Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1860 Page 1
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# " " 'l! 1 1 1 1 ' * 11 ' -ff" ' 1 ^BBgMegWF?? W . - i ,- ? - ?..? ; ?ti ,. r, i > * :" ? ," T . v'. ' - ?.- > i/i <uii?j?. * < ?il ?... .: , ! , Tr " " ? ? I x- 1 (!?btiling Slar. 1 -J?T?.( Ml It " r .< ?v ** >-. t I ??'** * * ?( MtigtvAm** <lA H?? y>??-*h ?. ' . ,<?,* li tt'ff Jt< i. ? .- ? - . V"A XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 3. I860. N?. 2.853. i ?i. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY APTERNOOff, ("SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) ' AT THE STAB. BVILiMN4.ft,, Cirntr /Pennsylvania avtnue and 1114 # , ?* W. D. WALLACH. Paper* Nrr?4 in paokagee by earriera at ? a year, or 3? Muti p?r month. To nail aabeoribera the pnoe n f 3_Vi a y?ar, t* aHrmiux; $i for eix moatha; *1 for three monlha; aad for leea than tl)ree moatha at tha rat* of H oenU a week. Single aepisa, on ci*t; ?a wrappera, two curra. CT7" Aov?ETi**st*i*T* aoou.d tw aeat to the oBoe More 15 o'oiook ml; oUierwtae they may not appear wntii tie next day. A VU|?mia ' anal Sold la a Freach Ctapaay. The Richmond Whig announoes that negotiations which hare been pending for several years between M. de Bel lot t des Minieres, repre-entative of a company of French capitaliats, and the James Hirer and Kanawha Company, having for their object the aompletion of the ?;reat water line of ike State, have been satis ctorily concluded. The contract, which had been signed, stipulates that the French comply shall purchase the State's interest in the etnal for $2./>OO.OO0. and depoeit 91.000.000 is a guarantee of the fullfilment of the contract.the same to be forfeited in case of failure. The company are also to purchase the interest cf the private stockholders by the issue of bonds f ?r one-half the amount thereof, the samo bearing interest at five per cent per annum until tke completion of the work. This part of the frar<ain remain* tn be ratified by the stockholders, who hold $2,000,000 of stock, which by agreement is to bo depreciated one half. The company agree to complete the caaal to Covington in three year* and to Kanawha river in eight years. The Whig congratulates the V^ople of Virginia apoo the prospeet of the ' better day coining," and adds that the Emperor Napoleon U cognizant of the enterprise, and hu given it his approbation.?X 1". E.rAugust, 1860. The great water line through Virginia.' which the New York Express quotes from the Richmond Whig to say it had been sold to a French company, is now open for ocean shirs and steamboats from Norfolk to Richmond by the James river, and from Richmond to Buchanan,Virginia 196J miles. A canal had boon navigable several years, with a depth of 4 feetoriginally, and locks 100 feet long, of substantial build. To Covington, Virginia, the canal is unfinished from Buchanan 46 " From Covington to the Karawha river the route has been surnara l ?A '' ? vj W1 * O" " The Kanawha and branches will hare slack water navigation 87 " A ixl steamboat navigation on the Kanawha now to Point Pleasant, un the Ohio river 71 " Total 480* ? Point Pleasant, Virginia, is nearly opposite Gallipolis.Ohio. ami 193 mi lei from Cincinnati. The summit of the James River and Kanawha Canal is above tide-water 1,916 feet, and above the Ohio 1,395 feet. Estimated cost of that part now unfinished, from Buchanan to the Ohio river, $7.23e>,222, (per lllh annual report of the company.) This is the canal of which Mr. McAlpine (as engineer of New York in 1853) said that merchandise by that route would reach "Portsmouth, Ohio, $1.74 per ton cheaper thon by the New York and Ohio canals, and reach Cincinnati, Louisville and Cairo $1.40 cheaper per ton from New York eity.?Buffalo Advertiser. Rfirrab.ancf ( Saratoga u an Alpine Vil. l?fe. A Ku.isipinir letter writer from Saratoga v - v - "O" " ^ Saratoga at present looks very much tike a Fwiss cantonment. The jaunty little hats and striped bodices, wherein the women indulge, are strikingly illustrative of an Alpina village. A young lady, with a little "Oat" on her head and a big '-flat" by her side, has just pirated my window; she looks for all the world like a shepherdess, and. with a very slight effoft of the imagination, one might fancy one's gelf in Arcadia. It is difficult to believe that?notwithstanding her innocent looks?that young lady is a ptrfect Flora Temple on the Fashion Course; that she came out several seasons ago. trotted in the earlier part of the summer at Newport, and is now in high flirting condition Though she ttmMes along on the other side of the street in a Jolce far uitutt kind of a way. and, looking sideways and "conscious" when spoken to, she will distance that long-liiabed animal by her side in a week's time, and leave him fairly blown at soma seaside town, while she is quietly going through her pac cs in an np-town drawing room Poor fellow! it saddens my soul so think how # i! _ _ _ * ? - * * - - lor a urae nis poor neari will Dieed, how his vide whiskers will languish, and the ends of his moustache forget their accustomed curl, until the sea breexe and clam chowder revives hint, when he will swear vengeance upon the sex. return to town, and devote himself assiduously to trifling with the affections of some milliner; she will fjo! him in her turn; and the result of this second disappointment will be fearful to contemplate He will rush to Saratoga again and spend the remainder of his days in drinking Congress-water, in writing for the Ledger, or in doing something else equally dreadful. The ArritAY i* Wvtheville.?A correspondent of the Petersburg Express gives the Sartieulars of the affray there, in which W. W. [inson, cashier of the Farmers' Bank !o?t hi* life at the hands of 0. Staite, editor of tl e Telegraph. He says: Some weeks since, an nf - | ?? -??