Newspaper of Evening Star, August 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 21, 1860 Page 1
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, t 1 . !??"? '1 ? ' _! - ? ; * . -> - ? r > i . ? ^tar. V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 21, 1860. N?. 2.842. ~w 1 THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR It'lLDCIOS, Corner /Pennsylvania avenu* and lltA st.t W. D. WALLACO. PM? in paofca??a by oarrinra at 9* I the prioe it fa.i> a iw, t? ad vac t, $2 for six month*; fl for three month*; and for 1mm than three month* at the rate of It Mnti a week. Single ?opiee, oncm; in wrapper*, two ccrt*. 117 A Drniu nnT? ikMl<i be *ent to the ofloe betore 12 o'olook m ; otherwise they may not appear mnfal tfce next day. <??? ??????? LADY FRAKKLIN. Among the pawengera bj the Adriatic to-day Is Ladj Fra nklin, a woman wLose name baa for Tears been linked with ah that is noble. heroic. and Christian; and it seems not inappropriate that we phoald briefly sketch the erents that have brought her so prominently before the pablic. Lady Franklin was the daaghter of John Griffin, IF. 8 A., and became the second wife of Sir John Franklin, on the 8th of March, 1318. in the 28th year of Iter age. tn 1830 she accompanied her husband to Tasmania, or Van Dieman's Land, over which he had been appointed Governor, and returned with him to bngland in 1843. The DAnnln ftf T??m? ni? K*w? V?1.J ? i-A-l r--r? ?? uu i u v/1 oi uciu iu |riiinui memory the kind deeds of Sir John and his wife, and long after their departure they sent Ladj Franklin the sum of $1,700 to assist in defraying the expenses of the search for her abaent husband On the 19th day of May, 1&45. Sir John set at from England in search of a Northwest passage. expecting to retarn in a couple af years, at the farthest. Towards the close of 1547 alarm began to be felt fer the safety of the party, and early in the following year three different expeditions were dispatched by the British Government in search of the missing navigators The failure of these to find any traces of Franklin's party induced the Government. in 181U, to offer a reward of ?90,000 to any private exploring party of any country, which should succeed in aiding the lost navigators. At this time began the efforts of Lady Franklin, which have won for her the admiration of the world. From her own private purse she caused to be transported to Cap* Hay, on tha southern side of Lancaster Bay, a earto of enala and nroviai ?n? tn ka it mm*. ice af any who should venture upon search for her hasband. In the year 1850 no leu than eicht expedition* were fitted out,which may be briefly enumerated as follows: That of Dr. Rae; the Behring's Strait expedition, consisting of the Enterprise, Capt. Collinson, and the Investigator, Commander McClure; the Government Baffin's Bay expedition, consisting of the Resolute, Capt. Austin, and the Assistance, Capt. Ommaney, together with the propellers Pioneer and Intrepid, in charge of Capt. Osborne; the * __ _???t- - - ? ocnooner reux.wua a smau tender. tne alary, pat forward by pablic subscription, and comnianded by Sir John Rom, the Lady Franklin, fitted oat by Lady Franklin, and commanded by Captain Penny; the schooner Prince Albert, two-thirds of the cost of which was defrayed by Lady Franklin; the American expedition, consisting of the Advance and O a * * * - ?? nocuc, uuuer cummiDii oi li?oi. He Haven; and lastly, the North Star, a transport ship, containing stores for the expedition of Sir Jimei Rom. None of these were successful, and both the British and American nations 'were inclined to relinquish all further efforts to determine the fate of Franklin and his party, who had now been absent over six years. But not so with Lady Franklin. The report brought back br Sir John Rom. that the Franklin P*rty had been murdered by the Esquimaux in Wustenh-ilm Sound, induced tbi* derote?l wife to send, in the summer of 1852, the screw-steamer Isabel. Commander Inglefield, to make a thorough examination of the Sjand. Thr^e months, previous. however, Bir Edward Belcher was sent oat by the govam inanf in m n/4 nf A ? v. WU? ?M W1UU??|1\A V? U I D ICWCI3, IUC .13* sistance. Resolute, North Star. Pioneer, and Intrepid. In the spring of the jeer following the celebrated Kane expedition sailed from New York, and at nearly the saine time Lady Franklin despatched the steamer Isabel and the ship Rattlesnake, while the Lady Franklin and Phoenix were sent to Barrow's straits to aid Sir Edward Belcher. Excepting the valuable scientific discoveries made by these several expeditions, particularly by that of Dr. Kane, little progress was made in ascertaining the fate of the Franklin party and the bones of the most sanguine were given up. Still, the wife of the explorer, with that womanly feeling which knows no each word as despair, determined to make one final effort to settle the question. Cheerfully emptying her purse, now very low. because of the repeated drains udod it?and persuading her friends to aid h?r, she fitted out the iitlle steamer Fox. and in 1857, C?pt. McClintock, with twenty-eight stalwart British seamen, bid farewell to England until they should ascertain, if possible, the fat? of Sir John Franklin The search proved a successful one On the northwest coast of King William's Island a simple piece of board was found, telling a tale which none had heard before, that the ship* Erebus and Terror had been Abandoned on ;2M <>f April, 1H4S, and?saddest of all? thnt the leader of the party had died on the 11th of June, IH47, the very year that he expected to return home. The news reached England ia September last fli l *1? a*?? _ laua were me en or us 01 Lisay r r&nnua rewarded, though the hopes which had tustsined her for twelve long years were crushed. Since the arrival of Capt. McCliutock. this estimable lady has lived vary quietly, shunning sooiety rather than courting it, and affording in her retirement a noble example of an earnest, m. I.??. ? ?.? ? ' * lanuiui, v>uiioiiau