Newspaper of Evening Star, August 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 18, 1860 Page 3
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i.ocal N;t!Wjr.-'' pubU&ha the LI* of Letter* -rrrdslnlng la tbe Waahiugtav City Pust Oflr? under the provision* of the Uw directing them to be prtated in the newspaper having the largest cirrtilatlon wlitain the delivery of tbe ofice. Its total dally circulation la more than double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Columbia. , . ? ? ?- - t mm ID-Tbonch Thi Sta* Is printed on the fastest pm> in umt south ?f Baltimore, 1U edition Is so large m to require it to be pat to pre** at an e irlf hrur; Advertisements, therefore, should be a<*nt Ir. before ft oVlock m: otberwlae they may not r.ppear until the neit day. . None* to Wa#hi5cto:?ias*.?Those of our fellow-cltlteM leaving fer the watering places and elsewhere should beer In antnd that we do aiot mall Tmi Ann except after payment In advance at the rate of 37% cents per month. Notice.?District of Colombia Advertisements lo be inserted in the ButtMoti 8C* are received at and forwarded from Til St am O flee. T? CresaPkakk asd Ohio Canal.?On Monday ls?t the Bwrrt mf Directors of the canal me?. ording to published notice, ?t Barkeley Sprin s, Morgan county, Virginia. It wut meeting > more than ordinary Interest, inasmuch as It w i understood that the long-mooted and much-debated question or an increase of tolls, particularly on coaL would be re-discussed ana finally dlsP"?iA * On this aecMal the several communities which have an interest in the trade on tha canal, and which would be prejudiced by an Increase of the coat of navigating it, were carefully to be repreaented at tb? Directors' meeting. Thus V>e city of Cumberland was repreaented by Messrs. ticorpc A I'mrre, C. M. Thrnaton, Thtwaa De e?-inen, J. W. Magrnder, J. H.fiordon. William t>. Sprlge, C. W Clahnugh, John Kdiunnds. H T. Weld, Alexander King, and John Humblrd; the rity of Alexandria by Messrs Lawrence B. Taylor and Wn. E. Boothe; the city of Georgetown by Mesara llugh A. Caperton, liati Pickrell. and James A. Magrnder; but the c:ty of Waahlngton was unrepresented. The boating Interrst also at Cumberland and the adjoining region did not forvet to send gentlemen able to explain and d?-f?-nd the views tney entertained. MWvtal rlwlcir stinn* ?rl?l r?aa> <4 liun* to the Bowd of Directors respectfully re jiirsUn^ to be beard upon the subject which had been made. as it w?re. the special order of the m- rHn<; In ever* case these requests were compli-d * ttb. and the delegations patiently heard ia ?i?-pre? atiou of th? proposed increase of tolls. (In belialf of the* ompunies of Allegheny county, tbe ttmrd wrre nddriwd by Mr. C. K Detmond and ?'ol (inrdrn, of New York, and U? tbr Mine ^tn? ral rflat. We learn that several of thrse nddrc*s?s were of much ability and force; at all evnits, tbey produced the desired effect Many other citizens of Maryland and Virginia besides those named were present, as the occasion was on* on which bung the interests of thousands, or rather of tens of tt onsands, of people in Western Mar> land After the delegations had been heard, tbe seven Directors proceeded to a *ote, when It appeared that for raising the tolls th?re were two votes, Messrs. Victor Holuics. of Itnltlmorc, and J. J. Heckert, of Cecil county, Maryland; and against raising them, live votes, vie: Dr. Filzpatnck, of Cun-b^rland. (President of the Board.) Mr Alfred Spatr*. of Allegheny county; E. M. Mealey. of Washington county; F. B Hutton, of Brookvllle. Montgomery county; and J. M Broom. ?'f 8*t. Mary's county. Wednesday was appointed for the meeting at the same place of the four t'cui*uissioners of the Public Works of Maryland, vii: M*^tsrs Roberts. Reynolds. Duke, and Schley, but we learn that no meeting took place. The general Inference seems to be that tue propoK?-d : nerease of tolls Is not considered desirable for the anal; and, as the Baltimore and Ohio railroad interest evince no wish that such increase should takr place, it will not probably be further agitated Pvlick Matte** ? B'fore Ju?ttce Cull ?Dennis CaUhan was accused of disorderly conduct, and Hard *1 94. John H atrsn rharoMi with Vu?h?viriar in a ilia. orderly mannrr, was fined SI 94. Geo Jart>oe, accused of making too much noise In the nubile street*, was lined #2 5H. Jas Lomax. accused of disreputable behavior, waa fined Si Ut. .Mary Magee. charged with keeping her little hop open on th?- Satifcatb day, wa? fined #5.5^ John Ware, accused of Laving Battling to do. w?j sent over to Queeusville for ninety days. James Stuart, accused of boisterous demeanor, was finedSJ 91 Wm. Webster, charged wilh disturbing the pwre. was fined 52 W. F Becket, accused of selling sprituous liquors Without d license, was floed f s". Before Juttirt McKcmhm ?Tkit-odorr Freelaud was made to appear to answer certain grave charges. It seems that Theodore lives with bis Nan-jr Ann in a little house with a randy shop attached to it, which shop Nancy Ann keeps Theodore went and got drunk, and cause home and turned Nancy Ann and her child out of doors, and beat them shamefully. For this act of brutality Theodore slept in the watchhouse, aod neit morning got lined *-"> 91, In default of paymrnt of which he weut to the workhouse. After remaining here a few days he got paid out, and went back to Nancy Ann Here he found that thet h.ld wti'-.h be Lad driven out and beetru had since died, and was then lving dead In the house. NV hereupon he got drunk again because the father of ftancy Ann's child would not pay the expenfc of burying it, and carried on to such an extent tuat he was again arrested and taken before Justice McKenna. and this time fined *10 and costs, a:id in default cf payment wax sent to the workhouse again, this time for ninety days. Yorsfi Zocavid.?Last night the guests at Brown's and the National were highly gratified by the appearance of a corps of juveuife Zouaves to drill before them. Their movements were very regularly performed and excited the surprise of many old soldiers who saw them. After their drill in Brown's a collection was made to furn'sh tliem a complete nutflt. By sjwclal renuest they went to ttie avenue front, to drill for the gMtlOration of tbe lady gnests, who desired to see them Here an 'jflcienf policeman (tbe same who wanted to know \?h-re lVonu's office was when he was ins de it, sometime ago) walked up sud told tlietn lo leave, or he would take them to the. uuard bouaefor blockading the sidewalk. Another ofJ1> er. not of the police, told him hi* duty. The children were not blockading the sidewalk; if there was any violation of law, it was by the adults who were pleased to look at the little fellow'. The bold guardsman insisted, and ilien the information was given him that if be touched one of those boys It would heat bis peril He didn't take any to the guardhouse, but beard the l?rt?e. company around express contempt for his conduct. Night ? I?ast nightwas appropriated to out-door company drills by several of our military corps, and the taps of the drums in tbe early evening attracted many spectators to tbe various armories The National Rifles, Capt J*ch*effer, wenout in fatigue dress, attracting much attention as n?ial. and eliciting appltusc from those who witi 'SKt-d their marching and maneuvering. We understand they contemplate a visit to Pennsylvania at an early date Company C, of the battalion of Washington Light Infantry, paraded in full uniform, under Captain Stevens. This In a new company, but their marching and practice in tbe manual indicate an Interest taken by the members tbat will make It one of tbe best Infantry corps of our city. After a mar. h through the city, tbe corps proceeded to tbe residence of Lieut Cassin. and partook <>f an entertainment prepared for them by tbe Mllcers of tbe corps. Captain Stevens. Lieutenant* ? ..