Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1860 Page 1
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f .t f 5 . firming ^tar. V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. AUGUST 27. I860. N?. 2.347. ?pp???ff?<???a? THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, <HUNDAYS EXCEPTED,! AT THE ITU BriLDUIOS, Corner /Penxsytvima avtnut and 11(k " > II W. D. WALLACI1. rt|tn mwJ in rtekKM by owner* kt III year, * *? oonts ft month. T<> mml nMkm tie price is a year, i* adv**c*; fi for six month*; 91 for three ?obUu; and for lew than throe months at the rate of oents a weak. Single copies, ctxtiin wrafpors, two cbrts. ITT ABviiTr??M??Ti msbM ba seat to the o?oe before U oti?ok ia, other?M? they My not m??r uatii the ? xtday. Tl? lk???r Itlk FuUtaneat The Philadelphia Inquirer that describes two incorrigible convict* at present confined in the penitentiary at that city, and the system of punishment which prevails in that institution: The famous criminal hath was then exhibit' ed In a cell at the eastern end of the oorridor appropriated for females, stood something like ? wooden ohimnej vertically against the wall. Closer inspeetion revealed a door in its front, with staple and padlock. This being thrown open, an apartment, jast large enough to contain a human body, was revealed, with one of ka 4 ! . 1a At i. IUO tuuuu pviitfiawu 1/1**11 UIPWIUU 111 too l-op. The door sod sides art hollow, and staffed with woolen to prevent scream* from being heard. When any prisoner beoomes ungovernable, he is escorted to this eeli. The physician, the nurse and the superintendent sand by. The malefactor is forced into the apartment, the door elosed upon him and the staple secured with a heavy padlock. Then, in the darkness and stifling air, the anhappy criminal feels the rui>b of the descending water. It oomes in a torrent upon his uncovered head, and seems to be beating npon his brain. In rain does he f*eek to avoid the draught. He oannot bend in the narrow aperture. He cannot turn. His breath grows short. Every nerve is unstrung. His heart beats agonisingly. He screams, but the walls are deal and there is no repiy. He in suffocating?dvin?. And when unn i? swimming and life flickering, the door is opened, the unhappy man removed and the djiog pulses taught to beat acain. Sometimes the oriminals when removed are black in the face, the blood flooding the head. A man in Sing Sing prison latelj expired under this punishment. The shower bath at Moyameusiog has been use^hree time* in sovon years. Its effects are to^hock the nervous system and weaken the entire body. One woman was lately put to the bath test. She is known as Jenny Lind, and is designated by one of the wardens as the most abandoned woman in the world. She has been in the prison more than a hundred times! chiefly for vagrancy, and is b?jond all reformation She seems at times to be poueesed with a demon. Oa Wednesday last she leaped apon Mr Sargent, the warden of the female department, Hnd tore his month in a most savage manner. The assault was entirely unprovoked. She is said to be very deceptive. She waa placed in the shower bath for an exhibition of heinous wiokedness, and at the end of ten minutes' punishment, asked if she would behave. She said, with an oath, that she would not, and de * manaea 10 oe punisnea again The bath wu again applied?but she was till inoorrigible. When brought forth ngain ehe wu almost lifeless, and bat for the appl cation of prompt restoratives would hare been no longer a trouble to the authorities. We were shown some specimens of her handicraft, in a mass of broken stools, crockery, Ac. She is undoubtedly a dangerous character. Two other women of exceeding bad repute were exhibited. One of them, known as Mag Warner, is the victim of intoxication. Daring the great visitation of the cholera she was like a ministering spirit to the miserable convicts who were diseased. She watched fearlessly and continuously by the couches of the dying, and when worn out with labor would wrap a blanket about her and sleep for long heurs by the oorpsee of the dead. She ex bibiu traces of former beauty, and has not a wicked expression; her cane baa been ruin W hen oar oondactor, in* g-in tie tone, mentioned aome of her shortcomings she burat into taara. 44 I've never been a good woman, air, since my husband died. Thank God! I never tole anything." l alferm ?l the Maryltad Guards, > Haitimere. For aoine time past the members of the five companies of Maryland Guard have had under consideration the subject of a uniform, and lant evening reoeived the report of the Executive Committee, to whom the matter was referred. There is so much good sense in what they say, and with such general application te vrilunt?w?r KMnnillinna ihil fnlInwinrr ??. tract* will doubtless prove interesting. Speaking of their organisation, they conceive it to be the establishment upon a permanent basis of a volunteer ojrpa, recruited from the flower of the youth and manhood of the community, whose ultimate organisat'on should contemplate nothing short cfan entire regiment of ten full companies. It was supposed that the city of Baltimore, with its 230,000 inhabitants, its ancient military reputation, traditions of the battlo field, kept alive by monuments and reunions of its old defenders, and its frontier location, should support at least one solid regiment of 800 or 1.000 well instructed and reliable eitiiea soldiers. One obstacle t? increase in the ranks of oitisen soldiery was the burlUnanm* avnania nnin/? <ai?k an ?? ? wwwvww w?