wuuiau. AOCUuipAOlOa DJ nieee. the now visits this country, to beootne the gUMt of Mr. Henry Grinnell, and to aoknowledge in person her sense of bis humane and renerons efforts in her ciom.?A. Y. World. LIFIC IN SYRIA.. ?w^ v i I r rum vuc i.unuuu iiiwi J Damuciu might well be the flrst of the four terreatrial paradUea of Mohammed. Not a few Eagiiah traveler* have seen it from (he Salahieb by evening tight; and thej are probably ati agreed that nowhere on earth have they beheld a tcene ao lovely. The dense bat varied verdure whieh liee in the midat of the deeert. an oasis of thirty miles round; the creamy oitj peeping o?t oI it?sending up its fortj minarets among the slim polars, and disclosing little bridges where the rirers of Damascus, Fnnrpar ud A ban a wind among the thickets of fruit trees and flowering shrubs; the Tillages standing in and oat ol the verge of the towering forest; the yellow plain stretehin* aroand, with its shifting shadows and ialanda of ml?t and tb? red and purple hills which frame the whole; this picture may well b? beloved by the Muttulmsn m the prophet's favorite and the sultana of cities But, once within the gates, all is ehaaged. The gaiety, whieh is the great external feature, the harmony and hrightnaM, which exhilarate more than they melt the kea?t Way* r niakai Like Sjria generally. Damascus is full of rnina which tell of religious strife. Hero wo pool 0 moeque now roofless. where Um carved stonework lies hidden in tho long grass, and the water runs to waste from tho broken tank; and there wo m?j aee by a little elimbing, tho battered portieo of tho onao grand Christian _.? i ?i catnearai, rouua wooee bfiiiu columns tbe irtW bare built their mad horel* The Jews hare their Hol^Placea where Kliaha anointed tiM King of Syria, and where the lav waa nreaerved whea Jerusalem fall. . 4 , The eld heathen fainta of Syria are alao represented there All hare mint to show; and II 4mt> reaentmenta. hiMtinr th? rain to am another. Thia wrath aatera into the whole life of l)amuciu, for the new-comers are compelled to lake it into aoeoant in all their ooneorna The doom of bluod-fued hangs orj0 mry relation and erery transaction of lifc there; and erarj cla*? of belieTera calumniates ?Terr o'her. All Christiana regard all Mo hammed ana a* impatiently waiting for the fi^al epfortority of *x terminating the whole raM i#fid?U;" the MolMMtdm poiac with the WoU of Km (ireck Church ad the stupid leg eod* ot the Litin mock*. These iMt t?U traveler* e*?rj Holr week that tb? Jew* in the next street crucified* child Th? I?n thru* thnir ahnnl. SoJcjhfi itUaity. Mi( o*U?f fcj the rnifr?RMriM ? r^tigiue of jmmi, while the Maroiite#T?fc??re id oommaoioD with Rome, cherish their iiutitutiop of the avenger of bM the dearest part of their religion. While their women and peasants are at work in the fielda nnd grovea, their moaka are poring over Tboa Aquinas in the eonrenta, and kindling np the acorn of their dependents against the Druses, who keep np heathen mysteries, and make a Messiah, and even a vod. of th* Hakim wknm Jews and Christians abhor Amidst this stormy chaos of religious passions, life is neither tranquil nor gay in the first of earthly paradises. Sometimes the Jews are tortured to death; sometimes the Christians are shut up in their dwellings; sometimes a Mussulman is left dead in the street, and very often there are skirmishes on the mountain mAlifl vhon Tinmao i ? ? *-r , urvj ?UU maiVUIMI ?u counter. Id going along the streets men glance before and behind; every group in the environs is watched; every stranger who crosses a bridge is inspected; every evening party is conducted with caution and tact to obviate offence, and broken ap at the first ruffle. This is an epitome of life everywhere in the Holy Lands or the earth, where the great faiths *C mankind have for tba moat part originated, and where they are now col.acted as if on nor pose to j?r. It is believed in Syria that there are mountain recesses where Baal and Ashtaroth are atill worshipped. The reflection of the flre-worship la still seen, we are told, in certain gorges of the Lebanon; and Jezebel herself and the nriests at Raslhen w?r? nnt more devoted sun-worshippers thin some who are now watching the slaughter in Ccelo Syria from their perches on either hand. OrTMHAic at Cowstantihople.?The animosity which incited the recent horrible mas V...V..U vuugiiiua tu o/ria ntta aiuo oeen exhibited in Constantinople. A great disturbance took place July 13th, between the Moslem and Christian Armenians, which exhibited the temper of the Mabommedan population, and at the same time showed the instability and inefficiency of the government. A Christian Armenian having died, his friends attempted to bur* the hoHv in th? burying ground where they had a legalised right, but were prevented by a mob of Mohammedan Armenians. The Christians appealed to the Armenian Patriarch,who sent anorder,with police force, to permit the burial; but the mob still came od and interrupted the proceedings. On Sunday and Monday the Sultan was appealed to, and finally decided in favor of the Christian* anH ? - ? * U>?|/wvvuvu ? Uilll tUl J IVtUO w protect them in the burial. On Tuesday the Patriarch went over to the side of the mub, and the Sultan, becoming frightened, revoked his order. The English and American ministers then had an interview with the Sultan, and constrained him to do justice to the Christians. 80 on Tuesday the military were sent out and cleared the ground. On Wednesday the burial was to take place, and several thousand troops were present, and after a conflict with the mob, the grave was dug, and the body ordered to be put in. The uiw iiuw D?iim? furious, and endeavored to press forward to the apot. At this juncture the commander's courage seemed to fail him, and he ordered the grave filled up and another one dug in the middle of a neighboring carriage road. In this most dishonorable place the Protestants, as previously advised by the ambassadors and miaaionaries, refuaed to burv their dea<l. The commander would not yield and the Protestants retired, leaving the body in the hands of the Turks. By this time it wax buried in tke street, after which the immense mob were allowed to rush over the grave, each one trampling and spitting upon it. After this, by way of palliating his disgraceful conduct, the commander ordered that the road should be turned aside and obliterated, and a space inclosed around the grave. This was done, anil if H> *?