Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1860 Page 2
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TH K RV ENING STAR. WAsnivnTov riTT THI RMVIY * ? ?? 9, l?M?o Vf ?nl ml the M?rnlnj Creu. The Cimrtitution uki " Who are the traitor*' and " " and argues at length that ai rv ? *??* *ur iwmii'i'its art- inn K\m'. The Inltliig'Hctr publishes and compliments extracts from a speech delivered bv Geo. T Curtis, E*q . of Uraton, at a reccnt Bill and Everett .meeting In Rsxbory, Mam. fTT" The e**rt distance from Alexandria to .Let-shur^ Is 3*- 6.1 100 miles IH7"Th^ Itr^ton Courier says: "Mr. Charles Pumnrr has b?en named as a possible successor to Chief Just'ce ^haw." One of the best jokes of the - > isoii. CTThe difference !n the rote in Ft Lou's for I .Messrs. Barrett and Blair for the short term and for the full term is accounted for by the fact that th? Americans ran a candidate for the latter, but none for the former term. A Urge portion of their vote was apparently, therefore, cast for Mr Barrett for the ra<ancy, by which his election for ihe remainder of this Congress is secured. C3^The Mr Hussey, of Baltimore, who, as sta t<d by telegraph on Tuesday, was killed on Saturday last, at Fxeter N H lw I vol nrr run />???? I , ... ?J?J ?'* V>y the car*, was much esteemed in Baltimore He acquired an honorable distinction in England and in this country as the snccssfni inventor of a reaping machine, which successfully competed At the World's Fair exhibition, in London, with that invented by Mr McCormlrk. Jl/~A meeting of BriU?u residents In New York was held on Monday evening, at the Astor House to concert measures for the purpose cf making arrangements for the proper reception cf the Prince of Wales A committee was appointed to msture matters and report a special meeting. Mr Archibald, the British Consul, In a ueat speech, disclaimed any intention to interfere with the reception intended to be given I V>? ?U- .111??* ? ???* vj ?ut vjtitrns vt li'W 1 orK. ID-T he New York Sun announces the retire- I jiient from that paper of it* proprietor, Moses 9. Heacb, Esq His successor is Mr. William C. ? hurvb, a young man for some years connected with the weekly press of that city. T!?e Pun has been under the control of the Beach family for more than a quarter of a century, and the two names are almost inseparably connected. Mr Beach has for some time been desirous of retiriui; from journalism, and he has taken the present moment to carry out Lis wishes. The character and policy of the paper remains unchanged The announcement of his retirement was inaae quite unexpectedly, and manv of the employees rf th* establishment. wmc of whom bad grown gray in tbe service of Mr. Beach or hit father, were very much aifecttd l?y*The New Orleans papers give animated accounts of the Bell and Everett meeting held in that city on tbe 1st instant. Col. L. O Seymour presided, end there were one hundred Vice Fresidsuts Tbe Urge platform. erected at the foot of the bronze Statu* of Henry Clay, was the entire breadth of the neutral ground, and reached front the s'.atuc to the shell walk It was densely crowded witli the officers of the meeting and spectator*. An arcb of cloth, lighted from the and transparent, surrounded the statue. I pen it were the names of the Union candidates. John Bell, of Tennessee, and Edward Evi(tit, of Massachusetts, with appropriate mottoes. Address were made by promioeut speakers, ar.d the 1'ulon feeling was manifested in the joost ztalou* manner. P*r**B?l. "Mrs. Maicy, the widow of ex-Gov. IVm. X . Msrcy, is at presort witn her daughter, staying at Aix-la-Chapelle, after a visit to Paris. -The Hon Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior, with Mrs Thjmjaon, after an' absentee of two week* ??t Old FoimComfort. returned 1 totbiscHy this morning. The Secretary seem* I nutrK intrtmnoH lr? ?:i? ?* j. ??- iii , auu wui tii once re- j s uite the duties of h'.s office !n diama ?The Congressional nominations have been cooipletrd In Indiana, and are as fallows: Di?. Uttnmrattc. Republican. 1. Jclui Law L Q Debruler. 5 James a. Cravens. JohnS Davis. (Ind ) I 3 TV?n M Dally. William M D inn. \ 4 \V. S. Hoiman. Jamea L. Yater. 6 \V A Bickle. George W Julian. ? Robt I. Walpole. Albert G Porter 7. L'au l W. Voorheea. Thomas H Nelson. ! 8. framuel C Wilson. Isaac A Rice 1 9. Cbas. W. Catbcart. Schuyler Colfax. If) P M Henkle. William Mitchell. 1 It- Aabury Steele. J. P. C. Shanks. Guxi!) CwLoam in Bsazil ?In Brazil there ! art several thriving colonies of Germans, where , all is order, prosperity, and happiness These rclotilf-s were established about 1-.50 That of ' Blumenear, for Instance, was founded in that 1 vcMi and uow number* about seven hundred In- I dividual* It is ou the wild uncultivated bcuks | of the river Itajahv Ass?e on lands either purcbaaed by the settlers or grafted by Government. 1 There are cue huudrtd and sixty-nine dwellinghouses. twenty sugar mills, each produ^ ing about j 70 (* <? pound* of su^ar; thre^ saw mills, fourte-n distilleries. producing If"?AH) gallons of brandy. The colony of M Catnarir.e. founded a vear later, ' L is a population of two thousand two hundred. 1 and Is perhaps the most considerable of these col- ? on:?s. _ i G&ASb GlMSASTlC COSVSNTIOM AXD TotTtSA- 1 mint ?A circular has been issued from Chi- < cago. a-icouncinK tuat a ((rand'.cau Gymnastic Tournament will be held In that city ?tirring thr week csnimescing J tnuaryTth. 1^61. ' and inviting all cvinna?U of the United Stttes dad Uii'da to be present on the cccaslon. One I the t. sand dollar- in uo.d will l>e distributed in , p-:r??. as follow: Two hundred dollars'-to the stropi;est man;" two hundred dollars "to the l>est 1 fombi nation of three or more men in grouping, posturing." Ac., oue hundred dollars "to the 1 fast+?t runn? r of one mile on the circular track,, and fifty dollars each to the ixrst performers, re speetively, on the horizontal bar. ou toe rtnirs. on th* parallel, on the trapeze and slack rope, with the jjlcves and with the foils. n?T v n _ u / i Ur j v i i-ifc be/ gave us last even- j )r>i'. > brllHint ou lb" religion, customs e<?i ixople uf Brazil. Seldom have we relish'd more than the picture belaid h?f..-re Lis budlrnce of that exuberant garden of the topics laden with its strange variety ot fruits ai>d < em. teemiug in perpetual harvtst for the hand of man Surety that country must be the garden of tbe worM, and if ita people hid the enterprise which mini this Yankee nation, itnsgfn&tjon could not set a bond to the rrsul s they would produce there As relevant to this comparison ItM> Kevrrtnd Kt-ntieroan st. '.'d that the beat U* medic* employed there for the dlstaar* to \* they are subject. are invented and supplied lotb?m t>y our own w?