Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1860 Page 4
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[CmKhwI frm /Irttpmft ] repairs of tire Mine, and miscellaneous Items, Including two of tb? dally eliy newspapers, to be fli -i. bouad, and preserved for the uieof the office; slao, for contingent ?pe?*f?, in addition, under swamp land act of twenty-eighth Sep.emtw?r. eighteen hundred and flf'y, mil ilj?rv Hnuntv acts of twenty eighth September, eighteen hundred and fifty, and twenty-second March, 'ighteeo hundred and fiftytwo, ami act thirty-first August, eightet-n hundred and fifty-two, for the satisfaction of Virginia lahd warrants IS,000 00 F?r fuel, lights, and incidental expenses attending the same. Including pay of furnace-keepers 'i,UOO <W Pension Office: For stationary, binding books, furniture. ind repairing the ssm?, and miscellaneous Items, Including two daily city newspapers, to be led. bound, and preserved for the nse of the office, and for engraving and retouching platea for boonty land warranta, printing and binding the same; also, for expenses In the ?Ifice from Seventeenth to Seventh atreeta, and for furniture In the new office............. 25,00(1 00 For comp^nwioD oi inc toiDmnaioner of Public Buildings, and the clerk and roetsaenger In hia office ... t,900 00 For stationery, blank book*, ploa, drawings, and other contingent rxpenvs of the Commiasioner of Public Building*....?... 250 00 Purveyors General and their ClerJc*. For compensation of the surveyor general of Illinois and Miaaouri, and the clerks in hia office 5,?0 00 For compensation of the aurveyor general of Louisiana, and theclerka In hia office 4,500 00 For compensation of the surveyor feneral of Florida, and the clerks a hia office... ^500 00 For compensation of the surveyor irt>n?rtl c\f lVl>rnn?in anH Iaivs and tbe clerks in bin office 8,300 00 For conapen?ntion of the surveyor general of Oregon, and the clerks in his otlce 7,600 00 For :-i t of snrveyor general's office in Oirgon, fuel, books, stationery, and o: her Incidental ex penses t,000 00 For compensation of the surveyor general of California, and the clerks in hi* office 15,500 00 For rent of surveyor general's office la California, fuel, books, stationery, and other Incidental expenses, Including pay of messenger 2,500 00 For comp-oaacion of the surveyor general of Washington Territory, and the clerks In his office.7,000 00 For office rent for the surveyor aren eral of Washington Territory, fuel, book*, stationery, and other incidental expense# 2,500 00 for compensation of the surveyor general of New Mexico, and the clerk* in his office 7,000 00 For rent of the surveyor general'* office in New Mexico, fuel, books, stationery, and other Incidental expenses 9.500 0 For compensation of translator in the office of the Purveyor General of New Mexico 1,44T7 t*l For compensation of tbe surveyor general of Kanaaar and Nebraaka, and the clerka In bis office............. 8,300 00 For office rent of the surveyor general of Kansas and Nebraska, fuel, tad incidental expenses 3,500 00 Fer coir pe sat ton of I be surveyor fsnerai of Utah, and the clerks In is office 8,000 00 For rent of the surveyor general's nffl t*M in ITbth fn#l tfif Irkn?rv an/4 other Incidental ex, en?es 2,500 00 For compensation of the surveyor general In Minnesota, and tbe clerks In his office 8,300 00 For oompennation of clerks In the offices of the surveyors general, to be apportioned to them according to the exigencies of the public service, to be employed la transcribing fleld-notes or soiVeys for tbe purpose of preserving tbem at tbe seat of government 25,000 00 For the salary of the recorder of laud titles in Missouri 900 00 War Department. For compensation of the Secretary of War, and the clerks, messenger, assistant messenger, and laborer la la hia office - 89,000 00 For compensation of tbo clerks and messenger in tbe office of the Adjutaut General 13,640 00 For compensation of tbo clerks and messenger In the office of tbe QuarlArmiufor flaoA'al AM* ,U uixo- < W|TMI Ml For compensation of the clerks snd messenger in the offlce of the Paymuter General 11,410 00 Far compensation of the clerk# and m?<NM-nger. and laborer in the offlce of the Commissary General 10,040 00 For compensation of the clerks and messenger in the office of the 9urgeoc General 3,240 00 Far compensation of the clerks, messenger, and laborer in the offlce of Topographical Engineers 10,610 00 For compensation of the clerks and messenger in the offlce of the Chief Engineer ...^ _ 8,'.M0 00 For compensation of the clerka and lessenger in the office of the Colonel of Ordnance.- 12,340 00 Contingent trptnsti of tkt War Department. Office of the Secretary of JVmr: For blank books, stationery, booke, imp*, extra clerk hire, and miscellaneous i.ems - 5,500 00 Office of the Adjutant General: For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items 8,000 00 Office of the Quartermaster General: For bUnk book', binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items 1,200 00 Offlce of the Paymaster General: For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items - 500 00 Ofl&Ct* (f the Commluartr General . For blank books, binding, stationery, aid miscellaneous items ? 