Newspaper of Evening Star, August 18, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 18, 1860 Page 4
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_ _ I frotn firtlpag* ] By tk* md ft tk? nluf 0/ David Waldo. for tbe limnnnt of damage* awarded by tbe report of the quartermaster o( lli? United Htsi? *rmt for the nen-fuUl nwnton th? purt of tbf gsTtrnnirnt of a contract made with htm tti Mav. etcbteen hundred md fifty, for dMiv?rlnn corn nt Fort t.aramte, nrtd ihe payment of which ?? recommended by the See* retory of War # 908 00 - M Ey tkt *tl fat the relitf of Mrs A. W trtiiow tf Ikr Imlt Caplitim Samwtl I'nitol Statti nary. For the amount of nay which be would have r?celvea If he had remained in the navy, from the date oi ma di*mi?Ml to tbe (late of hta death, at the Mine rata be vm drawing wben diamUaed.Indefnite. Sv tht ?t( f*rtk' relit/ #/ &&tl<ien MtKnigkt. For carrying tbe lTnittd StatM mall from Cleveland. Ohio, and Detroit, If l.kl.?n ? Oanlt Ala Marie. Marquette. Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, Eagle river, and Ontonagon, Michigan, La Pointe a ltd Superior, Wisconsin, during tbe year* from eighteen hundred and forty-nine to eighteen hundred and flftv-seven, inclusive, in all ca*es where it is shown to the satisfaction of the Pmtnuiil?r P.?n.r.i that Mid mail *u ca rled by authority of tbe postmaster* or amenta of the Post Otflce Department, and without a contract with said Department, an amount equal per trip to that now allowed by the Department for the same *nl?. ducting therefrom the amount here* tofore paid Indefinite. B J the <Ut fur tkt rtliif Of K. Gtorgt Sqmitr. <ff Ne\e York. For outfits to the Republics of Central America, and balance of salary due blm as Minister of the United Htate* to said Republic* 9,937 00 By the o:l for tk* rtlitf of Eli W. Goff For expense* actually Incurred by b'm in his effort* faithfully to execute the revenne law* of the United State* 3 500 CO By tk* oef for tke rtlitf of 1 sane S. Smith. of Symru$e, Ntve York. For hla work and labor bentcwed. for materials furnished, an<i for expemw* Incurred in attempting to baiki for the United States a light-hon?e on the Horae-ahoe reef. In the Niagara river, near Fort Erie, in the Province of Cuid*? *? ? - ? ? * ' )' IV I I By tk* resolution for the relief of Commander H J Harstene, of the United States Navy. For extr* expense* Incurred by him In restoring the bark "Resolute".. 3,008 60 By tke resolution for the compensation of Rev R. R. Richards, late tkapiam to the United States Pen 'n**4?" -in i/l?nci OJ l/'?I nmbia. For bis half year's salary, ending Jane thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven 300 00 By tkt rt solution for Ik* rtlitf of tk* Itfl Ttjirtteutativn Of John A. Frost, dtrt ixtd. To extend the provision# of the first section of the act entitled "An act for the relief of the forward officers f the late exploring expedition," approved February flr?t, eighteen hundred and foftty-niiie, so as shall be construed to embrace the claim ?f John A. Frost, who was acting boatswain of tbe United Stales brig "Porpoise," in said expedition, from January first, eighteen u aiiu inirvy-nine, lo July seventh. eighteen hundred and forty-two, and that tbe amount found due to htm shall be paid to his legal representatives Indefinite. By tk? joint resolution far tKt relief ?f Thomas C Wars. For services rendered by him to the Government of the United States at the request of D O Morton, late district attorney of the United Htate*, in tbe case of the United Ptates ps Lyman Cole and others, inlicted and tried in the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of Ohio, at the October term, A. I)eighteen hundred and fifty-three 1,500 00 w Total - .?.67,4.^ Kfl 74 " RECAPITULATION. legislative, executive, judicial, civil, and miscellaneous #13,129,^62 75 Diplomatic and consular....... 1,15^,350 00 |cd>an Department, revolutionary, invalid, and other pensions 3,127,223 23 Army fortifications. Milltsrw i?i? > J ? 'my and military road* ...15,476,962 01 Nav*l aeryice to,461,030 02 Poat office, for 1860 24,757,3*2 & fPoat office, for 1961 19,0*4,082 75 67.414.803 74 # Thi* amount embiaces a doable appropriation for ?3,126,324 for the same object; *>ne being an appropriation out of any money in the Treaxury and contingent upon the insufficiency of the revenues if th<* Post Office Department, out of which the other is appropriated to meet the iiw. f Thla amount embrace* a double appropriation for f5,(<07,4tM 75 for the name object; one being an appropriation out of any money In the Treaauiy, arid contingent upon the insufficiency of the revenues of the Post Office Depaitment, out of which the other is appropriated to meet the same 11 ? OFFICERS CREATED AND SALARIES THEREOF (FEEPARED IS *1 H K OFFICE OP THE SECEETAET OF THI SE3AIE ) jijr tkf art (Chap X) malting appropriations.for fulfilling trtaty ?tipulati<ms with the Ponca Indians, and with ctrtatm bands at /*// ? ? ?? the State / Orc^tn and Territory of Washington, for the year tndtng June 30, I860. For tk* Pone* Indtan.' An interpreter, milter, engineer lor tbe mill, (If om be necwu-v), anu farmer Compensation not stated For tlu Dwamish and other allied tribes in Washington Territory An instructor or Instructors of an agricultural and Industrial school Compensation not staled. One blacksmith, ore carpenter, one farmer, and one physician. Aggregate compensation throe thousand dollars Ma hah Trib* Teachers of an agricultural and Industrial school Nnruber acd compensation not stated. One blacksmith, one ca-penter, one farmer, a d one physician. Aggregate compensation three thousand dollars. Wnlia- WnUa, Cay nut, and UmaiiUa Tribes. Two millora am- ?? ?