|rwuovj wv^iuutu^ WI?U *u OAII BTO" gant outlay for a uniform, and continued by occasional costly pilgrimages, frequent cm ivial demonstrations, and endleos interchanges of hollow hospitalities. The committee consulted economy al the first principle in the selection of a uniform, and next in the order of importance the quality of serviceableness, and no dress can be so which is not easy and oomfortable to the wearer, and which does not admit of free, rapid and prolonged movement without unnecessary overheating or distress. The committee, therefore, determined to diacard the common unifoim ten in the streets on parade days, and whicb are common to all the old lashioned volunteer oompaniea. The charge of innovation in this particular may be parried by the fcct that whenever any of those companies a %. a ? - - ? - a * - - - nave nsa rest service 10 ao mey nave Dad tbu g *A sense to discard their parade uniform and Kto their duty in an easy fatigue dreaa. Laat, mere beauty of appearanee or eifeot wu aaaigned the lowest place in the seal*. Whilst they were not insenaible to tha attraction! of a ahowy and brilliant dreaa, they oould not lore tight of the faot that the pomp and glitter of a holiday parade were not the object* for which the OuaAl was established The uniform which the committee recommend ia a combination of tha Chaaaeur and Zouave style, uniting the moat desirable features of esei, and substantially the aame which has bean lone worn with approbation in the service of those raaouslifht corps of the ftaest army in Uurope. Tha folI 5 1# 1 ?? ? - - - lowing ?r? id* on norm* lUQmiiwa. ana their OMt* Chasssnr uniform?dark bine, with orange trimming*?including jacket, pants, shirt, gaiters, aash, cap, body belt, knapsaok, blanket, nod overcoat, $35 33; double-breasted, dark bine, with blue and (old trimming*, $44 13; *ingls-brea.<ted, dark bine, with light bine trimmings. $47 13; double-breoeted. dark bine, with black and gilt trimming*, $44 13?Amurc can, a PiiirrL in Fatal Accidskt ?Mrs. lngersoll. tbe wife of Hob jt?hn n. fngersoll, the editor of tbe Owoat American, and the republican candidate for Senator in the Shiawassee district of Michigan, m#< with a frightful death on tbe night of the 18th last. she waa la the act of tilling a fluid laaip:wh?n an explosion took place. Abe was so b?4ly burnt that she died in a few hours afterward. a Domk?tic Timut is Ksstvckt ?Raccntly a man aimd Keller was billed at Mt Sterling, K y , by another ! ?< Thomas, who bad wtpected aa improper latimacy between his wife and K , and having found them together in the woods war the town, afersittiag upon the ground holding Keller's bead la hor lap. and combing his hair. Ue drew bis balfe,aad rushing upon K., killed bim on the apot. A Liwrti Commits Soicids bt Dtillim CoLoass ?A man by the naa><- of Chapman committed suicide at White Sulphur fVa ) Springs the othor day, la bis eabia. by drinking two bottles of r-oiogoo Hewaa inebriated at the time, and bad been nadtffr tbe Influence of liquor for right or nlae daya Ha was a resident of Orange county, V a , a ad waa a lawyer of respectability * 'rw daya stare, ia New London, Conn , a i ttr boy three year* o!d. wrnt into one of tbe J *> ?, *ad. getting bold ' * ttem' the The PrtMt at QmIcc. The more detailed, and more trathful aoeoenU. of the reception of thePrioco of Wales at Quebec dissipate much of the eoUur dt rose aspect with wbieh the Jenkins' reporters hare invested it. Here is a specimen : The Prince was dressea in uniform, of which the red coat makes the most impression in a civilian's eye; he spoke first in French, and then repeated his answer in German. This ceremony, which occupied some 15 or 20 minutes, took plsee on the wharf, under a pavilion erected for the occasion; the oannons boomed meanwhile on every hand, and the royal standard of England was raised for the first time on the citadel of Quebec. This is never used except when the sovereign or heir apparent's actual presenoe is intended to bo loaiuaiea or oeieoraiea IB? procession tu formed inmediitely, ud marched through tha principal streets or the town. It was neither long nor brilliant; a few societies, a few citi ens, a guard of honor, the clergy and dignitaries, alone composed it; most of the inhabitants preferred being lookers on, and doubtless the impression thus made on the Prinoe was greater than if they had swelled bis train. Crowds gathered eagerly wherever he passed, bat I saw no other enthusiasm. A few ladies waved their handkeroheifs, and many, but by no means all, of the men raised their hats. Cariosity was muoh more manifest than loyalty in the behavior of the thronr. Thev rushed its near the Prince's carriage as the soldiers permitted, and made noise and oonfusion enough in the narrow streets, and amid the reo^ntly erected shrubbery, but they uttered few or no huzias. Bmquets were sometime* thrown, and one falling at the feet of the young man, he smiled to his companion, the Duke of Newcastle, Eicked It up, and bowed, lie rode in an open arouche, and (ran plainly visible. His person is slight and boyish; his face browned, apparently, by exposure?for his light brown hair and blue eye* indicate a blonde; his Oertnan extraction is quite evident in the general expression of his features?for though his features are rather sharp, their expression is not bright. His mouth is large, his eye alone Sves anj indication of a quickness of idea e impressed me as a person of sluggish tem{terament; such a youth as I should never hare ooked at twice, had he not been Prinoe of Wales. His movements are deliberate, not in the least pompous, but sufficiently dignified; perhaps somewhat stiff. Theretwas not nppa rent toe slightest elevation, such as might have been natural in a lad of eighteen witnessing a whole population thus celebrating his arrival, especially as such honors as these were never paid him in England. His behavior, on the contrary, was absolutely correct, yet I imagine the calmness was not so much the result of breeding as of a phlegmatic disposition. He was not seeluded into decorum by the consideration of the requirements of his exalted position, but untouched by the thoughts, and un excited by the sentiments that wonld seem natural to one in his station. His hands and feet are very large,and although he manifested an awkwardness, neither did ne behave with that winning grace and irresistible princely courtesy that would have won the hearts of his future subjects, and provoked from them plau dits as hearty as their curiosity. Yeuth and amiability were the conspicuous good qualities be betrayed ; beauty, talent, and the natural oharms of demeanor were not apparent. Thc