Newspaper of Evening Star, August 14, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 14, 1860 Page 1
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# Owning Star. VHt. XVL WASHINGTON. I). C.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 14. I860. N?. 2.33fi. ??^TT"'? ? THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl'lLDINOS. <'?rwr of rrnntylvuniaavfnuf and 11 fA .?# ? BT w. n. WALLicn. ? ? Kapers mm-vm] in packar** by carrier* at 94 a ?*?r, or 37 cents p~r month. To mat! tubeoribere he price la 93j> a fear, in udcmmu; $2 for eix month*; -Jl for three month*; and ' than ire* mon'hs at the rat# oftfoent* a week. Single oopiee, mji c*<it; in wrapper*, two cm*. Ap\ krti-emsm* *ho?ld be?ent to the offioe K-t .re 12 o'eleok m ; otherwise they may tot appear until ti e next day. _ F 1 COLOXEL CRO?f, THE FOROER a slippfrt ccstuvv.?how he rscapkd. [Frjin the Philadelphia Bulletin, Aug. 4 J between 9 and 10 o'clock this morning. Mr. John Porter. a tinstavo in the Court of Quarter Sessions, was directed by the Court to proceed to Moyaintnsing prison and bring up Col J am M Bucnanan Cross, the celebrated forger, f >r the purpose of sentencing him. The tiparave procured chaise No. 2'tj. Miles Pryor, driver, and proceeded to the prison in accordance with his instructions. Cross was duly handed over to the officer, and after he was placed in his custody, a third party was permitted to hold a conversation with him. which he officer did not hear. Mr Porter and prisoner then got into the chaise, nnd tM^| were driving along Passyunk road, at Prin e street, when Cross remarked that he expected t?> be ?ent to Cherry Hill, and be -vould like : -'op nr.^r at nis oi<i loggings, at tne sou m west c >rnf r of Moyatnensing aveuue and Waj-hin*lon avenue fur the purpose of looking up his trunk*. Mr. Porter hut* that he demurred to this proposition, hut at length consented to the arrangement, and the chaise was accordingly driven to Miller's tavern, at the spot named Cr*ss and the officer proceeded up ptairs to the third story. and they entered a room which was darkened. The prisoner alluded to this fact, and requested the officer to open the shutter. While the latter was oLigiagly doing this, Cross bolted out of the room, locked the door upon the outside, ran d'lwn the -tairs. aud scaling the fence, leaped into a light wagon that was iu waiting, and was driven off bv a man already in the vehicle as fast as the horse could carry him The officer, upon finding himself outwitted, kicked out a panel of the door and followed the fugitive On the stairs he met a woman, and upon getting into the yard he saw a chair, by the m i oi wnicn i na<t scaiel tbe lone? Mr. Porter reached the street in time to soe the wagon with the fugitive going off in a southerly direction. The di>comfitt?d officer came up to the city, and hiving lodged information at tbe Centra] station, the telegraph *?? put into requisition, and scouts were sent out to intercept the fugitive, if possible Cross is a shrewd fellow and the officers will experience some trouble in tracing him out. The fugitive is celebrated in his line of business lie cut a great da*h in Paris a few years since, and obtained the means of doing it by ?n extensive series of forgeries and swindling On hU return to the United States he organtied a series of forgeries by which parties in Philadelphia. New York and Boston were heavily bled. With the fruits of these misdeeds he was living the life of a nabob in a southwestern city, with his fast woman, ralet, <tc.. when he was arrested aud brought to Philadelphia for trial. He wt** cunning enough to cover up bis traces, and he escaped conviction Recently he was convjeted of forging a check on the Consolidation Bank in the name of Mr Crawford, and he was to have been sentenced j to-day He is a stout, man. dresses with good ta?te. ana has a gentlemanly bearing and prepossessing manners, which aid him greatly in his rascally operations Officer Porter was suspended from duty for his carelessness in the matter. Keraptnre ?f C?l Cro???Th* Kugltitr Sait In >l*ramrii?ing ? 1 he Old Fax Kind* lit* Match Col Jas Buchanan CroM (says the Philadelphia Balletic of Friday.) was last night recaptured in the Twentieth Ward, and restored to hia old quarters at M?yainensing prison. The tigitive was traced to his lair after a patient and eareful search, and he wa< finally captured by the exercise of a ruse It seem* that on Saturday morning after the scape of Cross from the hands of Tipstave Porter he was rapidly driven down the 'Neck" a- L a J: -? ?I ?l ior a *non ni'Mnuco, wucu me wBgon wan rurnea nbout and driveu up town at a moderate pace Bj this means the fugitive quietly sought a hiding pi hop in the upper part of the city, while the police, thrown upon the wrong scent, were searching for hiin down town Cross went to a house in the neighborhood of Columbia avenue and Broad st where he remained until Sunday night, when be went to a small dwelling, occupied by a poor woman, in a clump of houses which stand back from Columbia avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. The woman of the house, it is believed, wms entirely ignorant of the name or character rf her guest, and she h&d no <u*picion that the polite boarder who was to be called for last night was Col. Cross. A hou?e had been rented for the Colonel in an out-of-the-way location, to which he was to have teen removed last night. Listrict Attorney Mann, who had come up from Long Branch on the receipt of intelligence of the escape of Cross, took the matter n iinrl nwinoAPn^ it ?