Newspaper of Evening Star, September 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 1, 1860 Page 2
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n A / ^ i a/ i : 4 y/ ' * 'T fHE EVENING HTAfl Washington onT: ATrnDAY ItptMjwr It 1^40. yini ?f lk? Moraftac l^?? The On??f?*?* treats at length upon what It calls 'he inro1 sisterry of Mr. Do<iglas on the Territorial question. The Iniiltisinr'T quotes from th? Phil artel piii a North American. to show that the slavery qetstioa ia ??tti?d ? ID" The coraoiittec la New York for the redief of the destitute and snitrrlug in Syria have rereived contributions to the amount of ?S.7Tb, lsrge portion of which has already been tran? IH. Xamiiiea who have escaped the homtele inaasatre* of which Syria has been the ttoetrr/' say* the Progrcs of Lyons, "have arrived In this city within the last ff\v days, as well as a certain number of monk* b-loneing to the different establishment* on those inhospitable coasts 1D-Anl <r.r? exchange says: -'A lot of runaway ilavit [ aaatd through Iowa City recently on the underground railroad on their way to Cantda. They were under the conductnrsbip of a brotber of Coppic, who was executed at Harper'a Ferrv for hi* active complicity in the John Brown raid JJ^ C (i Washbsirn having declined a reelection to Con'jrms from the Wisconsin western district, the M ilwaukle Wisconsin aiinounem that he will be a candidate for a .vat in the 1'oited States J*mate on the expiration of Mr. Durkee's term on the 4th of .March next rVMMI Cam. Lavalette, I'.S. N., Nat the National Gen I/e?!ie Coombt, ju*t elected Clerk of the Court of Appeals of Kentucky bv the l'nioni?ta J* nearly eighty years old. - Col. J. Lucius l?avis, of Va ; Col.Wm. H. Carroll, of Memphis. Tenn ; Uen J no R.M'Daniel, president of Lynchburg and Tennessee railroad. are at Browns'. Professor Barnard, of Mississippi, president of (>*foid University. Is in this citv. and stopping at the Hon. Jacob Thompson's, Secretary of the Interior. Miss Catharine SedxwVk. the weli-known jitithorr*s. has recently been ill with the croup, but Is now recovering. She Lad an a*tack of the nine complaint about a year since. Mrs. Fanny Kemble Butler, who is now on a visit to h?r daughter in Philadelphia, purchased the lieautiful residence fcrinerlvowned bv Mrs S* ?; 1 , ii>d advertises tte "f'erch,'' btr former romantic littie cottage at Lenox, for sale. Th* Ntmbbh or Votiri* m Baltimore ?In the lirst branch of the City Council of Baltimore, ?a Thursday evening, a crmrmnlratlon wai received from Hi*; Coniini.<siotier* on the redivision of tb? waid*. k'W'"K tiit following as the namiKr of voters lu each ward, viz: Firnt Ward, 1 9?*i; Second,*.137; Third, 2,U5e; Fourth. 2,W7; Fifth, 1.1*46, Sixth. 2,011; Seventh, 1,H'?6, Ki^btb, *2,i>31; Ninth. J,! it!, Tenth, 2,111; F.leventh, 1.775; Twelfth. 1,7^"., Thirteenth, l.WM; Fourteenth. 'i,15W, fifteenth. 3.15."-; Sixteenth, 2,WJ7; Sevn. teenth, 1 PUM; Eighteenth, 1 .S*)6; Nineteenth, 1,725; Twentieth, 1,WW. Total, Tiik Paragcay Dbcisiox?"Ion,'' of the Baltimore Sun. nays: '-The President has under consideration, it is said. tL?- decision of tbe Paraguay rummiuioii, adverse to tbe clatrr.s of the Rhode Island Company, In whose Whalf eoeraive measures against Paraguay wt re lon^ urged.and finally adopted It is stated in opposition to the decision of Mr Johnson?first, tbat this govern uieut assumed. upon evidence before it, that the sum of $50U,0U0 due to tbe company as damages for their '.oss of a profitable contract; second, that ?nr miulsW was authorized to compromise the claim for this sum, or to obtain its adjudication by a commission; third, that Lopez admitted th? 11*billty of his government to the company for damages, and fmiith, that Lopez oil red Mr BowHr Al? - ? ? - ~-% * whieb ? fiVr Mr. JJowIln, under his Instructions, dtclmtd. The company would probably be glad to ae<-ef4 that *42iii now. 1: may well be doubted whether tlit President will aet aside the decision, and those who know the firmness of Mr. Johnson will hardly suppose that he wilt modify hi* decision, upon the representation of the facta above sta'ed The report and testimony will no donbt go briora Congress at tb<- next scasfou. and If they choose they can provide for another expedition against Parag uav ' Sxwirg Machites ?A desuerate attempt is bein? made tm Induce the public to believe that a patent originally granted to Akins A Felthousen ll tfi hf /I ,,rn ,v .^uvo> -V ruiiir* V* ?* 11 B'J II , WHO Bew claims, which will embrace the feed motion In all the moat approved sewing mac hine. This pretence Is false No such patent has been issued, or will be It la trae J udge Dintop. of the DIsUici of Colimbia, m?de a decision in Wilson's fav? r and overruling tin* decision of the Commissioner t?i Patents ifi>t in making an order directing the ratent to be re-iaaoeil with certain s[?c;lir; clniru?, the Judge the powers conferred on him by law. but sir.c- the decision in que?tion by Judge Donlop. a diffrrent decision has been made by Mr Justice NeUon of the Supreme Court of the C 8., a Judge of higher grade and more ceoetal jurisdiction, to the effect that tl.e claims ut imh> i.~... " - - ? - . ..... U. WW tmuti tur A Kins & Felt&ouaen are Kr^undlens It follow* fr?>?n tht? l.istdeciaion: lit That Wilson can never jjet tbe Aki u? Ac Felthouaeb patent re-tssued with any claims In It which u? of the ali^Utcat importance to any one, and Id. If he roald get said patent re issued with all tbe claim* asked for, it haa been declared Invalid bj the hijjheat judicial authority in the country. George B. Sloat and hla infringing sewing machine*, have been pat under injunction tn New York, after a full Leafing, and all who sell or use them are liable to injunction a No. 1. M. Sisgbr it Co. nTS?BY DIVi.NfK PERMISSION TIIKRK lL3 mill Ijo rmfmm ?ervice in Trinity t'hurch T 0 MOKRQW at 11 o'clock a. hi. and b p. in. it* n-^COi UMBJA TYPOGR A PHICA L SOClUJf Bi ) .