Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. lar&Mov? UlTliAl ?A fmmg girt ???im mmd iitltn by * woman m*4 m 4og ?About ft sreek ago young girl named Mary And Mtfrphy, made her appearance at tb? fourth ward station-house In a dlitrtmi state of mind and stated tbat alio had Just eeraped from a bouse In James street, where she bad be**n terribly beaten by the proprietor and bla wife. Sh* s'ated that about four daya Kevleualy she had been engagrd by Mary Ann arka, the wife of the proprietor, to do general houaawork On the night of her arrival the landlady solici'ed ber to retire with a aalior, and pin the aigkt wllh blin This she strenuoualy refused to do, and upon threatening to leave the place, the laadladv (teaisud in her entreaties until the next night, when she a?ain solicited her to receive a mau into h?r room Mra. Marks becoming lafiiriak-d at the refuaal of the girl, beat her In a m<st brutal manner. One of the vile Inmates of the house also made an attack upon the unfurif lei a hit nn? ?af hue fl m>a ? k.. iUUiitc k ii, v?? -?? uvi uu|oit, ucr kcrm penetrating to I he bone. The girl continuing to resist, the wretches set a lirge dog upon her.when a horriblescene ensued. The animal threw her upon the floor, and seizing her by the hand, bit it completely through tbn Clm: and it waa only after a desperate struggle tsbe tsc tpedCapt, in i'^linrr. of the Fourth "Ward,upon hearing the statement of the girl, sent her to the Lower Police Court, where she made cm rial nt against Adolphe Marks and Mary Marks, charging tbem with beating and maltreating ber. Justice Welsh issued his warrant for their arrest, and they were shortly after taken in custody and hrkl to answer In the sum of Sl.UU) each. The girl was so badly beaten that it was fouud naossiry to convey ber to the Bellevue Hospital, wh-;e she now lies In a very precarious condition Her hand was terribly lacerated, and the Dhvslcians have fears of hydrophobia ?.V?v York TtiIuh* Tbadi o? Richmond with Bbaiil. ?Tb? Richmond Dispatch says : It is matter of congratulation to our citizens, that of such trade as ts now carried on between the I dited States and Brazil, tb? city of Richmond baa a large and increa?iu< share Wo have now a tteet of tun or eleven bandaoma barks, owned tn tbla city, and trading between this port and Rio de Janeiro Some of there are now in our harbor, and present that peculiarly jaunty rig and graceful hull for which the Baltimore clipper* have a world-wide f moe. The founder* of our coimn?rce with Brazil have shown a degree of sagacty and energy which is already made manifest not only bv the beneficial reaula of that tr tde, but by the eagerness of all the great maritime u&tions of the world to establish and incr?*s- commercial relations with the Brazilian Kmpire. ITT The auite of the Prince of Wales consists of tee Dnke of Xtwrastle, colonial secretary; the ? a - ? .? -? r?ari 01 j?x. licfiMiis. loril steward of the housebold; Major Genera! Bruce, governor to bis Royal Highness; Major Teeni.ile, It. A , and Captain Grav,Grenadier Guards.fiuerries; and Dr Acland, regfus profewinr of rmdictne, Oxford, medical attendant. W itn the Duke travels Vr . Englehart. hit private secnsUry Accompanying tte Prince arc alto bis Excellency the Earl of Muljjrave, lieutenant govtrnor of Neva Scotia, and bis aidde-cinip Capt SLipletou, Grenadier Guards Several other gentlemen accompany the party, but not in any official capacity. Beside thero are sis or seven servants tnd a courier tUT" A lieutenant of an Austrian regiment In Bohemia has invented a n*-w cannon, which. In the opinion of judge*, far surpasses the Armstrong and I Whttwortb guns for precision range and strength, and rapidily in loading. | r~ At tbe Inauguration of the Perry atatue at Cleveland, on the 10th of September. l>r Usher Paraona. of Providence. R.I, who was auryeon of th* l.awrence during the battl* of Lake Erie, will relate aooie incidents of the contest ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J M Smith, NT; W M Co eina:i. N?i; F Mitchell and fun. Ala; C O Pssrce. O; 9 Waggeaiter, Ky; C W Trotte'. J H Trotter, NY; J M Miller, Md; E A Ma>?ha'l. PB Hayes, Pa; H H lvera>n and lady. J F McRie A faai, La; C T Leegett, Mim; J Thompson, Va; J W Pearson, Fla, A H Chappell and lady, Mine Chappell, Miss Garrard, Miaa Todd, J T Crewford. M .as Crawfo'd, A O Bncon J A Craig and f-m, Ga, T A Botel-r, Pa; J Hawling, Va Capt Rulton, Ber; It F Butler and fain, Mr* Roed, Jno Krkimn.l \f,~ l ?.! r> " ? .1 uiuiir, uij ii m ware and ladv, Ala, E M Sanford and lady, TVx ta; \V r* Mou/h^n, Mr? Keall, Mr* Jordon. Mr* Bond,Ga H B HolT, Pa. J Cooper, Md, W Quarre, Pa; JM Newton ?; Rev J H Plunkett, Va; E Cro*wrll, A ScUell, T Franklin, R Connor, J il*rrlaoa,N Y; L Duncan, Md. BROWNS' HOTEL? M Hurley, R Brooke,! Md; A Alley and ly, Ml** French, J* J Barker, C F!?Uer, Va; M Eastman, C >obir?, La. 6 Rl**, NY; uHloau. NC. J Hailaw, Ml** Bailey, Mitten O and F Bailey; Va; A \V Warfltld. Tena: ?n O ?*? * * i ?mhki, mx; U G riton?etreet, Md; Z Kidwell, G Maitlwwa and ly, V*; VV Calnown, Ct; A B Fiahburn, SC: T B Norvi.l, V*; C E Bak?i|ii.d t Udlm, O; G D?no, R Tbvmu, J J Thomu, S Thomu, Ga. A Eeworing, SD; H K Welch, Ct; J McCaoaland. Va; \V C<x>ptr and fain, J dauudera, Miaa K Kending. Miaa Hank, i^a, M Brown, Mlas E Hnnt, .Miaa L Brown, J H Morgan and ly, G SgaroaUg a:. J ly, T O Barria, Miaa A. Craigna'l, Tenn F Locke ma lv,3C; Mra ?V Folk and ctlld, C R Beaeul aud f&m, Teon; A Martin, K Xiqut*. Cuba. K1RKWOOD HOUSE.?A R Schelbler, Md; J R Brockmer, O; D Oalnaborougb, N V; Rlioid tog, Muij W Hook, 1>C; W Ayer, NY, Mn M C Ruck moo and child. Aim; P West and font, !*C, j W H Roften, J T Pickett, Va; N J Caldwell, Pa; W Temple ton, La. WA?rilNO ION HOUSE?W Parrjr, C Abb*r\?Oj, Pa; W Brown, E Style*, NY. I OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From tub Uhitid states. Sttmwurt. L*av*. Ar. Day*. New York.?.New York...Bremen .....Sept. 1 0 ?HO? N?w York_.Liverpool _.?*epi. 1 Haronioni*.. ...-New York.. .H&rnburg Sept 1 Arioi*. Hoctoa Liverpool.. .Wept, o Yanrierbilt. ..New York...Havre Sept. 8 C. of Baltimore v' 1 ...ww i viii. .!