Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ~ DEEDS OF KINDNESS Supposa the little cowslip Should hang it* golden cup. And My,"I'm such a tinr flower. I'd hatter not grow up ;** How m*n; a wMr< tra velar Woul.yniss its fragrant smell ; How inaffjr a tittle ohild would grieve To lose it from the dell. Suppose the glistening dew-drop I pon the grass should say, " W hat can a little dew-drop do? I'oTietter roll awav The blade on whieh'it reK?d. Before the <ta> was done. * iwivti* m urup m moni'*n H, Would wither in the sun. Suppose the little l?rftei-?s. ,l?a???ummw'nlv. Should think themselves tot' small to cool The traveler on his way ; Who wonld pot mm the imilltut An.I ones that blow. And think thev mnk? a great mittake It they were talking so. How many deeds of kindness A littie child may do. Although it has so little strength, A nd little wit-.m too ; It want* a loving spirit Much more than strength, to prove ~ H?w ro*njr things a child may do For others by his love. Political.?The following Is the letter from rs-liovernor Seymour in relation to the use of his name in connection with the Baltimonvnominatious, which was addressed to the editor of tbe I'tic a Daily Observer: "Although I bare at all times objected to the uw iTi iiiv name in connection whd ids nominations to oc made by the National Democratic Convention, and you have also repeatedly, In the ?our*e of the past year, with my approval, contradicted the r a mom that I was willing to take a place upon the National ticket, I find that 1 am till spoken of by the prtss and individuals for the otfi-e of President or Vice President. . '-While I dan gratified with the expressions of ?->nfideuce and regard which I receive from the >'at?? and from other sections of our couutry. I dwm it due to myself and olieritiitit' publicly tnat I do not wish a iiomhiatien for eitht-r otfice, and I have requested the delt-gates from this Con? ^ressional district to withdraw my name in cas? it is presented to the Convention which will meet at Baltimore on the 18th last. " In common with the mass of the Democratic pnrty, I look forward with confident hope to tho results of that convention 1 feel assured that if any fit and patriotic man shall be presented with unanimity a certain triumph awaits us. The coming contest involves the highest interests of our people and the stability of our institutions, and 1 wish to he left free to do battle against the spirit of meddiing fanaticism which has been so hurtful to the honor of our country, and so baneful in 1U oflects upon public morality. " Hob 4tio sitmt?r? " The Championship?Justice f?>k the Beniru Boy.?A correspondent of the London Morning Post says ?If Sayers were equal to maintaining the position of champion he ought to have upheld it. ?3 he has led the public to cxpect he would. If, however, he finds that his arm is permanently injured, or that from any other cau?e it is desirable he should give up the belt, he should nave aone so at once, and openly?stating bis reasons?and he might have retired with honor _ to himself, and satisfaction to bis countrymen As it is at this moment. Heenan is champion of Kngland Savers bas retired, and Heman defends the belt against all comers This is tantamount to au acknowledgement of defeat by Sayers If he had made it a Tittle earlier, the people of F.nggiand?lords and ladles?thinker* and tailors? would not have subscribed 1.5,000 for the petted htxo of the prize ring. Thk \vildfikb Slavks?The crew of the bark WUdilre were brought before Judge Marvin, at Key West, on the N?tli ult., under a writ of kaheas tori'us A motion to discharge was refused, but ail were admitted to ball. The Key of the Gull adds: -The Judge declined construing the law of 1--J0, making the slave trade piracy, but intimated that he should dissent from the recent opinion of J udge McUrath, of South Carolina, and that he was now of the opinion that when the negroes ? nme on board of an American vessel on the coast ?>f Africa they were free, though they were slaves in Africa, which is in accordance with the opinion of Judge Story in the case of the United State, agt. Battish, 2 Sumner report. Inth# I'.J* District Attorney s office in i<ew ) on ou rueeday morning, (Jeorge Law and O. A. Conover, Esq* . through their counsel, cave notice of a motion for an injunction to retrain the Government from taking steps to enforce payment of their sureties for Isaac V. Fowler, the deiaitlting Postmaster The bond was given in blank to Mr Fowler, with the understanding that Oliver Cbarlirk was to be joined in the bond. a id as this was not done, it is claimed that Fowler bad no authority to deliver the bond. Tne motion will be argued on Saturday before Judge Betts. CT A prize tight came off on Tuesday at Fordham. Westchester county. New York The nitr.e* ?if the pugilists are James < >dell and II.ins Pardee? boys only seventeen year* of ? <?* kus?lr?m bruisers and bullies witnessed the brutal exhibition, and the fight is described by those who saw It a? a very severe one. Sixteen rounds were fought, when the former was declared the winner The mother of one of the combatants was present, and is said to have encouraged her son to "stand up until he was knocked down." AKRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS' HOTKL.-J <'arnlnh%el, Va; F L H??kin*. P*. W A Wn.M v. ?<- ? - V/ ?? 11*11'. do; Mis* L Wilson, do, J ? Preston, 8C; Mim Preston. do; W B Maan, Pa; H on L Burrors, N Y ; M Co?<weli, USA; J W Buckby, NY; II Nni, Ha. A Burnett and daughter. Oiltb lioardma". Mas.-; R M Magraw, Aid; k. Sunmonda, do; P Smith. Mo; Mr Bul.ock, Mo; i R King,Ga;C Manning and on, NY'; ti I. Pearson, <10; MC Downing: do; C Wilkinson, Va; J L. Russell a?d !ady, Md; C Ru?s?*;t, do; C Manning, N V; F H Wooiton, Md, J P Walls and iady, Wis;H .ttcssbia. N V; t? Rosen bu tt do; W F Ree and lady, do: K A Belt, Md; I! S*;bert, Pa; C Da til h ana lady, do: Miss K DuM h. Mis* K Duuta, do: Hon D f legrahani, N \ : H Builow, do; H A white and son, Va; T C Wil ha TiS and,do; 1K Fie.d, Mass; W H Andrews and lady, O; Cast Bartcn, London; T Reinhawser, ; Rtdxlr, i*a; W P Ma?on, Pa: J Presioo, Mass: F 1) Stulinan, do; J Jones, do; L. W Lake and ladr, NY; 8 Rogers au 1 tami.y, Mo; Miss S Rogers, do; MissL Rogers, T Rogers aid child, do; F. B an x-tard and lady, DO; P Li?ingstod, ?; A Aniutage, Mass: C II Anintaae do; J Burnett Slid laoy, NY . lion F P Stanton, KT; O F Field and lady, ft Y: L Mill and iady, Va; f i'umu aud ladr. do; Mis* Wa bridge. ao; Miss Watson. dc; Mr ar.d Mrs Abraham. NV;A Fatrwell, NH. Mi*s Fairwe.l. d?; J Maoduff. NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?B Will am*, DC: O C Money Va; vV James. P 1* Walden, Md; P Miller J P Anderson, Va; EX Miller, ftC; T i> 11 Muok. Misc; Mrs Huc.eck. Mo; B Burton, Del; J S'etb *r?.!