Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1860 Page 1
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w # *eee**^gMepe*ww*meaHse*eaBBsaH*B Bes9assesB=BteS6=^===se? j ^ I h I I I I I I I I V I I ^1 ^1 ^Kt H <B "'' i^m I V?. XV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY, JUNE 7. 1860. N?. 2.279. i, THE EVENING ST Aft I PUBLISHED EVERT AFTER IfOO If, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILOIRS9, Corner of Pennsylvania avenu* <$ llfA *t., IT W. D. WALLACH. F?HT1 nrni im pMktfN by earrlara kIMl **', or VT wsU t*t month. To maii avbaarfbm the pnoe ia a r?tr, in vt+mne*. $9 for all month?; 91 for thrae months; and for leaa than three montha at the rate of U oenta a week. Siafle one*, on cint; in wr?f pera, two esnra. 07* Adt**tt?nturrt ahoald be aeot to tha oAoe i'v|iri? u v wuvkf iii., vumvm IMT n>T MM if- I ?M; antll Ute next dar. I DEATH OF ANNE ISABELLA.BAROMESS NOEL BYRON. The death of Anne Isabella. Baroness Noel Bjron, relict of the late Lord Byron, occurred >u the 16th in.'t , at No. 11 St. George * Terraoa. Regent'? Park. London She w?u slztjeight year* of age at the time of her deceaseDowager Lady Byron. Baronett Wentworth. wan born May 17, 1792. She waa the only laughter of Sir Ralph Milbank. afterward Noel, of Seaham, in the county of Durham. *iu nearly connected br hloo.i wirh tk? families of Lord Wentwnrtb, Lord Melbourne, and others of tbe English nobility. On th? 2d of January, 1815, she wu married to Lord Noel Byron. l.ord Byron addressed her about a year pre\ iou.-. and. although hi* ?uit nu not at that time accepted. yet her refusal was accompanied with every assurance of esteem and regard, and a friendly correspondence kept up between t kh. A second application in Septom* her proved successful. Prior to the nuptials, in a letter to Leigh Hunt, dated Oct. 15, 1814, Uyron wrote: * * * I am about to be married, and am, of course, in all the misery of a man in the pursuit of happiness. My intended is two hundred miles off, and the efforts I am making with lawyers, Ac., Ac., to join my future con sections are, for a personage of my single and inveterate habits, to say nothing of indolence quite prodigious. In another letter, speaking of Lady B during the terui of his engagement, he said: What an odd situation and friendship is ours. Without one spark of love on either side, and produced by circumstances which, in general, Tead to coldness on ou? side and aversion on he other. t?he is a very superior woman, and ry little spoiled, whicn is strange in an heiress?a girl of twenty?a peeress that is to be in her own right?an only child and a sarante who has always had her own way. She is a roetess. a mathematician, and, withal, very nd. generous, and gentle, and with verv iiiue pretensions. Anj other head would be turned with half her acquisitions and a tenth of her advantages. Lord Byron, in a letter to Mr. Murray, dated Kirby, Jan 6, 1815, four days subsequent to the marriage, says: The marriage took place on the 2d inst., so pray make haste and congratulate away. In a letter to Mr Moore, dated the 10th of the same month, Byron alluded to his marriage in these word?: I was married this day week. The parson has pronounced it?Perry has pronounced it? and the Moraine Post also, under the bead of Lord Byron's Marriage.'' as if it were a fab ricauoD, or the puff direct of a new story maker The disa*trou.? result ?.f the marriage appears to have been anticipated by Byron even at the bridal altar- The ' coming events cast their shadows before." Lord Byron's prose account of the wedding, in his suppressed memoir*, isMid by Moore to have agreed closely in all its circumstances with his poetical description of it in The Dream." I; is to be inferred Irom Byron's published correspondence that, even at his wedding, the thoughts of his first love of Mary Chaworth. of Annesley Hall, whom he so py?neally termed his " Bright Morning Star of Annesley," were present to his imagination Annesley Hal) and all ita fond associations floated like a vision before his thoughts, and on the Doint of nmnrnMno m ? t ? - ? uio uupuai VUWfi A marriage contracted uuder such circumeUDOM couid Hut but be uobtppj. After the marriage, or towards the month ci March following that event. Lord Byron and lady took up their residence in London, where they lived in splendor and expense far beyond Byrou's income, and he soon became involved in the most distressing pecuniary embarrassments. About the 1st of February, 1816. a separation between Lady Byron and her husband took place. She had ieft London a few days before on a visit to her father in Leicestershire and Lord Byron was to follow her as uun <t< he could make some arrangements of his nnancial affairs. The two parted iu kindness she wrote him on the road a in etyle of the most playful fondness imaginable, but immediately un her arrival at Kirby Mullory?the seat of her family?her father wrote, informing hiin (Byron) that she would Dot again return. They never afterwards met. The particular cause* of this event slill remain in obscurity; and in all that can be gathered from the epistles and poems of the graat poet, although somewhat contradictory in themselves, he takes the onus of blame of the separation from his wife on himself. This unfortunate alliance, and its consequent unhappy results, have become a part oi the poet'* history, and probably the facta connected with the separation of Lord Byron and hia wife have too often caused ungenerous speculations on the conduct of the latter. We therefore, in justice to the memory of the departed tady. and from the fact of the letters having been published in the standard work nf Rirun'l ru.?mi ??W- L- 1 ? htuo ! >!it>wing extracts fr >m them, which will speak for themselves : Id a letter to Moore, June, 1815, Bjron said: L ri West meat h died Inst week. The bulk of bid property (from seven to eight thousand pounds per annum) is entailed on Lady Milbanke and Lady Byron. la a letter to Leigh Hunt, dated Jane 1.1815, k he allude* to Lady Byron in very uoarse term*. T In another letter to Moore, dated Feb. 29, ISIS, he wrote In the