<1 iW. f mwcmv auu v ? T?? cab* or hi little gib.l, Hlvjr Vc .'lean, (mentioned ta our column* yesterday aa Hiving dl?d under pecullnr circumstances tbe nlsettt previons,) was yesterdty foil* ln*e*tlgat?-d by b Jury of tnqueat, presided over bv Justice McKeima, la Um wcniwy absence of the Corouer. It aeeioa from the evident'' elicited that the cblld bad a playmate a little oi?ler Uian beraclf, named Kllza , ftberman. whose 'atber tot pa a ama>l drinklD" atop oa K%a* Capitol street. and that after taking her dinner the day before yesterday, Mary went to aee this playmate, ai<d found her drinking aweet wine from a half-pint cup, ber father beluv altsent front his sbop L'ttls Mary aaked for aonia of tbe wine, and Elisa drew the half-pint cop full, b?d Mary drank tbe entire contents The jury returned a verdict in accordance wltii ttw tbtw fact*. C ex tbe Mabeet ?Tbe market thia morning contains a more complete and excellent aupply tif provisions tnan lor many days past. The attendance ef dealers waa murb better tban is usual at thia aeaaoa, and the stock they offered were obou a selections from tbe rar I?-as sources of supply. The gangways were crowded with purchasers at an early bmr, we were glad to see among tbem Quite a larce number of visiters to the Metroplls. the prtc#e"eww*lly mn about u pu biisbea v?Urday la the " Star " The *?ay market WMfntfd a for supply ia t'a department. The price* ranging fn>m 65 to e6 cte per luu ih?. The driuand wai active aad aim were brisk <i*r Torm Ticmae*!?Byrefrreaeeto the proper columa It will be area tbat the ' Grand Esenr lou ' Of U?e Ninth street Methodist ProWtaut Cburch rome* off on next Wedueadav The manager* oSer a flae oppwiunity to spend a day pleas antly Doubtless It will bo what it was designed t"> be?" something extra " Persona wishing to fartlctpot* will do well to get tbeir ticket* early. Hxt.a rot Covet ?.Michael Harmon, who was trr-sted last night by OAcer Edwardsoa a charge Of larceny, aad bold at the guardhouse Car a hear**> ted a trial this moraing before Justice Dona, Was had to bail for court. ? A b?ndao?H> bonding lav ptoveinent. and one calculated to enhance the *Jue of property in the neighborhood, la in progress at the corner of D Mmt gnrlh and Fourth atreet weat. in form of a fine dwelling booae. owtiea H Mr. Joseph KujjlU, lumber mer'-hant This building front* -JO feet on 1)street and 50 fret on Fourth street, and la flee stories high. The front* are of pressed brick, with brown stone heads and (Ills, and tbe building contains In all twelve rooms. The parlora are larce, and are to be fiuiahed eery elaborately, with marble mantela, { as, and all other modern appurteuancea common a a first-class houae. A handsome tttght of brown stpfte atnps will lead to the parlor entrance, and th? entire building, when completed, will present m my architectural features worthy of observation and Imitation. Tbe building will cost some fM**). The contractor for the work is Mr Samuel Wlae, carpenter; bricklayer. J. H. Deggsa; stonecutter, XVm Rutherford. Mr. Wise has just finished a handsome dwelling house under contract, for Mr. Ailer, neit to the corner of Seventh and H streets. This house Is 39 f*et front by 33 fnot deep, aad has a back building. The main bailding la fonr stories la bight, and contains ten rooms, all of them large, and handsomely finished, with marble mantela, beilKills, gat. water, etc. The back building has a rge kitchen, and over that bath rooms, water closets, etc., and is otherwise arranged for a comfortable dwelling. Tbe front ia of pressed brick, tfith stone window and door beads and stlls, and % handsome balustrade la affixed to the second story front, which is reached from tbe parlor vriadvwa. This dwnlllng cost S4,MJ0, and materially improves the appearance of the neighbor hood. Mr. i. A. Fuss, bricklayer: Nooman. plasterer; Geo. Downey, painter' and glazier; Thompson & Bto., plumbers; T. SchUiley, gasUtter. __________ The Columbia Lodci Pic-hic takes place on Mont^y next?a fact, however, of which we need hardly remind the reader, as froin the boxx of preparation around It is evident that there is a general purpose in the community to improve the opportunity for a day of real pleasure, in the flrst place. Columbia Lodge, as one of tbt most popular aud influential in tne District, or in fact in the country, has a host of warm friends, who re always ^lad to participate in any entertainment in which the Lodge has a hand; and further, there is a large rlass of onr best citizens who atwavs retrrve their days of relaxation from business for such festivals of the Odd Fellows, from the fact that they are sure of excellent order being maintained upon these occasion*, and can count upon thorough good feeling and a general ro0|>cRition for the promotion of hearty enjoyment. The spectacle of the happy and well-cared for orphan children?proteges of the Lodge?enjoying ??wi?h ?uvu /bcmvy im Always a picntdlil feature of tbete reunions, and a feeling of warm respect is elicited from the most indifferent spectator towards au order which, anions? iU other good works, does so much for the widow and the fatherless The ground selected for the festival of Monday is tliat thoroughly delightful spot, the Columbia Springs, rn-.b in grassy glades, s(*arlrliug waters, and imtrlarcbal oaks, whose wide-spreading branches seem to extend an invitation to the toilworn clt'ren to coine and repose for a season in the grateful shade By the advertisement elsewhere it will be seen that the fullest arrangements Lave been nude for tbe convenleme and enjoyment of the gucsls We sigh for Monday ! The District Military?Mr. Edttor: Your last correspondent or reviewer of the former military communications is a little mistaken when be suppes"* that 4,One of them" felt nettled at the ''attention or courtesy extended to tbe younir corps of Rifles " "One of them" is a "lover of the military," as well a? your correspondent, and is glad to seethe R ifles making such rapid progress But I must cuiif-ss that with mera'ins of the corps. I was nauseated by such extravagant doses of soft ?oai>; and 1 only wonder that your correspondent, who writes like an Intelligent man, should indorse all that '-.Military Mp.ii" hn* written His letter, to which mine was a res ponse, was a budget of brugado< in that had the appearance of coming from some buy that would, if he could, write an article. And th?