Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1860 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB It PUBLISHED EWERT AFTERNOON, (BVffDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAB BCILDINOft, Corner of Pennst/lrania avenut 11/A st BY W. D. WALUCH. P?f?ra m ?i< ?? MrrUn M I* ? 0 I j I ...... . dflrtumjj S (at. v^- XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FfllDAY. JUNE 1. 1860. N?. 2,274. ?*r, or vr cenu fm month. To mail sabaaribars the ytiM is fSJf a rev. m mdvmnet; ftl for aix months; 91 for thro* month*, and for law than three month* %t the rate of V3 oenta a week. Single eopiee, oti csirr; in wrappers, two cents. D7 Adveetmemxhts ahoald be sent to the oftoe before U o'olook, m., otherwise they may sot ap eat antil the next day. L'XDER THE KNAPSACK. The "Williamsport Book goes U*der?Pedestrianizikg rp Nippe.nose Valley? Odd Features?Girl Babies is the Ascendant?Mountain Funeral?Immense Ba*v? ? Mountain Lands?Sugar'T-Fishing?A Blasted Pine? AvERK anijted germans?"roughing it" i!* Siluvaj* Countt ? The ^Mountain Girls have Large. brt Finely-Shaped Feet Corresjiondeuce of The Star. Willi am sport, May 19. 1860 Dear Star.?The business of hanting up some wild (here called "unseated") lands in Central Pennsylvania brought me in this direction. and for some days I have, knapsack on back, been exploring the mountains and valleys hereabouts. When I last wrot? the river folks were in great tribulation about the flood, and the way it was playing the mischief with booms and saw-logs. The river did not reach so high a point as in 1H17, but did much damage to the vast lumber interests of this volt Kmr?r? V? of t H r? Qiioniittkanna * U ?. w. W1WHVH V? ?MV k. woijuvunuua, mu IUO great booin at Williamsport, which was depended upon to catch the logs from above, and the loss of lumber is variously estimated at from four to fifteen millions of feet' As a consequence, the business of Williamsport will be prostrated for the entire season The piers of the boom, it seems, were too widely separated. and the great pressure submerged it to such a degree that tbe acres of logs above passed over and escaped, being pretty much a dead loss. as there is no boom below Williamsport The country was all under water at the same time, and in my explorations up Nippenosc Talley (Clinton county) I was obliged to travel a portion of the way upon the top of the Virfinia fence; a slow process, you may imagine, he upper portion of this valley is rather noted for its fine farming laDd, (limestone.) and is valued at $10 to $75 per acre. It is subdivided into small fields of three or four acres each, and with tbe contrasted tints of toese nighly cultivated bands of vegetation presents an exceedingly rich appearance when viewed from any one of the mountain eminences overlooking it. Quite a singular feature of this valley is the total disappearance of the principal mountain ft reams a^ they strike the limestone formation of the Talley; indicating the presence of extensive subterraneous caverns in the limestone rock. At another point these lost waters reappear in the shape of a small river filled with the beautiful and delicious salmon-trout, with which all these mountain streams abound. Another noticeable feature of the valley is that the children seem to be all of one sex? female. Whether this is from the limestone water or not, I cannot say, but the fact is so. I called at a farm house to get a drink (ot water;) there was a fine family of thirteen r<?y children, but all girls. Happening to mention that I had sucn a thing about the house at home as a child of the male gender. I instantly found myself an object of such intense. though respectful interest, that I got confused and beat a retreat, but not before the good man of the bouse had been hastily sum monetl troua His work and pushed forward by numerous fair hands to take a good look at the father of a boy! No tavern on the wad Stopped at a valley grocery to get some crackers and cheese The mai!-carrier drove up at the same time, straddled upon a vehicle very much in use in these mountain districts, called a back-board," and which is in all essential particulars the trotting-gig of the Atlantic cities A score of Nippernoscrs. dressed in quaint costumes consisting partly of pantaloons or overhauls of bed-ticking, stood at the counter waiting for their mail-quota of political newspapers. A conspicuous warning to Xippernose loafers was posted up. "No sitting on the counter,'' indicating that the trader had been pestered some that way Walked on. and passed a house where a funeral seemed to be in progress. A long boxlike wag'n, covered with black oilcloth, evidently a hearse, was at the gate. Three or foar farmer-looking men stood at the door, wearing that look of discomfort (added to the natural constraint of the occasion) which agri i, i ,i i ? ' ? f cuiiuim gvuuciiicu uiojr ue excused IOT 16 ilLg on changing their loose and easy working garment* for the grim Sunday suit, tight over the knees and under the arms, which country tailore ?re apt *o prescribe as the correct thing for ceremonial wear All up the valley I met the huge barns of agricultural Pennsylvania. They are pretty uniformly of one model, constructed of wood, (not unusually painted red,) with wooden blind-windows, aud a basement of stone, havin~ a recess at tlfe southern exposure as a shelter for cattle and for convenience of acccss. The name of the proprietor and the year in which it wad built is frequently painted in large letters upon the road-side front of the barn An appendage to almost every farmhouse is a large bell mounted upon posts and used to ruuiuxm the farm laborers to their meals Deep earthern crocks, used for holding milk, are seen hanging by the doien on the fence posts to dry. Crossed the lauiiniainchaiQ to Sugar valley Mountain land here is estimated at from $1 to $3 per acre, has some pine and other timber, ana is reclaimable in parches, but in the main consist* of barren mountain sides, strewn thickwith strong sand stone) rubbish, and at every turning the traveler comes upon vast "stone slides. ' covering many acres so thickly that no vegetation can gain a footing. Migar vaney, nae :>ippenose, aoounds in limestone of the dark blue variety, but the expense of burning it with wood is such that it cannot compete with the lime of the coal districts, and little or nothing ia done with it. The land if beat adapted to wheat, but in consequence of the weevil