Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS U7~ Though Tu 8ta* 1> printed on the fasteat steam press la use south if BaUlmora, 1U edition to ao Urge as to reqalra It to be pat to preaa it an early War; Advertisement*, therefore, shoald be sent in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notice to WasnxaToaiAWs.?Those of oar fellow-cltlzena leaving for tbe watering places aad elsewhere should bear in mind that wa da not mall Tbs 9ta* except after payn.ent In ad aace at tbe rate of 37# cents per month. Notice ?District of Columbia Advertisements to be I assiled in tbe Sai.timobs Sns are received at and forwarded from Tbi St a a Office. Tm Ptc-src at tw* Aitxafolis Jcscttob t*sTilttT ?Tbe plc-nlc of tbe Yonnc Catholics' Friend Society, of this city and Baltimore, yesterday. In tbe beautiful aad capacious grove at the Annapolis Junction, was indeed a most aaecessful affair, affording satisfaction and delight to all participating. There were three trains from this city during the day, and three from Baltimore. with one or two cars from Annapolis. It Is estimated that there were not less than nine hundred persons from Baltimore, with over a thou, sand from Ibis city. W ithera* excellent bsnd furnished tbe music for the dance, which was commenced at an early hour, and continued until after dsrk Returning, tbe last train for this city rrMDfa lue or pet aboui bail ptn mi o ciocz. as tbe ptrtin from Baltimore and Washington separated at the Junction, on their return hemewird. each enthusiastically cbeered the other, all seeming 1b the brst of spirits We are happy to be able to atcto tbat, notwithstanding the large number CMembled. not an accident or unpleasant incident occurred to mar in tbe least the pleasures of the day. Aef-mnt of the Atfair 6y Baltimore Papers The American of this morning says: One of the largest and most agreeable excursions of tlie season took place yesterday, tbe tceue for the assemblage being tbe Annapolis Junction, on tbe line of tbe Baltimore and Washington Railway. For some time past the members of the Young Catholics' Friend Society of Baltimore determined to devote a day to rural festivities, and after corresponding with their brother society of Washington city, both determined to spend a day together at tbe above place. Accordingly, the "members of the Baltimore Seeiety engaged a train of cars, and. under tbe condactorship of Captain Collins, left tbe Camden Station at the company numbering about 800 persons, and occupyiug ten fln? natiutnuttr ran \ Mhlnir nf it fW?riirrt>H , (except tbe swift peasage of numerous long trains, laden with tbe product of the coal mine*), until tbe abrlll whistle of the iron horse announced tbe arrival at the Junction At flrst is wns not known which party would flrst reach the place, but tbe loud shout* of a large crowd at the platforms, and spirited martitl music. indicated that the company fr?tn tbe Metropolis, with many others from (ieorgetown and Alexandria, arrived previously, &nd were drawn up in order for tbe purpese of giving a brotherly salute and greeting to their young frteids from the Monumental city. The flrst train from Washington did not bring down as rr anv excursion!* s as bad been anticipated. but the regular trains from both cities added to the throng, which, still further iacreased bv the good people from the adjareut count?}, cou'.d not have numbered leas than eighteen bimdrfd to twn thousand persons, ail of whom seemed to enter ^uite spiritedly loto tbe j>lea*a/ts of the djy. and with the most cordial ieeiiug. About ten o'clock it was aniiou>ice?l that dancing would commence upon tbe platform erected in tbe beau tifully shaded grove, which was soon filled with couplts, and to the souuds of Capt Withers' military snd cotillion bunds a merry and joyous iMion WMi fir?rif?nri><1 Th#>r#? u>r?? nunv oih?r purtirt who dmtH the bonn of tbe morning to tbe manly exercises of pitching gi oits, swinging, racing, and ten pins For several bou'? the iadi*1* monopolized the accommodations for the ljtt. r amusement, and their attempts to make an occasional ten-strike were decidedly amuking Dinner was r?ndv shortly after noon, and tbe bill of f>re aerved at Ihe Junction Hotel and the Howard House was well worthy \ Jiearty diarusil n of any person In good health The children, of which there were many, rolicked, frolicked, and gambolled through dell aud dale, aud inhaled the pure air of the country with grateful hearts Shortly after all bad dined, the band assembled upon tbe jrten and for a half-hour performed a variety cf popular compositions, including Quicksteps. polk" s, yolpou.iTis. Ac. A feeling of disappointment was evinced on account of the absence of many of the clergy, only two being present, vix: Rev K Lyman of St John's Cb'ircb, Baltimore, and Rev. L. Mallory, of Havre de Grace as ine suaaes m evening aDproucii?-a mends twue farewell to each utaer sua deparWnl for their reaper live eittei. no douht much ple.!S*-d with the manner in wbich the day had been spent The Washington Sr?clety number* three hundred members, with the following otticers: President, Frai.k IWcNerhany; Vice President. Geo. Ssraue; Recording Secretary, P. J. McHenry; Bookkeeper. James Fullerton; Corresponding Secretary: J. J Kane; Treasurer, James Harvey 7 he otfieeri of the Baltimore Society are: Alexander J Brand, President; F. X. Lipp. VI e President; Recording Secretary, John P. Mnllan; Corresponding Secretary, L. A. Puzenet; Treasurer, Win ftchrirsr. Tbia Society embrace* more than six hundred members, and the principal object of both are to clothe and educate the poor and neglected young. What CosStitttk N cisasces ? For the bene lit of the thousands of our readers in the city who newer see any of the excellent political papers of necessarily limited city circulation, in which the municipal jx>wers-that-be, see fit, in their patriotic wisdom, to do, and to hart done, tl.e Corporation advertising, we Insert the following advertisement gratia: Ojflct ?f the Commitfioner of H'*Uk, ) ITiititfiM, AuguU 31), INlU. V At a meeting of the Board of Health, held on the 30th instant, the following were declared to conat.tote nuisance*: Dead animals, dead fish, and offal of fiih, heaps of ovster shells Offal from butchers' stalls, slaughter-houses, or taa-yard*. Stagnant water in ponds, marshes, sewers, or cellars Foul stables foul cow-houses, or cow-nens. foul privies. and hogstyea. Decaying Tq<eubl<4 and fruits of every description, whether entire or tboae portions thereof sot uard as food which may be thrown out. All aahta, rubblab, shavings, or refuse substances from any trade, occupation or business Filtb. stable manure, soapsuds in pools drainage from 4ye-hous?