Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. IH7"Tbooyh Thk l> printed on the faateat team preaa In use south of Baltimore, 1U edition to ao large aa to require It to be pat to pre* at an early boor; Advertlaementa, therefore, abould be aent tn before 11 o'rinrk m nth?rwia? th? >?? not appear until tbe next day. None* to Wa?*i*?to*iajh.?Those of oar fellow-citizens leaving for the watering places and elaewhere should bear In mind that we do not mall Tun 9m except after payment in ad vance at the rate of 37# cent* per month. Noticc.?District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted la the Saltimobk Situ are received at and forwarded from Th* Star OtBce. Th* Citt Fitrui Visit th* Ahlm ?Yr Wday afternoou the Mayor and officers of the City Hall, the two Boards of the City Council, with tbelr Secretaries, together with several other gem tletoen, paid an official visit to the City Asylum, br invitation of the Conimisslc n-rs of that Insti tution, for the Durpcs* of observing its condition and wants. Ttiey arrived upon the place at four o'clock, and KM>?d there for several hoars, during which time tb* Asylum and its surround ing* underwent atbTi-ogh inspection .which gave mutual satlsfartlo-i to all parties. The Intenaant, Mr. John R Queea, during the time be has been tn charge there, has demonstrated to the full hi* ability to su per intend the Interests of the city at the Asylum with economy and judgment. Taking poMeaion of the place as be did, at a time when much was required of bim In reference to the amelioration of the condition of the farm, and ex periencing, shortly after his inauguration, the tire which consumed the old Asvlum. ?nd <uh?. quently having to set over the difficulties of pro Tiding temporary lodgings for the inmates pend ing the erection of the present building, his re sponsibilities have been great, and Liilabora ardu ous and unceasing. But be brought to the task **i?rgy and discretion, and has overcome all obstacles, however treat, in a most pra'ie worthy inanntr. for which the city owes him much. The Asylum and its environs will now compare with credit, with anv similar Institution in the South. The visitors tfok a survey of the building In detail, and fouud the wards neathy kept, the Inmates properly provided for. the sick well nursed, the food wholesome and abundant, and h>ard no complaints from any quarter They tben proceeded to go through the out buildings, visiting first the milk house, which Is built over a large, unfailing spring of pure water, and so con structed that a stream is constantly running about the cream vessels, keeping them at a uniform temperature. Below the milk house Is the cistern, supplied from the unfailing resources of no less than tourteen springs, which have their location til the immediate vicinity of the Asylum A pipe ltfcding from the cistern conveys the water to ttie vegetable room adjacent, where it is received by a Tari/? dppn trnuuk whoMtln -??vi ? o"-f ? UCIT2UI ?uc ^rwuiin grown on the farm are washed and prepared for the market daily. I ndex the same roof are two other larue rooms, one used as a repository of the utensils belonging to the place, and the otber 11 ted up comfoitably aa a lodge for Mr Kine, the excellent gardener employed by the Corporation under Mr C^ueen. All these rooms are kept in a neat, healthy state, and exhibit on all bands the presence of good mansgement. The wast* water from the milk bouse,cistern, and vegetable room, Is conveyed nnder ground to the octagonal tisL pond near by, which is thus kept filled, and tbe waste therefrom la discharged into a stream which meanders through the grounds at thla noint. The visiters expressed themselves ht^ulv pleased with the economy and good taste evinced in and bout the out-buildings, and went over the grounds, passing on th? right the stacks of rye and on the left the vigorous corn fields, to the river shore, where it is designed to erect a new and substantial ice house, capable of containing tbe entire yield of the large ponds near by In anniming up the improvements which have be?n effected, and in effecting wbicb the absolute necessities of each case have alone been consulted, several other necessities, not yet supplied, pre sented themselves for the consideration of the corporate authorities. The bams were found to he entirely inadequate to contain the hay, corn fodder, and other products absolutely requiring ucitri ui'ui iuc unuuyiDg mujences incident u> the winter season The erection of a new brick bam, coat ng 9-2.54)0 or f3 000, would be an economical measure in all respects to the Cor poration, in that much which is now rendered worthless for want of protection from the cause* above alluded to, would be saved and converted to valuable use, and it is estimated that the amount thus saved would in a frw years pay bark to the Corporation the cost of the expendi ture. Another want worthy ofhote is that of a good supply of water for the almshouse While the supply it abundant for the cut-buildings, which are situated at the base of the as;entto the main building, and thousands of gallons are daily and hourly running to waste, the alrnsbonse is not provided with water. With fourteen inexhaust ible springs within half a stone's throw, the en tire supply for the building baa to be conveyed in buckets up the bill, when at an expense of a few hundred dollars the waste from these springs might tie economized and forced into service by m?&ns of a hydraulic ram This is an important want, and yet susceptible of cht-ap remedy, and doubtless will recive the speedy consideration of the corporate authorities. .Much advantage would also accrue to the Cor poration In connection wi?h the services of Mr. king, the go-ahead gardener, by the erection of a botaouse for the propagation of early vegetables The coat would be but trifling when compared witb what would be galntd tn facilities for bringing the early productions of tbe farm Into our markets in competition with tbe early supplies of otber gardens Mr Ktng has selected wbat be deems an excellent site for a propagating bouse, a little east of tbe main building, should tbe Cor poration think proper to order its erection. After noting tbe various matters above-men tioned, admiring tbe vigorous appearance of tbe crops, and commending In high terms the good order and judicious management observable in ail dtrecMoii*, the visitors returned to the bouse, where a munificent repast had b^n re,d f< r them by tbe direction of tbe Commissioners, of which all partook with appetites edged by the previous exercise; after which, ttaev departed to their several houses, delighted with the Incidents of tbe afternoon. KsrcBL!ca* .