Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1860 Page 3
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-* r?p?* - v? * ?? n <i inn LOC A li NEWS." j rTbPiicb The ?t*e la printed on the fwVit Meant pmi In nk'NwUi of Baltimore, IU edition It ao large a* to require It tn N- put to preaa at an vorly h???r; Ad<rnrtiv?!flfnta, therefore, abould be ent In before 12 o'clock m ; other wlae they may oi.t appear nntll the next day. Now* to WAsai^eTONiARa.?Thooe of oar felfow-cttliena lea ring for the watering place* nd elsewhere should bear In mind that we do hot mall Tmb Ptab except after payment In advance at the rate of 37# cents per month. Notice.?District of Colombia AdTertlaement* to be Inserted In the P.altimobb 80n are received at and forwarded from The Atai OIBce. Tn f Pt??A* a * t - * * * * " .?, ?1?, uftTTRRQi Aicnonnopiv.fnnctt of Baltimore, to the rlerjry and Itltf under bia ecclesiastical charee, which waa read In our Catholic chnrrbra on 9<mdav, tiprnwi sentiments of devotion and attachmeni to tbe See of the Apostle Peter .and to the illustrious Pontiff who presides over U It acknowledges and recognises tbe Bee aa tbe aource of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, tbe centre of purity. and the rock upon which our Saviour haa built hia cburcb. and against wbicb the qptes of bell cannot prevail. It alludes to tbe civil principality, ?' the patrimony of St Peter," tracing Its origin to tbe munificence of the faithful, tlx; devotion of Chrlatlaa princes, and the gratitude of a people whom tbe Bishop of Rom? Croteeted. reacuedsnd made free. Following tbe iatory of the atates of the church from their remote origin down to tbe present time, and noting how they have pro<'re?ae<l under the favor of Divtn* D. ' " - ?"c i jwYiarncr m IOC IT11CI8I OI pfWCfltlOn, It *o?? on V> prorMm the propriety of tb?-lr head appear!ag with some degree of splendor calculated to command the attention of those who may nrt be influenced by the anblime considerations of the faith. 44 The dominions of tb? Pope'* Hfi the letter, "are to limited that bit power cannot lr.splre flrsr; yet they are large enough to areare his Independence In the government of the cbnrch, which is the main point to be provided for.*' It argues that whatever attempts may still be made by rival princes to exercise an undue influence on the Pontiff by intrigue or Intimidation cannot have disastrous r -suits, which must necessarily flow from a government hindering or constraining bis action. It dlncusses the expenses attending the details of ecclesiastical administration. which it may be Impracticable to meet If the Bishop of Rome has not an ample revenue from I ** A ? a ? ? - - ? ?uc territory in wmeh be presides Th"; letter then ((ofi oa to speak of the withdrawal of a flourishing province from the obedience of the Pontiff, brought ahoat by various artifices of foreign emlrsnrles and by manifest fraud and violence, a withdrawal which it docs not believe to have be?n the free act of tbe inhabitants, but of corrupt and designing men While tbe Bishop expresses entire fealty to tbe free institutions under which we live, and is ready to sacrifice life Itself in their support; yet from principle he is opposed to all disturbance of establisbrd order on vain and false pretexts He believes the Government of the Roman states will compare advantageously with that of various other countries, they being moderated and directed by Christian principles?the divine law being always had In view with the ecclesiastical law, which is adapted to the religious profession of the citizens. Tbe Bishop goes on to sp^sk of the state of things in the revolted province; that it is burdened with enormous taxation; tbe citizens forced Into military service; and the clergy, who are dissatisfied with the new order of things, visited with severe pen?? i?? * ? * ... iuif)iuoncu, of driven into Danisbment Tbe enemies of the Pope, alleges the Bishop, have for their object to strip him of all his dominions. and make him mere dependent on the civil government, or a victim snd a martyr The manifest duty of the faithful. In view of the loss devolving on tbe revenues of the Pontiff by the withdrawal of the revolted Province, la, to supply * portion towards tbe support of the Chief Elshop vtdo governs the i'nlversal Church with a view to the spiritual interests of aM After alleging sundry special considerations wby this dnty is more strictly obligatory, the letter closes with the following exordium: *' Brethren, it behooves us to endeavor to appease tbe wrath of God provoked by our sins. \V e should pray that the sword of tbe Lord be restored to its scabbard, aud that, in tbe exsrclse of His justice. He remember mercy, and cause tbe light of His countenance to shine upon ns. Bv humiliation and penance we may disarm Him, and obtain tbe return of peace wi^h new IrlnmnKi - ? - ? ...?...f.w? wi ioi^iuu. iifi as implore Him, through the merits of th# great A pieties Peter and Paul, by whom the Church at Rome wa founded, ana still more through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, conceived without sin " Citt 0??t!*a!?cis.?The following city ordinances have been approved by th? Mayor : An Act authorizing the Mayor to anticipate the revenues of this Corporation to redeem certain guarantied bonds. B* *t enmrted, fe., That the Mayor be, and he Is hereby, authorized to anticipate, for the period of twelve months, the revenues of this Corporation to an amount not exceeding twelve thousand dolli'S, to r> d^etn the bands of the " Alexandria and Washington Railroad Company," guarantied by tbeeitv of Washington, which' matured January 1, lv-)9, and January 1, I860; and that for this parpose he be authorized to Issue notes of this Corporation bearing Interest at a rate not exceeding six per cent, per annum. Approved August *27, 1H60. An Act to close private alleys In a state of nuisance. B' it max ltd, Jr.. Th?t Immediately after any private alley shall oe officially pronounced lr a state of nuisance >>y*thc Commissioner of Heal'h, It shall be the ditty of tbe Mayor to cansr the same to be closed and to keep tbe same closed nntil the aforesaid nuisance shall have been abated to the satisfaction of tbe aforesaid Commissioner; the expense thereof to be paid from tbe funds of the ward in which such alley may be located. Sec 2 That any person or persons who shall resist the execution of tbe first section of this act, or who shall reopen without permission of tb? Mayor any alley so closcd, shall be liable to a fine of not less than five nor more than ten dollars for each offense, to be recovered an other fines and penalties Imposed by this Corporation. Approved August 47, I860. POLICK MiTTtll Ktfltrt /-J--L George Joha*>n wu cliargM with throwing tones, and fined SI 56. Babe Matthew* was alao accused ef throwing stones and similarly laed Adam Thaar was charged with Indulging in the laiunr of a ear without flrat obtaining a license to do so; be was fined $.