* , uici, viic cuiuienueni of f rraiog operation*. two school teachers, one blacksmith, one wt^on and plough maker, and one carpenter and joiner. Aggregate com pens*tioa tea thousand dollara Yakama Xatio* One auperlateadeat of teaching and two teachera A 'gregate compensation two thousand two hundred dollars One superintendent of farming, two farmers t#o blackamltha, one tinner, one gunsmith, one carpenter, and one wagon and plough maker Aggregate compensation aix thousand four hundred dollara. One physician, at a salary of one thousand dollara. Nex Pirct Indians One superintendent of teaching and two teachers Afgregate compensation tw<^thousand two hundred dollars um supermtenaent of firming, two hrmerf, twu miliars, two blacksmiths, one tinner, one K u ssnit' b, one carpenter, and one wagon and plough maker Aggregate compensation six thousand fouc hundred dollars. One physician, ate salary of one thousand dollars. Flatktadt and etktr (cmftdtrnled Tribtt. For employment of suitable Instructors, (number not stated.) one thousand two hundred dollars Two farmers, one blacksmith, one tinner, one gunsmith, one carpenter, two millers, and one wagoo and plough maker Aggregate compensation lee thousand four hundred dollars. One physician, at a salary of one thouaand dollars. Co*/' derated Tribtt and bands in middlt Or44 " f S* One farner, one blacksmith, aad one wagon and plough maker. Aggregate compensation th'*? thousand free hundred dollars 1 Oee physician, one sawyer, one miller, one nertatejideut of fermlag operations, aad one school teeeher Aggregate compensation Ire thousand dollars. M?Ul Imdimmi. One ee penter and ioiaer. a?? atatrd, and one additional farmer, at a aiury"of aiz bandrrd dollara. , Qmi-mmi-tSl md Qnil-Uk-nU Imdimi Am matroctor or ln?t. uclora of aa agricultural . ami lu?l i irtAi acbool C -mpenaatloa not atatrd J t?4f biai kamltb, one carpenter, <?ne darner, aud one physician A** rebate coaapoaaaUaa ] Une thouaand eight hundred dollara. % &'jf/aJtiMt | One blacksmith, one farmer, one carpenter, and one physician. Aggregate compensation three thousand dollars. By tkt art (Chap. XXXVII) supplemental to an net entitled "An proridimg for the taktngoj tkt frtntk and smh**x?e*t ceAsms of tkt United Statu, to Hz tkt number of tkt m- tnber* of tkt itoUst of ktpresentatiret, and provide for tkt future appo tionm'nt among tkt ttttral State " Arprovtd, Mav 23. 1850. One chief c'eh, and, at the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, anch other clerk* of the first class an the requirements of the service may demand, of whom the Secretary may advance from time to time not more than ten to the second class, nine to the third class, and alx to the fourth class. Compensation not Ktated. tty tke act {Chap XLVIII) to carry into effect a convention between tke United States and tkt Republic of Paraguay. A commissioner, whose duty It shall be, conjointly with the commissioner of Paraguay, to investigate the claims of the "United S ates and Paraguay Navigation Company" against tbe Government oi Paraguay. Compensation fifteen hundred dollars. A secretary to said commissioner. Compensation one thousand dollars. By the act iCknv. L\ to treat* an arhhtional ImmJ district in Washington Territory A register and receiver. Salary two tbouaand five hundred dollars, "fid offlce rent. By tkt act (Chap. LTT) to supply d*fiti?ncits in tut appropriation? for tkt servict of tkt fiscal year ending tkt QOtk June, 1PGO. For compensation to the interpreter to the mlsalon to Japan, from January one to June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty, twelve hundred and iftv dollars. to defray the expend** of such delegates as may be appointed by the President of the United State* to attend a meeting of the International Statlatlcal Congrpss at London, In July, eighteen hundred and sixty, live thousand dollars. By tki met (Chap LXIJ) to autkorizt tkt President of tkt United States, in conjunction icitk I As State of California, to run and mark tke boundary lines between tkt Territories of tkt United St At ^9 /IdW 1k* Sitn tm fkf A superintendent or commiuloatr, to ran ind mark the boundary line between the Territories of the United states and the State of California. Compensation not stated. By the aet{Ckmp. CXXX) providing for additional t'tins of th* United States circuit and district courts ? the State of Kentucky. A deputy clerk, to reside at Louisville. Com. pensation not stated. A deputy clerk, to reside at Covington. Compensation not stated. A deputy clerk, to reside at Paducah Compensation not stated By the act tChap. CXXXIV) to change the loca Hon of the custom house for the district of Brazos de Santiago Jrom Point Isabel to Broienseille, in the State of Texas. A deputy collector of custom*, who shall reside and keep his office at Brazos de Santiago. Compensation not stated. By the act (Chap. CXXXV) to amend an act reflating the diplomatic an I consular system of the United States. Tbe President is authorized to appoint a reprerentative tc tbe Kingdom of Saidinia of the grade of envoy extraordinary and muiUter plenipotentiary, who Kball receive an annual conipeusatlon of twelve thousand dollats A secretary of legation to Sardinia, who shall receive an annual comi?ensation of one thousand L.? J ? J-*? n^ui. UUUUICU aoiuirs By the act (Chap. CXXXVI) to amend an art entitled " An act in addition to the acts prohibiting the flare trade." An ageut or a^ent* to receive upon the coast of Africa the recaptured Afri< aas sent bark by the United States to Africa. Compensation not Mated By the act (Chap CXLII)to awnd an act approred the 3d day ot March, 1*17, entitled " An act to establish a port of entry at Saluria, in the State of Texas, and for other purpose* " A deputy collector for the port of Corpus ChrUtl. Compensation Ave hundred dollars per annum and fees. By the act (Chap. CLVII) making appropriations for the currtnt and contingent expenses of the Indian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with variou s Indian tribes, for the year ending June 30. 