Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1855 Page 2
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evening star. ? ?*-?-?? " IT "" ' ^ W A8HIW0T0N CITY: MOBIOAV AfTERWOO^ Sept. 10. fPIRIT OF THE MORNING PEES5. The buelligtner doubts whether the de cisiou of the Supreme Court. in the ease of Good noli re Guthrie, can be taken as affirm itg the right of the President to remove a ter ritorial judge. with which that journal does not conceive theExecutiTc of the United States to be clothed, if we may fairly draw a conclu sion from the tenor of the editor's remarks The came paper explains the decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in Pas-more William-on's application for a writ of habeas corpus, a? follows: ? The ground tRken by the .Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is, that th*t Court han no jurisdiction to warrant its interfering 1 judgment of the Federal Courts ; that such Courts have exclusive power in deciding cased of contempt, srd the &ate Court could not go behind the record to ascertain the fact whether the commitment wan legal or not. ? The decision was read by Judge Black and concurred in by Judge Lowrie. although the latter differed in some of the views taken in the case." The Union quotes the record to show that Senators Chase, Seward, Wade and Sumner, and their allies in Congress, assisted, with might and main, in repealing the Missouri restriction in 1853. It will astonish all in Washington familiar with tho unpublished history of Congress, who know well the bitter contempt for and hostility to tho Missouri Compromise which the Abolitionists and Free boilers have heretofore ox pressed, to learn that they row talk differently of it. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tho Election To day ?To-day Maine elcct* ^Governor. Legislature and other State officer*. Three parties are in the field. The Demo crats, who, are opposed to the Maine Liquor L:iw and for the Nebraska bill (and are there fore opposed to efforts for the restoration of the Missouri restriction,'') thellcpubiioans, who embrace the Abolitionists, Ko??w Nothings, Free Soilcrs, and M tine Liquor Law men. who are for the law, and for the repeal of the fu gitive slave law and the restoration of the Mi-sour restriction, and third?the strr-ight out Whig party, with the estimable Isaac lleed as their candidate for Governor. Re cently there has been a very geueral fusion thiou-houl the State between tho straight out Whigs and Democrat*, who. in some counties, have made a joint ticket, each hivvingor. it a fair share of their friends. This furiou has greatly in.-pirfrd the Democratic leaders there, who have written to Washington that they ex pcct to defeat the re-eltctionof Morr.ll to-day, to elect a majority to the State Senate, (of Democrats and straight out \\ higs) with at-ir chenoe of obtaining a similar majority in the lower branch. We receive these sanguine antic ipations emu ?r*no *.;/?.*. If the Republican" coalition cannot carry Maine, as matters h.'ne been there for the la t two years, they cannot cany a cingie Sta^o in the I nion, Ohio inCiU'ie I As for the PhUadclphia-platform-Know-Noih ing-pariy nothing of the sort exists in Maine. We doubt if there are ten Kuow Nothings in any town of the State attached to that organi sation. The conservative Whigs of th.?t Staie have xteadily refused to follow the example of their brethren in New York and New Jersey in going ever to Know N >thii'gi?m, as v?as don* by the Seward or "conscicuco wing, whose early exodus in that direction, (to leave Know Nothiogism and joiu the Republican party s< me time Muce.) foitunately kep. them (the conservative \V bigs") out of the trap. TltU? Prcgrtjg.?The remit of the late trial of the rtfaning machines of various countries, now being exhibited at the World's Inhibi tion at Paris, mO??t be exceedingly gratifying lo all our countryman, insomuch a." it proves that we continue to be foremost in tho race of improvement in the adoption of mechanical principles to the business of economizing hu man time and labor, and to that of bert ?c curing for man the fruits of his .labor. A-< at the similar trial in England during the mem orable Crystal Palace exhibition, the Aineri rnn machine? outstrip competitors. The i'aris Constitutionnel, received by the la t steamer. contair s an intorc.-ting account of the great trial of reapers on that occasion, which we adopt, as correct, in preference to that in the Paris A mi ri can of Mr. Flesch man. a well-known German gentleman, long connect*. J with the Patent Office in tlii- city, who now follow* the business of an American patent in the Frcnch cipital?acting as agent to introduce and sell American patented articles in France, and to obtain patents in Fram e for American inventions, ar.d in the United States for French inventions?his jour nal aforesaid being a sort of tender to his patent agency business, and on that account not in very good odor with tho American* in Pari' who do not relish the notion of hav ing the reputation of their country and its in dustrial affairs represented mas to subserve the publisher's businc.", in connection with patent right*. Ac. We deem this explanation necessary to give our readers the key to more or Icsj of the won derful statements in the article from Mr. Fleschman's Paris journal, professing to em brace an account oi the reapers in question, which is now being extensively republished in ihe United States. Wo prei'si the account of the Con*lituiiouaef, frum the high character of that Lofiii Jth French newspaper, which, not being mixed up with the patent agency business, makes its statement rather to inform its countrymen of the true history and results of the trial than to effect sales of this or thai machine in France, in advance of the report of