>r v.? - , ? .. ? v* vtuw wvvu ^URIVIVU VJT ? company of soldiers. P*tro!,eum, or Rock Oil.?The rock oil discoveries which have for some time caused so much excitement in Western Pennsylvania, ware th* subject of an interesting paper, read bafore the American Scientific Convention .at Newport on Friday last, by Prof. Newberry. J The oil is found very abundantly in Pennsylvania, i.nd is also met with in Western Vlrau: n j - ? ? * ? giuir? nuu uuiu, i/imui ana oioer places. IDs wells yield, by pumping, from 10 to 25 barrels per day of the crude oil. The yield of the refined article of the Pennsylvania oil about 85 Eer cent, of the whole. Prof. N. states that recently saw a well which gave ten barrels a day of pure oil, without any foreign admixtare, ami it was barrelled and sent to market as 11 cams irom the ground. The owner was not satisfied and deepened his well, and in eighteen boars 150 barrels were collected from it; bat this proved to be very impure. The orude oil barns dimly, and is a very good lubricator, and when refined has less auaoke and less odor than anv other oil. and is not exnln sire, while its illuminating power ia equal to the best coal oil, and tan be furnished cheaper than any other. In Illinois the oils occur in limestone, and the loss bj distillation is about one-half. These oils everywhere occur for the aost part about one geological level. The Porttge sandstone, which is a porous rock, ia the one moat frequently penetrated with the u'jpc ui gvuiDK on; dui mis rocs only icrvei u a reservoir for it as it is forced up from below. The chemists most announce the theory of ita formation, but it seems to have distilled from the e<trbonaoeous deposit below, and it may be the product of animal as well as vegetable remains. In some eases the natural specimens are as translucent as olive or castor oil, and is found to burn better and to be gen* erallj superior to common oil. Dress ofthe Japanese Womes.?The drew of the Japanese women is simple bat graceful. The robe which croases the breast, close to the neck or a little lower, according to the taste of the wearer, re tches to the ground, and has a a " * " ioom iimtm, leaving tbe wrist free. This rob* it fastened round the body bj a shawl, which ia tied behind in a bow, the ends flowing. Everything in Japan, even io dreu, U ttgoltM by law; tad the raaptury laws have been very striet an til lately, when oontactwith Europeans appears to be bringing about a relaxation. The eolor worn by all olsases of men in their nraal dreee is blaek, or dark bine, of varied patterns; bat the women properly are allowed, and of ooarse avail themselves of the privilege, to wear brighter dresses. Yet their taste is so good that the noisy colon are generally eschewed. Their robes are generally striDed silks of crtv. blue, or blank- ? ,? i. aom< beautiful bright color?orimson, for instance; and their fine jet-black hair is tastefully Mt off by baring crimson crap* of a very beautiful texture thrown in among it. Of ooaree we speak of the ont-door drees of the women; their foil dress within doors it, we beHere, tar more gay. .. ICT'Tb* military eacampment to commonee at y of k, re, on me iniro or next month, will be ittended by volunteers from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Lancaster elty and county, Norrietown, Allen town, Berks, AduM, Dauphin and Cumberland counties, and other points. There will be dally drill* and maneuvering by companies, battalions, regiments, brigades, sad tbe whole body of troops together, and dreaa naradea li. pec'ttoaSMid reviews. Among the acceptance* of invitation* extended to dlatiagnlahed person* to be preeent and review tbe troop* ta tbot of hi* Excellency Governor Packet, or Pennsylvania. Gen. William H. Kelm, one of the nx>*t accomplished military men In the country, will have charge of the encampment gxcnrtloa tickets, at reduced rate* of fare, will be Issued by tbe Northern Central Railway Company, for the accominaof peran? desiring to vlait York on that occailoa. Mm'ikwr T.U?amL . j f IET The mmui return* for the city of Mhlo how total of 6t,MI?feaia> 7,046 more than in 1868 Trof bat 3V.5SSpopulation, having gained (.184 in the last fire rears Auburn MalO.Mft, having l#creeaed 1.5OT atn/*e 1855 B?entO|i|l<a has 4,344, having vatned 830 to tbo fame time The population of Newark, N. I., la Tt.OSSV ? -rr KT-n^e ftlljm oi the sun on the UMfe ull wu [ wtriUble !q &q PrtoclMo, owing to clouds. Amu. WI1ILUW, ff Bxperlan ed None and Fam&la PkyaielM, rrMdU to tha tttantion of moth arm. bar SOOTHING SYRUF, For CkiUm Taatkla?, Wktak gr?*tij fiel.itnit tbi imui ?f iMihinf, b* nAh tag th? pmi, rtaartrf tli [okaiia&Uaa?will aim ALL rain *oa ipumMii icUao.acd la SURE TO tlEOULATE THE BOWELS, D?p?n4 apao K, ntdiin, It *111 (in r?M M ;NnilTM, u< RELIEF AN D HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W? ba pat ap tod told thi? *rticl? for ???r Ito jcirt.iad CAR (AT, IN CO!?riDl(?CB AND TiCTH of it, vbttvt b*?? ifir bxa ?bl? vti ;?ay af any OTHBa M.dieino? KITH MRS. HA? IT rAILBD.IR m ? w i? I ^ * vara 'T4PC1 TO IP" ftCT A CUIl, WII*81jU??'