--Tu? rocui&r -f"" ? cieij will be lielil TlllS BVENiNUiiil o'cl'k. It? H. 8. BQWKM,?c. rr5!"wa^iiindtuin light infantry. llg ATTENTION.?The Initial mn wilJ sskCiMbtT?ttli?ir vnorr TO MURUUW (t*un avtA**'I KR \<J< >N, at half past 1 o'clock, in au aimer u.*, farufjrfiiMilldoi}, j AS y. bavw> , U* C?miandin^ Officr. ry*=? . >OTICK ?MmnWera of the Republican Uof *M^i&aoa r?.?iini in the Third War* are requested to tnoei at the " ' corner of art ht. and ladiv a avenue. THIS (beturday) EVE MNl>. at ..all paft 7 o'clock by o. <] -; o! the cOianutt- e. lt^ rrWKKV. \.. v. morgan, rv divine IIJJ jHfrimwioii, wijprnach in JVejW corner of Fifth ?ih< F street*. TO->WRftl>W (*febbsth ' MORMNfi. 2 ^ at oi Tee ?r?J ret-f ctuil? invtu-ii to attorwf K*r. J. A.Mt,-C*CL?*,p**torof tj?e, n*?/? turned a** I will prMtqfe at 7)? t? ciock . ry^r* JACKSON I>KM<H'RATIC ASSOCjAU 9 TlON.-Th* regular weekly n e?-tin? will 1* t?M M'J.YlM V EVKXLNU. tUe J1 iu*. 8-verai r-p hklWt will lwMrs?* the AmOi'I?iion. Tie Ueuiocrat* of_ VTfciliin^tiii anil g?rro.Mulin. uxniiet tri IIV1WU. ? CORNKLlLl* f.E, Prt?? t. WM.J. DOM)h(W)>f. ^ ?!-*_ rf^ATIKTrioN, COM'MB IA N01.NK ijj? COMPANY. No. l.-Th? member* of the t ompMT her?lijr iwitift U> *i t"C Engine > DuU?orM>AY RVKNING it J italbrk pre sel?. in lull u "i for hi, to attend ihf funeral u! our ^ JM irlluv-iMtntx r Mr. Ukxrh Sadii By oril r. PHIL. J. ENNIS, Aetii^yec. J A!*. A. TAIT. President. If A PPfcXlAl/M K KTI N tt OK THE i U3 Yott?? Men's hri?to?a AoneiaUon will >? iTTj m ti<?ir r?on??, of*.'?ite Brown ?Hot?t, WO!*J>AY KVK,S l '*'?j^Pletnh*rS'''*' 8 oVloc-k In yt*|ant huaiu#**. Tiie ptoses* <>[ every mem her m lltejrtf, By or<!er of the Pretidpnt. e 1-21 SA.M'L MbRLW EE. Jr..Sc?. p tewi. nrts="N k\V KMI.DINW AVXH iATION.-Tho UJ fouith i) Of tnly tft?ett?c of tk? Jaokoon Uuilrlu>4 A??'>*i*'.Ma lor the p*y nxi*l ol due* will Ic fceiUon TUhHDAY BVETxIMrt a-fltt. Hepto.a1<r 4th tea'&u'. at 8 ii\rl?.ck, M German H?M. < fcrat ffrv r,) on 11th ?treet, hoc *een F awl C ?t?. Pc M?n? vuhir.K tu t*ke Htook eft n iK> iOMUiii 1 ' viUioiitthn mim?iit ol yrmnium, wfitch W?fl MehAriied alter iku me?tin?. Tk? ?e?r11 expense of this Association wnlnwver i It* CHAS. WALTKR. ?es. rfm^h O O. F ?CiBANl> lODOE ? A't ftd VH* ? ,iraad I-?1" -*u S1 rtocrei*^. gr3S? Th? I na*i *Jflodon of . ?<&, *" * fuil ttfeflpe is ear neatly > * J. ?4?am?tVH.. iw 0SraGi^Di^.^s^!7"f,ri?* gas gr lo'tlo-li, it ro?NM?lkU,ooriiir uiMwiltml ?v, ' mot Wth >L Pwrwtes winning t.? U^I Moaft e?o <t?* ?ntt tin* ineMi^c ?iUww tn? p*. ?rvp?t of prcwinm. ?u? 4' CHAa WILSON, aoc. ry??i?LMPSB\' A 0*?QOIJ3. W ???,?? th* must beautiful styles. ] VJh I'a. A v.. between 9tu aari loth iti, i ?u ?7 4iui Wasnisgtoji. i ? ,?li -. -j. n,j ... WAftMlFteTOn RIWI AND QOMIF. SiNAToki climhas ot M. 0.,a*? Blow* or Miss.?The Washington conwpondwt of the Philadelphia Pr$n announce* that Senator Cling man doea not support Brecktartdge, bat designs taking the stump for Douglas M hla return home. He ia here at thta time, or at taaat waa here a frw days since. This announcement may'alrika eome portion of the public aa being odd ; In Tlewof the fact that the Democratic preaa of North Carolina unite In declaring that Mr. Cllngman, up to hla recent departure froaa North Carolina for the North, had proclaimed his determination to aupport Breckinridge. Howeyer, the declaration of the correspondent of the Prttt, the truth of which we do not donM, inrreewe owr mptrt for Mr. Cllnsjmaa as a public man; becauae It placet him in an attitude entirely consistent with his course in the Seaate throughout the last session, and in the private ronanlUtiona of the Douglas manager^ here, wherein he was regarded by all his fellow Senators who adhered to the organization of the Democratic party of tba body, aa being perhaps the most earnest lalH>rer against therauae of the South as involved in it* opposition to Mr Douglas's phase of abolitionism?squatter sovereignty ? except, I e haps, Senator Brown, of Miss., who, while avowing perhaps more ultra antl-aquatter sov. ereignty sentiments than any other 9enat?>r, some bow or otber managed In make speeches and take positions which Invariably did far more damage to the cause for which he avowed friendship and more service in the cause of squatter sovereignty, than those of any other Senator of either partySingularly enough, by the by, in tbe same letter the Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia frets announces that? "Senator Brown, of Mississippi, has written a letter, wherein he declares that he will vote for Breckinridge But he gires furh rtatonx for dnimg >u n* trill d'tevml oilier% from accepting tkt Dismnitm[i e Breckinridge?Bd ] dtlil " When Senator Clingman takes the stump for Douglas, there will be a general jubilee among the reliable Democracy of North Carolina; insomuch as he will thus put himself, politically, in a poa tion in which the party In the Legislature will deal summarily with his pretensions I to l>e re-elected neit winter by Democratic party votes The t/utli is, be destroyed all bope that he might be re-elected by the Democrats, by bis course In Washington last winter in affiliation with tbe late eo-lal>orer of Steward, Hale, Hickmm & Co.?with Douglas. So bis only chance of success lies in tbe poasibllity that a Douglas p?rty may be created In the North Carolina Legislature sufficiently strong, when allying themselves with tbe Uellltes, to defeat tbe Democratic party's nominee for tbe seat in tbe Seuate now tilled by Mr. Clingmau, whoever he may be. Afropo.