< ? <.Jaf..? - --?a ? ? ... termination Through information received by him from parties who were active in tracing it up. he learned of the exact location of Cro*s yeeteriay. and of his intention to shift his (juarMra last night. As the Colonel is a slippery customer, it was deemed best to May low' and capture him as he was about leaving the house. Accordingly, last night, the following named persons left tae office of the District Attorney in the family carriage of the latter :?District Attorney Mann* ex-Detective Joseph Mirkel, Detective Cnarlee H Smith, Mr. Benjamin Thomas. a citizen, and the following named officers of the oourt of Quarter Sessions: ? Messrs. Porter. Ashton, Barber and Mayhew. The parry started at 8} o'clock, and on" their road up they divested themselves of their coats, vents, collars. Ac., and having rolled up taeir sleeves, slouched their hats, and put elay pipes iu their mouths, they transformed themselves, in appearance, into a party of laboring men Mr. Mann was particularly successful in his metauiorr>hosis. anil h* as tho^jh he might have just finished a hard day's work at paviDg the streets. Some two ?qmr?i from where the fugitive wasconcealed, the wagon, clothing. Ac ., were left in charge of the coachman while the party sauntered up to the scene of their intended operations. It wa* necessary to watch the doors, roof, Ac , of the building, to prevent the bird front again taking flight, and the parties engaged in the hunt divided themselves' into parties, and loitered about in such a manner as to best accomplish their purpose, and at the same time avoid suspicion as to their real (character. In front of the suspected bouse there is an open common, and the disguised officers laid about here among the Jamestown weeds, keeping a ?harp eve on the house and all who might approach or leave it While thus engaged an amusing incident occurred. A mau who h-id some exposed property in the neighborhood, and who suspected that the shirt-s'.eeved individuals were after do good, ordered them away. They refused to go, ar.d he sent to the Twentieth Ward Police Station for aid. A "mall party of police officers were sent up. and they ordered the Some of ti?ein pretended Ui be drunk, and they male rhat an excuse to remain about and avoid a parley. Finally the District Attorney t<H.k off a is slouched hat. and fncins on? of the ofB' ers 'lemanded if he knew him The officer, almost doubting the evidence of his own eyes and ears, stammered out that he believed it w?* Mr Msnn The latter assured the policeman that he wag correct in his surmise, and bagged 'he party to withdraw, as time wag pr?^;iuuf. Thia request was, of oouraa, 001a plied with, and the nonplussed policemen m^de their way back to the station-b iuse It wai now betwefti ten aud eleven o'clock, and there were y*t no sign* of CroM. or of bia shifting his quart* rs Alter consultation, it was determine.! to make a descent upon the h<>u*e. and take the fugitive in his den Hoards were accordingly set upon the floors, roof and window*. One of the paTty knocked at the front door, which was noon opened by the woman of the buwe, and at the instant it wm pened, Mr. Mann and aereral other officeis ruihed past the woman and up stairs The house has hat one room on a floor There was do Croas on the fiwt floor, and on the second a man was found. lying on a bed. This inan was not the object of their search, and continuing on up stairs, the fugitive was found coolly sitting upon a trunk, and in hi<> shirt sleeves Kxcepting that he was divested of his coat, he was dressed just as he was when he slipped off on Saturday He h>?d laid aside his wig and shaved off his moustache and whiskers : but the officers had no difficulty in recognizing him, even without his bland manner and musical voice. The prisoner was unembarrassed and polite as usual, remarking about the scantiness of the furniture in the room, and expressing regret ?L.4 L. U...1 ... . rc l _ " . if luii nr u^tu ii'' iruiiir* 10 i'ner dim visitors ?>ir Porter, the officer from whom the forger had estapea, became very much excited, and, bursting into a hysterical laugh, he seized Cross by the collar and screamed out?"Old fellow, it make* ine the happiest man in the world to see you. There ia nobody I wanted to see worse!" To this the adept coolly replied that he w .ul l be happy to see him, (Mr Porter.) but not under existing circumstances Porter remarked that if the prisoner got away from him again he would have to be smarter than ever. Cross replied that the officers had the advantage of him aa they were all strangers to him. intimating that regular officers, in their ordinary dress, w^uld have had some trouble in tapping him. The recaptured rogue was taken down to prison in Mr Mann's wngon. the District Attorney retaining his laborw s ' rig and driving the horses So complete was his disguise that the prisoner did not recognize hiin until hev arrived at the nrison and Mr Munn i^st ingly demanded his fire 'in the road to Moyatnensing. the prisoner jested with his captors regarding his escape i?ud recapture He pretended to sympathize deeply with Mr. Porter, who had fallen into disgrace on his account, and who had become an object of suspicion. ile said he could not help the matter at the time, but he had determined t?> make Porter a rich man before he died! Cross was finally lodged in his cell about miduight. and we presume that after the cxprrience of the past, he will have to remain in strong quarters until the law is done with him. We are assured by Mr. Joseph Mirkil that it was he who traccd out the movement* of the forger, from the time he escaped, and that he put the authorities in possession of the facta which enabled them to secure him. The Late >?iar Eclipse. The United States steamer Bibb, with the party on board who were detailed by Professor JJache. Superintendent of the Coast Survey, to proceed to Labrador and take observations <>f the srreat eclinse. reached Xewnort on their 'returri*on Tuesday afternoon. The officers of the expedition were Professor Alexander, of Princeton College ; Prof Barnard, of the 1'niversity of Mississippi; Prof. Yenable, of South Carolina ; Prof. Lieber, of South Carolina ; Prof. Smith, of Maryland ; M Duehochowd and Mr Thompson, photographers; Mr. Walker and Mr. tioodfellow, of the I'nited States C*ast Survey. The party have had a utorruy return voyage, and some narrow escapes, hut it :s stated that they have accomplished the purpose for which the voyage was undertaken in a nuccessful manner. Ilaving arrived at Newport just before the close of the annual session of the American Scientific Association? Prof Alexander apprared in that enlightened body on the last day of its session and gave an account of the expedition Kv aowin? * K o r V. a ?eao />,*n ??w vvuiuivuvwv* vj 17 *J "'o VM ?V IIC n (1.1 U? CI " j come by thfe kindly reception which greeted him the moment he set f <ot on shore. Contrusted with the monumental devolution of the scene which he had witnessed, this sudden introduction to the midst of friends and socuil intercourse was most affecting. Without beginning with an apology, he simply alluded to those circumstances to explain what want of unity of ideas he might manifest in his remarks Never in his wildest dreams hnd he conceived of scenes of such wild grandeur and desolation as greeted them as they approached their final destination. The shore was skirted with an almost unbroken range of mountains, seeming iike cast-iron. Th?