*C; C W<?lsh, Pa; J H Whitney ,N > ; D K?on Pa; 8 benthuer, N Y; to fclsberg. NM; V B Li? coin, D Howell, Ind; D Bowel I, Ind; R G Howe) , K?: R W rmoot. J F ? Middletoa Md: W Ba. croft and lady. Miss Bi a<1 for a t?C; G W Oram A Bookwaib. Mo; F E Pitkiu. NY; Mrs W II Brodi? and daughter, NY. K Aslil.y, Va; F J ?"?'aldo. Ind: N B Medarey, Md. C F Sliosmaker, NY; L C Cabeli, Mo; P V Daniel, Va; to r-auJerson. G V*. Faiuuer, Ira Trippe, A Davis, J H Fnf?..n p. . r?ui"i?ll, K v; Br hr?.cli and a?i t. ??*i ? H' i*r? M*int. G W \V?lliii| ft'd Iti; NY; J G Miuert P*. A Hum ?. Pi; E C Mine. , Wia; Mi-* C i)iv!i, Mm; W K trcrton a.u.1 lair, M?J, J H PuMatnn, J M Btcksi. 1' J Bicke!, I'.\; t' llarinar en. Mo. BROWNS' HOTEL.- T Fish -r. Va; W Talbutt, Ma, t' Va, J ( uc?ier1M>, Mit>? Jonei. %ti*? U jx*j . V?. Mim NVa'iia. Mini" iuj, Mi-i; D W SmicLtar, Term; P M Joue*, A M Kixt^. \ a; .??m M itch?il and i mm, Te*; H Mjer?, Pa; E arka dAi* Mo, J Krecoh.J W iaat<>e, O; ll'-n J Hu<iiN a.d (tm, imi;i Parker, NJ; M HianK and, W M'?n, Pa; r Ollev, Or T P Atkinson. B li'Mu, 8 U cki. Vi; A P*an, DJudah.j Blackburn. Aid; J Clark, p%; J W ataon, D L*atn?rman, L.t, A l>*tiei, T l> - ud?oa at d ly, Mim L A Mcphcna, Miaa Pre*, Tenu. T Ada.j a and lv, Va; U Fraiikim an'l ,y, C and T OJohnson, l>x; S MoCraw. Ala; C Wither*. Ki. H Raincr>. Iwl; W G ?'altar?on.C Hrown, Pa; U DaaKall, Ma; W L,eav]>t, O; G Simpaod au ly, Va; Or T J nut! and daojhu r. Hon 9 Ma i.ail, Ml, T N Wai. and 1? , T?** Rev Mr Lough. W H Pirot, Md. KIRK WOOD HOl'SK.-J Be-khaa, Pa; J Car?'on,8C; B II BUmUoh, Kt; Mrs P?utr*a va; I. K rfowen, Md; % Mmud, va; W Smith, Md; H T ?*:afliin and ly, O; M MadMUo, KT; A Millar aid fan, Md; Mtaa U karria. Pa. OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DAYS ? From the Usitid Statks. ^ St-amert. Leavt. For. /v.... Boetou Liverpool J'nelS Brenn. ?..New York -Bremen Jne 13 fcxoni*-..?New York.? SouUi'pton_ J'eU virtderbllt.??.N?w York-.Havre .. J'e 16 C. of Baltimore. New York.. .Liverpool J'e 16 gov* Sootian ljuebea Liverpool J'e 16 ttiot ..New York...Liverpool J'el'j Afriea New York...Liverpool J'e2? Aragu....... New York...Havre .?_..J'e23 From Europe A;?io :V>uth'rton.? .New York...May so Yi?o Liverpool New York...Mai 30 >J*ara Liverpool Boa ton .J'e 2 Ijnp* !<"Uch'pton ..New York J'e 6 Bohemian Li verpool..... Portland .... J'? 6 Or. at fcMtern. ^ouih'pton ..New York . J'e 9 ?"V-v* .Liverpool. ... New York ..J'e 6 .North American.l iverpool.... Portland J'e IS Bren?eu Souttfpton ... New York . J'e IS Tne Havana man steamer* leave New York uu the id. 'Ah, iTtn. and 37th of eaolt month &nd Cbule*tuu pa the itn and 19th. Trt? Oaiilor?ia mai i r?~> leave New York ob the -*h and At? of month. UALTTmORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.?Iii D corpora no 183D ?John I. Donaldson, Pre* ; Sgarebsmw.r of1 Cwnmhia THK OPERA HAT. ju?t arrived, bp espre**.. t "'MKK HATS and CAPS ir abundance, at No--? beveath ?t,v, i ' * MISCELLANEOUS. "? LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! AM9 READ! READ ! READ 1 THIS ADVERTISEMENT. THE FINEST STOCK OF OLOTHING IN THIS CITY! Tac Most Fashionable!?The Best Made! CAN BE SEEN AT 6l 390 Pennsylvania Ave., (NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING.) WE MEAN JUST WHAT WE SAY! and we will Take Great Pleasure in Shewing Tbem. ALSO, A FINE STOCK OF GENTS' FURNISHING! SHIRTS! SHIRTS! SHIRTS! THE XEW YORK PATTERS SHIRT' THE BEST FITTING SHIRT MADE! fOIRVOISIEIRS RID GLOTES, lie. &e. A LARGE STOCK OF TRUNKS, VALICES, AND CARPET BAGS. 398 and 390 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, National Hotel Building. MCCAMLYIT SCHALL. nut 7-lm TO SAN FRANCISC? IN EIGHT DAYS BY THE Central Overland California AND PIKE'S PEAR EXPRESS COJIPAXY. "TONY EXPRESS!" "1EN DAIS TO SAN FRANCISCO!" The Courier of the TONY EX PRESS will lesv? St. Jo?efh, Missouri, EVERY SATURDAY, at 11 p. in . for San Francisco, California. I wi'.l receive Letter 3 to he forwarded hy tins Exprnfg to Fort l Aratnie, Great Salt Lake City, and any part of California, up to 1 3" p. in. ever? TUESDAY. Letters in all eases to be enclosed in Government prepaid envelopes, JOS, A. MONHEIMER, Atert. American Tel?uraph Oflirte, ap ib If 43'J Peiin. ar.. Washmrton. I). C. If* FBEfiH ARRIVAL. ID PIECES Frarch Lisle Tiiroad CIIINE GINGHAMS, 10 pieces Grey POIL DE LAl'DK, J) '* GREY GOODS for suites, various itjles and prices. 75j>i<vies La \V\S at 12S c?nts, ORGANDY and JACOiVET MUSLINS, Black GRENADINE BERAGE, " CRAPE HERA?*F. WAR ETZ and TA M A R TIN E, 50 LAWN ROBE*4, iwrnn very handsome, HER AGE and (i R K* A Dl% E ROBES, A noniplete line nf WHITE OOOi'S. Black Fre-oh Lare and Fustier MANTLESand POINTS, received, and for sa'e at vjry reasonable prices, by maltf-if TAVLOR A HUTCHISON. ^ GLYMOiNT PAVILION. 1 HIS R*?aiitiful Kiimmer resort has l?*en greatly unproved anil is now open for the accoin- A . . A modation of Parties. Boats can be char-WfTVfc y tered this Reason on the most mi.mnlili. I l'*BB 1 terms making it the cli?a?<:st and most pl> a-ant pircc i'n excursions on tno rotornac river. Bwxlti School? and other relnjious parti?* that do not wish to participate in dancing will find ever* other accoinniodaMon for the enjoyment of Iwjth children ami parents. The piaco can Ite engaged for excursion* !>y makintr application at the corner of Tflirteenth street and IVnn. avenue. N. B.?1The grounds are free to all parties after three day*' no ice. Meals and Refreshments will be served by the proprietor*. ma3-eolm JOXKSA MIM.HR puis ON BANISHED. Corrosive Hobliinat" no more Is u?e.l. the Bed Blip* t? destroy ; The whole world goes to Sohwrm's store. Tins Powder now we all employ. 