* "***nw v? ?iv n cpaper communications took plaee between the parties. relative to some stricture* of the former upon the public acts of the trustees of the town, of which body Mr. II. wag a member. These articles were concluded bj one from Mr. H , about two week- ago, in which he declared himself satisfied To this Mr. 5. made no reply. thereby manifesting a disposition to let tie matter drop and the apprehensions of the public were allayed in regard to it. Botfe the parties have since attended to their usual dune?, neither seeming disposed to interrupt the other, until Saturday last, about 11 o'olocli, a< Mr. 8. was coming down the street from tie post office, Mr. Hanson and one or two friends b?ing seated upon the oppoeiM side of the street, on the steps leading into the bank, one of them remarked. " Hanson, here comes your man." Upon this, Mr. U. arose and replied, '-Well, I'll go across the street, and I'll bet you he takes down the croes street." Suiting the aetioa to the word, he croeeed the street. mi took hi* position on the pavement iminidiateJy in front of Muin. btuart ? Layer's store Mr. Staite oame on down, and as he went to pa*? by, II. gave him a blow with his fist. Upon this Staite retreated a few steps, drew Colt's fire-shooter and fired. 31r. II continuing to advance, Mr btaite kept up the fire until H fell, having received two shots? one in the thigh and the other in the abdomen Staite surrendered himself to the sheriff, wae examined before a magistrate, and admitted to Kail for hU appearance at the next court, tbe bail beiiiR fixed at ?2,00t>, which was promptly given Mr Hawson expired abovt half-past 3 o'clook this evening. The Disagreeablemsss or Coxorkss-Watx* ?a correspondent of the New York Times writes from Saratoga : What, in the name of everything potable, induce* people to oooie here and dilute themaolvee with sock a beverage, when elaret and i.T pan H? nmcurtKl nMiwr hnm* ifl innxlinn I aia mow mentally revolving. If unpaJatableness constitutes the charm, pink and senna urely abounds at all druggists, Ep?<>m salt* c*n be procured for a shilling the poand. or pint of canton villi a inoftt effective nao^aating sediment at the bottom can be obtained at the neareat hydrant. That nature vac ever guilty of sneh a brev I am unwilling to believe. Some unexplained cause exists for the vile teste of the cooeoction, and time wiH bring It to tbe surface; depend upon it that in this tn-i atnaee truth lie* at the bottom of the veil. Little cirU make wry faces when invited down to drink, and pertinaciously refuse to believe the parental assurance that "the water * is ne nioe." Pitsfoodle empties bis Hess over his shoulder and **y?, "Av doan't loike it;11 tbe voluntary testimony of children and fools is not to be lightly regarded; it is plain that these mineral waters were never meant to be nwd as a beverage. If nature, in her economy. i^euded Congress waver fur any ate at al^U unaly fce4roivn Congreaaea in Tbu U certainly ail it is fit for. I have deliberate ly tried every spring In Recession, and am now )*?patal to avow that I had sooner swallow a mackerel with the scale* on than drink another drop from any of them. If this letter ends as stupidly as it commences, attribute the blame to that Congress water. A Steam Carriage Spccessfitl on Common Roaps.?The Earl of Caithness has built a carriage which is to be propelled by steam power upon ordinary turnpike roads. On a recent occasion he made a trial trip, and though, as the local papers say, the road was filled with horses and conveyances of all kinds, his lordship passed through them all without any more inconvenience to the general traffic or alarm to horses than if he had been in his carriage and four. Srt narfflAtlv hl?H hn th? *hnla mnrin? power under his control that be stopped more qnicklv than an ordinary carriage and horses could araw up, and this he did as often at ho saw the leant danger of any horse being frightened lie reached Beauly. a distance of 14 miles, in an hour and twenty minutes, notwithstanding the frequent stoppages, and fifteen minutes lost in getting water After leaving Beauly, on those parts of the road where some distance forward can be seen, he auained the speed of IX miles an hour, and could hare kept this up for any distance with ease and safety. After reaching Allneu his lordship turned to the left, and took the road direct for Bonar Bridge Here the carriage had a severe test applied to it. but he drove it up the hills without difficulty, and coming down the very steep declivity near where the road joins the road from Tain, the control his lordsbip had over it was most satisfactory, and enabled him to descend at any rate he wished, and with perfect ease and safety. Leaving the inn at Ardgy, Lord Caithness crossed Bonar Bridge, and drove off to Clashmore. after a successful drive of nearly 70 miles. Saturday being very wet, he remained there till the afternoon, and then drove on to Golspie to remain over Sunday, and having perfect confidence in bis carriage from its working on Friday, he expects to reach Barrogill Castle, a distance of eighty miles, and over the steepest roads in Shetland. His lordship has made this somewhat bold step of applying steam as a propelling power to carriages on common roads for any long distance, and the result of the first d*y has more than answered the expectations of its warmest promoters, and left nodouhtas to its being not only practicable, but useful, when so applied. Ax Abolitionists Qiizzkd.?Uhder this caption a Holly Springs. Miss., correspondent of the Memphis Eagle and Enquirer relate* the subjoined anecdote : The following amusing scene actually occurred la*>t summer, betweon a citizen of our town and a Yankee, on board of one of the Northern steamboats?perhaps upon the Hudson : Our Southern friend discovered a disposition in a very genteel looking man on board to epen a chat with him ; and, nothiog loth to hear what his friend had to say, he indicated, by his manner, that he wai approachable, whoreupon the following dialogue ensued : Yankee?Well, sir. I wish to ask you one question ; I hope it will be no offence. Southerner?Certainly not; I will hear you with pleasure. Y.?Well, sir, is it true that they work negroes in the plow at the South ? S.?I will answer you in the favorite method of your countrymen by asking you a question or two Y ?I admit the right, sir. ? ti ___ L-- x U ?uv? ujauj 'n'j^iu uicu uu jruu BuppOBU 11 would require to drnw a large one-horse plow? Y.?Well. I suppose six or seven ; say seven. 8.?What are they worth per head ? Y.?Well, I suppose $800. 