the scientific commission of the Grand Exhibi tion in Paris u^on the relative merit* of the diff?:reut, French, Ameri can, ai.d Algerian?that participated in the contest ? it EAT TR1\L IT KKAPIXQ AND XOWIXC tf%* CHINKS. [Tran^Iaud liom Le Consututionnel] Pahis. Aug 7, ls- i. The sec 'nd day of August having been ap pointed for the final trial of all the reaping and mowing machines in tho Lxpoeition. the trial accordingly came off ou that day. There were ten machine^ in the txposition ; nine ol them were seut out by the Imperial Commis sioner to the place of tiial, about forty miles distant. It may be here remarked that the iuacl vvei ? sent out aud returned free ot e<?tu>the exhibitors. On the ground of tho trial there were thousands of i>coi;le assem bled to witness the nr.velty of tie day ; largo tents had keen pre* :ou*ly erected, and a lar^o aupply of re frefchments procured for the ocea sion. The day was pleasant and the excite ment of the immense conoourse of people in tense. The police were in attendance upon horseback. The militia were in requisition with guns and bayoueU to keep the crowd of f tiger spectators iroin off the grain. Stakes ??????????????? were driven into the ground and rope* drawn from stake to stake, until the entire field o! about fifteen acre# was surrounded. This was a field of an ordinary growth of oats, and standing up well, and which was divided into lots or pieces of about an acre earh, by swaths being cut through at a given distance, paral lel with each other?each pieco being num bered, and one machine allotted to each piece At the beat of the drum three machincr started off together. 8. Wright s, of Chi cago, 111., managed by his agent. Mr Jewel: Patrick Bell's machine, by Mr. foment, and a machine from Algiers. These machines, being calculated to do their owa raking by machinery. Wright s machine cut its piece in twenty-four minutes; Bell's in sixty-six minutes. and the Algiers machine in seventy iw> minutes. The raising or discharging of the grain from all of the three machines was badly done, the grain being much scattered in it* delivery upon the ground?Wright's being much the best. The cutting, however, wns well done. The automaton raker of Wright's machine wus truly wonderful. The operation of the ma chine was wholly successful. Bell's machine 1-y Fourent. did the cutting and gathering of the grain in a very neat manner: the grain was delivered freely to one side of the machine for the binders. After the jurors had care fully noted the trial thus far, the signal again was given and off started three other machines?J. II. Manny's, of ltockford, Illi nois, managed bjr his agent, Mr. Mabie; Bell s machine, by Croskill. and a French one-horse re.iper. Manny's cut its piece in twenty-two minutes; Boll's, by Croskill, and the one borne French reaper failed to cut their pieces; while Manny's did its work in the most exqui site manner, not leaving a single stalk un* gathered; and it discharged the grain in the most perfect shape, as if placed by hand for the binders. It finished its piece most glo riously ; the jurors could not restrain their ad miration, but cried out, "Good," "well done." The people applauded and hurraed for Man ny's American reaper?"that sthe machine " Again, after tho jury had taken furtlior notes of tho trial, the signal wns given, nnd three other machines started off on tho contest? Hussy's reaper, by Dray; McCormiek's, by McKensie; and Bell's, by Perry. Hussy's machine cut its piece in thirty min utes. MoCormick's in twenty minutes, and Bell's failed to finish its piece. Hussy's ma chine did its work remarkably well, cutting clean and smoothly, and leaving the jjrass in tho track of the machine in good condition for tho binders. This machine was cancedcd to be too heavy and laborious for tho team, and leaving the grain in the track of the machine found to bo an objection, as it necessarily needed to be bound and removed as fast as the machine did its work, in order that the ma chine cou'd pass around a succeeding time; yet this reaper is unquestionably a g<?od one; and may be used to groat advantage as it would likely prove durable, being very strong ly made. McCormiek's machine performed its task well, cutting a closc and even swath, but the raker or attendant, who performed the la bor of discharging the grain, seemed to be very niu.'li strained, being obliged to ride backward upon the machine, atone end of the rrel, having to reach fully across the entire width of the machine with a long bandied rake t?? gatb -r tho grain and lay it eff of the inschine Th?5 horses on this machine were much troubled by a strong lateral pressure against their shoulders, ??ccasioncd by the tongue of the machine. This rcaj>or. on the whole, is much t??o cumbersome atd heavy for two horses. However, it ha* proven itself va-tlv superior to nn~ of the inventions of the old World, and from "the fact of its great feue oos; leretofore, particularly at the London Ex hibition ia l&l. it elicitcd a good deal of ad miration and curius'ty. The contest wa.? now fairiy narrowed down to three machines, Manny's, Wright's, and McC? rinl'kV Baton stalling, Wright sagain broke down, and left the .struggle exclu sively to the two machines. Manny's and Mc Coriuick'f. The two machines were then to be changed in presence of the Jurors, from the c: pa- i!y of reaping to that of mowing. M:.nnj e made the change in one n^mite. M<: Corrr.i- k's in twenty miuutee witii three men. Kuch maehine made one cut through the field of g-ass ar.d back. Manny 's machine doii g the lost of the two. Then the chang-- was mode a .ain leaping and in tho saino time respectively as before. Then both machines were taken into a wheat field. Manny - ma chine cut three -wuths, and with an easo <f a-tli :i and perfection of work, wai h t'l^y ; !a".d it far bej.