-Il known counfr>maii, lit J C. Ayer, of Lowell, Mass , and not the jmoj le only. l'iit tlie priesthood and the courtof tt# Ku.peror rtown. bave eonsUiit reruun* in ?.cki.? Mlo tbe Kennedies of ttai? widely celebrated American Chemist ?Lfdger, Bonton Aid roa tub Christians or Svai* ?The BritlsL and American re#identa of Bvyrout and vielnttr h?Te organized a committee for the purpose of soliciting from tbe people of Kngland and America relief Cpr the Christian# who are autfe: era by tne sa*i?nluary war between tU? Druses and Christiana of Lebanon. The committee iu their c rciilar any: ' Of thl# ?Mt number of anff~rrrs. (7$,WO ) a large proportion have been plundered of their per*11. 1 property, a very large majority have, moreover. bad their bouua burnt, ^tuere having b en upward# of one hundred and fifty towns, village* ar.d hum let* destroyed by fire.) and are thereiuc?.iU>w hwuseiesa wanderer#; while upward of lU,Ott) are made Widows and orphans, tbe mai-?rUv not la legitimate warfare, but by cold blooded masaacre at Raahelya. Ha#betya, I)eir-elKomar, and the neigborfcaoa of 8iacn. Vauv U'tMiaaud of these wretched victims hatae ted to Bey rout, Daoiaacua. Stdoa, and other placta, far refuge, crowding every available abater and lflDg aftout la opea atr, depending for tbe Ml* r ?'f l ie upon the cbaritv of the inhabitants But It ? ohrlout that, however Ji bera 1 th'a charity may >*\ it ui uinou be exhausted, while the d-atltutlon and nfTeriBg, inatcnd of diminishing, must become more intense on the approach of wiater. when better belter, clothing, and f?x d wiil be.saential to the |?eaervaiionoftheir lives " DcmUobi In aid of thia charity will be recet v?d In the United Statea by Jamea M. Gordon. Kaq., Treoaorer A B. C. F M . 33 Pemberion aqiiarr. Boa tun. and the ageuta of the A. B C. F M.,fn other cltlea and towns, who will trana . tt the money through their agents to the Beyreut branch of the Ottoman Bank, which wiitsct aa treasurer, uuder the direction of the committee. * U7*"Weiee,"ii!d Swift fn one of hi* meat sarcastic moods, "what God Almighty think* of riches by the people to whom be gives them ' } WASHIBIOTOH NEWS AND UOMIP. ) Seetchi* or Tm*v*L. [Editorial Corrttfondtnit of Th* Star ] [No 11 ] August 1, IR60. Loceport ? Middleport ? Rochester ? The N'eoro in WiaTim New Yore?The Rochester Depot, Ac. We soon reached Lockport, the eanaling wonder of the world Ita series of stupendous locks, by which the boats of the Erie canal ascend or deacend a great distance perpendicularly. In the space of 100 yards or so, are in full view of the passenger upon this railroad; and as an engineering achievement fairly vies with either great one to be seen npon the long line of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad It (Lockport) derived its origin Importance from the location of thia chain of locks, detaining all the great commerce of the Erie canal here In Ita transit. Ac., longer than it is detained anywhere else between Buffalo and New York city. Subsequently, the dense settlement of the line agricultural country surrounding It made for It a heavy neighborhood trade; and. next, the construction of this railroad so increased its business far-llfties, as that it now | manufactures largely ; and has thus become one of the most important Inland New York towns. The train has just passed Middleport, a handsome village, created by the necessities of the ftrmers round about It. Lands here are worth about from SHI to f 100 per acre, with the humble Improvements that meet my gaze on all sidesneat, plain, and comfortable for the small farmers who occupy tbem; for a farm over a hundred acres In extent is a rare sight here. We have had the Erie canal, just north of the rail track since leaving Lockport, crowded to Its utmost capacity with business, notwithstanding the competition of this fine railroad and the New York and F.rie railroad, both of which strive to obtain as much of the immense freighting trade between New York and Buffalo as will possibly bear railroad freighting, as theycan, by carrying atexceedingly low rates of cbarge. Unlike the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, tbe interests tributary to its commerce are sutllcisntly powerful to command the respect of the State legislature. Hence tbe demagogues of that body do not dare, in legislating where its interest is involved, to legislate especially against it; a* those of the Maryland Legislatnre do with im_ punity, against the interest of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal. In this region political p*rty is not unfrequently subordinated to the F.rie canal's interests by the voters at large. If those of the counties of Maryland bordering the canal would pursue a like commendable policy now and then, they would surely command for thtlr Immediate interests far more rcsptct from the State's Legislature. Darkness approaches, so I must put up pencil for the time being. Wdnestlny morning;, August '2 ?We duly reached Rochester shortly before 9 p. m last night, after a delightful ride of ". > miles, from Niagara Falls I came hither thus t > escape the crowd at the International at Niagara. As delightful a house as It is. I cannot stand Its const nit whirl and whiz of music, dancing, champignecork popping and stuffing, with the pressure of its crowd* of guests everywhere about the establishment; pleasant, doubtless, to those whose brains are not as mine are, constantly overstraintd with business thoughts So, learning that the Osbourn House, Rochester, was one of the best kept in this land of really good public houses, I came over here for the night;?and thankful I am for hiving taken that resolution, as I am enjoying what I always crave, quiet?as well as all the comforts of a hotel kept most elegantly and subItsiltl.illv wIIKahI -j" 4 j y .? ?.uv..? tuv ic-ua* a upa auuui 1%. Rochester wai settled first from our own Immediate region of country ; its pioneers being Rochestrrs, Carroll*, Rom, and Fltzhugh*, from Washington and Baltimore counties, Maryland, and Prince William and Fairfax counties, Virginia. Descendant* of all of them still live in this vicinity and are well to do, and noted for their frank integrity, Intelligence, and high breeding; t ieir Maryland and Virginia blood thus cropping It in the second and third generations, as it ibowed itaelf In the originators of their several itoeks here. The far-seeing sagacity of old Central Rochester, of Hagerstown. pitched upon the Palls of the Genesee at this point, as likely to b.'come a point of great manufacturing and commercial importance, and accordingly he planted the followers he led from the South here Time has more than justified his judgment; for now Rochester contains 50,Cf)0 souls, and is perhaps the most Important manufacturing as well as milling poiut In this vast, over-peopled State aii me civiiiz^-a wor:a use something of Its fabrication, in a thousand different materials, and is thus tributary to its enterprise and industry. Its itreets are spacious and well built up, and, te tbe rrsdit of it, people be It said, nowhere else have I seen so large a city so well supplied and gracefully grnainented witb that cheapest luxury and c >mfort, and most beautiful adornment of aggregated Americans?shade trees. The Hour of the Rochester mills is noted as the best made of northern wheat, and. next to that of the Richmond city mills, commands the liest price In the great Hour trade operations of tb? New World. 