Congressional Aptortionkbnt Uxdbr tub New Census.?The aggregate number of representatives in Congress is not fixed by the Constitution, which simply requires that the number of representatives shall not exceed 1 for every 30.000 inhabitants, and that each State shall have at least 1 representative. The number of representatives, in fact, has varied under different apportionments, but by act of Coneress in 1850 it was fixed at 233, and that will oe the number to oontrol the next apportionment. The present actual number ot representatives is four larger, namely 237, because sinoe the apportionment of 18o0, one additional representative has been allowed to California, two to Minnesota, and one to Oregon. But this temporary increase will cease with the 37th Congress, for which elections are made this fall, and the apportionment under the new census will restore the number to 23.1. The aggregate representative population, as is well known, is ascertained, in the words of the Constitution, "by adding to the whole number of free persons (including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed?three-fifths of all other ner sods." In other words, the aggregate population of the whole Union, slaves included, is diminished by a deduction of two-fifths of tho number of slaves. In 1860 the aggregate free population was 19,847.601; the slaves were 3.200.(Ui ; and the representative population was accordingly 21,767,673. This number divided by 223, gave the ratio 93,423. already mentioned. It is generally expected that the I aggregate population under the present censuo will be found to have increased to thirty or thirty-three millions: for the purposes of the apportionment, making the constitutional deduction for slaves, it will not probably exceed 30.000,000. Divuiijy this by 233, we shall have about 128.506 m the ratio for a represen WUTfl Tb* First Metkor.? Vietcs of Profajor Henry.?The Newark Mercury gives the following extract from a private letter written bj Professor Henry:?"The aurora borealis ia undoubtedly an electrical phenomenon, and it is now highly probable that the disturbance of the electrical equilibrium of the earth ia due to a magnetic induction of the ann. From the latest cMervations, it appears that the fres* nanMV A# ik* aw( ? * ? ? i vft wuv xutvi* ao VVVJWI IU i vguiir rucurrences ; and that the period of theae coincide! with that of a similar recurrence of the spots of tha son. The subject is now in prooess of i ligation, bat it will r?qair? number of yean before the facta can be approximate) y m vde oat. The meteor ?ai undoubted Iy a b >dy of oonaidarable magnitude, coming from e*leatial apace into oar atmosphere, and poasib y, though not probably passing oat of it ;?in. Tna origin of theee bodies u unknown, and it U not improbable that they are portion* of the original material of which the earth and the other planets w?re constructed. The deception in regard to the bight arises simply from the fact that we cannot judge of distance Iaha Kv iH* m*m ffierKt r\f an ?? - ? ?--w w? -1?"* v* ?? wwjvvv f wc arc obliged to take into consideration its mm, its distinctness, and other circumstance*, and, therefore, when an object appears under entirely unusual conditions, the judgment we form of its conditions most be entirely at faalt. If It be ia reality a large body at a great distance, and we imaginelt a small one, such as, for example, a skyrocket, it will appear at the distanee of the latter. The error arises in applying the habitual judgment of things of wtfleh we hare an abundant experience to those of rare occurrence." How ro Grr Rid or a Trohblisoiib Rbpobtbb.?A representative of one of the morning papers paid an unprofessional visit to Jones's Wood Yesterday afternoon, and taking seat witb other reporters, was soon influenced by the exhilarating liquids to sack a degree that be beoame a source of ^reat an iM'janoe iu nn oumptDion*. id sucn an extent did he try their patience thai, at their reqneet a policeman pat him oataide of the ropos. end they flattered themeelvee with the idoa thai they had rotten rid of him. Greatly to their aorprise aad diegaat, however, he eoon retained, and became more trombieeome than ever. At laet they took him to a bar-room, and having mated themmlvm at a table and ordered drinka, one of the oompany gave the bar-keeper aome instruction*, the reanlt of wbieh waa aoon eeen. . 44 Ilave you heard of that marder in the Twelfth ward, gentlemen?" aeked the barkeeper in aa earneet manner. ike representatives of the prem dropped their glasses in surprise, and all answered 41 No.' " There has been a terrible fight there, gentlemen,n continued the bar-keener. "Three men hare been killed and several dangeroualj hart. A man who saw it just went out of here; he told me of it." The eyes of the half-inebriated reporter were eagerly fastened upon the bar-keeper. " Can job give ua the particulars ?" he inquired. " No; only it was in a bar-room in 125th street, over near the North Hirer, and one of them was named Calhoun." "That's in my department; I must go up )i ?;j ??.- - luiuisuiaKiiJ, Hid IDQ upjj r?prtMQUj tire of the preaa, and off he went. Whether be hu jet returned with the details ia not knows.?If. Y. tout. A Mutisms Urdu Auiit.?A few da a since, the Rev. Mr. Gubby, pi?tor of the Third Presbvterian Church of Jersey City, together with one of the members of the church, caused tbe arrest of Rev. Samuel Sterling, together wltb two other gentlemen, on charges of disorderly conduct. Ac. The Rev. Mr Sterling was charged with putting his list under bis (Rev. Mr. Gubby'si nose, and threatening to make bim auffer; also, by his acts and conversation, endeavoring to create a disturbance at the meeting of tbe session On Wednesday, the Rev. Mr. Sterling cauaed tbe arrest of the Rsv. Mr Gubby on a cnari;e of perjury, and the latter named gentleman was held iu 9600 bonds to answer. A mi. WIN SLOW, N Bxperien ed Narae and Female Physiotac, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUF, Far Children Teething, Wblsh fiHIl; ft:l.uaiM Ui pnem ?f ttiiblnf, k; iiftn lag mt aamt, rt'j*trf all miamaallM?Will allay ALL PAIR tod tpaamtdia (CUM,II?I it SURE TO RhiiVLATB THE BOWELS. Dtptud ajwn it, raathtrt, it will (i?t rttt M ytaritWtt, and RELIEF AND HhALTH TO YOOR INFANTS W t ha? t pat ap tnd tald Una artitla (rr o?tr ttn ytara, and CAR ur, Id CONPlDB.ttl AND TRUTH af It, what art btfl ntTtr bats iMt t?i ;n; af isf otnik Mtdicint?rbtbr MRS "as it failbd,!