%: the key to tbe recently published letter of Governor Letcher, avowing Douglasism on his pert, lies in the fact that be is an aspirant for Mr Mason's seat in tbe U. 8 S?iate, without tbe slightest chance of obtaining the Democratic party 's uoniiuation; his only bope laying In his possible ability to create a Douglas party balance <>f power in tbe Virginia legislature sufficient wiiu me aid oi tbe Uellites of tbe body?If tbe latter will take bim?to elect bim over tbe Democratic nominee. Tbua are tbe wheels within wheel* with which tbe politician* of the times work, in motion at this time in the South. SCPPOMDSPAJUSH lSTBMTION.4 OX St DOMINGO. Com. Poor, of the sloop-oMrar St l.ouis, reports to the Navy Department, from St. Domingo city, that on tbe morning before his arrival, the 'JUth of July, a Spanish screw frigate landed a number of emigrants with arms. It is suspected that the Spanish government has ulterior views of recovering its authority over that section of the lslaud. More emigrants are expected from Venezuela, ostensibly for agricultural purpose*. Death of a Navt Li*ut*haxt ?The Navy Department has received oilicial iaformation nt the d'jath of Lieutenant George Hurst, win died in Msadville, Pa., July 9(b, 1300. The deceased entered the Navy January 10th, 1 * ?*>, and was promoted ta hi* present grade of commission Kebrnary 19,1W7. Bcildixgs for thi C?s?us Birk.mj.?For the u?e of the Census Bureau, the Secretary of the Interior has leased for three years the two fourstory buildings on G, between Seventh and Kighth streets, at an annual rent of SI,UU0each. Thi Wbathke.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the A met lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. septkmber 1, i860 New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia. Pa. clear, cool. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear, wind N W Petersburg, Va. clear. 743. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 74?, wind N Raleigh, N. C overcast. 74?. Wilmington, N. C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C clear, 70'', wind ?K| Augusta. Ga. clear, warm. JMrannah, &a clear, 79?, wind S Macon, (in clear. Columbus, 6a clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, warm. FkOM TBI WEST. Pittsburg. Pa clear, S$?. t ifvewina, w overcast, wind NK iiaroaaeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) iO.&flH; at noon. 29W9. Thermometer at 7 a. m., W; at noon, 71? Maximum during 24 boura ending # a. m. today. Si)*'; minimum 5SH*. Amoudt of rain yesterday, three-hundredth* of an Inch. VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN. Tiachii of mrsic, 442 H, between Oth and 7th streata. ee 1-eolin ^ |4ATSf HATS!' 1 ^ ' U KALI. STYLES. now ready for wale aevoral new ami eleTjant atj lea of DRKS>S HATS lor neuU-Tneu. r My oui'omtri and the pulttic are invited to^A call and examine tbenu J AS. Y. DAVIS. ae l-1w (ftaUe, Intel. A Cou* ) _ ISLAND SKLtCT SCHOOL, Srtntli Uretl 1. weit, b<twe? B *t **d MaiyLin l army sou A, Womimftnm. O. C?The above School,for bojm and Kirla, wiii !>e opened on Muutlaj, Septum l>?r 3d The Mud* purtued will oompriae all the liraiiehca requi ite to a thorough Eiitiiah education. For particnlara see circulars. U. O. MA.NNAKbK, ae I 3t* Pr ncipal 7tCHwOii HOOK*. |\ SCHOOL BOOKS, U SCHOOL REQUISITES You will find it W> your interest to oall and exaiaiD* Uie uewatwok juat rf.o-i vod at SHEi'KURD'S, aorner 7th ana 1) atreeU. everything la i*?- SohooJ line at his uauil low pno**. Call and aave your u? >?ey. ~ rm - (vc ?*? ?? iin u* r.vvi HL I.ft "t 'M R KXTfcNSIVfc 1 .lock of AUTUMN ami WINi'KR 1>kV GOODS was *?F<?cte<t with an eye to (lie warns of eraOoa in moderate circumstance. C* Cnitaina, Ojlcl<?tn, Ac , \ipper floors. OTia pric?only, ma ked<n alain ti-:are?. p pkhkv a ^rqtiikr, Penu avenue a-d-Ptmtli re USt "Perr; Building.** CLAY'S HOT Eli, ? . i F OR MIILY UHTTltD STAT**,) PFW V. ATEiVtrii, WykbHlHUr.Hi, I) c The Usitio Stat*# Hotk. bavin* pa?aed into , tlr< hands of ti.e untfersifc'ned.thev A < lull) iitfoi in thnr rn*n i? and the PiUio Jem J Uiax tli houae has keen cloml tor t!i* la tiiuSLL two mn. fl.> ' u TC,9, n?u IIIXI irovii uHTipnuniy r. pitireO and lurnulied,and wifl be r?*>p-ued on the Ui ;?ept?i!.b?r w?t. , . . The nou?e Uriiif liettfd with * tram, and provided with other modern improvement*, n*jr now to oia.H*' d with tbe irxt liot-la of trie eoontry. It wiL a oounriod&tc 'on* Uire? kundred pe.-cona. I Th* pi opric.oi i tht-lr persouMattention to bu?ine?ii, lo effort will be 8P&r?d op their p*rt. or tun attendant*. to coutruwte to the ooudort of th*ir guests. Hop in* to teocive oar *bare of pabli? patcouag?, I " H CLAY k CO. I tot Room* at ut. der&t>> piioea. ?? t-12t I. M. SINGER & CO. S | IMPROVED I o n w aitWIjyU MACHINES, PENNSYLVANIA A,T*NU*, NATIOSAX BOTKb ) l A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF < iMhlaci, Tkrca4i, k TtM, ; RKPT ON HAND, j i v 7*- ^nvwM, A ^; ] [MI OKTaNT to OW.Ntv*8 <i|HoR^ti a PAV??K * OK can be h?4 *r<f|?lytiif to ' UK. RAINEY, at Jonn G. AbelFs ^table-T^TR I formerly Lak?meyer*?,j Utr the comer leventeentii and C ?te? an 51 lw* t 1ST Of'VNCL4IMED PACKAGES *? the ^FO<[0QfE H. BUR.Vfi, A(MtBepMBbtr lit, 1MB ut??, N %' hind ley, Prof Xdanuon.A L*nrenoe, A B AldenTTR J - Livin??ton. ? Anderson, J H Lynoh.A Aauii, J w Latrobe, H 0 Alexander, C Leonard, Km C Adam*. K C Litllich, Acnw ?itlT' M.r Lawson, 8eric% W Abbey. Wm Loomia, M Ashe, W 8 l.awrenee. Col A ???brook. U R l.audet, o N A<t<ti?on, J W I/fnir.SB Barber, Rev 8 Lambert. C O Ba'tand, H J/> n*?troth Rev L L Branch, J W J.w.MriM Brown. A H I arc, J Br inter, M D L?t*rre,*' Barclay. A P Lawrence, Co! Belmont. Augustus Lenhar, li H ButU, wm B