-y were beyund arborescent vrgetation, and but little except mossM grew any where. Along the base of the mountain chain toward the sea lay a bank of mist. It was necessary to get on the opposite side to be free from danger from this source The difficulties seemed to be very great. A sort of terrace on the western side of the range was found isKIAK r.PAiniatt'l . . aKl? 1. I i k ? - ?- ? L iv u i v. u pi-iiuicrctj iv uu nunauic , IlllllOr Wll I, great difficulty we transported ourselves and uur instruments The weather, when clear, was very clear, but lasted never more than two days. The day we had looked forward to with great anxiety was overcast; still we could eoe the disc of the sun; the clouds served our eyes for colored glass screens. The most interesting results of our observations are? 1. The moon broke the curve of the sun with an enormously rough edge. 2 A phenomenon which I was the first to notice some years a;?o, viz: a belt of light around the moon, brighter than any other part of the sun. 3. An appearance, which but one of our party saw which was observed in 1820, and once later, and has been called an optical delusion, but which the photographic plate. ttotr had not forgotten to rford. Thus it was real, and not optical The (henomenon in question was a bluish light on he aide of the moon, close to the edge projected ?n the sun. These three results Pmfeasor A considered as amply justifying the expenses of the expedition. i. !,_ 1 -?i ? i At a % c wuo wv, 11 ^oo mu wucn i ii ere was only a bit of ragged, intensely brilliant rilver wire of the sun s disc left, it seemed as if the sun was melting away and dropping Point by point, till in a minute all was gone I'uring totality the sky was overspread with the most beautiful colors. We saw through the deepening mist, just as the last fragment of the sun's disc melted away, a single blush of the corona, but it was white, aud no red prominences were risible On shipboard they were more fortunate. During the totality, a momentary rift in the clouds revealed the spectacle to the sailors They saw the corona, and described it precisely as if they h ?d read a description in an astronomical work The drawing taken from their statements h?t considered in every sense reliable. It exhibiU the corona with unequal shoot* of light. Dr. F A P. Barnard, a member of the expedition. gave a few results which are very Interesting. The phenomenon known as -Baily's heads" was distinctly seen. This consists of a series of round dots of light, like a string of beads, which immediately succeeds total obscuration. lie attributed to them a similar cause which is ajjsr^ned for mirage. The pasuH/fl nf thft th? anin* intwuiftlifv r.- 1-- J of (tenuity in the atmosphere as that wbicb. on the principle of refraction, produces mirage. Dr. B stated s>me interesting f:w:t* connected with the royage. His ideas of iceberg" were entirely oori ected. lie had no conception of (hair enormous height One was measured to be nearly four hundred feet in height. This, too, was in latitude 52 deg . off the c?aat of Iietle Isle Other remarkable features of these high latitudes were great number and brilliancy of auroras and great disturbances of the magnetic neecle What was quite as remarknbie, too. the latter became quiet during the totality of the eclipse. The almost total abscnce of animal life, with the exception of mus^uitoes, was also remarked 1X7" An Investigation. It la said, baa shown that in-?cta cruelty Is practised towards the boys confined in the Masaackusrtts Reform School. The whole establishment la to be eorganlzed. ID" Not far from Oakland, ou th? ?ineo:the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, there lives an old gentl?man by the name of Thomas. who we learn was at one time Governor of Maryland, and quite wealthy For many year* he has manifested symptom* of ins ?nit\ hi* wealth wai watted, and ne wjg neglected and allowed to no down in th? world He now live* In a miserable log hut, with no companion but an aged negro. Th*-r? ) no habitation near, and he scarcely ever ha* a visitor or sees a white man's face Aroupleof artists from Baltimore, who were sket^hinK along the line of the r. ttd concluded the other day to go down from O.ikland and pay the old her ant a vis:t and a few sketches of his premises. They were kindly received at tlrst, and their sketch's seemed to tplease the old man, until he became aware that it was the intention of tiie artists to publish them, with accompanying den riptlons. aria thus it a^ him aua4n before the public. Learning this, he Immediately ordered the artists out-of the home. Tbey did n<>t j?o ujk>ii the in*tant. and the hermit got down biigim. swearing that if thev did not leave he would shoot them The artists, of course, left in a hurry. (Jj*The New Orleans Picayune eonflrms the statement that Gen Walkrr, with five vessels and live hundred men, well supplied with arms a*m ariimuniilon, arrived ott the VucaMkn coast, tn route for Nicaragua, on the 1st ult. Wl^SLOW, N Ex^erien ed Nnrso and Femai? Physician, ?re*?nta to the attention of mothers, har SOOTHING S V KIF, For Children Teething, WkHk f ratily fact.'i < tbt pr*:ai> ?f it?;bir.(, ky inf th? |ini, rMv>i| at. ibf ammMisn ?will aliay ALL f 41 * ana ?p?*m?Uic ictiMftnd > SK'KE TO RKHVLATE THE BOWELS. 0?p?t.^ p?n il, nxt.K.*ri, ll will ( ?i rot I* tiirmni, tod RELIEF AN D HbALTH TO YOVK IS FA NTS W? h??? psi sp and ml<2 ?hi? ir:ir i for Mir !?n yiira, ?nd c Af 94 V, in c orrriDinc i 4 no TRl'TH of it.what ? ha*? r?k*?r httn akl? is ?:??y of ??iy OTHBS Mtdiclak? mil t illKS has it rsiLBO.m ? until wivcMitti. m"" TO ,r rirx a era i, " UMiUn S ?h?r, timely situ Ni*irdi1 vi kr.iv cjtiiT Ma-. d~> art toit'KCi of di? atiafaetinu ty any owva art w: o vaid it. Oi? tbt centraryt all art i SVK J t 9 dtlirhtad with iu Of IRATiOlts, end ' - Jacr^ in ;irmi of r?i*haat coinmtndatioii of '*a i\ ical ifftett aud rotdica! virtiti Wa apaak in hit mitt* ? what vi no mow," vfttrttn ytart' tiptritnca, 4IID ri.inoi ot'R ripi'Ta* fMI fob thi n iriLMi^T or what w? hire mcLak t Ir? almoa a?ary inatanct whin tnt infant ? acltrtnf from p un and a thnuati^n, ral:a f will ba found in Iftttr or tarat^y mmataa af?ar rha avrup it at ininiatartd. Th?a valaaMc priparatiaii ta (Hi praacript.on of ant tf th? noaai is P BR i Bit c BD and * 11 l kf.t l (VI'Rf ! in Nav Una tad, aod naa oatr aaad with IIIVIi>fAILIM I > M ia THOV8AWD8 OP CASES. It att an f rtht?aa :ha Child from pain, bit ln*i$ara.tat tta tamach af.d bam alt, corricta acidity,and fi*a? tana and IHf|j to 'ha wl ill IfUl n. It will Irrot- ii Battly nUlfl Geipiso in the Bowkls a.nd Wi*d Colic, add atarroma con*a?atont, which, if 91 tf ctduj rarnadiad and if. dafttb Wl 1 bWlfl ?BIT 4 III b Ml h BH FOK ta f ia ma u oi 1.0 in all caaaa ci i>Tf- children flTT ' A R I m ir m jjf chil XKflSTMIPIG I^RB'S * ar H ifiiia ini tinfciB(|L ' * * cauaa Wa in I My ta a ? r t IM(h r w bM I clim auffaring frori any of tfea forag*faf complain^ ?do iot lit vioi pr?jri-i< is, rm tbiml/uil 11 ithui, ? jf oar aaffa r g and tha uliif w Bf IUKB?yaa, AlSOLUTBLY ?T PB-ta follow tr.a u?? of th madicint, if tirraly aaad Full dirtciiat a cr sain; wtil t MllMUIV ??Ch bot'li. Nor.i rinwd Bl Imi '.'