Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. . TOM HOOD TO HIS WIFE. i THom tnat wer* m bright. !? , v Hftr* now ft ciifTi?n*r ?hin?>? Bat ftil they're laat is Jicht Jov?, VVft? whit th?? *?re U> win?: But ?rtM tno?* <Jfhs lor*. Th* feeama of former kourw.? Tflftt ripvn'd Mi my juj?, rnj lore, u And tinted ftll ray fioveri! ti T'.?> * lock* were brows to tee, love, That ??w ?fo turned t > gray,? But tbeyeare were toect wit* mr. love , T. at *U>U th tr hue away. , Thv lock? no longer ahare, love, u The goMen glow of noon.? [ But I've ?een the world look fcir. in? lore, t When ai'vered by the moon. ft That hrow wan tiro -th and fair, love. Tuat look* ?o traded now,? Bnt for me it bore the oare, love, Titat spulled a bonnv br?w. m And though mo longer there, lo^, t he gio?? it had of y->fe,? SUIi Memory. look* and d -tee. raj love. Where Hop* admired before ! J Power or a* Atom of Poisoj*.?A young Brazilian student of medicine has just died in Pari4, where he recently graduated with honor. He succumbed to the results of a minute dissection-wound in the thumb His preceptors, Velpeau, Chaiaaignao an I other eminent physicians, in rain adopted all the expedients that modioal science and skill ooald suggest to stay the malady Full of ardor an<^ teal to make ike oaoet of h s professional opportunities in Paris, the patient insisted on continuing his (tendance on the hospitals, and expired the rery evening before the day fixed for his return to practice medicine in his native place The celebrated Dr Philips has recently been in dancer of his life from > similar ??n?? Dr. Lemarohand, formerly a naval surgeon, has just died at Landerneau. (department of Finutere in France,) at the age of tifty-eight, in >naeu jence of a punotare with a suture needle, whvh had lain some time iu a wound made for the removal of * cancerous tumor. DUcases of similar origin are far from infrequent. Dr. Fullerton give* an instance oi a ]a?iy inoculating herself by ki^iug 'he corpse of hor tnn-in-Uw, while her lips were slightly Abraded. She recovered, but a second patient, a butcher, having died from injcalation in skinning a diseased cow, thisoelebrated physician was assisted by a medical friend in examining the body. Though no wound was received while conducting their investigations both surgeons were troubled with a pricking and heated sensation in the hands aud arms, followed by a feeling of discomfort and want of appetite for a week afterward. In Australia. meen. hump* anii envs nfi?n mnimniii??i. ? ... . vvi.iutuuiunic I similar datjgerou.*. and. oftentimes, fatal disease to the pen?ooi employed to prepare their | kin? for commerce. ,4A*t?J?rs Waed" oh thr Eclipsi.?1"Artemui Ward" has seen the eclipse. ?nd forms a very amusing article explanatory of tbe causes which prcdu"td it We make the following extract: 'The el lipse Is formed by a total darkness of the aun. Thus, when the sua is beclouded the weather is not so light as it is when tbe sun is uncovered In the winter the sun does not shine as fiercely as It does In the summer, and hence the weather Is not so warin in December as it Is in July if the reader will, byway of experiment, take the trouble to crawl between two feather t?Js, with his face downward, he w ll perceive th >t he canaot see as well as he could before h? thus obstructed his vision It is true tLat Gahleo fancied that the world turned round,-but as other persons have fancied the same thing in regard to nouaes. tables, trees, bat little credence c.-.n he placed in tbe statement of'Old G?l.'(n the boy* used to familiarlv call him.) especially if the liquor was as bad In hia day as It ia in tbis." A Fact r Co^sii>*hatios ?The Chinese are a proud nation.and naturally enough. Their language bad exited four tbouaand five hundred years, and everybody reads It. Our language is a language of yesterday A person who lived in the Island of ( Britain ei^ht hundred yean a$<n oould not understand one of us. and we could not mak* ourselves understood by him But Confucius wrote si* or seven hundred year* before Jesus Chris' and bis language is reaa, not by fifty or alitv millions who understand tbe English language, but by Ave hundred millions of the human raoe. What a wonderful power!?Srr John Bou- j ring at a Tract Society Meeting. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTRL.-R Carpenter, J J J?n kios N Mitchell, D, U \V JnkiLg A >i*r- i bur*. F L Wiiia, Mr? W A !*tunt, A ft i K r Cbapemtii, L W MoPb*r?oii.n( M';W C i liruvi. L. D Winston. J " __ , . ? ? < u:p?'irj, J Mefarty, J A B tia. J 8 Thompson, P Timlm , W P B akry. A B Gi!e;of Va: G M?. nard I I; Mr* i J K Dawson. Miss E Dawson, of Ga: J E Patter I son. Miss N Lowry, W J Sneed, of Va; H Lewis i NY; I Hods?s. D?-l; J S? Tajior, O. A Edwards I Pa. Miat Gar ?p. a du. Miss Dysmant, do; Miss L I IWl?r , i-a; J > Evans a"d ady,do;Dr 1 ?>oe , I do; J H I!'; Miss Hayes, Mis Parkrr; do. C C i Hurton arfl lad?. Miss fc Bortnn, Miss Mmally. of I NY,8C Gordon Md; J Granberr. <i%: A 1 iiclisl, i Md; H Vltnor. t?/Minor W P Minor, of Va; * ii \ Br >w is; M 1. G \V M ore and lad), viis?; J R)l?, J Mrs Boyd and s a. Miss: W C Lonihard M%ss; J k. ren,<lu; T W Ma<riwottier, Mies Merriw* ther, F R >r,s n, Mi?s N-'SOO. J M .N<lsor: ol Va S J t Lary. Texas. \V Bates, SC; P & R?ad. Va; W F ? Gnawoid, NY; K C Young. Md; C P<p* an<1 lad), < Mi*s Pope, M's * Pipe, H Pope aDd lady. Mi s I H ? es, M F ather,o K? K ilaoo, Taon, M;* i r ? '?a*erand lady, NY; U A Martjn, Md; W MoDaBn, NY. i BRO . NB' HOTELm-C J Dotty, Md; T Hooi- , Or, . t* A r*e icr ann 'ia-jeht?fr. ?i<j: b B Mov?r> 1 a 1 Ij. De ; W Irwia. J M Wheat, W L Brown,!, H wimtvu.j K Wil iam?, W St George, Va: W B dowarii, M ; h Dur tt, Miss William-cn. Mi s M NVood, Teni.; S J Hsjrs ?nn ly >,u- F* iui, N J Y; A Brown i?rp !y. Va; W Bulii ok, W Harbor, J % owda),K>: r D uuiitou. SO: C Oruire6?ld. Ma Fraxer. M;ss M Frax-r. Va; \V Wet,ona-d | 1). Trx; B Bsrrett a- d ion, *O Crump, Miss I- t Ho"i , Miss i. M Cryaus, Mis* M Ta taforro, C i B axuc!,?j Go-d-m. \a;J Hu. pl.r-) and J*. PM t K* n*r, a; J O MissiS Riofg >ld rw:d It, Ml sh t Whit- . *l(i; J K Sherr* an y. Miss Oo?>ks, I ?: K ( for i, ; J R M toa'f, A a: Dr Ham-or, Va: t T P - arrar. Da; J Wjijri a d ni *e J B Raid ard 1 I. T??