1 was struck favorably this morning witb the general aonearance of sufficiency fnimM ?>? _ ---J-J? "J ?" laboring clauses here; no sign* of want being evident about any of them. They seem In Rochester to wc?r an air of independence and quiet riig nlty of character not often seen amongst them it the North, the absence of which strike the observing southerner to forcibly, because its prcscnce la universal throughout the South. Though political abolltiouism is of course rife here, every ailing except boot-blacking, walling, whitewashing, and kindred employments, appears to be taboed from negro participation. That is to wy, King Demos here wills that his own negro su&tl be kept the negro, though eternally crying bis eyes out because the South keeps her negro as tie negro still In nought is the demagog ism, rbarlaUnisru, fanaticism, and hypocrisy of abolitionism more evident than in the persistent practice of western New Vork, on the princ pie that ti._ ? *? * - - * ~ " i Lie u>gro ia no', - a* go on as a white man,'1 while justifying their Interference with the status of slavery in the Southern States upon the plea that If anything, he (the negro) is a little the beat of the two. 1 am oil again, bound for Schenectady, where 1 shall rest to-night, lit preference to venturing ' sleep atnon? tb?j crowd at Saratoga, where I hope to spend to-morrow The tight al the depot of the .New York Central Company at Rochester la perhapa the moat latereating one In the world to the man whose mind nereasarlly dwells oa subjects connected with the management of railroads. Two or tbr? iir?nrh nilroads unite with the Central there, and so gr? at la the throng of passing and repassing, coming and going, crossing and recrossing trains, as that six engines are necessarily kept at work there?not to draw thnse trains, but aim ply to the end of shifting cars from one to another track, In order to keep the way open From two hundred to a thousand peraoaa throng the depot from sun to sun, departing, arriving, or awaiting the arrival and departure of trnlns A fltgman la kept at every street corner of the city where c*rs pass, whose duty it Is to guard the public from being run over. One cannot comprehend how complete pr? cautionary and expediting arrangements of railroad trains caa be made, until after some time -? ? -0 4 * ouiuy1 ijk tunus oi &p|Mrcui couiuiion, t)ut really thorough ord<*r and system of the mauageraeut of the New York Central'! affair* at Iloclies. ter, or tome utter of Its principal diverging station*. W.l). W ?. ? , ? Aimt Intelligence.?At the suggestion of the Commissioner of the Northwest Boundary Survey, tli? escort to the west of tbe Cascade range having bt-ea dispense d with, the station at Camp Clmlahmoo will be abandoned, and company F, ninth l:.fantry, will take post at Fort Stellacoom. The buildings erected at Camp Simishmoo being north of tbe 49th parallel, and conseqnently i_ ii.ui.l ?-i-t- ?? h* " uruiBu i/ciuiiiuii, wnt uc mi anamarocd. After tbe arrival of (Second Lieut. Robert, Corp* of Englneera, from Fort Caacadea wltb hia detachment, tbe entire detach meat of company A, Corpa of Kngtueera, under the command of Flrat Lieut. T. L Caaey, will continue tbe work of opening a practicable wagon road from tbe town of Vaucouver to Lew la river. Second Lt II M. Robert, Corpa of Englnoara, witfa a tuJIclent number of guide* and peck an lmala for the purpose. will explore the conntrv from I<rwli river to the Cowlitz Landing in the direction of Tooth I.ike, <rith the view of continuing the road bv that point if practicable A general court martial will assemble In this city, at 10 o'clock, a. m , on the 30th instant, for the trial of Private Won. B Swan, of - orapauv ; ? 0," 8th infantry,and such other peraona ;a m^y b? properly brought before it. Capt Wm Blair, ubsistence department,judge advocate. A general court martial hat been appointed to J meet at Fort Steilaroom, Texas, for the trial of such persona as may be brought before it. Assistant Surgeon J. B. Brown, mcdical department, judge advocate Pu suant to Instructions from the War Department the headquarters of the eighth regiment of infantry are transferred to San Antonio barracks, and the commanding officer, Lieut Col. Se.iwell, will assume command at that station. * Thk Bill and Evkkett Mass Mbktixq Last Night?We must say for our Bell and Kverett friends that they made a moat impoai ng demonstration last night. Whether considered in reference to the numbers participating, the number and brilliancy of their torchlights, the variety and pungency of their transparencies, the enthusiasm of their rank and file, the ability of their speakers, or the magnificence of their general arrangements, the demonstration baa seldom, if ever, been surpassed in impressiveness by any similar demonstration in the National Metropolis. For a full report of the affair we would refer the reader to our local columns. The Gkxat Eartkr*.?We bave detailed two of our wide awake reporters to look after the <?reat Kastern during her stay at Annapolis one has gone by the railroad route In company with the President's suite, and the other by the river routp rv>p atpamfr HnHlinnro wf expect to Veep our reader* advised of every thing of interest that transpires in conncction with the big ship and her hosts of visitors, illustrious and otherwise, on the waters of the Chesapeake. Departure of thk President ? A? we stated yesterday would be the case, the President of the I'nited States and MIm Lane, accompanied by the Secretary of the Navy, the Postmaster General and a small pirty, left Washington this morning for Annapolis, to visit the Great Eastern, in com pliance with the invitation of the directors. Naval?The frigate Constitution, Capt John Pope, sailed from Portsmouth, N II , on the ftth Instant, for Annapolis. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer )?an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is ahout 7 o'clock. August 9, I860. Nrw York. N Y cloudy, ho?, c'o e Philadelphia, Pa cloudv, warm Washington, D. C cloudy, wind S\V I Richmond, Va. cloudy. 