Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1860 Page 2
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?' __ .1 THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Aagnl IT, ISM U7" That valuable anil popolar family Journal, the Wibkly Stsb, Ml as usual cf M rtro poll tan news and uoacip, and choice literary reading, It jiow on our c?nt*r ready for delivery to the public Embraced in Ita entertaining contentaare the following articles: AVlit thou Love be? S*t'U ??a poetic gem; The Wife lamer?a mv ainutlnu sketch; Maxiu-s for Vlartied Women. I'ower of an Atom of Pulton, Left the Uat Burning and went to Europe; Gems of P.-otrv; Th? American Scientific Association?what caaaea a thunder atorm?binocular vi*!on?Cambridge Zoological Musenm; The Japanese and the Ethnological Society; The P11ghted_a poem; The Total Eclipse of the Sun as seen In Spain: A Picture of CJn*en Victoria and tbe Royal Family; Acquittal of Judge Terry; School llonra and Exercise; The Four G*orge?; Refining Effects of Slckneaa; A choice bit of Imperial Scandal; The Prince of W:-les amofli! the Ladies; A French Woman on America; Tbe Proper Manner for Women to Ur?k?, A Fact for Consideration; Homicide n^ar Baltimore?a man kills bis wife In a fit of jealousy; Operations of the Patent Ofltce; Proceedings of tb? Criminal and Police Courts; Speech of Robert E. Scx)tt, Esq , at the late Bell and Everett Meeting; The Baltlmcre's Trip to the Oreat Eastern; The North Carolina Fugitive hl?ve Case; Visit of tbe President bo the Great Eastern?our reportorlal correspondence; Interesting Correspondence from " C. S. N now on a northern tour; Sketches of Summer Travel?six very interesting letters from the Editor while on a northern tour; Department News, Editorials; Washington News and Gossip: Local Intelligence. *r A-r - Late new#, foreign and domestic, by mall and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items: And a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only mree mbu per copy,or *1 per annum; poatage prepaid by itampi when to nrrapged. Spirit ?( the ntrnlai Pre**. The CnwUfNlim deacant* np?n whnt it call* republican effort* to deceive the South bv proclaiming a disposition not to interfere with slavery where it already exists. The Jmielligrnrrr criticises the republican platform for not containing a foreign-policy clause. Jp* The police of Mobile made a discovery, a few days since, of a secret society of negroes''? ?Named the '-Sons of Ham," we suppose. PAJD FIR* Department OF NASKTILLS.? Henceforth the city of Nashville, Tenn., Is to have fl'es extinguished by the power of steam, under the management of a paid Are department. The department is to consist of Ave engine, two of which are now In service. The Chief F.ngineer is Uf receive fl.OOU per anum, and company engineers *:00 each; the pipemeu fOtX), and all other members 54(10 a year. Anothib Bkwpt Hucsb Mob Threatened iji Si. Louis ?The St. l/ouis papers say that the bouses of ll!-famc in that city recently "cleaned out'' by the mob have already been built up. and are a^'nin occupied by the same class cf people as formerly One or two nigbte ago another large mob of people, numbering about 500 or 60?, gathered in the vicinity and threatened the bouses and Uteir occupants with the same violence inflicted upon Uitiu before, but the police promptly Interfering, tbe demonstration was quelled in i<? incipiency. Moti Trocblk v?r thk Great Easter*.? Tiw London Times of the 1th Instant states tha* the shares if the Great Kastern Steamship Company continue to decline, the latest quotation bein^ "i fid a<ja per share. The fall In value was caused in part by a report that the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada are about to institute a claim of ?<W 000 for damages, through breach of coutract iu the vessel having been sent to New York instead of Portland. One of the members of the board had sent in Lis risi^J 1X7" Hon. Henry A. Wi*e bus written a letter, which was read before the Jackson Club of Boston, on Mondsv nlvbt last In ? k*tan)wutMl support Breckinridge and Lane to bit utmost He ooncludes thus : " God grant that oar efforts be not in vain. 1 fear tbey will oe?tbat Clack Republicanism ia to triumph in the coming election. If to. 1 moan (or one to abide by and in the Union?to Jigit in tf, not out of it?aid in saving the country and its Constitution; but not to submit one moment, or to concede one single item, to a triumph which will degrade me and mine in this Confederacy of free and equal States." Personal The New York Times says tbat J'tdge Douglas will visit Virginia immtdiate ly on his return from Maine. Hon Howell Cobb returned to this city yesterday from a sbort visit in (jeorvia. \V e art* happy to add that the honorable Secretary appears to he much refreshed by his brief relaxation, and is in excellent health. ....Senor Jose Berges, the Paraguay Commissioner, the object of his mission having been accomplished to his satisfaction. Is on the eve of leaving Washington for a brief northern tour. He will rake passage In the st?am?hip Adriatic uu th? twenty-fifth instant for fcugiand, whence I... ..rill " ur ?v iu ictuiu ?" I ?r mgitmy i Naval Istilltgknc*?Tbe Department hsa rtceivt* advices from Lieut. Win. E Le Roy, commanding the I'Sited Swirt ileamn Mva'.ie, of tbe African aqumdron. dated Kabenda. June *!Hb. 1S60. Lieut, l^e Roy, ou the */7tU of June, aeizrd the britf Thomas A' horn, of New York, a* being enga/^d In tbe alavt trade She wna placed In charge of Matter Nathaniel Green and a prize crew, and aent to New York, where at*- arrivwt on tbe 15th inat Licit Le Hoy reporta tbe good health of tbe officer, and crew of Myatic. with the exception of Lieut. II. M. Garland, who bad l>een condemned by medical aorvey and trauaferred to the Maron for a paaaate to tbe United states. The M>atlc communicated with tbe Mat Ion lu tbe Utter ('art of June at anchor In <> deg 3b m:n. aouth. Oxtokkatbd B>tt?i.?We have frequent or easicns to apeak of tins remarkable iiit-dicine. h? cause we nave full faith in if* excellent e, and know of many !nstau< es wb^re It b*a performed almost miraculous cum. It ia principally designed is an antidote for I)??n?mi? ? ? r?i?r? and numerous disorder* of tne sumiacU. it was discovered and perfected by a regular physician, after years of research and practical txperleuce in medicine. It is entirely unlike all other specifics with which we are acquainted, and extract* the dlaeaae toy its very roots, leaving no vtestl^e behind Sold by all respectable druggists in the United State? ?Wag <>J Our Union UyTbo affairs of the Grand Trunk Railway, according to the Montreal Witness are approaching a crisis, and It is generally anticipated that I the whole concern will have to be sold lor d?