- tti ? ^ - ,,, >? II; H K >Slh.J Ru:iil'f, NY; f B Dean S H~ li. V%; A L ?ry, La, r< K a ker, I Tf-x. K W No tu-t, \V \V iion. B Ewell. T Ta t> a d |v, Va vfUa Collin, Va; 6 Stooker, Tonn; B G Had--an. Va KIRK WOOD HOUSE.-J Witkim, La: W L Ak ii .M?? a Camp.C HCamf, >n?i R Bl&nk , T .amp. t-, ?oi'. N K*m?ay, Vtita UCa (, t Mr 'iradahaw, C K *iuo air and ly, Va; C P'tri , A a; Mr i.eak e a- 4 rarn.Md; J R hody and W Sn<d?r, va; ii Marc Ci: V H Garri?on. Mia?; . J W Mi "k?urn and It. Tex, J Moxton, USA; B G c C* tar, V*. 'Y\-H!*iTON noi:S".-G M Howard,L?: ' W i>i-d Pa; J Kak-r, d ;G O H&oher ,lmi. Dr- ? E A Ca* <ie ana wdy. fc,a. OCEAIS STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS J Fro* the Ueiteb States. < S -a??i-r*. !.????. >or. Days. ( Ov idi B"?t.Liverpool Ann. 8 t UUuo'i >tt York...Ilavrt> Aug. 11 C A|?ki||toa Vork Xivrrpool Au*. H i AtUL New York?. Liverpool A? g 16 saioni*. New York H*rr.:>cr? Aug. 15 o 6rwik?"?r? ..Ntw V?it. H?i f x,AoAu*.lfi t P iimj< Albert .. N-w York Gaiway Aug. ifc r Kangaroo.... New Vork. ..Liverp<>ol Ai| 18 c ...New York... Havr* ,An<.H Faro pa N'??vw* f.i erpool... Aug. 2? i Afcjtfiu ..... New York.. Havre .Knr Si Permta New York .Liverpool,...Aug.29 e From Europe jj Adrtatie. Wonth'aton New York.. .July 3 Klu.tinr.n I?i-i ~ " ' ? m ? wi * vi yirvi. ,,.:1PW I Or* ..AUg 1 Persia Liverpool .New York.. * a*. 7 Fhe H?v* .? mail iMmm !??Te N?* Y > r it eo 1 U* 1AA, 17th, aad /lift uf eaan mouth, &ad I Ckwlwlon en the 4th and 19th. 1 Mi? California mail #?** ?*? , leave New York an t |H? * > ?.! *<th of "' month n ????i?????? T PROCLAMATION ! ? O THE CITIZENS OF i WASHINGTON, f")l8ETOWN, Ac. ? a At the preaant teaton of the je?. r CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA. CHOL1C. 0r,?NTE?V. , DEBILITY, Ao..Ac.. f e>?ll to an ala'minr extent: ^ And mkartoa, It miat ha of tha ^ F'RST CONSEQUENCE t? rrary family U> know ( 1 K KFMFOT f' at oaoa Saf*, Spt'tfy, ami KAc"*o?*. DR. .VONTARDE, or Pakia, o ffcra feia MIRACULOUS Hl> KILLER aa th* ia<*t REMEDff-ORTHE 4HcSTlfcJ.MFLAINTS \ la order to Mb?f? THBPUBMU - i tb*ft no hnfoaitioa i, mUndwi ia of th:? ? Ornt Mrdiciae. TUB MONEY Wli.l. HK kBFUNDRD ut mil ?)M ?k*n um n?dMiM .?u to giro Mttr* Mtufeotion. Aak, thon ttu; Drnj 8tor# for D9. MONTAKDKV MJRAd'M.ljS PAIN II! I.EE. t*k* m dir<K>t?-1. .4 if not po-feotly satiated, , 4H fltrwt aid P/iuiaji??aia Amu. Vlw> Will rrfti H four BiOB*7. Pri?r-?6 Md ftflOnti yw BoCtl*. for ui?Bt Dru< Slor? avwrvlMr*. I J AS. MaDONXBLL, > }j I)-?oUa / MISCELLANEOUS. y f r 1 0 i a l . :leot*ic telegraph between thb ATLANTIC AND_PACIFIC STATES. tmadrkt Dbkaktxkst, Jalj 1", im?. Pioro?ALs will ba raoaivad at thia Department aU{la* U*?th da? ffSeptMibar aezt, puriaantto ae louowina ui 01 i^oaf rea? : ta Act to facilitate eommameation between Dm At an tie and Paoifio States by ?ioctrio <*iec rath. X< < mmted tk? S'tuu* and. Hmmm if Kaprte*tmt%V * of the United Stmt** of America in Vvnr *3 nftembled.ttmK til* fteorotary or the Treaai y, uud-r the direction of the Frew-lent of the JniUd 9tatea, u hereby authomed and directed r> ad?ertiae for aealed *ro>o?al?. to be reoeived DrflOdSYi fcflsr the da?ha** of thia *nt I and t h* alfilmant of whioh aha.I t.a guarantied by reaponibla partna, &a id the oaa^ofbida for mtii ooo raota,) for tha ua? by the Uovtrnmei t of a lino or IBM of magnetiotalegraph, to beoonatruoted withd two year* from the thirty-first day of July, aijken hnndred aod aixty, from torn* joint or painta in the west lm? of tha State of Miaaoari by any out* or roatea whioh tha aaid oontraotora may elect, (ooonecting at aooh point or pointa by teleraph with toecitieaof Wa?iua*-?c, N-w Orleans. York, Charleaton, Philadelphia. Boat?a. and >ther oiuea in tua Atlamio. Southern, and Wee-rn MtaJra ) to tha city of San Fraaoiaoo, in the *tate of California, for a period of ten years, and ball award the onntraet to the lowest raeponaible Hdder or bidders provided auoh proffer aoea not quire a larcer am. unt per year from the United Itatea than fort* tijouaand doliara, and permiaaion a hereby granted to the aaid parties to whom aaid k>ntraot may be awarda 1. or a majontr of them, kod their aaaigna, to uae until tha end of the aaid arm, auoh unooonpied pnbuo lands of tf.a United States as may be neoeaaary for tha rigut of way Mid for the purpoao of eatabliahing i tations for -apaira along aaid iina.rotexoaedingatanjr atation )u? quarter aeotion of iand,auob atationa no? to -xoeeu on" in nueen mues on an %v?rt(? oi me rholedi?tanoe, unless ?atd laid* shall be required )y the government of the United Sta'es for rail oad or oth?r purpose*, and provided th t no right ;n pre empt *ny 01 said lands und-r the laws of the l'ratal States shall more to s*id oompa iy, their iienti or s-rvants, or to any other person or per i >ns whatsoever: Provided. That no suci oon Tact shall be rrade ar til ihs said line shall b* in ho'ual operation and parm'nts thereunder shall seas* whenever the oout actors fail to oomslf with ins contract; that the Government?hall, at all times eatit ed to pnoriy in the use of tne line or lines, m>4 shall have the priviiega, when authorised by aw, - f oonn?oUn< said line or I lues by telegrapn with any military posts of the Uoi'ed Statts, and le ase the same tor Uover tm-nt purposes: And rrooitUd also. That said line or lines, eutoept suon as nar be constructed by the Government to connect Mid line or lines with the military posts of the United States, shall be open to the nse of ail oiti una of the United Sates (luring the term of said lont act, on paym nt of the regular charges for transmission of dispatches: And providiiL also. That sncn charges shall not exoeed thre* dollars for a singie dispatch often words, with the usual proportionate deductions upon dispatches of greater leogth, provided that nothing herein contained shalloon for upon the said parties any exclusive right to construct a telegraph tothePa. i bo, or de ar the Government of the United St?tes Irom granting, from time to time, similar fran ahisss and privileges to other parties yec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the said oontraotors, or their assign', shall have the right to oonstruct and maintain, through anr of the Ter ritones of the United States, a branch line, so as to o nn?ct their ?aid line or lfn;s with Oregon; and that" tne* shall have the per'.ianent right of way for sai l line or