8.?That would be $3,000. Now what would one large, strong horse cost ? Y.?I gue&i about $100. Upon this the Southernor looked a little quizzical at his neighbor, who, without waiting to hear the ?onclusion. started and stammered Well,?I?/?/ knew tt was a lit Live Cattle wkighed by Measirr.?The only instrument necessary is a measure wilh feet and ineh marks upon it. The girth is the circumference of the animal just behind the shoulder blades. The superficial feet are obL I*:_I?* *1- .? * ill una uj luuiupfj'iD^ me ginn *r,(1 lengtn. The following table contains the rule to ascertain the weight of the animals : If less than one foot in girth.multiply superficial feet by eight. If less than three and more than one, multiply superficial feet by eleven. If less than five and more than three, multiply superficial feet by sixteen. if lew than seven and more than five, multiply superficial feet by twenty-three. If less than nine and more than seven, multiply superficial feet by thirty-three. If less than eleven and more than nine, multiply superficial feet by forly-two. Example : Suppose the girth of a bullock to be six feet three inches ; length five six inches; the superficial areu will then bo thirty-four, nad. in accordance with preceding table, the weight will be seven hundred and ei*htT-tw.? I _ w <f pounds. Example : Suppose a pig to measure in girth two feet, arid length one foot and nine inches There would then be three and-a-half feet, which, multiplied bj eleven, gives thirty-eight and-a-half pounds as the weight of the animal when dressed. In this waj the weight of four quarters can be substantially ascertained during life. A* Ex-Govbenor's Amisements.?A Jenkins of the Norfold Day Book lately visited Ex-Gorernor Wise, of \ irginia, at his retreat, Kollstoa, near Norfolk, and, among other thing*, says: "The Governor is quite a boatman, and an evidenoe of it is that, betide a small fleet of sail and row-boata at his landing, there were no less than eight miniature sailboat! st his house, all of whioh had been constructed and rigged by his own handa. They are of different models and rig, and hare afforded this distinguished gentleman and his children no little amusement in frequent re gattas, on a email scale, in which an"Eastern Shore schooner-rigged Dungy, about eighteen or twenty inches loog,nu usually been the champion, and has thus far won all the races The Governor h built boat after boat in hop< I of finding some model that would beat her, bat thus far without sucoese. The neat manner in whioh these little vessels are constructed and rigged, as well as their beautiful proSirtions, give evidence of the fact that the overnor is quite an adept in the art, and the ready manner in which he enters inte the sport of sailing them with his sinaller ohildren gives evidence of the fact that be has a heart and that " it's in the right place.'" II/" A notice of a sermon and a mad dog Item lately got mixed up in the following eccentric manner: 4 The Rev. Jamea Thotnpeon, rector of Bt Andrew's church, prrarhed to a large concourse of people on Sunday laat. This waa hit last sermon. In a few weeks be will bid farewell to his congregation, as his physicians advise him to croas the Atlantic. He exorted^hta^brettrea and sisters, iiu ? arvout prayer, look* wkiin to cut up aotne frantic freaka Be ran up Timntfcy atreet to Johnson, and down Reneflt itreet to College. At thla stage ?f proceedlnga. a ceuple of boy* aelzed klm, tied a tin keUle to his tall a id be again started. A great crowd collected , and for a time there waa a grand scene of notae and ooafualon After soire trouble ha waa ahot by a Jersey policeman. Stampidi Pbstbhtkd.?A number of *la*<? belonging to Dr William Brogden, on South river. Anne Arundel county, Maryland, were cap turnd on Sunday, when oo the ere of taking ? trip to Canada. They were uader the generalship of free aegro maa, wha had llvad lb the aelgbbarhaod during aereral year* The plot waa discovered thrqfh whhe man, to Whona the free aegn> had dMcloeed hi a plana, and offered SJU for his aaaiatanae. ITT" We copy the follow! ng from the Bu??lo Dally Courier of the 11th inst , a* part of the proceedings of the National Teachers' Association Dr. McJilton, of Baltln.ore, mi called to the stand, and delivereda lecture on the '^Importanf-e of the Teacher's Profession in a National view.'* The address Showed the gentleman to be a genuine, conservative, Union-loving son of Maryland. He set forth in logical and earnest terms the absolute necesstiy for the maintena if? of our Republican form of Government. In fact, the burden of his discourse consisted in a thorough consideration and enforcement of this wholesome doctrine. With the teachers of America, he contended, rest in a great degree the political future of the country The Teachers' Awociation, he aid, should have two end* in view:?first, the arranging of means for the thorough education of the nation; second, the procurement of Govern meniai co-operauon in tne accomplishing of this end. He claimed that the teachers of American youth has a duty to perform Involving high responsibilities shared by teachers of no other nation. To meet responsibilities be besr^ke the best and noblrst efforts of every man and woman of the Association. "Labor In union and union in labor,'' he recommended as a motto On motion of Mr Kicharda, Dr AlcJllton was thanked and asked for a copy of his address. Ck3sos or California ?The census of San Francisco has been taken, and the population is found to be as follows:?White males, 4W.343; white females, Chinese. .1.150; colored. 1.605; total, 7W.OKI The number of buildings in the city is 10.123, as follows:?Wood, 8,603; brick, 1.641; iron, 47; adobe, 6; stone, 6 Of these nearly 400 have been erected since June, 1659. The returns from other counties show that the population of the State has been ridiculously overrated by the estimates It has been common to assign to California a population of 700,000. It does not exceed 400,000, and will probably fall within rwn.uwi. A MRS. WINILOW, N Kxperter. ed Nurse and Female Phyeleiaii present* to the attention of motheri. her SOOTHING SYKUP, Far ChlUrti Teething, Walah fraatip faaliuaiaa tha practu af niUiti|, aafiaa ib( tba rami, r??wir( all mtamreauao?will allay ALL rill nt apaamadie aeuvr.and la SUKB TO KEHULATE THE BOWELS Dtpaod a pan it, maihara, it will g i?? ratt ta jaaraal*aa, aid RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR 1NPANTS Vl bna pat ap >n<l aeld (hn arttclt for avar tan jtara, and ctnur, lit co*Fio?iacl al*l> TK'JTH of it, what wa ba?a na?ar baas afcta ta ;aay of an? "TKM Madicina ? r*stBit HKS. I M*? it raiLto, in k iman ,T4I*C" T0 r?CT k evil, wnsuuw umal* a?ad I M. L- ' - RDIITI^nO " imuinci or ailaatufaetio.i by ??? mi wo it. Oa till eomnry, I'.Mi 8VK / P, lilijfhtid with iu OrBMATIO^f, ?nd . . |M?