>icktixo l?a*t MsBT ?Tbe meet ing of tbe Republican Association List evening at their wigwam, corner of ludfaiia avrnue and Sec ond strret. was decidedly the largest and most enthusiastic gatnering of the kind that Las yet be-n h-ld in that capacious hall Tbe meeting was sddressed by Mr Dodite. editor of a prom - neut republican paper la Minnesota, who (poke for upwards of three-quarters of an honr In an abte and hlvhlY Interesting wanner . His address was directed mainly to a review of the cours- of the democratic party with regard to the question of slavery, which, he contended, fully exhibited the utter want of consistency and principle on tbe part of all tbe leaden of the pirty. He alao de nounced its policy in otber respects. Tbe Republican Glee Clnb was present in full force, and added to tbe Interest and enthu?inatn of tbe meeting by tire excellent rendition of sores of tbe moat apirited of tbelr republican choruses Arrangements were commenced and perfected for tbe organisation of a Wide-A wake Clnb, wbich promises to be very large in numbers. N a rnerooa tccraioni were mmae 10 me iin or mem ben if tbe Association. Tu Mzkidias Hill Ca?*.?This ewe,la which lengthy lawsuit wai generally anticipated, has been finally e loaed, ao far aa weldon and Alex ander are concerned, by the withdrawal of the writ of eeri??ran and the surrender of tbe prrml aea to Mr Meaamore, aa the agent of Oliver M Ptttlt. of New York. Weldon and Alexander be come the tenants of aald Pettit, giving bond to surr nder lna!tf?n tbe lat day of October next. krv ? ? ? ?v. . > < ??||? Ul rjfT, IHjrU fc wis Mked by Mr Messmore.and ttwtll probably b? issued by tbe justices to day, and be served by tbe Marshal Tbe ter tar art being withdrawn, the rase does not go to tbe Circuit Court upon that, and tbe notice of traverse, wblcb would carry tbe caae before a Jury, not having been given by the defendant, tbe case Is left as it was before tbe certiorari was Issued, and tbe justices are free to itaue. Stuit iMriorimxTi ?The following billa f >r street lmprovementa have ptaaed both branches of the City Council, aud only await the Mayor's approval to go Into effect: For grading and grav eng L ?tff' aontb, from New Jersey aveuue to Four-and-a-half at. west; for the const action of a sewer and drop In Fourteenth at , between K at and Pa avenoe, In the Second Ward; for layt ng ? water main south aide Mus avenue, from Tenth to Eleventh at west, and along Tenth at. to New York avenne; rurhetorics to be aet and footways paved on weat front of aqnare 793, and west fronts of aquarrs 168 and KMh trimming and graveling Ninth at west, from C street north to New York euuc; to trim and gravel L at. north, brtweoii Fourth and Fifth ata. weat Thk Ciitiil Umos Cltb or Alkxasdkia ? The Gazette aava: ''The Central Union Club of tu.i ci\j asKiiiuiru si uic i hiu? viuv owiiw w Wednesday nlgbt last, and beld a spirited meet lag. Tbe President, George P Wtae, presided. It was agreed to bold a grand demonstration In tbU c.ty ou the Itth of September next, and ' omm ttoe wu appointed to make the necessary arrangements Tbe Club was then addressed by veral gallant Wblgs. who were loadijrapplaud ed, and tbe meeting adjourned." T*? Ousu StusnianSocim.or W?b* ington, bare made arrangements to give a grand exciirson to (jlyinont on Monday, tbe 27tb inst. ?ee advertisement Th?C*58C8RiTUR5?OF ALIXASMH -La*?? Ihciiaii in IxFioviMiBTa, Ac ?The Qmxette Of Ulil mornins nn ''W* khltract from th? r?n sus returns of This city, the following additional itema of interest: Dwelling*. Number of dwellings visited in 1859 .1.159 Number of dwellings visited in I?60 1935 Increase In 1800 5M Families. Number of families visited in 1650..., 1423 Number of families visited in 18G0 1900 Increase In I860 477 Value of Real and Personal Estate Value of real estate In the city In 1S50..S2.763.965 Value of real estate In the city In 1800.. 3,843,365 Increase In 1800 SI,078,380 The total value of personal eatate In the city la reported at S3.845.7SS, making a total of real and Brsonal estate of 90,068,140 As the census of SO returned no personal estate, we have no data for a comparison, but we have no doubt the In crease in the value of personal estate has beeu as marked aa it is in real estate. Churches.?The following is the number, value. Ac., of the churches in Alexandria, as reported for I860: No eark will Value of Ckurrkes ' ateommodate. Church prop'jr. 1 Catholic 800 *2U 000 3 Protest Episcopal.. JGiiU 6(1.000 3 *ieinoa:ai saw 35,000 2 Baptist 900 15.0U0 1 Frier.di 400 4,000 2 Presbyterian 1000 25,000 14 * 6000 #159.000 There were reported 1 n the cenaua of 1850, 12 churchea, capable of accommodating 8,050 per sona. and valued at 897,500 The capacity of the churches U doubtlejs underestimated by the prearnt cenaua The city churchea will probably accommodate 9.900 peraona Schools and Academies ?The educational fa cilities of the city thua appear in the cenaus: 1850. 1860. Class ffo Pupils. No. Pupils. Female Seminaries . 3 100 10 280 Male Academies.. 4 204 8 285 Common Schools... 15 519 20 250 State Free 9choola ? 100 8 250 vnjr r rre OCUOOIS.. 2 10U '2 ICO 24 923 38 1,18S The ?tate and city free schools received from the public, in 1860, SI,374 03; In I860. *2,300. The revenue of the private schools for I860 la reported at $22,650; In 1850 no estimate of tbla kind was returned Libraries ?Number of libraries reported: 1 sci entific, 1.200; 1 law, 1,00U; 1 theological, 1,000; 1 public, 4,MXi; 4 miscellaneous, 5,900. Pauperism ?During the year, 27 foreign born and 33 native-born paupers were supported, at a cost of SlfWO; whole number remaining on the 1st day of June, 35 native, 14 foreign. In 1850, the number of paup^ra waa 38 native and 5 foreign, SUPDOrted at an rxnenio nf % > mm trim* ? Thirteen criminal* were convicted during the year, of whom 7 were natives and 4 foreigner*; there were In prison, on the 1st day of June. 5 natives and 'i foreigner*. In 1850, on the 1st of June, there were 2 persons in prison Wage* ?Average wages, farm hand, per month, fifl; day laborer, with board, 75c ; day laborer, without board, SI 25: carpenter, per day, SI 75; female domestic, with board, SI; board of labor ing men, per week, S3. Family Jars?Last night a fight occurred between Elleu Bennett and Anna Ford. In the lower district of the Fourth Ward, and both made for Justice Donn's office. The pair com menced talking together, each wisning to make the first statement The Squire tried to quiet them, and hear one statement at a time ?? oon as one began to talk, tLe other would put In out of time, and ao make confusion. The Squire allowed th^m to talk and cry for about half an hour, and tben succeeded in learning that tbe parties are sisters-in-law, occupying a hotiae to gether. but do not agree very well. That they bad a flght. and Ellen Bennett got her head cut In tbe conflict, and Anna Ford a slight scratch on tbe forehead. Anna Ford was willing to let tbe matter drop, but Ellen Bennett refined to be friendly; so the justice held the latter to security for peace, and her opponent was dismissed Jus tice Donn, in bis lecture to the women, remarked that if notice were taken of all tbe quarrels of tbe women of the city, tbe Corporation would have to employ 500 policemen to keep them quiet. AsmiCCLTUKK 1* THE AMXAXDKIA ClTT COUN CILS.? In tbe Board of Common Council, last ni|;bt, Mr Asbby, from tbe committee to whom was referred tbe application ef tbe Potomac, Pied