Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A Weary Life It it M km m Wark U D?. Ho ! ye who at the anvil toil. And ?trike the ?onnchni{ h!t>w : WHer* fron. the hornine iron'e brent The ?p*rk? tjv to etui I to. Wlule *ns?- ring to the hammer "i(g. And intent**"- rfw? Oft While re fuol 'tie baft to toil Ajxl sweat tke lull J?J through. Keowtoher it ib l?ar?I*c still l o have no work to d<>. H<?ie who till tli* ?tuhbern soil. \Vho?eUard bawl* .luiJethi Ptow Who bend b ueatU the Miumor ?un, Withburning ciu'ek an I brow ? y?. deem t>?e enrse ?ti!t clings to earth Fmm oMeft tun* till now? H>?' while ? f-i'l n? herd to to.I AipI labor aM ?ta* through. I? rr>?icber it i* ba'der eliU Tu baveno work to tlo! |i<>: t? wb? *i<?w the rn'i Mae field*? \V bo rid:' Ui* reetleet weve, B?uealu whose ga.l&at vaneei's keel There liee a r&viiM g ave, Around whoie Ntrk th- wintry wind* Like Semi* of fury rare? Oh wh'le yt-n feel'tie hard to toil MAwt a-^orlong uoiim through. rtcHivu.oer i? ' < natter xtltt To nave no work tv do 1 H ? ! y# upoa wh??? fever*! cheek The hectic rlow is hruht. XVnosn mental t->il wear* out the day Ami it%it tue wcai > VV ho labor foi ?h a fcoul* of iaea. Champion* f truth and right? A though yw fret your toil i? hard. Eren ? fth this floriona view. Remeirl*>r it in harder Ktill To have no work U> do! Ho! sTl vou labor?all you strive? Y> wield a lofW fowir. D<? wtth yamr miihi, do with jotir strength, FiU every gotdeo hour. Tne glorious pn viltve to ilo 1* man'* lixwl noble dower? Oh, to \our tnrtliruh' an't vourselvoe. To %our own soul b? tru ! A w?\-v, wrrt' life :? theirs Who have n<> work to do ! . . The Virginia K ? Cs Moving ?The Norfolk (Va.) Day Book saya "The first movement of the K. G C.'c from Virginia will take place to-morrow from the little town ?.f Hamn ton?one company, in coinmand of a competent officer arxi a worthy Virginia gentleman, will embark for Texas, and will then inaugurate the exodus of the K. (J. C That the object of this organization is to change the political and social principles of the country to which thej go, there is little doubt; for they avow this thair purpose; but they do not go unlawfully armed, at least from here; they profess to go ?is peaceful citizens, and will revolutionize tha* unhnppy iHmntTy. tint by ftre and sword, bat by mottling in sufficient DumboTS within its borders, and changing and making wholesome laws aud feeing thst they are enforced They are going to introduce Anglob&xou energy an?i American prudence among a people who have heretoforo been incapable of self-government, aa 1 who are actually inviting them to come and teaoii them how to live and be happy. The movement of these men toward tbe Rio Grande w pregnant with much importance to tbe South, nnd is the commence- I meet of a grand programme that hag been preparing for several jear? ARR TV AI A AT THE HO TE LS. BROWNS' IIOTKL?J Harron and lv, Mlas A Bon"*e >.a; I B Walker, Ga, J H Edwards O Edwards, Pa, J Jackson and ly, W Jackson, Mf: Wrman, the Wizard. J D Bryan. Pj; L A B??no'i and daughter. Mo Mr*G II lliard and d?n'.'ht??i, A Guyrnrr, W H- s-MI; Md; Mr and Mrs Kt-mp, Mr and Mrs Dcd.t. N ' E N Black, Pa; T Rord. Tenn. W M Lew ? .1 d fun, R Craig. Ala; A W Howman, la, L W Smith. Miss H A l*mltb, Al*; D F, Bl'w r Morr>ll.-a.i 1 ly. Va; W 11..Ulster, NC; J Vail and ly. N V; W F* Hardv and fain, Dr H Ml 1 to, Mrs A Smith, Mrs M Armstrong. La; G GolOstbwaitc, A!a; G Gardner a id Iv.NY; Caj't N Kin;, ZN Wlnkl-r Ga; GS Wlllmrd, Fj*A; E Plum, NY; W H Pliilll:?and fam. Ml?s Har wood. ,M?. H Stover, NY; J G Kyle. Mfss; M J Dobau. Mtw E Dohan, Mi* L McG^wlw, D J Doha a an <1 f im. Miaae-* Ke-m!*-rt. Pa; H Ke**n*.n, Dublin; 51 rs U Russell, NY; H Broaden. \ld, NATION \L HOTEL.?W A Millar, Md; W C Comwer, P*; J H C Mudd J Donavin, J VcT*U, XV; L GoodM, SC; E R f3.dXr.-y. NY; ** Farrer, Tenu; Hon A Gilinore, Pa; J B Hyd-. B Poicery, NV; Han J Cooper, Pa; G G Kuowlcs, Md; WE Bradley. Va; 11 K Oscoum, S H^nce, Mdj Dr Mnjflll, L^; Miss Tha ston. Mrs Ptillit j G R Sbornburger, O E Peter,?; M ss Hamilton Pa, J S WhiU* and fam. Miss M E Porcher, SC; G VVJackaon, V&; Mrs Forn and fam, Kv J H S*rr>l1h,Va; T Def rm. W B-tie!,Md, Ml?? Peurct-, C G Pearre. MNs Poller, M:s? Johnston. O; J Al< orn and ImIv, Alcorn, Miss; J D Well* and ladv, O; S Wood and ladv, Mies Wood, Vx; J H W?tra i<rh P> r? A. C? ?- f? ? " * - ? ? -Jfc? j m ? t V v?v??? UIi<t| IjO, J II t' 11'TUU S J NY; N Tanzt-y, Ala; R Sawccr, C Pye, Md; \V Horner. Vi KJRKWOOD HOl'SE.-E Burrun, Va; W 8 Edwards, CS. R M Sbanka, R Coiton. T Harri*. Aid, J EAWlrr, L'SMC; J Parlbv, W C Price nud ly, XJ. L R Buwi-n, Md; CaOi Brijinon and nor, M Frleve and tun, Ga; J H Dill,Cal; Dr Leonard and ly, Ml*s A B Paln??-r, F1&; S L lc Minister de France, H \V Smith, Pa OC EAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DAYS FRO* THJB TBITBD STAT*?. Stwti^i. Lmvt.. For. D&v*. Yaiwlerbilt .New Yo^k...Havre Sept. 8 C.f4 Baltimore. .New York... Liver pool.. ?-ep?. 8 Conaaueht N-?w Yor?...<?a vn; 8e?t. 11 Airioit New York...Liverpool Sept 12 lure ^ *- * ...... ? ? ori . .Liverpool .. Sept 14 Vi?o New York.. .Liverpool., ' eft 15 J>"ulu?u .New York-~..Havre Sept i5 B*-irit New York .. Smth'pton. Sept 1.5 L'fc-vl* ... Boston ..? .Liverpoo Sept 19 C- W*?Hington..New York ...Liverpool.. S?