-bt Had the road cost no more than It really ought U> have cos*, mud bad It been managed with eiono my, this result might have been avoided Th?r? is no doal't. we believe, in the minds of practical men, but th*t it might have been maria, bridge and all, little more than half of what it tut co*', the bdlna.e be lag expended under the hendt of jobbing, bribery, shaves, and corruption geterally. KA vtllalnoua scoundrel who had committed my near Elwood, Nebraska Territory, re rentiy wm caught by the Vigilaaco Committee of that place, who, to alarm aud punish the erln lnal bnng aim by the neck until he whi nearly Strang led ."when they lowered him. Fancying that bis cud was near, the terrified rogue, upon ie. overiug his powers of speet b, coufeesed that arvenl murders bad been committed by Llm, and that he wtsengaged in the Mountain Meadow massacre about two years since, lie was banded over to tbe authorities. ID" At the late meeting of tbe English Scientifl Association tbe venerable ?ir David Brewster was present, aurl road two papers, iadicating no falting off in tbe vigor of bis mlud with his advene in years lirTb* eighty third nneiverssry of the battle of beni^Ml<>n kalo be celebrated upon the battleground. A balloon ascension by La Mountain is one of the felUiM. 07"Mr. Jaws S. <Ma?gMer, of Attanta, 0a , wbise ha me become familiar through the lettac of M'. Vaacey. committed suicide in Wedaesday of last week by takiag laudanum ULTThe St Loots Democrat I euros that the steamer l.uras, from Memphis. encountered a fifteen mine te snow-storm on &oodiy morn lug, toe 12th alt. , t?jr Reenan aad.suIte have arrived la Philadelph a The Boston hoard of aldermen have refused to Ufwue bfs pa^illstle exhibition t .toeO; wuhitoton rkwi and 60mip, PCBTCHBS OV SCMMBB TBAVlL. [ Editorial Corrt*pomde*t* *f TKt Star ] [No. 18 ] Augutt 7, I860. thk chasnk that Has TABB* black IB th8 population or L.t!?j? amd its Nbi&hbor tioor?-? How thk pkoplb sow ltvb?'thkib bo** ncm? UISADILITIIW^L.? I HE lUi>'I IBAVftL on the Bosto* Raii uoad* ? Boston ma* Bicom asc?t.icizrp. Ac. Ere rescbiug Boston tbls mofnlng, my attention waa attracted to the great alteration which the event* of the past quarter of a century have made in the character?ptrsonntl?of the inhabitants of the now swarming coast of Boston bay between Newhuryport and Boston Twenty live years since t be re was not one foreigner among mem lor every ten that are now located there, evidently. Then, the labor of the region was done ?except upon the public works in progress?almost wholly by native born persons, and a foreign born journeyman mechanic, if I rememb.^r correctly, was a rare sight there. Now all the labor, domestic and otherwise, is apparently in the hands of foreigners, as well as much more than half the trades; while from nearly all the houses upon the railroad side, evidently the abodes of the laboring classes, the physiognomies appearing in the windows and doorways were unmistakably Irish and German. Natives continue to be the proprietory cultivators of the soil there, however, their hired help only, being born abroad. To this influx of foreign born personsdo employers in that region attribute the gradual decrease of the shoemaker's wages referred to in my last letter. They allege that some years since those making shoes for the houses In the trdde. to increase their own pieceearnings, began the practice of taking grown apprentices, who obligated themselves to work six or eight months for the lienefit of their teachers ? sufficiently long to enabl* them at the end of that hnef period to compete with the latter sftcr a fashion, underworking them of course. Iu that way the supply of shoe*uiaking and other rough mechanical labor in ea-teru Massachusetts hat evidently become greater tban the legitimate existing demand for It there. Its offers to work for less than a fair price Induce undue competition aluoug the manufacturers; especially those of them who may be iu the trade without a sufficiency cf bona fid', capital of their own, and are enabled to tr.stnln themselves for the time being by a resort t<> bank facilities, such as they could not obtain from solvent banks If their real circumstances were known. The remedy for this state of things, the only effect of which is to make a few of the rich richer and all the poor poorer, Is the abandonment of their calling by a considerable proportion of such Massachusetts operatives, who must turn their attention to other callings there, or jjo elsewhere in search of ti? - AUO attention of capital there ia now earnestly directed to the task of finding profitable employment for them in <*ther manufacturing callings, and It is proposed to ask Congress to give special protection to whatever new business they may eDgace in That is, to some description of manuficturing not now practised to any considerable extent in this country, in which they shall her-after engage very generally. This proposition will be equivalent to asking that the country at large may be taxed to make up the deficiency in their support from their present business calling It is impossible that such a scheme can succeed ia this age of the tendency of the public mind to less rather than greater " pro teclion" from rT"~ " ?_ v.v.tiuiur.n?, i u6 annucuy-increasing poor rates of Massachusetts, already a grievous burden to all directly tax?*d by them, ran never be thus made up out of the purse of the people of the other State*. The truth It, the system through which a population so enormously out of proportion to that of other sections of the I'nion has been concentrated in Massachusetts and other New Kngiaud manufacturing States, is essentially a hut-bed one, and can otily be perpetuated by a resort to further forcing expedients. I cannot perceive that it has resulted in permanent benefit to the masses where it exists, who would have been much better oil laboring elsewhere at callings In which there exist a legitimate natural demand for their labor Their boasted freedom and extraordinary privileges have no existence In fact. That is. thejr are not so free from the personal control of capital as white laborers everywhere else in this country are ; while their privileges are more for public mischief than for the enjoym#nt f\t mnr* "" ?