1,200 00 Otuce of U>*- Chief Engineer : For blank books, binriiug, stationery, and mwxretlaneons Items, including two dally Washington papers 900 00 Office of tb- Snrgeon General: For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items _ 400 00 Office of Colonel of Ordnance: For blank book*, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items 500 00 Office of the Colonel of Topographical Engineers . For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous item* 1,900 00 For ikt g.iMeal pur-posts of Iks northicast </?csIim bMiUing For compensation of foar vritchmen and two laborers of the northwest executive build ng 3,800 00 For rael, light, and miscellaneous uems - 4,900 00 For tke gt*4T?i purpous tf tkt buildin? eortur of F ??4 S*v*mttt?ik itrdtl. Tor compensation of superintendent, four wsteomrn, and two laborer* for said but ding 3,MO 01) For fuel, eompeusatloa of tremeo, and miscellaneous item* 4,800 00 Vary Department. For compensation of tbe Secretary of tbe >a<rjr, and the clerks, mes*?nf er, assistant messenger, and laboer in bl* office 99,900 00 For compensation of tbe chief of tbe bureau of Navy-Yards aad Docks, and tbe clerks, messenger, aad laborer In Ui office - 14,140 00 For compensation of tbe chief of the Bureau ol Ordnance and Hydrography, aad tbe clerks, meseaoger, aad laoorer t a bis office 19,340 00 For compensation of tae chief *f tbe Bureau of Construction, Equipment, and Repairs, aad of tbe en. gloeer-in-cblef. and tbe clerks, in*-Meager, and the laborer* la his office - 91,340 00 For compensation of the clerks, mes wanr, aim l?HUT 1* the UurftQ of pravlaioaa aad Clothing 8,040 00 For (omptattloa of the chief of tho Bureau of Modiclue and Surgery, aud tho cietka, moaaeiiger, tad laboier hka ot&ce .. 9,640 00 CvmUmgtml irp?uti of tkt Navy Dijurwini Olc* Secretary of tho Nary: For blank books, binding, Ution?ry uewapapera, periodicals, and HUimiMWW ItMM.... 2,840 ?0 Baraau of Yard" aal Docks t ' * For atatlooory, book*, plana, aad . draw toga W0 00 Bvtaa of Ordaaaeo aad lydrotrapky: For blank books, stationary, and mlaMilanooai ltenn .. 788 00 Bureau of Cooatructloa, Bqaipmant, aad Ropairs: For blaak books, b4adlag, StettoaEJZ!**' 808.8 ^ ??>oooo???aoaoooo*aao w | I Bureau of PrortstoM tad Clothlag : Por blank books, stationery, and miscellaneous Items MSIMtM 700 00 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery : Por blank books, stationery, snd miscellaneous Item* *50 00 For the gtmtral purpotu of tkt tenthte/*t tz'tutiv* bnilding. For compensation of four watchmen of the southwest executive buildIn* a,400 oo Por contingent expenses of said building, viz : Por labor, fuel, lights, and misoellaaeous items ? 3,913 00 Post Orricn Dipaktmsnt rut cvmuvaMnivii ui mr ruBimas'cr General, three Assistant P<>stma*ters General, and the clerks, messenger, assistant m"s?entfers, watchmen, and laborers of said department 157,800 00 Contingent expenses of said department : For blank books, binding, and*stationery, fuel for the General Post Office building, including the Auditor's office, oil, gas, and candles, printing, day watchman, and for miscellaneous item*. for repaira of tbe General Post Office building, for office furniture, glazing, painting, whitewashing, and for keeping the fire-places and furnaces In order 15,000 00 General Post Office extension. For watchmen, engineer, (for steam engines.) laborers, fuel, gas, candles, repairs of furniture, and for miscellaneous items 10,000 00 Printing for executive denart. W rf - i " me nt s. For paper and printing for the executive department*, including the annual estimates of appropriations, and the piper, printing, and binding; of tbe annual statement of commerce and navigation of tbe United 9tit?s 55,000 00 Mint or ths United States At Philadelphia. For kalarles of the director, treasurer, assayer, melter, ard refiner, chief coiner and engraver, assistant assayer, assistant melter and refiner, ana seven clem* 27,900 00 For wages of workman and adjusters 07,000 00 For Incidental and contingent expenses, Including wastage, in addition to other available funds 30,000 00 For sp-cimens of ores and coins to bs reserved at the mint..- 3(10 00 For transportation of bullion from the New York assiy office to tbe United States mint for coinage.... 5,000 00 At San Francisco, California For salaries of superintendent, treasurer, assayer, melter, and refiner, coiner, and fl?e clerks. 30.500 00 For wage* of workmen and tdiueirr* 90,K8 00 For incidental and contingent expenses. Including wastage, in add tlon to other available funds 29.140 21 Assay office, New York. Fftr ?alaf<?a nf ?r?H i?larW <M ftftA . wmbvv ? m v*v. m. . ? ,;nn? w Porwmjsiof workmen 24,000 00 At New Orleans. For salaries of superintendent, treasurer, astayer, coiner, melter, and refiner, and three clerks 18,3<?0 00 For wagea of workmen '28,519 45 For incidental and contingent expense*, Including wastage, in addition to other available funds 30,000 00 At Charlotte, North Carolina. For salaries of superintendent,coiner, aasayer, and clerk 8 000 00 For wages of workmen. 3,500 00 At Dahlonega, Georgia. For salaries of superintendent, coiner, aasayer, and clerk 0,000 00 Govsbxmsnt in tub Tbrritobibs. ? Territory of New Mexico. For salaries of governor, three judges, and secretary IS,000 00 For contingent expenses of said Territory 1,000 00 For interpreter and translator in the the executive office '00 00 For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assem>il? oUrl.? - " * w.|! W..VV. *, Vtviaa, C*u\'. V?/Ullllgrul expenses of the assembly 10,000 00 Territory of Utah. For salaries of governor, thiee judges, and secretary 11,000 00 For contingent expenses of said Territory 1,500 00 Territory of Washington. For salaries o( governor, three JfedgM, and secretary. 