Mutt. Col C II Brown. A Myers, Col Bemisa. Prof 8 M MoPheraon, J A Kaer. Mr* M MaoKe;, J f Bowia. R J MSP Ha'dwin. B H MoAbee, E Bairrl. Dr Mason. lion C Rurnmdn. A K Mnnlumt. K I. Kiirm, Mary MoCreery.KA Kuril!, I* Muldoon.M Brack more, B C Manny penny, Col B owne. M Morgan, E B Butler, Rev H H Montgomery, J Boian, K Y Martiu, D B Browne. H F McKffver, A Bocae, Wm McLean. W T Brown, A V MoCraoken, J liarnard. O C Mitoheil, A 8 Bu'ler, J 0 Meader, J Baker, Wricht A Co Meeki. JW Bianton, B H MoCollum, Mary, Brown. A tt Maaon, R E Batik!. K D Morton, J U Kenaett. C W Markley.T Brink, E H Minuter of Peru, Evrnei, Dr J Merrill A Pearoe, ('Vrk R H M>rn. T Coleman, C W Morgan, J B Cox, J fc McAIiirrar, C H Cochrane, J A. Manninr, Catherine, Ciseell, R 8 T Mitchell, H Tarter, CH Merrill, > II Cannon. J M M?l. Aa'l Colloge, Cutts, H-L Mills, j H Connolly, PC MoKenny,O Chouteau, C P Mitobell, A 9 Coleman, Mrs M B Muzzy, F Connolly. J Mot'herson. C H Colby, f T Mitchell, XV P Cooper, Wm Morsell, Rev J Chapman, Wm Mindeloff. M Crnger, L Molntjre, J Crook, G W M MoCarty, A Chamberlain, 4 M&cuire. Jno Cooker, J L Mudd. Miss E Campbell, J II ft ew brought J B Cooper, John Naiior, U Campbell. T A Nieho'son, G W 9 Clarke. Miss J Ouls, JO Crutchett, J Oppenhf nnrr. M Colburn, J O Oweur, J Coyle ft Bro Patent, Com </f I Pam.katl A vwi'yt'viit m VIIJ w nu Cooke. J 1) Palmer, E Con rand, C M Porter, W D Craigen, Dr W J Pnoe, Miw Jsnnr Conrad, C M Parker. & A T Cunningham, U W Pat?nt, Cora of Ctapp, KD Do do Cook, A H Do do Doufherty, J E D<? do Dobyne. ColTJ Do do Dultin. Felix Do do Diekeya, Mr Do do Dubois, Cher lVpper, Col J P l><? Mon? Pollock, K A Dai'v, 8 U Pension*. Com of Oevine, R J A Patent, Com of Du?r, J K Patent Ofiae Delator. R P?m. T w Douglaa, M?G Parry, W H II Dunham, \V S Patent, Com of Dennia, J P RAodolpb, Col J J Davir, K W Rodteri, J t)unh?in, K W Rushiu, J i/nnlap, R P Roheaoo. Capt J I)arhf,JA9on Ricb.GW Howd, K (or Donna) Rid^away, W, Kdwarda, S Roliinaoii. Mm A Do J S Rowe. Spm.cer Faton, W Rncci, |a*ao Eama. Wm Rieh*rdaon, F Edelman, Mr Rotunaon. ** Eaton, J 8iirpp?rd Wm FUUinK.Dr {*to*rt. R?v D C Kngdeiain*. J D Miliivan, J Fraz?>r, J U Stone, im U ?JW?TU, J 1 r ?nnoT, w ? t>r? I French. KB S*otoin"n,w I Ford. M SchwiduF I Field, M 1 Furee. J Smith, L?1 Foster. J w S4el?cman, J ? I ' Feriu??0' ? , S<"ln??n' *" 1 F?rlej, Mr? J Stone, H I |Fr?p,Fr*d jjeibert.S 1 FnT**.G C pkinner. At* I F*''""'J., an Wpenoer. B??n l Finekle,,**?? *> ?U?rt. K \ o?t?r,JW b?miner,J n 1 Onffie.F.k B in I Gt?mt?et??n, O ftcrfciitoD.J ? 1 (iivimeer, 8 Schroder. A I 8re?'oa,W Steven#, ? * I Oillii.BW Stevens, GW I 4i.weMt. Mr* naiiiTku. N ? I Otzett" Office Snider. J Green Fr" n w I w w \ arirt*-J ww button, C l Gvdnef, AW ?>epliens, Al? 1 G?tM,MriPI H*bMti?a<0 I S?u> dere, T *. 1 GiNion, w N bimnai. J r p I OMPWJj G K b one, C?ft C P I O r?T r M * bho-n.fcj er, ? 1 G?1m, M>" ?milk.ftCt I 1 Hy*?. *f VlhB gj^mour. J 1 Humra^lli Joh" Ton<*y-K 1 H*ll,Atf*.Co uo I Bste?p $&&?* **' I Hw>kV SB H I Henry, N ? . Thoin??. ? & A 1 Hankneoht.<* Ij Thoirp?on, W a j Hammer, M. Thr??der ti , H?^d. J T Tuok*r, Wi? | Ho(T.nW,C T?ft?F9 . Horning. D . Thompson. aw*" * H?rnnjton, W II rr..i?r Hawk**- J Htm,B D Turf*,Mr H untie a, A J Tfu-i bail. DrC A H?iv*?, H Todd, Win I) Hughe*, N H Trcmbls, A C Hutchinia, W E Throo*. B F Harmaa, g Trowbridcw, W Hm u, H Todd, Lt J W Han nay, Peter T J Haramao.T TayU?r, W E Hunter, T Van Viut, ? F Haiti borne, J Vouch. H II?rr, S Wiliiami. Hi?i E Jonea.S Wfitnt. W 6 w? ltof.-Mn M WP Whitoher, JB Jaines, F I, Wiliitiii. J Jackaon, T B Wtinmiii, J Jove*, A Wnoater, J R I nrwii, Hon 8 Do. Junes, P Wpnttr HE Johuaton, Mrs S P Wa e, W H Kidctor, B A Wykoff.WC Kamm*rhti*b?r. W Wars, E T K rkup. Hotta A Go Woodruff. J B KirOy.J 4 Whitney. A Konnarter. N R WaJle, Hon D K-ndall, K D Whipple, O i\-ruier,?? W?ter?, J C . Kansen?tr?ach, O WMlibu'n.CC Key. J ft Whit-, MM ? Kirenaor. M Wiktt, MiMAW Knott, Mr* AM Wwwwr.VD Knesman, M Wolfr, 9 M Koom, Mm K Wttiun, A Kejwtn, W J Keif t ?, <??k> Kinr. H IM (\NK HUNDRED RUN BPKBOH PAPER VF just reoeired: will b? moI" low for o*?h. bLANCflARD A MOMUN, a?J51 corner Ele^eoth at and Pa. aT> WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT OPFICK. WtkVltilMtf ?? fQfA - . .... .. ?? <kup<iv? w 'x l"w Pbai.vd paornsapi ar* invited for compMit.r tM brick work of ths ht?h-ser?ioe reservoir of the Washington Aqueduct, at the corner of High and Road street*, Georgetown. Plans and specifications nan be M?n at tnis office until Thursday, the 6th Sertemher, ou which da?, at ruon, all p oeosaU received will be opened in presence ofnxfcUra. Propositi* hIivuM be endorsed "Proposals for Brick Work," and addressed to Capt. h. W. brnham.u8 En?tnr*r?, Chief Engineer WasliinRtou Aqueduct. aii 31 dt6Sej> JUST RECEIVED, ft fijie stock of FALL UI.OTHlNG, Pynoe of Wales Hate, Jsmdm* Hat*, and all kind* of Hats, at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Sevmth str.efc opposite Post UBm an 3' Im NMEHCHANT TAt' OHIN&. r"~"~ I EW Fa 1.1, srYLEB or CLOTHS, CAS8IMKRS.aNO VESTING!*. WAI.L. STEPHENS A CO., SSS Pennsrlv* avriim, nivvo just rccoiv?wt a large variety of n.?w Fall Ooodt, to which they invito the ai teat ma of their friend* and cu?tomer?. mi 3" tf BNEW MUSIC. ELL AND EVERETT POLKA. DOUGLAS SOHOTT18CHE. i rRiNCK o> wales polka, Fact- with a oorr'ot lit'no<raphio hktnaaa on the Li lie pate. Juat receired at JOHN P. ELLIS'S . Piano and Mnaie Store, ?m 3\ Between and l?th etr?"f. i S^CHOOL ANB COLLEGE OVTP1TB. Youths' and Boyx' Clothing for School and D / cm WMr 52S,' ssc ' tsahatss?sa^^p , A SCHOOL BOOKS i A. FtfLLAfJ oom*iHe?U>A of all the Book* teed in UMjaWigand prtvat?s?h<oh, at the verr uwcit prion Teaaher?ai>d retailers upplied at ] itrw Yprt WhcjWe price.. bv WM BALLA.N riNK.??4 Seventh ?t, < ?m 31 9t abovOrtiPFellow' Halt. I res ^uisz'&2isA & k i to! , **oth, 01; HP*r ,4c- lltastrated by Jahu ] Uto i? Tiawitioa, FdMla Smih, and Private j l?i?i?io??l?tk??