* ? ? uiuii meagre mrini of keeping body mnd soul together. They are fait Lapsing into the social and industrial condition of labor in England and Scotland, the boasted freest countries on the face of the globe, in which labor is yet even far worse off than in our own New England. But"to return to my mutton." Thousands, If not tens of thousands, pats daily into and out of Boston upon the Fastern railroads, as well as on til the other railroads centering in that city; all dispatching trains here and there half hourly Fifty thousand persons, including their familws, doing business in Huston, are estimated to reside outside the city's limit*; and nearly that number, including strangers, are thought to arrive in and de|>art from the city daily by rail and steam, boat. The reader can, f oin this statement, imagine the constant whirl of bustle and excite mint surrounding all th?* rlty'a many depots f.oui sun tn tun; whic h resemble In this parti c u 1 j r the railroad dr[>oU of no otLer American city. TU order and system with j .. MSVU iliCH depot buaineM la conducted are vortby of all praise, and from them all other American railroad coinpanica may draw utxjful and ecouoinical leaaoint. Their regulationa to relieve the traveling puMIc from the ordinary disabilities of the coui|*-tit'.on of hackmcu and porttra deserve eapeial commendation. and ahouid be closely atudiud by railroad managera dcairoua of milking th?-ir routes j?opii:a' with the public. At their dcpnta one begin* to perceive that Huston ia es|)ecljlly un-AmerU an. Tbe mannen of all employed in or hanging about thein resemble those of traveling Kngllahnen, rather than of our own countrymen elaewhere: and even ibeir accent has in the laat quarter of a century gradually become EngliaU rather than American, aa well aa the cut of their clothea nnd the air they wear. Hoaton acrid* nior? of prople over the Atlantic yrarly?far more in pro. portion to population?than any other American city. They briny back the Knullsh manners and custom* which it if the fashion to wear here, and Inoculate all below tliem in wealth and soclsl position with such idioiyncracles. llence the Intense cockney atmosphere which the stranger breathes in Bustou?of which more anon. W. I) W u. Tin Rcmoi or Ma. Hkkckinridgi'* Ok(ligation ? We did not consider it worth while to mention this stratagetic rumor yesterday. and only allude to it to-day to aay that we are Informed on good authority that there It nothing at all in It; that the pr(?pects of Mr. Breckinridge and hia frieuda were never brighter, 4c. It is a jpfosed that the rumor waa atartcd to affect the Charlottesville ( Va.JConvention, which convened o i the 15th Instant Aa regard* the Breckinridge flog here having been taken in, we are informed that thia has been done for repairs, ice. The Caxscs.?The reports from the different MarahaU to the Cenaua Ofllce here, are oomlng In very alowly. in aonie diatricU in Iowa they have been so detective tbat the Marsbai haa bfen compelled to retarn them to the Assistant Marshals The Bureau w Mi not be organized l?-fore th? end of this woutb. There are no lew tfenn a thousand applicants for clerkships In that department. Arm i Iktbllioebck.?'The garrison of Port Kearney havlug b??*n greatly reduced by a strong dfiai-bmcnt sent to the Pawnee Rrserve, all the nva table lufautry recruit* at Jefferson Barracks wilt be acnt. without delay, armed, to Fort Kearney, for MEn and "F" companies, aocottd infantry. TL1* detachment will be conducted by one of the subalterns now at Jefferson Uarracka, u? be elected by the commanding cUlcer I,, : Executive ArFoistiinrr* ?Sylvester Mowrv, " of New Mexico, to be Commtwioner to roil and mark the boundary lines between the Territories of the United State* and tbe State ef California, as authorised by the act of May 96, 1860. John L Riddle to be Peetaiaater at New Orlean*, la placf pf Mark*, removed aa a defaulter. , t?. ?;ir;*q?-*- ??l ?lt M1* ,4U:?1 ? ?< Oiriiial habniy,in ooaipll&nce with aa order iMur-u more man tiro montns a^o, reported hltneelf in person to tbe Secretary of War yeeterday. Hewai relieved from tbe command of the def art mental Oregon at the Instance of Lieut. General Scott, for reasons already familiar to the pnbtlr la connection wttb tbe San Juan question. ?i Ab#knck nt thk Paaaitttsf'The PrcHil'-nt of tbe t'nited States, accompanied by hie nl**. Miss Lane, leases the city this afternoon In W 3.20 train, for a brief sojourn at Bedford Sprnga HT^A loiter from the pilots who carried the Great Eastern to *ea. dated on Monday last, states that she went tos*>n from the Cap**s insight hours and thirty minutes from anchorage at Annapolis, making M timet about ei^hte^n niUea w k<mr. The mine letter atates that the To I ted i*tatea frigate Constitution had come into the Capo* on her wav to tbe Naval School at Annapola CI7"The family of Rev. Joaiah W. Brown, of Mancheater, Vt., have experienced a moat and and crushing sorrow. Fire Interesting and lovely children aa ever graced a household, and all thev had, have fallen victlma to that new and terrible acnnrge (diptheria) that la raging in many localities, and all within the abort apace of thirty-two days 10"Church. the artist, has met with a serious accident, having been thrown from a carriage while on his wav home from bit cottage. Although cveral ribs were broken, it la thought the injuries will not prove serious C7~One of the parties lately drowned at Atlanta City was Thomas Jefferson Badger, only son of Senator Bnrfger, of North Carolina. , I V COMF, AND SEE OUR CELEBR\TF.D J 9 NA V V FI.ANNKI. COATS at *4jn at au 10-2W SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street. CWRDPING CARD DEPOT. 0'?STANTl,Y Introducing nfw unrt beautiful styles. DKMPSEY* OTOOLK. %* r _ j j; ? wnnoing *.;aru i-.n*rarers, an 17 3t _ - Pa. tiv , bet. 9tb and loth it*. W DREW HATS! w E open thin dav *. veralcasc* oP'Gentlemen's dres3 HA'IS, * from "Beet*/* New Vorlc STEVENS'S au 17-eo6t Sa'es Room, Bro^i^s Hotel. The orange blossom "wedding envelope, just introdne?d by DEMP-EY A O'TOOI.E, VVeddini Card Etieravera, au 17 3t 326 Pa av., bet. 9th ami Wh ats T? , western academy. nE F.xorciaoiof this school, under the charice oi' Dr S. L Lonatis. and the Primary Department und^r .Mi*s Annik E PKCK.will It" rammed S?ptcinl>er3d. Circulars can be obtained at the book stores (lnt >_ au 17-eo2ni_ I Cft LEATHER, f.BATHER. 1*^U HIDES Of Sol* l.eatn J to be sold from 24 e-nt* to 30 cents. Morocco Lininr. Calf >kin S .amm<'i??, also R'dd very cheap. Wo innt? all tlie shoemaker* t?? come and bu?. j. c. shaker, au 17 2t* 2*?