19,300 00 For contingent expenses of said Territory 1,500 00 For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly, otflcem, clerks, and contingent expenses of the assembly 30.000 00 Territory of Nebraska. For salaries of the governor, three Judges, and secretary 10,400 00 For contingent exi>en*i?? of ?i<i ? -?_ ? ?, ? rltory 1,000 00 For compensation and mileage of tbe member* of the legislative assembly, officers, clerk*, and contingent expenses of tbe assembly 20,000 00 Territory of Kansas. For salaries <-f governor, three judge*, and secretary. 10,500 00 For contingent expenses ot said Territory 1,300 00 For compensation and mileage of tbe members of the legislative assembly, officers,clerks, and contingent expense* of tbe assembly 20,000 00 Judiciary. For salaries of tbe chief justice of the supreme court and eight associate justices 51,500 00 For salaries of the district judges 113.250 00 I w " - * r or naiary or tne circuit juuge of California 8.U00 00 For salaries of tbe cnief justice of the District of Columbia, ibe associate judges, and the judges of the criminal court ?nd the orphans' court... 15,750 00 Office of ike Attorney General. For salaries of tbe Attorney General, assistant attorney general, and the clerks and messengers In his office . 17,500 00 For contingent expenses of tbe office of the Attorney General 3,000 00 For purchase of law and uece?aary books for the office of the Attorney General 500 00 For the purchase of deficient Biam Reports and statutes for the office of the Attorney General 500 00 For fuel and labor for the office of the Attorney General 600 00 For furniture and bookcases for office of the Attorney general 300 00 j For Ifflral -?-4 0? ouu utuer necesMry expendltur *s la the disposal of private land claims la Callfornia 10,000 00 For special and other extraordinary expanses of California land claims . 90,000 00 For salary of tbe reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Court 1,300 00 For one Hundred and fifty copies of volume twenty-third of Howard'* Reports of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States to be furnished by tbe reporter thereof to the State Department for distribution according to existing laws 740 00 For compensation of the district attorneys 11, MO 00 I For compensation of the marshals.. 10,400 00 For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, e<rcuit,and district courts of the United State*, including the District of Columbia; also for jurors and witnesses, ia aid of th? funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfeitures Incurred in the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, elphteea hundred and sixty-one, and ' previous years; and likewise for defrayiag tbe expettse* of suits In whica the United States are con | ceroed, and of prosecutions for offenses committed against tbe United States, snd for the safekeeping i . of prisoners. 1,000,000 00 For the detection and bringing to trial of persons engaged la counterfelting the coin of the United States, to be expended uuder the direction Of the Secretary nf th? Tr? ?? _ _ _ ? m m ? ui J . IUjUW Independent Treasury. Por aalariea of the aaalatant trraiurera of the United Statea at New York, Bout ?n, Charted ton, and St. Loula.. 16,100 (JO Por additional aalary of the treasurer of the mint at Putlad'lphla 1,000 00 Por additional ?altry of tne treasurer of tWe branch wi'nt at New Orleana SOU 00 Par aalariea of flva of the addittooal clerka authorised by the acta of ixtb Aug oat, eighteen bundled and forty-aix. aad paid aader acta of twelfth Auguat. eighteen hvndred and forty-???ght, third March, eighteen huud-ed and fifty-one, and third March, elghtaaa handred aad fifty-flee fl,7U0 00 Por aalary of additional clerk in atktm of a*ai?tant treasurer at Baotao.... 1,900 00 Por aaiariaa of ciarka, me?agara, and watchmen la tha ofltoa of tha aaaistaat treaaamr at New Yark.... 13,900 go Par aalariea of ntna supervising aad flfte local iaapeetora, appointed aadar act thirtieth Aagaat, algkItea hundred and fifty 4 wo, far Ua better protMtlM of tb# llraa of pa? eager* by team boats, with traveling and other expenses Incurred by them 80,000 00 , For compensation of the laborer in charge of the water-closets In the Capl tol ? ? ?? mm I3f" 00 Por compensation to the public gardener 1,440 00 For compensation of twenty-two laborers employed in the public em ..J n I J ? 1- i ? ? ?A A** giuuuus Auu r rrviarni'B ^iracn . ,4 U,WU UU j For compensation of the keeper of the western gate, Capitol square 871 00 For compensation of two day watchmen employed In tha Capitol | square 1,200 00 , For comDensation nttwo ntirht wmtrh. men employed at the President's House I^MOOO For compensation of the doorkeeper at the President's bouse 600 00 For compensntion of the assistant doorkeeper at the Presldent'a house 600 00 For compensation of one night watch* man employed for the better pro lecuon or tbr buildings lying south of the Capitol, and used a* public stables and carpenters' hop 600 00 For compensation of watch me a employed on reservation number two. 600 00 For compensation of four draw-keepers at the Potomac bridge, and for fuel, oil, and lamps 3,266 00 For compensation of two draw-keepers at the two bridges across the eastern branch of the Potomac, and for fuel, oil, and lamps..?.1,160 00 For compensat'.oa of auxiliary iruard and one lieutenant, and far fuel, oil and lamps, and for twenty polit e men, to be appointed In the same manner as the auxiliary guard 33,400 00 For furnace-keeper at the President's house <00 00 Expenses of the collection of Revenue from Lands. To meet the expenses of collecting the revenue f. om the sal* of public lands In the several States and Territories: For salaries and commissions of registers of land offices and receivers of public money* ?62,700 00 For expenses of depositing public moneys by receivers of public moneys.... 