73'. Petersburg, Va cloudy, Norfolk, Va cloudy. 80?, wind S\V Raleigh, N. C cloudy, Wilmington, N .C cloudy, warm Columbia, S. C cloudy, hot. Charleston. S- C cloudy, 61?, wind SE Augusta, Ga clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga clear, 73% wiudSVV Mac on. Ga clear. Columbus, Ga clear, warm Montgomery, Ala clear, warm. VKO.K THK WB8T. Cairo, 111 cloudy,70', wind N W Ottawa. Ill clear, ??',wlnd ,\W Cedar Rapids, Iowa clear, calm, 68'. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 29.775; at noon. '.W,795 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 76 ; at noon, ?7 \ Maximum during 21 hours ending 9 a m. to day, 96"; minimum 73\ Visit of th? President to the Great Eastern. [Correspondence of The Star ] Thcmsdat, August 9, I860. The announcement, as first made In the Star a f-w days since, that the President and suite would leave the city In the 7 .40 train this morning for Annapolis., on a visit to the Great Eastern, created quite a desire among those of our clt'zeos and temporary sojourners who contemplated visiting iuii monster steamsnip, 10 avail themselves <f this opportunity, that, In addition to a view of the vessel, they might be afforded the gratiBca tion of participating In the enjoyments and many pleasant incidents consequent on the present* of such a distinguished pa'ty. Accordingly, on reaching the depot this morning, some time previous to the departure of the train, we found the cars filled with anxious passengers The President of the United States arrived about quarter past seven, accompanied by Miss Lane, Private Secretary Buchanan. Seoretarv - J Toucey, Mrs. O. Taylor, Capt. Lrr ?ud wife, Mr. Riggs (bsnker) and daughters, M?j. Alexander and daughter, Commissioner Blake, Col Johnson (Paymaster) and wife, Mr. McUraw, and Mr. Browne, of the Constitution. These honored guests were Invited to occupy seats in the second car of the train, which was comfortably arranged for their especial accommodation The President was in an unusually happy mood, and seemed to be very tnuch gratified at the prospect of a pleasant trip and an opportunity of seeing this f?xhibit)An ?f inn#Hnr imntii'nl ?bfll 1?The train moved off at precisely forty minutes pant lev en. and is now approaching the Annapolis Junction The cultivated state of the fields alj along the way display the industry of those residing In the vicinity, but at the same time present a sorrowful spectacle as regards the condition of the plants and vegetables, all appearing dried and parched, from the great drought which has recently prevailed in thts, as in other sections of the country. But we are now at the Annapolis Junction Those who intend visiting the Great Eastern are exchanging their seats in this for others in the train for Annapolis, so your correspondent, in order not to be left behind, must bid the Star 44 yood hv'1 for th*? nfPMnt f -? -1 ? ? t v< IYw^GRAND BELL a*DEVER KTT K* 1-LV. Jof Tho Central |{?;l md Kver?UCIub wilt hold ity regular weekly meeting at Thorn'* Ijail, Seventh *t. THIf E?*,Nl5i6. at 8 o'clo k. B. H<>Dot, E?q-, of LutiMaaa, will a Hre?? th? meet ing 'I'he ga^ jets. Bell and Everett, will bo ex.hil>ited in front of the Club Room to-night. By order. If _ CHARLES I. CAN FIELD. S?j dontTorukt. HOSE that are troubled with Dysentery or a-iy Dim***" of tne Bowels, will find reliefby o?inf Dr. J. SIMMS A SONS' CHULKRA SYRIP. at it g*nerall> cured all tuch diaeane. without (ail. It i? perfectly free f, oin opium, and answer* tor the aited ai well as the infant. Formic by C11AS SI'OTT, Pa. aire; CISSEL, Georgetown; and COOK A CO.. Alexandria, ail ft-.w* METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG I. A DIES, 464 E St., Betw-skk 6th and 7th St?. The fourth annual Million rf the Institute will cnm'??nc? on the first MONDAY in Meptemb r. A pplmntion'should he mad? arlv, ax t.- ? number of pupils i* limifd. For particulars circulars or apply to the prinoipals, Mr. and .Mr*. T. H. HAV hS \ KR, at the Institute. au 9-eotf NOTICK.?The road rooently opened through the Kait Square ofthe Capitol grounds is not in it* pr?-i-rit condition a highway, but vai simply intended for the convnieiioe of erecting ftepato the porticoes aiid affording ingress to persoiiH having l>u?iont? in i ha building o wishing 10 inspect it. The ime of the road as a common highway would interfere very much with the progress of the work going on,an<t therefore it cannot at p pirnt l"> made a thoroughfare by omnibus ana other reticles As soon a* the work has made sufficient progress to admitof it, the roa?l will he put in proper travelling condition and thrown open for pnbiio u??. J NO. B HLAKE, rommiiMOMr of Public tfuiidinga and Grounds. an 9 dlw TP FOR PHILADELPHIA. I HK 8TEAMER C. C. ALGEK, CAPTAIN FE TON, ia now ready ibr freuht, JTmm w for'ho nhovo port, to sail on FRI-.^^4^kh? IMY MORNING, o'clock. Ap ply to HYDE A DAVIDSON, Georgetown, D. C. Iu8!t T NOTICE. O TRAVELLERS F?JR OLD POLNT, ?,_AND?LANDINGS _ .nr?'2 w.? iqdrw'y;u,4?,lfAvnt1,i:. Th? tH*aw*r RALTlMORfci CORRAL. For -1., MhK?< Cb'PO|tn. Jr? | Jjr*-1? ChwBirt. I # The Great Eaitrra. Hbr Arrival orr Old Poi*t?The Cbowp to micbthk MoMTII-hu DePARTCR b. a>d TBir cp the Hat, Ac., Ac. Corropendtne* of Tkt Star. PoiTMiorTB, Va , Aug 7, ItMV It having been announced that the Great Bastern would anchor <a Hampton Road* onSat*rd?v la*t for the innpection of visiter*. number* flock'd from both Norfolk and this city on that day to view the momt?r rtnnier. Every posaible conveyance to her was brought Into service; while our steamboats, ladened with passengers, were kept constantly In motion TLe dav was quite warm, and the crowded state of the hoaU csused many to wish themselves once more to their homes But what is singular, not one fatal acci dent occurred during the day, and mnny express much satisfaction With the rantaln* of tlie H i*at "crafts'' for their prudence and discretion In avoiding all danger. When nearin^ the (treat Kastern many on board of our steamboats got but a partial gllmpM of the steamer fur fear of ioang their seats, and some wer# compelled to do the best they could by setting on boxes and the like; while others were subjected to even greater inconveniences Crowd at Old Poi?ct The immense concourse of persons at Old Point during the day bas been estimated at 'Ju.KHi, while evwrv hotel in the vicinity bore the apMrarance/n// '/uar'trs However, the energetic Willard was at his post, and assisted by Lis attentive caterers, made ample provision for the romf >rt of hia guests While at this place, various paa'ime* were employed; ntany preferring to view Fortrefs Monroe and walk upon