*pt2.i emster Boston ijilwaj Sept ic5 Aii*. - New York ? . Liverpool Sept 8K .New York.? Soutu'pton. sept ?<9 A'lnatHt .New York.... Havre Oct A Ari?u. .New York?..Havre.Oct 13 From Europe ...... . Li ver pool Boston Au*. f> ll.u wis. Souit. pU>n. .New York.. Auk./) C. VV?=;mntoi4 .Liverpool New York .Aug. 9 Kohemian Liverpool (Juebeo Au?. 31 A-ia l.?verp?v.l New York Sep'. 1 Uii>t*r Hi w>iT H< stun Sept. 4 Mremen Soutfc'pton... New York. .Sfept. 5 A?i i?!io soaUt'ptou New York .!??pt. 1' Pr iQoe A !*srt f.? xti w? v-.t ?? '* ? ./ . ?.i?ww (VIA., ecpl, 11 A'**<> ? ?outk>ton-.?irw York. New VorSr f*onth'pton New York. .Oct. 4 The H*v*"s mail *t.-??ni?rn le?r? Now York on ta<9 ^J. !7th. and 27th of raoh month, and Ca.v on th??in and tftn. t'ne t'^Jito' r iaiiAi leava Nov York on I*"-** ar.d ?-tu of a?rv moutii. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. |#U??T? A..ND TO St'IT TH* \V? an now manufi?j!ntni a'l kiudt of BOOTS and ?HOKH, ard eor'ttaatir receiving agj^l ?cpp!? of e*au?rii made wor* avorj do- Ml onpua~, 111*0e *x|!roM)v Co oritat. and willf W be e< 1 Id at a much jowor pnt tom: )ia? oeen * w^b? herott.fure obargfi in th<? oitj for in&oh inleriot artiolM. Petaona in want nf a**4 of oaa'eic ot e>f? ma4* wcrk. ?*li aifind a g'*>d aMortmen 1 . ntor?*a4 at ibalowMt price* ?i?e 6R1*P>N A BRO., 314 PaonaylvaMa avenu*. f^lVe HUNl>ft?D TK AVKL1NH TRL'NKf I am?*u tin* ?laj, Boal.iMin, all <?*4' B1EB ttMRKil SIXJ* of !M>i? t'rcsa ac-l Paoltits Truuk*. Oar ?%i~? rtx-ry eiU.biU at tui? tii?? the grvarletj ct waveiing requuitea at moderata pjioaa. to t* I' CU'I tiu* hide of N** York. Ai*o, ever? ("escri? roi. ofL.A1WKH? HAT BOX KH, VALICfcB, ?;A?PKT H1(K BATCHKLs, A a. ID^OUt Tritki repaired i-r ta*?u in exchanje Itr utW OD64. WALL* BTPI'HEX* A CO., Tmnk Sales Room, mar U-t( :*** Pa. aTcni*. kJOUfUtKN TRlJNI HANUFACTORY, O 4t)9 Tu 8iun. Omnu OtVi r*uow? H<ut. h <1 kii*tcm. D. C Trsvvttra wil. a'?uj tbetr inter?*!.* o 4*ajiUDlB ll> TRI'ShS, VAt.jCh?* Ao , S*for?> pur c:vw<?r? A* I n?>r>? hut th*Bf|VfR * * mtitn W>ru? MM "TTlpiOT thr :i?tt wuiinrs, I ctn oonM<?iitlj recumiWM iiij - ?<K4 U> j* idfc.ui :a Sirtnt.k wu tc Tn?ok? that are nuwle m ottaw ??ti-*? wtd here I kff oonatftotty on iiMd, uti rt?k? to ordir iut tttiffiuftsa vrtfer/Sm sxfra at- A" i??f K?WW >?.SS, SiA)l>LiJS, WftkfS, T/& U, A RopAired &ud Covered, in ? wor? r, al aiiort cotioe Trunk* iUav*.in aay ?&rt of Uio city, Q?or(?tu? n, ?r AltiMxtrM. * Mt-4*?r.S for Bow'i oo<?br?U-i KAMI! V t*t WINN *?1S4* JAHB88. TOPHAM. ).?.(.uiua. ?. b. xcTT. M^tinr Hi'HA At'fRT, *?.? 4rroA/r*T6 AT-X.A? H-nxf lift. fcr* ComrtA ?# th* M?r?I-*?' **? rMi.VMl W.:i itiiad to uU CoT: mO* oY ?f ' vrliAal lit# W"t? "\'7W Stl.k MASTUS " ~ rj AM) HOOPKPShliir^. # har* rctmvMl lij , xp^ts *?u??u "'/' *; v.c -.?.K MANTI.LS ant RKAL r'KKNt'H lA-'K *\1 LK<**niP? 1NT8 Ata 1? Co men vt ?h* fvi altl? ??f WOVri* SKi*T4 oL*a#?-i :?? ! vist>? ;c w*nr of any at th? afxi.-? v#ry l?<r prio?a wi, ; %-? ci v* u? an ?' > cail. j?y?. r?vi..?R ? iirf. Hit . A u t* A XX ALE AND XXX A.LJB!! Xi.e arec %.i<t mi>? wholMonM A:? in tkls oitru U on I At Lum WASm.ililUM HRKW >. * v iliif u uuMt*fru? lujyiaud feoaawiiy c. cA'iV.i n'I A n GEORGETOWN ADVEBTlfTS FOR HARPER'S FERRY.?CHAATOi OF DA Y8 ?On and after July,2,1800. J? ANTELOPE, Capt H J. sll*. oarrymg the United Statee**"^** vXlvl i**T\i>*or??L?w 11 KVbRY MONDAY. HKDNESDAY Atid FRIDAY,?t7a. m.,and re Ir" ?T8r7 Tueeilav, Thursday and Saturday. N. B.?Every \Y rdnoaday the Ant&iope will run through to Shepherdatown. au Mm* OF(IR HARPER'S FERRY. N And alter July 3d,lf>?n, the eteamer L. J. Brrngle, Captain W. R. R tter, will leave Geortetown EVERY TUES DAY. THURSDAY,aud SATUR- """^"* DAY, at 7 o'olock a in., and return every alternate ?lay, at 6 o'clock a. m. On tUe Saturday trip from Georgetown the boat will run through to Shepherdatown. je >1 Sm <fA I l"?iT a ITU vi-ft IOU BRL8- WHISKY, laMiort-Hl) l?n do. HERRINO and ALEWIVES, V do. REFINED SUGARS, h)hhds. PORTO RICO S?UOAKS, hhla.l Hatfield) WHITE FI^H, 3b Ixixei p. lur.e KaeLoro CH hESii. For Mia low by JOHN J. ROGUE, je 8 Georgetown, 0. C. \fA9SEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PH1LADELL*i PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are eonntantiy reoMTiof fro?b tapaliea oftha atoovedelightAu b?varMe, aud lavile all peraona who want a pure anaduttarated Ala. to live it a trial. u ARNY A WHINN, Agenta, fat ?T *?r*#n ?t.. OAnrrotnwn, K AN DU LL, OP TLCJAN^ ? 4TM JVT ??*# VWlliVlKt Hm ooust&ntT on hand a large assortment of French Near-si en tad. Panzootic, ared, Mid &]. other SPECTACLES, oi^L-^ the beet 4uaaty. in cold, stiver, steel.and German i ver trainee. N. 8. Old Frame? Repaired and ikv i uim wet m t|?a to order. no l?-ly JOS. K. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cot. Brxdgi and Jtferttm its., Geergttown. Having given my personal attention to this branoh of my hn?in?si, I am prepared to- u ? _ attend to all oalis with proinptneea Porvuus from adistanoe oaa be supplied at a 'ew minutes' notice, a* 1 have a large assortment of COFFINS aiways on hand. Paitionia" attention paid to the removal of the J. vi from the nld to the new burial grounds. Hearse* and Horses for hire. ap W-am * r<*T IKTKIVCn rnnu Till' ivrrnion ^ W m-ajLT * *?wm * Iiy ill X IjIHV/A J of Pennsylvania, a few brand* of PURE RYE WIIISKV, distills] in the tears 183K and >838. Tnosa wishing t purchase an unadulterated article for medioinal purposes, , aeMiiiu have kuoh an opportunity offered to the III. au2?