> Pa av., bet- Mh and pvh ?ts. The " PRINCE OF WALES" and other new Kali Stvle* of Soft Hats, of all oolors, for Gents and Hove, received to-day at i . a in k,'s Fashionable Hat and Fornishin* S'nr". an 17-3t (Ststes.) P* av. near 4'a st. (SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES^ Miss K<w?!*h?, assisted by her ?i?t'r Crrnin C. Koose*. will resume her fchool MONDAY. September^!, at her residence 4.50 D street. Instruction* will he given in English, French ?nd Pmw ing. _ ?u 17 3t NEW FALL STYLES. I IES, COLLARS.GLOVES,SUSPENDERS, Ac., received to day at LANK*. Gentlemen*' Fnrnishitie Store, a'i 17-3t (States.) 424 Fa av.. near 4'? *t. SCHOOL FURNITURE OH sale at a l>ar*am, ?iiigl > ami double D??ks, sufficient for twenty-four pupila; an excellent Bia Whoard. A o. A'?<>, lor rent, the schoolro 'in rrcentlv occupied by Mrs. Dardell, northeast cor ?t lot-! *n<t K sts. Inquire on the premises of J I'LI US VIKDT. au 17 5tPROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING WOOD AND COAL. D*rARTMS*r of thf Istwiuor ( AnpdK. IWI. S HrtT.rn Psnp/taiTi will h* .* ?i.; partm?nt until U. uoen. of Monday, the i,7th A"gutt. for furniahing. forth* ur> of the Df payment. during th" enauirg W inter mid Sprire, una hundred arid fiff* tona r f th* beet whltnorgrey ash and aevent; -five t?na of beat red- aah aathraait* ooal for farnace uar, to b# free from iiripuritie* and delivered at the convenience of the contractor bef jre the lat day of November next. Proponala wil alao be received nn?il the lame ti<n^ f.>r furnishing on* hundred oorda of heat dry. ao'id hickorr wood, ard twenty co'da be?t bakers* riine wood, four fee? in length, to !>e rr'-rrptiy daivered in ??ch quantiti'a and at auch tim ? a? it may he ordered for uae. the Dpp*rtin*nt to hart- the pnvileg* of ordering a tr?U?r or 'e?a quantity wot'd. <>f oith<>r or both kirns a<*eex<ting to the actual requirement* ofth* ptih'ic aerVce. The wo hJ a>id ooa: both to be delivered upon th* fl**g"iE on tUa. .... a L. t ? ' ? i ? * " * * notvn irunu m in" r?l?ri iimcf t)UU(t ine. a* mar he most convenient to tho Department a id its Bureaus. au t7 diw TheTpre^cott high school. 370 Eighth St.. Bktvkes K *?id I. St?. Stuilie* will be resumed in this in>tiiution on MO'' DAY, Sept*?Trh?r 3d. Circila'-sat bookstores. an Ifi t( A C RICHAR D>. Principal. Received and for sai.h? BROWNE ESSENCE OF JAMAICA GIN GER. I.YOVS MAGNETIC POWDFR and MOORE'S INDIAN ROOT PILLS, by ? c. FOR I). Jr.. Drnecist. an 16-12t corner Eleventh street and Pn.av. DAILY LINE OF NEW FOI R H"RSK COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carryi*K tk* U. S. Mail. The und*-*ign d are i>ow rurmi-.R Dailv, (esc'ft Sunday.) Four ho-se C?aohc? ho t we<?n"\Va'.hinrton and Upper Marl meSgm&f* "<? boro', as follows: W~Wy'*> * Leave the Steamboat Hotel. oorr>?-r rf Seventh ft'e^andPa at7o clock a m. Returning leave I'np r Marlho-o'at 11 o'clock a m.,ar>'l arrive 'n Washington at 3oVock. in time to connect with t'ieS20p m. t ain for Baltimore. Tne Coache* art- n<*w and coiMinodiou*, the tea ns first class in the hands of careful and aocommoUat in* driver*. F*r? to lTpp?r Marlboro SOeenta. To f.onc Old Fields ....25 " T<> C?nti? ville 38 * Freizht and pack**"* in projwvtion. au 15 OSBOHN k. CO , Propriotor3. Ri.V C P RUSSEM., ASSISTED HY MRS R ii?m?-iI. will reopen }>(k school for yoiiiiK ladie* o > tip' fir*t MONDAY of Supternbar n<xt,&t No. 11 Fast Capitol street, Washington, D. V. a'i!5-Zaw3w* HOOP SKIRTS. uoor SKIRTS. Just received tiiiii morning, a large asgortrrent direct from th* inannfactur?r?, of th? l '?t nmkoi. in I.a tifls, Mi?se?, and OI??!<ir??*, all at 'educed prices J. W.t'OI.LKY & CO.. ai It 6t 523 7*h ?t. a hove Pa ave. Female ACADKMY, I Stb**t, Hrtwkk* l?th a*d I9th ellen e. JaNNKY, rBinrii?AL,. Tli" Sixth Annual Sew in will commenceor. the fi-it MONDAY in Scpteml>er. tu II la*3w'_ SLA PAYETTE INSTITUTR. L'OUtAM *tf:n ?vin oominecc* on M'^'DAY.Swt?mh?r l??th. at the new Institute Buiidin*, -fi? t rtre9t. adjoining Caroline Terrnoo, oppomte Frank Itti Souare Ctronl*'* at bookstpre*. an ll ecftw (Ton A Int.? f,. C I.OOMIS. On AY VVA'fk^ NE puncheon pure hi*;h flavored BAY RL'M. J tint received and for ?ale bv au 15-eo6t MIDDLKTON k BEALl^ (V1ISS YOUNG'S SEMINARY, l"l No. 546 Kig? rskntk, nkar I St. The duties of thin srhoo' will he rrsnmrd on VONDAY,S*pt?Mnb?r31. Miss Y. will continue to r< oi'i ve a s*l"ot cla*# of boy? under 12 y?ar? of age, in connection with a limited Burner of girls. do?iring a course of stud* is t ie solid branches ol Engl sh. instruction in the Frenoh lancn*irp, *s uaual, by a native French teacher. aul5-iw* THE JAPANESE HAT, OPFRA HAT, Flora Driving Hat, and all kinds of Hats at No. 4b0 Seventh itreet. au 11 2w F~ Proposal* OR materia fok the approaches of th k ?ot!th wing of the trea8l r y PVTL?MOIA*f UiV 1 Jiil Dl l/it T*BA?rftY I>KP4KT**IfT, ( Bureau of Const, uotion, August 10, llfiO. S P*opos*l? will be reaaived at thia Department until 12 n'olcok m.,on the 1st day of SeeUmber, 18*t, for tha deiitrary of tba following artiote* vis : Prapaetl aton?aJor Be man pavement auffiuent to la? down SJiOO auperfioia) feet ot pavement, 660 ! in pal fan of curb atones for sidevaika. Ac .in Ur.c'h nit lea* than aeven (7 )'?et, an^ 8 in ;hea thick by 17 inohee deep; tHe top *df? hammered straight and irue.a retarded down 3 inch -s on one B'?iet * inohoe on the other, and have thei. e?da properl? j<>iut?d Ai? > 6 quarter circle corner piecea in a single riece of a radius of 2 feet outside, and of th* same hioknoaa and depth, aid same returns d?wn the icteaaa th? sirauht one?; and alsoaooth r quarter ciiole in viae a of not I* as than 6 fe-1 in lft.a h, ol a'alius of 23 feet outaide. of the aarne depch auJ rntnrn down the aidea as abov?, and 6 inches thiok on top. ! 196 pi<-o*e f h!u? North River Flacciaf 4 feet by 6 f-et5inohea . .. 1 0 pi?o?? of b'un North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 3 inch<?a 42 pieoes of blue North Rivet Ftapginj 4 feet bj 6 feet 66 pieeea of b'ne North River Pl&gglns 4 feet by 3 feq|6 inoics an 1 le?e ?ian?r? w?st?tAU pieee for roairh flat, of mooti f)?C. os rtrwd (Us, of each 01 U<" abpve ??*.-? 01 the tail 4MUI/. P*r ??r? iotal / t. Wh%twrkin<IlJ>fa?eied HHVJj'A1 e*f?ct-j proper manner to heiud down, ami |o b r?oh?. tiiok.wW their tdjee loiot-q nuare. 4, wn M lf?r t#of?Hoehn froro tb?ir fee*. tA 1 is wUtlM t< be d?iiv*r?Ht el ih? Trfeeor? I ilea. where thuy will be naed ** ma? be iktM^ b? I thTu r^op?5*l?r?'??t b* ??