Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1860 Page 1
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# | I' 5 j ,-i t ' *' * ' < * * ^ HI m- i * t > *e > - . - .,rr'# M *t firming ?tar. VSt. XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C- FRIDAY. AUGUST 81. I860. N?. 2.851. THE EVENING STAR it PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS KXCEPTKD,) AT TMI STAR BUILDINGS, Corner #/Pennsylvania aa*nu4 and 11/4 *t., ?t W. D. WALLACH. Mrvad in pukifM bf oarriera M |4 i year, or fl o?nta per month. To Mil anbaortban tfce pnoe ia Si-W a year, m mdeanc*; 92 tor aLx o?Uwi 91 for Utn aoatkii and for iaee tku thrae woathaatUkerateofttoentaawaek. SinjU cof im, osicht; in wrappeia, two tuti. U^AD7nTi*KXS!?Ta?aon!d be eeat to the oBoe before 13 o'eook m ; othenriee they may not MH" til tta naxtday. ^ Ai Bag llahaaa'a Opliiaa of aa Aaaerlcaa Waterlaf Place?Hit View* of raahieaable Lift at Saratoga. Ono of the reportors of tha London Times eama OTer in tha Rutufn anil i* nnm r?. porting the progress of the Prince for that journal. Before entering Canada, he visited several points of intereat in the Uaited Suite*. Of Saratoga Spring* he write* : Saratoga, aa a place of faahiooahle resort, i?, in the season one of the most extraordinary places of its kind, perhaps in the world. The Tillage is a mere accident of the sitaa ion; the hotels are Saratoga, and they are such hotels aa omly America can show. Two of them, the t'nited States and Union Hall, occupy fire acres of gronnd ' The dining saloon? are bigger than the Floral Hall, and are laid with tables to diaa 1,000 people; the daneing-rooms are larger, loftier and handsomer than any two public rooms of the kind we have in all London. The grounds attached to theee are almost little parks, where, between the trees, are detached cottages, all belonging to the hotel, and occupied by wealthy southerners and others, willing to pay any price for that inestimable luxary in America?a little priracy. To these hotels, and to Saratoga generally, some 26.000 people oome in the season to drink the waters, to dress, drive, lounge, gamble, and to go away again, after a six weeks' stay, to Newport, Niagara, or any other place wbere American eitiseca in a holiday cm UUJ J J IUOV IUIO BU'a IUAU11UU3 1UO IU WUiCU LUVjr Fe?m particularly given In the evening, Saratoga seems a charming place?a kind of rural Baden. Everybody sits under the cclonades of their hotel until the nun goe* down, when the ladies saunter through the streets in evening dress, passingwith their friendr from hotel to hotel, joining in dances, or listlessly promenading between the trees. Sometimes when I look at this hotel life, brilliant as it is, I cannot help congratulating myself that we have no such hotels in England. To an Englishman it teems an artificial, dret>'j state of existence?a kind of high cornedy life, where the curtain is always raised, and a critical. rather than an admiring audience, sits, judges, praises, or condemns. What it may be oehind the scenes I do not know or care to a.?certain. beyond that all the better class of educated and traveled Americans disliko hotel life for families, and can give their reasons for it as ror Saratoga, or course, sash a spot is necessary, and ?eems charming enough? not that it it gay. Thero may be excitemeut, but there seems no amuaement The ladies dress magnificently'' three or fonr time* a-day, though there are only two or three promenades through whioh to loiter and display the toilette#?for the wall in the morning, for the drive, for dinner, and for the evening. Gentlemen, of course, find it a great center of attraction. and the place is even more filled with them than with ladies; and Saratoga in the evening. when the colonnades are lit; the visiters all abroad, the bands playing and the saloons filled with waltsers, looks wonderfully well. In ft word, it is at this seuon. not only the fashion bat the rage, and no visiter who wants to see the out-of-town amusements of the Americans on the greatest.and what passe? far the gayest, scale, should omit a visit to Saratoga. WIN Sperts ?f laiia?Nr?iaj the Elepbaat Lit rally Id the year 1845, being ia the Neilgberry hills, and hearing a report from my Koormbrus that they had marked some elephant* in a sholafc. or wood, etoee to Neddiwuttum?the bunf;?low on the top of the Goodaloor pase?I galoped out the eighteen miles, ami went down into the wood.where I found a very large tusk elephant, alone. He was jwt moving from the water, and I followed him up one of the steep hills, and through the stinging nettles, whien iu that plfce grow to the bight of six feet. At length, losing nil patience, as the huge beast, apparently walking quite at his eat*e, still kept thirty yards ahead of me, and thinking that I should nring hi in down to the charge. I fired at the aide of his head behind the ear, as be twang himself about in going up the hill. Fur the first time with such large jrame I was using a double rifla by Kennedy, that carried bullets of three and a quarter ounces weight. It had been made to order, but was an ounce heavier than it should hare been, through mistake. You may well believe that it was no joke, carrying this suiall cannon after an elephant, up one of those steep hills, through the nettles. But not hating seen an elephant for fire years?when I had been, for a young hand, rather successful?I never doubted for a moment that I should kill the animal with the left barrel in the charge. I had i*>t. however, calculated on the down-hill; and thouzh I hit him in the riffht Dlaee for en ground, the Urge bullet only mad* bim itttri very slightly. Ha swung his trunk round, and knocked over my second gun-carrior. My first, the now famous elephant-shikaree, Hooreh*. of the Neilgherry Hill*, fired barrel of my light, smooth bore into his trunk aa he passed The fallen ahikaree was more frightened than hart, but he caught me by the kneea, and it was very nearly becoming a handed me a little gun, one barrel only being loaded; and directly the elephant ooald tars, he curled up hia trunk and came straight up the hill at us I let him oome to ?i itki n fi wm na^at *Kan T kit kim in 4ka fUUlU U ? V WWWf ? MVU ? W<? UIUI IU IUV VVUIVl of the heaa. and h? reared backward, crashing through tbe clamp of bamboos. But he ?u op immediately; and, as we sat without moving in the long grass and nettles, to my Ireat delight he lost sight of as and went on. [y blood was well np now. I loaded quickly and followed the sarage, who was trumpeting and crashing through the jungles, till I came upon a female, who rushed by me. too fast for me to make at all certain of her. I then came on fire females of the herd, who had beard the firing, hot not knowing from whence it oame. were standing like a wall. I walked steadily up to the nearest one, who, hearing a dry stick craek under my feet, suddenly tamed her head, and u suddenly fell dead, with a hall from the right barrel of my little gun. The hnge tusker bad, however, gone off at a great rate: and, it being evening, I lost him, and k.J - - - e~ ik. . 