.t hC MOill CURT!! & PERK!N8,N?* York, it oi> th? au.d? wrappt 0< d by Dm grift throughout tht world. Principal Offict. No. 13 Ctdar S.riit, M. T. Prir t onl? 1* Cants rtr Btttit. ? 11 d A ?I v GK(>RGETOWN A DVERT'MTS A BABE CHANCK 18 NOW OFPBBKDTO i\ any on* who muT h" <le?irou? <>f in a prohtMie bnmn' ??. at one of the he*t <t*ndt in Georgetown. ! off*r my evtire *took of UR V GOODS on rfimon?!i!e terms, in order to make a chance In my buainettH. VV. R HI'HDl.K jy 24 lm Corner of H'.fli a<id G*? ?ts. OKOK HAKI'KK'S FKRRV. N Ami after J .?!, r-'fin, th- steamer I.. J. Rreiiilo, Captain \V. II Ritt-i.wil' &. iMve Georgetown KVKRV TI'KS DAY, THf'RfUAY, ar. 1 SATI R " f-"" DAS*, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return ev?ry alternate lav , at fi o'clock a in. On tve Saturday trip from (ioorgntown the lioat will run through to Stephen) *town. j?a la | ~t\ JUST BBCBIVBD, IOU BBI.S WHISKY. ( assorted.) I*' do. IIKRRl.NG a I AI.KWIVE8. 25 ao. KKHNKI) SHiAHS f" hhds. I'ORTO RICO SUGARS. 6 bbls.( ba vfceld) NVH1TK Fl H, 2S boxes p-ime Kasterri CH KKSK. For eale low by JOHN J. BOGFK, Js 8 Georgetown, 1>. C. \GF.NCY FOR KA I K HANK'S SCAl KJ* IN GKOKGKTOWN The undersigned have been appointed Agents for the ?al? of the above e.*;ebrated and we i known PLATFORM and COFNTKK SOAl.K.8. A fu ! nipp y constantly on hand and for sale at lowost ates. HAY and COAI. 9CALF.S ereoted in any part of the District or adj uning counties. Ail Scales are warrautea durable, accurate, and to give satisfaction BUSKY A BARNARD. Dealers in Agricultural implements, je 8 2m Bridge street 2 doom west of Huh. C^RANDELL, OPTICIAN, S No. I'iH ftri/tf St., <i$orrt:?wn. Has constant!? on hand a .arge assortment ol Fr?nch Near sighted. Foriscopic, Col ,i?. i ? ored, ivnd ai. other SPECTACLES, oH*-' ^S* the heat qua.ity, in silver, st?el. anil Germai silver frames. N. B. Old P*MM? Repaired anc new t auses set in them to order. no 19-ly ios. f. birch, undertaker, J Cor. Brvtge ami Jfflrrsrm it%., (iesntfimen. Having given in; persona! attention lo this branch of mj l)U?ines?, I ain prepared t?>/ i* attend to all oa1'* with pr inptness Perrons from a distance oa? ' > supplied at a rew minutes' notice. a?i I have a large assortment of COFFINS aiwajs on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d' ad from th? old to the new huria! grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap i0-6m \IASSF.Y. COLLINS 4. CO.'S PH1LADEL.'I PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.? We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of the anove de.ightful beverage, and invite a ! persons who waut a pure unaduiterat<nl Ale. to give it a trial. ARNY A **H1NN, AgeLta, w ... Of?cri <t? ( Mtrcrtnvn. )|f?DONNBLLV CATAWBA GINGER WINE! McUONNELL'S CATAWBA 6INGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! TK a VtUeious Summer B> cram, The Healthful and Tonic Propensities Of w'Dioh are now well known and Universally Admitted Throughout the Union, Is Now For Sale in Washington by Jos. W. Davis, 8th and R sts. J. T Coburn, 13th and H sts. Jas. E. O'Brien,9th and 1 sts. \Vm. A. Brown, 13th aud F sts. W. 8. Jones, IVt?H?achus<*ttsav. and 3d st. Peter Mooaghan. Mew Jersey av. ai.d G st. T. Cogan, Fa. av. and 2?th st. Jas. Bligh, Uth st. F- M Orme, Pa. avenue. E. K. Whits II Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pv avenue. B. Hayes. 4th and H sts. George W. Orme. Georgetown, D. C. H. L. Oflutt, Georgetown. D. C. J as*. MoDONNEI.L, <y H eolm Gen?ral Agent. Bait)more. T* ROYALTHAVANA L.OTTEK \ . HE Next Drawing of tne K iyal Ha.mial.ot i w_ tc-o t_ l /' tny, o'JimuuwJu uj mo opauiBii V"VPrn*HP?iT, OfJOPI the tu|>?rvia?>n of the Captain Ueii?ra! ot Cuta. will tate place at Havana on SATURDAY. August ZV 1900. iiORTEO NVMERO 641 ORDMAhlO. CAPITAL PRIZE S100.000. 1 prise of 100,1100 so prise* ot. $]. ** I do fle.ooii 60 do ?? 1 do 30,000 153 do ?Q0 1 do ? 30,000 ao appro*. ?jf<> I do ... 10,000 IN ALL 4*8 PRIZES. Whola Tickets, 340? Halve*, $ 10?Quart'ri, $> Prise* oashed at sight at ft p?<r oect. diaooust Bills on all solveut Banks taken at par. A c rawing will be forwarded as soon as the result heoo nes known. All orders lor sonnies or tiokets to t*e adoressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, au 6 tr Care of City Post. Charleston. ?,C. I\]fcW MUSI^ reoeived semi-week.y, and .for warded try mail free of p< >?tac a if 11 JOHN P. El.LI . EDUCATIONAL. C* o m ste k c, i a"l c in, l k o e, ' *?o. 47? f?IVMTH st , OppJttti tk> Gtn-rai Po?t (Jjficf, Ctty. Ar?n?ri%n 9y*?m of Pwmanahfp, B<>ovk eepinc, Meroantiie Foru.b and C'ai oiaUoua. Bubii?'?m C?rreapordenoa, Bill* of Kxohan.e, Currrnt Hu ?, ComnriiBFicr. S*>i, li^au rnnr and Arithmetics. !L/~A PrfpaiaUirr Clans for Boy*. t>_/~ Ladina will be instructed in fine peiinianahip. Kooin* o|n?n from 9 a m. to in p.m. For t^rma apply at cho Rooms. maX-Sui Wai W VOI NG tt CO. f?HE UNION FKMAI.K ACADKM Y. * New Arraxghmknt. Thl* Wfll known and popniar rvminary, which ha* h??>n Kl > .Iin/Uli f.i 1 . n/lAf t ka n?l >-o " -- : ..V IU1 u MM i HIV UMVI I * V-Olt V| .?| 9 Z. RicbnrHs for more than ten rears, will be open ^l on the first Mon<l(l> in September n-xt. ut d<>r the unit*! oip<.rvi*ion ami instruction ol Mr. and Mm. Z. RICH \ R PS, in the well arrancxJ ant de'ur-t fiiily located l.'mnfl Academy Huildinc. To- tai-tie tuars. aee circulars at all ttie Bookstore*. na?i tf MRS. McCOK IOK'8 SCHOOl,. " RS. McCORMICR ieairea to inform h? friends and the pub'lo reneraHy that rhe wll rMomt Mia luMea of her School on the tat Monda<- in September next. The conr30 of study puraued wil1 comprne *1! th? branches requisite to a thorough F.cjiisi; eduo* tion. In addition to her day sohoiara she is <ler.iroos of receiving into her family a few pupils aa I <?ardera aged from lo to l? yet.ra, who will oe under her im mediate care and overaitht. Her arre.niceinenta for the aooonmodation ar<j due oare of pupila have been considera y inoreaf r<? and otherwise improved. Those in WaHhingtoo oesiring particular information w;tn refarenoe t< he: aohoo, may apply to W. D. Wailach, l.ditor o the Star. For terms and ! >rtner partloa'a^s apply at hei rea; te-ce?