub,?shrs many official dc:uments ' om Mexico, explanatory of the causcs of and incidents in the recent rev olution in that country. WASHING TO* HEWS A*D GOSSIP. The Fever.?The accounts up to last even ing, iron Noiiolk and Porta .aouth, were (in the course of yestarday) more heart-rending than ever before A physician from that quar ter, who, a fortright a^o, was given over by his brother doctors, ansr having distinguished himself by bis fearless and cea eless profes sional labors from the commencement of the disease, is now ir this city to recruit his health, which could not ue done with hundreds of his old patients clamorous", daily, for him to at tend stricken-down members of their families We had a long interview with him last even ing, and knowing most of the families well, the condition of whom he conversed, our blood ran cold on realising the extent of the sufferings of the desolated communities. The surgeons and assistant surgeons at the naval hospitals are heroes. Six in number, (the Government bavins Torced the three Rationed there, when the fever broke out by ordering tbrce others to do duty there,) they had on tho day before jes^erday quiti one hundred and forty persons in their care anTl dwwn with the fever; while, at tbe same time, Dr Minor, (<>f Fredericksburg,) U. S. N., tbe chiti'surgon at the hasp Da', had in his own family cne cf bis child t-mi lajirg deai a^d three others of tbem stretched on fever beds. Tn the family of James E. Wilson, who died a few days bin- e of the fever, his widow wt?s *ick with it, one daughter, about 14 years of age, dyisg, and the two other cbildiea and the two servants also sick, with not a soul to hand tiiem a drop of wair, though they ate jersons who, ordinarily, would have a'l the town to aid them in sickness, if necessary. Mayor i iske, though not dead then, was supposed to be past a'l hope of iceovery. lie was not thought to have the fever when firfct taken down. The morta'uy in the family of Patrick Wil a woituy master workman in the navy ya:d, is a fair example of the ravages of the ?lise??e. His son wa=? early attacked, and has recovered, while ue and b?s four grown an I estmable daughters, are all numbered with tbe dead. Out of that Williams family con nection in Portsmouth, fifteen have died; wb 9 oi the five who not long since composed the Marr'cg family, but one survives. Those chained with the duty of providing for the wants of tbe sick and desiitate of Poi t3 mouth and Gosport at tb:s ime spend $?90 per diem in that way, and anticipate being railed on ncccssarily to increme their outlays They have turned the academy building into an orphan asylum for the pirtc.oa and care of the fcvcr-m?\de orphans, ?morT them being five email children of cne family, (John D. 1 r>wper s,) all the natural protactors and friends of whom are numbered with tho dead. They complain at Portsmouth, and veiy justly, that their commut e has fa'led to le ceive a fair sliaia of the $ *>0,000 said to have been forwarded to the Norfolk and Portsmouth ooramittccs, getting but 8rich sums only as hap pen to ba directed to them particularly. In this Way they have received but $15,000 of tbe $ff0,000 fn all pent down there. Full 1,500 of the 3 000 souls left in Poiismouth (including Gofepoit) nere, on the day before yesterday, either down with the fever or barely able t? crawl about, and with $?00 charitably dis bursed necessary to suppoi* them, it was cr ron >usly understood there that the govern ment had found it absolutely necessary to order the navy yard gates to be clot2d ; or, in other words, to stop a'l irecuanio's work in the yard tar the time being. This pnwp :t of throwing out of employ ment ;ome five hundred pen>ons, whose aggre gate pay is at least ?750 per diem, or 54 500 per week to be d' ductcd l'rom the present wholly insufficient means which that striaken people possess of living had creat ?d almost an additional panic. The committee from that region, now in this city, camo to endeavor to fnduoe the Gov ernment ta accord Old Point Comfort to be used for the temporary occupation of those now in Norfolk and Portsmouth who are not down of the fever, and also to induce the Vary Department to advance a month's pay to its employees in the Norfolk navy yard. We are satisfied that the President has promptly assured this committee of the false hood of the story that orders had been issued to bring to a clow? the work in the navy-yard; and that on consultation with the Secretary of the -iavy, an order was to-day issued to ad vance to every head of a family workinginthe yard, a month ? pay, or wab-es, if he desired to send his family t> a healthier location. Tb's is tht mea>ute of great relief iQ the hands of the Govei anient, and absolutely neces, iry to i Pave perhaps a thousand souls who Mhorwise would, probably, be attack'd befote ,rcA. W? do not comprehend how, under exisiing e?renmstances, the request for the use of Old Fo.nt Comfort for the people of Norfolk, can prudently or properly be complied with. In cluding the families of the mechanics and la- 1 employed in the ar ?al and on other go vomment works at Old Point, the number of H'TrI \Q 06 rem0Ted * fuM hundred Tae balding, on the PoFnt >re ^ fuficienUor the accommodation of more than one third of tho?e for whose me they are asked Orewtowdrd with lagitives fresh from No: f? k, the fever would of course break cct wi'h virulence there, and extend to liamptor al m?t within a sine's throw, where there i. ? temporary town, and a considerable one, of fugitives, who, leaving early, have so far had very few ea-*s of the fever among them. K r rt* lf "erTiw t0 the ?uff^rs at lScrfolk, the Old Point buildings should be surrendered to them at once, which is not Pebble a, the fiuecn hundred ?ow on the oint could not possibly be removed until | shipping to that end could be chartered- and c?ne round froui New York ; and the Govern ment has no place whatever in which to locate here to be thus removed agsiiut their will ?nd deprived of employment rUw ,u lKtl w, u hardly possible that the President can comply irith the request to which we refer last above, though we know thai he is earnestly anxious to do every th'og in bis power likoly really *o bid in aMeviating the dl?