the ramparts. while othera were engaged in inspecting the premises of the Hygeia, rolling ten-pins. playing billiard*, and other amusement*, while a goodly number remained on the wharf, eager to return. Kktuex Trip* or thi Boat* at Nioht. When for the last time returning; from Old Point, the boata. as might have been expected, were greatly crowded, ao much ao that many of them were compelled to leave numbers on the wharf? aoiue of whom, rather than take the risk wf returning under the circumstancea, "put up'1 for the night at Willarda The boata. however, all returned in safety, much to the gratification of tboae on board, many of whom aaaured u* they had aeen enough of the Great Kaalern The Dat?How Observed The day waa observed by many aa a holiday, and. what la gratifying to note, we witnessed but very few drunken people, who, doubtieaa wanted to keep their eyea straight to aee the mammoth wonder. Departure of the Great Eastern. On Sunday morning, about or 7 o'clock, the Great Eastern took her departure for Annapolia It ia to be regretted that she did not come up Into our Larbor. as there tnffl, pnti1?nis nf , -vr? >'? " ?1 which would have rendered transport niucb easier and would have given her an insight Into the facilities of our waters for maritime purposes PcuLic Opinion?How it Rcss. Now that this great steamer ha* l^ft n?. many va^u#? opinions ir? expressed regarding brr merits Not a few are of opinion that she is nothing extra in her line; while others affirm their gnat satisfaction of h^r superier qualities; and some thtnk our '-big ship,'' the Pennsylvania, is ofrqual lntmst and curiosity to those who have n< ver seen her. As for ourselv?-s,we shall advance no opinion ?but let the public have its sway. K. E. K CorrrsponritHce of Th' Stur. Point Lookout, August 7. Th? Great Kastern pwd this point at 1 p in on Sunday, nndcr a full head of steam, yoin^ at the rate of fifteen knot* an hour. She passed within one mil* of the shore The cheering on board routd be d'stlnctly hea d from the shore The point >s rapidly Mlllng up. The oyster bed owners of the Mate of Maryland hold a ui^ss meeting here on the 10th, and numbers are arriving 1 * * uy every imkii. The Philadelphia Vacht Squadron, under the command of Commodore Win Krouse, came to anchor here last ni^ht. The fleet consists of the Win. A lleianey. bearing the Commodore's tUe Wm. W . Alele, Captain Godfrey Krouse; and the splendid yacht Lille, Captain Daniel P. R^y, under escort of the yacht lola. The Commmodore extended nn Invitation to the guests at the Point to visit the squadron, which visit was particijKited in by all the ladies and most of the gentlemen present. FOR SALE AND KENT. [For vther '' For Sale ami Kent" advrrtiumfnts, tee fir it page ] ltOR rkNT?That heantifal COTTAGE RE? " 1DENCE o i Twelfth *t eet, between G and H, (east ?idei rod'AiiiioK 7 or fl r?*nn?. with walt-raud K*k,formerly occui i?^l by H H Vo??, E*q. In point if location and pnnvmneni"* thi* hoime it unsurpassed. Inquire of R \V BATH*, wood snd coal deslei, cornet of C and Fourteenth st?. au 9 tf Furnished rooms with or with OUT HOARD.?Persons iie irin< Fnmi*h?d Rooms would do well to call at m. bavvski/s. No. 339 F St., !w?tween 9th and Oth xt* , he ha* several v?ry handsomely furnished,convenie- tand v*ll venti fttrol riM?m? wkw.l? k* ?.li ? ??L -- _ ? ? -, w u >iv will I r nl W I '.II U r without tx?ard, on r?*a onat>let* ms. He ca i also accommodate a low table boarder*. an 8 St* FljR RENT?A new STORE and CELLAR for rental tha corner of Pennsylvania and New Hampnture avei'ii", imin?diat ly opposite west tat * of th? Circle < Washington'* statue) Beautiful stand for apothecary, restanrant. or grocer? store. The rent low. For ?%l? 3H0 yellow pine JOINTS at 91 P,,r l"<i te -t. Lengths an. l->, 16.14 ar.d 12 fret. on JOSEPH N. FEARSON, Ge<r<<-to?n, D. C. _ au e St \|BS. BATES, desiring to return ?o her rati-e '"I h me, wishes to transfer her well established Boarding House, oont?iuii!g J3 rooms, and sotQinmoiatinr at the present line upwards ol 4? boarders, l"to the hands o; come p?rson wishing to go into the business, on the most r?-as ,i,ar 1*> t*rm? T is iionse, long and well known to the eit 7. -is of Washington, is pleai-an ly si'uatedat the m.uth west oxriie' of Ninth t. a-d Pa. avenue, in the m -st tin i vine pt't of tin oit*. and is convenient to chii'ch-'s schools, th* pntilio bui dingb. Ac. For further particulars please oall and inquire at No. 351 Pa. a venue an 8-tf A HKAI'TIFI'L FARM FOR HAt.KOP FY i x UHA.NUK FOR I.MCRtiVKDFR. PERTY. I offer for >ale my Farm. 3 mtlea fron Georgetown 1 mile from Tena > town Fort Offior, (30 minutes' rid" f om Georgetown) oi about Sn acrt;*. 40 in the huhem rta'e of cultivation an a market garden farm; ten a?:ro? of timber and wood land The dwelling i? largo and convenient^ with large dry oellai; large new stable with lofl full of lia>; large now barn full of clover ard timothy ha>; another large l?aMi full of this y< ar a g'ain hi ilio gtraw (nrc, wnea' anil oat?.) A good stone basemrnt under tho liani forcown; anew stone spring house with apring in it: stone milk hou*e a-ljoioing with water trough*; ca-riage aud amok* house. The fruit i* of the l>e-t grafted variety, Pea he*. P<ara, Apples, Pluma, Quince*.Gag"*,Cherrie and Grapes Also,St aw berry, Cur'ant, Raspberry and Asjaragus beda The farm is well known, having tneaovni: d by mv late lather and myaelt for Che last V) years. It is a leautiful place, huh and hralthy. Suchapayin: farm la i.eidoin offered for aale; b in? parabxed ia mv rea?' n lor winning to part with it Irle perfect Caii at my rand No. 320 C-.nter Ma ket. n< ar Seventh street, next to L. Nena.jer'c stand, or a uote left at the Sar I or addr-s'.ed to ine at T*' ah tow n Host Office, will be aMen I d ?o. au 3-Jt* SAM I'EL SHOEMAKER. BOO'<S AND STATIONKRY STOCK AND Fixtures for sale aud Store for rent. Applv at No. 3*8 Seventh at. au 7 3t* L'OR RKNT-A HOUSE on Eleventh, between V O and I' Kt-eets.C1 ntaming 6 rooma newlv finished. Rent 9100 pi>r annum Apply toC. F F. RtOHARDSON. Kaoon D?ale ,C?nter and North Arai I iU??? H--1?* ?> * i j . r- i i > jmi kvii HI 7 6o3t CU>R FF.NT FOR A TERM OF~YKAR8.?A r DMK V FARM of?0 acres. with a new house containing a room*; 2 )*rui lar?e enouich to receive / ? tuns of hay, an I otalia sufficient fo 44 cows and 2 horse*. There is a*tach<-d to (he bar. e6-hor?e power steam en ;ine iu complete order, a grist mill, corn shelter cuttinc machine all in order, steam tubes of sufficient siz-? to sUftm th*f. od for An o?vi; the hay o?n be cat for lass Uian kail it oost by a hand machine; the (rain ran lie ground for leas than 3 ?rnts a bushel, and the dairy is so anangei that 3 nitn toquainted with the kseir-eas nan griad th? grain, cut the hay, steam the food, and aell the mi k oi 3S or 40 cow* The home and lamsa eomn a. t It supplied with pure spring wat -r by a water b am. There is a iarce ei tern which takes the water from theroos; the supply of water is abundant for the dairy purpo-es 1 his dairy is within m miles from Willard's Hotel, and l>a? ma?le larger returns to the owners for Uh> la<t J years than any other dairy in th * District, b?t in<*on?equei:oeof ill health the piemises will be rented for a term of years and the An Pin a *nH -* r_. _ ?