30,000 00 For Incidental expenses of tbe several land offices 30,000 00 Penitentiary. For compen?ation of tbe warden, clerk, physician, chaplain, assistant keepers, guards, and matron of the penitentiary of tbe District of Columbia 13,MO 00 For compensation of three inspectors of said penitentiary 750 00 For the SUDnort *n<t milnl*n?n(? ?' said penitentiary 6,496 86 For payment of messengers of the respective States for conveying to the seat of Government the votes of the electors of the said State* for President and Vice President of the United States 2'.),000 00 Toenable the Secretary of the Interior to pay such amounts as may by him be regarded as reasonable and just for the rent of the roinu occupied by the United States courts at Los Angelos, California, from the twentv-seventh October, eighteen huna red and fifty-four, to the fifth August, eighteen hundred and fifty* six 3,000 00 For extra compensation and salaries to the district judge* of California, under the provisions of the seventh section of the act entitled 11 An art to define and regulate tbe jurisdiction of tbe district courts of tt>? United State* in California, In reuard to tbe survey and location of California private land clsima," approved June, [sixteenth] eighteen hundred and sixty 22 000 00 86,0*0,503 78 By the act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of Ike gorern*91*1 it fes-r tkm i-?- ? ** - 'l '-* ... -J ?? ??o jcwr cwuing I ftC I/llfH" th of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-one Survey of the Coast. For continuing the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coast or the Lai ted States, (Including compensation of civilians engaged in Ibe work, and excluding pay and emoluments of officers or the army and navy, and petty officers and men of the navy employed on the work ) .... 960,000 00 For continuing the survey of the wmein coast or tne United Stat**, Including c?n>pen?itlon of civilian* engaged on the work 190,000 00 | For continuing the survey of the Florida reefs and keys, (Including I compensation of civilian* engaged In tbe work, and excluding pay and emoluments of officers or the army and navy, and petty officers and men of the navy employed on tbe work ) 40,000 00 For running a line to connect tbe trlangulation on tbe Atlantic coast 1 with that on tbe Gulf of Mexico, across tbe Florida peninsula, including compensation to civilians engaged in tbe work 5,000 00 I For publishing the observations made In the progress of the survey 1 of the coast of the United Spates, including compensation of civilians engaged In tbe work 5,000 00 Fur repairs of steamers and sailing 1 schooners u<?ed in ;be coast survey. 10,000 00 1 For fuel and quarters, and for mileage or transportation for officers and enlisted soldiers of tbe army serving in tbe coast survey, In cases no _il^. .UVM *^r? wj tun ?|uirifrmi?ter > department 5,000 00 ] For pty and rations of engineers for seven steamers, u?ed in the hydrography of th? coast survey, no longer supplied by the Navy Department 12.800 00 ] To supply deficiency in the fund for the relief of sick and disabled sea- I men 175,000 00 For the discharge of such miscellaneous claims, not otherwise provided for, as shall be admitted in ] due course of settlement at the 1 treasury 5.000 00 For preserving the unfinished work upon the Charleston custom-hona* s non mi < To pay for the maible already delivered at tbe Cbarleaton custombouse, to be used in continuing tbe I work on that building 15,000 00 For preserving (be unttnltbed work upon tbe New Orleans custombouse.. 6.000 00 To pay for marble already delivered I at tbe New O leant custom-house, to be used lu continuing tbe work on that building 35,000 00 J To enable tbe Secretary of the Trew- ] ury to fit up ready for the occapancy of tbe postmaster and bis force the necessary room* In the rmtom-bouse building at New Or lrans, that la one-half of the first floor of the old levee front (designed for tbe Poet Office Department) according to the original design SO,000 00 For tbe extension of the Treasury building 050,000 00 For furnishing rooms in the Treasury building for the office of the Attorney General 8,500 00 To pay for labor on, and material furnl?hed for, the Capitol extension... 153,101 74 To enihlo fh? ?li _ .?|TVI iHtoWUCUi Ml lAKf j care of tbe marble which hat been delivered, and of the shops occupied, and to lay the marble flooring of tbe portlcoa, an<* to pay fjr tbe fcronxe doors 48,990 00 j For contingencies of tbe Capitol extension 1,300 00 ] For tbe prosecution of the work on the Capitol extenaiou during the fiscal year ending tbe thirtieth I June, eighteen hundred and aixty* one 100,000 00 To enable the aaperintendent of the Capitol extension to purchase from Rice and Heebner thirty-four monolithic columus of American mar- < ] ble, at tbe price specified In their supplemental contract of March thirty, elgbteeen hundred and fifty- ] four, tbe marble for aald column* to be approved by the aaid superlntendent - 47,000 00 For contingent expenaeaof the Senate, via: I For fixtures for gas, and furniture for the committee, otter, and other room* and apartments, in the north win./ n* tv. r-.-li-l ? ? ?ft v* *?