plague, latterly the attention of the farmers has been directed to Indian corn and summer crops. Through this alley the most prodigal waste of fine timber is seen, where stately pines, one hundred and fifty feet in height, bare been girdled by the original settlers, which trees would, if they could now be brought into market unscathed, be worth more than all the land and improvement* of the valley, valuable as the aalley land undoubtedly is. Fishing creek, which drains this valley, gets its name from its abundance of trout, and though the twenty-two inch fish of yore are no longer hooked, they are yet flush in numbers. The Ixack Walton of the valley?one Murray, caught one thousand trout last summer, and rarely goes out without getting a string of f>rty or fifty It may be of interest to the angler to know that he utterly rejects the fly ' and '-all new-fangled notions, ' using for bait nothing but the common red worm While I was at Logansville in this valley, the wonder of the neighborho<?d was directed to the astonishing manner in which a huge pine, some 120 feet in height and three or four f?et through, had been literally shattered to kindling wood by the licktning. I visited the tpot, and can testify tnat fragments of the ; pine were wittered in every direction to a distance of one hundred and fifty feet from the tree Some thirty feet of the upper portion of the pine had been cat or broken ofl' by the moke and Jailing perpendicularly, had p entered the ground in *uch a manner that to the casual glance it appeared like anotb< r tree The remainder of the trunk had been j shivered by the prodigious force of the ele< - ! trie stroke and the dissevered portions hurled with the tremendous power noted above. Although divided into such oonvenient kindling wood. I wu told that it atood no chance of being brought into requisition m such, there being genera] supenution againet the use of I the poisoned ladj with a pan of miik, who drank it very freely, and also took the white of ej*g< so as to render the poiaon inoooous bh? wu mod out of danger Let this antidote be remembered, and used in similar cane*.'* IC^It la said that the theatrical part of the Jnpdarw entertainment at Philadelphia will be at the Academy of Mualc, under the management of Measrs. Wbeatley h Clark, and will be ao arranged as to furniah an Idea of the various kin isemeut? of the country, operatic, dramatic, and pantomimic, with baiiad singing, dancing, and legerdemain. A grand bail at the Academy Is also talked of. i ??? ? f-vKcvj, pmuouuo, auu sen* denial, and the>e are essential to the character of a perfect wife; without them, no woman is worth having Being an "old maid'' implies decision of character; neither sham, nor shows, nor courtly manners, nor splendid persons hare won them over; nor fair promises nor shallow tear*; they looked beyona the manner and the dress, and finding no cheering indication of depth of mind ana sterling principles, they gave up the specious present fur the chance of a more solid future, and determined in hope and patience and resignation to "bide their time."?HalVa Journal of Health for June. As Axtii>ot* for Poiso*.?The Rochester Uvion says: "Two or three days ago a lady of Avon, took, by mistake, a quantity of corro* sire sublimate, sufficient to caiue death, had t ot an antidote been speedily administered The lady meant to taste some maple syrup but a bottle of bed-bug poison had been carelessly left where the bottle of syrup had stood and she took a small quantity before she discovered her mistake. Fortunately a domestic who remembered the fataJ poisoning case of Mrs. Nowlan. which occurred at Avon, a few year* ago, had the presence of mind to run to me ueii. xi an luese oners win not do, I will agree in two months to be ready to fight the four best men that can be produced >n England, beginning with Sayers, at interval* of thirty days apart, for the belt. I was told if I won it I could have it. I would rather tight for it than anything el.-e, but I am willing, under the present state of public feeling, to acoept of half of it If that be denied me. and through the exceptional action of the British authorities I be denied the privilege of unother meeting. I shall hare no alternative but to go home, refusing ull English testimonials and subscriptions, and ahall hereafter feel at liberty?nay, justified by all the equities of the late transaction?to sign myself ' The Cham pion of the World." " A Pl*a fob Oli> Maids.?A woman at the age of thirty-three and a third years, who has never been married, is considered passer; is called an '*ohl maid," and the term is most unjustly used in derision. The very fact of being an old maid is prima facie evidence of th? nMuminn nf ?-"J 1 ?" >aj?, auaoDg other tnings : I atn willing, first of all, to accept the proposition made by a writer in Bell's Life, thlt S-iyers and I should have a -belt apiece,' to be gotten up by public subscription, provided that the true champion's belt remain in the hinds of the editor of Bell's Life, to be fought for again, the best man to take it. If that be not agreed to, I will accept the proposition put forth in Punch, viz., to divide the belt?I to take one-half and Sayers to keep the other half. I will then head a subscription to provide a new half to his, and in this way I thick good feeling may be preserved on both sides. " If neither of these propositions (proceeding, as they do, from English sources) are allowed me, then I shall claim that Sayers meet me on neutral ground, where our late battle may be properly resumed Though I am not Jet quite ready to become a member of the eace Society. I will cheerfully vary my propositions somewhat to suit him. As the belt may be said to be equally owned by both of us, I will agree to ruu him a footrace from 1IXJ yards to five miles for the stakes and belt, or I will wrestle with him for the belt, or I will row him for the belt, or I will swim a mile with him for the belt, or I will take hold of hands and jump from a housetop with him for ,k. k.U TC -II ? ** - - O ?-?vw?w*? r. UIVU * l|Vi;V,UUU of Italian now enjoy; and, for the foul, bar baric flag substitute the glorious tri color? happy symbol of national independence and unity, without which, true, durable liberty is impossible. ' Your brethren of the North desire nothing more than to see you join the Italian family. (Signed) t4G. (, ' O. Reccearth, ' Biro.i Stocco." Another proclamation to the Sicilians is as follows; "Sicilians' I have brought you a body of brave men. who have hastened to respond to the heroic cry of Bicilv We, the reams of the battles of Lombardy, are with you. 