Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1860 Page 2
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THK EVRNI.NU STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WIDSMPav Aa(a^t li, 1*60 Spirit ! the >l?rniK4j Press. The Cimstitution criticises the late speech of Senator Crittmden. at l.outsviile. Ky Tbe lattHtgemcrr e?ks, 44 What are wr quarreling about''' and quotes from southern authority at It has already done from northern, to stowthat the slavery question is settled. The steamer North Star, from Aspinwall, brings over one uiil" ion of California gold (ten Harney, I S A is among the passengers f I a/ \ ] t" l t t P ?* !_ A V 1 C * it A>?\ t for V* ? b v ?- i?r*cnc, ?VI *"*piano fort' by Manotie, and d*dicatcd to 1 ady Bloom fit 1,1 ?Mama, publisher?has j"*t been received from Metierott. d7" The Great flestern i n. anc b or?*d in the North Fiver, ofl Hammond street :*he will not return to the w larf. but ru;<s a steamer for the accommodation of pa**f ngers She sails for Kurope tomorrow. the K>th, and was to be rioted to visitor* to-dav. U7~ Two Syrian ^entb meu are now in this conntri, for tij?- p' rpos?- of obtaining contributions for the r? I I ef of the snfterers by the late disturbance* !n that country. They brinj; letter* from _AOB?-r:i an ml** ocariet and eminent men :n Beytout urging their claim* In New York, the report of the City Inspector allows a large increase in the table of mor. tality du-!ng the week ending the 11th instant. It being iSt. 15? more than during the previoni week. Of these there were 1'27 men. 5*5 women Ttl boy?, and 210 girl* Deaths from the brain and serves HI, from lungs, threat, Ac . 136, from tomach snd other diges'.ivenrgans, t!ll; from un. certain and general fevers. 16, from the skin and eruption fevera. 5i?, and V?9 from violent causes Cy" The Richmond Knquirer announces in iU number at >esterday that Mr. William F. Ritchie and .Mr Wm W. Dunnavant have disposed ol their inUrest in that j-mrnai, which will herenftej be conducted by Messrs Nat Tyler and O. Jennings \V:se. as editors and proprietors, in conjunction with Mr W B Allegre This change involves ro variation in the political course of tt* Enquirer, which will be steadily devoted to tht cause of Breckinridge and Lane A?? '-aL r thk Powhatan.?The I" statei team friyate Powhatan. Capt Geo K. I'earton arrived at PL; adelpbia yesterday afternoon, aftei a cruise cf two years ?nd eight months in the cninese and Japan seas Tbe officers and crew are all w^ll The Powhatan left Panama on th( 16th of >lav. and been neariv three months in coming round Cape Horn Sbe stopped twel v? days at Valparaiso to take in c oal, and also a few days at 5-r Catha.-i ne's. The voyage altogsthfi Las been one of great Tar.ety and interest It will toe remembered tbe Powhatan was the Hag-ship ol Com Tattnall, and brought the Japanese Emtoasy from Yeddo to Panama Tub DtMOC&act or Geossia ?The BrecklnIfidge decaocraU of Georgia held tbeir State Con vention at Milledgeville on Wednesday last \V J. Vasoq Kfq .presided. Eighty-nine counties, out of 1SS, were represented by delegates and eleven hy proxies, tbe whole number of delegates preseut being two hundred and e gbty. Tbe proceedings ?**eu> to tave he^a harmonious I ne whole action ? f the Georgia delegates at Baltimore was sustained; tbe declaration of principles of the Receding Convention heartily approved. ir.d tbe nominations of Freckinridge snd Ltn? endorsed aud ratified The following gen*l>*nier>. were cLof?- Presidential Klectors for *be Stat*. Stat* at La'x* ?lion Cha-les J McDonald, ol Cobb; Hon li K Jackson, of Chatham. V'rr :h* l)i>trtets ?1 Pettr Cone. of Ktillocb; 1. \V. M S-.jugl.ter, of Dougherty; 3 (> C ?on. of Sp?uld:ng, 4 Hugh liui nir.a:i, < f Cov* t?; 5 Lewis Tumlin. <f Cass: 6 H^rdy Strickland, of Forsyth; 7 VV F l.ofton. of Jasper; S. W M. Mcintosh, cf Libert Missorai Llictio.n ?The returns for Governor Jfrom seventy counties in Mi-sour; foot up as follows Cia;btirn*? Iiw a???ru/w., 4^136; Hancock Jackson. 5,013, uhlch it not hii - . iju ?oie, the returns from some of thecountw* being Incomplete Mr. Orr was the union cand date. Mr. C F Jacksoiwas the regular nominee of the democrats before the rupt-ire of that p.irty, and after ward*, waen he gave *a kis adhesion to Mr. {Dougias m the candidate for the next Presidency; Mr. Hancock Jack^i ?ai nominated against Li 111 by the Breckinridge wing of the party 11.i present majority over Mr. Orr is upwards of 6.0WJ o ?-s. and will be largely Increase 1 by the counties yet to be heard frotn. Mr. Barrett has been elected to the pr*-sent Conjjr??sa froni the St. Louii district, and the follow, ing named gentlemen. it ii supposed, have been eie< ;ea it >m Ttr several distrfcis to the neit Con ? _ Sre" 1. Francis I' Blair, rep . vice Barrett, deru. J. Ju. S Rollins. anion, vice Anderson, dtm 3. Joan B Ciark. dein , re-elected 4 Li jib J Norton, dem . vice J Tra'g, dem 5 Jo^n \V Reid. d?-m , vice Woodson, dem 6 John 8 Phelps, dein . re-ele<ted b John W Noeil. dem . re-elected P arsenal. .Mr*. Oen. ??a>nes is at the National ???. Harney and I?r. Wood. I" 8. A . are at Kirkwrods' r?ena?or 81idfll is at the Svre t Springs. near Gree.ibrler \\ hite Sulphyr, Va Naval istkllsaasca.?Intelligence has b?:en race.?ad of tbe arrival of the steam sloop-of-war N?rr?gansetv Conitnaiider T A Hunt, at 8t Catharine's, Brazil. on the 2d. and ol ber depart ure from taat port for Vat para wn tbe 15tfc June Lieutenant James M Duncan arrived at New York on tne I3tb mst . in change cf tbe prize brig W R Kibby. of that port This brig. ws? captured by tnesteam*r Crusader Lieut Commanding Maffit ofl An^uilla. on the ->vd of July, her siavr-s having r-e? r> embarked in 8panish lighters ere tbe arrival of *be ("rus^der froai tbe ess'ward IIu < ver:.anting tbe brig three \frlcan hoys were found in tbe bold. su?n???H in !>??? ' r w .?? ' mixii uverticked bv the s>iav< rs in the hsste cf thtirdtpartan 1 be steam frigate Lancaster, Capt John Rudd commanding. bearing the flag of Flau Officer J b Montgon erv ,arriv?d at Panama, from Guayii.aa. on tue i?~th ult Tbe [jaraittr during the cruise from which she his just returned, touched in at ail the Central Amerxan ai d lBterm?di jte Mexican p? r's She w as twenty-two da>s at Guayiitas. and severa. days at I.a Paz, Maritlan and Acapuico. in polng arid rett.-rnlng At Guaymns the inhabitants were somewhat altrmtd lea*t they would be I'ttaf ked by the Yazln Indians la consrqQ?iic? ut tLioUW of feeling, F1?k Officer MontJ t'Uiery delayed the departure of trie l?ancast>r fr?ai Guyainas bevond tte <iil<rtt< d Mine Kruy tiling whs qui?