* v?piwH, am uirrcifa oy ] the resolution of the Senate of thirtieth March, eighteen hundred and sixty, to be expended under tlM direction of the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expen- 1 sea of the Senate _ 19,400 00 For the completion of (be Waabingtan aqueduct, tar be expended according to the plana end eallmatea ( of Captain Metfs, and under hie superintendence 000,000 00 i For furniture required for the new coatom-houae, post offlee, arid Unlt?d Btatea court room* at Whwl. Utbeclty of wffliww... .....i&jm oo' k m ' I' , Light-Houm Esfbliskvuiit. For Atlantic, Gulf, and Lake coasts, For supplying tbe Ugbt bouses end beacon light* With oil, glass chimneys, wicks, chsttlom skins, polishing powder, whiting ana other cleaning materials, transportation ana oiner necessary expenses 01 me same, repairing and keeping In repair the lighting apparatus...... 135,328 00 For repairs and Incidental expenses, reining and improving all the light houses, tad buildings connected therewith 1I5,5:W 14 For salaries of five hundred and sixty-eight keepers of light houses and light beacons, and tnelr assistants...* ! 188,912 V7 For salaries of forty-nine keepers of light vessels - S7,350 00 For *esm*n's wages, repairs, sup plie*, and incidental expenses of forty-eight light v*??ls ~ 172,705 00 For expense* of raising. cleaning, painting, repairing. remoodng,and Applying louse* of buoy* and daybeaconfc. and for chain* and slnaer* for the same, and for colofiBg and numbering all the buoys 107,000 00 For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights and other aids to narigatiou............ 1,414 81 f/vr AAmmiasInn* ? ? ? ? ?- KviHUIinniwua, H >nu WIU IH1I per centum, to such superintendents an are entitled to the tame under the proviso to act tblrd March, eighteen hundred and flflyone, on tne amount that ma* be disbursed by tbeffi, In addition to available balance 0,639 01 For the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington : For supplying fifteen light-houses and heacon-llghts with oil, glass chimneys, wicks, chamois skins, polishing powder, and other cleaning materials, transportation, expenses of keeping lamps and ma chinery in order7 publishing notices to mariners of changes of aids to navigation 11,066 64 For aalaries of thirty five keepers a?4 assistant keepers cf light-houses, at anaverage not exceeding eight hundred dollars per anuum 4,000 00 For eipenses of raising, cleaning, painting, repairing, re mooring, and supplyiug losses of buoys and daybeacon*, and for chains and sinkers for the same, And for coloring and numbering ail the buoys <.?? 3,000 00 For maintenance of the vess?l provided for by the act of eighteenth August, eighteen hnndred and fifty six, for inspection and transportation purposes 30,000 00 For continuing the construction of the light-bouse at Minot'a Ledge, ode ftf tkp PnhMMt rr\r> ka RAfllnn Rao Massachusetts, being tbe amouut remaining to be appropriated to complete the work according to the original estimate 47,000 30 For completion and protection of way to light-house at Huron, Ohio 6,000 00 For the protection of the piers and beacon light on the pier at Clevela <d,Ohio 8,(J00 00 For the protection of the piers and beacon light on the piers at Fairport, Ohio .. 5,000 00 For commutation of fuel and quarters for oflcers of the army serving on light house duty, the payment of wnlch Is no longer provided for by the quartermaster's department 3.20i 29 For compensation of two superintendents for the llfe-iaving stations on the coasts of Long Island and New Jersey 3.000 00 For compensation of fifty-four keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each - 10,800 00 For support, care, and medical treat ment' of forty transient paupers, medical and surgical patients, in Washington Infirmary 6,000 (10 For the purchase of manure for the pablic ground* 1,000 00 For hire of carts on Ifce puPlle grounds 1,096 00 For purchase and repair of tools used ia the public grouuds 990 00 For purchase of trees and tree-boxes to replace, where necessary, such as have been planted by the United States, and the repair of pavements in front ol the ppblic ((rounds 2,900 00 For annual repairs of the Capitol, water>closets, public stable*,water pipes, pavements, andotber walks wlthlatbe Capitol t?quare, broken glass and lock* 5.U00 (A For annual repairs of the President's Uoute and furniture. Improvement of grounds, purchase of plants for rtrdrn and contingent ixpentei Incident thereto 6,000 UO For fuel. In part, of the President's House 1,800 00 Por lighting the Capitol and Presldent's House, the public grounds around them and around the executive offices, and Pennsylvania avenue, tiiidge and Hiffn streets la Georgetown, Four-and-a-half. Sev enth'and Twelfth streets, across the mall 42,000 0Q For purchase of books for library at the executive mansion, to be expended under the direction of the President of the United states 850 00 For repairs of the Potomac, navy yard, and upper bridges 6,000 00 For taking down and rebuilding the souther.itnom span of the bridge across the Potomac, known as the Long Hridge 3,247 51 Por repair* of Pennsylvania avenue . 3,UW 00 Por grading and gravelling B street south, from Seventh to Fourteenth streets west, setting curb and paving gutter with stone, and footway with brick on the north side of the .am- ? - *-- - ? ? .? ?, iu iur jiuuiic mcrTKinn W For enclosing the circle at the intersection of Pennsylvania avenue and New Hampshire avenue and K and Twenty-third streets with wrought iron raiting Ave feet high #,019 47 for public reservation number two and Lafayette square 2,000 00 For taking care ot the grounds south of the President's House, continuing the improvement of the same, and keeping them In order 500 00 ?or repairs of water pipes. MM 00 ?or cleauiug out the sewer traps on Pennsylvania avenue and repairing the same 900 00 for repairing the fence around that portion of the mill upon which the .