1 uau .u I viui AA tuo iiouMiwun aui UUUJ^bivw. Tb? RacarTio* or M*. Foaaaar tb BalttMomi ?IVcpiU beavy ibomr, which inoppor tuottr Ml daring tbe hour preceding the commcncfnixit of tbe pfrformwa, Hniliday itr<tt lb?trf wm well tiled M ilybt, and Mr. Forrest rare! red from moot reaper table and Intelligent audience a reception whoee cordiality and warmth roald be excited porbapa by no otber living actor. H a appeerance on the ?Uge waa the algnal for round after roaod of applauoe. Mr. Forreot looked woll. and. wo aeed not acereely aav, acted well Four year* of retirement have apparently added nothiug to bW ht of reart; be at! 11 poo ++wmrm Uif mue rwimiinum^ deep, recouanl volca, and rwuuim his profeasion wl ih as nuehMWM IftbertUd been no pause ta bis labors ?Baliitnor* AmttiemM, August <P. 117" Tbe vunvn will ight, be tbey queens or sc'illion* The ei-Queen of Naples a ad tbe retxatug lately had a staad-up encounter, just ?fur a family council. Tbe l^ueen aacasad tbe widow of b?ti>g tbe cause of all Neapolitan trou>>lts Tbe widow retaliated sharply, and II o* II y aUpprtl the yoanger woman's ffeice for losultiag tbe memory of tee lata Bomba?says tbe Paris i >fr?apaad<*flt of the London Moralag Post -wits calls tbe affair a battle-royal, but does not say wbicb Whipped. "Hgtf?mi8??u(MIT? ."-Tbe Bangor t ulon gtvra the fuilowlag bamorvtuaaalyalsuftbe term - ?thi latter.' a Mlow that aguate -Sovereign y,' power. ability 'Squatter sovereignty,' the yafe't to ffm*t It iIm MniN sovereign aqukttlig, m w? II as a uattluj sovtrelgn " Eofflleh paper esya that Jamee Cooper, who was eomemmari and general attendant ef the 11 ret N'apoleeo IB St Helena, is vet all re, and, la his eightieth year, ta living at I'lnnutead He Ims no peaaioa, end haa to struggle bard "to keep \be vr'jff tb? door " / * |CT 'amee *. Ctay's do?s. with which be Is t*w hunting on the prairies north of Lafayette, (adlaee, are valuable stock Several of tbem an Uaportcd, aud cMt Irs buadred doilara each. ^ :f <fV? *il ' ' K. - ?? The thidtwi ! L?adtn Life. Mr- Wilkes, editor of the Spirit of the Times visited, recently, some of tne low pieces of Loadon, and as he looked about him with the eyes of a newspaper man, he observed keenly, and recorded faithfully what he saw. The pietoree he draws coald hardly be matched anywhere in the cities of oar land, and we trust that we shall never arrive at that pitoh of civilisation whioh shall enable as to present similar samples. With a party of other gentlemen, accompanied by a policeman to guide and guard, they explored the subterranean haunts, which swarmed with thieves and squalid wretohe*. On their way their poekete were angled at continually bj expert#, but they had taken the precaution to leave their valuables at home. The first den they entered was a cellar or cave, lighted with a single rush-light, and there wero a cumber of ruffians and loafers smoking aad enjoying themselves, one of whom sang a song with taste and feeling, which betokened he had seen batter days. Their next visit is thus described : 41 Our policemen led the way across the stree', and brushed the crowd from a narrow passage, the gap of which looked like the entrance to a pig-sty, and was but wide enough for us to advance in (ingle file. The board flooring, sluiced and undermined by continual streams of filth, splashed under our feet, and our noses were assailed with vapors that seemed almost tangible to the touch. However, we groped on, sustained in hardihood by a common example, though the loss of my handkerchief almost made me a deserter. Far up in this foul alley we came to a side door, which led us into an C A - 1 . 1 ? apniVWQUi WIUC OUVQQK ICOl 3l|Uir0, SDH HOOUl ten foet bigU- All was dark when we entered, but oar lantern lit up a sight such as I had never seen before, and such a one I pray (Jod I may never see again. In that contracted lair lay thirty human beiu^s, men, wcmen, and children; yes, thirty white Christiana, of a Christian laud, packed uead and feet in layers, like the black cargo of a slave-ship under chr ^, and most of them adults, as well as infanu, .?s naked as they were born. " Some were fam'lies, some were man and wife, some were single lodgers at a penny a head, dome wore a few scanty patchcs, others were partially covered by a sheet, but many | were threadless and indifferent to exposure. In the center of the room stood a large tub or r-3*rroir, wbieh the comity of the apartment I permitted to be oaed by two or three at onee; I I-.i : -u 1 _? ? i _a -i ? | ai.u iu mr uiiNR. iuu giu-tui, ziiiil BirncO. IHU vermin of the place, these larva; of a stifled and rottfto cirifiimtina crawled and grovelled aud profaned the rights of nature; and what seems uost strange of all, bred souls for immortality. I deal with a repulsive subject, hut surgery cannot be fastidious, and I dwell upon the features of this den, because it exists almost within a stone's throw from the palaces of nobles, and under the noses, it may be said, of the SDuffiog hypocrites of Kxerer Ilall, whose mock philantropy denies Sunday sunshine to the wearied artisan, and who plunder wellmeaning poverty to provide blankets and liiIiIm fur the hniiriior hsath*n ? ?? ? rr*'** " Opposite this model lodging-house,over the way, as it were, but across a passage only two feet wide, is a restaurant, where chops are cooked, lobsters and ale served out. and