Newspaper of Evening Star, August 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 14, 1860 Page 4
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THE KVEiNliXi STAR. [rot rat star. T H r R E J C< T?. D by wji t. wu.l14hs. Oh ' once t i<?ved % sw*et >uam girl. I lov?*l h?r as m* eon . I I ?ved her mor? than *11 the world. t*he was m? earth y *o*l. One* w- w-" ?i'lin* sd* br side, AI) >1 w!nsp?rin< sift and low. I a?*sd h>*r would sho tie m> bride. i*i e ke..tlr answned, No' I ?r%?fe.i h?r pearly hand so dear, 0*?! >d in h"r lovely ere, Brusu'd froi i my mh ?hA fallim tear. And trembling *aid (iood bye. I *Ti lot love another on-, No J >?? iny i>??art slia.i fall. I'd rat^or Iiv thi* 'if aione And luvs my Mary still. v.i i .? ?t ?._ ... i *- i ?vu ? . i ' "*ll v i ^ y , Tho' with tnegav light hearted. For Marv d-ar. is far away. Oh ! ?a i|? hnve we psr'ed. I5F.KX \RT, U'aIRIY?TOS, JU!) 24. Protsctio?i of Bmrmtuit ?The penetration ?f mo store through the surf ice of brick work may be obviated by the following simple reined*: Thr?-?-fourth* of a p- t>nd "f mottled soap U to be dissolved l.i one Dillon vt water, and the hot o .ution spread stesdilv with a Hat-brush over the outer surface of the brl k work taking care that It does not lather: this !s to be allowed to dry for twenty-four hours, when c solution formed of a quarter of a pound of ah:m dissolved in two gallons of water is to >?e applied in s similar manner over th** coating of soap The operation should be performed In dry, settled weather The imp and alum mutually decompose each other and form ?ii Insoluble varnish which th? ram is una bleto penr-ir-te, and this cvise of damptu-ss is said to be eff < t al y removed Another method was same time since deacr ?>ed ^as. by the way, the ?rev1ous one waii ht the Royal Institute of ArchlTts It crnaists of sulphurizing oil as a Tarnish or paint and !s said to improve the color of the brick or stone, as Well as preservethem. It Is pre j>arr<l bv fiibjrrtiny right parts of linae#><1 oil and one part of sulphur to a temperature of-279 deg In an iron ves?-1. It is Slid u> keep out both air and moisture, and prevent deposit* and soot and dirt, when applied with a brush t;> the surface of a building of or atone, or even of wo? dwork?London Buildtr. f) /~The New York Herald of Saturday say* thai the census returns, so far as < nmpieted, indicate a popu ation for that city, within the limits proper, of nine hundred and fifty thousand?an increase of four hundred and thirty-four thousand four hundred ana flny-'.nrre over ti?e population ns shown by tbe rensus?.f ifs'-O. Including adjo niiiK munlt ip:lit es. tti?- po, ulaiion i f the d s trict will an.<mm to a million a d a naif I h s constitutes New York the th rd citv, In that resp-ct. in Christendom, I.oulcn and Pans oi<K, ulth the growth ifatkousaoi or more yarR be:n^ in adva'i' e Asiatic. rlti?s, however, in Japan China, and otuer portion* of the Kts>rn hemisphere, stni p-eponderate. This fact Uiustrate* the proposition, already propounded in many publ ;?ts01 other grounds that tae yrovrti; of 1-irge cities Is no index to the progress of true and healthy ivtlization. Toe multi plication of mall towns 1* regarded as a more d?s!ra;!e de I W<*lor>inent Niw I %% of thk >1 AO.tti ?A Paris physiclrn bat !?? ? n if ?u? i ;-??f it use of tbf uia^uei i. diici'vi r ng foreign tusuch as sLHl pi:i.ters, fragments of nrtdlts etc . In the vr gans <>f the b'.dv H' han^s tin? magnet on a string, ai d ou becoming lmtnohle brings urn of tLe pol?s near the region where ho supposes the fo a si bodies may !>? lodg?-<i; the deviation or immobility of the magnet confirms or destroys bit suspicion. In th;s way he was ab e to point out the precise locality in the left fore arm of a wltijCMir. wtiere a shell *,>11,iter had lodged, and Wblch produi-fcd a serlou* irdem;*. of the whole meinl?er. 1 .stin^ for over ten months; huf in four !days after the extrication of the foreign substance by means he wa* quite cured. <>rT m thk R sis ?We learu from the Canadi correspondent of the New Verk Herald that, on a recent occasion, the Prince of Wales, in reviewing tae trt>oc9. was out in a drenrblns? rain and a didn t mind it a bit. We should like to know why that important intelligence wasn't tele traphett, Instead of being se:it by mall The Heraid recommends the you us: I'd *t>f the United to set their eap? for the Prince f Wa1t-s We are afrid, from present appearance*. that ti e wnoaat ?f flunkeyisu* which awaits tnnt your ;; gentleman in New York wtli produce some of the mutt disagreeable mptou.s of toe Asiatic cltole a Jn every manly stoii.a*.u ill the L'nlkd Slito.? Hit'irii'tui Dispatch. UI7" Tte Vl?:tor? of tbe L'nl verslty of Virginia Lave d>-Wii.lnfd as we -earn from theCharlottesville Review, to change the.r resolution in reference to giving rooir.s to students by lottery, and will go t*tkto the old system, which always worked well- It is a subject of some importance to those who contemplate goin^ to College next year. J^T"Moral insanity is not a recognirrd disessin European tribunals. A Spaniard of good family, who is afflicted with a monomania for stealing, was recently sentenced at Kochefort, France, for Ave years' Imprisonment. 1X17" Or Spangler addrewed the people of Culpe^er Court House, on Tuesday mghi last, upon iiie ?uje< u and alim of the K ivnti of tue Uolden Circle. Uv"Mr. Kdward Rat?* wm aerensded by the Rifubiicar.s oa Lit way through Norrlatown, Pa oa the lutu tost. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL hotel-W McDuffir, NV; l)r T P H?a;v. La; J A Browi.,?io; 1? P s>< I n tio; i. tirMa, IkU, A ?T? k ;n,U->; K Ha*v?,<1j; VV Jujb.,u, ;<>,<* VV Klo.i P?, J r- Lr V>n C. ai,d .ad?, DC; J M- mv O; J - >rup <*y, J ?.?! l. >uu, Mia? Co houu. M'.?a K?ntz.H VlO, > Ho)ti a 1 aUjr K?; Mn> M Hoj-l, iI j; J ?iai-w?rl and eo.i MiJ;J V .%iovJier>ry. Va; 1 S*iain?, a J S ^ .ra<* au'i adj, U tow* Sueail, do, J C Uieiu Mil; W Hug. Pa. I i?<e>dn>v anl ia?lf, NY. ItKOW VS HOTKL?L P Bii*n',G Fr n. I. P Four*.et, c? A Koidion tv) son, n \v tvejn.?,.L ; t- Foster, Tcnc; A Kuih'ncti, T Ca* >, Pa; \V Ksin and fan. Mtaa K Mai tin, Mian; H lioi d oi ;au l^a; SA B ahop&nd 1?, T an; M Jon. , M J H tj . i'ii, Ala; A Fira, Va D Hie - atid j, \C; F Ml?ir, Mra ho.ey, Oa; A Moutnn, i s; F ? f rith and It. M im; W Aefi.ej and ?ou. Ark; W 'l H rd, C Bowie, NC. fTIDl/ w <*???> ?. ? ? ? ninn v? imju miLSt.