<trc?-i#s of the a8t:o.ed wanftpities. Mr. J. W. Bryce, of New York, Informed as Lhil morning at tho po.-t office that an edito rial paragraph in the Star borne days sin*, attributing the contcmplat-'d purchuso of the Orgua, newspaper to tho Hon. Bayard Clark, with the money of fckorge Law, is wholly in corrrct. Mr. B*yce b'mself being one of the intend el purchasers, of couisa knows all about the matter. Our irformants with reforence to the purchase led us into enor, which we thus has tea to coiisct, least it may do injury to Mr. B. ?nd tho. a, who :ver they maj be, concerned *-th h'm ;n the con^amplat'i purchase. Going to lay Direct Taxer?It is to be presumed that the precent legislature of Kan sas contemplate levying direct taxes for the support of their territorial government. We draw this conclusion from the fact that not a little of their leg5 station amounts to a direct, palpable and en' ire repudiation of any author ity of the Government of the United States over them. They not only practice upon the squattsr sovereignty doctrine to the extect of regulating their own affairs?the things that are theirs exclusively?(and however much we may dislike the squatter tjvereignty principle in the abstr? it, aj we confc\s we do, we are fast coming to the conclusion that on its rigid application without fear or favor on either side, depends the solution of the question of the much longer continuanco of the American Union;) but they a? ume the light to grant ar.y and everything not theirs to any and every body in and out of the tsrritoiy, if they :,coiton" to the direst or indirect grar.tcjs. They are going beyond their legitimate func tions, and set themselves up a9 court and jury to try tUeir own so exceedingly Billy case against the l'recidentand Congress. We have not the slight it doubt that Congr ess n ill bring tjrem to tarms as soon ts they meet, by quietly \utiog that if they w<"' Kvoiutbni.e in that quarter, they may do it wholly at their own expense; not at that of Urcle Sam. They nill stop the supplier im>tacter, Starving tho over obctrei trcus into a lacovery of their censes, just as patients in insane asylums are very rigidly dieted bcfoio being given over as, incureable. Twenty, to one the prospect of getting money to " gM" on, only by laying direct taxes on then fello* iquatlcr.', will at once inluse a larger dash of common sense in to their present remarkable temper. To say the least on't, they a: a thoroughly disgusting ouraelf and nearly all other of their friends in the South who have be en battling earnestly in their cause, as they well know, up to this time. Ex-Judge Elmore.?We really do not know which is uoing most in tho w:iy of rendering himself ridiculous, ex-Judge E'more, of Ken" 8'is, or tLe conductor of the N_w York Herald, who ha7 taken up his silly quarrel with the General Goverruent about h;s removal. The ba .'a of tho plea of the cx-jaJj,e is that the Ex'cuthe has no le^al authority to substitute another in b'S ?ad until his foer years shall havo exp'red, l:sau a tho organic law of the teiii.ciy under which he was appoint: J speci fies that the judc, 1 should hold their offices Tor four jears. Under the same resding o! taw, if a Dcjm sialic President and Congress, on the r:ght befoi 3giving plat 9 <a an incoming Knew Nothing Admir'scration, should enac. that all the officers of the Government whose teiin of oflke may not be 8p_c'fi'd in the con stitution should hold ?7e or ten years, the Know Nothings wou'd find themselves in a pretty kettle of fish, truly, with ai opposition cabinet to begin with fois 1 upon them. But we may not argue the principle of the law, or the folly of Judge E'rnoio, in attempt ing to . at up an unsound pr'nciple as that of tho taw for h:s ova benefit; the Supremo Court of the Un'ted S.a' -s ha\ing the question againk. him, mostemphatically. We here refer to its action in the ci^e of Goodrich, the removed chief justice of Minesota Terri tory, diaper d of last win' n. For four years, Judge G. contend d in the courts for the po sition which Judge Elmoie now t eks to con tend, probably without knowirg that the Su preme Court u ian;mously decided that a ter ritorial judg' bip is an office frum which an incumbent may, at any moment, be removed at the plca3ute of the Extcu'ive of the United States. The clause of the organic taw of Minnc ota, under which Judge G. was ap point'. 1, is identical with that cluu.o of the organic taw of Kansas, under which Judge E. was appointed, the later being copi d, ver batim, lrom the former. Its Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 4th September, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the bcolu of tho Department? Tor the Treasury Department.... $50.145 58 For the Interior Department 66,006 03 For the Cuatons 18,002 23 War Warrants received and en tered 321,933 5t War repay warrants received and entered 195,827 73 Covered in from Customs 1,423,350 2o The Autobiography ?Friend Buige?i, the remarkably quiet and bo well-known bill poster and distributor, has been " called in," professionally, to altcnd to George Law s case. For tome time pat-v, he has been employed to distribute tho li*e of George Law among the country jeople a. Ending the Centre Market in this city, t > e? ;h of whom, who wish to ro o-ive it, he presents the beauthul book from the depth of the invariable leather-bag swung over bis shoride\ t. We f(el slighted because Mr. Burg' s hai not le.i a copy at the Star office. Jr he w 'I do to, we promise to review it? g?