-s and aoap factories Horses going large with glanders, farcy, or any otber contagions disease Houa-s or buildings ia a state of dilapidation or decay, endangering tbe lives or property ?t tboae lu the vicinity Privies opening into sewers Coal gss tar, or otber refuse matter escaping from gas b?uass or gas reservoirs. Chas F. Fraci, CmamisstoMr of Health. Cmtii Ifiun Ncisisni ?The law of the Corporation in relation to styes U not violated by those in Centre-market place; they are not within 75 feet of any Inhabited duelling; then, again, they wr? not conetructed for ua- u atyes; they on It bccvimc atyes by the acta of tbe swine going at large there The dealer* in the market, turn* ever, complain of these stye*, and of tbe iwlne also. The iw; ike arc fattened ia (he market place by the refuse thrown there; and. say soma of the u?nersof tbe animals, in thin way arc serviceable. but the dealers say they destroy not only the refuse of tbe market, hut also a considerable amount of sileabie provisions Before any steps we e taken for tbe removal of all tbe refuse of the market, it might have beenareued with propriety that the swine were serviceable; but now, when men are paid to do this work, there U no necessity for tbe maiutenanee of a drove of awine in the market place to the annoyance of dealers, and and at a cost to tbe Corporation for repair of tbe area turned into wallowing pools by them. They are not allow ra t>y uw 10 go at large; but are required, on lhe otber hand, to be kept In subatantiki ene loan res But It appears that twine are driven to the market to feed; the owners eMmlng as a right tbe freedom of the market place for them. The fort that the owners of the swine are, some ut them, connected with the Corporation, does not give Uiena a right to violate Law. any mora than nay other person PrsAXonis AiliVits.?An occasional vis!t to 4he hotels will sstiafy a clone observer that the uaaibrr of s*jUieru visilo a ta the North during this season has been vary great, and that they UiVf nAW r*n11iiiiMM^ a t/HiKfi) return Ia th?lr ti->ni-s For a week put the travel South hai Wen ltcreatiag, aid the registers at the hotel* (how tut tike traveler* are pel nH pally thosr who, before ?hr aena>u eo'naienrrd. were iwi!tinfr at Waab" r?|f<on th?epratag of the fashionable be mi ? at tar various summer retnats. la a few week* W.ittlifbm will be aa crowdot ?IU> strauger? as ever, if not more tbaa ever before at the ufee imH ?f tue vest. The great political ccatest appreecliiag. (be lacatioa of the chief Managers r?c ^rty uiarbiaery la Ih.a eltv, b s d<*s many Kber attractions, wt 1 soon till our hotels and nir 11 ii i list la A?arlauria<? sub veto*'* kuaii?At the last meeting of tw City C<mmu II* a bill w?4 paa*ed tut lb* mief at LstiUa Bell and ether* for damages sustained ta eiM^uttn of an error made by tbe Cltf t*urveyor " A* tbe bill rr j4* In the title given. It ui.^Lit be supposed by many that It was mu rrr?r of ilie prtaenlor souie recent lucuiulxrnt of tb? ode*. The present JSurreyor nifurma us UiM it wm aa error im4* ysars ago, t jr which no reset, t y offlcor ia rsspousible. Ml Tax Jiciaon Dmoc*arte Amociattok ? At meeting of tbe Douglas and Johnaon Association, beld on Monday evening, tbe t7th Instant, tbe following preamble and resolution* were unanl moualy adopted, and order'd to be printed : Whereat at a Late meeting of tbe original Jack on Democratic Association, tbe tbea President, in response to a motion and vote, declared tbe Association adjourned to arxne day in November next, a proceeding intended t~> prevent strife and confusion amon^ tbe members of that bodv; and whereas no call bas bem publicly made In tbe mode prescribed by tbe rules and regulations of that Aseociation for tbe re-?fw?tnbling rf Its members; and whereas It appears by tbe public prints that a body- of men. aaaembled under a call for a meeting of tbe ftteuda of Breckinridge and Lane, bare formed an association under tbe name of tbe "Jackson Democratic Aasociation;'Mt la tbers ?ir Ke*olr"t. Thut we heartily acquiesce in the suspension of the action of the " Jackson Democratic A eolation" for the aake of harmony in that hodv, and with a view to perpetnate the aald organization, and secure iU eflteieocy when the unhappy differences which now exist shall have been healed, and the members of that ancient body may again become able to harmonize. R'solved, by the Douglas and Johnson Association, embracing among its members a lwge majority of the members of the original Jsckson Democratic Association, That we regard the action of the associated friends of Breckinridge and I,ane, set forth in the foregoing preamble, as an attempt to deceive the mass of the democratic party bv creating the impresiton among them that t K A Iam? oatoKlLkjiil < ><! I 41 I ?uc ovuuiiiucu SIIU CTcr-IBUUiUI QBNICIMIUU bearing tbtnameof Jackson were capable of lending thi-ir countenance and support to the purposes of fiction of secessionists, wbo, unjustly arrogating to themselves the title of the National Democracy, are waging a desperate war against both the regular organization and the cherished principles of tbe true national democracy of the country. P*ic*e at th* Oiwth* Wabkvt ?The business uf tbe market tja? been up to ti*e average during tbe past week. Tbe attendance of country dealers was u full as could have been exported, and, with tbe licensed dealers, presented a creditable supply. The prices have not materially altered from ihosp of the nr^vlnm wp#?lr nnhlUhMH in ?h? Mar of Friday, and there are no indication* of material change a at pre* nt. The prices are about as follows: Beef, fresh, V fc 9? 12 Eegplants,each.. ig, 10 Salt do 6irf|0 Olira, pk 75 Fork.... 1UMI2 Tomatoes, pk 25 Mutton 10ail2 Green Corn.doz. . 12 Lamh.qr 10Sl2Car.UHibers.aoz.. 12 Veal ?v?15 Damsons, pk 50@?5 Sausage, V lb... 12 Plums, qt. 25 I.ard 14 Peaches. pk 50 Beef tougues... 50(675 Apples, pk 12-uM) Bacon hams.... 14^16 Pears, .pk 50&75 Side* 14'Sweet peppers.... 75 Shoulders lit 12^ I Roll butter 2.J&37 . owls Phil's print .... 37 Dried t**ef 15 Cheese 14^17 Chicken*. **" pr. 62g$i Kggs, Vdoz.... 15 Irish potatoes. P* 20|Celcry, bunch... 4<?5 Sweet potatoes.. 3? (Onions 37 Corn, ear. <f bbl *4 a 5 Cabbage. V head. 2 a5 Corn. si.tiled... 80i?0! Beets, bunch ^3 Beans, *r bush.. #1.75 Carrots 2 Rye,Vbush, ... 50^65 Rock, bnnch.... 25 Oats 30 a45 Perch, do 25 Meal fO&SO Large Rock 50gtM Shorts 20 Saltwater Taylors 25 Shipstafl'g 25 460 Wateriuelona.eachl2^75 uuiiiT oeaua. qi. luiuanteioupe*. ea?h sJ<j37 Ducks, W pr 50(g75| Bkll a>t? Evesktt Oi.cb ?'The meeting of this association last evning was one of the mwt spirited and interesting of the season. Joseph II lirailley. K*q , bud been announced to apeak, but j*? h?* hid al*o an ei?ija<*?-metit with the Georgetown Club be Lapitv to substitute bit friend. ! ihe Hon J Morrison Harris, of Maryland He then retired, after a f-w humorous remark*, and Mr tla!ris rntcrtamcd the Club for half an lionr in one of hit Impromptu tff >rU, abounding in p tby at<d tr.ipbic dtscriptioi.s of tl? presrt condition of the country and parties. and In sallies of wit which elicited ?'r'at sppl: uw. He th -n j;a>e way to Col I'riel Wright. of Missouri, who er?t<-rtain?