%n. 3* Cameron atreet. A lexan Iria. Va r* tf CLOTHINGt Jlc. JELLING OPP ~ AT COST' In order to il?fr??wm? ? o<-k I i-*va dct"rmin'~d to close out the lialance < ! >?; M M KM CLOTKI N'? at coat A 'tin want of Sum mer t'l .thnii in re?pectfiil y invited to call at No. 4KO Seventh ft , opposite I'oat Office, and see the great redi ti<-n in Hnmitirtr r!rtthin? 1 ? ..p? j j ?-iau I TNI TED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSION. V- WAsaiHflTO.l- Ju:y 17, M60. Proposals will 1* rro lved at tn*Offii >1rtfj noon <>f rnosday, the2Ist of AU(n<t n?-xt,f.?r Put lulling and Putting up the Iron Ceilings of two rooniH over the connecting corridors of the Capitol Extension I"h?* proposals rrUBt slate the price for each eel! ing c ?n<pi^t'*, in p!w\ painted with thr*e good coats of white lean in oil. Ai! of the Iron work of the Ceilines, of every description. including thsf MtMMgS of the oet nits to the walls ami to the roof fran os, musi be included in the pnoe hid. The proposals most be endorsed, "Proposals for Iron t'ei ines." and mu?t >? aooompanifii by a guarantee, signed r>y one or more responsible per sons, "ddfssed to the undersigned. They will tm opened at the tune mentioned above, in th" presence of suon persons as may ohoose to at'rnd. The drawings of the oeihnga san been seen at this Olfioe. W. B. KRANK1.IN. Captain Topographical t-nnreers, in charge ol Caj.Ho! Extension. iMw<n pr iposai enou.J De KC jrapai.iM br the following (.uarantee: Form of (funrantrt. The nnderaigned, A B and C 1), nf .lithe Sluts of .and in th? S>ate of , lirr?by *ua-anty that in caee the foretoine but of for iron o?iih ft, ax above detcribe , lie accept ?d. ii>* >?r they wi i. within ten day* afW the r??eipt of theount ao' at the p ane named execute the contract for the cei iim*. with good and auffilien' i?-cur .tlee; ant', in case the caid hall f*i: to enter into cns>rnotu aforesaid, we guaranty to mike % od the difference between the offer of the ?a.d and thai winch ma* be a-.-cepted. Late , 1M0. Signature* of guar&ctori, A B. C D. Witness, E F. I hereby certify that theaboye named are known to me a* abie to make good their guarantee. Signature, ?? H. To be nigned by the l.'nited States district ju l g*. United States divtriot attorney, oolleotor.or gome person* known to tne War Department. jy H iltil WHKKI.hR ft WII.-ONS >K\V1NU MACHINK AGKNCV. Rkmovkd to No. 34fi I'a. Av? miai 7rn Sr. Kneoiiraged by the mibstantia! and rapidly inor>*asiii|{popularity of Whwlir A. Wilson'* u e q'lalliwJ KtiMljr Sowing Yaehines, which for the last night years have must triump'a.tW maintain*^ their dtipi-riority. a* a family institution, over aii oumprtitors for popular favor, the Agent has taki-n one of the fine new store* lately er?*ct"d on I'a aventte, n>-ar 7tn st . where a li*-aiit fill a??>rt<nent of all the various ?t* !e? may at all time* he seen. There wre 21 jr?i of tnese S*win< ManHne* b?>1<1 in th*year 18W. l.adi?s are mvite<f to cal an t see them, together with certificates from many of th l>e?t CitiZ'Mis of Washii *ton arul Oeorj^tuwn, ir relati' n to th^ir well known am) thoroughly tented ?n |>t?rio-ity If an ladiaa cannot oall, let them send for a circular l>y all in*ans It in high time every fain .> i the laiul wa.i supp led with <?n? of tl ese healtr an ! life saving instruments. Full instructions, Ujth printed an 1 verba., given f:?e of charge t the horn* of tbe purchaser. P.J STKKK, . A^ent, No 34?> I'a. av mie, J? 11-lm Between 6th and 7th t N piOPOBilJ FO* PAVING. OtrirK or Commissionsk-f Public H-it.ris ;?,( A ? ? lu?A i a' kuci.') iw l 5*KAl.Klt PiioroaAL* wi 1 be reo?ivrd at Uin up t" 12o'clock, in .on the 13'hdsy <?f ^ ug u?* n?xt foMiradlng. Curbing, and ayi-is the B:ekpave inci.t, Paving the Uutt?-r?, A o . on the <>uth side of Minouri avenue between Third ari.1 Sixth ctreeia we?l, conn'ctou on Four and-a hi.I strevt by a F at Footway. The Curbst >ne to be of the best ana'ity of New York N. rth river stone, in pieces or not |es? than four i 4 i f?*t long. sixteen <It 1 inch"* deep. and ur an i ii t %! f( 4H 1 inch?? th ok. and *o l* i.t?d a id wet' fitted. and set in a ued uf oo&rs* gravel an* welt ran mod. The Hriok to be of the best quality hard red Par ir?K Hriok to be laid on a bed ?f *harp river *ai d four 4) loohesdeep on a bed of fii.egavel free fr?nn o.a> or loam three (.'t)i[ioh-?d??p, w,' h ttocnu'ixi on edge next to the oaro and oie o.< Jr?e on ouge on 'he inner line Noex'ra meaanreTient for Briok on alje The r-ton* Vaving to be ofoon mon oo^ble stones not exceeding f -w inch sin diameter, fx'-'pt the atone on the outride ime of the cutter, w rtich mu*t be six ineliea in dia-ncter, laid on a bed of o i*rne nand and o' an travel, free f.-om o'ay or I am, at l???t9irehee deep, and to be twice*'l. the Beo ind urn* *ft-*r bring we I wet. a- d co r.->d with fi e clean giavei o-c arse nan", The oentr >1 the gutter t > be laid with fi e ooumes oi iiv-d rei pav iiig brirk on edge. 'I'hoF agginit to be of the best qualit? N"w York North river Flacci g. in pieoes of no? |-?s 'lian four(4) I'et long by eighteen inohe? wid?, and not !e?? than four (4> irohea thl~k,t be hi on a I ed of fine o'ean g -av? 11? li.oUes dt-rp. 1, ee Uuja clay or liMV'?, and Wfl! jointed. All g'a 'iiK i o* ??xo?<Mlinn one loot to t>? r-te?i aa trimming. and the *urp uh earth to b<< rerwov-d b? th* oontraotor to s'.oh place aa may l>.- deiiji.att J by *upe 1 tender* Cli? work to he done in the l>?t ?rd moat work mimiia # in - n n r a .id t > t 10 >atiafa"tion uf tii?? tJ in iiii?(*iouer <<f |*ul> o Hui.cintu an<t unilur the *u per nteiidt-iioe ?if auch pemon m he ro%? app int. and to be completed oi or before the fi at ?>f ,>o vernier n?>*t and wa-ra..ted to a'&nd twelve (18) month* aftrr completion. All rfpaira that rnay i;e req;,i'e<i withiri th? time for which the woik la warra ' d to atanatube done a* the exp <n?e of thn <v r-ict >r For the due perfo manoe ?.f the work, agreeably to the contract, b:>nl &nda?curity wnl be required. 4idd> ri *i.l pUIh ?ei.arately the ra:e a' wh eh th*y w ;?x> oute the Curbir.g, Fa vin^, aud F.aa *, iiicmdinc in%t?:ia!a, and mark their rrop??a?Ja aa follow*: "Pri>jo?a a for tir-din,'. Ac , Mta-ou i nvenufl." JNO. B. BLAKK, Hti4dt'3*Ui Con.miii*-"n?r 4()4 SEVENTH STREET- 4()4 AT THE <7T7D STAND. Th* snbeerib?r,ifrate'ul for thelibr&l tatrona e C2|heretofore extended to him. ban t.'ie^pSSftfe , le*?nre to am.oun e to h? form [TpjB V - m'ome'* a;:.l the p :!.