**r to*111* I <lMrrtv< ffwiSS: ?????.,.. '^ssnssKi. S?l t4l | 1 m Oar l?raU(i C?rrnp*i4ract. C^rrttptndtnc* / Tkr Star. Aaguat 15, I860. ( Dia* Stab : Feeling deep Interest In you and yonr miny mdfri, 1 have determined to let you into tb* IUb at Saratoga. A paTfof tfenr gr?- < tlemen. inya- f ! tcladed. l^fl Washington on the 5 p. in train on facadar* AugttM 7. fo' 4 t:!p North (Jar flrst itoppintj pi.tea Wat Cape Mly. I Thaw wa ww- wall cared for by the proprietor* i of Cohi-abia Hnuaa Tha aaa bathing waagrand, amt the fate and lociety a* good as any one could wish for The season at Cape Island being ? re'.ty well over, we determined to start on our j jurney rejoicing, as the proprietors of our hottl were very liberal with champagne; ao we p<>< ked op our tooth hriMbe* and other naoetMry article* and .left on board the tiua sie-\uier Delaware, bound far New York, where wa arrived early on Sun day morning We found New Vork crowded with mostly southern people, indead, U?e only room we could obtain was one at the Metropolitan Hotel, next to the bar-room, and as that did not suit us we determined to leave for Saratoga In the first boat. As we left the wharf for Troy we paaaed the Great Eastern, which bad just arrived from its Annapolis trip. It did not strike me as being a very superior veaarl. but a* I am very seldom ever struck on first sight, no doubt upon a full examination I would have been highly ortitied. After a sail np the most beautiful nvef I ever saw, whose grandeur It would take a more graphic pen than mine to do jiutice to. and a run of some thirty miles over a good railroad, we arrived at the town of Saratoga, which, upon ir*t tight, did not appear at all attractive, a* we were having a regular northeastern storm. but after a continuance of two days It ceased, much to the gratification of some six or seven thousand people who are at present sojourning here 1 found a number of distinguished men here, of all parties, among whom are ex-President Fillmore, Hon YVliltam C. Alexander, of New Jer aey, Mr. B rod head, the ex-Secretary of tb? LrgtHon at London, who U alto a noted historian Politic* are not inur b talked of befe, as all parties seem to keep quiet From r on venation* that I have had with tne leader* of the Breckeuridge and Bell parti*-*, they *ay they will do any and every thing to defeat l.iocola. You may tie certain of one thing, and that ia, New Jersey i* good for Breckenridge beyond a doubt. Tbefeeling manifested by the Union men against the Republicans is immense. We have a grand ball here nearly every night. Last night a grand hop took place at Union Hall, and was attended by the distmgnt of the Springs. While yoiir writer wss enjoying himself lu the busy danre, a friend came and wished him to go a few steps up the street with hirn to see the diversity of a life in the North. We entered a ball room, tua beDeld a lar^r crowd of m?*n and women, of both colors, dancing one witli oth?*r, l??d eft' by Morrissey. the farnom pugilist. What ;i difference from our manner of living even among tie poori r people. We saw negro men and while women seated in nearly every corner of the room, but we did not nee a white man and ne^ro women holding familiar concourse, iieiug perfectly d'?gnsted. my frleud and myself returned to the ball at Union Hall, where the dancing was kept up until the small hours. Tn-nirrht " ? * *?? - " ' . v u??v ? ^iujiu u?ui av iUf I niWU | states, and one to-morrow night at Congrrss Hall, which we expect will be a grind afl iir; ttiat is, if our treatment will be a criterion. A ninny tUe attractions here at prevent are the City Guards of Troy, and the Albany Uurg?-???-*, who number some fifty men apiece, and are encamped about a mile from the spring Gov. Morgan Is expected here to-mcrrow, ana will be received bv the military. I have onlv wen oae Star since I left home, and I would not Ilk'* to Bay how 1 got that, but it w.ia the most intending piper that f have read for some lime It contained a letter from this place, which gave you a description of the "Buildings, l^akea." See * There is a ftf at deal of wealth and beauty here, and very lit le flirtation. 1 must tell a tale upon niys*lf, as 1 considered It a good joke. Opposite to our party at the tabl* are seat?d a minister and family; this morning, while waiting in the parlor for some ladies, he (tha aforesaid minister) came and commenced * con* versation Afu-r passlug the compliments of tlie day, he informed me that a very interesting t?r?JV(*f fTifAtinu W41 hplfl Hailw 1i* ?? r y _ r - - ? -v... < ? *? Vtll IV W o'clock, and wished me to a Mend. But, hav'tic an engagement to bowl with iom<> ladles. mm h to my r<i;r? t 1 bad to decline bit polite invitation. He concluded by asking me to come iu the morn inn I told bim If I could I would b? there, but very likely 1 may be otherwise en::a^ed. What mi<ie him'take such an interest in me ) know not. unless, a* we call one of our number ' parson," he thought we were leidiug him astray, and our morals might be a little better i uu may ucar 1TUUI Oie a^ai U iTOm tXl&gir*. Yonr?, Ac. U |UST RKCKIVKO, an<l for ?a!? J51R IAS 7, LLVi^v?l*'^,ALIi PRHfODICAl, I'll.I.! ?; AUo. BKVNOLL'S SPECIFIC for Gout or K heuin&tism, by P. C. FORD, Jr.. __ .. ? Pharmaceutist. _?5J4 2? corner Tlth gt. and Pa ave. | jiHWWBIllWII COLLEGE.D C. will he returned at tin* Institution on tiie first Monday of J*eptcnib?r. an 14 go3w JOHN EARLY, H. J , Prenrtent.^ S CALVERT FORD, Ja., APOTHhCAtiY AXD DRUGGIST, Punk. Avkncr, Corner or Elkvjsath St.. Dealer in PURE DRl'iiS, CHEMICALS, A Mil MA.MJAK1) FA.Ml I. V" MEDICINE!*, including the latest and mo*t approved FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; ALSO, 1 CHOICE ARTICf.ES FOR TH H TOILET, embracing ever* vnriet* FRENCH. ENGLISH AND AMhRICAN PER FL'MERY, SO A l*S, HKl .'SnEs, Ac. The proprietor'* per<oi>al attention sive at *.11 hour* to the compounding of Physicians1 Pre*onptions. *n 14 l'2t Jl>T KECEtVED A LARGE LOT OF FALL ?t If SHIR I'COLLARS.SoCKSand a I kinds I or GENTS' Fl'R NISHING GOOnSand CLOTH I LNG SMITH'S. No, 460 Seventh street, opposite J'oiitOflieP._ au ll-2W ' WILLIAM B. KNTWI9LK. APOTHECARY, ( Fottneriuinl.h J. I. KirfwtU. ,of (ie&t'tnwn,) i Reepeonniy informs the citizens I ^ L . Waxhiuglon tliat he hu t*k n theV3r VT *. I >ritif vtanii th? oorner of 12th stieet VM 1 < \fOauil } ?. avo., wlmro lie will be Ion rid iA * at all hours, an>t will kf*p a fr?^h an<i we 1 el**ct-x| ?t ck of DRl'GS. FANCY ARTICLED, ami nil booiIm n?n?.ll? f"""'1 " ??" __ 0 ___ ..