-n in it is a very broad bin', that the corps he pretends to compliment is jmt beginning to be well drilled and well brtd Rather a back banded compliment that! Bnt I have done '-Military Man V lost was his last, be said?his first ought to have b;sn. Hoping that our District Military may Ix-coine the model for the military of the countiy, and the young corps of Riflts the bes' drilled In-their arm of the service, I take leave of you for the present, and to my pugnacious friend "Military Hu" an affectionate - -Good bye, JoLu Yotirs,&c., Osk of Thkm COMMISAIUilKK BLAIR AMD HIS Willi IK PROGRESS.?Doctor Blake has always been regarded as one of the wartn friends of Improvement in Washington, aud has. since be first ocripled the position of Commissioner of Public Buildings, frequently given evidence of his ardent friendship for the city. The improvements upon the Avenue were in a great measure the results of bis untiring efforts; and he is yet engaged in adding to the obligations under wfiieb our cttizens remain. He U now, we learn, urging forward, and will soon bave completed, an alteration of the sewer drop at the corner of Seventeenth street and the Avenue, opposite the residence of the Hon. T. B. I.'l ... 1 ? 1 * ? ? runciicr, wui>;u U<? lUfijr UtCH a ?OUITC (?I Slinoyance to the neighborhood He ha# also orderwl the paving if the sidewalk an H street south, from Seventh to Fourteenth streets,for which the propertv-ho!deia will l>e greatly obliged The street will also '>e graded and graveled The re>ldenta on Mis^ojrl avenue will be grateful for the footway on ihe south aide of the avenue from Th:rd to Four- jnd-a-hulf streets, which gives tbem the advantage of a pleasant walk brueath the handsome shade tree* there. No doubt If the worthy CotnmtKMoiicr had a fund sufficient at his disposal, ht would t>eaiitify many jwrU of our city which a e now eyesores. Imtbovkmkmt or the Noam*** Makkkt? A bill w:<s introduced in the Hoard of Aldermen on Monday afternoon last, making an appropriation to introduce the 1'otcmac water into the Northern Liberties Market-house, and to erect a row of stalls along the north side of the marketspace The petition for the Improvement embraces the names of nearly all the dealers In the market, and the measure is further supported by a letter to the Board of Aldermen from the Commissioners of the Market, urging the appropri in opposition 10 mis i? a remonstrance from n-v^ral pr<>|ierty-holders In the vicinity, who drat re that no appropriation ahall l?e m.idc to ImproTe thr market, but tbat it be removid from ita present location altogether. It la a well known fact that this market produci-a a laruer revenue to the Corporation, in proportion to ita aize, than auy oilier market-house in the city of Washington/which fact would aeem sufficient of ltaelf to justify the increaae of ita facilities by granting the appropriation aaked for. ,As to Ita removal to any other locality, It la a matter which there Will be suScient time to consider after the Corporation aucceeds in raising the money necessary to effect other market house improvement* which have been ao long pending between the two boards of our muuiciiwl legislature Thk Washington Thutii, it will be seen by an advertisement in another column, la to be opened on Thnraday, the first of November next, under the sole lesseeship and management of 8. W. Glean, th? great Washington favorite. On Monday, November 5th, Joseph Jefferson, the celeb a et Americancom~d:an, will commence an engagement of twelve nighta, and will be followed, the manager Informs us. by the most brilliant stars iu the tbeatric&l Armament. Meanwhile, Want's autograph can be got by directing to Old Bowery Theatre, New York. Mkkcckial ?The Washington correspondence of the Baltimore Sun of to-da v. contains the following paragraph: ' The President has pardoned Mr. Keeaan. wbo, it will tie recollected, was convicted of perjury at the June term of l&W; be waa In the penitentiary just one year, and bore a inoat excellent character." Tub Catitol Fuu Po?d?The work on the basin at the we?t front of the Capitol, where wu the alt* of the naval monument, baa been flniabed and the water let In. The beautiful red and *old ttah, which were confined In a amall box during the progresi of the work, have been let Into their old haunt*, apparently much to their delight cmiai Gcabdhou* Casbs - Michael Heiner waa arrested by officer Edward* on a warrant, chawing him with larceny of certain article# of furnitare from 8 8 Parker He waa held for a f irther hearing. Pat Butler,colored,drunk and disorderly; fine and coats *3.15 John Betxah. d > , do ; S3 15 ' Thb Btu aa? Ptaswoais at Columbia Sfbihg*. ? Extensive arrangement* are being male at Columbia Springs foe this affair, to come ? * aanlnu Ull it miut niwut V4 "U v *v?'Mg www ? ^ ?..?? ^wvu tne may be npecW, as the Association never fills U k ye general satisfaction. Don't fall to attend. Stie advertisement In another column. A akiaixni Festival.?The Tamer Society of Washington and Georgetown, assisted bv the Herman Sinking Associations, give a grand festival at the Park, on Monday iex(, to exprras their sympathy and procure pecuniary aid for the ttlctllan peotile For full particulars of the festival, see advertisement in another column. SdHHttr Pusishhbut ? We learn that some negro slaves, who have been operating upon the corncrlba at Anal<?Uti Island, were raptured yesterday evening, and their gntlt b?lng suAclenUy evident, they were tied up and whipped. Probably It V11 h tv? a salutary effect upon them. !>? Woon anp Coal Dk*ljus will And, In HUM column, an ndverttsemeat inviting propoet 11 for furnishing the Interior Department Li.w ...