>ing Law's never-to-be-forgotten Dry Dock bank affair a " first rate notice," and attending to sundry other little business trans actions of h s, which have been conveniently ignored in preparing the history of the career of that very big man. Off Soundings.?Thn 3 or four days ago still another convention of the Know Nothings of the surrounding district of Maryland, was held in this city in the garret of Thorn's building on Seventh stre et. It was to compare notes to ascertain how many votas the party w?ll probably poll in the district this fall. The countcnancr 3 of it? members as they left the hou j iQ baviea aud equads, if they told the truth, were Indicative of a sHm prospect before them in the elc :tion. Appointed.?John~D~ Cry has been ap puoted r-eiver of pubKo monies at Elba Alabama, vie*, Larkin, removed; Wm! M. L Marshall has been appointed temporary clork in the Pension Office at *1 2?M> yer an nam The Secretary of the Interior intending to leave Washington to-morrow morning, to bring home his family, now in Pennsylvania, tSe Postmaster General ha? been appointed by the President to act temporarily in b'? stead. Presonted and Received.?Yesterday. Senor Don Antonio Jose de Trisarri pierented his c.cdenlials to the President, and wai received as Minister Plenipotentiary of the States of 3uatema1a and Salvador, in Central America. Appointed.?Mr. Edward M. Scott, of Noith Caroliua, has been appointed to a ($1,200 per annum) temporary clerkship in the Pension Bureau. The Epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth. Appalling, indeed, are the accounts from the ill-fated cities of Norfolk and Ports mouth. A more gloomy picture has never been presented to the eye nor contemplated by the mind, than that oaused by the soo^ge among our countrymen at those places! Up wards of fifty deaths per diem at Norfolk, and about thiity in Portsmouth?seventy human beings swept from the stage of action every twenty-four hours! and that, too, out of so small a population as is now left! It really .-eems as if the entire depopulation of our sis ter cities is inevitable. The following deaths have not been before reported: Mrs. Church, (died at Himpton.) Parker Sharpley. James M* Brooks, Dr. Q. J. Hakon, Miss Sarah Freeman, Master Lepage, Miss H. Wilson. Win. II. Garnett, Win Sylveater Ed ward Daly and wife, Wm. Ballarce, Wm. Wright, J. W. liar wood, F. Fitzgerald, Mr. Korneman, Mrs Benson, Mr. Ryston, Evelina Fitshusrh, Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Beveildge. Miss Parks, Mr Keelman, Miss Patridge, Nancy, at Mrs Humphrey's; John Delany, Eliza Jaekson. Mrs. Bennett, W. R. Todd, Sophia C. Hutchings, of Washington city; James E. Kilgrove. Miss Delia Erickson. John Erickson, Mrs. Saunders, Wm. K. Storrs. Dr. Jones, of Baltimoie, who has just re? turned from Norfolk and Poit mouth, reports the distress iu those places ta be beyond all ' it ;ription. On Smday, in Noifolk, there |_?vere lotty dead bodies without eeffins or any i me to buiy them. The number of deaths in Norfolk on Saturday, he states, was fii-y-fivc ; on Sunday sixty, and on Monday fii.y-four. In Norfolk on Sunday there weie one thous and cases of the fever; and in Portsmouth -bout four hundred. The doctor thinks the disease will continue as long as there is an in dividual in the place for it to attack. Martial law is about to be established in Norfolk, and the carriage? and hor.-3s in the 3ity levied on, for the uie of the physicians and sick, wherever found?by order of the Acting Mayor. It is aLo proposed to force the Hack* who are eble, but unwilling, to ac- a? i uroes to the sick. Something of this kind must be done, or numbers of neglected and forsaken fever struck patients must perish, -.olely from want of common attention. A letter from Portsmouth mentions, among ?thers down with the fever, Mrs. Wm. B. Col lins, five children, and three i?ivauts?the uly well member of the family is Mr. Collins, who had the disease several weeks sinoe. One of the children (a young man) been sent to the Hospital. [Correspondence of the Evening Star.J Portsmouth, Sept. 3, lt!55. There i3 no abatement uf the fever at this place, it seems to be un the iacrca 3. and not confined to any pait: u!ar locality, but h s spread over the whole town. taking dowaall ca-ses and condition of people. The weather for the !aet few days has been e xtrcwely hot. Tho following aie the of the dead, to far ss can be ascertained, for the period ex extending from Saturday r.iiht to two o'clock tj-dp^y : Wm. Fay, Mrs. N. F. Cock, living at Jas. Totterdell's; a daughter of tho late Mor ris B. Lai ghorn, Miss Sophia Bindley, daugh ter of Wrm. B. Bingley ; Jes^o Oakley. Patrick O'Donnell, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Macklin, Miss Fiulty, Miss Roselia Tatem, Jas. Mullen, Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. Daiden, Misses Laura and Fan ny Williams, (and another daughter dyin ;;) daughters of the late Patrick Williatne; Wm. Ford; a st,n, aged 13, of Dr. Minor, surgeon ?it the U. S. Naval Hospital, (and 2 daughters ill;) Mrs. Samuel Bains, Col. Chas. Cassell, Mrs Charles Billisoly, Mrs. John Lash, (Mr. Lush is absent at the