mean time, I am at war with all the world -and his wife," or rather all the world and my wife are at war with me, and have not yet cruched me. whatever th?v may do I don't know that in the oourse of a haii-breadlh existence I ?u ever at home or abroad, in a situation so completely uprooting of present pleasure, or natural hope for the future, as thia dame I say this because I think to. and feel it. But I shall not sink under it the more for that mode of considering the question. I hare made up my mind. By the way, however, you must not believe all you hear on the subject; and don't attempt to defend me. In another letter to Moore, dated March 8, 1810, he ?ays: I must set you right in I one point, however. The fault was not?no, nor even the misfortune?h? my choice, (unleas in choosing at all,) for I do not believe, and I < must say it, in the very dregs of this bitter business, that there never was a better or even * w: ? J ? * ' * .. , ?uiuci ur oiuro 1IB110I6 tDd agreeable being than Lady B I never had, nor can have, any reproach to make her,while with we. While there it blame, it belong* to myaelf; and if 1 cannot redeem I mast bear it. In 1815, after the ?enar*tion from his wife, Byron poetixe* hi* grief* in the following manner; and which, it ij quite evident, it a direct contradiction to the letter he wrote to Leigh II ant. May 3. 1H16: j And thou wert sad?yet I was not with thee; And thou wert sick, and yet I was not near; 1 Mr thought jey and health alone could be i Where I hot?and pale and sorrow here1 | And ia it thus*?It is as f foretold, And shall be mere so, Cor the mind recoil* Upon Itself. and tbe wrtcked heart 11m cold. 1 While he*vi QMS collects tbe sbat>red spoilt It is not In the storm nor la tbe strife ' We feel bennmh'd and lone to be no more, But in the after si twice on the shore, W heu nil is loat, except a little life I aiu too well * vended'?bat 'twss my right, Wbate er my sins mi*tit be, thou wert no* sent Ta be the Nemesis who should requite? Nor did Heaven choose so new an Instrument Merry Is for the merciful'?if tbou Hadst baas of such, "twiil be accorded now. Thy nights are taaniabad from the realms of sleap' V*a: they may flatter thee, hut than must feel A hallow agoay which will not heal, t Par thou art pillowed on a curse toe deep; r Thou haat aowa In my sorrow, aad maat reap The bitter harvest in a woe as real f have bad many foes, but none like ttee; For 'gainst the rest myself 1 could defend, And beaveagad.or turn than lato friend; But thou ia safe implacability Hadst naught to dread?in thine owu weakners shielded, Aad la my love, which bath but too much yield And spared for thy nkt tome I should not apare, And thus upon the world?trust in thv truth? And the wild fume of my ungoverned yonth? On things thst were not, and on things that are? Kven upon such a basis hast thou built A monument whose cement hath been guilt: The moral Giytflmnestra of thy lord. And hewed down with an unsuspected sword, Fame, peace and hope?and all the better life Which but for this cold treason of thy heart. Might still have risen from out the grave of strife, And found a nobler duty than to part Hut of thy virtues thou aids4 make a vice, Trafficking with them in a purpose cold For present anger, and for future gold? And buying other's grief at any price, And thus once entered Into crooked way*. The early truth, which was thy proper praise, Did not still walk beside tfeee?but on times. And with a breast unknowing its own crimes, Deceit, averments incompatible, Equivocations, and tbe thoughts which dwell in janus spirits?the significant eye Whicb learns to lie with silence?the pretext Of prudeuce. with advantages annexed? The acquiescence in all things which tend. No matter how, to the desired end? All found a place in thy philosophy, The means were worthy, aad the end is now, 1 would not do by thee as thou hast done. It should be remembered that Byron treated hi- wife in a manner calculated to alienate the affections of any woman; and upon their separation, a little over one year after the nuptials, the current of public opinion set in fearfully against him. lie was immediately shunned, if not still more harshly treated, which induced him to leave England and live in Italy. Byron said iu substance, in mitigation of his conduct, that his mind was depressed and dig oraerefi, which disqualified him for domestic comfort. lion. Augusta Ada, only child of Lord and Lady Byron?" Ada, sole daughter of my house nnd heart"?wag born December 10,1815. In an epistle to Mr. Moore, under date of January 5, 1816. Byron wrote?''The little girl was born on the 10th of December last. Ilcr name is Augusta Ada, the second a very antique family name?I believe not used since the reign of King John. * * * * I have now been married a year on the 2d of this month, iieigh ho!" In a letter to Lady Blessington, dated , May 1823. ((jenoa, probably?Ed.,) he wrote as follows in reference to Lady Byron and his child: My request would be lor a copy of the miniature of Lady B. which I have seen in potsession of the late Ladv Noel, as I have no picture or indeed memorial of any kind of Lady B , as all her letters were in her own possession before I left England, and we have had no correspondence since??t 1ph?? nn V." ??-? ( -- -? F"' My message with regard to the infant is simPl7 to this effect?that in the event of any ac- I cident occurring to the mother, and my remaining the survivor, it would be my wish to have her plans carried into effect, both with regard to the education of the child and the person or persons under vh?se care Lady B might be desirous that she should be placed It is not my intention to interfere with her in any way on the subject during her life; and I presume it would be some consolation to her to know (if she is in ill health, as I am given to understand) that in no case would anything be done, u far as I am concerned, but in strict conformity with Lady B.'