< tbtt*pi. i CoaaaugOt ..New York ..Oa w?y Sept. 11 Alrtoa York. ..Liverpool Bopt 11 Jan ......Mew >ork...Lavorpool ...Srpt W Vigo. .. New York...Liverpool...Sept 14 Faiion ??.New York Havr? Sept 15 New York... S'Uth'pt??n. t>3ptl* Canada ?tfoeton . uiverpoo ..Sept 1> C. Wanhinfton.New Yo:k ...Liverpool.. SsptJi l ei Deter Boeton .Seiway S-pt ?4 New Yor*.., Liverpool.. SsptW Bfw-s ?. .New Yoik.? Bontfi'ptnu. beptifi Adnatie New Yorlr .. Havre Oct ? Arico. New York ...Havre ... Oot >3 From Bcaora iio...- Liverpool New York...Aag.SS Kul'o .So?tIi*pton...New York...A?? sr* R?w ? #ik..? ."outlTpton. .-New York... Aug.<Ei orth Briton Liverpool Gucheo....... Aug.? 0*u?ia ?. Liverpool... .Boston.Aug. tt ll'lr.ota. .. . Snuih'ptoa. ..New York . .Aug 2* C. \\ a? kit (ton. .Liverpool. ...New York ..AOg. t Bohemian Liverpool Qn*>b?-c Aug. SJ A*ia .Liverpool....i*ew York..Sep-. 1 LeibeW _.<~?aiway Beaton Sept. 4 Bremen. S-mth'pton... New York.."apt. Ad. la'ie. ooulb'pfcia.. .New York. .*? pt. I' Frlaoe A.berL .. tia way New York..Sept. 1* Armmo * _ nw-.rn* YorK,..Pcpt. rUw York South'ftoo ..New York...OoL o The damna maii ittimeri law New York on Us *1, Uin, ITth. Aod *jth of atcn wonUi, and Cfearieetoh on U>e4t? and 19tS. The California mai. #"?* >?r? loare New York o? ! ? ? 9th %o-t Kith of month. ????y? WNEW GOODS. R H&t? ia?t reomveu a arge ?t"ok of Bioeohed au'l Browa L" TTONS vf tiie i*??t uiakac AI?o, SHEtiTlNOS, TAUbft LINENS. NAPKINS, TUWELLNUS. fRHfl LINENS, J one *?r< a f.AANS. from ?enU to ; HOSIEHY, GLOVES. 0\UNTLKTT.H. WHITE. RED, BLUE a?>4 GRhY FLANNELS ia ra ifty. We Save a few rich ORuaNDY ROBES on h ad wtnoh we have merk*d !? than o ?t. )T*> TAYLOR Jfc HUTCHISON. > 1 TT YV - im __ .. . XX. FAINTER, ftnd DEALER IN PAINTS. No. MS 7th 0T1I1T, imor C'?M F*thw*' Hall. mi S tf PUTTY~75 DOWN. VKKY NICE BEVEN OCTAVK PIANO hftvic/ Imb in u->e ft hurt TrtnS w;U !? old at ft greet iftoritt-e l >t it )B|D U? ovuir Uetn? o to ifftv- tlkHllil Ml*. O uiLft p-*e?f$?, will now ft>r f*0 eeeh.iei* u. ?t Nr. MKTZI- Rl)T PS Mu>ic WW. I ?! fft trn?? Md >B<r< k ?t ? M mW STYLES OK KiOh JRWKl.Ki -H.<>? IOl?L> Im j?at up?ued ft lftrf? ?t ?*. wh h ke *M' f r ?l \?ry owrkla* Therefore tho^r tft\t m* wi? -.ii f to omtt home?j*? 'k-i- ? ? ? -*? "* I * ?, ?IM OO tO Mil Mtl *?!*' * *?? %? I'* P> ?wp>? '* W l/RKSH B'.> K I.1CK, BEDFORD. C"Nr K KM, ?bU otbar JMlNKRAL WATfcRS, ?oi u L i OB btad, by W ' ?. C. FORD, JrDrnccut and Cb?nuit, ftn 14-fv ?n-?f lltli W.??d Pa. a V. irvu,,r.r?r.^vd" *. of h>? <rmu mak?, ih*i ??' * *P? ?*m? U? wi! ?*fn" " U?dv4 r. I ? tb? ??r?rooTnior W. O MLTZ MHI K* > l r. Pt'Mi* i? wank W r4i?he?TTTTl ?o *.-? r luMtWtAMliudrumi'i' b*f *rep?r < nn??:w\.>i?r>. .Mum D*f t-taii*r nf P?it?, ?. -r,u %?d J? "M'thll HP BALTIMORE 1 ?. BLTTEE BOU89L w l>uiljr r-<Kinnj trfat* and ajre?t. in Gosben ptckM? . Ai??. Onto turf l?IM U j. f\T*APLK BUOAR. *1? ?a warn?**? KIN* * UftOMLl* MISCELLANEOUS, pROFOB&Lft. i.?* r^r^aasask ~\ 4 o*^!^i!isVoi!r?i i fortheNavj \ ard at (name ths yard./ tiJMir <> i?ed at thi? ofi e until nonn oa the 13th day of, September next, for furnishing and delivering at the sever*! Navy Yards r?m*l the material* and articles emhrao-d in printed aohednlee, whioh will be famished on app italion. and sent by mail, if so ret) nested, to p*r*ua* u eel ring to offer to eoa tract for any or all ul the elaaeee aasntd thereto, by the eoinmandants of tbe several Navy Yarde, fur tae o'.assrs for the yards under their oomna^d, or by the navy agent nearest thereto, or by tae bureau tor any or all the ?a da. To prei-tnt cm/mio* and mistak's m ronl'ng tk* of. rt, no hd w U bt nrtixed u-Kick contains eia.'tts for Mjrt t tan on? yard in on* invrlopt. and eaoh individual ot a farm must sign the bid and oontraot Wi'ld*rs are hereby oaatiourd and pa'tiou arly not'fiad that their oliera must be in t*e form hereinafter preeoribed, and be mailed in time to reaeh their destination before tae time expiree for receiving thwin; no btd wiilbe cont'dtrtd ickith iknll b* Tfcietd ajttr the pmod .? <?/, and no allowantt wni be made/or failure* tf the mail. To guard against ofTtrs being opened before the time appointed, bidders are requested to endorse on tbe envelop j above the addrees, and draw a line under the endorsement, thus: "Promo.** J for Clan Ae. mum th* tlatu) for ih* iVn vy Yard at {nam* tk* yard " To tie chief of the tfureau of Yards and Docks, V\ ashintton. D. C. ftrm of Oft. (Here date the offer ) 1 (herd maert the name or euiN oompoung the firm.) oiicame thi town.) in th. Stat* o (name the but9,) hereby offer to furuiah aider jour adver ti?cm*nt dated (dat/> of ad \ ertitement,) and ?nb j?3t to all the reqoirem^nte of the same and of tue printed aohednle to whioh it rel#re, ail the articles embraced in class Mo. (name the olaaa)forthe Navy Yard at (name the )anlf)aooord>nc to said schedule, vis: (here paste on the printed olaa* from chejule, and opposite rath ar.icle set the priee a d carry ou: the am >unt in the column* f >r do lara and oents. and loot up tne aggregate amount of the bid fo' the elaaa,) amounting to (here write tno amount in words > I p.opose as my agent there name the ageat, if one ia required by the aohedale) tor tne supp y nud-r the ctaaaej m.?oeMaueuii?. b> a non reaident of the pKoe of deli very; and should m> offer be ac ocpv-r:, i rcquon mo ooairui 11 ay o? prepared and a?iit to (he navy acent at (name tne a??noj) lor aig oaturfaand certificate. ( rirre tue bidder aud eaali member of the firm to sign ) Form of Gnurantf. Tin un<tern<i<eJ (tame ot tiiaractor) of(nam? th1 tovn land *tve ofinaraa the?tate,)and(aan ofsecmd guarantor, Ac.) hereby undertake that th aoove earned t name the bidder or bidders) wi I, ii hia[or thcirj off <r as above be accepted enter into oout<act with the Un.ieU states within fc teen diysaflcrtne dai? of uotio J throiuh tne t'o^tOfho?, ot the acceptance of hi* [or their] offer before mentioned. NVitn^s: (Signature of itjarantor*.) I ce.tifj that the above named (here name the guarantoia) are known to me to be gvod aud ro sponsible guarantor* in this oa?o. (Signature ) Toba*igned by the dutriot judge, dint, tot at tornsy, collector, navy ateut, or some peraon known to the >urt<au to be reaptnaible. I ORT8MOUTH, N. H Class No. 2. r*ton?; o ass No. 6 White pin', rpruce,ju.