> *w BEALL k MATTHEWS. ^ RM Y SUPPLIES Owe* or Afmt Clotmso asd Equtpask,f Phm.apklphia , An?uit i7, l?j?. S Shalft) Pboposal* a-e invited, and will bare o iv?d at this oflioe. until 10 o'clock a. m.,ofTnurs' 4ay. tho fotirieenth car of septemtier nexl. for furnishiog hr o mtraot tha (oliovine Army Suprli?* aaii Materials. de iv-raDle at the United S<at?* Clotiiing and Equipage Depot, (Schuylkill I Ar? ml.) in a uaititlws *.* rwi?!r?l ? yards cloth, 'lA'k blu-s (indigo woo' dyed) tor oapti M inches wide, to weigh about 14 oaiiofs par ya?d. 40,000 j da It ore? j, daik blue (indigo wool dyed) twiilwl, L4 inches, to weigh 23 ounoes per ya>d. S 000 army bla k'ts, wool aray, (with the letters tJ 9 . in black,4 laches ong, in thecntre.) to he 7 feet ion*. and 5 feet fl inches wide, to weigh 5 pounds each. 30,000 yard* of flannel, dark b us (indigo wooldrfd) .54 inoho? wide, to weigh lu ouncas p ?r yard. loo.nom yard* flannel, white (ootton and wool) SI inoh's wide, to weigh 6X ou< oea per yard 80<?>0 ya dt far.ton flannel, il inches wide, to VM I l/K 7 AAA* ??? - ? < ()? \>uii< vo irvj JCI'U. an.O-O yar<1a oottoo driili'f, unbleaohed. 91 inohea wi'le, t!> ?iili BH ounce* per yard. 3?,opo ja-iig cotton ai lUiiig, uab.eachi-d.38 inohea wide, to weigh ft ounces per yard. 0 000 pairs half tooting*, gray. 3 size*, properly n>ade "f go< d fleece wool witn double and twitted yarn, to weigh 3 pound* per dozen pair*. 13.000 yar'e Rrssia sheeting, 42 inohea wide, beat quality. 3,000 yard* brown liner. 38 inohea vide, beat quality. JO 000 yards ootton muslin, unbleached, 96 inohea wide. 10,iXX>yard* black ai'.eoia, beat quality, 98 inohea wid*. 1/00 yard* baokram, beat quality, 40 inohea wide. * m AAA ?1 ? * lO, **? BH?ei9 O'PfWM, OOttOB. S) iJ00 y&rda tapa, whiteand >* incites wide. Silk r d, wh.f, yoi.ow, green and b!us, t ?r fla^a, per ?ard. 8i'k twnt ana sewing eilk, beat pnality p-r pound bine*> thread, W. B No. 30 a 40, per you ad. i) da Blue, No. so a 4u, do. (K> do assorted oo!ora. No. 30 a 40 perlb H*? d >*an apoola ootton. 500 pieoea webbing, 1 and 1>? inch. 3t,'i0u yard* cotton duok, JWX inohea wide, to wfigh 15 onnoea per y??d. 20,0 0 yards citlt-n tlook, ifV, mohea wide, to wolf h 10 ounoea per ya d. 30 on jarus cotton duok, S3 inches wids, to weigh 10 ouuoex p~r yard. 150 oord i ?! d tassels, for trumpet! and big!ea, aaaorW oiora l,wo yards % in<rh auk laoe, assorted oolora. 10, uu rarJs K ana l>i kuobes w.irittj las*, do. i* ?/w? L?? ? 1- ? * ' * nfw>j ? ' ourui, wuriwu, MluriN color* 3-16 luoh diameter, with a taaaai at eaoh end tiro iuon*a loiic. 15,'00 black felt hats, beat quality, made ofwootoh and Em uhooney and Kumh Hares. n,'<00blaok oatrish feaihi a, 12 incnea long. 1V5<>o b'aaa Silt) brass oroisrd c*i non. 5, no du hu<i?s. 39Xi do do aabrea too do eastlea 6,?<i do knapsack trimmings rets. Mi do spears aiid leruija for guidon*, and co.or*. *>o gross buckles, iron roller, J? and iinoh beat qualitr 51 groaa huskies for n?ok stooka. 100 paira N CS riras* scale*. 30) pairs Sergeint'a braaa, and 25 pair brORxad scales. 8,003 pair ooi poral'a and privatea' brass, and 1T pair b'onsed soa'e<. ?.<*>'gross c at buttons b?at qua'ity, ijb*> groaa ahirt do do W,'M> gross autpender buttons, do 151 hugles. with extra month pieo^s. 1-W trumpets, do do 3xi files, B and C. ao d.vtns, complete, arti!l*ry. 8o do do infantry. 80> do heads, hitter. <iui) do suare. 2*? do anaree, itti. SO d> sticks. pair*. 3*0 do cords,of lta i&n hemp, 1 ? do sltoga 3f>0triit pole* vail Mil. do servants' do 2,(*)tt tent pian. Hospital, small. uo wall, large. do summon I no,, cm tent buttons, t wo >d) small. 20 'On teut slips. do do liouarrifto fl hal tards. of Itvian lump. 150 recruitiiig d<> do do do 2.mi) pound* ootti n sewing twire.6 and 8 strands. IV o pouncs Mauilla t-nt oord, large, medium and email, tH>rt qnslity. IV-oo tin oaiit<* n? with cork stopper*, 3 pints, to weir?i UH ouno-s 4^0 iron pots ?l b bails. a " > man pi n*, sheet iron. 2, <K>o%mp kett do S Riaea. in naata. 1 i?*i Bickixe*, 2 !**?, to wighti,1* and 7 pounds 2 mm ruling ax??. wt Bt el, baat quality, 3 *i*n. loo pick *x?? hand **, beat quality. C.ono (filing do do no do a (100 oi-np hatchet do do do 2 mm ?p*<les do do ?f>' itum for Pibley tents. 400 chain* for Piblay tenta, aeti. AH the atn? e mentioned artiolea mutt oorform <i all respttti to the aiert ktialard patiema la tmi oft**, whe.e they oan be ex*min?d, and any oddiUuiial information in regard to them will be furnie^'d. famp e patterna of the woolen aid Q 'tion elothea will he aent by mail to Mddera; it ia <5?ir?blo that the artiel-a be oi dnm-itio manufaOtttTO. I he privilege m reserved by th IJrited tatea of drornaa nc th* quantity on* fourtl on the aocrpt ano* of t*e prop"* a. an<J of luorensing it fiorn oti* tnirii to oue-ba f it ay time prior to th* com p otion ot the oontrsot. by giving the contractor thi't) d ja notice of such Retired lnor'ate; and of (ejecting anr proposal which may be conaidared 8*?