? thin tiraaiy Mad. Narardid wa kMt inilTHRVH **> 'a?l*nea ' *> ' aatiafcetian by any ?b. uad it. Ob tba contrary, all art BYR^F | dahrhtad with lu rlRATlON*, and lipot in tarroa ?f bifhMi comi?and*t<o? af IB a\ leal afaria and nadieal Tirtaaa. Vl apaak in .hii mi (tar ?? WHAT WB DO HOW," iiirun jnrr upininei, iHl rlbdqi ocr lircTtVIOR rOft TNI rULriLMBKT or WHAT VI Him D? CL4ft 1. In tliMi! avary inatanaa whir* tha infant la aafarInf from pal a and aihaaatlon, ralial will ba frond ia IttMi MtwiKr ram at a a aftar tki ay rap la a<.tatalnarii Thia Talaabla praparaiiao ia in a praaertpuaa ?t aoa af ika Ml KPIIIIRCIO and IKILFUL DUftlll ia Na? BofiMd.aadhu baa* aaid vitk RBTU-raiLiifa ivcctil la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Mt aoly ralia*?t tha child fram pain, km Innyaratai Ika taiaaeh and bawala, eorracu acidity, and gi?aa (aoa aad >< 1(7 i? v130ii jinn. II wtu iIbmI inalaatljr raliaYt GKiriNe lit the Bowslb and Wind Colic, ui rcomt woilitMi, which, 11 .i*t apaodU* rimtiiid nd in daalh. W?i' |hai?*?{ttb* but and 1uiiiit bbm- FOR afcT in til* woild la til cuii ?f dti- CHILDREN wtbrt aa4 dub Iki in cmil- TEETHING dbbn, whatbar it ariaaa from ttathing 1 * from ?n? othar eanaa Wawoalrtaajrto aftry mothar who baa child aaffaring from any of thi fotl(tiDr complainu ? DO NOT LBT tocb PRIJUDICBl, ROB THI PBBJUDICBI OF 0TH1RI nana o : w??n tout talorinf child and th? p?li?f that will b? ?C*??joo, iiiolutilt ?u???to follow too nit of th modieina, if tiiroly dm! Fill iirietwri n iiinfwilll company oaeh bouia. Nono ganaina anlaaa tho fac-oimilo CORTli * PERKINS,Now fork, Uoo tho oauido wrappo oid bj Drag f iota throor boat tho world. Principal Omco. No. lJCadar traat, N. T. Prito onlv U Conto p?r Bottio. oo Il-d*wl? EDUCATIONAL^ gELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the dnties of her school on 'he first MONDAY in September, at No. 431 I welfth street, an 20-lm IfMERSON INSTITUTE, * H St.. Bktwien 12th anp 13th St*. SELECT CLAMslCA.. AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The Kighth Annual Session of this school will oommenee on MONDAY. September 3d. Number of pupils limited. au 2U (States.) CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. ffB UIM a D v r?rvn ^unti^niv i r v/iv IUU11U Miss Koon is, assisted bjr her aist >r.Ctc?LiA C. Kuonks, will resume her school MONDAY, S*eptemberSri, at her residence 450 D street. Instructions will be given iu English, French and Drawing. an 17-3t T< WESTERN ACADEMY. a UK Exercises of this school, under the oharge of Dr S. L Loomis. and the Primary Dapartmoit under Mim L Peck, will be resumed Septeml>er 3-1. Circulars can be obtained at thn bookstore* (Int.) au 17-eo2m The riplbv female seminary BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Situated Bktwhi 8th *?id9th St*. E??t. Will commence its n?xtses?ion on MON DAY,S*p? temlx?r 10th All desiring further information will be furnishod with a catalogue giving full particulars by caHtns upon or addressing the princ pal. au 16-eo3w O. E. RIPLEY The pre4cott high school, JtA a? r? " * " ? v rjiuniu of., I)KTWKS!^ IV AND L ?*TI? ?tu<1iea will ho resumed in this loati'ution on MO DAY, September 3d. Circuiaraat bookrtorer. an 16 tf A. C. RICHARDS, Principal. 1SS YOUNG'S SEMINARY, No. 346 Kiohtkk<iti(, nbah I St. The duties of this schoo1 will l>e resumed on MONDAY", September^, Miu Y. will continue to receive a aelootclaas of bojra under 12 jeara of a*e, in connection with a limited number of girla, unaiiiuK ? ouuru ni siuuv id m? s- iid branches ot Knrl sh. In?truction 111 the Frenoh iangu*ne, a* usual, by a native Frenoh teaoh<?r. au 15-1 w* Mrs. m . e . k i n g s f o r d ? seminary, 413 ? ST.. Wahh ^tos, D. C. The noxt ?e?*ion will ooininnnoe October 1st. 1800. Terms, Jtc., fornarded on application. ail 15 tf VILLAGE OR KEN SFM1NARY IS LOCA ted 10 a beauti ul and healthful villain 13 miles M.1 if?VP \Vfilmin?tAn Hal ? nL.UJ-l-i ~ .. u<7i.. ail*! uoni mo ruiiWIOipiim and Baltimore Railroad. Reoomrnended by the Philadelphia Annual Confererfce of the Methodist Episcopal Churoh. The oourse of study is extensive and thorouth?in the Mathematical, Classical and Knftlish Departments. Students are prepared for hnsinessor nolleze. In the preparatory course for college special reference is made to Dickinson College. The institution is provided with a Jarre philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Natural Science. A library of three hundred volumes is accessible to pupils The 6fth vear will oommenee MONDAY, September 3d. tMn. Boarding,Tuition, fto., for session of 14 weeks, 45. Great attention in paid to the moral deportment of stmlent*. Monthly reports sent to parents. For circulars or information addrese the Principal, Rev J. HKRVKY BARTON, A. M., Villain Gre?n Seminary, Delaware county. Pa. References?Rev. Levi Soott, D D. IJishop of M. K. C , Wilmington. Del; Mr F. A. I.uti, Washington, D. C ; Mr. O. W. Angell, do.; Mesers Dick?on k. Kins, Georgetown. aulltf*ep5 rCOMMERCIAL COLLEGE, j V ? < *< a -w v. ? ? " oivinia bt.? Orrosite tke (HntreU Post Ofce, Wathingttm City, Armorian Pyatam of Penmanahip, Booikeepin*, Mercantile Form* and Calculations. Bnaineaa Correapondeno*, Billa of Kxohanie, Current Uilla, C""'mi?aion galea, Grammar and Arithmetic. OTA Preparatory Claaa for Boya. inr Ladiea trill be knatruoted in ?m penman hXP: . - n?vm>upmiromat.n. to in p.m. For term* apyIt at the Room*. ma84-3m WM. W. YOUNG ft CO. The union female academy. n*w Abbansbmut. This well-known and popular Seminary, which has been so suooessful under the entire care of Mrs. Z. Richard* for more than ten Tears, will be opened on the first Monday in September next, under the united supervision and instruction of Mr. acid Mrs. Z. RICHARDS, in the well arranced and delightfully located Union Academy Building. For particulars. see oiroulars at all the Bookstore*. maS-tf j M ,a VcSoKPA" fflffi #. ? friend* and the public generallj that rhe trill reamm* the dntiea of her Bohool on the let Moodaj in September not The ooaree of atadr Farmed will eonpriae all the braaehee reeuaite toathoroagh Kaguah edaeaIn addition to her dag aoholara. aha la deatroaa el reoeiiiaf into her finally % few jap tla aa boerdera b#Md#r h,ri?* H#r arr%a?emenU for the aooommoda&on ao4 pare of pnpill hav bHn oon?idera!!y increased otherwise imp roved. Those in Waahiagtoa | M POET ANT TO BOUBEREEPERIL E. R. DURKEE * CO.?8 ?BQCj3BOTP MlPZCOSSa aimaUed not oalr ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat cronod frtna ArMh SyioM, Mlcotad and ! eased br M expreulj for the par ruse without nr*Mno? *? 