-nd any further competition;; a Me-C umiek's lleaper cut two swaths, and in a workmanlike niauner. Fven if the :v.o m o-hii.e ' v "ro equal a; to th>> qualify of the ivi i k, yet it as < becrved |Ma my ? Kuuld h 've :!e advantage of being tho n;o r cra pac-t, It? cumbersome, nrd of mii'h lc-t weight than McC'oimick s. and in M " ny s ther i no latetal pressure again-t the h< r-es as l-y McOoriuiek"-!; ah ? of being much the li jhtest d.a*' and more easily adjustable to different ??*-i;:l : of cutting, arid mo t easily convertible lor the two purposes of reaping and nr'W'ng. T'l's seemed to be the only iuj. chino agaiust vrhkdi tber^could be no objec tion urged V?e c">ul J give no better evidence of the facta above, than th" fact that ?dr. Ml- 1 ad 11 t> >r. the <-?neiudon of the trial sever-1 vcrv .aig ' ? f. ;t- fur tho patent; ot the ma?h:i ??, two ot which we heard ; I -r France, one < Qer was one hundred thousand francs, and ( e of one huii'ticd and twenty-five thou sand Wo "nave fcince learned that ar rangciiiOD' have been mad'.- for tho manufac ture 11 <>ne thousand of these machine- in this city for the next harvest. The decision and report of the Jury will not be published until ?ha latter part of Oc-ober, yet all the laui-. ls. wo are lrce to confess, h^re I.--?-n ;rli'-.,;iy won by Americans; and this achievement cannot be looked upon with in differeii >? ?? it but plainly forcsh .dov. s the ultimate destiny of the New World. ? TeSrC Volunteers ?The Commissi..ner of th'? lien ral Land Oflrse has rendered an im fertant ?? bounty land'' decision as follows, vi*: The act approved tho 13thof May, 1M6, au thi?i"iac?> the President of the United Stater-, among other things, to call far aud accept tho pcrvices of any number of volunteers, not ex ceeding fifty thousand, to *erve for twelve months, or during the Mexican war, unless sooner discharged. The 1th section of said act provides that .??aid volunteers shall, when so called and re ceived. and while remaining in service, be subject to the rules; and articles of war, and shall It. i>i nil retfrcts, (except as to clothing and pay,) placed ou the \ume footing with similar rorj>< of the United States army, and ;n lieu of clothing, they arc to rcccivo addi tional pay. It is further provided by tho 5th section of said act thi*i?aid volunteers shall be accepted by the President of the United states in com panies, battalions, squadrons, and regiments. It is also provided by the 9th section of said act that whenever the militia or volunteers are so csllc-d and received into the service as aforesaid under its provisions, that they shall have the organization of the army of the United States, and shall have the same pay and Allowance, except as provided by the 4th section of said act. Under the above act. the Governor of Texas called li1'" service of the United States a eertain numb:? vf for twelve months, who wore ncrepied by !le President, and who served on the frontier of Texas trom August to December, H4S, which was after the termina tion ? f th,% Mcxiean war. As ttaid troops were called into service by virtue of an act of Congress, which act places t'uem on a footing, in ail rcspects, with United Mates troons; and as it is shown that they were not at any time, during the period which they served, engaged in actual war, they are r.ot embraced within the provisions of tho act of 3d March. 1855. nor any other be>unty land act. ??' The llurda.?Some of our eoUimporarie3 in tue touth are uui?r a delusion as u> the exie tcnce of such a party at this time in New York. There are actually not five thousand persons in the whole State disposed to v?te the Hard ticket, or wc are much mistaken Ouite half the delegates and three-fourths of the outsiders who attended their late convention at Syracuse were mcmbeis of Know Nothing lodges, or avowed sympathisers with Know Nothingisnv among the latter class being Mr. Daniel S. Dickinson, who find6 it for the in terest of Know Nothingism to deny the soft impeachment at times, to the infinite amuse u?ent of his intimates at Bingbamton, who are all well aware that his whole political affec tions are now wrapped up in the succcss of Know Nothinginn. The Hard State commit tee assembled a few days since in New York city, and one-half of the members present were as notoriously members of Know Nothing lodges as " Ned Buntline" or Mr. President Barker themselves?one of the secretaries of the committeo being a Know Nothing nominee for a State office. Their pretence for keeping up a Stato Hard organization is simply to cheat the handful of impracticable Hards left into refusing to vote for tho Soft candidates?not that they them selves have the slightest idea of voting for others than the regularly nominated Kuow Nothing candidates. The Hards in the City of New York, where the organisation was, not many months since, stronger than that of the Softs, with E. B. Hart, Ed. C. West, J. B. Haskins, Daniel E. Sickels, et al, at their head, have gone back into Tammany. Collator Atchison.?"We coincide with the New York Tribune in the belief that there must bo something wrong in the news of the rc-clection of tho Hon. David B. Atchison to the United States Senate published in our tel graphio columns on Saturday. Tho last two ballots are said to have been a* follows : 3d. 4 th. David B. Atchison 24 28 Thomas H. Benton 13 10 Samuel II. Woodson 11 V M. M. Marmadukc 0 3 The Legislature of Missouri is composed of 101 members; so much less than a quorum mu:t have participated in this election, if it came off as is alleged. According to our un. dcrstanding. the Legislature of Missouri were not to have assembled until December. It can hardly fail to turn out, it strikes us. thai there 13 something of a hoax at the bot tom of this news. Dead?Our Alexandria readers will hear with great pain of the death of tho late ven erable Dr. Carson, particulars of which are in our obituary columns to-day. He was a gen* uine Irish gentleman?one of fine attainments, chivalrio ideas, genial disposition and benovo lenoo of hicrt that knew no limit but his means. He lived a life time in Alexandria, where all knew him but to love and confide in him. Navel Reform?We believe that tho Presi dent to-day signed tho order under which the Secretary of the Navy will carry out the deci sions of the Naval Reform Board rccentiy in session in this city. To-morrow, wo presume, the Union will contain a sort of nummary of the ..