Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1860 Page 4
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i 1 1 THE EVENING 8TAR. LlflH I ela?p~i her tiny hanJ* in mine , I nmhr?c#H her ?lender (orm ; 1 roved to shield her from the wind, A 3d from the world'* cold storm. ?h? ?t her be?>iteooB eye* on me : The pearly t^ftr* did flow ; A nd with her little lip? she wwd? "DoD BLAST TOW, LIT GO !" RcpkWalkiso at Nahajit?A Pmilocs Fiat?A B<*U>n paper of late date says of one John Dealer's rope-walking feat* At Nahant: An immense concourse of people was on the ground from Lynn, from all the village* adjacent to Lynn and even the rtsidentsof Nabsnt condescended to open their window* and look at the Bohemians, who streamed past their bouses by bugdr'*!*, and raxed for nothing but pop-corn aiid ebJj^.ltar* At half past four the champion and arTTWt made his appearance in silk-tight*, and glittering stars npon that pcrtigfc of ths body most conspicuous when walki ig. He tried the rope, his pole was handed to him, and at tl?e report of a pistol he commenccd his journey- There waR a brettthlrss silence, ss every one expected that he would lall and dash h.mseif to pieces upon the rocks beneath, and all wnettd to ste tbat important portion of tbe eiitertalument Hut Mr. Dottier had no such intention. He walked slowly and carefully, ster-dying bia body with tbe pole, and always placing bU feet firm, and keeping IN eves fixed upon ttie rope He did not stop to danr*. or lie down, or roll over, bift kept ot until be reacted tbe end of his journey and lnaded upon ttrrm Jirma in safety. Then there was an Immense flapping of bands, and tU? stow was over but people tock It rather 111 that Mr Denier did not nil and kill himself, or at least break every bone la bis body. That was what they expected, and our folks don't like to In d appointed. Tbe whole time occuplcd In croulng was about five minutes. C^St Domlajo Is improving very much In public spirit and enterprise, according to the correspondent of the Diario d* la Msrina, of Havana. Oreit efforts are making to lad nee immigration. The Legtaiatlee Assembly has authorised the government to donate a certain quantity of land to each colon is: for a period of four years, after which tlmi he will be req lired to pav a moderate rent to t'.s Finance l)ei>a-tinent Not onlv I* h* fr?c from all cfcargea for the land during tho*e four eara, bat he is conveyed from place to place in th? public convoyaneea gratia, and even boatman are not allowed to aak him any fee. The Academy of Arta and Sciences waa opened on the 1st Inst., and the University enterprise is progressing very favorably A foundry has been estiblfahed at the capital for the manufact ure of agricultural Implemen t and machinery, which will be of vast benefit to agricultural tntereata. Th* government la calling :n the paper money issued oy the Baez ndmi n isfrati on. The commencement cf operation* by the new line of ateamera which ia to connect the capital with St. Thomaa, Porto Rico and other Islands is anxioualy looked for The Archblabop elect had died at Porto Rico, where he had gone to be consecrated. Explosion ot a Kboov Powbm-Man Badly WocjfciD -Hnasxa Ku.lkd?Wagon DbxolleHtP?The N;ia'avllle Oaiette says: A wagoner oy me nan.e or Foster leTt this city on Tuesday a*t with a lot of goods for Miller & Shafl&eld, of Chnpel Hill, and among other package* in the vra^on wtu a keg of powder. W e lestrn that on that eight be camped out near Triune, in Williamson county, and went to sleep In the wagon with a candle burning. It is not known to be the case, but It Is supposed tbat the candle set flre to some article which communicated afterward to the keg of powder, and caused an explosion terrible to relate Mr. Foster was horribly mutilated by the explosion, and it Is thought will Dot recover. Tw? of the horses were .uBtantlv killed, and the wagon was completely demolished. The above particulars were gained from merchant of this city. Diatb or a Beautiful amd FkiiAt actkiis ?Miss Vandenhoff (Mrs. Swiabourne.) the daughter of Vandenhoff, the tragedian, and henelf an actreea, died recently. In Birmingham, England. She was born la 1H5. A Liverpool paper thus speaks of her: "About three years ajzo he married Mr. Swinbourne, na actor' of some repute. but the anion, we fear, was not a happy oe. Oar readers need not be told that the deceased was an accomplished and beautiful cren tare, full of genius and fine feeling, and thit s'e was as good as she w-s fair. In the classical drama she had no equal.for in her face was realized the dreams of Grecian art sts t*he was, we belter*, an only daughter, and doted on by her afflicted father/' |[T Got. Letcher baa closed a contrast with Messrs Joseph R Anderson & Co., of the Tr*degsr Works, at Richmond, to ut up the new 9tate armory of Virginia with sufficient machinery for manufacturing annually 5,UU0 rilled muskets, the entire contract to be completed at a cost to the Pevuf or si50,0U0. H^T" Stewart, aged 111 year*, and said to be the oldest inhabitant on tbe penlnsulv died on Occonanock Neck, in Northampton county, Va , a few days since. During life he ma> ried seren time*, the wife of his last marriage being younger taan hia first IfT" The report of certain attempts to conspiracy among the negroes at Martinsbu;g, Is said to be Without the semblance of truth. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?C V Pond; Ct; O H Shorter, Ala. L H ulseman, N Y; J R Poweil and nephew. Ala; T P Dudley, Ky; fc La Sere, La; H C Emerson and lady. Miss Emerson, Miss Brown J R Hogg. NY; J W Hale, Mass; Dr R Osbou n and lady. Misa R Hllleary, A Hllleary, Md; E Clarke, KT; J Mnson. Pa; B Dll. Md; A Horlan. Ky, H Pooley. Eng; 9 9 Bekcnitot, C Kdm<nd Pa; J H White, Md; W H Yeat n and f <m. Pa; t> (* Smith and lady, O; P R Seasion, Miss; F P Peak, A k; T Nemeglw, Mex; C Macslister, Pa; R C Campbell and family, R Campbell, Texas; Miss M Aitkin, Mtss L Attkta, Captain \V McDowell, Ha; F D Cossltt and lady, Miaa M Moore Miss P Moore, Miss Moll ? Moore, Tenn; \V A Sor, SC. R H Key. Texas; VV C Mitchell, C D aurwaln. Md: H 9 Sm th. Ala R 9 Moon. 9C; 9 B Robbins, Ga: J W ai?