* A I IV 8 LB n.H.f nn,. "A?CB * Bfracr A cr??, WINSLUW'I wh.n timaly attd. Ntttr did wt kna* anilTlB an intunct af dif tatuftctian by aay * on* ?'' "d ,l- ?" tht eantrarj.allart dalifiuad wit# Itt orBRATions, and I apt A in ttrma ( bifhttt eoniiatadtuae af ta< -ical tfteu and mtdical Tirtatt. Wa tptak in Jiit isatltr ? WMat VI DO mow,' afttrttn ytara'tiparianca, and flidoi om itrVTATlOlt POB TNI rULFILMBRT OT WHAT WB UBAB UKCURB In almoat tttry inatanct whtra tha infant it taffarUif from pain and ixhtBttiwi, rtlitr will bt foand in Iftaaa ar twtitf 7 minattt afttr tht trrsp it aitninittt rad. Vbia aalaablt praparation it *ht prttcripliac of ant af tb* matt BIFBRIBItCBD tnd fBILFUi* ItCAIBt in Ntar ErrItad, aadbat baan atad with RBaBB-PAILltra irccBll la THOUSANDS Oh CASKS. ll MMil? Illiltli tha child frain pain, bet infl|mUl tkl tarnach tuid bo w a I a, corracta asidity,and |ifu twit and aarjry tatha wbala ayatara. It will ilnaal instantly raliaaa GsiriNs in tbk Bowbls and Wind Colic, madararcoiaa eanaalaiana, which, il lot araadUr raniadiad and In daath. Wa _iin Ibdiaaaittha bbit ARP iciiit ibm* FOR Mil in tbl would 10 all <.? af dti- CHILDREN ?tutiii<i diii rhoca in cmil- tekthi.1g. drbn, vbathar It anaaa fram taitbiag ' or from ui othar caaaa. Wa woallaay 10 arary n.oiTiar who baa a child aaffann* from any of lh? ItriKainf complaint* ? DO NOT LIT TOUR rRBJl'DICBi, NOR THB FR BJ I'DI'J B J OF OTHKRI tar(1 batwian yaar aufarinp child and tha Mliaf that will b? CRB?yaa, 1BSOLCTBLT it KB?ta fallow taa aaa of th aadicina, if tiiraly aaad. Pall diractioia ft aamg will a torn nan t aacli botua. Nona eanoina anlaia tha fcc-aimila CCR.T18 k PBRXINS, Naw fork, i* an tha aamdi wrappa Bo id by Draggiat* throarhaat tha world. Principal Offiea. No. IICadar atrial, II. T. Prlea aolrU Caou par Battia. aa 11-dftwl* 1 iMpviraBamnBHBMi FOR SALEAND RENT. FOR SALE?A lot of I,AND containing 5acre? in Prince George'i(cou tjr adjoining the Diatrict line, 5 miles north of Washington city and 2 nrnle* from the Soldiers' Home, in a healthy neighbor hood, improved with a conifortab odwellinr an I an orchard ol solect fruit. Situation desirable as a building nit*, convenient to churches, chool?, ft c. Terms literal. For particulars inquire on the premises to the subscriber. au lS-olm* Mrs. E. DAVIS. FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will l>e for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K *t., Navy Yard: has & large garden lot attached, a pump of g od water & ar. and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and wcodthed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a x' ftd tenant. For sale oheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anything luquire of T. E. CI.ARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH. 61S H St.. between 4th and fttli jy 16 TO 1<ET?Two well arranged and convenient FRAME HOUSES, containing mix rooms each; one nituated on 14th st. west, b tween I, and M ?t? north; the other on N st. north, between 14th an?l 15th sts. west. Ei.quire of J. P. Hilton, No. *239_F st. north, between 13th and 14th sts. went,or INo ;j7."> ltth at west, between I. an?l|.\I st-v nor h au 2^-tf JOHN P HI I .TON. C*OR 8ALE?A small FARM ofanaorea,situated r at the Little Fall*, having a oomfortanle dwell ing-house, oorn-house, atahlaa, Ac; well-feuoed and watered ; within four milea of Washington ; 15 aores in oalti vation, the balanoe in handsome woodland. It ta peoaliarly desirable as a country real denoe, being perfectly healthy and m<>et romantically situated ; excellent fishing and hunting. Inauire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Falls. de 7-aawtf F^OK RENT?The three atory (brown fro: t; HOUSE. No. 3t>7 New York avenue, between 10th and I tth atrceta. north side, coatamine fifteen rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; I* lighted Uy gav anil in every way suitah e for a boarding house. Rent moteiate. Apply next door, or to A U. FOW LKR, sreond lo r north wing of Patent Offioe. jy M-tf LMJR RKNT?Three IJKICK IIOIJ^KS-oiie oj, a TweJfUi street, l>etween C and D; one on the corner 01 i weum ana 11 sts.; ana one on H, l>etwi'fn 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMKS \V BARKER, on II street, Iwtween 11th ami 12th, No. 423. ma3Q tf FOR RENT?That new and well arranged three story BRICK HOUSE, No. l9.1.on t* street, between 19th and 30th it*., First Ward, latelv occupied by Mr. Bodixco, Russian Legation. Posh** ion Riven immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOU I'll EY S. PARKER, next door east. ma 16-eott PORRENT-Tke FIRST FLOOR of the build r inc immediately opposite the west wing of tiit City Hal.,reoently ooeupied by Chas. rt. Waliach aa an otfioe. Also the front room in the seeonc story ud the third floor of the same building. For terap apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 8 Louisiana avenne. ja 13 ti T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Nest Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Sj*nisli Government, under Mv iif?TiMUB ui un vkfiMO uenerai Of utM< will tat* pi hoe at H?nna on . SATURDAY, Avocrr 25. 1980. SORTED SUMBRO 641 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. "ass ST04 *1? 1 do SO,000 158 do 4i? 1 do 80,000 JOapprox. 