-ction of tho President under the board's recommendation, without the names of those who are to be dropped or pat on leave-cf-ab fence pay, Ac. Tho Current Operations of the Treasury Departraont.?On Saturday, 8th September, time wore of Trc-a^uiy Warrants tmere 1 on the bocks of tho Department? For tie Treasury Department..?3 231 75 tor the Iliwui i.?t Depai tmont l,lll? 00 Forthe Caitrms 5,8i4 11 War Warrants received aud ea teied 'i5 Fm Customu.. 820,920 57 Covered in from miscellaneous sources.. 849 01 On accouut of the Navy 12,432 32 Tha Epidemic in Norfolk and Portsmouth. There is no abatement in the ravage* of the yellow fever in Norfolk and Portsmouth, and the mortality is still alarming. To the list of deaths heretofore published we add the following : Richard Gatcwood, jr., B. B. Walters. Wil son B. Sorey ; F. Johnston, wife, und child; Mr. Whitt?.-n, Miss Saunders, Mrs. Harwood, M rs. Terrett, Miss McGowan, Miss Selden, I M.-\ Bryant, Mi<s Caphart, young Doland, Mr. Solomon, Mrs. Wilson, Marshall Ott. Mrs. Burnham, and Ali^e Chandler and Bit-he Chandler, (sisters.) There were 10 deaths in Norfolk on Friday, and 3j up to 2 o'clock on Saturday. Richard (latewood, jr., Esq., is among the dead. This is the second editor of the Norfolk Boacon taken off by the scourge. Truly, it may be said that death lores a shining mark! Mr Gate wood was in tho thirty-third year of his age, und died after six days' illne.s, a martyr to human suffering. James 11. Finch, foreman if tho Norfolk Argu-, wa.) taken sick with the fever soon after reaching Petersburg. To add to tho miseries of the citizens of Norfolk tho small pox has broken out among them?ten or twelve cases having occurred. Unfortunate city!?when will her troubles coa;o? Tho number of deaths by the fever in Nor folk anu Pori.-mouth since the 8th day of July ?two months?will probably reach fifteen hundred! The correspondent of the Baltimore Ameri can gives the following account of the location of a camp and tho pitching of tho tents at Camp Falls, dated the 3th icst., on board the steumer Georgia: We havo just arrived and cast anchor above Cranty Island. Our party of Baltiino leans consisting of a detachment of the night watch of Baltimore and a committee of that spirited Military Corps, the City Guards, un der the immediate command of Col. John B. Bay, are making active preparation to disem bark with their camp equipage, and go to the island for the establishment of their humane barrack. The morning is a beautiful one aud all seem disposed to vie with each other in ef forts of usefulness. S o'clock, a. vi.?The Bichmond steamer Au gusta has just boarded us, with a sub-cammit teo of tho Hamptou committee recently in Washington, and through theirchairman, Rev. Dr McCabo, changed the whole order of things. Tue camp is not to be established at Craney Island uu account of the want of water, wood, and other facilities indispensably necessary to such an establishment. Beside* a much more eligible location has been obtained between Old Point Comfort and Hamnton, upoa the land of Joseph negar, Esq., fvho has gener ously tendered it for this purpose, and to which wc are now preparing to go. Having arrived off the shoro of the cho?en groucd, the men immediately set to work land ing their c a tup eouipago, whilst the surveyor, under the direction of William E. Bartlelt, ljsq.. of the City Council of tfajtimore. pro ceed..* to mark off the ground, whicb wai> di vided so a* to make six avenues, each 50 feet wide by 220 feet long, a 22 feet alley running in the rear of each. All th?^ military tents were pitched by 3 o'clock in the afternoon ;p the presence of the Hampton committeo, who were present, and to whose old good Vir ginia hospitalitv we were indebted for many substantial evidences of regard. The Ameri can flag was raisud, and the esipp named. ? Camp Falls" is situated immediately on the ' Hampton Roads" shore, between Old Point 0oaf6it Hampton; tho ground is the highest in the vicinity, and bcnutiiully adapted to tho purpose. During to-morrow (Sunday) it is expected that under the direction of the Howard As?o eistion ul Norfolk quite a number of rofu^cij will bo sent to the camp by the steamer J E. C >ff<e. wiucu will be enabled Ui land the in within a short distance of th.? beaoh Thus, within a few hours, through the phi lanthropic labors of a few benevolent spirit', ha? been erected ??Camp fall*"?its object the relief of the distressed, and a refuge trom the plague. Xho flag that floats over it is not a more lit emblem of a nation's glory than its snow-peaked tents .are of the humane purposes for which it has been established. The campground is within sight of Old Point Comfort, and the sudden springing up of a canvass city, in the wild? of v irginia, attract ed the attention of the officers of Fort Monroe, whose curiosity brought them over in their boats. They expressed great admiration as to the manner in which the camp was located, and the tents pitched, as well as at the rapid ity with which the work wai executed. The different avenues through the camp were named after prominent citizens of Balti more. Norfolk, and Port-mouth. There is u Wood is avenue," 4 Ferguson