-nlUc In Ihcir Itnp wuo riwin? ? . CotTMACroBM will And eUewLere u advcrtlaemw?i inviting proposal* for furnUhlg iron raiting, ?oping, 4c , tor wcMag the clrok, mm C eorge W ? TBS WEEKLY STAB. C7* Tint valuable and popular family journal, tljp Wbkkly Star, full as usual of Metropolitan i'?wi ami <rcwt|>. and cboic litfrarv reading, ia I on our counter rrtdy fnr delivery to the pub- < lie. Embraced In Its entertaining cont-ritsare the following articles: Wilt thou Love her Still ??a poetic gem; The Wife Tamer?a very amusing sketch; Maxin'sfbr Mirilcd Women; Power of an Atom of Poison; Left the Gas Burning and went to Europe; Gems of Poetry; The American Scientific Association?what eausrs a thunder storm?binocular vision?Cambridge Zoological Museum; The Japanese and the Ethnological Society; The Plighted?a poem; The Total Eclipse of the Sun as seen in S|?ln: A Picture of Queen Victoria and the Royal Family; Acquittal of Judge Terry; School Hours snd Eserclse; The Four Georges; Refining Effects of Sickness; A choice bit of Imperial Scandal; The Prince of Wales among the Ladles; A Wench Woman on America; The Proper Manner for Women to Dress: A Fact for Consideration; HomtcHle near Baltimore?a man kills his wife In a fit of jealousy; Operations of the Patent Office; Proceedings of the Criminal and Police Courts; Speech of Rebert E. Seott, Esq , at the late Bell and Everett Meeting; The Baltimore's Trip to the Great Eastern; The North Carolina Eniaitlre Slave Case; Visit of the President to the Great Eastern?our iv|K'iiuii*ir,ui[CT)Junacat:ej interestinguofrcf* pondoni-.e from " C. 8. N.hv on a north- t ern tour; Sketches of 9nmmer Trawl?tlx J very interest!ng letters from the Editor while ' on a northern tour; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; l.ocal Intelligence, Ac., Ac.; Late news, foreign and domestic, by mall and ! telegraph; Interesting Personal Items: And a great variety of cnolce literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at>i distance. Price only three centf per copy, or fl.23 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. The Detained Cauk ?The case of Pettitact CJii inter. for forcibly detaining possession of Meridian Hill, near this city, seems to cause considerable trouble. The case was first heard by Justices Donn aud Uibberson on the land in question, and was continued till to day to afford the Justices time to consult and decfde This morning, we hear that it is further postponed, to be decided by a jury. Quinter is a leasee of the estate, holdlug over, as we understand it. ' The Election For the Vacant Constable nnir m AkiAtnuKiA?nu riTiion w) nil a T<- i cancy occasioned by the neglect of one of the cor* 1 tables chosen la Alexandria in May last. to | qualify according to law, came off In that place on Thursday. No Interest whatever was exhl??- < It?d in the election, and in two of the distrl U the polla w?re not opened Mr. Jam*-* role, the jailer of the county, waailccted w fill the va- j <ancy. Bear in mind the citizens' grat.d pic-nlc at ' Arlington Springs, on Monday mat, for the benefit of J*t. Vincent's Orphan Asylum. Now is the tline to combine utility with pleasure in the very hlgh?*st degree. For full particulars of the plc-nic, see advertisement In another column. Spkakino ntiout champagne on dranpht. It Is c-rtaiuly not hard to take, tbii warm weather. The plice to yet it served in ? most dt-liciiM a manner, in this wiv, is at Haimnack's, under WIllards' Hotel. Do not fail to call and try it, and be entirely rejuvenated by the operation. A Militaht and Fancy Costumi Hall, It wilt b? set'ii Dv an advertisement in another culmin. tl to lie given at the Fauquier White Sulphur Spring*, on Wednesday next. Hollow *t'?-Pill*. Lirrr Complaint ?The m?id ?u< and de*truotiv? eilect* ol "blue pill * on the ? *tem a* a specific for tliix disease are imw entirely sup fuedrd by th* use of the mild, antivoptio and v?s< tah'e remedi**. They not only oradicrvto all trace* ofthis complaint, hut live vitality t > tho exhausted function#, vi?or t^r th? impaired constitution, and encrey to the emaciated invalid. For indigestion. bilinu*ne.*. h<*ar? I.urn. At c . tney ar* the onlr safe cur?. Sold by all Druggist*. al Vjc., 62c., aud .ill per Iwx. au iT Iw _ Homkopathic RixiniK All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'* speeifie Homeopathic Roinedie* put up expreasly for family n*e, in boxen, at 25 and 90 cent* each. Al*o, in ca?**. oontaininc an vial*, from 84 to 8S each, with book of full direction*. For sale by I). Giluian. 350 Pa. avwnne wholenaln and retail aeent: W. A. Fitneerald, 3.13 north F street; al*o by F. B. Winter, corner of Ma**achu*otts avenue ami Sixth *treet. Al*?\ Pond's Estrnet of Witch Hnz't, for internal and external inflammation* of JL>I kintfta Soitl -? nlmvfl. ?" Q Ms*. W m*Low,?n experiencedmrwindl?male physician, has a firnothing Syrup fcr ChiltUn TtttKtnit, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and is sure to regulate the liuweli. Depend np;?n it, motiiem, it will kive r*st U? yourselves. ar.d relief and health to yoor infants. Perfectly safe in all oases. See advertisement in another onlnmD. oo U-ly Lion's Magnetic Iiisxct Townn Exterminates Bed Hues, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It eon tain* no Poiton lyon's magsktic 1'n.i.s Are Certain Death to Hats and Mien. Sold everywhere. ap9 3m Mkyfr'K mlxaculoo* Vrrmin Dxstxotxr, the oldest and l>ei>l r*?ni???l> known for exterimnati n k Rsts anil Mioe Cock roaches, Bugs, Ants, Musquitoe*, Fleas, Moths,Giatu-Worms and Gar- i den Insects. in" Principal Depot, 613 Broadway, N. Y. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ma 18-3m Wistax's Balaam or Wild Cukxxt. The following letter from Rev. Hint Wood, of Concord, N. II., Editor oftho Congregational Journal, speaks volumes in favor ol Wistar'* Bxteam:? Cojicord, N. H., March I. Mxssxs. Situ W. Fowli i Co.?: Two yea-h ago,a Midden and violent attack upon niy I.nugs confined me to my l>ed for several wet-iut, and when I recovered, I wa* fo much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I wan often unable to sleep or rest upon ab^d \>y uricht. The suHWing wan extremo, and judging from the iin'thcacy of the remedies used. I KuppoKed the disease inour&hlo. Being persuaded to try a Oottleof Wt.\tar'$ lirlnom ! of Wud Cherry without co- fidenc* in itseiiicacy, I found the difficulty almost entirly removed be fore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow suffeters induces mo to make tnis publio statement, *nd recommend the article to others similarly ainictert. With respect, yours truly, Hbxrt Wood. None genuino unles* signed 1. Botts on the wrapper. Prepared by f*. W. Fowlo A. Co., Boston, ami for sale by Z. D. ttiiman.g. C. Ford, jr.,#. B. Waite, i. Stott, John Scliwarxe, Nairn tt Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. an Ulw,r A Woat'to thk Ladib*.?In recommending to you to use llontette. ' c<Mel>ratod Stomach Bitters it is but jmt to state that a* a stimulant to the *y? tfm, in imparting (strength and vigor during certain periodical stages which are ofttimes attended with much pain and trouble, we know of no p eparation more highly adapted to all afflictions cous,*qu?>iit upon this can***, and for a mother nursing a t aoe the Bitters cannot be di?punaed with, especially where the mother's nourishment is inadequate to the de mands of the child; consequently li?