*d the attention of his bearers in an hour's ?{>?-ecti of great brilliancy and power lie tx^an bv an assurance that the ?tat> of Missouri, from which be came, would be found on th'- side of tbe I'nion. tbe Constitution, and the Laws. and would j^ive a handsome majority for Bell and Kverett. Mr Wright's dell matt on of the character and rlews of Henry Clav, whom all men now honor, aud liis portraiture of tbe I'niuii noTni:ie?-8. were not only classically chaste, tmt full of tyunine and thrilling' eloquence Th?Ctnbirave Col Wright and Missouri three hearty < tif-t-rs. He addresses the people of Alexaudria to-night. The Alkx muria Watkr Works ?Tbe Mount CsiuerOQ wal^f wr.rkc rnntlnn? In K?B? ?? W....W.V a ? * UV MTB* '-\niui* tion possible, under the superintendence of Mr. I). \V l.fwn The puD)|?a throw Into the reservoir 460 galiona of water per minute, and are worked npon an av?r?ige five hours per day. It will thna be seen that the average daily consumpt on of water in that citr,by water renters and tire engine*, is i:;-.<A*> gallons Tbere are some persons who believe that the water company has been of more real advantage to the inhabitants, than all the party organizations formed in the town during the paat fifty years. Mr Kditor : You will greatly oblige spvifal residents i f 11 street, between Sixth and Seventh sU , ?>v calling the attention of the ottcera whoae duty it Is to aee that the streeu are kept free from nuisance, to the fart that our aquare Is grossly neglected. All kinda of garbage, slopa. etc., are emptied into the street and nutter bv certain w ties, and lift there to deciy. The gutter wai repaired last Juue, but baa retained the s:agnant water and filth now for weeka, the odor of which la very offensive and sickening to our families. A Ruiiiixt. The Skaso* ?He who loves good eating?and who dor* not?will find at Hammack's restaurant. Willards' Hotel blork, Pennsylvania aveniir, jistnow. every delicacy of this season, so remarkable aa tkt season of the year when mo*t luxuries of tlsh, rt~sn. fowi. ana fruits are to be enjoyed in the Federal Metropolis. Already li tiiiuiack'a larder is fairly groaning under the weight of orHMtn, reed birds, fall crabs, early oysters, fall ducks and li?h of every description, which he serves up in styles unsurpassed in this country. MonauoHT Pa bads ?The National Rifles, Capt. Scba?tTer. paraded last night in full uniform for the purpose of receiving toe handsome Ho-witxer assigned them by the War Department for their use in artillery practice They made a very | mnas-Mu.- appearand**; and the night being rloudlm. with a bright full moon, their movement* wet* aa perceptible to tbe larjre crowd that followed them on their march aa if It had been daylight. Dom't roiotr the grand moonlight excursion uf the choir ?>/ Grace Church to tb? White Hons* Pavilion ttai* afteraoou. per ?te*mer Phenix. W in.era baud, 11 oe lunch served up on the boat, m*d company, and a tine time generally, no; doubt awaits those who intend to patronize thei affi'.r, and their name is legion Don't forget, it) will be oue of the excursions of the season. Rxal Estate Sale*?By J C McGuire 4 Uo , aucUuuetn, i dwHliu^ and lot on h atreet north, between Fourteenth street and Vermont avenue, to David Welch, for Frame bo. se iud lot on Birth street wnt, l>etwe?-u G and II itreeia, for SI.3S5 The real eatate anl>-a Lave been few tbl* irtiion, and but little property baa changed handi for aeveral montba Ths Ball *"? i> Fi b t-wo*n* at Columbia Sprlnga came off last iil^tit, and proved a complete aucceaa. Tbe ball open^ at eight o'clock and continued I up to a late hour. Every one rain? borne praiaing tue Nulfc>n^<luadriU?? Ata^ci.itlon In the highest terma, tftjmt admirable manner in which they got upflMcfifedu'ited the entertainment. A LUfrfr TtMeEUA^CE Exccesioji to Glymont la tflKwrd to take place on Monday, Septeniber IwjrWer 'be auaplcea of tbe Catholic tfeneli-lal T^jfcl Abstinence Association of the Diatiict of (^iinAibla Fftf na#tii*nl?n ***** In mother column ' Csvtsal Glabduocsk Cask*.?'The docket was mull this morning James Howen. arretted for being drunk and disorderly, was dismissed. Tbomss Wilson, (colored,) charged for a like violation uf law, was seat to the workhouse for sixty dius Tib Zouivb Club announce a grand rift picnic to come off at Arlington Springs on Tuesday. i*eptrmber 4, on which occasion 76 beautiful pr*-**nts are te be distributed by 1st among the ticket-holders. See advertisement iu another col unia. Sbalbd pzorouaj, it will be seen by advertls?n?eat iii|jgl^yi|jlnmn, are Invitad for com ptriiOK lo< Mr Of UM bl|(h-4rrvlc? reMTvolr ?f tk? WkSflba Ajurdut. at the corner of High ""vyotl, Georgetown. Oca wood d*aUh4s wilt Ind an advertisement tn another eolimurtiTiling stvi'ed |>ropo<Ml* for forR ibtnK we hwed coj* of wood for the Ptuioa 0?ce. ^ A G*awi> Pkomkh^0" C?vc*ftT amd Ball take* place at the Park, on rtev.-utli street, on Monday next. September "J. FV particular* see programme in a??tfcet Mtuun. Tui Vaisc*?notofwalea.butof fun?Wyinar, the wizzard. will be at Odd Fellows' llall on Monday night. 90LL0W4T'* Pll.L*. .ke o.ha/ specific* IB common use wUich act aa roars Mmporurj ?tf plies, Holloway'e Pill* mm on the Mat of. tfcj di 'Mn and ?*t*rniin*t - U< frin arjr oatiM? the du*?tir orcaua. ?UmulaCi<tf ursine the ckwuala aad ft iff i i Mil 11 i^MI i in I a ufo*d, tSRw tt txwu MSUW * / I 0* *c ^ -* ' Tip **jI Riadkk. have fM ao?a Prof. Wood'* adrertis#tnent in oar paper. Rwd it; it will iataraat you. m ?-eoly It ha? ml* cniHstLT jiapoBTBO that in moat of the Western cities tha "Towa Ball" tolla every day at soon, for tha m; al>itant< to (alp down quinine. as a prer?Btati?e of diseases cansM h* malt ria 01 the climate. Of course. taking quinin* i* a contir<? us habit, ami every new settlor is supplied > with the poisonous droc. and inst uctrnl to take it in tarce quantities, if ho would oscap'- tue Fver />nd A?v. Ktbit liouae has its medicine cheet filled with this dance ous stuff. and a? regular as the hour comes a'oun>i, so roc;i!nr do they gulp it duvu, as thoagh 1 - ^a* the rtc est delicacy of the seasnr. Dr. J. Ho-tett. r a good Saraari on, knoting the dreadful efTect? ?f quinine up?n the humau system. when tok?n with so much indiscretion. haa prepared a compound which has. in all cases ia which it has l>een tried, provod a speedy cure for Fever and Ague, and all other diseases caused by indiges'.ion. For sale by druggists and dealers generally everywhe-e. au 29 eoSt Wistab's Balsam or Wild Ckkrby. The foliowing letter from Rev. H>n*t Wood, of Concord. N. II., Editor ofthe Congregational Journal, a peaks volumes in favor o( Wistar's Balsam^Coscobd, N. 11., March 3. Nhiu. SiTn W. Fuwn ft Co.?Gntlrmm: Two year* ago, a sudden and violent attack ui>on my l.ungs confined me to my bed for several qpeck *. and when I recovered, I was ?o much oppressed by difficulty in breathinc. that 1 was o(Un Mule to sleep or rest upon ft bed by night. The suffering was extreme, nud judging from the ineff.cfccy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease incurable, tleiug persuaded to try a bottle of Wittar's Biltam of Wild rU'f. without coi fidenc* in it* efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed be fore one bottle was usod up. Sympathy .with my fell 'W sufferers induces m.