- n I Thnmrv too and luty, Mia* M Thompson, M1?? J Thompmd, La; K L C>ti and lady, W E Cata, Mlu J Mack, Alex McVoy, Fla. J N Home, Mlaa Home La; J A*ton. Mia*; O Wheeler and l*dy, O; C V, NT; J R Dowell, Va; S aohnaon, NY ; J Camponl La: J MeCleee, C Chambers, W M Walliogter, J W C alder rait, Pa; li A Matin, Md BROWNS' HOTEL?W Campbell, NY; J Perktfta, lJ Lowell, Maaa; T J Chamber*. Tex: L Beckel. >Y: W S Rankin, Ky; P McLaughlin, Md; R B Kant, Mo; W Yeatou, M Hurlt-y, J*; Judge Tolton and ly, Mlaa Tolton, N Stoddert, K Rotlo, 1'enn, J C Gordon, Ala: D Gill, Va: W H Price, Ala; D Bell, I'SA; D Hancock. R Boston, Va; Dr Sand1dg<- aad fun. La: G Arnlan and ly, 8C; H Wilaon, Md; A Monn'ce, Pa; D Jami?>n, J D Martin, La; J Peake. Tex. A Gannlgan, Ala; Hoi J Landrew, J Whltlngton, La; R Goodrich aad ly, La; C Mr Crew, Va; T Adams. Ala; A F Hani, Pa. J Rlgley, \ltas. C Phlppa, Pa; 8 Tousev N V; G Brown, Mr Ratherfleld, Va; C J or* don, Mlaa; J Taylor, Ky; C F Llnlir, La; W D Frr, Va. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?Capt Bradford, I'A; J I'oatflfJd, O, R 3 Wllkinaoa. NY; J Chandler, S im: P M Henry, DC, E W Mrarford, Tenn; 8 C Children. Tex; C Drone. Mifa; H M Brown and ly. Ark; R Conner and ly, Maaa; C M L&aiog, J R * oran. F W J ones. R 8 Kearney. La; O Spring, Md; J D Anderson, J HarUey. J B Sullivan. DC. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?J Gentle. C Anrf ree, P Reber, J Trechel. La; G Howard, Va; T Wright, O. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fkok thb Ubitbb Statbs. flUHMrt. Ltmvt. Pat. Day*. Adriatio ........New York . Havre ,Aif K f?rM ?New York...Liverpool ....Aug. 29 H vnmonia...-.-New York .Hamburg b<pt 1 Arabia. Billon. Liverpool ft pt. S Airioa ?..New York ..Liverpool Sept 3ft Fbom Europe Vanderbtlt South'pton.. .New York...auk. 1ft Afr.oa _^_LiverpooL...New York... Aug It J ara............ Liverpool. ...New York... Aug. 21 Kiitoa .South'pton... Now Vork ..Aug & New York..? .'outh'pton.. .Now North Briton....Liverpool CJn'bec. Aug. a Ouadt Liverp<??L.. .Hoctoa. A ug. 25 , Bohemian.......Liverpool Portland.. . .Aug. b> The Havana mail iUemeri leave New York on the 2d, 12th, ITU. and 27th of each month, and rUrWln. n. ?L. ' fii? OaiTtoriiSTrMu"; ?<?> m~rm Uarc Naw York om Ik**n ud Juth of month. ^HICE^HNe * SONS' WORLD RfcV> iotr.?i PIANOS, only far Mi by nbariber, at wa<>M oxi^i-mre warn owlBBMS yoa will tad always a iarga ?t->ok. anthrao *? * w?? ing arary ariaCy,ntyl*,pno?ol Piacafu aal*uron May urmi or discount lor oaah. Piaco* also frum otaar good u>akera. Piauoa for hira. JOHN P. KLLI*. Piano and Mnaie Dealar, ? SOS Pa ? , batwaan Hn aid 10th it*. ^Ma?iaaa?t|>>T nail fraa of >o?t. M uataai in?traPiaaoara ra* a ? tM tooaliandaiaaainr baforaaarad mii o< alaawLer?. Moaio Depot?oorner of Paca. arwM aa4 &?wtli at. an a rp JAKK NOTCE. 8 C K?Slfym. i t U M t* oor?r 11th ?L STSrSra. ' PATKNT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE J J V?*-liw butt and chMp??t viicIaiuum^ ea'l *ii.I **. Almi a ?uppljr uf Coii'i 0?tetlM Swwsagjgf, MISCELLANEOUS. By the nog^jglr the united li parraaooeof law. I, Jambs Buchanan, Praairieotofthe UniU*l fate* of Aidwoa,do hereby din !?rn ?u<i make kn?>wn that pablio *?!* wilt h*ld at the ader-mentioned Laud O?or? ia ti e t* ate of I tira. at ttar period* hereinafter deeurca ted, to wit: At ? l.*' (i < 'niot ni ruii yoDei, ooinmenomg on Moa'iftT. the l!Uh ilaj of NoveiutKr n?xt, for the disposal of the publio ands, heretofore un: flared, itasted within the following townships and parte of townships, viz: AtrtA <if tkt base line tnH Ietst ?f tkt fifth rrintxpal meridian. Sections I. S. 5,7. Ml, 13 16. 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, and 35, of township ?eotions 1. 3. 5, 7, 9. II, IS. 1 *, 17,19, 21,23. 25, /I, 29, 31. 33, a> d 35, *!" towps*iip 9S; s*oti4>nH 1,3,5,7.9,11.13, 15,17, 19. II. 22. 25,27,2), 31,33, and 35, of township c-6; scotiona I,3,6,7,9, i?, 13.15,17, It. 21, 23 2V 27.29.3', 33. and 36, oftnwBship 97; sections M3, 5,7,9, it, 13, 16,17, 19, 21, i3. 26, 77, .9, 31, Si, raid 35, of township ?8, of range 27. Stocwous 1.3 5 7,9,11,13.19, 17. 19,21, 13. 25,27, C9,3i.:B an<i 35, of township 93: sections 1,3,5,7,1, II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, J3. 26, 27. JS. 31, 33, and 35, <>f tn?n'V> 94; seotionn 1.3.5,7, 9,11,12, 15 17.19, 21, I S3 2f>. 27,?, 31. 3S aid 36 of'ownship 95; R*etr>na 1.3. ">. 7. ' . 11. 13. '5 17. 19. 21.2S 25. 27. 29 .5*1 urd V>, in ti>w <ahip 96; *00.ions t.S, 5. 7, 9 li. 13 IS, 17, 19.21,2S, 25,77, ii. 31, 33, and 36. of township 97; Motions 1.3,5.1, 9, 11, U. li, 17. 19, 21. ?>6,2*, 9,31, 33. And :id, of LownaMp 9'; motion 1,3, 5 7, 9, 11,13, li, 17. 19, *1, 23,25, 27,29, 31, 33, and 35, of towaafcip 99, of rings 2*. 8 OtlUM 1,3,5,7,9, 11.13. 1.1,17.19,21,83. Zi. 27, 29 31 35, and Si, of township 98; s'o'iooa I, 3, 5,7, 9, 11, 13.17, 11, 2i.2S,25 27.29, 31, 33, aud 31. of wwnatup 9?; s?ctlor? 1,3, 5,7,9, II, 13. 15,17,19, 21.21. 25, *7. 31,3). *r d 35, oI tvWtuhip 95; woti >0* 1,3, 5. 7, 9, 11,13. 15, 17, 19,21, 23. 85, 27, 2J. Si 3i. and 36, of t 'wna^p 96; ro' ou 1.3, 5.7, 9, II. 13, 15, 17,19. >1, 23 2% i7, 29. 3?. 33 and 35, of towniih p 9T; a?o:i"na I,3, 5, 7.9,11,13. 15, 17. 19, 21 21 25, 27 29. 31,33, and 46, of ownahip 9tt; a?o iona 1,3,5,7,9,11,13. 15. 17, 19, 21, n, J5, 77 29, 31, 33, and 33, of lownahip 99, of ran it 0 2*. MiiUdM 1.3, 5,7,9.11.18,1/1,17,19 21, 21,25. C7 2 >, 3',3S,nnd 36. of township ib; a?ctiona 1,3.5,7,9, II, 13,15,17, ,9 21,2S,'J5,27.2?.3ll?.anJ 31. of toWi lip 94; e<w 10 .11,95 7,9, II, 13. 15, 17,19,21,23.25, 2'. ?? 3 31. ar.1 S6,1 I U>*mh, 9 95; ? ctiona 3,5. 7 9, II. li 15. 17,19,21,23. 15,27 2) 31, 33. ani 35. of towrahip 96; aectiona 1, 3, 5, 7.II. 13. 1.1, 17, '9, VI, 23. .5 SI. i9 31. S3, and 35. ol townthip97; otiona I, ? ( f Q 11 14 U It IO 1 ? ? on oi no if| r y a, ? ) *! *-?! *? * *?*? *? *"? w? ?' ? ?f 9 vW 3">. o lownabip 3M; o:ions 1. 3, 5,7, 9.11.13 15,17, 19,21. 23.25, 27, 29. 31.33, nod 35, o towns ip99:s>fl Hons 1,3 5,7,3. 11,13 16, 17, 19.21, ?, 25.27,29,31. S3, am1 35 of tosmshi? liin, ol ranee 3 Seo ioasl. 3. 5.7. 9.11, 13. 1% 17,19,21,23 25 27, 29, 31, O, Md 35, of t"Wa?hip 5*3; oU-mn 1. 3, 5, 7. 9,11.1J, !5. 17. 19, 21, 23, 25. 27, 2J. 31. S3, Slid 35, of t-r-wnthip 94; section < 1.3, 5,7,9,11, 13.15. 17, 19,21, 23.2.'-, 27, 29,31, 33,ard 35, of towulMp 95; sections 1.3, 5,7,9, 11. 