mom and v alley Agricultural Society, reported la favor of a ljan of S to the Society; provided the principal and Interest be secured In a manner satisfactory to the Mayor and the President of the Council; provided, however, that said loan be first agreed to by a vote of the people, to be ascer tained by a poll to be taken on the 30tb day of August. Mr McKenzie submitted a report ad verse to tbe application, and recommending, In lieu thereof, S<MX> j>er annum for five years, to aid the Society. After considerable discussion, on motion of Mr.W blttlngton, the report was recom mitted, with Instructions to the committee to as certain definitely tbe terms on which tbe loan was asked, and tbe securities proposed to be given. In tbe Board of Aldermen there waa no quorum. Dischakgid ?Ephralm Halleck was veaterdav discharged from custody, and left Immediately for the North In company with bis father. Upon inquiry of the committing magistrate, we ascer tained that the discharge was not by him, but probably by the jailor, who was guided by the docket or record at the jail. Halleck had been held to await a further bearing, tt first charge being the abduction of a slave from North Caro lina Upon this be was taken before the court by habeas corpus, and remanded to prison, and three weeks time gven to obtain the evidence requisite from North Carolina The time has expired. He was also charged with offering to sell the negro in Baltimore and in this city. It is probable that the owner of the slave having recovered his prop erty is satisfied, and not anxious to prosecute the case further uoder the law of his State, where tbe penalty is very severe, amouuting to capital pun ishment. Assaclt Cask* ?Yesterday Catharine Burn hirdt was arrested by otflcrr Hugely and taken > efore Justice Johnson, on the complaint of Har riet Nicholson, who charged her with beatlug and abusing the prosecutor's children The evi dence showed that the parties live in the same hous*>, and the prosecuting witness being in ar rears tor rent, was a source of irritation to the ac cused. who, no d.>ubt, thought an occasional de scent upon the children would have a good effect upon tbe parent. As the treatment of the children wa? not very barah, and in cpnslderation of the old aire of tbe defendant, the case was dismissed, with an admonition that may prevent a renewal of tbe grievance. Patrick Doner was arrested by officer King for an assault and battery on Michael Johi s m, and was held to bail for peace by the same justice. Dsath of Caft Hussst ?The New York Her ald's Havana correspondent, under date of Aur. 10. says: "The American ship Stag Hound. 1.534, f uin Bwaiow, Batavla, and St. Helena, 155 days, arrived on tbe 15th Inst , delivering 353 live cool 11, having lost during tbe voyage 67 of diaease aid overboard Captain Hussey, of Boston or vicinity, died just as bis ship was entering this port. His remains, I am informed, have been embalmed for the purpose of aendlng to bis ! ? ? .a _ i? fw? *_ _ a a ? a ?* " ~ iriemu." i ik Aieximru uuene says: "Our citizens will remember Capt H uasey as the com mander of the ablp 'Westward Ho,'which at tracted ao much attention at thta port aeveral yeara alnce. The family of Capt. H. realic In thla city, and It is not many month* alnce they were called to moora the death of a brother, who died on board of the Stag Hound." The Paeton Cabk.?Charles Parton, the young Frenchman, who haa been, during the paat two daya, seeking for the nlght-lluer, or bogus hack man, who swindled him out of his money and clothing, waa yesterday furnished with means to con-ey nlm to New York, where he says h? bu friends All the efforts of the detecti vea to dis cover the criminal parties have failed He waa taken to the atands, but could not identify either of the Dersons or the vehicle. He SDDeared to hi well satlsird with the means of departure fur nished by the French legation. Dkmockatic Miitiho is Alexandria.?A meeting of the Douglas wing of the Democratic party of this city was held at the Relief Hall, Alexandria, last night, 1. Buckingham In the chair, and R S. Douglas, secretary The meeting was addressed bv Thornton Triplett of that city, Zeph Turner, of Rappahannock?the latter was peculiarly severe upon what be called the "kit chen cut'!net." who ruled the country in the name of James Buchanan, and upon Major Gr Tochman, of Alex<tndrla county. Tnt National Riflm ?This well-drilled and favorite company of the Washington military met at their armory on Tuesday night last, ana ap pointed a committee to confer with the several railroad companies with a view to making a trip in September to York, Pa , where they will ramp for fonr or Ave days It is notthelr purpose to make a stay of any length la any other locality. The company have secured a splendid room (the old Temperauo? Hall) for an armory, where thev drill very frequently, with the apparent determi nation to vie with tne far-famed Zouaves them uiver l.iictlT ?Laat lilffht unreral biuIbm unfaircii the aegar atore of Mr C. Lebneaa if to make a purchase, and upon their retiring one of them atole aboiof aegara. Mr. Lebne immediately follow* d after, and pursued them through the CaplUl ground* and overtook tbem, and arretted one-a young man named Robt Md'loakey?from whom h? got the aegar a, and than carried him to tba vuardhouae Thla morning he waa committed Sir court, and taken to Jail by oflcer Rom. Cihtkb MiiKii Peicis ?The market during the put week baa presented the usual Urveae* of supply and excellence in the quality of pro unuM id mnny mpecii me snppiv ma quiuuj ha* Improved Mthewuoo hu advanced maturing the products of the Arms and gardens The de mand at this season i? generally settled, and the {>rices of course seldom change, except for the ar tel rs which begirt to grow scarce. Tl e follow ing has been about the rates during the week, and will probably prevail in most respects to-morrow morning: * Beef, fresh, V ft Salt do. Pork 1C Mutton 1(1, Lamb, qr 1<M Veal...:... Egg plants,each.. 'l? 10 Okra, pk 60 Tomatoes, pk.... 25 Green Corn,do*.. 1*2 Cymllns, dot 12 Cucumbers, fio*.. 12 14 .. 50?75 .. 14^16 14 "10 15 iyji?j ..Tgl Lard Beef tongue* Bacon hams. ^ de?.......^ Shoulders.. Jowls Dried beef ? Chickens. V pr. 62^$l I rish potatoes, pk 25 Sweet potatoes.. 50 Corn, ear, Vbbl 84, a 5 Corn, shelled... goa!*' Beans, Vbush.. 11.75 Rye,Vbush. ... 5U;?A5 Oat? 30^a,45 Meal 80f?9U Shorts 20 Shipstuffs 25@60 Butter beans, qt. 10 Ducks, V pr.... 50@75 yaiiiauuitifi.t^tit lU^ic Plums, qt. 25 Peaches, pk 9\ a 1 50 Apples, pk Iia50 Pears, pk 50^75 Rhubarb, bunch. 5?2 Roll butter 2.")^:i7 Phil'a print .... 