*> 58. Robert Jacobs was caught violating an ordinance against throwing stones la tbe streets, he was flued #1.58. Hester Wise wasarcus*d of using profane language, and lined f'2 and costs, and io default of secority, was sent to the workhouse for 60 ds^ a Effort Justin Oonn ?Yesterday afternoon, John Wilson. who was arrested by officer Chipley for disorderly conduct and profanity, was fln-d ! SH John Kliason aud James Colvln, do ; dismissed. The following, wbo were arrested by officer King for running wagons without license, having complied with the law on that subject, paid cutis and were dismissed : Jas. Brown, ?Vm. Klijab, Robert Cunningham, and John RabbiU. A?V?ol*xt Fsay, that eventuated in certainly not lees tban btff a doz-u bruised and bleeding sconces, took plaee yesterday afternoon In the middle of the street near the place of the north gate leading from the Capitol yard Some two or three citizens ^Germane) were drivings carryall down the street at tbe time the heavy Government stone-wagon was passing across It, when, from the alleged inattention of tbe driver of tbe stone wagon, ine vbmu or tne carryall and wagon became lucked. ThU gave rite to aom? ballot (( and noise, and la a few m omen to to pen* oal colli <lon, the laborer* making up to take the part of tbelrewwlrymen, tbewagon-drlver. Firta, atone*, and a abovei did rapid work all round, and blood waa made to flow both from Germans aud Irlih copiously. It ended la the arrest of ooo of the moat violent, Rbodjr Craven, and the diacharga of another. ricaptvas or Edwabm?On Monday laati Edward*, a fugitive from the Inaane Asylum near this etty, wa* reraptered and retaraed to the I' 8 Penitentiary at Waahington Kdward* waa convicted six or seven year* ago of the manslaughter of Thornton Avery, and of shooting and wounding Robert Warren, all he well-known " nud-baaee" in Swam poodle He was sentenced to tbe penitentiary for elxhtyear*. While thorn iwut?iivfi? ui inuniiT loai lrraucea DU removal to the Insane Asylum tor treatment, and from there he made bis ea ape Monday, Joba Dav topped at Slllcott's Mills. on hie way to the western towUy, and saw Edwards ibnre He had hlaa arrested ud returned to his oldquartera. Watt os CmffKLTT ? Oa Mood ay afternoon a white' boy known bp the aanie of "John." and who ea market days atteeds a melon stall on Seveath street, nest to the mala market-house scabbed a bog with a knife, and oat the leader of It* Mp so that II was entirely unable to walk, and the blood gushed from the cat fa a large stream OUlcer Yeatraan a/rested the hoy, bat for eeme reason let hisa of, sad he waa not punished. The circumstance called forth the last ladigastloa w bo mw the poor animal weltertag fttobtoo^ ,, and entirely unable to rales Itself up, much less te get away \ j Tn ArruiooR asd Mooklmft Excoastow q4 the KvUad Chapel folks, It at>oul4 be r*nKmb*rrd, r ames off to-raorrovr For particulars see A. Stkit CoaiaacT A wakdsd ?The contreet for trial mi of in4 Kranlldl Fourteenth at , from the seuth sk?e ef F to 1 bes Imm sward-4 to Mr Patrick Calllaane " 9ecoa4 Baptist Church Choir See sdvertissment. MVNfet' ' *"*" V* ~+ *v49VCN2 ?T" In which Tkain aib ror Goiso'?Wt mnn of course to the grand pic nic at the Annapolis Junction, to be given to-morrow nnder the auspices of the Young Catholics' Friend Societies of Washington and Baltimore. We take It for granted that every one who wi*U*a to enjoy a dav of unalloyed pleasure, ?ad at the same time contribute to a oommendahle chanty, will be there To thoae who can spare the time, and who wish to "make a Bay of It," we nvotn'oend the 7:40 a m train; to thoae who have l*tt time we suggest the 11:49 a. m. train; and to thoae who can't setoff in the morn! ng we propene the 3:20 and 5:30 n m tra!ni~th# 14ft *??? ? k??r? *w? I Junction in time to enable nttki to spend nearly four boars in the beaut ful grove; and the 5 90 Wain In seaaon to afford them nearly two hours participation in the pleasure of the evening, returning by the M p. m special train. Tbr~? trains leave the June 1 n in the afternoon and t v? Ing? at 4, 5, and 8 o'clock Every guarantee > given for the preservation of the strictest order, and a delightful time is certain, as the weather promises to be propitious Remember, too, that the price of the ticket (75 cents for adalta, and 3?X cents for children aver six years of aire) includea tbe railroad f-?re to and fro, and admlaslon to the urove. A more attractive eicuralnn. for a more worthy object?one affording auch varied pleasure for so little money?has seldom, if ever, been presented to the patronage of the public. The musical programme for the occasion (in which W1 there's matrhlxi h?nJ ? ?'? *-1? _ ? . ?...? will va tc fclic Ifau ) would alone be worth the price, to sty nothing of the pleasant ride by rail-car, the meeting of old and cherished friend? from the two cities, the beautiful grove, the merry dance, the aumptuoua recast, the inviting refreshments, Ac , Ac. Go, then, and be sure to note the hours, for, remember, thst the cars, like time and tide, wait for no man, woman, or child. Akkkst or a. Suspicious Pzksok ?Yesterday morning, Charles Wilson, Esq., received per express from Richmond, Va., a small paper box, strongly sealed, directed to his name at VV ashington I pon opening the bo* hedlscovered that it contained a complete set of burglars Implements and a number of pieces of gold coin of French and Chilian currency Perceiving at once that It was a mistaken delivery, and that the tools were > i.wimm lur * pe~aon oi a very different profession from his own. be thought it beat to tarn them over to the most skillful detective officer in order to tr;?re the owner. Detective Officer Allen, whose kill in the detection of such characters has beeu so frequently tested during a number of yeara, was called in. A few momenta only aufficed to devise a plan, whtch required > reliable assistant to carry It out, and Allen made choice of Officer Bu?her The tools and money were weighed, and a like weight in nails placed in the box and replaced in the express office. It had not been long there before a person called for it. and he was arrested. After an examination, which resulted in his confession of bis ownership, he was placed in the handaof Officer Allen, who retained bim until this morning, and a\w him aaMy to the cars; and he took bis departure acknowledging himself sold, and promising not to return to this locality while Allen is In service. ? a/nfivAiniiiuuB A L) DARE m ESTIJ^O 1 If A LKX* amdiia?The Hreckinridge wing of the democratic party assembled last night, at Sarepta Hall, Alexandria, H. Latham in the chair, and E. Green. Secretary. After considerable discussion, a series of resolutions, oflVred by James H. Reid, ratifying the action of the Charlottesville Convention, were adopted. A constitution for a Democratic Association was then adopted, and the following officers chosen : President, D. Fnnsten; Vice Presidents, G. W. Dearborn, Isaac Kell, W H