'All we ask is the freedom of our land. United, the work is ea*y. To arms thpn! He who does not snatch up the weapon is a coward or traitor to his country. Want of arms is no excuse. We shall get muskets, but for tho E resent any weapons, will do in the hands of rave men. The municipalities shall provide for thechildren, women and old men deprived of their support. "To arms, all of you ! "Sicily shall once more teach the world how a country can be freed from its oppressors by the powerful will of a united people. (Signed) "G. Uaribai.di." The Last Letter trum Uee.nas.?In a letter to the London Times the Benicia Boy lightning struck wood?except as a cure for the toothache, for whioh tome considered it a specific. These valleys are settled almost entirely bj Germans, or rather by Pennsylvania Dutch, as they are styled here They are pretty much Americanized, eschew lager, take kindly to whiskv, and gc to church twioe a day. With a little more space at command, I should like to tell of another and rougher pedestrian trip through the immensely inultitudinously rocky county of Sullivan; how at one valley tavern I found the landlord and all his household at work in the oornfield, and he being anxious to get in his corn, and I to get on to Laporte, we compromised, and I helped "kiver" corn while the landlady got me some dinner; how at another place where I stopped over night, the male members after supper paddled and rinsed their feet in the running brook before the house, and then until bedtime sat in a femi-circle before the blazing w?od fire, toasting their toes with solemn sat: .r~- i * isiwuun, bow i w>? in nopes tnat tne pretty daughters of my mountain host would follow suit, but they didn't. I may add in a line that the Pennsylvania girls, like our Washington girls, have tolerably large feet, but like those of the latter, they are very finely proportioned. C. S. N. Haribaldk't I'ror Inanition* The following are among Garibaldi's proclamation* to the Neapolitan army : "Foreign insolence reigns over Italian ground in oonsequence of Italian discord. But on the df.y that the sons of Samnites and Martey unite with their brethren of Sicily, and you shall j<>in the Italians of the North on that day our nation, of which you are the fiuest part, shall resume its place, as in former time*, amoug the first nations of Europe "I am an Italian soldier and only aspire to see you drawn up side by side with the soldiers of Vares and San Martino, in order jointly to fight the enemies of Italy. (Signed) "G Garibaldi " Another proclamation addressed to the inhabitant/ of Naples, says: "It is time for you to imitate the magnanimous example of Sicily against the m--^ impious of tyrants. "To the perjured, blood-thirsty race that has so long tortured and trampled upon you, let the free ffuvernmflnt 11 ami aaa A MRS. WINSLOW, N Experianoed Nurse and Female Phyelolan, present! to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Per Childrea Teethings Wklak fraatly f?ciliut?? tb? pr*t?>? ?f taatbinf, kv mAm(Of th? linia, radaeiBg all <olammau?<>?will allay ALL r A11* and p*?m?die iciim, and M SURE TO KEOULATB THE BOWELS. D*p*ud ipon it, mathara, it will gi?? rMt ta yaaraalT**, and RELIEF AS D HEALTH rn vnvH imp* mm w kk< a pat bp and aold thia arucla for ??ar tan yaara, ui CAN sat, i If coiafldbivcb a n D truth of It, * hat v a ha* a na?ar baao abla to aay of any OTHIl Madicina? nbtbri mrs ha? it pailbd.iw a tins lb IC-I ' stakcb TO bff1ct a cl'bi,l "I SW)W S ?hac timaly aaad. Na?ar did ?a know i kiioTIU Vn *n loatauca of diaaatiafacuon by anyl ono who aaad it. Om tba contrary,all aral SYRUP, dalirhted with iu OPIRATIOH, and' ! iapaii in tarma of bi(haal commandation of ila naa^'rai atfacto and madical trtaaa. Wa aptak in .hia roaitar what vi DO mow," aflartan yoara' aipariauca, and PLBDOI OUR b bpl'ta* tiok fob thb fulfilm b n t of what ib h bb B OBIT lar B. In almoat mrj inaunca whara (hi infant la an8arIng from pain and aihaaatiou, raliaf will ha found inBftaaa r twaniy minatta afitr tha a?rup la adminiatarad. Thia valaihla preparation la tha praaerip-.ien of ona of tha raoat BtFKRIB5CID and aBILFL'L Nt'RSBfl in Ntw England, andhaa baan aaad with NBVBR-FAtLina (L'CCBai la THO USANDS OF CASES. It aot only raliaraa tha child from paiu, bat InTigorataa tha atoraacb and bowala, corracta acidity, and giraa ton a and aoargy to tha wool* ayatom. It will almoat inataolly raliaaa liRIPING IN THX BOWKLS AND WlND COLIC, and miicoma coti?ala'?ua, which, if not apatdilr raniadiad nd in daatb. War i haha*a it tha bbit akdiuibitrbm FOR 1 but n, tha world in all caaaa of dts- CHILUR E5I 1 bn tirt and diar Rhua in chil- TKKTHI!\<< whathar it anaaa from taathiug llor from any othar caaaa W a won ! uy to a?ary nioihar who haa a child aaffaring from any of tha forafomg compiainta?DO NOT LBT TOtH PR BJUDIC 19, KOB THB PRBJl'DICBS OF OTHIRS, tanJ ha'.waan roBoaaffaring child and tha raliaf thnt will ba IUBB?yaa, ABJULI'TILI al'RB?to follow tha naa of th madicina, if timaly n??d Kail dirtctiot.a for aaing will ? compxnr aach hottia Nona rauiai.a anlaaa tha f c atuiila C CRT IB * PERKINS, Naw York, la on tha oataida wrappa a...a k- n. .i 1. - wiu ~j mruHinoBiina wonn. Principal Olfi. No. 1J C?J?r Stritl, N. T. Phes onlvU Ctntt p?r Bottn. ? 11 d*wlr GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Tcofartmkrship notick. HK Undersigned having this da? entered into copartnership under t><e name and stvle of Donti 4 Wood, for the purpose of conducting the GRO (!KH Y and COMMISSION BUSINESS, at No 1 1 Huh street, Georgetown, the house a* heretofor occupied by W D"rsey, whete we are preparing to 'how a well selected stock of choi<^ Groceries, V\ mes, Teas, Liquor*. Ac. and are prepared to firlt any goods in our lin? of business as aheap a? any house In the Liistriot. Country merchant* a> d others buying to sell agatu wtb find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. We name in partin hh*s. p me IV R.and N. O. SUGARS, 3" GIBSON Wh|?KY, * bbl*. REMNF.O SUGAR, 50 bbls. R-c. WHIJKV. 