lines, under, or over, any unappropriated publio lands and waters in the said Territories by any route or routes whioh the said oon tractors may select with the free use during the said term of suoh lands, u may be neoesatar* for the purpose of establishing nations for repairs along said line or lines, not exceeding, at any station. one quarter section of land, suon stations not to exoeed one in fift*?en miios on an average of the whole distance; but should any of said quarter sections be deemed essential by the Government or any oompany acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the eaiU contractors shall relinquish the oooupancy ol so much as tnay be necessary for the railroad, receiving an equal amount of land for like us* in its stear. See S And be it further enacted, That if, m any year during tne continuance of tne sa<d oontraot, the business done for the Government as hereinbefore mentioned by suoh oont<actors, or their assigns, shall, at the ordinary rate of charges 'or private messages, exoeed the pnoe contracted to be paid as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon said accounts being duly autheuti ated, certify the amount of suoh excess to C< n rees: Provided. That the use of the line be given t any time, free of cost, to tne Coast Survey, the txmithsonian institution, and the National Ob?er vatory, for scientific purposes: And provided fu r. tktr, 1 hat messat es received from auy individual, oompany, or oorporation, or from any teleitraph lines connecting with this lino at either of its termini. shall be impartial y transmitted in the order of their reception, excepting that the despatches of the Government shall have priority: And provided further. That Congress shall at any time have the richt to alter or amend this ?-nr Approved June 16, I860. The lowest offer for the uie of auch telegraph, for the pnblio service, will be aocepted, provided t*e terms and oonditionsexprcssed in the not afiall be fully aet forth and stipulated in the proposals, vhioh must be aooompamed br a guarantee, in oonformity with ttie 27tn section of the aet of July t. 189i. in regard to mail servioe, to the effect that the una or libea aball be nomp'eted within the time prescribed, and that the guarantor shall then enter into obligation to the United States for the ?ertornnuoe or the service for the Government, under said aot. at the rates offered in the propoaals. !-uon guarantee may De in the following form: "The undersigned residing at . in the State r>f , undertake and promise that if th* Secretary of the Treasury shall aooept th? within pro posala, under the aotof Jane 16, I860, the line or ines of magnetic telegraph ?hall be completed and put into operation on or before the timeatat'd in the aot, and that we will than execute with the >artiea signing the within proposals an obligation to the United States, in due form, as sure lies for the performance of the aervioe, according o the terms and conditions contained in saoh pro?oaals." Dated at . The above guarantee must be aonompanled with :he certificate of a United States dutnet attorn*, >r distnot judge, s'atin( that h? is asquainted with tach of the persons signing the cuarantne, and mows them to be men ol sulfioient property to nakegood tne above guarantee. The proposals and tua-ant e most be sea1 ed up md directed ?o '"the Seoretay of the Treasury, Washington. D C and endorsed "Proponala for faoificTe>?raBh." HOWELL COBB, jy 11 2awtd,\VAB. Secretary of the Treasury. pROPOSALS FOR SEALING WAX, Post Ovrici Dxfabtmyxt, July 24,18f<y Sxalidproposals will be reoeived at thia Department Ubti. the 3d day of September next, at 12 >'cioc?. noon, for furnishing sealing Wax. (or tLe lae of the Poat Offices in the Unit-d St&tea. from he date that the oontract theref ?r .hall be axeautrd o the 3lst day of Deoember. 186*. The W?x to b? lehver*d, free of expense, at tti ' blank agencies of he Poat uffioe Department, at Washington, D. U-i N^w York city and Cincinnati, Ohio. The estimated quantity of Wax required at each ?enoy year y is specified below. Distkict No. I.? D. C. 140 pounds of Soarlet \\ ax, of good qoalty, for ordinary u*e. District No 2.?At Sew York city. pounns of Scarlet Sealing Wax.saine as for listnot No. 1 Distkict N?.S.-il? Cincinnati, Ohio. W1 pouuos of Searlet Scaling VVax.saine as for listnot No I. Th- oontract will be awarrfrd to tKe lowest and h? t udder, the best bid to be deterrnired after a careful ixamination for the purpose of ascertaining which ud wi 1. in its practical results, be most advantageous to the Department, It the Districts should be reconstructed, or lnireaa*d in number, the Sealing Wax shall be dwlivtred at sueh p a?e or places as the Postmaster Q^niral sha! designate, at pro rata prices Samples of tne "eating Wax reouired to be furnshe4 can be seen at. or procured from, either ot ne shove named agencies. Kaoh bidder must furnish, with hi* proposals, ev dei ce of his ability to o<<mply with bis bid. Two sufficient aecurities will be required to a lontraot. Fai ares to furnish the Sealing Wax oonraoteo for promptly, or furnishing an artiole infelor t<> tnat rontraoted for, wilt l>e 0"n*idered su Silent oausa for the forfeiture of the ooniraot. Bida not in&de in aocordanoe with these proposal! rii: nut un mcHiaorod Prnpoeale matt be n ark?d, on the cutaide of the nvalops, "Proposal* lor Sealing Wax," and the tter oontamm* them addreaeea to the Fir^t Auiit\nt Poatmaatar Ge.eraJ, Waahin|fc>n JD. C. y 26-Uw4w,Th Poatmaater General. [IkGVLAR SWA^PPACKET LINE BEfWEKJSf BALTIMORE AND -II V A8H INGfO N?Leave Cuu-bQS^u aero* at. wharf, liaitimore, aa #T*e8i Nichol aerei^ WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. ?. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. in _L,eave R iley*? Wharf, at the foot 01 11th atreat VaahinatoD, aa follova : Columbia, every WKDNEHDA Y MORNING, tjs. Sr. Niciiih.ii, every SATURDAY,at6a. m. For freight, t?.. apelv to THOS. W. RILEY, Agent, Riley'a Wharf,at i ihMoot of mar M-Tfcfln 11th at.. Washington r' EORGE B SLOAT A CO.'S il SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. Tint yrrtntum atcardrd at IS rmt *r *i "- * -v ? Count ^ Fair*. The cheap***? ami heat Sewini Machine* ever inented are universally admitted to be tho*e inauulofnred by Gor*e B Sloat * Co.. Philadelphia. Elliptic and Shuttle Machine* #50 to 900. Fancy Elliptic, Walnut or Ma/it?ant Cased, nd 965. Toilet Ca?ed, WaJuut or Mahorany, $75and 9*5. I h 'M Machine* ar> of cuperior workmanship nd more elalierate finish and J3 per oe?t. cheaper han any other Sew in* Machine ma ufaciur-d in he I'm ted Mate*. Call and see them at MAXV E 1,1. S Faney "tore. Pa. avenue. JyK-eott J THOMAS MAX WELL, Agent. IACOB REED. r Mainrvacrvmn o? MILITARY C I. <1 T ?i 1 n 4octksast Colin Sscosts awd Srsvc 8nn PHILADELPHIA. M1MTARV CLOTHS FOR BALK. IHMa 4 iKU.UW rink. LUMiikR : isSSS ciauhMl <?iwct mynJJW ??mth?n mlH? bt ... rv ! liA, T,MORK8lTTKR HOl-HK. Oeilf r*o?iTi?i frp?h uxl ?w?*t, in Uoahftn pMk... jy 38 $9 EiohMif FI?o*. B*itimorf. 1 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY IV CAPON SPKINOS. I' E W and improved route via the Mminm 8m Ea?l Road tod the 8tr?ebarg ar,d Capos Tarnptke.Ufti IBSBSS^E only II milea ofstMiiK a comfortable and aafe road. Leave Aleaaadria in the Orange and Alexandria Train at 7.15 a. m., take the Manaesae oaraat the janotion, arrive at Capon 17 5 o'cioek p. m Fare from Alexandria to Capon......... from Waahinatoo to ?;a?on? A?> or information enettlre at the Rail Read OAoe oorner of ^ixth at. ana Pa. av.,'t Wathinjton. and at the Tioket OAoe on Union at, Alexanoria, va. ia a. SIHHM9 CHimior Houm. ON AND AFTER W'KDN MJDAY, June 13th, IMP, trama will mo 4a follows: L?*vo Wubiuttun at 6 3U and 7 40 a. m. Leave Waabinx ion at Sin and 6 JO p. m. On Saada; at 3 30 p. in. L?ave Baltimore at4.25 and B 41 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Paeaeojere for the Ka?t Will take traina at 8J0 and 7.4" a. m andSiQp m. For the Wen at 7 4-'? a. m and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolia at 7.40 a in- and 3.*> p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3J0 p. m. train rom to Philadelphia only. je ?3-<l T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS Ajm x joLxt. ri ri WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. SlUHM ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East i ennesses ana Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississijtjti Central, Ntte Orleans and J ark son, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHUTROUTE: Memphis by R& i.Mience hi Fir?t clam Packet* to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY A NO MOBILE ROUTE: Mortfnin?ry by Rai!, thanes to Mobil* by Firstci&t* Packets. Mo! lie to Netr Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SCKDATS Ikcixdkij, Lravf Wxhtofttn at 6 a. in and 6 p. nu The Steamer GEORGE PAGK leav?? her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6* a. m. and 63% p m. and oonnoot* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwe-t. Offioe? Feimsjivania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAGGAGE CBRCKKD THBOl'SH TO 1TCW PRLKAH8 Lynohburg f7 y? Memphis f31 00 Bristol 160' \tlanta.?? 2R on KnoxviKe 40 00 Macon . 28 Or Chattanooga ...24 on Columbus 31 50 Oalton? _24 oo Monteomerv .3S ?o Huntsnlle ,77 00 1 v<a>I*mphis.?2 50 Grand Junotion 3onn N.O.S via?. Juno 42 50 Nashville. 2S 6o| \ via Mobile.. .45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY UY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, and S4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than arty other l-iae?the Lynchburg Exfersion being now oompleted, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It ia provided with First oiaas Steeping Cars! / Ta *n n {aw ivow \/i low . ? auuri* M eraphia 14 do. Montgomery A3 do. Naahville . 46 do. CT'Th? U.? MAJl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this Near Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the Ronth Weetern Offioe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the foilo-wini? points r Lynohburtc, Briotol. Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanoora, Hnntaville, Grand Junction, Maoon. Nashville, Dal ton. Uo.un.hns, Montcomenr, Mobile, _ Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS, U7" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IC7"Omnibus?? and Ifwive YVajons leave the office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, TioketAjeut, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. av. THE STEAMER J AS, GUY WiU readme ber tripe on TUESDAY, 21st of sr m? ^ February, 1800. Will leave WASH ^*jnMLlC 1NGTON every TUESDAY aod** FRIDAY, at6 o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'olock. for OUR RIO WAN and tlie intermediate Lan-linrs. On her retnrn Trip*, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN flTerv W EON F.SHa V and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. A?'t, Alexandria. ft 20 PFt>R N&W YORK. A8SAGB, INCLUDING MEALS A N ? STATKROOM. ?7.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamnhif Company's new and elegant steamship -rtjVM M0 C NT VK R NON, 6apt. T. C. Smith.<?$??? will i?Te the Company's Depot, Weir tern Wharves, at li*o'clock a. ra-every WKDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at A. ex and ri a. at 9 o'clock p. ri. uaine da/. Passengers from Wasninjton and Georgetown can take tne ooa^nes connecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, wtneh le?ve tne oorner ol Tth stieet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can )eav? on the steamer from the Wectern WktrTN at It 'olook a. m. MtAtA rr?nmi mb Ka mti??mmA nn - Messrs. Morgan Jt Rhinehart, Western Wharvee Freight win b? received op to the boon of depar tire. ICT Inenrance will be i^Tcotad on a!l goods by thlaliae at the ofioe cf the Company at % per oen' ynnlui. Tbe aoeommodaMona for paaamigera by t.'.is 1iq? are in every re^^ct f.rst-o asc, and every effort wi! be made to render this oon mnmoation with Net York an agreeable and hoalthfal one. For freight or p&ci<age apply to FOWLS * GO., Agent*, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * CO., ej-ly M West st..oorner Albany. New York. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOT1CB. R. LOQM1S Has olos-d hi* office for the sea<on, and will bo absent, as u?ual, during the snm us?r months ; will r?snrno praotioe about tho 1st of Oct ber, of whioli furthe; notioe will be given. ir It DKNTIHTRY. 'R. HILLS, after ft practical tent of two years, feels that he can with recom-.