1961 Two teachers of manual labor schools for the Pawnee Indians Aggregate compensation twelve hundred dollars. Two blacksmiths, one of whom to be a gunsmith and tinsmitn. for the Pawnee Indiana Aggregate compensation twelve hundred dollar*. Farmer for the Pawnee*. Compensation twt-lve hundred dollar*. Two superintendents of Indian Affairs Id California, at a salary each of thirty-six hundred dollars per annum Each superintendent to appoint a supervisor for hl? district, at an annual salary of eighteen hundred dollars, and four laborers, at fifty dollars per month An engineer for the grist and saw mills at Leach lake, for the Pillager and LakeWinnebagoshish bands, for one year; compeiisat on six hundred dollars. By the act (Chap. CLXlII) making appropriation* for the support of ike army for the pear ending ike 3l)tk of June, lbtfl. One signal officer, to be added to the staff of the army, with the rank, pay, and allowance* of a maior of cavalry. Forr surgeons. Pay, eighty dollars per month and allowances. Four assistant surgeons Pay, fifty-three dollars and thirty-three and one-third cents per month and allowance* O-- ? * " * c.x commissioners to examicf into the or^anizttlon, system of discipline and course of In?UU tton of (be United State* Military Academy For defiaylng tLeei(>euae? of the com mis* ion, fifteen hundred dollars By the art (( hap CLXXIX) to carry into effert pr or it ions of the treaties bttwtt n the United States, China, Japan, Sinm, Prrsia, and other countries, giving certain judicial powers to ministers and consuls and other functionaries of tht I'nited States in thost tounirits, and for ot ler purposes One marshal for the United States conanlar court In Japan, four for the consular court In China, one for the consular court In Slam, and one for the consular court in Turkey, who aball receive an annual salary of one thousand dollars and fees By the art (Chap LXXXt) making appropriations for thr naral struct Jor the year ending the 'JOlh of June. IfHil. Pursers in ihe navy hereafter to be styled paymasters; to peifonn the same dui? and ??u. tbe same pay a> before. Commission to examine Into and report on the quality and probable quantity of to be found on tbe land* of tbe Cbtriqai Improvement Company, and tbe practicability of a railroad across tbe Isthmus of Cbiriqul. To pay the expense* of the paid commission, ten thousand d >Hars. By ike act (thap CLXXXVl II) for the final adjustment of private land claims in the States qf Florida, Louisiana, and Alissotri, and for other purposes. Commissioners for adjusting land title* in Florida, Louiaiana. and Missouri. The regiarera and receivers In Florida ar d Louisiana, within their respective land districts, and the recorder of land titles for the city of cjt Louis and Missouri to act as commissioners. No compensation fixed by the act. By the net (Chap CCV) making appropriations for the Legislative, Sretutive, and Judicial expenses of Government for the year ending the 3Uth of June, lttfil An interpreter and translator in the Executive < ffl .e, Territory of New Mexico. Compenaation Ave hundred dollara. By the act (Chap CCXI) making appropriations for sundry etrtl expanses of the Government for the year ending the thirtieth of June, 1801. Chief Engineer of the Waanj tig ton aqueduct Compensation not fixed by the act By the act (Chap CCXI ID to establish two Indian agencies in Nebraska Territory, and one in the Territory of A'tv Mexico Tlliee additional tm? ?fc? 1 -**1? ??1? ? ???. ? % u? a uu i b 11 mnof i at an annual salary of #15<)0 each?one for the Indiana In the Territory of New Mexico, one for the Ponca tribe, and one for the Paw nee a In Nebraaka Territory. By tk* joint rnolution (.Vo 25) in relation to tk? public printing The Superintendent ?>f Pubite Printing aball appoint a foreman of printing, at an annual salary ?i eighteen hundred dollars: a fireman of binding, at an annual aalary of eighteen hundred dollars; proof-r 'aders, compositors, pressmen, laborers, and other bands necessary to execute the public printing. Compensation not fixed by the resolution. Ill -OFFICES, THE SALARIES OF WHICH HAVE BEEN INCREASED, WITH THE AMOUNT OF SUCH INCREASE. By tk* act [Ckap. LXVlf) to incrrat* and regulate tk* pay of the iYary of the Unittd State*. The senior hag officer of tbe Navy, on leave or waiting orders, au increase of Sl,0uO Captain* of squadrons, an Increase of SI,000. All other captaina, on duty at sea, an increase of 8700. On other duty, an Increase of #10). On leave or waiting orders, aa Increase of #500. Commanders? On duty at sea : For the first five years after the data of commission, an Increase of #3-25. For the second five years after the date of his commisoloa, aa Increase of #450. On other fiaiv: For the first Ave yeara slier the dite of comml>?4on. an iBcreaee of 8508 For aecond At# years alter date of eommli Iob. an inernw of #7*5 All otber rounnandem, an lacr*?ae of *450 L.l*utenaata coiuutaudlny, at aea, an tacreaae of 97U> Lieutenants, after bcycb yeara aea aervice, whea oa duty at eea, aa increase of <300. Lieutenants? I Afirr ain? years set service, an lw: tease of ' 400. I After eleven years tea service, an locrfeftsA of I mwo After thirteen years service, an Increase of 750 On other dnty: After seven years sea service, an Increase of 100 Alter nine years sea seivice, an I accrue ot , *300 After eleven years sea servicr, an Increase of *300. After thirteen years sea itervlcc, an increase of ?375 On leave or watting orders: After seven years sea service, an Increase of *66. After nine years sea service, an Increase of 9133 After eleven years sea service, an increaie oi sm After thirteen year* sea service, an Increase of *250 Chaplains, to be paid as lieutenants. Masters In the line of pomotion: On duty at sea, an Increase of SJUO. On other duty, an Increase of *100. On leave or waiting orders, an increase of *75. Passed Midshipmen: \V hen on duty at sea, an increase of $33o. On other duty, an Increase of *50. On leave or waiting orders, an Increase of *5? Midshipmen: On duty at sea, an incrtaM of ?150. On other duty, an increase of *150 On leave or waiting orders, an increase of *150. Burgeons: On duty at sea: First five wan >fl?r A at 0 nt rn irnil?l?? an Increase of IMW 67. Second live yearn after date of commission, an increase of SHOO Third five year* after date of commission, an Increase of #733 31. Fourth five vcais after date of cotnmlt i? oivti J uii luwicanc ui cwu (1/ . Twenty years and upward* after date of commission, an iucrease of *600 Surgeon* of flwl? are paid 93,300, beUg an increase of tb? highest rate of pay heretotof ire allowed of ftiOO. On other duty: First live yearn after dale of commission, an increase of S750. Second five yearn after date of commission, an increase of ?700. Tbird five years after date of commission, an Increase of SW50 Fourth five years nf'.er date of commission, an increase of ?600. Twenty years after date of commission , an Increase of S550. On leave or waiting orders: First five years after date of commission, an increase of StiOU Second five years