Smith, D R Blacklock, and Jas Roach; Secretaries. W. F. Came and L. E. Green; Treasurer, Hugh Latham 1 lie regular meeting nicht was fixed for Wtiinpt air. Various business committees were appointed, and toe meeting adjourned. Editor Star: I noticed In this morning's Intelligencer tliat tbe Hoard of Aldermen have passt-d an ordinance imposing a tax of -'three dollar* upon all street washers " Now, sir, will this not have the effect of preventing persons from sprinkling the street* in tbe summer time? We have already been obliged to pay eight dollar* for having the washers put down in the pavement, and this extra tax will be of no use, as few persons will be philanthropic enough to pay it for the benefit of t^e citv It is alao unjust, from the fact that property holders had no Intimation that such a tax nuum uc luiuuwrQ, ana me amount already paid by them would actually be a dead loss, should this become a law. Can you not, through tbe medium of yonr widely circulated paper, call their attention to this fact, and have it repealed ? and oblige a Subscriber. August 28, 1860. Central quaiu-HorsB Casks .?Henry Briscoe' drunk and disordrrly; fine and costs, 9'i 15 Julius Wyvel and Geo Balmar, assault and battery It appeared that these two men, Germans, were attacked and beat* n on Seventh street near the market. They afterward started for their homes, and were again attacked. This timethey knocked their assailant down, and he called for tbe w itch. The watch came m.d arrested the defendants. They being but little acquainted with the language, could not explain ; >?ut this morning Justice Donn, after hearing the testimony, ilisinlsaed mrm inmiMiiauiv Ttios Brodrrick, druiik and di?ord*-rly; flue and costs, ?3.15. John Holland, do ; do. $1 15 National Rifliu ?This floe corps of onr vjlunteer military la under orders to parade tomorrow afternoon In full dress to escorts Howitzer assigned to the corps for artillery practice. The Rifles have progressed rapidly In tbe drill of the peculiar arm or the scrvlce to which they belone. and the procurement of the Howitzer lu"- i di rates th<ir intention to perfect tlem<elvesln tbe other branches of tbe service. On Monday ne*t they leave In tbe 3:20 train for York, Pa., to spend tbree days with tbe Pennsylvania troops In camp Fifty men have made arrangements to go, and the excellent reputation of the corps will 1 not suffer by them. Catfish and Eels ?Hundreds of boys were this forenoon amasinx themselves along the line of onr city canal by dipping up catflsb and eels, Which, from art ma iinknnwn r t??*? _ , ?..... ?? */ ?%*??. f ?*i ?. appunui j very sick. and many dyln^. At low tide, about 1 p. in., many baskets bad been tilled, foiaibiv f >r tbe purposes of food; but we would advise a general abatinenc.e from sucb "delicacies'* until tbe cause of this alueular occurrence baa bten aa e tilncd Poison, or tome other deleterious aubatance, mav have been generally Imbibed by these denizens of canal flltb, which may lncreaae our monthly mortuary Hat if eatea. .Police Cases ?Last night, a regular nmns occurred among the numerous colored female* resident In tbe fimous alley, and officers Klopfer and Huit succeeded in arresting Cbloe Ann Butler, Betsy Jones, and Henrietta Jonea, who were taken before Justice Barnaclo, and fined S'J 94 each Caroline Adams, colored, was arrested for stealing bv Officer Suit, and wuwm ?? t?ii w. a # ? "J ? - - ?? ?? JHII WJ Jostice" Barnnelo John Angermann was arretted for an assault and battery on Officer Suit, at the Park riot. The cue la ruled for trial ou Friday next, before Justice Williams. Ma. Kmbicb's Rmtackaxt. which he keeps in connection with his European Hotel, at tee corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, Is really unsurpassed in this city The hungry man will find there constantly ready a multitude of various things to tempt his appetite. Game, fish, flesh, fowl, Ac , and, witbsl, wines and llqoors wherewith to waah the eatables down, unsurpassed in Washington. His prices are pro* vernl&lly moderate, and the manner in which he aerves what his customers desire always gives satisfaction Fob Covet.?Ob last Saturday, Manuel WalkI ?M ? ? * ? ? " er, 01 Alexandria, v? , vu arretted by Officer J. F. King, for an assault on John Burnnardt. and taken before Justice Johnson, who held him to ball for a farther bearing yesterday. The evidence then showed that an aggravated assanlt had beta committed. and the Justice iisoed a ball piece upon wblcb tb? defendant was again i required to appear and give another bond for his appearance at the Criminal Court, at Ita next term, which requirement was complied with. Wsd?ui? at Baow*s'?Yesterday morning the splendid drawing rooms at Browns' Hotel were thrown open, that the guests might witness the marrtsge of a couple Mopping there. The ceremony performed wae according to the usage of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Hev Dr. L. iJtl *-1-? - ? *? ? - * ? - r (nvigaia, prmaing rjarr OI lau aiSITlCl, DeUlg the officiating clergyman The happy pair ware Mr Moot. WvHead and Miss B. A Ballard, of Virginia. It will it URN by advertisement In another column that the aeboiastic term of the Young Ladies' Academy of the Visitation eomnwaeei on next Monday, 3d of September. Parents deal ring to plire their daughters In an institution where t? ry will receive a thorough-going, practical education. cannot IfcU to find ?uch a one In the Academy of the Visitation. Tmbbb wUi be a meeting of the stockholders of rrmpwi nui veraeiery in verman Hall, ok Eleventh Mmt, between F end 0 streeU, this (Wednesday) evening, at 0 o'clock. All Interrttrd are requested by the committee to be punctual in their attendance, as business of Importance It to be transected. It Oviss W> tbs Inclemency of the wsaiher, the b^U and trewofhs (which was to have taken place at Columbia Spring* last elf ht) was again postponed nntll Thursday evening next, when It to to cone off, rain or ftblne. See advertisement in mother column. f Bar-ia ev Boca Ciik Barnes?Workmen have commenced the repair of the Book Creek aod K Street Bridge, as directed by the City Couholl. While the Work Is la prsgrsss travel for Tebid* over the bridge Is suspended. Citt Cbnsps R?Trmn? ?We are Indebted Id " Mercury"?industrious and indefatigable as be is, since we setbim rlgbt a while ago-for tbe following ready-made compilation of city census return* : " F'otn tbe results of tbe census in tbc wards beard from, we nay safely assume tb ?t tbe population of Washington City is som?ttilug over OOdOO t?i*th ward (Tiavy yaM) returns fitrnish many Interesting Items. Besides the important naval s'atlon, we have included herein " l.'nion Town." the pretty, prosperous neighborhood opposite; tbe marine garrison, and the new and bandsotre Washington Asylum, which Is destined soon to he one of the prlncipil ornaments of this national metropolis. As published a few days since in tbe sun tbe free inhabitants number i 5.481; slaves, 113?forty-nine