'Tis poinonlesa to mortal man. Hut kills ail insects as sure .u fate, And no impostor ever can ? This powder truly imitate. Depot for SCHWKRIN'8 ANNIHILATING POVVDKK.for destruction of t'ookrna lies, NedBur*. Mufqui'oes, Fleas. Ants, Flies, Moths,liar den In wets, .to ; also, Pills for d?fctruaU??u?f aati Mice?r??. ISTI worfn Second street. Philadel phia. For sale in Washinston, 1) C., by DA^'IF.L B. CI.ARKF., corner of Pennsylvania avonue and i\ur and a ha>f street. Many worthless imita tions are advertised: t?e cautious. Remember to ask for Schwann's Annihilating Powsr ma tS 2aw4w ~ THK "WASHINGTON BRKWKKV," tem* now kit full operation, under the inanatement of tli- new proprwtjr, can furcmh any one vrtth pure Malt liquors, of xuperior quality, at the followiim low p'icoi,delivere-1 Ireo of charge to any p%rt of 'tie city : X A I.E (Kami I; Beer) $!.<*' per k?* of8 XX ALE , 21.75 do. do. X X X A I J> f Ptock Ale I #2 *? do. do. XXl"?HTKK SIVI do. do. Bk??WN SfOl*r..? fc.'M) do do. Half-barrets, barrel* &; d a^sheoda at a proportionate price Order* riven t;> the drivers, if ?ent through the Po4t Office to C C-'I.INKAtJ, Washington tfrew ery, will be promptly a'tsr.d ?d to. ran 6 lro V7Q tT POTENTINl, OAA ?d I iJ IMPORT** OF ?wU PA. AVI., FORFIUN FRL'ITB, PA. Art., fc.lOf HUm. CON FEC TION 8, WiUtifi kfL PATES, PH ESER V ES, CONDIMENTS, Ac., Bees leave to call the attention of his friend* and the public to his New Store, under Wil!ard s Hotel, ja*t opecel, in connexion with his old establishment, where he vri.l he happy to receive any orders for superior Oonfeotions of his own importation. Also, ail orders for Oinnere, Snipers, Balls, nod Private parties, wtuou will be served up in his inimitable style, with the **me jirompti.ees and dls ktch whinn he ha.* h-thertn enown <- ? S MORTON'S* HAM> BO<?K To EUROPBj of how to Travel in tb<? Old ?VofM, M (t H ?*i?i d-*ns, aith iiiio; prine j|fi. Free by meil for in cents additioi a. I. 1-oi sal ' >>> tiie Agent*, Phil.- s. milomon, Metropolitan Bookstore, ma 11 Pa av.. brfween 9th acd loth nts. a wm. t. dovk ft co. /\RE Now proparei to execute any order* with which the* in*? ho favored inth^ PLUMBING, gas OR steam FITTING BUSINESS. |f7" Store on 9th street, a f?w doors north of Pa, avenue, where inaj he fo-iud a ooinpiete ar.g rtinenl of Cll aNDEI.lERS a~d other GAS. STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. ia/7 1y PC. SN VUF.K. LUMBER AND GaS H ITER, Philharmonic Hall, Svuth >id' of Pi. nr., rf Elrctnth ?t.. Will iutroduee WaW and Ga? upon the n ost favorable terms. I*. S.--I have on hand a l"t nf COOKING STOVES, aud a? 1 demre to close tuern out, will sell MtMD It f<*et for cub. ma 7 SAI.T WATER I.I XUR I KH.?We are in daily reo?iptof OYHTERrSand CRABKafci /* \ from Norloik, which m will deliver t"V Oa I aJ purchasers in any part of the city f-"/i 1 ijjr >f charge. Norf .Ik Ouster D'-pot, No. ifl O street, opposite Cheat,-e. ni?r/) r M BAR VKV. Agent. WF8T INDlEH ANb THE SPANISH MAIN* by Author.y Trollope, author of "Dootor Thome " A.o . 4ti\; 1 vol.; price .41. A Mother's Trials, by the author uf "My Lady; 1 v il ; pnoe #1. Ali tiie !*te?4t novels reooived and for *.)? ? Manors' prim s, by ? r"" BLANCHARDA MOHIIN, *"*85 ?ort??r Ri* vpr.rh Mrwt and F*. nv . XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! k? and mo?t whciearrne A!? in this oitr n KRV ?Tht2?i W th* WAHUlNfiTON BRK^Vf'Ji . * . I A'e 'J niade f^on\ malt and hoaa only and cannot faii to liva <?nftre aatiafaotion K ^on' "?r,\ xv Hi POf'N KAU, Pro,nStorofth^n A " *ou"" , riw WMt.ndn.aad th* Sm'*h \t? n ?. 4? thony Trollop au-1.-;r BertAma ' io J u?t published and for aalrt bf "?"> ??\i r. P"'LP \ SOLOMON. M?tropo itan Bookttora, 334 P&. *v Poie agent* l?r LAnronc'a Stationery *0. & RA *.K3?;,BlJT rER IN BA LT1 MORK.-W, very jrad^of Bttt^r" very cholo^. e^iB? b??f, r?pouodc&k"d f'Wm Uiat u> to the j KLLlCoTT a IIKWK8. ^*7 SQ ' Maltimnra ?TANi)AHl> BI ACK TEA. OU CHKfcftt STANDARD BLACK TEA Have l~an rwivM. Thia tea la eioelW; prioeSu oenta P'f P?.f,ld b? ?he?t or otherwise. We fearonr ciit lot will oust us si. ore noner m._ KINO A BIJRCHELL, _ma2S onr. Fifteenth at. and Verm at aV. Cork REAMS PRINTIIMM itivn . .. . JVVI for speecheV,* by *] 31* fri* "c*?h'J?rio? *Kot ZiJTr"' BLANCHARD * MO HUN, inn22 AOfTi^r R|#wnnth %n?1 ra. *v QMITH*8;? Ui? Pi?o? to buy your PPRINtt ?iid n SuMMEK7 I,OT1I|NO, Th<? b-?t pu^io bo* uantieaien'a CLOTHING ?r.j * | h,\WtlN?, GiKTT},,,*! SMITH'*, No 4 i.n 6cV?ntti hi Ulwiwn K %?,. Kt TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. NEW ORLEANS IN TZZR.I2JEI DiLYS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TII rvMnnRimc Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, iV*M> Orleans and JacJcson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHNTrOUTE: Memphis by K ? I, thence b? First class Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTK: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by First class Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sundays Included. Leave Washington at 6 a. ra and 6pm The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave- her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6Ag a. m. and 6A? p ra. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwest. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGS AGE CHECKED THROUGH TO NEW ORLEANS. i.Tnnhhiirv AQ Mamnhii ftn /m Bristol IS??- Atlanta 2f?'to Knoxville . 8t?<K? Maoon a no Chattanooga 24on Columbus ? 31 50 Daiton .?..24no Monttomerr S1<? HuntsvlUe i7ifl j viaMemphis.t2 SO Grand Junction ?>on N.O.> viati. June .42 ?> Nashville 25 U I N via Mobile 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ih aoo MILES SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I ine? the Lynchburg Kx tension being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ' It is provided with First class Sleeping Cars! ( To New Orleans 72 Hours. ?ri ?r ' Memphis.. ............54 do, j Montgomery 63 do. I Nashville?_ 46 do. fD-The U.S M AIL~and ADAMS' EXPRESS are takeu over this New Line. Ticket" can be obtamod at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street, and Pennsylvania av eiiuw, to the following point* Lrnc^hurg, Bristol, Knoxvi'le. Atlanta, Chattanooga. Ilnutsville, Grand Junction, Maoon. Nashville, Daiton. Coiuinbus. Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. in* THEOUti H TICKETS T(l THE V A uious Virginia springs' fLy" Omnibuses and Bagtage Wagons leave the office at 6 a m. and 6 p. ni. JAMEH A EVANS, Ticket Agent, ma 23-tr Cornnr Si?tli st . and Pa ?? BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAM,ROAD. washington branch. SSSiSS? Chanhkof Hoots. ON ANl> AFTKR MONDAY, Mat ?Bth, 18^". rains will run a* follow? : Leave Washington at b 2" and 7 25 a. ni. Leave Washington at 3 i> and 5jn p. in. On Sunday at 3 in p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.15 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 315 and 4.20 p. in. < >n bunday at 1 25 a. m. Passengers for the Ea?t will take trams at 6.20 and 7.15 a. m and 3 2" p m. For the West at 7 25 a. m and 3.20 p. m. For Anpap<'l:s at 7.25 a in- and 3 J* p. in. For Norfolk at7 id a. in. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. ma Sfi-d T H. PARSONS, Agent. 11 HE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume her trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jr<*?w February, !860. Will leave WASH-^43gK? 1NGTON every TUESDAY aiid" ""?*" FR! DAY, at 6 o*o!ock a. mT, and AI.KXANDRTA at half-past C o'clock, for CURRIO.MAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will leave CURRfOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGV., Proprietor. NA I'H'L BOUSH. Ag't, Alexandria. tea# rk n lUPtir ? - rviv nr<IT IUIVA. I ASHA8E, INCl.lIplN? MEALS AND STATEROOM. ?7.90. The New York and Vircinia Norew Steamshii >msany'* new and elecaut ?r*ainahip f*T^T MOLN+ VKRNON,Capt.T.C.Sniith.^AjZl? will leave the Corrpany'a Depot, Wea lern Wharves, at JiM'olook a. m every WEDNR8PAY, and the Company's l)epot. at Alexandria 'V^aa'w-i^rV ftf.firfWio'i'nxtrtn and Georfotowt eau take the coaulwa ooniieotinc with AlexfU dria stoamboatx or railroad, which leave the corner n| 7th Bir???t *?i?1 l*a. arei.ue hourly. or thov can !eav? on the eteamer from the Western Wt.arvos at U 'clock a.m. State rooms cat: be enia^e-l on app ieaHon t< Vf eRsrii. Morgan & Khinehart, Western VVharve* Freight will be reoeived up to th? hours of depar tare. IH1" Insurance wt'i be elected on all eoods bj thialn eattiie ottoeof the Company at K ?t. oeu ' T^e aooommo<1atioiiB for passenger* by this lint are in every reeper' first-c ai?B, and every eTort wil be made to render tins oommunioation with N#? York au agreeable and healtNf'ui one. For freight or p&aaags apply to FOWLE * CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL A CO., eS-ly 96 West at.,oomer Albany, New York. FBEEHAN ^ SIMPSOK'S WOLD>^OLD\ PAGNOLliMACHOLi i^^lSKK^^WmSKK)jf" We offer for sale the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled Malted Kje Whisky, in bar rels and Half-harreia. As it is of our own distilia tion.and highly improved b? ae?, we wsHsbU) recomnieiid it as the pubkst and best Whisky thai OAn possibly t>e distilled. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYK WHISKEY, *nd other brands, frojn the largest st-.ok of Fine Whiskies in the United Stato* FREEMAN A SIMPSON. Ph<rmx Distillery, on the Soliuj.kili river, I'hila Offioee 96 Wall street. New York ; and 109 Ro.ith Front *treet. Philadelphia. mar ^3-1 washington carriage factory, V V D kttr t. h-tWffi " "* "wA V\> have iut finish nl a MBto oi fint olasa CA It KUGF.S, ?uoh a* Lmkt IVa?<.??, Park PHtalnna, hi mi lu Carriat'S, iwi Bkhim, whion wo will ?eli at *** '??? \ VHf hmat I protit. Ileum praet.ual iii'Vihanio* in different branches of the nut in< u?, we Hatter ourael ves that we know tbe ntTltt? and qnaii'y of work that wiH give sati* fwtion, ocnihiiiing liglitneas, comfort and durabi i^Ropamns promptly and oa-efullT attended to at the anortevt u tiee ar.d mo?r rr>a?onable ohances. WAt/TER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coaohmakers, successors to Win. T. Hook. ap /7-diy PARAFPINF. Oil,, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOW.V.' We a-e now receiving Pa-artiue .Oil direct from the work* in veit m Virginia. Tha ?ua!itv of it is eioellent, prodiioinc a ateait. liril i ant and t<eautifu light, aud more pleasant to th" ?><*? thangaa light. This Oil ii fr?* from adnterat'on,and very much m< r<?economical than man; of the Coal Oils used at this time. IPT" it ia in no way explosive. We ke-p alao a supply of the moat approved styles of Lamp*, Ao., f >r burniog tu.g r>il. KING A BURCHKLL, Agents foritc sale for the Dist iot of Columbia, Corner h ifteonth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma II New photograph AND AMBROTYPE SALLKRT, 410 PumtTLTaaia Ayinii * nly U aepU. oniT Oat ?r the firtt oopt . *C(* tf e*rt? OOD P1CTVKES ab^aenl M fm.u>t?r the N?unb^#B^ 32rirK.^ra;sa 12,000 oS'l2??LiBoig?iGNJ 7?o S^tus&OE XTo'rJS'&^lj.TaS for our apru* Mock. Gire niici'l ?2 th^T rooin ^ NUr'ftKate. JACOB RKliD, m. ... M??ifToiaor MIlIIlRlf CLOTHING flovraun CoKitn BstoND aiu, Snsri ^T? philasklfhu. " * *H.ITA*V OMITHW FOR 8Al,K I. ?, At^USr^WUEDP 0 0 1 ?" MEDICINES. rUl. JOHMTtN, IT BALTIMORE LOCK HOSPITAL, Ht DitC09*rod lit nut C*rtm*m. Sv**d f, mmd emt% Kfftetual Krmtdf t* tit World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMEP ATELY. A CUM K WARRANTTL, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS Wuknm af tk* Back, tnctwaa, AfaaOant ?f ika Kidatyi ud Bltddtr, m*?l?nu>rT DitcktrfW, Iomubcj, Qintiti Dikihtf, HiriMHiiin, ^ipiNt,Un(Nr,Lo* Spinu, Cw fauMS el Mraa, Pilpit.tion ?f thiHtari, TimidiiT. Tr?mtUnf?, Dimottt of Sifhl or fliddiotu, Dimui af tiit Htad, Thraal, Hotter Skin, Aftcuont of tht, Btom.ich ar Bawna? tbaat Ttrrtblt Ditordtn am.n( from Miurj Habit* al Yaath?thatt Drtadfal and Patiracuvt Pracuca* which raa dat Marritf t inpaaaikit, aod dttirot bata Bad? tad Mtad. TODMU MEN EaptaiallT *k? baaa became sJS aictime af Salttary Tlee, that draadfal and d attractive habit wbieb (ddwIIi eweepe u an an lime I y grate thoaeande (Y?ii | Star; of the m?i el elted talenta >nd brillam intellect, who might atherwiae bat* entranced Iteiemng Benatee villi the thandere af elauaenee ?l waked la tttuty lb* littnf lyt*, aay Mil with rail aaaid*a?a. uuuaE MAUI KB Y aang M*a aeoi*mplaUag Ma* rla<a, being awaraaf ahyeiaal weatoeae, ergania debility, dafarrnitiee, ftc , a;.eedilt earad. a who placet himaalfandaf tha aara af D(. J. my rallfl aaaty cortd t ui hia baner ai a gentleman aad aatdeoliy reiy pan hia ekill aa a pbytiaiaa. orricE na.7?our?r*ED*ncirr*?.KT, left hand aida i going fra lalumara airaal, a fa* teere fraa iba cerner. rail la ebeerta came aad aaabar. Lauaraiaai ba paid aad aaataio a tump. DR. JUBNITOM, Maiabara af the Ray a. Caliege afllargeen*, kaadaa, gredaatt fram aaa af the n an ammact Collegtt in tba Gnited Siatei, and the greater part af vt.oaa Ufa haa betr, epentin ifta baepitale ofT?acdao, Paria, Philadelphia and eleewbtr*, haa affected a*oie 81 lha moat aataniehing carat that vara aval knave; many troubled with ringing id tba haad and ear* wfctr. atltep; great certaaeneee, being alarmed at aaddaa easnde, baeafaTneee with frequtnt Muaniug, attended aaa* ko-ee with darangamant af rmad, wara cirad immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. TnafMin and etheri wha ha?? mjnrid*!