37 Cheese 14?17 V dot. *** v , Celery, bunch... Onioil? .......... Cabbage,V bead. Beets, bunch Carrots. ?. * . Rock, bunch.... Perch, do Large Rock 50@9t Salt water Taylors 25 \V atermelons,eachl2<fi37 Canteloupes, each 2gl8 14 2 25 25 Akkxst or Thomas O'Dohwkll ? Officer Keese returned this morning from Baltimore, having lu custody Thomas O'Doanell, who stands charged in this city with an assault and battery, with in tent to kill. O'Donnell was arrested by police men Graham and Hsnce, of Baltimore He was a fugitive from justice some months ago, having left to avoid appearing at the Criminal Court, for which he was under ball. Mr Keese went with a bail piece to Baltimore and arrested him; but O'Donnell was rescued from him by a party of bis * * * iiiruut, uoai a uuwriuuB nuuvc in mat city- nc vii about two months subsequently arrested and taken before the Police Commissioners, and dis charged for want of the proper papers from Wash ington. This time he was arretted as a fugitive from Justice, and word sent to Keese to brine the proper Dapers. Keeae accordingly took with him one of toe bondsmen, the bench warrant, and bail piece. Tbe assault and battery was com mitted upon Jus ice Murray, of the Sixth Ward, and O'Donnell'a securities w? re Bernard Bryan and Peter F Fox, the anmuut#600 When about to atart for tbe depot to take the cars for W ashing ton. O'Donnelt begged Keese not to put the hand cuffs on him; but Keeae replied ' Ah, Tom, you gave me the slip once; 1 won't give you another change " He waa handcnff-d until be got to tbe jail here; but no one knew he was a prisoner, bis Irons being carefully concealed Marshal Kane, of Baltimore, fearing that an attempt to rercue might be made by O'Donnell's friends In Halti more, tent a poise of policemen to guard Keese and his prisoner to the cars lTpon his arrival here, O'Donnell asked to go down to the Avenue to get a Police Gazette,but Ke> se ins stedon going direct to the jail, and Mid he would send ulm a Gazette. Thk Ho*. Wm. S. Raisin, of Kentucky, will address the people of Alexandria, this evening, at the Market Square, in advocacy of the election of Bell and Everett. Mr R. was supported by the Americans of his district for Congress, sev eral years aince. Dismissed.?Patrick McNemara, who was ar rested for riot on last Sunday week, and for resist ing an officer, and was held for further hearing, appeared before Justice Donn last evening for trial. There beini/ no nronf of hi? nartlplnnnpu in the affair in qufstlon be wai dismissed. ' ' Stivers,. No. 330 Pennsylvania avenue, will give the ladle* the Inst opportunity to buy fancy goods at auction on Saturday, which la positively the last day. His store will be reopened next week. Thk Revival i!*teee?t at the Village Chapel, in Alexandria, is still on the increase, the house being well filled, and a number of penitents still present themselves at tbe:tltar. Th* Mammoth Watkh Mains for conducting me roiomac water iinve twen laitl on II street, between Seventh and Ninth streets, aouth of the Smithsonian grounds. Th* Wa?h;*oton Rifles announce their first grand military and civic pic-nic at the Park on Monday, the :27th Inst. See advertisement See announcement in another column of a tneeting of the Georgetown Republican Assocl;* tion this evening. Central Guardhouse Cases ?Sarah Davis, (colored,) drunk and disorderly; tine and cosU, 93 15. Robt McCluskey, larceny; jail. Holloway's Pills. Cholera or tripint of Ike Boictlx ? Laudanum inay lull the-pain but not dettroy it. Morphiue ster p the senses in artificial sleep, withou. refreshing 'he inva id. Holioway's Pills not only procure the mhi? result* without the baneful eff< ct?, but so en tirely ex'inguish the elements of the diwonae a* to p< emote a ?pi-edy cure without dancer of relapse. Sold by all Druggists, at 25c., 62c., and 91 per Lox. au 24 lw Ruder, have you ?e?n Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 20-eoly , , Homeopathic Remedies Ail of Dr. Humphreys it Co.'s specific IIo meopathio Remedies out ho exnreaiilr Inr fmrnl? use," in boxes, at 25 and 5n cents each. Also, in cum, containing 20 vials, from %4 to SS each, with t>ook of full direction*. For sale by Z. 1). Oilman. 360 i'a. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W . A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; aUo by F. B. Winter, corner o| Ma?xa<-hiisott? ave nue and !*ixth street. AU?>, PonA t Ertraet of Wttck Hazel, for internal and external nitlaiinnations oi all kind*. Sold as above. ma 9 ly Msa. Wins low, an experienced nurae and lemale physioian, has a Soothing Syrup for Ckildtn Teeth ing, which greatly facilitates the prooesa of teething by softening the gams, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and is tare to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly safe in all oaaea. See advertisement in another column. ooll-ly Wistab's Balsam or W11.D Ciikkry. Th? fo'iowing letter from Rev. Hbn?y Wood,of Concord. N H., Kditorrtfthe Congregational Jour nal, sptaks volume* in favor ol Witarf R*l?am:? Concord, N. II., March 2. Mkshrk. Sbth W. Fowl.* tr Co.?Gent' rn^n: Twu jfan ago,a sudden and \iolrut attack upon my 1.11 n?n confine J me to my tod for Keveral week a, and when J recover**!, I Wan so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I wag oft.-n unable to sleep or rest upon a h^ lyr night. The sutf-ring was extreme, and judging from the ineflicao) of the remedies used, 1 supposed the disease inrurahl". Being persuaded to try ahottleof Wistar't B'ltam of Wild, t'kerry without co- fideno in it* efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entir'ly r moved be for* one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces m<? to make this pubho statement, and recommend the article to others With respect, yours truly. Hmr Wood. None genuine utiles* signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle k. Co., Boston, and for sala by Z. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Wnite, G. Stott, John Sohwarze, Nairn 4. Palmer, Wash iafton; and by dealers everywhere. au 14 lw,r Mitii'i Mibaculous Vkbmim Dkstrotbk, the oldest and best rained) known for exterminat ing Rats and Mioe, Cockroaches, Buns, Ants, Musqnitoes, Fleaa, Moths,Grain-Worms and Gar den ln*eots. If^ Principal Depot, 619 Broad way v N. Y. Sold by all Drnxxists everywhere. ma 13-3m IT ia sildom tnat we notice anything in the mod ical line, nor would we now, unless we could he convinced that w? are not doing our duty an a jour nalist, in recommending to the public Dr. J. Hos tttter's t'.Ubrattd Bitters, for the oure of that most fatal and terrible of all diseases?Fever and Ague. From our own experience of this valuable specific, we can safely say, that for disease* of the above nature, it stand* without a rival. Its timely assist ance has saved ir.anv a fellow being from a prema ture grave. Kvery day we hear uf its conquering the worst case* of Fever and Agne. To those who are in the least afflicted with any of the complaints arising from an irregularity of tne digestive organs, nothing can be more beneficial than these Bitters. We cheerfully recommend them to the thousands in this Mate, who are suffering the most intense pain, as a oertain cure for their ills. Try them, and be oonvinced of thrir many excellent qualities For sale by druggists ana dealers genernllv every where. au 20 eost fuiT's Tmiooninous oheapest article Cor Dressing, Beau tifying, Cleansing. Car ling, Prewring and Ra. storing the Hair. Ladiea, try it. Sold by all Drug gists and Perfnmers ar 12 te PmTVi ?Pinuiaa rfadisl** U?