8,300 1 do 10,000 IN ALL *S8 PRIZES. Whote Tiobett, iSO-Htlm, 1 (Mimrtsn, ft, PriaM aethed at mght at 5 per oent discount BilUon all aolvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded m noon aa the renll beooinee known. J* an 6-tr Pare of City Poet. Charleston. H. C. National soap and candlb works, Oim Stiiit, B*t*te*n Bruit* mmd Wattr itruli, Qeorgetowti, d. C. A large stock of candlk8. Brown, Family, Castile and Faaoj SOAPS. Also, TALLOW and ORE ASK for Loeorootive#, Steaqiboats, ami a 1 kinds of raaohinerjr, always on hand, and for sal* at pnoes _ . _ to suit the trad* C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. It H> eotf New supplies in FIRST-CLASS STAPLE DRV GOODS. Inst opened superior Shtrtmi Cotton* and i mens, Sheetings. Table Diapers, Napkin*, Towrlmgs, White an^ Colored Do*lies, Table Clo'h?, fine and medium Wh'teand Colored Flannels, Soot'h end Kossia Diapers, Cantos Flannels, new style Mous , selines and fkll style Calicos, bh<rtinc Calico and tjneaShirt Bosoms; 1?*?doien Indies'Linen Han Ierohiefs, prices from 75 ee?t? to 93 a doaeu; al1 wer* eheap; jrith many other seasonable * ods ?k.ek.. ... -ir.? ?rtr; au 18 2w flttl Seventh st. above Pa. a baltimorfutte|i IIOUSRI | Dtil* reoeivinx freeh aadasreet, taOodren pack^'jSS ok& jjts Exohaof* Plaoe, Baittiuore. 4 ??????? m EDU CATION AJL. FRANKLIN ACADEMY, a C?a*i?* Thirt**"?ti? ai?b H Stb., A SELECT fcCHOOi. FOR BOY:?, < Formtrly located t* Ik* Ftrit Ward.) Tbia Institution will oomroeno? its Third Atonal Seanon, atiU D4V location,on Mondaj. Septamb?r 3d. Application for admiaaioa majr be niaileon the promiaea at any time afW the ifi'h inat. ftQ g 1 m R. B. 1)E TRICK. Principal. A8CHOUL FUR ins EDUCATION of BUYS will be opened on tii<" Sd of September by Mr a. G. MONROE, auoceeaor to Miaa C. C. Kooara, in a spacious and pleasant It aitnat^d room,on Indiana arenae. near Second street, instruction will be riTanin Knirlinh, French, I .ah nan! Drawing For terma applr at 460 D atreet, or at the achotil room. aee oirculara. au g*-ooSt central academy, . Cokibb E aire Tkutti 8Ta. Thia 1 mutation will reaume ita<luttes September 3d. Appltca'ioiaa made to the Principal M the rooaa. Ciroeimra at the booketorea ?... J. S. DE HART, Principal. Rtfermct*. Prnf U?-~- 1 t ?? ?? ? " "i? ii?ui j % mil 1/ ? iui vi* 1*111 if, rj*(|,, Rev. John C Smith. D D., Dr. 0 P. Culwr. Rev. A. G. Ctrothtn, Rev. J. P. Dav dtton. an 23-1 m Rock hTliTacadem y, . . Ellicott's Md. This Institution, conducted by tie Christian Brothers, will resume stadias on Monday. September 3d. au 2a-10t W ASHINGTON SELECT SCHOOL, Ooi.m or T?*th and G Sts. The exercises of this school will be resnmed on MONDAY, September 3d. For terms apply at mjr residence on D street, near Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. au21 lot SAMLEL KFM.Y.Principal. J DRAWING AND PAINTING. M.STANLEY Having taken the rooms recently occupied by the Washington Art Association, two doors we*t of the auction ?tore of J. MeGuire A Co., it is hi* purpose in addition to hi* acountoined art labors, to open a School for Instruction in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING. Seminaries and Roa'ding Schools aoccmm>datc<l with separate ola?? rooms, upon an early application, and may find it ad vantageous to have fessors in these branches (riven to their pupil*, where it win not n.ierrupi the routine ol scholastic mstruction. Fupils (Wiring to enter will please *PP'T m7 prevent Studio, lVnn. avenue, S?-tweeu 11th and 12th street*, until the 1st proximo. irfClasa rooms open on the first MONDAY in Septemlier. Washington, Auiu?t, 1380. an 21 tSept 1 * SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.ES. ? Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 431 I welfth street. an 20 lm EmkIson institute, H St . Bktwiih 12th ikp 13th St*. SELECT CLA**SlCAi? AND .MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The Kirhth Annual Session of thia achonl will commence on MONDAY, September 3i. Number of pupil* limited. an iStetfi.) CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. T western academy. f!e Exercise* of thin school, under the charce of I)r p. L Loo mis,and tho Primary Department undi r M i * Aimk E Puck, will he resumed September ai . Circular* can l>e obtained at the book tore* < Int > an 17-eo2rn The prescott high school. 370 Eighth St., bxtwiiti K i*r i- St?. Studie* will l>e resumed in this institution on MO v IHY, September Sd. Circularsat bookrt'irer, au 16 U A. C. RICHARDP, Principal._ i\f RS. M.E.KINGSFORD 8 SEMINARY, 1*1 4 Id E St.. Washington, D. c. The n?xt session will commence October Int, lflflO. Terms, Ao., forwarded on application. au 15 tf Rev. c7 p. russell, assisted by mrs. Russeil, will reopatn his school for jou&k ladms on the first MONL)AY of September next,at No. 41 Kaat Capitol street, \Vat.hiagU>n, D. C. _?u l&ja?3w? f, georgetown college. d. C. Ptudias will be re* imed at thia Institution on the first Monday of Septoinbor. an M-eo3w JOHN EARLY, S. J., President. (VIetropolita n_ collegiate inbti ill. lilt FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bkxwsbx 6th a:id7th Sts. The fourth annual tension of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in Srptcinb-r. Application* should be made early, as tue nitmt>?r of pupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or apt>ljr to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. H AV fcNNI.R, at the Institute. an 9 tf VILI.ASK GREEN SEMINARY IS LoCAted if a lw?miti u. and healthful village 12 mi.'es above Wilmington, Del., and near the Philadelphia aod Baltimore Railroad. Recommended by the Philadelphia Annual Coufereuoe of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The oourse of study is extensive and thoronch?in the Mathematical, Classical and English Departments. Students are prepared for business or colle.-e. In the preparatory course for college special reference is mado to Dickinson College. The institution :s provided with a large philosophical apparatus to illustrate tue study of Natural Science. A library of three hundred volumes is aooessikie to pupils The fifth year will commence MONDAY, September 3d. lutvi. Boarding,Tuition, 4c., for session of 14 weeks, 45. (jrcat attention is naid to the moral deportment of students. Monthly reports sent to parents. For circulars or information address the Principal, Rev J. HKRVEY BARTON, A. M , Village Green Seminary, Delaware county. Pa. Rfiartufyn?If^v. LnriMAntt. fl T1 ttishnnnf\t l<V C , Wilminnt.