-*Tuai?t. i'he inanufncturiTa* eitab.ishm'nt or dealers' | iftUM llf hlUIR ? ' J r .. ? .?un? uv epnUIliOni IJ RllKHi I Q IOC propo?ai, together w;t|i the name*. address, and lesponsifii'ity ol t*o prrioni proposed as leouriUf?, with tne acknowledgment* ul *aid parsons that tli?y wili b? su'-h fdiitj or will be responsible t at giHKl **ourity be furnished in oase a oon traot is opined Bids >roai manufacturers of, or regelar deal h i th- artia ? , wilt be prrftrrrd, and oontrada will l>* awardM to tiie lowest rsspon.ib'e bidder, who shall fur ish the required (countiesfor the p<*rf >rinauoes thereof 1) <?iven*s to ? oinmenoe within forty days after tne acoeotanoe of th* proposal*, and one half of the quantity oontracud for must be delivered in equal monthly proportion* within lour month* from said date ofsooeptanoe, and tne remainder within three nontbs tnereafter in monthly or greatar proportion*, a* the contraotor ma; find convenient It is to b* distinotl < on<fer*tood trat contract* are not transferable without the consent ot the roper authority, and that an* sale, assignment, or trantfay, without suoh consent having te?n ob Lain-it. texcept under a prooes* of law,) will be regarded a* an abandonment of thee ntract; and the contractor and his securities will be he d re *pon?ibl* for all Ions or da-rags to the United Ma vs wbioh may an?e therefrom. Payment* will be mads on each delivery Ten par cent. of the amount of each delivery will be ( tmii-wa buiu tne oontraot ahall be completed, wwioh will be forfeited to the United State* fa case f d.?f' lcati. n ?n the part of the ooutractor in jul&1iidr <tie couiraot Furrus of proposals and guaranty will be furnish#*) upon apphoMion at this omoe, and none fee ounsidared that do not oonform thereto. Proposals will be endorsed?"Propo^a's for Furnishing Array Supplies and Materials," and ? addressed. CHS THOMAS, Colonel. auSl3tawt&U Ant Q. M. Gsl1. U. B. Array. ^Non-Til* Hb* for daliverlnc is extandad to jmuv) ut, 1861 iaataad of "le tommemct w*tktn /fly diyt," aa above pablUhml By oidar of Q. M. C*n?ral of th? Army. * Ml CH8. THO?AB*1*EAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS! Vjf i now in ?toro? , Ota 1 oot?T? roNvood Cbiekartnc Piano for ?f?3 On* 7 do. <ia. JLoaaak rants do. ?w 8u? 6k do. do. fruantfc Clark ao. 90 ne?>k do. do. Jtaa?nfcT*iitz do "" n? >" J $i?'l MRUmUKS. ? Lr liifinou i Lot* HOTPITU, Am DitwmU tUm?tt Cmum?. Sp**dp,MUim9 Eftttv+i Ktmtdf m tii JTwW, FOR ALL DI9KA8E9 OF IMPRUDENCE. I,*? JfO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE. IN fKOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waakaaaa af ua kik.ltntiirai AfaaUaaa afUa Kldaaya ud Staddar, lo'aianury (Macharfaa, hhtaiaaey. tfaoatal Da kility, Rar?aaa?iaM,Dya;ai.ay,Llr t?ar. Lew f*irtla,C?w fwaiao af lda?a, Pilpitntina ef tha-Waari,'"'midily, Tramkluifa, IHraoaaa af *<fbl ar iidriinaaa, l)i???i? ?f ihaHand, Tbraal, Mii? w Ikin, AJi.ii'ni af tha L?nfi, lt?m cd ?r Saw a la? tnaaa Tarnbia Diaordara ariainf frmm Solitary MaMta tl Ya?;S?tfcaaa Draadf*l tnd l)aatrdcu?a Praeutaa which raa* dar Marncf a impaaaihla. ?td daatray haia lady aad Mlad TOUWOMCM apactailr ?ka h?i kacama tha ?ict1ma af Bal.iary TIM, the; dratdfal aad daatractiva hahst which auaaally awaapa M aa antimaly gr*?a thr aaanda afYaanf Man aflha aaat axall, d talanva *ud brillant intallaei, wba mighi atharwiaa htaa tairanaad tiataning lanataa with tha in an da ra af alaqaaota ai wakad ta iituir tha liTisf ly ra, Bay tall with fill taailUUIiU. HtUlU PIUOm,? Yaaog Ma^aaataaaptatlar Mir rtafa, hauif awaraaf phyaital waakaaaa, ii|ult dabllUy, ikfciaiUM, *?., apaaiily tmrad. ka wha placaa himaalf andar tka tar* af D>. J. May rallgt aa??y cooSia in hu fcaoar at a ganl! a man aad aaoldacUy raly wpao hia akill u a phyaiaiaa. UPK10E Ha. 7 CODTa rRKOUICKITKXKT, ?ft hand aid*f?mg rrara Hula roar* *tr**X, * f* w daar* lm U* earner. riil dm tuStiiti ami ud iiabn. bau*f* ui kt paid tad *aataio iun|. dr. joaxaroH, m?ia??n afth* *.ajal C*li*f * *f*arg tea*, LhIm, rndtitt fr*m eu* *f th? KHl raiocDt Collegia in the Bnit*a iuu^ and tba g mill part of wlta** lift hi* b**n tp*nt in th* booRial* of London, Pari*, Philadelphia *nd *>n>hir*,ku*l' et*d Mm* of lb* meet aoteni*binf ear** mat wer* I'M kixwa; miny traahltd with ringing ta th* head aad wil wh*n aaltap; great n*r*ea*n*M, bung altrm?d at aaddaa and* WaanfaTn*** with fr*qa*nt bla*hinf. att*od*d ***** lia** with daraagaaMutaf Bind, war* earad i tan* dial* 1t< tau particular hot1cr. Tni| Mio andolhir* wh* ba?* ia)ar*d tfitrat*l??* by artKio praetie* indalgtd in wb*a alan*?a habit fraqaeatiy laarntd frera *?il companion*, ar at (eboal, th* electa at which ar* nightly felt ot*q wb*n a*l**p, and if nat car*d, t*nd*r* marrtag* iatpoasibi*. and deeirera bath Biad aad W?, ahoatd apply immadiataiy. Tboaa ara am* oftha ud ana malaaekaly affaeu pradaaad ky aarly bat iia of tmk fit: Waaknaaa rftha Back ui liraba, Paina in tba Haad, Dimraaa of Sifht, Loaa af Maacalai Powar, Palpitation oftha Kaart,I)??papaj, Nat*a?? IrriUki.lIf, Daranf amain of tha Dij aati 'it aoctiaoa, S aa a ral Da kility, aymptoma of Con auinfition, Ac. MENTALLY.?Tna faarfal af acta an tka miol ata maak U ka dra?dad?Loaa of Mantory.Coofaaion af Idaaa, Dapraaaiaa f Spirita, E?il Porbodinja, AvaraiaoafBaeiatr,Salf-Diatraat, Lo'aaf SeliMda, Timidity, tic.,ara aaiaa af tka aaila fitdacad. NERTOVB DtllUTT.