13. .'5, 17. H, 21, i3. i5, 27.29 31.33 and 35, ir'tnwiuhip ' ctio s 1.3, 5, 7 9 II, 13, 15, 17, 19,21 23. 25, k7 2!'. 31, 3S. and 3-, ol t >wnshiD 97; hot ons 1,3,5,7,9, .5, 17, 19, 21. 23.25. 27, .9, SI, S3, an" 3', of lown?nif 98; sections 1,3, 5, 7,9,11,13, 15,17, 19, 21, 23 . 25. 27 . 59, 3!, 33. anrt $5, or- owns'iip 99; sections I, 3,5, 7.9,11,15, 17.19 41,53,25,77,59, 31,31, md 3>, of wsmnip 10', of rang?*31. geottous 1,3,5, 7.*, 11, 13, 15. 17, 23.25.27, 2', 3'. 33, anil 35. of%own?hip 93; section* 1. 3, 5,7. 9. II, 15. 15.17, 19, 21.53, 25, 27, 59, 3 , 33, ai d 35, of t <wiishtp 94; o^ct'on * 1,3,5,7, 9,11,13, 15. 17,19,51, 2?, 2.5, i7, >. 3l,3i, a ?1 3T>, ol t iwnstop 9",: sontlo ? 1, 3,5,7,9,1'. U, 15, 17, . 21 21 25.27. *9. 31,33. and ?5. I to#r?hip9 ; so-M nsi,3,5,7,9, 11,13, 15, T. 1*. 2". 21. 85. 77. 'A SI :K. a. <1 SV .if n?fi?lii? Off -otions 1.3," 5.1 9, Yl, 13, IS, 17. 19,21. 28, ty'if, i?! 31,33.and 35, of to* i: ship 9h; a otions 1,3.4,7,9. II, 13, 15, 7, 19, *1, 23, 25 . 27, 29, 31, S\ a; ?1 *6, of tnwnI'li* 90: s*"tiona 1,3,6.7, 9, II, IS. '5,17, 19, 21, 21, 25.27, *1?, 31,33, and S> of townslu* 1<*\ of raiiteS'. fWtinns 1.8,5,7,51, 11, 13,15. 17, 19. 21, 23 25, 27, 29, 31.33, *na 35, 'f ?>wn?hip 94: to?n?hip95; section* 1,3, ft, 7, 9,11, 31, 2), 25, 27, 2% SI,S3. ?rd 35, of towiiimp r otl inn 1, 3, 5,7, 9. 11, lj. 15,17. 19 21, 23,25, 27, 2i, 31, S?, ??l1 35. or township 97, teorio<>? 1; 3. b. 7, 9. II, 13, 15, 17, 19, 31, 23, 2i, 27, 2>. 31, 33, a d 3&. "f ownfhip 98: sections 1. 3,5,7, 9.11 13,15. 17, 19,21.23 25.^7,2^.31. 33, ?n 1 35. ot townnhip ?*; s'ot oa< 1.3, 5 7. 9. 11, 13. 15,17. 19,21- 23, 25,27.29, 31,35, and 35. of township 101). ol range Si. At tie Land Office at Sioox City, oommenoinu on Mandar.the afith day of iNoreiubpf next, for thadiipotal of the publio lands, heretofore unoff red, ntna>0l within the following townships acd part* of townships, viz : Ntrtk 4f ttu bate Um and teeit of the Afth principal meridian. Sfotions 1,3,5,7,9,11, H, 15,17, 19,21. ?, 25. 27, ro QI 13 - ..f?? ? ? - ?<7, gi, auu ui iMwiiuiiifj ;?o, sec ions 1, 3? ?,7, H. 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, ^7,2>, 31, 33. aad 3j, of towai1 ip 96, stc Ions I, 3, 5,7, 9, 11, 13, ! >, 17, !* , 21, 23, 25. 27,23, 31.3S, and 3-, <T tow.i?srii<> 97; towns ip ?), aootiona 1,8,5,7.9. 11, IS, 15, 17, 19,21.23, 2T> 2 f, 2J.31, 33, an 3i. ol towaxmp 99; sonUois 1. 3. 5, 7, 3, 11, 13, 15. 17, 19,21, 23, 2fi, 27. 29 , 31,33, and 3>, of township >nu, i?j raage 34. Townships 98, 99, and 10". of range 35. Township 9*, of range JS Townships 91. 99, and 1W\ of range f>7. Townehipe 9Q, 99, and l'*>, of range 3f*. To jrnentp* 98. 99 and 100, of range J?. Townships 9>J, 99. and lu>, of ranee ?< . Township* 99 and !(*>, of range 41. Township* 99 and ion. of raug? 42. Townships 99 and ino, of range 43. Township* 99 iv.d idO, of ranee 44. Townsnips 9? and ino, of range 45. Townships 93 and !00, of range 4ij. Townships 99 an Iff), of range 47. Townships and loo or range 48. Tovnihiaa 99 B.nii lOfl *? r*n?A iO Land appropriated by law for the uMof sohoois, military, and other purpurea, togethe- with the ' ?w?raj and overflowed lands," will be excluded from the tales. The offering of the above land* will bo commenced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in whioh they are advertised, until the whole shall : have been offered and the sales thus olosed ; but no , sale shall be kept open longer ttvim (ten trttk*, and no private entry of any ofthe lands will Ih? admitted until after the expiration of th* two weeks. Given under mi hand,at the oity of Washington, 1 this fourteenth clay of Aucu?L. Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. 8. Wilso*. Commissioner of the General Land OfBoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to anv of the ianls within the townshiM and part* of township* al uve mentioned, is required to establish the same to the satinfacHon >>( the register l id r'-oei vor of Lie prop r land oflion.and make payment therefor as soon as praotioable after neoint this uotioe. and iwfor j the day appointed for the ooinmenoernent <?f the public safra of the lands era>>raciiiK tne trout olaimed; otherwise such olaim , will be forfeited. JOS S. WILSON. Commissioner of the General Land Ofhoe. Not* ? Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore ard now existing no P*! ment can Ke mn le for advertising proclamations ?xcept to such publishers as arc autKorittd to publish by the Commissioner of the General I-and Offioe. au 20-M.w?*w P|? PROPOSA Lfjl On MATERIAi FOK THE APPROACH*;* UK THK MOUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. Trbasuby Departmixt. f Bureau of Cunat nouon, Augutt 10,1860.\ Proposal* will be reeuved at this D <partm <nt until 12 o'clooi in., on the lat day of heptemi er, I860, for the delivery of the following artioiea. via : Prepared aionoa jnr B?'gian pavement auffiunt to 1st down 6,S*i superficial foot ot favein-jnt, .'60 lineal feet of ourb ttonea for Bide?aika. ao. in lei (th not iM'than aevenOKeet, andSiimhesthick by i7lochea <1ee|>; the top edge hammered straight and true,S inobne wide,be retura?d down 3 inrh.'N on one *'<ie, 5 inches on the other, an?5 have tin lr t nun properly j?mt?d A!a? quarter oire'.e oomer pieoea in a single picoe of a radian of 2 feet outdid', and of th? sate thiokn>aa and depth, and same return* d- wn the rides aa the etraght ones: and aiso another quarter ciicle in pieo a of not Iraa ttian 6 fert in length, ot a radius of 23 feet outside, of the same depth an-! return down tne aidaa as above, and 6 inches thiok UB I- p. 196 piecs < f bine North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feat 5 i n?b#t l'.Opieoe* of l> ua North RiveT Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 3 inches 41 pieoea of blue North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 fert 86 pi'.oo* of b'n? North River Flagging 4 feot 1>t 3 fort 5 inches &ni lesa. rruit?faU" t'ie p-io?? for roagh flat, of moctt' flis.oi dress'-d lK<,of earh of the &i?ove i:i-r o! the beat quaii'T, pur supe final fo t. Whatever kind la imioctrd muit lie preparod in a rerffotijr proper raaaner to be laid ui>wn. and to h inoties t iok. thoir rda*? ioint?d rquare, d >wt at l(Mt two (2) mens* from their face. i 1 th* artiolM