less than In the year IS50?total, 5.594. Tbe number of bouses is number of families 1,<07; number of deaths durt __ si snr A ? i V M ? * tL.s ? V* lug ?ur ycnr hm. t Aaiuninuim 1 unu luairi^Hi members of this community hud each reached the ripe a?e of 70 yean; three 71 years: three 72 year*; two 73; three 74; two 75; one 76; four 77; one 7f; two 81, and the oldest inhabitant 89 yeara of age. A Yery fair proportion of ladies from 17 to 21. The returns also show thirteen manufactories under the auspices of private enterprise, with capital and an amount of trade which evince the growing | rosperlty of the ward. Seven public schools are occupied by 8 teachers and 480 pupils; there are besides, one female seminary and six private schools. " Two of the rerr oldest churches in this metropolis may be noted here?Christ Church, Waab1 ntrtrtn nariak PrntMfanf Pnla^Anall*n fPav \1? Morsell, rector,) is valued at f10.000, anA will teat 450 persons. The Kbenezer Methodist Kpiarnp 1 U now styled bv the Baltimore Conference 4 hast Washington,' (Rev Dr Ryan, pastor;) this is a new and spacious edifice, erected on the site of the old Kbenezer, the first Methodist church; this is estimated at 913,250, and with capacity to teat 1,000 persons The Baptist Church, another new tern pit-,with accommodations to apnt 400, ts valu?d at 18.000; and the Methodist Protestant Church, also with room for 400 hearers, is estimated at fl.fOO Total valuation. 935,250?with teats for 2.230 people. In the libraries of this ward there are 3.800 volumes Let us now take a glance at the county of Wash ington. District of Columbia. With the Seventh street plank road as the dividing line, we look pattur^) ritlu bm O JIT Inl. ? V.(?__* > (UVIV ,tH IIIUaUJKlHW dllU J4J lave*; ther? have been during the year 51 deaths. One hundred aud twenty (arms, nearly all of which are in a high state of cultivation, yielding fair averages of produce, and daily advancing in value. The Soldier's Home has 114 inmates. Rock Creek church, a beautiful and romantic spot, and two Methodist Episcopal churches, are valued at 32.000. *'Kendall Greea'' has six teachers and 28 pupils. The Western Division gives 1,948 free inhabitant* and 317 slaves; 311 houses and '200 families. There were 26 deaths during the year. Sixteen thriving manufactories are In operation; 120 farms, in tine condition, under skillful management and care. We are advised by the returns that the corn crop will be short .00 per cent Fruit crop 75 per cent. Average wheat to the acre 15 bushels; oats 25, and rye 12 bushels TK? ? a ut' ?wvioj;c uiuiiiiliv WIOT IHTfTl DARQS 18 (t15 per month with board, or St per day without board; day's wages for a carpenter without board f2 5i); female domestics with board #1.50 per week; price of board for laboring men 50 50 p*r week Churches?one Protestant Episcopal and two Metbcdiat Episcopal, all capable of seating 700 persona, and valued at ?8,5<i0. Columbian College, Re*. Dr. Samson, President, 8 teachers and ImO pupils Academy of the Visitation, (R. C. ) 'J30 pupils; Convent 83. The venerable Georgetown College is also here embraced, and has 3i5 pupils and 'M teachers There are like, wise four common schools, with 100 pupils; libraries with 74,11)0 volumes. Total free inhabitant* In the county 4.395; slaves ^10; farms 216; and 16 manufactories Liter ?The deputy marshal for our FourthI ward Census reports that from the assessor's books he his ascertained tlie value of real estate in Wash* ingviMi ki u? vaiue of personal estate, S3 647,090?total *-M,503 000 For the Fourth Ward, he states the amount of real estate at $8,267,557; peraoual, $415,495?total 9.063.05-2. The number of deatha for the year ending June 1 wa? Number of houses In that ward, 1,72#; churches?1 Catholic, 1 German Catholic. 1 J.-wl?h Synagogue, 1 Methodist Episcopal, 1 Unitarian. 2 Presbyterian?valued at #147.000 There are ?4 places of business with capital over $5' 0 ttcii. Sbcosd Ward Union Club or Alixa*dria ? The Gazette says:?There was a large and enthnlimti O moot I nrr nf tKa T? ??? 1 ? <MV CXVUIIU VI a I U t IIIUII V/II1Q on Monday evening last, at the Sun Fire Engine Houie. Sani'l Heflebower. Esq , who was elected president In placc of Robert Jamieson, Esq., declined, made some verv appropriate remarks, upon taking the chair. Charles W Green waa pIprt^H one of thtf ?>?cntlv0 o?mn?iiW?} AH ? vacancy. The meeting waa one of the largest that haa been held in tbo Second Ward for a number of years. and the Club haa gone to work In earnest, and will give a good account of themselves in November next. Speeches were made by several gentlemrn present, and the Club was enter'alned by some very flae sinking. A large number signed the constltuiiou. " " Tin Metropolitan Collegiate Institute for yoang ladies, on E street, In charge of Mr. and Mrs Havenner. presents some features deserving the inpri : I att?n(lnn a# 1 ? * * yi v? | 'U' :no aUU KUOIUIdllB daughter* to educate In addition to th* admirable avitem of Instruction, the heanty of location, the extensive and well-shaded grounds, particoisr attention is gi ven to the health and physical training of the pupils, a subject which has been too much neglected heretofore. It h?s bkk* craaimtly m*to?t?n that in mo?t of th?< Western cities the" I own Hqll" tolls ey-rv d*y at noon, for the inhabi'ant? to pulp lownqniiun-?, a* a p'eventati vc of disease* canned l?y iriai \ ria o( the climate. Of conrso, laking quiuin- is a cotittceuiia habit, and every new settl-r in supp.i <1 with (Ha poisonous drng, and inst ucted to tike it in lan?? quantities, il lie would exoap- the i-" v r rh'I Ax< **. Kvery house has its mcdicino oi?st filled with this (faiiKOreus ?tutf, and as regular as the hour coincs around, so regular do they Rujp it d wn, a* though i was the richest delicacy of the season. Dr. J. IIo?tctt^r. a pood Sainat i an, kn?T in* the dr-adlU effect* of quinine up n thehuinaa atitrtm vkan ua ?-"I* 1 pr. pa-el ft compound which has, in all cases in whioh it has been triod, proved a speedy cure for Fever and Ague, and all other diseases caiis-d by indigestion. For i>ale by druggists and dealers general It evorvwho e. au 29 eoSt Wistar's K&lmam or Wilr Chrrry. The following lot'?r from Rev. Husky Wot?, of Concord. N. II., F.ditor of'tho Congregational Journal, upeaks volumes in fivor ol Vtri.?far'j Balsam:? Concord, N. It., March2. Mrskrs. Srth W. Fowl* h Co.?GmtUmcn: Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Liiuks confined me tp my bed for several weens, and when i recovered, I was so much oppreswed by difficulty in breathing, that 1 was often unaUn to sleep or rest upon a b?d liy night. The suffering was egtremo, aud judging from the inetficatiy of the remedies used. 1 supposed the disease incurable. Heing persuaded to try ai*>ttleof ffulsr'i B 'hatn /*i ?'