-Jn-1 VI *WM USUI iH| I VHIM VlllVVftfl Cnri thmn r?r mluur* ?t the Imr Offm iwnnto' married. At dt. Aloraiua Church, by the rat Fathnr McUuire on the 23d inst., Mr. WM. robinson to Miu Margaret coogan. MED, In thia citr? on the 33d mat., ANNA, iufirt dauiher of Norval w ?nd Sar?h Frances Hurch?U, . ?k A femilir ' * ?- - J H? ||1?U? < ,? lUlliro U) mrna her funeral this (Friday)afternoon, at fire o'clock, f;om the reaidence of her father, corner of L and Vermont ave. , .tefiXlfijjlT " WI1.I.1AB A. ?n?t ? Jo olo. k p. uj , from hia late residence, 4 *? on M atreet north. S' J la Geor<*u>wn. O. p.. on the sad of Auguat iften, ter a cho t ilineaa, WILLIAM D KKkr 'i about ST jear*. ^tono k>tew him but to lore him. Hta fri'Eda are earneatlf iequested to attend hu fuufcraH tomorrow) Saturday even ng, *t 2<> 'clo. i bro-, Poin the residenoe of W. H. Theeker, No. ? i art etrert, Georgetown. Philadelphia and Prederickaburg paper* eop>.). / # WANTS. f To employ a PORTER, in a Grr * * o*ry Store; a white m\n preferred. Apply U? F.b WHI rF. h IO , No. 63 LouiMfa *v*~ t?-W*-n 6th and 7th sw., opposite the Bank of \i Arlington. M 2 -3t_ WANTED-A WOMAN to Cook and Wmh,?t >**4 1 ?t , bet. 2?h and 21st st? 22 3t* WANTED?A small FARM containing f'om live to twenty- five acre?..Mt?ia?ed fi unit to 2 iti le* fi<>m this Citr. Apply to J \cob HESS eor p-r ol 6th and east Capitol stro ts. an 22 3t? Uf ANTEI>?By a stead* ami industrious man. a SITUATION a? collector. Best of reoom inundations given. Address M. C., Star Oftce. jT i? tf PERSONAL. ]\|a0ame FELIX. FORTUNE TELLER. I** from Paris, informs her former friends.and the public generally, that she has removed to 4Kt T??nth street, between E and P, where she will be happy to see all who will favor her with a call. au 13Ssr* Madame morrice, thkGkeat astkola ist awd Doctamss, jmt from E?roi??.-T?is huhly sifted and intelligent iady can be consulted on the Past. Present ana Fature Events, C*il at No. *03 Twenty-second street, between H and I, Waahinctnn. T rvtim * trn nr?rT\m DOJ58 LOST-Two NEWFOUNDLAND PLPS, male and female; about nve^^_^_\ months old. Any person returning theu-^L^^^ to No. 31 Indinna avenu?. ( Blagdan'f? ?J* row,) Will bo suitably rewards!. an J* ?t* CjTRAYED?From a drove of the ?ub?criher'? on C^the21?t.a good sized spotted IKIG.JWk A suital le reward will be given for its re turn to H. RUPI'ELL, Eleventh street.aUMUrii near Boundary street au 34 31* LOST?Ob P*. avenne, corner of Twentieth it' or between 2f>th and 0, a GOLD BRACELET, engraved in squares; the owner's nnme in?ide. The finder w II he *nitat>Iy rewarded by leaving it at No 72 corner Prospect and Market sts , Georgetown, au 24-3t* CJTRAYED AWAY?On the 2lKt instant, two C5 (J?>W?. One large whte Cow.and onv red Cow. The red Cow has some white VUf* , on her belly. B< th have horn*. A l,'l>eral 1 reward will be paid for tiieir recover* at MAR 1 TIN'S, Franklin House, corner of 8th and D sis. I au 24 Cj \ REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from the sub C ' scriber on the 2ist instant, a Hurl aiTiil h " -el COW, with a f 11 white ftce;aWt?^ ! w! l'a bag and belly. The above rew?rdjkjta w 1 be given if returned to the owner. No, 4SS Ninth streft, Mrs THOMAS STANLEY, au 24 3t* IOST DOG.?1 will give Five T)ol!ars for the re J turn of my Black and Tan TKR <s, j RIEK SLUT. She ha* a scar or t.mall?^^S^r ha-e place on back of the neck; is small " hip, and about nine months n|.i. HOPKINS, au 23 3t corner of 6th st. and Pa. av. IOST?On Tuesday, August 7th. a BUNDLE of J Evening Star News-papers, containing four copies of each dav for the month of June. 1RM The fiod?r will receive a liberal reward by ieturning them to this office. . au IS tf D/~k a nnrvn liuauuiK w. | CO NINTH STREET.? Persons returning to the city from their summer resorts will find vacant several desirable room* having the conve nience of gas, wat'T, and bathing Clo ets, at 453 9th st., one door south ofF; suitable cither for fami lies or single gentleman. Table boarders accom modated on moderate terms. au I8-6t* FOR SALE AND RENT. [for otktr 11 Fur Salt and Kent" advntnemtnts, set fir*t page ] Ij*OR RENT-The two story BRICK HOUSE, No 418 K st-eet, between 9th and UKh st*. The house is a comfortable one. and con'am* fix rooms. Apply to ?\ F RIOffA DSON, Bacon Deale-, Cauter and Northern Markets. au2l<o3t HPO l.ET?Two well arranged and convenient I FRAME MOUSES, containing six rooms each;one situated on 14th st. west, b-tweon L and M nts north; the other on N st. north, between 14th and 15th sts. west. Ei.quire of J. P. Hilton. No. tl'<9 F s?. north, between 13th and 14th sts. west, or No 37.? Utii st west, between I. andl.M sts. north au 2Mf JOHN P HILTON. Ii^OR SALE?Very cheap, on reasonab'e terms, one of the most desirable BUILDING LOT> I *i_ - ? * - - in me cuy, sii'iaiea on me norm west cor'.er ol 6th at..and New York Avenue, Enquire of JOS. K. HODGSON. Stove Manufactory, No. 40.5 7th at., Iwtweea (1 ;tnJ 1 ?ts. au 15-tf f^OR RENT-Two l-eautiful new BRICK HOl'StS, <>n Eieh'h street west, hotw-en Si ^nd N streets north, went side. Apply to MARY C HAlSI.IP, Nn.3Hl Ninth utrcet went, or Dr. KEASHY, No. 33il l*a. avenue, between !?th *' d (Otti atrretg. jy 12 7w * STORK FOR RENT.?Situated on tho South Hide of Pa avtv, between 9th and 10th, amiable for any business. For further part culara enquire at , No. I'a. ave., between 9th and 10th s:s. an 14 2w I l^OR SAL.E?A fine substantial BRICK ' JT HOUSK.on llth at., between I. and Mats., with large Stable and Carnage House. Anyone . vat.ring such a House will be aold on very ac rommodatine terms, or excharice for smaller prop erty For a private reaidence none can aurpa^s it* Inquire of GEO. T. LANGLY, on I. st., w-ar Uth at au 14-tf F'OR RENT.?A new and iTandaonie FRAME HOL'SE will be for rent in a few days. It la beautifully aituated on Thiit'-enth alreot. I^etween Georma avenue and K at.. Navy Yaru : has a lar?e garden lot attached, a pump of g od w&ifr n nr. ftiui AAnfain* A rAiimu If itnWai, a n,l *? I? -s A in ll'IIJ (HIIM W ' UUOIIUUl *? til l?e rented low, with or without the lot, to a rood tenant. For ?ale cheap, a good, strong WORK ( HORSE: work* well in anything Inquire of T. i E. CLARK, Navy N ard ; or of JOHN PATCH, (>1S H st? between 4th and 5th. jy 16 1 WINTER FUEL, SHALL shortly reoeive two cargoes of RED and WHITE ASH COAL, ot'buperior quality, which ' 1 shall deliver to consumers from the vessels at a deduc'ion of twenty-fiVe cen's per ton. SAWED ami SPLIT WOOO alwa?s on hand. GEO BOGUS, Successor to S. H. Young, au 22-4t east side 9th. between 1) and E stw PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT the United states Penitentiary, D. C., lor the turning anil furnishing Fifty Thoiisa ri, (more or lessl Broom and Whisp Handles, to beofliutn. Maple. Poplar. Cherry, Hirch.or any other ha'd ?L'it/vi 11 r nalturii > /! fit ? U.?? H . x . W. pov?