< to make this pulili-i iitiemeiu, anu reconuneiul l le article to other* similarly afflicted. Witli rfsp?*ct, ynur? truly, H f \'r y W<K>D. None genuine unlet* signed 1. Butts oa tho wrapper. Frepar(*d by ?. W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for salo by Z. D. Giiman.H. C. Ford, jr.,#. B. Waite, G. Stctt, John Schwarse, Nairn & Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. au?3lw,r Mim'i mikacvlors Vetmii Pbstroykk, the oldest and b*9t rem?dy known lor exterminating Rsts and Mic*. C<?ekroaeh**, Biik*. Ants, Musquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain Worms and Garden Insects. ir7~Princip*l Depot, 612 Bro.vlway, N. Y. gold by all DrutEgixts everywhoro. ma lS-3ni Barry'? Tkicoph*rotjs i? ti:? L-ast and cheapest article for DresRil?Ki B*an v " *? *?'?UR? v>KH?iioiug* vui.iiijtt rrwT't'rvini} imi nn? storing the Hair. I .adies, try it. Sold by ail Drug gists and Perfumers ar12 6in Homeopathic Rkmkdtk* All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'? *pp<;ifio Homeopathic Kemcitip* put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and cents each. Also, in eases, containing 2>? vials, from $4 to each, with l?ok of full direction*. For sale by Z. D. Gilinan. 350 Pa. avenue, wl*>lesalo and retail agent; \V. A. Fitzgerald, .153 north I' street; also by F. H. Winter, corner ?( Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Al??, Po**f t Frtrartof Witrk H'iX'1, for internal and external inflammations of all kind*. Sold as above. ma 9- ly Mm. Winslow, an experienced nurse and iema!e physician, lias a Hoothmr Syr*? for Ckihitn Ttithing, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the guma, reducing all inflammationwill allay all pain, and is sore to recniate the Kavitli. Deneiid noon it. mnthera. it will rive met to joBr?!vM,?nd relief and hwvlth to your lufaLts. Perfectly safe in all oa?e?. See advertisement is another oolurns. oe 11-lv Pknnixs.?Persoue dMiring PenniM will a'vaji <T?d thom fnr Miihknr* at th* Star Off a* MianUr . MARRIED. J On the 3n h * ueust, h? the R?v. L. F Morgan, 'JA.MKS \V. WHI I E to Alts# ELLA WALK hK , all of thin city. * On the??th August, by Re?. Jno. C. Smith, OEO. Al i.EK, to Misa SOrlll A A. SKIT'/, all of thu city. * DIED, On Friday, the 31st instant, MARGARET W II KAf.EK. &gpil.s7 years. The friend* and rela ive*ofihefamily are requited tu attend hor fun "al oil to moriow (Samriiaj,) S pteuiher l?t, at 4 o'clock, from he/ late re?id' no*, ?.n(i ntreot, Uttwuen 13th and 19th streits, first Ward. * fAPlTOL HILL! WOOD AXT) cr>AL ' I am n?>w discharging a cargo of VVHI I K ASrl COAL, Kg* Siz*. >1? customer* can t>av? ceuU per ton b> ordering at once and having it delivered direct fiuin tlie veaacl. OAK, I INK ami HICKORY WOOD constantly (in hand, at market prices. T. KDW. CLARK, Branch Yard, corner !> and 1st ?t?., au 24 3t* Jones'Old ijtand. ~Tlc ? I HE STEAMER BALTIMORE will, alter SATI'R DA V, the 1st of Sep embe . 11 ? . he withdrawn from the Norfolk route an-l p'acvi on the mail lin% | tween WASHINGTON an.l AQUIA CREEK. a>i 29 3t (lnt>l) ()KO. MaTTiX<iLV. VOT1CK.-Oi,ca more we have to call the attoui * tion of thoae who are indebted to us for n"t?a pa it due an ' for acoennte re. dered the let of July a d p evioun ?o tiiat uate, a d we be* ol a I to come forward and pa> us without further f'eiay. ULAUKTT*MAv, 3-J4 Penn. ay., bet !>th and l'>th at*. ' an r.i m w r s i Metropolitan STEAM FLOURING MILLS, Sear 12*A fireet and Canal, C. L COLTMAN, Proprietor We have now on haul a superior lot of our EXTRA FAMILY FLOUR. l.esh *.ouod, from umt quality white Wheat. Alto, ft new lot of ouroJd tau<jt-d EXTRA M'Pt'RFlNE, which always Kives such reneral Kaiifinction. Also. CORN MEAL, RYE CHOP, and all k nd? of MILL OFF a I. lor sale cheap fir cash. .The attention of the public is leype tlully ' tolicitttl t*el' ro pu clia*ini isewheie. Tin nighett cftkh prc-!s paid for Wh^at, Rye and Corn. au 27-ot3t" SEVENTH STREET. 4^ A b>;autifjl assortment of GOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and low priced GOOD*, FIRE BOAR US. PRINTS. P|i Tl RES. CORlj and TAsSELS, fte remnant* ol low pn?ed PA- | PERS, with a handsome stock of WINDOW SHADES, at greatly reduced prices. Orders left lor PAPERH aNG'NGS and WINDOW SHADES tatisfactorily executed with skill and dispatch in city or country. Please icive me a call. Don't forget the number. J NO. MARKRITRR, No 4S6 Seventh St., S d->?rs al>ove au 27-eo6t* Odd Fellows' Hall. JUST RECFTVFD. OUR NEW STYLES GENTS' FASIIIONAUI V niii.'U4 llA'l'- I lonr..I it UKU V/lkUk7>J * W W ? WV1 I ' W LUb I B I.eatliern, rendering them oasy and pleasant to^A t.Se wearer. At I.ANK'H Fashionable ITa* and Tap Emporium, 4Si4 Pa avenue, near 4>i tt. ail g>-e<>6t (St-t^fA-Corm ) WE HAVE FINISHED TAKING AN ACCOUNT OF STOCK, ana will commence to day (Monday, Aug 87.) to offer veijr grtat bargain* in Light and Dark Silk*. Silk K obe* Fall Mouaselaine. M'rinoea, C*?hnaerca Phalley*. M ouaadaine Kobes.Fme Laooa Embroideries, Poeket Handkerchief* W hit* U<M>d? of every description Ho?t?ry, M?n'? and Boya' Wear, for fail and winter Iriah l.inena. Table Damaaka, Shaetinga, Shirting*, 4.0. w* m*it? all in want of good bargains for oa-h to give ua a call. ILr ih? lowest oasti pnoe is marked on every ! article in tore. CU?KTT4 MAY, 3sl4 Penn av? bet. 9th and I >th sts. au 27-*,w.v.St wheeler a wtlson a UNRIVALLED Family Sewing Machines, WITH IMPROVEMENTS. Whioh render them absolutely all that tan be desired, AT THE NEW AGENCV, Ma. 346 Pkxkst-Vaihia Avisci, near 7th street, From to 9100, With ln*truoiion? fn?e of cliarjp. Jtf sa-lm P. J. STEER, AieU. A 1TENTION, f\. CITIZENS! i 'I hi* i? tho time to buy your D D..-J II' LV?I ? - mj m y y (> h ' ruet ?t luvci r urj av iruuucu flic ?. tckile i have a lar*<< *"d well aeloctcd il ii (4mi>. Htock or WOOD and COAL, Call and txnmint winch I will sell very low for fr louTttlrtt. c*?n. STOVE and KINDLING WO ?D always on hand. WM H. H. BAttCLAY, at the Old Stand, Ninth street, wait ride, an 25 oo%w one ?quarp north of Pa. av. /^RKEN GINGER AND PICKLING VINEVI , GAR. lobbU par.) CIDER VINEGAR, (warranted,* lhbl. GKEEN GINGER. WHITE JAMAICA GINGER, Whi and Black M ISTAKD SEED, TUMERIC. WHITE PEPPER.MuTall neoe??arv ingredient* for pickle*. For sale by WILLIAM BRYAN, No. 44. e?po*it* Center Market, at; 21 eoCt hrtween 7tli and 8th *tr?w?t* BALTIMORE LIFE INSUKANCE CO.-lH roKPOB&TBD 1830?John I. Donaldson, Pre*.; M. Cuiltu, Sec'jr. Ttu* ooatpany INSURES LIVES and BUYS and ORANTS ANNUITIES, Ac. Deatrtpuvfe pamphlet* may be obtained at the Company's Afenoy for tba District of Commbi*. offioe of Lawta Johnaoa A Co., Banker*, loth (treat and Penn. aveaao. J. W. MAttILL, Asent n. r. n. mmi v.