- . j >uu>m iu t? ? * ii iiirniniird 1 Dm? Store He promising th?ne wl>?? mar favor him with th"ir patronage lus undivided attention i to their wants i N H Esrlugive personal attention (ivrotothe co in pound 111 j of Physicians' Presc iptiois at ail hours, day or night an ll-2w* SUGAR, COFFEE.TEA, 4r, 18 h!?t# PORTO Rico SMiAR, I 15 do CUBA SLGAR, *> REFINED SUGARS, ?) l.a;s JAVA COFFEE. do maracaibo Coffee. !ij ?<o HIO COFF* K. 25 do ST. DOMINGO COFFEE. 3> halfclients GKEKN asp BLA 'K TEAS, I 5 boxes A i>A M AN'TI N K CA > L)LE>, I *? do PRIME CHEE9E, 5" do STARCH. Now landing from steamer MonMcoJ'oand packet oho ner Mott Bedell,and for sal" 1 w hjr mi 3 6-eo SAM 1* EL BACON & CO. i rjj WILL BUY a Fis* DRAB BEAVER v V v VI 1/IOM n<U M LANE'S , Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, Pa. ave.. , aululm near4>i street. _ | PATH NT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE , JAKri? tlie beat au<l cheapest article id use? call ami see. Also a supply of t'oxe'a Gelatine; Burnett's Cocaine; Brown's Ginger; together with afresh lot of Mediaines, *o. Just received at MOORE'g West Eud Drug Store, au in-gw 11 < P.y ave. |^|ETROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE IN8TI- j FOR YOL'NG LADIES, 464 E Sr., BKTwctif 6m and 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will ! commence on the first MONDAY iu September. Application* should l>e made <arl?,as toe nuinbvr | Ol DUOll* i? limih'/i P'?? . i?.l*? '* _ r ? vi |/r?Tiiuuidii bw crouiin or apply to the principal*, Mr. and Mri. T. H. HAV tNIS KR, at the Institute. an 9-Potf OBH^FICE OF WASHINGTON AOUKDUGT, 1 Washington, August 15,I860 Propo?als will be received at this Offio* until 12o'o <>ck m. on the 27th day of Auiuat, i860, for i oaatri'otinr th* nt:fini?hed portions of the conduit of the Washincton Aqueduct. The work to be done oomprises about S6u Cabro yards o' Rubble Masonry, and 3 000 Cubic yarda of embankment. A'eo.f >r the completion of Tunnal No. 1., being 1 about ?7 lln*al feet eoutaining SDO Cn' ic yards o? rook excavation; all pc completed and delivered 1 up br the 1st dav or November next Plana and specifications may be seen at this office. j Propnaals will be staled and endorsed "Proposal \ for Conduit" or for ''Tunne " a* the case may M. J H. W BENHAM, Oapt. of ? miners . an ?"hi^f Ennineer W. A. ] PILOTS' NOTICE.? To all Captains and I owner* of V*sit6l*x bound to the District jl^s. of Columbia, notice 1* hereb? given, that^JE? Pilots may be found at all times at St t George's Island, at the inouth of J?t. Mary's rirer, and near Piwey P- int. and that it is not n-erssary to take Vircmia Pilots from tbair *o?*s, when the < ess?*l i? bound to Gsorgetownor Wa hington eity, ) ? > Maryland Pilots can bo found of at least equal i skill and reliability. an H-audSm* | HAVKJlH_M(tVBD TO No._l? MARKET . ?*^'tU''U?yV^U^R8feTH rtr | for -l.% w>ol..Ele ?od Jr.. mi 14 ti corner lltlf JtSSlF* fy. L i i A ' ' " ??nb? EXCURSIONS, PIC NIC8, to. Q* AND CXC UMl ION. I M M*thoai?t r-ot??Unt Church, .Ninth itrdft. will Make an txcirmon to II I fSTiiilro ' "'^ Umo-r aad Oht<>^? \VKDNESI>A V. Aagnat EM. !( ?' Thia F.xcuraioaiaintendod to be ?om<>thin? extra. T Choir wnl ti??a CofiSrt. free, oa th? prounHt, proflflrrd f<>r the "*?rh-ton. K-fr?hment? ran he . I >a|no<1 on tne t rtfcftil?. h?*<?U.v/or?m<nU?. children. ? mdIi. Tfck?? cap be pioe?r>d at the of Kfiifod* * Pugh. S voiili at, M?md D Ind r. sts.. at the of l)r. P. g C la'too, F at , below ^v?nt!i; McPherpoa'a drug flora. Nivj Yard; Bo?well'? drug store, Inland, and of ?he committee Tlio train will i*>are at 7.40 precisely. Contt? one?Come ail. au 17 it* First pic-nic of thk Washington KIFI.K* will take placo at the PARK. MON DAY . Aagn?t27. For particular# ?ae futwr* advrtiseriKiit >n 3t OPIC-NIC . . F bakers' association at'WB City fiardena. na Tl'ESUAV. Slat last. IVf- will h? served up at 6 o'clock a large l<>af ofbaari of s?0 pounds weight. For parii ulara aea futare a.1 v rtiaement. au 15 3t" '|iHh runvau tHAI'KL ? t N U A ^ 1 SCHOOJ. ?ill hare a l"l(' fXcH^v NIC At Hlalon?burg,on FRIDAY August 17.h. " - * The* have cha terod car* which will leave the depot at 7l? a in. Pernons ihonW b* there at 7. Refr'-nhmen;* fnrnn>h??d at moderate price*, and every effort made to render the oocmiiw delit litful. A full band is expected >o lie in attendance. Koutid trip lickeU onl) 35 cent*; children 15 oeviU. au 15 Tfor thk white If oI'?k. HE STEAMER PHKMX Will leave the feot ol Sixth ntr??toii SL'NUAY.the I9tii m*t., at t o'clock a. m and Bohrer'n^^^^^M^ wiiarl Navy Ysrd. at IK* m., the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Returnini l?M t liA Willi. Un.^.1 tL - ? 1 " ?nv *t mw i(?ni?v W/| p. lit* I\ VU nU II If COllU. _ au 14 3t E. A. RYTHER. Ct> >n ?MTIZEN9* GRAND PIC-NIC FOR THE~BENEFIT % or im o? At. Tlncrnt-a Fenale Orpkai Aiylaa, AT ARLINGTON SPRING. Thf I.nly ManaKemof^t. VniMnt'? Frail* Orphan A?)liiin are Kraibed in bmi al> e to annnuuc^ that the CU.x?n>' Aunuai I'ic Xir lor rrie orphin? inlffwir*lF* cutrgo of < h? M?ter* of Charitv of ?h* ii>i\ * nam .j aNvlum. will take plac- at * Rl lNGTuN SPRING on M i >NDA Y, August**!!, 186 \Vjth?>r?'s Celelxatcd Band l.a? been engaged for the dancing saloon, and ample refreshment* will be Hiippli -<| untl-r t'i- <li ection of :h?> Ij?djr Man*g?r?. Conve*aaeeg the Spring will be in readings fv?.? half hour f orn th* Capitol gate, S"ve,,tii >t. and Pa avenue, and ev"ry trn minute* t? G'orte town, ? hore a packet boat will l-wve haU-hour r lor Arlington. The g<*iirr<nitT of the cili*?n? of \Va?hinrU>"> and Gnorc'ix ?!i Ur't J' ar in contii!?utiug to feed and cioUi" th? ?>r|?M?r? whtl* tli?jr th"ma?lvf?? enjoved a h?>ft'f.hfiii and [W?*a?ant recreation, render an* further .-tpprai totwir ben?vol?rc.>ori thuocea?ioa superf! uotia. Tlie exerrii?',? day will be in'er?per?ed with an niMrwf aatl ?in- ing h> the rpt a 1 children ?n<l euch oth?r innorept I'XTci-ei a? will give amusement and pleasure to youn* and nld. Tickot*. ?'c?*nt*f?r gentleman; 25 cents for ladi'a; in rnt? for children. Tlie l.adr Manager* liaw* "enured the aarvte?? of th* following K 'H'Ifmon U? act a? manager* on the ground during tho<ia> ; John C. Brmt. O-ck. K1 nt?, Jno. D. Clarke. J. C-Fitzpatrick.\Vm. J Ro*e J a* Harraj. t'.S Joren, K'lw.Simm*. J hit F. OVla, XV. II. Ward, Capt.<jndri?rd, T'hm J. Fisher, |'et? ?>a!lvit, Rh>Ji. t;l?rke, H. B Sweeney, John F. Kllia, R Hl.?t?k.?>, C. <tauti?i, F. Mo'-tin. H. Ri"h?y, Thoa. Duffy, t'ol Hi^kejr. Calla'-an. Jm. I.i'icoln, II. Mclaughlin, Ja?. F?