>.U Itk inir P' ice* U) ft (UOil dairyman For further information adore** through the Po?i Office C WALBRIDGE. au7 1w 17OR RENT?The large STORE ROOM and " CELLAM on the corner of I and 8* vent h sta , Nav* \ ard. This ?oom i? agitable for an* buaiue*8. Can l>e rented with or without the dwelling. P<>* eanion riven 1st of ^September. Apply to JOB. h KPKTU, 4*3 I >t.e*8'. an 3-2w* PH <) R R K N T? A large three-atorjr-and-attio BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, aituated at at No. -I*** Eleventh at , a short dirtanoe from Pa. avecue. Koonu large; muse arranged with the modern convenience; Prick stable and carnagehouse in the rear. Rei.t moderate to a good tenant. Apply to JA9 0 McGl'IRE ft CO. auS-eotf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOuBE will be for tent m a rew day*. It i* beautifully situated on Thwt<;enth street, between (yeorna avenne and K at k... - ? ?? t ? ? J !?! J ?' ' 'ft" ra-~dnn lot attached, a of g od wau>r n ar. andoon*atn?4 rontna. kitehm and wtod?h*l. Will l>e rented low, with or without the lot, to a ?<?o<| tenant. For ?at? cheap, a e-xxl, ?tron? WORK HORSE: work* wel in any thins Inquire of T.' E. CI.aAk, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, ttlS H ?t.. between 4th and .Sth. jjr 16 F'OR RENT?Two comfortable tire*-?W ry brick HOU^K<. six room* and kitchen eaon^aituated on Kleventh *t.. b-'twrnm B and C. Rent $1250 p?r month Apply Ir. GE07F. Hl'GUELY, at P. 8. Myer?- Office, Eighth at. jy U iV FOR RENT-Two fcaauttfui new BRICK HOI!81 8,on Ei*h'h it eat waat, betwean M and N *tre??tit no'th. we?t airla. Apply to MARY C. HA IS LIP. No. isi Niatti afreat waat..?r Dr. KEaSHEY, No. 334 Pa arenae, betwaari sth aad 10th afreet*. jy 12 *w* All kinds op GAME Bought ?t Um Highest PriMa.* A? KLOT7/8 RESTAURANT, au 4-eolm* Ni?th at, bet. P?.?v and D ?t. FOR THE GREAT EASTERN. r|1HK (.REAT EXTERN. ANNAPOLIS A Nil KLK RIDGE RAILROAD. RKDVCkD FARE. TH? following ra'M h?ve W*n established on this rout*. (Iteirc 25 mile* nwn-cr m thsn ?m othrr for eitisnM ofAJBI TZ&I^KrT. H nskiairtonandofitt vieiaity sott th^ "trrar Ship.) to oor'tnnp during th? visit of lship t? tM* Anvfcpoli* Roadi. R mi ml Iria t n V ti * rwwl fnr t h? iU? frSTthVJ ~"nU Ph??lp* to . ^ ?o ? Tippinctpn * to do tSWj1 ? ArtPnh,ll-to do ? ??? Millar* to do tfcen" Water Station to do ?M?l? do ??*") ? Crownovlll* to do ^?*rt" :: BSWiT. t 8SK ?; TH<W. OAITHE*., Steamboats wili pi* Ann?poUa and th? Great Ka^Wn every hour. Fare 25 cents. au< dtlPth ^ A1,TIMOR E AND OHIO KAll.KOAU. st V: a vi-11 i r SHW!fc(jR|,;^T K ASTK.R\ ** F*Or 111 A i.?n nf K* <' ) *nim VV a?k_ inicton and vicirity deairing to in?paot the Mwiinoth ?tenm*hip the following arrangement* hav? he^nmade: ? Train* will leave \Ya?hin*ton SUtini on MOV PAY. Tl'KSDA Y, \VKD\E9I>AV. THIH*PAY. and FRIDAY, Mh. 7th. 8th 9tS. and 10th 1 nut*nt. at 6*>. 7.4o.aiid It ?n a m , coiii?e?U?* ?t Baltimore with the mpsri-r iteameri of the Bay Line f.?r the rrcat **hip The teaser* wiltleav# the Norfolk Company'" Wharf. Baltimore, at t 40 a m.. arm ttowiy ? h*r| at 10 a m. and 3 p ra., allowing ample tnnet^ walk fr -in Camdea Station after the arrival <?f the train*. The iiMmtri will rnn to the *hip or back in !e*? th*n two kmiri, Returning steamer* will leave the "hip at about noon, and *'and b p rn , and train* leave Fallimore at 3 15, l.2n, and 8 5 p. in.. an<l reaching Washing ton ('a^t train * hv l'i p. m. Ticket* ?.n!? $2 V from \Vsihin|*?n, inc'ndint the round trip h> railroad, a visit to Italtimore, the liar "teamen to a.j<l fr m th? (ircat Fla?tern. and a full alini*>ion on lioard the tame. ra'*e-ieer* hare choirx of Cams coinc and re turning. Ticket* good for *ame day and also the following morning W P. SMiTH, .Ma ter of Transp ir ation T. H. PARSONS. Agent Mi 4 M A MU8?MKm vf antlo~stan island if J U ? I C A I, KNTERTaINMRNT. CoMXRM ISO AT 4 O'CLOCK P. M Messrs. POWF.RS A CO. Iieg leare to inform th?-i< f-i?*nri* and the pnhli-' that on FK I and SATCRWAY hVKNIMiH, Aumst 1? UkOBk and llth. Mi. C (i. Hiep. I aler to I hiwlon'sW1 exhibition. and Mr. J L. S?-_hkll. Piani't, siP at trml the al< v.- I tland and pi'form ?e cation* of the mo -t popola Op -ratio and Cla??ic \l imp, on which we* ion a lar^'at'?*n<ia>ioe i? fquetl d. Adiiufcm<<u au 6 4t irr- !)<? ''T FOROKT. f? PKER CONi^KATI! iKNST I.OMFLKK, ,V?.r York b* iwh Ist am-/ id nt?*H. would r*?r*i*tf<illT )pK ?late to the puhlio thai A <.'<IV V.K I' oiAfui SELECT MUSIC willi-rifn cw. M??N D A V and T?l RM)AY FVENINOS durtnethe n???on at hm Pavilion, ooimn^uoine at 3 o'clock and ending ?t t? p. m Preriou* U? ih? Conoert, t!n? Saloon is open to Lhos<* detiriog to while a f-w honr? m the mazy danco. ICE CRKNM WA'I't-'K ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONEKV alway* rrady ?t oity pneot.. fartirtu definite thi tiardes for Pic Nic pur P"?'?, *'? r?*juo?t?i to titeadar or two notioe. j?> In EXCURSIONS PIT pot thk toot or th4- citizensGRIND DAY AND MOONLIGHT PIC-NIC At TH" Perscvcrance Fire Company, Wo. 5, T? Uen-fln Hi arlington spring. Ox TUESDAY, Av?v*t 14th, 1*60. Tkt proceeds (o be d'Vatr-l lotcartis the rifatrt tj ikt Em>*( Horn*t. PfoCmor Sch'Of?l?r'i Hrass and St log Band hM been encased for (In occuiun. Conrty 'nte*.?Omr,ihu?e? will leave^^?^^ae? the Northern l,it**rti?e' Market at a. m. and l>, p. m.. a <1 continue to run from the corner of Pa avoniie and Seventh utreet every hour. Th* ?tearner G*.o. \V. Rt'io* wi'l leave Fourteenth treet hridee ever* hour The ?t amer Fltiio Clotd will leave the Aqueduct every hour also. of Arrnnfrm'n'*. AY. W. Grant. A. Gla??ow, W'm. II. Parrar. J. r Reed, an 8 St Jno. H Thniwpmn. T announcement. HE MONTfiOMKKV GlARD Har? the pira-ye of announrint to th*ir ^ "All* f r lemla a nil tin 1i/> W Ijr that they will *iv-e a PIC-N'C (it Arlinct'-n <n \N hDNKfDAY, the 15th Particulars in * future artrertuwment. au 6 \VM, I.AXGR ?N, lat Lieut. / "?RAXD MOONLIGHT EXCURSION VI r.?a i h k BENEFIT OF FAMILIES. The ateanier Phii'i will l?