^MP.'lh nend the Cheoplaetic Prn jors for i naerti artificial teeth It haa tbe advantages itrer.gth, beauty,'l eneapneae. Fa! upper sets inserted for $$*. Partial in proportion. (JtRce 306 Pa. avenue. nt |0 I R E, FIR K. 1 POTOMAC WATER. I am still encased in the PLUMDl Mi and GAS FITTING BUSlNF.iS at my old stand in Pbilharminmllal! TU * = 1 _ .. .... ? U- U'it?>p;r ? ! H?Ving ? pi-TIHUl supply of wat*r was rearii'r ot>?erv*d at tbo fir? o? yesterday, as I am wel! *ali fi?<l I should havw be?n burned ont hat for the bountiful supply upor my prerra^eu aad th't of in* neighbors \l! order, fo' the mt'oduoti^n of Water and Gas will he prnmpt'* atteuded to. Term, as reasoaa hU as any plumber in the oily. jf? C. BNVDF.R WH NKW GOOfS. R Hay* j-jst recived a'arge stock of Bif aohed an! Browo Ct >TToKS of the i.??t mak?s Ai*o, SHEETINGS. TAMLE LINENS, NAPKINS, row KLIN oft. IRISH LINEN ft, }?<i >?"i l.A^VNS, from 8 nouts U> isjjj; HOSIERY, GLOVES. GAUNTLETT* WHITE, RED, BLUE and GREY FLANNEL* in va-iety. We hare a few rich ORGANDY ROBES oa h od which we have marked le.s than e' st. Jy 3-1 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. R A N C 1 S HARPER, r h* vino opkkkt) a FAMILY GROCERY A\!? Uk'k'nwrouL' ? - I - 1 I?ll I'l < #f *rr cf /VfW Yoffc ami Tmtk >tr$?t. Ke?p?*Ltfuiljr solicit* tho patronage of those who mt? oe >n want of anj artiofe in theaooveTine. Hi* endeavor* shall be to p:?-a**tand I.) a strict attention to the wants of the public, he hopes tonierita siifc:o ?>)' their patronage. Hi* tock oomista of every artiole usually to be (bund in a Grst-olaas Family Grooery and F"ed Staire. ma 17-tf \T |> WILLIAM BKA DLKY BEUS TO I 13* inform the public and his friend* that he ha? on hand a large stock of Marble Mantels .quite a new style. Also Monumont Hrad Stone*. Table Top*, Ao., whioh he ha* to dispose of at pric** to suit tho tiin-ii. Also, Brown Stone conctantlv kept on hand. Plumbers' work promptly attended to. ma 22 3roeo Pa. av., bet. 18th and 19th st*. HI mi OSTF/'TFR'S *TOMACH BITTFRs*7 Mr* Wir.slow'c Soothing Sir :p. I.iquid Ren net, Spalding's tiloe. Mnst&ng Lmimnit.lM Ay re'* Mecioiue*, Honok'* Paaso v 4c , witi? a fiMh supp r ofp-t-e Medicines, at MOORB'B Weat Knd Drng Storf, US Pa avenue, aoqth *iae Fresh Bine Lick and Coi.g*e*? Water a* ai>ov? Alto, improved Fruit and Vegetable J a;*. Jr M ?w Ml AtiNOLlA HAMS! MAGNOLIA HAMS!! We have iu*t ree ived another supply of our MVGNOLIA HAMS, whioh have *ivpn *uoh sat faction for Mveral year* put We gaarante* very one to be of th? he*t ana itj: KIN& A B*'*r!HELL, if ti Corner Hftswrtli *t. and Vermont av. I^HRKK BEAOTIFUt. UPRIGHT OR ? OT1 TaGE PIANOS for rent h? the week <.r J??HN P KLI IS, a Cfciofrtring t **??? PiV?? *t? Unw. |. * VI aPUK SUGAR. A t#tj ni?e lot of MA^LEtiLOAR^ *',t r? wired. : < JUBl if ? WW * 0URCHELU * # ?1???? * ? ? ? I m. c/i/ivui x*> J^KK WHAT AVER'S 8AR8APARILLA DERAItGE&$y$' OF THE LTTEK. Storr'a CiuuiM, ( T&llad ?i Co., Aia , Auk 9. *?.\ Dr. J. C. Ayr.LoietU, Matt.?tMr: I take my pen to Umi you trbat your WKfAHARl1 LA m4 BATHJITIC l*ILL? hare done for me. 1 M been a AioUd with Liver Complaint tor ?'* jaara, during which 1 wu never well, and much of the time very aiok. My Liver wu aore to t!i? touch, Sd, th* doctor* raid, wna oonfeeted. 1 Buffered im aerere eoativeneea ard rtia- r*x?a alternately, y akin waa clammy aod anh*a thy : mi eye* and akin often yeilow. < loc naosally I kad a v< racioua appetite, bat Knaerali# none at all A d> eadfm aen nation ! oppreaaion on my stoir.ach, with lancaor ana a ik-omy acnsation of aiokneaa all ore", kept me in ancoiah. Yon oan-ot know how irueh ! ear fared from an mdeaeriNtM* feeling of dtatrea* The idhg Oontinuanoe of thia oouditioa, without relief, bad worn me oat ao ?ha? 1 never exproted to be u*HMi mii rMdioi, in ib? unruuao *a>vo?i*, of your Saraaparuls, t nominfoofd taking it, with o?oa?on?l! <3om>? of your Pi!,*, to regulate the hovels m joa direct I-iom the first, it had root* eflVat upon my disorder than I ?upp<?s<*d anything orsttld hnv*. 1 regained bit health rapidly, and n> w. after eleven tm(i, en toy as food and eu*n# th a* ar.r other mu May ma "Dispenser of all good" shower blessings on you iOHS W.Stott. SCO., owell, Mass.' )y f?-eol? XT. O. R. d) T. A. . HUMMEWELL'8 UVIVEESAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEVVELL'8 JC1TLY CELEBRATED 'X'UXJ U tM UJJ X JM JOB, TA? Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through ail outi where Opium iu ever used to that of l)*:irium rremens, and the common ohief cause of lUsfaae l.Ot*9 OF BLEEP. 3he Tola Anodyne, though containing not a par e <>f Opium, produce* ail the requirements of, and may m used in all oases wherever Opium was osod without pro'uotng anything but Caret, and leading the patient in a perfectly natural ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from all theoommon obieetwn of ough Keiadies, w/iioh pr-Kltioie nausea or prostration,) may be oonsid-red the common euemytoail I'nroatand Lang Comp aints. and used with perfeot impunity Asking all to court fri m proprietors or friends the most severe inveatiratlon of both R*m?di?s,and reading of our p*mphl?ts to be found with all dealers. and more particularly to purohaee only of thoae who o%n be depended upon. w? wait in eonfidanoe tfce decisions of Patimts and Physicians. "Prioes within reach of ail" SENKRAL AGENT*. J. W. Hmiw*LL A. Co., T and *. Commercial Wharf. Ronton. Gao. Hckwrwwll. 145 Water St., New York, l i>der the *p*oiai supervision of JOHN L. HUNKEWELL.Cnemist and Pharmaceutist. Boston, ass., whose signature covers the oo ks of the genuine only, ana to whom address all communi- j oattons. Sold by all respectable dealers ever;where, and all the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. mar M eo.r ) Heimbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specific Remedy For Diseases of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DRi?P8ICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine ino-eases the power of Digestion, and excit-s the AB?(tH BhNTS iotn hea thy action, by which the WATERS OR CALCEROUS depositions, acd all UNNaTURAI ENLARGE MENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAMMATION, a-diis good for mey, women, or children. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU, For VMfaMM Arising from Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abase, Aittnitd vritk the following Symptoms :? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, Lous of Memory, Difficulty of BreatHng, Weak Nerves, TrembliDg, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimnwss of Vision. Pain in the Back, Uni\-er*a; La>s.luJeof the Mu<roa ar Sisteiu, Hot Hands, Flushing of the Body. Dry ness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoa. PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, whioh this medicine invariably remov??, soon fi>!>ws IMP(JTKKCYt fatuity. EPILEPTIC FITS, lj* O?? 15 OP W HICH THE PATIBST MAT ExPrRB. Who car. sav that they ere n<>tfr quectly followed by ?hos? "DIREFUL IMSEASFS " > t \*D . K I rtn ?? . XI r\ n< t-oilla f ? > >1 i.XOA.II i r o i Many are iwat* of th? oftu&e of their ?iffernn, BUT yQXG WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDSOF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the MrlancMoly Dfatks by Connvmptxon Jvujp!" witnt?t h to the truth of the aaaertion, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medicine to atrencttien And Iavieorftte the Hyatom, VTkick Hklmbold'b EXTRACT" BUCHU invariably dots. A TRIAL WILL COWVWCyHI MOBT SKEPTICAL. FEM A LEW?FE MAI. ES-FE MATES. OLD Oh YOUXli. SINGLE, MA MilKD, ON CONTEMPLATING MARKIAGK. IN MANY AFFECTIONS rECL'I.iAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu ia uneqiMfliui by ?sy other remedy, ae in Ch! ?roeia or Retention Irregularity, Fainfu.'n^aa, or Sntpreaaioo of Cua toinary ETftouationa, U'oerated or Soirrhoua state >fth<? Uterua, Leuoorrhoe* or Whitea. Steriihty, and for a I eompiainia inoident to the a x whether aruiue from lodiaoretlon, Habita of DiasipaUon. or ia the DECLINE OR C/fANQE OF LIFE. _ aSK SYMPTOM* ABOVX, r*U FAMILY SHOLL.11 UK WITHOUT IT Take no mart Mercury, or unpiratant Medicine /or tmp $r. tan t and Da?t>*rou* LJXfr.atet. i HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT DuCHU CUBES SECRET DISEASES In all their Btajov At little expenee: I Little or nooiiancein Diet: NotnoonTenieBoe-, And no Kxpotnre It (jAubos a fr*?aent deeire an i gives strength to Urinate, thereby Removln* obstructions. Preventing: and coring Jftnotnree of the Urethra. Allaririg Prvic and Ir.flirnrr.ation, ?o frequent n tl>? e!aim of diseases ann expelling all toxionons Ditea?ed. and from out Matter. THOUSANDS CP ON THOUSANDS WKO HAVE BEEJI TEE VICTIM* OI QUACKS. and who hav pai J kem-vftes to be cured in a short time, have found th*y were deceivrd, and that the t DAI wn\I?' !? - K? * u '?? ? i uiduii ubo, uj iud u"" uj nnrnm i?rEt.i?K!?T*," been dried up in the erstem, lo break out in an njcravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?e Hki.mbold's Extract BucHcfor a, affections and dme>as4-- of th<> . URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing m mai k or female. From whatever oau>e originating and no matter of HOW LONG 81 ANDING Diae&sea of these orjjacK r??qnire th<- aH ol a IHur*ti HELMBoLfi'S EXTRACT BUOHU JS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And is oert&in to hav? the desired effect in all Dit aaesFOR WHICH IT is RECOMMENCED. eriiKd" or ijm ffiax and roponjibU charter will aoooropanv the me^ior es OKRTlFlCATEw 'F CURES. Ft or? 8 to ? y?tiTi .< tanrfta*, With Nam*# known to SCIENCE AND FAME. Frlc? 91 00 per bottle, *r six fer f.VOO Delivered to any Address, securely packed fro observation. Descxibk Symptoms in all CommunicationsCnrrt Guaranteed! Advice Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an AldanMn theeity ofFhi adelphia.H.T H*LM?oi.D,wtaoheiAg duly sworn, doth say. his prepara'iona oo tain no caroot'o. do mercury, or o her i>ijarioas Arm**, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn and subsoribed before me, this 23d day of Ka.. tot a iiv vviuimi 1001 WM. P. HIBHFRD, A-d*rwum. Ninth etreet, above Rm?, Phil*. Addreee letter* for information in oonAdenoe to H. T. HELM BOLD. Chemiet. Depot. 104 South T^nth ?t. bet Cneenut. Phil*. BEWARE OF COl NTERFEFTB AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to ditpo?e ' or thkii own" and "OTBll" AB11CLM on Til KKFCTATTON ITTilKII ffelmbold'a Genuine Preparations, " " Lxtraot Buoha, " " Sareaparilla. " " ImprovedRoee Wm, Sold by S. B. Waiti, MS Seventh street, and 8. C Fomn, Jr , oorner Pens, avenue a&d Eleventh treat, ASD ALL DRVOGJSTS EVERYWHERE. A?K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. (Jut out the advertisement and eend lor it AND A VOID IMPOSITION AND KX.POSURK _ap < eolf 279 206~ Pa. Avi., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. Ave., CONDIMENTS, Beta leave to can the attention of his fnendaaad the pur,.io ronerallr to hie New Store, under wTL lard s Hotel, jnst ownid, ,la op&nexion vith his out establishment, irhero he wi,l be happy to receive any orders for superior Cocfisotioiu of hi* ov* importation. Also, all orders for Dinners, Sappers, RaJls, ud Pnvs,te Paruss. vhioh will be s*i rod ap la his immutable style, with the same promptness aad dls Mtroh whioti he >m? hitherto ?hn^??. a? S DljPOvT'S ?UWPOWDER, For sale at maoufaeiurers pnoes, by JOHN J. B06UE, GEoacsToww/D. Cv Salt Akhuy for tk* Dutru* af CWeettie. A larg# uupply, embracing every variety, aerajs on hanJ, -n'l delivered free to all parts of the Dis Biol urMiowklw baleft *tthaoft??of Adama* I|r??' rnninn. Wwhintnn [>. C.. frl-lwh r^HICK"-R1N? k SUM*' VTOMLD *Ev> nowned PIANOS. on!v for ml* by th auha riWr, itvtAM xtmai*a-*>ir?oori i Ci will fad always a lar;aat ak.emKrac '"?T varr nrMr, atyle>,prr of Piarafo- aalaayon ?MT Urmaordiaooantioroaah. Piauaa ala* from olt??r |uo-l makera. Pian<* (Ur hire. " joartf. eixis. Piano and Muaia D?aler. 304 Pa. ? , MCv**nM<i ana 10th M, Maaietontby nailfraaof mL Mamaai laatm xiti ra?>ifdL jjlM PtAN<m.??REAT BARGAINS -Out Komkranta Piano, la beat ordt,h?* fls J&S2K&%SX?i&. ?PW " MMJELLAMOm. / V J? lOOHOKT! <V\ *S \ / ^ *, * A K<V/W oimatcm: lN_/-Tiafr lhe_Firccs! At tMiiiai* will kmprem, tvm m wli-rtruUud fmmilus, U U rmj daairabla to ha** aoaw chaa# ud ooavaaiant v?r for rvpairiag Pvutan, T*r*. Crockarr, * ?. SPALDING'S PRJfPAKKD 8LCI 3?u all auoh ?ui#nt*B?iaa. and no bo?wfcaU Ma brd to b- n-;thoat it. It U aJway? ready and ay to th? ticiini joint. Tn?r* is no lositrtiNN itr for limai'iK chairs, aa!iat*n>d renoera. h?a<lw dofl?. and brofcea ctu1 * . It i? iaat tha artfe.c lor eone, ?ha!.. and ofh*r ornamental work, ao popalar wjtfa <^ofj.ia?a?aatjLQ< i taaaa. 