Nouh;) Miss Cecilia ?Jhio; daughter of Mrs Jas. E. Wilson ; Wm. Weston, child'of George Thomnson; Cajit. Allen, of the Seaboard R -ilroaei, and Mrs. John D. Cooper. The following are down with the fever: Richard and Caroline Williams (dying,) chil dren of the late Patrick Williams; Mrs. llaynes, sister of Col. Cross; young Mrs. Co vert; John French, conductor on the railroad, wss taken with fever th:s morning whilst on the train and was leu at the water station four miles from Suffolk, and was carried to the \ hospital by the ioturn train ; William Mau pin, Robert Ballentine. Mrs. Wm. B Collins <nd daughter, Mrs Emma Boutwell Mayor Fiske is very ill; young Ashton. of the Po;t Office, was sent to the hospital this morning. There has been forty-nine deaths since sun down on Saturday to 12 o'clock to day. and it is feared that the mortality will be greater tc day than on any previous one. It is with feelings of tho deepest sorrow that 1 have to announce the death of John Wood ley on Saturday evening last. He was twenty three years of ago. His gentle, affectionate, ..nd obliging disposition wou the esteem of all. lie has left many friends and relatives to mourn bis sad fate. Our talented and skillful young physician, James G. Hodges, having been so completely worn down by excess of labor, has been com pelled to go in the country for the benefit of Lis health. He has uobly done his duty during these feaiful times. In a few days he will re turn to the &cene of his former labor. He has uttended over three hundred and fhty patients. W. B. C. A correspondent of the Petersburg Express writes as follows concerning the contributions raised for the yellow fever sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth. His letter is dated the 1st infant, and written at Portsmouth: "In tho way of contributions, though our f cople are more necessitous, and our suffering more universal, I am afraid that wo have not K'ceived the proportion of the money raised for our relief which the contributors iutended. Our town ia too much blended with Norfolk, and many suppose that when contributions arc . ent to Norfolk, the people of Portsmouth are ' enoSted by them. Now, this is not the ca=e, U aless special instructions are given that we are to have a proportionate phare. 4i It is desirable to have it understood that Norfolk and Portsmouth are two separate and distinct places; and that when suoscriptions for the relief of the yellow fever sufferers are made, that the subscribers should derignate how much is to go to Norfolk, and how much to Portsmouth and Gosport (the two latter are under one and the same municipal govern ment ) We noed all the help that will he sent to us. "I really think that thore have been near four hundred deaths in Portsmouth up to this time. Consider the number of widows and orphans to be cared for. There are now 300 or 400 riok in town, to say nothing of the con valescent eases. And besides (with the excep tion of a few noble spirits, who have remained to look after the interests of the community) all the rich and well-to-do have flod, and the population we now have are all poor and ne cessitous. In many cases we have to pay as high as three dollar.? a day for nurses, and the regular price is $10 per week. When you look at this picture you may form some idea of our expenditures. My own opinion is, that the ordinary expen?ea each day nmounts to the large sum of $800 I do not Include in this tho burying of the did; this will have to be paid hereafter. 41 The papers state that some $60,000 have been raised for the relief of the fever district. Of this amount Portsmouth has reoeived only about $16,000!" Th - Richmond Dispatch states that the two ?! ua .t?e about to call on the State of Viigima a? well as the Government tVf aid. Nurses arc badly needed in Portsmouth, not ?hrre th<** fr?m ^ harinS capped Tho deaths by the fever since the 8th of July. thousand?si* hundred ,n Norfolk, and four hundred in Portsmouth !?' J".isk,e>. Mayor of Portsmouth, it ill, and wilt die, it is feared. A dispatch received this morning states that the deaths in Norfolk, yesterday, amounted to upwards of seventy; and that a larQe num ber of corpses remain unburicd. PERSONAL. ? ? ?. Hon. Charles T. James, one of the Sen ators from Rhode Island, has roocntly return ed from a European tour. The Emperor Alex auder entertained him at his summer resi dence, at Peterhoff, and every courtesy was extended to him by other high functionaries of Russia. .... Rachel's reception at the Metropolitan theatre, on Monday night, it is said, was qm?<s flattering. A large audit n-y was present, though the night was rainy. The Express says : " Rachel has conquered already the difficulties and dangers of speaking to an au dience in a fore inn tongue, and her future is . ?uied by a style of siting which speaks ten thousand times louder than words. The au dience, if not the ton, was intellectual, dis criminating, and among the very best edu cated pcoplo of the city." .... An old man named Birge at Whitewater Wis., made a brutal attempt to murder h wife by cutting her throat. Their grandson, a small boy, seined a revolver and shot the old man while in the act. Both of them are '?kely to recover. ....The following are the Congressional nominations m ule in Louisiana: Democratic?Albert Fabre, Miles Taylor, T. <Jreen Du\ idiODj J. M. Sandidgc. Know Nothing?Geo Eustis, jr., Thco. G. Hunt, Preston Pond, jr., Wm B. Lewis. ....The head and toot of a boy. named Jones, were found in Woodford. Vermont, on the banks of the stream, br ide his fishing-rod and line, and it is suppo^d he had been killed and eaten by a panther. ...?lion. P. A. Roit, of Louisiana, !s at Wizard's hotel. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Geobbbtowh, Sept. 5, 1855. We are plea rd to learn that letters have been received by some of the family of Airs. Boyee, informing them that she is doing as well as could be expected, under the circumstances, and that but little, if any, doubt exi&ts of his i<covcry. A proper object for tho substantial sympa thies of tho benevolent may be found un the Jill near Mr. Umretrout'e tavern. It consists of an entire family sick with chil's aud fever.-, and bilious fever, and perfectly destitute ot the common necessai ics of Iife. We sincerely hope that some of the many benevolent pei? sons will take their esse in hand, and at once relieve their pressing wan's by bestowing upon them such nourishment as persons in their con dition stand in need of. We feci confident that this is all that is wanting to have them at once relieved. The repairs upon our canal has been com pleted. and a large number of boats from Cum berland and other points are expected this evemug or early to-morrow. Mr. King having declined (inconsequence of pressing business engagements) being a can didate for the vacant seat in our Bu i of Common Council, David English, E.q., has been nominated in his stead. Mr. EngliKh has cjrved in the same capacity many yeais here tofoi 3 with much credit to himself and satis fy -lion to ourcitirens generally. His thorough knowledge of tho worki :igs of our Corporation ;-ffairs, together with his ability as a shrewd, aotivo business man, and a wise legislator, qualifies him in an eminent degree for the post. We nie pleased to learn fiom private letters received this morning from Port mouth, Va., that the Rev. Mr. Asehwanden is not eiok. as has been ropoited. Ho is still enjoying goot health, and actively engaged in the duties of his mission of benevolence and jharity. Who will be appointed to the va:ant judge ship in I1 e^Circuit Court of the District?of Cflumb' : is a question we frequently hear asked tome of our leading citiiens. S?omc have suzg'sted thac he appointment of Hon. Henry Alay, of Baltimore. Md., would be very popular among the great ma<s of the citizcns of the District, of all parties, ho bein" a native of Washington, and perfectly familial with our laws and the rules regulating the laws generally, and a man of gieat legal at tainment*. The news from the North for tho !a*t two days has very much unsettled and depressed the flour and grain market?, and caused each to decline considerably ; and although the fcioek is limited prices continue tending down ward. Small sales of flour, yesterday, of ex tra superfine brands, at 57.75 ; some are de mand ; no person, however, seems inclined to purchase exlonsively, could it be had. at either of the above priccs. Wheat?*1 45a SI 50 for red. and Si.50a51.55 for white of good qualities. Com?&3aS5c. Oata? 33a37c. oy tho Cargo, struck measure. Spectator. Tqe Submarine Telegraph.?The disaster o the submarine telegraph wire, between St. Johns and New Found.'and, is net, it is said, ouo of an irreparable char.; ?ter. The oable ha3 not been "lost" or "mi-laid," and ar langements will no doubt at once he made to recover it. The wire, it would appear, had ocsn paid out to the distance of some forty nines, whon, by some untoward a:cident the connection on board the steamer broke, and the wiro snapped and dropped into the sea. 1? recover the wire, and go on with the work, thus temporarily interrupted, it will be ne cessary to begin fishing it up, at the St. Johns end, and follow tho line to its other extremity. On ions vs. Yellow Fever.?The following h from the pen of an old and highly esteemed citizen of Washington, whose word "will be re lied on by all his old fellow citizens as an am ple voucher for tho truth of what he here states. There is evidently much in the onion application, and wo trust that it will be promptly resorted to: Mr. Editor: AsJ an aux'liarr to M. B. J.'s communication in yesterday's Star, permit me to state what follows : In the summer of 1798, or about that time, tiio town of Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, experionced the ravages of the yellow fever to a most alarming extent?causing great mor tality. Among those attackod was Dr. Wm. Cutter, a young physician of groat ability and promise in his profession, and tho more es teemed for his intiepidity and philanthropy in his ceaseless personal attentions and care of the sick?both day and night. For a time he escaped the contagion, but at length he was seised and prostrated with the fevor in its most deadly forin. His casa was hopeless, and his brother physicians had abandoned all hope of saving him. As a last resort, and at his own suggestion, he was placed in some mode in a layer of fresh eaitn, liqed with oniors. To the astonishment of all, the application was successful, and he rapidly recovered. Oniocs were then used in sick rooms, in strings hung round the cornices, with what eflr jt I know not; but they turned black and yellow Large quantities of tobacco ticms were also kept burning in pans; lime usod freely, and vinegar sprinkled over the floors. There are probably persons old enough in Portsmouth to remem ber and corroborate this case of Dr. Cutter Capt. John McClintock, naval officer, for ex ample. It was the "town talk" at the time as they say " Down East." Geo. M. Geouabd. Sep. 4. Singular Occterence.?We learn that Cant. Hughes, of the schooner D. B. Warner on her passage from New York to this city in about twenty-three fathoms water, forty ille* northeast of Prying-Pan Shoals, in hau'ing up the deep sea-lead, found