*:per, and ojprta*; o.a No 7. Lima, Ua rau i plsat .r; cUss No. 8.?:emeut; oImi Mo. 9. tiratnl aud'&ic; ota hNo.1I Iroa. iron iiail*. and k?s; ciass No, 12. dtjel; ola No. i4 File ; o!mj | No. 15. Pa nl*, oils, ana *ias*; olass Mo. '6 SMp ol>a..dieri; otasa No. 17. Uard??rr; a a No It. *tanoner>; o ut No. 20. Hay an straw; t ass No. 21. Prove- dor; ola No 22. Cbaro?al; olaia No. 23. B i.tini. packing.and ho??-;o'a*? No.24.5*permand lutm-a m< oil*; oUaiNo.X. li on online*; c as* No 28. Auger*; olais No. 27. Aithracite eoal; class No. ?i. Bruin.n>u? Curme land ooai. f BOSTON. . Cats No. 1. Brick'; ola?s No. 6. Whie pine, oruje, juniper, Au ; ui?s? No.7. Lime, hair, and plaster; o aw No.9. Gravel and sand; olaa > No. II. In.ii, ( a n?i.'t it a np'lt?; o'aaa N>. it a too ; c a*a No. 14. Ki!e?; ola?a N?v IV Pamta, o la, and K aa?; o tfi No, 16. Ship oliand ery; elaaa No. 17 Ha dara'f; elaaa No- I*. Stationery; o aa> No y. Hay ai d *i.ra ? ; o a?a No. 21. Proveud?r; elaaa Mo 22. ('harooa ; cia.a No 2?. Spe m and iubricat ag oil*: o at* N??. 2B. Au<ara; o'am No. 27. Aut'iraoitw ooai; c as* N'. 2!*. Hituuunoua Cuiabtr and ooal elaaa No 30. Bioad Top ?*uti biturainoua coa'. NEW YORK. C'aaa No. 7. Lime, hair, ai d p'aat?r; e'au No.9. Gravel anil tand; c aaa No. 11. iron,irv n iia la. and apifcea; c!a?a No 12 St*=i; elaaa No. 14 Fi er; c aaa Nj.15 PaicU, <>il? a>.d gi?aa; e.asa No. 16 Ship ctiiudlen; e aaa No. 17. Han war;; o Ma No 1*. Sa ioaer>; otaaa No ?. Hay ard atr*w; e aaa No. 21 TrovcLdei; tlus No. 22 i:h%.rrn*J- n -- o? - ? ? ? ? w 4* Vi I i(? tint, pajkfr, ant h>a*; eiaas No. 14. Sptrra a:id lubrio iting Oilr; fllaas No. A. Au,e a; olan No. St. Anthracte o<>al; oiaaa No. SO. Broad Top sem:-bitummoua ooai. PHILADELPHIA. Ciaa* No. 5. Oak at.d i.ard wo-jd; c'aea No. $. Wa t? pice, ?p:noe. jun'per Ao;ceeaNo7 I, mo, Mir. and platter; oa*< No. II. Iron, l. on apik?a, aid oaila; o as* No. 12 Ste? ; a an No. 14 Fi>?*; e \s? iNo 15 Ka iuk, wile, and *'a??, c a?? No. 16. ^ui|> ohand.ery; o.a-K No. 17. Hardware; a asa No 18. 8t"tioii?ry; o aaa No 19. Firewood; oiaaa N . 5 '. Hay and airaw; oiaaa No. 2i Pr?vender; oiaea No. 2* Ct aro <ai; oiaaa No.14. Spe.-in and lubricating oils; olaa > No. S6. Au^era; oiaaa No. 27. Anthraoitec al; oiaea No. 30. Broad fop and lemi bituminous ooal. NAVAL ASYLUM. Claaa No 1. Cluthi i: !* No ? h.i. >? - r va v> mutm ) | and shoe ; alas* No. 3. froviiium; c aa? No. 4. Gruceri#*; c ua No. 5. Dry Uo da; olaaa No f. InM,ic.; oliii No 7.T bs.000;olaasNo > Milc illanaoue; No. 9 Hardware; oiata No. 10. faibt*,' 1 a and glaaa; olaaa No 11. Lumber; alias No. 12 S'ationsri; oiaat No. IS. Firewood; olaaa No. 14; 0 a ; oU?a No. 15. Provetdar: olaaa No. 16. B. iok*; olaaa No. 17. inpr jvemuat of oematery. WASHNOTON. Class No. 1. Bneka; No. 4. YeMowpine lember; oiaaa No.6. oak a d hard wood; elass No. 6. Whits pme, apruow, juniper, As; olaas No.7. Lime, hair, and pla tor; No. 9 Gravel and aa^d: olaaa No. If. Iroa, iro nail* a x. apikea; olaaa N\ Steel; claaa No. IS. P f ircn; c ass No. 14. Files; nla?a No. 15. Paints. oils. an. (las*; olaaa No. 18. SjM? oiaa.ierj; oats No. 17. Ha uware; oats No. 18. S atio.erj; ciasa N". 19. Firewood; o<at? Nv. t--. Hay and straw; olass No. 21. Prorenu*r; o ass No. 22. CharooaJ: olaaa No. 23. He'ttn$, paoking, and h. se;o sas No. 24. h per in and iab icati ? on a; eUts N .27. A a hraoite coal; olaas No. wS. Richmond or Virginia coal: ?! ? m - umi rln!.i bitumicou" c >?:. NORFOLK. Claaa No. 3. Yelh>w pine turner; o Ma No. 4. Ye low pine lumber; olui No 6 Wait* pino, rp tiM, ]a.iper,&o; oiass No. I. Cemen^ o'ms ISo. 9. Grave, mm) h?J; olaaa No. U Iron, iron naila. and spike*; o as a No. 12. tH?al; olaaa No. 13. Pig i on; e'a?a No. 14. Filer; oiaaa No. 16. I'aiots oua. a d ?1 Ma; olaaa No. It. Snip oiiacdlorv; oiaaa No 17. Hardware; oiaaa No. II. etat on#rj; olasa No.30. Hat and atraw; olasa No. 21. Pruveidei; claaa No <2. r.arooai; o ass Mo 24 SpMwi and laOr.oatiBf ' na: ola?a ??o. 26. Au(? i; oaaaMn. 27. Antaracite o<<al; o aaa No 2m C mhrrlanU itu reinouaooa'; oaiaNo ?> Brotd Top aemi bitominuva coa.; o Ma No. 31. Kaplaoing the gal.eriaa at Nava. Hoapita'. PEN8ACOLA. Claaa No.4 Yellow pin?lmnb<-r; olMa No.l. Cametr; olaaa No.9 ttrarrl and tan?l; oMaNo.ll. Iron, run na:la, and spike*; oiaaa N . 12. i*teel; No 13 Pig iron; olara No. 14. ? ile?; claaa No. i A Paints, oil a. and ?!*?-- *- " , VMS 11U. ID on p q->andtery; No. 17. Hardwara; ciaaa No. B. 'tationerj; No. IB. Kirewood; olaas .>o.?. Ilaiandi raw;o!aa*No 21. Provender; allM Na. 22. Charcoa:; oiaa? No 23 Balling, packing and ho?e; 9 i<a No 24. ?p?rm and LbrioaUng oi.?; Ciaa* No.26. Angara. The aohedala wt>l atate tha tiinea within whioh artio on will be required to be delivered; and w tier a the pnntod rohedule la not Hard, tha p*nod? atatad in it .cr deliveriea muat ba copied in tha bide. Ail tha artioiea whioh may ba cont acted for inaat be oa itared at rucli place or paoea, including drayaie and cartage t*> t!ia plaoa wuere uaod within tha >avy Varde. reapea.ively, for which tha offer ia made, aa may be directed by the commanding ofio#r thereof: ana all otner tninga being equal, pref *r?coe will i>-? given to American manofaoture .No a'ticiH wit' Tie rrceivad alter the expiration of the p?n<>d ?pecfied la the aohedniee for th- o>* on ol deliveries, uclca* ?pwuailj authorised by the depa tm-nu iu computing the olaa>ea, t?? trice c.ttMl m tk? ' ? w,ui? ui puoea *111 bo the ata da'd.aul tkeikcgr'c&teof the oIms will beoarried out aocoroing to the prieea ataied 11 la to t* provided in theoontraet and to be diatiootly anteraUKMt by the h>ddeia. that the amouut and uum >er <>fartta'?i enumMatn 1 in olaeeeaheaded -*Miao?lUiieuuaM are apecihcd aa the prohibit Juantiti whioa may b* r?qoire?t. aa veil m to fix ata f <r deterir iuinc the lowest bid; bat the contractor i? to furniah more or teaa of tbeaaidena m<>rarec art-cNa mvf m suck quantities, ami at tuck at tht bnrtauor eomwutudant may require; a jh icc;rM*. uo*?vm. not to eloped oae-)ia<t of tilt q?Mititire ? aled and requiaitioii awntthr a|h the ixikt otba-.? aaall be deemed aum nei.l notice) Ju iac th- h'.a?l )ear endini 9tth Jaue, >Mt; and vb ther the <j\otiti?