1 II.? VIHilWII flipvtutiu 1? ? ? v>n, will obemioally held id *01014011. and * . *<? nr.* a the valuable ^ua'itiei of the be?t nUrrt maker*' rhM. It may l>e own! ia the plac? of ordiaa.y maciiac*, heme Twtij more vlheeive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Prie*.ZS wcti N. B.?A Bruah toooaytoiM H*k toMll WKeUimU Dvoi, No. 48 Cedar treat, N?W Yor*. Pal np for DmIot ia Caw oootaisiac Foar, Eight, and Twwve Dusen?a heaatifal Litkocra*t<c Show Card acoompaoyinx each paoka**. fljr- A unci* bottle ot SPALDISU'S PRMPARBD QLVE will Mr* tec bBM lU ooet an nua'.ly to every hou*ehold.-TTl Sold by all B/cniicent btatiooar% Draffiata. Hardware and Furniture Dealer*, Vrooera, and Fancy Store*. Country merchant* *h vild make a oote of 8PAL DISH'S PREPARED BLUE, wkaa raaktac if their Im. It wi' Mand a*f climate. f? la-ly /IBSi m tmm iff V UL Tin U tntii u mom ' ?rmi ???*?- I ^\Jk )& ? /?/ ? ?? f (lit /?? ( Mtf m>\Z / r 1* ( '*< ?,) /? X 5 7 0 0 I'jj ^ ?i>J^ >/| 5^#^ bt >u /w * . tiu r?... trx^. jL J(!,''||a^^f^ B*ml* m*fa. /i ?*r |V .W r?NRMMiWifl^ firtl /lwrw^M *? \V d _ ' 0 fn W lit Pmitm ?? to Hi Mtmrmtl m* i <SsB?* I $5^ it Sole^froprie'tor.^. ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS WCMfWKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM TT Tl ALY1 sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAM ST NEW YORK. tOR SALE IX WASHINGTON BY j 7-ly BARBOUR * 8EMME8. f REMAN ? SlPSOIfJ fcpO L uS^Ohl)\ wllkr uni luvu irum uv ir.MUnULIHilTlflUnULIfV ^^HISKm^XVlilSKEm We offer for seJ? ta?- ebove steuderd t?r>Dd of fine Copper Distilled Mi!t^ Rye Whisky. in barrels aud half-berreis As it la of our own distill* tion,&nd highly improved br age, ve oonfrJeiitiy reoommeudit w tbe rv *b?t end be?t Whisk y oan possibly be distilled. We also offer oer OLD PAMILY RYE WHISKEY, end other brands, from the largest st >ok of Fine | Whiskies in the Un ted States KREKMAN * SIMPSON, Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohuy.kili river. Phil* Offings?98 Wall sire*. New York ; end 109 Sooth Front street. Pkilvielphi*. mer S ir I 1GHTN1NG! Li LIGHTNING ! LIGHTNING In Tm or Pkacs. rssraixro* Wa! P. LtBARBE, Souckwftt rom't of 10tk amd C ttt* MAHIT?*CTrREB or PI.ATiNA-TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, K Or ix-ctfu'iy at nonnoe* to th% FUKilC of Waahing ! ton and vicinity that he :? prepared to axeouU ai. j order* for ereelinj l.ignttan# Conductor* on th? moat approved fcej"ntifto pnuoiplea, c- b?tr?oted of I the Terr beat of materta'a, on very moderate larme. AH P.atioa tipp.d Point* whishare iua..?Aujtnr?c dt me will be stamped with i??y name. Weathar Vane* of any dt>?un made to order. jy ?-l?n PAKATHK ^^jti'EST LIGHT KNOWS! \V> a?* rrom'ict Pa aftne Oil direct from the works \r. weet-rn Virginia. The anaiitj of it it Mi*?il?nt, >rr>r!uoiaf bnl taataod '-eaut'fu light, and nun pmaaant tc , th? eyes than/M lieht. This Oil i? fro- froma^u terat on,and r*r? much 1 more eoonom;oa! than inanj of the Coal Oik used at this tiipe. irr ft is in no way axfloaiTa. we keen &:ao a supply of the mott approved ""~of ^ Agents for lU aale for the District of Colamt>ia, Corner I- at. and Vermont it. Great Kanawha Coil and Oil Compao> nail HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soa!ea are offered to the aubiie aa tr,? moat r qpie^durabie^and reliable aoafeaerer fnl m foe Mr; Vuniam. iMiuAinn'tin: Fair. Fnctiir Ia?titaU> Fair, fMauivwii New York &uu Fair; Vermont BtaU FHx. Ao., Ao. Id ry out vbarc ?? ? -'* K* O. PATTTtON. Ar?L PlUEIi OLD RVK WHISK V.-On br*ud. of Par* Old Ry. Whl kf, Corner Dll Ultat. uiv)? by th* moil reiiab ?ai>tultriir< P?rn VirjiQi*. *?rmnt?d tar*. Al?p. imported HrandiM. Hean*a?t, OUrd. I)u?uy * Co.. Jales Rohijjt io Alao. P<?rh ?fd Anolr Brandy, juro H?>!'*r.<l ?tr., old Jfnato* aod^t C'tn* RMt Md Wiar* of errrr variety all of ataatord bran<ta A oboio* lot of Ctiara and To baooo. YOUNG * KKHIHKT, Ainif. *? 14-It Pn. a*- b*tar <WH hmTinth at* ?.?.?. una. a. m. sort. >.k*mT. LAMA?. -OTT ? sawigUBS ?gar.,rJ!!ig'?w l3Sr A l)?ti ?? ? MtU p?f *oitk , l)o?M do. d. PIANO Oafatfl do. "no at 91 SO do. FOR Oa* al is Oli ttt7 SO do. RENT. Jygl Pa. a*., botwaantth and OU ata. ia t\fUt tiLIiim ny??.<wii * ' ' MglWUUtg. '^Taltiwb _ LOCK IMTITAi, I/wlMi JUw**if W 1*4 ITflrW 4 FOB ALL DISEASE* OP IXrtUDKNCK. LIT NO FALSE DELICACY tEETMMT APPLY IMMF.D ATELY. a rckw warranted. or no chamve. "Tn Ft OH OK'K Tt TWO DAMS tuM im UMWMW? n?ifi u< B*44?r. .&r? DMmwm. lauuto, tt?m rtiiLrm rflift f ti44o??. Niw? *ftk? TVrMv R?l > Uk*. lH*>a ? lk?< T*mM? I>iMr4?n >nni| > TM^-'Jbwt Drtaifa' urf frituiw n^nt TOHMMi ^ * *11* <! iki 'irui t* Mntry Vim. Ikr. ?r**dfk. n< 4WIKUM ki?K t>w> ? l'? a M Mmtif |r>Ti iUMan4a WYM.| HMrfMMMN' ill** i&icnta u>4 brilWai VIM ayki ?Untm M?? MMtU IxUlilKf ttWlH v?k ifc* !*?< W !!? ? ? w ?U?< M UMtf Ul UVMf 1;M, My HU V <U nil ?M| MiUin PHIOM,*r tlftn i m?. 4c , iiraatilt cava* l BWcM klBMlfMlM lk? Ml ?f Dt J M? r*IM Ml; t? Mi la la baaar a pailiau a?4 waMiMy rat? baa afeill aa a pbjMliaa Ml M< at da m<( fraa Muam nam. a lav Ma taa Ifea Mnar Kilw laatoarvi ?aa< u< laakia. Inim MM ? pu4 1*4 aaatata lianf tin af tbi *aj'.. CalUfi ftWfaiM, twin mlM (Na aal af lira lam a air ail Oa'.if la tb? Ittlui Mill. aa< '.? (natal part ml Whaaa Mb baa baa* af>ani la KM M Mala af I aalaa, hm, PkMiMia a*a atwabaia. baa a# lacul aauii af 0ia am aaraa tbai vara i?a? btn, Baaf malli4 wtth. rinftnf la iaa b*i( u< aam In ulair; put nnmuM ban * ? mail at tallaa aanda. baabfbTnaaa aitt kafMM blaaaiaf iuaa<ii4 aaM ' ' ltfc Ammm md i.u.,4 a 111 uu?C !1M>ili nil r/ll FAtTK'Ikil KOTtOr. t*i| Mm u< tn iwmrti kf I MUi ['rtcuci ia4(l|t< I- CM ?! ? -? tabu Uf IttrtaJ Irm ?<) frn >t IckMI. # facto ? vMc* art a(fbtlv bn ???n vkn |?? ?>. ? < if mn?4?n tMrnop IbftHikt, m4 kMk aiil m Mv. i<MM ppiv i<?w<>?Wf. 1%m art : U? art <u? ma.uaebaiy tlitu (Q by ??rl? kikili tfMlli * i WtikuMi iflkt k(k u< linkt, Pa?>? IB tki* Rtii IkanMt of <h*H,Lh of MmiiIi a Palptnta*. of tH? Mhn,Dtififn. HtrrMt Im.iMr ty. t4 tn OiffaacMM, Vmhii IHkmy, kfuf rw VU.uii^i.M.kc MlkNTAi.LT.?foarflt. ifktUN l*? aoi*4 ut nU ; kt ilr>?<t< -Lo? ?fX?wr*. Cwftwm. of !<?