-t when Tbe UiKMller sailed. The siooi'-of-war Cyane left Mezatlau on the llthof July for \m Paz with the governor of l>?wer California on board The sloop St Marys Is still In port at Panama, >?"t will |>robably b? ordered soon to Realejo. Nicaragua The Saranac, Capt R itchie. entered Arapulco t.lth J ulv. and sailed the follow 1 rig day for San Francisco i>v. t ** , Uc LrtT?aiii, ^omuianarr \> . t Hunt, arrived at Honolulu 17, from Panam<t Tb* Preole, Commander Jenkins, now at Pen aroia haa been ordered to proceed to the navjyard at Boston. rNtumahtr jobu Join*, of the friirate Sabine, b?me sq lidron baa retimed to tbe I'nlted States, havit.k > em i oudetnnnd by intdicai mrvey Geo W Runny, seau a > of tbe Sabine, died at Aspiiiwall. July lt>, ai d John Evans, seaman of tbe *t Marva. il!?d at Panama, Auguat 3 Mi r i an* ?We have frequent oc cuIimu to of tii * r? markable medicine, be cause we Lav?- full filth In ita excellence, ai d knew tif iim.i\ instiu'ts where It b-ta performtd atiiit* u.ii . .iiimi* cur** It is principally de?V Kl ?? ?q m dot" for 1>\?;*-|)Sia. Indi^stio-i, a. d nuii-t rtnia d.* rdi ra of tne stomach It was d'? ??%er>d ai.d | ?rfeeu>?l by a regular physician, aIter : r< m-w. u and practical aperienca in n>'d It < tntiitH i'il:ke all otber speclfl- s v :ln which ?e tre act, aiiited. and extracta the A'.tr ae by i?a v. ry root*, leaving no vestige b* 1 ".d So'tl t. ?'l ?. t.iiilf- liriualm >? i i..ud >u:tl?I"'a* ' ''iif I'm torn ** Mow cm int to Kobkit Ftlion - W> lfarn tbnt tte cttizena of N * Orleana Lave determined iu Loot r tbe meirwy of Fulton by erecting a stiiteiidoiii ntotiumei.t. oue hundred and fifty f*et Mi rl^bt. and ten fret in diameter, with htalrwa) on riir luaidr, at the Inte.-srt ti<>R of Fulton and Caual tire* t?, f?< lnj? tbe rut'om-booae, and In the *reat Ikon u^bfare au?i fceartof tb? vaat commercial eni) ciluui, friutfafc tbe .\ii*?!s?lppl tlie fattier of all ? .Vi?, which v. I*? be an honorable toke?i xnd tribute from thaownm of tbe warm* of *U-*n rn>at* thai crowd Um ba*y whnrvet. n \ j I 1 U><1 collate urrr ill connection Willi I'rtaidCnt Felton, of Harvard University It would have afforded me great pleasure to have seen him, but no opportunity ha* occurred to day, and I am compelled to be upon the wing again shortly after aunriae to-morrow; and thua must forego that gratlttration. Preacott. by-the-by, wrotw m<at of bia "Ferdinand and Isabella" in a cottage here, which is pointed out to a raogera as having been bin summer residence for years W. D. W a Falliko orr 1.1 Custom House Rsckitts ? The decrease In receipts frcni customs at New York, for the last seveu mouths, taken in comparison with the corresponding period of la*t year la fl,4?l^Mt At Boaton ?3U,0U0. i u' nneJi improvements iijkiii th? peninsula are those of Mr Tudor, the Button iceman. He is the originator of Boston's so profitable buslnes* of exporting Yankee ice wherever Yankee *hips can carry it to thirsty and overheated touli In other latitudes; by which he Is ?atd to have amassed a large fortune The fact that he is a person of great and brains and exceed. Inglv good taste, is evinced In the style of his building* arid grounds?his cottage of mastive granite being the finest range of building* for the purpose, probably, In the country; while its outbuildings are icarcely less substantial and orna. mental His ground*, too, curpass almost any others in the country Being entirely a self-made man, I question whether he belongs to Nahant', ex' lusive s?t; and from the kind inanNer in which nil tu'Sr actually bt lunging here *|>eak of hiin, ' > fincy hi-does not. Just now. Professor Agassi/., the naturalist sivan, Is the lion of Nahant He | to the fagged out city man of business; and ttn air that cannot fail to reinvigorate Ma overtasked strength when qniellv enjoyfd \N Uh all these attraction*. were Nabant really w:thln the rea<"h of the toiling thousands of Host on and the thick ly-populated country surrounding it, its fortun?? as a summer resort would doubtless have be*n ditWent. Hut Ihe wealth and Intense fashion of the "modern Athens" have pr&ftirally tabooed it to all save themselves They cut a great dash, it is true, s they rode leisurely along its beaches on the r daily drives this?Sunday- afternoon, in their very heavy and dign tted carriages But they fail H ost woefully to j>ay the people living here Interested in the business of Nahint as a watering-place, who, while they would not like to 1< se the ornamental effect of toelr magnificent cottages, doubtless heartily wish every mother's r>n and daughter of them to the , .is the destroyers of Nahant's prosperity nn I I ' 1 '"'"li ?o suddenly and coinmandingly frutn tbt walif The mu.tltude of villages and outstretching bea- hes laying scattered around landward, and the dark blue of the receding expanse of water, looking seaward, keep me constantly with outstretched neck Nature and art have both done more to make Nahant the most charming wattr- I side resting piace on this continent at this season of the year, to tue person really asking rest, < oo| sja breezes and excellent s?a bathing, than for any other sucb point. Cape May s surf is not to be enjoyed h^re; but ont finds here in !?* st>-ad, beache* equally as line as those of Cape May a multitude of views a thousand times surpassing Cape May's single view seaward, walks and driven innumerable, unsurpassed anywhere, shrubbery and shade that will gladden the benrt of any lover of those two so delightful luxur es ijcik c jc ? rj>i iqox- wiiom they regard ns equal* in aoelety find it agreeable to come here in summer; and the magnificent hotel has cotisequently proved a dead lost to its proprietor* I am at the unpretending village Inn. where I find every necessary comfort and very civil peo pie. So I have been enjoying the quiet of tbli ! day?Sunday?here, aud the delicious cool bre?xe , from the sea, after my own fashion. To ine, the absence tf pleasur^-se* king thousands, adding almost nn?xampled quiet to the soothing callings* of the beautiful water views from Nahaiit't rocks and beaches, is a luxury beyond express r j , with the j>en Turn whither I will, a new end view strikes the eve. The rocky islets near t ie shore each look like nn unconquerable natural fortress, their ruined r?rfirmr?i..n. -'?t v?? ovuto, UUU UUB n HUllllialiUill^ p( SlllOD . But. alas for the vicissitude* of the taste* of the fashions rf the times ' Boston. though her wealthy men took Nahant particularly under their wing, haw been unable to draw sufttr'.eut custom o keep ' su< h an establishment open, even at thi* really finest s^a-Hide sumnier-sojourning point in the United States. It str kes ine that the reason why, for tLe pcrpo?e designed, Nahant has proved a de?d failure, is just because Boston's wealthy citizens rfcther than her working thousands undertook the job mentioned above l.xclusivenesa evidently reigns here now The peninsula Is studded beautiful cottages surrounded by ? J- (ffAlin^C ASSStfr* (nVt?Ki*<.4l Vtlf a family that seem to wrap themselves up In the ceremonious dignity of the Tycoon of Japan. II - / 4 " mm uurr ' U'iiinri miricacies exmn ;> l to those ^ on board various verv l>eautlfiil views of conspicuous objt-rU surrounding and within Boston harbor, not otherwise to be seen to so much advantage light-houses, ledge-beacons, light-bjate the State najtical-school buildings, half * dozen watering place hotels, villages. and sumptuous water-side summering scats of Bostonlans of wealth, resides Cape Cod and Cap^Ann; the ocean bel ag. from everywhere, in sight. th<? while On landing. I found the famous Xaharit Hotel closed , the ccs! of keeping it open for the last two or three !?ascn? not beiiig paid by the f < tronage received It is designed to accommodate twelve hi! nHr us >m 1 c ?