t > be dchvereU at the Tr<*asur<Kitensiou, vbtie they viii be used aa may be dirco'ed by the proper authority. Tn- propo.als <i uat be Mint under eover to t^-e Peoretarv of the Trea-ury, endoraed " for Material for the Treasury Ertemtion " aitri Vil' n? opened at I o'olook p. m . of toe aat dai ra*n<d for receiving the same, in the presenoe ot the bidders, if any ch-K>ee to attend. M. M. C'.ARK, Acting Engineer in charge aa 13 2awtflept 1 Treasury Impart i eut PROP'QHALS FOR RKPAIIUN49 TME <MJB TOM HOUttK A t BALTIMORE. MB. TmBAtVftT r>lP4*TMl"?T, i W a'HIS^ton. J uiy 13, I86M PsoroiAU Will be rvoeived at this Department n(U tne fitteenth d\y of September, A. I)., 1M , at 12 o'clock. noon, for the rep&ira wf tie Cuatom Hou*a authorised to be repaired at Ua^tHnora. Mary'autt, aooordinc to the plana and ap?o ficatioua prepared at thia Department. Bidder* will b? repaired <? reoeire the old cMt-inm work dup#need with in pa^t parmmt of the work, at th? rate ?l one dollar per hundred pound*, ar.d will l*e required to faraiah all the u ateri%land perform all tike neeeraiuy labor to oon.plef the repairaaeoordinj to the p ana fumahed. . , ' Niiteti p-r o?ut, of the amount of work done and maierala delivered acoordiaf to oontraot prioe (eaH amount to be aauertatnaj in the manner pre cril -d by th< contract, by the eetimate of an a<ent of .he Department appointed for thatpnrpna^) wi I be paid ino^thlr.ta the work progrea*ea. and ten pjr oent. retained until the oonipletion of the oontraot and aoo'ptanoe of the work i y the a?rat arore?aid, and to be forfr ited la the eve^t of en lulfil ?ect of o^ntraet. gpeoifiiations and dr%vin?a will he real* on the 15th of Auitart.when th j oan be had oa application to the Departmtnt. he propoaa a mmt >>? aeut to th a D' p^rtmer.t addreaeed o me he?r?taT of the T>eaaury a-d p ftdoraed " Prfim+tals/or rtpArinr lA( Baltx mart Cw'tom kotut, aod ?ill be n??n<H at nn> v e o k ol III* I ?t cUj n?mrd lor reo.mof the " n" HO A El.T, COBB, jy 7 hw?* SeereOry of the Tre?wry. H W. HELTON puNT|1|t ud UKALER IN PAINTS, No. 7th Btkbbt, m*ar Odd PtlUwt' Hall. ft'i 5 tf PUTTY~13 DOWN. HO. HOOLr to* now uh ti?Md ? veri l?i*e k ?l 6 i? itudvil Ult.VKK WAH tl, ?<l ' Ik o vb mmIm, tbM be vlll Mil m kiv u mj t f the Northern WtiMtre eotd lor, and at the wyTarlEKsar-^1" "w~?v i A MEDI01NK8. SCROFULA ' O . OR KING'S KTIL, las constitutional diaaaac, a eormftio* of the Mood, b* which this fluid become" vitiated, weak, ud fior. B<-uig in the circulation it perv*tee the Wfcoln N?dy, and may buret ontia diaraaecn Mr e&rtef it. Whatever be tU origin, it. ia aere titary in the o^BBti'iiUon. de?o?ndicf "from pareirta U> cuildreo unto thet&rdaod fourth generation;* iaderd, it eeoma to be the rod of Him who says, "I will Tint the iniquities of the father* upon tteir eaiidren." # , . . One quarter of a 1 oar poo fie are Sorofalom; their persona are invaded by thia lurking infeouoa, and their health ia under minded by it Tn nlaaii? it fro*n the ayatem ^e must renovalu the blood l*? ao alterative medioise, and invigorate it by healthy fooJ acd cxeroiae. Sech a medicine we supply in AYER'S rv} COMPODXD EXTJiACT OFSARSAPARILLA, the mo?tel1>otual remedy which the rnsdioai sail! ofour timea can deviaefor Una everywhere prevailing and fatal maladr. Jt ia combined from the most n.ctive reiwdiais that have been -di*OGver>*l for the exportation of this foul disorder from the Mood, and th? rescue of the aytrtpw from it* destructive ronieauenoes. Ho.ioe lt?i>ould be sm?lnved for tho cure of not only anrofnla, hot ft to those other affeotions whioh arisn frcra it, each a* Eruptive riiJ t*kiti Diveas**, ft Anthony's fir*, Khm>, or Errsie?!aB. Pinplee, Pusttrfes, Blotrhes, Wain* ana Hoi's, Tumors, Tetter ar.d Salt Khenm, ScaM Head, Kidcworin, Rheumatism, Pyshilitio and Me-ounal Disease*, Dropsy. Dyspepaia, Debility, attd,indeed, alt Complaints arising pom Vitiatw or impure Wood. Ins popular bejiefin 'impurity nftk? Blood'* is founded in truth, for scrofula is a or^pinrMion oftheBiood. The particular purpose atid virtue of thin toraap&rilla is to purify and re fenerate this vital fluid, without which sound iralti is impossible in contaminated oonstitutions. Preparedly DR. J. C. aYER A CO., Lowell, Mass., and ?oM by ail druggists everywhere, _ Helm hold's Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Hpeoifio Remedy For Diseases of the BbADOER, KIDNEYS. GRAY &^and DROJJSJOALjSW ELfJ N G 8. M. sum itiouvuiuo iuuicimv* nw wvwwi vl i/iKC?WUU| and cxoitfi th? ABWORBKNt> into healthj aoti'?n, by which tho WATER V OR CALCEROL'8 d?poiMtiona, and all UNNaTVHAI. ENLARGEMENTS are rednoed, as well aa PAIN and INFLAMMATION, *nd?iaroo?l for MEN, WobtEN, on CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT IHJCHU, For W e&kneasei Arising from Exc?wm, Habits of Dissipation, Jr.arlv Indieoretion or Abuao. uruk ih* follouint Symptoms ? lr.dispof itu>n to Exertion, Loaa of Power, 1 /08F of Memory, Difionlty of Breathing, Wea* Nerves, Trembling, Uorr ?r of Disease, Wakafainess, {hinc?ss of Vision, Pain in the Back, !ni?*rsa! Lassitude cf the Muaoular System. Hot Hands, F1 ashing of the Body. Dryness of tho S'rio, EiMttions on the Face. PALLID COUNTENANCE. v. Thoae' "i?. if allows to to or. which this I invurSfthi? removs, soon follow* IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC UTS, Is Onk or Which the I'atixst may Expikk. Who can My thnt thej are notfr ^?ontly ioliowoa by tkos-t "DIREFUL nWKASKS " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Manv are nwate of the oanae ot their sufforinft BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THF RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the M'lnncholv heaths by Consumption Bear ampt? witn??fB to the trirth of th* assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* thoasd of medioine to strengthen Ao<l loviso.