dirtyfaced gentlemen are furnished with pipes and tobacco at the tery lowest rates liere the creature* who craw and move in the other room ret fed, and replenish the foul currents of their being with fowler food. The occupation of those who inhabit sneh deus as these are various; some are street-cadgers, who rake the thoroughfares for rags and paper; some are thofte peculiar scavengers who gather offal, and who become so enterprising in their calling as to chase the coach-horses in the street in anticipation of a windfall?a frequent sight in London; some are beggars; some thieves, and some are mere loafers, who, having raised a capital of children, send ttieui forth to pilfer or to bez. in order that they, their parents, may recline in an opulence of gin and tobacco during the evening of their days." Other deus ef a similar description they entered, and they made a tour among the ginpalaces, and wound up their tour of inspection with a call at the celebrated thieves' kitchen; this last being comparatively quiet, from the t Vl fr U iltO/tAnf ilUil knftn ma.lA ox/.*. 2* L _ iwvi, i u < v ? u v m/ vuv uui* vocu luaiio UJJU11 it UJ the police not long ago. M*. Fay. Free m Waiter and Frela Mean la the last number of the Mitc-a-Cheek Press Mr "Fui'' give* another interesting "personal reminiscence." tie tees a waiter and forthwith ever since m thereby rendered disconsolate. It isn't the waste of the money, but the principle of the thing The snobbish fashion some noodles have of feeing the waiters is driving all comfort from our hotels. It is a mean, sneaking purchase of a low distinction. The poor devil indulging in it thinks he buys the admiration of a nigger. But he is swindled ouiof this, for darkey s instincts after all tell him that the moneyed man is a snob Poor human nature! Franklin taught us a lesson long before Fus was thought of,bat the lesson fell on Fus in vain. As Frank lio paid out bu last coin without an adequate consideration rather than appear mean,soyour correspondent Fux sought to elevate himself in the eyes of a colored man. I moat aay, in mitigation of this weakneaa, that he was a very tall, dignified darkey?an impressive nigger altogether. It happened in thiswise: I waa paid np at the hotel for Baltimore. Now I had nothing in the way of luggage but a carpet bag, and aa the 'bus would carry me from the hotel to the station bouse on the river for fix cent*, it waa qaite unnecessary to pay a hack fifty cents. I saw difficulties in the way?I knew it wttnld require some diplomacy to get through the arihy of waiters, traveling bag in hand?bat I undertook tha tank, and suoceeded in getting by all, a* I thought,when the tallest one of the lot soiled my bag and said, in the politest manner. '-Souse me, sab; what stage will you take, sahr" There was no escape, and I quietly submitted. Heatopped the omnibus, and while tumbling in I nastily searched for a quarter. Unfortunately I found only a 50-cent piece, and thia I handed him lie put me into the wrong omnibus, so that I was foreed to take another, ousting an additional six cents. I had the blue derila. My refleotiona were glooasy and humiliating. I was no true gentleman?I was a weak-hearted snob. When ho handed me and my traveling bag into the omnibus I should have said in the blandest man ?er, UI tbank yoa fir; you are rerjr kind, indeed;'' and darkey, instead of having my fifty cenu, would bar* a high opinion of me. He would havo regarded me as a "high old ewi,'' whieh means snob with colored pusaon Through this weakness I lost ten good cigara? or say tan drink*, sack as lager beer or fin* Catawba juleps? aid for what* To impress a darkey with the wealth, Importance and dignity of U>e Rinctuia family. 1 have seen a nobleman of Bngland, whose income would startle some of onr millionaires, quarrel half aa hovr over a son; yat the man was a (teneroas, rood fellow, not^l for hi? charities; and if jm naked him why he rowed over so .mall a ran, he would tall you that it wi? the principle and not the money; that the man who undertakee to swindle you it guilty of the grossest insult to yo&r understanding, and thou Id be pnniahed for that. Tm NacaMttT o? Pakk.ital Ebvcatiov The New York Freemen'? Journal save truly: "la all the course of youthful education. If the boy with a father is happier In bia lot than the orphan. It must be by the fact that the parent remembera, no matter what his own condition, that there la no one else on earth that can supply a parent's care, watchfulness and direction. There !*, and can be, nofexcnse for entrusting to another ttita narentnl rharve Money can not Vie at> mmm a competent u tb- parent** to undentand, natal n ami encourage a child. Tb* eoar deputing of tbla charge to tearb<-r?, prefawwand loatitutiona. or ft* amichildren by yUflle?lo?aod robathe parent of one of the moot aaUfery moUW bo can ktw for ordering h^a oarn^U^i^r^t-4bat^he may be -I?** ' *' kr . - ' Amu. WIMILOW, N Kxperlen ed Norse and Female Phyilotan present* to the attention of mother*, her SOOTHING SYRUP, F*r Children Teething, Whlsh fraaUy tha >tmin of taaditaf, \j nAn Ir.j lb* fan*! radar, .tf a!i mhantUM?will alfap ALL Pain ind apaaioadic aeuao.aad U SURE TO Rkti VLATE THE BOWELSDapacd ip?n it, mathara, it will fiv? rut t* paaraalva*, and RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W h??? pat up ted acta ihn articla far e?ar tea jaira, ?ud CAN I AT, IN CONriDSNCI AND TKUTH of It.* hut wa h??a aa*ar baao ikli la??- aay af as; OTHll Madicina?NBTBs MH8 Hi! it ralLBC.fN A fINOLB IN- ?TANCB TO ir. PICT A CUII, Wl.lSLUW'l vbaa uiaalp Mid Narardid ? LnilTrJINf4 ,n 'n?tanea of dia atiafaciien by any aoa wna aaad it. Oii Uia eantrarj.all ara SYKJPj' dalirhiad with iu l^li.lTI*>Nf, and 1 lanaaV in t??^a ?< Mfbaat e?trira?i. ?f IW 01 ical arfaeta and caaaieal nr;?aa. Wa apaak la .bll nnttar WHiT *1 DO ROW," aflartau ;?in' iiptrilDCl.tKe rLIDSI OUI IIPDTiTl FOB THB rULFILMIHT OP WHAT WI Hill DBCttR B. In ilmeal a?ar? iniund ?Lara tha infant ia aoffarliif from pain and aibauatiou, ralict vill ba found in Ifuai. r iwaut mmataa afttr tha ajrmp ia a>.miniatarad. Thia Til'jabla preparation ia tna praacripcon ?l ?aa ?f tha BNt lIPBRlBfCBD and IIII.FCL IIBBfl* io Ntv En# luludku btan stad with RBru-riiLiiit icccbii THOUSANDS Ot CASES, It aoiy i?Iia?aa tl> child fr*u (win, bet ln*i|?rau* tha (tMTiach and t?