* r strength must yield, and here it is whore a good tonic, such an H"?tetter's Stomach Bitters, is needrd to impart temporary strength and vigor to th? whole system Ladies sheuld by all means try this remedy, and b> fore so doing,ask your physician who, if be is acquainted with the virtues of the Bittars, will recommend th' ir use in all oases. Sold by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. au 13 eo3t Bakkt's Taicorniaova ia the beat and oheapeat article for Dreaaint, Beutifying, Claanainx, Curlinx, Preserving and Re* atomic the Hair. Ladiee, try it. Sold by all Drag giata and Perfumera ar 12 6m MARRIED. On the 4th of Jul* la?t, hy the Rev. Dr. Pinekel. Mr. EDWARD'WIKOliORF. FISCHER to M ANN ELIZA GATES, all of thia eity. - , OnThuritday afternoon, 16th in?t.,in the Third Baptist Church, br the Rev. T. B. Hlumnill, Mr. GEORGE WASHINGTON WEEK",of Va.. to Mr*. LEaNNA PHILLIPS, of thia city. DUO, In Uiia city, on Friday, the 17th inat., Mra JANE /liuiti Dft/Z M .r. n . J a. _ ^ i/AsiuCiUAiiiWiin ui owjiiicu i/, i <urimn,snu daughter of Thomas Cookendorfer, in the Hit year . of her age i Her funeral will take place on Sunday, (to-mor j row) the 19th iust., at 5 o'olock p. m.. from the re*i- i deuce of her hnsband, corner of Twenty-six h ?t. . and Penn. avenue. The friend* and relative* of the family are respectfully invited to attend without . further notice. In Georgetown, D. C.,on the l?th instant, ROSR CECILIA ,younce*t daughter of William and Mary O'Brian, aged i yean and2 month*. .The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are respectfully invited toattenl the funeral on Sunday evening,at5o'clock, from the residence on IIuii street, between 4th and 5th. j IMPORTANT NOTICE. | O Persons who have small rooms or Si aper, we oiler saveral thousand piece* of de.-lr j' le ?vai.l PaPKR atoost Now i? the time to get y>or work dona from 25 to 30 par cent, lee* Uan , usual prioa*. call and aee fovyoursol v?* at FRANK- IN A HOT BROCK'S 1 Wail Paper aed Shade Store. 1 ' au k$r-4taw2w corner Ninth and I) it*. I1 aOrRNITO GOODS.?We offer oar entire Stoek of MOURNING GOODS, in tfcie and k fehric*, all at greatly reduced prioes, tore- . i duce stock. J. W. COl.IjRY A CO , i _au 14-?t 383 7th st. ab?.ve Pa ave. j ETf. (J / gmmmmmmmrn LIST orLKTTK.H? , (Ont??4to be inacrt*! ui Ui? KvtxijM l?enu the newspaper havinc tNe lv?e?t circulation >f wt Mr paper ptMlikM in WaiIumUh I II/-All M>r?>na?pplTitie r??r in thelollovsg list, will pleaae bat the* are hdteitkid. LADIKS*' LIHT. kctra, Bell Foreetell, M irjrt O'hern*, Mr? J Kui Foilman. Mary A M, Mt? l-?cr Mal.el Foley, Mary P.jrnt, 8 <IIm fc 3 <mn, 31r? H K G?i, Can>i> Pirair.Mir; C R III M tiall*g'i?r,!?Ti??AM Pxt'raon, Mary L Rl'Ck. KiUn Hope, Mary Ptifrimi, CaHenni Rrifht, Balli* Hmd?. Mia* Sillia Rrrtn. MtaaMartiia Stout It, Mary Henley, MraE Riley, Mr? E4war4 Elarrey, Kliia Hofmu,8at4u S Kdaliaf. Miaa H !?II'1II, u <aaah H ran, Olh-xrm* Su??, Mri Ann* Srir.klty, Mr* AW Harris*, Ann B Hcoir, Miu V fc*(n, Mri 1) Htnell, Cordelia Kmuli, MnAaw B Jtrry, Mirtirt Hmhi tniilib, MnM I Jheu, Miw B Hitchcork, Mri B Miimkiui, Miu C >ut, Miu EN Hawthorne,MrtME 1ard, Mra Ann Jien. Mri Mary Jnhiiano, Rachel Simpano, Marp* K ?rump, Catharine Kuowle*, Mr* L 8'?wart, Litid* Jhiae.Marv Kuif, Hin|rr<1, PriacilU Jlark, Mra J R Leih, Mi** E J Kcmlag, M?qr A 3hilda, Mr* 8uaie L*alie,Mi**F Tuin?r,M aa D >>mpton, Lmd* Linda, Mra Mary E Tyler, Henrietta Jabant, Mra 8 D Likae, S?lli* tiflar, Mn T Jrocker, Mr* 8 W Mnrw, Mia* Emily Tomer, Mia Clancy K<ta Milla.MraK WhyU, Lanra Melriu, Mm Mary Wrifkt,G*orf eiauer ?ollina, Son M?thewa, Suaakua W;ck(,8<U< EG l>?y, Mra M Miller, Rata Weat, Mr* E DoJd, Mary Marty, Eliiabetli White, Kllia Donovan, Cath'a Martin, L"tu*a Wild, Mra J C [it ward*, Faaua McLead, Mr* M Whai ion, Virrinu talon. Miry McMaehtn, Sa'h A Wi?>1w.irJ, M L riynu, M.\ry Morn*, Mra B B Yaatea, Mri Mary franklin, Miaa M'y Morrill, P C , GENTLEMEN'S LIST. M'rmi, J M?3 Dibble. J W Manren. O C N Itwood, Jut Donnelly, Jno P Marihy, Chr fcldridge, Hiram Dallas, liioM Mrrrt, A O kuffctrton, G*o?t Di?m, Edward M -Ret, C B InicrKHi, Ed?d Prion, D B?1 McUuhlw, Jai tocdl.ClMaJ Darn, A McCred, J M Blake, Wm J Pint, Abraham MrKmncr, WB Rtndmat, Tobtaa Ea# le, Lt R N Ncill, D A B irnaa, SD Fan, Wm Putnam. Win F Bennett, R I Fnher.T P Pctara, Tboa Brou, Rofci?% Fletcher, Mr Pierct. Thomai H Bnylan. P.t Fooat, JasH Pulton, Mr Bishop, Peter Pendley, F 8 Plant, James Barry, PC (ierrish, Win Paid, Jimn Brown, Jae H Uiboon, Pat . Riddle, Mr Bri(hl,/J GlfSn, Eaqr Rrv.a'eff. Kcnnr W D Bjjtf.Jao Gross, M Rifriu, Wm A Brown, J T Oaenrni, M Rcoland, Wm H Boyd, Dr J Gross, L W Rumbald, Wm Brown, Jno M Gib?on, J M Kntsell. Wm H Brnwu,Jn?B Grham, JOB Reese. Jarars Brirham.J llirx; fi.-?naugrli, J J Kundlett,Oeo W Bicker,litoL G*uswiy,Gco Ratsomau, Eirle Briyhaupt, Oeo Gray, G?o Btockbridge, Win II Btden,G Gallijher, D hu.itli, W W ft II Bickely, Gen Gallagher. O K 8*yawur, Rich A Bennett, GW Giernmn, C T Btiiikwaou.Robt Brooke, E M Gray, Auatm 8ul-i?an, Pat Hiirnr t( V* ftrnv A V Xrhrn*i?r P B'Tce, Kdwd lleakts, Thoa gfnm, M S BalUnef, Dan H?n, Mum Hm?on, Lewu Bull, I) M II .i.e., Mr Sh .w.Ji.o Unit, IM?? Hou?toa, Ur Ji? M Serfort, Jno H Bier, Beu)*inin Howard, J C SI Sulli?n,Jno J '"heek. W r?< HnwViin, Jno?2 8eHalth?a, Jacob Cojil, Vn Haiimng.Jno 8nvder, John H ''h tcc.W I Herman. Henry tullixn, Heal; L Cam, Win lluTm.n.EL Sterlc, HH l*rai?hon. Thoa H-iy-trd, Col Bch^li* M, G W Clayton, TP Htiob?rd,C H'loie.fieo L'onuely, T G Hiburn.C Swil,G?o I' 1 'rome i,n. R?3 Jmiei, Z II NHniM, P Crom, SI ijor O Johnson, L L SefM'ori, Frank Campbell, H H Ke*t<ug> M Steele, E B, Pat Knox, pit 8norin>ker. E?i Cbe.ih.n., M I Kirk, PC Knidir.CH Co* A Co, Joa Kune.Owtu Stwlty, UA L'lirk.Jno King, N Turi*, Reuben Cobb, J W M K..x*l, Jno Thorn, John H CUyion, J*i N Ke*l?n, J?? T* Tflrr, John Cnrtia, J M KelT, Chv? A Thonp?on, O C Crooker, M G Lumpkin, Thoa W Taft, C 8 Chapman, J B L?no?, Walter?4 V?o Wjcl Co Inm. J VV Long-Tlnm V?l;aliue, J.? A Uluk, H F Lnwleaa, Richard Var.ium W M?5 Croaby, H R l.yneh, J.i?, J C..yne, Henry Lent, J O Went, W A I'xMi'lr, (itoH Logan, E T. Win#as, W P '"ox, E F l.ewia A Co Willian, R W C????l, Dand Laealett*. Com W*li?ter,W Cr?i? Chat A MiiiphT.H?n? Werner. M Children, C II H Me .de, R h Wl. te, Joel W C?Mh>?, C K Miller, OP W ocif, Jno F Cooley, Ben Mmpby, Mr Were, JiioT?i Dti^tn, 7. Montgomery, 8 T Weii.OR ru?e., W R M-*y, J M Whinlr, K M n*e,?f Richri?2 M'thu,y,Jas Wooltt, t J Deek.rd, PL Mnrphy, J Wicket, K Donaell, M G M. r ee, J no W.-ilah, O Pooley, Sir Miller, Jno Webater, C R Otn.iiifh, Mich Miller. Kexekiaii Waddill, O M I*t,o.i, J Mnratil. Geo Youly.TTP n*.Hum, J W Morae.U II Young. Hugh Doyle, Jno Morgan, E N MISCELLANEOC8.?Corresponding Secret'y Columbian Typographical Society. iC7KLSTTEB.8 MVST IN ALL CASKS BX 1'REPAID. Aug 18 WM. JUNKS. P. M. WANTS^ WANTKD?A good COOK, afco n. WOMAN lo tiilte car* of ohiMren. Apply with guod r cominondatious, ?UJ269 Pa. ave. &ti 18 WANTKD?Ten girls for va ious SITUATIONS?an also, families reqinriiic servants will find to 'heir advantage to apply to the Union lut'jlligerce and House Agency office, No. lit Louisiana ave.. near City Hall, where orders will meet w th prompt attention on reasonable rerm?. Two lave boys for hire. H. DUNCAN k. no . au I8_3t* Proprietors. WANTKlf?A steady WOMAN, as Nnrxe and Chambermaid, to so in ?he country al>out 3 miles. Apply at this oflioe at half-pas nine o'clock Monday inorni n*. an 17-2t* WANTKI)?By a steady and industrious nan, a SITUATION a? collec'or. H"?t of rocom inundations given. Address M. C., Star Office. ir tt-tf LOST AND FOUND. ?O KA REWARD.?The person who took mv / , 11 I n,..t ? _ * I... nt 1. ! ? _ . .1 I ?. ? i. Uis ? * imi im IIIC mm leu ?'nnuri .11 1 tn place, will itivn inn tuck inv memorandum ho W and paper*, he may have the Ccat and receirjthe a hove reward, and no question* a?ked. OH AS. G. B \M/f au 17 21* B ?t., between 13 h ami '4t 1 C; f K EW ? R P.