- i II1?VIIC7| )iai UUUIAIP, l?ll ; on the Ward n of the InMituti n. ! . I l'h" Mate* ami Alexandria Sentinel will p Inane [ insert three times, and send in account for same 1 ait 22 3t ILLIAM B. ENTWI?1,K, APOTHECARY, vvHH (Formerly with J. I. Kidwelt, K\q , of Vita getoien.) _ Respectfully informs the citizens of^^ji A | Washington that h? has ttken th??S XT A.Drug *-tand at the corner of 12th street VT LjBL-Jand Pa. ave., where ho will he found u at all hours, an t will keep a fresh ami w*!| elected st ck of DRUGS, FANCY ARTICLES, and all goods usually, found in a well furnished Drugstore He promising those who uisjr favor him with th*ur patronage hit undivided attention to their wants \ B Exclusive personal attention giveh to the compounding of Physicians' Prescriptions at all hours, day or night au 11-2w* J NEW FALL GOODS. I ST Received my first suppiy of new Fall Goods, consisting, of Cloths, Caariiners, Casinets. Fia t nels.Delaiiis, Merinos, Alpacas, Poplins, Mefrimac and KuC'ish Calicos, Kentucky Jeans, Tweeds, Bleached and Drown sheetings and shirtings. Col iuiih, iriftii uiurui, a o. Also, Lar*e assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Linen Cam b.ic :kerchiefs, Ac. H. EGAN, au 22* 5*2 1 7th St., and Vil Fa. av. |r?OH 8 A L E.-On Kea*onable Terms?th" * RIGHT of ELLYSON YKRBY'S I'KRMI ITM B\TTKR MACHINE; Patented July 27th, 1058. 'l'his machine ma; he used also as a < hum and Cream Feex-'r. Te nia can l>e known b* ap ply inn at No. 339 Twelfth street, between M ami N, Washington, D. C.,or through the Wash n*ton Post Office. The subscriber wishes to employ two or three more active business men to travel for the sale of the Right. A liberal offer will be made to such as shall come well recommended. au 22 iw' ELLVSON YERBY, Patentee JUST RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF FA LI. TIES, SHIRT COLLARS. SOCKS, and al kinds of GENTS' FURNISHING GOOuS and CLOTHING at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office. au ll-2w GEORGETOWN FKMBLE SEMINARY, vY (Formerly Miss L S. English's.) A BOARDING A*D DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. The oourse of instruction embraces all ttiat is taught, from the rudimeuta to the moat highly fin ished education. The corps of teacher*, ten in number^are emi nently qualified a .d experienced in their seve.-al departments Lectures Friday evening* on the Xatura'Scieecea without charge to the pupil*. Circulars may be obtained by addreosing the Prin cipal, MUa .VI. J HARROVfcR, Georgetown, L) C. au a-eo3m JNSTRUCTIONS IN DRAWING a*d PAiNT j Mr WM, MAC LKOD continues instruction* in i the variou? bran hea of the above a^ta at his clave ; room.No. 17 Louisiana avenue, a few doors east of P?rry * Brother a. Colleges^ seminaries and achoola attended, aa heretofore, with but littl* in terruption to other atudiea of pupila Apply aa above on Wedneadays and "'aturdaja, from 9 a. m. to noon, or through the Post Ofljoe. au 22 e?3t* WOOD! WOOD!! i ttr #\ /\ V\ mi |BTOVK jjd KINDLING WOOD, JMfesasss^^ Mr Sovdnth street andT>a. aveuue, % here the modal Dbo m?u for a few day* only Call up gentlemen bj ore^the right* are a':l aold. AgwuU wanted. BAY WAT KIT bay WATKR. punehao? pure high flavored B BAY BUM. BEAliLu fH7,fYPfi.U"TTkTeV A nvrDT'UTi 1 For tikrr (itorgrinm mdrtrtifmntt turrit rT? rEpi rlIc a n 13 assochthtn will n??ei THIS EVE NING in th? hal corner of Hick Md G?j itwu. in tt -oom ocei>pi*<1 fy th? ringing ohool. Full E'.'ent'ance iejpx pected. Kt order. It _ p?HEF.9kandshot?Jantroo iv*l p?r sUam Vy er Mouticello. from New York? Sf* boxes prim > Ch eesn* ?o t'?c* shot, assorted *ix??. For Mile by an * W. h. TENNEY. F 7*ROM BOSTON.?The superior clipper'choos er J. C. Ruiiyun. Capt. Mathias. ha. ar- > nred and is now discharging. Appl* to HARTLEY* BROTHER. "* au 23 3*. 9i? and lot Water ?t, Georgftowa. J S" STILL ALIVE,** PILLM AN & HUNT have Removed. temporarily, to the Store (No. 771 formerly occupied by Lew Payne, Dearly opposite their old establishment. 10* I>KY GOODS c.iii be bad 4? cheep as erer. au 2J 3w i:?*T RBCF.IVKD FROM THK IN ThRIOR of Penney I van ia, a tew brands of Pi RE RYE W Hl>KV, liatitled in the jears 1833 and .839. Tnoas wishing ta purchase an ui.a lnltT?tad article for medicinal purpose*. Ac , seldom Uave such an opportunity jffered to th?m. au an Jw B K ALL k. M AT THE WS. FOR RENT?A convenient two-story BRICK DWELLING, on First etreet. witb Ga* and Water. Also, a commodious Dwelling and t*t<>re, ?n Budge street To snilaMe t-uanU the rent will be ver* moderate. AsdIi tuSAMl'Kl. \t KtA NY. No. 134 bcnharton at ,G< orgrtown. suit) tf AViNG DKTKKMINED TO CHANGK MY buaineaa, I'll commerce from this due to e*ll ror culi ray entire stock of DRY aod FANCY GOOD^. Having purchased o the most favora ble term*, and being desirous < f c'oaing oat m early m possible, all who may he in want of bargains will do well to give me a oall. W. R. HU?T>UK, jr 24 lm . Corner of Hick and 6a? eta. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A*r> BLOOD RENOVATOR Ja precisely wha? its came ii.dicatta.Tor, wkile plea-ant to theiaat*. it ? revivifjiDg,exhil*ratin?. invigorating and >trengthei log to the vita powera, anl at the -arne time revivifies, re.nstates, and re newt the H ood ii: a 1 ita original tu it*, and thus at once rertorts and renders tkr ry ?f?m invMtnr~aH* to attacks of disease, it ia th- only prrpa atmu over f ffer<M to the world, so cheirinalW auu skill fully c .mbined aa to 1m> tue i> oat powerful tonic, and at the iame time a? pnfectlj acapted to, aa to act in perfect accordance with th? law* of ?atur . ari'i honoe will roothe the wtalvst ttomich, and tone up th*dige?tiv organs ano thus alia, an n?r vonaart <'titer irritation It is perftrct y exhilara ting a- d at t&e an me tin" it ia composed rntireiy cf vegetal' es, yet ao combine aa to produce ih? moit thorough tonm eflect, without producing any in jsriou* o<?na-q neiiCB. fuch a reineov has long i>?en fe t to be a desid-jatu:ii in the m?dic?l world, (or it newla no medlca- skill to see tuat d- biiitf foilo vg all attacks <1 diatas*. and pri>o*?oda a- d in deed !a> a th? s> stem ?;p n to the insidious attacks of many of the most fatal, aucli. for ex&mpie, a - tie following: Con?urapt.ou, Jiidi-estion, l?'sp pa a, L,<s* o| Appetite. Kaintne>a, N'erv. ut> |irita< ity, Vm,,. u a L u n i a:yib?in U *?i kin urdl .T"!i\nuiiu > , Night sweat*, [juikot, Gtdiiinesr. K?'tentioo "I. as ?. veil as Painful ot?struct?d. too profuse, or to \ so'nt Menstruation, a< <1 Kailint of the Won b Theee ail depend upon general debility. I hi-pure. a healthy tonio Corjiki and B ood Renovator u as a sure to cure aa the sua is to nso and hit. There la no mutake about it. Hut this is n> t al! If the <j ystein la wtakened we are open to h:!iona at tacks, the liver becomes torpid, or w^rae di?-ea-ed, . the kidneys refuae t-> p*rf- iin th< ir functions, ar.ri we are troubled with t-caliiing ai.d mem Hue' ce f urine, or involuntary discharge o! t?>e same. pain 10 the back, side and between the shonlderr, ex oe <lin*ly liable to aught colds, coughs, *i,d u tin otiecked. soon emaciation foliows,ai<d the p%tiet t (i?n down to a pi<rmature crave. Hut spa-;e will * Dot a low us to e: iia.fiato t:ie m%..y ilia nwhcli ?e 1 are luble in a weakened condition <'t th- sy-t-m. v But we will aay in thia Ooruiai and H ood K*nova t <r you h-ive a p?if?ct, sa'e, piea?aut aud eff.