0<*t. T&*T u? beautifully packed in tinfoil, . OND ALL ^Slt^nSSof^1 " JsauKetoTwl onlj'b11 ?*?? ? tfl W.? IWpooi*. . . whioh we have m*rk?d 1?m than out TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. B&ltinukg BUTTER HOUSE. iMily raecmu fre?h Mdavaet, in Oothtn jackAta" 5?KS. ftMB . BAY WATER. !fl?Bsasati,:a5S.iu"~'B*v MlDDLjiTON A BK At,j. JJOOP SK!RTS< HOOP8K T. wJViT t.'?bove' p? ?Vf. FOR SALE AND RENT. For RENT?a larr* thr*e-?tory-?nd-attie BRICK DWELL1NG-HOV8K, aituated at at No. 49ti Eleventh st, a ?hort dirtanoe fion Pa. aveoue. Room* large; house arranged with the modern convenience* ; Prick ?tab:e and carriagehoQM in the rear. Rent moderate to a good teua-1. Apply to Jas r SBli"* * ' _ - ? - ... v < ?? V V au ?-cvi I FOR RENT-A three story BRICK HOVSK, on H rtreet, between 4th and 5th. Also, a twoglory BRICK COTTAOB, with garden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded by a larre common pasture, and would he a desirable looation for a dairyman. inquire of C. B1RGE, 446 12 ih st. jy 19-eo3?u* CI OUNTR Y RESIDENCE FOR HALE.-Thrre and a half a res of Laud situated at Bailor's X read* at the intersection of the Coiambian and ?>yiu|iitn,?i< uiiiCB jruin v\*anin(Uin agd 5 from Alexandria. The improvement* eonaiat of a bbuM, oonuininf 16 room a, barn. corn houae. aheda, Ac. The jrftrd is wall haded with tm?? and haim it an excellent well of water. For furth r particuUra apply on thepremiaes to WW. PA YNF, or to J NO. DOWLING. kM-.or . O. Sa GE< at Marahail'a auction room, WaahintioOt D C. The above deaortbed property will b? aold .ow for caah jy *-ao4w* FB OR8ALE?AamallPARMof*>acr?a.tit?at?4 at the Little Fall a, havmc a oo m/ortable dwellini-honae, oorn houae, atablea, 4c; well fenced <*<! watered ; wunin lour miles or Washington ; 15 Kr?t in oaltivation, the ba.anoe in handsome woodad. It is peculiarly demrahle as a country res?. dence, being perfectly healthy and mostromantioally situated: xoellent fishing and hunting Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridie, Little KalTs rt* 7 2*wtf FH OK RENT?The three story (brown froit) HOUSE, No. 36T New Yerk avenue, between luth and Uth streets. north side, containing fifteen rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, eto: is lighted by gas. and in every way suitab'e for a boarding house. Rent (tolerate. Apply next door or to A G. FOWLER, second flo-ir north wiwK of Patent Office. jy 14-tf IT OR RENT-Three BRICK HOl'SES-one on r Twelfth ?tr??t, hwtween C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and H ?t?.; ami o??? on H, between I2th and 13th eta. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER, on H street, between Hth and 12th, No. 425. maytf (TOR RENT?That naw and well arranged three r itory BRICK HOUSE. No. iBa.onO street, between_l9th and 20th it*., Firet Ward, lately ooeu piea hr Mr. Hodiaco, Ruasian Legation. P? ion given immMiately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTH y 9. PaRkF-R. next door east. ma 16-eotl f70R RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the bmldr ing immediately opposite the west wing of the City HaL, recently oocupied by Chu. S. \Tallacb u an offioe. Also the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same building. For terms apply to RICHARD WA.LLACH, Wo. 9 Louisiana avenue. te 13 ti SENATORS. MEMBERS OF CONfiRKHS - , Two aalendid suites of ROOMS, eleganUyfurnished, will b# rented during the session of Confress, in the most desirable locality in this eity. being within one or two squares or Brown's ana National Hotels. Those m pursuit of snoh Rooms will do well to make early apphoation at No. SVV tth street, between O street and Pa. av. de 6-tl CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Street, Between 9t4 and 101* Streett. We have just finished a number of first ol&ss CARRIAGES, such as Lirkt Fanrn. ifisag IT/t?A<*. Da.L I? n LMPiZA/ ww i 'it*. i ramvi i fir rtattt, and But fret, which we will icllat w ~ * ver? sinaiI profit. Being practical mmbasiM in different brancbe* of the bu*ine?s, we flatter ourselvea that we ku<>? the atylea and quality of work that wiM cire antig fv.tiou, combining hghtoeaa, oumfort and durtktnli ty. Repairing promptly and carefully atteaded to tlie ahortest n< tioe and rami reasonable oharrea. WALTER, K*R.MANN * BOPP, CoAohmakeri, aaoceisora to Wm. T. Hook. ftp 27-dly T~ CARRIAGES. HE Babaonber h&vinc made addition* to ki Mry .making it now ope of the IkrcMt^flKS, Diatriet, where hii feoilitiea foraHEHflR tnanutaoturini CARRIAGE A WAGONS of ?Ji kinda cannot be anraaaaed.and (torn hia loo* experience in the baatneaa, he koyea to cits ctnonii **tit faction. ^ Ah kinds of CtrrUcw ~ M U|kt Wacom k#ft ?i rseoea4-kM^ Carrta*** taken in exehanre (or aav aaa. ANDREW J. JOYCE, la tf nf lltb Ini K ?t. r?ROPOSAI.?* FOR IRON' 1AIUKQ. COP r IMG, Ac , FOE ENCL0?INGCIRCLE" Oftici cr Com*:smohx*. of Pcbuc Huildixg?,( Auiuit 18. S Pxopo?At? will be received at thia office up to W o'clock, m , *8th instant, for the fo|lo*inn w irk for the improvement of the circle at the ineriection of Pennsylvania and New Hampahirr avenuea t On* thousand teet, (1,COO feet ) more or leea, of Wronrbt-trnn Railings. (ports 6 f*et apart,) with three aincle and ono d'uMe (ate; the saiea anO post* to he included in the pricw> per lineal foot. w a_. ?w. ; ? /?? - ? * ? uiio n? qhsiiu uncai ioca, [ i ,uw t*e*.7 mor? ot ialf, of Circular Granite Coping 9 by 16 inches, in pieoea cot le*? than aix loot lone Also, one thousand lineal leet. 11,000 feet) of Brick Foundations, 1 foot 6 inohs* by 3 f?er deep, including excavation and removal of earth. Plans for railing to be aeen at this < ffioe 1 he bids for Railing, Coping and Foundation to b? separate, and marked "Proposals fur Km log for the Circle." or 'Coping," or "Foundation." aa the oaae may be. JNO. B Bl AKK, an 18 dtathau Cvmaiiaaioaer. T>ROPOdAJL8 T< ?R PURN18 H IN G WOOD Jt AND COAL. Dbpaktxbtit or tbi IwTiaioa t AUgUkt It. JSC >. j Skalkd Paoroft&La will he received at this Demrfm?nt until \U nnnn nf m/in/la?i ?ka WW a?s guit law, for furnishing, for the uae of the Depart meat, during the ensuing Winter and Ppnng, on? hundred and fifty tnaa of th - beat white or grey a-h and aevant* -five ton* o' beat red- aah aathraoite ooal fnrfurnaoe use, to be free from impuritiea and delirered at the oonvenienoeof the contractor before the lat day of No vena her next. Proposal a wil. alao be reoeived until the tame ti?