2"i boxes prune I'H FESF, 5 hhds SHOULDER BACON. l?.i I.Ms prime N . ' POTOMA'* HKRRING, Sibbls No. I St JOHN'S ALEW.VfcS, 20 ob!s. No. 1 HERRING, 1"0 sack*G. A. *nd FINE SALT. In store a d for m e by HORSEY A WOOD, ma23-2awtf N'o 11 S H igh st . Georgetown. THE CELEBRATED CONTRACT and gouqua mattings, Both plain and check. For .al^low by SPILMAN A HI NT. ap2*-eo?m 0** Bridge ??? Georgetown. SUGAR. BACON, WHISKY, Ac lOhhds- prune Purto Rico SUGAR?less fl. 3" la'rels lilB^nN'S WHISKY?!e?? 2? hbls. K> do R! FINED SUGAR?less 79 bbls. 2> boxes prime CHKESE? less 20 l>oxes, .y> barrels Rectficd W HISKY?.ess 41 bbls. 5 hhds BACON?wanting 4H, 100 barrels prune POTOMAC HERRING? less 95, 51 i^rrei. No. I St. JOHN'S Al EWIVESless 45. 2<> barrels No. 1 HER RINGS?less 15. 1?> sacks G A. and Fl N E SA LT?less "5 saoks. In store and for saleon the moot reav>nab|e terms by E A LIPSCOMB, ma2? No. 11 3 High street. A7)IES IN WA NT OF A FASHIONABLE j anit cheap B< >N \ ET, will find it at M S|MSD\'S Vn llll U-. I~~ - - . ?v? Iims" town, 1). C.. where a!?o a general assortment of St: aw Good*, Flowers. Ribbons. and H lichen. Dry Goods, Honerv, Dress Trimmings. 4c.,Ar., may constantly be found at the lowest price*. Also, the l*>st quality of Kxt -nsion Skirts, warranted to l?e male of the ri al \* a!<-h springs. ma 15 3w* I "TNION HOTEL, Kj i; anroeto wy, d. r., Is now open for tho r^eepti >n of vi*itora. JOHN H. WATKKS, ma 11-lm Proprietor. IE J 1ST RKCKfVKI) I H H I)S. Prime Poito Rico MOLASSES, in do do do SUGARS, i Vi bhl*. Old Rye WHISK IKS. i"i keRB Wispon1'* G I N POW DER, b p.-.tent SAFETY Fl.'SE. For ale low by JOHN J BOGUE. ap28-tr Geor*#t-owii, D. C. LT?OR HARPER S FERRY-The steamer Anr telope, Captain U. F. Well*, jr*** l?av?? ii?iriet(iwn every TI' K.S O DAV, THURSDAY and SAT I' R DA Y. at7 o'clock a. m , ar.d return* every .MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, leaving Harper'* Ferry at 6 a. m. maj-lm* RAN DELL.opticjak. Vy So. Brtdm si., Qiormtvwn, Hm constantly on hand a large assortment of French Near signtrvl, Periscopio, Ool f ?? ^ /-> oreid, and all other SPECTACLES, ol^?? t:ie best quality, in g ild, silver, steel.and German ilver frame*. S. ft. Old Frame* Repaired and new classes aet in them to order. no 19-lr l/t>R RENT?A two story and basement Brick P HOUSE, near the Convent, on Fayette street; in complete order; gas, Jfco.; with large garden at tached. Rent to a permanent tenant Apply to JOHN L. HI 1>WELT.. _marJ The steam packet flying cloud is now ready for excursions to ^ the Gr at Fails or intermediate points, Arlington Springs and Ab-x * Indria. on moderate terms; will mak? trips to Alex andria on SUNDAYS*, in time for divine servioe, and will lie over until after one o'clock. A p?!y to Capt. JOHN MOOR*:, ap '9 2in No. Jefferson St.. (?ed't>ti?WB. JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruise and Jiferrnn tts., Gtort'lmen Having given my personal attention lo this branch of my basines", I am prepared to-?-jp ? attend to all calls with promptness Persons from a distance can he supplied at a *ew minutes' notioe. as I have a large assortment of CoFFINS ai wa?s on hand. Partionlar attention paid to the removal of the d< ad from the old to the new burial smnnrfa. | Hoarsen ud Hor?i>? for hire. ' apHMftm \1 ASSKY, CO I,I.INS <ft CO.'S PH1LADEL1TI PHiA DRAUGHT A l.E.-\Ve are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invite all persons who waul a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it it trial. ARNY * SHINN, Agents, fs 4T (1 r??n st.. Georgetown, KennisH's hvdraiji.ii: motor. FOR STATIONARY POWER, In a new and wonderful adaptation of Hydiaulio Pressure as applied to mechanios. and has, so far as it has become mown, been received with unbounded enoomiums Silent but powerful in its operation?eoonomioal in Its original oost, oooupation of space, aud consumption of wat?r, it obv ates tne danger, eipsnse and attention in<li?penr:ble to steam or calorie power?the only requisite being a small supply and i sufficient head of flowing water; and the ?stima| ted red notion of ita power for (notion is only thru P The result of thirty years stu It and nnhMi ?? pertinent. the inventor (a Hydraulic Kucineer) olaima lor it?only what every practical mg 4 readi1? oonoedee?a vaat auperiority over every of>er adaptation of hydraalic power hitherto invented, the greatest poaaible economy of water??olid aim Elioity ofoomfuotion?faoility of adaptation to any ind of machinery?and, more thana!l,ita cheap* neaa. i ll* onderaigned having been appointed aoleagent f->r the invantor for all the We.item and Southern States, < Virginia exoepted,) reapectfutly invite* aii inspection, ny all who feel i ntereated, of a working model at Browb'a Hotel, between the houra ot 4 and 6 p m.. every a'ternoon. County and Stat* a? well aa aingle enginea of any required power, oan be Purchased of T. HaRNAKI), Agent. No. 1 Todd'a Building, adioining ma 16-eodlm Brown'a H< tel. SEVENTH STREET. INTERIOR DECORATIONS. 1 have now in itore a Imautiful atook of Paperhanginga. inoluding a choice utock of Gold Paper*, ?tatuea, Medallion*, Fireboard Printa, Ac. Mao, a handsome a??ortm*nt of warranted Gold Band Window Shad??. Buff, Green, and B ue!*ha le Holland a, Shade Trimminga, Pictu e Cord and Tasefla, Ae.; Window Shadeaofany required aixior detign furnithwl In nnUr All ? -* * ? ' -V' w?rr?ni?! us ri'Dnwntari. anil MUiamotion guarantied in workman "hip. or no pay required. | hai.kful for pa^t fa or* I solicit a call from those needing any t' in* .n mv line. Don't forget the number. * ,n ",J No. 4*6 Seventh^strert d5?'rTaiH>ve ma 15-eo5?* Odd Fellows' Hal I. IHKR PEUPI.E, tjr Andrew Stein J meta, E;?i ; numerously lllustiated. Jast published and for aale at Y FH1LP * SOLOMON'S, . Metropolitan B>ok?t?re, sol. Wu JuxuzF. acEl JOY * METCALP, TO Smith'a Wharf 4*t-*rr <wirn?rVr?nit.. RtlUmnr*. Md ASfO rHKR'9 TRIALS, by tha author of 'My I.V<- f JMO* ftTr.?' Went indieaand th* Spar. ah Ma r bj Antk< ttf Trollop*, au h ?r of "Th? Bertram* " ka. J aat published and for aai* b > PHIl.P A POI.OMON, MHrnpo itari Bookstore. 333 P*. ?v , 9oi?? a#?nta for Uaur?nfi?,a ftnUion*rr, >?. ma & A VERY NICF. CHlCKhRING PIANO, ^tttkssJk" may oe Kind enough to ravor them with their patronmai-lm* l FREeH ARRIVAL. ~ ID PIECES Frei oh Lisle Thread CHINE GINGHAMS, lo pieoei Orev POIL DE LAL'DE, So " URKV liOODS for auites, various ?t?l'? and price#, 75 ri??ea L * W > ? at 12K o?nU, ORGANUV and JACoNET MUSLINS, Black GRENADINE BERAGE, CRAPE HEPAUE. WARKI Z and TA MAR TINE, 50 LAWN ROBE**, mma very handsome, BKR \GE and GR EN ADINj? ROBES, A eompli te line of WhITE GOOD'S. Black I'Veroh I aoe and Puaher MANTLES and POINTS, received, and for sale at very rea?onabia pnoer, by matt-tf TAVLOR A HUTCHISON. a wm. t. DOVE a CO. r&KK Nov preaarel to execute any ordars with wh'ch the* infavored in the plumbing, gas or steam fitting business. IL/ Stof e on 9th atreet, a few doors north of Pa. avrnue, where may be found a complete assortment ^A^g^kvfer oth" GAsA YELLOW PINE LUMBER. LL Descnptiona of tka atove Lumbar, far boards.and flooring (dressed or ncdraeaed) fai inabad <1ir?ot from the southern milia br kiiMiauj prio? Order? civen to th* drivers, o* "ent through the Pc>a Offioe to C COUNt All, W*?hinKtnn Brew er> , will be promptly attended t?