-1Tkaaiaadaaaa aavjadya wkat U tha eaaaa of thair daclimnf haalth, laaiac tkair *ifar, kaaatmnf waak, pala, naraaaa and amacutad, bannf aaiufalaj appaaraoca akcattha ajraa, eaafh oraympiaraaafcanaampUaa diakasea op imprudence. Whaa ibt ithjuidad and irapraJaut aotary af p'.aaaara ladi ka baa imMkad tba aaada of tbia painful diaaaaa,utaa aftai kappana ibat anill-limad aanaa of abama ordraad ofdiaearary datara Kim from applyiof to thoaa who, from adatatiMi and raapactability, can alona bafnaod him. Ki falla tnta tk* Karida nf I?a.A# a n I ani4 daaianlna nraiar^ara *kn inaanakla ??> . ?< IIMV.^1 aHU VlflVIUII*, NUV, af cor in*, Itch hit ptCHnUry ttibitanet, k? tp him triltng month artr month, or at Isuf at tbt amallttt ftt can ht taintd, and in dttpatr ! ??? him with ruintd haallh ( tlrt i' : * / r mMMmM)ar by th? ut af that dtaoly pan , Mtrcary, batttn tkt cooati'.sjoo"I aynpiamt af thfi ttrriMt dittttt, inch ai Aftcttmnoflb* Htart. Tkratt, Nni, km .Ac., prof ratting with frif htfal rapidity, till d?atb patt ( 5triad ta hit artadfu auf trinft by landing bin ta that uiatavtrtd eaantry from wboat botrM na trartltr rttarnt. DR. JOHNS OMR REMEDY PGR OROAM1C W EARN EM AMD 1MPOTEHCT. y (hit grtat and impartaoi ramady waaknaaa af tkt argaat ut tpttdily cartd and fall *igar rtatarad. Tbaaaanda af tkt atl oarTaat and dtbililatad, wka bad laal all kapt, kavt bias unmtdiattly rtlitrtJ. All imptdimtntt ta Marriaga. Phyiltal ar Mtntal Dltoaail cationt, Laaa ?f Pracraatlta Pawtr, Ntrvaat Irritability Tramblttig and Wtakntuai Eiktatuao afikt watt flirfk kind apttadily carad. ENDMUEMEJIT O T TEE PR EM. TEE MANY THOUSAND! cartd at Ihia luati'.aUaa wllkla tka latt ttvartatn ytart, acd tht namtraat im Dart ant Marat Ml p?r?ti*n? p?rf?rmt<i by Dr. J?hnt*a, wiu>M**d by &? rtpvnar* ?f lb* paper* and auuy tlkir wrwoi, wiMu ri vh*cb h*?* appanrtd again and agtin bafira lha ? abllc, b*ridn kliiUD4ia(ui gaoUamaoaf cbineui ua nifMriMUty, 1* a ?i?c'?nt (urutii U tha iBiatad. )u M-ly JOY F"K THE HI'"K AND WFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLlCikD READ! APPLY THE REMEDY AND REJOICE IS HEALTH. Friend, do you ?ulf-r.J Are you the victim of any of thoce nuTieroaa ailment* which aiae irom impn-ity of the blood.' What are 'hey, do yon aak? K*t'ier a?k, ? h*t are 'hey not? 1 he blood ) the K.u'oe of life and h^a'th. and it i? the fir?t e'emeut of our b-?inic to reapnnd to any oauno whioh fft on tii* ayatem.aa the pula* infauibty attest* The ever prevailing Neuralgia, th* irritating Krya pea*, the aub'.le Scroti).a the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervuo? Debili y, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with it* torpor and d-jectiou. and the numberleaa ilia that fl >ah ia heir t<->, derive 'heir hideour origin fr?>m ihe b!oo<l. Deal kind y theu and gei.tly with the blood. L'a? the vitalizing fetoutoea of nature for ita aid and sutler u? to commend to your confidence and uie that truly va! liable medicament known aa MRS. M. COTS ryDIAV VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia a moat infallible specifics popuar aentiwent has rp<>ken in d cided terms, and tiie evidenoea of tbis great efficacy are abstained by oonatant avowals of eurative effect* and tii- happiest results from iu use are af'er ail other remedies and the beet inetiioal skill have fai id. Let us say, iu eono'.UKion, th?t certificates ? oures are not sought from th* illiterate ai.d superficial, but they are volunteered fiom the in tt re spectabie sou roe* an I ju*ti<> the highest terms in which it is po*aiblo to oummsnd ao valuabo a *p- cifi-? to pnt> ic approval. We may add also that tne curative proper ueint the mt-dioiue are equalled only by it* restora'i vj eff ct*, the ST^t-^m reoover in* fromdisease with renewal constitut ona. vitor. For sain l?r all respectable Drugrists iu this City, and by the proprietor. MRS. M COX. *?iie renuine utile** her name is t><own on the bott'o and her seal on the cork IU- &l per boule, six bottles for #5. tv\ole<a?t AK'nt. R. K T. C18SKL. Druggist, Ge<*rteti>?rr . J? Wholesale A nest for the Dis ?ri<j?, ard wi I ?upply the trad* at my price*. au IR tr 0FF1CK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OA? METERS, Wi *uiNGT?'S. July 18, I860. NOTICE IS HERER Y GIVEN, Thnt.a?ree ably to the provimons *?f diuance of the Corporati n approved JVlay 12 liW.the und?r*t*ne<l i? new prepared, "wn*r:ever req'iirod in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of nfty cent*, to i'epeet, exannn-, to*t, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of regiktration of ar.y gas meter in u?? in tnis city." Every meter, iffoiind incorrect, will be condemned, and another, ?ealed and nwk<-d as true, will be set 111i's p.ace. If proved to be accurate in i?a measurement of tas, it will be ?ea!ed accordingly, and a?ain put in post ioa for use. Office No 510 Sevvn'h street,(near Odd Fal low*' uai J >pen front 8 %. in . to 5 m. CHAKuKS W. CUNNINGHAM. J? 18 tf Inapector and Pealer of tfaa Metera. Dr. j. bovfe dod'9 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being uned from Mam*to the Great Halt Lake, ant trte universal veniiot of all who uae ti'ein either as a mtdtctn* or a* a brv*ra$e. la that fh"y are rnaurpirxl in the worlrt. J)r. I>oda n?ed them au oesafnlly in hia praotioe for 2S years ix-fore we purchased of him the aoie icht to manufacture end preaeal thom f< r *a!e to tae publio. For the CD'S of Incipient Conanmption, Indi/eation, Dyapepaia. Pilea, Nervoua Dia4&< oa, Female Com plaint*. and a>l onaea reeainoc a tonic, th*y are beyond doubt a moai invaluable renedy. A*ide from their medicinal properties they are a pure, whole aoine and de;ightfui Bevornre producing all the pleasant exhilarating eaVoia o( ilraody or Wine without thoir lnjunoua ret-uita. et ail frienda of humanity and all a tvoeat?