-n.Dei ;Mr.F.A. l-utz, Washington, D. C ; Mr. 0. W. Aagell, do.; Mebsrs. I)irk<on A. Kim, Georgetown. au 11 tS< p S Commercial college, No. Seventh st., Opposite ikt Omerai Pott OJltt, Wnkinrttn City. Armorian ?y*tsm of Penmanship, ItooKkeepinc, Mercantile Forms and Calculations, Hminncs Cor. ret.poDd(<nof>, Bills ot Kzchanxe, Current Bills, Commission Sales, Gran.mar and Arithmetic. frr A Prrj>aratory Class for Boys. ITjm Ladies will bo instruoted in fine pen manshTfT Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma>4-3m WM. W. YOUNG A CO. The union female academy. New AkkTnoement. This well-known and popular Seminary, whioh Kaaii Sin HlPPPHkf li 11 Hilar tliA anti ra o rs ..f Mr> Z. Richard* for more than ten rears, will be opened on the fir?t Monday in Sepfmper next, und?r the united supervision a id instruction of Mr. and Mra. /.. RICHARDS, in the well arranged ami delightfully located Union Academy Building For fartioulars. see circular* at all tha Bookstores. m&23-tf MRS. McCOR ICK'S SCHOOL. R8. McCORMICK deal re* to inform hei friends and the pub'.io generally that t he will resume tha duties of her So tool on tha 1st Monday in September next. Th? course of study pursued will oomyriee all the braachee requisite to a thorouf h English eduoaln addition to her dai soholam, she ia deeiroua of reoeiTing into her fanily a few pupils as boarders e*?d from 10 to 1? years, who will be under her lmmadiate oareand oversight. Her arrangements for the accommodation and dae oare of papils have been oonsiderally inorea?ed and otherwise improved. Thoee in Washington ueeiring particular information with refarenoe to her school may apply to W7d. Wallaeh, Editor e the Star. For terms and fur titer particulars apply at her residenoe?No. 3* Cameron street. Alexandria, Va. It P-tf NEW GOODS" K Hawjaat reo-Mved a large stock of Bleaohed and Brown C<*TTONS of the heat mak-** Al?r>, SHEKT1NOS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS, TOWELINOS. IRISH LINENS, *<? var^a LAWNS, from oents to >2*i_ HOSIERV, uuuv1-.s. oauntlktts. vvbitk. *kd, BI.UE and G R KY FLANNELS in variety. We have a few heli ORGANDY ROBES cm h nd whioh we have marked Ipm than o"al Jy 3" . TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. FB OK SALE.?A pair of COACH HORSES, young and fa.-t, < M &>r no fault: the C\ owner hwiuc no uae for thorn. Apply at TVv W. II. UPPERMAN'S Orooenr, on Pomu-^CZX ayivaniaavonue, between 3d and 4% >t>. an 22 if A k K' A XI ALK AND XXX ALB!! The pareet a ad meet wholeeotm} Ale ib tti? eitr ta to be obtained at the WASHINGTON BREW* a BY. Tail Ale ii made from ma/t and hopaonly eannot sail to nve entire aatiefroUnn to eoa Mm. f! nnl.lMKAII. PnMriltnr ?T tka * war V ?ta I^IBW 8TYLK8 OF ftiCk JKWKLK Y ?!!. ? 1^^0<U>kM just op?i??d a lares toon, which b? will rf?r at rory low rates Therefore nm that are wishing to oarry hone any thins >? kis line M prenonts, will do well to sail and examine hit took at Safr Pa.aT?mne \**> TH#ioV^iB7JrVJ; ?I5,HTwi~PT, JUt*4?* "Afi?9 f" SBWp'VITSI " AIM Pit bet. 9th ana loth iti. CMokoriwf A Wonw* Pianos at ?U ynoee It 3B Avehy nick #rven ootavr piano Kmisi heen in ij?a short Uma wtU he ?o'4 at a (>aat aaortfi >o tor ea iiRSM th? o?n?r being ooaifelietl to Itare Ih 'tl W? ? oit?. O ifinal prioe **). will now he told Car $*9 SSJIt*8 WWiWBIV nkifMSfAM miTHulHi WIS GEORGETOWN ADVERT MT8 ALKxuiDn E. Bkau.,1 IW*. S. Mittiiwi N NOTICE FW GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT. Corner Brtdf mnd CmrnM Ml , Oumrg^cwm, To TltK ClTiZVM* or THK Pl?T*ICT AS 1' lCnfTTT__ | Th? nii'lemnnoil wculd j anr-onoce that liavinc taken the old ??talTit>he<l aatxl of John >1. Bffit. l>q , tli?j irtmd to k**p tivar* oh ban* a larr<? and vrrv ?ei*et assortment of tin? irnt-ciaaa C A \11 I v <:OAi^L'D iL-j ~r .11 i _ j j n.?n i vui'viiivi iiO "i oii kiiiQP. ami nfPHT respectfully solicit calls from all who iwt <>*??re to be euppiind with prune articles in their :ine. and at moAfcratc prices. an 13-PtiC'w BEAM,* MATTHEWS. I Am rare chance is now offered to an? one who mar he <leair?>ua of enterics ?n a pr.)fttabie busint ss, at one of the beet aUruls in Georgetown. I offer my entire atock of DRY GOODS on reaeoaiable terms. > order to make a etiMte ta mrj beaiueea. W. R HUROLK. Jt 24 lm Corner of High and G*y sts. Fm OK HARPER'S FERRY.?CHAXGE OF 1>AYS ?On and afW July,2,1360. the utesmer ANTELOPE, t ap*. J. WEixs.carrjin* the l'nitedS?a.t. mail, will |e?r? (fM>ri?( ?ra EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY aivf FRIDAY. at 7 a. m.,ajid return ^rfrt Tuemlur, TV.uraday and Saturday. N. B.?Ererv Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shegherdatown." an 20-lm* O FOR HARPER'S FERRY. n And aft-r Jil* 3d. 1>"6>>, the steamer L. J. Brengle, Captain W. 11 Ritt??r, wirt ft*"* a. leave Georgetown EVERY TUES DAY, THLRSuAY.and *ATI?R DAY, at 7 o'clock a m.,anc return every Alternate day. at 6 o'clock a m. On tke Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdstown. je21 3m tf^RANDKLL,, OPTICIAN. v* No. 18# Bruit* rt., gurniiiw, Has constant!? on hand a large assortment Frenob Near-sighted, Peris<v>pio. - ? orec.audai. other SPECT\CTl(KS, oi nj U* tre best qua it7. m go!d. si:r?r, steel, an<l German liver frames. S. B. Old Frames Repaired and new c uim set in them to order. no f-lr JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, for. Bruit* and Jtferson ft*.. Having given in? persona. attention lo this branch of hit btiRines*, 1 am prepared to? a attend to all ca'ls with pri"nptne?s k^aagl Perron* from ? distance oas do supplirtd at a *ew minute*' notice, as 1 have a large assortment of CoFFINS always on band. Particular attention paid to the removal of the dtad from the old to the uew I nrial grounds. Hearses an-1 H'>rs?s for hire. ap in 8m 1 JUST RECEIVED, IOU BBF.S. WHISKY, (assorted,) 180 do. HEKK1\<> and A I.E WIVES, 2.5 do. HRnvKii ?* m hhdVPORTOR ICO"sUOAPS, 6 bbl?.< BayfieW) WHITE FI-H, 25 p'ime Eastern CHEESE. For aale low Uy JOHN J. BOO IE. je 8 Gfor^etowB, P. C. MASHEY, COLLINS A CO.*8 PHFLADEIjI'H (A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are constantly reooiricg fresh supplies of the above delightful beverage, and invito all persona vho want a pare unadulterated Aie, to rive it a trial. AH NY A ?HINN, A*cnts, fe IT <?r?