*** by rtain practice mdalgid in whan alane?a hehtt freqaeoUy learned from tail cempai.iane, ar at acbaal, tha effect* at which ara nightly fall eten wh*a |a*I**p, and if oat cared," render* io.rri?gt iropoeaible, and daalroy* kaih miad aaa badr, ^hosld apply immediately. T'hote ar* t.-vrrvoflb* aad ana m*!*jieh?ly after* atadaaed by early haWtt af teeth rill Waahneae af lha Bach aad timba, ra.rii ui tba H?al, Diranaee of thght, Loaa n4 Mae.alai Powar, P.ilpitatiaii of rha tfturt, Iir>f tpej, Nerroaa lrritabiU ly, Derangement bfthe Digeativ* k'aucliaaa, Wan art; Debility, eyrnrxomi of Cotiearaptiaii, Re. M KNTAL.L V ? T'i* ftarfal af art* an tha Bind ar* maab I* b* drtJltd?Lota of Memory, Canfaatan ofldaaa, Ilepretaiaa af 9pirf!a, Kail Port-adinge, A*ereian af Saciety, Half Oiatraat, Lo?e af SaUuda, Timidity, etc , are *an>* ?( tha atila pradieid NERYOCI nCtlklTT.-Tkniodi aaa aa* )ad(a vkat it lb* e??aa of tbair dacl'inng haaltk, loainf tbair *ifor, kaaaming ?aak, pal*, oaraoaa and amaciatad, baling aatcg alai ippaaranca aboat tba oyaa, coagh of ay in ptama af caoaamptiaa DISK ASKS OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tbt nnagaidad andimpradaut votary of pi? ???? ladi ha baa imbibad tha aaada of una painfal diaaaaa, it la* ofua happana that an ill-tiroad aania of ihania or drasd ef diaeaaary datarabun from applying to thoaa vba, from adacat'Oo aod M?[ actability, can afona htfr.and htm. Ha falia iota tba hauda of ignorant and daatgning pratandara, arh?,'ncapikli f caring, lich bia pecuniary aabatanca, kaap htm triimg month afiar month, or?i long aa tba ainalloat fa* can ka aklainad, and in dtapair l*a?a him with rainad haaltk i* aigk r bit railing dia?ppointmant; or by tba aaa of that d*aaly poiaon, Altrcary, baatan tba confutation 11 *yrrpiom* af Ufa tarntla diaaaaa, aacb Af action) o'tha Ha art. Throat, Nv**, 9k in.4c., procrtaainf aiitb frtghtfal rapidity, till daatb pata a pariod to bia draadfal asffarirga by landing him to that aaa:?c*?ar?d country from ? h->aa toarn* n* traatiar Miami. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGAWIC WEAIMEH AMD IMPOTENCT. y tbia graat and important ramady vaaknaaa of tha *rga*i an ipiidily carad ana fall aigor raatorad Thaaaaiida a'ika moat ntrica? and d*bilit*t*d, vka kad I oat ail kipi, aa?a ktan imrtit liataly rahmd. All iiuptdiraan-'a to Marriagt Fbyaleal or Maolal Dla<ia*11Icationa, Lnai of Proer**ti** Powtr, Nir?o*i Lrni'tiHiy ramblinf and Waakuaator Ezbaaiuao af tki aaat Uaffe) kind ipaatdily carad. ENDORHEMEMT OF TIE TRESS. THK. MANY THOUSANPS carad atthia inat'tatloa vitkla tba laat * >.t**n yaara, and tba namaroaa important Barg I tal oparatiooa parformad by Dr Johraon, w.tnaaaid by uii r*)>or.tra of tba papara and many atbir pirioai, naticai al vhKb b?aa a^paarad again and agiin bafora tha public, bo ? mm . "U" r?r?Oilfcility, ? a ulcus: f?ar?\'.n t< ih* ?9ici?d. l?n Is J DK. J. BOVEE DOD'8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now being used from Maine to the Grout Salt l.ake, ani ttie universal verdict of al' who use t'lem either bb a medic in . or a' a bfrrraic* is tiiat thoy are urifu'pased in the wcrlrl. Dr. D->d? used tliem successfully in his practice for 2i year* before we purchased of hirn the role telit to manufacture and present them for sale to the public. Fortha ou'e of Dx-;p<eiit Consumption, Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Pileii, Nervous Dtseaes, Female Com plair.ti. and all cases requiring a tonic, th ?jr are f.e youd doubt a most invaluable reir?dy. AMdc from their m^difina! properties they are a pure, whole lome and de ightfui Beverage, producing all the pleasant exhilcating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. I.rt all friei.ds of humanity and all advocates of temperance a?*ist ui> in su'isiituine these valuaole V*Eetable Hitters for the miHiral poisons aril ailuUrratnl Liquors with which thecouutiv is flooded, and thereby effeo' ai l in ban thing Disease and Drunkeiiess from the laud. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD* CO. Proprietors, 1 r? William atieet, New York. J. SCHWaRZE Aneiit, Washington, 1). C. DR. J ROVKS DODS' IMPERII}. JO IS fiirriKr. t or t>isea*es <>Tthe Kidnei s. B adder ai d Irinary Organs, and especially for Female Obatiuutions. never fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis faction I II'VKL.K" WII?UIF1K!.UA CO., i'rnpiietors, William tt., New Vork. J. HCHWARZE, j?7ly,r Agent, Washington, D. C. { Highly important to all: MHS. CXPX'S JNV1AS VEGETABLE JJECOCTION. it in wel: known that in the Spring ?<v>ple are more apt to oontract disease than at any othar period; and :l is equally well known ihat the way fo ward <1 tt' disease is to ke?p tho b!r?xl pure, for "all the ills that llesh is heir to," ans-i from impurity oftlio lilo<xl,the main spring existence. It la. therefore, important to all that the system should be tl'orou*l,,T olr-.mied and purified, an<l tlmcan bed"ne in the moe? rjeotual way by usir.c MUS fit. COX'S L\I)JA X VKiET \BLK DECO' 'TION, beat rein^y discovered lorthc oure of diseases of I'kin. F,rysipe.a?, Soroftj'.a, Rheuma tism, N"rvou>< Debility. Fevers of dill-rent kintl?, Dyspep**, Liver Complaint, and all other diseases arisin* from impu. ity of the blood. Ithaaefiect-d the ino<st reina'kaMe ource, as can be shown by certificates from persons of the hlgheist respectability, and is reooinmeiulod by al' who have uiod it as the moat invaluable remedial acont of the da*. in-ltia sold by all the Drucgists of Daltitnore, i and at the reaitleuoe of the proprietor, mrs. m. c6x, 15S Kast Baltimore street, between Kden street and Centra) avenue. None f tiinno_ unlers her nauie la blown on the bottle and her seal on theoork. fO~ Priee $1 per bottle, six bottles for IS. Wkolftalt Aitnt. k. s t. Cirkki Georgetown. [>. O., W hoiesale Agent for tha Lib- j Iriot. and will suppy the trade at my price*. inar 27 tr i rpK ALL SUFFICIENT THREE TKIKSEMAfl, 1, a, fc .1, Fr&tOtd by Hcyal Lttttff Patent of KntltinA, mmd ncwtd oy rA? Stah of tkt Kcoi* tit Pkamartt dt I'a'if, c.ttd tkt Ivtptnal Collttt of Mtdieint, V fnna. No. 1 i* invaluable for exhaustion, t'permfttorrhu s, and all pliyRicai disabilities. No. U completely erad cates all traoe* of those dleeas?.' that have been hitherto treated by the nan- t e< >uu and peruicmas use of oops via and oubebs. No. 3 ha* entirely supplanted the injujloua use of roerour?. thereby insuring to the sufferei speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting outth* venom ofdiifiM. TRIK8EMAR.No*. l.'iand 3,arnprepared in the form of a !