>? of temperanoe aaalat na 10 aubetituinc theae valuable Vegetable Bittera for the mineral pomnj and adulterated Lifvor* With Which the Annntn ia ?' " 1,1 ' . .. u> i'uvu; DUU inJiruy CIfeo' aid in ban thing l>m?u? and Drankeaeu from the land. i OHaRUEW W|DMF1K1,D * CO., Proprietor*. 7H William street. Now York. J. 9CHWARZR. A rent, Washington, D. C. DR. J HO~VF.R DOD?' IMPERIAL HIS BITTRH8. Fur Di traces of the Kidna?a,H adder aua Urinary 'truant, and e?j>eoiaily for Female Obstniotiona, never fail to oure. and are warranted to give aatiitaction, CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors, 78 William et.. New York. J. HCHWARZE, je Vly^r Agent. Waihington. D. C. rri PROCLAMATION! ? E CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *o. W\ oo * i 'At the present teaeon of the jeer cholkra mokbub, cholic, DYSENTERY^ L)fcBlLITY, Ae., to,, prevail to an alarming extent: A?dwktr$at, f'Kst cT'nseqlence at onoe Sn/e, Srttdy, and Efficacious, DR. MONTAROK, or nam, o^^MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the m>*t CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In ordar to aatisfj THE PRBLIC that no impoaition is intended in tha aale of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WII.I. HF. REFUNDED is all ca*?.? whan the mediaina tails to give entire aatiafaotion. Aik. then itini Drag Store for D?. MONTAROE'9 MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take m directed, and if not parteotly unified, Return to oar Ac*nt, D. B. CLARK, ESQ.. 4X Street aud PenneyM-uaia Avenue, who will refbid your money. Prioe? 2$ and 50 Centa per Bottle. For aaje at all DruK Store# eyerywhare. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Aceot, jy Il-eotT Baltimore. $2.50 S'JifiKl.lSi'Btf B"AVE? l.iNVW ^ H?t?nd Cm MmCT&mL. .. * J; ' wl THATBiKRS' DIRBOTOBT. C?rr**?f tki U S. Mail. The undersign-d Are now running Dtilr.ieittfl Sunday,* Four horse CoAc'nes be- ? tween Wa?hi mton and Upper Marl iUpH^^ boro'. a# follows : Leave the Steamboat Hotel, ooroer of Seventh treet anil Pa. at7o clock a. m. Returning leav? llppf.ManbO'O' at 11 o'clock a. m.,and arrive in \\ AaKinrtnn tt InVlnrlr in tun* ?a ?iHi I the 3 Job. m. t ain for Baltimore. Tne Coackes arr new tad commodious, the teams first-class tn the hauds of careful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro 50 cents. To Long Old Fields. 15 " ToCenU??Tillo.......... 3B ** Freight and packages in propotion. au 15 tf OSBOJtN fc CO , Proprietors. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BKANCH. Chausk or Hons. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 18W, trains will run a?follows: Leave Washington at *? and 7.4# a. at. Leave Washington at 3A' and 6JD p. m. On Buudaj at 3 JO p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 140 a. m. 1 .MLVA ttRltimnrA mx S IA Rnrf A on n m On annday at 4 28 a. m. Pa??enger? for the ha*t will take trains at iJO and T.v1 a. m and 3 an p m. For the We?t at 7.4n a m. and S.T> p. m. For Annapolis at ?. * a m and 3.2" p. m. For Norfolk at 7 w a. m. On Saturday evening UieS-20 p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. ie 13-d T H. PARSONS. AibdU NEW ORLEANS xa? TJELRXII] SATflI WITM TWW . CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nno Orleans and Jatknon, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHlS~ROUTE: Memphis by Ra .1, thence hy First olass Paokets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Pirttoias? Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lako Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SritDAts INCLUDED. Lfs?e WaihingUn RtCa asd 6 f. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave? ber wharf foot of Seventh street at 61* a. m. and 6Af p m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Ornnr* and A!a*. andriK Trftius fur thn Southwest. Office? fetmar.vuta nvonoe, oornar of Sixth at. BASOAQB CBBCKXD THR0T7QB TO IT1W OBLBABB. Lynohbnrg $7V Memvhu >51 00 Hriitol _I5?' S* 00 Kuoxvill* ion.1 M.-vcon M 00 ChlttMOOga.. 34 00 Coluin baa SI 90 D&iton. ...?24 no Montgomery ....33 00 Huntaville 77nn ) rmMemphis.<2 SO Grand Junction N.O.S n?0. Juno. ? 80 NashTille S vi? Mobil?. -45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY MY RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHUMTER. and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any oth?r Lir.??the Lyn?hbnrg Extension being now compi. .. d, as a!?i> t.h?? Missmaippi ObbuM, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE VOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It is provided with Firnt olasa Sleeping Care! STo New Orluuii T8 Hours. Memphia...... i do. Montgomery ? 