- < gem* a-.\ th it ??j^ hi?< again op?i?e 1 ?tore at hi* ^Id stand. *??^?<?r ler of Seventh and F atrrela, with a full and complete as* rtmerit of fine GROCKR1E*. TEA-. l.lQt ORS and CIGAR* H?' solicits a oa I from all u: want oi *o*>d? hi Ma it ?, irit'-ndioc to apare no eiforts to give entire tatinlacion. F eaii BUTTER and EiGS constantly on hand daily. jy a-o. 2w WM. H. BRER ETO.\\_ ?? (unit a.ii> n A^ninoiuni STEAMSHIP UN F. Th? Steamer MOUNT VERNON will Ihti A- xs.Quria aiid Washington !or New prw Vork KVUY WEDNESDAY. a> o olook p. m.. an<1 New York for \Y aan-""""r,~ ineton every Saturday, at 3 o'olock p rn. Pit-iensera can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before Uie boar of the steamer's departure. N B.?In the event of the st*amera inability to orosa tbe bar in oocne^ucnoeof low water, a! i roi*lt will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the undersigned. For freight o' passage apply to MORGAN k. RHINFOART, <W ? H-MATtr Ww?*rr W hKrrlm. For Superior Soda Water, With Delicious Fbcit a as Cream Stbups, Go to GRAY'S, Northeast eor, Massachusetts av. and Fourth at. jy w iw SUMMER. RESORTS. ( AKLULE j Tha favorita raaort for WIIITK i I1 mi it tliaw ??? upprwut* " ' * !*<wne ?. Purs SPKi*C*S, M dUlMt Mr. fi.v!?o ?Ct'MBFRI AN.. Pmnfylwinui. 8*ocirt j and a Gotnl i TlN*. Accost mo Nation? roi. for particular* ?enil 30? I 'or Cirru ar. low KV-. r? KNDENTERMS LOW. l> A VIS-t'HKK, J? ? l''w I OmrHth Smrimt*, ^a. APt: ISI.AX 0. NKW J KR >E V^~ V ititora to V Ci?p? \Ia> will finrt eoo I aocofnn A . a tiontat \\ HlTh HALL. Term* ou > 5 <YfT"^ t pe' writ, inclii.iin* th* ruir to tii>* ~ ' in thr morniiK. Dr. S. s?. MaK'?. J v il iw' P OpriMnr. (^A R 1).?A* an inducement for famili** t>> poiourn > at the " H Y<> Kl A"<lur nc tft? ru iithw A . . a of Aucust and >?-p'enilwr, the Propria VcMV t >r? h? ve .1 tli* price of Hoard 1" *J i ' 'v* p<*r ?Ja> Mid ? 12 J.' per wt t>. from Anoint ,?t JOSLI'H SEO\H. < prOBIItt(>r. C C WiLLARU, \ Pr?H?'tor*Old P.?int, Jnlf 3#th. 71 lm j^CIN irrs SUMMER OARDEN -? H Si *tli ?tre?*t. b- iw"? ?' *11.1 t av . A ^ j a bi*) l>* fouud at *11 tim-'i <?iip of tn?* noatyrjfey popular, c'' ial, i and intell (?' ? y Tir | R<t??auratit K?--p?'r*. win tuii'k* up hi* rt^u'* with I.AHKK K KR (f>m li eCirv nf Hk?th?r it Uivi, Phi ad^lphia ; with KhAMLIKS f om th<< choic <?t vinetftrda o! Fra-e?; with WINK** un?*xc?li xl om tue hiil? ofth? K'uu*:a d with n i urticif of WHISK \ which ?'i acn? ft '>m j of ihtrii" flavor of thf Monoi|fj?h?*ia and llourtmn I'a a ?1>1? a? ithcr ot th-?? ma? ? indii-idnallt, In kM wuMI*Mkttarn alau wn Ike erection th r-a' *ro'.ind.? .?l n? favorite establishment of a spaeiou Arhor. wiere hi* by <1a? mat injo* the cool |ir>?< * ' an1 l?e fie.> fp-ni ol'c too ar?1?n.t ray*; an I at "Th* wit<- in* h??r of night," quair h?H io? c'h>i l.aser without l?^r ?'f l.aviiu their enjoyment dampened > the m.line d**w. Si;^h indue m<nti will. .-a:i-h.a't <>| our r< a<t?rn to drop in aiH t"k<* a note it iK'thia; e' -e,i aiul, mutt lilwlj, uiU) oft,.o?> ci.c go wii. bOaKain. In addition t - ail thi?. he ba? er.eacd t'e Pro* p<'ri brother* and tin-ir as?oeiates to li?ootiree tneir choi'-^nt pitv-e* oj inn^to K>eiT Wtd:ie?da} aiid :?atiirda* <ve>iliu. >\ I" lm VV \ -H I NU I t'N IT CITY GARDRN. kR V<r I MV'L'VI I. U l>r/.??a*Ar - ' m J ' . I a * !'*%> IV I" I VW* ! . A'*te York avemmt, brtwtn lit and 2d ft*. 111 <vi!! inr the at'.entiou oi tne pnKie l>> n j r roundi I wouiii sI&'m that every arrantem-nt ha A t , A id? lomtk? iiii- "Ket. Mt j t'*>. vioidaya'he <>a* t '' 1F-1 1 'It-ue are open to tSe public frer of cti&:ce?? civon l?? a select Ita-.i. Tti??f dear in* toci j ? t ? <iarcK!id ?aitz ?i t fr.d the aa * on iu eonip >>t? order to r'-i?'fr p,ea-u t<> a O otb r d*? ? tl??pn-prietor Wl.i . . -:u ? ftu( fcti* u?f> of Hi* grounda(orachoo! or otn?r t'to Nic Pa tlea with out charge. K i>r the aiTiupemeiit orehiidren h? na?. ir.tro<1uoe,l a number of iit'!<- never l??fore *??:, in thia oit., and c>?:cu.ate<: af the came time to amuse the "old fo.ka." !\. H.?Attached ia my Uott-in* I'.etAbliahm nt, and lanuUea caa k?o *upp!ied aritti any quant'.'y at liifir 'en.uei.ce. of ttiat hea tl.ful drink, LA<<t K BEEK, upon ah'rt n'-tin*. I IS Hti \.NALOSTAN RLTKKAT, OI * % at o?iix ! !. A \r? Opposite (rrorerfov* nnd Wasktnftvn Th? aubscnberr having .-nurd for a rrm of year* thi? beauufji and romantic ?p >t. o??r-<t A . t } it for t .e ac???n mo'iiti 'Q of tUe ruf i? t'" tJT^T the31<tday of May. 136-1. f or beauty oiJUJUL oeiiery, d??liih"fu! prorr,er.a*1ea. fi?hinr. Ac . i v* i superior la uratrL&arvi in the Union. ?'he rfouvuf arjearid oom*??odiou?, havinr b?on entirely renovated It has a lar*e iianoipc Saloon aitaci"d t'? the ii'-uae. l?>? dea hininn an 1 [>rpsau.? Kootn" for >ioth !a lea ani tentl?mrn In addition aplemiid Arl-ors detac ed fiom th'? but dnra. I'a'tir-a, h anuliea and Individua a jti.l fii.d it a moat deal al!e p ace to paaa the an t~y dfcya of rum me .H i>T?rj wii r><? cm t>? 'ri* proprietors. 'I'ha atnotest polio* arrangemei.u wrll>e enforoe.1, and pol.t: ai diccuaaiOi,* m til tm prohibited Tue l.arJer will he found to contain a> the de ioaciea of the sea?oa at ah timea The Par t>e fu'niah-d with the ch?;iO"?t Liquor* and ** in?a and the fni'at S?-gara. ^ cietieg, Hundar School a. CluHi aid Mi tar* Comtaniea wi I find this the moit den iat i? r^e rt near ttie metropolis for spending a p eaa&at and or derly ^a*. I ID"OhjMret unaccompanied hy theft parent* or guardians, will r<e excluded fr"m the groun la. tinnmng and dors prohibited flU? Koata wilt ieave the -oot of High atreet, Georgetown, and O at'eet, Washington, houriy. from s o c.ock a. m. ti 1 12 p. m . dai't Peraona p-cfer. in* a p easant wa k can rea^h the Ialand Ma the Aqueduct. Weaoiicit the paMio to judge f<>r thermal vea. and fe?l assured of g:ving tt'ilfaitio" ie 9 JM'OB W. POWER- A CO. >X2 EIGHTH i.1 A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At C1NCIXXATI, OHIO, S'rt. Utk-VUk. The t'NITKD STATES AGRICULT! RAI. IP I I-"I' \' U?l! 1 hfll 1 f * J I * t?* A 11 na : A ri.. . is and I' dustria Kxruhitiou on the ground* lit?<*r ully provided l.y the citu >u? of Cmcin* ati, ? nii-h arc to lie fitt<vi Mp in the l?e?t st? e. Ther* will l*j Hall* anil Tent* for the displav of I I'l.K MENTS, MA( Hl\hR Y. Tooi.S. UOMKS'l C MAM FArriRF>, FARM AM) UAKDEN PRODU K. FRUITS, FLoWERS. ad .