*n St.. 6*nr()4iiirB. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Strtft, Btftcten^tk and 10: A Sir tin. We have just finished a numiier <>f first c!aas CARRIAGES, such as Litkt JTBft Warwtt, Park Pk'ntons. family Car riat't, and Hut tin, which we will sell at W VB-. a ver* small profit. Bein* praot'oal mechanics in different branches of the biiMness, we flatter ourselves that we kuntf the styles and q na.ity of work that will jive satis fvtion. combining lichLnaaa. ooinf.irt an.l rl?r*l i!i ty. Kef-airlng promptly and carefully attended t) the short ?st notice aud moat reasonal'ta o bargee. WALTER, KARMANN k. BOKk\ Coaoh makers, tuooeitou to Win. T. Hook. ap T7-4ty _ _ T CARRIAGES. HE 8n boon bar having made additions to tu factory, making it now one of the lart?? in the Oietxict, where his faoiatioa roanuKoturin* CARRIAGE ts. L16HTJ" ' " WAGONS of all kinds oaonot be surpassed. an< from his long experience in the busmen, te hope* to give gsLcrai satisfaction. All kind* of Carriage* an< Light Waccst kept ? aand. All KEPAIKScvUlr l*n*,aa4ai: dsrt prompt '7 attendee to. 8ao?s4-kaa4 Carnages taken in eionaaie tor art dm. ANDREW J.JOYCE, 4 II W wiw #' Hth an* K ata TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. IriAvr, K"muvKU IU l\o. IS MARKET irpacf. Penu. avenne, between *'h ande?*gm 9th atreeta. wh*re 1 will lie happ? to wxitBfiJI on all who will favor me with a cat1 vithf 1 a fine atook of HOOTS ant) fc,H?'KS f>r* Ladies', Genta',Boya',Mia*ea'\pi Ch;ldrr?r wear. au 2 eotr J. RPSKNT H M? Boots and umut-f* to ?lia inc. TIMES. We are now manufaotcrioc ail kind* of BOOT* and SHOES, and oopatantl? recoivinc supply of eastt-rn made work of ever* cnptto", made exprnasljr to order, and wiliy HI be sold at a niuoh lower price than haa been" heretofore onarged in this city for inuoh inferioi article*. Persona in want of Root* and Shoes of ea?*ern oi oitr made work. wi!l always find a good aaeor^nien in store and at the lowest pricea Give ua a oall. 6R1PFIN A HRO., apS-r 314 Pemiavlvauia avecne. tjMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING trunks arrived this dav. emUaoin all i ties and aixea of Sole Leather, Ladies MVW Ureas and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^ "*" ?\l?s room exhibit* at this time the cre&tost variety of traveling r?*ntmt?a at moderate prioM. to be found tin* aide of New York. Also. evw? deeoria tiou of LADIES' HAT BOX IS, VAL1CEB, CAP PKT BAG:*, SATCHELS. Ac. Old Trunks repaired or taken in exehasre for new on?a. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sale* Room. mar 81-tf avenue. SOUTHERN TRI'Nl MANUFACTORY, 499 tth stxut, Orrositi Odd FtllowHail. W*>k*nftsm, D. C~ Trav^iera will study their inlcrecta oj exMuniB my TRUNKS, VALICfcS Jtc ,before pur !?? chasing eisewere A* I us* none but tlitAXwjfl beat material the market affords and emp'oi*11 the b?st workmen, I can confidently recommend iry work to be superior in Strmirik ac.d thirmbilxty In Trunks that are made in other oiUea and sold hot a. I keep constantly on hand, and make to on>r <>c oa? woo* nouori "Ycrj a?eeri?nMi of SULK LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRFSS mnd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND otktr YALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, f ., *t. Trunk?. to., Repaired mkI CarwM, to a work m&nlike nun?r, ?t short notioe. Trinka delivered tn ?ny p?rt of the oity, Georgetown, or Atax&ndri*. Aleo?Aient for ^owe't oclebrtted FAMILY SEWING MACHINES, de 15-1* JAMES S. TOPHAM. ~ m ? S CALVERT FORD, J*.t APOTHECAAY AND DRUGGIST, Pern. Avusi, Conn or Elituth St., Dealer tn PURE DRUUS, CHEMICALS. STANDARD FAMlf.Y MEDICINES, i electing tk* latfft and most m*ptorfd FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; CHOICE ARTICLES*FbR THE TOILET, enihracine aver* vnrietv FRENCH. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PER FUMKRY* SOAPS, BRUSHES, &o. Tbe proprietor'* personal attenti>a given at all honra to the compounding of Phyaieiaas' I'rtmai iptions. au M 12t Proposals for furnishing wood AND COAL. Dbpaktmknt of tb* I*tvbiob ( iuu't 16. IK*. S Skai.fd PaoponALs will be, roo^iv*H at thi? DapArtm?iit unti* 12. nooa. of Moedij, the 27th Anauit lt?', for furnishing. forth* use o." the Depart ment. duMngth* ensuing W int*r Md Spring, i.rte hundred and fifty <f th beat vhite or grey a*h and seventy-fiva tona ?t beat red ash ivathrasit^ o?>a! fi?r farnac? nsa, to he free from impnrifeea ?l delivered at the convenience < f the aouirastor Ure the lat day of November next Pro souls wil also be raaeived until the same time for fnrmahjas one haadred oords of haat iry, solid hiokorr wood, a- d twenty oorda be*t K*k?-rs* pine www, iunr ico* iu i?a|vu. mi uw promfuj ao uvered ia ?noh qu%nt-.U Ami at ancn ti<n-t ? it may beorlered lor aaa, the Department to haretba pn vilef* < f ordeti'ift a * renter or laaa qaaatity of wood, of either or both kioda. accord i a* to tfct?Mtnal requirement* of the pablie ?erv ee. The wwh! and ooa bath to he delivered upon the fNcgine on the eaat orjuorth fruata of the FMant Office baildiac. a* mar be aoct convenient to Lfca Department and ita Hureau?. au IT dfw ylvaaia. Maryland and Vir*iu;a, warranted pare. Also, Imported Krandiet, Herneaay,Otard. Donuy sS'is-saHasM!?i made to tiwUte this "Irtmt" *>" t attractive et?ry <'a?. Mooriaya the ba ifisl dena m ofM to U?pnbuc treeofehorge?iooeelrt (irnn br ? N totbknd. ThoMOHinRi lowjny tk* luwutniivil had U?e ?jooa ia iiailtn order to r*o<'.*r f 'Niirr to all. Or oU*t teM Um rrofrietor % it! eh eer felly grant U?? un of tW round* tor aohool or other Pw Nm Partiee without chance. For the araueenwnt c'ekildres k* kM litredeeed a number vf itt e (Mix, never before aaer. ituii oit?, a.?d oj? oa.aUvl at the am bet to mm Um N. B-Attached ) n?r BottiiBf Eatabliahp' at, Md tiiim im su k? Hp?li?4 viU My ?aaatity at their resiaeooe. of that healthfal drtak. LAGt R BKKR. 11^" abort notice. )e ll-ta DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. r. LOOM is* IIm cloeed hia oIn for the mrori. and wi'l be al??ent. aa u?uai, during tha mm tuor montha ; will r?tnme araotioe about tha lat at October, of wiuoh further notice will be fire*. iJ '?