-U K Kick in, Mo \\ 1. lie*. ; A McClare, Dr- ; T U'ag. ord,; P. avton.L K Bow en, W Alien. G Kitzz-'a , rtiKntMUdM. Va, J t M Broui&ir, V?: J >p-rr> ai.d Ij. N Y; A m. < O: F Ms? Mo; R F Chapmar, Aid.? I?ill, U ?b. WASHINGTON HOUSE-J A F uwr-.Ten" J I) Vt'iimm, 1 ?r.n I* J I-1 zpatric*, do, u G 0 *'?ry do, ? H (jr?n, do. A M Aii'Jer?ou, O. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fkcm thk United STATBg. St*amrrt. Lear*. For. Dny$. PrinM Albert. N?w York G%iwar_? Au*. 14 An - New York . .Liverpool*- A. %. la Ml >oiv N?w tu'k...nimbur| ..Au< I Au'LH-'-M., New "York .Liverpool ..Ac* iti K a?Lera_.New > ?>rK.. H *1 f.x, Ac Aut. 1 kiKaroo N?w York .Liverpool Aug IR A ??! N-w \ork. tlavre Au(. II Kucpp* New York.. . Liverpool... Aut ?. A' latiC -...New York.. Havre .Am *= P- r?it . . . . \?w Y.i'li Liverpool. Aug J' H.mmoni# . ... .New York .'lnm!>urg ... S pt 1 A a: i? Boston Liverpool... P p*. .?* New York... Liverpool 8 ft 25 From Eirmor? An?!o??*on Liverpool. . . Port'an<l Aug. Si P?r*i*. l.i verpool %??w York. ?u j Hi'ttmonia South'pton . ..New York . Ai g 4 1 'on ..l.ivorpon N'? York A'i?- 1 r. mow G a?r,,w .New York.. Aug. 8 Nvth Amerio*n.iiveri ool_ . Hoftlnnd A off. 9 A '*l?ia Liverp<H?i.. Boston Aug 1 N>\a 9o<>tian ..Liverpool ...Quetve. .. Aug.ii VarderUit ?...s*oyth'ptoi?. *?wYork.. Aug. 1* Africa Liverpool. . New York Aug S rfui/?. l.lT'fpilO . . .N W I ink . t-'ni'ou _ .Jfouth pton .New York Aug ? ew Y'?'k .wo?th*ptna N"w York ..A t i? Slo^K Brilvit. . I.i T?rjH??>l... O'l^b'S.. Aug. 9", Ocaa's Liverpool Button A.!* 6 boheuiiau- uiM|oui P< rt and . .Aug. b Ur Havana m%ii ati-am*"* ieav* Mew t- rk us tjo 2d. !<th, !7tn, a:id 27th of racn month, an<> Citrleatoa on the 4tii and I Jth. Tlie CaJiforn.a ha:! ?te?"???r< ;nv? Mew Y>rk 01 tH? Vh and 2> th of ee/?' month. \< ?TICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC iy TRAVELER*! PISEY FOIST, FOIST LOOK-OUT, 6LU POINT, NORFOLK ?ND POHTSMOCTH. The t'KimndioM au.. ?wift *teamer BALTIMORE, nan.* beni thorn ??h!y _ ^fT?- _ overfiau e?l ai.d lefi'.t-vl with &'*"rl|riil ^ boiler* am) machinery. Ac . will |, ac?ed on the ?>??? r> ute MONDAY, the i?th ol 5u j, a ti cootinur durm th? bathing aeaaon, real i> k wii.t we-fclr tnp?. living VYa?hin?l< n Mf'MIM ^ t* and THI"R4da Y* at 1?> o'c'?>e k a rr. R>* tuff ii r wV| !f?v? Norfolk on Tl'Fi*j?A\S ani FRIDAYS btSo'e ooKp m., making ai! the riv r lan?llr.r? ton.* and ret>"nin*. Fart to V.irturr'* f pe'? Creek handy P?. iit... I V Hlv-kt*ron<*V !?i Qrar.uo. \ <> BlaffP-iut Vj? l.llrtr# *> Kiili.l i t I vj * . , ? "im r? ritiiKH 2.' * Jl??y<T? Hn'i....... awPm-v Point Ma thiV t omt 2J? i nt Look oat J.i* 'I? ('Id Point and Nmlu k |.S, ire ml 11 K ? |:. trip tiok*U to N rf<.;k aud OM Point *<>o f-.r lh?i?#r7?ct?.h*iff?r* Freeooloradperconafi- Freuhu st u*u?. '?ie*?co iiiu?. iAa p.?y<k.?i. Tb? |t?Mr Bn'tiii'C-f* f?-1> t t|i? u>tr*t boat on tl??? P?UHr,M. wil Cf;nv?* p-okfDfri to Point Look "Ot in ? flout* 'raking tii? trip down tbia b??ut:fal river by dayi?cht, Kor UvkfU auti fuiiiir n f rmv.i !. apply on hoard t<> ('apt. t. HA*. K M TCH?? I., or at the (!um?vr.f ' ottee, r*>rn*r P*nn av?nu an ) Sixth tre't, un*ifr the Nation* Hoi el ? i ?t any p km In the eity for ?aen*e:?an?l b?* a?a. ** * UEJ. E. MATTINGLY, tteneral TiekM Agent aa?-3t Potomac Steamboat Company, I MISCELLANEOUS. Q F F I C I A L . ELECTRIC TELE6RAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Tr|A?CBT DiK AKTXI5T. J Oly 10, IftfiO. I'lOPMUt wili be received at tft Department un'il the t?' th day "/September text, pursuant U> tii?> following act of Confres* : A: Arr to f*ci tatn oomrnur.ioa~.ion b'twpen the /. t antio av<d Pacific Slate* by ?,ectMo te "graph. ti "iact-1 '/? ! %* Senile artrt H >< <\f Rtp'< 4T tat\-*i nf f*? l/ntt-d Statu of Amtrica ?n Contr s atsfmiltii. Chat the Seoretivry ot t/ie TrrMu . uader the direction of the Pr*ai)eut of the l i it-nl states, i? Iiere^y authorised and di ect*d to advertise for ?<>a!ed propora'i. to b* received fortiodaya after tne passage of thin aoMand the futiment of which riia i te guarantied by retpou nn -j in uiq wiMtc vi uius iur mail COT ' a jts.i f^r tne uat t,y th? (iovernir,ei t of? me or '.lux of inacnetio te egraph, to be constructed wuti10 two years from the thirty first i ay of Juiy. eijht ?ri hundred and sixty, from so n* pi;lilt or p>iuts up the west une of the SUtaofMi'iourt hy any r#uie or routes whion the said o ntractor* inay <te -ct connecting at such jH.n.t or poli.U by tele grnph with trie cities of \V at>i,ingr?,n, \ w (>r etns. N- w Vork, Charleston, l'hilade p :ua. Uost>u.aiid otner oities in tiie Atlantic. Sm ne-n, ai.d \V?t-i a S*t*U? ) to the city of !Min Franaisco, in the Jttjtte ol California, for a period ?f ten years, and sh-tii a?ard the oontract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, provided sueh ?rotT<M does not require a larter am. ant p*r ?? * from the United st!.\t*s than fort\ thousand ao.-ars, and p?rm's*ion ,s here t granted n> th-< said pait es to whom said ooutract ma> he aw&rdeJ. or a irajo-itv of th?m, and their assigns, to use until th? er d of tno said teim.sach ULoooupi?d lands >( tno L nit??d Stties may be nceeas&rv for therijCM of way and for the purpose of e?tab!ish:r* fatm'is for repairs a on< said line, r ot exceed i: g tit any station one quarter section of and, auoli station* no. to eXDenl one in fifteen nu'es oa ;*n average of the whole distance, unlets >aid !a-d? Hhall be required by the Government of the United i*ta'e? for rail rotul or other purpose*, and provided th t 1.0 ruht to pre empt any ol saia lands und- r the ,*ws of the 17iiit" 1 States shall mure to a*id oornpa'i*, their ?g-:nts or s-rvants, or to any other p**r?>n or per s <;: whatsoever: Provxderl. Tnivt no suori oon tri.ot shaii tie rrade us til ttie satd line shall h? in arua operation and parm-nts thereunder shall O \l iia u'hAtintriir Hid on i. t tx -\ f..? a fan ?.. m > U v ^,.>v .avuv ? < u>/u? V" lO. i V" U'MII pi * WIVtl t it? contract; tnat the Government -haii.atalltimea f>? siitit <-<l l<> priorry in the uao of'the un?or llnea, an* ahall have the privu??*e. wh->n authorized by a?-, i f connecting ?.ai>i Imeorllnea by telegram) wf.h any ini.i'ary posta of the III lied StaW, to uao the *ame for ijmver m?nt purpoaac An t rrovi-tf-d also. That xaio one ?r iin?b, exaept aucu a? nif.i t>e constructed by the tjmcri meiit to oonneot 1 line or liue? with the milltir? poat* of tn? L'mted S'ates. sha;i he open to ti e due of all Cltl z *aa "I the United Sate a during the term ofaaid oent a?it, on pa\m ct o! the regular charge* for t:an?mia?ion of diapat>'he*: An<' provultrf. aho, That suon otiarcea ?hau not exo>?ed true? do tare foi a sun e dispatch often wordi, with the uxuai proportionate d-'Mluctiona upon ili?