^i>c?*n*.lMr J?fc? Arthen.A. M., t u hor <,f pits g?eoe?ftii ttarekait, A# , Iv(M| ' f?V|iaft*r? tm Wives, hy Mm. e'll?, avlber of I other* ciilMtNeiilvoLiiriM %it. B I.ANC H A RD k. MOHUN, , au SI oorMC Eler^jU at. and Pa ?v. ( ? EXCURSIONS, PIC NIC8, fcc. ' 0RAN?) XNMOUNCMIKMT! THt: XWtWT OFTHM SEASON ! A GRAND WtlZE PIC MIC will be rive, in the cour** of ten <Uy?. ttooda will he "zlihitea at ?L <>. Hoott'e-Jewelry Kitebiishmeat Monday ^iwt?culaf ? Monday'* pf?. ^ U_ PHTN. PWTN, PITUN \-f.OOK OUT FOlt THE PHUXNY PHET LOWS'-The ft* 1>1P VMP nL-n m a vy n ? / VI MIO a iniuuy K W1 | TAKO n dIacc atCoLrxBiA Sraisi;* on Tf fcSDAV.^M S-'pt. 4 I.ook out for phunnT times. TicktS cts , admitting % rentl-man Ami ia?ii?*. l.oAouet w'll 1'ave 7th *t. And Avenue from W o'clock a. m. to 10 p. m F?'f 10 cents each way. By ordtrof C.'inmitti<e. * !_? * hf. PREPARATORY cm.krr atton op ?t. dumimck's schuols^rri^i-^^ will b? held. a? has ltocn an 4H(bK*3P^9? nounoad,nt COI.imria Sl-Bl\i;TfflB?P* on monday, S*rt*mlx>r*i. Tk? excellent Ariamcemeota tbat ham hen male, upporle l b? tha natural beautv and highly unproved atate of the grounds. an<1 by tne honorable charact?r of the place, inntir* to (ill visitors a day of undisturbed mirth. mingled with healthful exorcis" All friends ami lover*of youth are kiadl? i-vited. fc,verj blessin* that music can impart will be enjoyed, for Mr Joh* F?prr* will t>e there Ommbnao* will rundunmc the daj from Pa. av. and 7:h at, and Maryland av. and 7th at. It* F '/.OIAVE CLrlTB. IR8T GRA'ND GIFT FIG MIC OF THE Zouave Club, of Washington, ARLINGTON SPRINGS, On TUESDAY, September 4th, I960. The toautiful Gifts conki*t of Jewelry of all The full Marine Band lian k?on en ?a^ed for the ocoasinn. w ii'Vp*'y!> New swine* hav* tieen ereeted, the liall room in complete order, and the ground* in good onVer.and, in tact, everything to enliven the visitor* during the day. O in >i buses will Ieave7th *t. and the Avenue every hour for the Spring* direct. Tickets for gentlemen,9n cents. " ladies, 25 ?* Children frew. an 31-4t jyjONDAY.THE THIRD OF SEPTEMBER. PROMENADE CONCERT AND BALL, AT TO* * PARK, Seventh Strtet. The vnderMgned begs leave te announoe to his lBIUfriumls and th? public in general that. Oft ujHEthrongh the kind a?*i*tanco ol the S^ibr- jS 7*t*er Societies "Mann>>rchor," "Saenjer ,.u.iu. ijKniciukiui, unu ino id I1 l>10- HHI xart Han't, he is enabled togive a crawl vocal and instrumental concert. On MONDAY, the ?l Saptwibor, At which the following programme wi.l be executed: March from "The Tannhauser," by R. Wagner Orchester "The Miehtjr Waves of German ?ong" t>I Sotiin United Singinn Club 'The Church Bells," l?v Beeker Maennerchor "The Warrior's N'itfit Song," by Wr??le United Singing Club an<t OrchesW "Wine-Trial." bt Tollner Saensorbund Quo<IIihet from L? S?ranainliula," arra i*p'J by Christian ? ... Orchester "To the Fatherland " by Krentx'r... Liedertafel 1 "Longing for the Rhine," b* G?egnr United Singing Clube After the Concert, GREAT SUMMER BALL By Full Orche?<ter. Tho Concert commences at i o'olock p. m. A'imis?iou an eeuts for one gentleman autl la>lies. au SK3t T. CHRISTIAN. Musie. /^APITOL ASSOCIATION MOONLIGHT excursion, . ii/ ins it M/Ii tlUUhlS, MONDAY EVENING, September 3d. The ktaaiuor Pmyiix will leave her wharf at -I o'clock p. in. Oifiniliuiten will leavs corner of Pa. aveuua ami 7th st. for the hoatat a quarter before 4. Good *"**^cotillon music has l?een encar^d. Tickets, admit ting a geuUeinau and ladies, ju centa. au &< 5t Grand temperance kxclrsion TO ULYMoNT. MONDAY, 5itrTixBU 10. TheCATHOMC BENEFICIAL TOTAL ABSTINENCE ASSOCIATION ofthe ^ District f ? oluniliia will give Annual Excursion on Monday, Sep-^^**^* tember 10, The Tiwm>* Coi.ltki i? chartered for the occasion. She will make two t ip* during the day. She will leav* Georgetown at quarter-past 7 a rti . the Ston* Hou*eat half pa t7 a in , ami her w harfifoot of 7th nt, Washington.) at fi a. m. She will make a sccoud trip f>-om Washington at half-past I p. m., touching each way at Alexandria Omnifiusca will start Jroiu the corner of 12th at. and the Avenue,7th st and the Avenue, and from the corner of 4th and H sta., ado from the Capitol gate at 7 and 7}? o clock a in. Omuihusua will he at the l>oat when aha return*. W.thent* celebrated bind will discourse swret iqokic by land and water. Dancing, of course, will have it* votaries. and there Mse few whom IVithers will not tempt that war. In fine, nothing will '?e wanting to n ake it a day of real pleatitr* to the meml>ers uf the Association and the kind ftisnds of th o came who will accompany them. Dinner a d Supper will lie tarnished in rood at>io by the proprietors. Messrs. Jor.ea A Miller. No intoxioatins liquors will lie sold d ?ring the day on board the l?>*t or on 'he grounds 1'he strict ost order will be maintained on the boat and on shor*. Tickets at #1 eaeh will enalde a gentleman ami two ladies to enjoy the excursion, single ticket* to on. Children free. Commute* if Arranremrntf. John D. Cla'k, Patrick W Rickey, '? hofna* Dnfl'r, James J. Kan-. George Savage, Patrick Carroll, M Knwright, John Herlihy, Timothr G'een, Patrick Shea. Janvs MeGran. an 8' Th.S,Tn.ThfcS (Statee F.M.WAS! ^RAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION! The members of the EAST WASHINGTON QUADRILLE ASSEMBLY wonld J?? r 'specMully snnour.r# to their friendn^^?mpn^P t>.at the? will give a Moonlight Kx eursion to GLYMONT on THURSDAY EVENING. S?