<a<?ug*, devoid of tarte and smeil, atd can be oar'i"d in the waistcoat pookrt. Sold in tin oasea, and divNWHi into separate doses, a? admini*tere?i by Va.reau, Lallemand, Rux. Kioord, Ao. I'noe <3 eaoh, or i'our oa?e? for $9 whieh save* fS; and in 927 C4uea, whereby there la a caving of jft. To tie had. wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, 194 Hleecker street, four doors Mow MoDoagal street. New York, immediately on reoeiving a re mittanoe. Dr. Harrow will forward the Tneaemar to any part o( the world, senurely packed, and addressed aooordiug to the instruction* of the writer. Sold also by 8. CALVERT FORD, Jr., Washington. D. C. de 6 6m C SWINDLING UUACIP. AnTION !? Quacks their Book*. Cordiala, Buol.a, Hcapita s, Instruments or Ringa?ahia (hem all, and, if disposed to profit b? my experiaaae, write for mr private Ciroular on BrKRMATORRHCKA;-lT? CURB With etamp oi?>sed, address, in perfect eonft denoe. your friend, a former soifeur, merely aaper aorihinc Box IT#, Charleatowa, Mui. i?un*wi? f iohtning! lightning!! li lightning!!! In Ttmkof Pxaci, PiipaiiioiWii! F. LaBARRE, Southwest renntr nf 10tk and C rts., Manufacturer of platina-tippld lightning rods, Respeotft|Hy announces to the publio of Washing ton end vicinity that he it prepared to execute all orders for ereoting l.ightmng Condnctoraon the most approved scientific principles, oenstraoted of the vei y beat of materials, on very moderate terras. All Plaur.a tipp-d Points which are manufactured by me wlil be stamped with my name. Weather Vanea of any design made to order, mar Sfi? Sin I?JVK HUNDRKD TRAVKI.INO TBUNwa I" arrived tht* day, emhracinc all quali-MRrwfe ti?? and sizea of Sole Leather, Ladie?'BnM , Dreee and Pack in* Trunk*. Our trunk^"**** | sale* room ex hibita at this time the cr*ateet variety > of traveling requitiU* at moderate prices. to be \ found this side of New York. Aleo, every description of LADIE8' HAT BOXEB, VALICEB, I CARPKT BA0*. 8ATCHEL8, Ac. QT^Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange | for new one*. __ WALL, STEPHENS * CO., , Trunk Sales Room, mar Si-tf *98 Pa. avenue. ?.?. . lama*. e. . mott. i. k avrav. LA"AR tQ of'prror^ md A, j 1 I^HICKERINO <t SONS' SUPERB PIANOS# F> CLUB'S, SOt F*? ?? MISCELLANEOUS. Prince Imperial Cbampafae. FROM * jrMia epbenay, DE VKNOGK tAMB FRANCS. Sold by *11 RtsptttmbU IMaltri tkmgktmt th4 Cotmtrp. Thia fine hr*nd of CHAMPAGNE, which unU) the past t??r *m confined exclusively t?> th? beet tables of th? Continent of Europe, has now obtained th? most unfunded success and p<>pu aritj in this country. It is recomr>on?1ed l>jr ioim of the fi'rt Physician* of die Citv of New % ork. orer ail other Wines, an aooount of its extreme purity and d?*!iOUTi'wl those who once try it rar*4y use \*f other brand. Although only one yeer lies eiap-*ed sinee its introduction this coentry.the demand is eaormoti* and constantly incr?'A*:nr- Ourarrfttife ments are such as to ensure the quality of the Wne hem* maintained at its present Inch standard. T?e Prtnte hnprriml is imported sol?'W by us. we heinf the eole Agent* of Messrs. Di Vkmc?e k Co. in thiaoountry. E. V. HAUGHWOUT k CO . Noa. 4??*.490 k 49-j Bboadwat.N. Y. ITT"Sold in this city by Hamilton k Leach, and Browning k Keating. mar* Vn /^/eoo,,o"t v*\ #/>-??>/?> dispatch: * * ^sI/^vSaTe thr Pierei! A? mrtid'nt' will k*rr'*< er*n in well meuJmteA familitt, it is very desirable to hare some oliwi and convenient way for repa:riEj h unutire, Toy*, Crockery, Ac. SPALDITIG'S PREPARKO GLl'K meet* all such emergencies. ai>d no (leasehold etc afford to be without it. It it alwars ready and op to the point. Tiiere is no longer a n*ee? it* for limping chairs.splintered venerrs. headless dolls, and broken cradles. It is last the article for onne, shell, and other ornamental work, so popular with la<!i*s of r-fiDement an<l Laste. This admirable preparation is used oo|d, being obemioally held in rolution. and ^oftseeaing all the j valuable qualities of the best cabinet makers' glae. It may be used in the place of orainarv maoiTa?e, be in* vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IX ETERY HOUSE." Price, 25 cents N. B.?A Orush aocompanes each bottle Wielesal* Depot, No. 4* Cedar atreet, New Yort. Address HENRY cTsPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,000. New York. Pot np for Dealers in Caee? containing Foar. Eight, and Twelve Dogen?a beautiful Lithograph ic Show Card sv^eowipativing *ach package. Vrr A single bottle of SPALDING'S PRE PARED GLUE will save ten times its cost an nually to every hoa*eho!d.??i! Sold by ail prominent Stationers, Druggist*. Hardware and Farnitnre Dealers, Grooera, aod Fancy Stores. Country merchants should make a note of SPAL DING'S PREPARED GLUE, when making up nifr ui?u ii wiii mnn a"y oiim*re. le l? it C HEMl^p reP^EI0) ''fQLUS)''v FOR FAMILY rSE. WILL MCKD ARTICLES Ilf W??d, L^nthfr, I'rwkfry, Ulan, l**ry, Boar, Alabaster, >1arbl?, Knbber, Gitta I'ercha, tlath, Paper, Papier Mackr, Shell, Hern, llaar, riaster, Ice. And indeed therei* scarooly an artiole inthe whole range ill dome-tic economy , wfiethur it be for u?f or ornament, wiueli w'len broken, cannot with this preparation l*? restored to :t? original value. It cha ,er,(if? the worid for :U superior. It is indiapensable in every HOUSE, WORK SHOP, COUXTISQ ROOM. and n.t person &ft?r a trial of Starr's Chemically Prepared Glue, wonld_willintly disperse with it for four tines its coat, u i* am ?