-c al . remedy for loss of ADDttite. mliousneu- Flstn. 1 Iet.ce, w?-ak and sick ^tornacli. Lftctour, l iver Comp'aiat, Chilli an2 Fever,or an? B fiou attack, Co: t<venet>s, Acidity of the M niach, NtrvououMi, Neuralgia, Palpation of the Heart, Depression ofSpi'iU.Spres. Pimples uu the Fao*, oran> dig east- anting from impure h.ooj, such as t*crwful?, Krysipnlas, Kronc'iitis, Ccu. fli u t? of fUea'h in*. and all that class of diseases ci ed female weakness, and enumera'ed almve. W'e *il? o sav the traveler exposed to epi-leirica. chain e of din.ate and water, will find it a pl? r-m.i#>fe-i d sure re^tdy, and no on? should ever travel with out. Ke*d-r. try it, for w as?ur? you *ou will find id it a friend indeed, as w-!l as a fri?-nd in n#>d All persons ol s^-det.tary habits will fin J it a pa - feet preventive of, as well an a cure for those ail ments which they are particularly expraed He. c* minsters. students, attorneys, literar? gcn'lerr.en, ami ladies who are r t aocust med to much out door exe ei-?>, wi'.l tii.d it to tiieir sdva-tireto keep a bolt e constantly on hard: at.d above a'l nottiers or tiioje > eeominc such, will ro though that most dangerous p?riod n* t on'i with all tinr auuus omed strei nth. but >-ef.- ar.d free from the thousand ailments s.> prevalent among the fen.a.e portion of the wo- U. In short, is indeed a mother s cordial. Try it old and young; no lo ger run the risk of delay: it will relieve *rd prove it*elrem phatically a Restorative Cordial and Blood K.moca tor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 4 44 Broadway, New Vork. and 114 Ma*k?t Street. M. Louis. M?..*r.d 10 d by all good Druggists. Price One Doi ar per Bottle. PROF. WOOD'S R ES TOR A TII E COR DIAL ' AW? BLOOD RE NOVA TOR. au 20-eol), alw 4 MRS. wimuw, Eireiim Nnr?e and Female Phraleian. presents to tbe attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Far Children Teething, ITklak graaily faci,:t*iaa tfca praeaia ?f taathinf, kr aafiaa Df lha fine, Nlicit| aii ilIrilis&uk-^v.Ii alUy ALL filR ?I apaamadic act;w>,*nd u SURE TO RkliULATE THE BOWELS. ?p?o it, B*th*n, it will rati ta ftiraal'ii, ud RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFA.VTS Wa h*?a pi; ?p and ao.4 thiaaniela for Marian fttn,aa4 :as? (at, in coTtriDSiaca ard truth of it, what wa ban ia?ar taau akia ta ujr ef u; otnii Madictna? ll'llj MKS mas IT rAlLBD.I* l iik?li wmai iiwia aTAUci to ar riCT A CURB, tavardid wa latiafaettan by any i 'o r ry.allara >r EH ATIOS J, and iooTiimr. SYRJi, wr.?n liraiy inn iii iDtttiiC* of die on* ?M M*d u. Oa dalirhtad wnb it* roil 10 tarma of ngtaaat command ;tioo of IH mi-iral facta rod madicai nrtaaa. W* apank IB -hi* manor what VI do HOW," ifiartan yaara'aipartanca, and PLIDgi OUR llfl'Ti no* fob the riLramtiT or what we hbrb db :lab B. In allium a?ary i nausea whtra tna infant ia aufai nf from pain and aahaaauou, raliaf sill ba foar.d iotfiaaa ir iwatuy raiuataa afiar tin ayrap la ai aiiuiatarad. Thia falaabla praparatioa la tna praacnpuac of ana af tba sail BiriBiBirao md iBarrL di iib* in Naw En? aad, aadbaa baan aaad with n Bvcb-pailihs ipcciii la THOUSANDS Of CASES ll oat only lalii'ia tha child from pain, bat IcTiprraloa tba laroach aad bowala, eorracu acidity, and fiaoa tana and iBargy ta tba wbola ayaiain. ll will I moat inauatly raliaa* G&IPIN8 IH THK BOWKLS A.KD WlHD COLIC, Lad aTtreoma eoi.?aiaiona, wbieb, il i?t apaadii* ranodiad tad ia daath. Wa: ~T~ . <-*liaTa it tba bbit tNOtl'BUTFIM-l FUK I BL \ tu Iba wobld o an eu?i #r otp* LNCi lit CM IL LX1MI f*?ra IttlhiQf tlllLJlnfil t DIAI TEETHING. ?*atbar It l" from idv Kb?i ar from aa? athtr taaaa- Wa voaldMj to mry toolbar who ha? child iaf arinf from any of tba foragwrf complaint#? ?< ROT LIT rorr maiUDicBi, won tub ruj; cr i< or othiii ttacd btwtiD joar aaltrtng child and U>? raliaf that will t NU-yaa, NHUtlU tl ???to follow ma mm af tfc adtcina, if liaraly aaa*. Pall dirtcuoca er hih; arill a tampan, aach boiua Nona gamu t anlaaa tba Uc-amila JORTli I PKRKlSiS Naw fort, wan ikt aauida anf^l oid by Uraegiata ihroarhoal the world. I Principal Oltca, No. II Cadar Suaat, H. T. Prtea aalvISCaaU par Batua. *a 11-dAvl* MPORTANT TO HOU8EkEEPEK8. E. K. DUREEEA CO.-S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, hot ground from freeh Spioea, eeleoted and cleaned by un exp-e??l? for the pnrpoee without reference to c<>at. They are beautirelly packed in tinfoil, [lined witli paper, j to prerent mjnry by koeping, ?nd are full weight, whi'e the ordinary ground L? _ I ..A ? I ...? ai.AV? 117. - - - L^p lUra wr 1UTA1 l?IHJ BilUI k ?~ C WM mil them, in point of atrength and richiieea of flavor. BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, Ma single trial will abundantly prore. Manufacture! only by - E. R. DURKEK * CO., fa W-if.n* 1 Ml Paarl rt.. Ni? Vork. WGALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE ana Pa. A v., Brrw. Uth and 18th Sts* North Mde. Mill and Wharf foot of 8ev??nte0ntti it, ot* 17 tf H?lir War rvr?rtm#"t. WNEW GOODS. , , B Hatrr jail received a'arge atook of Bleached an! Brown COTTONS of the beat niak-a A l-<-, SHEKTINGS.TABLR L1NKNS, NAPKINS, TOWELINGS. IRISH LINENS, S?? jarca f.A*NS. from oenta to 2>L. HOSIER}, GLOVE^. GAUNTLETTS, WHITE, REO. blue and GRKV PLANNKLS ic vanety. We hftva a few rion ORGaNDV ROBES on b nd which we have marked leaa than cat Jj an TAYLOR k. hutchison. New supplies in FIRST-CLASS STAPLE DRY GOODS. Juat op?n?d aaporiorShirUac Cotton* awl Linena. S/ieeiin**. Tatiie Diapera, Napki a, Toweling*. White ana Colo ad Dotltoo, Tabic Cloth-, ?nrand medium Wh t?anu Colored Flinceia. Scotch and Russia Diap-ra, Canton FlannWa, n?v at*U Mona aeliuea and fall at)l? Calico*, t?h>'tin* Caltoo aitd l.menSiiirt Hoaoma; iMMoaan l.adi?a* Linen Haa 1 korahiffa, price* from 75 c^nta :? 42 a dozen; al. ? ery oh- ap; with n any other ?e*aonaUe f ?oda whioh we are aelliog at the toweat ma. k?* prioea. J. W colley * 'O, aullNr t'23 Seventh et.altove Pa. av rTAKK N<'T.CK. ho mpson8' CELEBRATED MEDI CINES, life PRESERVER,and cordial, lor taie, wnoie??i? ?na hjwu ,uj ^ . * a PhE&ifcW* *u H ?w oorn?r 111* Bt ?.nd_P? aV*. #2.50 SSLBitSSSaf BKAV" ' Fashionable Hat Md C?* MM lm ?S3k THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Fonr Dayt Utor tr?m ftvopo. *r Jon**, Aug f4-Tb# ??whip Cltr of Baltimore. from LtT ipn) M th? lith. ki p?id C*f* Rnc?, dropping tfa* report far tbr Amo prrM FtfWn hundred English (?) troops had landed In !?yr.? KlvLtwi hi idrnl RtrllaU**M .?/< i-???a ? :*U? ria, and It wan reported Un tiarthaidi Ui tro to t > confer with the revolutloanry eoirn there The city oi Naples hid hew declared la a state f siege It wns reported that Austria will mioonoo th* nn*i ntion of Villa Frinra.and irtlwly sypos ii' biidl's operations on the main laud Tue Liverpool cotton market for Monday and ruetdar closed ffrtn, with a partial advanoe ? -i?i \4. Salrs, 2o.CM? hales Th?