63 do. Nashville <* do. CTThe U.S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over tfeu New Line. Tickets can be obtained at the Hon'h Western Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avecne, to the following points: LynoHlmrg, Bn?tol, Knoxnlle, Atlanta, Ohnttanoora. HuntsviHe. Grand JnijoUon. Mac<n. Nashville, Dal to a. Coinmbas, Montgoraerjj_^MolHle,^^^eBipIuaf au<l TTT THROUGH TJFKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fT^Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons leave the offioe at 6 a. ?n. and 6 p. m. J AMKS A. EVANS, Tioket Atent, mfcia-tr Corner Silth ?t. and Pa. ?? rHK STEAMER JAS. GUY Will reewme t>l trip* on TUESDAY, il?t of February.!!**). WtHleave WASH INGTON very TUESDAY and^""^"? FRIDAY, at6 o'olook ?. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and tb? intermediate Landing!. On her return trips, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'eiock a. m. LUCIA N 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L DOU3H. Ai't. Alexandria. fe20 PFOR NEW YORK. ASGAGE. INCLUDING MEALS ARB STATEROOM. #7.40. The New York and Virginia Screw Steamahif Cornf?nt'n Dew and elecant ateamshi* MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Smith, will leave the Coirpauy'a Deiot,W tern Wharve?,atlW?'c!o?ka. m- every WEDNESDAY, and the Company * Doyot. at Alexandria at 3 o'clock p. m. same day, Pf ??An?ar? Trow* " ?* .m.wvu^vio 1* VIM BUH UnilEQWwl ?*n take the coaches connecting with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, which ieavo the oorner ot Tth stieet and Fa. avenue hourly, or they can Imti on the steamar from the Western Wharves at II 'oiook a. m. Stato rooms oar he entared on application u Mwm. Morran h. Rhinehart, Western Wharves tmre * reooirod op to the honra of depar .JL7" Iusaranee wiil he elected on all toods b? this uue at the oftoo of the Company at X per earn premium. The accommodations for passenjera i y this iinf are in every respect first-o aas, and every effort wil be made to render this onmmnmoation with nem York an acreeaMe and healthful one. I-or ?re,,ht or passace apply to FOWU * CO., Agents, Alexandria. - . ? H- u CROMWELL * CO., ? >-ly 88 West gt..corner Albany. New York. NtW YORK AMI) WASH]N6TON steamshiptine. The Steamer MOL NT VKRNON will Inn Alexandria and Washington for New Yoric KVKRY WEDNESDAY. at 3 o'oiuok p. Bi., an<l New York for Wui iDiton every ttatnnlay, at 3 o'ou>ck p. m. Pa??ou jer? oan join U* ?hip at Alexandria at aay Uuie before the hour of the steamer's departure. N. B.?Id the event of the steamers inability to rose the har in oonseqoenoeof low water, all (oodi will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the undersigned. For freight or MMUe Wfl/ to JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. ft d nndwp a. nn 10 ui % ?/v?naci iv vv/i D zclildot spzoaw. Guaranteed uot only absolutely and perfectly puke, but ground from fresh Hpip?t, tei?oted and olMntd by ua expr*??ly for the purpose without referenoe to oocL They tie beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with papers to prevent injury by keeping, (lad are full weielit, while the ordinary ground Spio?s ar* almost invariably short. We warrant ttiem, in point ot strength and nohnen of flavor, he yon d all comparison, a* a aintl- trial will abundantly prove. Manufaotured only by _ I f? 1?-if.DA W.rr 1 ?i AWM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Now ir^urni to nanntA ?r, ?*?w which theymftf be fftvoratTin the ""** plumbing, gas or steam fitting business. HT Store on 9th street, ft few doors north of ft, I ftvonue, where mftr be found a oomslete M?ortmaiq , *g ou*r GA8- sfigsff Francis harper. H * TING OPKNgD ft * family grocery and feed STOKE, Com* of av?o York avuut and Tenth ttrttt, Respectfully solicits the pfttron&ge of those who may be in want of any article in theartove line. His endeavors ahaii be to please. and b* *. itn?? turn to tli* wanti of the public, be Jj'opei'to merit"* anareoi their patronage. Hi* tock constat* of every article u*nally to be found in a brat olaaa Family Grooery and Feed 8t"re. ma 17-tt PUKb OLD R\ K WHIPKV.-On haud aevera brand- of Pare Old Kye Whit kj> Co^m Diitilled. made by the moat rehab e diaUlierain Penney Ivaaia. Maryland and Virginia, warranted para. Al*o, Imported Kr*ndtea, Hennea*y, Otard, Dupay /r Co.. Julee Roln n, 4o Al*o, Peaoh and Apple Brandy pure Holland 6in, old Jamaica and St vniu nuw, ?nu w ic?? oi every variety, all ol tanrfarU brand*. A elioioe lot of Cicara and Tobaoco. YOUNG k kkphaet, Aiento. M U-1f Q?Q nw.. h*tw <th unTlfttw ?ta. Wm NEW GOODS. E Hit' jaelreooirsda'argea took of Blaaaked rfovNK? Tuntlkttp i? i jl i v rio? "i mj ll 1 l ? i i " ?