>. ma fa 1 in \f TO THK PIHL1C. IMKSSRS. VANDoRE.NK* and WILLIAMS, FASHKiNABlE MERCHANT TAH OliS, (the former lately from Parisi talce^HB great p!<<anure in KiinoiinrinK to the citix?ii? ^ of Washington that they liave eh'tahlished \r]F themselves at No. 456 Seventh stroet, lw tween F and G streets, opposite the Patent Office, where they will b$ happy to serve all those who in Addition to ner day soholara. ahe it desirous ot receiving into her family a few pupils a* boarder* aged from in to 14 years, who will be under her im mediate oareand oversight. Her arrangement* for the accommodation and do* oare of pupils have been oonsideraily increarcd anil otherwise improved. Those in Washington desiring particular information with refurenoe tc her schooi inay apply to W. D. Wallaoh, Editor o the Star. For term* and furtner particulars apply at h? reside io*? No. 3ft Cameron street, Alexandria, Va i? 8;-tf 'PHK WASHINGTON BREWERY/' being 1 now in full operation, under the management of th- new proprietor, o&n furnish anr one with nu'e Mait Liquors, of superior q uality, at the fol lowing low p'loes, delivered free of charge to any part of ?ne city : X ALE (Family Beer). per k"g of 8 galls XX ALE -- 1.75 do. do. * * X ALEfPtock Ale) ?2 Si do. do. XX pi'RTKH flSO do. do. Brown srilir do do. Hall t?arreia, barrels and hogsheads at a propor * - ? ? - V LI U 14 U Ti| V/ N?. 47fi Seventh st.. Opposite th' Giittral Post Ojfice, Washington City. Arinorian System of Penmanship, BnoikHpinn, M?rcantiie Forms ai.d Cak-u!ationt>. Kusine-?s? <>i rp?pordei:ce, HOI* of Exchan.e, Current Mills, C<""mi?sion Sa!es, (irau.inar and Arithmetic. JUT" A Preparatory Clam for Hoys. ?iJT Ladies will be instructed in fine penman8 hip. Room" open from 9 & m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at toe Rooms. ma ?4-3n WM. \V VQFNO h. CO. 'PHE UNION FEMALE AC A DEM V. 1 N*w Arram^kmknt. This well known and popular Seminftry, which ha> Iwen so Micces ful uiiiler the entire care of M * /. Richard-* for more than ten v?>ars, will be opened on the first Monday in September next. nnd-r the united supervision a > I instruction u< Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH aRDS, in the wel! arraneed and delight lu!iy l< cated 1'nion Academy Hutlding. For partio nlars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ?na23 tf |\J ItfRS. MrCOR ICK'8 SCHOOL. !?1r9. McCORMICK deaires to inform he friends and the puMic genera iy that she wol resume the dnties ol her School on the lat Monday in Sep tern her next. The eourse of study pursued will oompnseall th? branches requisite to a thorough English eduoa Ufa . _ j unn, jm h ociocK, we will sell, in front of the premises, that beautiful anil valuable property, owued by ami la the present occupaucr of Col H. S. Huberts, bounded r>y Frederick, ivghth and High it*., a d which has been subdi. idcd into nine lots; two fronting on F.'ghth street, opposite the prop?ity of Mm John Robinson, with a frontage o<>mnined of HI fe't. and ruuning back 151 feet and 24? feet, on an average, more or lees. The other (.even lotsfiont 26 and 32 fert each on High, and run through to Frederick street. This sa.e will off?r a fine oppor'unity for a profitable investment or to secure building lots on tne Rights, the most beautiful part for private resiliences of the city portion of the Disirict of Coluin bia. A plat of the subdivisions may be seen at the office of the undersigned in Georgetown, or at the auction rooms of Wall A Harnanf. in this ci?t. Terms very ;ilx?ra!; one-fourth cash; the ba ance in 1, 2 and 3 years, bearing interest, and secured by a dned ' ( ti u?t on the premises. All convejanci'.g at tne expeuso of the pu chasers. mail-ills BARNARD 4 111 CKKV. Aunts. EDUCATIONAL. j O M M K R f! I A 1. c tt t i V n L 12 months, with interest, securer l?y a d?wd of trust on tne premises. If the teim* of talo are Lot oomplieii with within five daj6 thereafter, the trustee reserves the ri*ht U> resell, on one week's ni t.iee in the National tncoiitr**i> i itl? mdistf ntah e. F I.. HARVKV,Tin?ts*. ma 16 d J. C. MeGUIKE A CO.,AucU. Cj~thk above sale is postponed. in consequence of the rain, ur.t.ii WEDNESDAY At-TEKN'OON, May 3-th. same hour and piaoe. K L. HAK VEY. Trustee, ma 28 d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO..Ai:cU. II7"THK ABOVE SALE If UNAVOIDABLY further Postponed until >A IM It DAY AFTER NOON, June 2d, cam* hour and piaoe. ma31 d J c. MclltlKK A CO.. Aiiot'rt. By BARNARD A BUCKKY. Auctioneer*, {i'orfftown, D. C. v1ine valuable building lots on IA tiik Hights of Georgetown at PCBI.IC Arctios? On TUESDAY aFTEKNOON. 5tn . AUCTION SALES. TbaRNARD * BUCKEY; Georgetown. TWO BRICK HOUSES AT PUBLIC SALE On MONDAY. the 4th day of June, at five o'elooc p. m.. we will sell, in front of the premise*, being the west part of Lot No l<ri. situated on toe south side of WmI street, in Georgetown, two cub st&otial two-story Brick House* and the lot* on I which the; stand, fronting about 42 feet. a> d run niag baok the same width to the depth of 12"f?et, belonting to the estate of the late VViiliam Waters. I Title indisputable. Ter^s at ?ale. ?Mk? d BARNARD A BUCKEY. AucU. Br A. GREEN, Auotionter. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON '4TH. BSTVVKK.N I AM) K 9T* . AMD OM OM * Til, I BETWxsa G and H sts . at ArcTios ?On WEDNESDAY. the 6th day of June, 1 snail *?ll in front ! oftfc premises, {commencing on the first named proflktr.) at 6 o'clock p. m.: L^rNo 21, in square No. 2'8. frontin* 49 feet on 14tlfe with a deptu ofW> feet to a 3*' fret al' twa* 1 and K street* north, immediately in front of ffecklin square. .'JK. liMjr.AOiat-ly after the sale'f the above, at ' half past 6 o'clock, 1 shall proceed tr? sell, o i the preiniras, h\lf lot No. 19, to square No. 1%, havmc a f ont of 46 fret 2 inches on 2i>th. running back 105 I fet t to an alley, between north ? and H streets Persons wishing to purolias-* hamisome bui dit.g sit^s are respectfully requested to examin* the location of the awove mentioned property previous 'o |-a.e; the; will find tho sale worthy their attention. Terms: One-fourth cash; be'anoe in fi, 12 and 18 month*, for n-'tes, bearing interest from day of sale. A d??