> ID urci ?l hifhiit eoinmindiMion ( ita m uil iSiet* and mldical nrtaia. W ipiak in -hu natti* " WHAT CI do aftiriaa yiari' npiriiDCi, *:*D rLIDSl out mri'Titios rol THI fl*lkilm?!?t of WHAT W HERB D cum. in almoit ivirj initvnei whirl th? infart n aoffirInf from patn and llhaaalion, riliil will bi fi.and in Iflaaa r twaiuj miuBtai aftir :h# ijrup u ai.wiuiitirid. Thia ??i?abli preparation n thi prtacnpion of am af thi hi urimincin nnd iiilfi'l iirtiii in Naw En*Uad.aodku bur. and with nif RR-FAii,ifVQ mcclii fa THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It a?t an17 rilii'it ina child freto pain, bat lnTigaratai Ml lamach and bow la, carrieti acidity, and fitii tern aad imr(T ta thi wbali ayitira. It will eliaaii inatantlj riluti Griping 11* th* Bowils and Wind Colic, aad aTircorai convalaiani, which, l( tot apudUr ramidiid and in daitb. Wir ? 1 ibMiava itthi IHT AND tUH IIT RIM* FOR M)V In till WORLD In all caaia of dti- CHILDREN ?tirt and Dialt RMCE* lit chil- TKETHIKO DRBn, whathir it ?" rwwmn ftnin^i IIW ironi in? om 11 ( III. W nxlilu; u> arary mother who haa a child tattering from any of th? foregoing cotnplMnM ?DO NOT LIT TOW* PRBJUDICB*, KOI THI PRBJUOICBI OF OTHER! mr i between yo?r tulinng clnld tod the m!iiI ihti will k* SUB B?JM, AlSOtt'TILY ll'RB-to follow lh* Utt of tfc medicine, if tiirely aaed. Fall dtrtetior.e ar Ming will a aanptnr e?eh bottie. Nune genaine mIw itie fic-eimile C CHI IB k PERKINS, N#w York, it on the oaleide wrappe Boid by Dracfitii throat heat'.he world. Principal Office. No. !S Cedar Itrnl, H. T. Price aclTtS Centa per Botlia. aall-d*wl? FOR^ALEANDREyT. l/OR SALE? A fine substantial BRICK 1 HOI'8K, on 11th st., between I, and Mat*., with large Stable and Carriage Houae. Anyone wanting sueh a House will tie gold on very ac cominodating terms, or exchange for smaller propertT For a sri vatn reaid?ti?e nnn? ma mnui ? Inquire of (*E<). T. LANOLY.on L at., near 14th kt. au 14-tf_ IT'OR SALE? Very cheap, on reasonable terms, r one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city , kifiatod on the north weat cori er ol 6th at., and New York Avenue. Knquire of JOS. F. H(?DGf*ON, Mtove Manufactory, No, 403 7th st., between H and 1 its. au 16-tf FOR Rl'.NT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOI'SE will be for rent in a few day*. It la I>?aiiiifully aituated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K ft., Navy ^ ard : nas a largo garden lot attached, a pump of g ?xf water n ar, aud contain* 4 rooms, kitchen and w.odjhed. Will be rented low, with <>r without the lot, to a e<?xl j tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WOKK I HORSE: works well in anything luqmre of T. E. CI.ARK. Navy \ ard ; ?r of JOHN PATCH, I 614 II at . between 4th anil 6th. jy 16 FOR SALE?A amali FARM ofaoacrM, situated at the Little Falis, having a comfor table dwelllug-houae, oorn h<>u?e, atablea, Ac ; well-fenoed .. j . .j . c ~r tiT..Li._. .. auu wcMorou , wiwnu i?'u> iiuioc <>i tv aaiuugvon ; 19 acres inoultivation. theiia'anoem handsome woodland. It is peculiarly de?irable as a country resi denoe, being perfectly healthy and most romantically situated :exoellent fishicg and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridie, Little Kalis. de 7-2awtT PM)R SALE?A lot of LAN D con'aininx darrein Pri' cafteorge'scou t?.adjoining the District lino, 5 mile* north of Washington city and 2 miles from the Soldier*' Homo, in a health* neighborhood. improved with a oomfortab edwnllin); and an orchard ot select fruit. Situation desirable as a building site. convenient to chn'ches, tehools,.? r. Terms liberal. For particulars inquire on the premise* to the subscriber. an l5-e?lm* Mrs. K. PAVIR. HPO LET?Two well arranged and convenient I FRAME HOUSE**, containing six rooms each; one situated on utli st. west, b tween L and M utn linrtl,! f ilO /kt Uav ut arsAwfrfc* V. ? * 44 I mi o?o im'ifcii, biio hhiui vii * ?t. imm viii uriwrro l^lfl and 15th at?. went. Enquire of J. P. Hilton. No. 4i39 K St. north, between 13th and 14th *t*. went.or No 375 14th at west, betwoen li and M nt*. north, au 23-tf JOHN P nil.TON. Ij^OR RKNT?The tNree ?tory (hrowu froi tl " HOUSE, No. 36T Now York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. north side, containing fifteen room*. This house is convenient to the Patent Ofuoe, Treamiry, etc.; in lighted by gaj,an<i in every way suitable for a boarding houae. H ent mo lerate. Apply next doqr, or to A U. FQWLKR, *<>oori.l llo-jr north wing of Patent Office. jy 14-tf OR RENT-Three BRICK HOI'SES-one ?n Twelfth street, between C and 1); one on the ooraer <>I Twelfth and H st?.; and one on H, l>etwaen 12th and 13th its. Inquire of JAMK8 \V BARKER, on H street, between 11th and I2tii, No. * 25. ma an-tf I/'Ull KENT?The FIRST FLOOR ol the t?uuU m. inr immediately opposite the west wing ol the City Hal., recently occupied by S. VTallach as an ofiee. Also the front room in the seoond tory and the third floor of the same bu.ldinc. Foi terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana avenue. Ja 13 tf PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN MT STONE WORKS. The subeoriber begs leave to inform the citne??? of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has add*d to his long extaolished business th? auxiliary of steam power for sawing an-1 maiiufao taring Marble and Brown Stone W ork in 'heir r* rioas branches. Marble Mantels, Table and \\ a?h|t%nd TOO". Ti I<1. IVf nnnm?nta TnmK Uaail atones, Sia Window Linteta, ?il a, Ste^a and Platform*. Having purchased a large atook of It vian Marble in blook.from first hands,at the lowest ratea, he feela oonfident of being able to ftirnith Marh e Work aa low aa it can be pnrohaaed in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade aupplied with Italian Marble in blnok or aiaba at the same rate aa furnished in >ew York, and on accommodating terma. Alao, on hand, a large bup?It. oi Pnintoe Stone,Water of Ayr Hoce and Polishing Putty at New York prioea. Encourage the enter prise; it will be an aoquiaition to the oitv. ALEX. RUTHERFORD Pionetr Sttam Marble and Brown Ston* Work*, Pa. a*., oor. Thirt <?nth at, an 21 Sin Waahington, D. CT ROYAL HAVAJiA LOTTERY. ^ HE!N?ttJprswingoo_f_ L^eKoysj HaviuiaLft I nm lywwi uj tmw ojjm?M vj"vrriiii.o .i nnu> i I the aiMrrision of the C?pt&in Boner*! of Cube, 111 tue pl&oe at Hsnu on THURSDAY, Siriuut 15. 