avenue."' " Hinks avenue," 'Fiske Avenue," and oth er? that I do not remember. When the Georgia left ?? Camp Falls," the work of improving tho grounds was still goinir on, and straw and boards were being brought to make the tents more comfortable. FBUU PORTSMOUTH. In Port-mouth, 22 deaths were reported on Friday, and 50 new cases; and 15 deaths up to 2 o'clock on Saturday. Tho disease is spreading to the surrounding country. Among the rocent deaths arc William and Robert Rurton, George W Chambers, jr., W n all ace, Lewis Crammer. Thos. Mountjoy. two children of J. D. Cooper, son of Mr. JSnratt, Miss Reed. J;;c>b Miller,child of Mrs. Bueha non, Mr. Holland, Miss \ irmilion. Mrs. Jas Williams, John Lovctt, and Mrs. Morton. Dr. Wm. Collins and his brother, Dr*. Mar shall, of Baltimore, and Bryant, of Philadel phia, and Harry Fereby. are reported to be in a dying c< ndition. Dr. Howell is dead, also Wm. Brittingham. l>r. Pete, of Pens mouth, and Joseph Mickey arc sick. Dr llnlges has left Portsmouth for a few days to recruit. l)r. Mobster is still working hard, though nearly broken down. ^ Mayor Fisk has so far improved as to walk about his room. t A member of the sanatary committee states tuat there are 6(10 eases of fever in Ports mouth an 1 the Naval Hospital at this time, and that scarce a family has entirely escaped the ravages of the disease. At the Academy, which is used a.- an orphan asylum, there arc 100 children. Mr. in. B. Collin.> leaves this afternoon for Portsmouth, whither he goes to assist in nurs ing tho sick. Mr. C. is a native of that town, and has but just returned from a mission of love and labor in that locality: and hearing of the increase of the epidemic and the conse quent demand for nurses, he ha- nobly stepped forward to r.^ a sceond time in relieving the distresses of the fevcr-strickcn patients. May health attend him in his ministrations ! Tho Transcript, published on Friday, gives the following list of deaths in Portsmouth since the 3Qth of Augu-t: August 31.?Luther Barrot, William Collins, George Bowser, eotared; John Mesley. Mrs. D*vis, negro boy at Crawford House. J. M. Drewry. Michael Nees's ehild, and two at the hospital?10. {Sept. I ?Mrs. John B. Davis. Mrs. Foster, sonoi \V il.-on W iliiams, Win. B"! e. Ann Black son, Thomas L. Johnson's son, Samuel Rrew er, Wm. T. Gwens, Mary, a free ne^ro; J. D. Cooper, Thomas Rudd, sr., Wm. Woodly. Mr". Taylor, Mr.?. Lorant, Miss Fanny Land, George Hope. M.ilachi Williams?tot.I 17. Sept. 2 ?Mrs. Patrick, Wm. Fay, Mrs. Cox. daughter of M. B. L'nighorne, deceased : child o. L chard Lastwood, Miss Sophia Bir.glev, negro woman of Miss Tl ojipsou, Patrick U'Dornell. Mrs. Kelly. Mrs. John Macklin, Miss Findley, sister of Mrs. Macklin: Miss Tat^m. James Mullen, Mrs. Cherry, wife of Jeremiah Cherry; Mrs. Davidson, Miss Wil liams. daughter of the late Patrick William-; Wm. lord, child of Mrs. Elizabeth Cherry, negro woman of C. A. Griee, ehild of Margarit lUbbins; negro woman of Captain Benthall, John Earl. Mrs. Cockcrin, negio man. ne^ro woman of D. Scott. Jesse Oakley, and five at the hospital?total 31. Sept. 3.?-Negro woman of Mr. Gnnter, Wm. Weston, child of Mr. Thompson, Miss Ghio, Col. Charles Cassell. Mrs. Charles Bilisoly, Mrs. John Lash negro woman of W. W. Da vis, Mrs Bullock, child of Wm. Etheridge, negro child of Juhn Teo, Michael 0:Sullivan, negro of Hodsden, Mrs. John D. Cooper, cetrro of John Ballcntine, negro man of Wm Brock4, R. Cox, Mr. Bullock, jr., and four at the hus pits!?total 22. Sept. 4 ? Caroline Williams, Miss Reed, Tho?. Green, Joseph Rilisoly, son of Charles: George Taylor, Mrs White, Robert Buehanon, Sam'I Kichard(^>n. Jno. Land. Michael Burke, Mrs. Coleman, Mary Gal'ney. John McQmicn? totil 13. Sept. 5?Washington George. Mr. Ileatley, John Davis's child. Richard Williams. Mrs. Michael Lyn?h Dr. Nicholson, Mr Foster, Mrs: Pullcn, child of John West. Miss Buck ner. George Willis, Mrs. Pierce. Luke Perks, child of Mrs. Parker, child of Charles Sim mons, Mrs. Ketton, and 5 colored?total 22. Sept. ?>.?Child of Robert A. Graves, Patrick Nevin. Air. Fisher, Mr. Cofisld and son, John Bnce, Michael Toole, Mrs. Wm. Morncy, Airs. Applewhite, child of E O'Conner, James Tot terdell. child of John Whitehurst, Mrs. Bueh anon, 2 colored, and 4 at hospital.?total 19. Sept. 7.?Mr. Wullee, child of Jo-iah E. Hodges, child of R. T. Scott, Mrs. Eiittbcth Johnston, ehild. Lewis Crammer, Thcs. Mount joy, two childron of John D. Cooper, son of Mr. Spratt, Miss Reed, Jacob Miller, child of Mrs. Buehanon, Mr. Holland, Miss Vermillion Mrs. James William?, and 2 colored?total is! The Transcript also contains the following: " Among tho deaths which we have recorded are good and true men. We must commemo rate John Woodley. The writer of this helped to close his eyes, and saw the last of hiui on earth. A more noulc-heartod, generous, kind benevolent and exemplary young man we ha\e seldom known. John D. Cooj>er was a sterling man, honest, industrious and firmly adherent to principle. Bet we must pass on. The Mayor of Portsmouth, wo arc happy to tell our friends, is dccidedly improving; the fee bleness and prostration under which ho has been laboring for some days are giving placo to comparative strength, and with him, the fatal crisis has passed. Wc saw the Rev. Mr Devlin on Wednesday, lie had passed through the diseaso and was out again doing his duty and then on his way to visit a sick stranger who had sent for him. and who had coiuo amopg us to help us. We trust that oil and wino will bo poured in and that his wounds will be bound un. The fever continues as bad as ever. Indeed, the number of deaths durin? the la*t week has exoeed^d that of any previ ous week. Drs. Cobert, Webster. Walters, and all, are hard at work. More physicians have been written for to supply the place of those sick, and to divide tho labor, which is and has bjen too arduous for the few engaged in the charitable work." In another article, spoakingof the volunteer paysicians, tho s ime paper says : "Seven of these noble men are now at tho hospital sick. Drs Bryant, Asprill, Crowe, Kennedy, Howie, Mar-hall and Smith. We learned that Dr Bryant was ill, but he was much better yesterday. Tho Rev. Mr. Chis holm. of ftt. John s Church, who ha3 been so encrgotje in the discharge of his duties among the stcit and dying, we conversed with yester day morning. 