* ^ -It- ? -* * , ? -? everything it touches with a golden iilun.inatlcn^ , bouses. ships, and even the undulations of the . tops of the lower clouds on the shore, wb < b look , as though a row of brilliant lamps had been hung along upon all of them for a stretch of a tulle. We are now so far down the harbor (having i passed its staunch and ostly fortitl' all us, the Long Island Watering-place Hntsl, Ac , \c .) as r tha? the swell of the sea r"<ks the ltttle steamer ' am<tzlug > , though not unpleasantly to me Look' ing seaward, the broad Atlantic on'e more rtsts ' ui der my eyes while its breezes rolling .n upon ? me, inspirit me to write on, which, however, ap' proachin..: darkness forbids August 5.?Ere reaching Nahant (where 1 am r now writing) l*?t evening the boat s windings in I -V. >?- ?_A_; - ' |riain auu ill"urai wi n I1U1I * 1 UUIIUlll^B Further down the harbor we paaa small islr.nda dedicated by the city and State to f>enal and elemosynary purposes. all having upon thein substantial and extensive buildings In admirable 1 cond Uon, and forcing upon the at ranker who ia accustomed to a state c>f society like ttst in the 1 South, where there are few paupers and fewer 1 criminal*, the impression that with all their wealth itiil all tbeir piety, Massarhusrtta and Boitci must becursed with ten times their rightful share of crime, and twenty times their rigbt( ful ahare of suflerlng among the laboring classes , from poverty. f As 1 look back from about six miles down the . harbor, with the sun just fairly down behind the hilll. thf llintpt ir^r> i* i ncr i "washisgto* jews a*d gossip. ?KKTrim? or ?cmmer travel [Editorial Correspon'ttHre f Tkt star.j [lkm.) aujiiiit ?. t?eo. Stiamiss Down Boston Harbor? tlosroii't char1tablk akd Pknal InsTITTTIONB?Waterirc Place Hotels, and Private Watersite Villa* as seen from the ^tbamsr's Deck?The Panorama?A Beact rn Scnset ?Nahant as it is?What has xape it what it ? as a Dimmer Resort?The Boston Iceman?Agassi anc Prrscott. I an: now tU-amini; down Boa ton harbor How chan^>*d the iaiand of Kast Boston in twentT't^ years '?slnte which time I bad notion it. Th?n it* or ly Individual enterprise in successful prosecution \rn a single mammoth sugar rrflnery, if 1 remember correc tly Its dock* were th<-n but projected and commenced, and a comparatively few indifferent houses were scattered ovtr its w*st? .Now, from the wster side it appears to be as well built up as the main city itself, shipping crowding its dorks and wharvesand immense warehouses and manufictor en being in sight upon it, (the island of F.ast Boston.) 1 rising akove surrounding buildings In all directions J?outh Hoston. too, that forms the other , flank of'he entrance to the city's harbor was theni when cr nripared with what it it Is now, a very desert At this time I tind It a well-b lit, subi staotial city. At its extreme point (of land) stands the city's house of correction for vicious boys a Diath or Mm Holt ? LMt evening about fi o'clock, the eatlmallady of the Postmaster General, who baa been for a lonz time in a pre carious atate of health, breath^ her lait. surrounded by a large circle of re!at'.ves and friends Although thla ead event waa not altogether unlocked for, aa for aotne time past has been observed to be rapidlv declining, yet. ao highly e?teemrd was she by all who knew her that It waa with the profoundest regret the announcement of her decease waa received. Mnny well recollect her aa the accomplished Miss Wicklifl'e, than whom there waa none at tha-. day possessing qualities which would tie more Lkplv tn r?>rninnipn^ tl;rm li? th* ? ' I j ?*-? ?? . ? wj?v anu *?? ! miration of al! whom they might become arj quainted tban the deceased On the morning of i yesterday, in the presence of Ler venerable psi rent? and others, the Sacrament of the Lord's i Supper was administered by the R<v Dr Tustin. of the Presbyterian cbnrc.b. of which she was an exemplary member Decease d was abou*. thirtyeight years of age H-r remains will lie conveyed to her late home in Kentucky, in the .1'JO train this afternoon, where the funeral obsequies will be observed As a token of re?peet to the deceased, tae General Post OtHce Department wasclosed atan ear!y hour this morning, and will so remain throughout the dav. DgrARTTRi: or t 11 r Commissioner of ax Affairs ?Hon A B. Greenwood, Com re isaioner of Indian Affairs, leaves the city this afternoon, in 'the 3 2t? train, on an official visit to Pike's Peak. He contemplates being absent until about tbe latter part of October, and will be accompanied in this tour by a party of ten or twelve persons. among whom are Mr Rhett. Macon Thompson. and Ash White. This visit is with reference to the Ind an troubles reported to be tyisting there The Commissioner expresses the utm<>st confidence in being able to entirely que 1 these little disturbances; to r?store peace and harmony among them, and securing respect and obedience to our Government and its laws From the s iccess which Las heretofore attend'd Ui:s ihle and efficient uflirer.wheneve* he has visited turbulent tribe* of Indians, we are led to believe thst Lis expectations and hopes in this case will be fully realized Chas E. Mix I'sq., the courteous and worthy Chief Clerk of ti is Bureau.will discharge the duties of this position ?</ tnunm -? Vhskni e or Til nt tr* N?vv ^ * r d ?Commodore Buchanan, the effi' ientand courteous commandant of the Washington .Navy % ard. l^ft the city yesterday afternoon on i. brhf visit to the Saratoga Spring* He will prcbably be absent not longer than two week* R etort of a.n Indian Fight nkae Fort F.iley not Credited ?The report published by us yesterday of a terrible Indian tight near Fort Riley, in which it Is alleged about 3t#i I'ottowattomhs and Delawares were killed, is not credited nt tL# Indian Bureau Dead?A J O'Bannan, Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, whom we have already meiitioiied ns having been struck with paralysis at Capon Spring, died at that place yesterday ArroiSTMEvr or Mail Aokxt-?At9t Dennts Relay House of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, Wm. L. RUter In appointed local mail agent, In place of Henry Carroll. Thk Weather ?