? own wishes and intentions?left in what manner she thought p-oper. Byron's daughter was married July 8, to William King. Earl of Lovelace. She died November 7, 1852. Ada inherited the rc?tle?s disposition of her father; and. althnugh of good natural abilities, of a mathematical turn of mind, she delighted in speculating in railway spires ana on the turf. Jn 1830 Lady Byron wrote a letter, and caused it to be published, exonerating her father and mother from charge.-; connected with her separation from her husband, of which they had been aecused?but throwing no further light upon the subject. Lady Byron succeeded, November 12, 1856, t> the barony of Wentworth. She waa noted for her mental attainments and for her libera) disposition. In 1859. she sent the sum of $330 to the New England Kansas Emigration Society, and she figured frequently as a contributor to philauthropical enterprises. Her immediate fortune at the time of her marriage was about ten thousand pouuds sterling. but on the death of her father and mother she became poeseseed of estates to a very lar^e amount. The Elopement with a Mihister's Wife. One week ago we copied from the Springfield (Mass.) Spy an account of the elopement of a minister'* wife with a married man from Springfield, Ohio, and their arrival at Springfield, Mas* , and subsequent departure for and arrival at Montreal The partiea are the wife of Rev. Mr Hoot, a Congregational clergyman at Springfield, Ohio, and J. W. Brochaw, a manufacturer of reaping'machines at the same place. We have to-day learned some of the particular* of the parties which possess local interest. The minister's wife is Ellen M., only daughter of Saul Barrett,who has for a Quarter of a century been the Postmaster at Asnburnhaui, Macs , and one of the mott respectable citizens of that place, fche is about 30 years < f age, and msrried Rev. Mr. Root about 8 years ago. Shonly afterwards they moved to Ohio. Brochaw is a^>out 41 years of age. He was reared in Chili, in this countjr, ana there mar ried a most estimable lady, and daughter of Abraui Gruendike They hare five enildren, nearly all grown to mature age Both have a large circle of relatives and friends among the oldest and moat respected residents of Chili. Some five years ago Brochaw removed to Springfield, Ohio, where be engaged in the manufacture of reapers, employing from SO to 100 hands, and doing a very Urge business From his representations when visiting his friends here, it was generally believed that he was worth some 000 He ranked high in the business community and society of Springfield, and was a member of the Rev. Mr. Root's church It waa while standing as a pillar in the church that the intimacy with the minister's wife began and was cultivated. Last sprfng his dwelling waa consumed by fire, and he recovered an insurance of $5,000 which he had unon it. It waa reported that he intended' to build a more extensive establishment, bat he did not do so, and there are those now who insinuate that there was a 4kni|tger," not only In the fence, but in the fire The elopement took place about four weeks ago. The parties proceeded to Springfield. Mass , where they remained visiting Mrs. Root's friends until a week ago, Friday. Suspicions were aroused, and new* came from Ohio that ail waa not right, when the guilty party left for Montreal, and not up at a hotel. A Massachusetts officer ^ught to arrest them on a trumped up charge of larceny. but the Canadian authorities would not give them up This U the last heard of them. Brocbaw has deserted a most e?emplary, amiable, and devoted wife, and highly respectable grown up family, and the relations of the guilty partner are equal in i anding. He left only some $700 with Mrs. U, nod some $500 in unpaid obligations to c-^ditors *t Springfield.?hochtsUr Union, May ?. iij- i dc Mnjj or maples (saysa ParU journal) bat appointed one M-ister Manlsalco, a baby three and a half years old, the Receiver-General at Capua. This was done as a mark of especial favor to the father of the child, who la notorious in Italy nnder the unenviable title "The Hangmau of Sicily ." U7" David Skinner, a horse thUf. set Are to the Hil at Van Wirt, Ohio, with a view to rrnkinir his escape Rut the flames were not dis- I covered as soon as he supposed they would be. and wl #1 bis cell was opened Skinner was a pile of cinders 117" The hilla of South Carolina and Georgia# ar rapidly becoming covered with vineyards wine grower, l>r Mar Donald, baa already ninety acres planted with th? gx*pe. |pr ]t is stated that the Grand Trunk Rsilwav Company have leased ?t tbe Michigan Central > Railroad Company-Ib^.r road, ground, aud tii-' tore* for tbe term of Wf yofcrs. Humor axi> Mrsic.?When humor joins with rhythm and music, and appears in song, its influence is irresistible; its charities are countless, it stirs the feelings to love, peace, friendship, as scarce any moral agent can. The songs of Beranger are hymns of lore and tenderness, I hare seen great whiskered Frenchmen warbling the "bonne Vielle," "SoldaUaa pas. au pas, with tears rolling down their moustaches. At a Burns festival, I have seen Scotchmen singing Burns, while the drops twinkled on their furrowed cheeks; while each rough hand flung out to grasp its neighbor s, while earl v scene* and sacred recollections, and delightful memories of the past came rushing back at the sound of the familiar words and music, and the softened heart was full of love, and friendship, and home. Humor '. if tears are tho alma nf Mnii. _ ...? gvtlVIU Dpil lbO( and amy be counted, as sure they may, among the f-weetcst of life's charities. Of that kindly sensibility, and sweet, sudden emotion, which exhibits itself at the eyes, I know no such provocative as humor. It is an irresistible sympathiser; it surprises you into compassion, you are laughing and disarmed, and suddenly forced into tears. I on e heard a humorous balladist, a minstrel with wool on his head, and an ultra-Ethiopian complexion, who performed a negro ballad, that I confess moistened these spectacles in most unexpected manner. They have gazed at dozens of tragedy queens, dying on the stage, and expiring in appropriate blank verse, and I never wanted to wipe them. They have looked up, with deep respect be it said, at many scores of elerpvmpn