> * rwacy, and always reliable. It is nut offensive t<> the su:eH. and is not atf^cW by climate, and where known it has become a nxiD ?act. The atteution of dealers and consumer* is invited to the foiiov ins testimonials regarding ft* superior qualities : N kwark. Nov. 26, 1&W. "After a faith fill trial of STARR'S PREPARED HI. ( E on WcH?i, Leather and Clotli, at tbe Phenix Work*. I most cheerfully rec?nninend iU use for all j jMirp'jsfs ^eneially reuuired. f*7*" I We, the undersigned having tested STARR'S I PREPARED UL UE,agree with the al>ove reoom-1 mend at ion. " Wjf. B. Dors lass, "Cabinet Ware Manufacturer, Newark, N. J. "Lysahdrr Wright. "Machine Depot, Markets, Newark, N. J. "HpnFiBrRo* I.imLL. "(Carriage Mancttcturers, Newark. N. J. "W* II. Kirk k. Co., "Carpentersand Builders, Newark, N. J. "Lfvieu k A Eudkrs. "Carriage Makers, Newark. N. J." Sterr's Chemically Prepared Glae it sold by all Dru^eists. Furniture Dealers, Grocers, Fancy ?Joo?ls Dealers, Hardware Dealers, Stationers, and by eountrT merchants generally. PRICK, 34 CENT?PER BOTTLE. A brush (joes with each Dottle. Put up for dnaiers in case* from I to 12 dosen. A splendid Lithographic 8ho*r Card, printed in oolors, given with each package. All orders or letters of inquiry by mail addressed In tk> o r I o n -1/..... . .... ci.inn uijv. r. i/Umi'Ani. *1 Liberty *., N. V. will rggoivn prompt attention. \TT A liberal discount to the trade. mar 17-ly Mr J^l^y lE Hkl IM *A MWH^RtMl f * -I* ^ (/A- J</#? tk*Ul~ i? 1 ' I V^r/r W ' * r?;'" ?/'*< M^?aakel0,) fr.m } f &T flo jV^' f*f Rye, yrri*ir*4 6/| ' |p prorent n >f Imo? * r I I y5>i^# JdUw,D/'*l'f*' final* <**9. /( i< f#. ' y commmrfrd fty f|< /r|< Fkuf ftt14 r ^ Ir p| W f A? ?**<?, * ?t **> (? Mtiitcxmal 1 # 2$^ f ' |3L S olB^rop^etor. J, CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAliEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS dminniiEi WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. VV m.HJJiLLI, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAM S! NEW TORIL fOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY ma 23 6w BARBOUR A 8EMMF.B. T carriages. HE Snbaorlbor having miae additional? ju taotory, making it bov one of the larg NtAflKfl in the District, where me faoiliboa manutaotunnrcarriage a lig WaGONSoTall kinds <*am>t b? *ur^u??>l, an? from hie long exportenoo in the baeiaoaa, he hopce ^7iffi^cSria?e^ Light Wacom kept ee vsT? r>PNM i n ^ nftimj"*-*-"*'* ,o***^xiSr P'ui!!^ ^2." '.?B*v? tlM |i fw auoii "?*? JOHN P. ELLIS. | msCKLLAXR)LS. BY THK flKsll^NToV THK OITKI ^ 4*nt oftH* tMato* ?*f Amorio* nw ?t?ro and ?. ake koowa t?-?4 paNi* will U? boW at tb? Un4etm?'>l??*d !M -d ofccr"*. in IWN?'? o( Miohuaa, ftt the poriod* her?nafof <wicn?irt, to wil: At the Lwd O*< ? ?t M?n.>r*TT? . onwioowme on M >nd?N, the <Mk d?J "I JvU ?e*t. f ' tftedi? ?o?? of the vacaat iai>Hi ? the ""** ? * ttrmt mnd r*r r > ?/ mtii*.**, oiti.ia U<# untie mot tJoned t tiitilfi, wbiolt ww?n t4i Ue I ?iW Autos vithin 01 z mi wl ?*"? of tfta ?%i r.?ads." fro* LitU* Bv do N.^oot tn Maraoeu*. Md thence to OatoM*oa, am.' Jho two last i.ained places to the iao?a*in Jtata .im, RWit Mre^g,red by lav. t<> a iMr-ima^ of t?t <# /o?? *dAf'v rtntf prt *crt, ris: Ntrtk ?fik, *?*t of tht p?. mnpmt ?"?Township 41. of r%r>*\ A r.ivnahif 4S and 43 ol iU|? 3 1 < wn?hips ?, ?t 44 41, and 4fi, of rftof afd Township* 4.' 41,44.4 , tk.n 4K l>H 49. d IH|I fc ?> u-H'pa m ? i > *>.<>. h. too ?" oi na|? owi.ahips 45. 46. 47 VI, tn<l 49, of ru|* ft To?n?l.^i # r. a>.?! 4?. ..f range ? '1 'trnships 44 4"> 44 47 MmI 4 ! rarje W Tnwnst.ips 49. 44. 4S 4S.4* ?? ! ?, of rai f V T" w r ships 42. 4.3 *i 4Y v. 47 4*. am W.- I r*?#e 31 i>?. ship* 43. 44.4S.47. 4f, Bud 4?. < f r%M* ? TI'Wril ip? 4i 43. 44. 47. ?. , ??< J", of '? ' *?, ToVntlMM 42. 4 1.44. 4^. 4. 4? ??4 W. of r%nce 54 Towi ahips 42, 43. 44. 4 ?. 4?, 47. 4% Jrt. Bud ?, of ringe 35 lowcahips 42. 43, 44. 4 .. 4b. 47. 4t, JA, a?d M.of range 3S _ ? _ T??W run I pr 4?. 4S. 47.4% 4?. 5', ??h1 *, of rBl j>T ToVI.I.'iih 4*. ?7. 4. . >., 5*. M Mo ? of r*?|f * Township* 48. 48, SO, VI. MM! W. of ran<e V Townahipe 4?. V? M. an-' 51. of rame ? At the I .and ofline at Mar^i kTTK, fi'iniwrciri on Ponday. the 3"tk day < f Ju f i eat. for <fce <*?? po*a of the public i*t <'.s her> b fore wnn/ cr?rf wflh La the lol owinK townships and i*rt? <>| low i sh>p> . rla: \ orih nf .'*? '.?>? *' ?.' w?.?f of f/. prmr r" ? ' rtdtmm. Township 49, of rar .< Townships 47 <9. and Vi.of ren*e 11. ?4CUum 1,2, 4, 6. t 1". 1.. 14, I a, * ?. ?4, *, 9). 33.31, and 3 . T to r u?hip <S. t< wi.mipa 4 .47. and 4*. ofra!4# 2. ns 2. 4. ft, 1? 1? and !?; th? F. * ofth?- * K of footion it. the N K *4?the > t. '? of the S' W ?4. i he 2N >, of (he SK fc, mm the M '? ml the t*K ( I 4 s cti*?a Ji>. mcU< a ? and ?; tk?- N S Ikr >. ?rd the >' S of ' he j*W > ? of ?e?tio a, notii i a ?\'"st the P ?V '? of th* > \V ,. e'f!'i..r, 5? ?.f t. ?. amp IS; s<iti>n 1. 2. 3, 4. *, 4, .0. It. It. U. 14. la, ;n. au ?2. th? F. H of aeetiou vj; mcikiii 34. i-s - 3*. 9 St. and fH. of toWDfhip ?R; m 1, 2 j. ? aiil 7. t?? Itlne s?ive: ?*ct oi 20 to r- hw nmr. ?. c tioM S .S ? n.Uio)i,?| township 47, of i?u< . ?. Th- 8W At Ui?Nt> Vtb?*fc'4 of secti. 4 ? < tiorjf 6 ?i -i V Ihf W ? *l>.! th* hr of ae? t:on !?>; t lie W ol ?es*i n 14. Ketinct i?, ?,22 * *. *?, M, sr.d M. th' W ol th* > \V . Mil t(i? U 'i the V ? f arviion IS ?.f towi sh'p 41; tM 9 )t?f Motion Ji, i t tovtohlp I'. > t Wtf*. neetion* 2. 4 *. 8. t?. 12. u, l?. Je 2?, 24, X,i* *l. and 3?. the N - ot the N* ?.?r.l tie .N *? < I .u? N V\ ? > ( sec i n ?>. ?-t t< wnehip 4?. of rar jc .? The W )? O Jl?e 5?W nt teriioii i. MbtMM " ud tb' f> rt M ^ Iho >1. ??<) tl>? *h '4 ol th" SK 4 nf -<-! mi * c* >o> ?V > * , 32, 3.. and 9'. of townchip 4?.of i?n(f jl Section* i.4,6, 8, |i', 12. 4. 18, .2. V4.K, 20 3*. 32.24. and 3d uftowpehip 48; the W S >f th* ?h the W >? oi tne SP. >?. *no r?.< >? of ?ecMou?, 4 ?. 8 a: d ?>. tfceW J, of Iur > K. '? 'h? VV *? of the SK V ?nd ttt? V* of section U, ? t'on? U 2f>, 22, .e *8. ??. 3i. *4X1 M. ih- W , of s*e tion 3?, of 'nf i? h i p 45*. o( r?n*e&s Th? W Jiof.hf f*K MM) the \V !t ofsect.on in, eoUon 3>, of towmktp r?n?,e?i. At the Laatf Offineat Tsa\-sk-? Ciii. com men Cl.n OU M m <:aj, tllr ."J?i >t?? Ml Ju ? IK At. I t III" ..i?p-??a.; of the vacant laiwl* in the f<n rrtton - 1* t port* ?f f-tion*. witfimth- ttwt'rm -i rion?wl t^wn'b'M. wilt-h tcnim t" the Statff Willi.n ii* irnlekon each strisof the i* ad*, "fn tn J,itt"? B?> UeNoqaetto Marquette from Amhoy hj Hi'lfale and Lansing, and from G'aud Knpids t<> some p. i .t un ur ten- l r*?e'?e B*? ' iiiliiect, a* r?-qL'tr?d law. to a mm.main of tiro dollar > ?*< </,> rr*f* pft mrr*. vis : Sortk of tkt bin /?? am 1 trttl qf th- print ip*it mridimm. Townolnp* 21. K. ?. ?. ?. ?. 