-a rrquirrd be m- re 01 le a than th >m ap "cilit-d, the prio?-> aha'l remain th* aaino. All llic aniolea uauer the ooa reot mait be nf th? V- - - itmti. tuv.if, ce.iv?r?d to food order, free ofa 1 uid ??rrj c <Aif,e or ?xp?u?e to the to erumeat. ana utj ot to the iuapection. oount. -eiflit, or mcM u emrUof ftavj \?d,ww t? in All ra p <uU k&tiit&o orT to the eorainand&nt thereof. bxiU rt are referred to tha rard for pivot, ?peoli < M.on?, or aamplca. an J an? fur her dcacrlpuou of tha a tu!e?. ? < utiactoralor <.;'a?*eaheaded ?'Miaoailanenna." ho d-> ni>t re?ide soar the p'aea wbtri the a t cl a %ia to be da ivered, wi.l ba rotund to nam - in thair prop >*ala an a<*nt at tha o;tj or Crtcctral p?oe near the ya.d of delivery, who may 0 oMIed upon to deliver arUcloe tntkout dilay when the* aha 1 be required. A p, rov i u aa ana* in ih-? fall amount of the contra twi.l be, and twcatr jar oeotam aa addttioaal ecartiT ? * until tha oontract hav* baon aomplatea or oanoailod, uni>Muikw?iN aalkor ?*<1 by the de Mitinenv On a.aaaaa of arttolra b*ad*d "Miaaaifanaoaa," to ba dalivarad aa required during tha flaoa i*ir, til* tWMtj par centum rittiwd m;, it tho diaora torn of the ooianaadaiit. bo paid euarterIf ob the ft rat of JMiirr, April, jalf mii Oo'aber, *heo the de 1 rr riM ba?a hooo aa* i eraotorT, ana the I y r osntlvill ft* paid by the raaaaotiT? Nary Ainaif vitiin thirty da?a altar tha presentation of?Ue biua.ia tripUaaU,daly ruaabed and ??.d Na part of h* per antaa r? ear red t? to ba paid aatilallih- rei?*i*d a tielea of*'rod aader tbe aoatract aha ; hove bean reipoved from taa ?ard, idla.a ?p o*l.y aauo.iasd by the department. It will ba ?ti?alaied ia tka Malratl, that if dofaalt ebaJi ba anal* by tba p<rtiee o* tka ftrat part I t MliT?iin< *1 ? ?i inn trtifl ea a ?nti<>ii?4 1 - ft'.j e ft bid I >r. *uft Ltj ftnd ftt tfc? tinM* **r ft ur?> 9 i?vi '< Uieu ftttJ In t iftt ovr t o i *? ' pt t??-? wi i foi f-ii ftnd ft) h) U* L'atud J*'JUC j ft *11 m < f mo-.My Dot to no*-4 twit# th? ft 'I' ?ot of ??<! elftM; wtiak mmy k* r**ov*r*4 from tinift to tnw?.?yndi?t *> to>MttftWim J??? . .? Collator. pUtrtot mm *tk?r peiaoi 3!?^?5j^SsKiiiSias?i;' UoH fr<r theartfateaaiiaed,f farIK eoaplet oa of wvrfce eetioNMed far, mi on whiea tiua mt?t liHmit fa haMd, aaiehall alao have the power to increase or din iai?H the quantities nam*d ia the o!asse? not headed ''Miscellaneous," in the sohf dal? tw-nty five p**eeat Persor a ?how < ff>rs shall be aoeepted, will be notified by letter frouch the pos' efloe, which ?tioe ahftil be considered sufficient; and if they d* not enter into oontract for the aappliea 'peeifted within fifteen daya troin the date of notioe from the bureau of the aeeeptanoe of their bid, a 01 ntraot will be raaae with soineo'ber person or pe'eone, and the guarantors of soon defaulting biddera will be held responsible fc all de4iaq?enei*a. Ail o<Ters not m?de ia .'trtel conformity with this advertisement, will,at the option of the biraw, be rejected. Those only whose offers may be aooepted will be notified, and oont-aots will he re*dy f<* ?xeoation M soon thereafter as may be pr?ttio?ble. _aa l? 1aw4w.Th ^RMY SUPPLIES. Ofiici or Army Clot?im and Equip\e?,( ? PHlLADaLPHIA, Aajust I?, 1880. S Skalid Proposals are invited, and will Im ra oired at ttiiaoffiee.antil lOo'olooka. an.,ofTfca>a day, the f??rtKith ?l?y of September next, fur furniehing hj omtraot the following Amy Bup?lie* ana Materials, de'iv*r?ble at the United EttAtM Clothing and Rquipage Depct, (Soke y Ik ill Ar??nal,)iaquantities aa requiredI. via: ? 3,0<k> yarda cloth, dark blu*.( indigo wool dyed) for c\ps 54 inohea vide, to weigh about 14 ounoea par yard. 40,000 yd? kersey, dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled, *4 inohea wide, to weigk 23 onnoea per yard. t 5.000army bla krta, wool aray,(with thelettera U S , ia black,4 inohea long, in theo*ntrn,) to bo 7 feet long. and 5 feet 6 inohea * id*, to weigh 5 pounda each. 90,000 yarda of fl&nnol, d%rk b ae (indigo wooldyed) M inohea wide, to weigh lu ounoea per >ard. 100,0000 yards tiannel, white (cotton and wool) SI inoh'a wide, to weicn CM oui.oea per yard OA AM ?.J. /' ? a * ' - 1 ou.uw jttiua vaiiiun n&nuei, h incnea vide, Vu weigh 7 ouacea per yard. 80,0(0 yard* cotton drii'mg. urb!cached. 17 inehea wide, to waicH 6)< oanmi p*r yard. 3)JH) yard* ootton dulling, unbleached,Kiaohes wide, to weigh ? oubom Mr yard. 80 000 pair* half atoctinga, gray.3aiaea, properly made r f gocd fleece wool witn double and twnted yarn, to weigh ? pounaa per dosen pairs. . 13,000 yarda Rrasia sheeting, 43 inohss wide, t>eit quality. 3,000 yards, brown lineo, SB inohea wide, beat quality. 10,000 yard* cotton muslin, unbleached, 96 itches wide. 10,000 yarda blaok silecia, best quality. 96 inches wid-. 11 i/oo yards bnokram, best quality, 40 mehes wide. 15,000 theets d'nrwad, cotton. 3i,<*w yards tape, white \ and ,S inches wide. Silk r-d, whit?, yellow, green Mid b!u?, f>r tKgs, per yard. Silk twist and sewing silk, beet puality perpound Line*' thread, W. H No.30*40,per pound B, d i Blue, No. so a 40. do o do assorted colors. No. 31 a 40 p?r lb. 300 doi^n spools cotton. 500 piee?s webbing, 1 ard IK inch. 3^,noo ya-di cotton duck, 2k>4 inches wide, to weigh 15 ounces per yed. 2?,ono yards cotton daok, WS inches wide, to weigh 10 ouuoes per yad. 30 ?<o yards cotton duok, 33 inches wide, to weigh 10 ounces per yard. 150 oord said tassels, for trumpets and bugles, assorted colors 1,f*o yards K inch silk laoe, assorted clors. 10,"00 yards s, K and t}< iaohes worsted laie. do. 17,< 00 nat oorus, wor*t?d, assorted colors 3-16 inch diameter, with a tassel at each end two inches long. Uilki U..I>C.UL.r. v?? - . ?,.v> ion ??, irTtvt ^dihii), ih?ob 01 rooion and fcmlull coney and Ku?n? Hare*. p,mn !?laok ostrich frathe s, 2 inches long 1; j?