attached to the bot tom of it a plain gold ring set with a red stone, which he now has in his possession. An oc currence of the kind is seldom heard of - CnarlestoH Courier. In the list of owners of Land in Vir ginia advertised for non-payment of taxos, we fi.?d those of the Duchess of Leeds and Mar ehioueiis of Wellesluy. These ladies arc na tive* of Maryland .THE PIC NIC FOR THE BENRFIT _ _ of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers, which to to have taken place at the "Park" oa the 3d instant, has bee? po*ponM owing to the Inclemency of the weather, until MONDAY, the 10th instant, to commence at 1 o'clock. No charge will be made of visiters to the house or grounds, but gentlemen entering the Dancing Saloon will be chargedtbe moderate sum of flfljr Prof. Ber-man's Band is engaged; It 1* hoped that the citizens of Wa-hington will generoosiv respond to the call, and fid in relieving the r?f fer'ng of our distressed neighbors. Mr Whaley's omnibns will be on the corner of 7th street and Pa avenue during the afternoon and night, to convey passengers out. _ gep 3?4t CHAS SHUSSLER ^WASHINGTON LADIES' DEPOSI tory.?The mans^ers of the Ladles' De pository will be at their Salesroom on 14th street, every THURSDAY, at 11 a. m . to receive work from Depositors, and to sotile the amounts of the Institution. 9. P. CHILDS, Secretary, aep 5?lt? ^PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD. _ _ Attention.?Yon we ordered to meet ei the armory on THURSDAY, the 6th Instant, at 7 w o'clock p. m . in ftoll uniform. Punctual attendance is required as business of importance wPl be brought oefore you, relative to the contemplated Baltimore trip. Also, the elec tion of several officers for the ensuing year By order ot Capt. JOS. PECK. sepS? IBVKNTH WARD UNION Asso ciation will meet THIS EVENING, at 7K o'clock, at Potomac Hall WM COOPER, sep 5?It Secretary. H ATTENTION, NATIONAL GREYS ? You are hereby notified to attend the regular stated meeting'of the Company on THIS (Wednesday JEVEN1NG, September 5th, at 7^ o'clock. By order: JAS. STONE,Sec. sep 5?It* H WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS ?You are requested to attend the regular monthly meeting on THURSDAY EVENING, the 6th instant, at 7# O'clock. Every member is requested to be present. sep 5?2t* JOHN BAIN, Captain. EST1V A L?The Ladies of St Alban * Church D. C , will hold a Festival for the sale of Fruits and Flowers, at Mt. Alban. on THURSDAY, Septemter6th, commencing at 18 o'clock. The proceeds to b? devoted to the pay ment of the debt on the Organ. Omnibuses will leave Bridge street, George town, at 1, 2^, and 4 o'clock p. m. sep 5?\l* ? ,THEREGULAR MONTHLY MEET ING OF THE NORTHERN LIBKlt tlt-s' Fire Comr-iny will be held THIS EVEN ING, at 7% o'clock. sep 5? JNO T. HALLECK,gec. ,NOTICE.?The regular monthly meet _ Ing of the Franklin Fire Company wi4 be held at the bpll of the Engine Hou-e THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, September 5th. at 7# o'clock. Members elect are requested to attend and si^n the Constitution. members ate hereby notified that the time allowed for the tetrlement of their ac counts with the Company will expire to-night. ROB'T E DOYLE, Pres. Geo. R. Csossfiflo, Sec sep 5?It ,THE GERMAN PIC NIC AT GEO Bekert's, to take place on the 4th day of September, lw55. Is pot-tpored on account of the unfavorable weather, until THURSDAY, the 6th September, 1855. at the same place. Ticket holders and all loveis of amusement are invited to that ^'.eafcant occasion. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS, sep 4?3t* f ii MONTGOMERY GUARDS?You are re* q A quested to attend the re^ul u monthly meet K| filing of the Company WEDNESDAY EVE ill illNlNG, the 5th instant. Particular attention is nrccssary as the Company will elect non-commif slomd officers for the en suing year. By order: WM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec sep 3?It .PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD. Attention.?The regular monthly mee' ing of the Corps will be held at the a?mory on THURSDAY, the6th instant, at 7* o'c'oek Every member is requested to be present, as two Secretaries and a Treasurer aie to be dec led. ai.d important business to b* transacted By order: JNO H. McCUTCHEtf . Sec sep 1? ^TKAYED AWAY?F rom .Ijck'jr Citj, cn ?5 Sunday, the 2d instant, a dark MULE. ?S???? about 10 years old, with *car on the left jr>" shoulder from the rubbiag of the collar. Any person returning the same to Levi Pumphrev's -table, comer of C and Sixth streets, W??fcington city, will be liberaliy reward?-d by the subscribers. WiLLSON & HAYWAUD, sep 5?3t U n ion Hall, C street. [Alexandria Gazette f?d Maubo*/ paper will copy 3 times, and send bill to this office ] POLICE OFFICE. Third District, Ne. E Street., near Sth. I^HIS office will be open from 7 o'clock A M. A till 11 P. M , where all complaints of a vio lation of the laws of the Corporation and of the United States will meet wuh immediate and prompt attention from the chief of police and his oth ers. JOHN S. IIOLLINGSHEAD. s>ep 5??o3i* Police Magistrate, 3d District. ^inn-?NE HALF OF TIIE PATENT V AIJU Right of a most valuable patent will be sold for the above sum. To an enterprihlng ac tive man. It will prove a fortune. Patent granted July 1851, having 13 yrars to run. Address X Z. Z. ut this office. sept 5?3t FOH BOSTON?REGULAR PACKET LINE. THE BRIG ANDOVER is new loading, and will have quick dispatch fcr the above port. For Freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER A-ts, sep 5?4t Water street, Georgetown. A CAUTION IS ueceasary only to tbo~e who have not yet used my superior Black Tea at fifty cents a pouni, again- tth?? imposition that is daily attempted by tome persons of elastic conscience to palm oil" Tea representing itto be the same k:nd as mine. The way to nail the deception to the forehead of the parties so attempting, Is by a trial, samples of which can be had gratuitously The balance of the chop-mark, forty-five boxes of this article of the latest importation is in my store, and by the box families can have it reasonably less than at re tail One hundred and ten Magnolia hams, the last to be received this season, lo be had only at my store. Green conserve and preserved ginger. All th? cendirrents neces.