%?. Hkftmm f firrt?. >*tl r<r*wl .iin. it twdirfIkiii?, (kV-PiMw.. L*?oaf lilitili.fMMT, ? an wh ml mm *?? pi KnTOM DlllUTT -TkM>u4i ui t*vt*4fk Mti btktctMtftkm 4?ettaii f knhk, ki.oftkw M iiaf urtu u.4 im -cuttd " ??inf a Mftiii tpMiruM ikMt ika ?m. < DiaKASKS Of iMPUPKH> C Vkti iki HNfii4?4 ? j mpralMi vatvxy < puimi l>M ka ku imMkt4 ika aaaJa ( t*m pamh! iliaaiaa, k im aAa thai an ill-tinri > ?f m 4rod of di*c??tip 4mn M? frvm *ppl?.nj (Mko?? wy?. f??tr ihcu* u ( r??p? > (nitty, e?? tMri I t'n??4 bin. P* fcU? > ?? * band* > ifMnm <?H of pr?:*?a*n. ?" . u*c&f?k f caring, M? picait)* eal?UJ>e, Ma inii. ? aMctk *rar mauih, *r ? :? f >e tt e IMMiktiktuotd. and <? 4n['>it Ititi tin tilt hiilili ? iwl r ?.! <!i?pf>pcu:tf-? '.erbytka ?m ywon. Mercery, heeten ?<itaiio??l itm) im Uii limi 4te?*aa. ik? Altcu* * tha l??rv ? Not*. km.Ac. [mjrmni tn1 I- p.lity.U ' Nrit4 M bu trtilnl irft ;? Vj ' ? kia ibai a* tiict'iril cnntrf w > mmtna r.a ir?taler rt.anx ML lOHHSOII-VKICMIuUY r<?R UR../ *1<: WUUEH akv iMPOTiem'T By tfct* fraat u4 laMthiK f tiitnNi?(M twi.i art ((ttdily cared wi'm *4* reeiare*. fMwiii Mm mi oar*Ma ud dtfe.i.inad ?? had laai Ui ??f?, aa?? fcado naroadmtaiy ra!?a?ait All inipal tnati'i l* Matnafa Ph??iaai t Mlftwl DmomU' lut>tni, Uan ?f Pr?trfii:'? H???i N?r??a? Iniutiiiit Ttiablw| -ni WttlktMN ritiMl? il itl ??ai fa?rfw km* apaaadil* ctifad. KNif>R?tMrjrr or the mm rar ??"> V TMOIJiANl* carad (lUm vtUia Mi IMIMVMMH yaata, ?>' iki MBtrwi litftnui Niii at apart'.'* p#ff?rii*#r ky Dr Jat.baao. ailr.aaaad bf U)? nr*rm ?f ita ?4 >m*rf athar mimm, mum ri Wbfck ba?a - ('(.(trad again utf kfau. h?b>? lk? iMIn, kartdaa liia (tailing aa a clitntiti aal --j-i i1 Mill?, la a dam puai.iai ia Ua tu > R. J. UUVKK I>< !? IMrqtlAL WJfiE B1TTWRS. Are now beinc ua/>i from Maine to ti?e 6rwt 8k.l Lak*. &.c J the universal vrn- ct of ali who ua* t'lem either *? & medirim* or a- % t>rr*raf?. ia that th"y are n?iirp*a?<l it the world 1M\ Doda nod them FU-My-ufnily in hi* araotwe for ts taara bafcre we purot?Md of hiui Uie aoia ignt to mar.ufac-.u'* and preaa: t them for aa ? to tfte put io. Forth* ? ou^e of Incipient Coneumptiur., Indi^reti^n. Dy? pi p?IB. t linn, ilOi VOM VIHK! ?*f, r "fll? ! VHIM plaint*. and ail c?dm -ejiiinut iu ?, th?* are be Tood do?t>t a iroit lirrainut' * r*m edj. And* frprn Urrm'f.ciuw p i.pMtiMtimrir* a <>m* and d-?ifltfni a' a r.a p ea?ai.t ?*hi,Hraui e rlfwii ( or W ;> without their iijiitm un iveulU. I et all fnerd? of hunta .tTand ai. a t of t?>nip?r?nc* %e?,*t n* it *uSt? tu:nc tt'?*?e va'uaoi* V?ceu hie Bitt^'e for the mi*>rol pp ><mt Mid rnf #?.;,- ???* I.kkvi with whion the omintry ic floodeu. aud thw?h> effec'na.lj aid ia I an aioug Lfivraac and DnnkMM from the land. CHAILFH WIDDIFIKLD * CO , Proprietors, 7* Wiliia?*> ttreet. Now York. J VhWAKZF. Agact, Wasimurto*, D. C. dr. j pdvKsponr IMt'EK JAL UIN FITTERS. For Diaeaoea of the Kitln??i. H adder ai d Urinary f'rpcaii*, and etpeoia.'.y fur Fw *.? (iKetraotirc*. aerer fall to cara. and are warranted to (ire SKRfk LE? WIDDIFIKLD * CO., Proprietor*, 7 ? \Y i.nata at.. New York. J. s:hwar/J j?T ly,r A cent. WaahiL^ton.T). <' HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ALk! MRS. COX'S INDIAN TEGKTABLK UECOCTlON. It ia arall known that id the Spriac p*op.* are tore .aft to oontrsot dimim than it ui oUtt **riod; and it is >^gi j weil kL wn iitt Ui *?i to vard off die?aae u to keap the blood far*, for "all the i. ftus-t floi,!: ii |.#r u f:w from .mpa/ ? of the blo>i,tl<e man. apnnc of oar actataao*. it. therefore, important to a that th* eyelet* ahoc d be thcroucli v eleaniww! a.1,0 pu ih?d. ai tki> ou b? don* ib ti e moat effectua vai l>j d?u.? MtiS U COX'S 1.\D1AN rt-OETAtil.1 DF CpCTION, the baat remedy d>aoovered for the oar* of diaaaae* of Skin, F.ryaiae a*. 9orofma. Khernna ti?m, NerToui Debility. FeTeraof d*2er*at kinda, Dy?p*p?y. LJvaf Co'i.fia r.t. ar;tl a. "Uiar di**a*?* an aim from impurity of tha blood. It ha* rfaafj tha nott r*markab:e cure*, aa oac b* akaat by namaroaa oerufcoatea froan paraona of the htf he*t reapootabi ity auJ if re<- .iiiire-xlad by a' wi.. ha-, e uu'd It an the ikoatmva r.aM* tiiediai acaut of the da*. ITTlt la eold by all tha DnuciaU of BaibMora, and at tha reaidecoe of th* ?mfri??o'. j MRS. M. COX, 16* Kaat Baltimore atreet. bH?**u Kd?o (trait aad Centra; a venae. None cnuioe unlaw her nun* u biovi on Uti bottle and her teal on the oork. fD*Pn? %\ per bottle, six bottle* for 06. Whole talt jltmt. R. V T Ciun. Dr?Hi?t, Georcetown. D. ^ n>> e?a*e Ar-it for the !)? tnct, and will ?uppj the trade at mr pnoea mar a tf yMK iTl. r i)F F i C 1 E NT IBR KK TKI UK MAR, 1, #, * ?, fr?WtW by R -*yml l.rtttrr PdiaM of gnt\mm4, ?M imrW lytu Somlt of tk? EcoUdsPkmrmtmtu 4* Pons. mmd ik? Imrwxml Coils* of Mi*mi. rMMii No. 1 ia inraiuaf>> for exhalation. Bparutatur^r?i5i^eiiSe5H?5r. ? tiMWM that bare bwc hitbwrto treated b* tim bm mob* and per tuoiou iw of WNnt ud ftbik. No. 3 hM n U'f i pi:?i tbe iftjorioB* mm i>( B^roorT, tberetj laaarmp to tbe aaOerer lytwir reij?f, aiaperaicg all uapnribea, lad rooting oat tM Tjtom ofdiaeaae. TRiKSKVAK.Nof. l.Wand S^repra^red la tbe form of a logengr, d*>v?id -f taate and emit, tad ?Mb?oar-iK< iswvtiatAuMynokM. tv?d ib Ua aa*ee.aad divided iato M^craf uaa adyian tered tj "i if I alllaur - Koax, R ioord, * o. P'lOf 9S eaoh, or fcar oaeea for %? a hick aavee (I and ia #27 eaaet, whereby there le a aaricx of To b? had. arholeaalea'id 'Mail, of Dr. HA a MOW, ltd 8 aeefcer atreec. loar doore Wet MotVuiw treet. New York. Uaaiartialnly oa i"oanai a re mitiai.p* Or. Barrow wiii forward tbe Tneeem>r to aay aart ol tbe w> r d, aeoareiy paeked, aad a^ draaaad according to tbe ir^etractiont of the wuf*. mito? D & ?-CAJ^F*T jTf0Y?L V&r-in ci'kb. With HIM MOIUMC k^i?, IB > ! ? (Mi aer.*. rotrlriMd. a furaw iuf*r?r,MMr nh> A WM.T.DUVK4CO. ARE Nov prMtr*'. to ei*cm u; order* with wtnoh thfj mtj b* f*v<>red ic the PLUM&I.N6. GAtf or Stka* nmnt? Bcsinhm. HT Mors on Mb iUMl. 11?? door* turtk of Pi. ithw, whe: m*i I* k>?ud ? ?<m.? ?t? ? tl -Dl U t H A N MlJtRe Mti ottw <i #T i. AM swi WATKR F1XT1RKR. .?f> Ir 1\IKW *TYLJtB OF EIC?i JKWKLiy-J.^ 1^ HO<>i' hM jntt np? n*6 i larte at ?c*, tiWi M inh ftfrr at *?*T >o? rtUn? Thxwr* tbtw that hunifitDTTMrc m hi* Mm HftMMlU, VI,! do V?i! k> Ml lo< MMIW** ? * |MP<?*TANT TO UOlEKkKKPfc.**R. ft. PUftK^ * CO.^^^ 6MtMMNl Ml Mil BftOLUTK^V AND PftftFKCTLV FUftk, fcdiS&SjyswsS A LABGK AfOITMIiNT Of MmnH ft Jsar.'K. jmb -inr I

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