*v? Rohrer'a Wharf, Navv \ ard, at 7>* o'cl k <>n THL R5*- jr? I)AY F.VENI >li. Au?u?t 9th, proceed down the liver a an table tanc ?to enable her U> return at ?e*?onable hour. An excellent fetnng band of muaic will be in attendance. Ticket* <trlv 25 rents; tn )>e had at the atore of a a ? i " ' > .Mr nukin ' >?nai?, j r , and at the boat on the evening of the excursion. au 4,HAJ>-3t A GRAND TOURNAMENT AND BALL MAR5HALI *S PAVILION. A?iR ANDTOLRNAMENTand BALL will tak* pla:e at M AK <*H Ll-'S I'AVILlu >>,?n TlESDA\, the 14th iaat. Riiler* from Wathmgton, town, and Al< xand-ia are mo^t respectful solicited to ri?i?. Tliey will be furni'hed with costume, U?ar<tam1 horse feet! on the above day for twelra do ara<S12.) Wrhers's Celebrated Brti* Band has be^n encared for the occasion. The publio a^e invited to attend. Th" steamer Raltimokk will leave \Va<lui(tM on .Monday. the ISth, at 10 o'clock a. m. and land at tnc Pa vilion at 5o'clock p. m Returi in* will laave tha Pavilion on Wedn??<lay mo-nin* at 1 o'clock an la rive in WaMtinpton at 7 o'clock a m..thua affo-dme a RO<id o?jH>rt?init? to tho?e wi?hiP|c to aval! themselves of Hit Wswr Hatmnf. Fishing. Craobing. Ac. Tf'e un<l?rn*ned ha* spared no expense to mak* this Tournament surpass an' thine of the kind that has Iwn siven in the State of Maryland, and nothing shall be IHt undone on hi* part to rentier r>oni fo t an i pleasure <? all fhat ma> give him a oall. aufilw* R J. MAR^HAI.I.. Proprietor. tTN PAR ALLELE l> ATTRACTION ! OK J.V i> PR17V PTr v;/" At A!tAI.OST*N I "LAND. On MONDAY. Awr?T 1?, 1*6" Oar II n ad red Piece* ( JeweujrGI?eaAwaj! Among which a m><1 Sivh Watch. ADKrcine and Mu te diirmx tin <Ja> will afford e joyment t>? all. ipCft fcep ta'iU iu and String Band en ca<:t J fjr th? occasion. I Kk?U-5n Cent* for Gen'lemcn, 23 Cert? for Ladies; Children admits free. Tickets Ibr #nle at C. H. And?"?oiT? and I,amuv>ud a, 7th ?treet; Dr. >chwa tie'* Drue hlore. Fa. av.; and at the f<*ot of Huh *t. wharf, Georgetown, on th<* day of the Pio Nic. ir^" No charge made for conveyance aoroai to the Uland fron t'<? wharvec |L/~ For Liat of tiifta see amall prog rammea. au 3-7t lost" andfodnd. J^OGS LOST.?Strajed^ from 31 Indiana are.. ivw.i uii ' nr morning ~t ^ "| the 7th intf , two NEW FOU N DLA1V D|3j^ Pl'Ps. male and femaie. klwit four "? months old. A literal reward will be paid on bringing them to the above addr?a? an 9 at* fl> ] ft REWARD.?Stiayed or stolen from the V?" subscriber on the Sd mat .a innii cv bri*' t HtlRREt. MARK; atnpe in fore juTR h a?l, light inaoe and tail. The above re ward will be given for her return to L>. LUBCR. on C ?tr?et, between US and Mth t?t?. an 8 <t* I OST?On Wednesday morning. Wh instant, two Li NEWFOUNDLAND Pl*PS.(a dog a and a slut) three wi.:tb? old; the* I | both U??k with whit? mark* A liberal ^ reward will be paid for their delivery at No. 31 Louisiana ave> ue, between >1 and 43% ?treet?, or at M'. WATERS'!*, D at., between fth and 7th. au ?-3t* JAMES B LEACH. PERSONAL. NOTICE.?This II to inform the puM e that I will not pay a not* for twenty-five > o given by ui to W. Shil"*, daw-d Augu?t4th, payable tn 31 dat? ANDREW MUTH. au 8 ? A CARD-Two note* draws by B. A f^er, pe>?hlr to my order, for onr hundred dollw-a rach. in nine iu>d eighteen month* aft-r date, with interest,dated Itth Jul*. I860, Marine hers unlawfully olitau.ed fan ma. tho pnblie are eaut <>ae 1 not to trade for said not*s aa ihey ara mr jrop-'rty, and obtained from me without e->n?i'Walton au8 * WILLIAM ROBINS. PAST. PRESENT, AND FUTURE EVENTS, Will be satisfactorily explained, l>j a lad? at her rei-idenee No S3? C at betweea 1st arvd >t?.. Island. ConanliaUon fas 25 oanta. ao t Tt* MftADA~MK MORR1CE, Tut G*?*t Amoiooist sire Dr^TBBas, Jutt /rem E?rer*.- T*>ia hifhiy ctftNJ awl liMUMt lady aaa he consalt*d on the Past. Present and Fatare Events. Call at Na 30S Twenty-seeoad street, between H and 1, Washington. , i? > *-* BOARDING. J DOARD-PrraoaadMiruvaofobtoima* BuABD D ist private huuMt. will do wall fcj call tot at N?. 449 I ?tr?t, hetwen 9th and lOU. >?7-? j w o o d coal *BS Pa. Av., Bwtw uth ak? ItrH ^ AUCTION BALKft. Hy A. (j K K h V AaetionMr. PXTFNMVK MA IK or HOLPKHOLD A*D "i Kirmn Frimnn-Ot MOMIUV. ?h? IJttl inut . 1 *11*11 Mfl kl I" n'ii out * - ? mine ki?< f ir.t, No. 400 D ?.. b?'.wwii (th mdwii all . a i?r|* tad **reill?>nt a*aortm*?it of M%h ?*'?. Wainat.a <t <??h?r Fimllt, <>m? ? f kieli it n? a?l? r*w. * it Mahogany anl Waioat Botaa, Caatnr Arm aatl Koofciag Cha?r?. Mah-cany and \N a.Lut Dreaatnc and othr Bt.. _ Mtt'oitn; MirW'-lof Contra. Mi, and od* MaU.'ta?>r' FiUmiob, Dibim. card. ilr?*kfa*tn aad?thor T*b'r?, Mshoran* !t?m?*ary Bookcaa#. Writing <>?k, d \\ hut I.Ot, p ar <> f.irt-- H < koa?*?. Wardroboa.and Hat Tr??. > 11 f.aoia Mum an?i < th?r Uwkim J-no? Liiid.Fr^'ck.Md t'ottw C i'a .<ti?><. Cxxili*", t t.ii*. ti1* War*, Ivory and olk*r Knnraand F r>i. F.u- Frather Be?la, ?.a t, L#ln u, ai.o .M.uck Mat tr<^M8a Window Curtain* and Simla, cxorllrnt lot of Balding. X*P *atr>. P'air, arrf otliw Ca'f*la, Ha I an" ot'i#' (lilolo'h, vuh a avfr .?*t ol otl?*' arlir m vkicli * Mai n ooaaa * to aaum?r> The attention nf preona rn-ni?hn.( m rmp~c' full* invit??I t" thi? ?Me, aa the furaitare n of a (ood ^ ua'itr end lite aaie will l.e w-l vorthv mnr iltW'tf. Term': Al! antra m** r*?li. lxtli?oe m t and fon' m-nttha, f r aet?? ?ati?faotorii j eu<t. , b-an?r ii.terent. _? ** _ _____ A. GKKKW, ArH K? J. r Mitcripr * rn ? ? PFR KMPT<?M > KALK Or "lilLMN KK Y aid Stba w (? ?"? <, kwbuntitckiba. Till Mine* I.ACE* fKBri XKTi Fa?CI he.? on saTI'KDW UuKMNG. Avcaat Uh.a<>m m?re:n( ?t ? ??ck ami eor'tnviri fro? < ?; l? day unlit the whoia la di(-p'>aed of, tr ?ha'i act,, at tk? itoi? of K O tu << i, I'M t .No !* Pana. arena?, between Kh and I th ntf^u, a Iar?a van r-tf of fooda in Ilia lin?. utrfiainc ? I"rApo and Silt H??na*t# of new ?hap?a. Trnn<n?d ard untr Mr?w B"i>a*tA. H?U ti<4 F au, Colors hair and St-aw Wo?m'?B. Hia'k an" W kil* /orln Duti. CaiiiWric Bud Swia* IMci t* aim ltia?fUo?a. iKi d<> Ban' Bad Stripa. D<< do (V-'wu-.d M?,'i f?r?t' B<di*? ** (iimaa, Corda Hnuda. Frinca*. rttd K ihtu na, ( ans* and Si k, Silk Ballon*. Plain Drof I aa a!, |-rifi(*a. Rem val'ncia Kaeliah Thread, I w penal V?!?t?eia Silk, B ond and ?*arj oi^at ra netp of Lao-a, Hoop Skirt*. F eucli Artificial Flower*. Ladie? and Gentlemen'* Silk and Gingham I'm brellaa, S*wtac Suk*. Paool Cottoa*. Hair Pina of all kinds H^at! OreuM. Hair, Tooth and Na.l Briihw, Comhi, Opera G'a aca. Port?m?iiaiea. Card Cm*#, Gold and Silver Ttumhie*. Tack Coaiba. Labia'*. Harrison's and Ja'.ea Hai>?'a bwt l,a tract*. French and German Co" o*ne*. Hair <Ml, Pomade. Ac . Ac. All of wnich will he ?o d wi'h.'Ut reserra. Terar: 99" imkI qide', rwh. ow tUt mat erMit of gri mil * dit?, PPf ipfrot?l M*)nr?cd ootea tvrariiift lateral luld J. C MoUI'IKF. A CO . AocU. Br BARNARD A BUCRT. Aeeti^aeet* D. C. HOI HFHOI.D A SI. K I (t H J; N II KM Trmt, ^t At it * - We wt ' o?i Thl'KS PnV h?il 'th i '?ir i.hmmVIo k. p m., ?' ih? r ?M l??no<? of th? i?