-%ary for AmericanTFrencb, and Engllih preserving and pickl'ncr Pure cider vin egar, glass a .id stone jars of all sizes for jellies, preserves and pickles, with a variety of fresh gro ceries unsurpassed. Z. M.P.KING. Corner of V? rmant avenue, I and 15etreet, north east of Jackson Statue. sept 5. Mackerel k-mackerel : 150 bbls No. 3, medium 50 t>bls No. 3. large M half bbls No. 3, large and medium Now landing per brig Andover, and for eale low by HARTLEY A BROTHER, 101 Water street, Georgetown, D C. sep 5?3t STOVES, GRATES. RANGES, fcc. I AM now receiving my usual Fall supply of STOVES, GRATES, RANGES, Ac , and would call particular attention to the new style of Latrobe and Felnour pattern, of Stoves, for heating two or more stories,1 and guarantied to work well. The character of t ae above Stove is so well ?abli&hed In Baltimore and here as the best, neat est, and most economical Parlor Stove in rse, that it needs no other rccommeadation except a trial to convince any one of its great ndvanta-ev and, if put up properly will nrwer fail to give tat Ufaction. WM. H HARROVER, Seventh St., opposite Patriotic Bank. <ep 5?3t NEW GOODS. Gold and silver watches, jew ELRY, CLOCKS. FANCY ARTI- 0* GLES, Ac., just received, and can be bought 25 per cent, cheaper than similar 1. goods can be bought in Washington.?^ Good Clocks, Si .'25; prime jewel l?d Silver Watch. lb-carat Gold Watches, jewelled, **.20; Gold I<evers. 1J jewels, *$23; Jewelry, all prices and styles; Gold Chains, very cheap'and in great va riety; Fancy Article*, such as lxwps. Shaving Cream, superior Razor Strops, Razors that can't be excelled, Knives, Scissors, Clothes and Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, and a great many arti cles too numerous to mention. Also, sorue ver? high-priced Gold t-nd Silver Watches of the best makers in London; Silver Watches as high as 950; Gold do , S175. Call and examine for yourselves. fl~y? Terms invariably cash. N B?Watches and Jewelry at wholesale ? Cash paid for old silver ? J ROBINSON, Jeweler, 349 Penn av , opposite Browns' hotel sep 5?eolm B1TS?F ^ Sbelton Mackenzie, Editor of the Life of Currian, jr. Price f 1 Guy Rivers a tale of Georgia, by W Gilni< re Sims, Esq. Price 91 25. Just Published and for sale at TAYLOR MAURY'S a UwoJuUtfc um MittUi ?Ucet Ij3, auu - .Ai amusements. PLEASANT RFSOMT. SPRING OARDIN ft, (FORMERLY FAV1ER S GARDEN,> On M Strut. btnrten StrmUemtk f Eigkwntk, OPENED errrv day ?n the week, ana aa Soa day. No splritous liquor* allowed. bat Cof fee. Chocolate. Ioe Cream, Ac., will be for ml* Websr's Brass Band will perform ewry Moa day and Thursday evsaiag. beginning at abpot 1 o'clock. Admittance free no lfi?3m FIR SALE?Two Carts and Hare?, aad an excelleait Plow and Harness One Cart la at A. Joyce's Coach Fartery, on tte corner of Four teenth street; and the other at Snyder1#, oa the corner of B street and Elev. nth s'ree* If not or Id this week, they will be sold at auction at Centra Market Square, oa ihe 8th instant They are tfca property of John Shea, dereaaed. sep 4?-Sto CHALK CRAYONS for u?* on the Blnrkboard; sold for the makers at Waltham, by the an der^gned. Box of 144 Crayons. fl2 cenu aop4 FRANCH TAYLOR. THE PIANO FORTE ( LAMES OF KB WM HEJHIY PALMB RE now nearly completed, but a frw vacan ? clea yet remain to be filled, for which early application ia desired, as the number being limi ted no additional pupils will be afterwards ad mitted. Mr. Palmer baring determined to take do more than he can fully attend to. Due notice will be given to each pupil of the first meeting for In struction, and aa an incentive to improvement be proposes, at the expiration of the first half year to nave a general examination of hla Classes, to which the parents and friends of each pupil will be Invited, and prizes will be awarded to theee who may have o<>uined the greatest proficiency. Application to be made to Llm la person, at nls ievidence. 233 F street. Terms, S5 per quarter of twenty lesson* sep 4 A' MARSHAL'S SALE?In virtue of a writ of Furl Farras ? under Lien Law,'' issued from the Clerk s office of the Circuit Court of the DIs trict of Columbia, for the county of Washlngtoa, aad to mc directed, I shsll expose to public sale, for cash, on F R1 DAY, the ?-tb day of September next, at tte front of the Court house door of the said ceunty. at til o'clock m , the following prop erty, Tlx: all William Durr's interest Into the Brick Houses situated on the west half of Lot No. 21, in Square No 253. in the city of Washington. D C , siezed and levied upon as the property of William Durr. and will W sold to aatlsfr Judi cal No. 21 to October, 1?5, In favor of Cols man A Smith. J D HOOVKR, Marshal for Dtstlict of Columbia, aep 4?tda _ __ A PLAIN FACT. VMAGNIFICENT Rosewood, elegantly fin ished full seven octave Piano Forte Just re cslvcd. from a celebrated mas uftctory <-*-*?"? 