1?60. MOHtEO NUMKRO 642 ORDiNARiO CAPITAL PRIZE flM.OOO. !r?*ol fioo.ono fOpriseeoil 8'S I ?o 80,000 60 do V* I 4? 3o,oo6 138 do ?.? ? l 4o ao,?o mmtftam. 8 ano 1 W IN ALL S88 FRIZES. WhoU Tiokett, 990?HaItw, 9l9-Um*rUn, t J. |3Krsf^ftsfxsi sssr? sr*w Jj'MJJrtl toIwnnuiiMOml? u? r-all "Til union tor Mhemes or tickets to be ariitrcwMd 10 i DON RODRIGVEZ, na tr Car* of City Poet, Charioeton. S. C. EDUCATIONAL. ISLAND SELECT SCHOOL, S?r?KA itrttt Wf*t, b'twet* B st and May y land mrrnvi, toii'h. W?skiwtnn. D. C?Th*> above School,for bojs and K'rl*. will beop?ne<t on Mondav, September 3d. The studr pursued will oomprue all the brancht* requi ite to a thorough English education. Forparttcilare ?ee circulars. E. O. MANNAKliK, e !-:?* Principal VOCAL INSTRUCTION MRS. FRANKLIN, Tt?rmi or Mc?ir, A4'i H, between 6th and 7th atreats. ?e l-eolui T* FEMALE EDUCATION. HE Attentioa of p*ren?x and cuatdiana is called to the adran!a(es offered by tne "Metropolitan Collegiate Institute" for lite education of their daughters and wards. i?f ? ?i- :? ' ? - -v... n ifiwugn cuumo ui instruction in in? viri<?a? brioches of female education. 2d The limited number of pupils, thus securing to each the direct personal superintendanoe of the principals. 3d. Th* extensive and well shaded grounds, affi riling th* but possible faeiliti** for proper physical training. 4th. The unsurpassed beauty of the location. Fo' fnr her particulars call on trie priiicipils and examine the arrangements. 46 t K street, between 6Ui and 7th streets au 3i 3t WASHINGTON FKMA1.K INSTITUTK. A ROARDlMi AXD DA Y St HOOL, 223 g st., bbtwkkx 17rn axd 18th st?. The French Language Practically Taught. Mrs. SMITH presents her compiiments to the Krents of her pupils a d lK>pes their daughters'*ill present punctually on the first day ol t'ie session September 13. > The bo\rd of instruction consists, nf ton ?tnfi?Mn>? ?? < . . r ? mu V^OVIIVI . ' ? Oil VI whoni^taught during th? last session. an JO 2w* T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOPE Parent- who wish their daughters to reoeive a thorough and *TMemati<* education. where their phtmca tianung wi i receivedailj ami ?p?ei% attention, nmler the inont approved system of 1,'ali*thenic* and Gymnastic*. ar* respectfully invito) to vtoil, tha l.'niou Keniale Aca?i?*iny. corner Fourteenth st. and New York av MR. & MRJ*. Z. RICHARDS. au3ft-tf Ptiwiyw. W MRS. TODD 1I.K Resume the duties of her School on MonHa,v. ViimUf nf ' J , - r - - ? ? ? VI U J/lll null ic*? VU 41. For term* inquire at her residei.ce, 3*7 D street, between 6th ami 7th sl?. an J9-lw* p verktt institute, rj Mass. A v., MEiwiK?3tH asdWtuSts The exercises of this wll known institute will l>e resumed on Monday, the 3d of September. Terms aro very reasonable. For particulars see circulars at the difT-'rcrit l>o> k^tores. or call on K \V. FAR I.KY.the proprietor, at his residence. 4^3 Tenth street. au??6t* Brookeville academy. Moxtgohshv Covatt, Mi> The next session will commence Septemt> r3t. Boy* are prepared for college or trained for bii*iuesa. Catalogues may be obtained by addressing the Principal, at Urookevil'e. M 1. E. B. PRettY.MAN. A. M., au29 2w* Principal. Female boarding and day school, ALh'XAMUHJ4. VA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK, Prix :pal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commence on Tueaday, Septeml?er ISCh. i m the nouse r?c*nUy ocoupied by Sjlve.ter Scott, Esq . No. 1*?0 King street. The course of study pursued will comprise nil tli' brarches requisite to a thorough Kiixlixh Edu cation, and Mufic, F.ench, Latin and Drawing. il donrad In addition to day acholars Mrs. M-Cormiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils a* boarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family. will be iii der her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as Jar a* possible, to s?rround them with the comforts and kindh influences of Home. Htfrrtnc*.? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D". Kiiaa Harrison, Rev. D F. Spricc, William H Fowle, Ksq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witmer, Ksq? Henry Marbury, fc?q , Lewis McKenx e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq, W D Wallach. L'litor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq. .Jas. Entwislo. Jr.. Esq., Col. John \V. Mino*, Loudoun, Messrs. Black lock k Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tekjm. Board, with Tnttion in all the English H-anohes, S^ofor the annual sesaion?payable aeini annuall). in advance. Music and Language* at Professors' prices. ff/" No extra charges. an 2ft-t( OUNO LADIES' ACADEMY OF THE VISITATION. Corner of Tenth and (J streets, Washington Citf. The exercises of this academy will he resumed on Mondav n?xt, September 3. I860. Persons desiring information will ploaae apply at the academy. au 28 lw Toonzaga college. HE Scholastic exercises of this Institution will t>? resumed on the 1st Monday in September. _au 27 2W W. F. CLARK E. S J.. Prei't. Franklin academy, <"oR%kr Thirtkk>th *xn H Sts.. a o f l i?/i ?n . *?'>*? * '? * - J\ r-r.i.r.v, i ttum, r?>K !??>:?, ( KTW?r'y locatrd m the Fir ft Ward.) This In?ti ution will commence its Third Annual S??f ion. at its n-?w locution, on Monday. S -pteniher 31. Application* for a<liiil*?ion may l>? male on the premises at any time afi?r the ?Vh inst. au 25 1m H. B. DKI'RICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADKMV, CORNER K ATCD T*STIT ST*. This Institution wil. resume its dutien ^"pft'ii. -er 3d. Applications m<nle to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the bookstores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Ktfgrenc**. Prof. Henry, Ll<. 