*t b'a*>a rai(!e>. i??*? brwi erut-aid uai.non. 5,' ?* rio bucies. 3ml do do aabrra inn d' castlea 6,'no do knapsartk trimming* rot*. 60 do speara a .d lerulos for undone, and eolora. 800 groa* bnekles, iron rollar, X and Ijj moh best qunlit* &' gross buiklea for n*ok atooka. 1<*i pairs NOS braaascaler. 9in paira Aergeint'a braaa, and 25 pair bronzed aoalea. 8,000 pair corporal'* and privates' braa?, and 15> pair bronzed scale,. f,nm gross cf at button*, beat aua'.itj, 2^0 groaa ahirt do do gross suspender buttons, do IF* bugles. with extra month pieoeg. 1*0 trumpets. do 2"0 fiion, U ar.d C. 30 drums, complete, artillery. 80 do do infantry. ant d-> heads, tatter. tvm do snare. 3>o do scares, sets. 2 0 di sticks, pairs. ? ? do oords,< I ita'ian hemp, 1 * do sliniis s o tent soles, wa'l seta. do servants' do t,oort tent pins, honpital. smalt. 2,000 uo wall, large. St,AM do imnon j?*voo tent buttons, two >d) small. 2U '00 tent slips, d? do luOgamso .1 fi\g htl iards, of Italian hemp. 140 recruiting do do do do 2.niii pound* oott'-n sewing twine.6 and 8 strands. 15,oo pouncs M Mill la tent cord, large, medium aud email, b"?t quality. 15,noo tin oautern* with nork stoppers, 3 pints, to weith llfcj ounces 400 iron pots ?i.h tail*. S '??' mesa pans, aheet iron. 2,'?m uarnp kett .Ml, do 3 WZM, In nNtl. 1 OW atokaxes. 2 w?igh6K and 7 pounds 2 (*? r?l!inc &xm, oast tt el, but auality, 3 eiset, 1 0 o pink axe hand:**, best quality. ;,<?>> telling do do do do t (100 camp halo bet do do do 2rt*i spades do do M stove* for Sibley tent*. 400 chain* for Sibley tents, ifti. AH the bo* e mention* d articles must oo- form ?'* al' rtxptett to the scaled ktaa'lard patterns in this often, where they oan be ex*min;d, acd any additional information in regard to then will b? famished. Sample patterns of the woolen aid ootton oiothea will be aent by mail to bidders; it la denrabie that the artielea be oi domestio manufacture. rhe privilege ia reaerved by th > United t-tatea of the quantity one fourtn on tiie aoorpt anoe of t?i? ' *' _ ,?- ?, mt? vi luorcMini it from one third to outi-ha f at any tni? prior to thi 01 in plrtion ol the ooutraot, by giving toe contractor thirty dijra notioe of a?oh r!r?ireJ iucra-e; and of rejecting any proposal which may be couaidered extravagant. The manufacturers' e?tatliahm*nt or deatera* p!aoe of business mnst be apecitieaJly stated iu the proposal, together with tue name*, addresa, and eapon?itiihty of two persons proposed as teouri tiea, with the acknowledgment* ol eaid peraona that they will be aa<*h -coniity or will be ta'pouaible ttat good seourity be furuiahed in oaae a oon tract 1a oi tamed. Bida from manufacturers of. or regular dealera i the atlio '.a. wil> be pr?f -rrrd, and contracts will be awarued to the lowrat res?on?ib'e bidd-r. who shall fur iah the required ctcurilies for the p?rforniar.oea thereof D?livrri*s to mmmmoe within forty day" after theaocrotaooeofthn proposal, and one half nfth? Donmctfti lor u.uat Ic dWivrad in equal nmnthly proportion! w.Uiin Ic ur months from taid data nfMMflwt*. anU the ro v.tindtr within three months f.ereaftflr in monthly or gnater proportion*, aa the onntraetor m*? find convenient It it to ha diatinotl* nniemtood tt at cont act* are not trin*f*rabl? wu out the oonaeat ot tlie prop*' authority, and that an? a?le aaaignment, or transfer, without auoh aoisnnt having he?n ol> tain'd. (except under a prooeai of law,) wll! Im rej*'d?d a? an at andonment of thee ntraot: an.l the ooctraotor and bia aeouritic* will he he a re ponaible for all lota or da * ate to the United Ma'ea which may ari?e thereftom. Payment* will b? made on eaoh delivery Ten per oent. of the amount of raob delivery will lie retairad until 'he ooctraot shall be ooinaletad, which will Iforfeited to the Unted State, 11 eaae of def?)oa*i n on the part of the coutraotor in mlfillicg 'he ooniraot Forma of propoaala and guaranty will be fur niah?d uDon -? ,Li nv mi* o in op, ana bobs bo oonsidnrwl that do n >t oonform therato. Proposals will h? endorsed?"Proposal" for Furnishing Aim; buppli*" and Ma*.eria!s," Bed r>" addrMsod. CHS. THOMAS, Co'onol, bu 31 SiawtSU Aaat Q. M. G?ul. U.?. Army. rp PROCLAMATION 2 1 O TUK CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ao. IflirMi, At th* present hhoi of the yerr CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEFSIA, DF.BlLITY.Ae.. A*.. :i A - rr?v?u mi i?n na-ming extent: And xcktrtai, ' F cT"N8EQUKNCB to ry teuul) to liov >f A REMEDY at onoe Sufi, Sp'uly, and K&artou*, DR. MONTARDE, or Pull, Cera bii / MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLHR at the m<Ht CERTAIN AKD KFPECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la oriK to ntufr THE PUBLIC that no imfoaiUnn w intended in the sale of thia Great Medicine, THE MONSY WILL KB REFUNDED Ml c*/ Cdllt when the medicine Uila to (ire entire eatidhotUNk Aaki then at my Drag Store for .....w ?#vww I 1*11* IKiLERi uki M diroctod, and if not perleollj Mtitfied, Return to <M,r^?^tALARKf EPq 4a &n*\ ?od P?nD?); VUII A.v*rn?, who will reread yoar bomt. Frio*?Sf ud 40 Coat* tm Botik Por ado kt ail DrngjKeiw ww; rim JAR. ttaDOHAB1.1? 0?n*r?rZr*rt, _|yll - otr iaumof. J^JAGNOUA haM,!MAOMOLIX HAifjS!! rtissfes: / 0 TRAYKXaKHS' DtBJICTOBY. Ths ?nder?i?n?2fcr?now rnnmai Daily,(exoaft Sunday.) Pour horse Coaches b?tvMn waahinirton and Upper Mar) KQf boro',an follows: 111 Ir***? lmto the Steamboat Hotel, eora?r of t?ev?nili treat and I'a at7o clock a. m. Returaiag leave Upper Marlbo-o' at 11 o'olook a re., and arrive 1a \\ aahington at So'clook. in time to oonaeot with Ure san p. m. t am f?r Baltimore. The Coaohea ar? new and ooraraodioaa, the team* trat-olaas in the bauds of careful aad accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro. 50 eenta. To Lona Old Fields. .. .35 " To Center viil? 38 * Ftei<nt and packages in propo'tion. au 15 tf OSBORN ft CO , Proprietor*. Ha??? Cbimoi or Hovas. ON AND AFTKR %V KDNh.SDA Y, June 13th, iwn.tra.n.wlil rap aa follows:. n?Hiiia|wn Mo^ana 7.4n&. in. heave Washington at 3.2u aod Sju p. ul On Sunday at 3? p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4J5 and I 40 a. tn. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.30 p. u. I >n Sunday at 4 *5 a. tn. Passengers for the Ka?t will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4" a. m and 3 SO p n. For tbe Wnt at 7 #?a. m. and sjn p. m. For Anoapolls at 7.4<> a m- and lit p. n. For Norfolk at 7 4? a. m. On Satarday evemag the ijQ p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS WITH Tim CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. fiSiiUUilBMH ALL KAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tenmssee, East '1'enntssee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memyhis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, /Veto Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MfcMPHTs~ROUTE: Memphis by R? l,th?no? l?jr Pint olus Packets to Now Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MontfnnArv hv BriI K" p' r ?-w ? # i iv*wa*v wj r list' class i'aokets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lako Steanera TWO DAILY TRAINS-Snmri Iwclcpto, LrsTt Washing ten at 6 a. m and 6 p. m. The Steamer GKOFOB CAGE leave* her wharl ' fo<>' of Seventh street at 6X a. m and p m. and oonnoct* at A rxandna with the Orange and Alexaadria Trains for the Sonthweat. Office?Pennsylvania avenue, oomer of Sixth at. KA??A?B CBKCKBD TBROCSB TO I1V OBLBABi. Lynchburg ?f7 50 Memphis >31 on Bristol. 15Atlanta J* Kooxville .... ?_.S0?>> Maoon ? <*) Chattanooga H on Columbus 51 51 Datton..? 24 ?t Moo tcomerv ........St 00 Hunteville / viaMeinphis.43 SO CrBnit I linA#>?a on Aft W * ?- - " * ? """ vnn. t una..?? w Nashville .25 *<'l \ via Mobile.?45 no THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY MY RAIL and is 200 MILES SHORTER, au4 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any oth?r Liae? the Ljwlibnri Exiersion beiat now completed, as also th? Missicsippi Centra!, makinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First olass Sieep-nt Cars! I To New Orleans 78 Honrs. Metnplas.,t4 do. Montcomarr II do. ?ia'.tmlle - - - - - .46 do. IDT The U.S. MAIL~awl ADAMS' EXPRESS . ar<? taken over this New Line. noreta can r?e oMnined at the Hon*h Weet*n? Oftoe, oorner of Sixth n?roct and IVnnartvania ? - i enue, tn the following point*: LjnoiburK, Driatoi, Kooxville, Atlanta, 1 Cht-Kanooca. HunUviiie, Grand Junction, ftlaoou, Naahvilie. DaltOn, Colmnbua, Moutcomerr, Mobile, Jijomphia, and NEW URLRANISI \n~ THROUGH TICKETS TO THE J A- \ RIO 08 V1RU1X1A SPRINOS. IC7"Oranibn*ea aad Bagface Wajooa leave the ofioe M 6 a in. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tl-Jket Aient, ma33-tr Corner Htxth at. and Pa. a*. ' THK 8TKAMER J AS, GUY WillY?w*m? her i * tup UM 1 UIjJUA I ? HiT or ^ February, 1?0. Will 1mv? WASH IN6TON ovary TUESDAY FRIDAY, at 6 o olook a. m..and A I-FX ANURIA at half-pact 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate landings. On her return trip*, he will leave (JURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at s o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 9. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU811. Ai't, Alexandria f? i? . P"8A9E'3T^M?0.?iLB i"B The New York and Virtizua Screw Steamship Company's new and elegant steamship _pnaiL MOUNT V ERNON, Oapt.T. C. will leave tho Coirp*nyrs Depot, Wes-"^^^^^ lern Wharves, at UKj'oloofc a. fn. every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at S o'olook p. m. same da*. Passengers from Washington and Seorcetowa ... I.w.'w. -_l - vmt tno uyiK'UOl UUIIfleCU n* with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, whioh ieare the oorner of 7th at/aet and Pa, ar&nuo nearly, or they ou leave oa tie sta&insr from tk? Western Wharrea at II 'clock a. rru Bute rooms can ba engaged on application ta Messrs. Morgan ? Rluuehtrl, Western Whanrea Freight wiii bo r-aeived up to the boars of dapar tara. IC7* Jnaaraaoe -will ba effnatad oa all foada by thisuna at tha oAoe of tha Company at X per teat prsyruum. , . Tha aooommodattons for passangera b? this Ilea are in every raspeot &rat ? aas, and ovary effort a U he made to render this communication with Flaw York aq Mreeable and healthful one. Por freight or paatige apply to FOWLS A CO., Agsnu, Alexandria. H. U. CROMWELL * CO., aat-ly M West at., corner Albany .New York. NOTICE! f'.GUI.AR STKAM PACKET LINK BETItrII ? t m. ?s/vn ? - ? A ?f TiT'll DAlil 1 HH-? BK A W D k WASHINGTON.-L?ftve Commem* at. wharf, Baltimore. m fol OVI s XMSt Nic-hol i ?t#rt WBONE8DAY,?t? m. Columbia, ev*r) SATURDAY,at6p. ra l.eavo Ki!?T'? ?Vharf. at the foot of Uth atraat. Washington, aa ful'owa: ColWbta, arery W RD^KSDAY WORW1N0, ati Sr. NirHOLAB,?Tery SATURDAY.?! . wl For fraigiit, ? a., <ippi? to YhOS. \V. RILEY, Aseot, Rilej'a Wharf,at jh?foot of mar Ut-TATfirn 11th at.. W a* hint ton !\1KW YORK AND WASHINGTON Tko Wfrnmer^o/fNT^KR^ON will ? ** A t ? -- * - aiomxma ana waniinfton for New ajruiti ?ort EVKRY WkllNl&DAY. at j'olock p. m.i awl New YorkTor uicton ?*w? Saturday. at 3 o oluek ?. m. PtuoDcri can join the ?h\p at Alexandria ataaj feme beforo the hour of tho ateuuner'a departure. N. II.?lu the event of the atoainera inability to orom the bar :n conae^aor.oe of low water, all toot!a will be promptly lightered to and from Um mfmmm bytke n&dereigned. I F.r >~.>.Tfl8ttayg^a|N eo*-8,MATtr WmUti WWm 1 |MPOETANT TO HOUSBEKKPREE. E. R. DURKEE * CO.TS I aBIiBOT BPIOIUI. eoarantaed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, i bat eround from freah Spioea, aeieoted and olaaaed by a* eip'eaniy for tue pnrpoee witlmt rafanpM to ooet- They are beaetifniw -H Sp>OM *r? almost lurariablr abort. Wf warrant u % tiarl* trial will abandantly prove. Manafrotared only bj JUST RECEIVED. ana for ?als 81* J AS. CLARKS' FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS. Mio, REYNOLD'S SPECIFIC for Gout or RhoumaliMti, bj ? C ^ Tlrt * aa 14 Sw oornar 11th at. tad Pa ava. Am wm. t. dove a co. ^ _ RE Nov prepared to axeente aaj ordara with 'jgjLm Rrnni T JA*-? BiT-fflS. I Mu rr wtw inh ?trSSdF*^Tjg_ p vKftS??5'23 .ft^VEEgs? ^i?nd w^xuo f .u.