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution The time of observation is about 7 o'clock AtGrsT 15. 1**0 Now York, N V clear, very cool Philadelphia. Pa clear, very cool Baltimore. Md cl^ar. very cool Wuhlngton. D. C clear, wind ,N Richmond. Va clear, cool Petersburg. Va clear. TO MVi iuin i * u I'HHiy, Raleljjh, N. C cloudy, 65? Wilmington, N C cloudv, cool. Columbia, S. C Charleston, S. C c oudy, 70?, wind N Augusta. Ga clear, crol Savannah, Ga cloudy, wind NE Macon, Ga .cloudy, cool. Columbus Ga , < lnurj.' .uonvgomerv. Ala cloudy. FROM Till WKHT. Frederick, Md Hear, pleasant llagerstown. Md cl^nr, pleasant Cumberland. Md clear, cool G rafton, V a c lea r, c ool. Parker*burg. Va clear, cool Cincinnati, O dear. cool I'itUburg, Pa clear. 5- Cleveland, C) clear, wind $E Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , <c.orre< ted for teir.(?eraturc,) 30.133, at noon 30.13b Thermometer at 7 a m , 60'; at noon. 69} Mhiiinuui during'24 hours ending V a in. to A c. IT r-1 ran uaj, ' ?,j > ii1iiuu1uui m . [' /" < > n Wednesday last, in Cheite'town as several workmen were engaged in potting up the brackets in the new rourt house the s-aff >ldlng 011 which they were a'Htidirig gave wiy a-.d precipitated them to the ground.injuring the foreman, Mr Charles Askew, very *-v*-raly, he tutt'cilng a compound fracture cf the leg below the knee Srali> n'.'n Pkm'sbku Gi.vk ?Th!? article lit the Ivst preparation we have ever used for the purjHwe of repairing splintered venerrs furniture. etc . where glue ii required, ar d ia chei )tealiy prepared us to be aiwava ready for use ? Calendar, Hartford, Amj 27, IS.59 ir/"The Saturday Review speaks of a atory that the ladies of tLe congregation of a fashion al)if nrcarh'-r in I,nnHn? f --1 , - " . uiv ou vaci ci 1U11U to procure him a divorce. ILrMr \V. J Conner, a merchant from \ladl*o' , Ark terminated his existence at tti? (i iycij hoiid-, Memphis. Tuesday, by swallowing .t quantity of morphine. 117" Two tons of whortleberries were received in Chicago on Tuesday las' from the western towns of Michigan 117"There were, tt is stated, about !?50 person * at Point Lookout on ttie loth inctant. rpTjs=?A MKETINO IS KERPECTFCLI V III: > "i que^t""1 at 1 ouric 1 Chamber, in t City Hal),..n THURSDAY EVENING next, nt I o'clock, of those citizen* wh<> are favoraMe tr> th<? creot'on of a Monument to t!i= memory of the | late J OS K I* H GAt.K"*. Th? ol.ject of thi* niMinc is t in mat* in"?sur?* tor the purpn?>e "f carrv j i"K "Mt a suggestion whieh har. met with tl?e approval of the entire ooiniuiinity. an 14 St rV^COMR AND skk <>l K CELERR ATED U? NAVY FI.ANN'UI. COATS at *On at au in-2w S.M ITU'S, No. 4*>f> Se?enth street OBAV WATER. NE puncheon pure hun flavored BAV RUM. Just receiv<*i ami for ' ale b* 1 *v .*i? \l l INffcl L ?r/?ai .MlL'lMir.l W > -X lir.Alili. \| iii*. m e kingsford s seminary, i* I 4 i i e St.. n\ A> h X3TOS, l?. O. The next session will comnienc?Ootoli?r l?t. !Kfii. Turnis, Ac., lor* a <le?l on application. an 15 tl REV. C. I*. RUSSELL, ASSISTED by MRS. Knsseil. will rpop?ii Ilia school for joting on tii?* first MONDAY of September n?-.\t,?t ><?. 4 1 K*>t < apitol street, Washington, D. C. an IMMBt* f^HE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE To IN1 fnrin is friend* that he will open on the i * ! i n?t.. a PROVISION ST OH E on I ?tr M, h-t ween ami Ifith (street*, where he will he p!ense<l to vrmt on nil who will favor him with a call. au 15-71* W. I.I NK1NS i ots of fianos for rent at low 1 i rnte*. Pianos ( >r ralo on the mo>t^ni r? aeonabl* terms. Great ^a.rirains in n Pianos; *i?o. id Guitars, Violins, Me- ? ? ? ? lodeo s, Aooordaons, fto john f. em 13. an 15 8"le aicut for Chick'-nng a sodk* Pmrn?. \11SS YOUNG'S SKMINARY, 1*1 No. KlSIITtlNTH, NIAK I St. The duties of tln? echoo1 "jrill be resumed on MONDAY. September 3 I. Miss V. will continue to receive & a-loot class of tioy* under 12 t?-ar? of age. ill connection with a limited number of jirls, desinriK a ooursc of stud? in the s did branches ot Engl ?h. Instruction in tne French langii ue, ai u*ual. by a na'ive Freach tocher. au 15-sw* ffi IMPORTANT NOTICE. I O Pnraona who have small nxjirjor pnoitrpi to i apcr, we otter sev?<ial thousand pi>-ce? f deur able WALL PAPFR at cost Now h the time to jet y ur work done from 25 to 3' per cent. le?? than usua. price*, rail and s ?e f-?' wnirsci ve? at RFANK IN A- ROTHROCK'S Wall Pape and Shade Store, au lfi-4taw2w _____ corm r and L) ?ib 1 OTP ICE OF WASHINGTON AQ'^EPIJC T, Washington AUKIIKI 15. 186.) Pk opo?alb will be received at this Offne n <i. I Uo'o.o.k in. on the '/7th day of August, BfeO, for ' ? onat?uctin? th? unfinished port on* of the conduit of the Washington Aqueduct Th" work to he tinna rwmn>".?? ???' " " ' ? r - ? ayi i, J!)!'' yard* o Kuhble >la?onry. and S POO Cubic y?>rds of mil1 anicm??'t. A'mt, f r th" cnmplrtion of Tunnel Nr>. 1 ( b?ins ] about >7 linJ*l het obtaining 3"?? Cu'ioyardaof , r^elr siuavatiiin; all 'o completed and delivered up Of :tif l?t dar ot No* ein'^r DPit ) Plana and ?pecifieat4oiia ma? t># teen at this office Pri in'ali will beM*lMl ?nd endo'Md "P,op"t& for Couduit" or for 'Tunnel*' &? tlie ca?e may be. i H. W BENHAM, Oapt. ofhngine*ra au 15-eo3t Chief EB?in*er W. A. au I4-7W _ contorYUh at. >i>d Pa ave. J IM)R FALK.? V IIAN PONY, an ?c? lent addle tiorx , and aUo ? ork* w?K in <Tv I h\rn?*S!?, aUo a a t of htrucsa near.jr new-*L?iv i d ateoond hand op- tmmiy. Apf v at ihe' * l>ruK Store und r the tiik.eudou llutel, corner of >th and I'euu. ave. au U lw* STYLE NECK TIF.S FOR OAROTF. I and Hjron Collur*, juit ii-oe?v<.-d and lor tal ; it our usual low privet. is OA II WALKER A CO , au 13-3t 368 I'enu. avenue. ? . .p..... .. uv ? iojicb Kain ; So ooinn iip to rn> iiiojld while ray lur aee is hot. Anil cast iu your dollars and l>uy on the spot. Tlw time timt \ou wi te hv t%tkink and thinking, VVou d pa) for'two patents and sava you from sinkin* ; This Po tah e F?*nce you can move with itreat ease. And hook it tojetner whorover you plea?e. Tnen co to *our led and re?t at your eaBe, And think o( youi feno<* and how yuu are pieased ; Your rewnrd is as *U'e as the hair on vour head, And your ueishbora and children will praise you when dead. Remember my headquarters at the Avenue House corner Seventh *t. aid I'a. avenue, Washington, D 0.. H. J. Kini, proprietor, i A No. 1 andlord ) It* CHARLES VAN DEMARK. MOURNING m)OD8.