- flour maraet ruled Steady W beat bad aa upward tendency Corn waa buoyant nu auil Conaols 93 \ n?3 k . I.U .WrdDMday ?rpw?tlBfMt. With I ttmat d snl?sto-dav of If bales closing at in advance of alnce tbe Arabia's report F"lour steady Provistous duli Farther frsaa Oalral imrks. New Yo*k, Aug 23 ?Tbe sir a met Ariel. from Upinwall, has arrived She left there tbc L" tor?sLlp Releaa*. Antony tbe paaaenpcrs by the Artel Is T. K. deadlier, who has obtained from Casta Rica a rant of riyht of way for a railroad serosa the stbmus of Cblrlqui, extending siity years Tbe revolution in New Granada was still going HI. sod both Liberals and Conservative* wvra naking further preparations for extending their >peraUons. Several places had been taken by Le former Advices from Peru state that there bad been an ittempted ass ias1 nation of President Castilla on be dny of tbe celebration of Independence. A >is'ol ballet lodged In his arm, causing a painful round Tbe Petavlan Goeernment bad refused to sett)* be American demands by diplomacy, although ne r tench claims bad been allowed ~ Our Minister is sa d to ba*r sent for tb? Pacific q adron to rendezvous at Callao to enforcc tba Maims of tbe United States From Pike's Peak St. Josira. Mo , Aag 82 ? We bar* received ewa from tbr niinea to tbe 14tb of August. A illver lead mine was discovered near Tarr rail, ibuut 65 miles from Denver. *?b Friday, tbe loth. V meeting was beld tbat evening at Tarryall, and be Piatt** River Silver I.e&d Mining Company v?s crgnr.ized A large number of ciaiaas were taked el ^itsrdar. Nearly all the miners In tbat locality are bas caiag to the silver district Great eirlterneat prevails, and the value of tbe d'scovarv wtil ba ested immediately. It ia reported tbat tbe ora fields by asstr from SiOU to Clsu per toa. Fine perimens were \esterday exhibited In Denver The q<test on of tbe expediency of organiiing a ?ta:e government for ti,e lake's Peak region la ?einsr agitated Several meetings bavebeea beld, nd various measures proponed, bat no Important iction baa been taken Tbe flrst Lolled ^ la tea mall eastward leaves to lav, containing over 4.1100 letteta. i be number of returning emigrants la deer? uslnesa la still Hull * A DiuppdatBrat, Ae. Baltthobk, Aug 23.?Great diaapno'.ntment r experienced U- re by tbe friends of Mr Doug as, who expected Lit arrival here to-day on his ray to the South, by the announcement that be ma taken the i?ea route from .New York to Nor oik A committee of reception went to Ham le Grace this morning to meet htm The republican* have a grand public meeting tere to-night, and a special police baa been de al it?l to (>reaerve order in anticipation of a dia urbance - Departure ef tbe Prince tf Wnlea fraa Que bec* Monthkal. Aug 123?Tbe Prince of Walea left { ebec to-dar. with hia euite, amid enthuaiastie iemouatratioria?aalutea, cbeera, 4c Tbe New i'ork committee to arrange for tbe reception of he Prince at New York were met here by tbe >lmor of Montreal, the American Conaul General leading cltizena Tbe reception speech of he mayor was rea(>onded to by ex-GoTernor Fiah, fter which the committee were escorted to tbeir [uarterm at M Lawrence Hall. LadyFranklia .rtived here by the same train. Reported Battles wttb the Ia4lua. St. Loris, Aug 22.?Tbe St Josepba agent ef be pony express received bv tbe last arrival a ioie rrom tLea^ent at Kalt I .ike City, announcing be detention of tbe riprea la ronaequence of a lijht between Lieut Prrkioa'a command tad tb? 'iwdmi, in which at-ventem Indiana were kiUed nd three aoldiera badly wounded A C^ht bad alao taken place between the am ilo\eeaof the Overland Mail Company and the tab Indiana, at Shell-creek path, ia which flee udiana were k i lied. Heary Ralaa ia Maatarhaaatta. Bootor. Aug. 22 ?Watertowa, Waltham, leading. Belmont, and other towna In the lnity were drenched with rain yeaterday af rrnoon Coi.aiiieruble damage waa done to roperty by th? flood It continued for two hoara without reaaatiou Tbe quantity of rata found to >ave fallen during that ume waa aix lucbea, ao itavv waa it that an end waa put to all oat-door perationa Many private eatatea have a jalal ned unageato the amount of aeveral hundred dollar* ach. own City Poet Office chicago, Aug ? ?Samuel Workmtn. post lasU-r at low* City, having reslgued. and at tba line lime retained llll.UUU of. tbe Gonramr; t ione>. which he claims aa belonging to htm, tLa oat office at tb*t place haa br?n <1< a-d and taken ? iimiiud of by the agent of the Pud OCoe De zrnnrnt. Mr. W orkman haa been absent aome oat ha. Political Fsclteaaeat Richmond, Va., Aug S8 ?Oea. Foot* la ad r^-asing aa tuin.enae crowd here to-night la ehalf of Judge Douglas There baa been great mifuslon thus far, aa tbe Breckinridge party esire O. Jenaings \\ lae to be heard. Gen Foote i proceeding with much difficulty. The political excitement la oa the increase. Flora Trafl< aad Brawa Dick. Fomia. New York, Au< 28 ? In tbe trot be] wren Flora Temple and Browu Uick. which ame elf to-day, tbe former waa declared tbe cos ueror. having made three straight beats la tba allowing time: First b?tSJ2; second beat i ; bird beat 2 33. Browu Dtck waa withdrawn on at- last beat owing to lameaeaa. Ltlrr from Hutu. New Oblkans. Aug 23 ?Later adrtoaa bin wen rrcri?Hl from Ruataa. Twelve ? pan tarda rere kiiWd, eighteen wounded, and three Aro? cam allgbtlv hurt la the capture of Truxlllo Valker was still in paaaeaalon, and toi tamed a true tarnation In which be declared for Catena Toledo, Ohio, Aug ?1 ? Tbe Douglas Deme rols of tbe ffib district to-day nominated B. 't~?* for Congress Gram) RariM, Mich , Aug 83 ?Thomas B. Church bas b?*?-a nominated for elect.on to Coa xes* by the Democrats of tbe third dlatrtct. Later from the Went Iadlf; Nokvolk, Aug 23.?'The arbooner Sallte Boa*, ourteeu dan from St Bartholomew, reporti tbe narket there w?ll supplied with American pro luce Starrs, however, were in doaaaad. At Barbadoes floor waa low. Stonmtent Catiiaioa. O^wifio, Aug. >13 ?Tbe steamer Niagara caaaa n collision last night with an unknown rnaml on he lake, and sustained much damage A paaaer per named Jpbn Adger, of South Carolina, had 1 mrrm Ke.tVon EffecU *f the PIm4. Tmstoh, Aug 33 ?'Tbe flood caoaed br ie>tvy torn* of Ust night tad tbU moral xrrifd ?W6y the caul embanktneat ta >Uc*? near tuts city, and no Mm U??? k break up to ill o'clock tfcU mtli( Gbeat Fall*, N. H , A?2 St.?Joba A Bar .1..k. ..f <h? r.Bviu 'oirip*nv. and for many veara a prominent i terWUx Straflord bar, died thU if eraoea. Utawabif Cbicaao. Aug *2 ? Mr h. H Dwnlioa, *L was armated two weeka efcace on Uk < h?((< ef mbenionent, has been honorably d a-U*r^ed, flutlioti, Aat. M.-Ploar liMini Bmtd itreet a.1 id Ohio *5 37% Wk?l to red 1 -fwai uk' wKti* *1 ? -* Me iWa la Mull: , _ MB ft - vwloM nt* active b*l M*wty, mm P?r* SIB.71. CoC?* tad.U m4 Afwopia*. ftl* MtfaMfcc , ?*r fcirtopmut. Wktokylto sUU> it ifc.lV Nbw Ym. At tS.'tatJ* Ohio I_ . St 31; wh ir Ohio SI.W C?rn ts better: mig?4 |.mM. Lardlehaevy. Wktafcf 4?U atftifcflK.

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