\A riVK W I N E>, with Maii* ?'. ! P* a lor HORSES. C ATT I. . SHEEP, and SWINK: and an unequal ed mile in lenntti a if tort* feetiu widh. for tlie exhibition ot Horn*? Th? Premium* offered?in ca-ht?cold. silvr, ami bronze medals,?di,ioma? au>l oeitificates. amount to 940,000. The Exhibition will rrmvriwMB Irom Wfdn?i day,the 12th. to Thursday. the ?>th, ot Sep*erob*r, thus giving tini" to cxamiue and t-?t the iiup e iii-n's an : machinery. Fo' prfnii'im lists or information app!? at tit* Office of the Society. No .14b Pa. avenue. iup stairs ;) or to the aubbcriner .at C nriin ati, Ohio. BEN. PERI.FN POoKK. jr 24 tf See'* U. S. A<riowltii"*!*. NAMELL.KI) a SLATE MANTELS, Direct from t^t MaHvfatturert. These are most ^-autilul ?tjiea of Mantels, enamelled in mutation of such tare ir.arhlea aa the Spanish, Ec? p ian.Si ?naa.Verde Ai tiqu". PorptiT"j , U ocat-lle. and others equally o-lebrajad. Tfi? uiititionK are ?o perfect aa to challeuge the c>o?e*t scrutiny In elegance of finu the* ft and ? nrua'l-d and a e go highly polished that the; r-tain their t>eaut) and freshness longer than the common marbles. while they are sold much cheaper They have he n u??d in this ooutitr* lor the la?t ten aud in h'jropc for more tiia-t fefty year*, and have giveu entire satisfaction. P eae ca 1 and examine at W. H H ARROVKR < Stove ?!i<J Fin Store, opp?.. pat>-i< tie lia*k, j) 2b !w .*> door* mirth of l?ouiMana ivMina. Of-t'tCE OF IN?iPtCIOR AND 8KALLR OF GA* WKTKRS. July 13,186^. SOT1CE IS HERSHY G1TBH. Tb?i,M'o?ahl; la I ho provision* cf tl-e >. dinauae i f tiie C?rpo-ati n arpro?Nl Mat '8 lW'jt'i" ufid<-r?;<ned i? ri<>w prepa-ed, "*h?i ever r^aimed in w itinr. *'d on pre p&> roeut of tae (t*< of nf;y oanta, to i ?p?-ct. examm , tent, prove, ar.d a*<- ?rtain the accuracy "I i renntration of any fat m?-ter in m?> in tni* oity " ! Kvery ,u iter, if toiiud incorrect, viii*ittn<-d. ' a: J arioif isr, Heai*d ai.d -*arit d an i'nn , i: ! '.e 8**t in i'k p aoe. If proved to he accural * in ra \ ii p\mjr-in?nt of *a?, it will accordinniy, > and a-.aii' put in poci loa for use. Offioe No 310 Seven'h ?treet, < r.ear Odd Fal i !ot<' c a; ) ??pen from 8 *. n> . to 5 p m. CHAIfi.KS W. CUNNINGHAM. jT 13 tf Inspect " and S?\!?r , | iiu Meter*. TKEA^l RY nK{'ARTMENT\ ~ Augnst lit. i860. t'*oro?AL? will l>e reo?i??d at the Treasury De part meut until th* 15lh inst , for Fupri*mc. for tii? u??> "f the Departnr i t. ISO o?rd? of Oak a-d !'*< o?>id??>f Hiokorr Wood?ail of the I* at qnal ty, to i r>e neli ver< d at th? Trea?ur? Itui.dn g corded aad measu'Ad n tne yard hy a ?worn tneaaurar a' tft? exp.-n^e of the c i:iraet'?-; and of l.'iiton* of ?"uni , l>er'and Coai? 75 U n* of white and SStona of red a?b AnthiaciteTi ai, all of the h?at que it?, tr. b? de liver^d at the 'inildin*. TImCir herland ? oa' to he ai lump?; and pickcd. 'I h- while a*h t t?? muvJ fjrnaca or larr.e Kg* ?ixe; tn? red a?h 'ok mull fft ?!* *, a"*' to ha weighed hy a iworn weigher an 1 eodtlSth ; OKLLINU OFF! UK LUNG OFF' ^ OKKAT BAHGAISS . M i\u l* <1/ > rMi in ur i xtwtu^. W? commence to day ??1 mg off cur enUre ?tork ' * **" KIN?? a\D SIM - ? R l. R ErS UOors. H'a^k l.*c* Sh?wl?, ivil Marti I las. in fa<~t a I l"aii3? l>r-n?aat rri-*i!> reduced Hr.c-a, man; kt I than cost uf imputation in <rdar to reduce our | i.argo Stock. also In Stire a full aaaoiiuivut of 6r?t claae FtaHe iv>m??tie Good#, for r-*n*ral 1a ui!r purp > *?. all at the loweat Market P ir>e?. J. VV COLhKY A CO. an 4 fit a a 3 ith at., above Pa. a v. l\m',ll',,usla?orrrfK,?r!. We have r*e*i^ed ly e?p?-ee* a?upp!? of noh plain K M AN TI?KS and FkAl, >K?N< H ],A''E M\N I'LK-n ,i P. IN rs A. lo .1. tan of the f\l! WOVEN r?KI"Tl?f mn-io quaitj. Lad tea iu want ??fan? of M* %? ? ? t. .*!? a- v?>'t low prioea w*ive urtr, ?v > tin., . jf3n * Tcn.oH * hi r mPERSONS IN SI.A^Crt Of GClTAR*. Violin*. Flutee, Aoeordeoea. FiUDum, br iuf, Tarnboriaea, Uracil I i*t/u? ?n?a acc Striiiga f ti.e firat *u%lity,wil! ficd an aaaortmect at Jhe M uaio Store of jy? W. G. MKTZEROTT THE WEEKLY STAK Tfc? rxc?tjent Fun: * Md N*ir? Jmmrami?c'>n taiaiBf m t \w:otf of iiit?re#t ? tlft.ll ?-ftn Ue found tli ft.; OtA'l ?> i* [ S*tnri;*T m.'rmi.f. rKLMt ?tn 'Or Iii!), II (/? !? -a. t'iiic.c oopr. ? _ f: is r iv* o' pi?? ..... * T?>r copi?? * twrnt? OupiM ii ? By *iTiao(ibinc In ? ut? rftiMm ftinonc n*icti ' ?"# wiibvut tn# mlfrvN/i n of ft i- n ,1 h# p?r<v>lv*d ?> p*T oont. of TV * "*it Si** w> * MvH, It IOVftnft!> T OOlltftlcs the ' .. ft I,: N?w?" ttiat iiu nm!? 74? S>*r circa *' > ?enerftil* throacboat ttir n. i. try >COpi<Hl It * nrH ftt tn?c<-uiit?r, imm d.fti* < l it ihui C HF" PriM- TIIRI'.K CKN ri* Vlki ?ot M ftfi.t# VI . >< l?? * <x> ion of it o*nt*. ?-?J FOR 8JJJB AND RENT. IVOR KKt I A thr*a tor* HRICK H' I . on H lirown 4Ui au.l Mh Alao a two tory HKiCK CO I rAOK, wtk iMlM.oorn'i / I ?m.avenu* an<! tioi tli l: ?& <. ?urrou?-V4 ft ft (- CKirmi >n pa?t jre, ft?i>1 a OH Id !<? ft : r ? 1 location for ft man. Iimui of C. . 4? U m ?t. >? (Mfl> TK V KKsiiiKNtK To* I. s ;.d ft hft.f ft r??? o! Laiid luft'i'l at H.v.'t' X r ft-'" ftt t;i? laim^'tioii of th* t\> ?m' ftn ftu?i L.r??har( tu'r p;tfn. * * t, < ? fr rn r hint?- h i f'?i* A! x%n^n?. Tt** improvements eMnld of ft h.>u?<". cnlftiLi i 16 ru?Bi. I?r|, owtl t < )> ?. li*r?,Ao. The vft'd I* w'l ?i ftiV-d *i trees aiid h*? 1 i It t vrilof w?:er r..r furti r p.v t.?ni<in< Mp ? on the vrttnim t > VN M . t'A \ N , o- t J NO. Rt ?W 1.1\G. V ? . or A ? SMiK ?t V%r?h*. ' ftic'ion'< < im. W *?i ii:?' r. O Tha ft'h v? porit.e*: piop? rt? wil: tie to ?: ow for ra>U. i* A? A"' !*ALK-A aiiM t'A KM wf? ft- re*.a:tuatr4 I I at to? I-* m. \ i t 0"Mlortfthi*dv*ii Ibc hoiiftc. corn hra??, A <1 ; arel. fr i.rod and water??i ; w.tluti four mil*"* oI WmIiiDftn* , IS aorea in cultivation, tfte li* an?r .a haadaoiu* woodland. It i* paen larij dc?ira.'.? a* a oouutry rea' d-rea. hainn perfectly health* and moat -oniai tira lj ?r.aar??d :a*o*llont t*lui.( fti.u liuntinc. Inquira m Mr MARRIOTT. Kridte keep.:. i , air h ?;?r. L.,rT > . . . - 't?|' ?'4 t)K Kk> i-A itr?? ttni.lM* HKK K IKH -K, oontni'.inaJ I rri.-;% at <1 paxoaic*. w in ?t*M* ?.id carnaic* nonw . H?o a piiiar f water in tha *%r>l: on t lavrutli <4., n?-ar (. |*??r t'rm? n?uir* of <>KOR'?K 'I. LANtiLFY.wa I. a'..n?ar ? ..?r Loenth it. j? SR tl l/OR RKNT A three ntr.ry IRIi'K D?KI. ? I.INii IKiOR, (Hi H *t bet????.. ijtli an-1 IJth ? *., \?> 4"4 Apply t<' J. KIRK\V(X ID. 4 7* UtH a reet jj II tf I^t'R RFXT The t r?? atory (brown fr.