**r.. ?#?*/ (^ELLINU OFF ENTIRE STOCK AT COST STORE FOR RENTAND FIXTURES FOR SALE. i. r. uiuson. Ne. *40 Mtiin Smci' au 21 -eo2w JUtuutm nth and 9tk Street*. Obay water. N'E pnnoheon pure high flavored BAY RUM. J tut received aud for tale hr au \5-jo6t MIPDLBTON * BF.AI.T, OA Cf| WILL BUY a F:? DRAB liEA VER ?W or CaMiinere Una* Hat at LANE'S Fashionable Hat and Car Store, Pa. ave.. a?J<* ltn * eear >?re*C DR ESS HATS,Trom *ReeUTwew Yori * W-toft mm |U>9?, H?\?u m ? 4 ???i WANTS. \&JANTED?A SITUATION M chambermaid " or nur?e, br a competent >oun? wom?? who Oftafurnuh excellent r??r*noM. Pl-M??dde note to E. M , SUr Oftoe. an.t tae adverti?-r will call. >o 51 w ?feadv, lto&cet and r*pabe >VO*" MA.N.Utoook, WAflitaJirna. Go?d rprornm-wJatmoa will be cxp?*ct?<t. Nape m???l appljr but "xperieacea. CaM at Wo. 406, e??i sale ? 5! ., *tr??t wet, botvc?n U and C ?ts. no. ti. *u 31-lt* IN FOR MAT TON WANTED OF WILI.IAM . t .1 SON.ftoraootintj Antrim. Ireland. When ' ? , WM *ncaced at the W?shi?irt<>n /! i"r c- An* thin* conoerninr him vi IAr reaeirei h? lim enter ROSE i 3** South Front street, Philadelphia. , an ar 31 \\7 ANTE0-A rood COOK. A German. Sootch .** "T English woman may adriren Rnx 16, at thieonce. nuJtf 3'* W A XTRIU & #rwu! tt* * an o? amI , ?? rtonn". ITn TV IRONER To one that cac oome wel recommended th? Went ttfu will t>o ^aitl. Aejl* ? *mediate'* at 397 Thirteenth st, between O and It. an y-3t* W^m ANTED IMUKOIATF.LT-A competent DINING-ROOM SERVANT TJhe be*t rf 1 reference* required. Apply U> No. SIS C *t., *?'ner 4V _ _ au2B 6t W||| ANTED?To re-A by the rear, a small twostory BRICK or FRAME HOL'SE. with four rooms, (for a family of three persons,) in Georcetown. in a. oui?t statin* tf?rms, ftc , tnrough City Peat Office, ail<T7Jt* * WANTED?A. P U R C II A S K R~f.?r a ctio.ce Dairy often oo\rs, together with th^jrood will and fix ture* of the sftoi'. The rout* will take the milk i f twenty cows in the winter. Andres* Bex 7 4ti, City PostOCov, Washington, D C. mi 25-1 w* WANTED? Uy a steady and industrious man, a SITUATION an collector. Best of recom in 'ndationa given. Address M. C., Star Ol&oe. Jrl2 tf ' LOST AND FOUND. IOST-Vetw*er. 6th and 12th sta . a Hair N KCK i LACK, with a hair cross attached, and pinn d together above thocros* with a cuff pin The finde-, by returning it to No 40S >ixth street, between M and N, will be suitably rewarded. aw 3l-2t< | OST?Five or a;x LF.TTF.RS, two Comnit > m?in, and other paper, between 7th at. and Ospitoi. Pa. aw A liberal reward will bo given to tho finder ,t>y lea vine tbeaiat 2d Auditor's o?re. Wind er a Bnilrin.g. au :fl St* OUND? In my dairy, a small red COW.Tdry.) r.n Fourteenth utreet, at WAI, I** I dn BR113(iF/S Dairy. The owner may have?lL^? t! e same by proving p;operty a..d ct_arge8 an 31 ta*_ [OST? During the rarade la?t ni?ht, asilvr-j p!a?ed BC.Ol.K MOUTH-PIE :E. A suitibla reward will be paid for its deliverv t<> r^.e, corner ?tii *t. and I'a. av. F. DENNIS, It* Bugler of National Uiflos. C> ? REWARD.?I.oat, on the mornuif of the 8th of A u*u?t, rny b ack and tan TKK RIER HITCH, known a* B M.^HOO^r !?' I ! * I . IV*4 ' ' li.a 11 f > 1'tiA ?ltnv>i rt>un ' ri - ** will l?e paid for her return to No. 396 Pa. avenue. au31-2t" CAMK TO THK SUBSCRIBER'S, a a-re r d ami white COW ; liotli horns cropped. a note i on right and a crop on the left. a?. The turner is requested to come forward prove propertv, par charges, and take her a*ay. Sixteenth . t.eet, between f attl Q gt?. an SI 3t* IOST?A faw Jays since, in ono of tb* Union J l.irieol Omnibuses. In-lwe u Georgetown a d th? Capirol. or in th?- Capitol Gronul*. a GR I'KN P.>RTKMONNAIK-coetiuiiintf foil' G?>rect-?* n Corpo.a ion i ot".<.( ."? ">?aoh,i *ome si!?<?r < ! a r , ar.d a iweipt for recording a dee<t. A *ui al |e uw-rd will he paid if If ft at the Star Office, or at my residence, Dumbarton at., Georgetown. _11 JO*. K. COLLINS. (OST-A LADY'S WATCH AND CHAIN, in j tli? Ma:k lion e or on Pa. avenne, l> > J. tween 7th and loth *' ? A lil>era! reward m ill l>e <i v?n lor it if led at mv store ' CIIARLKS S'OVl1, au ;r? .t i > I a. av., net. *.-? ?nn t*u k??. C* ."T R KVVAKIi.?strayed or xtoli-n. ??n (irnhiy, August .titu, % <'a k hay MAHK:ry blind iii tli i_right o.o. The ?l?>ve tewar<f will lie paid, if returned to the corner of^^2_\. East Capitol aiid Sixth sti., Capitol liill, \\ aldington. au 3()-2t* IT'OUN I).?Taken up in mv garden, aiia-k S? i\V and SIX I'!(?S. The oiruer j< re ine-ted to prove property, pay damagearid charge*, and take thr.m am-av. or tiiey ujmmmII will he i?old at public t-aleou Thii'sday, i he til It Uay of Sept-inber next, at my rt-nideiioe, Hasto n Itraneh au at 3t* R. J. McCLKLI.AN. PERSONAL. A caption. LL Persons are cautioned not to receive or neI Kutiate eleven piomiwnn notes drawn by the subsoriber to the order of J. R. Wroe, dcti"<J August I't. lH?i , fo' $*.5 each, excopt the last, which is for .*-'0 ptyahlc respecti ejv 1, 2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, ?, 10 and 11 inont s after date. The said not's havii i lieen ohta. ed from th? Miih?t-ril>er imuioDerlr nn.l wit i- I out coiiHid-naliuu, he is detcrminoU uot to pi> tiie Mine. i it; W1I.I.IAM LUNEY. DI8SOLFTION.?The Copartnership licretof.*,-e exi-ting b'twen the undersigned i* thin >lxr dissolved bv mutual consent John V Brj&u will use the name of the firm for tha s?ttleinerr (.f the business. JOHN V. KRVAN, WM. A. FREE. Washington, D. C , August ;SHh, 188a. an 31 3t* I will tstill continue the business at the old staii*, corner New JeiMi av?nueai d mu:h B strpst,Caprol Hill, wheie I will be |? eased to iiw a.i my ciu tmner* as usual. On hand at a'l tim'-s, all kind-of 1 Ri SB an I SALT MEAT*, BI TTER, EGGS, and VEOKTABl.ES _au a JNO^V'^ BR YAN. PAST, PRESENT, AND FI TURE EVENTS, will t>e sausf& explained hj a la^ her re idence Nu.'<3T C st , bet* ?<?n 1st >?ijr12'.d st*.. Island Consultation lee 25 cent*. an 25-1 It* MA DAME FELIX, FORTUNE ThLLFR, from l'arig, informs her former friend*, and the public generally. th%t *!ie has removed to l?il Tanth street,? etweeu E aud F. wuore she will be iiappv to see all who will favor her with a ca.l. au 13 :>w* Madame morrick, thegveit abtbolo gut AND DoCTBBee, ju^tfrom Europ*. ? Tm? , hirh!* nfl <1 and intelligent lady cnn bo con*jlt<d Future Event*. Call at No. <05 Twenty-?aootjd ttraat, betwa?u H and 1, Washington. jatw-.'an* I HOARDING. BOaRDINO.?Two or thrtr centlmm pan ha Hen mm daU-4 with BO.iRI) ami KOdMHm a pri vat family br inquumg at No. 443 I, Btn and loth streets. au no 3t Board in tiikcoi ntry.-a r w i^ardnr* can l?? accommodated with lar^e and plea*ant Ro. in*, at a plea*ait and convenient |oc\tion .at tna subucribar i, 6 mile* from Washington For fn th??r information applv at the Knkwood Hourn* or atl'iroMn tn>' aubac> il?a ?through tha Washing n City Post Office?Fairfax county, Va. au ? St LF WIS UAiLKY. 