in pulpits, and without being diinme<f; and behold, a vagabond with a corked face and a banjo sings a little song, strikes a wild notw which sets the whole heart thrilling with happy pity. Humor' humor is the mistress of tears; she knows the way to th? /on lachrymaruni} strikes in dry and rugged places with her enchanting wand, and bids the fountain gush and sparkle She has refreshed myriads more | from her natnral springs, than ever tragedy lias watered from her pompous old urn ? Thackeray. Swiftness or Birds.?A Uermsn ornithologist says the vulture can fly at the rate of loO miles an Lour Observations made on the coaat of Labrador convince Major Cartwright that the wild goose can travel at the rate of 90 miles an hour. The common crow can fly U5 miles; swaliowp, according to Spallagin, 92 miles an hour. IE?" All the western States were suffering for the want of rain up to the middle of May?Michigan, however, less than others. Since then there n.lVP hwn tlno fKfttt'nts ' " ',T * 1 ini\>ui;au, ??l? :onsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, giving the farmers hope of abundant crops. JC/~ The St Paul Pioneer says Minnesota has already had this year an immigration of 10,000 actual settlers, and fanning interests were never more promising. A nns, winslow, N Kxperience.1 Nurse &n<l Female Physician, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTllINU SYRUP, ??r Children Teething, Wklak facilttataa tha pracaaa af taathfr j, k? fusing tka rimi, rariacinf >11 inflaininaiiaii?will allay ALL r All* Aoa apaamodic acuta, And SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELSDapaod spoo it, mathara, it will rut t? yasraaWaa, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa hat a pst *p ?ud told thia articla for o* r no jtar?, and cak iat, in conriDinci and th'th of it, what * ha?? mnr b a o abla ta tit; of an? OTHII Madieina? hith MRS. Ha> it rAiLID.m a imflLl in- itakci to srrii'T a Cl)II, WIW5LO W'? ?h?n Uraal/ aaad. Rifardid ?akni? -- MtufactiM by nay ' tm whr uitd it. On the aonirary.allere SYRL'P, delighted with it* oriRATIOfei, and Jape** Id tirrni el higheet eomraendatiflu of iu mifical effect* and medical nnm. We epaak III .Ma matter > w hit vi Do KNOW," after ten years' experience, At*D niDiil OUR RIPITTAtioh rol thi ri'lmlmint or WHAT vi Hill DlCLAM. In alrooat e?ar? inatence where tf>? infant ia ecfler|n( frata pain aud eihaa*tinu, relief will te fosi.d intfteea r twenty inif.stee after (he ayrup it adtaimetarad. Thie ealaabla preparation ? tn* prescription of en* of the meet lirillKCIOaeil illiri'L Nl'mn in New Knrlaod, andbae been seed with * * v rs fai Lie? lUCClll ia THOUSAXDS OF CASES. It nat amy relie?ee the ehild fram pain, bat Innjerata* Se etamaeh and bowele, correct* acidity, and fiw tan* and energr to the whole eyeiem. It will almoat inetantly rehera Geipius is the Buwkls and Wind Colic, a?d orercome eouealeiane, which, if n?H epeediiv remedied end in death. we^ ] beiiaee it the hit A*D?tRI?T RIM-I rOR IDY In the WORLD in ail caeea of ntl- CHILDREN I IttTIp Y and diaR IHSa lie <-'HlL-|fEKTHII^IO.IDR*N- whether it arieee from teething! 1 llor frcm an? <*her caaee. W? would aiy to *?ary mother who haa a emld enffermf fraan auy of the (oregniig complaint*?DO nor LIT rouR mucoid*, *or thi muiDii k or othkrs, nun uu ? rv 11 c mai VIII r.a tl'n I?yaa, tliaLVTILT ?C*??10 fnllov th? U? of th majtcint, if timaiy u?*'1 fall dirtetMM.s fjr miu( will a e<uii/""7 a*eh houia Nona rai,?na anltaa iht fne-aimila CCRTii A PlCRKI.N9.Naw York, iao< rba oataida wrtppa oid Ij Prurgiata ihroorhoot tba world. Principal Offict, No. l2Ca<1a.r 8-.ra?l,K T. onl? is Canta car Bo'.tia. at lldftwlT GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Ladies in want oka fashionable and cheap U().\ N KT, will tinil it at Mn. M SIM SON'S, \o. 10? Bridge ?t..O?or*c ?K town, D. C., where also a general assortment of Straw Goods, Flowers, R ibfoons, and Ruche*, Dry Goods, Hosiery, Dress Trimmings, Ac., Ac., may constantly l?' found at the lowest price*. Also, the best quality of Extension Skirts, warranted to be made of the'real watch springs. ma 15 3w* U~ NIONHOTK!., ~~ U tiORUETOWy, D. C., Is now open for the reception of visitors. JOHN' II. WATEKH. ma U-lra ___ Proprietor. 1C JUST RECEFVKO 1*J HHD8. Prime Poito Rioa MOLASSES, I? . do do do SUGARS, '50 bbls.Old Rye WHISKIES, ?0keg8 l)iip .n?'? GUNPOWDER, 5 bbU. patent SAFETY FUSE. For tale low by JOHN J BOGUE, ap 28-tr George'cwn, D. fc. I^HE CELEBRATED CON TRACT a , AND GOUQUA MATTINGS, Both plain and oheok. For rata low by HPILMAN & HUNT, ap2'-eo?m 9? Bridge s?., Georgetown, RAN DELLTOPTICIA N, V-' No. liiS l-ridtt St., Ha? oonstantlr on hand a farge assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periscopio. Colored, and all other SPECTACLES, ofAJP^C!* the best quality, in rold, silver. steel, and German mlver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new glasses set In them to order. eo 19-lr FOR RENT?A two story and basement Briok HOUSE, near the Convent, on Fayette street; in compete order s gas, to.; with large gardtm attached. Rent A200, to a permanent tenant Apply to JOHN L. KID WELL. mar?8 T?E 8TEAM PACKET FLYING CLOUD ' now ready for exonrsions to ,11 ? ^ the Gr'at Fftlli or tatermtdnte points, Arlington Springs and Alex andua. on moderate terms; -will mak* trust-' Alex ""i -iff SUNDAYS, in time for divine s?rvioe, and vul lie over until after one o'olook. Apply to . W P*t. 40HN MOCflHk, *p 2m Na. 16 J<n^f>on it., ^^Qf|i>toirti, rt?. r. birch, Undertaker, Bridg* and Jtferson ??.?., (ft or re to ir *. tianhf given HIT personal attention lo this branoh ?L m5 bn??nes?, 1 am prepared to _ attend to all calls with promptness ,?r^on* "*>m adistanoa can be supplied at a *ew minutes' notice, m I have a large assortment of CuPFtNg always on hand " d.ndTr'nm pa,<1 the removal of the sassseSBsffffiss "? *??* JMPORTANT TO aoUttMnSEPERB. * DURKEE * CO.*8 BBIxDOT 8BIOSS. i? ^I'^T'&SSKS (lined with Mn.) to prevsat lAhmMi*kM.l'ni* and are failwe'sht, while ihe a//in!^? t?p , gJ *pio<? u* almoet invariably ?h?$ vy/ warren# ^3@SH85?fc--*?'"