-W? offer our entire Stork of MOURNING GOODS, in thin and (tick fabrics, all at trcativ reduend prices, to reduoe tock. J. W. CO, LEY A CO &u 14 61 .V23 7th ?t. ahf've Pa ave. F'RKSH BLUE LICK. BEDFORD, C??NGR ESS, and other to IN t.KAL WATERS, coiiktaiitly on hand, by S. C FORD, Jr.. T)rnr(i?t *nH ii'id |i?off as my presence is very m"eh needed in other pa is Mv p-n cip'e i? to help those that are willing to he. p 'h*in*ulve?. at tho ?tun ke p UK .1 Might watch over in* own weliare. it muht !# well fur those that wish to iieiiefit themselves 111 this w-rid ami a!no h-lp their neighbor*) at the same nine, to <.a 1 and see my fee?*, on the square <>ppoml-the Avenue House, ani partake of the tree of life wiiil-' it i? in reach and can l>e had. My hel'-ved Isruieri and thosv interested in farming I havo very carefully examined your situation* wi-iicl have been with you,and a I have aiwtyii 1m??ii very ini eh lotereitmi in the iarmera' int-re^t, i <lo no' feel as though I coiiid wish leaving so many of you line-in verted to my fvtli. iiut one consolation I shall have left nie when I leave you That is that I have done my duty. I have toiled and labored hard w ith you almost da and i.ig lit to convince you if possible, of the error of y our ways; to enlighten and open your eves so that you might prosper thereby. I think, however, 1 have given you amf ie lime to discard an ohgolet-? plan and adopt a tar cheaper and much better one. Vou must be up and doing while the day lasts. My t wo Patents are so complete As 'or a Portable Fence they can't tie beat; This Portable Feiioe is like you and hip, Vou can move it to wherever vou wish it to l>?. My friends one and a.l, without reference to creed. Rem mber my motto is to "help those that nee I," My benevolent hand I extend to all Who come up ake men and buy at first call. The ruli's are go cheap, no man will complain. But will purchase thf- n?k.?? if i? ?.-V- ? ? lng? against the said B . e.nd obtaiuecl judgment fi>r SI.UUO, and lie wai t? well convicted of a misdemeanor l>>* a court of magistrate*, but effected his escape Mid tl- d to Buffalo; the said B is bbout years of a^e, S feet 6 inches in bight, rather thick set, a litt.e ttowed knee'd. f.?:r compUxlon. whiskers under his chin, a Komnii nose very lung and brandy colored. his t?*eth stand open in front, considerably decayed, his mouth lb continually often, and he may be easily Identified by an enormous quid if tobarco in his teeth, continually shewing L? Frh'iCsos " I supply the d.tabes, the exasperated Ferguti n gave names in full. There is a large compauy at Niagara, and every train brings accessions Saratoga Springs, too, I hear, has an overflowing crowd,?indeed the Interior pleasure resort* teem to be much more visited this year than the sea shore C. S N T?<) FAK.MLRS AND sl'ECl L\T?JKS. 1 USE A SI) ALL. I wi'htojive *ou notieethat 1 intend lesunc this city abou' the ii iddleof the ' omul* week lot my Imviug already spent her<- M>nie ?" ven we ks' more tinv with you than I had intended or anticipated 1 couitl, J must hmr* un m, ?? .- %% aii*nc I ? JIUIpUW. IOU iui iuwv ?Lv/ ?ri?ii to ?*1?citi*c tbeir warts or ttielr griefs Goat Island, In (Articular, it plastered with dlslnt*resU-d recommendations to travel or not to travel by ttla or that particular route, or to purchase or not to purchase at tl.ii or that repository of Indian wares On Sunday (yesterday) morning, ttie attention of all passers across the little foot-bridge to Terrapin rock was llxed by the following unique poster which had been pasted ingeniously (for notoriety) upon the plank walk, where no eye could miss it ' Jsred B , who is nowsuppot**d to have Ms residence in cr near Buffalo, in ihe >tate of New York, and who, tit the month of Feoruarv last, succeeded in seducing and awiv my wife Cataarlne, taking with them time of n y children, leaving two Itehind, one *-as left in tu?street, exposed to toe inclemency of the weather in a severe winter day, ai.d besides carried away a great portion of tte most valuable of my household furniture and effects I took lei;al proceed nave walked up and down various stairwa-, t to tbe amount of fl,T6."> steps; Lave encountered the autographs of fmith, Brown, J one*, and Robinson, on everv rook, fence, railing, staircase, tree, cr other material objec' ithin ? ght of the Falls; have been tantalized at every turniug by the sight of lovely woman clinging to the ir.anly arm, like ivy to the oak. 4;.. A.c ; and have come to the conclusion that if there is any article in which Niagara is overstocked, beside rainbows, it is in 'Indian Curiosity Emporiums " Niagara must be the l*ar*dise of courting couples I suppose tLere is no place in the known world where i* ,s so excusable and imperatively necessary that tbe female waist should be encircled by the male arm The fate of Miss Martha Rugg, '-who lost her life (aa the inscription says) by falling ov? r the precipice. IrtT f*et, while plucking a flower. Aug '21, lsli," is a sufficient warning to dams*Is ........ . 1 " Island On to Lock port?Ftkin?Suspension Bridge? Listened for roer of Niagara Nar> roar Man said wind vras wrong way Reached the Falls station at !? p m Wind wrong wav yet Nary roar Walked tol>ri?'k of American Kail, held on to busbrs and peeped over Looked steep !*tepp?d back a fret or n ore. and held on tighter. Pa?s?d bridge to Goat Island , sentimental young ladies on benches waiting for moon to r!se to see lunar rainbows To Ixd. ai;d up in the morning toseeNiaeara in earnest Result of three da>?' experiences at Niagara have seen one hundred thousand rainbows, more or lens ; have expe rienred various emotions of the iiiiblime. which have cost me. as near as I can calculate. 50 cents an emotion, viz* Goat Island 'J3 centa Maid of the >1 ist 7."> c?-nis, Oave of the Winds SI, Term it ?. tlon Rock *1. Canada Kerry sundry trips at 40 cents, do >tairca?e Railway to American Falls at 10 cents Suspension Bridge Wo rents, and so on, - 1 7 N iajjara Neit morning I came on through Onor.daga county, noted for apples. salt, and Syracuse convention* Stopped long enough at Syracuse to take a look at a few of It* 334. sait distilleries. and at it* acres of evaporating vats with their sliding shed-roofs for rainy weather use Then on to Rochester, using the twenty five minutes waiting time f?r a visit to the Tennessee Falls to take note of the spot where Sam Patch made h:s last leap and demonstrated that aotre thing* can not be done n* well an others ' Mjr cicerone s tid that Sam had a premonition of his fate and drank freely of brandy to nerve himself for bis task Ashesprnng into the atr It was noticed that he failed to kvep his feet well under hlir, and pitching forward he struck heavily upon his face and breast Th? tradition goes that he jumped twice with impunity over Niagara Falls, but the truth is, his lea[s there (at Niagara) were made, not the 1??5 feet depth of the falls, but, from a platform raised a little more than half this height, below Goat On the Wing. [Corrtspo*df*r? of The Star.] Niagaba Fall*, N. Y .Aug