* ? ? " UJ yw"tlir\'T y wlinOlll ? D' 11-1. I ' I III t * I'llic i \ , I found the difficulty almost entirely r-movcd insfore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fHl"?w sufferers induces me to make tms public statement, and recommend the artiole to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, Hxxrt Wood. None icenuino unless signed 1. Hutts on the wrapper. _ . . Prepared by K. W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for sale by Z. D. Giiman,8. C. Ford, B. Waite, G. Stott, John Bchwarae, Nairn k. Palmer, Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. au 29-lw.r Hollomtat's Pills. Cholera or rrijhnit af the Bowels ? Laudanum may till the pain nut not destroy it. Morphine steep the senses in artificial sleep, without refreshing the inva id. Holloway'a Pills not only procure the same results without the haneful etfrct*, but so entirely extinguish the elements of the disease ss to jiromote a speedy cure without dancer of rel?n?*. iseia t? ail Druggists, at 23c., 62c.. and $1 per tx>z. mm-iw Rbidkb, bar* jou se?n Prof. Wood's advertisement in oar paper. Read it; it will interest you. auX^Mljr (.ioi'i Maonktic Insect Pownu Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaohes, Ticks, A.nt?, Garden Insects, fco. It ?eitlaim si Poiton Ltor'iMimitic Pills Are Carta in Death to Rats and Mioe. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3m Mun's Muacvloos Vbbmin Putiotii, the oldest and best remedy known or exterminating Rats and Mioe, Cockroaches Dugs, Ants, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain-W orms and Gardsn I uvects. tl r~ PrinaioaJ n*w>t *10 r gold by allT)ru(f ists everywhere. '' ma 18-3a All .f Homeopathio Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 arid in oents each. Also, in oases, containing ? vials, from $4 te Mi eaoh, with book of fall directions. For sale by OJse* H.&sr? ssrtfsrsl also byF. B. W inter, ooraer of Massaohneettvava-. nne and Sixth street, Pond's Extract of WucK for interaal and external lniaauaafcoes of all kind*. Bow an above. ma 9- ly Washington oitjr, * ? A LOST AND FOTTND. ' f <?ST-A MBMORANDUM BOOK. tetwMn 1-f <\ ?. and Pa. avenue a?t>t id ?t.. Capimi Ihil. i A literal reward will be ?iren to lh<5 fender by leavt iK it at No. 110 <) st, Mand It* I()ST?OaTuevdav, AiuhH 7th, a BUKDLI'. of ' Kvening Star News paper*, nlaininc four cotton of each day for the pi<<h'!i <>f Jnn*, 1891 The, fiadnr will raerive a liberal reward by teUtrning them to this office. au IS U ? BOARDING. Board in the COUNTRY.?a few boarder* be accommodated with la-ice end pleasant R" ni-. at a pleasant and convenient location, at the utictiber s. C mii?? from Washington. For fn th?>r information applv at the Kirk wood House. oreddresAtheauhecMbe ?throuththe Waahinut n ICity Post Office?Fairfax count*. Va. *o ? 3t? LEW IS BAIUSY. J CO NINTH STREET.?Peraona rrUrnin* to I "W*?f3 thecitv from their summer retort* will titkI . vacant several desirable rooms, having the conveI nienoee of gas, water, and t>athinc Clo ets. af 453 i 9th St.. one doo- south ofF; suitable either for fami| lies oraingte gentleman. Table boarders aecom motlat^d on mo<1erate term*. au 18 2w* AMU8EMKNTS. YY ASHING TON TIIKATER. Sole L?i*e? and Manager S W. Gl*nx. THIS ESTA~BUSHMENT *V ill op?n for the regular Fall ami Winter Sea?cn on the night of THURSDAY. Movimi?,Ui. _ _ JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Com?di\n of the A*e, will comment* an engnementol Two ve Night* on MONDAY, November 5th, arxt will be followed !>>the m-mt BRll. I.( \NT STARS .. _ _ In the Theatrical Firmaiwer-t. _ IU" Communieaimn* if ?ddree??H to S. W. Gliikv "Old Howcrjr Theater," Now York, will meet with prompt attention. an M-tf EFRKK CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, Nne York ?renut. btl?l and 34 UtMt$, would respeotfuilj ?(* ftate to the public that A CONCERT ofiflK ?k.l.ERT MITSUI ?ill h< M??V ?9 DAY and f HU RSDAY ?VKNINVigi"<iurin?The i?Mon. at hia Pavilion, oommenoing at 3 o'clock and ending at 1ft p. m. Previoa* to the Concert, tne Saloon ia open to those doaincg to while away a few hour* in the maxy dance. ICK CKfiAM. WATKR ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at city price*. Pnrtiea deairing the Garden* for Pio Nie pur po*^*. are re^neatetl to five a day or two notice, je 18 3m FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otkf uFor Sale and Rent" advtrtiftmcntt, see fir ft ra<? ] OR RENT-AcWi ahie RESIDENCE, on F street. Iiftwen Mli an<l Kth?No. 4 42?o-ie Kqnare froin the Patent Office, contaimne 8 room* ' i-i 'ho fr mta.'d 3 in th? hack building. F?>r terms, Ac., apply ?n the ttreml8''g. su 2*-5t FOR R RN T?The large and well kn?vn HOARDING HOrSK. iNo. 377 P? avenu-. ssi 11 side c^tairiin* 2t well arranged room* all in pviect order, wi h water and gas For term*. fcc., apply to Mrs PRK8TON, No. .501 Twelfth utrwt, Vet wren K and F *u 2S-3t* FOR RKNT-A new 4-?torr BRICK HOUSK with marble manMes and grates, wat*r fixtures, with ha li rooms Al?o, ga* in every room. situat d o? Thirteenth street, between Land Mass avenue. Alo a thr<-o-story-and-attic Brick Dwelling on I! Mr?*t, l>etwe<r. 13*h and 14th streets. Apply at \YM. P. e II K llD'S Ftno Store Vn .".ft-J I Ml, .t m aV6t* I:?or rent-a desirable three-story brick house, No. 27 ' F street, with 17 room*. in out of the best locations in the citr for a l*>ar<1in* huuffl. l'os?e*s on iiven immediately, by applying inxt d'??>r, of A. butler. mig 3t* tfor sale or rent-a new frame " HOUSE, on lt>t?-. street, l?etween K and L, containing 6 c-mfortalile rooms am! a summer ki'dwn, in a pl?-a*ant locality. If not sold, it will he rent- d on moderate terms to a careful, good tenant. A paly at No. jig K st. an 23 3t* f'OR RENT-A una I BRICK HOUSE on Fourteenth street, between and R.cnntainin? five rooms. Rent i$8 51 per month. Refrei.ces r^uued. Inquire of JOSEPH SMITH, Fourteenth street, hotwoen R and S streets. au 37 St For rent-a brick dwellinghoi SE, on Sixth street wpst, l.etweon m sn i N str-ct* nor'li.l No. *230,) containing 8 rooms and a kitchen. Rent moderate. Possession given immediately. Apply uext door north. au *7-lw* l^OR RKNT-A beautiful COTTAGE RESli UENrK,in KitrMt, l>etween l"th arvi lit ?. containing four elegantly furnished room*. suita'>'e fw members of Congress. Wil be rent<*d a to gether. or the room* seperately. A?pi? oi the ptemiscs of JOHN" WATERS. au 27 .Tt FOR R K N T?That large and commodious "RICK DWELIjINU on th? corner ol Sixth and N street* north, containing t-n good room*, with *i?. .? >1 t < T-? ? a>'in| ICOtkilb the r<int will be moderate. For particular* inline at the storo of \VM. 4c E. LOR1), under the dwel1 ine. au *7 3t* FOR RENT-TWO l?eautiful new URICX HOUSES. on Kighth street west, between .M and N xtreets north, west *ide. Apply to MARY C. HA1SLIP, No. 3*1 *inth street west, or Dr. KKA^OY.Nd. 33'i l*a. avenue, between 9th and IPth s~r?ets. jy l2-7w" OTORK FOR RENT.