?? > ift PKlKti aud AUCTION SALES. By J C. MoQUiRE & CO., Auotio??era. By virtue of a deed op trust duly reoorded in the land records of W aahicgton ooant*. D c , L ber J. A. s , folio 189, will be void on MONDAY. June 1lth, at5 n'oloc* p. m., on the premiuta in tbe city of Wa?hin*ton. D. C , Lota numbered 4,5,6,7 and #. in Square numbered 1 ?r74. I.ota numbered II and 12, in Square 1.U1, aad f/ot No. S, in Square 1,12". Terma of aale caah. MaLON ASH FORD, Tmatee. je 1-d J. C. MciUlRE A CO., Auct*. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer a. fRUSTEF/S SALE OF THREE SMALL I Buck Dwelling hocsk* is tub ii4> op T*mpkr*5ck Hai.l.?On WKDNEsDAY AtTKK.i>im>N , June .7th, at 6 o'clock, on thf prem i*ea, by virtue of "? ? i*iupvuc?bou tn%n;n T, isdT, and duly recorded in L.iberJ. A. 9., No 181, (olios 1<2,13 114, and 115, one of the-land records for Waahinctou county, D. C . I shall sell Lola H, I, and K. in * subdivison of square numlHsrni 3D. fronting each about 12 feet 10 inches en the 30 lm>t alley m. the rear of Tempera:, o* Hali, together with tne improvements, consisting of threj two-story Briok Dwelling-House**, containing five room* eich. Term*: One third oash; th? residue in 6 and 12 m< ntiia, with interest. scoured by a <1 ?d of trurt on th? premises. if the tonus of sale should not he on >n pi led with in five da?s thereafter, the trustee reserves the ncht to rese'l, at the risk and expense of the defaulting turohaser, after one week's public notice. Ail oonveyauoing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. _ _ THG8. J. FISHER, Trustee j?4-d J. C MrQUIRE ? CO . Abo?i. By J. C MeGUIRE ft ?'0., Auctioneers tri'^tkk'!* sai.k of mm n??? . > ni<\ nnun t Bcildiiw 1,ots, at thk coim of Fikst st. WtsT and north if streets ?On KKIDAV AF1'LKNOON, June2TUh, at 6o'clock, on th* prem ispk. h> virtue of & deed of trust dated Septeml>er 1st,1S58, and duly reoorded in liber J. A. 84., No. 155, folios 435, etc , one of the land record* for Washington oounty, in the District of (Columbia, 1 shall nell Iota numbered 27. 28, 29, a?d 3', in Jaa. C. Mc'ii-ire's snodivision of square 624. Lot 27 :roots 25 feet on First street west, at the corner of G street north, and tunning back 19* feet 4 lochea to a twent? feet alley. Lots 28,29, and 30, front each <3 feet 43$ inches on First street vett, etwe^n (J ami H streets north, and run back 130 f-jet 4 inches to a twenty-feet alley; together with ihe improvements, consisting of small two-story brick houses eracted on the rear of said lots and fronting on the a!<ey. Terms: One fourth oaah; the residue in 6,12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed ol trust on the premises If the terms of sale shou'd not be complied with in five days thereafter, ths trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and expense oftbede faul'ing purchaser. All oonvej ancing a* the expense of the purohas?r. THOS J F1SHKR, Trustee, ma%2awAds J. C. MoGUiRE tt CO.. Aucta. EDUCATIONAL. t COMMERCIAL C O L L E G E, Vy N'o. 47*? SEVENTH ST., Opposite thf Gen-.r?U Post Ojfict, Washington City. I Armorian System of Penmanship, Boonkeeping, Mercantile Forms and Caknlations. Business C??rrespotdenoe, Bill# of Exchange, Current Bills, I Commission Sales, Granmar -and Arithmetio. |H7" A Prepa'atorjr Class for Boys. Ladies will be instructed in fiae penmanship. _ Room* open from 9 a m. to 10 p m. For terms applv at the Rooms. ma '*? 3m WM. W VOl'NH A CO riMIE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. J New Ah b* no km km. Tins well-known and popular Seminary, which hax l>een so eucces?ful under the entire rar'eof Mrs Richards for moro than ten vrar*, will !>? opened on the first Monday in S?pt-in'>er n?-xt. und?-r the united ^nporvinion and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. V. RICH \ RDS, in the well arranged and delightfully l>-oftted Union Academj Building. For [artioulars. see circulars at all the Bookstores. ma23-tf MMRS. McCOR ick*s school. RS. McCORMICK desires to inform h*< friends and the pablio geaera^y that she ^ili resamc - ? -- ?- u?auui uo uis in monaay iliMftem bcr next. The ?onrse of atndy pcreaed will oomprueall the branohea requisite to a thorough EncUah edaoa tion. In addition to her day scholar*, ahe is deaircaa ol receiving into her familj a few puvila aa boardera aged from 1?> to 14 years, who will r>e under her im mediate oareand oversight. Her arrangements fur the aooommodation ar.d due oare of pupils have been oonsiderallyiDcrsasfd and otherwise improved. Thoae in Vva?hin(t'OD deemng particular information with reference to her aohool may apply to W. D. Wa!lach, Editor o the Star. For terms and farther partioBlare apply at hei re?i!e.ioe?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria. Va JI J7 tf 'po FARMERS AND PLANTERS. THE NATIONAL FERTILIZER. Man u fat lured Specially /or Tobarco. This eo'.uble Manure, by aboundmt in Phn*rli*ti>B and Alkali ?, la bein? exte,usi?ely u??J hy tobaoco erorem in Virginia, and is pre eminent!} va.ual'.e for this 01 op. The National Fe-t<lizer, manufactured of similar inendunts hut of ditferen'. proportions, for Corn aud all other cere .Is, for Potatoes ->nd Garden V( getable*, a* well as for Gra*s<*?, A o , Ac Or 'era should specify whether for To^acso or for genera! purposes of Cereals and Vegetable*, so that tti? manure will be sent which is right:? a1apt!>d to ta?h. The constituent* are wh lly American inu Kin. and are known to be vital essentials for soil and plant. T' e great drainage of currency from the United Sates to foreign saits in importation of mature tor year* past, has, it la believed done ma oh to injure virgin q'lalitj of soils, and retard agricultural !hri * The i;iorca?ed d>*ma?id for a Peniliz r, produced in our own country, an<> mvle at p;ic?b e ' y ebaug* of its proportion , to each and all of our staples, is every h^re reco*ui*?d. CASH PRICE??30 PER TON, put in strong bass, marked wi h ompany'n >tamp?. In point of'oonofHy the National Fertilizer is 100 per cent ohrAper than the guanoes hitherto so p p ular and its distinguishing merit. b?atdes be nt an instant stimulant *o ? eg* tation, is iU p?rn aue- cy of vigor imtarted to ground, It l? mar.ufs.ct red on the shores of New Jersey, where faoi'lties exwtfor Droourement of materials and read? kinsmen* aaant. wis*. Agennies in all ports of entry and at available points inland. Farmers and Planters are respectfully solicited to send in orders. Success insured where 1 beral and light application is made. QuanMty per aore from 300 to 630 pounds, accordt us t < state of land. NA i IONA1. FERTILIZER COMPANY, Nerrr t?