-ate the Hystora, Which Hhlmbold's EXTRACT BUCtiU iararv ablydof*. A TRIAL WILL CORVWCI TUI MOST SEKPTICAL. FEM AUES?FEMALES?FEMAI-ES. OLD OR YOUN?, SINGLE, MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATING MARUIAOE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchti ia nneouallcd by ant other reined*, a* in nUaMau r?r Irregularity, Painfaineas, or Suppreasion ofCua tomary Evuouationa, Uloerated or Soirrhoua atate of the Uterna, Leuoorrhsr* or Whites, Storillity, and for a l oomplainta incident to the a x whether ariainj from Indiscretion, Rabita of Dissipation ?f lD LECLIXE OR CHANGE OP LIFE. SKI SYMPTOM* ABOYS NO FAMILY SHOULD Bh WITHOUT IT Takt no mort Balsam, Murr.ury, or unpUasant Mtditiiujor unpitnant and Danitrous LHrtasts. H ELM HOLD'S EXTRACT UUCHU curks SECRET DISEASES In all their Stages, At little expense; Little or no change in Diet; Notnoonvenieuce; And no Esposnre. Itmatee a fr"eu?nt desiro an-i gives strength to I Urinate, thereby Removing obstructions, Preventing an-I caring Strictures of the Urethra, I Allanne Pain und Inflnnnnntinn. ?-? fr??n? tn the olkts"of di8?atton. and eapsiiing all toifonou* Uiseafd, and worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who bavi 1kb!* thk victims o* quacks, find who hav? paid heavy fees to b? cured in a short time, have found th*y were deceived, and that the POISON" ha?, by the use ofpowKRim, xnTHT.N?KNTs," been dried up iu the system, to bre&k out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hfi.mbold'h Kitiact BucHnfo* ? affeoliuiia and diMU?? of th* URINARY" ORGANS. Whether existing in MAI.E OR FEMALE. Prom whatever oau?e originating and no matter of unil/ I ' twn U I?? a. iwato ii\> ?f U'^ilIJ O I A f XJ1 U Di *&**? oftbnaonaoi r*niuir*th??ftid of ft Diunti IlELMBoLP'S EXTRACT HU*;HU 19 THE tJREAT DIURETIC. And U o?*tain t?> havo the desired effect in ?H FOR WHICH IT 19 RECOMM h N DED. Eridtrur of tke m?'i re Hall* and r**ponsibl4 charter will acoompar>T the medioi^ec CERTIFICATED OF OIIRE9. From 8 to 20 years' standing, With Namxb ixowji to 9C1 ENCfc AND FAME. Price % 1 00 per battle, er tlx tor fS.OO. Delivered to auy Addreaa, seourely packed fro observation. DK?C*IH? 9v*FTOMt IS ALL COMMB WIC ATIOM*. Care* Gaaranteed! Advice Gratia!! I AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, *11 Alderman thcoity <.| Phi ade'.phia.H.T. Hklmbold.vIiobain* duly sworn, doth ear. his prep&ra'ioiis oo. tain no narootio, no mercury. or oher injurious drugs, but are purely vc*rtar>le. H. T. 1IF. UMBO LIT. W?-orn aud subscribed before ma, this 23d day of November. 1854 WAT. P. HI BREED, Aldnmnn. Ninth street, above Raoe, 1'mia. Address letters for information in donfidenoe to H. T. HKLM WOLD, Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth st, l>et Chosuut, Ptiila. ^^BBWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED) DKALER9, Who endeavor to dispose o* tbiii and "OTHIK" ARTICLE# Oil TBI REPUTATION ATTA1KKD Helm hold's Genuine Preparations, ' " Extraot Bnchn, ** " " SarnnpariUa. M It 1 o-?A tif-A liii|riutou ivi'bc tv mo* Sold hy i*. B. Waits, 599 8? street, and 8. c Ford, Jk , comer Peiio. avenue and F.lev?*nth tr^et, AND ALL DR VUOISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELM BOLD*!?. TAKK NO OTHER. Cat otit the advertisement find wnd lor it ANi) AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ap4 *?oIt (J C^i IFi. db 1*m HUMfE WELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaint*, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWEtL'8 JUSTLY CELIBRATED Tko Natural and Sure Renudy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through all casts where Opium was ever used to that of l>*lirium Fremens. and the ooinmou chief cause af fn?e**e LO88 OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Opium, produooa all the requirements of, and may be used in all oaaea wherever Opium wu used without producing anything but Curna^&nd leaving the patient in a perfect! y natural ante. The Tniversal Cough Remedy, (freed from ail the oommon ohiectiou of I'ough R*m<dies, which produce naueea or prostration,) may be oonsufored the oommon euemytoa<l Tnroatand Ludc Complaint*. and used with perfect impunity. Asking .all to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe investigation of both Remedies, and reading cfoar pamphlets to lie found with all dealers, and more particularly to purchase on!? of those wi>o oau he depended upon, we wait in oon&denoe the decisions of Patients and Physicians. "Prioee within reach of fl" J. W. HumuwaiL Jt Co., T and 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston, 0?o. Hiinmu, 1 if WUw at.. New York. . L'na?r th? ef? lial supervision of jOH> L. HUNNKWELL, Chemist and Pha'maoeutint, Boston, Mui.| whose eicnatnre o vers the oo ks of the genuine only, ana to whom addreee all oommumoatione. Hold by all mepeo table dealers everywhere, and ail the Druggists in Waeluocton and Georgetown, mar M-eo.r i.?. 0. uhu. t. g. Kon. ! v imi. L"*""0" * *Wlk*amw Moll7 #it ?, Mi?s.. Wo! yractiee it, the High Court of brrors indAr mCi at Jackson, the Federal Court at Poctefoe. Ine Cosrts of the Heventh J udicial District uf Miss ypi.and wii! attend to the Collection of OiatM VnrlK ? l|-tf nUPO vT'S UUNPOWDKR, ~ U For eaie at nuinafaoturers erica*, by JOHN J. BOGLE, ftinunowii.D. C? Sol* Atency for tJke Distrui of Columbia. t i?t Ord?ra can ftlao taleftatthonffioeof Adams' Biyr?M Conp&nv. WuhiBftnt. D.C. b j-UwIt R' jBkuW^N'8 E^S^N^E OF JAMAICA GIN M 16-12t corner KI.SK LOTH ??K FIANOS FOR RENT AT LOW r?t<?. Piano* f >r Mils on ths mort^n? r-nri>isM-> ?ir?aU arjrain*in fftitffU i al-o, ! Guiutri, Violin*, M#-? ' ? ' -ZZ^tLissiuyHi* 1 i I I | TKAVKLKBS' DLRBOTOKT. CWm lis U. S. *?ti. The nndergign?d are now running Daily, (except SondnT,> Fo?r horao ComKm b*-^ tWMnW?>kinKtonud I pper Marl born , aa folio wa: IW B Jr^y* Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oorior or Swventh treat and Pa at7o'clo-:k a. m. Returning leave lTfpcr Marlboro'at n o'oloek a m, and arrive in Washington at So'clock. in time to oonnaot with Ua 3J?j>. tn. t iii for Baltimore. Tha Coaohea are new and oontmodioaa, tha teaina first-e-aes in Ike hands or careful and accummoUatlag drivers. Fnre to Upper Marlboro ? cants. To Lone Old Fields. .25 " ToCenternlle ..M ** Freight and pack-v-* in proportion. au l?*>-tf OdBOKN k CO , Proprietors. K1ALTIVORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASHING TON BRANCH. g?awmi?? Chami or Hons. ON AND AFTKR WBDNKSDAY, Jon* 19th, 1M*, train* will ran u follow*: L*ars Washington at 6 30 and 7.40 a. m. Le*ve Washington at 3.*' and 63' p. tn. On Sundaj at 3 X) p. nt. Loar* Baltimore at 4?5 and 8 4f> a. m. Lo&ve Baltimore a' 3.15 and 4JO p. m. On Sandar atOvm. Passengers for the Fast will taka trains at (JO and 7.40 a. m and 3 30 ?i. For th<> West at 7.4ffa. m. and X30 f. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m-and 330p.m. For Nortolk at 7 > a. in. On Haturd&y ?miai the 3JO p. n. train fo?a to Pfciladetvhia onl*. j?13-<T " T H. PARSONS. A ?cnt. NEW ORLEANS XN- Tstxiaia x>ikara WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURO: Virginia and Tennessee, Bast Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashv.ll* and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi CMitral, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEAN8! MEMPHTSTROUTE: A?Ainntila K? Ra-il tWAnAA K. Pi wr>t..w w< avw.f .humwv UJ r ii ok wima A a**atv*v tu Nev Orlean*. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thonoc to Mobile by Firstclass Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Ihclcdbd, Leave Washington at 6 a. m aad 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGF. PAGE leave- her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6V n. m. and 6Af p ra. and oonnecta at Alexandria with the Orange aad Alexandria Trains for the SonthweRt. Offioe?Pennsj lva.rua avenue, oorner of Sixth at. BAGSAOS CBBCKBD TmOHSI TO BBW OBLBABS. Lynchburg . _..<750 Memphis 831 (*". 8ristoi?.? 15(V Atlanta?. WOO noxville ? jo <*> Mmou?? 28 on Shattanooga 34 eo Coiuinbns SI SO alton.... on Montgomery Si no untsville .*7 00 f via Memphi*.<3 AO ur&nu 4anauoB.~^auwin.U.> rikli. jailO. .42 60 Naahville 26 VM S via Mobile.. .45 00 TH18 ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY HY RAIL BOO MILES SHORTER Jand 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Line?tho Lynchburg Extenaion being now completed, u alao the Muaiasippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with First olaaa Sleeping Cara! !To New Orleans 72 Hoiira Memphia .04 do, Montgomery ? # 3 do. Nashville _ .46 do. fO""The U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken ovei this Nev Line. ' 'ickets oan be obtained at the South Western O0\n?, oomer of Sixth s?roet and Pennsylvania avenue, to the follovin; points: I L?nchburjt, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsville. Grand Jonotion, Maoon, Nashville, Dai ton. Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLhANS. !T7- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. TH7" Omnibuses and Oaf cat* Wacons leave the olnoe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, TioketAcent, in* sa-tr Corner Sixth st. and Pa. av. rpHE STEAMER )AS. GUY Will resume hm a trtpa on TUESDAY, SUt of Febrnarr. 1880. Will leave WASH 1NGTON ?t?tt TUESDAY FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 0 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and th* intermediate UivJini*. On her retura triae, ehe will leare CURRIOMAN erery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY .atfio'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. WATH'L BOU8H. At't. Alexandria. fe? Passage. %cu^n?oimeai,8 and STATEROOM. #T.*0. The New York and Virginia Horew Staanahif S;mpan?'? new and elegant ateamahip OCNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smith,SBC willleave the CoippaDy'e Depot, tern Wharrea, at II'o'clock a. m. every WEDNESDAY, and tha Company's D?pot. at Alexandria, A# I W* "* *! " Passengers from Washington and Georgetown ojlo take the ooaehoe oonnecting with Alexanuns suam.taats or railroad, which leave the ooroer ol Ttl street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can Imt< on the steamer from the Wee tern Wharves at 1J #?clook a. m. Htato rooms can be encased on application U Messrs. Morgan ft Rhinehart, Western Wharves Freight will be received up to the hours of depar tar*. 117" InsuraneA will be efbotad on all foods by thlsnne at the oAee of the Company at K per cent premium. The accommodations for paseengers by this 11a* are m every respect first-o ass, ar d every effort wil be made to render this oomrounioaHon with New York an agreo&ble and healthful one. i For freight or passage apply to FOWLS ft OO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B. CROMWELL ft CO., se l-ly 86 West st.. ooraer Albany.New York. NOTICE! EOITLAR RTRtM piprijt iiiu*? no . _ . w ri ii ] TWEKN BALTIMORK. AND fc. WASHINGTO N .-Leave r,m. iw'm st. wharf, Baltimore, an 1 he St Nichol.s ?X WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. l<eave Kiley's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washington, aa follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, atfi. St. Nicholas, every SATURDAY,at<a. m. For freight, ac., apply to THOS. W. RILEY, A lent, Riley'a Wharf, st uie foot of mar 16-TATfim 11th at, Washington |\IEW YORK AN D WASHINGTON 1 The Steamer MQ^NT^Vifl^ON will leave Alexandria and Washington for New ^M|| York EVERY WKDNFJSDAY. at o'clock p. m., and New York for Waih-"^^" in*ten every Saturday, at3 r'ohook ?. ro. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at any tame before the hoer of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of ? erota the bar in oonaequecoe of low w?ter?afi good* will be promptly urhtered to and from the ?tm?er bj the ucderatcned. For ggftWi ?c*l-B,MATtr WMtmn whtmi, T PROCLAMATION! O THE CIT1ZKN3 OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, An. VTktreat, At the present hhod of tl* jmc CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. rWQDL'Jkav A prerail to as alarming ex tact: And u'ktreas, ^ , .A. It maat ba of tha PIR8T CONSEQUENCE at onoa Soft, Spmdy. and SJUacumt, DR. MONTARDE, or> offer? hlJ,|RACULOU8 rA,N killKR REMB DY * oV TIIE^A U^lv^K CO S ftAINTB I la ordar to wdiiy TBE PUBLIC that no impoaition it iotendod in tba aala of thia >f|||| ? _ nvno K TT IKIJ DB BWHUBU w all com ? vk*B the medioitie full to kit* entire nniinoa. Art, then itur Drag Store for MlRA85'I.OU? PAWSS.LE*. take m direoUd,*' 1 if mot perfectly aatufted. Retain to oarA tent, who will retard year monar. Prioe?Sf tad 50~CenU per Bottle. POT saleat all Drag 8tof Mijwk?. j as. midonnelxn Oeoaral A?*at, Jyll-aotr _ BMtiwyre Maplr sugar. ? W - u^tlVtW: h r. TTtf- uh* * sviowx. ? * ( MBomjuireopa I WO.WT, OlflPATCH! y * \) ^/"vlau I he Pitfei! it acrtfmu trili fc?M"a. ms 4a wM rinilrtrf ftmilut, it ia very d<Mir?M? to Urt k>m oJim# and ooBTenimt tray for r# pairing F?rmit?r?,Toy?, Crootory. 