^rrr? w W-tw oQI>E MISCELLANEOUS. Si> f ^ j? XOOVOXY! V\ / S&J} DWATCMI \-/*TSirt tk?_Piett?! At ?%d*nt* wtll Upy??. m ?*t n?land ftmihM,* is wm4minN0 ta k*f wmmmmtmm ia4 (OBTcnlnt ny for rtytirin Pvulan, Ttfi, i Oroakary.fca. PiLBIN'l PRKTABKD ?.? all aaoh MMMMhwd mo koMffeoM oMi .ITA^I . I *1 I. 1- ? wv?u W WO WiUIUIl IV* II B w?J *! ^ to lk? sticking poiat. Tkar* ic ao loagar a ?>? aitj for limpibf "< raaaara, ka*<!.**a dolia, and broken cnur??. It i? Jaat the article for oiw, abed, and other rtuMMDtM work, ao popaiar With of refc newest aod tHU. , ain't fl^tS* alaable *aaJit>?a oftko boat aabt not Mkwr flaa. It my be im4 ib tte ylm of Hiitry aMtWc*. being raat y a?or? adbeatre. " OSKFVL IN MTgRY HOUSE." Prim,* oaata. N. B.-A flraak aooonpaaiaa aaok battla. WkilumU Dtp*, No. 48 Odar atraat, Nit York, A rid rata HENRY 6Ti?PAL,MN? * OOBox 3?6?0? V ork? _Pat ay for Dealer* in Caaaa ooataininc Poar. Blent, a04 XT81W I>OSM?? LlUMfrB#file show Card acoompanyinc aaoh UJ- A jdncl* bottl# of BFALDimra FRMP (HKD (rl.VK will ?rt ten timei ita oo?t manually to ?rer* hou?hold. ^/H Sold by all prominent Htat1on?r?, Pmilite. Hardware and Parnitarw Dulin, Orootri, aad Kaccj Sioran. Country nerohauU ?lioui?l mak*aaoU*f SPAL DTPr&S PREPARED OLDS, wbii naklac M th<% liat. It will atand any ollmata. felO ly Qfy* ? Tin IHi*f iiaimiafMr^ xih- 1 t** <0'jA /? at w (U< Mw w ? H ?f? / "?? */'*? A? Si J J <2" ^ jfe1*' 0^??r </_*??. pffvd if jT JS& KZua& f**?'4*rtk, rt~n . -W?. It ., ? F jk*v - fjk: ???wt,n.^rt?wt)l, , ?.' ^fi tit r?nm at l? Us MmUmmai , / *5^ ^ t /Vx. ^ l r n CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ARnmMYWHlSKFY Wiiiaiuv llUUil IIIIIWIMI WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM S! HEW YORK. fOR BALR IN WASHINGTON BY T 7 ly BARBOUK A 9KMMM. ffliEgAH i SIPSOHljj ' We offer for tale the abore etandard hraad of in* Coaoor-DieurVea Maltoe R re Whiefry, in barrole andnalf-barrel r Ae it ie of oar otri diatalia tioii.Md hichiy lmprovori b? ace, w* wnfiwAf rtKM'irtnisLa it m the rvaMT andbo?t_Whiai j thai oan poaefbly bo dietilW.Wo aleo offer omr OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, afid othftr bran<1il froro i t^e Largest atnok of Fiao tt uui&iDl ifi U1V t qikvi s(AI6I FKEKMf N * SIMPSON, Phoenix DietWery, on toe Bonayikill river, Phi la. Oflioee-96 Wall tract, New York; ami 10* S0.1U1 Front street, Philadelphia. mar 9-ly PABAfBffi?W LIGHT xrrowf! We a**i now receiving Pa>aAae Oil dlroot bom the worki in weeWn Virciuul. The tualit) of it 15 ex^lent. produoinc a rttair, bril iant and heaatin' light, ana more plee?nt to th* "yes than raa light Thi* Oil ie Tt9? froma4a*teraUoa,and rerr ?eeh morn Moeonml than many of the Coal (Hie isetf at thie tii??. iBr It la in no way exeloeivawe kr*v also a aujjiij of the most approrod tylee of Lamps, bnrni" A nati fnr itm Ml? tkl n.-.-:-. -r A - M. I (VI tyicwici Ol V'UIB?I1I>?, Uoriw h lfteentk it ?n<1 Vermort a*. Great Kauavka Con aod Oil ConyMj. ma li HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Scales are oSered to the eubhe m Im moit simple, durable, aod reliable ?oalM erer nt ta me. i'tr?toia?? premionu hare been aw*rdedih?a bT the United States Fair and Virrima Ac-iouitsrsl Society; Virginia State A?riea!teraJ Pur; Franklin losbtnte Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, Ao., i?. la every mm vk*rt exhibited thy nave reoeived first oiaes premium For ueatlt l.ou eiaua avenue, Dspotof Suler*> Chi; ed lroaSeMo. <U It-It R* o. PATTTSON. Arwt WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMtt. v v MM M K., two doorl north of rm. iM. Now u the time te get SPRING and SUMMER SHIRTS made to order. Th* Mb?onb*?r u prepared to make 8R1RT8, DRAW BR 8, Ae.,at Uw Fhm i r k. piie, I POTOMAC WATER I am atill ewa'ed in the PLUMBING end OAS FITTING BU&INK39 at mj oldMu411PtoUarmoate Hail. The advaatage ?f having a pieau/fcl MMlr at water *m readily oVeer **d at the Are at < ealerday.aa I am well aati'led I ahoeid have been bnrnrd out bit lor the bouhUful apply apor mj premi*?? and th?t of my neighbor! All order* for the mtrodiintioa of Water and Oae will be proaptly attended to. Tei? aa m D!? aa ur piumrxsr in tba oity. )jr | C. SNiDBL 11/ OAS PIXTUI8I. sndYiniah, auperior i? ?tjrt* to ^.nythinf haretofera o(I>r**i in thia luark-t We innteoiusea* ( naraJ It to oaUl end enmiM our atoek of Uaa anj W*tw Fixture*, feetinf confident that wo hora Um ktal alectaa a took in WHluiftM > All Work ia ik* ahova~kaa ttlniM to oar ?aro will b* promptly attend to. MVER? * - riANu sr ir* FOR I ^aaf/riio 1 )yg Pa.%TMbatw?a?tkaad atti at*. ?A " ? ? soM (>a r?oiKl^???w? 'pktMt I K.?wm s"5ai?af1it_?. >i iu. ? uTS. V iaSiECT. , B-Massffiesaass ? WW elyle. Also MwaiMBt H??<1 TabJo Tom. Ac., mhich he Km to di?p??? of m frioe* to ait tk? Umei. Al*o, Brown (Hone con?Uumr\*pt on^wed^Pbrakerw'work ^oinr|^1 P KR80NM^D?Ht^l^Tn^^'kc*>aig^o^ !<>r p MVHClXm. uamrnii. mm ou..^u ?. ~<t POft ALL MSEABM OP mPBl'NDK*. lmt JTO mil hxlkac7 fb.etmkt. APPLY 1MMKD ATBLY. 4 cwrk wjm&jpmi*. ok jro niiMf, /* i?o? ojr* tt> nro day* wmtmmt *t im l?g. miwn a??mwm fcwSySiiti Hi mTVw ?m4lU? Hm af MM*, hlikaUM ? m ?f Itfti ? IMmm *(111 wt.nms m w ? , Alt. >i? Hi TirnM* HX><m 4<?M| MtM) > >* ri ? > i>m DtmMI u4 Dmuhsm huMn *? ? into Ntnwp layIIMl. u4 omi; Mm fct| MM Mm *>iiui|I ?k? MM t?t<M iti mww W toau; fh^ ton toiM ut M? rtn> malf mif eewwwiy p??i il m ?4? rfTn?( Mm rfOM nti ? MB<M*4 i?MWi???WI ir&iamia rf 11IWInw MHMf Ik* lln^ l|f?, MJ m! UmO' SpMMIlf T ' M *W iluii kiBMlf *?< OM ton Klh I. (( ?. Mly miUi a Ms kmr u i |mU?*u ?i w.Miii y n<< kk ikill u > omcs * t o?r? rtanmcitruiT, Ml kul *4>|l{^1 ^rtnr!T>!-< nrTtr-* ?M X pi* i?4 w>li i >u?f ML joanaroB, wk?n ?rtk? E?r*l C?n?f? ttfcuim, fr ? 4^. inlaw bwMrflUMiMbMUIvah*! ( IVIIMV tta|TMUi fu?W rtiii lift U? k*M ifMa um bw Iku4 ?* ?! tk* MM mn*Ci| tira that tin * ? tMn; ir??V?< wfck rtafiaf <k? k?*4 n? tu* VMl ulMK ??? Ml I M?.| lliml M WMO Ml*, WakfateM* vnk htjitM ?Hi>m- ui?*M mm* uu runuiut moth;i. Tnu Mm u>4 Nktn !?