after date of commission, an increase of 8600. Third fiveyear* after date of commission, an increase of 8300. Fourth five years after date of commission, au increase of ?500 Twenty years and upwards after date of commission, an "f Passed Assistant Surgeons? On duty at sea, an increase of ?Khi On other duty, an increase of S'i'tt) On leave or waiting orders, an increase of $250 Assistant Surgeons? On duty at Kta, an increase of $301). On other duty, an increase of $IUtl. On leave or waiting orders, an increase of $150 Paymasters, (pursers)? Note.?The difference between the present ai d former pay of pursers cannot be stated, in consequence of the present mode of scaling or classing tnein, which Is oy date of commission The highest sea-going pay heretofore allowed was, for ships of toe line $3,500, while lb** highest allowed by the present act is, for twenty year# and upwaids after date of commis?ioii. The lowest sea-izoing pav heretofore allowed was, for brigs, scuooners, and steamers less than Ural class, $1,501) The lowest now allowed is, for the tirst live years after date of commission, $-2,000. On dutv ?t *m? Firnt tlve yearn after date of commission, $2,01*1, being an Increase of the lowest aeagolnu pay heretofore allowed of 8500 Second Ave yearn after date of commission, 92,100, being an Increase of the next lowest sea-going pay of pursers, of $100 Third live year* after date of commission, 92,WiO, being a decrease of *100 In the pay heretofore allowed pursers of this class Fourth five years after date of commission, 92.900. being S100 less than the last mentiomd class Twenty years and upward after date of commission, 93,100, being 9400 less than tbe highest sea-going pay heretofore allowed. (See note above.) On other duty, First Ave years after date of commission, 91,BOO, au increase of 6300. ?ciouU Ave yeais alter date of commission, 92,100, an Increase of 9100. Tuird Ave years after date of commission, 92,400, being 9100 less than heretofore allowed to pursers stationed at receiving ships at Boston, Now York, and Norfolk. Fourth five years after date of commission, 92.<MJO, being an locrcaae of the big heat " other duty" pay of 9100 Twenty years arid upwards after date of commission, 92.HOO, being an Increase In tbe pay of the la^t mentioned claaa of pursers Jf9300 On leave or waiting ordersFirst live years after date of commission, 91 400. an increase of 9100 fl??m .J - - l_ 1? J v?> ? w >vi u <i' r OA CUU1UIIS31UU, $ 1 GUU, an lncreaw; c f $400. Third ttve years after date of comiuixslon, | 91,NX), an increase of #100 Fourth live year* after date of commission, 9*2.000, an increase c f 9<MW Twenty year* and upwards after date of commission, 9*2,2o0, an increase of 9450 Professors of Mathematics: O.i duty, an increase of 9300 On leave or watting orders, an Increase of S160 Enstnetf*, when on duty: r* * - - r* very cniei engineer on duty for first five v??rs after date of commission, an increase of #300 Second five years after date of commission, an Increase of Third aV*- years after date of commission, an ? Increase of S450. After fifteen years after date of commission, an inertase of $Aio O i leave orwaittug orders: Every chief eiigmter after fifteen years after date f coiiiiiiixnion, an increase of #100 Every firstassisiant engineer, wnen on duty, an increase of f&X) On leave or wailing ord-rs 850. Every second assistant engineer, when on duty, an Increase of 01 1-ave or waiting oiders, an Increase of >50 Every third assistant engineer, when on duty, an increase of ?150. O i leave or waiting orders, an increase of Warranted officers? , Every boatswain, gunner, carpenter, and saiumker, on duty at sea, for tbe first three years of sea service after date of warrant, $46 Second toree years of aea service afterdate of wariant, an increase of 811*2 Thud three years of sea service after date of warraut, an increase of ?186. Fouith taree years of sea s-rviee after date oi warrant, an increase of S?M Far t*fl?e years sea service and upwards af:er date of warrant, an increase of #331. W hen on other daty: First three year* aea service after date of warrant, an increase of ?58. Second toree years sea service after date of warrant, an increaae of SIMS. Third three year* sea service after date of warrant, an increase of S174 Fourth three years sea service after date of warrant, an increase of $&t. Twelve rears aea service and apwards after date or warrant, an increase of 38U. On leave or waiting ordersFirst three years aea service after date of warrant, no increase. Second three years sea service after date of warrant, an Increase of #28. Third three years sea service after date of warrant, ai increase of 9M Fourth three years sea seivlce after date of warrant, an increase of SIM. Twelve years sea service and upwards after date of warrant, an increase of 9:156 The officer now chsrged with experiments In gunnery at the navy yard, Washington, shall receive the sea service pay of the grade next above him. By tkt act (Ckap CXXVJII) to amend am act entitled "An act I* define and regulate tkt juritdietion nf tut dxitrxct court* of tkt United States m California ta regard to tkt turvey and location oi confirmed private land claimt." The judge of the Uaited Stile# for the northern dUMcc of California, to continue for two years 1 from the passage of <he act, an 1 tcrease of 91.1WJ i ue Juage ol the Untied States for the sou* hern dlnirlct of California, to oontlnue for two jrars ( from the passage of the act, an incieaee of #500 By tk* net (Ckap. CLXXXVI) to amend "is act tS WTOtide far ' . ??rmmvm untf j ??? tial system of the United StaUt l? the Stat* of Oregon, and for other purposes " For judge of the United riiates for tbe dtetrict of i Oregon, an Increase of 9500. ^ pim. <10 rei mm. j? B P BR SONS OMliniuc hoaMkMping or ktvinf ft ' urviua of huuMhold effect* oftn find roftdy Ml* by i Oftifis*ftt my Fumiihim Store, 4t? 7th street, bft- , I 0 f MISCELLANEOUS. . Q P F 1 C 1 A U ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH RETWEEN TUB ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Trcasvry Piiumut, J*1J l*. iw. Paofonxi wilil.e received at this Department until the tenth day of September next, puiiumtto ike followin( Ml of Cong reu I Ait Act to facilitate Ootrtmitnittation feetwean the Atlantic and Faoi6c StaMa by - ecirlo tolerfaph. Re it enacted by the Senate ani Home ef Htrrtreiftiiti of the UnittH Siatet c/ Amtrua inCemtr s* ax.