> n HcM "K \o. *1.7 N^w Vnrl ?v?nu?. an.) IItli -1t t?. i ?>"h mde. OKlinini bl>??*n phhii* T i? how? it eogrtiiHBl to th- Of i'r'-a-ur* . etc ; i? luMel by an I in everr ? ?uita 1. e I- r a !> >* :d ni li??u?* H ntm<i e ate. Apply n?-?t ?b?wr. or t<? A fi. KOW 1,1-R. a- ?>rd llo r norta win.: of P%i> nt < "Aioe jy W-U j^DKRiA' - Pie ?*e FR A * I Homkam nrli l,vao? lloua*,** ntii*t J ou M *t. n'?r?*'. Ic twi > n a*id I tn ?tr<H-t?. No. 4^0, ur* .tf tii* iiio t il- private ?*i<i"noe? in W'uhiactoa Thia h uae i* ?urr?ui.t>.i by fruit tree* uuiub^r* t.f currant l-unhca of va rioua kino*. and bne hale tr?e?, a ith f?e? ??f * nn lid waJ!?wlir Inrtii in J I' * IM IK *1. (>?-twe n band E. j? 12 tf L'OR RlAT-Thfff BRICK HOl -F^-on* "? ii Tweilt!) *tr? a, b' twe*iu t' and on tia corner "f TwriftH and H *??. ; and o?i II, ii* tare*** IJtfc aad - ?. Inquire of JAME!* \\ II ^RKKK/u H street. IrttTfi-n 11 Ui and IJtti, X". tl*< ?R RENT? That new and veil arrant**) tiirtr ?tcr\ HKIOK Hoi'SK, No. utrac, t>etw.-e?i 19th an.I Ji" ii ?tv, I*.r?t War1. * ei? ooru l>te?i hy Mr, ISodi-cs Ri.**.an Lacatioa. f' ?? ?-ion c'it' n immediately In?4? tr?- of >1'. Wl'TH KY S. PARKER. Mit door ca*t. ma M tvtl l^< ?R R EXT-A small MdR E, oori<er of 6II? P imd Pi?bii avenue, U' der the<>n Hotal auitaMs for a ><art?*r's saloon or wear store Fo i lforiniti.i'; insmre at the Hotel mar y riiR R ENT?The HRST FLOOR oftue bai.dr luj mi mediate y opposite the weat wiriof tti# City h* .recently occupied t<y Ctas >*. VJaiiacfi aa an ottiee. A e'o the front room in the aaoond story aid the third floor of tne aame Nulduac. For term?- to RICHARD WALLAOH.No. 4 Louisiana avenoe. jaUtl Wh '"iA'rui v,h,>iHtR? "h > '> >?>K r Two epterfli-J ?tiite? "f RO< ?M"*. e c^ntl? I?ru?HM. wi'iJ-e rente! luruir the iMiivn n( Cob* <>>* , in trie frost <lea ral?.e loca ity in thia city, ' eirif withic DM or two mnirwof B'owc'* ar.d National Howl*. Thoae in pur?uit of auch Kiiuj wiildoweli to make earl* appboation at No. 379 "tli atr<?et 'iftwwij P utre^t ard Pa tr. deStf (A H KI A( IK^FACTORIEST UrASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORT. l> Strut, 9th and |OrA Siwu. We have juat finished a rumhw "1 brut o aes C A K K I AG I".?*, such M L'tOt Fnnrt Mr"M, w . Wagmmi, Park Ph'atimhamuy Car W9gS9^ I rian t, an! frmfti't, we w it \ -?? 1 a ver- mtli profit. I Bemc pract oal ineonanics IE dif?reot hranohes of the hucmr-s*. wr flatter iiu'w'vi that we kn?W ti)c styles and qua i?* of work that wi ; g ve sat s la- t or, coml/.uii.i ...hti,ess, ooinl.irt ar.J diiratu.i iy. Rfpairin* promptly and carefully attended to the shortest a. tice a .1 m<>*t rea?<i:.*tite cr>a'(*s. WALTER. KARMAN.N A IJOIT, roachmakera. tbcoeaaora to Wis. T. Hoofc. ap P-4t| It AKRIAGKS. HK Hnr.ecrme- havin? i;iai?? avt ftf to bi it cow one of the art- <yftf Jf n the District, ?li#r? fcit fAoil'tie* "riKJitfi aannlMivriniCAKK 1 AGK ft WAttON8of>: 1 kiiid* oar.nut tw ?urpa*M> "roni hi* .<>a* ?*p^riertce m the b?*me?*. he pfi iO |IYP AtlSlACUOK. A kiau* of Crr!t(Mti.( t.'tk: w?focnMn unl Al! KKPAIRSrect r?one fc&rfal! erier* f"*>l AtteaJod l?. Abjc nc ttU CnT.*f?* u.kes ic ftxerui* tor ?rr aev A.NDRKW J. JOYOK, 4 11 tf ' *4?^ V flit. TRUNKs7^><)TS ANi> SHOJES. Hoots and shoks to suit thk TIM K9 \V* n<>w mAnufArtunnc All kind* of B< M >T8 a: J SHO >- S And (!<>r*t?rtlT rro<tr;;.? h frtjtl Mupp t of e*Bf>~rfc n.vd- work o* ov r? ?i?> E-^?T J umipti" , mM" "xprt"?*'y toorile". Arid wi F Ml he *oid At % niooli >>wor price thAii hA? t>eei. nere'ofore cim in this oil; for wcoh inferior Artiole*. tV,'Wiul in X? *?it of Moots And Phoee of eA*terr. or oitr mAdf worfc. wil! aiw ?** find a g ? <i Aator'juei tti atoreai.d At the niWMit pnct*? nrruii Ail. OKI* KIN ft MK??? Api-r 314 PennejivAuiA avai.u*. I7IVI IHNDRH) Tft&TkLINO TRUNRB L Arrived thi? <Jav, emf''Acinc a ^ua i WTTTVb t^g ami si?e* of 8o:? L*A?her, i,?di?? Ki* rt\ Dro?* And PAoking T'unk* Our tnink*1,u ?&,?r room exhitMU r' ?hm tmo t h? f r?-Ate? vArtetv of trAvAlrnf roqtiikiU** At moderAte pr.c-et.. to l>? .found till* eide of New York. A;*?>. cvr-j de*<-r>* ban of I ADIE^' HAT ItOXhS. VAL1C1 S, CAKPKT BAG-*. SATOHKL8. fto. lLT l'IQ l ruuiB rrpmrwi ur i&ioii is viciitup for aew ones. WALL, BTKPHKNJ* A C(tH Trunk H?in Room, marSl-tf *** Pa aveou*. SOUTHER N TRi'N K M * !*UFACTOR Y. 499 Ttb Ofronfi Od4 fellows' Hall. ITa-k niton. D. C. Travelers *ili i'uUi U?tr interest* t> oaniiniE mr TRU>K:?,VAI.lCt,?4c,b'f'>"" pur **T"X oh**icic eieew^re At f i?ii? l??t th . >M?t material the markataffard? wj " the l?^?' WDikK.en. I aan eonfideativ r*cot> nt-no m? work to be enpt-ric in S:f.n?r n h tl />*afc?'ir? to Trj'.k* that are injuit in ?t >er ciu?? an<i tolil r.era. I k-fp conoiauti; on ,'iand mi I m?kf t ordei (?a ore w?wk'? notice) everr <!"??rirfier, of soi * leather, ikoiv fkamk fh ek< h dr exs and wood box TKOMLS; a8hi.and nmd oth** T alices ;tha vklin'i baos; HaR ness, saddles, whips. 4rc.. *c. Trunks. Ac.. Repaired and Covered. ic a work manlike mar aer. at short m>tioe Trunk* irer?*.j in ary part of the eity, 6?orgatowu, or A fxandria. Ai?<?? A**ut for Howe'a oe'.ebratod FAMILY FKWlNtt MAtHlKM. da 15-li JAM Kg S. TQPHAM. WOODBIND COAL! WO O D AND COAL tfelirer?<1 to aJI partu ?( oit?, a* t'ie loweat possible rates. ^ T J A W. M. GAI.T. Office Mt Pa. *r., l?t??f n liUi ai?i 12ln *ta . r?:a IT tf noMk >tdfc T?HE SUBUCKIBKR HAVING ON HAND in atofk of PI * ')., i* prepared to ?? at s vor? low tear* for oa*h. WOOD **aw?<j and Split aj.y *ix?. C?Ui And im for yoaraalk R. W. BATES, Wood and C<<*! DmIw, ma 18 8. K. comer of Fourteenth at d C *la. WG A S FIXTURES. E H*r? ,n * "? ? and are .la. j reoMTiac. ?dS PfXTCh KS of entirety >iew Pattern* and ft., cm and Finiah. ?uperior in *tvle to anything heritor# offered in th? market. \V? invitontitrn* * l?-a l? to na.1 and examine our ?u?-|i of <;a* and Water Fixture*, feeling oonftdent that we hava the hM re!?ctr-d *to-k in Washington. K 1 Work in the aUir* T ne intm*te 1 t o ir oar* wiU be prowi?t!y attended ?o. _ MYERt* A MeGHAV mar 5-tf IT* f> ?rroeC 1 UIMIVIS l^a w 1U-T ^ ??,Vr." R. GHfittaa. Mary H. H?rki Vf tMilth. MO 6 A.H ft. w" Hundred To-* H?-t ?.?* ?? PfWTOV 1 - 1-* miuhi.f r<?N, lv y~^"3t o*i<-? o-?- ?r \ th ? M I ) AL Kt XX Al.K AMI XX X Al KV 1 J* ?(>-! in. ot * ? * .i- * A.f i ! * \ t* to t* ol tMned it Ui? tVA^HINfc I ?>N BKhWKRY. Thia Al? ic mad* froni -ti^ ud f f???irie4 mi! u> cit^ ntir* :u aoa n r.w*?. C COLINFAU, FVojnrtor of ?t>? la 4 l? Wwk'r |>i?f ?w. ?i?rw V fcn?tW*h 't%

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