(>a'chna of t oatar l-?i gth, provided that no ling her-'in o?uta. it-d aha.* co. fer upon the xaid partiea a::? axclitaive r ght to oo. xtruct a teegmpii 10 the Pa:i fi-j.orde ar the Government uf ti e Init-d States in nt grai.un?. fioin time to tune ainiilar f an ch and privilege* to other pai'iea r'ta. a. And be it further 'ntrn-.i, i hat the *aid oo tractor a, oc their assign , anal have the right to oonatrii^t anil maintai 11, throng,1 any of tho '1 er rif >'ie* ol t"0 L'nut d .-tat:-*, a r.ra mh . it><\ to a? fo n lU'-ot their ?ai 1 line or lin>? wit.. Oregorf, and that tr.ey thah have the p*nnan'iit tightof wa? f?i rai! im<> o l*ue?, undr-r. or ov.jr, an* imapprop iat-?d puhiio !a'.d? a:,i' w?it r? u ?ne aaid I errltoi ;eg by any route or rout a winch the said oon tra iior* may ael- ct with th? lr--f i*? IurIne the vf term <-t *uch iand*. as n-.ay be neve* ar? for th-< piirp-iae of earibluni'ig ?tat;on3 for repair* alf t.g aaiil line or lirnta. not excee ling. ar any t'a tion. one q uarier -ection ol land, alien ata'i- n? n>t b ' "AUC J uur 111 H.l-TIl III! t"4 oil .1 i '1 vrtTRK'1 Ol IJIP wr i di*tai:<".*; but Hif.ii 4 at.> of sain fMrtH *r< lion* I>e doomed essential b) the Government or mt company acting iin'J"r it* authority, for lai.fv! *a:d oo"tr*ot.ira khall relinquish the oocupaiit y ol so muot. a* n.ay b- nect*nary for the rmiroad. reeeivi ,* s.n oqua' fiiuouut of and fur It Itin its stt*?< . r-*c 3 And l>i it fvtiker 'nirt'd. That if, id any *?ar during the oontmuaiioe of tae said contract, the business done fur the liovoriiinent as herein before m^mion?d by suoh oontr.oto,-*. or their asciKiia. ahalJ. at the ordinary of abates or prn ve>, r-jic!?ed lh<* contracted to tie p%id an aforesaid, the S^cretarj ol the Treasury ?hal!, upon caid a>'o-?ui.ts l>ei: g dniy aoti.enii ated, certify the amount of such e.\' e?? to C? n ?r<>-?: Pror'rf'd, Tnat the use ol the line be given st Hny linn , 1 c til cost. to ti.e Coa<>t Purvey, the en lUiwniin Institution,ltd the .\'ari<>na> Ob*or Ttl .r?, for MldtiM pirfdMK And prov<d<d fur thtr, 'i hat iiii*?t>*i' r<H".'ived from any indi vidua , company, or corporation, or fr??n auy t-veicrapn lino* ooanpctinti with iiis lino at either o' us t rmini, shall he impartial j tr?: .nrt'd in th* order of Voir reccpt.on, excepting that the dr-patches of tti" ?iov?r;,m'-nt shall have priority: A*d pro- ! id-'f fururr, Tiifct Con ties* ahxll at any lime ktl :t ?.w? ? - - 1 * ' - - - 4 .. . . .?-* umik i " v* ? "I ailiciiu L IB JVJU Approved June 16,18P". T."i? ? ?IV?r f.?r tl.n um of huo!i tel?<rapli for tu? p?l> io nervier, will be aoo' pted, provided t 19 win* ai.t oi?nditi?/iuoi|? ens-M i>. I ho a ;t shall Im> IV.!? set forth s:ipujaiei in the proposals, wti. :a iiui-?t a i' upaii 1 ? t. gi-arai.:?". in 0'>nf >r?r,jt wit" in??r7>ft K?rt <>!i <>f t1. i -' ?rl" in y IHS-i, la rc *ard to mail *?-rviae. to the ftfVctthat tn- .n '* l .'<? a.i iO ''inp >*t0'! wiM.iu th ! me p'?*n;r.v,d that t'.e g nami, tor thai tf;il ?nti<r int > obligation to th-* I 'ruted Stat-^ fur t.,:j jerl?r!iiT.a f tNo service (or t'.? Uoveri:i;it.-i.t, *%i.' a ;t. a1 the rate* offered in th?9 pfp?sa!t. -ucb guarantee may t*t in tne fol >wing form: 1 . uiiii - ren.d:ac at , in in* Mate ?f . uiMeri^iie ai l prom.triati' :h*Secr? arj >[ tne L'rtanury sha accept th? within pro posik'und?rthe act of Jane 16, l;WO. the line or mett of magnetic te ejraph >ha . t?f completed and :>ut mro operation on o? ><o.etln tlie?tat'd iu the act, and that we will tien execute with t':e part s ajnr.g the witnin prop >a an oinig* ! i to til-' I mt. d Stat -H. ir, du-i f.rm, is sure . tep f,,r tri's pejiorinanort ol the wrv. V\ a> cording to t.i t? ia:. I c? !. :itioq? oontJiiLed in >? ;t? pro p?* " Iht'd at . I'llt> aSove guarantee must be Accompanied with th? erti t'-at-of a 1'nited State* ci If lot itlorif, >r d strict hi ice. s'a inr that h i? ? ??. "ftoil of the pTR'Hin *!(I.1IIK th? (IIMDIU, am! <i;o?> tc^m to t>o men vt turbcur.l property to ruaU o it" <1 tu?< ar'OV<i guarantee Tim prop lis and sua ant e rr.iiat ba <-a!?d up ni riir,rted '<> "the Hmreia ? ?.! the Treaau'j, VV?-fi'K<t-'n. I) C auJ endoraed''Prqfoftala for ?*'o fio I'^'rrtph." H'lWKIX COBH, jy 11 2awld.\V A S. Secretary of the Tr*ai<:irjr OKOl'OSALS FOR SKAL.INQ WAX. Pout D?:rAETMn;?Tt July 24, lSfio. Hi*i.eti i'R"PosAh? will ?? rrori?*d at tnia i)rfUtlMtt ur.tii the 3d ?:aj f }*<Tt ii t or next, at 12 o'eioov, noun, for furuiantiic MMiing Wt.x, forth? a".; < ! the OlON in tM I'nit -'l Sratea. from Mi- il\t- t cat the ouctraoi there} r ? ! all ?x*out> <1 ??" it e 31 vt day of iJ-oen.ber. 1 ?*?*. 'f h* Wax to ho delivered, f'*e of expenae. at th'' t> n > k a<unci?i of the i l>ep.irtnien?, at W.-U'longt n, D. C., New Y?'k o:ty and Oin< innatl, Ohio. T> e ~ati:n?tV'l quantity of Wax required at oaah a?er. sy year y la spec]fi?"j h?lov. D:?tb ?t No. I.? ITa.<iiii(fM, />. C. I v p..u > ! Sra-. -t **ca:in W ax, < ! k* '?d quality, 'or ordmtry u<e. Ili.-r-V.. 1 1. I omu l i ? n> .*"i" iim 'try. frm poin.? . f j-kanet ?eaiii.* W a *, h&me a* for d;?U 10 .No. 1 djhtrict nn. .1.? At Cinrmnnti, Ohio. 4Tt pound* of beariet Seahiii! W ax, same a* for diatriot No 1. Th* o-n'ract wi'i ti?awi"'fi] to t*-e !pw?atand b?-t bidder, the be*t bid t<> be deterinir ed altf r a enrolu jan.ination for tfie of a?n??rt\in'n? w iich bid vii I, in ita p'aoticai V^auiU, moft a-Uanta geoiii1 to the D?-partin?nt. II the Dist'icta tlmuid be r<v;onitrreted, or Inoreatied in uuniNir, the Wax ana* t>e deliverer) at each p a*e or p!?/>e? a? tiie Pni'tma-ter Oecera' ,iha! df-rijua'e. at pro rata pr'o?? Sa.;ij>.?n "l tli? "earn* V\*x rouirtdU" be f-.riaahH-1 can l>~ *e?n at. rr procured from, either ol the above named ac nciei. hah bidder mnat furcjah. vith till pr< p"fa i, ev idet ce of lin abi iljr to c inply 'vitn nia 'id. T? i) nutficient eeetiriii*s will he required to a oontiaot. Fai tr?t to fnrnitb ti e Midi A ax contract".! for prompt]?, or furniithinc an ar'icl? iule rior I i t .at < ont actr.l, will b? c n-ilered autfioiei.t eaurfe for the forfeiture of th'? oootraot. Hn 4 i raado in aorordauoo with tU- ?? propoaala wiU not b' onaiderrd rri'poaala rnual b? i. arked, on the ouUide >>f the enve .p*. "fropo?a!a lor 8-aliu* W?x," and the !?ttei o>'>;"Ainiiir th^m addressed to the Fir t Aa lstiiit I'l.atmaats.' (ie eiai, \N athinctoa, (>. C. J HOLT, if ?S-law4w,Th Poatmaater General. R NOTICE ' Kil'LAR HTKAM i'ACKKT LINK HKT WJ' K N BAI.TiMORK AND ?T""" W sll I NO TI) N.