*>e for fnrni*hing one hundred oorda of heat dry. aohd hickory wood, ard twenty corda bast b*kera* fine wood, foar fret ia length, to be promptly de livered in *uch antntttirs una at annh tim u it may be ordered tor ate, the Department to haveth* privilege of ordering * creator or leu quantity of wood, of either or |y>th kind*, according to theao tual rcqeiremente of the pablio servee. The wo id aud coat both to he delivered upon the ti*cg>ng on the eaat orjnorth fronts of the Patent Office buildin*. as mar be moat convenient to the Department acd ita Bureaua. au >7 dl w T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. HE Nest Drawing or the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the SMUiiih Government, under IKa anMrviaion Itf Hi* P?A#ain n +mmmm\ H-k IV ? mm 'X wtM WSVIW VI will UK* Hao? at Hinu on SATURDAY. Auoust 25, 1M0. BOBTSO NVMERO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PIIIZJS #100,000. | priMOf "SS'nno j ?Pn5?,?? |1,m I A*. M*MA I 1IA J ? 1111 I UV mm .M. as ?D|VW I iOP UU W 1 do Jn.noo j V) ajyrox. t^H ItTALL 8SS PKIZSS. | Whol* TiokMa, #30? Halvee, flO-QMitm, |4, Prizee cashed at sight at? p?r oent. discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. drawing will ha forwarded as noon as the remit beoomea known. All orders for aohemee ortioketsto be addressed to DON RODRieUKZ, ?q? tr Ooeof Cftv Post.Cbnrlaaton. b. C. Office of Washington aoukdict, v/ Wasuimtoji, August J5.18fr> Proposals will be reoeived at this Office until 13 o'eloak in.on the ?nh day of August, 1880. for ?;onstruotin? the un&nishad portions of the eonduit of the Washington Aqueduct. The work to be done comprises about 50B Cnbto yards oi Rabble Masonry,and3 OSQ Uubto yards of embankment. Alan fir *ka AnmalstiAn fvasn^Al Ma fl -w | win VVIII|TIVMVH VI M HIIHVI l.| I/"1 11 about?T lin*ai feet, containing am Cut>io ynrda of rock exoavation; all to be oompleted and delivered up by the lat day of No*emb?r next. Plana and apeoifioatioos nay be aeen at thin ofPropoaala will beaoaled and endoraed "Propoaft'i tut Conduit" or (br 'TnunoP' aa the eaae way bo. U. W BENHAM, CapL of kn*ine-r. mn l$-e?St Chief K-einoer W. A. ' * ' 1 1 . 1 1 ' > 1 ' 17*OR Si T.U..Tk? ISrkl ^rA.n?Kt fa at aailin r YA(fHf1P()irffFff wilT u .ofd chlli^T on immediate application The abore BoalV^L U 30 feet long, 13 feet Ixtain, with a hji<* It feet in lensth; wa? fit-ed up for a pleasure boat, but would make an excellent market boat. Inquire ofH Q HOOD, 3JH P^tvnu* an I-1f 275 275 jfiCKSOW, PLASTER** 8. Pima, ivim, Batwaaa U?h aa< Htfc rtre?a. *al? 1VIAGNOLIA HAMS.* . , MAGNOLIA RAM8I! _Wa hare in?t another supply of <> ' " PW.1A samp, wnion mt? given aaoa ?tJT M Corner *i(tft?nth ?t. and Varawot *t ira ^ JOHNF. BLL1, GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Alsxajiobk E. Bca.ll.1 (wm. 8. Matthsw* IV >przr? Comer Bride* ?U Contrrn Hit , Gtorftottm. To rei Cirizrn or mi Di*t*tct ajid Vjchiity The undersigned would re?p*etfully announce n*vinf taken the rid e?tabri*hed rand of John M. Belt, Km , th-y intend to lieu aJwatu on head 'i4' *'??!. eeiectaeeortinentef fine lirai-clau r AMI i,y UKUCEKIES of all kind*, and h? respectful It solicit calls from all who ma* desire to be supplied witli prime aruclea in Uetr liae, aud at moderate price*. an iS-aogw BEAU. A MATTHKWS. A RARE CHANCE 18 NOW OFFRRKDTO any one who may be deairoua of entering in a profitable haainraa, at one of the beat atanda in Georgetown. 1 oUer my entire atook of DRY WOODS *?o NHMikl* M. in order to make a change in mj buaineea. \V. R HL'RDl.fc. jy 2? 1m Corner of High and G%t eta. ^GENCY SCAXES IN The eiKWmcQed hare been appointed AgriU for the aa'a of Uie atmve celebrated aad we i-known PLATFORM and COVNTFR SCALES. A &l! anppiy oonataot.y on haad and for eaie at loweat rata*. to ?r J * j-m ? - n !\ i ana uuai- ?ualkp ?r?eM? in any part of tbe District or adjoininc oountioa. All So&ins are warranted durable, MOWlU,and to (ire attraction BUSBY * BARNARD, Dealer* in Acnoultaral ImpiaraenJa, jet gm Bridtf atr??t i JnoriWMtnfHiili. Having determined to chanok my hnainera, I'll oommnnoc from thla date to ?"ll for ouh hit ratln iLuik nf MB V r%A k'A MPV GOODS. Having purchased o . the noit fnoriDie terms, and being desirous of e>osinc ont u early nil who may be id want of bargain* will do well to (ire me a oall. W. R. HURDLE. JT 24 1m Corner of Huh and Cut ?t? 0? ^ FOR HARPERS FERRY. N And after July 3d. js?n, the steamer L. J. Brenrle, Captain \\. H. Ritt?r, wiil 11 i . leave Georgetown EVERY Tl'KS > DAY. THURSDAY.and s*ATUR DA V m.t 7 n'r nnlc A m tnH return aun?. nUn*>i*?. I . J ?? . w ? ??U . V?M I 1* V?VI J iWI IIO? day,at 6 o'clock a m. On tie Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will rni through to Shejherdniown. je 21 Sm_ f^randtill* optician, v No. 14? B'xdft St., Goer gftwn, Haa court&rtly on hand a larre auortment ol Prenoh Periscopio. Oat- ? ? ored, and al. other SPECTACLES, ofC^^ey the beat qua.ity. in cold. sliver, steei.ana Gerraar. ilver frames. N. B. (lid F'/imes Repaired and nnri -UiMUtiD tii?m to order no 1#1? JOS. F. B1KCH, UHDFRTAKER, Car. Bridge and Jeftrson sit , (ffttrgttoian Having given hit personal attention to this branoh of my busines*, 1 am prepared to . attend to all* with promptness Persons from a distance can be sup _ . .1 _ * _ r : ?