1|0 vas then apparently as well as the writer of this. He is now an in mate of the hospital. John W. Collins, E*u who was getting well, has relapsed and may not live out the day. The sun is out in ull his Kiwy and heat, and tho roofs are dripping with the night's due 4*1*4illation of moisture.1* At the last accounts from PojUiacath neither Dr. Wm Collins or John W Collins, Esq., wero dead; though each one of them was re presented as being quito ijL ' . t QpJame# t Simpson, arrested on the charge of fitting cut the sshooner Mary E. smith %s a slaver, has been discharge 1 by thp I nited Statea Commissioner. FEB80NAL. .... It appear* that Mca^r?. Woods aud Co hen, of San Franciaco, hare "made track# for Australia. These art? the parties w:tu ul.?ro James King of Wm , not h'tig sire*, had a a newspaper controversy. The California pi pers attribute their flight to the arrest ol a Turk and Frenchman for carrying on the business of adulterating gold i presumed tl?a* though the police *ii Coheir work as privately ?s possible. Wi?oda and C,?heu. who ere be lieved to have been the employers of the rogue*, got wind of their arrests and ran away t<> save themselves. The proof obtained iden tities Woods a< himself working at times in their secret lataratorr. It will bi recollected that the ground of Woods' newspaj>er as<?ult on Mr King was an intimation gives by K to one of the partners in the house of Adams A Co., that W , who managed the San Fran.ioOO house, had been so engaged. ....Scnor D. Miguel M. Arrioga ha* been named Consul-general to the United States from Mexico, by the government established since the downfall of Santa Anna This gen tleman is the brother-in-law of Gen Comoc fort, of the Alvarei army .... Horace Greely has consented to deliver the address before the Agricultural Fair of Erie county. N. \\. on the 11th and 12th inst. ....Rachel, the great French actress, has subscribed 51.000for the relief of the Norfolk and Portsmouth sufferers. .... lion. It. M. T. Hunter and Judge Scar burg, of Virginia, are at Willard's: General T. T. Green, of Texas, is at Brown's; an 1 Hon J. K. Daniel, of North Carolina, is at the I'ni tod States Hotel. ,SABBATH SCHOOL PIC NIC EX _ cursion to Arlington Springs ?The Sab l>ath School cf the Seventh street /Old School) Presbpterlan Church, Island. Intend having an Excursion to Arlington, on WEDNESDA Y, the 12th instant, to start from 14th street bridge at 9 o'clock a. m and 1pm Tickets to be had at the boat. sep 10?2t* 3K^>,GERMANYAGERS, ATTENTION ivA You are ordered to awmbi* at your ar muty on WEDNESDA\ AFTERNOON, at S o #ock, la full uniform, for parade. Bv order of the Captain : sep 10?2t M. HI PI'KLL. '>.S. MONTOOMER Y M ARD*7a -t^d'a ^ Special meeting of the Company TV 1iS DAY EVENING, the 11th in?tant,at Lieut, l'ff ney's, to take Into consideration matter* connect ed with the Yisuing Military from Balttmon;, a* also other tin finished business. All the member* are particulailyrequested to at tend on this occasion Bv order: WM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec sep 10?at ^-^p^UNION ASSOCIATION.?A regula' meeting of the t'nien Assor-iatlcm wil* be held at Harmony Hall on TUESDAY EVEN ING, September llth, 1855, at o'clock. Punct'iat attendance is jrarticularly reque trd. as an election of office's for the ensuing year will teheid. C. P. WANNALt<, Pres. Geg. E. Kirk, See. sep 10?2t 3?-^X?FIFTH WARD DEMOCRATIC AS soclatlon?A meeting of this Associa tion will b* held at Caspar!*** Hotel on TUES DAY, the llth instant, at? p. rn Punctual attendance Is nartle?larly requested, as an election of officers will then take plsce. and other busl ness of importance mav be subm'tted to the meeting. JOH.N S DEVLIN, sep 10?2t? See and Act. Treas. * i, ATTENTION,MARION RIFLES?You A fi are hereby notilied to meet st the armory on VjRtHIS (Monday) EVENING, September Ji ill 10th, at ^ o'clock. By order of F . M Shekels, Capt . tep 10?it WM. H. YOUNG. See. NATIONAL. UUAK1), ATTENTION ? I You are hereby notified to rr.e* t at your ar naory on Tl*ESDAY MOBNING, S>epteui ber llth, at 7 o'clock precisely, in full unl form, with knapsacks, Ac., in complete order for two days camp duty. By order of Capt. TAIT. c i.B?iwto.? ?ep-? mm ,1' it ESI DEN riMOUN TIP ?i D A R1). Attention ?You are b- reby notified to meet at th* armon- TUESDAY afternoon. Sep tember It tli. at 2^ o'clock precisely, in full uni form, and all accoutrement* In complete order, preparatory for taking ocr departure to the city of Baltimore Every member ulnhing to go must be punctual in attendance at the appoihttd tin* s j as to cause no delay, as we are compelled to leave the armory at 3 o'clock precisely By order JOS. PECK, Capt. W. II IlAYWAKD, O.S. N. II.?Adjourned meeting oa Monday evening at 7H o'clock. a- p 3-?t? L, ATTENTION, WASHINGTON IIItiH landers?Yon are hereby notified teappear at vour arn>ory on WEDN KSDAY, the 12th iii iilinstant, at lj{ o'clock. In full uniform, for the purpose of Joining theescort to 'he .'ild Regi ment, of Baltimore. Ever*- man Is requested to l>e prompt in his attendance. By order of John BAi\,C?pt. JOS. T K. PLANT. O S. The Company will hold a meeting oir Monday night, to make proper arrangements. sep-*?3t t". ? R EWA li D.?Strayed from near Bridge