4?. SPALDING'S PREPARED ULl'K Mta ail each "raergrneiee. And no hoaeokold mm affoid to be viti?oiit iU It i? a. way a r*ady and ap to the eticlriui point There ta no longer a mom?for limpi**| oka>re, epliatored miwn, headloee a, Mid broken oral 1m. It it jaat the article for o?ao. eheil, and other omameotal work, eo pop a lar vuh ladio* <>f refcuement aa<t taota. Thu admirable proration le seed e?id. being chemically he:d is eolation, and mimwihi el' the yalsable^nahtiea of the beet sab; ant tnakere' flee. It may be aaed in the ptaoo of ordiaary a?(uU?e, boinj raatiy aeore adheatve. " USEFUL IN MTKMY HOUSE." Pr?M, S5 OWtl N. if.?A Braeh aooompaaiee naoh bottle yu'wali Depot, No. 40 Cedar afreet, Nov York. Addreoe HENRY cTsPALDINO * CO? Box No. M*?, Nov York. Pat aa for Dm1*t> in n&au #w???, Pnu. Kirht,aad twf ie Doles?a baa?U&rL7tSajraH>* 'c Show Card aooompanyiM each f-ackaje. .97* 4. iWHii* ^o^l* of srAlDltiU'S PREPARED GLUF vul art ton Iibn ltt ooat an Laatlr to ffvrr nonaa hold.^11 Sold lu all arominant f*tationar% Dri((irti, Hardwmf and Fornitura Daalara, roe*rs, and Karx?r Storaa. CouDtrr marohanta wbonld maka a aotoof SPAL DINO's PKXPaMKU ulue, wbu maktax ap thmr liaC it will atand any olimata. fe lA-ly (P 'A [fl < ^5 ^ 't.i )u'<t< u 41OV1 yiWj/w*it?(ii>/ lift'?iX |F tk* fall** ?/ tk? Jtii?frmm Ml &7()0 V *y jr ifi ^mSE y?4*~* li*"*'" '**?*? /?*< rv;?, frvJ?,?5, ?o?i? Wrf 4/fJU flow* ??.'?. (I i. t. .I1 M ,W ?* ????<?) At rt? /tri? /Ihhmin uH| rpi yy ?i< iw* ? i? tu JN gf I K^3S>y * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT 13 utourainiiim WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THELIBEU(?L 0 THENAR E AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. tOR SALE jy WASHINGTON BY y 7 It BARBOUR k. M5MMBS. iMmiilTMACKW la^TIISKmfcWHlSKEra We offer for sale the above standard brand of fins Coseer-DistilLsd-Malted Rye Whuky. In barrel* and half-barrel*. A* it is or our own diwtiWa tion. and highly improved by are. we confrdei.tly r eoommendit a* the milT and beet W tusk y that oan possibly be distilled. We also offer ow OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brands, from the largest stock of Pine Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Pbcnix Distillery, on the Sohny .kill river, Phila. Offioee?96 Wall street. New York; and 1M SoJth Front street, Philadelphia. mar S-ly DARAFFINE OIL,, X THE CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN! We a?? now reoeivin; Para&ne Oil direot from the work* in wesWn Virrinia. The suaiity of it i* eze?Ileat. prnduoing a steady, bnl iant and beautifu light, and more pleasant to th? eyes than gas tight. This Oil is free from adulteration, and ver? much more economical than many or the Coal OiU aeed at this time. [CT 11 is in no way exploaira. We k"?? auo a supply of the mort spprored <*ua"- ll, Agonta for its aale for toe Pint; iet of Colaau>t?, Corner t-iftninth rL mhI Vermont aT. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma It HOWE'S IMPROVED WKIGHJNGSCALES Those Soaloe are oDfred to the ssWic as tM moat simple, darabla, and reliable seal6s ever sat >B use. Pint class premiums have been awardedtaaa by the United States Pair and Virginia Acicaltaru Society; Virginia State Agricultural Pair: Praaklxa Institute Pair, Pennsylvania; New York State Pair; Vermont State Pair, Ac., Ac. In every ease where exhibited they nave reoeivedftrst class pretmaaaa Pot aa e at * Louisiana arms, Depot of Si lie-'a Chilled Iron Hafea. HM 111* w?n DIVTIOOM ? - ?? WASHINGTON BEGINS ROOMS. T? milk ?t?tm doert ffertk r*. A?. Nov u the time to get tSPEINO awl 9UMM KB F,,E- F ' * foTOMAC WAT* A. Wi? monic Hall. The advaataf* of tonne a pliytiW upply of wai*r im readily obewwd at the fire of TeeUrd*y. m 1 am veil eatitf ed I sbooid h*T? been burned oat but for the hountifal eapply apor ay premieec and th?tofmy neighbor* , ^ Atl order* for the introduction of Water and Gee wiu ba protnptiy attended to. Term* aa reaeoaa bleae aay piawber in the oity? amr?n?m Jy 9 0. BNTDKK. %U GAS PITTIIIRB. JJ e Haw in (tor*, antf are~dai.r nmitiu, 9At FIJTVR SS of ontirely New Pattenuawi (Umm ir^faSESar It to oail and examine mix utook of Oh FiKtarwJaalinK nunUeat that we hare Ue baat aieotedetoekTSw^hiniUm. . I \l! Work in tkfl above fine mtrastad to oar Mr* A One at? iiwHi ir antk OneatW do. do PIANO Oaeatfl Jo. OneatilW do. I FOR One at ?2 da. "NT- Jy? Pa. ar., b*w?atMi aad ath eta. , 12.000 ASS U?? <jwm ?>f ? ttrj'.M of AwmmJioM ?4<h>u mb L*<i rrfdi a*1^ C? mm?*. ! % ; mmcmia. !>*?. >TasnH?u L99U MWflTAL, JVM OUwvm td tb* mm Oftfmm. gy?*<r, ?* mi Hfttmmi ?w.lf mtkt WtmU, FOB ALL MAKASftft OP IMPKl'DKNCS. LET HO riLMK PMLrCACT fKf'I*r APPLY !M?KD ATBI.Y. A CVRM WAR RANTS it, OR MO CM A Ah R, lit FROM OMR TV TWO DA JR. f?M? W KIN, M|4h<M Mtk? l??v ^M'Nt.nwIlMk mii?n>, 6mm efd* ?, tTwwt, ? Ikm.ili Ut?, ?? iflH T?mW? IWr4tn * ?( fr?? Mtut; l>Mo ?f roiw MBH lif lu? t? kin >HW< tb? 'HUM m Mkt *tu, brt 4rwM a?4 Mn Ml# i?n??T wMfi w U MlinN) tnx IkMHttfl ?f T *H M??, rftH *Mt llU4 Ut*MW MUM IMIMI, ?k? Witi ?A?I?IW ???1 MtttntH htutiul?>>in t>?ttii?h rfiliwrni m u IIMM) iia U?ta? IfH ar W* M Mat HllilAM M4U1U PauOM,?>Tw|I^MM9Mh(B?? rtm,k?ii| ivtrt if MfMil *nH?w 4?Wtl?ly, v MN^ vk> ptt'M IliwwtfM*! Ik* Mil ?f Dt I. ?*? Mllat at7 m*Ui la hta Imh m u4 ?nM??Dt ?" kM ?ku< U ? ph*M?l>? mmm louifH, Biatm ifika >i)>i C?U?ft I n??. (nteul In* <m ?f U* mm niM? Ul lfM is ?M fcfcil Mlltemaitr mh ?f >?? IHimMm ? tiM ka*Mtaki /LmIn, Putk, PfciUtt'piia 4*4 ka> ?V New! wu *f tfc* MM ? >?( ?% IUl ?in kavww; hmi UHllri w?(k r> if in Ma kM< u4 ?m? tku ukir trtit MttiMi.Mi, km i u n??w MHlda. hukhlMM with mm. mm m Uh vttk 4tT*a(a?a?t af wwa4. ? ? urt< hMi'amly. task r&Mtc?kAJi aoric v. Ti?( Mm Mk*H ?4t tan b|ui4 *?nMh?i ?r Miua fntciM MdfH la <bn ?'|?? > Mm fcn?wilf luratl Iran iftl iwf??l???, a* ai atMat, tka !?* al wKtektN aiffcOy lakaaaa wkM aalaaf, aa4 if *a< llil, mlm a rftafa laimiiu, ul Ilium tatt IM Mr, al.aald tppty iaailitult. TVaaa ?r? aaata af tka aa4 ani tlMetaly alitta lutaial If aarta hauta a/jam* via i Waakaaaa rf|M lull ial lirrba. P?ir.? ta Jta Ila?f.. Dtaaaaa al Sfkt.Uaaa a' Maaaaua Ptair, PaifiuWk a( D i Haart, n*apanj. Maraaa* IrrHaW ? if, Daraof airam afPigaatiaa / acafcaata. Saaaial PakMltJ, faaatafM al Canwaf uaa, ?. MIMTILLT.