*a!i, corracta aciJnj.and gi??a tani ajid oarfj to tba vbcla arataro. It will .imoai inataotly raliava Uripins in tub Bowili and Wind Colic, *n4 ??rconi? enn?ui?i?ni, which, if lot apcadilv and in daath. Wa; biiaiaittha BUT AND ?l'*BJT IIH- FOR MiTlntkl WORLD lailtciaiiaron- CHILDREN *TBKT and DIAB lH?i if* chil- TKKTHINf) ruM, nhiibar )t anaaa from taathinj | ZZ. 11* from ar,? othai Cauaa w< wmiIiI ??j to aaary rnoUiar ?io baa a CDild aaf' riiijf from any of tha fortfoiry complaint*? DO NOT LBT TOl'R l?K IJ 'DICU, ItOR TUB f K U l1 OIC IS OF OTKIIs Un4 baivaou yoor aufaru.f cUild aiid tha raiiaf (hit will bi ICRI-fh, illOll'TII.I ?CK??to follow tha oat of tb taadicina, if tinraly n?ad. fall dirtetior a ?r oaing will a :emrrn* aaeh IxKtia. Nona eanwna Bulaaa M>a fac-aiuila CbKTiC * FKRr.IN3.Naw York, Iaon Ihi ailiija vriffi So>d by Drarglata throafhoat tha world. Principal Oifiea. No. ISCadar ?:ra?t, M. T. Phea aalrU cinu ??r Ba.'.ia. aa U-dA wIt FOR SALE~AND RENTT~ FOR J3A1.E-A lot of LAND containing 5acr?a in Pri' ce ftcorge'tcou tr.adjoining the Dutrict line. 5 mile# north of Washington eitv ai d 2 inile< from the Soldier*' Home, in a huaithv neighborhood. improved *ith acomfortalt edwt>! in<; and an orchard oi aelact fruit. Situation desiratilo as a Luildint sitn. convenient to chu-chea, fchoola, ? c. TVrra* (literal For particular* inquire on the pr#*iis-*a to tlie subscriber. au 15-e'ilin* Mm. E. DAVIA. I7*OR HA IF-? A fine sti Imtai.tml BRICK UOlSK.on 11th ?t , Itetwoeu Land .Mats., with large Stublc and Carriage Unmc, Any on* ?ai>linK su h a Ifouno will he sold on very so oommndatiiic term*. or cxchanre for smaller property Frtr a private re*idence none can surra-s it Inquire of GEO. T. LANULY.ou L at., near 14th ct _ au 14-tf_ li'OR SAI/K-Verr cheap, on reasonable term*, r one of th?'moat deniable BUILDING LOTS in the city, situated on the north wert ol 6th lit.,aid New York Avi nno. ""Enquire of JOS. F. HOUGSON, Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7tii st., between H and I ats. au_15-tf I/OH RENT.?A new and handroine FRAME ? tlVkl r i ? ? - " * * nwi nr. win oa lor r?-ni in a lew ua}?. It is beautifully situated on Thirt-erith sfr<?(?t, l^tween Georgia avenue and K st., Navy Yard: hat a large ga <len lot attached, a pmup of g ,o<i wa-.rr n ar. and oon'ain* 4 room*, kitelion and w od-hed. Will lie rented low, with or without the lot, to a good t-*uant. For ?ali cheap, a good, strong WOR K HORSK: work# weli in anything Inquire of T. K. CUKIl, Navy \ ard; or of JOHN PATCH. >!*? H st . )>etwff<?n *th and 5th jy 16 K70R SALE?A email FARM ofsuacrea,situated r at the Little Falls, having a oomfort&bied weiliiit-houie, corn-house, atablea, Ao ; well fenoed and watered ; within four miles of Washington ; It acres in oulti vation, the balanoe in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a oountry res' deuoe, being perfectly healthy and most romantically situated : ezoetlent hshin* and hunting, Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bride* keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Falls. de7-2?wt> nil { \ I . KT?Two w i-11 m.rran*ar1 mnA nnnuoniant I 1 FRAMK HOl'SKH, containing six roeina 6ao>i;oiiu m mated on 14th ?t. v?it. t. twrrn L and M *t? north; the other on "" at. north, tw?tw -en 14th ami 15th *ts. we?t. Ki.qnirepf J. P. Hilton. No. 2H0 K a\ north, between 13th and 14th st*. west, or No3?<>l4thst west, between I, and M *t*. nonh au 2.'-tf JOHN P HILTON. I^OR RKNT?The tiirM itor; (lirnwn fro t) HOI SE, No. 367 New York avenue, between M?th and 11th ?tr?"ts. north side, containing fifteen rootus This house is coiivtmont to the Patent Office, Treasury, etc.; i* lighted by qa?, and la evorj wav mntah e for a boarding hou-?. Kent ino leiate. Applr next door, or to A G. FOWLKR, 8'cond IIo-t north wingot Patent Office. jy 14-tf tiMlR itENT-Thrce BRICK HOUSKS-one ..c r Twelfth street, between 0 and D; one ou tne corner of Twelfth and H ata. ; and one on II, be iw.'"n lith and 13th ata. Inquire of JA M Kb \V HA RKLK, on H street, l>etw?en lltli and 12th, No. 4:23. ma T tf L'UK iu..\ i ? i no r iui r ... M>n oi ma iiuiiu 1 ing immediately opposite tn? veit wiuxof the City Ha!., reosntly occupied by Chae. S. \Tallacli m an ctfioe. Also the front room in tho aecoui) tor j and tha thiru floor of the Mint buildior. Foi terms apply to RICHARD WALLAGH, No. ii avenue. ja IS ti GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Ai.bian per E. Bbai.l.I I Wm. S. Matthew* Nkotice E\V GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT. Come* Briritt and Congrtit Stt , Otorgtlowm. To thk Citizen* or thb District a.*d Vicinity The undersigned would respectfally tnnonnM that having taken the ?ld established atd of John M. Belt. Esq., th y intend to keep always on hand a large and verv select assortment of fine first-class FAMILY GROCERIES* of all kinds, and heeby respectfully solicit calls fro?i all who may desire to i.~. i. :*i. : i..A ? ...1 .? w nuppiinu vim prime aruoin in moii uuc, biiu ni moderate price*. _ au 1S-eo2w BEALL k. MATTHEWS. For harpfr's fbrry.-c.Wj* aw* of days -On andafler July, Jl k he ?te*Mer ANTELOPE, Capt R J. SVaLLt.oarryingtheUnitedStatei^^^^^^^" mul. will leave Georgetown BVKRY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.at7a. iu.,and return everr Tuexiar, Thursday and Saturday. N. B.?Every Wednesday the Antelope wTIl run through to Sh?pherdatown. au 20-lm* Ofo* harper's furry. N And after July 3d. 1*6", the ateamer L. J. Breugie, Captain VV. H. Ritt?r, will ir" i " k leave Georgetown K VERY TUBS i \ a tr 'ft n t' n u . * *r ? _ .1 u 4 i? 1 * it ^ nrv.'maiai ua ? , mi kpurt f , ?nu HA mnDAY, ?t 7 o'clock A in., and return every alternate day, at 6 o'clock a m. On tie Saturday trip from eroorgetown the boat will run through to Sheperdatown. je 21 3m CEANDHLU 8nw?i. ? if., OurrtffiM, Hu oonatantly on hAnd a large aaaortment of Franoh NeAr-aignted, Penacnaio. f^?l- . ? ? ?red, And aTother SPECTACLES, the beat tua.itjr, injold. tilver, ateel, And German aiiver frame*. N. ft. Old F-Amei Repaired and new ( Aum set in them to order. no 19-lr JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bruit* end Jiftrson id., Qiortttom. HAving given my peraonAl Attention to this branoh of ray bwaineaa, 1 Am prepared to. *a _ Attend to All OAlla with promptness Persona from a distAnoe oar t>e anpplied at A *ew minutes' notioe. Aa 1 hAve A lArge AMortrnent of CurFlNB ai WAys on hAnd. Pftrtinulm.m aHantiAn ma i/4 ?? tin aaaa n mam 1 nV tka m ?