-Situated on the South O side of Pa avr-.. between 9th and 10th, suitaMe for any business. For further part'eiilara enquire at No. :<05 Pa. ave., between 9th and l?th sis. au u 2w THE OffLY PREPARATION WORTHY OF UNIVERSAL CON FIDENCE i PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, niul GENTLEMEN, in a I pirta of ih*wor|d testify to t. efi?aor of PROF. O.J WOOD'S II AIR RESTORATIVE, nod ??ntl?men of the 1'ress are artaniirtoui in it* praise A fear testimonials onl) cm Im> hero given; ?ae ci cuiar for inorf.aud it wwl be irnpossitle for you to d< ubt 17 Walt. 5*t*kkt. Nkw Yom?,Deo 20 GrntUtn n: Your note <>l tho 15th instant has been reo*ived. eaying that ?<>n had htard tliat I had been benefited t>y the uaeof Wood's H*'r Restorative, an < requesting m? oertifioata of thelact if I had no objection to give it. I award it to jrou olise folly, becanse I think it due. My age i? about 50 years ; the c I >r of my ba-r esburn, and inotioed t<> ourl. H me five or aix roars unoe it began to turn (ray, and th? sc\'p on th^o'nwn of my head to lose ita r>en?it?i ity and dand- uff to t'omi nr-*?u it. Kach of these disagreeal.illties increased with lime, and about 4 months ?i"oe a fourth was added t them, by hair fal'ine otT the top of iny Head and tbri ateninc to n alee me Km 1.4 In this unpleasant predirament i wm lodnoed to try Won't'! Hair fteKiorative, mainly to arrest the failing off o< my hair, for I had reall* ot expectation that cray hair culd ever be restored to its original ooior except from d?es. I was, however, freatly surprisd to find, after the use of two hot tiesouy, hat not only wu the falling < fi arresteJ. hut the c'or was e*torrd to th? gray hairs and ensibi itv to the soalp anJdandruffcaned u-fur in on my head, ve.y touch to the gratification of njy w>fe. at whose solicitation 1 was indue.d to try It For this- among the mar y obligations I owe to h?r sex, I strongly recommend all rust-an^s wl o va ue the ad mi rati n of their wives to profi: br n y example, and use it if grow:n< gra? or g?*ttm f?a u. Very resiw otfnlly, Bkn A 1 avkkdkk To 0. J. Wood A. Co.. 444 Broadway. N. \ . My family ar- aluect from the city, and I am no longer at Ne. 11 Carrol P aoe. Hi a x auto .1 Ala., July 20th, !| 9 To PmoF O J. Wood: Bear Sir: Your "H*ir Restorative" has done my hair so muoh good since I o >inmei.o?d the um ? of it, that 1 wish to mike known to the publie of its * ff-ot* on the hair, which are great. A man or woman mi" b<> nearly d-pnvtd of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative ' the hair will return more beautiln than ever : at least thie ia my expenenoe. B?Mi?ve it all . Your# trait. Wm. H. Kknkdy P. S*?You can publieh the aHovo if you i.k ? Br publishing in our Southern papers you Will get . m >re patioiat?tsmth. I see era of yourcu- ] u Don tea in t ho Mobile Meroury,* atrong Southern p%por. w. h.Inn. WOOD'S HAIR HE8TORATIVL. L 9 of. O J. Wood: DtMr Sir: H&viog had the artune to lo?e the boat po tton of my hair, from thu ttfe?ts of the y?l.ow Over, in Nov Orleans in 1 41,1 was in 1ocod to make a trial of yoor prjparatioa. and found it to answer aa the very tnng needed. Mr hair is now thiok and glossy, and no worda ean express m? obligations to you m ginng to the afflicted asok a treasure Finlkt JohksonThe Restorative ia ?at up in bottles of three hem. is: larfe. medium and sma'l; the small hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least 9> per cent more ia proportion than the small, retails for two dollars perb>ttle; the large holds a quart, ?0 per oent more in pro?ortloo, and retails for ?3 O. J. Wi'OD * CO , Proprietors, 444 Broadw*r, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis, Mo. And sold by all good Druggists and Fane* Goods Dealers. au 77-eoly ,a'w WHEELER 4 WILSON'S TTVD rir j r r f <1 Ai r JlljLiEiAS Family Sewing Machine*, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, whioh render then absolutely alt that an be desired, AT THE NEW AGENCV, He. 846 PmrTLTimi A vKsrvg, near 7th street, aaM lai F. J. 8TEER. A?est. WOOD! W ? ? B!: W O 0 ??' 8TOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowee IIIfill tarn. T J A W. M. GALT, Uth " nnrth^} * ibn nun, _ j A> CITIZBNR! . ' * } Ihu ? tl?e time tn h?jr ?our i B*V Put I Winter Fu*l U rfdoc-<t pnc a. While t h*v? a targe and w<*) elected ! V (took of WOOD ??<! COlk }' - *?iiJBiaiB6t^Ji rfi ?u 39 eo?w one ?qu&re north of P*. ?r. THE LATEST NEW S TELEGRAPHIC. N*W Yark Aafrirn SUlf ( MiftlPm?KitcT*PT. N Y , An* * ?In pnmwnc* of * rail tignrd hv GwtaTui Adolpbna Srrogga. I PrMldcat of tlie Slate Council of tb? AniTiiui P rty. a large number of delegmt?a purporting to rrpirtful that party, bare aaaeuibled bere I Tb<- bnaintM of tb? fute Council undrr the constitution of the Order, ll, first, to e)ee< o?eerm of the Council for the enratng vnn and. aerond, t? li* the time ? d place for holding the A men cad State Convention. Tbe delegaVa rreaent are divided Into two rluact One, the Belt and Krerett imn, la led by r.raatu* Brooks. Amoa H Pretend, ftnd J fr C Dana, and the other, tbe Lincoln and Hamlin men, by Nraars Sorog?j?, lx?ua?burv. HntHM ma Mnm The former appear* to have a ter^e majority in number*. While the latter have the organization. A caucus of the Bell and Kverett men wa* held Ikb morning, H T ?tansbu-y,of New York, presiding. A committee was appointed? consisting of Jesse C. Uuun. John L. Ryker and Sam'l Hallott?to wait on Mr Scroggsand request blm to resign bis office and allow the vice president to call the Convention to order, on the ground that he (ScrogL'*) bad openly united with the republican party To this Mr fVrogir* replied, be bad slgnifled bis intention tosnpjtort Mr Lincoln only because he recognized no American nominee in the fkfl<t He declined to accede to the proposition . The committee then proposed that be should recognize * motion, to be mad* by Samuel Richmond. in the Convention, appointing a committee on contested seats This Mr JV-rosrgs ?lte refused to do. holding that it wss bis right, as president of the Council, to appotct the committer on cr?> dentin]* When the committee reported the result of the Interview to the caucus. It was nsoirM to meet in Convention under Mr. Scroggs, and wben the luiiiuiiiwe on crt-aem ais wasananunced to move a* an amendment, lb* substitution of the names agreed on tlie Hell and Kverett men Several application* were then inade to Mr. Scrogga to aarertain where the Convention wa? to meet, without aucresa. the reply being a place not vet decided, but would be annouuted lx f'?r< 1*2 o'clock It was announced In caucus that a picked guard had been appointed to watch Mr Scrngga, and track oat tbe place of meeting. should any attempt be mad* to conceal It: none, however, la apprehended Tbe chances of a general row appear good. IHK UOIVIMIO*. The Convention wai called at Anthony Hall, notice to that effect bavin# been given by Gen Scrota to Jtaae Dann and other gentlemen of the Bt-ll-f.verett committee, ahortly betore twelve o'clock The delegate* at once repaired to the Hall, where, at al>ont a quarter before twelve o'clock, one hundred and twenty had assembled Krastus Hrooka being recognized among them, he wai loudly applauded, but