>pt?nil>erfl. Tickets 5*t cents. Seeftituro advertisement. an 23 en3t* AMUSKMKNT8. REOPENING OF CONCERTS, n MnJSs Lfermerly S had'*) Reftrtoru, r-ru?r Pa. a***ut and 3d ft.. on SATURDAY EVENING. Tnese eiceilent ami much f vored Trio Concerts will take place KVKR Y SATTROAV EVKVINIJ her?aft-r. The t<e*t l.**er Be?r ia town. ?nd o>h*r*?*wi thifigi, Wll he nerved up. The puMio is r*-pectfuliy invitoti au 31 8f CHARLES MADE*. W Y M A N , The laflelii aid 1>Dlrll?fnisi! IX NIGHTS ONLY. a Lao. WEDNESDAY ??dSATURDAY AFTF.RN'NS. AT il ODD FELLOWS' HALL. - NEW TRICKS! LOTS? OF FUN ! an V m yy ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manacw- W. THI5* ESTABLISHMENT Will op?n ft?r the raga'.ar FHil and Winter 8BMWI on the night of THURSDAY. No vcmma la x. ( JOSEPH JEFFERSON. I The Com?<1?%n of tbe Age, wilt oowinenoe an emfl<J T? *J-U * " ?|tw OU if KJl\ ~ DAY, Novomfeei atfe, and will ba . fo lnw?d fertile DKwt BR 1 L I.I v N T STARS I r> tlie Tfeeatrieai Pi riraws* U fO" Coromu?*>ation? if addreMfd to 1*. W. Qlk!*K. ,lOW Howery TheataiNew York, will 1 nae't with prompt atf nfaoft. | au *1 ?*f ( Ernst LO6?PL^*! 1 tu>t*m If and id struts, would re?^tf?lly I tat* to tip publio that A CONCbIT ofjiM 0KLECT MUSlC will be civea every $ON. * PAY and THUBSpAY EVENINGS d?r>M tne ] oaaoa. at feu Paviuea, ooiomf acing at 3 o'clock add endiux at 10 p. ai Previous to the ConW*. tne Saloon is open (u thoee desiring to wfctle . a war a low bonra in tl?? maty dMioe. ICE CiBlM. WAtkR ICES.aad every deaonpUon J of CONFECTIONERY always ready at oity J "E&e. devtnnf the (Mena fbr Pit Nm par I poa.-e, are re^toeoed to (it* a day er two notioa. je 18 3oi 1 - .1 w - > I WII.LIAX H. POWELL, i iJ*\ioce?eof to J a*. ?. WaTgH.) Comir rf Mtw York Are*w and Ninth ttfatt. a Having pufehaeed the entire Stock, fi<Mxl-Will, and Fixture* at the abovefai^B land, I invite the Attention of all tiioli^P r old euitomersof the * to re to iity line ito.-k of KR KKH GROCERIES. WTNES, ami LIQUORS, wW'.i? ' mnabw daily reewviiif, and whioh will he ?o; at vfee jow*?i city prices. P!-a?; oail, sad "we a:riva to pleaso" will be the . mou->. ., m 8*-eolw B, BHMK& l?rw .,p . nvluc juU returned fronj 4N?? Ywk, ie?ow | nf?MBK * oaatflou uiortmest of t GKNTS^ BA?S, vviou# , ! bek[ik% yentilatino EH ? PR ?> .?!* HAT8. CA-SiMKHl". bit ESS HATS.^BgB^ ? PRINC^^'WALEa HAT, for jroant men, ? m K beautiful a?M> ttcitf of CAPS for young men, J i rkfcPARTMRNT OF THK INTKRIORr 1 . Pkmi** Orrici, Au? ?f?lad yroyowU will Iv recivod *t ttua i ffioe ? mtii U o'olook M MM>n on (he MiU> d*f of a ?r next, for fiirniehin*, for -he u?eof Uh ait*, 4 uncty oQtda of lx?t dm iiokorf vfc xl aad (an oortU B h*k V* free wood, /our feet ?a length. to be Irrerrd and corded ea th* ttagginf on the west 1 rt.ntof ike ilateot Offiee Baiidui* uu Ninth eVreet 4 reel, ou or before th?? first da# of Oclylar &ut, I Fropoeei* efcould he addren**! to theiCOmnwMlAjT ^ uf PdOtirvM, MJlty 4 VBB Y NICK MAN6 I {J BP.8T ORDER be#* "cr^r ^v&&*oWc ?J V. ^ TREASURER'S HON Ampini tk* IMMM ti kit eradu u> tkt IVtuM wi mmi M ?A' M*M aatf hranrk". 6? riofcW grafts kavktm hmt *e*rr tk*n unmul. mkd tk ml to, tkt Mtwit ifM'/tw f ?m< fr?m<Up* '? In wh?t plftce. Treasury of the United t*tat*?, \\ aahincton. D. C... Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer, New ^ ork. New \ ork....i. AssftAIlt Tre*M4f??f, |>biwul<uphi*tPeuiiajlvanift.... Assistant Treasurer. Charlwton. S?*itth t arolina? Assistant Treasurer. New Orlean#. Louisiana Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, M is?jj?n.. Awn?tant Treasurer, Sy rMMMk CalpHBii... .# Depositary at Buffalo, New York.. ...... ifeposiUMy *1 BfeUw?wf?. M*r).AtuJ ? Depositary at Rlonmoifl, > irginia. Depositary at Norfolk. % irginta..... Depositary at Wiltmncton, North Carolina ........ Depositary at Savunnaa, f*e??rma. IH-positarjr at AJolul?. Aiai*u>a ?. Depositary at Nashville,T?nn?M(>? .. Depositary at Cincinnati.1Ohio Depositary at I'lttstmri. Pennsylvania Depositary at l*>ui*vine, Kentucky.... . 1 nnmtirv ! I - ! * -??*- ? I1-** j r? '9* ?W? J *? % * * fW ' i?l' ' 11 * 1 * A ? . e ? ? * DcpnSltarT at Norfolk (JUwvrl ? . .._ Depositary at Cincinnati I Jfcl.eaa) ... Depositary at Little R(h4. ArkittaM. ?. Depository at Chicago. Illinois. . Depositary at Detroit. MicMran ...... _ l>.?P<>mt%r? at OmahaCity. Nebraska Iteposttnrv at h a|i? of St. r?>f*. Wisconsin . Depository at Oiympia City, Washington i'eriltory D??ository at 'I aiiaha??ee, Fh rro D^pointar* at Omaha City, (<?ilmorsI ._.. Am?; office of the |initnd StoU?s,New York Mint of the I nit?xl Stota*. Philadelphia, Pa... Branch mint oftho I'liited Stat??s. Charlotte. N. C... S ranch mint oftti* United States, Dahlor.eaa. lis ran.* mint of the L niteil State*. New OrT-ans. La. Branch mint uf the Umled States, San Frauoise<>, caJ 9 Deduct overdraft .. Add difference in transfers Net amount subject to draft? .... .... Tr*n.f?r? T ? ??-- * " * ? . ? VI V.VI V?4 ICWR1T7 l'I I flO i ni l#fl Traual>-rs ordered to Auiittit Trnuurar, St. L" Tranafora ordered to Aaaiatant Treaaurar, 8?n Fr Transfer* ordered from Assistant Treturnrer, Nm Sep t it AUCTION SALES. gy*j-'or otker Auction Sain, <m first fag*. Bj WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers fiROCfcRItS LIQUORS. WHITF. ? EAD, il Ac- vt AucTiox.???n TUKSOAV MUHM INU.4:h S pt?mn?r at 1? o'clock, w* will ?rtl, IB front of Ute Auction Koom*. a la ce a Look of prima (jrooenea, Lmuot*, a o, compriaioj? Har els K?*hn? and Yellow bntcara, Bat;a Java C"fo?, Ch*<ti ImytiAiind Vounc H> eon and Black TeM, M iM>xea Caati.o, O'tvc au>i Drown Soapa a ad Candle*. 55 b^xea Grown-* Cinnaiwtn. Clovee, Ginger and At *pic<?