4 CO NINTH STREKT.?l'er*on* returning to the cit* from their summer rtuorl* will find va< ant several desirab'e rooms having ih? corvinihiicfs of gas, water, and bathing Cl<> elf, at 4 53 8th bt.. one doo south ofF; suitable either for farni iiea or ?i?:gl* gentleman. Tabid bo&rdtrs aoeom iiiodatert on moderate WtM. # au 18 2w* FOR SALE AND RENT. [For othsr "For Salt and Rent" advtrtwnunit, tet firit png* ] FOR RENT?One of those pl?a?ant, comfort* h'.'v and coav uient DWELLING HOI Sl.iS in tho Krown Front Row, on 13th street, l>et?een B and C, Inland. Inquiio of Mr. MF.EKE, next door: or of i> B. CLARKE, corner 4)6 it. and Pa. av. Rent #200. auSi-3t* 7 OR 3 A LB OR R ? N'T?The reot-ntlv huiltand I. verjr pi-a^aut iiRICK llWKl.LlVO, third houve from tho co ner of 11th and M ?tr?et? north. AUa fir rent, the tapper part of the houae No 39 ? Pa. avenue, l>etwoon 9th and 10th stu For either or both apply to Mra. f. HAMILTON, ^93 IV. ar. | au 30 Bt* F'OR 8AI.F.?A small FARM ofS acrea orNml. nituat jd IV, miles north ?>I Soldier*' Home and 4 milea fruin W Mhinrtnn city, heiug ? part of I'lulI jrii CanH Manor; 15aorea in market gft'den and tiflbaa-ioaia heavilv timbered, with a tprimr of new tailing water, a \oung orchard of peach** and apple*, having on it a n ail frame house. Appl* at sta-dNo. j|7l Center Ma Wet, of Mri. M(?RTlMKR or on the pi .ce to J. H. MORTIMER. _a?3P- 6t? FOR REN T?Adeei>abie RESIDENCE, on F street, between 6th aud 6th?No. 442?one I ? <* 1. I I* . ^ . _ _ e? j squ?r?irom me rmeui wmca,cu!u?iunn o iuviub in ill* front and 3 in th<* back building. For term*, Ac., apply on the premiaes. au2?-3t 7 Q R RKN T-Tho large and w 11 kaown r llOAH UINti HOUSE, no 377 Pa aveau*, south tide, en.tairiiiw 21 well arranged room* all in perfect order, wi'h water and eft*. For term*, to., apply to Mr* PRESTON. No. 601 Twelfth etreet, bel ten H and F M ?-X* Fm OR RKNT-A new 4-ntorr BRICK llOUSE with marble iuau:le* and giatea, watir b *turea, i with l>a h room* Alro, gas in ever) room, situated ou T(ii)te?ntli atrect, between Laud Masa aveaae. Al*o, a thr.-e-storv-und attio Hriok Dwelling ou H ! atreet, l*tw??r. 13th awl Ulli atreete. Apply at WM. P. MIEDD'S Fancy Store, No. 50S llth at. au&^f 17 OR RENT-A BRICK DWELLINGr HOl'SK, on Sixth atrect west, betwocn M and N a true la nor h,( No. 43U,) containing it rooms and a kitchen, K?ul inodeiate. Pimmmiob (iven iiu mediately. Apply next door north. au V7-1Wl/t'R RENT?Two beautiful new BR I O K r HOUSfcS, on feifhth ?tr??t wit, b?ty? M and N otreeta not th. west side. Apply to MARN C HAlVLIP, No. 3*1 Math ilrfct **??, or Dr. KKASBY, No. 33)1 fa. avenue, betwsen 9th and MHhitMU. Jy tt-Tw' GEOEOBTOWN. Corrupondmee of Tk* Star, 8bob?>tow*, AufTMt 31. im. At the regular meeting of the Ball and Everett Association laet evening, the room wu, as usual, well ftllrd, sod considerable entairaiaaoi was manifested. la cnna?}uei<o<- of Joa H Hradl. > , Esq., having to*p?*k in \\ sshlngton previous to hla i-MDiix bere, the martin* waa not called to urdrr until nearly niu o'clock. The President (Mr. Magrtider) rrod from the j Baltimore American an able articleoatbecbanoas of flu' candidates of the I'nlon party. Mr. Trtiiw-y announced that be would address the meeting until the arrival of Mr Bradley, but had aot got fairly under way when that fjentlemaa entered the room and wm warmly applaced Mr. Magruder introduced him to the meeting, and stated that they would have an opportunity of bmrinl> h m ?i-w* ??*- p ? ? - %? i nuaj fitgut wrr* ( t ember T' under more favorabie clrcumUiini, u Forreat Hall bad beep engaged for a meeting on that night. Mr. Bradley said tbe arrangement waa very aatlsfactory to hlm.aa be bad ei perk need considerable boarteneaa in speaking in Waak*ngtou ai d would not detain them long He theu. In bia uaoal eloquent and Impreaaive manner, depicted tbo danger to our country of actional parties? (ondtmuing the republicanism of tbe North In strong terms, hut uiging that the arctaaion aiovrm>-nt of tbe South was rven more dangerous, because <>f tbe adtre nfaroua taped ot the cauae and tbe cbivalroua character of It* supporters lu view of theae dangers. l?-t all past political difl'rrncea be forgotten, and all fcood men rally to tbe support cf tbe Luton and Constitution. He appealed to all witbla bis bearing to be up and doing. If si ? ? - lorr una no voir, tbrv could act aa mlaatonarles la the r*u*e, and r?f>reaent to their friends from tlie country, what ii the true st?te-?f the raae. that every vote cant for Breckinridge or L?ouglaa to elect l.iurolu He bopt-d soon to addri aa them more fully t>n tLea?* f>oiuU, which he had only touched on now; and then |>roceed<d to rf< Icon up the chance* of B?ll and Kverelt. concluding *?v r?|.rn?in:; ms earnest conviction that oue or ti'e other of the?e gentlemen would be the next President of the United States Tbe able and popular orator was iUUiffd to Willi great attention, and uaa frequently applauded On motion of Mr Tenney. It wn* resr I veil that tbe rorni at pn* nt occupied hy tb? Association 1 e xiveu up, and that the Prerident be nutborix<d tj call a meeting at Forrest Hall whenever be de^rr s it necessary The Association then adjourned to meet at Forrest Hall on Friday night, (*ept. ??h,) wbwi, the President stated, addr-sscs would be delivered by Mr. Bradley, and other distinguished gentlemen, on their return froiu the great mating at Frederick, to be held on Thursday next TtM*f of the citizens of Georgetown and Washington who have for a year or two pa?t avallt-d I the-ns'-lves of the cheap and pl?-as:.nt mode of ?? 1 ?u?. an?, uaf j;tr ? rtfrv.<ina oiLfr ! point* of inter"1*' aloii* tlie liue t.f tLe i Umpi akt | and OLio, a Horded by tup tttam |mu k> U. | d eply regret the !atp anion of the Board of Directors in prohibiting thia agreeable mode of tf.u.ait few linfi of public tr>.vel terminate h*re, that it ia rather hard to dtprlvt- u* of tboae we have. And if the us- of steam Injures and wesk'-ns the cmal batiks. of which we are very doubtful, it would only have been an act of justice to the i'entlen.en who hive Invested tbelr means for the public Hcrotmi.odatWui. to give them a louder notice tt.-a:i a per?tnpU>rv one of e en or eight days. It ia only a f w day* sinre | taev were notified to leave the canal on the lat proximo, and tbe Hren^le is now up tLe line on j t er last trio In view of what the Hoard La* I (1 >n#* mr i*i ?n? * a *" 1? ~ ' V?wa? ?? H v IIV? un^WU ?u l/r V CI y i grateful f.?r what they have forborne to do. Tbe interesting little daughter of Mr. I.ynn, wh<> was so serious'y injured by burning*. ^.iteu lu our lelier of >est rduy, only survived Ibe : dent a few hour* Sn d'.r<t v? sterdav wmng We learn thatCapt H. \V. Ben ham, chief e.ig'n^er of tbe Washington aqueduct, tins award -d to Messrs Jsick-ou and Cavanaugli the contract fur completing ihe tunnel near the <ireat Fall*, and to Jllr II (Iiifchi sihecoiitfoi t for tiuUhi?4 tbe incoiit|*i te purlieus of the <vuad<nt on sections No*. I and l.i. Wealao understand that a |>ortion of the f uir-w?y lire-plii^s le re and in Washington are t? be protected by a stone curb, and that Mes**-* Wni H Calhoun & Co., of our city, were the siiccesafjl bidders The Young iiuardt. Captain Rndier. were n t drilling by moonlight last night, and all:, rted . much b'teutio.i Considerable activity is visible at the scene of tbe lite disastrous fire on K ail street Mr W in I ti II 1 x-- ? ? _ - * " * * - * >, Ii^in :? Having a ?? ? srtlile ln:l!t in t .)