1), M. H. Miller. E*q., Rev. John C Smith D D., I>r. C P. Culver. Rev. A. dr. Carothers, Rev. J. P. Davidson, an 23-1 in _ _ WASH IN G TO NSEu EC,T SCHOOI., Coi.'iR or Tknth inifi St?. The exeroi?es of this school will l?e re?uine<t on MONDAY. St-p'rnib 'r 3d. For t*rni? tppli my remilrncx on D street,ear i*tar Office. Circular's at hooXsto.e*. au SI Zil SAMUEL KELLY, Principal. SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LAD.ES. Miss M. RIDDKIiL will r??ur??? the <lutie*uf her school uu ?h? first MONDAY in Sept?ml>er, nt No. 451 > welfth street mi ^'-Iiii J^MERSON INSTITUTE, j II St.. Bbtween 12th **n 13th St*. ELECT CLASSIC A AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR HOYS The Eighth Annual Session of thii school will oommenoe on MONDAY, September 3d. Ntunl>er of pupils limited. au JO (State* > CIIAS. B. YOUNG, Principal, j The prescott high school, 370 Eighth St., Bktwsks K a*p L St?. Studies will l>e resumed in this institution on MO *DaY, September 3d. Circulars at booketorey, au 16-tf A C RICHARD?*. Principal. Mrs. m. e. kingsford sseminary, 4 I i E St.. VV akhiaeto.ii, D. C. The next session will oommenoe October 1st. 10). Terms,Ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tf jyjETROPOLlTAN COLLEGIATE 1NSTIFOR YOUNG'LADIES, 464 E Sr., Bktwebx 6th ahd7th Sts. The fourth annual ses*i<?n of the Instituts will commence on the first MONDAY in Sk'ptemb r. Application* should be made ? arly, as the number of pupils ia limited. For particulars see oi'culara or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. HAVENN KR, at the Institute. au 9 tf VHIM.AGE GKKF-N SEMINARY IS I.OCAted in a beauti ul and healthful villa** 12 niiies aliova Wilmington. Del., and near the Philadelphia ami Haltimore Railroad. Recommended b* the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The oourse of study is extensive and thorouih?in the Mathematical, Classical and En*li*h l^epartmeuts. Students are prepared for business or o??ll e*e. In tk? nPdMMtnm <Vv? ' I ??vi j u"?i i vi wi i ?"|o B|rvv??it a civ i enee i* made to Diekinson College. Th's institution is provid?<l with a larp:? philosophical apparatus tu illustrate the study of Natural Science. A library of throe hundred volumes is acee?sible to pupils The fifth year will commence MONDAY, September 3d.I860. ^^oardinj,Tuition, fcc., for session of 14 weeks, Great attention is paid to the moral deport!M?t of students. Monthly reports sent to Barents. For circulars or information address tne Principal, Rev J. IIERVEY BARTON, A. M., Village. Green Semi nary, Delaware oounty, Pa ? ?C!fr.r*r'' ?Ker. Levi So-itt. D D. Bi.-hop ofM. K. Q .ft ilmingt'in. Del ; Mr F. A. Lutz, \Va?hiiiuU?n, D: C ; Mr. O. W. Aagell, do.; Messrs Dick?on A Kin?,freorgetown. au It tS*yS REV. C. P. RUSSELL., ASSISTED BY MRS. ?? ?maaeu. win reopm ins ncnooi lor >oung iiwiiea on the firat MONDAY of September next, at No. 41 Capitol street, Washington, D. C. au 16-2aar3w* Bull and kvbiujw'pl?lka, Ei SShM MB 1"5 fi^wwAVMuu. Kaeb with a oorr'ot lithoi raphio hkeneaa on the title pa?e. Jnalreceived at JOHN P. BLUP'S Piano and Mnaio Store. au >> Between 9th and t"th atre- ta. P notice. KRUONS Daetininc hoaeekeeajng or having a aanataa of huaeefculaefffteu oaa fiW read* aaie by oailin* at bit Knroiahing *toae, 446 7th aWeet, batween 6 ana H etreeta, eaat aide. M2 RUDOLPH BUCHLY. EDUCATIONAL. , GEORGETOWN PEMAI.E SEMINARY. "* (FORMERLY MI?? 1. t*. F.?N?M*M'S.) aboahdisg and day whool. The dutia? of thia liiRti?utieu will l?e resume-1 <>n the nr?t Monday in September next. TlieoourM of instruction embrMM ill that is taught, (a>m the rudimeut* to tiic most tutu * ir. inhed education. Th? oorps of teaofcers. ten in nn?il>w,arc rnn neatly q'.Si.lieil auU experienced m litmi ncn. department* l?e<*tiire? Krtdt; eveamrsoa the \atara1 SriencM without cnarge to the aopil*. Circular* m&v MolitmnM b\ addressing the Pnnoi|>?l. Mi-? M. J. HAKKOVKR.<j?orr?Uiwii. D C. au 21 eo3m /COLUMBIAN OOLLBOK. v W amimtsu, D. C. Tt-e netnion of the College open* on ed:i>-?day, t^pt^mberanth; tlte pr?paratnr? echool Wednesday. peptemt>er 12th For Urni.MUioiue, or other laf^ruiAtioa n?p!> totne President au 22 2%wiw' G. W. SAMSON. P D. M SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. ISS MARY P. DUNCiN \\ ill, on the second MONDAY iti>e loth) of September next. op?n a school for girl* fit No. 21 Indiana avenue, in which will h*> tan/lit Kren?*h and the ordinary branch's of a go d English education. au 21-2av3w TMRS. PLANT'S ACADEMY. II K Duties of tins school will be resumed .Monday, September #1. 3*?7 Ninth street, one iloor no th of 1 srreor. Ternii. Ac , made known or ap plication. au J8-eo3?* GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. Studies will be resumed at this Institution on the first Monday of September. au 14-eotfw JOHN KAKLY, S. J., President. AUCTION BALKS. By I II i >s DOW LING, Auctioneer. Handsome furniture and hoi??e k ki'i;*g Krrr<T? at PiimP aiit m.-I'ii I Ml, Kmia V MORNING. Sfl??ti?r ttn. ?t I' o'clock, at the residence ol Dr. T. T. Mann, Prospect street, Georc town, i ?hal! s?ll Ills cioe.kiit t* ilrnltllrt. A n 1 L ff"*? m ~ u hi ?ui " uiiu k. II .A ? IM VJ??nj J?1 lOillH Harnl-om* f uab and Sab a mmwk Covered fofu, Arm, Easy and Parlor Ch?:ra, Kle^a-it Rni?*o >d k f*eere, M*-hln top Tables, Gilt irarue Mirrors. Va?f* and OriAmeuti, Har<ds'>m*9 O. inula Chandelier, Ve!vet, Hruvsolc and Ingrain Carpata, F our Oi cloth, Matting. Kuci. Waiaut txUmum Uu.iuk Talne. Butter Tra?, Ma'ble top Strteb -aril. flounce, Solid Oat Di amc Chairs, Clooka, HauuS"iue Go d-tiaou French CMuft Dinner, Dmaerta>.d Tea Ware, Stone C. ma aid t?ia?n Ware. Solid Mahogany C?r?py Be?j; tead, French, Cotraee \;id other Bedvtead*, Superior Carvrd Walnut Marb e top Drfaaing Bureau. Zsbra, U . oJ, Mahogany and l'air ted Wardrobea. Dre?