declined an invitation to apeak Charle# J* Macorober, of Buffalo, w*i then called out He said, ''The old-llue whiga are here in a body from Buffalo, representing ev?:rv council in that city, for the purpose of repudiating the attempted tile of the Americana to the republican party. Three < heera were then giver, for Bell and Kverett, three for Kraatua Brooka. three for Waahlnuton Hunt, and three for tLe Americana of Buffalo At 12 o'clock Gen S^rogge called the convention to order, and proceeded to appoint a credential committee, when a rene of wild diaorder-enatied. In the intdaiof which John I. Rlker moved that the vice president take the chair. Mr ll.'a motion was carried, when the vice president, General Ames H. Pr'-erott, took the ebair, and the convention proceeded to huatu> a , when a new {State Committee wta appointed 1 I. ^ D.l. - ? * iimr * *1 airs at .uinirrai> Mosteeal, Anz. 27 ?This morning the Indian games came eft at the Cricket brounds I be Prince arrived at lOo'clock Tbetirit m*tch w<i? at l.arruss between two parties of Indians, and the second between Indians and whites, in which tbe former won This was followed liy a war dance i in full costume Tbe Prince was much amiied There were several thousand spectators, Including the Boston Fust leers, whose band played *-God | ttave tbe ({ueen," the men uncoveridu. and then * Yankee Doodie," the Prince uncovering 'I be game* were Interrupted by a he?vy shower of rain A ball has been tendered by the New York deputation to t e Prince of Wales and neeepted It will take place on Friday evening. Oct 1 -J In con** quince cf engagements already entered into by the Prince, be can oaiy sp ?4 Friday, Saturday and Sunday in New York. He will embark from Portland. ruv, riinw-'* Icnctcdai was nuiuerou?ly attended. Several addresses were presented. It is settled that the Prince civ us ttie exhibition at Hamilton Wednesday week, and leaves the same evening for Chicago A Per a prolongtd discussion with the N<w York Committee.and a subsequent inWvi-w wl h Mayor \\ ?-ntworth. the Duke ?f Newcastle Lis entirely changed the original programme so far as the fl?*rt is concerned, ?ud has settled upon the following plan: After the Canadian tour the Prince will v sit ine ? est, (pending a day each In Chicago, St l.ouis, and Cincinnati, bfgide devoting ? lew days the great prairies Returning, be will rus* two days at Washington, a day aud a half at Baltimore, a day in i'hiiadt lpLia, and three or four days in York In that city be will accept a banquet from those whom this committee repnerut, Ix-side some attention from the Mayor. Hi' will tnen goon to B?>?ton, poasibly bait, ng a d.iy at Provide uce, spending two days at B<?h'<>n. aud leaving thence to go to i ortlaiid. from whl'b port be will his farewell of the 1. ni ted S? u:es The fleet will not go to New York stall, wliic b Is considered a gr?at triumph by tbefirand Trunk ptople. Fears are entertained that if tb^ shl| s should go to New York the seamen would d??ert, and other difficulties might arise At the levee held by (be I'rince to-day there we e 13V Americans presented, and, according to the list, there were 2 judges. 5 governors, 10 colonels, 3 majors, 6 reverends, 2 captains, 3 mayors, and 1 geueral Farther fr.m ( alifirula St. Joseth. August 27.?Tbe Saa Franclaco papers of the 15th Instant announce tbnt tbe ship Ja< ob Bell bas clean d fur Houg Kong with -fl.Ouu feet of lumber, and wheatand fluur equivalent to barrels The Lizzie Spaulding baa cleared for Australia with 17.(M> s? ks of wheat ;.nd a rjn barr-ls of flour The matket for certain descriptions of goods rcntinms fairly a- tlvr. with an advancing tendency, but in others there is not much doing. A In1 broke out In Sacramento on tbe marling of tbe 13th of August, which dtstroyed tbe Union Hotel, ou tbe north side of J street, between Scveuth and Eight, and a number of adjoining buildings The total loss was eati mated atlsO,OU) or tlW AWU. | Tbe San Francisco Herald has changed editors. ana out ior urecKinn?f;e. It u now entirely owned and controlled by federal officers A new Pou:;las democratic daily, riUod tbe Nation, Las just been ?tarte?l lit San Franclsro. A Hell and Kverctt daily, railed the Constitution, has been started There are about S-loO.UUU iu tbe State treasury, but S*?5,Ui(i of this amount will soon go to effect a complete payment of all tbe State prison claims that have accrued to date Tlie Vlialla DelU saya fifteen or twenty assays have bee* made of silver ore from tbe Coro mines, tbe result ranjjin* fromf TOO toS3,UUt)per ton, and averaging *boat 11,'iliO Arrlrtl of the &asu Tm Mall. lsDinsDE.NC*, Aug. 47.?The Santa Fe mail, with dates to tbe 14th Inst , arrived here to-day. Tbe Fifth InCantry from t tab arrived at Santa Fc on the Uth Inst . and their arrival somewhat rwrl ved bust n?n. which waa very dull. The troopa are <? rout? for Fort Defiance The Indians are atiU hoatile, but then baa been no outbreak of any conaequence aiuce the last mall No Indiana were Been on the route, but freah trails were Been where they croaard the road at two f la. ea , The t oopa are puaLlng tliem, and they have no time to tirry long in one place Six hundred troopa were met at Iron creek going to Fort Union: also a large number of peraons on the Arkansas River going to Big Timber. Mr. Greenwood. Commissioner of Indiaa Atfair*, waa met on the^Sth inat., setting along Well. The report of the death of Mr Beat la contradicted. ________ t'lptire af a Haver. Notroii, Va., Aug. * ?A alaver, probably tbe Triton, a brljt?tbougn name it not atonitely ascertained?was brought into this port to-day by Midsblpcnau Farquhar, forty-oar davs from l.oando, en the west coast of Africa Mbe was capture <i on the 16th of July by tbe U.S. steamer Jd ysttc Sbe cleared frtai New o i.?n? in Mwrb last, aad changed her captain sad casw in tie island of Coba. Ne pspcri or eolars ware found, I bey having been thrown overboard ' 5 be was to have taken slaves purr based for tbe brig Delicts, which w? captured by tbe Constellation in December. Tbe vessel above alluded ta baa fhl-e decks, water casks, etc. Eleven hundred dollars was iounu on uotxp. . i ut crew, \w bu^icu^v, o? one of the crew excepted, will be retained aa wltneaaea ?be Is verjr feat siller, and ku been cbaaed by neural American and Kt^llab war veaa.-U. ' N?taan AxcUeaaeat fcT I.i.t i? Aug S7 ? Coita'deraUe f* reagent n^atain Hancock cotnrtr, |t? , retaileo~eo a rtmw tb? Morn,Intend returning tad aettlinr*t Jfauroo, aider Ibe lead of Joe 5t*l fa. Je.. A ?U4 meeting of lh? ciUrepa waa held at Carthago on tbo*tat, who protesteda?a:uat their returning* and declared they would not allow t$em to do ao. - i ^ - - - News (r?a Plkr'i Pnk *T Jntgra, Mo.Ang r -Thf Pikr'i Pr*k ' \pr?M ?rrlrrd thia moraiajt with Den?ar city d? tea to the XLat laat The Pirltrtnrnt la locreaaing la regard to th? rTe?tty diaroweeed at Ire# l<*d? ?r?