-Sttaved avat 011 Sunday, the l^th inxt., a light BRINDLR COW. with large horiiH, a crop and a hole in tl>e jpiir^ right ear, anda*wallow fork in tiie Wt.JhaM* The finder wil receive the aixive reward by lewine her at Mrs. St. John's, on 4ih st. ea?t, l>> tw?>n I and K, Xavy Yard. _au IOST?On Wednesday. Iho 15*h, at th? l'r??i* dent'* (found*, an Ktnucan U<>L1> HR ?? KLKT, marked "(iarafiiia ' Deceinl>or 25th. law. Whoever will leave it at 231 G fct. north, !>el ween 17th and 18th, will l>e suitably rcwa de?', a a 16-lt* LOST?On Tneaday, August 7th. a BL'NDLK of Kveiung Star New*-pap?*r*. containing four miMtAii nfaooli ilflr fnr lliA infinth itf J linA lft**R Thft lincler will ren*ivoa liberal lew&id i>) >eturning thoni to ihi< office. au 15 tf FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RKNT?A nearly nnw tw-ntory BRICK HOI' * K. conlatninr six rooms a'td pa*xa. ?,?>n O st between 10th ami lltu sta. Enquire nextd >or. II* CV>R RKNT?A neat threo-ttory FRAME " HOUSE,7 room*, situated on south h4* oF| iL In t*>x*n 4th and 5th, near Assembly's Church. Inquire iu the row. It* 4 CO NINTH STREET--Persons returning to + JO the city from their-snminar retort* will find vacant several desirable room* having ihi ronvi mence* of gas, water, a <1 bathing Cl? eta. ' 433 9 hst.,ouedoo south ofF; suitable oil her for families or smule gentleman. Table bo&iders *oor"nmodafd on moderate terms. an 13 :t* LhVr RENT/-Three three-storv BRICK r HOUtfEs<?n the Island,two on 7th * t. bets e *n K ami K ?t?.. with 7 rooms in eaol>, new house*; just finished; one on C et. between 6 l< and ?'s., ? iUi t> riHiin<: and one frame house on Mar>!aud av? betwe?*n 4Vj and Rth sts., Island. with I* mom*. Knquiro of II. X. JOHNSON, No. 3*3 Pv ave , ItHaeen 4'; anil 6tii sis., opponte National Hotel. ?u 18 tm'A" Arark chance is now offered TO an? one desirous of entering in ft profitable l?u*in?sa.atoneof the be?t stands in \Va-lmi#ton. Entire stock of Gr?<oeries on rea?ouaUet rui*. 'I'h* Su>'0 ia for t.alo or rent. Apply to No 3-<* 18th st., corner t f K st. ail 17 3/ 1/OR SAI.E?Very cheap,on rraaonable terms, on* of the inoai desirable BU1L.DING LOTS in the citjr, mfjatml on the north vest corner of 6th at., and New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. P. 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Cn.n be rented with or withoat the dwelling Poa eaaioagivea lat of September. Apply to JOS. M KPETl'1,4*?2 I aUeaat. au3 2w* DOR REN T?A large't h ree-atory-a ad -attio V* BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE, aituated at at No. 4SH Eleventh at, a abort dirtanee from Pa. avenue. Rooma large; houae arranged with the modern oonveuienoea; orick atable and oarragebouaein the rear. Re., t moderate to a good teaa^t. Apply lolAS.C.MoGUlRE k, CO aa?-eotf L'OR RENT.?A. new and haadaome FRAME r HOUSE will M for rept ia a frw daya. It ia I??>autifu 11 y aitnated on Thirteenth atreet, between liaorgia avenue and K at.. Navy Yard ; haa a large -"? ? '<> * MoffMidwaiuii'tr. md contains 4 roo'mi*, k ito b n u'andV od?h?d. Will |?M?R SALF.-A BAV PONY, an Moo'tonl r MtfclM borav, anil also work? W*l/ nfiV_ buruM*. alaoaMtof baraeu n?arly juZd M> mt I *' M H?5* Mnam^nnBR THE LATEST NEWS _ TELEOKAI'H 10. VIRGINIA nKMOCRATK* CONTENTIONS (1iari*IUirilli> C'tiTfalln. Ch*rlptt?*villk, Aug 16 ?The Convention assembled in this town at noon to-day Somftim* was o^cnpicd m the u^-mbltog of delegates, so that the body vraa not organized until 10 o'clock. After a temporary organization, committees on rredput'als and permuient organization was appointed The committee on credentials reported about ! four hundred delegates present. The rommittee on organization reported as permanent President of tbe Convention Colonel Wm . M Ambler, with a large numbier of Vice Presi| dents and Secretaries Col Ambler, on taking tbe ehalr, returned [ thanks in a newt speech. After some preliminary b?*!nets of no interest, the following resolution was introduced: Rt*olrt4, That a committee of flee be appointed to attend the Staunton Convention, with a view to tbe settlement of the divisions of the deau. cratlc party The resolution led to a long and animated debate, and was finally passed Doubts a^e entertained as to whether a compromise can be effected. If a compromise Is effeeUd a considerable number will secede from this Convention. Chaku<ttk*vili.b, Aua IT. ?A resolution was Offered to day in the Breckinridge Convention, to Instruct the electors that, if necessary in order ts Drevent a renublican trliminh tiv? iii? ?. ?!? f the State for eitker of tb? othor candidal* A resolution rentflrming the Charlealoa platform (except the resolutions la referwaca to the Pacific Railroad aod Cufca) was adopted SmmW Hunter speaks to-night, *od Senator Mason to-morrow. Stiaatoa PsiTfitlsa. STAUffTOH. Ane. 1#.?The Douglas Stat* Convention assembled ta this city to-day, and waa called to order at noon A tempnraryorganizatlnti h'.vlag i*?n eff*ctrd. Committee on Credentials was ap|>oiatrd. and rei*?rieu a i idb creiennali { vrerl. Three hundred and twenty delegates then enrolled their names. The Committee on Prrmanent Organization wm appointed, and having returned, reported Mr H. Hopkins, of Petersburg, fur permanent President On motion, a committee was appointed to prepare an address to the democratic party of tbe C immonwealth. A motion to appoint a committee to form an electoral ticket occasioned some dis< union, bit wit agreed to. During tbe afternoon several propositions for a co-n promise were made, aad much discussion ensurd Th* feeling eiblb'ted by tbe di>c laiion and applause was overwhelmingly against any compromise whatever with the Hre? kinrldge men Without coming to any derision upou tbe tubje*-i the Convention adjourned All tbe DouteUs democrats asking admission have been admitted to seats Duncan M? Kae, of S C . addresses the Convention to-night, tb? crowd assembled to bear him Is quite large. Stai jiton, Ang 17 ?The Donglas State Coaventioo to-day adopted a resolution inviting Mr Douglas to visit Virginia They also adopted a resolution, reaffirming the Baltimore platform, de in -? ? mni^m inu juunxin irjjumny nominated, aud denouncing tti?