-*? D DENTIST* Y. . K. RILIjS. after amalMt tact of two r?n (eela that t e can with oonfcdenoe reooa-^M^ inead the Clieop.aetic ProoeaafortaeerbniAHHi artificial teoth It haa the adrajitwee ol > trensth, beauty. c.eanlinoaa,aod oKaapnaaa. Fall umr aeta inaartad for ka. Wmtl ? iJio* :i0? Pa. iiwaifc' " w7* WOOD AND COAL* WOOD AND 5 0 A L _ the city, at III# Unreel possible rate*. T. J. A W. M. G ALT. Ofltoe ^**2 Pa. av., between 11th and l&h it*., rna 17 tf north Mde. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ON HAND 1 an extensive utook of FUEL, u prepared Id e!l at a very low tiara for eaab. WOOD Sawod and Split aey aise. Call aod nee for yourself. w^JftSTBL ma 1* S. K. corner of Foarteeeth aad C eta. fcTMTKEYS^ V DBALII IV f } WOOD & COAL, LIME, ( ( SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \V Y Flatter, and White Gravel, (f JjitS N. E. Cor. 12th 4t C 8to.\| H vne square Matt Pens. At. Yft P WASHINGTON, D. Cjj a* y-tf N eighth ATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. V2tk-9Mk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL. SOCIETY wil. hold iu Eighth Auuki Agnaatta ral and Industrial Exhibition oa theground* li&er*1 ? provided !?jr the citigena of Ciacmuatt, wluek are to lie fitted u? in the l?eet etrl?- There will ha IIalia and Tents for the d;??la* of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY, TOOLS,DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES, FARM A^b GARDEN PRODIIOR, FRUlfs, FLOWERS. ar?o NA HORSES. MaWLkT'SHEEP, and ^wTneJ and an uneqaal ed Track,one mile in length aad fort* Mit width, lor the exhibition of Horaas. The Premiums offered?in oash,?cold, silver, and bronze medals,?difloraas and certificates, amount The Exhibition will remain open from Wednesday, the 12th, to Thuraday, the SOU, ot September, thus giving time to examine and test the mi pie ur u?a ?iTU niVCiiiiiri J. For premietn lists or information apply tt the Office of the Society, No. 1^6 Pa. avenue. (up stairs ;)or to the subscriber, at CibAiiriati. Ohio. BKN. PKRLbt POOKB, jy 24 tf tSoc'r L". B. A?riooltura Society. T>ROP08AUH FOR IRON RAILING, COP* 1 ING, 4c . FOR ENCLOSING CIRCLE. Ornrs o? Commission** or Public Rujldikgs.I August u, IM?. ( Sxaxkd Proposals will be roooirod at this office up to it o'pluek. m , 38th instant, for the follovinr work lor uw improvement of the circle at the intersection of Penu?) Irani* and New Hanip*b;re trrnaM: One thousand teet, (1,1*0 feet ) more or 1?M, of W rontht-l roc Killings. i posts 6 f<*et apart, I wita three single and one double gate; the gatoa and posts to be inoluded in the prioe per lineal font. One tta- as-tnd 'meal feat.d.fMO feot.) mo re or leas, of Circular Granite Coping 9 by 16 inches. is piece* not leas than six feet long Also, oae thousand lioeal leet, (i.oon feet) of Briek Foundation^, 1 fo->t 6 inches by a foot deep, inciudiag exoavaUos aad removal of earth. Plans for railing to be seen at this r AaoThe bidt for Railing. Coping, and Foundation to l>? separate, aad marked "Propojfcla for Rat ing for the Circia." or "Coping;," or ^Foandauoi," aa the cm* may W JNO.B Bl AKK, an U dtathaa Commissioner. QFF1CK OF^NJN^I^D SEALER Washimtok. Jaly II, 1MB. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agree ably to the proviaioaa of the oidmanoe of th? C?r- * porati n approved May 13. lMn.the undersigned is dow prepared, "whenever required in writing. aud on p*e payment of the foe of fifty cents, to i*epeer. exam in", tost, prove, aad aaoertain the aoearaey "f registration of any gaa me tor i a aae la tms city.'* Every meter, if found incorrect, will bo ooadataaed, and another, sealed aad marked aa trae, will bo set ia i*a piaoe. If proved to be aaoarata id re measurement of gas, it will baaaalod aooordiagly, and acain pat in posi'ios tor aa*. . Oftja No ?|0 Hovonih atroot. < noar O44 Fellow*' Mall ) OpenfreaiS*. *v to 8 p m. CHARGES* W. CI'NNINGH AM. if M tf 1 napoo tor and fcoaior of tfti Motor* SEVENTH STREET. 48f) A hoeutifaJ aaaortroonTo? GOl.D PAPERS,nth a variod stork of modi urn aadIovjdm OOODt* FIREBOARD8. PRINT^FItrrtRKi* COR.0 and TASSEL.S7?e rornnajjla of low eriood PAPKRS with a baAdaomo atock of WINDOW SHADES, at greatly rod jeod priooa. Ordor* loft for PAPkRRaNG<NG9 and WINDOW SHADES atiafttoion.? tzooiitod with! and diapatch ib oitjr or coantrr. Pieaao give mo a oelL Don't forgot the numbor. JNO. MARKRITKR. No 4M Soventh at., I U ? T * *bOV0 Odd FrUowt' Hall. P E A N C I SHARP EK. Pi mii v nn irvn srntv m am?u v ? v?\> rn^mm * "f" p? ? " ? C+rmrr ?/ A'nr y#nk ?v?HM 7"?*U llrwl. Respectfully aoiietU the elroMfe ef thoee who m?i be in vast ef any ft'tiele in the more li?e. Hie entieevora aheil be to pi<*aet?ad by a Btno* etteatioa to the rUI> of the paUio, he hopee to merit ^ tSRMSSWUr, ??,. ?j, UM found in * Iret-eleee Fuiulf Giouei j eed Feed Store. wn-tf \EW SILK MANTLES H . AND HOOPKD 8K1KTS. , We b*r* r*cntved to ?x>^w ? of the''f!5r?t*le of WOVKN eeyerior ^ elity. Lattice is west ofeey ef Uetbeve cooda -i ny *?"? fg^TOHMWHT 275 A,-k?N 275 itcrion, * ** * M KM Jl o ? P*h*a. A nam, loth u411 tk atrMU ) it ! tfOOP SKIRTS. *L 1 Fm M ? 111 ?W M?NOUA ?AM.Vt oU4 THE WEEKLY STAR. Tfcta axc?u*at Family tad Htm* tmmttml Oi?? a irMtor r%n?ty ?f tatarwtuf reUlM : *** ?* Im foa?4 ! toy oUar?la M SaUircay laormag. Tn ??Om*. imvmrimU*, < i?iih nrtd. It lanrMir lutein ?k? "ttSku^tN Nm" U*? iMMMinilMMai A* wntM o f aaarwly th'o*f hoit lh? eoantry. njT8?.?l?afia? (in |rr PQitw?t?r? Who Ml M KNtl Vill t* low?4 a oown?ioa of I" owU. 1 ^m'mmWHmmammm^ I ntTH*%#?ra *>rinr\?viiii PljMM&tt IfclgHJKTS. PARD.?A* aa iiduMmMifor AhmIimto?fo?ni Vv at lh* "H YblslA'Yurinf IM m.uiUi*4^4 of Aniuat an-i Sftumnw, tk? Propria M|f t?ir? bar* ? o- H -wc ? por da> auti $ 12 60 prr w**k. from AicmI Id nhws.Old Point. Jntrmb. . Jy *?-la VV X?HlNGTON * W CITY SAIDIN. ERNST LORPFLBE. Proprietor. Jfnt Ymk trim, htw ttm 1st mmd M >U. In aalliac th* attaaboi of tM paMie to jgrmmmtm i ?k?? -? - '*

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