->mithkonian building is situated... 500 00 Pap rnrnina nawinr? u * , v ? ?n ) ?uvi watfc ua | gutter, laying atone footway and grading on the south aide of Misaouri avenue from Third to Sixth streets west 1,939 37 i^or aeata of wood In the Bmithaonian grounda ....... 100 00 For Surrey of the Public Lands. For surveying the public landa, (exclusive of California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico. Kanaaa, Nvbrarka, and Utah.) including Incidental expennea and ialand surveys in the interior, and all other special and difficult aurveya demanding augmented rates, to be apportioned and applied to the aeveral surveying districts,according to the exigencies of the public service, including expenses of selecting avramp land - and thecompenaation and expertises to survey or to 1 oca to private land claims in Louisiana, In addition to the unexpended balances of all former appropriation*. SO,000 00 For slurrying the public lands and private land claim* in California, to be disbursed at tbe rates prescribed by law for tbe different kinds of work 90,000 00 For surveying tbe pnblic lands and private land claims in iVew Mexico 10,000 00 For surveying tbe public lands la Kansas and Nebraska, also out 1 loos f Indian reservationa 90.000 00 rs I m ?? " r hi Mixy 01 me ciers detailed for the special service in tbe General Land Office to attend to tbe unfinished nurveva In tbe State*, when the oitttM iH the *urreyo?? general bar* been closed S,0Q0 00 For surveying the public land* la Oregon, co be disbursed at tbe rate* now authorised by law 90,000 00 for surveying the public lands In Washington Territory, at (he rate* now authorised by law 15,000 Ofi Pdtmt Office. ?_? J * ror arnwinif to illustrate tbe report of tlie Commissioner of Patents . for the year eighteen hundred and slaty ..7 9,000 00 r or collection of agricultural statls* lies, investigations for prnteotlag ricaltural and rural economy, and the procurement of catlings and seeds c M^OO 00 'or espouse* of lecriving, arraag lag sad taking care of copyright books, charts, and other copyright matter. 1,400 09 iovtrument Ho.ijntal for tks In sunt. V *.'"bit ror the support, clothing, and medical treatment of the insane of the DUtrict of Columbia, and of the fcrmy aad navy, ail the asylum in sold district 30,000 00 ?nt hAnk. i I* ?-l I the asylum, < #00 001 For completion of U* four Mtmi actions Of th* ?OSt W1U of the kmpltal odlftce 31,111 For furnishing the four eastern mc(ioni of the cut wing of the hospital edlflce 9 M3 00 For extending the henting apparatus Into the four eastern sections of the hospital rdllce 0,000 00 F.ip ArMtllnff fnfnUhi* and heating a lodge for colored women corresponding to that already erected and occupied by colored men.. 10,000 00 For a gas holder, to be placed la a position In the rear of the oart wing of the hospital corresponding to that occupied by the present gas holder In the rear of the waat wing 1,000 00 Rrs/nxiirf J . + v ' m"S v I ?yi? For preservation of the collections gf the exploring and sure jrlng ex position* of the government 4,000 00 Institution of the Dtaf, Dumb, a/uf Blind. For salariesaod incidental expenses of the institution of the deaf.dam *, ?* blind in the District of Columbia.. ftyOOO 00 For expenses to be Incurred la taking the eighth census of the Inhabitants of the United States 1,000,000 00 For extension of the General Post Office 70,000 00 Botanic Garden. For grading, draining, procuring manure, tools, fael, ana repairs, purchasing trees and shrubs for botanic garden, to be expeadoA under the direction of tha Libra ry Committee of Congress. #?* For pay or horticulturist tod Mailt' ants in the botanic garden and green-houses, to be expended under the direction of the Library committee of Congress 5,ltl 93 To enable tbe Secretary of the Interior to supply such newly created offices as are entitled thereto by the act of elgtth ot August, eitiht hundred and forty-six, with full sets of the Statutes at Large, and to replace those once furnished to old officers which have since been unavoidably lost or destroyed 1,000 00 For completing tbe printing, blading, and publiahlng one tnousand copies of the papers of James Madison, under the direction and control of the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress. 6,600 00 For tbe completion of the capitol In tbe Territory of New Mexico 60,000 00 tor converting tbe old Senate chamber into a court room, tbe old court room into a law library, and for fitting op the rooms in connexion with tbem. fjr the use of the Supreme Court and its officers '26.000 60 For the survey of the eastern boundary of California, in pursuance of a law pasted during tbe preaeat f?lslon of Congress for that purpose.. 68,666 66 For the repair of the capitol building ia 6.000 00 For the sunrey of the forty-sl* parallel of north latitude, to hr u It constitute* n cotLmou boundary be(wmd Oregon nod Washington Territory... 4-500 00 To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to tike Chickasaw Indians Interest on one hundred thousand dollars, part of their an tlonal fund which was paid Into the treasury in January, eighteen hundred aad fifty-seven, on account of the rrd-roptlon of that amount of tbe State stock of Ohio previously held by that department In trust for that fund ........ 