st. V?) Navy Yard, on Thursday morning a bright red and white Cow, with a white snot on n?r forehead. She is about iliree years old, and ha> very snort teats Anyone nndi'ng such Caw and seeding word to me will receive the above re ward. MARTHA ANN FEDRAY. sep io?it* i>ear the Navy Yard. IIS W HENRY PALTrlES'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES Ih 0?or:?efo?r/t and ii. IN obedience to the numerous requests for the in a traduction of the Piano forte ?'ia*s;*s into the above cities. Mr. W. II l'dlmer is willing to un dertake one Class in each city, to be conducted on the fame principles as those already formed In Washington. Applications tob? made by letter or in person to Mr. l'almer, at his residence, No. 233 F street, Washington. Terms S5 per quarter. sep 10? coal:-coal: THE consumers of Coal are resp~< if dly In formed that the undersigned can furnish Item with a auperloi article, and at the very lowest price. Punctuality and just wight is his mitto, and he assures all that ir.ay favor him wi? h their orders that they will have no cause to complain Call at the Yard on 3d street, a few steps ?oe:h of Pa. avenue. H C. UARROYER. sep 10?tm (SentirtelStOrgan) LIME, WOOD AND COAL 2AAA BUSHELS wood burnt Lime fres'n 1v/V/V/ from the kilu*, lauding th's day in good order and of superior quality. Also, hickory, o.ak and pine Wood. White ard Red Ash Coal,'(.citable for grates, ranges, stove?-, &c., all of which w ill be sr id low for ca-h or to punctual customers WM WARDER. 510 corner 12th and C sts , near Canal, sep 10?eoSt (Organ) NEW Ft RN IT I RE. ALL persons about to furnish anew or to make additions to their Furni ture are invited to examine the Sfkissbtna stock in the store next to Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh street, which contaius a large assortment of House Fur nishing Goods, consi-tin^ of? Cabinet and Cottage Furniture Office Desks, Tables and Chairs Mattresses, of hair, hnsk and cotton Oilcloth, Carpeting and Mattlug Glass, China aud painted Tin \Yare Children's Carriages, Basket and Wood ware Clocks. Mirrors, Toi'et S-. '?s,4c.. The stock comprises a lar-e amount of Furni ture, much cf it costiv and i-Tegant; and large ad ditional s-pplies will be recelvidduring the pres ent month, so that almost every taste can He suit ed. A ROTHWELL. sep 10?2aw3w NEW FALL GOODS. JOliN 11. SMOOT, No. 119 s. iidt Bridge, near Hi;k *f., oaoRCKTow*. n. c., Has received, and offers cheap for cash, or to prompt paying customers, an assortment of sea sonable Stable Goods, viz : 100 pieces new style Lngllsh Prints 80 do Meniinack do 30 do Manchester and Lancashire Ginghams 15 do plain color Mous de Laines 5 do ?ei?t make black Silk 30 d> check'd Muslins, cheap 20 do white Cambrics do 25 do Swiss and Moll Muslin 10 do Richa'd?on's and Barkll-s Irish Linens 50 do extra heavy bleacb<*d Cottous, 12jjje. 53 do medium do., soft iinisli The above Shirting* *re manctactared ta order, and can be highly recommend-d^ New York Mills and other good brands. 50 pieces heavy 4-1 and 5-1 brown Cottous 25 do heavy blue Osnaburg PrinU The very b?*t goods made for servant women 20 pieces white, red and yellow Flannels 2J d? bl'd and bro Canton do 50 dozen Linen Cambric Handk'fs, N: to SI 50 do lidies', miss??s! and men's Hosiery With an assortment of Table Damaik, Crash, Huckaback, Bird Eye Diapers, Marseilles Sprcada, Sheetings, Jeans, Casilmeres, Sat tinetts, Ac. Purchasers will find it dec idedly to their ad vantage to call bu'oie makiug their purchases Large additions made during ifee month, wpw J. H. S. AMUSEMENTS 1 I 3H PLIMF,ITALY CONCERT K AT ODD hELI.OWS HALL, aun V ifiii 1 MOKUAY, IrpMlkrr i?tl. TKXnKRF.ll TO J C GRIFFIN hx tilf WASHINGTON GLEE CI.I it. b, the tlOHANS. WASHINGTON llAR.MUM ONS. a ltd the following ta*en?d pearlem** Mr. JULIUS KRCK. the celebrated GutiarUt Mr F C GRFNUP. tbr fkvoriu And Mr V CONN EH, the unrlvaliau Tn.,. sine* r: vV bo have kindly volunteered their service? for the occwlun. sep *? -fti Grand Firemen# Concert, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL fpi? F. Grand Comr'tmentarv B?ieflt to the MK 1 TROPOLITAN HOOK AND LADDi.R COMPANY. tendered fo them by their Kir?met fre^ds, will take plat* at the above-named HaL on TUESDAY EVENING. Sept lllh Toe obiect of the Kntertalnmei.t !? to atsist the ' <\>innan\ in the erec tion of their Hook and Lad- < d* Ilooae. For this occasion a iroat STARTLISG ARB AT OF TALE5T Ml COMBINATION OF ATTRACTION Is offered The following eminent talent has kindly voinn. teered their service*: Till: USSLLL INSTRl MENTAL COM- 1 PANY. Mr R. C. GRENNt P. TIIE WASHINGTON GI.F.E CI.I'H among whom are Mr S CROSS. Mr. C GRIFFIN. Mr. CLARK. Mr SANDERSON. Mr. MeFARLAND Mr J.\ KKCK.Uk master srtiltariiit. will per. form a splendid solo on his instrument The old favorites?TIIE IIARMONF.ONS will appear in a choice collect ion of new- and beau ttfrt Chorn*?s. C|Haite**, Ballad*. Ac.; anion; whl h will he ?ii find Fireman sChoro*. writtn expressly for the occasion I?vMr J W. Punaphry i'rofiniior J. A. I srdella will preside at the piano A MAGNIFICENT AMERICAN FLAG will i?e presented to the Fire Coai|iaoy selling tie lartr^t numlier of ticket*?every Comjiany is ei peeled to enter Admission i!5 cents. Door* open at 7?performance commence at S Tickets'to be had at the principal hotels and mn*ic stores. and the n>eml?ers of the different Fire Commnles. THOS STONE, sep 4?T'.iThSMATu Manager. FIRST GRAND PIC Nit or tiib JACKSON CLUB, Will b* girt* ?t Spring Gardi*?, (fctmrif mr >-y A. Facifr.) on M ?trtei. t>*iw ? m IT'* **i l-rk. cm MO\DAY. StpUmbtr 10lk,ec*r.. **? nrtng at 5 e'etork j> m T'HK JACKSON CLUB take rr^at pleasure In ? announcing to the Clubs. tL??ir friends and the public generally that they will give their patid Plf \ |e at the above named place They will tike every effort to make this one of the mmt pleasant, Kav and rttktrekt pic nics of the ?e**on No improper per-ons admitted on the eroend. Scott's celebrated Bra** and String Band has bee:i engaged for the occasion. Rcfret-hments will be furnished bv an exp* n enc?