*ing and P a>n Bursii*. Wa?h<>tar,ria, French China and Granite Toilet SeU, Two oompietn seta of Cottac Furniture, * uperior Cor;ed Hair MaUree^a, Pa;lia?, Re'rigerator, stoves, Fireboards. *c., Jko. Tnn^ttiar ? i * l? I ** . a ? l ' - a ?f L?U " HWIU'ISi MIVT1U1IQUI vs n il'3IIVO Krquiaitr*. Terms: and under c**h : over that cum a ore ill of #> aiid 9 i data, fur aaiisfaciorilf <<uo i ?ed notes, bea-lng interest. '-*1 _____ THOff DOWI.ING, Aiiet. Hr C. W BOTELEK ?c HON?, Auctioneer*. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FFRN1TUEK. I'ia>o, AT AccrtOB.?Oa WEDM.JflJAY Jieit, September S, o< tnmenein* at i? o'olock.we khali theremdence of M>*. WilliUW.No.444 hichtti Kfeet. between D and La. avenue, a'.l her lion ehold ai.d Knclien Furniture, vi? : Piano, Cover and Stool. Gilttrame Glaan, Marble top Pier Table, Mahogany Sofa and Ciiaira, Mthogany Reoker, Marble top Walnut Center Table, Walnnt Etagere, G it-frame Engraving*. Mantel Ornament*, BruaaoJs, Three ply and Ingrain CarpeU, Hall Olioiotk, Stair Rod* anl Eye*, Bed?t*ada- Waahatand* and Dreaeing Bureaaa, Hair and tiiuck Matrreaae*. Feather Bed*. Boiater* and Pillov*. Hat R*ok, Straw Matting, i ane seat (Jbairn and Hookers, Window Shades an<l Curtain*. Kxtension Tab.e, Walnut Dininc mom Chairs, Radiator and otner Stoves, I Tor) Handle Knives and Forks. Crockery arid Glass Warer 1* at-d Cantors, H poo as ana Forks, Cook Stoves and L'teuiis, Terms cash. au 9\ d C. W. BQTKLKR tc 8QNP. Aurts. By J. C, MctfUl F K * CO., Anctioieers. Brick hotsk a ?d lot on north k 8T . BITWIKS 1!?TH AWD t*TS.. AT ? I"BLIC 8al? ?On I I hS|?AY AFTfcKNtM N, bcr 4:ti- at ?.if o'o'"ck. on th? eremi*?-s. we shall srti part of l?o? No. 15, la mare No. 86, fronMi* )h fe-?toi north K sue-t. between 19th and ii?th ??* . anil t>vik sofoet, tnjeth'r with the i nprovemerits, e <nsi*tinK of a th ee story bit* k dweUioj holism, noniaiainc six rooms, with a buck kitoheu. Th* first story lias been occupied for threw years pa*t as a jroe'ry and liquor it >re, f >r which it is kiiiniraKI* aril kfoH Kai n m witlun m. aKurt rti.ta n^o of the \\>?teru M?rket. T?rm*: $?*> in ca*h; theremainder in 12 ni^nih*t vtth intercut, secured by a deed of trust on he preinme*. iHdd J. C. MnGUIRE fc CO , Au<t?. DENTISTRY. D dental, card. t. MT'N80N Uu returned a-xl returned bis pr?>fe?aion. ('die* ai.d house a* 403 K a*. m . third door east of i*ixth. Ir addition t iifi7 a o her arpoved ?t?ie, l)r M h*a aiu1^ ' ' ' t e n on w?lo ni e Base lor the la?t three years, and, Irom experience, knows it excels all ot'i n. > iio d patron* of Wa*hington, Alexandria, aud tteorf?ti>wii are re.-peitfjlly aolio>ted to ca'l. itn aje<>l * D DENTAL NOTICIn,. R. LOOM IS Has closed his ofboe for the eeason, an7! wi!! b" aliaect. as mil*!, tln-ing t h? Bum mer mouth* ; will resume practioe altout the lit of October, of winch further notice will be giv?u. JjrJKMf 14 DKNTltfTRY. JLFR. HJLLti. after a araotica! test of two fee! a that 1 he can with confidence recom ^ aaKb mend tlie Cheoelantic Prooeea/orin?ei1intMBnV artificial teeth It oaa the advantage* or"*****' strength, beauty, cleaiiliueee, ?nd cneapreee, Kul Vrr aeta inafrted for 9M, Partial in proportion* umvo ?w? i a> r*ugc. V 7 >1 EIGHTH t A T 1 O N A i. EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Se#. Utk-JOtA. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Eighth Annual Agricaltu ral and Industrie' Exhibition on the fronada literally provided by th- oitix-*n* of Ciuoinnati, *iiich are to tie fitted up in the h#?t atrle. There will lie Halia an<t T?iit? lor tne (liipla* of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY JOOlAj>OMESTIC Si A N V FA CT I' R F.H, FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE. FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA TIVE WINES; with SUlla and Per,, f?r HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, and SWINE: and an unequal**) mile ia length and fortv feet iu width, for the exhibition of Haraea The Premiuma offered?in oaah.?*oM. ailrer, and brouse medala,?diflomas and ceitifcoatee, amount to T!ie Exhibition will r?'iii*iQ open from Wednesday,the i2th. to Thursday, the ?*h, o I September, thus givinit time to examine and teat the iaipl? rannts and machinery. For premium list* or information apply at the Otfcce of the Society, ,\o. 35h Pa. av.jiuo. (up sUurs ;)or to tit* subscriber, at CiiuunnaiP, Ohio. ben. rkrhfrr poure, jy 24 tf Sec'y IT. S. Aericultura Society. Attention, CITIZENS' | I his is the tune to buy \our Buy your Fmei Winter Fuel at reduoe<d pries. 1 I. A A Is ? .m.i I ' I J icmic * un?c o mm wo I hflPCMHl ,? ? cMemp. itock of WOOD and CO A L, Call arrl erav.iff which I will ? 11 vr\ low ro? forvmrsHv<t. c**n. STOVE and KINDLING VVO'?P?lwM?o?i hand. WM H. H. BARCLAY, at the Old ?land. Ninth wat *><) . au 25 ?n?^r DMHinn nortli of Pa. av ^JREEN GINGER ^ND PICKLING VINFIA l.kl. utMPinL'P VI V l/A i? --? ' vavnm ? i UV>AI\, \ WAI I?UK)U, t 1 |.hi. G&EEN GINGER. WHITE JAMAICA GINGER iucr^aUforp.cM^J-or^^^ No. 44. oppoait* Center Markftt, au 21 - "fit between 7th and 8th atr?* t? Jelling off entire stock at cost STORE FOR RENT AND FIXTURES FOR pAIiC. J. C. GIBSON, -" No. 'JO Mi skit Kr?V au 21 M2w Buwun Itk n*H <Mk St'ttO. A" N ART1C1.E TO R E M O V E FAINTS, oila.or creaaeof ant kind, from wlk. ?<? ]. >> pap?r, without injurm* theaiicU id c i<?r ?i tex tur?, liaa at la*t b>-?n found. It will al?o cImmi kid (tlor wi'h'uit lravinc *n? uupl*a?a*l i?k?r. That article n"MOORE'S BENGINE." Pr.o?* ?U., & c?nu,ud *1 tar bo<tl*. MOI?R|- " an te~gar \VVwl Kod !? > Star*. kl ? P? *" AQ Zl\ WIl.L RUY a Fi*? I?RAB HEAVER f *"??W or CaaaiAM* Vi*m H?t a?^ ^ ^ Fashionable Hat and Cap Stor*. Pa. ave. au lo lni nw ?* ' THE WEEKLY STAR 1 ' - * ? itifttRf ft imn> mt i?*n ?>n r?Mii? Uaa ? to fe??4 ta WT ?tfc?r-M pikliM em Tnat-Oi A. ?i ? >*?, ? *rfr?i?. *??.eoo?r.?*racDM. ]|? fgSS??=== j8 By tftoantxnc is olaba r?i**4 U>? mlMmUnc ol% wi.l b* ?r r?r oMt. of TV WitUt Sfr wLJ h* *> ieo?r%,. j Uio?cho?t U* ooutr?. M^SSCTsigJgqK ? Pno*?THREE CENTS |?7*Po?tiaMt?a wbo ??t m null Will b* |nwd >00miai?ioi o7>? wmu. SUMMER RESORTS. WASHINGTON ?JL\ V.6ARUE N . m.ioi MiarriiCK, FruprUttr. Xeie Ymk *(?hm, h"i* 1m amd li ?*j. Inoa.u* ?nb'.icW? y arotnda I -would stale that eT<ny arruiwiil ha ?. . a B**n m*tlf k> u?i? Uu "Retreat" won VffSkA aUtaotive every d%?. tu? fear 4?.* *r? ope.. t* t*e r >> '? c?i*rr??*?-OBoert ci??B by a wMnoll^ut'. TU?*?*t?unkg ta? tuy the Jartoeaad ?