( Tarrrall and Br rkiaridge. The orr uaxtt from fiK* to f i .TiO to the Uhi ThmiaMdaoT cUlma hare tie** taken, aod many are atampedlag from the gold dVgvlajr* to ttie aHree oitnra The Callferala ^tUrh continue to pay rirhly, aad la the MrN ally, Georgia, and Humbug gulrhtw the nitaen are realirfiig auma from nothing U. s?0 to the man. The waatfcer ta cold la the aouihem mlata. aad there haa beea a light fkll of aoow la the lirrgory dlgglag*Some owi.rr*. ouraged la quaru mill* are aelimg out at he low coat. hut the peweral fhelin^ > one of inrreaatac roaddmee, aad there la a ataady tacr?aa> of auoceM la acpamtiag IU gold from the quarts from alii IIHI ta avi ( ia A M la bow leaving for lb* rlw, m<?tlr la private b?#d?. wbil# Clark. Grub* k Co ?re r*vrt?)ag ai.d coining; ai>out fRf/WO par day Jadge J'angina la Vlrgtnln PiTHtniG, Auu J9?A crowd of between 400 and 5t*i (arsons uoetii bird in front of J iffrtt i laat night to hrar thr tddrea* of Senator Dong la He appeared at S o'clock and vru greeted with trt mrudoua cbeeripg AfUr apraking lor half an l>our a a o:m amor, and thr m etlng adjourned to Pborn x Mali, where th* room waa crowded t* a iflocati' B. Here he ap?k? for two h^ara.and coati "drd amid Uejteuduua cheering and great .cathualaaai. Judge Dougiaa aava ht* receptloa kw e*ceeda anything Lr baa wiunwd aia<-e IrV-, la lUtno a He Irft tirrr thia morning for Raleigh.and m*U there to-morrow night lie will apeak In K?et>motid on Friday night, and learea the next mcrning for gtaunton. (ongresaiooa 1 Konaiaalioaa. I'niLtDtLraiA. Am A-?Wiiitan K Urkain (l)ouglaaite) hu i?*en nominated hy tbe deuo r? of the Bmt dlflrirt u their cndidale for Congt* a. In tbe plaee of Hon. T. B Klontcf. Tbfrt wa. no d'T.kion In the convention. wm aatlcipated Int4? errand district, John l^rodlmd. preetdn.: of the Camden and Atlantic railroad, wn aonil nit d; in tbe third dtatrlct, John Kline. < Oougwa it*;) aitd in tbe fourth dtatrlct, William Mergti. (Douglaaite ) The latky Hill W a|*a-r?ad fxpedtttoa. Liavikwoiti, August 17Tba Tunes of Ui'a citv Ua* intelligence of the aafc arrival at Colorado of tbe Smnkv Hill wa*;on.r?ad expedition Tbe v have constructed a good wagon road front Fort Kilev to Denver Citv and Colorado The party I oat one man in a skirmish with tbe Klowaa There ia much rejoicing here over the final auc cm of tbe expedition and opening of the route Tbe weather 1a warm and verr drr- The met' cury fctauda at 05 degrees In the ahode I he President at (' borlu4. Cvai?U!i>. Auguct'? ?Tbe Prealdentof tbe I'?IW .1 Htatea met with a moat enthusiastic rocep tion here tbta evening on hia arrival from Bedford Spring*. He la aow addr>*aing a large aud ence froui tbe balcony of the Rev* re House and bla remarks are evidently listened to with the create*: intrremt and aatiafartion AlicMf. _ Niwm, N.J. Aog 28 ?Mr*. ImIm H?nt ru.vt r. mgrrl M years, committed sal ride ylti dif by rutting bcr tbmt with i rsior. Sb? was deranged from illness She was highly ? tttmrd. G?? Letcher Ml for D*?|lu Richmond. Aug * ?Gov Letcher published a ietu-r Unt morality. stating that, aa there waa no hope with two w.ngs of the democratic party, ho will unhesitatingly support J idge Douglas Balttmrt Narkiti. Haitinokb. Auk - Flour closed Arm, Hew. ard street is held at SB 50; Olio *5-37, City Mills ?5.50. Whest has advsnced fte , closing active; western red t.lfaftl <4; white 91 .0* 9140 Com closed dull and unchanged. h< *U'out closed dull and unchanged Coffee closed m re active at Italic. Whlaky closed dull New r?rk Rtarkeu. Ml? Vnll Alio -lO rinm hx *tate 3te5 4<j~ Ohlo~?5 75*5 83; Souther* M 75* 5 95 Wheat has advanced !a*c. Cora cloeed qui <4, mixed d5r BeefUqalct. Pork i? ?t ady, me'? tin ifcSal# 75: prime SUU14 i3 Lard iaqulei. W hl*k<l? dull at 22c Flaaadal. Nrw Yoik. August W ?Storks dull ud lower . Cta a;o and Rock Island 81^; lllluoia Central bar- ?7v; do bAixli Wjt; Michigan ftoathern 46; New York Central *?*: Rtadlng ttl. Hud aon Rloer RR 67*; Va 6'sBU*, Mo B. 9. 5'?, >74. 102%. GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMTS for ?tkrr (iforgtunm a^wrlumiaH >M Jtrsi Pf* >-*r- 01VIDKN D f NION HOTKi.COM PA~ Ji NV-Tii?irB-tjMofth? L'a ?iflt4rl Company, lieurcatown. have declared a dividend mr twn > tri per cent - payable out of the oapital ?t??r* W nf f h? 1111mn?a <ii. niv^otWn ?' ti.>n ol Urn ctrtiica m of itncii. tug Jt W. H. TKNNF.V.Tw-ffW. y^LECTI RF. -Prof. L. ?. MATH KWS, of 'K * LjnchtmrK College, wilt delirer a l^otur? imhjfct-Kiitlilis-ith Century) at tke M P Church. U<"'ri(?i?wn, i). C., on FRIDAY,Slat of Auiuit, a?KKi o'clock p.m. Admission 25 cents; ona-hali" of the p ocofd? to M appropriated toward* the Viiuion Church,the other hajf towards repainug LvuchlHir* College. WASHINGTON ROHY. Pastor M.P. Church, an ,7-H WILLIAM LAIR O. Sr. Tmmjaoco, sniff, and segars. AT WHOt.KnlLK. I have to-Ha* r??oeived IS Immk ?.f TOBACCO. ? iiM tmcol pound iitiop', foil**, tens, .arc* and k na'l t?i?t?. Ai'? a lar.e Moffcne HAVANA aad VARA SK GARS. Also, on hand? ISn lioxos of fine, medium and low prioad Tohaeco, 2V,one s-<ar?, 35 >as?s of Garrett'a Scotch SnniT. in ; also. Rappee. Congress, and Maooaboy, Mli.nten of Atderson's and Goodwin's Fina Out Ch-win* aud *mokinc To*aooo, ISO cross of Ffceeih?ai and farlor Matehaa, lno hoxea of Piaes and Pip H-a<U. 75 b?les of KiUickmtck Miwkini, and ail i.ttwr *-t icle s rtrtainms to the trade All of which ere offered at the InvMt prices. J A NIKS WALLACE. No. 49 H i(k street. Georgeto vg. Goods delivered to any part of the Dlttriot free of charge. au >?-lw C _ NOW READY, OCBOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. SLATES, PENCILS, COPYBOOK!*. INK Si A PENS and PAPKR ,?l all etylee and qi'? i'k# at G CR AN DELL'S an 28 Si N'u. 1*** Bridge St.. Georgetown. ^TRAY COW ?Taken np as an estm*. a bnak die buffVio Cow. and Ceu, with white hral; white stripe down her hack : wkit* VMf* holly and legs; ruht ear cropned. Th*^bA*B own ?r is requested to eome forward, prove pri.ptt D, pay charges, and tske h^r ?war. WM. IT SILENCE, an 21St No.**l Market St.. Georgetown GEORGETOWN FIRE WOOD SAW MILL, Coawn Co?tc?K?s st a*i>C?kal Hiekory Wood, sawed in 4 pieooa per eor J * AeplitTAi ' Oak ** - - ?? ? II U m A. I .a M ? K sput o,nr Pi?e 44 ? 4J# ** " - "ft split &.a? " Quarter*, tfcirda aod hat rat at the mm rata*. >? ? *?*. Biokorf. ^ VPS * W. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE ILL Be reopened on Nowm; next, totomi*' H Circulars may ha p-oour*d at SitrOfMi' Crandell s Bookstore The Principal way t>e seen during the week at their new baildiag, Dwia barton t, opposite M. E. Church. T.1SS l&SKB: l-?-_a? V Smao HENKY WING ATE. 8nuWt'WJYE" have Removed. temporarily, 11 in* iibv i.tUYoMba tedaa afcaaa aa?vw. "fcil ?t-*W Ut*T RKCRIVBD FROM THE INTERIOR. J ..rk....vrs?i?.^..r , frssisfi: xJerjCa purpOM*, 4c, nMm H?? amok fta ofport*ity .' BfcALL * Mt THEWS. F^V^^TrBarjKia ffi'a "Testes SiViST : V r?rj Mod?r?*a Apply U> ftAMl'EL K.KENI GR"",i",.,RaXf.,!lfc?Wf??Ki,. lb? ft no. MoikUj in top wmUr ani

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