> Adminl tration. I*. M ?The Douglas Contention transacted hut little business to-day beyond ;ippointing aconference committee, but the general irnprt aston ia that there ta not the slightest chanc*- of a teconclliatlon being efle< U d The l)i?uul?s men will pro>>ably frame a clear Douglas ticket to-night. Alizudiu, any. 17.?A special dispatch to the Al?-iandria tiazettc. from CLarl' tU-aville.aa ysAn anti -Douglas spirit was decidedly manifested in the Convention to-dny The rcp<?rt of the Committee ou Resolutions was read and unanimously adopted. The tirst adirmti the slavery section of the National l.e no?:ratic platform, etc. The second provides tor the presentation of an address to the people of the State. The third for the organization of a eeulral executive committee and of an electoral ticket 1 he fourth calls county organizations, and the tiflh reqm .Messrs Hunter, Wise, and Mns<>n to canvass the State The Convention repudiates the Pacific Railway. Mr. Ncwlin made a violent disunion speech, amid much applause Mr. Smith, from the Conference Committee, reported at I o'clock that no arrangement bad Iteen made at Staunton, but that the Douglas Convention had appoiuhd a committee of live to correspond with the committee of this convention. Richmond, Aug. 17?A dispatch to the Whig sijs that when the messages from tbe Charlottesville Convention was received at Staunton for a committee of conference with the Douglas convention, a feeling prevailed that the Breckinridge men should conic to them. If they wished to setII. >1.. Jl* - wr ?ur r*i?viii^ uiuermcfB A dispatch 10 the Enquirer says that the proposition will not be entertiiutd by the Douglas mm except by the friends of lire*, kluridge '-caving in." THE LATEST. Cha?lottk*y.lle, Aug |W ?a resolution was adopted ye?t ritay modifying the electoral ticket a*d appointing Messrs Hr.nter. Mason, Wise, Russell and ex-Governor ^mltn as electors at large A resolution was also adopted, Instructing tbe elect >rs to vet- as a unit, so as to prevent the elect o i of Lincoln, if Breckinridge cannot be elected. Stacston, Aug 1*.?Lite last night tbe following stralihtout Lou?las electoral ticket was chosen :-Geo Blow. H. L Hopkins. J. B Stoveall. Jas. Garland, Benj Randolph, J H Cox, J. B. K!s worth. G. H Howe,G. W Brent, Israel Rohinson, J. N Leg<;ett, G. P Hoge, G. W. Hopkins, C. T. St'iart. W G Brown. Ohio Bell mad Everett Convention Chillicothk,0 , Aug. 17.?The Bell and Everett Convention met yesterday and r oruinated a full Electoral Ticket, and candidates for AttorneyGeneral and Meiuber of Uie Hoard of Public Works. No nominations were made forSapreme Judge. Revolution condemning tbe conduct ?f tb? Republican party of Ohio, in their effort to nullify the laws through the agency of tbe Supreme Court, tbat their repudiation of Judge tfwann for sustaining the Fugitive Slave Law. and their re-nomination of Judge Brlnkertn IT merits the rebuke of liw abldiui: people, and taat every conservative Union man so vote as to defeat Jud^e Brinkerhot)'. Spe~-hes were undo bv Col. Van Trump, Han. L. Campbell aid Gen. Leslie Coombs. Sewing Machine Sail Coopb*stows, N. Y , Aug. 17?The fivs great sowing machine sultsof Messrs Potter A. W heeler and Urover A Baker aff-tinst Geo. B Slo?t. John B Gibbs. aud James ? Wiiaoa and others, which last summer w?*re argued here before J ustices .\elaoti and Smally, by Messrs. Gifford and Slaughter, i have been d?-idea against the defendant* on all the pointa. fully sustainingAllen B Wilson's feed patents. Perpetual injunctions have tv?en ordered.1 Coo?k*s rows, N. V., Aug. 17.? The decision la the sewing machine rases, telegraphed yesterday. afl'ects only the southern judicial district of this SUte, and in no wise affects float's sewlag machine The rtcent appellate decisiou in Washiugton In favor of Akeu sA Feltbauseu's patent, covers all the sewing machiue feeds now la use. L'sited States Marshal that l>ead CiiictNKATi, Aug. 18 ?l?jst night Charles B. Brown, the United State? Commissioner, w?s ?hot dead by George J. Caldwell, of the Arm of Alfn d Wood A Co. The affray occurred at Caldwell'* bouse. In consequence of Brow* laving forced h>s way iuto Caldwell's chamber. The bilgiaal cause grew out of bad fealing relative to the adjustment of a legal claim. Caidweu io mediately surrendered himself to the authorities. Arkaaaaa Blectlaa. ilKW x uia, AUK If ?&/i?pa?cur? iruui n i iu assert the election of Rector, the independent candidate fur Governor. He was 4,765 ahead of Johnson, tie reyular Democratic candidate, with eighteen couutet to bear from Hind man and Grant, Detaorrata, are elected to Congress from the lint and aecond districts. Illinois Beil awl Everett State Convent!**. Chicago, August 17.?The Bell and Krerrtt State Convention met at Decatur yesterday Twenty-six counties were repres-oted bv fc| deUgs'es. who nominated a full State and Electoral ticket. No platform was adopted. They simplv resolved to ao all la their power to elect Bell sad Kverett lewa DemecrnUc atate CaavettiM. Davenpoit, An*. 1? ?The Breckinridge and Lane State Convention met In this city yesterday, and nominated a full electoral ticket. ReeoWitions indorsing the Breckinridge Demo ratlc pi t form were adopted. About ve delegates were presen*. New York Petitles New Yob*, Aug 17 ?It Is reported that both the Democratic State Committees nave agreed that ? * * ?? a?? ?_ a ? a* ae 11 m Mr Hruy atiau resign m ??<* w mr aeny iur ttoveraor, with the coatlngeacy of the former going to the Senate Belief tor the ChrtoUaaa la Syria. BoiToa, Aug. 16.?A naeetong of merchants and ether* waa bell Hi thla city to-lay, to tahe met urea for the relief of the Christiana la Syria A committee waa appointed to raiaa fuada far the parp?e. I gaeape el Ceavtota. JarraasoKCiTT,Me., Aug 17.?While the eon vlets were at work oa the capttoi grounds. yesterday, three of the number eoaoealed theaaaehw*, and quietly and aaobaerredly escaped, Noj?e ! bave been fckc? l i Mj *ii..i?.ipr i ti?u CMTrattM J.flturiLLi, Rn?turkT.AuK If ?TV- Mw. Ipr I>noslM Pwiiwmu SUV OnmiM? ltv-1 at <*mwU Tn tn?i jiutf, yesterday, and noaiuM a luu electoral ticket AlrxuOrta Market* Ai*xa*d*i?. Ahk Is ?Fleur?Family * M ; W, rxtra ?6 7M tt, M|n|i S? *a6 *i. WbMt ?white. nrw. fair ? vo<4.t?l JDa4M AmlllCli MX) Cor*?wfcltoTia7* rHt?w **?*;( tie* 7*ar*:. Rv? Itato Cm U?i 7*a61o. p?w b?M. Nvdi-luMthrRMiUiv, Clnm IS ~S*m. Fkinw4 II JIM ii I'ruv.aleaa? Butter, roll. lHa*tc.: tfaroa II kal2c ; Fork ?Ta7 50 , L*rd 13al4c. Whiaky 2US* f%ew V?rk N*rk?k. Niw Yoaa. A off ml W -Pl*?r Is hMrv-Mrti ? IM 14; Ohio ?S JSa? 46; ftoutfcera W ]M ?*. W bnt la dull; romraoa to heavy; choice !( cto 1 ? ^ouUm while ?l ?*1 J* Corn ?alnwn, ntir4 DMr Pork la Ina?n<n |l? Mil*3?j primr *13 4JaU. Lard U heavy WklakyiiduU rttljgaBijfe. BalUatr* NtfkMt. Buraou, Aog. 18 ?Then wm ?oth!af 4m Ife Kl i .r r A .. . ? wti*i Ui m CsVbieh.: riii ii'Vai ?; while's i'? m. C""i cloerd d?ll: ?n<*?4 7?e?74c; fellow 7*74< *hlt'?iirt. PntWmi in u bia(ti Whiefcy ctmrd quie? flMMlll. Niw Yru, Aofnt 18 ? Stock* p(*m4 hie he-, knt derlfRcd after the board Ckf'p??n<l Rock intnd m3H; llllnoi. vntfl theree f7*; Mlcklgta s*o?ith?ro 4c-, New York Centre! S7* . 