27,21. sC?. 31. i2, 3), Mid 34. of raur* 3 I own?lup? 23. 24. 2f>, *, 27, *28. ?>. JO, 31. 32. 35. 34, 3>. a d 3fi. <'f runfit 4 TownahipaSI, 32. and 33. of ran** 3 Township* *1 **.*?. 9\ SI, 32- a**l A of ran*e* , Township* 25,26, 27, 2). &.&. SI, SI. and S3, ?.f ranee 7 Town?hip? <11.22. 23,24, X, ?S. 27,?*. f.Sl.and SJ.ofi>re*R T. *n?hip?21.22.23.irt,^?. 77. Oi '?Uf? ? Towi,. &.**, ?. and Jk>,of ran?C lrt Townmhipa-'1,22 and ?3. of ranee 11 Town?lnp? ), awl 41. of range 2t Townahip* ? <0. and 41, of iatf ca 22 and O Town*,'up* v and 41, of ran;# ^4 Townships 41, of ran*e 25. At the Land Oft* at Tka\-*r? Citt, .otnmen cin* <"i M'-ndi* the I3tn day Au*u?' nr*i tr>< the dl?| <>sai of the pal ' e iande herel? fore mnvfr'td, * ithin the following townahip*, vie : jVorfA ttf th' ba\r Irmt mmd wt*t nf tk* pria?v4Jtn< nth mm Township* 2R. 29, and an, of ra&re l'> At th* Laid C ihse at lux;*, <-<>n.mencix( on M< nda?. the 3th d?? of July next. for diap ?al of the i ianda in tiie ertm numbered ttttu nr and r><irt> qf .wr(tMi, within th* undermentioned town amps, Which return to the I'nited tH*t?a withiu an mi r? cn itch aide ot tt.e ra lr>>ade. "fiom AnU>;, by ' en* ng. and from Grand Kaplda to some point on or near Traverse Bay ,a.eo from Grand Hae'. a-.d Per>- .Mn'quette to V" int. and henoe to Port Huron," rulifeot a? required, by law. to a minimum oi i,ro dollar* t,mi, ? acre, nx : North 9/ tie basr hme am4 r-'st nf the printifel ma riJimm. fuwnthipa X 4. 6. fi ?, an'i R, of ranee 1 ownahip* 1. ?. 3. 4. 5, 6.7. arid 8. of ranee 2 Township* 1, 2. 3,4. S.6, 7. R. and 17, of rang* 3 Townships 2. 3,6. 7,8,17. and IS, of rai,ge 4 Town-hips 6 7. K 17. and 18, of ranges 5 Mid 6 Townships &, 6, 7,1. 15, 16. Mill 17. of raiige 7 Tnwnahipaa 6 7 5,16 and 17,? franees Township. 5, 6. 7. 1?, 11,12,13, H, 15,16, lt.U.1% and 2 , of range 9 Township* 5, C. 7, 8. 9,1?>. II, 12, IS, 14, 15.16,17, 18, 1? and ? , f range 10 Tv>w nahips 6, 7. 8,9, IN II, 12.13,14. IS, 16,17,18.U, &.i?i M, ol rrn?? <1 Townships 6 7.8 9, 1?, i.s 16 a' d 17, of rai re 1? Townships 6, 7, 8, 9. '5. le, 17. and IS, of rang# IS Townahipa 7,?, 9,16, 17,18, ajc 19, ol raufca .4 and IS Townships 7. 8,9, and <9, ot ran*e 16 T wrsl.tps 17,14, and 19, of rai gee 17 aad 18. South of the bate lime n\4 t the prime tpml ms wsiss, Town?h*rs 1, 2, 3, and 4, <>l ranee 4 Townships 1. 2.3. 4 5, and 6, of range 6 At the I And Office at DiTmoiT, oonatnlni on Mor.Jav.the :3th oar of August next, for ths dis p.-aal of ths vaoani tarda in us errm numbered *?ffioe mmd *?r." of t'ttiim *, wiUib tns tr.dcraiei. Uoued t< wnships. whioh rsmain to ths United Sta'es wtthtn six ini'aa on each aide of tbe rail roads, "from Am bo?, by U.isdal* ano Lanaing. to Boms point on or near Traverse Bar ; aiao front (irar.d Havn and fere Mai?*ette to F tat. a?d ttienoe to I'ort Huron." sahjtct, as r-*uired by lav. to a miuimuin of lire dollars anAfjty cent$ ptr mir. Vis: ovum ?y iif oate iimim MM OJ Ikf fruidfU M(rufim*. Towneh;pe 6, 7, 9. and ?,ol rar/? I Township* 1, V 6.7,1. and 9, of rang* t T"Wri*hip? 1,2. .1. 4. 6. 6 7, S, and 9, of range 3 Townships 5,6. and 7, of range 4 North tkt bait lint m.<( nf the pritutpml mfritfiM. Townships 4 and 5. of range I Townships b. 7. and ?. of ranges 12. IS, and 14 Townships S. 6,7, and *, of range 15 Town?hips 5. ?i and 7. of rangM It and 17. North rf tnt ba?r hue mmd toett mf thr prm tpmI mi rultmn. Townships 2? S", SI, *2, A, 94, and 36. of range i. 1 At t>ie Land ?>?oe at Ka?t Stuimw, oirmeco tng <>u Mon.ia*, the 2 th day of Aaguat neat, for Uie disp ?a. of th*\ar-ai t ancs ui the tt-rn numbrntd ?('! >??. within the undermentioned towaakiae, which ren.ain to the United ?t%Us within eix miles on eeoh M-ie of the railroids, "from Ambny.l? H11 sda eand Lancing, to eoiae point oa or aear l"r?v*rse Bay; aleo from Grand Haven a< d Pere Mar inette to Phut, and thenoe to Port Hirog," ehieot, as reeaued by law, Lu a minimum of (*? dollar nmd fifty emit per mcrt. vis: North of the ban lim mnd emit c/ the prt*ctp*l meTownships 6, 7, ?, 9, .0,11, U, 14, IS, 16,17,19,19,*, and 21, of range I Towr.ehip. a, 7,9,9, 19, II. U,IS, 14,15, la, 17,19,19, and 2", of i aage 2 Townships a, 7, 9,9,1U, II, 12, 13, 14, IS, and la. of To Vnships 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, H, IS, 14, IS, and M, of range i i'pi t>, 7, ?.?, 10,11, IS, IS, 14, MO Id. ul run* b Tuwuiliip* 1,1,1,!>, II, II. ILvfruitf Township* 6 7, t. 9. ar.d in of ranf e 7 Towurhip* b, 7, and I, of iU|M, I. 9, 1?, and II. North of the b*n lint and \*tst if tkt printiftU mtridimm. Townahip* 14,15, 16. It, 19, SB, SI, 82, and S, of "town.l.ip. 14,15,16,17,19,80,21, 8.SI4.8*,!*, 37, and ?, ol rant* 2. Land* appropriated bjr lav for th* of aahMla, mi.itan and other far* .-aee, t of* the* w;th U? "icaoip and orei flowtd" land*, will be excluded fr? m the rale*. In* tract* aiosK the Iin*? <?f the railroad* will be old. *ulj< ot to lbs right of w*?. ician'od f?> act of 4th Atitiot 1852, for taxi raitrca-i*. and the parti outar track* cut b? th* routes ?ilibe*<-ld a* o??n taialnc the quaiillUr* rerp?otivelj shovnoathe ufliciaTpau. with?at dedaeuon*. Tha ferine of the above laud* will be oom m 'uood on U - da) a *pp >intrd, and wilt pr**a?* ii taaordrr in whieh tn^jr are adve Used aatil the who!* ?ha'i have ?*en oil jred. and tha aaiea A a* oloaed: but no sale aha I tie kept oaaa longer than tw" weeks. ai.d n? private eutrj of an* of Uie ludi wilt* annulled i.nU after the < ipi atioa of the tw weak* 1 Given aixler m* the Cit* of Washington. tlin ?ix<h of April, uu IViutni vm tho?ad atgLt n?..drt-d and ?i*t? JAMLS BUCHANAN. By the Praeidmt: Jdi WlLMR. Coamietioner of the tf rn?r?l Lau-1 Oftoe. NOTICV. TO PREEMPTION CLAIMANT*Kver> pereoa entitled to the rijht ?f pre WWM . to an; <>fthe land* witkm the townehipe abovt munterkt'wl |? required to e?tahJi?h the same If the ati* faction of the reenter and rroMrtr of the pro per land -0k?*, ana mmbt pmmti.tu lifff ? MM ?? prmrtir*tU *ft.r w?(?f flu MtOT. Ml W-t fare the day appelated for the ?? ane:aa?>of the put,h<- ?iw ..f the land* ?ihff V Pt* S!T??fT.oT~ reuuMiAprr at the 0*??i 1 ORoe Nut* ? lTad*r trie regulation* of the OtMflBMI. M h*e*?o?M<e aaU Mr ex>etiar au p?ya?ect raa he M*le f?>r advertiaia? p'oclMM ?? e*cwp< tf> ??' Mhiieh?.a a* are MytfhMitirm^ t? MflUh hr &< of the G?era] Laad Ofl^ ?m?7?w

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