is, IHW. Tbexton Falls?Bottled K*otio*? Stbaci %t -(iiimimi Fall*??a* Patch?The Fe:c| O* SUBLIMITY at NiAGABA?WHT YoCSS l.Ad*eft Like Niagara?A CoMvssiixt Advertising Medium?Mb Fibgcso* allows his A50RT TAS^IOJCB TO BI*E. Dear Star . Coming up from Albany by the rich valley of the Mohawk, 1 stopped over at I'tica, to visit the Trenton Falls. If'een miles from I'tica considered by lover* of the picturesque to preaent point* of romantic Interest surpassing ?ny thine > injorj r?u snow i ties* i :is are upon the \V*?: Canada crwk. a branch of the Mohawk There are here a s^rle* of cataracts and rap ds e*t? nd'ng some two miies. and so deeply sunk in s ro'kwalled chasm, tuat the visitor in looking over the landscape in quest of the torrent he bears thundering in his neighborhood. Is completely ?t a loss whfre to locate it I spent a men ornble day bere e* imining the wonders of these abysmal cataracts, and amerced at night, wet. inuddy. tired, and hungry, but sufficiently impressed by the wild loveliness of the scenery, to consider myself repaid f r the time and toil Trenton Falls deserves, wh?t advertisers would call ' a first rate notice," and 1 took some most enthusiastic notes, but reallv the weather is too bot to writ*- them out, especially as 1 am I'lSt now busy with tf.e T:tant:r <i:inlav? . f Pioa Cuimxit?San Fraaclaro to tbe 1st of August hfcve b?-rn received at St ,'osepb by tbe Pony Kxpress Saw Fb?*C!?C0, Aug I ?Tbe steamer John I. Stevens sailed this rrmrnl nc for Panama with >4 r?fii{fii ?nd PfTflOOP In treasure, of which ?786.0t<0 Is f?>r N?w Voik A mon?j b? pM?n^rrs ar? Lieut Otllis and tbe H sh-?p of Victoria, from Hong Kong Tbe Democratic Stste Central CommC.l#' a* appointed bv tbe late Democratic State Conrention ni't at San Francisco on the .?>th and l it ult , and after a long dlscnwon. tn vrb'ch it vras md^nvored to avoid a spilt n the prrty by holding but one St?teconvention and nominating t>ut one electoral ticket, it was fojnd Impracticable to act harmoniously Finally, twenty si> member* of the < ommtttee dr<< Nred for K'ec kinndge and I.sue and ten for Douimss The former K??r railed a S?*te reinvention to nominate m electoral ticket on the 11th of S?-ptenibrr, and th?" Uttrr h Id tlieir convention to nominate a Douglas electoral ticket on the 3th of the nme month The Douglas men claim that tbe t-'ed^ral patronage a-.d "nflurnce baa greatly weakened their strength tn the committee Ka< h branch of the committee La* p lblUbed an addres? to the ilcmofvy of the State One claims that Douglat wu regularly nominated and ! entitled t<> the support <>( all the members of the pa'ty, while tbe other deniea that either Breckinridge or Itouglna w?re regularly nominated by the Halt.more Convention. and ieavirg It optional with tbe J?rty whlcb candidate they vote for A Hrecklnrid*;e *nd l.ane ratification meeting held in *?an Francisco on Saturday evening It w.?s ' ? led as a Democratic ratification meet ing and the Doug is men attended l? such number* as to be able to vote down all the ratifying resolutions It now alleged t^iat the I>ou;ls? Dfiiiorrtti are taking courage throughout the State and that they feal confident of cirrilng the maw of the Democracy with th<*m Tae Brfrkmr'.djr and Lane men, however, ar^ preparing for great efl'orta. and their complete and thorough organization and Federal backing up give* them great advantage* Chari** Ruchi. editor of a German Democratic i>aper, baa l?een r^mor^d from a lucrative offlre in the San Kruno.?o Mint, on account of advocating |>ougia? in hi* journal Of the aixteeti of the Mate Senatora who hold over, and will vote f*>r Mr Owin'a mrrea^ at the next me^tirit of the l?eg:olatur?. * * lire known to be l?o>._! ? mi n. andaev?-rtl oth-r? are non-con initial A movement i? on foot to call a Bell and Kvetett State Convention to non. nate an tie t?>r: I ticket t?>-n Sh'edg arrlv-d at San Fr*nclaco thi* RI'irBllK by th?- Ovrrla'id Mail ? age, whi<"L l?-ft St Lout a on th-Mb <>f July A company of Uti |?er??> ?. having tblttv-eight wi^ii ii and 5i*i h'.:d of s'<?"k. bive arr ved at Carton V lif-y f on Si t L-k* T .-v are Mo HOB aeofd-ra ai d es i|fd with d til- ilty 'wing P'-.rKu-d bv a band of Sain?a and threat-ntd with v?nj?4lir<The Oc?**n Pill Is to anil today for tlo-g Kon_-. taki' g ?M) (ifvt la gold aid ?ilv-r, at?3 fll.OU? worth of fl-oir, wheat and p.>ut<w? The ahip Vi? ?ori i La? tor .Vuo'nlia with tU"i III f ITt llll K i? .1 . ? ?t ? > .V w *r?3Ui i? WJ r? UC'H The Slav* Tmnr?A rorre?ii?M'<|ent rf the Herald. from K?-> West. thu* write* nnder d*te of July :?">tb >?,r.<-e my 1*?? ! tter of A>th vre have bad no arrival* o'.;_er than tb- I* t-d Mitrt s'.-airer W\.f iin<l trie i*. -urn (>ru|teli?r Salvor from ,V?-w York Hi tb^ 'iVymdotir I learn nott lri^ r.ew. ollisr than ibe ;n*re. sed activity id ' if i avc tr.^d' nd Ibe a'ni? st certain a?-*uran<"e ci luo'eM in ]-<Md njj A new ^atue <ru re??rt?-d to by one of tliftr lodni A? tbe Wvandotte was c it.inK out ?f tlie harbor of St Ja#o. a ve?#el w? ol serv? d avorint; to rntrr. but oil nKbt of tte r .1 t?d in such a .nanner a* though be w.i? alarmtd at Uer |>r<-?eij<.e 1'nrauit waa a< cord'itkiy n ?d?, and wr.en aoaie d.stance <>fl. another vi-sse!. wt:? L t: d been wn tn the distance, entered, and landed brr s!av-? jmt b-low ?.#.# 11* Thb 1.a*t or Coloxbl C??i?a ?To-dav Col Crock will !>* t -ntfur^i A Ur(r?- rrowd of peopl<thron^?-d tiie h iart? r S<-*?lon? on Saturday. In ? *i*< tatloa ttj:<t ?* ntfno#- w < ?.ld thrn Iv- nronoun> ?*<1, nut their curiosity w** not ^r-itlfl^i i br dta1 of ttif rrw;ira of in not nut.lir. but It ia \if>d?-r?UK,d thitttif buik of it will jf<? tAth' ronfedrrate of Col Cr-Mwboaold htm into thehanda of j J?t r Col Crot?' f?-(ii V.* < ompaiiton > still In New York to which r>l?<-?> at* went to raise money to ivrurr thr asfr flight of the lliuatrloua Colonel ?rkilad*IpHm Am tica*. A*g 13. \L1. KINDS OF GAME Rough; at th? Highest Priosa, At KI.OT7.'* RESTAURANT. ? < "< * N.ntii at.. t*t. Fa.? ar.J it *t. U8T RRCBIVED. mm* for -a. SIK JA" J C LARKS' I KM Ai.t P.EKIODICAL PILl>. j*.?<>, nbt.MJLU'> M'KC KIC for <i'Ut oi R i-uinatisin. by . S. C. FORD. Jr.. Pti*r|| %o<>utlkt. 14 2w giiriiT '1th it. an<1 I'* >v. 11 OOP SKIRTS. II HOOP SKIRTS. Jn?t rrceivfd this mor-iinc. * arpp a??ortm*r.t | iii < < ! frmn tn* innn<>I tr. n-?t makwu ij La lie*. Mn? >, nu \ ' .iilr? *. all at pricfi J. W.' OLLkV * OO. au U 6t .V23 7th M. ilove Pa av?. ^ CALVERT FOKD. Ja.. k?. APOTHI-CityY A\It DRUGGIST Puss. Avon,Corskb ?r Eleventh St., I)valf>r in PIRE DRl <iS, CHEMICALS. STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, inc.acinc 14' iatfft a*'l tiiort aryrnrtii FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; CHOICE ARTICLES FOR THK TOILET. ?nit?-aciiig very vari^t* FRENCH, EN?; LiSlI AN1> v M t.RICAN PER Fl'MERV, SOAPS. MRl SiiES, Ac. Tafl pr"pri?