* Mvaiiai wvv^u-ivu foiu kuo ivuiWBi V* IU? d' (id from thf nid to th* new burial frownda. Hear see and Mors** for hir*. ay 10-Sm 1507b^T^!^ wo do. HERRING WIVES, ? do. KKFiNKD 8UGAR&, W hhds. PORTO RICO HU6AM, 6 bhli.(Barfinid) WHITE FI-H, 25 prime Eastern CH KESkJ Por sale low bj JOHN jrBOGUE,j?8 Georgetown, D. C. NHfiAW?RY. COLLINS * CO.*8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT 4VK.-We v.e WWR"*** reoeiving rreen anpyuee 01 ?neat>ove aejtfhtrui oev rur, anu invite ail reriom who not a pur? unad a Iterated Ala, to five it a trial. AKNY * SHINN.Aganta, ffl *y St., 6?on?tnv|. ?>IONKKR 8TRAM MARBLE AND BROWN The ?ul*orib*Ceg;i l^aire to^in^rm the oitiaeca of Wa?hingtAn, Oeorjretown and Alexandria that he haa add'd to hi* lone eetabliahed bum nee* the aaxuiarv of team power for aawiag and tnanafao tprinc Mar t?le and llrown Stone vVoik in heir varioua oranohes, Marble Mantel*, Table and Waihatanl lof', Tile. Mouumenla, Tomb and Head Htoi.ea, Ha a. window Ltbtala, Sil a, Me?-? ai.d P atJorui*. Having purohaaad a large atoek oflt&lian Marble in blook^roin Aiethanda At tk* o veet re tea, he feela confident of being able to f.irnuh Marble Work ae low aa it can he purcli?a*d in New York. rniia-iMBaia. *r mora. J a? ?nute auppnea with Italian MarbloTn bl.??fc or abi at th? mm( r*t<? a? fnrni?hed?n r* ?w York,?ml on io'oibok)j?iji t?rw?. Also, ?n m?2, a large npplr ot Pumto* Ston?, Water of Ayr Hote and Poii?Mn* iw? ?.*. u?m ^'""WSSiSJKb. S yy V 1 v i-r 1 ?t EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE. A BOARDISO AND DA Y SCHOOL, 9U5 G St.. Between 17th a.m Uth St*. The Frcntk LaMfuMge Practxcuiiy Taufkt. Mr*. SMITH presents her ooirplimeuts to the tareutf of her pupils a ?1 hops* their daughters * ill " present punctually on the first day ol the session, (Sestemlier 13.) The bnird of instruction con*nt?, u formerly. of ten professors srxi teachers, seven of whom taught during the last session, au 90 ?w* Timm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent - who wish their daughters to receive a thorough ana systematic education, where their i>!i?sica t amine will receive dailr and *peria! attention, under the most approved system of Calisthemc? an.I Gvujnastica, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Keinaio Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av NK. A .MRS. Z. RICHARB9, ail an-tf Principal*. CTIAWBERRY VALE IN8TITU TK FOR VOUNG LADiK*. year Prnrh Grovr Port Ofiit', Fhir'az County. Va, Location oue ol the healthiest in the Mate; i*oci ty moial and refined; Religious pri vilegtt unsurThe fail term of tin* 1 lis'itit'iun will comrieno< on ih?- 3d day of September, I860, anil co?e on the S t of F?fcr< ar>, 1861. under ti e management ol com p tei,t tea<-li?Ta Terms j>t*r Session : Ore-half m a:iraic?. For Tuitiuii in English Urar.ches.BuArd and Washing $;> 00 For Lessons on Piano 12.'? " use of ame 2 5) " French, Latin and Greek,<each 500 " Ornamental Needle Work S'1> " l)iawing and Painting.(each' 5.00 " Monocri: omatics ? .... 5 00 ' Lights 1.00 " Fuel ?50 For further particular! appW to either cf the foi? lowing e-ntieinen , tlii Boa. J of Trustees) wlio will be <!ad to fii msli circulars aad give any i'lmrma tion nesired in reference to Ute school and MansOrCfB Board of Trustees. Lewis L>. Means, Esq., Treasurer, l.tnit ejr, Ka.rfax county, VX. Dr. Win. H. McV.iKh, Anu?, Henry Jcukins Esq., " " " Mr Joseph Ok mini " " " W. W Hull, Esq .Prospect Hill, " " Capt W.T Muikj.U.S.N., Lankly, * Capt.Jno. Powell, Hunter's Mill, " au 29 ?* WMRS. TOT)I> ' ILL Resume the duties of her School on Mobday, Si-pteinberSd. Number of pupils to ..4. For terms inquire at her, 3">7 D str-*?*t, l.etween 6th and 7th sts. au 29-1 w* M FIFTH STRKRT SEMINARY. RS GOODRICH Will reoj.en her school on Vonray, the 3d of September Mus'c tanght by Miss tioodrich. A fin* play (cr^tind is attached to tr>M iirc'i ien Apply at 435 Fif.h street, between I 1) nnd K. ?" ^ ff VERK'PT INSTITUTE. -t Mi?? Av? mij w??* Oih *nn 10th St? The exercises of Chi h it II known institute wi 1 lie rosurued on Monday, the 31 of September. Terms are vnr? r-a-onahlo. For particular! see circulars | at the (fiff -rent liu< k?t res. or call on K W. FAR LEV, til* proprietor, at his residence. 4 2.1 Tenth stree'. au 29 6t* BROOKEVILLE ACADEMY, Montuoxkky Cocstt, Md. The nnxt session will cumm?n?o Septemb r 3d. Ko>s art prepared for college or trained for busi nesa. C&ialo sues may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Bro< kevil e.M ' E. B. PRETTY.MAN. A. M.. an29 2w* . Principal. TMRS. PLANT'S ACADEMY. HE Duties oftlus school will l?e resumed Monday, September 3d, S1*? Ninth street, one door noith of I aireet. Terms, fed., mvte known o *p plication. au 28-eo3 * n l \i i i t nniDiiivi! ivitnivm r oixnuu 1/1 1/ I//V 1 SOIIUUIJ, | A* F.XAXOhU. VA. Mr*. 8. J. McCORMICK, Patxnpii. The thirt?enth annual se.'ion of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 1stli. in the house rwc-ntly occupitxl by 8ylve ter Scott, Esq , No. 1*0 King streei. The course of study pursued will compri eall th- brai clies renin pi le to a tnoiough English Kdu cruion, and Muuc, F.ench, l.atm and Drawing, it desire.1 iu addition to day scholars. Mrs. MeCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders. who, constituting a part of hor own Pirn i :y, will ho u "d?r her immediate csre snrl pup rvi sion. Siie will i iid?iavor. a* lar as pos-ib'e, to siir round them with tlie comfortsand kiudlv influence* of Home. Kr/fffiir'.<.-Rev.(ieo H. No'^nn, Rev. D . Kiisi Harrison, Rev. l> F. 8prigg, Will-am H Fowl", K?'