-_ W. a ? - puvu at n. tw miuum' nouoe. aa I nave a large assortment of CoFFlNS a. wave on haad Par attention paid l<> the removal of tbe I df ad from the old to the new burial ground*. Hearam and ifnriMa for hire. ap in 6ni I CA JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBL9. WHISKY, (assorted.) 180 do. HERRING a d AI.EWIVKS, i ? do. REFINED SUGARS, Whhds. PORTO RICO SUG AR&, 6 bbla.t Ha\field) WHITE FI~H, 25 lH>xon p I'me Eastern C H E ESE. For sale low by JOHN J. BOGUR, je 8 Georgetow. IX C. IVfASSEY, COLLINS k. CO.'S PHI LA DfcLLTl PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?W e are oonatautiy receivioK fresh supplies of tne above deluhtfo; bev- < e-a^f. aud invite all persona who want a pure ua adulterated Ale. to live at trial. ARNY ft 9HINN. AfenU, ftl AT fir*u ?t? 6?or(fb>VB, DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM 18 Has closed his office ft the sea on, and will be absent, as usual. du'ing the sun mer months ; will resuio" practice about the 1st of October, of which further notice will be given. JT fc-tf DUKNTitJTRY. R. HILLS. after a sraetica' teat at two vaaj-a feel* that lie o&n witfi oontdeaee reoom mend theCbeopl??tio Prooes* (crinsertinenvHBi artificial t?#th It hu the ?dv?nta<ee cf^"|p itrength, beauty, oJe?nnneaa,*Dd oh**?""**- Fall apper ae>ta ineerted for 0St. Partia. in proportion. (?Bo# 306 Pa. mm 1 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ; IHAVK R?MOVBD TO No. 16 MARKET 1 ?pao?, Penn. avenue, bf>tw?er, Stiiand^A* 3th atrerta. w?mre I will be happy to waitBH] on all who will favor me with a withr S.V a fins at.>ok of MOOTS aad SH'?K9 f.,r* K Ladies', Genta', Boy ?\Muse?' \uo Chi Id re*- a wear. an 2 *otr J. WriSKWTHAL. , J^OOTS A..ND To WIT THfc | W?are now raanaiaotui ids all kinda of BOOT? aod PHOKS, and curatantiT receiving ' upp'.y <>( eaatorn made work of ever* de Ml aoriptio'-, made exareaatv to order, and will V be sold at & rnuoh luvir ijrios Uiu ku fceen* heretofore cuarged io this oity for mack inferior i article*. I Persona in vut of Root* and Shoes of eastern or eity made work, will alway*finda food as sort men i is store and at the lowest prioea Give at a call. , GRI^FIM A BRO., a?*-r 314 Pennyivariia a venae. I^IVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS ' I arrivod thia day. eabiacint alt auah^?Mn> < uea and auea of Sola f<eatlier, Ladiae'MfMR Dreaa and Packin* Trunks. Oar trank^**? saJes room exhibits at this time the rr*ateet variety of travelmj re^aisitea at moderate prices, to be < foand tins side of New York. Also.eYerr deeona- | Una of LADIES' HAT BOXKS, VAUCES, CARPET BAG?*, SATCHELS. Ae. < TETOid Tranka repaired or taken in azehans? tor mv on*. WALL 8TEPHKNa * co^ Trunk Sale* Boom, marM-tf aaa Pa. aren*e. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 499 Tth Built, Qwpotxlt Odd ftdwi' H*U. Ir?.<4iwn?, D. C. I Tramera will itudt their intereeu d? examinin my TRUNKS. VALICES A? .before par?^ ohatnnn eleevere As I nae none bat theMMVI hMt tnAturiftJ tKft mkrlr?t ?uJ the b*ct workmen, I oan oonAdentij i?oorrnwnd my ; work U> be superior in Streugik nod Dmmkility to Trni ??that are made in other ottww and eoia here. I k*>.o oouataatlj on hand, ami make to ordar (on Trance, *o., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at abort noUoe. Trunk# delivered in any part of the oity, Gaorg a- 1 * * ** FAMILY : WW ?? MAV1U11?0< da IS-lr __ JAMES B. TOPHAM. I INITED STATES CAPITOL EXTENSIOK, | U Wubintox. July 17, Proposals wiU be rro-iTed at thisoffioh ?qpl Doou of Tuesday, the list of Aagust next,for Famishing and Puttiag M tke Iron Ceilings of two rooms over la* (oaoaoliif corridors of tlia Capitol Extension The proposals *?tist state the pnoe for aaoh oeil . ing otxoplete, 10 plaoe. painted with three good ooats of whiti lead in oil. Ail of the Iron work of the Oilinca, of every description. inoludmg the fastenings of the eetliogs i to the walla and to the roof frames, must ba inoln dad latiia prioo bid. Tha proposals must ba aadoraed, "PropoaaJn lor Iron Catlings." and most be aooompaaied by a guarantee, signed by one or mora responaib* per sons, addressed to the undersigned. They will bo opened at the time moatioaad above, in the presenoe of aaoa peraons as may ohooee to at'end. TliArfPAWlllPl .,f thfl flAilinss aa? ik,. Offioo. W. B FEANKLIM, CMtWB TopuKraptno*] Kmuwi, In ohfcrge oi ttol bxtfnnoo, , Eaeh proposal should b? moisMaMd by th? ' MUsvni faaimntoe: 1 Form if OsarsstM. Tk? MnderaiKnod, A B ud C D. is Um f i siid - ' m i bj (itiMtT that in mm tfce ft?r*join* bid of-.for iron ?flings, ? SMW <?srtW). !xs &c cm pled, he or tber will, sniiiin ton Isii sft?r th? rnoeist of I the (ontrut at the ataoe named exoaate the eo 11 irac t a!tts?ri&iS/=i--Lirtsfsrss'ss!! thedi9>reaee between the offer of tbe id?? I and that waioh m*.? be aooeptrd. Date , 1880. 8i|nat*res of jaaraator*. A |. Witness, K P. - I : ' I hereby oerttfy that thsaboyt named are kaown to me as able to make food their faarantea. _ L Wiraatare. G H. < To be ?i gned by the United States dutriet Jad re. United States d itnot attnraey, oo I lector, or eoata person* know a to the war Department. IT W rttd ? 1 ?/,, . 8i? PI X TiliEI. J? ? Han in stare, and are dai.y inssniajfl It and Finish, snpt-nor in style to anything hsmhsjen , wHf p?pmt THE WEEKLY STAR &>ty, per UlUk ! a - "J M By MWnbikf ta olaha riMd mom Mchfcora fe,53 KZSLtVtt KWfcSS HT?t. It ia**riafelT toattiM Uh> - * MkinilM N??" tkfct hu Mi* Tk* Imimm |i? otrMiM o gen?r* 1 throat boat Ua o< ui.try . s^^ss?sgc!?y '.owed a oom?i??ioi of >' ?of. SUMMER RESORTS. CAJILIILI Tta fcwilt mort fmr WHITE M7LPNUB SMUNM. CV MBKRLANO CO, W> VwcVirfloom.. Ptmmiyir-r kia. (il^o^SdOHtf tW ?W ioooaauiiTioRi 101 Por itrtitih- ntd S^TiLWW"TERMS LOW. IN ft. VIMCHSK. J* 7 low Cm*li*U Swm>. r?. PARD.-Ai an inducement for Imiuin to aojowra at the " H YGhl Vdimai the m nUi?ft . . A of Ati(ii?t and Sep'emt?er, the M|V tor* have reduced the prtee of Board to 9; liflj per da, and ?