<1 riven, and a deed of truiit taken. Title indisputable. ma 31 d A. G R EEN. A net. 0? BARNARD A. BUCKEY; Georgetown. A VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT Al'i'tion?We will sell,on MONDAY, June 4tf>, lft6'',a' 6 o'clock p. m , L 't 17", situated at the oo> n?r of FrtMleriok and hi>d streets,containing 18 0 superficial or square feet. The in.p'oveinei ts are a carpenter's shop; food fencing. Title ir.dirputa ble. Sale positive as the owner is about to leave the District Terms oash. m?J'-<1 BARNARD A RI^KEV, Aunts B* J C. MoGUIRK k CO . Auctioneers rP H I'STEE'S SALE OF VAI.I ABI-E REAL 1 Lstate oh Twelfth St. west. between M and N Sts north -On SATURDAY, the. 8;h day of .May, >86 , atbo'e'ockp in., on the premises t.> virtue of a de?-d of trust, d*t?-d September 1st ia.T?, a>:d duly reoorded in Lit>er J. A S , No. 182. folios 43". 431 and 43i, ot.e of the land reoords for Washi UK ton count*, D. C., I shall setl the north part of Lot No. 14. in square No. 281, fronting 19 feet II inoheaon Twelfth street wost, between M end N streets north, running back 156 feet 1H inches to * 3o feet alien. Terms of sale; One half canii: h? c ' J - HOTELS. &c. SYGE1A HOTEL. Old Poi5T C<mroRT. Va. This ?elebrated 8eaboa?d Watering I* aoe, <>oa ted in full view of Hampton Kowi an<1 A . . A Che?ap<?ake Bar. and at the fi. it inilitar> po?t of the I'mted States, i Port Monro igy*JLL will be read; for the reoeption of visitors on the first of June. Be?ide* the attractions of the mi.itary establish ment and the fine "Bill of Kare'' p rest n ted in the many luxuries of the salt water region. tn- Bath at Old Point Comfort i? peculiarly curative. For Kheumatxm, it is alinort a ipwi&o; and for its properties m thi? regard the proprieto are al'ow< d ! make reference to Mrs D'. Linn, (r? hot of the late Senator Linn.I aid to the Secretary of War and hi* ladr. A spasious new building and sundry improve men?* add largely to tne aooomn.odations andoom lorts <>f the ap^oaching sea>ou. The management of the Hotel and all ba< mess matters connected with it are under the exclative charge of the senior partner. Mr. >vi lard. JOS HF.GAR * C. C. W1LLARD. ma 29 I m Proprietors. Continental hotel. V/ fltll.A HFLPHIA. Cokxxr CH?sTxrT ajtd Ninth Sts. It ptMft in F'bTuriry, 18b" i. Tin* magnificent establishment. now in suoces* hi vfwttion. ii uniy? rv.ii.ji conc<l<-?! t?i . - A n? in an 'esp-i-ls THK MO?*T ''"M fftlf PLETK HOTKL IN THK w nm.ii Jl.'lffl 1 and will b* conducted upon a scale of iib^i ?lit?iii nil iIk department* which cannot fail to ina?? it the popular headquart'-r* for pleasure toon ts from tne South an<l WMt,da'iM nwMrlv HumnMriad the Autumn. Accommodations are oil-red for nearly 1,1*10 <u'>f>. and furnished with every modern improvement which experience oould suggest for oomfort and oonverience, while a vrttuif fdifwu lui to lie introduced to convey parties by team in a commodious car to the upper Moors, thus securinc the purer air and fillet of tiie higher rooms without the tutiw of arcm/int stairs. Another novel improvement has been effected by which a powerful fan wheel i operated by steam) forces a current of fresh air through*the pulUic rooms and corriders. cooling and ventilating the house in superior manner. The interior arrangen?ents and fitrtiislun* have I oeen c<>niple?<-<1 under the pern i a' auperviaion of Paian Steven*. tl??? Lessee. under whot# manace inent tlif^ well-known sur^n of the Revere Mouse and Tremon? Hoii*e in Boston, tiie Battle House and Point Clear Hotel in Mobile. A a., and the Fifth Avenue in New York lias e?tabliahed, and no efforts or expense will be spared to rentier the Continental the ino?t attractive Traveler*' Home in the I'nion. J. E.STEVENSA CO.. 18 2w Proprietor*. POINT LOOKOUT. * HE Under?i(tnwj, long and well known to the travlint public at- a proprietor of the Cit> A t i A Hotel, Alexandria. V?? and the I'nitetiYfTAy Stat -s Hotel in Waahi (ton oit?. haa^^K-L leaned for a terin of year* the magnificent ? >* r Pavilion a d the ii'iiner<'-jB cort.iitesooiineol'-d with it, recently ereoted at Homt Lookout, the point of lur.ntior of th? Potomac with Ch^aapeake Ba?. and havinc furnuhed them in a ?t?ie equa t > that o| any other watering piaoe in the l'nit-d S'at**. wi open the eaiablishmeut on the Uth dav of Jun? n?xt for the receptiou ol visitors, hi? arra^gementa b?ilk mj(ficient for the comfortable accommodation of at least "SO t nest*. Point Lookout hesiiea hems deservedly the moat famou* place ina:l America for fine Ojaters. Hoi F ah. Soft Ci*^?. S ?eri> ?/< m?^?i _ _ r .. ^, ...wt-nrir-, Alio R.J '>th?r *a l water luxuries poi-s"s?ee bner faoiities for Surf Bathing than even Cap* May, whiie the l>aci cou: tiy immediately atliuminic it?inoiu>1itiK the Drive*, Cartridge and Woodooclt bl>o<?tinK< he., Ac..?offer advantages together, *irp"i"r<f tnose of an> other watering p.ace on this continent. The Water Views from the pa.i'.lion and from ai. th? c- fane* are extensive, varied, and cha'mmg The health of the point ia un-xee^ed by that of mountain region*, and the access to it by steamers from Baltimore. Washington. Mnrfmifc. ?n?* mond, wiU probably be daily to and from each of thoa? cities. Ha haa apared no rxpriiM in providIiic a fine Hand, Carriages, Horses. Pleasure B< ata. ko . for hire, or -n stooging hia oellara with the beat Wine*. Liquors, 4o In ah-Tt. hit patrocs will findattli-ir command ever? luxury and comfort obtainable at any other American watering plane Hia terms lor boa^d, by the day, week, or month, for individuals or families. will he reasonable, ma 23 dtj uly 1 LOGAN O 9M1TH. "dentistry. \I TEETH. .'I. LOOM IS*, M. D., t!ie inventor and patentes of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at M JO tei da personally at his oflioe in this city. mmtgaf Man* persona pan wear these teeth who^"1^ oannot wear others, and no person oan wear otheri who cannot wear these. Persona calling at iny office can be aooommodatec w.'n any style and pnoe of Teeth they may desire , but to those who are particular and wish the purest, c "Mi?st. atrongeat, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will b? more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 336 Pa. avenae, betweea 9th and K>th au., 907 Aroh street, Pbilade, ph'.a. oo 1 1 v It DENTISTRY. 