|., K*1^ar Snowden, , Edmund F Witm-T, Esq.. floury Marbnry, Esq , L>-wi? McKt.z e, Esq., Robert H. Hunt'>n. Esq . \V D Walla -h, Mlitbir l>' I'Amn<r Sit O r Ilaniai?m * ? ? ? ? M-M w IWJ K7OTVI y WH|?III I ' I M <nrn, . .Jim. Knlvitli). Jr.. Km ,Col. tnhn \V. Miaor. Loudoun, Messrs. Blacklock & Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tievs. Board, with Tuition in all the English B anchee, a?il'or he annual session?payabix Mini annua;!) . in advance >lu*ic Riul Languages at Professors' prices IT7" >" ext'a charnes. an 28-t( Young ladies academy of the visitation Corner of Ttntk and G ttreets, Wi'hintton City. | The exemises < fthi* academy will ti? let-timed on n?-xt. Septoinl>er 3, I860. Persons desiring i> formation will please apply at tho academy. i au 28-1 w Tgonzaga college. HE Scholastic exorcise* of tbi* Institution will | be resumed on lite lit Monday in September, au 27 2*" W. F. CLARKE. S J.. Fres't. Rock hill academy, . w Ei.i.icott s Muu.Md. 1 Tki i iua>ii uuu i? uunuuwhni ui vim v>ui iiuku Brother!, will resume studies on Monday, September 3j. _ *a 2i lot Washington select school, Cok xer or Tsktu and G Sts. The xercises of this school will bo r??ume<l on MONDAY, Sep'embar 3d. For terms apply at my re?i<ienoe on d street, near Star Office. Circulars at bookstores. ju? lot SAMUEL KELLY. Principal. jjjjelect school for young ladies. Miss M. RfDDELL will resume the duties of her sohoot on the first MONDAY in September, at No. 481 I welfth street au ?-lm Emerson institute, H St , Brrwu* 1*th ant> 13th St?. select classic A . and mathematical school for boys The Eighth Annual Session of this school wlH commence on MONDAY, September 3J. Number of pupil* limited. . ... an ic?.?o. \ pi! aq u vaitvt/5 o.. ? i BU <u y ovaw- / VHAO. u. i rnucipfti. The prescott high school, 37u Eighth ST., BsTWiis K AHD I. Sts. Studies will be resumed in this inxti'ution on MO ? DAY, September 3d. Circularsat bookstore*, an 16j_U A. C. RICHARD?, Principal. Mrs. m. k.kingsford'8 seminary, 4 IA E St. Wasbihotoh, D. C. The next Motion will commence Wctober lit, lMn. Terms, *o., forwaided on application. an 15 tf Metropolitan collegiate institute FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E Sr., Bitwih 6th a_id7th Sts. The fourth annual sessiou of the Institute will ouiuitieiiu* on the hrat MONDAY in Septamb-*. Application* should b? mado t arly,as t e number or pupils is liiniud. For par ticulars see circulars or apply to the principal*. Mr. aud Mr*. T. If. HAVfcS.NLR, at the Institute. au 9 tf VILLAGE GREEN SEMINARY 18 LOCAv ted in a beauti ul and healthful village 12 mile* above Wilmington, Del., and uear the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Recommended bt the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episeupai Church. The oourse of study is extensive and thorough?in the Mathematical, Classical and Engluh Depart m^nts. Students are prepared fur business or co,le<*. In the prrparatory oourse for oollege special reference is made to Dickineoa College. The institution is provided with * lar*e philoswpmcal apparatus to illustrate the study of Natural Scienoe. A library of three hundred volumes u accessible to pupils _ ? _ The fifth y?4r will oommenoe MONDAY, September 3d. 1WV Hoarding,Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 weeks, IS real attention is paid to the moral department of students. Monthly reports sent to parents. For circulars or information address the Principal, Rev J. HERVKY BARTON, A. M., Village r\ _ i ?? **? ?i?-n rwmioirj, uoiSTftrecouniv, ra. kiUTmrss? Re*. Len Ho^tt, D. D. Biahop ofM. E. C , Wilmington,Del; Mr. F. A. Luta, Washington. D. C ; Mr. O. W. Angell, do.; Meeara Dick on & King, Georgetown. aulllS?p5 |~vff1ce of inspector and sealer yj op ga5* meters. W AaBiNOToa, July 1?, lien. NOTICE IS ffERFBY QirXPt, That, agree ?My to the proriaiona uf the mdinanee ?.fthe Cnrporati iB approval Mar " 1W0. th? underiigued ia now prepared,"whenever required it. writing, and on pre payment of the fee or fifty oer.u, to i'apact. rx&min., teat, prove, ana &*o<>rtai:i the eoouriuy of registration or an* gaa meter in um? in tnia city." Kr?rj mctor, irfnami inoorraot, wHI I* oondmnurd, frr, 5?rlifd u trM,vi!l be jetin ?? piioa. If provpd to be aooarau in i>a ? ? JS*tft^L'3!S^jSftK EDUCATIONAL. WOKORGCTOWN INSTITl TK ILL Be r<Hip>a<xl on Muadtr next, Sd Circular! may hs p octirod at 9 ar Officr o Crandell Bookstore. 'I he Principals way be s?* during the w -f k at their rev b.ilOin*, Du.i-bsit. m st , opposite M K Church. THOS N. CONRAD.# Pr4n^ln-,ac i.7 lw J"H.N t*. t ONKAU. j rrmcipa s. f~JEORGETt*WN FKMBLK SEMINARY, VI IKOIMIILT M*M I. ?* ? a foard is a aWO 0j f ?rff(5oIT "" The duti<"> < f thie Inatitutien will he rrsumeri on the first Monday ia September next. The c?ur?? of instruction erabmci ft!! that it tanxht, from tHn rudimnuta to the most high') fin U'<ad education. The oorpi of tcachera. t?n in number, are ?>nii n-MitW qiiivl.fin] a?.d experienced in their aev* al department* I.ecturea Friday ev^nin*son the Natura' Scieuon* without chare to the pupil*. Circular* m&> IteotiaiiuHi bv addreaainc the Principal. Mi?k M. J HAKROVK'K,Georgetown. D C. au ?-oSni ___ Q.F.ORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. *-tu lie* will W resumed at this Institution Ok the first Monday ofA-pteaiber. an 4-eoSw JOH \_ F^v RT.Y. * J , Preai.'n t M SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. IS* MAR V P. DUNC * N Will, on the aocond MONDAY (the i?>tli> of S^ptemb^r next, open a sc <?ol for girl* at No. 21 Indiana avenue, in which will he tau ht French a. d the ordinary braw^ a ol a gocd Knglish education. au 21 2awSw_ /COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. _ __ \\ innmroii. D. C. rne or the College open* on W<?dncaday, September 26 th; the p oparat: ry echiiol Wednesday, Septeml>er Uth For U'r.i.g. catalogue, or other laf^m.ation apply to the President auU ^a?4w* G. \V. SAMSON, TV D. A SCHOOL FOR inn F.Dl'CATION or B<>\ S will be upe fd on ItcM ol September by V?r? G. MO.NKOt, successor t-? Mim t'. K >o>v*. in a spicioas and pl?-a-a.jtl> ?i uat d room.on L^tana avenue, n?ar t? c>n : ntn-et. lic-trurtion wi't !? given in hnt i?h, Fr?oc:i. an 1 Drawing Kor term* applv at 4?iO D street, or at the sciio 1 room. See eirc'lar*. au24-eo3t 7RANKLIX ACADF.VY, r cttk\hk Thirtkfxth axd H St?.. A SF.LL?T >CHOO'< FOR HOYS, ( F?rm*rty lorattd ?* fA? F r?{ Ward.) Thi? ln*ti ution will commence it* Yhiej Acnnal S 'Hi ion, at it* n-w location, on Monday. September 31. Applications for ad.