>. ?tr York. For sale by J. P. HARTH'M OW, n.a 25 eo6t Agent for Washington, D. ?!. 1^? U FREfH ARRIVAL. I O PIECES Franch Lisle Thread CHINE GUVGHAMS, 10 pieces Grey POIL DF. LAUDE, 3o " GREY GOODS for suites, various etjles and prices, 75 Pi"?es L* W>Satl2Hc?nts, ORGANOY and JACONET MUSLINS, Black GRENADINE B KRAGE, " CRAPE HERAttE, WARE! Z and TAMART1NE, 50 LAWN ROBE*1, some very handsome, BfcJt AGE and GR EN A DIN K ROBES, A eompl^te line oTWHITB GOOD'S. HI at-* French I aoe and Pusher MANTLES and POT NTH. Iltitu v iwl aiiH fnr a?U a* ' - - iTT - nlMI 1VI ?? V <*? ? ? j I twUBUlO pnoe?, by iiia<5-if TAVLOR A. HUTCHISON. Francis HARDER, H ? VING OPIMD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Corner rf fitw Y?rk mtHHue and Tenth ?trett, Re*pectfully ?olicitH the patronage of thoiie who mar be hi want ol hiij article in the above linn. Hit endeavor* l>c to p|ea?j, and tn a atrict attention to the want* of the public, he nope* to merit A iihare of their patranaee. Hi* tock conmiU of every artiole uauallv to be found ia a ?ir?t ela?s Faniilr Grocery and F?-??l Store. ma MUKK NEW DKB**t> GOODS MARKED DOWN AT REDUCED PRICES-Rioh Figured and P'ain Borage*. Org* nJy and Fr. noh Lawm. hands me Figured and pljun Herare Anrlaa, Pe?a Berages and Silk Tj?>uei?, at worth S7H- Wltfc many lota of auotion ,ood. _ ma 31-eoTt ' 32* S*vapttyat ,abiva Pa.aT. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, 'J MUi it.. n?o pared to nuke SOIRTS, DRAWERS, Ac., at the I70R ^ALb-A beautiful irwo-cray MARK, 6W JT jmnMa; perfectly sound and centle rv Al?o,a very ntyl.ah Bunny ; pat-nt *ji<hnc jL-n eat; mi tn carry 2 nr 4 person*. f?r ao fault. the < wiim harinn no farther ?? lor I hem. For aklreM, apply at MR. MKTZE ROTT'S Music Store. (virMt of Pa. ewuue ami Eleventh ?t. rue 2&-tf H SILVER WARE AND WATCHES. O RoOU,Manaf-otur#?hUownSilver Ware , in.M- rn aaop and ell? no Nothern *ak li woik (thai i?*?t ?p for the S^utheri ira^e.) fTy H- war'ant# every artie e to b? nf C. la Si' 4IK er, aud he will eel! hia be"* lindwd war- at loaet a< lu ?, il not lower, than the MorcuMii go?<da are < e?old f ?f. . He haa a ao on hand a rwry 'fine Mock of , very oheap. No. 358 Peon. av. aa&U < HOTELS, &c. Hygeia hotel, Olb Por!it Oohfoft. Vi. Thia oelebrated ?*?bo*rd Watering >' aoe, located in ?uli vi-w of Hampton Ro?di mx) A . . A Cheaapeake Bay, and *t the firat rmiilar* W poat of the United States,(Fort Monro* will be rraJj for the reoeptiou of viaiton ot the bt?t of June. Betidea the attractive of the military establishment and the fine "Mi.I of Fare" preatntod in the many of the aait wat?r region, tne Bath at Old Point Comfort ia peculiarly curative. For Rheumatism, it ia almost a apsoifie; and for its , properties in thia regard the proprietors are alow- d to mike referenoeto Mra Dr. Linn. <r. Iiet of the late $?ra'or Linn.) and to the Secretary of War and hia !ad?. A apaoiona new building and anndry improve menu add largely to tne aoomsitindst'"?" ronyoi a* mpuckm mm. ~*"* i oharge of the junior partner, Mr. W illard JOS. MKUAR. m&??? c.e. W.LLARD. ^ J^iS^53 'known to the hT^I ?ip le.Ma?,0Pr",tor?ftherit*A . a Tea.^l f?r i ,L'? ? 1 .? n cltT- h?iXkiBJ Pax'i! on a?rflK?nof y"*r* th" wantifiwut . I, "?on *' a the numerous ootUtfi ounnortrH _.ik it, recently ereoteil at Point l^Vout thT 1..^. i inooUon of the Potomac with Ch*?ap?ake ?v and havin* furniolied them in a et t omLi ,1'.^ . ^at'feS S" Point Lookout MtiHua ?r.n tmij If'?J famous p ace in ail America for fine Ouster* Ilor F ?h. Soft Cia'>s, 8 eeph ad, Mackerel, and all other salt water luxuries po?*?*>e* finer facilities for Surf K&thn.g than even Cape May, while the hack country immediately adjoining it?including the Dnvea, Pa<tridge and Woodcock Shooting, Ao., Ac.,?offer advant**?* together, superior < f too*? of any other watering place on thia continent. The Water Views from the pavillion and from all the o< tta*e* are extenaiv?. varied, and ocarmtnc The health of the point is unexcelled by ihat of mountain region*, and the access to it by steamer* from Baltimore. Washington, Norfolk, and Hiohmond, will probably be daily to and from eaoh of tftos" cities. He has spared no expense in providing a fine Band, Carnage*, Horses, Pleasure Boats. &o . for hire, or 'n stooging his cellar* with the beet Wines. Lienor*, 4c In *h<rt hi* patron* will find at their oomman* every luxury and oomfort obtainable at any other Amerioan watering place Hi* term* for boa'd, by the dm. week, or month, for individual* or tainiliea. will he reaaonable. ma a dtJuU I LOGAN O. SMITH. "dentistry. " IV1 I titTH. 1*1 LOOMIB, M. I)., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, U/Mk touile personally at hi* ofllce m this city. mmMSm Many persons oan wear theeo teeth who^t*""-?? wear others, and no person oan wee; othwi who cannot wear these. Persons oalling at mr olfioe can be aooonunodatec with an? style an<l pnoe of Teeth they ma? deaire ; hat to those who are particular and wieh the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PllATE will b? more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 336 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sta. Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc i-it dentistry. R. HILLS, aftir a practical teat of two years, feels that he can with confidence reoom mead ttie Cheoplastio Process for lnsertinKMlHSi artihciai teeth It has the advantage* i PanD strength, beauty, cleanlineas, and ch?apneaa. Pali upper sets inserted for 936. Partial in proportion. Office 306 Pa. avenue. ae 7 WOOD AND COAL. W O O D ? AND COAL Deliv^r^i tjl * I1 ?