? tl.Ht snb?-t?ntial manner It is on the ?iU> of the o.d one, but is larger. being 40 feet fruRt by 70 feet de?-p, exterior dlmens om His dwelling i* alto bein-; enlarged and thorongbiy repaired. Messrs iu (< k Wm. H ar?- the co ?tracto s and carpenters; .Mr. Jua H lliur, bricklayer; and Mr C. A. Offutt. painter. On t>;e east s'tde of Washington street, near th canal, tbe unsightly frain* stymies which have gl?H?d there ao many years Lave been d>-molishrd, and Mr (iladdeu, carpenter, is buildit g tiiree neat brick houses In n.elr p'ace. greatly improving the appearance ol the neighborhood. Notice the ; dverliscment of money laet, In another column. All who use tobacco in any shape, or deal in the article, will do well to not ce tLe advertisement of Mr. Wallace, in theGeortjetiwn column. We can ncommend hi* chewing tobacco and segars. having tried both, and purchasers will liixi him to be ar rommodating. and very reasonable in Lis prices Notice t'j?- advertisement of Mr. Barrett In *lotLer colum.i It speaks for itself GEOR0ETQWX ADYER TMTS for other (itor ifttown eulvrrtarmtn'. t ic? Jirtt fagt -y** dividend i*xion iiotrl compaN V.-Thd tru-t ob ol the I aoi H t-1 Crrniranj, <jPorKet?iwn, hsir? decinred a divu!enJ ?f ?r? 11 jr-two per cent., pajitbh* out of the capital stock of tbecoutpMT ><u demtnd, up.>11 the pres k stu.n ot the cerUiit a es < f stock. nu 29 3' K. TKX'XKV. Trrasurer. ram. it 1' 11 r * ? ?? " * ' nr.- rrui, -?> A I II r, w J?. Ol ?F I.} nchliur* Co le*<\ will .le;i v#?r * I .(Vture (>ubjret-Ki(htMi.UiCwilar;)atUi* M |? Church, (ieorgeiowii. i?. C., ?>n K.K i L)A Y, 3<r-t of Aiuuxr, ? H.S, o'clock p. in. A<l^ii&?ioiJ Jt crit*; onp-haij of um p.ocoeils to l>?> ?ppr priafed t .*ari1? ?he vi iwi<>? Church, th?- otkti i.ail tnwurcn ripmriur L>nuhbtirg ColiPice. WASHINGTON RO?Y, Pa?i<f M. I*. Church, an 27-.H WIl.LIA.M I.AIRl), Sr. \IIS9 M K WAK.H WII.L RFSUKJF. THE 1" nt hof M-hooi vu Mouilaj .S?' tfnnhcrSl, No 13 liii lK-street. ne?r Farmer* a..d Mechnni V Hank Tonus, 4'i , n.a-1e known on applca tion, _ _ an 3? 2t ST^l vYKi> OK STOl.KN, from tUe eulwriber, two hue HOGS, vniKiuiK ai*>ut uvjfH?y potiiJ* ?-ach 1 hey sre whit? an>l Mark7Tfc-JJ? * >pi>lieu wiiii iwuft t?r* Mitu i?i, a buim-mJMMMM ble reward m-iil be paid f<?r thrir return totii . sul> ?crilx?r, n?arth?- .Market House in G^onc-towr,. au?i it PETER MAY. Tobacco, sniff, and meuars * AT WHOLESALE. I have to-dar roo^iv#>d 13! b.ix.*a cf TOBICCO, eoiiM tnn of pound lump-, fou a. t u*. large ami small twists. ~ A to a lar.e lot of fins HAVANA and VAR A3E GARS. Also,on banditti boxoa of fiu?, medium a:.d low priced Tolaew, 35 cases of Garrett'a Scotch Snuff, in hottiee ; also, hap pee, c? ncieta, ami Mao.aU>*. Mti'.onii of A>d*reon's uJ Uuodvtu'a Fine Cut Ch-<* nig and -rnokine Tof aneo, IS) ?ru?a of -hairhai an.t rarlor Matchea, liai t*>xea of Pis??? a.m1 Pip H-a?l?. 76baJ#eol Kulickinick emoting, an<1 ail ..ther article* p.iiainio< tn tne trade All of vluoh are oHernl ai the Iwwt whrkiettale pnwa. JAM KS WALLACE. Na. 38 Hi* *treel, i>eor*c-town. Goods delivered to aaj part of th.> District Iree of cha: Re. liiS-lw I CiEORGETOWN F1IIR-WOODSAW Ml Ll.tV Corns* Coso*i?w sr ???C. k?i Hiokory Wood, tawed in 4 piece* p?r cord 44 ? 'r Aeplit 7 an 44 Oak " ' ion ? ? 4i?ht 6.?i " Pine 44 00 u M u "" A split 6.t? 44 Quarter*, t' irds and Ha rot af the tame rat in. Wood tn the stick, Hi-korj #0 par cord Oak ft* 44 Pin# ...... #4 ** All wood, deli vera J at the a!?r* prices. nash au?-lw K. Li. ilAKH KT T. _ C 44 HTIl.l.ALIVE,** (3P1LLM&N A HUNT _ have Removed, temporarily, to Utehto.eiNo.77) . formerly occupied bi Levis Pa*ne. ii' arly opbohitc thei old miui1iiIiui-oL in- Dtt V GOODS can be had as cheap as evor. an a 3w JUHT RKCKIVKD FKUM THI-1 iNO.KIOK ?1 |?enii**lv*ina. a fev brandi of VlEKRYB WHIMtV, distilled in the years m and &?. Tttoa* within* t? purchaie an uuadultarat d article for medicinal pnrptmss, tte , seide.n liave snob an opportunity offered to Ui;in. mm ?-tw BKALLAMOPTHKW8. FOR RENT?A conr-njcur taro storr KRICK DWELLING. on First street, with Gas and WaU>r. Also, a commodtOes Dwelling and Siore, on Bulge street To suitable tenants the rent will Sever* mode! ate. Apply to SAMUEL M.KENNY, No. l^j^i 1 barton st^Seorfetown^aa 11 tf J, COAL OIL. ! ITST.Re?*ivod_fr*ai 'Js_ Virginia Oil _Coin???* ttt turret* p-nee i i> a i? OIL, wklek u wurr&uud eq j*l to tn? New Wkoi Boatou eiL Tke t>*ue oen ?? eppiieJ on the *?-? ternM _ ? "ntiiiBraiK, STRAW HATS, STRAW HATS! CLEARING Ol rSTvClfOFiTRAW HATS In onr r to di??o e of my entire itAct of M?n'? end Bo??' STRAW 11 ATS ireit iwWn*?U wUlb* offered untu tkp oiuee of the e?-on It p THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. TM PrtaM ( VH?. Norniu. A?* ? -Tb* antral Ndnl tart ntirht in honor of tb? fVt?c* ?n ? v*ry eoceeeful afltir l? !*?Un1 fivr bour?, ud mf F.onr j>. noni were preaeit <.? U?e platftwai w?r* 1M pTforir.rr*. wlio roantrmrod the enter. iuiinm or pi?ring <?n?u? pit** Thia *? followed hy a ran lata composed for Ita oeea aloa by the Phi Ihartnoair Society Tha wtatt terminated by a graad operatic HMweaai kr ?% kotrk'a n)acn:i(>?al troap* The Pnaee and Mile arrived at H> p m . * b?n the howae roae aad cheered vigurixMiv, the baud attifcla* up ' Ood a^ve the Quern ' Tkr Pii ace appiai.ii-d tte cantata The Pnnca left at half paat 11 Tiack, when he waa a<?ln l?aUly rlwud Lady Fraaklin waa preaent _ A baaquet waa gi??n I u?i eveaiag to tkt Bwtoa Fuatleera ^ A trial of lr? tnefc play vnM4tr, tU prize being a aitver trump* wurth f i?u It waa woo b* the Bro. heille rnfc io?, balIt la Boston Aftar the match a Piattahurg enwtae threw a higher atream tl n the winner Th? r?vl< u' >' 1?? ? mmm kwiimi tm to|uoi(h| uday puiMl cff Inlf rably w?ll The I'rtnce coo. pi linen ted tt?e < dicer on <i.e ipprMl.i? *1.4 diar.ipline of tb?r t ?'H? Kid than left for Isle Dowai, above the UcblM KspVdi He ci wit over U> the Island In a bant from tba Ysloroua. cacortod by 1 d? i-n Urgr Hudion Ray ruoM, mas red by vova^eum After Lit arrival be partook of n lunch, ard then engaged hlmaelf In paddling aiioiit in n ram-e He returned to tba city toa It* e\en?BE Tonight there it a grand torchlight pr- -? *aion In hit honor V oktBBAI., A ng .10?The torchlight prar*?cton laat n'ght was * brilliant aflhir The K"?toii luiilrwi left this morning The Prince and suite started far 9t flyarintha and Sberbrix'ke and will be ba-'k this evening A rejflti nrrii r? oppo?ltf tt? rlty thtl iflmMt, and tft-nll?M there will 1 " worka, ami tbrriHMW' ball, at which the Prince la f?p?rt?l to Iw pr**-kt i'tie Prlar* lettn to-ir.otww for Ott iwa Radical Abolit.aa Kallaail ui IUU r?a> mtln ST*Actat, N V , Aug 30?'The Radical Abolition Nation*! and State i'onventioa aaaen.b ftl at Coti volition Hall at II o clack yesterday morala*. About one tuadrrd peraooa, including several women, were preaent W. W. Ctii(.