-Leave C..iii- SlVr.-. mer^i) at. wha'f, Biltniiore. a- : . " " '? I'he St Nk hot. h everr \V K 1>N USD A V. at 6 p. m. Columbia, evety 8A.TURDA Y, at 6 p. in l.ea\re Kiiey'? W narf. at the f??ot of 11th street Wa*liin?ton, ?? follow* : Col cmbia. every A KD^KiJDAY MORNING, at6. St N < ho!.\?. evert SaTURDA V, aUG z. m. For freignt, a o.. appiy to TIJOS*. W. R II.EY, Agent, Riley'* Wr arf,at tliefiiotof It TATfitn llth at . \V*?hineton / ' EORtiE It Si.OAT 4 CO'S I I SU I'ERIOR SE W l \U M A CHIN KS. First premium arrirj' l a' 19 out of 2" Stntt and CovHty Fairs. The ehe?pe*t ami S w nr Machine* ever invented are univei ?aJ!v admitted to !> those manufacfur*d I>v G?or*? B Sloat *. Co., I'liila telphia. Elliptic and Shuttle Mn<;hine? % "*) to $riO. Fan-t Elliptic, Wa nut o-Ma icgs, > Cawed, &&J Hi >1 Alia. Toilet C??e'l. Walnut ot Ma'io^any, an ' JM. The?o Machines ar* of ?up*?nor w >i Itmanahip anil ii ore 11> borate <jiii-li ami J3 per ew t. cheaper than ? i* other >>'*i<jj Machine ma n!actur"4 in trie L'mt-d -ta'e*. Call and see iheni at MAXWEI L S Fancy* tore, lU" I'a. avi?nue. j?? e.tft J THOMAS M WWF. LI.. Agent. Jacob reed, MA*?FACTCR ?* or M I I I ! ? ? ? " * ? - " * rn ms m m rm ? JL V L U ( II I 1 W, 80s I H *4 VT CoRMKB !*Krf)?tr> *f?D !*PRCC1 l*T?., PHILADELPHIA. M M ITA K V CI.OTHS FOR f? \ l,p. Ift 10 Hn. 4 VKM.OW PINE LUMRKK Ti LI, D'V'nptit/U* 0/ tiie l.ur.itw , fr>i 1. ti ? puri><>? *?, miVAoin* \ RK, HKWN MMIF.R, HKaSis. Jllis'l I'i.ANK. Will .! *A It D*? M:>! rt. XjRJNti 1 liraited or ur<lrwMi?d) 'u.cii1 M direct from the ?ouUi?ro !?'!! l.? JOY 4 METCAI-K, 70 Sraith't Wharf 4*1 ?*r nnrnrr Pr*?? lit . Hcltunnrw. Yi ij BALTIMORE ? . BI TTER HOUIJE. DmIv r^o^ivin* frf?h atx! ?w>*t. in J^.^hen p*ok * ?' A1 no, Ohio Uutu?r, at ins. to'. j2S e?r U. KLIJCO'rr * HE WES. )y ? 49 ExohMcu Pl?oe, Baitimor*. TRAVELERS' D1RECT0RT. N CAPO* SPRINGS. EW and Improved route via the ManUHi |>u Rail Road and tie >?tra*- , -r bu-f and Capon Turnpike.MM oit'j niiieeofpta^itit ov- ** mm a ooinforiaMe ?i,<f ?al* nxvdt i/av? Alexandria in theortnce au-J Alexandria Tram at 7.15 a hi., take (he Mt axu oars at the junction, arrive at Capon hj 5 o'olook p. m 1 are from Aiexanctr.a to Capon f $,nt) Friim W'Mtiintonlti ' ?p'm 5 i*? For iofonna'ion enquire at the Rail Ruad Office eo-ni?r of^ixth ?t. and Pa av..'n Washington, %nd at th<> Tiakft Office cn t'liiun at, Alexandria, Va. jy 18-dtytiiAuc BALTIMORE AND OHIO KAILKua1i~ VTASHUVOTON BKANCH. Chans* of Hock*. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, 1*50, traits will run a? follows: I .Hllvp \Cflahlnrtnn ftt 1: ft' .t ? i/l t m I,' are \Va?hinf ?or at 3.2u and 5JB p. in. Ob Suntia* at 3 J1 p. m. Leav# Uattirnor? at 4.iS and 8 4fl a. in. Leave Uaitimnre at 3.15 and 4.2" p. ra. < "n Mii.dr.y at 4 23 a. in. Pa:?aeng?ra for the I a?t wiii take Uaium at 6.Ai an ! 7.*' a. ui and 3 2" p m. For th<* \\>s? at 7 4 a. ni. and p. m. F.>r Annap'-'li* at 7.4"> a ni- auti 3.20 p. m. For N?rfo!k at7 4'1 a. m. On Satunlar evenmc p. m. fain io?? to ph:a only. j- IS d T H. 1'ARSONH. Amnt. NEW ORLEANS IW T3AY8 with thh CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL KOl'TK, Via Ormngt and Alexandria Railroad TO LVNCHBIRG: Virginia and Tenn**s**, EiMl Tennttse* arid Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, NaskvxlU and Chuitanotga. Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Met* Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS^ROUTF: Memphis by Rjv l,tht>hce by First olase Packets to New Or.e&Ls. MONTGOMERY ANI) MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery t>j Raii, thence to Mohilo t>T First oiAea 1'aokeU. Mo' i e to New Orleans bj Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?J*c*i>ats l!?ci.rt>iii> Leo ve Washington Rt f> n m and fi p m The Steamer (j EOKG K HAG E leave* her w iarl fool of Sevftitn ntrf? t at a. m. srd PV p tn. and onnneot* at A ria. ti'h tfc" O'arij;** ai.d A.exa^ilrin Trains for the Sonth?re-t. Uflioe? i'eitbHfKamaaveuLe, corner of JMx'h at. SAfteAOK CRBCKKR THROUGH TO 5IW 0 R L 8 A If 8 Lrnohburf . 5? V Mep.phis op Bristol... AtiaufA ^ 00 Kuoxvnile Maoon 28 on CmttMooca 2*<?' < hlrakti M n 91 fVt ?.??*??- ?a? Arfv iiHntavilift ./7??i ) v a Mprnphi*.<2 V> J unction ?"?'| N.O.J vi? ii. Juno ?< Nashville Sft fio't N via Mobne i j on THIS ROUTE If ENTIRELY BY RAIL and K ano MII.KS SHORTER, t?d It4 HOURS LESS IN TIME tiu\n any other I ifce?t!:e l.Tiifh'iu'K Extension t>eii * new oompleted, as also th ? M .3*iit>;p;>i Centra', inakin; It tfie (QUICKEST AM> MOST PLEASANT ROUTE ?0Ii SO UTHE h X TK A VEI. K RS ! It is provided with First olao Sioep ng' ( To New Orleans 7-J Hours. TI *j L' I Memphis ...?.4 do. 1 l;nh' 1 yo.,rKo,i,ert :?3 d... \ Nwhvill#46 do. !:7-Th<J U.S M AI !.~and ADAMS' EXPRhSS are takMi overthu Now Line. Tickets can be ob''l at the South \Verte.rn Otfi -e, on'afj of Sixth street and Ponu^yiva; laav;ie, to t:i? followint points L'^onKurK, Bri?t4Hnoxvilie, At'a< ?a, OhittAiioora. HuntsTi'Ie, <*ra:.d JnncMor., Macon. Na?livi.>, L'alt"'-. Co un.bus, VI .? >.V. u:i- ? - ' .U'7m.4Viij>:' t . JH-iMir, "FTipiil^, fkliQ. NEW ORLEANS. yn-THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA Sr'lifyUS. !L/~0;nnil>UHeu and Hacgage Wt|nai leave the <--:Tioe &t 6 a ni. a X t p. ni. JAMES A- EVANS, Tiok*t A rent, na23 tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. %v. HE STEAMER JA?. Ol'V Will riMvme h?* I tnp.i on TUESDAY, ii'et .f J1 ^ r?!>ruarj, ireo. Wi ; lea- n WASH I Mi TON ev-ri tl Kfl>A Y mi..**"1 HI 1 DAY, ai 6 o'olook a. ir... and A '.EX AN Dll IA at ha f panto o'clo<k, for (M'RRIOMAN and tSe interniAliate 1.arcings. On her return trips, ?he will eavo CUKFlOMAN cvorj WEDNESDAY and SATURDA Y. at f> o'clock a. m. LICIAN S. PAHE, Proprietor. NAT II'L HOI SH. Agt. Alexandria. PKOR NEW YORK. AS?AGE, INCLUDING MEALS A N I STATEROOM, f 7.10. Th* York aud V>re]uia St?**rr*hl? Company's r.ew ri J dlfn.M t aTwmat.:p MoT.NT VK'HMlN. I".ant T CVUnrn wu! *ave the Cnp'pfcny'a Ikpi t, tern TVhar vca, at ll'o'clock v r: C7v>ry WKPNE8DAY, aid the Com parij't Dff"t. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. ra. dar. Pasaentera from V. aanicgton and fikorretowr vntftlo the wschea oonncitiru with Alexandria atm.'iboata or raiiroac, whioh cave the on'ner oj V..i i t*oe? and Pj, tretuo hourly, or they os.n leavi out!.' stumer from the Western Wharr*a at 11 "a'ork *. m. State roo'na cait be er.f&csd on application U Messra. Morgan & R Unal-art, Wertcro VVharrfa Freight w;u be rtceivM cy to ftbs hours cf depar imr?. J[T" lcat>r&r<oe rill be on alt fooda t>i tv.a-ine at the oflleecl the Comtauy :.t H per oeD' premium. Tb? aooommodauona for pa^sengera by thia lin? are in every respect fir*t-c ar?, and every efl-<rt wil be made to resdm this communication with Ne? York aii acreeable and !>ea!thf-j one. For freight or passage apy y to FOWLK * CO., Ateuta. A fiand.' H. U.CROMWKLI. A CO., aej-ly SB Wwt ?t.. corner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. DI>K\ rAL NOTICB. It I<0(I,M1S Mas nl<>a?d hi* olfiue for the S'-a on, and will be al>*?iit. as usual, dii'inr the sum mer nio ith* ; will r"suinf practice about th? 1st of Oct !mr. of wntch further notice will be given, jy IQ-tf Ik DENTISTRY. B7R. HIM.8, after a practical teat of rwo year*, feeis that he cal with oer.ti-ience reoom jr&PZK mend th* Choopia*Uo ProcOMforinBertinKjwMgri*' a-tifioia! t?eth It has the advantages oi^-**** ttrengtb, b?auty, ole&n:inea&. ar.d cheapneas. Fa! upper sets inaorted for 93(. Partial in proportion. 306 Pa. avenue. eel E? I R R, F I K K. I P OT O M AC W AT F. R. I am ?t:l! encared in the PLl M KING aud '?A8 FITTING BUSINESS at my oTdataad in Phi!h?r monic Ha'l. The viva::(arc <T having a plentiful supp y of water wan m adi t obaerv?d at tlie fir o yesterday. at I ain w<>11 ?ati- fi^d I shyni: nave be.-n burned out but for the bountiful rupply upor n;> premi?e* and tn? t of my neiji.bor* A order* for the introduction of Water ami Gu will bs prompt r attende d to. Term* e.* rcAttoua bie a* ai y plumper in tho city. jy_3 C. HNYDKR Ur NEW GOOTB. K Hav? just reoeired a nrge ?tnok of liisa^hed an I Hrown <; ?TT< > VS ol th> i"??t innk't! A f-HEKTlNOS, TABbE I.INKNS, NAPKINS. TOWELING*. IRISH LINENS, 2i"i var. I.AvvNS, from 8 nenti t<? ii>a . HOS1EHV, GLOVES. <. \l VI LKTT-. WHI I'K, RED. HLUE aud GREY KLANNf- LS iu vs letr. \\\have a lew rich ORGaNDY ROBES on h iid whioh wo have marked lets than c ?t. jy ? TAYLOR A. HUTCHISON. FRANCIS IIARP E R, H*Ti>aoriK*D* FAMILY GROCERV AM) FKED STORE, i'or/tir of \rt? York 4I?MIM and T*nth ftrtli. Re- peril ally ?olloit? the patron*?* of IhoaewiiO ma* be m want of any hrti :I? in tli^ aiMivf line. Hi* endeavirs nbai; t>e to p;?-a*<?, and l<) a ntuet attention to the waiitH ol the publio, lie tiopeu to merit a <ia e of their patronaje. Hi- tor k roi:-i?t" <>! every article uny\.;ly to be found in a hmt-cia?M Family tirocerj and Feed Store. ma 17 if \ I) WILLIAM IIR A I) LEY HEGS TO 1 > I), inform the pub i<-and hit frieuda that he has 011 hand ultiije stock of Marine Manteli. unite in*w ?t> le. AI?o Monument Head Stone*. TalJc T"p*. A'\, which he i>a? to dh^ito of at pnoi-H to unit the t ui'-H. AUo, Urown St<<!,? co-mlamlr ktpt on hand. PluinUjm work promptly attended to. rui fl.lmw I'a. a v., bet. 18th and 19th *U. HOSTKi i EK'S STOMACH HITTERS, Mri \Vir:*low's Soothing S:r ip, Liquid Ren r*t, ^paldin^'a <yiue, M iU\njc I iniiner.t.c* Avre'a Medicine*, Houuk'a i'anno a, Ac . with a freali supp'y of pure Medicine*. at MOORE'S Wett F.nd Drugstore. 113 Pa avenue, miuth ?i?le JI7~Fre*h R!ae Lick and Coug-eaa Water a* above A.?o, improved Fruit a::u Vegetate Jara. jy S3 ?w \? AUNOL1A HAMS ! ifl MAGNOLIA HAMS!! Wa Ka rfl in?? 1 .. _ . w , u-% ITOU :?u< Illin 'uppiT or our | M \UNOi.lA HAMS.wh !ia??< (Tiv?n i-uoh ?*t faction for -ver*' Y?ar? pnat We guarantee every one to be of ilie f**?t ou? itr; KING BtTRPHRLL, )j ti Corner *"iflo?nth ?t. and Vermont a*. THKKK HEAI TIFIM. UPKHiHT OR ( OTi TaGK PIANOS for reit \>j the ween or iflontb. JOHN F. El.US, has v?nne, bet. 9th and 10th Chi^lcerint * Hons' Piano- *t * I p^io?k (t afi A PLE 8UUAK. .. MAPLE -UGAR, A very nioe lot of MAPLE SLtiAK, juat ra oeived. >y SO KINS & BI RCH ELL. 4' MEDICINES. sek what AYKR'!* barsaparilla DO F.J* I-OR DE RANOEMEXT OF THE LIVER. stott'* cmo??i??. i tti m1-h co., as* , a j| 9, 'sb \ Dr. J. C. Aver, Lowtii. Mars.? s*i : I take my rin to tfli y-fij * tint jour >AK!iAfAHI I A vd ATH^RTIO ?' I LLs* have fJuce :<? " we. I lad t>e<?a affhcb-d with hive. Coaapiaint lt?r <ix >nr?, dnrin* which I was n#v*r well.aiid muoh <> fl.e Iihm? v*ry sick. My Liror *11 aof* to th? t"UOB. and, ta-< doctor* ?ai?j. ?v ?i-ugM'*d. i iiC-'rw friun n"Tf'? o<.??ivi?nfr? * J < i* rhaia a j. My tkii vuo MiiniT anil ui.ri<-a tli> : rat e*ea at. kin often)* ow. <lo<;%kioua. ? I had a v- : appetite but generally none at &. Adicii1 i ?en ttion of oppreauon >n rny utomacli. w ill % ?u'>r ana a *i'?orn> agination of ?iokn*i<s al vr-', kept mo in ancuish. You can-ot know h<>w ir.^.e!i I rjf ferrd from an inriekcr l-at>;e* o; UiUrenii Tie igai tuaaliwMaAanf tki. >.? ?. - ? *' v..ji vjwwwmvw vi iii i m wtiu i HUit| mi.ii 'Hi I ?~i. h&>l worn mo out *o 'i.V I i.?v?r exp?c'.?^1 t.) t>? better ; but revi'n*. n the Chrutiv; Ail<"V\ f your Pa?%pa : >a, j cumiiK'ncei; taking it. w?t: .0o&*lona. cmai <:> ?? of your 4*? to triu a!# t: e boweii a* you liirrct Fi?m the fin). :t ha?1 iu<>re flVot 1 p''n hit oifonlrr tLan 1 fupru?i^ r noting c u id tanv". l r*?nMiif j j hralth rapidly. a nil n<? after el*vrii w?-eIc*. *wtj at go -il .1 ^ th ai.d .[oagth a- any other m?n Ma? t "Di?p*r.?er f all good" iLuwt bitMtug on you Joun W.Stott Prep*r?d by Dr. J. C. AVER A C<?., l,ow?ilt Ma*i. ty llrolm TJ. O. I*.. eft? T. jOl. . ntWEWELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, Fir all Throat and Ltrny Complaint*, from Common Cough* to Aetna! Cunt umjAion HI J NNEVVELL'S Jl'iTLY t K L K l< K A T E U TOtiU ANODYNB, Tke Natural a ml Sure Remedy for all Tier i - vou.i umjuai rnx, Front Neur&igia through all ca*?? where Opium wm ever u??il to thatof l)?iirium rreiretis, and the oc mmoa chief cause of l>.seAse l OSS OF SLF.KP. The To'u Anodyne, though oontaining not a particle ol (lp:am, pruduoes ail the requirement* of, ar.d may used in ali cm-? wherever Uaium was used without pro uoit.g anything but C'ur??,aiid vine the patmct in aperlect'y natura' a ate. I'he 1,'niv-rsa] Cough R?"ii;<*dj, (freed from all the oominon ohiectior. of -'ough K<mii dies, which produce nausea or prostration, may be oor,?id?*red t Mooounoa en??rr> t i a , T.-roatand l<ang Comp an:tb. and used with perfeot impuiity Asking a to court frotn priDrieto's or friends the luort severe inveetica'ion of :>otlt Rf-medi.