( ??? niaMltw *j t MlUla racuc* ?4alf*4 M ? ?? kakfc l**it*4 trmrn *?ii coafuiau. at at MM, ifc? ? < *ttd in atffeUy fait akta a?ti#f?*M if a*t ? ?<, ran**** BHfUfi i*4 aafl Mi, afeaaU <?M*iatalT . Tin* u* *ni W Ik* h4 ul Mlutklljr irnWkiaf to aailv tobita */**atk via t W*?kn*** aftka (let **4 Uaka, P*ia* 11 tk* rftil, Dia?*? af >iyai. Li?y* Ma*t ?w N??, Pklp?4a?anaf tk* l?*?f., P?fap?j. W*i fi ImakK tf. Daru|?nwi ( tk* lHf*aa*t f?*t>aii?. (NMl 0?MI'K aymgtanw of Cattaaiaptiaa, Ac. MeNTALLT ?Vk* forfal ifittiw tk* aM M*a?atia ha IrailH-Lw rf Mtmn,C**kM* rf Him, f>if? mi? TBMrfk. E'll rmr -i, 1 -m_ *aiA . . U?iw iI>?? <?. T\mmtAr, mm j Ui Hill |? "tiniTon DKSIMTT -AN* IU ?} ?* **> li Ik* ftkttr <MlW?| k?il:k l?ttn| Aril 'f(H. k? y vol, ftli.iiniii u4 iM-.itu4.kt'K| iwftltr ?yywn?M skati UM I;M, mtyixptM*W wutaftio or IMPBVDMIC*. flu lk< BII|(U<4 ul ??fcrj ! >imn M? k? ku laMktl th* hiiU rf tl>N f?i*fa. <>? , K L?? ?**?? bapptni au in-4m< t?M? ?f ?*? r*< h Iii?4 M lMc??*rr IM iyyl?i?| u tk? <? (?" ull MfttMbilitj, iu imi lifm?4 bta H? hlk mi ik? huU* / iU pnitkim, >> , KU^UK f ciriu, lick hta ftcaiwr; nNliiic?,iiif kia Mftogt Mttfc >rir m Ji, *r > |*nf M Ik* wnatlMt fa* taa W >1 taia*4, u< w Ittptir Iwti ki? Wk m>i< Mild ta Ikti ??r ka nili-'f IwrrmUMnl; ar ? y ik? ?w?fitn Inly pmn, ?rt?ry. kaaua tk? rtwuml ml tk4f dmbli diatui,iKku tliuMMt'Aa an.Tkraai. kio.ka.. pnmMui witk fri|^AI nftAtj, lilt <? p?ti > Mn?d ? lin IrtiMl aafanr.ra ky i?ii*i?| kaktiiii iiM(t?n4 untry fMn m tnf?lw renni ML wamontiMEnT ron<?KG AWIC viiuw AMD IMroraCY. 7 UU (fMt ui lopMU>i r?w ?4y tMteMI W *4 MMM u< iptlil; iiri4 ki? '4l <i|? t?R?r?< ftwmh ? mm mi i?m tp< <rW k*< Im nil >?y?. h**t km imi4UMIT All Ifiii?i.u u m m ?ml tw Ml fctlnH, Um ?f PtKiwin PttM, >M??i IWIlMfcl ul ViUiwm Elktnia Wlki mmmN kirn* carat. KHDOMBMiarror ru? ntu THE MART TO 0 VIA HI* cm< utMi iaat??uaa a*?M? ft* ItM ranraaa VMM, ud Om NMrw InfmMlM Ml (pinuMi f*rfmrm*4 by t?r. Ja> kf ? run ef Ua pt^tn u? au; Mh mi ?f VMl kiti muni ?f?ir, ul fain ktho <V? >Mm, fc?tfdwUiMiilK(ui fNiltiHe ( U MMIaai IMM^ Mar.ii>Na?M|?MMMHikt*(M4 ***** JOY F??K THE bl'""K AND PBB|NG? LJET ALL "Wit if AFFLICTED AFFLT TH> REMEDY ME JO teg HEALTH. Fr??nd. do ye* wtf.r? Ar?jnt tk* TieiwnfM; of those nanwoaa ailment. which i im iron I* fully of the bl<Kd.; WHtirt ' yoa Ml " Ilalber a-k. h\t a e 'he* r.<>> Ik* h; J .? tk-. uaroe of til* and h-?th an<1 it i? ti;? lr?t wwii of oar beinc to r?apoi.d to ? >* eui* vliteb ?f til* iTitwn.u Uir pnlw mfa llHla attoo's rka ** rr yrmiliu Nrtriltw u?irnuun? Krr? hm th* aubll* SSsrotola the *ko< lame klitiiUtiM, K?h vuu Dfb.ii ?, p<p*m. Lnor tompla.i.t with if torpor ud (f-jeotioa, and tc.s nambr loot ills that is bfir to, doriri -hair hidoona onfin frwir, th* bioo<i. D?al kind ) th?? and r*itlr wttti th# blood. U(*tli? TiMlmnf r*0 men of d*Iin lor iu aid, aud aaff-tr ia(oajnm?<M to faar oonfcdoooosci m that tra.j v? sibla flioanifat kaoaa aa MAS M. COTS ISDIAX JkOETABL? DKCr>CTlOX. vrita r*f?ra U> tfeU a m->et io/tllil** ?p?eiftc pop* V MMtitTiMit ?^?ken in < |?m?. Lk? wiiwin of UU |?ctt >??f m? * ? Until by tOMlUt V# ?#n?tk Hi U- Imm*' r*uiM from iu mm %r* after %!i cHMi remed.e* nod the heal mnfliatl *4ill hare fried L?( Mr, 1b renc!n?ion. th?t o?rtlfleft*a rf t(r? not ing|ht frnw III" illiterate ?r?T NMt they are rolmt>?t4 t orn Ik* a?i<r? roiroM (ii-< j?*Ufy the hichaet t*-tne %m whin* it U poetiMe to on??en4 m nliik? a ?. ?rfio to pah ic ippi vi, We m*T ud alM thai tbe ouratire proprrtieio' the aiediciae ar* equalled only hy it* reeu>r?ttr? effect*, the reocrer inr from die*aee wi h renews eonetttnt'rna: rtrnr. r or Mi* *>? ail re?i>ectabie (>rncri*U l* thia oity. aa4 by the proprietor, MRh. M COX. ?ub? r nor nuuM ixovi mm IM and bar MCI oa ibi cork rc*s5 JUS **.* asits Wholo?ale Aleut for Ute patriot, and ?i 1aa^y tb? tra4-> at my pneaa. Mil U D*. J. BOY EE DOIV8 _ IMPERIAL Wlf/K BITmB, re MOV botaf ae*?l from Ma<t>* u> Dm (rM PaJt Lue, Ml tae aaireraai ?enliol of all who mam ttieia cither aa a mtdtcimi of a? a bwrmtt*. la that tkey are anaarp*e<Hl ia the world. . Br. IxxJ? them aa <ooa?faL* m hia arctic* for K j?mi baforo ve pariua>ie4 of btm tWeo e i tffat tu aaatfitotar* aad preeoiit tJiaia for aale to Um aablio. Porta# oca of laoipiea} ComaflM, l?ataaatt>?^ ftr* poaaia. Pi leev herrova Tnaaatoe, Fman Cm alai5U. apd ail oa?ea rm%airing a tonia, tWy If* ho Ku uotni ? iu'>?i loT&iaftN* A*me ftoa r wodi^iod ?io?wB? Uoy mf ? Nn,*Mt OIM ?n4 deinhllBi 6*TMt(?. ail HM ?Kkli?*?tii ( eiWta of B *o4r or WIm vithovt ti>?ir laJanni* rataiii. l?t all frmdi ( Um4i:t) &s<i Mi of t?ir>p?raao? M*>(t a* ia n.-,?ut?in? v?)n?ol? Ve* cubic Bitters for th? mintal miimj nt-ri mdwitf *i*4 L*fm?rt irti wfcioh th? cxmntry I* . w* iMT+try ml fM'UU? 1)4 IB ku sta'CI DlRtN Mid PrvskOMM* DH. J BOVKK DODf IMPERIAL OIN ST7TBUB. mm iw? - ? ? ? * ? rvr i>uw>?i 01 urn |l?<Mer W4 CrUMTf h'KMia, %mi *?p*?oiAr for Fr**^ (> ?IflHir ni. n?T?r fail to om, mo m miuM to fin MMtFroynetM*. 7* W.te J>T ?W *Ht. WMtwytw c.w^ag?^vAa^ Bocm. InHramMita or Kif ? thin all, m4, ifTieyeeed toprcfctbt mi Hparlart write for ivrnr|UCirwl|rot 8PKEMATOBKH(EA.;-IT? CUES. With ?uuc? PBOio??^, feidraM, i? per foot tnl S^SjgW; 'ofcaS^VJT3' 5S71# ' <???*!?' 206 a iHNwtewut ot mm trMaiajM u>?jfaktio [MMWIi U iu? New tttoca, an2?r Wli^SsEs. ".'?? ?'.* rrsrast n? MTtUf onlari fcr superior OoaflMtooaa orliM?vi '"^^ra^tniSarf, S%T iniub.* iitl*, Tiik U>? a?w* Ml 4Mw>irt >< >??? Mu.?rt* ?fcy? ?> lag wry i i?iAfer a*ay teraa or dttoouiit lur oaafc. r?i.MilieR0B otte god U fckera Plan. % hir?. ... . JOHN f inxNi, Pwro u<) MtHi JhfcUl, IN Pa. W , M??n Ma aafttth dk M aiiaaeai by ai*iUr?i?of poat. * ??aa? I H^?T.K.\?K*'^Tt?I*ACB ^TTTjjti, Mr. mm. -rw ic?ro* 1 owmiinj T*ir ip, I I^IN KM I m?, *?. ? *? I MlMWt.W I Aut'i Ip|'.f?.n.j)fk "I a ?A? . tliS J ' *?trv?ratw ?? , 1 crr a Mm JESi ?SjTOr.. *Sor* AlfO, l?pf>r?d Fr?lt *-.?Tfr?taM* J?r?. ft ? fr JA.COM KK?i). h _ MltlT A*?TT?TV,I * ?. mm,mmn wISJJS!J j*iVlrMCB KIUTAJLT CLOTH* rot 84LH ??? ?7*fi jtin^to pawarssv^B^? '

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