*e M>? C?". . , * '?! ?. < iff '<>? n ' vi , II of Ui? H' n ?- Id ' IT ct-. *:? g*n\ Side. uarU, Muttai.) T?b *, CU?4r?. Carpet*. P*?l??'-. dinme room, an'* Cook "tnvn, Fust rale Feather Bed*ani Wntiiu l.e?i ? <? h-? i it-ett. Bureau and Toilet ??ia.?*. Ft uder Kuivea, Ae., Kitohou Ut??n*:i?. Term* out *nfi BARNARDA BI'CKKV, A acta. FITTURE DAYS By J. C. MoGlMKh. ? CO , A?oiiwwr?. Trrj*tee'?*ale of v a liable p*orektt < !* Capitol Hill?On t-KIDAY Artl-ik SOON. Anii't M*A. ?? ? ???i?a. ? ?a frnniM*, hv virtue of a deed of trait, dated No reinfwr 2Sd. I*SS, and du y ree-rd~d ?m?ni the land record* of VVa?hin*ton coantv, I eha'T Mil the ea*???rr p% t of Lot nambered eeventeett, in a* a are numb-red e?ven hundred and twenty-nine, frvalio# twenty aeven feet on East Capitol atreet, Setwe^i? FirM and r*eoond ?tr?ete eaut. runninr haea eighty an f*et hree inohoa. together with the improve % nenta th'reon. All oonvevaEBinr at the ooet of th?? parol aa*r Term*: One half oaah; hn'n ce In C and I? m">ntl, *, wi h interea', necared by a deed ot treat oa the prope.ty JOHN HFPBrRN. Traatee. jy 18 eoftria J. C MaMUIlE ft CO.. Aae?a. Pl'BLiC *A l?K'.-Ry vrtae of aa order of the Orphana' Court of Prm?e Ge- rc?"'? eoanty, the aahronbera. a? administrator* f Matthiaa Kverafield. ate of .aid ?oan'y <iec*%ee<. will pab ,i ni<-.u mt im? r*?iarnc? m tb# . in Huoautvtr rii?t'ie*.rn THI KSO \ V. ISth A must. lifin, if fair, if not. the ?t 'air day thereafter. ail th Fersotai Estate of said deo?M?4l, onmbti of? A n?mb?r of Talnab1* Negroes, of both nxn, H r?ei and Cattle, Crops of Wheat and Oat* It snook in th* i?ld, Crop of Corn and a small Of op of Tobtocu oow growtnp, Oj-Carts, and other Fa-mine 1'tenaila, Hhasehoid and Kitchen Furmtu e. ?c ,kc Terms of sale: The property win be sold for ?oept^d^drafts oo Baltimore, at four mor.ths. inter gaie to commence at 1? o'clock a. m. MATTHEW E. PI'VAL? CHAR1.E8 E EVER5FIELD. jr n-lawts Adn'rs of JtfatthiM Krersfcetd. \T A l.l'A 8LE FAK.M F(Ki PALE-Tba subscribe's will off-*r f.-r ?* ? *? ?k? ? ? ? i ?| >-il ?F ' T"TT1 I WV i OB THl RSDnY.thf fi'h <>f A?ga?t lMft. that Trtet of<1, oallM a d known by th" nam* f^t'Moal away Forest " formerly owned by the iat? Dr M wnx'i Kver?fieM,and reoent ? by the late Matbia* V v?>r?fi? d it eonta n* 61R mim. more ? ? teas. and for productive n?*? is to My lands in thai lerti e re?if>i. It lies on 'he r,?cm??t Rrauoh.aod it w>,i ?r?-<oed and watered. hartnr an at undiu o*> -f litie m-a4o*r and. It adjoins thi? :andt> f K?n j<-s*ph K Hill, !*ttn tla?s B ud lord. Thoina* W. Kobioeon ad Wm. HGujim, (gfflMC) Thi* i?nd 1* oapal>;e of prodocmr >n irreat abnn dance tot>aoou, oora, wheat and ail the crops ally frown in Prince George's o"nni?. a:,d offrrs a_ra-e nBA/>rtnml? ?1? L " ?W ~ >uvk WHU wisn u> inveat IB Hw Kilitf. Th; baildinci are ordiewy. bat th? a^andBuce of fi&? bailding timber, o hnf Mile fro? b too i aaw Bad *ri?t mill. reader* bvilunc one?p 1U? I " lie from the A examn la Forty Bud ^ 12 imlea iron Waekiacion. ThO i?rmi of ?%!? will bo liberal (3 WO to bo paid iB cash on the (<?? of ??'?. the ree.Uee in I. a and S iMii, lb equal inatB'mei t?. to to eeourrd t?v th? Pond a of th? pure a?r or purolisaera, with a? ?ror*ri aeenrity. irtw t f'oin day of ?afo. ?n the payment ol the wh le pnrrhBae nmn?i wr<1 irt?r??t b food ?n?l auAicieut u?"d of the property wii! bo given. CH * R 1 M E. EVKR8FIELD. MATTHEW g. urTilt, j; i! wll For Bwj H. Everaield. Marshal*** sale.?in virtue ofB vm ?* fori faebta, i ? ??( from the c >?rk'? " ?e of the Ciroait C<>?rt of the Di?: ft of Co uuibta fo the county of TVabhiast n. an* to nn? directed, I will e*p <-e t" ful.Ur ?*ie. for c%>b.atthe MarfcK Hobo*. Georgetown. D. C , on FRIDAY, the ms doy of Aatuct 1'iet .o.mhvenoing at IBn'elook a m., the fo'iowing and chait- a. to wit, vi? : ob* 8-orr??l Male and one Do i Mare Male. ?*iz*d a-d levied cpon ? the ,mi r and oktttalaef t ? . Jaek?"n. ard will heeold to aaUafv indicia; N*. to October torn tlW?. is favor of J>hi, Moore. *V H*7.pEN._ I AH ? A* m ? 1.8. W?rah?l 1V1 ?AI,K.-Ib *irl*? of i ?n? of S? i fae;*" laeucd from the Cl?r? a Ofto of the tircut i.o?rt?l fhe District of Co nnlxa f v Ui? County ol Waahinfton. and to m* Airiiapt. I ? 11i ?x*om to Mliiie rale. for wwh. in f oat of (h? ro?rt H'ih * i?'?f ?m<< era'tft ?*'KllMK* DAY, the ?'h da* of A?fit ??* . I?*?, at l? Moloch m. All (' f t.d*>iiV richt, title, r *ibi and <ate o?t in and to L?t Mo 6 >n wquv? IH in til* City of Washington. D. C , toftker w th al' ?.<! ain*?'*' the t" h*r*??ti.aeiied ar<1 !*ned apon ?i the pro???ty of John K. Dyer, and wi 1 besot* ?o eali>f* iuneia>? *o. <H. to Off h?r t?rw? IMk>, la f**er of Ma-caret M Dyer. DE?* U. 8. Marshal for tka Diatriot' ofCo amlia. aa 7-jia 11A R.SHA l.*9AA LK.?la virtue < f t write of ieit 1*1 facias isaaed from the Clerk a oftoe of 'He Cir < a -? ?.,> 9<a>> ui ina uiairiot or for 1 & oonnty of Washinntor, aa'l to m? directed. I will hkm to t?Mi? ul*, for Mult, in ib* coart kMM4oor of ?id totii;,01 MON DA V. tfc# #th cty of August n?xt, lM'.at 12o'olock in .nil d?f?o4- < ant*a ri*kt,tiU".ciam and interesti" and to L?t No. IS ? ?ar? No. 791, in Um oit? of Wank: nr'or . p. C., tocntlirr with ail an-1 nincmar U?* mprovMMatn thoroon. seiind and leri'd npon a* the pmnortj of Cbas. H Van Patter, and will hs sold to saunft Jndicik i Nos 78 a> d 7s?, to Ootohor mrr. I MR. in fcvor ol John W.Tton paoo and Z. D Gi man W BELOKN. iy 13-d fa (J. ft. Mara ha) tar District of Colnnhia CT'THE AIIO J K *AIK 1? sna*nn?'aj&H mmw wimhlat.-intf'lkrmk Md piivo*. m 7 W HKLDKN.U *. j*0 contractor.-* for watei pirti*. ^ Omc* or r*? Wi?hmtos Aqcjptct.j waiwmvm, ** A Rralbp piomh ai wiu ha r*o?rw4 at Mm <Am until 12 o'elaek n?.. imuil Jl?*. >*?. for IM tb** materia.* . . iOTi to IMSktneh Pip*". If * *!? ?, Ball A ftf <*? Wa?!ii??toa A*u?,?l??j Pt*rTn?bto3?i? iaeli Pijaa, U frat ,oi,t. Bail & Sf*? rX. W??lMBtto? A,afloat raMar* 4 >4 i ek Pl??g? Pi**, it f-*t If Bf, (drillm > Wa<lita?rt?i ,?? * ot pmt *r*. WW inch rip**, u leet ionc, tdnltor i hinr'on A^sMiiet ptttere. H rash Klftace Pip*. 9 fret Ion*.(drilled) WubUiloa A<K?diMt Mttar*. ~T? ieoto FJwif- Pipe, 9l?i long, (drilled) Weefc tnfton Aqii*dnct pattern. AlM.ftfcw special MtWiu.rorh w BrMeh?x Bendi.fc*. P?f farther pertitelar*, ?XMlMt]Pl: of drtwi?s?. * . apriy ?t thin Are. . W K?<WM w,u he repaired to be M iv#r?w hi fKa l?t H. t^K*r ??* M Chief Rai'r V??i'n nf ton Aq umI u?l 17*OR SAI?Ttw Iifhi il:in(ht Im( ??iln I ? AC - T POI \T?- R lii t* ! ? <-h*?t KjSjpi^'t\'35E^ tfs^.t?5aEik,,csrSws I

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