81,000 00 For tbe purpose of paying etlsting liabilities, and to finish the map*! And rfilrnltf^ne ?k- * ,?w? iuc ?urrcy Ol tbe Atrato route of the interoc*ante canal 6,500 00 For fitting up tbe room* In tbe centra building of the Capitol, formerly occupied bv tbe Senate committee* on naval, military, and Indian affairs, for tbe use of the Court of Claim*, tinder the snperlntendrnce of tbe Commissioner of Pablie Buildings J OT0 00 To pay the publisher* of the American Utate Papers, ordered to b? printsd bv tbe act of June twelve, eighteen hundred and flfty-elgbt, at tbe rate per volume paid for printing tbe ilrst aeries of the said work l*ss fifteen per centum, aa tbe aarae mav be delivered to tbe Secretary of tbe Interior, and on hla uci umn ? I B'llWJT MO 000 00 I To settle a:.d adjust tbe accounts of tbe contractor for tbe erection of tbe United States custnm-bouso and poit-o&ce at 8*n Francisco, California, and to pay to said contractor the amount tbat may be found to be justly due to btm under tbe contract* made between aid contractor and tc? nr?n?r I fleer* of the government for erect* In/ raid building, and also ouch | Hum an may be found due for furnishing the same Indefinite S3.0K.mlu M B jr tk* act making further appropriations for tk* ttrrxrt of the Post Offitt Department during the Jit cat y ear tmlmg the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundrtd and sixty For transportation of the malls, (inland)..: 7.M4.0I* 00 For rompenration to postmasters.... 1.276,000 00 For clerks In the ofllcea of postmasters 475 000 00 For ship, xtexmboat, and way letters. 20,000 00 For office furniture in the postofllces 4.0U0 00 For advertising...., 70 00i 00 For mall bags and to pay to the contractors for furnishing leather mall pouches, wrapping and printing paper, man lock* and keys, and stamps, Interest, a! the rate of six per cent, on all sums heretofore due kbId contractors, and which remained unpaid for want of funds, from the time said sum* were doe to the dnv when the principal sums were In fart paid 27 SOO 90 Por blanks 64,000 40 For wrapping paper ? 000 00 For mail locks, keys, and stimps 7,500 90 For mall depredations and special agents . ... .. XIMa > For miscellaneous payments 900,000 00 For postage stamp* and stamped envelopes ..... 90,000 00 For payments of balance doe to foreign countries 900 000 00 For payment* to letter carriers 187,007 00 To supply deficiencies In the revenue of the Post OMce Department fer the year ending the thirtieth of June,eighteen hundred and slxtv.. 9,198,384 00 To pay C K Collins and his associates the remaining balance found due them upon their contract for transporting the United States mall a *. Dei ween new York and Liverpool. 80,an 7* 13,?35,1? 71 By the joint resolution mainmf mm appropriation for (JU Equestrian Sf'.ue of Washington Transporting and placlniz Mills** statue of Wastaingtoa oa the pod? tal designed by the proper astkorltlM, and In the ceremonies approprist* to (he occaaloa 10,OTO 00 By tkt joint resolution for tk* rolitf^f the contractors of tk* Pott OJU* Ikport men t. For carrying the mills, aad of root* gents, daring the quart#* cod lag thirty Irst March, eighteen hundred and alxty, under the prorlslona of the art of July aoooiid, eighteen hundred and thirty alm_ UMnlM. By tk? rutlution in regard t# Ike Minister from Java*. To defray the expenses or the envoys and suite constituting the Jap ansae Embaasv, expected to arrive la tho U nited Statea, to be expanded under .the direction of the Snaratary of State 00 Bf th? fttoiwH* fir the rtluf if A M. Pridlty, Uti mgtnt fm tkt fiwii ! bago fodiamt I Tho amount of jadgmeat paid by hlM oa the twenty-sixth of March, eighteen hundred and Aftf4isht. I ud which vu obtalMd agsiast him on thf fifteenth of Juntir, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, In the United State* district court for the second district of M inamtt, la coasequence of his haviig. nadar positive orders of the CoasrolastaMr pi'-af Indian Aflhlrs. disreenr^d aa ' ' injunction obtained against him In said court la regard to the atymat of oartalB moneys belonging to tha Winnebago I ad tana, and whiA orders said Fridiey was compelled to and did obey aad carry oat .. laMalta. By tk* rtsulntum /or Us rtUt/ %f i Arthur Zdwnrw* mmd hi* Btimi Hff f For carrying th* throng h nails ea their boats benvaea Cleveland aad Drtrott, fUadasfcy aad Detroit, and Toledo aad Detroit, dnrlac the ??f> W "* " 1. B*nUii, J?u Cmhuhmmt UU Pmitut 8tmm it ? nrn4_mml*_ ? ?? ? p iw> wnwwi mpw Sreim <W Jlititt, mm4 fmr mtktw Mmaaaa To Mja*t the aecounta of Johi R Bi't.rtt, late CommlMloner of tee United State* under the treaty ef Guadalupe Hidalge, tb na and mark the houadery Ilea between the Catted Statea end M-itoe upon pr4nctplea, inet. Jhlr, nod equiiab* to the aeid Bart lett and to the I' ailed Htnten, end In confomttv with the aaagf la aoeh eeeea, and te aacertala er caaaa la he aacertniae*. ?n making aatd adjuat?eai, whether the aeid ft a r tied hae reraieed /JkilK kl. >.iuui>l arltk t W* VIVU>\ H pvil HI* VWUM? " ?? ? ?OTernn.rnt, and If *o, Wtaf imouit, tmr ?dr?nr??. Ifm. road* l?v Thorna* w TumIU, Uifqatrand ramainwr ?f ?M boundary commiaaloa. I* ?af*w Bad imr U tW naplvyaMt ad Ito aatne and claimed b? Mid Taa?lil to be diM Ut htm at tb? tiae *f U? turmag over hta liaaafer (lata mi o?cer? aad men, br order of aald Bartlett, to OeorKa W . Tburber, htB aaocfaaor, deducting from tha amount >ucb auma a* bin but paid lo the aald TanaiU ...?...... laMllM Of i*' u mi rt trillion r?r t?t r? J Wtllimm H Dt Qr?t To WtU? (b? ifrotul of WI1IIMB H Or Oroot on principle* of an* equity atlowlag to (be ni4 D? Groat tke tmnnoi of m?My Mlaally expanded by bint la u4 ikMl the ritrurtN of (k? Mid coatract; and also to Indemnify blm for Mrk looaee, liabilities, aod 4imirM aa, by virtue of tke hM raeolattea, La waa entitled ta receive In4a*atta By tkt Ml for the rtluf th ltg+l repTiitnmttra 9/ CkmrUs fttrtM, maMMI For lb* amount of bomt p*M lato the United States Patent Oftcc Vy the Mid P'trsoa, while be wa? laboring under 1 itite of iaaaaKr.. M0 Ef U<?ci /or tkt rtiuf ?