>ll<? ton. >V. Harve*. A U.IK . ' H-l ? ?- - ? '.vv, rf.tiwi/inniiiini i?pT. r. n flings lir J. Walsh, Win T Dove. R. Kiehorn. John F Kidit, R H. Owns, A C Sh*w, I.. O'Tnoia, \V W Mooro, Jus F.eeli^n, P Tyson, P Site*, Be nard Hayen. T'ic f -Howinc cent ''in'Mi a?ea special active c?inniiit ' f "in the V"iire Catholic Friends' Soci-*y f o?n Wa-i'iiii'on an<1 i?eorget?wn The* will bi designated hr rosettes on the l^ft breast: F. Mc^erhanr, Phillip J McHenry, J>hn St?k", Hitch ?>< rn'hoo. Dr. Kulwoll, Georir? Savage. I,. Nenmejrer, Fratici* Harper, J J. Kane. Jam** I .acker. Robot t Mahoney, P. J onion. an 14 M rp MOONLIGHT FXCLRSIOX 1 HKCongregation ofOraoe Church (Island) propose siring a MOON lig HT Ea- ,if*" ^ CL'RSION for the tteneft of the^^4^K^ C"- i- connected with the Cliureli, FRIDAY, AucustSl The* have ohartrcd Urn steamer Pmknix, which will leave fclevnuth attest wl<arf?t 5 o'clock p. m , precisely. Witiora'a Pand hai been engaged for the occ??i n Refreshment* on the hnat. Tickets 50 c-n a; eh 1-Jr?*n tj c?nta. Ocmmiutt S. K. Murphy, C. Jacobs. S. B Tatlor, W. 9. Yeafman. VV.S Roberts, R. F. Harile. J.N Gordon, C H.Hancock. au 13 eo MUHMMKMTH. grand military and fancy "cos TI'.mk B.* i.l vi i lak-? place M he f ' I'O Ikr WHITE a II l P H u R at SPRINGS, on WfcDX.-SDAY, the iSd August. A sufficient number of na-' e? nareuaHk air- ady h?en obtained to ensirre it to be a very h illiant affair ? tves arKl hack* connect with each train in Wa?rOfiton and deliver paui ngers at the Spfinis in ih hour* time. an 17 d ROBFRT Hl'DGIN, Proprietor. ^JARIBALDI FESTIVAL. I he TI'RNER SOCIETI S of Washington and gf^Georeetown. assisted by the Singing A?- )?fj IQuSoc Ation* M"fn*>rrhnr S*tn*trbM*dL/mk ^2" LftrrUif if, respectfully announoe that^tc* they will give a ?iR\nd festival On monl'av, August ?th. In me PARK, Mvknth Stekbt; To express their sympathy and procure peonma'y a d for the SICILIAN PEOPLE. Now struggling for liberty and independence under and h**r ic lender GE SURAL OA til BALD I.*ge* will bedel vered in the Gorman, Italian iind I -ii>c 11?li language*: to commence at So'ciook. 1" bo f diowed by Patriotic Musical Aire aad Ohoru""**, executed bv the United Singing Association, after wlitch regular pic-nic amusement*. n r F.Kputa's Baud, in theu new uniforms. will be present 'I ho procession will learn the Tumor Hall, near the r<*ilroa l depot, prc?*i<K*lr at I o'clock p m. Omnibuses will run from the Opitot and Seventh *tre?t to the t'ark at short interval, during the ilav and evening at in cent* per pa?s-nger Tioket.* caa be had at the prioeipal hotel#, restaiiiatit* and tnu?io stores Ad'ni*moi< to the grouude, 25 cent* for gentlemen; ladies frc*. au 17 2t_ t 1H*\n HAM. "and'display of fireworks Columbia* springs. Oa TVKSDAY, August ?! '. The National Quadrille Association take (treat pleasure in lutarmmg tli?ir ma: * frifiids th*t W% their *?oond GRANii AS>>-M BLV will*? take plao- at COLUMBIA SPRU OS onJCA TUESDAY EVENING. Amuit 21st, onU? which o?oa?ion there wi'l he a g<atid displayof Fircwvks Atw>, a select string band will l?e in Mf?n<1anee 'I i kcts, Fifty cents; admitting a gentleman at d ladies. Coaches will leave corner Pa. avenue and Sevsnt 1 street at the following hours: 3,4,5, 7, 8 and 9 o'clock. Return nr will leave the Springs at 9,10, 11, 2,1 and 2 o'oloek. Good order may be relied on, as special police will be in attendance Prof Lo*z?x,kg will act as ballad master on tkia ?P?*ciai occasion. By order of the au 15 eo? COMMITTEE. E^REK CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLBR, N? Yfk mvtmm*, ?< tu>e*n 1ft and 2d streets, would reaseotfally.Mfc state to the sublio that A COVERT off^H SELECT MUSIC will be riven evetj MON * day and THURSDAY EVENINGS dunngtie leason, at his Pavilion, eonmeaeing at 3 o'oloek sod ending at 10 p. n. Previous to th? Conoert. Uie Saloon is opea to those deeiriag to while aa?v>?tpi? ,'^i'jirs.^siniss. of CONPEOTIONEKY ilnn rmij U Mty prioee. Parties desmng the Gardens for Pie Nie par posrs. are requested to give a day or two aoboe. jeII 3ns 1 >? W EIGHTH A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, 8*#. \2tk??iA. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold ita Eighth Annual Acrieultu ral and Industrial Exhibition oq the |routjd? linerilljr provided fir thn eitiieiu of Cincinnati, which ire to he itted un in the beet vtrle. There will be HalU and TenU for the dn?l*j of IMPLEMENTS, M ACH1N tRV, Tool.*, DOMESTIC msmym* fwar riVK WINKS: with ? tall a and P*-s f..r HORSES, CATT^, SHEEP, and SWINE; tod an unequalled mile in length and forty feet in width, for the exhibition nfHortM The Prennnu olfcred?m oa?h,?<?ld. eilver, and tironxe medal*,?diploma* aad oeiuicatee, amo?nt "? 930,000. J??g5T*?B ^rSSS' Ww tnfcOIU fury For pi^wioai list* or mforiafttion mmm\y *t th? ?s?* ?r t.h'.^oot'}'iJin ** >*- mSm<k <? iUir?;) or to tb? abagritor^t CmjmMi, Ofcii. ir 34 tr **c', v. 8p&b&tJ2%?i&. [If R8. M. ? KINO?POKO-ftflKMINAR V. SaeBSRHESftfr THE miu^rpinva nrna D.irv ? APOTIOW BALBB. By 1. C. 1NOUIRB A CO. AaMiMWfi U(?(SS(|, Kp*?Al.K AT AUCTION -0? Kl fATl?DAV MOBFII!**, Aiint !??.. Mil o'?>Mi,lari?al rfiW Amw? Mil Mil? AMMMM* Hor?p, ?ho?t ?t?M ?M. v?ry stylish, 4riTM i* tint I* or 4o?M* h*rM*?. AI*". A f?* Brown Mtn.kind Md mt fcN f<rr * N??r? lwn?. IXTJrf J. c. Wofil lRE * CO.. AmU. By A. GRfcEN. AaatMWw. HOU8KHOLP Fl'IMTlJK. CHINA. ^|"fi tKD < (INIIlt- A T A t nr*,UAY' *T 22 ?t t oW?V m l Mkll N'l ?t iwv Aeetion Room*. tenetw eeeen maat of Paraittir*?arfac as vl rnrmj d*to(i?hun "J* to fomuh will so wall to attM?d ?? * *. A.eRK^.Aui (LT Win baarfdad to Ui? aairOnaaxoAllsat Coantar, aaitabto f?r? Rontmi' A'?Ojl?>ha?t?Ja ofl'mw OM Ro Wbiaka*. ? A. eKKMt/A?I. Bt A. GRERH, iMtinrtM. /.JOOP TWO STORY FRAME axt? ** t*<t Lot* rao*Tiae ?>r MaRTLaUB au.ui. MiT or ri< (;*riroL. at Afctior ?Ob WfrD NUi)A\ . tha?d Mutt, I skill Mil. in (rout of th? pr*n.n?a. at C o'oioot p. m . Lota No. U ??4 IS. > H??" bouUi of ?4|H?r<* it b#:ng auuii?i ion of ?aid no?r?. TM two Lota front forty feat on .Man and avmr. at im corner of?U ?tra*? ?* (, with tfca lairov m?uU, wbioh ?r? a i*od two ?ton Fram* Hom* Ac. Term* : $S -i ?a?k; the baiaaaf in 6 a-:d 1? litlit. for not** t>?arini i-;t?'Mt from da* of aat* A <1e- d civen and a 4a*d of trtitt takor. Tit* iMttNttM* aa 17 d A. WKKKN, A at Br BARNA.RO 4 BUCKET. Auctionear.. Ur*r(di>M. i>. C POIM COPI4 MOTkl. AT ADCTION.?Oa I Hl RSiiAV AFTtRNOON.^J 5H <>'o <>rk. in froi.t of the pioaiMt, *? wi 1 aeu tlmt a> w and valuable tk? Corai?