>tor'? f-r-oual attention rive at all lioura to tn?? compounding ux Ph>giciaui Prrt.-r.?tiotis. bu 14-131 L'ST RECEIVED A LARGE LOTOF FALL J *t SHIR I <'( 'I.I. * R>. SoCKSand a 1 fcinda of GENTS' I THMSHIS'i GCH >I?S* and CLOTH ING at SMITH'S. No. 100 Seventh itreet, oppo ?it* au 11-zw W I Li.1AM H. KNTWISI.K, AI'OTHECARV. t Ftrm'tly icith J. L K' .'ip?U, t">v . #f Cre# I'Htrii.1 Wmiuneton t;ia* lie ha# t'k?*n the^If i T \U, is. M i LM p. ' I'M * fB ** u' a. ho-' - an t ? i I * fre?.h atvl w e>:?ct?.Ui ck of DRUGS. FANCY ARTICLES, au I nil usually found in a wall f'irni?het! l)rus SU-re He promiMUC thot-e who ma\ f*v.or hi in with th'Mr patronage hi* uudivtded attention to taeir want* I N LJ Exclu?ive personal attention given to the compounding of Pr.\siciaii*' Prescription* ? aii ho irs. <lav or n'tht au 11 2w* VILLAGE fiKKr-N SF.MINARY IS 1.00 A ind i.' l.t-Hiiu u! and h> a.ihful vil a?:?? 12 mi*"# above Wilmington, |M|., and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Ha lroa.l. R-??*omm?nded by the to.?i-i ? " - - i AaniMU ?/OU?rtliM vl tii?* Me ii'Xli^t liMMOptl Cbirek. Th" course <-f "tuij ii> e*t*n?ive and thorough - in the Mat'itwticai, C a?* ?a' and P.ticii?h Depart inputs. S'udents are pr?par>?d for (>n8ineg?or<v>;i? r?. In th? pr pa itorv cogrue for oolite special rcf'-r?-n-?? i* made t?> Dickinson College. Th? institution i* provided with a larre philo otbical apparatus ta illustrate tne study of Natural Science. A libntty of threo hundred volume! it &ce<>ii?:k!? t<> pupils The fifth ?fnr will commence MONDAY, S?>temfrttr 3d. Boarding;,Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 weski, 9 4b. Great attention is paid to the moral department of btudents. Month > report* ?ent to patents. For, circulars or information addreits tne Pr'n-ipai, Rev-J. HKRVFY BARTON. A M . Villa** Greer J*etmnary . Delawarecour.ty. Pa Rr ?r?t<>? R'V L<*vi 8e"tt, D 1) III* hop of NT. E. S. Wilinuut n. Del ; Mr. F. A. Lut*, Washington. . C ; Nlr. O. Angell, do.; Di?*k on A King, Georgetown. ' aulltSepS q.> cii WILL BUY a Fine DRAB BKAVF.R O " or t. asmnere Dress U*t ? ~ LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. ?ve.. a i 10 Im near street. PATENT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JARS?the b-at and cheapest article in uae? call an?l aee. Also a *up(>l) of Coxe'a Gelatine; llurnett'a Cocaine; Hrowa a Ginger; together with a frean lot of Medicine#, *c. Juat received at MoURE's West End Drug Store, a 110 2w 11 < Pa. ave. lVOTICE.-lh* road reoently opened through a* the tut Square of the i'a^ la| grounds is Bwt in its present condition a liuhwh>. but was aunply intc noed for the co>iv miIi lice of erecting strpato the portiooca ami art j ilmg mgreas to p?ra\>na having t.uciiinix in tli* buildin* o ariahn g to inspect il. Tne use of the road as a common highway would interfere vary much with the progreas of the woik goiug 011. an ! therefore it cannot at p>e??nt l>n made a thoroughfare by omniliua and other vohicloa Aa *>-on a* work has made sufficient rroRreaa *o lulinit of it. the road will lie put in proper ravelling condition and thrown open f<>r pul'l.c uac JNO B BLAKE, i ommissiouer of Publio Bui.dings and Grounda. an 9 dlw DON T FORGET. I HOSE that are tumbled with Dyaentery or a<<v Dis?a*f of tno Bowels, will fin 1 rcliYf h* using Dr. J. SIMMS A SONS' I'HoLERA SY*Up, aa I it?:? n?ra. cure* all a ich disease* wiUout Im. if I ;. - f ~ - ?i _ r " . pniiccu? ir?M> irom opium, and ai.awertTor the aied a? well a> tlie infant For?\I? by OH AS SfOTT. Pa,. a\-?; CISSEL, Georg?town; au<l COOK A CO., Alexandria. au ?-'w* T takk notice. H0MP9ONS' CF.I.F.kRATF.D MEDICINES. i.lFK I RENERVKR.and CORDIAL, for talc, ho.e*ait a d retail, >> 8. C. FORD, Jr., PhMIBMMtiat, I au < Jyr corner 11th at. and Pa av?. WOOD Nowiatlie t me to jet winter fuei at reduced pncM, We *iave a la je i.'ck t-l VVoOU and COAL at v--r) l"W AND price*, lor ?a n. WARDER A STEWART, / 1OAL Offioa?Corner H and lath at*., I V au 7-rw Vard-mt at. and C?r?a. AUCTION SALES. Hi a. GRKKM. Aue*ton?*r. ,1 BAMWIi" TH It F fT? *K \ r**M? _ Hor?I? o* 3'i TH thi T. O* Till '?L?*r * r ACCTIO* ?<>4 '"I r.!*l> % V til* 2 ' la?t?n .It* ?? l in front of ?b" p'XRitr^Mf " < <-? f r p*rt t%{ Lot .Not in?fl?nr* No at*, wit* (! ? m v???n?rf? ?h?cS %r* 'w jooH t* ?t"'? f-???? with ! ? ? I'O tine, eontaininr right or l*n r ?< m? f*o!?. w u fiiMU* Th:? P'of+rt* ! !W?Htnir? t fron?i-* on IS* w??t '-el? **"> ?>'?th H? JC !>> ? Ui? Saittl* ? <> > ' Term* : <*n?> 1""' > < ?? ?. b% * if ?. TJ. r . ? 4 ?? m??nth? fo' h * in? ffm r-%. of ?.? < A <J*?>d *r<1 ? ? f t u t vi>*n Tit * J?t> . tii u H A. fitl-F\. > Hi A UKkKN. Auo-i L?*r r\CKLU>TM K < ? HCM M Hm.DA\r> uj K t< n?> Kr?*iT' ?*. *r A rr riK>f>*\ th? l it l? <> <ol i rti I h?. ?*. at the re? :ern-e -f ft centiewan dec n i t h< u??*?eepti,j, < n I 4tre? between ??ft ftfcd 1< h t-eet? north. X<>. Wt. ac e*o? e?:t Ttme t f F ? iHlure, T x <?n? \\ alnut Pftrior fcu.w. 6 P?ie-?. R.??|"W > ? ! \|art r t -p '"etlt^r Tftb.?? Kusevixxl K cp'i. n Ch?i'? ft .<! \ a?ea, Jve-p ? Mo ! ? and W a nut Vi ?t n ., Vi iuiiii' Wai lri e? ft r H? M*'? e t |> Dre*Mr,( and otfcef H ean , Ma . t'pa,'1 Ma (ft .t Wav ai.??. A *-ioe r>| i>f bnira nn(< ff T*ri> ? tor'j, \V*'rut I at ?? and < a e at . ha a, ?i.' and other t..n*irj ?t!a????, Pother tteria. Pil,i' m? %'C B". B \nket* ('i>mf<>ru n t< *?? nnl CKM. Hair, Co'toi X?T and H?ifk V*'l'*ife?) Cot a?.e. l???uti <" ami j*i t * B??l?tradf t'aft t <>i le. t Kiitm on 1 ?ble. \\ alio. >.1 Three Pit. Ingrft n and nth r <"ft'pet?. Verjetiai, Cft'pn ft' IStftir Rmin. O 1 C"< h. Matt* an'l <>a? ' ha- -telir ?, Kaivea. to ka.tea and fftbia Hp?oaa, One t' Tiplet* Dinner ' 'eU ? i. - ? -- * 1 ?? - ... ?J \j I I'*'" ? H * *"" Pur '?r ? a lint. *r <1 Air 1 icht !*Un*? On* X'<rtu ? <??kia !?t? v?. ??.r'f ? A .*'f* ; t of Kitoh R??iu it??. arraw r" *r * tio too nii'ii*??>u? t?' >i:u?n?'*te T?rtn? A ? ifn? i t * i?) und-r ill*' ' -"V * or??d t 1 " m 1 * r *?? f?r ^iri j ndorsed, t"*r?r? u u?r???i U IS 4 A. < R KKV , A Let THIS ArTMMHOON ? TO-MOUtOW ? K? J Me??l IR I. A ? ? loufri i 'RIH KRIF.!* A\I? HtH *Mt<M l? H UM " rn IT AM T s ?? rHI'M**OA\ M < fc N |N<i. Annual l**ir ?n?m?i > *' ln n'd?i>k, ha I Pf.i ?.t thw Sti>r* an<1 " i-l< >i< of f iJ>w?er. co'n?r <>f ia>i i nfill^ *n ' C*M t< Hii.n. hia ttnek ? > (trocari** *<i4 M??a* hi1 d Kfl*cu. W* HXmn. iri Hr wo ft'd \V ?i,t^ t e~u ami B ?ck T>w> i !*< ?p. ?'*nd . P-'pr^r. i . It ix n * Buck?*?. and ?:?*r W irr. Crook?r?. A o. linraedi&tt- ?ft? th? r%e uff)riM*ri?a w* ? ? #,1 th" H -umm >! i tto. il*, oou*i*Uuc "I M vr c!<i% jhl>MrCfcBgp? i. ?n? rat Rfopin liki re. I.ounce. M%'t > t- r o itr"' an<l -^da T?. It ? -,? I k or t*liit<nt>"r ami ^ MrC?f'M d?t?*. M?un-?*~a, Pii'?w?. Birnii, Wti ? % lull t^**? h ml??r. Pari-"-, fciad C*-ofciHs !