-m?Mon may lie luade on ti?e preiiutus at anv tinvafW the i'S'h au 25 lrn H. I! MR I R |CK . Principal. I^HK F.XF.R' IM> of MISS M. I.MVis'S & BUHUOt. FOR YOtiNO LAME* will here" rum d on Monday, ScfUmtof 3d, .Ninth >tr?*t, ?t pond door north of F *t. an 24 8tv ENTrtAL AC A D KM V. Vy Cormcr V. axd Tunth Sr?. THi? Institution v.. I 'i ?' it-; i!ut'?-t > -pl?Mnl>er 3-1. Appiica ion* t);v1e to tli ' Pnncipai at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstore*. J. S. UK HART, Principal. Hcferentr*. Prof Henry. I.!.. 1), M. H. Miler.E??|., Rev. John C StnUh.DD., I?r. C P. < ? v?r, Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Da. idtcn. au 23-1 m J DRAWING AND ?'AIM I N.i. M STANJ.KY Havi c tik?-n ttv> r>nmiri>centiv occupied l>> the \Ya*l>iini:on Art A^?>ciation, tw.i dour* weKt of tiio auction ?to(e of J. C. MeGuire * Co , it is hi - pjrpo,o in addition ?o hi* accustomed art abirs, to open |or Instruction in DRAWING, LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT PAINTING, SvniinarieN and It. a Scho .la accoiiun odateri * it:. * -parat-- Ha-- r..oni?, ipon an oarlj appii ation.aoil nia> find it ail vanta^eor.a tr have f-asora in tli-ie Inanchea fiven to th-ir pupil'. w!c re it will u?t i..urrupt the routiue of *chMia?tie u.>ii uction. Pupiladon ini: toent r will pl-asc apply at m* present Studio, P. nn. awuuo, b tvefB 11th and 12tn ctreeta. ufcti! th? tat moximn rooms open ?n the first MONDAY in September. Washington, August, 186". an 21-tSept 1* AUCTION SALES. By J. C, MoGUiRb 4. CO., AHtiowsri. UHICK HOUSK AMD LOT ON NORTH K St bktwm.m 19th hsd 20rn 8ts.v at e?Mc San-'Ja I i'h>wAY AFThKNOON. Hep?ember 4*h. st CV ?*eveV. on the premis- s. ?e ?h*!l t?!i p%-1 o! l.o?. No. 15, in S*<in*re No. 8K, fron in* 16 feetoi ro'th K s re t. n l"?th nn<! 2^th . ana run: Lig t>aok km fee1, together vith th??l provemei.ts, consisting of a the.- gto-t ?<nok dwelling hous*. containing six rooms, with a biieg iitotien. Th* fir^t *toi* hfc? been occupied for throe y?ar? pa-t a? a groo^ry an! 1 qsor stjre, f>r winch it i? aimirabW adapted. being within a short di-t&noe of the Ma-krt Terms: fVMiickih: thr.reiuiinder in 12month*, [ w th i'.Uio-t, secured by a deed of trust on the prom !*' ?. auZfid J. C. M^GFIRF ? CO . Ancts. By A. (jREF.N, Auctioneer. DF.SIRABLE 1MPMOVKD AND UNIM pE'?vkp Pat.piKTT at Pcblic SaL??For aale at th ? Auction Store of the undersigned. comer of 9-v?nt'i stroet w??t and D street, on WhlWtSD \ V. the 12'h of September next, at 5 o'clock p. m., tiie following i ot?: !<<>t5, in J-quare 4. l.ot 2st, in Squ*rc 6S3 1, 110, in Sq are l. 7t. P?rt of l^ot U, in 'uuMf 75?. fronting 23 feet I'M inches on Ea?t Capitol stiect, improvtd bj two iria!l tenements Thia pr<?p?itj la within <h? prnpo??d ext*n?jcn ol 'he Capit<>! (roucda. Tit ? **rt ?iTerm* : One fourth ca?h; th rm.due In 8,1? and IS months, aecared by deed itf tiaat. AH oonr#jaroing ? the coat of th* p rchao?r. if thi> term* of aale ?m uot comp i<vl ? th within five a>a from day of >?ie the prop rty wl.'i b* 'eaold a: th.-oaat uf purchaser. au27 3taw2wJtda A. GREKN, A net. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND sliOKS. IHAVK KKMOVKU TO No. 16 MARKET Upaoe, P?nn. avuuue, bet we* n lih a:i;i 9th arr?v ta, wher* 1 will N> happv to w* t VBI on all who will favor me with a cal' witlif ! a fine atcok of BOOTS acd ?4i.#Ks for* VfcL La?iiea',GenU\B<>?e\M iaae*' an* fkiBrw^ wear. an 2 J. RoHKNTHAI.. Boots and ?ao/,s to ulll mt tim ?8. We are now man nfactu ring all kim!a of BOOT* . all f\ L'kl ... 1 ? 1IU Cliuur1, BUU Wf?l?UUV IVOVITU^ vppljr ol eastern mad ? work of ''tiw-MI or;?tion. main expre??'y to order, and will vMj be soiJ at a intoh mtror j'ii* than hae been' h?ret<>for?> eharted in thia city for mooti inferioi irjuti*. Pet?on? in want of Boute and Shoe* of etetern 01 oitj made work, will fuway fisd a food aaaortmen in store and at the lr west price? Give as a call. ORItFtK ft HRO., ap S-r 314 Pennijlvt'.it avenue. LMVh HUNDRED TKAVJvLIN? TRUNKS r arrived thi? ilar. emr-anin* ail qnaii ties ami iim of sole Leatuer, I li i fMlW Ort-M and Hacking TimU Oor trunk^* sai"e room exhibit* at ttii time theer?*U ?t variety of travel tea requisites at moderate pri< M, to be tound tliu aide of New York. Also, ev?*r> deeonp tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICEB, CARl'KT BAG**. SATCHELS, fee. ID"Old TraaJu repaired or taken in exchange for uew one*. _ WALL., BT^PHENS Jt ax g-tf Pa. avoama. (SOUTHERN TRVNK MANUFACTORY, 9 4N Tth Stkxbt. Oprisit* Odd follows' H*i* Hvkimrto*. P. C. Tr&vMeri will tiud; their mtereau b- ?>aminm my TRUNKS, V AlJCfc.8 kc , before nr?^ ohamng tliewtr* A* I dod* but thtKM beat material the market adorda and "mplo*^**" the b*et workmen, I oan confident, j rw<m mtud mj work to be aaaerinr in Sxre?#i*aed IHn+kiliti to Traaka that are made in other otuea aad eo.d here. I keep oonatantl j on hau^ axid make to order ton LKj^THgWlK^' FhAMwifsNCH DRESS sE NkSS. SADDL'SS; WHIPS, tu, ft. Traaka, Ae^Repaired and Covered, la a work manlike manaer, at abort noiioe Trunka deiirered la as? part of the ait?, Oaorytown, or Alexandria. . . _ s^yiSVci.SEa" d#15-W JAMBS g. TOfHAM, m.1 A TIllV A I. IK SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gum Briitf, B*imtm Br*4f mud %mtm Urt*I, ?Mrr<MM, D. C. A larg* atock~o? CANDLK8, Brown. Family. CastiU wd F?no) SOAPS. TALLOW and ORF.ASE for Looomoiimn, Steamboat*. an J a \ kind* machinery alwayamihaw!. and Cor aat* at pricwa C. B. JEWELL, Profrw ?k. It lit ?otf AN ABTIC1.F. TO BKMOVF PAINT?, fr?aa?or ant km*}, f-tnn Ik. *o.U.?fc aver, mthowi H.jonnrf tit*article iu c >r t?K fur?, ha* at iMt b en found. It Will aleo eieaa fc??i %\o* w? Hoot U-artni any nnplca aataH^'f. Tiutf article uMl M?HV*' % THE WEEKLY STAR. ?uBin? ? trmim vmrtMy ot ibucmum m*?g thftA oftD b? fb??4 is ftcy otker-u >?bilaM4 ?a *i&<i?o<?ry. por * * Ktyao ptM ? ? ? ? TeiiOOftM - ? T?wl! M?flft*. ?? D? lo cl?t? rmwod " > ?tgbbotf yitllftl IM it. tor uJ ft yui be p*ro*t v?d % ft Mat of TV Sier wiSbe ??? zrJtzsz ft" ranoraJy tbroac boat tb? (xuuUy. : ~&rrsi,' s,vw?} x SXtrPn??