'gfj.j in N. York, and must be cold wlthlnf^ i f f I ten dap. at the astonishing low price of S230 Two fine rosewood Pianos from the celebrated '??tabllshment of Knabe, Gaehle A Co Baltimore, Lave been used only a few months, the owners being compelled to leave the city, and we are au thorized to sell them at the low price of ft?W' each. A second-hand Piano for ?75 and one for *S0 Always on hand the largest and most reliable r.tock of fine Pianos in this cltv, at our Masic Store. 306 Pa. avenue. b*t Oth and loth st*. sep4 JOHN F. ELLIS. KDW1N UREEK, A T his New Cabinet Ware room*. No. 180 Penn ia syivanla avenue, between 17th and !*th sts., has nsw on hand a large stock* of oil qualities of CABINET FIRM TURK, CHAIRS and MATTRF>SESi which he will sell at the lowest rates Now on hand, a uood essortment of Mahogany, suitable for handrail and other building purposes Orders for new work. Jobbing and Repairing, and Varnishing or Upholstering well and prompt ly done. A heavy Wagon, on springs, sultab'e for haul ing lumber or rural tore, in good order, for sale. sep 3?3t NOTICE* JOHNSON, GUY A CO would call the atten tion of the District to their new and Improved Parlor Companion, for beating parlors and cham bers with one fire, for beauty or <4yle and finish, and economy, superior to anything of the kind ever offered in this city. Also, to their Blue Kidge Cooking Stove, for utility and economy, txual to the best ever offered in anv market. We would also call public attention to our ex tcaslr? assortment of HARDWARE, and Build ing Mate-Iais, to which we are conatantlv adding new article*. Pa avenue, between 10th and 11th sts. sep 3?2w (Organ) IADIEV ELASTIC MOIRE AKTIQIE * lit 'is, a beautiful assortment of black aud col ored just received at Mrs. WRIGHT'S Corset Establishment, 214 Pa. avenue sep 3?St MADAME K S ARRIVAL^ Marriages, Love, Journeys. Law suits, Difficul ties In Business, Absent Friends, Sickness and Death, and In respect to all other subjects. She Is also able to tell the Ages of persons by reading n umbers A U those who wish to consult M adame It. will please call soon, as she will remain In the city but a short time. She can be consulted at all bears of the dav and evening. Iler name is on thedoor?No Jr?;, 19th street, threedx>rsfrom Pa. avenue and H street. Gentlemen cents and La dles 25. Sep 3?5t? STOVES! STOVES!?GRATES! GRATES! WE are now receiving and effer for sale aa ex tensive assortment of COOKING STOVES, among wL'.ch are to be found, tile Blue Rid^e, Wi'liam l enn. Triumpbg Complete. Atlantic. Bay s?tate. Banner, Ma ryland, Kitchen Companion, and others. ' Also, a complets assortment of Parlor. Dining room, chamber, hall, store, office and churca Stoves, for either Wood or coal Also, a fine assortment of Mantle Grates, New York patterns. All who are in want of Stoves of prate* will find it to their advantage to give us a call before pur chasing. We shall take pleasure In showing our r.tock aud giving o?r prices to any who may call on us, whether tbev purchase or riot. joHnson. guy a CO , Pa. avenue, betw 10th and 11th sts. sep 3?2w (Organ) STRAYED OR STOLEN, a small Pointer Dog. of a dark liver color, al>out at year old. and answers to the name of Dick Ten dollars will lie pa d on hls^ being left at HAMLIN'S, coiner Pa. avenue aud 10th street. ? aep 3?3t* I?OK COLLEGES. SEMINARIES. Ac. JT We have just finished a lot of beautiful Sil ver Cups, Goblets, Kalves, Forks and Spoons, suitable for persons entering Colleges or Semina ries. Also, the same articles of Albata M W. GALT A BRO., 321 Pa. avenue, between 0th and 10th sts. sep 3? 3t I^OR THE HAIR.?Barn's Trleorherocs, - the genuine article. Also, Swedish Hair Cre ator, Lyon's Kathairon, French and American Pomades. Ac LAMMOND'S, 7th st. sep 3?3t MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CAPON SPRINGS! THE undersigned having been solicited bv many southern friends to extend the present r ason, have determined to keep the Mountain House open for their accommodation nntll the l(Kh day of October. The three tournaments for the season will take ?tace on the 28th of August, the 12th and #th of oepteiaber. The fare will be reduced S5 per month and fi2 per week, after the 1st of September du 24? BLAKEMORE A INGRAM w ALL, BARNARD A CO., Auction A < ommi-sisn Merchants, Corner of 0th street and Pa avenue, (sooth side) will, as usual, attend to all sales of Hosnehold, Heal Estate, and Personal Property. Carriages, Horses, Ac , or goods of any <i - npti on consigned to them, on the most reasonable terms, aad will give their personal attention All sales entrusted to them will be attended to with promptitude and dispatch. Liberal cash advances made on ooa*igai_ WALL, BARNARD A CO. au 7?eolm (Intel) AucUc MRS. A. C? REDMOND'S NEW GAL iery of Daguerrean Art ? Havingeagaged the services of an experienced artist, is fully prepared to take pictures equal to any in the city, and at reasonable prices No. flftt Pa avenue, northwest torner 11th st., ever Ford & Bro's Drug Store. auC ? pAKARV BIRD.?Escaped final its case on ? J Friday afternoon, a lighi colored Canary Bird about 10 weeks old. and was sheddhg. The bird possesses a value to the owner by seat three weeks since from Ohio, by a relative. Any one bringing it to this office, will receive aa a reward anotner bird if desired. an 2b RAZORS AS IS RAZORS. GEO Wostenholm A Son's doubly carbonized I XL, Frederick Penny's Tally-ho, and Wade & Butcher's chemically perfected Raxo's, and others, from to cents to S2 SO Gentleman who like a comfortable shave should secure one of tbese Razors Also Razor Strops, Shavian Crtam. Brushes, Soap, Ac ,at the Housekeei er's Furnlsbing Store 4'J0 S?*ventk suoct b FRANCIS, an 17

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