-t-nbitd, That the Secretary of tne Treaau y, uuder the direction of the President of the United States, ia hereby authorised and directe.1 to advertise for sealed proposals, to b* received for ho day* after the pa*aa?e ol thia act, (and lhe faitilment of whioh shall ue guarantied by reaponpi'ile parties, as m the ease of Dida for mail oon traota, J for the u<e bp (He Government of a line of lines of magnetic toegrayh, to tieoonatrrtpted within two yrara from the thirty firtt day of July, ei*h t en hundred and sixty, from aom? point or point* on the weat line of the State of Mi*souri l?y any roata or roataa whiol tba said oontraot?rs may (connecting at suofc point or polite by telegraph with tneoitieaof Wsshingtou, N;; w Orleana, New York, Charleston, Philadelphia. Boston. and other cities in the Atfaniio. Southern, and Weatarn 1 tf\ th* fit* t\f Sa n Pra a/ii ?rti? in tka State ol California, for a period of ten years, and hali award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, provided such sr<ffar does not r??tuirea larger amount par voar from the United than fort* thousand dokan*, and fermisiion is hereby granted to th* said parlies to whom slid oontract may be award?or a majority of th^m. and their assigns, to use tmtil the end of the iaia t?rm,*noh unoconpied pubno lands of the Un: ted States as may be neoessary for the ngfit of way and for the purpose of establishing stations for repairs along said line, i,ot exceeding at any station one quarter section of land, snob stations not to excewi one in fifteen miles on an average ofthe whole distaaoe, nnlers ?aid ia?d< shall be requ ted by the i?rvernment of the United States fur rail road or other purposes, and provided th t no right to pre empt any oi raia lands u"?-r the laws of th* tiuiteJ States shall inure to s?id company, lieir agents or servants, or to any other person or person* whatsoever: Prodded, That no such eon tract sha'l be nnade until the said line shall b* in actual operation and payments thereunder shall caasa whenever the jont'vitors fail to oompU with tne contract; that theGovurnment shall, at all times l>e entitled to priority m the use of the line or iinea, an 4 shall have the privu?g?, when aut .onxed by law, of connecting said by telegraph wun unr military posts oi tne united srst??,and to us? the same lor purposes: Xnd prox><d"i also. That s&i;i tin*) or linea, except socn as mav be constructs by the Government to oonneot till line or linea with the military posts of the United States, shall be open to the iiw of all oiti z mis of the United State* curing the term of said o?nt act, on payment of the regular charge* for transmission of dispatches: And provident alto, That such charges shall not exceed thr*? dollars for a sinsi dispatoh of ten words, with the usual proportionate deductions upon dispatches of greater length, provided that no'hing herein oontamed shall oorfer upon the Raid parties anr exclusive right to construct a telegraph to the Paji fic, or de ar the government of the UniUit States from granting, from time to time, similar fian chines and privileges to other parties See. a. And be it further enacted, That the said contractors, or their assign*, shall have the right to oonstriictaixl maintain, through any of the Ter r 1 tnriAa nt tna ITr*itoW * Km - - ? - a? . a rv. . va WW v l"M *? kJVOVOj IB I'l OUVIi llUf, t" ?? W o lined their am lino or lines with Oregon; and that ttiey shall have the permanent right of way for raid line or liues, under, or over,any anapprof iatttl public lands and watnrs id the said Terriories l>f any route or routes which the aaid c*>n tractors m&y eel'ct with the tree use during the mikI term of such lands, aa inay he neoes^art Tor the purpose of establishing stations for repairs alone said line or lines, not exceeding, at any eta tion one quarter section of land, snon station* not to exceed one in fifteen mi,es on au average of the whole distanoe; but should any of said quarter sections ha deemed essential by the Government or an; company acting under its authority, for railroad purposes, the said contractors shall relinquish the occupancy ol so much as nmy h* neceaiiary for the railroad, i*oeivisg an equal amoant vl'laud for like us - in its stea.. Soc a Anil be it furtner matted, That if, in any ear during tne continuance of tiie said contract. The business don* for the Government as hereintbefore mentioned l.y such com-actors, or their asouns, snail, at the ordinary rat > of charges 'or ( nva'e nies?a?es, exo9?d the prioe contracted to be paid as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasu ij shall, upon said accounts being duly authenti cated, certify the amount of such excess to C. n gre?e: Prowled. That the uae of the line be given at any time, Pee of co?t, to trie Coast survey, the '/.mitisoniai. Institution, and the National (Jb'er vat.?rr, for scientific purp .mes: A*d proviilttl fur* tk'T, 1 hit me*sat es received from any individual, company, or onrporattou, or from any telegraph line* oonnectin* with this line at either of its termini. shall be impartial y transmitted in the order oi their reception, excepting that the despatches of the Government bliali have priority: And pro vidtd furtner. That Congress shall at auy time have the right to alter or amend this act. Approved J una 16,186". The lowest offer for the use of such telegraph, for tlie puliiio service, will be aootptrd, provided trie terms and eondiUonsexs'essed in the aot shall lie fully set forth and stipulated in the proposal*, which must be aconmpaoied by a fnarar.tee, in conformity with tUe /7;h section of ttie act of July t, ?83>, in regard to mail servioe, to the effect that th<* 1 in ' or shall be coinp'eted within the tune pre?orib*d, and that the guarantor shall then enter into obligation to the United States lor the oerJormauce of tbe service for the Government, under said aot. at the rates offered in the proposals. ^uoti guarantee may tx? in the following form: "The undersigned residing at , in Uie Mat* of , undertake and promise that if the Secretary of the Treasury shall accept the within pro posals, under the act of June 16,1860. the line or lines of magnetic teiegraph shall be completed and put into operation on or b?foiethe tnno'ttfe d in the act, .and that we will then execute with the parties xtgning the within proposals an obligation t i tha United States, in due form, as sure fi#K fnr thll I?flrfrtrin?ti/?a ? ' .w. I.1UMV.V Kft mo BOI Vigc, ftcouruim to th? termi and condition* contained in auch propouila." Dated at . The above guarantee must be accompanied with the certificate of a United States district attorn*, or d>atrict judge. abating thit h.