( >uinvgt, Topper, Kxuact? off ? , *o. Box1** l?round C?'ff'e. ^taroh and Maooaroai, Uoxv* ??c?t Oil. indigo and S^aoks Salt, .V kega White l ead. 3t,n>wCigiWB, different brand a. Hoxea Chewing T??b?ooo, Ca?e? Claret and Bs*ki t' C'liampagn", Box'a Cake and CU-thea Fm?. 40 earreiaand octavo* H-audie* and Wh.ahtM. A d nu.ny other artio.e* in the Oro ery line, Terma: J3'0*?h; over thatamonrt a e edit of St an 1 60 day a, for approved eiidoraed note* a* I d WALL * B a W N aKD. A ncU. Bt THOS. IHIWLINO, AtcUnnMr. HANDSOMK KIJKNITURK AND HOU5KK.Knits tiriCTI A* fCBLIC AUCTIM.-(.i TMCRMJAY MORNING, S*\plf?? ber m . ?t u o'clock. at Uie r aidence of in. T T Man?, Proapeot street, <j"orr-t<>wn, anal li ht? excellent Kuinitan-and tr.ffeot*, ?<>in>ri?iM? Handsome f uib and Satiu Dainatk Covered Po'aa, Arm, Ka?y ParS- r Oaire, K'eca it K"??*u <: k I sere. Marble top Ttblea, Gilt-iraroe Mir-wra, VvNtmi OriMieuta, Hat.Je-ine Ct?aii'l?tier, Ve vet, l$rua?:e'n and Ingrain Carpeta, F'oor Oi o'oth, Matting. Kuo. Walnut fcxronaiuu Dining Tab.a, Batter Tray, Marble-top Si if b ard, Ln-iue, Solid Oac Dining Chairs. Cloeka, Handsome Go d-b&ai French China Dinner, Dm aertacd Tea Ware. Stone C.. ma aid Gia^a Wars, Solid Mahogany Caaopj tiedntoad, French, Cotrag* and other Bedeteada, Superior Carvid W&inat Marb.a top Drtraing Bureau, Zebra W. .>d, Mahogany and fait ted TVardrobw. I>re?hinr and P am Hnr??.i. *x/.-i.-?-? - Frem-n China and lira nit* Toilet Beta, Two complete tou of Cottae Furtaura, Superior Curie*) Hair Mattreaa?s, Pa lias. Re'rigeraio-,' tore?, Firehoarda, Ac., toTogether with a genera! assortment ?f Kitchen Requiaitra. Term*: 92? and under oaak ; over that mm % cre'Ut <>f 6" and 9" dars, for aatiafaotorily tafluieed nates, foea in* interest. ? l-d THO? ro\VUNO, ft wet Br BARNARD* BUCKKV'j George.own. TH RL'STEK'S SALE.?By virtue of a d*.d cf trun, dated April 14,1HM. reaorde<i in Liber J. A. N a I7S, folio* l?l, Ac . I Will offer at auction on HONDA Y, the 17th day of September ??? * . * ( So'o.ock p. m ,octhe premises.a It it at tot aground , in tfeorgetewn. h9in? parts <>f l.ota one hordred and uioety lour (1 4)ai d oue hundred and ninetynve, ( 95,i in tloa.l's second addition to Caorgetown, hounded aa follows, Tit: at 'h? northwest corner of Lot Na tiocty lV,! in aaid : addition, aud ruiiun g thecoe east and para'lol with { Mf ail atreet 125 feet; Ui.-noe north and parallel with Washington atreet y> {< +*; thwte weet mid paral- [ 1*1 with the first line to Concrete stieel. ar d ihenre i viih aaid str?*tW) t&* bag inning, with the i-upriT#- 1 m <tts, consisting of a small dwelling. Terms of aale: One third ol ihe evrehaae money to be paid in oash; and the resiaaa in tv>i a^aal lusta! insula at one ami two wi?i> .-t? - be ( cured Ter?"? ol a* e 'o be oompiied with ir one *?k after sale, or t e property will ba reacd at the purebaaers ruk and eoat WALTER 9 C'?X TroaUa ae!2aw*da BABNARUA BHCKEV,A?ota. By A. GRKEN, AMtioBMi. ON MONDt V, September 24, ltd, we ahtll aaU, 11 front of the pr?iuiaea, m 6 o*?U>ck p ia, ia corr plia. ce with the terma of a deed w* truat to na f'oni Thoa A. Mrown anu wife, 4?ted T4th i*?ptem b-n. II 8, ar?i ire -rded ia Liner J, A. tt. No Ml, pagetAo Ao., o eof >he Uni reoorda of Waahiacton oounty, part a of lota ?1 and I5f. in aauare No 97, hazinnlng for the tame 10 feet 3 inekea from the a oUiwa teorrer of ett4 rquare, ruuaini thence ewt ou ft line with L> atreet aoa h 16 faet; the toe tior'h 7 f?et; trie nee weat Ifi feet; th*noa aoath W f-et to the p>ao* ?f ba^ioninf, to**?her with the impr i> enrKi-tav oonaiauaa of a two-aWry (ran* ho?*e wuh one *turj hack birtficr Terms: One-fourth ca?h: the halare* in 6,11 and IB month*, eltw d*f of aa ?. with nHa ? red hy a dead o trwit on the premipoa. If ike ta? bm of aato a a not o?>mp i<xl within firadayaaRer the day ol ?a'e the truateea rejere the rirht te reaeil 'he prepertyet the purehaaoi'a riak and eoat, after fiTiuk mm wa k'a not c \ an W Stawfede A. 6IKri'rAft By A. 6 RE EH. Aaotionoer. rvESlRABLK 1MPBOVRD AND INI* Ir pRflvm Pw?wr?l?PnM>?a... "? u U?- Aaotm Store et tue wUriftT oorner of Ktventii itrni *?Mud D *Um(, on ? I.UNMAY, the l?'h of September urxt, at So'eloc* p.m., the fo^owin* lot': hot 5, in Fquftre**. Lot#, |netware?$ kl t 10, iJi 5a uar# 1. 37. _ . rt of Lot?, in ^tuiareTS, firoirtn?? 23 feat Vii i iuoti?* on K*?t Capitol etree*, uaprowd b; two j mail tenement* . Terme: One-foarth wk; th? reeidaaia , Ita?4 II idooUu. eeeared hy deed of traat. 111 oorrej- i toeing at tire ooat of the p -rehaeer. If tke Urw . >f ?ale are net complied trrth vrHHn fv# <*aya from , lay of ?ale the property vtli ba rwiaid at theeoet af ", r Rf.CKIVKD Tlufdav , and Watai, bp l (Ufred R.torft. ?|ne Little Beaqt? , by .Mr*. Grey. lira jiouier in LAV, by Hri. km ma D. BoalfcFreeoh. German. Apaniah, I jU.n lad Italian Laa- < mace* without a UaiUr, by A. H. Mont-ith. is- < ,-nded for the *?f> of persons ?Ui?lj ia< 4m lii|U(i I irit )OUt a teacher. I C h?M> edition of the Mill on the KlaM. CharliM ihe*e^'? Nw?u theap adituia. p?P**. J liKN. F. FRENCH 21S Pa. a?.. an Mac* between Tlth aa4 lafa of 1 DO SOUTHERN AWJCSHCILN MCECH AXTB. aooEWAiiTit iuisak.L, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A?D V*LUI I? 1 ?9 CHKAP9IBB - ALTIMOK K, i tMU the attention at Muhfcif Tintim thticity 1 o an eaaminatioa of their ?t??k, whifb w wiilt 11 wuser ,B uu ???? ? ^ ' ESS** j ? rHK $'rtS^^^r^Srittei. |\ iad fNn Mbiaa* ft Hi r?n?ta*lit; * triM* oU#r??4, W wwk 4oj? in lb* fcwt ?*-, 1 '^La ? i- . -4 - ?- 4 TBr r^irwVri K^** at JjJ-J *!!4?!J! JU?M?M*M.#o?U ?d?. ttiwim ?* , i 'fV 8 Virn? p?t *? ? *f eb?rf?, u ami ^ laaafe^s? 1! ^ FMIuomW* Bftt M4 C?f ts^sL ii V III ? TBLYSTATEMENT. _ F?=B*r ?i ~ '? i '< ?iw avrvw | L . . _ i_ Jnt* drawn. w?l lot y?t Amount nK poaiU. pni^hcuth jort to dri/t ^ . . . H??2 3? ?,*?? 