-Tti faarkai aliwaa tka aial ua waft w ta df?td?4-Laaa af Maiaary,Caa*aM?i af Mata. I al Bptrfta, R?U Ta^Unn, A aataiaa af aetata, elf-lhetnet, Laaa af laUnli.TlaUil;, au.ara aana W Ita a?Ua faaHKKTOII DMiUTT.-TI miila IW aw Mn vtat la tka eaaaa afiha r 4acimtmg taaltk, laamf Ihatt Mf.ka arntr.f waak.pala ainiaa araietala*. haa aiafviaa ipfainati ataai tka afaa.caayk arayaapwi af a?mmm niiiAiti or imrRvncaN-B Wkaa |M aiipilal aatf inMlni aaaary af ptaaww ta?a ka tai in.htkad lha aaada af <?ia patafal Inaua. tt taa aflaa kanMK. ik -i .. .It .._>i - J.? ? -a J - -? ?f y - ~ ?w ? w ? wwerw %' W W ''-.I w C W VI S Y J 4*t*rt bui> Irta ?ppln?ij ta tkia* vkt. ftua *4atatiea a?4 rMfCuKlM;, cu -laa* btflittl Mat. fclh l?M ka> 4* d IfKNnl Hi |?iwfc ?W, IKKMklt ( tcrur, tick hi* (Himrf ItuM*, keep k**a inHk| ntk >/fir owtk, m it Im| u ik* MKiilMi In tw k* ?kIiui4t ui la input ! ?* kite vitk rataetf knltt ta auk r ha mll^( lit'fpan nii.i, ?r by tka aa? af tkt iattlf petxta. Mercery, kaatea Ik* caneMteneeal tyajln ef Ika iambi* tfiaaa**, *aak ta Affeettaaee*!k* Bon. Threat, > *, tin.At.. prorr***in( ?i|K friftafel rap?l>ff,lUI tlaM pat*a parted ta lea dreedfa: tafarutf* ky ae^lnf kua ta ikat Be iace'irai teenuy freaa wfcea* keerw* ea Urn rater recerea km. (uaniuii r.Ki?i>r r "R WBAUW AMD IMPOrmcr y 1Mb (fmi ??d Iniimw r??4r VMlMMiflkt wnil N ipttdn^ caruiUl 'ipr rM!nt< TtaMute af lk< Bart D?r?oa? n4 AabilitaiaA, vU bad M*t all tiyi, ba?a btaa iwMAxialj ralta*?4. All tmaadi aaoia wa Munut. Pbyataa.1 a* MaabU IHwiM lama?. Laaa af Praaraau** Bwiaw TnitMa| u4 Waakaaaaa* >?>?? afika MM* kM apaaaAily i araA. niKuutnormruM. rax MART rnOUIAltU* car*4 attkta ton?m tka laat aavantara mn, u4 0>< PWMraai iapanm h??i alapanuana prVaW by Dr. JatoaM, a?MM4 by MM raaartan af ttt H#a*a ul taany atfiar aara??, maul? ad WMsb bava awaarad i|u<u4t|tia Wafer* tba rabba. baMm bu nui)*! aa a aaadamar af ttentut u4 raaaartbtbij. ta a nlti?.i f*anntaa la Iba aAtoiaA. Ka M-ty JOY F"K THE SIiTK AND K? rFK?IN6. LET ALL WHf)ARE AFFLICjED APPLY TRh REMEDY R EJO rrg Ty HEALTH. Fn?ad.d?yoa ?uff r? Are ?oj the riotim of my of Uiom mmrruu wlm*iit4 vliicli riM ff?? i?puuty of tlM blood.' \VhAt?r?> key. do you utf R%tnfr a?k, ar h*t tr? they rot? 1 ha btood M tba u.nrAAnt tilA V^'bk - ? > * -*> - * " ww vi .? v ?uu rhi m ?iN i% *ni ?rwi ? fprn^u* or oar bmng to reapni*d to any ohm w b i oh >MU ti ayatein.aa the pulee lnfalihf atteela 1 ha ever prevai in? N'uaigt* th? inttting Fry a pe a*. u>a aubtle aorolaka the agomaiag KMnmiUam. Nervoi? D- bili r. Dy ?p?p?is, Liver > ompiatnt with it* torpor and dejection. and tb* aaBibe. lees iila that fl*e* ia heir t?,derive hair bideoa*origin fr? nut Bood. Deal kiod > th** and ge. Or with the Mood, a* the vitalising rea aieea of nature lor ita aid, and roffjr aa to commend to y->ar eoafidei.oe and aae that trait vauabif menrameat kttumc aa UHS M. cors INDUS TKGKTABLM DKCOCTIOS. With rr-gard to this a or>at infallible sp*eife p pu ar ser.timenl haa iu d oided terms, and the e\iO*rc<*( of thia great efteaey are eaeta;n*<1 by constant iro*a.i of eurativ* rrf ^ta and til* happieat 'f?a t? from iu nae are aTer all ether remedies and the heat medieal skill have fai ad L>et aa ronolu?ioa. th*t rf Cresareaot aonght from th* illiterate atd super ia!, bat they are voltmt^e-ed from the m<>?( re apertab.e aoaroea an1 jo?tifr the h'gheet le-ms in which it ia poeeihle to eemmead ao valaab.e a afetie lo pab ic approval We mav add aiao that the ou retire properties of tbemediciee are equaled only by IU restorative etf eta, the avat <tn reenverlnr fromdiaervse wi h '?mv^ consUtetuna, vi?or. For aale bv all re* pectab! e Draggiata ia thia oity, and by the proprietor, Ml*. JM COX. - one i ermine anleee her name ia b.owa oa the bott'e and her aoal oa the oork fT-5? * ? ?- ? n r r" ?i* bwi ea lor mb. n * .ttnt. ft *?. T- CI81KL. DragtMt, 6*-r 4t??rr. is i:?Hksl??U *?oot Tor Um Dm trie*, *rd ?i I .pply the trad, at my pnm __aa it tr __ DR. J. BOVEK DOITB IMPERIAL W1KM FITTttS, Are now belnf ii?d from Main* to Um bimt V?.t L&ke, Ml Um univerwkl ?erUi?K of ail who aee them ei U>er a* a or a.? a Wmtm* it Uai tbey are aaaii'peaed la the wo rid |?r 1M? aaed them emc*eeafa;j.! IB kit anuittoe for S year* before we parcUae??i ofV.m th/aoie '.ibtto maaafaotare aod preaont them for aala to Uie pnh.M. For the OB'e cf Ittfiipier! ( onruirption, JnU>?e*tt?a, Dye pepi.a, Pilee. Nervosa Ineea-ee, Femste Com plaiuta. and all oaiee reauinn? aiomo, they are bero. d doabtamoet inralaalite remedy. AaMefrom their mediair&J pr<y>ertie* they are a para, whole ecm* ami deiightfai Krrerace. prodaotng at Um pleaeant exhil?~atiBc iffocto of Brandy ? Win without tti?tr injurion* reeuita. I et all fnoada of bamamty and ai! a-'vooaf* of tempetaaee aaeiet ui ia ?u -eutumr 'he?e r?laa*ie V reOWe Bitter* tof the mtmrrml pet*mu aac *4*dt*rfUd Liimmt villi which the o'mntry M flooded. aod thereby mfec'nvly aid in ban ahiat Ihaeaee and Drankeaeea iron the iaad. CBARLK9 WIDDIFIRLD k CO., Profriat'jre^t? Wil wn^etreet. New York. - TOLSSSTiCST' rur j rovfk noiw IMPERIAL Gllf BrrrBRS, For I>i?? .<? ?fvh? Kidn?*?. B tddwiad Vrmmry Organ. m4 e?p?ci?J:y ftw . ear*, uxl tra nriiaM to sirs Mb*"CASREH winpiFIELD 4 ooFropnetora, T? Wi.ltMt at.. New Vork. J. IWaWAEZBt UVIt f * ???t-? ? ? " w- - ??? i? wwain|M?? Baohs. Hoofit-.7?. n.-.'~ciu*ota or Kiafa -akc* Rimb ui, uu, if diapoaoo to proil b* ay n^ftari Writ* for m? private CVriilfrea BPB*MAT<?*HlfaA i-ITf CO**. Wtu >tant mM, Miwii. u p*oM ?nCdAoo?. *<-arIntnl. a fcr?r?ftrn, wiy ny? oribtaf 80* 1T?, CawiMlm. Km n?i4-n?wi? 279 'jaagg* 206 &ip Intv la oail toa*tto?t>? J um IHfia_? ! a aabiia goearalir to kia N w fttora, i*t*r WD iarC1* Hotel, Jwt ?mnl, to ap&o'xioii mUi kte old ?totIlan?at. wkCTt i.? ?i.< be h^ffr to r?> oat va u; ti 1 aai for eepenor CcnfwtMma of kta?v? ik*qi toiiaa. Alao, ordara lor ftwfa, EssasftaffSSSjLSffjt Mteb vteeY bitUirtrt Ztrm r." mm UOCTETTKR'B STOMACH BTTTCKA. lira Sk?5ce3Ew rssi ^srsaw -TOHRSeritfW _ 11*1* mrmmm*, xratk tidm sv~2S7J: VK 4 OO. gjggggFgggl? JACOB 1EED. i"""" MKLITAKT C19THI HI. lnnuitG^iinSietntn Irim *? ., ? tHILADTLFRIA. WUT>tT CLOTt* FO? BALK A isM/Bares i'VT - PIWV wmm mm vmwmYwmw* mm ? * wwf?wnwui rt IT.M< tkwk v'lA'' If 9 W. ? M I 7 K If 1 TT

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