1 /K HI LIA after a practical test of two years. ?U.> U- ?' ? 1 lama ?? * nc usm wihi o"nnuenoe reo<iin mend the Cheopiantic Prooee* for insertin- mmMjt artificial teeth It has the ad.antases (,j*UXiU strength, beauty, cleanliness, an<1 eheapnew. Fall upper set* inserted for #36. Partial in proportion. Offloe 306 Pa. avenue. se 7 WOOD AND COAL. ^ q ^ TO CONSUMERS or COAL A!ID WOOD. We invite your special attention to onr stock of very superior COOKING COAL and General Family use. Praoh Mountain, Phemz, Broad Mountain, East Franklin. .North Spring Mountain Beaver Meadow, Locu't Mountain, Honey Brook, and fine Knot. All of the above Coal is well prepared, and of the best quality Kept on pianb doors KlMM.iNG, COOKlMi.and 8TOVP WOOD lliUDIllMturNl *.ii? l?n?lh <>r I. - , - ? -V - ? ? w-* J - ? Q ?M *** 1 ' If ' J|T We Rohoit order* from our former ouatomers and the puhlio t enera < ly. All orders promptly ex< cuted as our facilities are *mple ID- UXIOy FIRE WOOD MILLS JJ\ Corner Seventh street ana Canal. McKNEW at MARLOW, ma24-tf tlntell.] Proprietor*. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest ponMble rates. T J. A W. M. GAl/T. Office 2S2 Pa. av? between lltli and tftli sts , nia 17 tf north tide. 'PHE SLBSCKIBKK HAVING ON HAND , 1 an extensive stock of FUEL, is prepared to sell at a very low figure for oash Wool) Cawed and Split any siss. Call and see f?>r yourself. R. W. BATES, i Wood and Coal DeVer. ma IS 8. C. corner of Fourteenth and C sts. Francis HARPER. Utviva ?D?v?r* ? FA MILY GROCERVAVITFEED STORE, Cor*rr nf jVtw York ar mw nnd 7 mth ftrret. Respectfully solicits the Dalronase nf those who mar be in want of any article in the aiiove line. Hit endeavors shall be t<> pi'a*e, aud by a strict atton- I tion to the want* of the publio, he hopes to merit a share of their patronage. ' His took oowusU of ever? article usually to he found in a first-class Family Grocery ana Feed i Store. ma 17-tf HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALES These Scales are offered to the aablic as to* most aiin ple.darable, and reliable scales ever out in use. First c;a<.s premiums have been awardedtnem by the United States Fair and Virginia Ag*iou,tur&. Virginia. A triai. l*aaw?J C-.? institute Fur, Pennsy I vaiia; New York Stat? Fair; Vermont State Fair, ao., to. In every oase where ' exhibited they aa/e received fcrat class premian. s . Koi 1a e at ft# Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's ' Chilled Iron Safes. ?U IH? K? f! PATTmON. Atwit CH HEAP SILKS*. CHEAP SILKS, : FROM A UCTIr X. We have a large assortment of handsome Dreaa Silks, t-mght at the larje auction sales this aea?on. atgreatlv reduced prices. which we have marked ] down at v?ry low pries, and shall commence to-day ' selling off our entire stock. Those ladies in want 5 or a cheap Silk Dreaa, should give us a call early. J J. W. COLLEY A CO.. ma 17-Jw 4HS Seventh s'reet. above Pa. av. ' PLAIN AND oiiNA*fsNTAL?oV *?*?, 1 avenue, south aide, tx-tween loth and lith atresia Their Ornamental Plastering equals that of aaf other houae in the United States, in style. fcniah acd ' durability. The pahlloia invited to oall ar.d instsst ' IIPOT' rrwnV mar Ot 1 PURE SODA WATER, WITH A VARIETY of choice SMrnpa, oompriaing Nectar Cream Ac..oan b? at MOOR *& ; Went End Drug More, 113 Pa. av , 1 m* l?-2w South t?id? ' 22 ss9nBg?iS?S&ss pound by ofcMt or otkarviM. WJ TESTov nut sra-a??m?. ???? . . ms gS oor. Fift??r?h ?t. ?d < p" in r.t k\_ Box and Cartace L JT^Editorsof uew(f?peri in the foracoint States givinc the above twelve loMrtiupi ID tfcalr weekly imb*c. with appropriate edttoria's, will be rapplied with a oopy or the Stataetla. ai.d papers is other States wiTrhefernishil hT the looaf acmita. fsM UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY 1 Inform their patrons and the public tutag th?t nave reoeived tneir usaal snpp y of^^E SPRING GOODS, oonsistmt of th? iataat style and fashion, and bast foraicn manafao WW tnre. Th't also reeaeetfblljr innte atwHon to their new stocVofGKNTLEMEN'S FUEMSH1NG GOODS of the latMt ?tyla? aad aafcaa. T>ey also keep oonatantly on hand a lar(e snpp It of NaraJ a?d Military Furaishinx Good.-.ucVas Epaulets, Chapeaus. Swords, Be U. Gokd Laoe*. Shoulder Straps, a?>d Saahea. B. rX0UD0N * CO.. Oitizm, NmrtU and Military MtrrKami 3>uor?, waarlS-enaw . Br wt's Hotsi EM VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS L^^r,,r'. B &i^a? aod Paokin* Tranks. Oar trank^?"? al?s room exhibits at thu Una the cr*?te*t variety n nTlhlj^jtfS^^i'5^,fk|^^TVlS5t oPi^w ones paired or tahan la ^ nhaaje " WALL, BTy Person# in want of Roots and Shoe* of eastern or oity made work. ?ill a!?i?i f>nd a t i assortment in store and at the lowest prioes Give us a call. bRl'FlM * BRO.. >y? r 314 Pe- niyl vans avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O TTB Stibct. Qpwoiite Odd Fellows' Hall, Wa-ktnnon. D.C. Travelers will study their interests b examining my TRUNKS, VARICES Ao .before Pur flTTTTv ohasing elsewere As I use none bat t'.-HnrafM t?est material the market affords and employ? the b?s? workmen. 1 oaa oonfeder.tly reoommend my work to be tupenor in Strem.k and D*r?6t/?<ir to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold her*. 1 keep oonstantiy on hand, aud make to order <on one week's notioe) every d^eriptien of SOI E LEATHER, IKON FR AM F FRENrH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS. ASHLAND and otker VALICES. THA VEL1NG BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES, WHIPS. *r? Trunks. Ao.. R-pa'red and Covered, in a workm?nlik* manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of the city, George town, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-It JAMES 8. TOPHAM yOLK'8 STATUETTE STEPHEN A* DOUGLAS In form and fwatgrss this beautiful and aocnrats ?pec i men of American art is unsurpassed by any specimen ollike character ever produoed. It is a fac-timiU of the "Little Giant."" Specimens mav t>e seen and Htatsettes prooared atCcLvsa's Dare Stobb. No. Penn avenue, oorner of 12*h street Washington city. Person* in the Dmtrictof Colombia and States of Delaware. Maryland, Virginia North Carolina. So*tl Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alatmrua. Mississi pi. and lyomsiana, deeiri> c oopies of the Statuette wil. ad dress their oroers to C. P. CULVER, Washington