*tov??. China. Ola>i, an 1 Crxcket) Ware, K i'"f . h ??ut? ? . k c T nn : ?2 ? "< an-ii?r.|c.\?h. o tn*t Mir * cr?> l* of iixt? a.ud r Mlv i'ik, orMtillMtn'il a"tre. |r,?^r. .t an )dr> J Mffil IR K ? ?'? AU0f? lif J. C. V..GI1HB A CO. At rio <?r? PK.RKMPTOK V hAL.K <?F M t l.l.l N KK '? ?*:i m??w iiiko>, Kinniiiuii*. Tk v MiNul l.*( E- I'lh I I'M KK\. I- AM T OtK'W. 4' ? on sa 11"M I)% V M??*N1NC, Auiuii a' r> o'c ?*ck ft ij o.>n'iouir? from <l?y t * f%? unii the ?l in* la di*Di?rrf of. w? ?h*'i ' th*?l?)r# of K V, N* ? ?. K?? . Nc SWT?t?. ?. 'nu*, |rf*?W<?*i. Vlll and I'tt. ft tare* **'l ty '>f in t i? n?, otiinprikicc ? '\V ?:i'! S. k Bou(i<*U > { raw k.wip** Tutnir.Ml and untrinniit l Straw B"r.n*t?. HaU *>? '' F at?, Color*.: Hair and Straw H?nn*ta. Colorad, K a?-k ant w tut* Jock** Hats, Cair.kric a:.r! Sviaa Kdgii ? and Ina*rtin??, Vo do Hac 't and Stripa. IK. d> Cf> % k aid Hcu.l r.fai ti' g di<" Gimta. Cord* Br&jjk. f'nni^a. r ut*d K Gauie a-.:' Si.k. Si k Hution*. P ain Dr -p I a. h r. R?*i \ a nr^.a. Knt nh Thread, Cotton, V* riifia Si.k. B.onc ai>4 ?rtrj va n?? of |,?eM. Hnnp >11 tk.h j.<sh Art.fil a F La.ii<V and (i?ut.?ir.?ii'i Silk and G.n?t,am I'm br*.laa, S?win? s*i k?. Spool ? Hair P in ">f a., a.tid*. H"M [)'??"> Hair. Tooth an* Nail ({r.iat.?a, Cofitta. iipr ?G a *? . P"rt*m''iiai??. ?"ard Cmm, G-. d and Si v*r Tfi:m?>i'"?. Tuck Coat*. Lu*>Jn'?. Harriaon'* and iu.?i H?n ?'i b?*' rt tract*. French ar..l fierinar. Oo >cn?w, Hrir < Ml, Pona^lf A e . A. A i of w. ili wi : ?o d wi?h<.ut r***r?*. | rriw S.I' and nnltr ??i. .. * - ? - er*4it ? ! ?" and ? dnja. for approved not** t^ it "#r??t hu ! 4 J ?' MaGllftEtCO.iUfc FUTURE DAYS 1) < Mi.ic !*A1 h .?H? V itw (.f ??, urd?r ol Jn? i ?rp ?n?'Ct uri < f Prinr# O* o??rt?, th? mihrc-ib*r?. a? a in iniktra'ora f MaUt.ia* K??ri Crid, al?<>l anlooun t 'irc?%a?o w, *?U.atpu* 1 a%?".at tti* at* reaid'iic* f iu? <\*cr%%*e in iit iol. n THI KSL?%? 16th Auiu>' if f?ir. il not. the ??xt ur day therein**. a n of #?. J d*c<?a**d eonmuni A number of v* j%j * ?Krt?rc .?f 11 sex**, H->ra?a an* Catti?, Crop* ?! \V ' Oata in a'lock in t > Crop of Corn and a ?ma: cri p MfTi>'?CMMV cr.w.r k Ox t art*, and .>th?r Fvhhm J t?n?i *, HMihr-ti i.d and Kitr-hei. Furiii*u'? kc. ko Te-? a o? .a ?> The pre pert > wi:? l>* d lor ac c -p-.'i <ir*f , u:. fcaitiwore. at four musl'ii, mUr e*i ad >-d Sa v t coirm >nc* \t U> o*c ?ci a m. V vrTHKW K Itl V A I. . CHai.f!* K ? VEN ?KI K(. n I TT *mtm f ?- - - * ? ? ? "i i! ?? \TAl.? ABIE FAKM F<?* >\4.K r??f M KT-itKx-s wiii i (T--r for ? ..?. or. th? <>e THI RSI-1 V. tr.f f 1 of A>i(n?( I * tha* T'a<-t of l.tti'1, call known t?j tn? r.a nc <if"F i??at ruth) forf??t " ' rmrr y ci Lfrt t?y tf> at? Dr ^. > war') Kvrr fi i Land r^cer.r. ? hj tno at* Mltni\a varrti* d. it *"18 aci*?. in<M or !?u,ud f?r pr d.. tivr-.<* !? i^u* t.' any .anda 11. that :?"ii ? rfno!. It i*? on ?hi? Pito?S??tr Brano?., a:i<1 i? w? 1! w ?o ?.l and waW**. having an a' undai.oe f fin* m** 'oi tad. It atjoiaatn* aa<i? f Monri J<'*?pn K H; i, Stan ? tui H arwsliird. Tnunia* A . K it., mon a-<t v* it,. H.Gnyon * (ofThorl Ta?? !ai:d it oap*f> f pr -^nci-r in (reat ahui. dano" to'^ooo, o<"o. w'ioat ai.^ ?. th* c p? u*ra * grown iii Prince c nnt< and ?fr?r? a ra**> orr-?'> t th<>^ wlio w>ti to 1 fj\Mt II. Itoa K?uic ii-? bail 1iuc? nr? or*. >>ut tU? a'-ai.daoo* "t fine im .li.1* tin Ijer.o f half % *i)? Iroa aiuoi kM ana fri?t ml' , r?'ii<tora ''u;l1ini e<?<>paratir? ? c ap 't : 8 i!?-fr<?in ttie Aiflxai. ii la Ferry at d li mi ? fr??m \V*?hi<.*ion. I (i? tfrniK of ?a wil1 I* literal fiwi''1* paid mi rash on n? -la* of *a <-, tuc rwidu* in 1 J la r^tial invta.mente. to K upcn-rr t?? thf> ix>nd? "f trie ?uro a?r-r t.r purcha?<"?. with aj> Br'.\"?l ??riirll- ' * - ? .ui^ i?->a i ??ni i Oi pa Da the pat ment .*( th? wh aurqtiaae aoan and mt-ret,t ft h'mki and ?uflicieEt deed of the pr ipertf wi I t* givea. TH AR E* E. EVKRKFIELD, Matthew e. di vall. i j wt? For Bet i H K vemf* * \ I IRkHALV 5ALK. -1 i vir'i ( a writ .*1 ten f*ri%?. imiiin! frorn ttl? C"*rk' i'#?oe f the Ciiemt t <if Hi* District '?f C v umliia. f??r tk* ouinlt <'( mm) t'i me dirented. I wi1 t-> pubic ?Me, fur ~a?'he Mnrtl Ho \ ??eor*?*t->wu. D. C . on FRIDAY, tk* H'* dav (>l A?uu t li<M .o'-mriieooinp at ltio'oiock a m . tUefol i>?iu( ( >o'1? and chatt" ?. to wit. via or" 8?>rra< M ule acd one Duu Vare Mnie, ??ix?d ar?t levied upon * tti ? c.hhv and ehatte.* .>f Richard I Jackenr- . and Will (* old to Mtiaft judicia.t X#.M. to October term IH6-', in favor of Jntoc MiKire W ttr.LDBN. a" 7 <ti t'.y. Maraha MA R5*HAI/J* MALE.?In virtue of a writ of fie-1 factaa imumI fr?nr the C erk a < tfine ' the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the (V.i:nt* IA ? ? <* vnuinws. WIU Ul Rl^ QirMIM . I ?li! expo?e t" ft. tic aaie. for oaeh. in f ont of th? Court H<>u*e ?l- ornf Mid ouurt> ?n rt Kl?MEn DA V, the ? h day of Augut next. ia*", at 1* o'clock in. A !i f ofidMt' rifiii. title, cam; and n'ere?i iti and to L"t No 6. in Square ITS in the City < f \V?ahington. D. C , together w th i and singular the nnpruTeTients therein, setied and -"Tied c^.>n a* the ^<-n?eitjr of John F. D*er. anc wilb?Mi4U> saUtfy jn<iiciai? No. t). to Oet"t?er t?r?i MM*. ia favor of Margaret M Dyer, wile of J 1?. Come. W. SKLDEN. ( U. J*. Marat a: for the District of Co.umbia. an 7-du MARSH A l.'SHA LE.?In virtu* of J writs of ten facias ia*ued from the Clerk's office of the Ctr ouit Conn of the D.strict of CoiamMa, for th# county of Washington, and to me directed. I will ex^oae to public uaJe, for cash, in front of the conrt hou?edoor of aajC county, on MONDAY, tb? *tli day of August neat, 1M',at H o'clock m , al defendant's right.tiUe.ola-n and intereat in and to lx>t No. IS, in H-qusre No. TSS, in the city of Waahtnftor . I?. C.,together with all an14 amgu ar the im^rorewonta thereon, eeiged and levi'd upoc a* the property of Chsa H Van Patten juid will be ao,d to aaostfy J?diciais Nos 78 and 70, to October term ]*?. in Ifcvor ol John W.Thoaipeou aid Z. D tii'maa ^ W 8ELDBN. M jy IS-dts C. ? Marsha: lor District of Columbia ICTTHF ABO/E BAL.B IB POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY th? ?th iMt. MM hoar an^ptaM. w. HELPEX. I'. S. Mfcr?h?, h "sriuiltton. vkts7ult IX) DEALER IX PAINTS. No. ? tm SnilT. ?? ? Odd A?lcv?.<' H?u. >ua tf putty Is dowx. _ U ALTS' MOOD AND coal office, ^Pt.Ar., Bnw Hiu asd IStb Ht?.. North nJ?. Mill &n.l W ifcrt foot of Serent#?nth ?t., ' > *r H^l.w I'-|)?.'im?-|. ENGIN1 EK'S OFFICE. Alsxamdeia, Jnne *>. lt? MANAMA? G\r RAILROAD S \ M(J.NUKED MEN W ANTKUot th# linn of ii.i> i"*j u"?i Mi. J*ckm>a u> HtrrMoihiri * wM ? f I ?d?>, ? ?r(l J>|| per mouth. For infor i'' (/fhoi'*A1mIn* r M 8' *KWEL,L,Co?i?. *7*v-d U ^Ubiva M 4t*?t vS*.

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