2 * .. S11.T<9 75 II*.WT n 4"J3Mt3 i.mjsi ?? vn.vnm ?mn Ml Amm *>.76* A&* ?<o K U4.4?T? BJM II mjrn 3M 4134*7 tt 617.1*6 M ... *?2? J?a?l MN *1 47 ?,W Itn^vn .? ?...m. FT IH *1 9 itij 4k - - 73 M3* n,7l?* R, IS 9* m ?4jM7*1 SI ASS 48 13?K?> - - 15.W6 14 l >^iSA4 4 ?? W< l ?uiPO M 51 .TT Sf ??*-? a "'LSf .? ? * 7i? -? 5,2?2 IT 5,140 H, SI* 45 S.-22 4* urf ill i i?? * " - " >.??' I i !.? 1.419 n* ..... 9j?rj?i. r m r SG.*;i IS ' 4*4*1 ? <? ........ 12.9K6 M 7Vt 77 UJ? F7 3.X.S W ?.??/ *1 1.499 't ...^4 I.451 7* J7M 1.434 21 li.*K?r> 91 75 14 /12 f? .....hi. 48 w ........ -. 14 79 ?a'h? <?> i jxr* m *? 4.s - ISA54W ?. *> ? * 4SOI3UO ... 4SJWS ' Zf\lM 16 ..... SM.1M 14 ........ Sjmi? ? Trxo m ... *i.m> .* 3B9.JK7 4? awjjn ?4 sno or> m *njn? m o4 as i ?6 |4.4MM 9 msm * 4*1 as si .... ... *> n?) ?m 4,-?<7> 51 ? , WftMhinfton, D. C lor.nrr on ui?. Mo w??i? anciaeo, Ca! ?? mjHB cn f York, Now York. 7?.i? ? AUCTION SALB8. FUTURE DATS. By A. GREEN. AncUnnm. HOUSEHOLD AND RITVHKN FTRNI miAT Anmoi.-0? WONDA V,U? V d?r ol a*?t?mbor. at !? a. m.. 1 abail a? the raaidaaoe of a jrntlMkon d*olitiiac h^uaakaaunt, on the Weat aide of north atroet. mvmdi m4 R atre*U north a good easortment ul Uuin F arai*h inr <>ood?, ria t Mtiiotaa; AnfM. Chair* and FnntStool*. i*u. Mi ble Iop Carter and Fancy T?Mea, KNwtif) a^d WkalMt. Dtaut ?orored m fat and Baaj Chair*. Duiuk, Lao* and <?U>?r Curtain*. Gilt-frame Gtaaa China Vaae*. Mah?ran<> 8?4?M?>d and Draaaiag TaWta, Cane, Wood seat Chair* aad !?? ? **, H?de?e*d*, Bureau* and Wardr?hra, Wa?h*tard?. TVTIat tM?,Towel Rack*. Incra>n, Stair and ot^e l'? Wi lair, Oetton t irand Ua*k MaUri' ?a?. KoUher Sa t Pi Iowa and Bolctrra, Hlataet1, Corafot* Sheet* and Oaara. I nokinf. Air ticht aa<l "titer Stave*. ToCffthl>T With .?n?r-.I * -* " Jlu, UllltM. * 1 Mini: A'l dm of and nndar aui ; ??*r CS a credit of t and 4 moitba, for Mfwud M>aad not a, b??-?at mHpsal au ?8 d A. GR^RTI, And. Br THOU. DOWL4NO : O^trgMvvn. E. Ik 99 fWWl L??*. BROWN J*OAP. TALI.OW. M ? O Fvf Vf A?HII, Cow ARD CaI.F Ac . AT ActTi x.?Ob MONI>aV of fteptMiMf. at M* o'eloek a. m . ! aha). Mil, At th*> fcctor* of ik* late Jtirin O'Donofthae, on First a'rs?t, hy nrdat of Ui* Off an?' C"urt? 22,<<? l?-? Itrirht and Dark Rmxlmd itlijw.lMtAdi. A abet. Cutting Box, Oftoe Fain ta y, 4o. Also, 1 cop'rior ynnj C<rw ard Ca1'. Terms "faale: aid under tuk; **ar 9* a oreditoi t"and dootya.for approved rndaraad note*. . .. ? BKNJ 'SMITH, AdmiaiHralwr W A. anCMttv TB<?S. DUWL1NS, A net By A. ttBEEN, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of liquor estab lmhmbht at acctioh.?On MOHDaV. u* d?y of September, at 10 o'clock a. m , I aha I ee.1, at the atore of John rredenek Mwwti. ?mi Peon. ifMBf, (.etween aad ftb iuwu, No. J*l. iue 1 Viioi* of hi4 look a.lid hlturae, via : Fin* Co*nac B?and)??. thl<rrat branda of Whi?k?, HoiImm Gii. Port. Madeira aed otlt?r WlMfc Ch*maa<ne, Bock W laeeab# Abeyanie, Wo^iSchiedeiii*, Bitter* aad V inef ar, Sooteh \V biakf, Imparted Cigara ( all brand*, Anohovte* aad Dutch Herring*. Two 8kuv Window and Stor* Fixtaree, And aaany other article* wfcioh we ?nb it sanec eaaary t? enumera'e. Tfeealtectioa of dea erf ia particularly celled to I thi? eale. ae har^ain? may ha expected. WW: AN ea?M nder #31 eaih; fT and * J BitMOMdiai I V,aw?litutl'4t;ti??r|> aad I not exoeedioc 4re .aoreditol 90da;a, for approved eudoraed aotse Bv order nt the Kxeeator and Exeoatrix. aa 21 d A. CBAEN. Aaet. Br BAR MAUD A BCCKEY. Aeotooaner*. Gerirtwa, D. C POSITIVE SALKOF VA i.(TABlb AND DE ibaole bvilmha lot mflj a?iawx, D Ai ALCTioa. Oa rL'ESDA> Af rjdNUUN.IIe 4diii met, ii e*? o'ciooc, id front of the pr?ma??, tMt mi4 irK'?t 4eeir?t4o Lot. uwdM ht John Itwi, fr.'aq , *o<l eit?*te# the north wet corner of Fimp ami PuLumAO ?troei?. in Geort* town. and f ontm* fiftj f?er tut more or lee* on th? former etreet, end ninety f re Nt more or leee on thlirtf Tuie ie<ii?put*l>le. Term* cut; #5tnfthe per oh*?e raouej t<> he paid on the rvO^. or the property will be imtn diately reeoid. t'oeMMiM fire* yfoB eonfUMe wit* mm* urn*. Mtt 5530* ah da Ml'CKkV, Anot.. fLriw cowckmcb or t*k wain. tkf tbure ule u poetpoeod to MONDAY AFTt KNOON.#ep?. honi S> TARAAKDA BUCIEY, AncU. i -* 2 - ..-? Rf ?.?RKKM Aimnni. i CALK OF FURMITL RK. Ae.. AT AUCTION - ^ ? Oe ILH*UAY.*e4 hdjkt < oVnck a. m , I nhaJl e <11, at Nt*. 4?n r*?n. aeenee. between <l, and < h nwi, i tt?- Ax yrtli deei* aate the heen?) tMe fettwiea attniea, rn: *"'tFaer'\ ] itrce Kreneh P ale Mirniri?h??i k,*k lA'f* Oil l*a<?tua** ?<! oiImt r*tMr?, ~ 4 l*r|0?a? CU6*4*k*f' i 1 V^l'oS^ 1v*^^b' r*n in*. L*o* m4 ?*a?r C?rUi?, Bimm i C?rp- u mo Oil omk, Cook AIMJC- FlSU.reO. Lot onfiU*li*Blte? Ami nur etlwr artiotoa too ??? to or? m?au. Ttran Md?kaowa ? dar of ?aV _MjSd_ A. UtKKW, Aoft Br C. MtGVIRK 4 CO.. iittwiMfi. B?ICC IMM'ftK AMD LOT ON NORTH K * .mvui l>Tf 4*?jlra ??.. at c?lk S*L? ?On II K*i/A\ ArfT.R>t?ON. >??m? l?er Ih. at 5A? o'e ' ek. <>d th? pr???? a. w ?k? tol ya V?f li, wPqaaro No. K, fr<>i m? * koCon tortk K ? l- O*" w?-? IKh t+4 ?*? sftrsiasrsr.' ?2^?sk bovto. ootrtain*** an rmm, witft a fttio* fcitofeaa Ni ftr?t (tot* fcao Man ow^M for tfcro* '* " **?t M a ir-mri tail'iur atjra.ior whiek it i? y;*art? aji.trs "mIH J. C. H?WIE?> CO.. A?C1?- I If&W. BOTELKft 4 ?0!fS. *1 ? ?,kN7V*4' *ii!hiS* w<?Ug?of|% iry1 *" Srr.'iTg ""**' I EraE35 *& SJfcsr?- I ? * ** > ftrttHM B rm ?. 1 trtt'&ritzxrztm.,., ] WMKOkMrlUdCMkM, f +> fwuMrt " | Amm. ~ ~T?L."-*^~f' "*; r r r? 1 I "?t m V?U Mt.VKK *TfcCT ACL * I 2nn&uz<g*gJ ^IFSPSs ^?,ri?2fwKMrt?5f8| i -v*r,00fc | MM 4 IK / **.j T'Hirl* PrDB. * "**** ff? TA?K fM?W* I JAT BMBfelTEMMtaAMwuUU? W Ur f m H Dwor# b??U| I? hi. pr??t I NUO* I I

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