< la acq uainted with each of the peraotu signing the cuarantee, and know* them to ba mon of auficient property to make good tneabove guarantee. The proposals and gnaant e roust he aea>ed up and directed to "the Secreta-y of the Trcaau'j, Washington, D- C and ondoreed "Proposal* for Pacific Tejetraph." HOWKI.L Ct>BK, jy 11 2aww.\VAS. Secretary of the Treaanry pKOPOSALS FOR DEALING WAX. Post OrricE D?r>.ttTMK?tT, July 24, I860. Skalku proposal* will be received at this Department until the 3d day rf September next, at 12 u'cloo*, noon, for furnianini pealing Wax, for tne nw of the Poat Offioea in the United Sr*.t*? fmm the date that the contract therefor all l>? exeouwd to the 31st day of December, 1R6C The Wax to be delivered, free of expense, at the blank aceuoie* of the Post Office department, at Washington, D. C., New Y"'k oitjr and Cincinnati, Ohio. The estimated quantity of Wax required at each agency yt>ari j is kpeoifiod Im?Iow. District Nh. I.? Wa shine to*. D. C. tan pounds ol Scarlet Scaling Wax,o( good quality, for ordinary u?e. Pictrict No 2.?At A'tir York city. G?n pourius of Scarlet Sealing Wax, rams aa for distrio' No. 1 District No. 3.?ill Cincinnati, Ohio. 400 pounus of Seariet Sealing Wax, same as for district No I. Tb*0'?ntract will be awarded to the lowest and b??t (Milder, the best bid to be determined %fur a careful oxainination for the of anoertVMn* wmoh bid wi l, in lis practical results, be most advantageous to tho Department. It tho District* should be reooustrrotad, or increased in number, tit* grating Wax anail be delivered at euoh p a -e or planes a* the Povtmait?r General shall derignate, at pro rata prices Samples <>i the Sealing Wax required to be fur manna can oe Bo?n at. or procured from, either ol tbe ehove named arriKMea. Kaeh bidder muit furciah, with bit propose, ev idei.ce of hi* abi'itjr to comply with bia hid. Two sufficient securities will be required to ? contract. Kai ures to furnish theSaaiinc W axooutraotea for promptly, or furnishinc an article inferior to t.iat root'soied for, will he onnaidereil sufficient cause for the forfeiture of the oonuaoU Bids not made in accordance with these proposals will not he nnsidered. Proposal* must he n arked, on the outside of tbe envelope, "Proposals lor Sealing W?i," and the letter containing them addressed to tbe First a?aistint Postmaster tie.eral, Washinrto*^). C. ir S6-law4w,Th Postmaster General. Proposals for repaihino tae custom house at baltimore, Ms. TRKAfTRT HKPARTMRNT, I Washington, July 13, 1S80.\ Proposals will be reoeived at this Department nntil the fifteenth day of September, A. D., 188", at 12 o'olpck, noon, lor the repairs of the Custom Houm authona-d to be repaired at li& umore, Mary aod, aooordinc to the plane and ap?oifcea lions prepared at this Department. Bidders will be repaired to reoeive the old oast-iron work dispensed with in part payment of the work, at tha rate of one dollar per hundred pounds, and will ha r. q ji a,i to furnish all tne atenal and perform all the necessary labor to complete the repairs aooordinc to the p ans funished. Ninety p*r oent, of theaaount of work done and raeTiris ' delivered according to oontraot pnoa (said amount to be ascertained in the manner prescribed by the oontraot, by tha estimate or an aient ofihe Department appointed for that par y wi wi i uo pwu iDOBinir,ia uie work progresaea, ud ten per cent, rntaioed until the oompletion of the oontract and acceptance of the work by the a*ont a'oretaid, and to be lorf'itod in theeyeot of ne.i fulfilment of contract. Specification* and <lr%win*a will be real* on the 15th of Auintt, when th-/ oan be had on application to the Department. The propoaa'a mu?t be aent to tha Department, addressed to the Secretary of the T'easar? and plainly endorsed " Proposnl* for repairing the Balti more Custom hornse," aud will be opened at one i? o ock ot the liat day yarned lor receiving the 847 HOWELL COBB. )y<e-aaw>w Secretary of the Treaesry. i.e. s. lama*. e. *. aen. i. k imi. WBIHRMME iilvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, vviutad par*, llao, Imported Hrnndiee, Henneeey, Ulard, Dupuy k Co.. Talee Robin., ko. Alio, Ptaoh am/ A?l? Brandy, par* Holland Sin, old Jamaica and fit Croix Baiu, and Winee of ever? variety, all of ttandard braada. A ehoioe lot of Cicara and T? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTO Alexandre E. BKALL.1 | Wa. S. MATTHEW* 1\EW GROCERY* KSTA^t I.IWMMKN* Curtm Bruit and Ctngretg Stt , (hmtttew. To the Cirizsmi or rw? Dmaicr aud Viciwrt The ua<l?ri>uned would reafeatfu'ft ?n*ofnoo that litviiu taken the old e?talTi?h<tl aiautl <U Join Mi Bolt, Em., th-*; intend to keep al war* o> hand * Mr*e Hp/i t?/y ?e!eyt a**ortment of fine firn-c'a?* FAMILY ORnOBlllKMof aH kinrfa.acd h~*>r r??p?ctf"ll}r solicit eallirfrrtin Ail who may daairato l>e sapplierf with prime artiolce in their liae. and at moderate prices. ?u lS(x^w BKAI.l. A MATTHEWS. AGENCY FOR FAIR BANK'S SCALfc* IN A tfKORGKTOWN. The nnderatgned have Iwwi appointed A rent* for the Kale of tbe above o*lebraie<t aiKt wail kaowa PLATFORM aitd COUNTER SCALES. A fail *o?piy constant!/ on hauU awl for r?Je at lowwt Xy And dtfAI, SCALES MWUi tn sw? part of the Diotriet or adj^iirtac 6orm;iaa. . . All SoalM are warranted to fire satisfaction _ . M . BUSEY A BARNl&tL Dealer* in AgrioaltaraJ Implement*. je? gm Bridge street 1 doors weat of lfi?h. P?RAN1>KLL, OPTICIAN. 1 J Mm 1 Oft mt fiirwaai?? Hm oonatanty on hand a large aaaortmeat of French Ne?r-ai*ht<Mi, Peri?cotio. f'"'- ipuy^ ?red, ainl aL other SrECTAfTLF.S, 01 the b<*at m told, eilrer. ?teel,and Genua* ilrer frame*. N. 8. Old Framee Repaired and ?ew aaaaea m in them to order. jol?-b J^09. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, C*t. Bridge and J'frrum ill., Harm* riren mr personal atteotioa to tkia hf aaeft of my buoineat, 1 am prepared tor ? attend to all oaila with pnmetneaa Peraona from a distance oaa beaupplied at a 'ev nutate*' notice, aa 1 Mr<a large assortment of CuFFlNS aiwaja on haad. ? Par tioular attention paid to tiic removal of the drad from the n!d to tne tiflw burial gronnda. Hearses and H.>rae? for hire. ap it-tw I CA JUST RECEIVED, 1DU BBL8 Whisky, <*???rte?i,> 18n do. HERKINGtrd AI.EWIVKS, 25 rto. KEFINED SlT?AR*, m hMa. PORTO RICO SUGARS, 6 bhl?.( Bayfield > WHIT R Fl-H, ? h<?M prime Eaetorn I'H EESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOOUB. je 8 <?eorgetown. D. C. |\f A8SEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHI LA DELHI PH1A DRAI UHT ALK.-Wetre ?on.tantiy receiving freah supplies of the ei>ove delightful bere<a*e, aud inrite ai4 persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale. to fire it a trial. ARNY & SHINN, Agento, f? IT flniMi at.. 8w>rt?toTB. ftiiSOEbLAxNEOUS. T~~PROCLAMATION ! O THIS CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. IfAfMJ, At the present season of the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, UHOUIU, DYSENTERY. dyspe-p81 a. DF.U1L1TY. Jte., fcc.. prevail to mi a)arimuj; extent: Aa4 whereas, It ?"uk? b? of the FRST C??Nf?FHL'ENCE to every family to fcnow ?f A REMEDY at onoe Sift, Sperdt, ami EJfracumt, DK. MONTARDE, or t'Amia, offers hi* MIKACtH.OlTft PAIN KILLER a* tli* mo? t CKBTtlN AND KFKKOTOAL REMEDY FOR THR ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to wti*fi the that no imposition i* int?i (W iu the Hale of Una G ??at. M< dioine, THE MONEY WILL HK REFUNDED , u j *** w wii*"u mc n'viioine tiiiia i<> five enure itunacuun. Ask, then at any Dr?( St ?re for L>R MONTAKDira MIRACULOUS |?AI\ KILI.KR, take & direot<Mi, Bud if not perleotly satisfied, i Return to our A*?at, D. U. CLARK, ESQ , 4!? street ?"d Pennsyl <nma A?enue, who will ri-fu>d your money. Price-US atd 30 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Dm* Stores everywhere. jas McDonnell, General A feet. jf ll-eolm Baltimore. | IGHT.MING! L. L1G11TNING!! LIGHTNING !S In Tixb o? Pbacb, Pimuroi Wat! F. La BAR RE. SmtkwttI iornt if 111r*??4 C mM PLATINA ^PPEDCUG"T?NING RODS. Respeotfu'ly annonnces to the puhlic of Washlncton and vrnnity *hat he is prepared to execute all , orders for erecting l.ieMmng Conductors on the most approved scientific priroiplea, c-Mtracted of the very best of ii'vtori?:i,oii very moderate terms. All P atina tipp.d Points which are manufactured by me will be stamped with my name. WMith?r V&nM of tilt ilAtirrt *J\ gxvAmm ir *-im * T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the K"ja! Havana Lot tarj, oondaoted by the Spanish Government, under ; the superrrsmn of the Capbun Geuerai of Cab*, ! will te.te piaoo at Havana oe SATURDAY, AcotrnT 28. lt*?. SORTEO NVMERO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE f 100,000. ; 1 pnaeof fI?V**> & pn*m oL fl.w , I do 8" do i I do 3<V**> 153 do 1 do S'.fW* an approx. IJW 1 do l?,iW IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tieketa, fJO? Halves, 910?gaartera, |l, 8rise* cashed at tight at * per oent. diaooant. ilia on all aolvent Backs taken at par. A drawing will fee forwarded aa aoon aa the raaall : beoomee known. > All ordera for ashemea or tic it eta to be add reesec to DON RODRIGUEZ, an 6 tr Care of Cftr Poet. Charleston. \ C. PARAFFINEDOIL," THE CHEAPEST LIGHT ENOWN' \\>?'? n?i? riweivin^ I'ft'Alkne (ill direct fioan j the works in weatTn Virginia. 'I'l- _- i:*_ _r i_ * - - ? i lit! quchHiT IN 11 ID rxcviirui. f rrKIBOlnC A IMM?, I?rtl iant and txtautifal light, and more pleasant to tli" rte? than cu >i?;ht. Thia Oil i? free from*1u'tenit*>n,and rer? much mora pcnuciiuca! than many of the Coal OiW ittd At this time. IfT" It is in no way exaloaiYe. We kee> ai?<> a <i?fplj of the wioet aprroved at;lea of Lamp*, Ac., f-?r bnrumc thia Oil. KING k BlJRCHKLL, Agenta for ita aale for the I>iat! let of Columbia, Corner tifteentb at. and Vermont a*. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, mall HOWK'S IMI'ROVKL) WEIGHING SCALES TheaeSoalea are offered to the public a* the moat ?;inple, durable, and r?liahle aoauaaerer aat 11 : nae. Firat ciaaa prpmmtna hare been award<xi t hen ^the United Statea Fair and Virginia Aj loultaral siety; Virciuia State Ann cultural Fair; Frank m Iaatitute Fair, Pennaylvauia; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, fee., Ac. In every oaee where exhibited they oave reoeived irat olaaa premiama For neatti Louisiana avennn, Depot ol Siller a ChiRed IronSafea. _ I mw-u H'U. rATTlSON. AlML j WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, fM SfA 11., two doors North of ft. it?. Now 10 the time to got &PR1N0 ad<1 QUMNKl hort??t notio?. Aii de?on?t?om of Seviai: <1om, WkW~^..7Z^ Fire, fire. POTOMAC WATER. 1 am atill engatad in th? PLUMBING and 6A8 FITTING BU5lN K89 at my old Btand la Philharmonic Hall. The advantage of hrnm *. i apply of water tu readily observed at t- * ire of yesterday, a* I am wall satisfied 1 aboold Lav* b*?n burned oat bot (or til* bountifal *upply apor mj HWiui and th?t of n; neifhbora All order* for the inirryiuotion of Water and Oaa will be promptly attended to. Terra* aa reasonable aa any plumber m the eity. Jy?- C. SNYDER. A One at 2S oeata per month One at SO do. do PIANO One at ft 1 do. oBe at ft 130 do. FOE One at 92 duOne at ft J SO do, RENT. * And up to ft7 A ft8 do. J?*HN F. ELLIS. Jy SI Pa. avM between 9th and Kk eta 12,000 as tiie attention or the pcblio to oarjarie and wall an looted atook of Champagne aad Crab Apple Cider, whioh we gHaraatee to be rare imioe, and will be old on re^aonabla term* fn order to make room I for onr apnni atook. ?iva aa a oall at the Union Bottling Depot, t?> No. IT Or? ML. 6?<>riruiwa. NIB D WILLIAM BKADLEYlBEGS TO O. inform the pnbtie and hi* friend* that he baa on hand a large atoek of Marble Maatela,aaile anew style. Alao Monument Head Mono. TatUe Top*. Ac., whioh he baa to di*poee of at prioe* to anit the time*. Al*o, Brown Stone oon*tantly keel on hand. Plumbera' work promptly attended to. mag-Smeo Pa. aT.. bet. Itth and mth ata. A , WM. T. DOVE * CO. ARB Now nraaared ta mmml. ?? ? TOMKigSgS EAJi FlTTiN# I irr Store OS Kh aCTMC, tfer door* ftortk of Pi. I\IKW STYLES OF R1CB JKWKLIY-H.O* 1* HOOD hu jut op?o*d t Ivv* toot, whiok he w?U ofer at r*fj low nUi Therefore thoe? I TRAVtiipty D1MKT0BT. f\J . _ CAPON spftinea ?.f Mr( i Oil} ID nlift 1 aoomfortaM* W M*? road. L*av# AW<*tMtrt? in tH* Oran?