1 uda^i B. R 5- L'?iiii'U? J , Vi r ? , Mo r.M*. arrivals a t the hotels. NATIONAL BOTE!*.-J KowIim. J W B.r mmIik. W VNi.rtfcin*, r? H nrn, T Jfl cfli?r. ?*f Md: C JohBkom, Del; p D Krett, St;|R Win ?? ?. I* K Miw. J B Proeton Mtd Iftnur Mri \v udtr tnd r?*>lf A V V> Mer, V Oliver, of u; *. m kum?i Mdkd'.P*; Kim Kin*I1. 4u; Mr* I C George, uO:U u Atlfteld, do; S WJjHi, do: w v* Aruett. Ve; J j Cmy ?n m. Ml? J I* Hedcee, Dei;* W Km. ! ?;!? W Howard. NY; W Hradford, Md: M MiJdlr**, K*? J t* Hey tnd U.I. t_?- L? mm ? _ rrA,'? * . ^ . "'T " *v? v t! y*m*m9 mmrm% m r? m tHmIm d??:J o C?j?i()ir, U;8l)tkiftmi, A In JJn Cahtniu, C K C?i?cih, K Alrord. Jan; > 4 Mitrhett. Miu MitwMil, fc.r? r*r?. M Saltan, of Ki;M6Plun?rt Md;9 M W.lki?.oB,o: W F'irb-i ?j)<1 ! ??, * ; aim lIH,do. W H Cot tiM, Collin i, <tn; Mm t rro, d . A to Merr.ii, 1>nn; C V Woodruff NY;hi J i ?rk *, M ? ; * V ouk, La. BRf)WN> lliri'EI, -T fcrr.NV; r PMrnr, Mr> Ark; W C?r<,0C; OT rrv.ti* Dh R?k , |*;J l|jtw*u,c } ?eh. J tikir, I 1 J >bu?o.? Ark; W Wri(kt. f Kirkao* ?(>d <y. M>>? M Hki.\ Mm. M L**i*r. A Hk??kW??rd, Ala. D k#e .Tex; Mr Garland, A'?; w joum im l?, v?; a -,> j,? /'?; 0 b?ui.n> . A climw. A h%?-ot, Md; D O ijlL Jor*?. A I ?, K H Mi" *' H ?'In JC, P | C ton Am. Nim M Bmton. A -a 8 Btrtoti. ACT? U *, : K \ ?, Col k C Nviamad i?> J n >I?er?, MriPmmii.JM La- II Wi*?, * ft: J Miller ftad It. Tenu, G A Joom IM 'y, Mia* Nim J^yrfn r.TV*: W htwl?.l4:C S F.i??. w <<^i(thinour. i. Mwrf Ni;: OK WmijNm ;J AihIwki", Miu t Antlereor, B Agtem, U. KIKK WO<)|> Horw . Ala: J 8m H M HkIwil, % v, K Atweli. NC; F Hai?y. m F <rN?ill,J K Cuntii'uhlin. K A Md, O F tfi?M W Templetm, Mt?? I. Tmnpleton.La: J ImUIi, F?,J F.dmouston. MiuK bdm?Ditoii, 9C, K Bufwrh. >C. PERSONAL. , ]Vt?TICK.?All p"r?oni are lieret>) wMn?l a?<1 1 cMtinM Irorn lr*p%*kinji m ?ui manner, Mlherfo* i'iuin*[ it or ntli*rviir. oa lli* firin h?kiiik to lltn h*-ira ofMn? l?te John Baker. Th? iaw will lie rigidly enforced -' *11 mcb. an 17* __ JANK BAKKR, |1AI)AMK FKI.IX, roKTVHJS TkLLJtU. i?l from IVi*. inform* her former ft iend?,and the niil>ll<* cone-rail v. that *lte ba? r*ntov?*( In 1*1 r-r?li Ktrnet, Mvivn K and F, wh?r?? a he will L* li?pp> to k.h> all who will fa%<*r ber wilk a nIi. &u 13JJW* MADAMF. MORR1CK, TbiGiut AermOIAT?i?t a?i? D>ktiui, jutt frmm Kir??r?.-t?n k I .< Ii I m A . A ?i4 ! ? on Die Pa?t. TriMMl and Falar* KwtiU, Call at No. 'joa Twentj-aaooad ttraet, Mvmi H audi, V\ an hi nit ton. i?t?3ni* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS T< CLINTON ACADKMV. 1 HKN?xt A< nuai taanion of Una leh ol wil' r?mmen?f on MONDAY. S?iteni)ifr S 'l k? K-ht* I I ?f> Ifen removed to lf>l VVmI ntr*<i, twr?Mn OoncrfsK and Hitli. Circular* iiiat I# obtained a t< -tV-22d of Anj;ii*t. at. the dm* ?'or?'of Mr F. S?. T. Cia'il. ooiwf of C<in?rr?* and Rrtfrft 11U. 1U 1?? lm GKO ARNOLD. M A. PriaoifL ? 1AA REWARD will bo paiii kf Mrs.* hall, for tu? arrent u.l < m iction of th? ine^ti'liary or rno?B<liartM trbo aot ftr#toth#harw on trer prrmiMii, on {Sunday oHiriiai ImU au 16 St FOR New YORK HE Pwkft scliooa*r Arctie c'apiain Hiek(. i?n >w rem if I<?r ?#rro fur tit* a*?o\-? port. i? ^ ami viil in?' t vitb .li?p?toh. For freight ^rX*> apply to MeOOBB * llODliE, au U fit Wat?r rtr^K. 1QO FISH! FISH!! ? m 9 % ? m a m . ? ? mm m-m mm wm &.* I1III.S. i>0 1. LAD'MOr nr.KHI.lli, B?r el? No 1. Eastern HERRING, Boston In nUN, 50 do. Extra No. I. Cut HERRING, 50 do. Half hhls. Superior H?m> HERRING. 133 W.Is. New Meremichi ALEWIVES, luo do. New St JOHNS. Lk> A'l of wKieh have ju?t arrived from Boston, a- <1 for sale in lot* to suit purrhaser*. and on pi?asintWm. HARTLEY * BROTHER, an 13-1 v 99 and 101 Water st.. Georgetown. FOR F ? NT-The DWELI-ING aiKl BTORE No. 77 R rid ce street. The dwelling e. n tains 1' W'ni is needful ??rder. esides eiosets, water i 0 oset, bath room, sm ?k* i? us*, milk bo?*e with r ati'Ui wat*r, a d wooc-ahsd; with gas lixtsrea i o nrl t? bHlsaa-i water. The window* eoiirr>a><1 c-?ariri?< view* of the nvm an?* adiaoent oountrr. The stoie is r-omrl*ety fifed with shelving, conrt rs, gab fixture*, and writer, with targe PrMohp a <* (lass window* and doors, and two la*ge dry oaoars They will be rented either together or aej ?? * ' I twm W ?? 1WV ?wu pm ^ i ? ** ? TVIJ 1 vrtlti. a1?^,for r?nftwo BRICK MTABLb? *.t? o?T'?w hoo?ea attnohad, with hydrant ia tha y rd. Apply to Dr CRAGlN. 124 Dtntertna treat M 14 aotf For pale?a Wooden"pump for a wrl' at> ?at 2>> feet deer. It is nearly new, in ?erfec'.o dar, and k of no farther aae to tne owner f on: ??e in trad nation of hydrant water into hie premi e? aod therefore will ha aoidfot a ireat aae nftos. (all and ace it at No. 7* B-id?e alraat, Ua 'T?'t wr. aa 14-aotf HAVING^JKTKRMINKD TO CHANGE MY Iiuiiumw,I'll commence from thi# date to aeil for caah rut entire atock of DRY and FANCY GOODS. Havia* purohaaad o the moat favora hleterma. and being deal rout nfoloaiac oat aa early aa aoaaihla, all who mar ha ia want of barfaiaa will do wall to giva ma a oall. W. R. HURDLE, if 24 lm Corner of Hiith and ?a? eta. A RaRK CHANCE 18 NOW OFFKRKUTO any nM who n?r h# dMirou of entanac ia * pri>fiuh.? huimin. at one of th? he?t standi in Ueorcntowa. I offer ?y entire iukj! of DRY 900P!* ob reasonable tnnni. in or4?r to atk* m ehanco in my hueineas. W. jl HI RDLK. jf 3* I m Coraar of Hick *m way aka. FOR HARPERU FERRY. ~ N And alter Jnl> 3d, |S8n, the lUUMr L. J. Krenrle, CanUun W. H. Rftter. will w fcara Oaor.etowB KVKKY Tl'ES-.^4fe^^ DAV. TNI Ks*UA V.aod UATUIJ "** HAY, at 7 o'clock a m.. and return evary altaraata (Jay.atfio'oJock a. m. Ob tVa Saturday trip from Goorcotown the boat will run tkroaf a to tMiephtrdilown. j# 21 Sa U W. HAMILTON, XI* PAINTKB. mmd DEA1.ER IN PAINT?. No. 7tii Street. ??ar Odd PtUtwi' HUL m a tf ruTTV~ii DOWN. S CALVERT FORD, Je-, APOTHkCAU r AKD DR UGGI8T. Peee. Aveece, Coeeee or Eliveete St., PURE DRUG#,1'CHEMICALS. STANDARD FAMTT.Y MEDICINES, ImUmi tk' lutfift au/i mou uppwortd FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; nunrnv AUTirt. rum TOILWT. The prr>pri?tor'? p?rtnatl attention firm at all hojri u> the ooKipotatiiBf of Pk? nm1 funnitioua. aa U It fifiS ^VJSET.^ nail ivn.l *re. Also a ?hW of Coxo'a Golattue; HtintaU'a Cunatno; Brown aGitftr; UtftHkm with ie^2T?p.. an lf? Tw ll? Pa. a v. \ji2 ? f.tiifJi'Jiftsm AfPf for tale. wholesale and r*^il^bjr^^ ^ no 14 *w eoratr LL KPCDR OP 6AM1 Bought at t*>? Highest Pihm, At KLTTP* RESTAURANT. ?u 4-a?Im* Im.ft.n D it 'I HK SIB^CRIBKB BKGH LKAVB TO IN.L'TOs^m.'rieinrrteJLS 16 h atxl tfito atrM{ta vIukc Im will be liaeed to Jlw H. g; w w WOOD! WOOD!* k l ; w O O D !S HTOVK M UNDL1N6 WOOU.itUtktVH tftmt'if priM, T. i. A *v?A1,T. 2M Pa. >r_ iKivcu i nk Mrt latii ?u., mn-* \ a . #

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