/ Tkemm* FUttkrtmm. For aalary aa aocrriaijr ?f ibc board of oom miss loners of the aary boa pltai fund, from Feb uary seventh 10 May alxtroatk, Aaao Doaslal eigbtoen hundred and tweaty crtn, and for commiaaioao oa (be diaburaementa of said fund between ibe ye*rs eighteen hundr'd and twenty lea andclgbteca baa mna iwrair-aiif V? p By tkt met ft the relief */ Lpdtm Frattt, vdctr and admim?*t*mtrtx / Jokm Fraztt, l+u of tkt e*ty if Mew Y*rk. For tbe MfTlen of ih? nI4 John Frm?oe, m irekllfct ?4 MftrrlMn4h( of the New York eiil?lhouse, fiow tbr third day of March Aim D >mlni eighteen b?iwA ad forty oa*, to tbe tweaty-Arat day of May, Aono Doaaial eighteen hundred ?*d forty-two 1^0 W By tk< met /?? tkt rtlitf tf Wtiitmm Gtifer For all claim* against the l:eMe4 BM?i bv virtue of kit ooatraat litde on the eighteenth day of October. eighteen hundred and ftltyfour, at Fort Snttk City. wlthOaptatn Freact, for lim?, ttox, end WMWX'k, far u< on the barrack* at Fort Wublia, ta tba Cherokee nation 4.010 ?3 By tkt met for tkt rtiitf if Main JNMs. To pay to Moeee Noble, went for tbe brlgJ'Good Hope," and tbe scbooa era Delta. Jasper,9a'dme, Five Staters, Commonwealth. and T wa rotbera, for tbe beaeflt of tbe par oni entitled thereto, for taking bounties to which aaid veserIs became entitled In tbe tsbme season of the year eighteen hundred aad fty-two 7 1,*4 By tkt met for the rtlvtf of Ckmrmtr T Scat ft, mdmimistrmtor of Gxloort Stmlktr F 01 (lit uu and itrTlc* of tb* itewVoel "J?nie? Adam*,'' belonging l? Mid ^Ulkcr, froHt the firet day of Auga?t, eighteen bucdrvd and forty-one, to tU ninth dav of July, tightni hundred and fartytwo . i,M M Bp tko met for tA* rtlttf cf Mori mm* 0. Vol if go For the occupation by the troop* mi the United 9t>to??l a building oa (be aquar? of Sonoma, la CallfnrI III, lrom May tairtl?tb, eightero hundred and lortv-el ght, to Auguat, eighteen hundred and fifty-three.... fiJIfiO OA JJ t tkt met far ik* mIu^ ? r T*. ?i Ttlgkmam For lo???e ?u?tau<*d by bin in com*| ^uract of bb ippalitant U t m?aulate, which ?<a abollabed by (be I Rpulih Oonerii rrient while be wu (Mi bU vir to lake ehv|t of lb* uine 1,000 00 Bf tkf met for tktrelitf of A M Mttchell, late colonel of Ohio *W. Umteer? m lie UextcMm wmr. For tr&naportatlon from Montfrrr to Cincinnati, and from Cincinnati to Monterey, la eighteen bondrtd ??4 forijr-atx, the trTp not having bees De formed under order*, but by leave granted in conin-qoenre of tcmnararw Jk ?. ml**- ? ' . - j uinsviiiiy, t?u?m ny wou nd% received ! ectien oo thr twenty Int of 8 ptfmber, rlybtaen Lund red and forty-six. ? Mrlall* Bf lk< act for Ik* r*li*f #/ Airkmrd W. Mead*. For f xpenaea incurred by him aad hta cierk fur aubaUteoce, while under order* of the Navy DtpvtiMRt ud detained on shore at Aon Franetaco, from tbo fifteenth of July to tk* th'rtieth of September, eighteen hundred and forty-aloe, low the amount already received by then * 1 * ?11 m --- v^mwuvauvH VI IHCH lillODI during tbe umf ptrtji..^. C9$ By tk* mti for tki t*litf if G*org* SttmUy For eervlcea readt-iod and ripMM \ lorurred by film u agent, appointed by the Indian con ntwIoMri uf tb? L attrd tftau-* for tkr S'att of California to via it the noitktrt tribe* of Indiana la aa>d State lndelaite By tkt oci for ike rtluf of Dotid D Porttr For certain extraordinary ex penaea la eurred by him in the dtachain of biednty, ander the orders of tbe Nary Department, on apeetei am lea to tbe talaad of St Domingo KJ W p By tk* ??t for Ik* rolttf of Gtorg* 3 Bottn. lou acting pmrur of tk* oloop of wr Por umoutk For tbe amount prop- rly payable to a puraer, of a aloop-o.'-war, for bU ; eerrleee aa acting puraer aa afore aaM during tbe period be acted aa poraer, deducting tborefro?i tba amoont paid to aald Baron lor tbe aame period aacoianawder'a clerk, ladedaite fift fie Met f- * *" "* M _ 9 j?? ?<*? t/ w !? < P*r tb? perpetual oor, ! ?U tko pwMl u? fmnro aUda? wliMtrt Mats of tbe Units* Bam, oi tta iMkJtlu for Mptrui^ l*M m4 other prccious mUU horn fawj?? ubsUooM, of wfcteh tfeo hI4 mword N. KeM U the io von lor n4 j^jp ^ Jf <ti Oil /or Ik / iiwort Jf XUvou. rU?? e/ TopMM 14 oorrf 0. ?Umm ty u tkm par meat of a Wluc? erraaeaualy appearing 4ac frona ikr u|4^K EUtett ai^tfca ^ J| Mi act fm ikt rrlttf ff Jmtmtmh Pot Ikt dttteie*?* af pay illawil Ilea .f the tmlemt OBar (ikialoa and tU> allowed to alter watob1 Bf tk* a?i/?r tk? rtlitf ?f Mrs ira lAa O'Srwa, actdnr / JrmtXa/ar J P J O'Brt. a, i?m if tk* {Tailed SraHi aratjr found doe to ber lata buabaai a* captain of artillery, froa (hi tfclity mt day of December, tlaktrfi bund en iW fMtv-ilM, wit be waa laat Ml 4, to the thirty-trot to of March, el^bteea hundred ill fly. tue <1 - ? of hi* death, and (tor b(s anrounta on the book* of the treaaury he balaaoad Bf tkt met fir the ' *"/ V **? U0?l 7?iMai*tit<i ITilini?, MS J*ma C*a?r For tfcr amou u reared to antd W#tenoaw la schedule J of the tooetv of January <mloi>?, ?i(Moea b a ad rod a ad thieio ?? arttk 1B? *umL ft IHi- P Par erwere ^momi I?jw1m wiHwi bv fetai wfciut iMlmt bf tbt V

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