-s.aiid reading o! our pMT^iil<?t? to l?e found witn ali dea era. ana more j to purchaoe on!y of those wt o can be depended upon, w-wait in eouftdeiiM the d-ei*ion?of Pati?ut? and Physicians, "Pacea within reach of a 1" OKMSKAI. AS KM*. J. W. Kusiiwill *. Co., 7 and * Commercial Wharf Morton, 6(11,BrailWILL, 144 W ater at., New York, I r<W th-' special sup r vision of JOHN L. Hl'NNKVTKl.L,Chemist and Plia'macetitiHt. Bn*t<>n, Ma?- , whose signature oovere t(ir> oo ks of the genuine urn*, ai.o to whom ridieaaail coirmuni :?t all Tf *p"(in!>!* df-alflrn ov(>r?*hh?, and \ 1 ti " iVuetiat--* ii \Va*hiuetvn and Georgetown. mar ifi eo.r Eelmbold's Oeniune Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" r-OMPOl Nl> FLUID KXTKACT BUCIIU. A Positive and Sp??oific R?rn"t!T For Di?^a-o? ??r tk.? Hi>Al>l)FR. KIDNEYS, GRAVE!., ai;d OHfi'SICM. SWKLLINGS. Thi? M'^icnif" mc the r^vrer >< L,it?,t'ioii, andexcit'A tht> AH~<>w h>- NTS into h.-a'th* ao ln.n.hj whi-; . ??.- VVAT ERi <?K CALCEROU8 il-pxoitii.i. ail %1 I V>'\TI Kftt ENLARGEMENTS ?r*? rfila -od..-?? well as FAIN and INFLAM?' ^ fl"N stliHtio' t r ME.\, WOMEN. OH CHILltRKS HKLM HOLD'S* 1 XTRA' T RI'CHU, Ff>r W a i r ? u fi-L . r t\ - i-u.i. ir"in riioric*, r.v'iu ??l uii'ipuioil, r.?r:? Indi>ru? tinr ,-r A' Attefltd *eii\ tkf/rW.oMon* Symplon' ? In?lisposit!.>n to Kxertion, iiOiiel Pcw?, Memory, Difficulty of Itr ati n g, Wnak .NVrve*, Trenibiirf, {torror of D'.^nane, \V*kefu!ne*?, OiinriVFB of Vision. I'ain in the Hack. Universal I ?vi!tu'!? "f the Mnncu ar Hot Hard*. FIufii'.dc of the Body. i)ryn<-s* of tti* Krtiptioim oc ike Faoe. i'AI i.;u HOINTIXaNCF.. These nira^lnnii, if al'.ovril to *o on. which thi? ine>u<yn"' i' varia'.lr retiiova, hood f<?*N>w? IMPOT&KCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTtC FITS, l,N ONK op Which the I'atiknt mat Fxpirr. \V ho oan ?y tl>\t i hey not fr qii?n:lj fol.owed l.y thos-"DlRKKl l, lUSKASKS " "INSANITY \ND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of the ?mii? of their *iiir?rin?, BUT SOXK WILL COSFESS;. TH h R KCORDS OF TH F. INfANK A^V LU M 3 And Melancholy liMths by Camumptton B*ir anip " wit <e, * to the truth of tl ? *Hi>ertion. IHE CONSTITUTION ONOK AFFhCTKD Willi ORGANIC WEAKNK** Required th aid of nitvlieir-.e to ttrenct'ten And Invu'irate tno ^y?torr, Helvbold'* F.XTRACT BL'CHl' mvirtA TRIAL WILL COJtV />? K T 4 K MOST ?tiPT!CAL. FKMAI.F.S FEMAI.KS-FFMAI KS. OLD OH YOUXU. SIXGLF, MAKtilFD, OS m\TK :f PI A Tl vt \f i n I.' I irj r IN M ANY "X i- FECTlOIN s" rKrt L* a r to KEUaI.KS, the extraot Buchj i? uiu-qurflrd bj an; other remedy. a? in Chi >rosia or K*t*ntiou Irreguia-ity, Piunfalneee. or SuppreMion of Cut to mar? Evacuations, U'oeratod <>r Fcit hout s'ate oftke literna, Lrucorrha* or Whitoa. r?t*rilliiy, *n?l for a ! oompiaicia it to tnr ? x twftlC ari?ine from lntiieoretlon, Hai>ita of Dissipation, or in iw UKCLItfF. OR CFtASVE OF LJFK. *n iTMI'IOK? ABOV* NO FAMILY 9IIUULD Bk WITHOUT IT Takf no rnrrt f?aham. Mtrc*ry, or unpltatr'nI Tdtduim for t#np.?n.?a*f imi Dl'J'rom /"V?.?#?. IIELMOOLU'S EX TKACT BoCHU cure* PEC RET DISEASES In *1! their 8t*re?. At little expenae; Little o' liocivtiilr Diet; N?; And nf> Ej-po'vrt. It 'lumen a fr<?*'.*iit desire an gives e'rength to Urinate, therei-y Rernovin ?.l*?truotioru. Pr?v?titin< a-i-1 curing Stricture* of tlie Urethra. Allaym* F'AitiAiid I:ifl?mir alion. frc^ue:it "n tlie ota*s of d.sea?3? and exp*; ;ns nil fotsr>nc*s D'*ta*'rl. and tcorn out Mnn-r. THOVSASJIS VP OS THO US X SDS WHO HAVE BTKN Til* VICTi:?* OF QCACKS, . _ A ? I I .1 ' . - bin ?> u>i - iwiu K'oiij*t* w) i>t> rur-(i in *?n?>rT time, have f'tuud th-y wrta ?l?oaiv*4. *:rJ 'hat the POISON" uf.?, t>> t?t? uf?> of"rirv.'Rrri. *.? tr!."?<?ints," l^i dried up id the sj-atetti, to out in an aziravate'! forward PEKIUrS At-TFH MARHIAGf!. I7?e Wfi.hmid'i Kitract Bcrtrrfor a, affeo tmim and disease* ?>f th* v CRINAR V ORGAN?. Whether exiatiugin MAt KOR FEMALE. From whatever ca i-e -.Meina'iiTf ai;d tto matter of HOW LONG STANDING Ih?eaii<?? r-fttvue o'imi r<~?uiretii^ai a' a HLLM1I"LD'S EX PK ACT Bl'? HI IS THF. ?, K F. \T DITRKTIC. And m obtain to have the d^n'r^d in a 1 l?i??*? ? FOR WHICH IT IS B KCOM Mi NDP.D. Ertrfi-nrt of I k' mn*< reiiitlf nmd f ipr>a si-bl'. charfr will aocompanv tk* in?*?i<ii-e? ChKTlPlC* I E? ??P CCRKS. from 8 to V* yars' t,tond*?i. With Namp? i*r>i?-v to HClERfiVK A\I> PAMR. Prlf? 111 00 ptr bnttle, or six f?r f.VOO Delivered to any Address. B?curely pa--!k?*l fro observation. Desc bibb Hmrtoat im all Com*onicbtion* Caret Guaranteed! Advice Urati*!'. AFFIDAVIT. Persona' y appeared before me, an AhJertnan theoit) ofPni ad.?lphia,il T H el>4 mold, who i-eing duly nvmrn, doth cat. hn prepara'icn? eo tain no naroot-o, no mncury. or n:n?r f.i'jrione cn>r?, but are pnr<vy ie. II. T. UKbV HOLD. Sworn aud Hubnnnb>il before ir?e. this *jd day of November, 18M WM P. HIBMKRD, A "if maty Ninth street. above Race, Praia. Addteis letter* for information in confidence to H T HKI.MUO .l). theini.t, Depot. 104 South Tenth it. bet Ch?Br.ut, Pni.a. Br".WARK OF COVSTfcKPKITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DK A LKR9, Who endeavor to di?p-i?e of rnmi ?> * ??" a^d "OTIJKR" A R1 CLK?i O* TUB Ittl-OIATIOM ATTAINED IT tl<).:nbold*a 6enu.ce Preparation*, " " Kxtr-iot Bitot n, " " SarMiB?rili?. 44 41 hnnrr.vM1 H \V??lt S tld hy 1*. B. Wait*. Seventh ?tr*et, and 8. C Fuan, )n , comer Penn. avenue and Eleventh ,1V/) ALL DK CO GISTS EYV.R YWHF.R K. A.-K FOH Hls.L\1 BOLD'.". TAKE NOoTIIEK, Cet out the a?J verti?e"ert and a?nd iir it AM) s VOID IMPOS.TIO.N AND EXPOSURE If 4 WlT t>7Q T. POTENTINI, ? ? ixroiTn or 6UU Fa. A vs., FOREIGN FRlflTS. PA.Avb., t.feftlUju. CONFECTIONS. WtUmrf, kttti. FATES, PRESERV E9, CONDIMENTS, *aUet* leave to oaii*tten'iou of rim friend* ap? tae public genera.iy Vo bis New Store, under WU;ard s Hotel, juat opened, in oonnexion with hit old eat*i>liabineut, whore he wi.l he happy to receive any order* for aaperiorConfeotioiia of biaowa importation. A lao. all order* fo' Dinner*. i*nppera, Bs'la.and | Private Fatties, wuiab will l>e served up in hi* in mutable atvie, with ti'f same pp->niptne** and di* tateh whion he ha* hitherto ulu.wn iwl DFPOXT'S GUNPOWDER, F?r ?a!e at manufacturer* price*, by JOHN J. BOCI K, Gecrgktiiws, D. C? Sole Ar'nev for tht Distrui Qf Co/vmbta. A larce eupp!?, emtuaoiav every variety, a way a on h&iiJ, ?nd delivered free to all parta of the Diet i"t. Ordeia can beleft at tha>>ffioeof A<lama' r . - ? " niprwrnnpnif w%?hincfr?n. I). (* l??lf CHIOK^KINO A SDN*' WOK I D REnowned PI ANOjJ. only for aal* by auiw-'rit>er, at whom xteii*ive??'