-T(I1KK CKfiris CTPi..tinu!?r. Wbo Mt M MHO orfXl k? k>w<a toomniirins ofiPcetita I ?? SUMMER RESORTS. WTm o a r p b n. brnbt uiarrLfit. - i mi Ifto*litu tbaftttoi.tiui.... .? mImio u> > t irttiia I would t*u> thftt v?;rj a rftftc*r*?nt ha Mm. . A toft-11 mftdf U> niftke tbia 'Retreat" mo, VA4i attrftctiveot ery A?f. Mmdftya tftft ttft-doaa +r* <,p?o to tbopahhc troeof ?kar(*-*PWMR }i?en b? ft a??i?ot hft ;'l. Th >o*do?Mn? toot Joj tfto sr.oe mj?1 ntikil fcnd thft a*.co? ib t< ?jlaf ord?f t*? rf,.ct p ??**u *ti ?> < iw r J?7? tb? proprietor wi!I ehoerfblly e'ftr.t th- nee ?f tM jrnvrcia for ?olool or < taer Yio Nio Kft. IM Wltkj?t chftrg*. . . _ h. r Ui.<?irn?#ni?nl . 'obii^'or. Ii* b?a 1' trorM*i % numticr ot it U gftw.ea, Dover h*f.>re ??.. u Una t*. krii !'h ou a'*,; a.? tl>* aaioe Una to ft?ma> tJM ' > U.-AtUch<vl i? mj lto?lin? T'?r%>>l.abat It, Lki im 0*1 .r !id ? ti, n j tn&ntit; ftt th?ir ?au:<* <'. . (' % '.natiifm drir\?. L.AOI R UL-VD - ?- -? - * ANAL08TAN RETREAT, A On Ajiuoiti* hum, Opposttt OmidMM nd ITuAMr'M The obi.-'.b Diium <'<rt'r nofrwra thi? l<e?a?i! fcu.l r' M.fcntiC ??>i. > . A . . A tt for tueaosoinroodat."* < ( tii* ?uiJn> Vn&l the 31 ?t day of >iay, 1*?>. f nr f- *.iry <- JUflU oeaery, d*lithtli f.n * a-H.. ti h:; 4o. be ctea i:a superior is ur.Mipa MM in the Union. , . . flic Honee it lafff and ooirfwodioiie. baTtnf bMB ntir" i renovated Itnaaa aire l>*no n? raloon attached to ike boaee, bee d*? l>imu? ?; Dreeeiac Room* for t c:an i K-r t m?n It adaiQok p.-vdid A rt>' >r* ,e*j I oil I be I m d r I a. Parties, families and Ir.dvi'.n* ? wil! fcrtd it a moil aeeira'.e p aoe to pui tke aaitry doya of m m?r. as ever* afontioa wil' bo tuaranli'd by the proprietors. The ?fict?nl p<> i?? vrUfMMttl ?1 be enforood, aad p<?..ti ai Ciecaaaio.,! will bt prohibited Tne 1 Ardor will h? found to ooatam AU tho doilm^im <>'tlit irv >n tt t l:iues The >'ar ?til be fu'ni?lt?d with tho oboiooat Liquors i d ^ in. ? ami the bn??t Sejars. !* ?oii'ti?*, Sujido* Schools. dob* ai.d Military C it.: amn ? find tMs tM n ?t desliabie roaort no it th - metropolis for ?r?MJln* a peaoant and or de * ;**. fl5"Childr?r miaocom^iuiied bj tk*ir paronta or RU\r.1 tarn, W! > **< oned from the cronda. unnnin* and don prokib.ted l'J~ U>"ts n > ave !.e < ot ?>f Hick atreot, G-smgotown. and G street, Wr.ihirifton, hoar1.?, fr 'iri too ocL a. rn ti i 12 p. n. . da: * Pe:it>;.? profrmnca pVaaaut wa k ou nook ,tha Is -,nd v la t'tP Aqueduct. We to i??it tke valdio to jadce for themaoivoa. ?ad fe M ?aiK?irf>d tti fivin# Mt sf^ithAn ~~ie '9" J jfrOB'W POWER* A CO. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTOEY. D Street, Brtwee* 9tk and 1<WA Str?tt. Wo hare ju?. 6ui*u?d a tmiaurr ol f rat alaaa CARRIAGES, aueli M Light Wagums, Park Pkeaiotu. >><?n?'ir r?r riatrs, niut Hugrtrt, wuioh V? wt.l aiiat * RE-* a ver email profit. Umdi praetioal in*?haiiiM ta diftrnt bmahw of the bukinrea, we OaU">r iu'WiTm that we kooW the Ktyiee und of work tnatwiU air* eaue f ution, combining Ughtneei, oomfort and darabtli iy. Repa rinc promptly and <* re felly attended to the borteel n< tice and n>oat reasonable chart?. WAl.TF.R, K AR \IA.N N A BOP?, r.oaohmakera, auooeeeora to Win. T. Hovk ay *7-dly 1* ~~ CARRIAGE*. HF Sabeariber hantt mad* add!Sona ta kl taatory, mkJcin< it now om of the iarie<et~^M^M, in tne Lhatnot, wuere fair faeiUt.aa f<>r aK]^K iiianuiaotartn/CAKR1AG f A LI8HT*S^* WAGONS of all kiuca cannot be aurpaaead, aad froDi Q.i lone ?xpeneao? in tha \ aam?. fee hopm i u? fire general s&tia'action. A luuda of OajTiacM *t-d Ufkt W?amm "a R EP AIK8cmt'T ' - Mil ' 11II l |lIM|I 'ushz nrvTioTDv VUil X 1U X X*. X DDFNTAL CARD. R. M"N8f>\ Hi> i?torr??i ?ixi rwin?l hia rr ofe<?.on. < Itice ar><l hoaae a: 46.1 K a . titrd door east of Sixth. In additioa t MB? ery o'har arp-oYrd stria. Dr. M has ? *t ?'ho-i wule ni * for the >aat tli'M ratn, an<!, from exaenanoe. knowa it ?xna!? all ou ra. it o>d patron* of \Va>hiufti>n, Aii>xin4rlt, ud (j?r?-towti are respectfully soiict-*) t<> eali. wu a *olr DDENTAI. NOTICE. R. LOOMiS Haa cloa<vi in* o*ce for tha m*aon.xR'i will Ih-absent, a* iMual, daring tha auai mer mouths ; will i"'cin" praatioa about tha lat at Ooti l*?r. of vtitoh furttie, aotioa will be ciraa. jj : DDENTMTRY. R. HILL8, after a araotioa'tact of tw? rata foe's tha\ ha nr. with ooaSdoeoe rwoie-^*3L mead tha CbeoplaaLc l'r >o?i?aloriaaartiLicMJESV artifici v teeth It haa t?a adv%rita*<*a 7!r*OBW trasfth, bauty. laiac.ioaaa^acd cbwapnwa. Fa I upper aeU : i.aarted for ft*. Vltin in proportion. (IKM infi Pit. iT?n??. ml WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND COAL Deliver*'4 to all part* M ti.e oil), at tK? lerat pocmihle rates. T J * W. M. GALT, Ofioe Mft Pa. at., Mvmi Mtk ami 13th ma 17-tr portk >nfa. THE SUB8CRIBKR HAVING ON BAMD an extorsive tock nf Kt KU M ynn>M I* all at a V?n low f.rure f..r oaah. WOOD Paw?j anJ Split at* aisa. Call and im for yourself. Woo?*nd Dm^ot. ma li 8. K. cornor of Fotrteaatk aa4 C ate. Cc. IsZkeysJ V i>*&lu or jj I WOOD & COAL, LIME,J // SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \ Y Plaster, and White GrtTtl, if /, 348 K. K. Cor. 12th A C fj Ok *?mi* Kxitb IVnn A*. a K*WASHJ^GTON, D. C. 1 aigvtf Nation aK1l Ri?x iiiitioh, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, 8ft. litk-mk. < Th* UNITED STATUS AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Ewhtfc Amm. Action ft a r&l ud loduatria KxhiWitiwii on ta? jr>oua4? liberally pronfloH liy Ui? citi*.?u? <<f CiBCij) i.oti, whisk are to l>* fitlort up ill the t?at til*. Th?>ro wit! l>e Hall* ?"?1 T<-iit- lor th? otiriot of l*PI?EaENT?, M AOHIN KR Y, TO<J1 S, LKJM FSTlC T1VK WlfiK?: with ?H*IW ?-?! JVi for HORSES. CATTL*, SHEEP, ** SWINE: 1 fts4 tl UDMUtl ?l Trm?k mils - I IB M * fortr f??* HI WKHh. for jiw exhlMOMl The Prtwnrni bronw di( lomaa and eerLfcee**, Mbut *? tao.ww. The ExhtUuoa will rrma?M omm trw Wad?day.tha l?li. to I i?ari?aaj, th? ?*h, at S?pto?nb*r, that jivn.* tiiM* to ?x?inu? Mi teat tkt menu and inachi - erj. F?r l?<t? or infcrjuUip* ap^J? at U? Oftc* ?f tW flosie'v. N?. SM Pa. avrw^, ,uf tain :tor U? tna > er, at ( *uni,at^ <>nio BhV PKRl.CT PO<?RF.. j,3ttf l?A<:iHll?ra V?Wtl. N"" "LK "A*T<YBoOTKP igMMaaaH 275 alle? 275 jackson. r l a m r b ** * * fiw. AT****, Kt>> ^ " I *-* ii. wnon ku ? ???? - " - #

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