nit*, n r . tAAomaania/l K* a pmsiHslbaa iruormanon inquire at the Hotel. roar 3D I^OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the build I inr immediate.y opposite the t?rt wujof the City Hall, recently occupied by Chaa. 8. \T& acr u an office. Alao tne front room m the second tort and the tKrd floor of the same For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACHT%o. H Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf SENATORS, MCMBKR8 OF CON6RE8?.? Two ipiendid auitea of ROOMS. e.ejanUylwmahed, wi : be rented durinj the aeaaion of Coo creas, ia the moat deairable locality in thia oity. heinn within one or two squares of Brown's and National Hutela. Those in purauit of auoh Rooms will do weli to make e%riy application at No. 17 w Rth street, between D street and Pa. av. de ft tf L^OR SALE?A nioe three atorv Briok HOUSE, r on 2d atreet, between D aud L streets, ii Kit>bey's Subdivision. The above property will be sold or earr terms. Price made known by ids air int of H. W. HAMILTON A CO., No. Hit Tth street, oppoaite Centre Market. Titi* perfeot. f?T tf TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW *UP ply of Gen**' fine French CalfSkin Dress Boots aud Uaiters, Patent leather ant Ml Cloth Gaiters. Calf Skin. Patent Leather an<l I,a*tin? Shoea A ao, an extensive" Wk stock of Bo s'&nd Children's. Indies'and Misses' B<??ts and Shoea, all of which I am aellinf ate* ceediugiy low prioea. j. rosen"! HaU, 520 Seventh street, tn% IS en S''o'?r?ab<>veI)atre?t. t^utiTS AND SHOEs^ TO SUIT THfe We are now manufaotunuK all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oo: stantit receiving supply ot eastern mad" work <>* every de-HHJ ecriptio", made expreaaly to order, and will be aold at a much lower prioethan haa been" heretofore charted in this oity for muoh inferior I<V>R RFAT-A three st-rv BRICK HOUftE on Thirteenth st .one door above G st.. nortn. No 4lately occupied by Captain Lee, C N Possession C1X-0B on the 1st of Ma* Inquire of JO.?. ABBOTT, **6 E at., between 14th aud lKh sts. ma* 9_tf I OOK HKRE :-A new Pie N?e Reaort for Rent, I .J Lea**, or ^a>, just opposite Georgetown, ein bracing fine springs, woods. fisliiM and toating , ar<t the meit r< manttc and de*irar>le p<aoe for a public resort, market garden and dairy farm near the District, containing jf' acres. LLOYD & COina 2-lm* Corner Seventn and E ate. FOR SALE-A valuable FARM in a high atat* of cultivation situated ir Alexandria eo fentj. Vs., containing >ne hundred and thirty five acres, mote or less. It adjoins the farm of Maj"r W D Nntt ami la about seven and a half fro? Washington oity. For particulars apply at the Star Ofhoe. mar I -dtje t FOR R FNT-A imal.^TOR K, oorner of ?th si. and Peiin. avenue, under the Clarendon liotal, aintahla for a l<arber's saloon or oigar store Ftu >uf ui w ikiihuoi croatia wiui in? mow Mr; outbuildings, it for sa!*. The house *M b; fit for the frowit owi ?r and hu many ootwnmM The And is in a hick state of cultivation, ar.d pMk oar? hu ??e?n expeutied in tfce eeieotu>n o( a oaoto* variety of fruit ai.d shade tree*. Joe property I rout? Hound*'? itraM. being out * the ci y li?niU, and when that street It opened and improved, aa there is reason to believe it eoo? will be, the plaoe wi.i possessiHsu. is r atlreoUoes. Distance from oit? Post Ad dress h? letter or in person, WM. BTlClNfcT. mar Sl -eo tt POR 9ALE-A small FARM of*>acres, situated m. mi UIO LIRii rti.l, lift VI DC a MMNMwalling h?>u*e. oorn hdiw. atablea. Ac; vet. fenced ?nd watered ; within four milM of Waahlngton ; lft More* in cultivation, the t<a anoe in kandion* wood land. It is peculiarly de?irab ? aa a oountry rer denoe. being perfectly healthy and moat romantically aituated : exoelient fiahing and hunting. lneuira of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper. Chain HMdae, !.<*? ?>." . A? PKIVaTK SALtOl" R TV.-To SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN. A SO OTHERS.?That vaiuabie raaidenoe. having the advai tage of hoth town and country. formerly i>e oating to the late Andrew Hoover, and now k'lown a? Roaalrn. aituated in Alexandria oounty, V* . on the h*ahta overlook nj Georgetown. urnae d af'T adjoining the Aaueduoifand the pomtinoon temrlation lot the bridge to be built aor>>*a the Potomac, and from whioh there la adekghtfn! view of Waahington and the aurrounding oountry. Thia property extenda to about 140 acea. all improved, and under fite cultivation It will be aold at a bargain on account oi the unavoidable reaidenoe of the owner abroad. A la'fe tract of wood lano, of original growth, can alao be had adjoining if required. Liberal terma for pavment allowed. Furniture and atook can Ik> had at reasonable va.nation. Appl? on the rremiaea to the manager, Mr. AT.KXANDKR CAt*9KL8, or lo JAMES ROACH. . t'roapeet Hill. Va _ _ mal liw* |?OR SALE?A ^reat bargain, four aorea of wel r improved LAN D. well ouited for a market garden. with new dwelling honae with four rooma and kitchen ; well of fine water in the yard ; under ?<>od f item*, and will be aold low or axchatigec i<v ct) Dri.p?it>. and nn mod'rata t?rma. The land la at Kali'* Croaa Roada. two and a half milaa from Georgetown .and in AlexauUna countjr, Va. Apply to V. P. CORBLTT.over Bank of Washington. ma IS-tf THE WEEKLY STAR. Tin xediMl PmbUt u<1 JotrMi -on* ?m ? imwi w?w?in?? ? as found ib an; other?la ob 0fttari*r rain,. Fir* eopiea |tt Traoopiea ? or Tweet? eopiea? U ?> B? aa bean font inaiaba raised aaaotu withenfWa iBtwvraUoo ot a fba. aaait. aa will >-? perceived. ?> per cent. ?f TV W'tkit Sw be eared. It iifiariabt* contains the " Washington N<?w?" Uiat haa made TV ?>?iuii 5?e* circulate o genera ,? throng boat the eountry. iZ~rHibila eopiea (in wrapper*) can be proaa'H at The counter, immediate:? after the laaue of the paper. Prioe?THRKE CENTS. IIT-Pos. masters who aot aa a|Mti wiJJ be ai towed a Miami r of tt oeota. FOE SALE AND RENT. FOR 8AI E AND RKNT.-Tbcnodereutied baa. tiro nouses for rent at Kendall Oraen. eaelf having iacres of groui.d auitabia for tached. Th* aitaation ta elevated ana perfect1? bealtby. < ffenng peou lar in 4 a cements to on* who prefer* pure ooiiDtn air to th* heated and daetj at mo?phere of the city. A atabla and woodshed a>e attached to each hoaee, and a pa*ip o 1 pare wato? atauds bet a few ?t*as from the door. To a good tenant the rent wiH he moderate. The reeidenoe known aa Roee Cottage, ooaelet

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