>, chairman of the State c?mmittee, called the convention to order T B. MiCoruilck, of Ohio, waa chcaaw praaident There waa no liat of delegates bat all p^rtoaa wLo cbnae to attend were ?onaldered mrnlwra. A letter w*a*?aJ from ??errit fcu.ith,contain.i?? a draft for f60, to aid in printing ticket*, fee He tltacouraeed the expenditure of muck tlmeabd titi>ney; alluded to tiia aad experience la ISSH.aud thought there waa little ground for enc-o?ragement in the future Delegate * were preaent from Penaaylvanla.Nr^r Jeraey, Michigan. Illinois Ohio, Kentucky, Maaaa.hua.-tu. and New York '1 he following nomination* were made Fm freaident ? GerMt Smith, of New ^ nrk ; fot Vie# Pres.dent?Samuel M. Kariand. of Pennsylvania; for (j??irn?r-Wiii Oocdell. of New York; for Lieutenant Governor?Sidney A Beer*, of Brooklyn , fot Commissioner? Zrnaa Brorkctt, of Ht-rkim?r. for Slate Prison Inspector?Ellis Clisbte, of Montgomery, for KlecV>ra at Large? Frederick DotijjI? ? ?i?d Charles A Hammond There w<w quite a spirited eonlsst between tha friend* of Sii.ith and (>>iulrU ia regard to the nomination for lu< l'rc*id-ncv. Later from Ear?pe \'iw Vokk. Aa?. 31.?Th? (tmaiahlp Af la. v h rh left liirrrp>H)( on the IHtO Instant. arrived U. r thia forenoon Tbe steamship Vigo, from New \ ork on tii? 4lli, arrived at Queen* own on tbe Iti. Kitropean advice* since tbe <1ej arture of the Nova Sc >tlan on the 17th bad been of an uaineportaut cbararU-r No t.ew features bad been developed in Italian affairs Naples remained q?Lt. COMMKBCIAL. i^f trpooi "ittirdav e\-eoin?. lHth,(a1a C-Jneenat?wn )?Cotton to dar ruled ateodr bat dull Tbe fi'iii ?>d n-ilci wvre oi>oiit f.uui bale* T be mar k' t ribiblU-d M<vnew feature* Brejda'uft'*?The rej ort-d advance on afl kinds w?a fully Coaflr<t?-d HlrbcnlM 8pence ft Ce. r?*p? rt the we . her cor tin ed ui avor bl . Flour ftdtlK l.ith r: etna'of at SB tu M txa b toy n, c'oung *2a3d h.jjher; red ll(2dill?6d. w.tb aaiea of nr* red t !*2?6d; wait- I1s6 1i|:m-the latter f >r bfw C >rn cl<*?d firm ad Gdala higher, m.xe 1 and y liow *e)*34a. white M cW6d Provision*?Pork quiet. Baron oady. Lord sWndv General Produce?Sugar ateadv. Coffee q a let Ri^e Arm Koaln firm and aligbtlv higher la consequence of a scarcity. aellin/ at 4? 2d o4 6d , closing at the latter Spirit* tur|?-nt1a? In good d uiai.d at a redu. Uod ?.f od_,cloeiag at Slla M. Birln? A Brntbera report toe London brsodj tuff's irarket atari v aeruritiea nrm. Cona >la W\aM Bullion In the Bank of England had alltfbUy decreased. Money aomewhat inoro atringent. The (ireat latrratlUul Horoo fair Watektowx, aug 2# ?The great international borae fair opened tbia morning on the Block Klwar Park ground*. under very flattering nrcuan ^. ......? mini or nnivmon 01 norm i>w im?i WT flue The opening of tbo lair waa a grand ctrmf. radeof all boraoa entor.d for premlutna, numbering MOMtaro bundrcd, whirb formod a proreaai< a of liearlv half a iuil? ia longth. Ov? two hundrod oatrira barr Ix-^n mado an to tbia ??? lng Th? crlebralrd boraoa " Tinn j.ffpraoe and "St Lawronc- Maid" ba*o juat arrlvod Kthan Allon waa on tbo grntiuda tu-day. and oihlbited great a)>eed Ho will itntaia uutll tbo doaa of U?? Ear. __________________ Caaaorti< Mt Kr|>(< liraa Stat* taarnUaa \iw Au.oat 31 ?Tbe Republican St .te Convention met kor* tbia luoraing wltb a vi rv full atten iar>ee f om ail parte of it* State. U/ta. I f O l - V. - / ?? h* ?? ?*- * - diunt, waarboam Prcaideut. with ViM-Prwidftita and >ecreta tea fro?a very rmmmty. A wrn-m <1!?< nation isued npn tbe form of tbe call for the ConvfnthR. wh'rli vu fluilif crdt-d by a moat i i.'fting tar <4 uiantml v and cuUiimI ?u, all diffcffno tiriNt! rwonrilrd at nnr? Aft*' a Imi nlof rbeeraand rejoiclnga the Convention ad j or icd for dinner. I'eum)Ivauia Politic*. PniLADKl-PHiA, Aug. <8?A apllt took pi are morning in tbe nominating ronventlonofUir tlrat aenatorial diatrict Tbe < nnveuttoa ffowd to entertain reaxiuttoiia Indorsing Mr Doiivlaa for tbe Presidency Mx-Mayor Vau*, tbe DougUa candidate for tbe nomination of State Senator, thereupon withdrew bit name, and tbe Douglaallea retired frflhi tbe convention Hon Samuel ft. Randall, who la in favor of llreektartdc* and Lane, wan then Dominated Mr Vaax will probably run ii ao independent candidate. Cricket Mitdi-CtHia* n L sited tmm Mostkeal, A?e 2V ?The cricket match ha W' H Canada and the United State* commenced to-4ay, with the following result: Canada, trat lnnin^a. 49; United !*tatea. firat Inning*. 166, Canada. aecoad ianlnfa, 21, wttfa three wl< keti to go down The Duke of Newraatle aottfted the committee that the Prince of Walea desired to Ttatt the grounds. and he will probably do ao to-morrow The first Telegram fro a* Nebraaka Uiou-sit ilk ^formi. auk w -tl* peo plf of N?-be oka M>nd by tbla the brat telegram Fran. Nebnaka, greeting to the Sutra The MUaouri and W. stern ele.jr*ph line waa completed to tLia ^na' f to <lsy, ai d the first office la Ntbmka formally opeind Our c tnena air jabliaat ever tbe MWt Tbc wrather is p*r> aalvelv hot, tbe thermometer lot In the ahade to-day at bom. Ltteat fren New Graaada. Nrw Van, Anptiat 31 ?Advicea from Aaatn Martoa New Granada, a ate that an attack b> tba l.tb?n'a on that town was daflv expected At Eaglish war steamer waa In port to give pretention to the foreigneea Marlar latelli|eace. Niw Yoat a ay i at '-1 ?The ehIp RoarlM froa ttvs pert bound to Liverpool waa abaedeaad ta a Inking conditio i on the Mth The crew have arrived here in tbe *blp '/urlrk Nemlentiea F?r ( aairm. OeDiRnioie, NY. August at-.The Beaao or its of the Seventeenth District have nominated Hei<! j U Foote, Kaq , of ()^?Hbar|, far Com > i r ?t Uftralt Dktiott. Angu }i - PI Oman's warehouse aad evrrai adjoining wood?o bulidlaca vara doat-eyed by ire yesterday Loaa firt.OU* partly llluM Mow W?t?. Klkrkau Nrvr Vom. Aug 31. -P;?mr advaocod Iflc , in C tiianqueace of AfHna ? adviooa, nvkf cIimIrk exalted; State *5 AimiJf, OW# M 45s?; WnHhw 6.UUVS 10. W Leat baa ?dvMf?l Mt1 ela??ag with a* excited market and Isr** aalaa; Wtrttn, red ?1 r??l 37; wl?tte ? :?sl 45 Cor* ta h gber aid scarce, wttb an upward U iidont? ; mixedK7' P -rk Is flriu; msss ?!#!* ! 7f; pr toe *l3.*a 14 45 Laid Is dull at i?JK*13?. WfcUkvataady ak'Xto . . ; NivYnu,*?<unw open brtterbut law Uu Bokr? chmtd u, brfnr CM?W? tit Rock lalaiid 79; IIHi n*Oujlfci titan rtoatfacra 44 X; N*vV?tO?rtMlMi R*^. tn*45#; Hudaoa mvir Rt m, M* v.t iwiwuc

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