* l? Au,u.t l.t. Jv'Sfci H 4- W* A Rf 1 p.A. rt^itrt c c willaED. t " ??? ? . Old Point, Jul* 2Kb. Jy Tt lm ty/ A Mil Mi TON. v i r i v t i v I n i ERNST LOEFTLKR. Proprietor. Nam i er* (mm, Uiwmi 1m mmdU **. In ??1Hik the attention of the public to i*y muil I won 14 ha?I. . i M*1 made to Mk( Uui "RtlTMt" BOnVrMV attractive every dap. Monday* the 6ar-XK9U dec* art open to thepnMie tree of charge?eoveeTrt given bp a anleet liarui. Tboaedaairiat toot-pop the danoe and waits vi I find the ealooa in o<>apl?U order to render pleaaure to all. Ot oth*r Jap* the proprietor will ehecifally rut th? nee of lM round* lor aobool or olfeor Pia-Nia Paittaa without charge. For the amoeemeat of children he haa tntmdnfed a Dumber of little lamea, never before aaan ta tkl* SJ .?s "'A u~??a* .V B.-Atta?b?d ia mi SnH |jLmill*B na ? k- ^ ? * ? v?n>u?.iw vim hi iianuu u their reaiaenoe. of that health/hi dnnf, LAGFR BEER, wpon short notiee. )?!!> AN A LOB TAN RETREAT, Ox Arilmtii hun, Orn?ut Ge?r$*town mmd Wmikmtim The nbKribtri having imimI for a ?nn at thia beautiful and rvmutii k*ot. op??wi A . ? A It for the ftoonmmi'riatioB o( the annuo on V the Slat day of May. inn. For ieaaty o(4lj^U roeufry, delightful pronenadee, ftahing. to . i?aai^ee ue superior water, it ia nneaipnisad la the Union. The tioaae ia largeaad ooa^odlowe, hawing baea entir*iy renovated It haa a Ivft Danoiac aaloaa attached to the hoaae,* Dining an 1 Dtaaaint Rooms for both lartiea ana gentiemea la addiUua aplerdid Arbora detae -ed from the haiidinsa. Pardee, Families and In<1 viJua'a will |nd it a iwoat deet able p aoe to paaa the enltry daya of asm roer aa every attention wil' be guarantiee hy the piuBr.?H>ri. I M alrioleat polio* ?rtH|?MStt will he enfuroed, ud p<WiU a. diMiWuu will b? prohibited Trie Larder wit] b? found to oontaia all the 4*'.toaaiea of the anaaon at al timea. The Mar will tw famish**! with the ehoieeat Liquora and ^ ?nea and the fin at A*(in. Sooietire, Suadar Hohoola. Club* and Military Cumraniea will hud this the noat toe liable report near th? metropcua for apeodiac a paeaaut and or d?r|yda?. Children anaeeoaieaaied by their parent* or guard tana, will ha excluded from the groaada. <*nnniitg and doga prohibited. irr Uoata will lun u? i~>? n'-L ? * ' Georgetown. and G street, Waahingtoa. hoarij, from o otock a. m. til 1J p. m , daily. P?'?'ir? preferrinc a pleasant walk oan reaok U* Island via the Aquednot. W eso.ioit the paNic to jedge for themselves. and fe?! assured of giving *a?nra-t'oo W? '9 e<.tf JACOB W. POWEI" ? CO. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL. Delivered to all parts of the ott>, at ths possible rates. Office Pa. av? l*twe?n UU aLi?JtI'?la.. "> W tf sorth sioe. THK SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND 0^ss,s:^,",i?s?.'" "** R. W. BATKA. Woo* tad CoaJ Dmjt. ma 1B 8. E. ooraar of FoartMBtk aad C m. ? - 1 ? ? N EIGHTH T I O N A L EXHIBITION. At CI NCI UN ATI. OHIO, Sept. Wk-Mkk. r*l an'i Irrtniitriti Exhibition on tk?|rvi:niii liberty provided by the cm??oa of Cincinnati, which *r? to be httcd up 111 the beat atyie. There will be Halla a?d Teeta for the diapiay of 1MPI.K s\Jsfw vs?;hsi y."-.Nt HORShS, CATTL*-, t*HKKP. and SWINE: ami au uiir^aalied Traofc,one mile in leqrth an?f C?I ! ,u Wldi?- for the exhibition ofHorete. The Premiums offered?in o*-h.?cold. iilm. and oroaze m?le:i,?dif loma* and oaifi&oatM, Mvuit bo #20,000. The Exhibition will remain am from ,the 12th. to Thursday, the nth, ot SepUintMr, ihoa (inn* time to examine auU tMt tM imple B'uii and machinery. Fur pi fimom hkU or information apply at Um Ofioe of tha Society, No 336 Fa. aveaue. <ap "*" "BbN^WtturVpSiiW."' |y X tf Bac'y U. 8. Atriooltoral Society. jjrrivr. ,? ME T ER8f " "eAL Wahitotoj, JbIt It, IMn. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIfEN. T(M.iir? kblj to the rrvn*ioM of U? m4i(Uo* of tk?C*poratu-n approved May* onderatguad la now prepa'ed. "?h?i:ever reaulrad ib writnif .and ob pre pat merit of the fee of mftj oenta, to UMiii . teat. prove, ud iwcrttm the tturM; of regiatratioa ofu; (u meter la aee ib tnia oity. Everj nelar, iffoaMl inoorraol, will ba ooademaed, tod another, aaaied and marked aa trae. will be tat ib i?a piaoa. If proved to ba aooarate u i'b maaaareraent of gaa, it will ba aaalad aooordingly. Lm. uhuv .iu *iv n?T*Qin uren,imr vw rx* low*' Mali ) i *9*d from 8 ?. m . to A . m. CHAJfcBH W. CUNNING RAM, iT M tf Inapeotor and ft?ier of Bm MKwi. |pri5?taws liiMorduM with the troTiaiona of the aet 91 CoMrMi entitled "an wi aathoristnf chanfpain tbe location of land ol?N," aMrored MarahsH, I8&S, it ta hereby dceiared aad mad* know Uat the pffioe for the aaje of public land* at UnMoH, ia the ftuue of Wtaoonain, will be removed to Palu or O* V?WIA, iu PWU OMM, w ms ?*ri| 7** Farther doUm m to th? preoiae ttmof stoaiBC tli* oftoa ?t Hod (OB. |wh>>?h to Md of It! OUBIDf (or bill DM! kt Ptlli of 8 T.Cwi. nil te (1TVD by the rati Mr ud Km*Itw Mr ti? >M.c dntrlot By order of the PrMidnt: JO*. 8. W|l SON, OniHUMMr of tk? ?tMnl f tit* OAm. 1 m ? - II ?-imww CTNAMELLED Ed PLATE MANTELS, Dxrtetfrmm tks Mwn>?clw?r?. Tbeac are most beauufui at? tee of Mantle. J h. imitation of aucli rare bimUm m la* Hpfcaiah/Et? p'lan.Stcnna.Tfrda AnUuo?. Poraky17. and other? eauaily oeiebratad. TW witUioat are eo p?rf?d m to ohallenfe tit* eloaaat lerutlmr. loMMUMoriui'itkotlu^nnrijU uid *' mo hifhij polish**] that they retain ihetr Iwauty a ad frMhuaar longer Uian Im mmn mrblee, while they are sold nueh They Wave t* n used to thia country for the IMt tea. MM In h 'irope- for more than tfty yeer?, aod hare giraa 1? ^-s-ttuss^vrn." Stove aad Tia Store. oppu. Patrtotio Babk. jy ? i; m i doors north **l Unusiaaa awtH. gKLUN?^Orr^w ^ELLIN? OFT! We oomoMaoe to day aelljns v4 war eitire ttwk SPRING AND SOUK* DHRfB (BOOT 8, B'aok Laoe Shawls, aod Mmti!las, 1b fact a. raaey Draw at ?reaittr redaeed Pnoee, faaay at ice* than Ml (fta^erMmil erdr M ndiMMr Ltr|( tMoafc* ma sxsjs^H h U. I- ^^^OLLITIM. m 4 et it.,?Wr? r* ?? EVXKRV h : W.<.'lltfltltKCT?. CbioktrUMMk 722wl?Jffprimi |y ?

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