* -*- "? * w? ? ?... ? ?o v? tliO CUJ , Hie 19WVVI po?Mbi? rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Oflioa 2S3 Pa. a v., I>ctwflen 11th and Uth ?t? . ma 17-tf uofth aide. I^HE SlIBSURIBKK HAVING ON HAND I an extensive stock of FU EL, in prepared to tell at a ver* low figure for eauh WOOD? awed and Split ai.y ?ixe. Cal. and Bee f>r youraelt R. W. BATES, XV ood and Oa. Dea er, ma IS S. K. oorner of Fourteenth ai-d C ?ta. j <) O K OUT FOR FAINT No. Ala SEVEVTH STREET. Fovr L'oors South of Odd Fellows' Hall. H. W. HAMILTON ha-? opened a PAINT SHOPand PAIN 1' STORK on the New York pian, where can alwav* be found PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES, Ac., Ac., at wholesale and retail. MIXED PAINTS FOR SALE. A*n BrruKTu with B?r?n? rn 1"?? ' N. B.?Particular attention paid to House, Siirn. Ornamental Painting ar<1 (iraimug. Maim*! aad Enamelled Glass ot all kinds always on hand, or furnished at short notice. He variant* satisfaction hi all wo'k entrusted to his care, and i? confident tliat lit: can do work as cli?-ap. if not cheaper, tlian anv other Mvtalilishtiient in this city. Give him a call. bon't forget the number?it is 512 Seventh street. ma 10 tf PUTTY ^S DO\VN\^ T* ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 HE Next Prawn.g of the Royal Havana Lot Uvy, conducted b? th* Spanish Government, qndei the supervision of the Captain General of On!>a. I will take ptaoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Jvme 9. law. SOllTEO NUMEKO 637 Oli OIXA h IO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 prite of 50priieeo? fl.on 1 do 50,(Wi en do ?? 1 do 30,000 158 do ?? 1 do 20,000 2" apprex. 1 do IN ALL PR'ZES. Whole Tioteeta, ?U0?Halve*, #10?Quarters, 9>. rrizes oaenea ai etgnt at * per cent, discount. U s on all solvent Hanka taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded as soon as ths resoii becmes known. All orders for schemes or tickets to be addressed to * DON RODRIGUEZ, m*2S tr Car* of City P???t. OhnrnUton. fe. O frHK "WASHINGTON BREWERY." being 1. sow in full opsration. uml#r the manaroinei.t of th new proprietor, c\n furnish an* one with ?ure Malt L.qu'.r*, of superior quanta, at the following low pnoea, delivered free of oh arm to any p*rt of ?he city : < X ALE (family Beer)..... f ir*>per k >g of 8 galls XX ALE 1?.?5 do. d?. * * X ALEf^tock Ale! f2 4" do. do. XXP"RTK? fl? do. do. Br??wn srour do do. Half-barrels, barrels aud hogsheads at a proportionate prioe Order* given to the drivers, or sent through ths Poit Offioe to C CoLLNkAU, Washington ^rew ery, will be promptly attended to. rua 4 lm The undersigned rkspe^tkully inform Uu?ir patrons and the public that 4. j they nave reaeived tueir at us. supply of^^R >PRlNG GOODS. consisting of the latest la a*jle and fashion, and l*eat foreign m&nufao Wl# tujro. Th j alao rcspectfnilr invito arten ** < tion to their new atoek ofGENTLEMEN'S Ft'r WISHING GliODS of th?Iktfit (t/iN awl milaf. The* also keen constantly on baud a large ?up?.y of Naval and Military Kurmahi'ig Gihwis-suoii as Epaulets, Cliapeaus. Sword a, Belti, Gold Uom, Shoulder Straps, and Sashes. . h. ftloudon 4k co.. Cinxen, Haral and Military Merchant Tailort, yrH "<w Brown'* Hou-l ] f\] kw york an i> Washington 1^1 STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leavt | Alexandria and Waahington for New f T^mi I York EVERY WEDNESDAY. %t a^TlfR o'olock p. m., and New York for WMli-*a,"a icrton every Saturday, at8 o'clock ?. m. Paaaengera oaa join the ahip at Alexandria at any . time before the hoar of the eteamer'e departure. . N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability to . oroaaihe bar in oonaetuenoe of low water, all goods ill be promptly lightered to and from the steamer , bythe undersigned. 4 Forfrei|htor^gaggeajr^HiNK cUS.MATtr western Wkarvea. Regular btea<*?''?a c k kt line be 1 merne at wharf, Baltimore, aa fol 11 It JUL! 8 53Nsf??d^ 7^?S%?hkll, 14 " V , THE WEEKLY STAR. Vfcto nmoumt Faauiy Mi N*wt JwiH ? Milag a irfXat witty odmtmmBin rmtHm Ua m bcfemad ia My otk*r-4s pvbtUMi M B*l?i MttlH, S jm oopimm.. IV Twenty oopi?? u M p-ceivsd. * p*r ml oTTU ir?*% jmt will to fftrmi. It ior*ri?Ni ooofeina U? " W*?;. ular N -w?" tt>?t hM ir+A* 7\* Er+mmm Star aircmWt* M |?wmUy Uroi|koil U? countryjg^Bawagg isjnna nir PrM*?TBtElckill. CTPoihMrtin who aat mm linn will baal o*?d a ouuwioii of SO o?fite. FOR SALE ASD RENT. I FIVE THREK-rrptY MKX DWELLING ' HOISE8 AT private 8alb??tha tab xcrlher mil -ell. M prirmtc m.e oiw of all of the fiifwWI buiit ?itd oomlortaMa thf? *o?-y Bnck Dwelling Houses on Ninth ?tro? t. osponte Grae* Church, on thelsiaad. which if aa axr^l ant opportunity to pa-? n??te<iruw a comfortablatwatl lug or to lave*. Price low Mint t Tim CHA9. WALLACH, Attorwaj. n?i* M 3t*w?? 7 Iml'ww av??"? Montgomery countv . a>?? kul SALr'..? Wa h?*e f f ? e thr???r (o?r Ired urMof Laixi l?ii| on Ui* I*. !?>? 40, Tsikoo from Georgetown. D. C. Ths Wwh<n|luii At?e not a d ?o? of 'h* ft nest roada in tlie peat throat it i iii* lacd, and tii* iu?> t of it ro?fM with ? <hm1 and the other ao'tloti ii * <|I of the ftrat qit ity. Appiy ?o BARNARD* Hi t KKY. Aa?Hio? ti, G ?or|?town. ?r VV A l.L A. UAKN'AK i'. A no Hni-ft w Mbintlm maSVaw L yR SAl.K-A crut bargain. f?ui irrw of wet " improved LAN D well suited | ?r a mi kH gar 1~n. ? ith new dwwllmt house villi lout r ? >?? and kitchen; well of fitte ?ater in tk? \a-d; nndr?ond f nctns, and wili be mm l?>w or exchanged for citr property. a?l on moderate T he land ta at Ball'? Cross Ku?l>. two and a liall mil** from Georgetown^and in Alexandria county. Va Aprlf ;o V. P. CORBETT. over Batik of W asl.mcton, ma 13-tf fN>R KK\ T- A three ?t .r, BRICK HOI HK. on Thirteenth at . om ikxir a?ioveG at., north. No 429. latel) oconpitvt l>y Captain, r. * N I'oaaoanion Riven on the 1st of Ma* I M?