-d caterer. Ticket* M cents? admitting a gentleman a:.J Ladies. Ccminitt'e of Arrnn$- mrnt*. W IVlaway. C Moran. J R Brown a i 33?eotd PLEASANT KESORT7 SP?IJIC OARDESS, (FORMERLY FAVIKR S GARDEN,) On ?f Srrf t.b*t*f*n S'rtnieenuk f EifkUtrnth, OPENED everv day In the week, and on Sn?. dav. NosplritoiiH liquors allcwcd but Cof fee. Chocoia'e. Ice Cr<*am. Ac.. wlH be f<?r rale. Weber's lira** L'ued will pe?f?nr every Mon day aid Thnrwdny evfn'nj. beginning at about 3 o'clr< k. Admittance free. au If?3m NOTM E. JOHN MILLKK, ConCtcfloner. will close his store on Monday- the 10* Instant, in order to repair ani r- new. the prendre* . wbere bi> stor? prill ?je ro-op-ned Oct??l?er 1st. with fre^-b nre serv. d KR!'ITundevery var'ety of *uprriorC<?>i FEC riONKRY?pwlicul&rly ihebe^t I'eCr* mi and Fruit Cake. Ac. sep t?3t Clllt KLH IN<> k MISV Si I'LKIOK P|. ANOft. ^1NCE his rec??nt adverti?en?ent. 'he rlU r ^ has rorrlvrdlroni Boston thr?*?' Piano> This stock comprise* an ns f^ 2 \ ( i wrtaint, in ealent and q*ialttv. ?nperlor to any i.i this city, and equal to anv iu tte No*th. vir Su perb Parlor Grand, an in.trument of new eoa ?t: or tiois. a< k^owk-dged bv the flrvt Pianist* to be the rkff d'avrrt of Chlckering: MaLrni8ce?it - KT. Central PUncs of etq incite beau ty of ilaish and un?Mirj-a>*?-d nrftiaM and power of tone, from *heoid a>td famed factcry of Chlck ering A Sons. Also,It. -nd T oct?ve Piar.o*. ot beautif<.i st\le?ii!:d workmanship, crid excellent tone b> Brown A Allen. Boston,e*prienced andapprev?-j manufacturers. The subrcriher al^?*ays k?*e[.? t!i flrst Piano* in the UiiStcd Slate- . hl*f<to; k i* (or stantlv replenished , and he will seil them low* r tLaa t'hev can be purchased In the Factories and brought here S?< ond-hand Pltnos taken in part pavment Just received a full as-ortmeiit of superior Gui tars. Violins. Flutes, Ae. New Music received wefklv RICH'D DAVIS, sep t;?9t Penn avenue HOW TO GET A^i> GI\E BELIEF: ^t? TO DX.VAN PATTK\. have \^ur yood VI for-nothlng, foul and offensive teeth take.i out. and as he gives the money to the relief of the Norfolk suilt-ren. you effect two good end* at one cost sep -it CAME TO TIIE l'REMI*i> cf theSul.^rl is r. living at the stone house n**arr~^ryN1' the Little Tall* bridge, some tiinea'wjt the 1st of June, a hirye Bl'FFALO EL COW . with and neck, head white from eve* two piTs out cf the right ear. aud h? r I -g* re?l from the kn?*s down. >he gave a litt'e milk <.t the tint-; and wa* accompanied bv two other cows. Fep>?3t? JOHN FKISEI.L \l"AItD.?Tiie attention of the public !? re si> ctfully called to the sale of a hue Cuuntrv Scat, Laud some Furniture, Carriage Horws. acd Fanning Implements Ac., to tak ? place on Tues day, September llth. at IU o'clock, at the resi dence t-f Thomas Nii-jshall. E*q . near the village of Temialiytowa. on the turnpike to Rockvilie. ab< ;:! two mile* from Georgetown For parti* n lar-? leferern e is taadc to the advertisement in another column P. S.?An omnibus wtll 1< ave the Auction roorn for the .;aie at t o'clck In the inorn'ni: ai d return after the snle, J. C Mctil'lRl'. A.if. sep fe?"Jt _ I!ilPCIITANT TO GENTLEMEN. it EAT INDUCEMENTS FOR YOl TO .1 CAi.L AND Slili?The under?ianed (five, notice t.? his friends and the public that be has ju?t received his stork of Fall and Winter Gotds, comprising ail the latest styles and color* of Cloth, ('as-iiie*!trs, and Vesting*; whi?'h g"i?d^ will !?? mad>* up to order in the most elegant winner, a be has y-atut of the liest workmen in the I n:!e4 Stales at work for him Being a^ent for Sc.>tt the Reporter of Fashions, v.rn may rely upon ge' ling the moid fashionable Clothing. READY-MADE CLOTH1SQ of his own m\ke. such as Over-garment*, Fro<'W Dress, und Business Coats, Pants, and V?f.ts,fron; medium to vcr. superior quality. All tbe ai?ove goods will ??e s .ld at verv low pri.?i?for in-tame, a whole nuii, Cc*t. Pant*, and Vert, for the small sum of S15 Overcoats. l?rautlful style from S10 to f it) Pant*, do do 3 to 10 Vests, do do 2.511 to 10 He rr>pectfal!y solicits a call from all i n want <>f clothing FUUXISH1XG GOODS, such ns Shirts. Drawers, Collars. Stocks, Hand kerchiefs, Scarfs. Umbrellas, Ac P W BROWNING, Under United State* Hotel, lietwcen 3d aud streets, Pa. avenue nepS?3t MADAME R'S REMOVAL. MADAME R. respectfully informs the public in general, th?t she willvive iiiforuianon in all the Attain reii'.iug to Lif^. Health, Wealth. Marriages, Love, Journeys, Law suits. Didicul lies in Business, Absent" Friends. Sickness and Death, and in re*p?rct to ai! other subjects. She Is also able to tell the Ages of person* by reading numWrs. Ail those who wish to consult Madam* R. will please call soon, as she will remain in lh? city but a short tiaie. She can be consulted at all h ^iirsof the day aud evening. Her name is on the door?at the southeast corner of i:rth and 0 street*. GentiecienUlcvntsand Ladie* g5. Sep 6?St ' ' PRESEKVi^O KETTLE*.?Just receix.^d a fresh supply of Clarke's Kuglish Enamehed Kettles, all size*. Persons wishing the very best article nianu?j?ctured. at a very low price, are in vited to call at the Housekeepers Furnishing Store. 4iW Seventh street. sep a G. FRANCIS. ? OST. ON THE Sth instant, in this city* ?Li note cf STO, draw n bv if hn Beacham. in fa vor of Mr. Saera, of Westmoreland connty. Va , (the 1ii*u name of Saers forpotteu.) and left in mv hands fcr coUwtlon. if left at this office a suita ble reward will be given WILLIAM TILOR. Seventh Ward, near Steamboat Wharf nep 7? *?

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