* ta wi 1 find the aa:<??? m o> >?,?*? .fder*" reod^ plea?*r?> to a. O* <>trt^r <ir y? ttat proprietor will cteerfklty t*? dm cf th? grou J? f"r ?. in>ol or other Tio >ic PrliM with o?t ?haue. I or Uie iiauMwai t*f oiuidrea he ku a mmnv ?( lit*;* tan**, uerer befoti aoet ii. th>? cit*. and ch'oq AtM at the ?im tin* U am** tb? old folk#." N. K.-Atnihii itHT MoMJtag bataNiakm at. ai. J tan<M<?o*c l?e aup? i?u with ati quantit* at *ti?*ir Tr?io?ooa. of that heaithfal drirh. 1. a (f t R IIKKR.mmttW MiW*. )? lA-Ini 4 NALOSTAN RETRKAT. A On Araumta* lautar. OrpftU b'MriKMM mmd VutuuiM me auoacnoer* invi: * -uM k>r a 'e ? of mil this beautifu. and romantic spot. oaeae. A ?. ? A it for the accommodation of tha public o. W*V the Slat day <>f Mar, lMn. For f-eauty o USl aoenery, delightful promenalaa, fiahin* Ac., MiiiIm in aaperior is aniurfa la tha Union. I ue dona* ia arioand oom??odiona, barmj been entirely ranovated It baa a lar?e UaattniMnot attached to the h?HM. bea.dea Dining aai Diaaainx Room* for beth ladiea ana *ent>men In addition plendid Arbnra detaa: ed f'on tbe bwtMinf a. Partiea. Kamiliaa and ludindua'a wtll had it a moat deeirabie p aoe U> paaa th* aultry day a of aani mer, aa every attention will ba atiarantird b? tha proprietor!. The atnotaat polio* arraac?B*nt? wiT be enforoed, and politi a! dtaonsaioi.a vtil a prohibited. The Larder will be fonnd to ?ontam all the daii oaeiea of the aaaeon at all timea. Tha Par a ill ba luiuahed with tha ahOiOMt Liquor* and V\ i0e? and the Lii'nt gacara. tVMsietiea, ttanaav Sefeoola. CI aha ud Mihtarv Compauiea will had Una the moat daairabia raaort ue*r the metropo ia for apaudinc a p.eaaaut and or deHyday. If/" Children inknrnnMuu?< h* tWr ? ? !? ?? guardian*, will i? fxolafl^d from the crouds. Gnnninc aod J"** prohibited. 117 Boeta will iMvt tjx> loot of Hiffc itrrtt. G<?crgeU>WD. aud G atteet, Waahiofton, bour y, from 8 o e'ork a. m. tr! It p. ir . duly. IVraon* p-efwrnn* a walk OU Nltk .U?e la and ua the Aquednot. W < ?.. icitthi- FuWtc U> judf^for theraaelrea, and f"?l aaaured of riTtur iatirMtinB. i? >9 eoif JACOB W. POWER" A CO. CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strttt, 9(4 nmd MA Strut.'. W? hare >nac tool abed a MiinHf of ftrat si?m CAHKIAliK^. auoh aa Liitl Viuma, Park Fktmtim*. Fm?> >.? Car UKKS\ riMU, B-rrter, whioh wa will sellH" " m-* a v<?r an tall profit. UeiLf pract:cai mechanic* la different bnachM of the hunn?a?. we flatter ouraelvee -hat vt kn?e the atTtea and ana i*y of work that will give eatia faotion. oombiuiax iichtuee*. o- infort aod darabi t fw Ref*irinc promptly And oArefwIly Attended In tbe ahorVaat n. tio* And moat > ?a* r?! r oi itc?a. WAITER. KARMANN 4 BOPP, OmwlimAker*. auooeaaora to Wa T. Book. M*n?r_ T CARRIAGES. H K Svhacriber Unci mMe tMitlwa te Id tAotory, m&kinc it now one of lit* in th? Diatriet. wher* hia fsrilit.wa fT-aBDHB, iUAimtooUriMCARRIAGE * ueHTlS* W AtiONS ?.f All kuxia tunot be ?vpM*ed. And from bis Iodc ?jtpen*nM m tie human, be b*p?a to li r* t*nOr*i BAt,?IAOtlot. All kind* of Cattiacm al,? Ll|kl W k?u kt?< Utixl. AH R KPAI R9n*At y dose.AAd aJ rdsra pr*apt 4 M ? HrMralUHwiMi TRUNKS, BOOTS ANFSHOES. I n A V r. KrMUVEU TO !>o. J* MARIh I !*paue. Penn. avenue, between 8th aod^*? 9th etrrete, where 1 will b* happy to waitBHI on alt who will favor ma with a oafl with a tins etook of BOOTS aud for* AL Ladiea,,Genta'fBoye',Uieaee'ao't Child roe's wear. aw 2 eotr J. ROHRKTHM,. Boots and shoes to suit -rati TIMES. We are now manufaatimnc all kinda of BOOTS and SHOKS, and ooratantTv raoeiving a^fta fDpp T ot eaatern made work of evert d* ? oriptio", made ?xpr*ealy to order, aorf will* be aold at a much lower prioe than haa tweri heretofore charged in Qua city for maefe lafenor irUan. Pe-eona in want of Boota and Shoe* of aaeteaa or oity made work, will aFway t find a| >?d a?or*men inatoreand at the Inweet prioea Giveaaaoall. CRISPIN ft BRO., apS r S14 Penney Ivania averue. m ^ rui' ui'iu f a* l n td i ul i i tb (tmkft r i * n n v i' i vn r> ir inn* oiji <?v m v arrived thi* da? . emi>ra?inc ait <aMi ii?? ftp-1 aixeaof rv?# leather, Uad.?*> RVf Drew and Packing T-uak? Oar traak^*** ?aJ-b room exhibit* at thi* time the f r?at**t Tarietr ot traTOirnf requiMie* at o?o?t*rat* prjraa. to t* foHuc tin* *?< * of N?v Y ork. \<mo,er4ry daaori*t?on ..f I.ADILs' HAT BOXEfe, VALICEB, CAKPKT BAG;*, PATCH EL8, Ac. j!7"Old Trn*k* repurad or taken in zokaace Xor ii?w oue*. . WALL, bTKPH^K.VS A gO? marS-tf sj-j pa. av?eue. UOUTBE1N TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ? 4M TT? 8rim. OppotUi 044 Watt. U C. Traveler* will *?ud? their interest* ft? innan my TKUrlKP, VALlLbn tc.Mun par mm chkiftnr As I ?<? none but U'HfM be?t iMtentl the market kfordi *n<1 ?mpk>Y '* 1 the b*?>? workmen, I ?i o?>n&4-?nt!? reooirmnd irr work t? be tuporior in St*nr.k Mid Dmrmkihn to Truck* that k>e nikde in other oitie* ud told he?e. I keep constantly Ok Ukod. an ; make lo or?i?r?on one we?k'? notic*) eveiy d-oeriptien of SoLE LEATlfER, 1KOX FRAME FFEyCH DRESS muf WOOD BOX TRuNKS; AfHIAND an< one ? ALICES; TRAVELING BAVS; HARNESS; SADDLES WHIPS, #f.. tt. T. aiiku, 4c., Repaired vuJ Covereu, lk work mvi ike mknncr, kt cbort notice. Trunk* a#nri?rM ! any part or lae ?>it, lowr. or A!?xandr ja. K\mo? A**n? fr?r Mwi'i orteNatM FAMILY 8FWIN6 MACHINES. .. d?l?-U JAMP" W. TOPHAM. woortavn coal. WOO? AND COAL DaUv?ra<1 to all part* ot iu? vu>,a> t'.e |ow*?t poa?..!<ie rate*. T J A W. M. UAI.T. Oftoo Pa. av? l*tw?*n Uth ami i?h >? , ma 17-tf iHHth > THE suBQuftiBKft having n* h*nii an ?xt?(.kive ?t .ck i.f FtlKL. ?i pc*fa>?yl l.? Mil ?t % v*>rj low fctur* fnr n?ah. WOOD ami %I J W??. R W MATK*. Wo'Xl Mtl CW IHwiiei, m? 15 S. ' e?rt.?r ofFwicmm ??4 C Ht. UTMTkeys^ \ >m tH im I WCOD & COAL, LIME, / SAND. CEMENT, HAII. \ \ Flatter, and Whita Cravat /# ) 548 ft. E. Cor. Ittk * C f *q?i?P?- S.utii (Von. A*. 4 ' Ij WASHIWGTOB.-D. C..J ? r-tf (VJATIOMAI. SOAP AND CANDLE Oma 0TIBIT Bttwtem Br*d$* mmd Wtm A lvi? of CANDLISM. Hfuva. C*?t!U tad Fwcj WAI>. A)Mi V TALLOW ?4 MEA?K> fur Loo*inotir*?. Mf?ralw*U, ?a>l a 1 kimi* trf . . mmakkami, always ob ktad, mm] for Ml* at prioM (j ' <0. B. J L WELL, r^XS.' "" "** -?v was X1WSfiB6Su 9

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