*?fta Hotel," utgaH <m thecmwr nfMarkat ?paae an<t the Caaa Tki* N?um if m? aM oi4f r. e 'Dial III ten room*, kiw fcttad vary M>#r?alr. aiat t"\ek i.ui.?lu.?. taara ta aa aaa< U*at and dry oo Ur. I Thin h?uaa 11 ia a moat eacailaat p<?iUoa, tan v?rj pofi lar and ia now under goo4 ram to aannetual tenant. Tku aaia offer* aa o^poiluiit; to aronraa good butiuet* ligation, or for aa lavertm-nl. Tarme : Oae Ultra eaak; Mm rv?i4aa ta f. It. a*HT U month*, with interest, aiMl . eara* ay a *r? J ? t uet on the property Titta portnot aa 17 d liAKAiAKli <* III 1 KKV. Aunt. Bj J. C. MftGl'IRR k CO.. AMtmnwn. NF. * K LV NKW FAMIl.V TtAWOtTCHl-: at A vct'ow ?? ? SATL' K OA V ?nortiio? nert. at IIS "'eiook, w* Vlil ?ell, to froai ?i the .UoU<? Rnom? A nearly new one-horee Family Baroaehe, villi falling to?. bj Vow*. ikiieity. A ereditmt two. f.>ar,ai>?l eix m?nth?. for ioIm MUilMtoriW Mtm, h??M' ( iaUv??t. an |6_du j. C. ikftHtg A CO.. Aj?u. Br A. GRBfcN. Airtwiiw. ft ANIKOMK T W Of?TO|l Y FR A WF Hor?*F. 11 Ix?t or tii l?Li?r at Arm * ?On THt'KI*liAT,tk??l taeC . I tbail Mil la fro?cf the rr'miene. at ? e'eloek f. m . wee? jp?rt *( ?o? 5 in a*aare No. 496. h??>nf ? fro"t *?( * Q between and <th elreeta, ran' in? wilk a ?i4?? alia. In M f~m.t a !? IW ? > -"k #W*" imrovmnti, which are ft good two-atory fraiae kouM, to. Tho 01 if haadaomaly laaprored with traaa. hrubbery, io Taraia; On* half oa*h; halaaoa in 6, U Md la month*, for Bote* bearing iateree?, an 16 d A- GKBMN. A?C Bj A. GREEN, AaoUoaaer. EXCELLENT MAI.E or HOUSEHOLDAND Jlj Kitthix t-rmiTrii. at Acct.ok ? Oa TL'E!?DA V. tiie Mat luataat, at 1* o'c.uch a ai.. I hall eel I at the reaidenoe of a g?nUew*n dre'imcc houaekeeping, on I. ?tr*et between *th and l^h atreata north. No. yv. an exoailant aaa^rtmaat of Fa<nitu"?, tii: Ob? Walnat Parlor Salt*.? Peiaaa. Makocaxv. Roa.?w<x>d Varble-t-'p Cantor Table*, Kotewmx) K'cpNoc Chti't ai.d Vaaaa, | Meepij Hollow and Wa nut What i?ot? Mahocanv WarJrobe* aad ftedataada. Ma'b'e t?p Dree* inland offer Bveaiu* Marble top and Ma'toga*? Wa*h-aiak?. A Mae lot of tins: raving* of varinnt ?ort*. Walnut 'I able* aad Cane aeat Ckaira, OiUand other Looking Gla??a. Feather Heda, ??jUow? ard Boictera, _ man??"? . *.oir?ioria, i^ailt* Ph'at* M1 CUM, lUir, Co'too T' p and Hu?k Mattrar1 *r, Cottaga, Ooahla and girrla Brd*taada. <me t ii f-et K*t*n* on TabU,< Thrae PIj. I n*an lad otii* r Cvr*U< Vao?ti*n Carp-t a? d Htair RoU*. Oil Cloth. Mill*. at.d Ham C'lindtlitri, Knirei. to ka.Tea and Ttb r S^ooni, Om Comaleta Dinner Hart, Chi'"*, Gift"" and Cr?ck*rj W?r?, Parlor H adiaUir ajd Air I urht Storaa. Oof Mntiint far Coakia t*tora, nearly naw A larj' I->t of Kitchen R rq?n?it??*. and maij oUwr a tie r* too nan?ro?fV< ?aam?rat* Term* All avm?nfaed and?r #tV ?Mk: #w #5", a oradit ot aod ?da>?. for Nt? attafKtonly endoraod, bearirg iLtarnat. ? 15 d A. GRKEN. Aaoi RT A. GRKKN, AHtioiMr. 2 HANDSOME THRKB PTdRV FRAMK Hor?n on iSfcTB itiut, ot tub liun at Avctiox ?Ob Tl nJ*l>A V th? it at uiiIms I aha I awl io froat of th? preaaiaaa. al 6 aoimI p.m.. pari of Lot No.? in aqa*re No. a6\ with Ua iai aroYem?nt* wSioh are two rood th e* ator* f'am* fi'>B?ra, with h*.3fc halloing, ooataiaiag ai(ht or tan room* rach w ih paarac*. Thia property ia handsomely aitaated, frontin* oa IW atraat won between math U ar.d C atreeta. o?ar die Smithaoman Groaada. Tarn* : One-fonrih oa?h, balance in f. 12. It, and 24 month*, for notea b-aon* i?t?rMt from da* of aaia A daad (i*ea Mid a deed of traat takea. Titla indiaaa'able. aa fa d A. GfrF.E.V A act. Til A M>Hi I ?? wt I U- ?I- ? ' w ? ??? 'IIW *1 ? ' I* ^ f 1*1 t?'i fu.M :??u?-ii from the Clerk OIiii of the Ciranit Court of the Dtatriet of Co.erabiafr the County of Waabiuaton. aixi In me directed I will espoo* to public aaTe, for ?uh, in f'oat of tie Conrt H-'ue d*or?f iti(l eoct; no *V|fONE* DAY.theiSlh day of Anjtut at If o'elo^k m. All rtafmUant'e right, title, e aim and later- t in and to l<ot No 6. in H<|aare lOfS in the Orty nf Washington, D. C , together w th all aodeiegu ?r the improeew^-ta 'h?re??n.B*imed at,J krted up ?n as n o pi-n?nttT of John F. Dyer, and *i 1 be eold t<? eatltfr JUtTioia'i No. y?. to Oeti her Win IfKP. la fa Tor of Margaret M Dyer, wife of J D. Co'*. W 8ELD?N| U. 8. Marahal for the Diatnot of Co.ambi*. an 7-dta \IAR9HA1/89A.LK.?Innrtaeof J write often irl faoiaa ia*ued from the Clerfc'a oftoe of the Circuit Coyt of the Diatnot of Colambia, for the DCumy 01 n uRicilor. MM to ? directed. I will spoae to pnblio eale, for oa*k, in front of the court houie door of naid county, on MONDAY, tk* 6tti day of Aucaat next, 1M>, it It o'clock m , all defend ut'a ruht.title.oUm aad mtereat in and to Lot No. 1 1&, in Square No. 79, in the city of Waahtnir*nr, D. C., together with all aa?i aiatnlar the improvement* thereon.mind and lened a? the property of Ckw. H Van Fatten and will be aoM to aaUafr Jadioiai* Noa. It and 79, to Octol>er term 1M, lalhror ol John W. Thotnpeon and Z. D Gilmao. W 8KLDEN. ij I3-dta U. 8. Martha! (or District of Columbia. irrTHE ABO/F HA LB IB POSTPONED antil WEDNESDAY, the 3MJi iHt. name hoai an 7 W. BELPEN. P. S. Marahal. SEVENTH STREET. 4ft(> A b*aatifai aaaortmentof GOLD PAPERS, with a varied atock of medium and lowpricort 6(M>1>*. F1REBOARDS. PRINTS. PICTl.RES. CORD aad TASSELS. Jkr .. rpmnuU of low priced PAPERS. with a haadaoTM mock of WINDOW SHADF.^.at rrrally redooad price*. Oiu'rt left for PaPERRaNGINGS aod WINDOW SHADI.S antiafactoril; executed with ?ul. and Qupaion 10 cur or country. FteaftCfiT* ma a call. Don't forjat tha nunhar. JNO. MARKRITF.R. No 4M tMvaatii at.. 4<?>ra abov* nu 6 aoat* Odd Failowa' Hall. N~" ATI ON A L SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Quia STB BIT, Btwm Brut it i mmd Wmtm itnai, Gctrtetowa. D. C. A larga atoolTofCANDLES. Browa, Faoal), CaaUia aad Fancy SOAPS. Ala*. TALLOW awl OR BASF for LooookKi voa, aad a.1 kiadaof always oa hand, * and for aala at prioaa i to rait tfca trad* C. B. JEWELL. PwniilM. it 10 *otf " ' WA?HINOTON I INMKANCf t x st^t COMPAN r. _ J."cT MbGUIRE, PtmUMU s. D. HANSON. 8*er*tarr. ?*?-?* tr | Hw. hamilton. painter. Md dealer in paints. no. 3*s 7th stkut. >mi Odd PtUamt' jb-'l. m rtf PtTtTVls DOWN. UALT1MORS L4FK 1MWRANCE CO -I* 1J roiroum i?Jm ? Johb I. !> *,I T?o*i. Prm. W ? ? * A?fF,?K. ? ? A L ltt>* PA. AT., Gitw IITB ivv itra ST*.. _ North a*d?. A Mill aJtt- W)*rf fant ?4 B???rt?ai.?h at, "^was^f mes \ c^t^iJssasL f OTS OP ?*1ANO? FO? ftKNT AT LOW Ij rmtaa. Pmm wab * tka ?^

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