|r* of J OA. ABBOTT, Vfb K at., between Uth'aad iMh sts. may I tf t^OR R ENT?A ima.l STORK, oorner of 9Ut at. *>id Pfnn. ST^nM, a -der the Clarendon Hnt? , iw! ? i-aim i or oi*?r store t or infon11at 10n inquire at the Hot*!. m>' 3D C?OK RKNT-The FIRST FLOOR ?ftA* baildI tag immediately opposite the ?Mt win* <>f the Jity Hall, reoentlf occupied by Chu t* Nfraliach m an oflioe. the front room 10 the Moumi ?tory and the third floor of the same building For nne apply to RICHARD WALUCH.No. tt Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf SENATORS, MKMBKR8 OF CONGRfcWBTwo splendid suite* ofROOMS, e?egaotiyJtrushed, will he rented durin* the session of Co? <reaa. in the motl desirable locality la this otty. eiiij within onaor two squares 01 Brown's aod National Hotel*. Th->s* in purauit of ?' < H nnpp will do well to make early app ioatioo at Ho. IT) <tb street l>etween D street and Pa at. de fc-ti I/OR SALE?A mo* three story Brick HOU9E, I on 2d street, between D and b streets, in KibSej'a Subdivision. The above property will be old on mii terrrs. Pricp made known 6y inenir hk of H. W. HAMILTON ft. CO.. No. *68 nh opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. . feT-tf trunks, boots and shoes. nililTS t\n HUHk'4 rn anr *?i n TIMES. Wea'e now manufacturingall kind* of BOOTS and SHOKH, and MuiUotli rooelvin* i^) suppy el eautfcrn mad- work of ev eryde J criptio", mad* expreaaiy to?rd*',and willw^Kw he old at a inuoh low?r prioe than ha* been h?rrtnf'ir? onarged in thu eity for much inferior artioe*. Per?'>n? in want of Root* and Sdom of eaotern or city made work, will always find a eood aeeortinont in store and at the loweat prion* Give at a call. GRIFFIN * BRO., >> *-f 314 Penn?yl var ia a venae. SOUTHERN TRUNK M1NUFACTOKT, O 499 7 th Stust* 0?wi" Odd Fellmtt' Hall. Wa nmtton, DTC. Traveler* wilt tmujr their interact* b *aaic.r. ui ray TRUNKS. VALICES fco , before par ?ilm oha?lnc else were A* I us? none bat tb<AAnf( (>e*t materia: the market afford* and employ the t>"fct workmen. I oan confidently reoon mend my work to b- cuperior in Strmt i and Z*?*a6tmy to Tracks that are made in other oiti*a arid void her*. I keep c<>uat*nt,y on hand, and make U> order (on one week'* notioel every d?*oriptier, . f SOI F LEATHER, IKON FR AM E FRENCH D $ F ft X riWck'f'r iifhoW&i'"},?? NESS; FADhl.ES: WHIPS. *r.. Tra&ka, Ao? Repaired ui Covered, 1b I wort m?n'>k" inMIiFr, at short DOtlOe Trunks delivered in Bny ptrt of the eltr, 6*orf? oeiebrafd FAMILY 8KWI S(f M A C HIN EB. ?fe 15-ly JAMKS 8. TOPHAM. yOLK'S STATUETTE STEPHEN A* DO COLAS In form and features this t>eautifa. u4 uoirtl* tp?onnenof Amtrim art is unsvrp*#***! hy q*ry pacinian of like eliaraeter ever produced It la a fac-simiU of the "Little Gi?"t." $eeoimer>s may be awn and t*tet*ettee procured at CvLviB'a Dure 9toie, No. 'ilk* Penn areaae. oorner of l^h atreet. NVaahircton oity. persona la he District of Columbia and Stat*-* of Ninn. Maryland, Virginia North Carolina, Hosit Caro Una, Georgia. Florid*, Alalxwna, Miaaiaai ft, an-' Louisiana, deairi't copies of the Statuette jrtu aid areas their orders to C. P. Ct'l.VKR, was hint w>n oity, D. C., accompanied by a renuitanoe. Composition f-.piw - - U. B?x snd Oartac*????? ? L IZF1 Editors of newspapers ft the foregoing Btatea cuing tli" above twelve n>eertion> ic their'week^r .*??-*. with appropriate editoria'a. wilt be eapptied villi a <x'PT of ttie Statuette, and paper* La otfeer **ta'?* wi'l he furniakeri l.? the ?**! acenta. fa it 279 T-SBEB* 206 Pa. Art., FORKlGN FRl'ITB. Pa. Arm., k.M#- LIU ' "p A ,F ^ Ex""*' k"*L Beg? lea re to oaJi trie aiMUM ut uh frtfoda aa4 the public generally to his Mew Store, coder W tjlanTa Hbtel, juat omd, in oonnexmn with hia old eeta^iehpient, where he wyl be happr to re oeive&ny order# for sapenor Confection* ofhuow* importation. Also,all ordersfor Die nets. Huppera, Liais.aed Private Partios, whioh will be aarved ay La hi* id rnitable style, with the Mine promptsaaa and dla tlnti vhiMi hie hw fcitherln hMn FIVE htndrkd TBAVklin? TE'^NKS arrived this dat. emb-aoin? all qaaii mm ties and eiaea of so<e Leather, Ladle*'HdtwM Dreas and Paokinc Tonks. Oar trtnk^^?^ *al*s room exhibits at this time the gr^atert variety of traveling requisites at moderate prKea. to be l ? ? ?.? -j tion of I .A DIES' HAT BOXES, VALICBS, CARPET BAG-*. SATCHELS. Ac. G7"01d Trunk* repaired or taken in exohange for new onet. WALL, STEPHEN* A CO.. Trunk Sales Room. mar 31 -tf sw Pa. avenue WG A S FIXTCR E 8. E Hare in store. and are <ta? 1 v receiving, 0A6 FJXTUR&S of entirely fcew Pattern-an.; t>-* f r and Finish, superior is stvle to anything heretofore offered in thu market We inviteettigeits g*n?ra ly to call aud examine our "lock ufOa* ami Water Fixture*, filing confident that we have the beet selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above lin~ intrasted to aur care will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAM. mar 5-tf S7* 1> ntreet. UOWK'SlMPKOVKfi W EIUH1NG SCALES IT Tneae Soaies a*e offered to the eu b.1? as the most simple, durable, ai.a reliable soul a* ever eat in use. First class areminma kavebe?c awarded tint by the Umled Stales Fair nad Virrinia Ai s Society; Vircinia State Agricultural Fair; Fmattia Institute Fair, Penrs*' vania. New York State Far, Vermont State Fair, ?c.. Ac. In ever* ease where exhibited they gave reoeired fcrgt claac premiBir.i rv> i/iiuicini* bvpi.up. 01 pi.,?' Cbil\ad Iron SaJaa. <> l?-te V c PATTI8QN. A??t OURHl/LD RVK WHIMKN.?OaAMMlvwwra A brand of Pura Old R?e Whi k>, CoRf?r OiatillMt. made by tho moat raliab a diatillan i? Pare *lvama, MiryiudtMl V>rcim?. warranted aar?. Alao, imported Hrandwa, Haanain, Otard, D' pu? * Co., Julea Rnliina. fto A ,ao. raaob and Af?>a Brandy, pura Holland 6ln, ?U itaaio* ao<J Vu Croix Ham, and Winaa of ?v?n r*ri?ty. aJl of standa'd braa''? A ohoioalgt ?f Cii?r? and Toteooo YOIIM * IKPIAIT, ArtiU. ^ 14-1t a*> Pa h**w ata Wtt ata PLAIN ANlhoi^AM^VTAl^oV ITQT kvenne, aouth aide. t*twa*n loth and lllhatraHa rkair Anymtil PlaaWim eaaal* that of aar >th?r hoiae in the UfRf) ???** < ?n *? la. ijtiah ai>4 larabtlity. Tba pablic u mritad to oali and iwimt Mr l-l> ;9A M.KKNNEY * UNBDALIi, COA ibs-sis^^i pHE UP| OF^TKPHKN Al. DOUSLA& Br ?wTTwlfi7>y^J3i???< Abtotti * !?> ?? mad l.uttki ?t?n?; p- iof V mMi. Jut raoMTM udlpi ui? hr %,?? ?l.f>iP6>>n? r*HlCKKBING ft SONS' 8VPEM0 HAIioP, U?'** "*"jnli w r Ki.ijaK.f?* H ??

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