.r?>oonifrflMMH y< u will find always* iarreat ?cV,t>mhrac *' I in* ev?ry variet*, st>l-.pri<i?? of i'i?- afo> aaleupon a*y t<*rm? or di?. ou'nt r-r o.%ih. Piauoa alao from otter food n alter*. Piar. ? f->r h)??. john V. el.LIP. Piano and Muaio Dealer, 306 Pa a? , between 9tri and 10th a?a. Vuaioaenthy mai;fr?eof paat. Muaioal inatrumwta ropairrd. jy la PIANO* -great BAROllN?-?na Rowdkrautz Piano, in heat order, lor g? Cine aix octave (ia*ie Piano fur ??". A !? MB 1 very good Prince Mel>dei>n f< r $ ?. t'o: *" * ' a*i? ou aooommodatini term a at Hie Muio Btor* of <i?lS> W. 6\ METZKEOTT MldCKLLAN BOOT. y/^^VFf / . lim? ^ ^ ^ ? Xs ^v? *** ^ \ <C _cT ECOWPYY' * V \ / } h o \ / *c> (<? dispatch: ^ ^ \ 5 v w ^ |f Sift thr rifffi! A> will kir+t*. rrtM tm n*ll '*4*1*1*4 r*miliu, it 1a very <WirV t bare i< m? r.a?*? ?nd convenient v*i for rejairiuj F?rnitnr?. Tot*. Crookerj. Ao. IPALDITiti'i fHtPAKTOMLlB meets n ?uct. ?inerc?r.^'e?. ai.^l oi> household *<* afford to b?vrtkfli(iL It m * ws?? niJj ?w up ?i i ? ha* ? ! .-*lr l * 'I ? > ! " ' ?- - - - M *? ? ?- - . .. - *+** fs Y i; ? .Vi:?ni ? " It* for limpi' c ena:re, splintered rfnwri. dol.s. aid broken i"ad>?. It it , ??t ti e artict? for core. ?he!!. and other r?rr.a!iier.ta work, eo popular with of ieCr,-?n?en: srvl tawte. Th:? adnnrabi* preparation !? ue*d ao.d, ahem'oaljr h?- *i <n ?ol?tior. and po??e??iuc a.. the ra uat > qaalit :ee of the - st o* ?ir.e? nn?r?'t ?e. It nit tw u?? in tit* p.rwoe of ordinary rauci.afe, heme va?t ? iii oe adhetive. " USEFUL IX FVSHY HOUSF." Pr~u?, 2* oenl? N. B.-A liru?L koo<>inpv':M each bottle Wh0i4s*U D*rot, No. 4*? Cedar street, New York. Addreu HhNKY cTj*PAI,PIN? A CO., Bo* No. 3,0OO. New York. I'ut up for D?a er? in Ca*e? oontatuine F*??ar, Firht.and Twelve lk>icn -a l-?s.uufu. Lithojrapfc 0 Sir w Card acoornpai yin? each paokac*. frr A *;nr.? botte of SPALDIMU'S PRE PillEDIrLcE will save ten timet ita ooet an miallr to erwr household. **oid bj a!': prominent }*tati<">ner^ D-ujjmts. Hardware and Furniture l>*e ere, Grooera, and Kanor !*toree. Couvtrj rcere^.actr il;nu!d nakeanote of SPAL DING'S FREPaRKU GL I K. when maknoc up tieir li?t. It wiii ntari.1 a 1 olirrate. fe Ift-ly / V, v u t:z* 1 - * Jf hi i /YaUr^?%b { l /| if ^ V 4 n I ?? 4 *4? t n?<i % ?tr.M J* ^ ' ?? 0 vl V' r** ' ' ??" A ( 'I* >!/-.; f ?r. # t% ^r ^ ^ - /1 1 tr '* r? "?*"/-v ? i/nir ?,) '* JU 5 7 (f? 0 t,**a rf< . r kyr. f* . 1^4 b* S %^C ? \F<JJ " " , 4"* ' ^ Ay I #/^ N"** IT"+4 ?'l n * a**' *Ut | y*?fV J; ?ri^> 'A*?A%'. M? |?. .? ft* V. 5 Vt Jj'1 ? r- 'fl ' f 4# ' y ? ? . r . # V | *-iU (^| fYMM |W I z ' Mf (4< f'?? " ?if ft ?!Mu. J; f 5 $'!/ 5#i i WzSga* ; '! 5^5 1 Sole ft*(?prii?tor.U S , y 1/ i( y*4*jtrr j) / ?_ ,r/ j ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAXiY'S 1 ARDKAIfC VALLEY WHISK* WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR IB SOUTH WILLIAM SINEW YORK. hOR SALE IX WASH1XUTOS BY I 7 I; IMRBOIK & 9EMMES. FREEMAN Jr SIMPSON JYWHISK K^/SwmSKEYzfi We offer for sa:e tfce k!ju?? sia^saitl brand of fine Copper L>isti!ked Mi:#' Rye \N rwi>tcj, in bairels ana haif-barre a As it is cf onr owe disti.ta tion. and highly improved br *e?, we eoi.feiei.t . y reoomrnend ii &r th? fClMT an<f beet Whisky oar. possibiy be distiiiod. We -!so off?r our OLD PAM1LY RYE WHISKEY, and r>ther brands, from the largest st?ok of Fine ! Whiskies in the United States FREKMAN * SIMPSON, 1 Phoenix Dn-tiilery, on to" Sohuy.kilt river, Pla a Offices?96 Wall street. New York : acd 109 : Booth Front street. Philadelphia. mar 29-lr | IGHTNING! L? LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING !H Ik T:jj* or Fbacb, Pkcaek fo* Wa?! F. LaHARHK. .Sw!tU"l ror?ir or l<*'4 ami C f ll? M iM7?i rcacu or PLATtNA Tl'Pr.D LH.IIIMNO RODS. llespeottul.T aai nnces t > th? potato of \\ a*U;nc ion Mia vicinity ':i?l 'ie if [ <p?-p*r?*i to eieoute ft order* for erecti-i* l.icht i >c CoLduotore on the most approved safe: t.fcc priiinjp es, c nt-truoted of the very best of listeria's, on very moderate torin*. A.i P.atina tippd P''irtji which ft^e manufactured by me wl'l h* *tamp?HJ with n.y n*m\ W father Van^a of any <iwtc ma-.'e to order. ly ? <"? Paraff1nk OIL, THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KSOWN' We a?-e cow receiving Pa afine Oil direct from the works in west-rii Virr' sa. Th? auaii't 'vTit n> ?>x !e?t, prodeeta*a st*aW, bril iaut and N-aut.fu light, aa?l more p',?ao?tt to th? eyea than 1ft? lijht Thia Oil i? fre* fromaifn'terat'na,and v*r? much more economical than many of tne CofJ OiJe uaed { at th.? time. It i* in no wit eip naive. We ke-f a *o a nuppi* of the moat approved atylea of Laaipg, A o., for burning thia Oil. King a burchkll. Agents for its aaie for the Diet'ict of Coiu>nl ta. Corner Fifteenth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha Coal a: d Oil Company ma II Howks improved weighing scales These Scales are offered to the aublic as the moat Kim flirt. Hnmlil* Anrt raliaKia ana ftr S ?r ? '? 'fc uae. Fir?tola?? premium* l;?veb??r. avar detTtheni by the United States Fair and Virginia A<-iou Jural Society; Virainia State Adrian tura Fair, Frai.k l Institute Fair, Pennay I varua, New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ac., fco. In every caae vkM exhibited they aave reoeived firat olaas premiums For aa r at 43 Louisiana avenue, I>~p<t o: Si.ier * ChiRed Iron Safea. d?tH? B? C PATTISON. AiwL URfc OLD R V K WHISKY.-OiTtand .ever* brand' of Pare Old Ry<? Wlii-ky, Copper Dn tilled, i.iade by the moat reliab e distillers in pennaylvama, MifViacd and Virginia, warranted nor?. Alao. lmpor:ed Hrandiea, Herine***. ifrard. l>:pur * Co., Juiea K<>bii ?. Ac Alao, Peach a?d Arp ? Brandy, pure Holland Sin, old Jamaioa ai U St Croix Hunt, aud Wibm of every variety, a li t>( standard I ran 1* A ehoioe ;ot of visarr and To j baeoo. YOI'NG ft KKPHART, Asent?. ap 14-1? 4J"?W Pa av.. Ww *?li a*.d UHh ?? ?. B.MOTT. I.kimt. L"?" "Mknmw Holly Sraina, Mias., Wl!! praoUoe in tbe Hijrh Court of brrora and Ap Ba.ii at Jaok*on,tn? Fwera Court at Pocte'toe, e Courta of the Seventh Jtduia. Diatrict of Mta?ippi,aiid wt,! attend to the Co.lwet oe of ?'taun? Nnrtk M TStr A I One at its oenta per 'One at V' do. do. PIANO Onea? #1 do. |??n.?at fl fin do.. FOR j One at 'On?ai i.'.V d<>. RENT. I And up to #7* *8 do. l john f. Ellis. jy 21 Pa. av., between 9th a ad Oth ata. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, PH 9iA <i., mm door* North of Pa. in Nov ia the time to jet SPRING and SUMMKi dHlKTS made up to crder. TLe aubaentor la prepared to make SftlR'h*. DRAPERS, Jfcc., a?tha shr.rteat notice. All deaoriptaons of Sew t a* dope. SHIRT BOSOMS, COLLARS, and VT*isV BANDS naatlr tltaked. ??ri? f a. o botK* 12,000 ACS the attention of the pnhho to oar larse and are,! ae leoted atook of Champagne and ('ran Apple C) ier, whioh we goarantae to be pure inioe. and wlli be aold on reaaouable terma in order to make rooa for our apring stock. Give na a call at th? Union Bottiing Depot, I fa No. IT Graao at,, feeurietowa. < MEDICINES. _ lit IVmiTUR, mJ BALT1HUKI UNI NUtflTil^ h*4 lkttr+*r*4 <*? noil 0*rr?M sf *:y i?4 ?.? e/ft'ltm. ? *' "<?M. , FOR ALL i>ISKAs?t> of IMF*! PKKt r L#?r JVO falsf osl ica'v rkkfmft Al'l L'i IMfcLD AlKJ/t 4 TCKF riXJIi.mT) OK ,vo chah'sk. in mom ofiti 70 two l%a\s ViitxH tf l*? ? ? . t.m i?M? il> l4?ix ! ui l.tlKt. ir??.antU7 PtKfcMff**. . .<r. ?. - ?. L?? Sj?cto, >.- % I taw < ? -?i,riH4|n(?, DirrMM *4 * 44%'*?*. UtM%M ' ! * ^ ' ff St.. . *1. LMxf. " ? ? . UMM T*. r S?- III | ' ? T*?ti ?C?m ? < Dwirtc P" M> - ruf i? Milk ir4 r?? k*<< ? ??4 TotH?Din t.f ?& * * . I I ? 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A?ide :>o? th?ir m?dicl .a. pr.?pert.e* the* are a pur*. w|?i? owe and de lct.tlu, Bfvt'itC. producing a. the p "a*ant exkile'&tinc #>?' of Braid; or wim without thei' lujurtoua r < *?.! . t a.I friet.da '<f; aid a a-lvoeaten of tefr>perar>ee auiwt u* in HMtitaiiic ! # .<- ra uaat* v ?<h* t ? Hitter* for the tniw-ro.' poitorn* and a-lu-irratr 1 1 *mo*r with which Uifc Artrj n linudm.aint IMr*t>f M f?o'a ) aid in '-an an .( inaeaa* and Drank en*** trorn the and. CHARLF* WIDIXFIR1.D * CO, Propnet -re. J* Vi, lan atreet. New York. J. ^'SWiRZE A*ont. Washington, I?. C. UK. J MIVKV I>IIW IMPKHUL a/A* B1TTKRS. Tor ?fthe K derm. H adder l'r ipar* ( rc&Li, ard eepeclt ? f >r Fer*:a,? < '" traction*, never fail to cure, and aie warranted tw (It# *at.? C^ARLKK \r I DDI FIELD k Co.. fro?-ieU''?. 7* W lliian. ?t.. JSew York. J schwakzk, j?T ly.r Ak?t. W*?tna?t<?j..D. C Hieii~\ imimk (AN r r-> all: j?/;S. cors IHD1AX TEtiKTlBLE VKt'OCTlOK. It isv*.. knoVQ t-j*r m Uie Sprint people ?s* more ap' to ?x>i? act c.iiff t* an fit any .KL*r period, atd it i? ?^ua ly we.' kt"*c <i<at the war to wdnf it to kMf tlM blood porn, for "ali the i that i? heir to," ariae from lapan t? of th? b'>o<4, ta? main Kpntj of ear ?*i?*?r.oe. It i?, ther?f?'e, important tovl that the ; ?tem honld be t.iciouKti ? c.ranee*4 %nd purifcet.acd this n?r Ka .li-nfl * ? ~ - * ?'' * ? ? a Z 'J"1'-! aim m cox > i>i !aa rr lYX"TfOAT, Mie tn??t reiiMM? diso.-vcred f'?rtt* cor" of olt*t.n. t.ryhf* M. Srroju * K i'un.t C?m. Nervou* P^'>i.ity. F?wn of diflerei t kinds, Dni^p't, Liver C< mp a. nt. ai d a'.I other <1i???a?** truiif froa imynritf ofth? ?..?H?d. It ha? efeot-d the m?'?t rema-kaMe cures, i> <nm. i>e ?Ui>vd t y numeroa* oerufiofctec fr?-'it ??r?"ri of ti lui l.--?t respectability. lad m e<?>rnfneo<Je'1 ? ? a wko nave u? d it ac the meet tt vai??b.e ren.'-iut Mfi.t of the da*. |n^lti?e"id by a!; the I>ruccift4 of Valuator*, . and at the r?6id??ce of the Broprioter. MRif M. COX. 14" V.xtx Ba t;m<re street. bet w-er, E !<"t ?tr?et ar,d <>Lt-a. a vet) lie Non? tannine aoleai her name u Uovb ou tt?* bott.r and hei ?ea on the oork. 117" Prtoe JTl per |>-.itt e, rix l?*t.e? f<>r ITkoitflt K. ? T Cwisl, Dmfciat, 9?orfekoWD. D t\. '-V kii<er?lr AceU^.r tue l>m in I will m-fr: *"? trade a* kit p'ioe?. war tt tr r|^ U K ALL ?i. K KTtTl tM THRKK TH I KSKMAR. 1, t, * I, frMwiti b\ R*v*i l.tiurt Fttfmt of Eutlmmd. mi r*wd H StmJt ?' ti? Exm* i* Fkmrm*tu <? p<gr i; . n? i :ii I - ? - "* No. 1 is ^n^a natle for rkbauaUon, Spenaator rh.?a. ai.i) a s:-??.oa 'haai itaoa. No. 4 o<>ni|'r*'* * i&deat** al! traaea of tko?? di??a-<*? thai hr\* tx*An hitherto treated b? tN oac ae^naan^ pertuoi-iMa nae of eupwvia aD'( onbet<r. Nu. S ha? entirely au?f?aiitA<i t.Le i-yu ate of mer^wrY, ther^-'ij irruru.f to tM mBrrereye^.? r? ,ei. dif porm.c ali irryar.Uw, aid rooming oattn* 0UOID ufd'.ffr J*. TRitC^KM Ak.Noa. l.tfand S*r? yrwoarwl c th? form of a loaei<i?. c?v<?id of ta*'e aiw aniei .and ovi be ca-tM in tUe waictooat y-'ket. Hold in t.r CM" arid dtVi<i?d io! eyaratf doeea.aa aon.irna tared b* Va jeai . i a?naud, H?iux. Kisord, A". Prior $5 tact., or four caeet for f 9 wbiolb mvm ft and in 97 oaeee. wowabT there a eaviet of aa. To be fia*!. who fia ?au(i reta*.. of Or. BA * RO" , 194 atrreLfoir 4,iur* baiow McD<>afa? tree?. New York. lnur vliatnj on reoaivinc a re mtttance. Dr. liar-ow wi.i forward the Tnaaeinar to an? part of tfce world, aecurei? par ked, ant ad dreaaej according to the il?!'uoU?>m of the wait?r. Held aiao b* 8. CALvKUT f'ORD. Jr.. Wnablncton. O. C. de 6 tm /I KU'iivni i k.?_ /. ?<-?? V/AOTJO$!-<*aaoka, their Boofca. Cortiaa. Buobn. Hoif.uii, It.rtrometitF or Ritga?ah a a them *11, and, if dtapoat-1 tofrofttbr ?r M?wi??r, wntefor m? arirataCireu ar oa t*Pl-.R M A T* >K R H<I?A ;-JTP CI KK. Witt aiama radotM. aJcreu, ic p?rf?at cor.I deooe. tour rri#c?l. a furo?er ai flerar, mer*>.j npm aorihiL* Boa ITS, Ci?ar ?at?*ri, Man it 14 IVkW1? _ Aw*. T. iK)Vi: A CO. KK Nuv fre?ar<> i tu eiMuM ai j ordara w it which tbej ira* l?? lav.?r*<J 10 the PLl'MBINO. U a- iif - AM ? i TT;n? Ht i*lNK?K. IH?>r? on ?h itrwi, a l*a Uoora north of Pa, av-uue. where ma; t* louud a* aa?> rurieijl of CH-sNDKUKRSanc otitar 6AS. STEAM aw! WATER FIXTt K 1 - nrn I\JKW t*TYLKSOF RICH JKW Kl.RV -H <? 1" ROOOhn* jnat op*:md * larre ?t"ca which ha will o(|??r at v??ry iow '?t~# 1 nerefore *!??" that are wiahinc to <arry Loir # m *t tin.? in hi' In* aa preeeat*. will do wall to oa.l and Hi dmk at l'a.av?bii?. I' # ?? ?? ? ? - . ? ^ . ii ii ? 1 11 ' | ?~ |MPORTANT TO HOI jBBRK B. R. Dl Guaranteed not AB80LI TRLY AND PBRFBCTLV PlRh, bit groand fr?*ni freaf 8pio#e, ?* cwvi Mid ?iea.i.?C by ue aip'Mt ) f?'f "? pnr?<>*e refrr*tiq* to ooat. Th?r t?>auuni..y packed id Ucf .1. (lined *nth paper, t to prevent ir iun by keepiuj aad are fu 1 weial.t, While the nriMArj *r. ,.n<f Sptoee are vifiont invar.i?-.y abort We vtmiM them, in point of atreurtn a:*d r.citneaa of flavor, tfkyond all odmpakiwn, aa ft ainile trial will ai nuoant:* p->.ra. Manufacture*. only t?j E R. DL'RRtK 4 Qp? IM P**r! at.. NtwYorfc. AJLANOK A8WKTMKNT Of t?t?mvav * Ron*' and K?m. Bacoi, A Cn. M Pi a NoH baa )u" 'xf" r?om\ .1 ?i tfce ? krln ar?noy, corner cf Pa.av. * .4 V eventb bLmTTTI Jla VI h T7 t tfjOTT V Tta u 1 *? aaitr m <? ? iv'JJ, * lB gjf

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