* UN Al?*a?4ria TrM take the Nmmu o*f*M IIm itMUM,km?*w far'a tj 5 ' 'ook J.1? N gWv from A te?atm n? t? c?m? #*?.* Pc^e^mwMimieneelr# at U?? R*iTiu*il c?" <?r of ^uiUi ?t. and I'*. Wa*k.?tten. a?4 at th? Ticket <>?<* ? I'aioa it.AlnM'ii, Vk )1 IKWhA? Baltimore anp ohio rah.road. WASHfNuroN bRAM H. Eim?vmmamwBm 09 ttlHfUti ON AND AI-'TKR WJCDNfcaDAY. Ju?UU. MM, (rata* wiil run M (ollvva; L?ar? \V ufcto?lon ?t 6 ? wd Lmtk AVaakmrtoa at &?. ami hM a. m On Kndti at 3? f. m. LMr* Bammor# at OS and iVa.a L??t? at S16 and on p. m. On feaoday at 4 a. ia. ? A IUT I If" r>*i ft wni IU? WWKM M V?iP aal T.M? 4 and S * f. m. For U? W mi at 140a- m. U> p. a. For Annapvlia *fT*l m mm! JJ? p. m. For Norfolk at "7 Ma. m, On SMrdai rvrami UmSJP p. Bk Inua gom to Philadelphia oc!y. i" T H. PAKH<W.Affi>. NEW ORLKAN8 WITH TAB CHOTCB OF THREE ROUTES iSKSSSIPv^ Orange and AUsmndr+o Railroad TO LYNCHBrKVf Virginia and Ten.******. East /inwtsse ana Virginia* Tonnassoe ami Georgia, NashnlU and Chattanooga, Memphis and Chart,ston, Mississippi Central, fine Orleans and Jarhoon, TO NEW ORLEAN9! _ MEMPIlT*~ROrTB: _ Maaphia by Ka ), torn? b? First oiaeo Faakato to MM Ori?aoa. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Mon??<im?r? br Rail. U?-i.o* to Mobile by First _ _ II. bl.k... 4^ ?*. k PIMI i ravriiv w now i/nww i?y Lake 9tMUMT? TWO DAILY TRAlNft?ttvuoava Iwo.enaa. Lrtvf Wdhiagt*! Mt?. u4 I p m. The SiMiii"' GF.ORG E PAG K M>r vktri foot of Seventh "tr?? ?t till a- in. aad tfc f ? and oimiwt" M .M'Mwint wili the Orange m Aiti anrina Tram* for the South w**t. Ofto^-Peana* Ivault avenae. oorner of Sixth it UMMI CBBCRBD TBR9VBB TO (IV OBLBABB Lrnchharc M7 ?< Memphtt - 9SI a? Bristol 15 * A tt??ila ........... JR a? KnoxnMe *?><*> Maonn ... .* ? Chattanooca.. 2*ti> Cntantxi* 91 .*> Dftiton..... ...WW MoaUomert..... n <? Hnritavilie nun ) VI* M*itiphl*^? V? trani Junotion >> fti N.O.S vi*<?. Juno .12 ** aahville lb n> \ na Mobile. ?* ? THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY ?Y RAIL B?0 MILKS 8H?BTKR,"mk1 J 4 HOURS LEW IN T1MK than any other l.iio-the Lrnelibunr Extmatna being now completed, aa alen the Mim *?ipp? Central, makinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVHLBRS' It is provided with Firat eiaaa S.eepmc Can? i To New 'W? " TB loan TIMt I flS^K^nEE.:.:a ti ICTTho U.S MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. WV -I 4- __ _ i J ^.A a &X ?- - . i iciru win ix" unuungg w in* WB Office, oorner of Sixth atroot mm] PecneTi vania avenue, to the followinc point* Lynchburic, B i-tol, Kdoiti :*, At aula. Chattan ><>ca. HanUvilie, Grand Junetiqa. Maooa. Naehrule. Dal to u. Coambu, Mo*^iikwaSiWfsrki** 3 ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS riROINIA SPRIItQS. fH^Omiribaaee and Ba?c*c? Waioni lea re the office at 6 a m. and 6 p. n. JAMES A EVANS, TiokH A coat, ma 23 tr Corner Sixth et. and Pa a*. The steamer jass 9trv will ? mt ti ipe oa TUESDAY, M of ^ Ftbriar?, inn. Will i?a^ WA8il.^4^^^ iNttTON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at? o'eloak a. m.. and A I. EX AND*' A at hair M?t f o'eloek. for CVRRIOMAN aad the interment* l.ari.nrt. Oa her retarp triee, ?h?> will leave CURRlOMAJH ever* WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olock k. m. LLCIAM S. PAGE. Proprietor. NATH'L BOU SR. AzX Alexandria. fe an A"? The New York and Virginia ' crew Ptaamakip Gcnmni'* nrv and elegant tcemehip uni^rftk-iiiynm n.., t n ?,.a will leave tfce Coirpanv'? Depot, W nrn Whar?M, at '.t-c'eloek a. m mry WBDNKK A Y, and the Onpur'i Depot. at AiwuMk, at 9 o'cloc k p. m. same Jay. PaM*>nc?r* from Washington and Georgetown oantake the eo&cbea ooslkusi with Alexandria clean'>x>aU or railroad, which leave the o?wi?ai of Tth street and Pa. avesee hoarly, or they can .caw on the cteamer from Ui Waaierc Whaj-VM at II e'e ook a. m. State room* oar. to encased on afplinatiot la Moeara. M or ran ft Rhinebart, Wastern Wbama, Freiiht will ba reoetved ap to tne hoars of depftr ffr1 lnacranee will be efeeted oa all Msde ky ttiii ineat the olacof tfce Company at % par aaat York an a* reeaMe and haaltkfel on. JP?r nwTzht or pin> tr^T I* FOWL* A CO., Ainn, iltnoitnt. H. D.CROJK WKLL * CO? a#My M WMtit..?ornwAII?>f.NivY?rk. rkgi'LAR ^TEOt'PACKBT link BRfwKKN HALTiMORK ANO ^ w i - h i *i - t - * " fc \ am r roe ?u vhtif. Balbaore, m fol Tlis* NI<-MO?. ?M?tj WR0NE8DAY,HI?. m. Coli *BiA.ev*ry ?AT1'Rn*V, Mil. n I ,c*v? Hiley' Wharf. at the foot of II tk aMaat, Waahinstna, ?> fl>ilow? s <>LimBiA.?v?ry W KIWKHOAY MORNINC. U?. Sr. NicilOLte, wrj fcATc'R L)A ml For lrei(hl, m,Cj, *t?j u> TH?>< W. tll BY, Aint, Riley ' WWf at Ui# Toot "f Mr U TtTSm llthet. \Vu)hmM NEW YORK AND W A!>H I NttTON stkamshif link. The SMuwr ?<M NT VERNON will \mv Alexandria and WafOuutnii lor New jr?i. York EVERY WEl?NKt?DAY. at VlP> o'clock p. m., ao<1 New S'ont for Waal) laaton every Seta u. ay. at 3 o'clock p. m. PaaaerrTi ran join the ah i pet Alexandria at aa< time before the boar of the rt?aaer'i di parka ra>. N. B.? I r. u t event of tke eteaewre ?nao.,itr ta aroaa the bar in oooeeqaenoe of low water ,ali |oode wu. tx^klarwd to and frwa the learner r^S^^tesieaL IN?T'CK T? WtfXthi?0 roTU"?? PINKY POINT, POINT LOOKOUT, OLD POINT, NO*FOLK AND POMTSMOCTH. The oonaodiou Ui awift itfwir BALT1MORE. fca*io? boec tkorongk'y overturn nxi and lofttnd with boil art tad maehmary, k e , will b 5%Md OB tlM ?bof* n it* MON HAY, tfca M of If, Md ooattaao danrg U* bathinc mm. ad101 mri WMkl; triaa. iwviif W a?i-<utu>a HON DAYS and THURSDAYS at 1? o'clock a ia. Hiaa wi 1 leavo Norfolk on Tl FSUAY8 aad DAYS at S o'olook r m., making all tka nv?r iBfa roia< and ratnrninc. Art la Marbarv'a. RU? , P->pa'a Croak . ._.RJ? *aod? Point I jn| Hlackiatoao'a. i m WBMiKx.? I ? , Klaff F?. lot. tl? : :*?SISSfKir*?r ill fssui -iwrit^sL Round trip tiek?U to N- ri.Jk tad Ok Pout. *ot*l for tM> *-' ? 9* 0!fci!dr??i Mtwter tan ???r*.???d aarvaaU,faaJfla*a. FrMooiorad p?raoni #4 Prate kta at usua. ntn?l be eo^itl. 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