* ci 1 i ?i k fj l/, HLL'K and GRKY Kl.ANNKLHii va'iety. W* hare a fo? rioh ORQANDV ROBES oa k<aa whiob we have marked leas than e^et. _ jTy TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. New styles of rich jkwklr y ?h. q* HOOD baa jnat open*?d a large etoak. wkioh he will offer at very iow ratoa Therefore thoee that are wiabmc to oarry home any thine in kia line aa areMtnU, will do well to oall and examine hla mtru-*?.? S"?" l'?. . . i? ? Baltimore buttkr houbr. jta* **118 * ' ? MIDKHm JNPEOTINE; OR, PERSIANFHVERCHARM. povvD 4 tr n 4/1 irfe ^ ? ? ruin* Ar*u *vjih anmin ATE v. - ;r THE HUMAN CONBTITCTION SAVED FROM WRBOK. t THE PREVENTIVE AND EEMEDt torn ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOV9 FEVERS CUR EST! N8U RED IN A DAY. NATURBf GRAND RB8TOFATIVR. INPECTINB, IXPBCTINE. ; INPECTINB, INPECTINB. INPECTINB, INPBCTINM. The terrible malady knows M ibe PKTBR AND AOUB hu mitten kaodrede of thoaeauda of p* one throm?hont the world every year, t?4 tee nerer till sow boe? wt by eiooeeefal nodiea' trsatment that has not pro4aoed eerore MEDICINAL DISEASE?, whioh effsct the Innge, the ep'eee. the liver, th? heart, or o*h?r part* of the human orgeni*m. Tbe INPEC TINE ii th* Mt rtl kntoioailt of ill fever* and when it o*n?e in ooataot with the ekia? ie abevrbed by the interior organ* waiota reeut eaeily miaama and all taadesoiee toward* thoee maladtee whioh proatrate the mind and bodjr with fever. Fever and Agne reeult from nanou eaeee*. No plaoe ie exempt from tae eae*?e whioh promote tbe ezietenoe of the dieaaee. That beiag oaee eeat ed in tbe evetem, indnoee dapreeaiee of epirite, lae itado, languor, pain*, ehille. fevar, and a loag train of dleagreeable eeneatioae, depriving the pa I tient 01 all energy, and reduoing him or her ! a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one enffav the horror* ef a debililatins Intermittent Fever, when by the aee of the INVALUABLE INPBOT1NB, OK PERSIAN PETER CHAftM. the eminent mMi?tl and m?(le?l qa&Jitfee of which are inat&ntlf abeorbed, ALL TRACES OP DISEASE MAT ANNIHILATED IN A PBW HOURS. SELF CARE IS BETTER THAN PHTSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIYINR REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILR THE POO US H DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURB. DELAYS ARK DAN6BROU*. THE INPECTIWB, v Oft PER6IAN FEVBR CHARM, Hu cured thoaaa?da of both mm of the most dreadful Fever#. Reed end reflect. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lmnael Bong*'1. <* Pirtebur*, for two reera ue leu to him (elf end aooiety?a martyr to Chilla aod Fever?eure<l in leM the*. three week*, end inproved in ei(bt hoar*. MM ?r D.IL.*. nkiA *IU. *1.^ ro nrj ooia^i WUHIJ, viiwi w<vi lo*ing her rtMon well at streaith hy intermittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health in twenty hoars. J. ft. Ti'?on, of Belgrade, Maine, treat ht from drnth's door, having suffered for fosr rears. Made well in fire weeks, and improved in two hoers. Adolphe Mon^re. of Fraaaa, relieved la ana hoar. wb<la travelling ia the oara of the Fort Wayne and Chioago Railroad. He was apparently dyinf with Chill*. Ellen *. Benson, "f Look port, Haw York, rea> ened after seven years' suffering. A peifbet on re. Thoasand of other oases prevented and oared every month, and aot a single oenptainl at the efioienoy of the IIPEOTIRBi o a PERSIAN FSVER CHARM ? TRY IT, P&07M IT, KNOW IT. b4 Mb Inn ita vooMkl ? ?? tad virtue?, that thoM who auf ?r. or who or* thr?>?id with ffsrtHK, m?r k? M to im alaple, i?nnzioa* profM?tton, firaiiM by the fteitf of Notura for MAN'S BLESSING.' _ iNPaoTisrsi rm ant n by *i t ? - 1U buuv HI Vkuuvill* *nv MIDICLNB DBALBBS IN AMBE10A. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, ! 4 f : * . * Smt by mall to u? pwt of the Uaitti BMm. REMEMBER, It U not takes iawardly, bat la a??Uo4 Mtvirflr, aooordiac to dirootioa*, vfciok ?ihhm|?t cask MANUPAOTUBBB BY JOHN W I LC O X ft ? # t 1U MAIN STBBBT. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ' " BRANCH OWICM, No. 96 BANS OP COMMBSOB BUILDING, NSW TOSS CITT. I l ? * i 4 I M.-SAf. wi-.i nnman ifm T?r faaaansaweC h?T* J"? jeniiekad, to wkick ike UlfhliM of lltlV? ' M'l?d : Wtlh *xp1*r*?ory ertM by H?? r? ?. Fr>v'??. rn?*wr et lAtm ib Um PHU Cbi vmity o| k. tebwui; 1 jyL; pri*? f i ? P ?U>'? A ?P "f 1 I1" Cnlo Wltk noiMt^ W. P. Trl? Ortn^, t at Vrwi ib Aatorat i* V? I* f Xeroi-M lea' Franc k 9ynUX. arrant*} after foit'Tin'* K9> k * 1FtM?**** by P. T. WtakelnMa; 1 rot; ?rw * _ ... AM* Method wf Ppw?;?k. xfUr Ote System of P Akn. r*,~wbT BLANCHAs ^ *'1 * aa r Fler^nth^ ?< >? ?. UOWK'S IMPROVED WKWHtfrv' 9V*LH* 1* TkM* are ??* ?*. to the eaN. * ae tb# ?oet imy?e,*era6.c,anJ rrlkalne miNm ??t ia *. Fir?te,a?? premium* harebrec awar4?4. b? the Unitoc y.i*tr. Fair mm) VtrCiu a Af ire He. *1 I Virftw* Mate A*n??>tera' Fur f rankiiv Inatitate Nir, Narn'ma. New Varft Mate K?r, TTbTtirtt^y* net* i Mi'in ei krVeJaee-*"* wk*r* ~io ?-lV K? o. PATTWOFI. A * * t UK7AS?lN?TON SKWING BOOMS. " ?m 9lA *1.. (? Jmti ?Tf?. A**. NnmlkttiMto|? SPRING u4 SUMMER ftasvi ,* m^9Tp.vz piRE, F1*f'orojfir WAVER. Is* still la Ui* PLUM B1NG and GAS FITTING Bl'JtNKSSatwj oidmand laPbilkarMobi? Hal . Tha adTantace ?>f haviog a piMttifel It of water vu reodtlv ohoorved at th? krr of T?ft?>nUy.M I am woll I aboaid bar* barned oat hit tor tbo bn?nt f?l asppir ap<w ?y promiMaand Ui*t uf mj Mifhbor* All ordora far tbo mtrudgotio&of Water and Gaa will bo prompt'j attended to. Tonna aa roaooaa bio aa any fiaaoer ta tbo oity. jjt C. SNYDER WO A 9 FIXTURES. E Bar* in atoro, aod ar# dai j rffltinu, WAS FTXTURB8of*ntlr+\j New Pattern* aori [Wcna aad Piniak, aaperinr is ftflo In aafttiinc boroMbro nnerM m Mia MrtM. w # iiitiU oitisra* t It to sail Mid ?i?miae nmr stock of Gu ud ^ FLxtnnw, ImIidk ADnUNt tUt*( h?*e Um U(1 UoUgl ?to<jk in Wuhiutoii. AJ1W ork in tho kbore line lntraited t?* ?'r Mr* will be yroapty att?n<1w1 to. . _ MYKRft ft MoOHAN. wmrl-W STS D mtml A f Om kt S e?nt* per wnitt On* at ? do. 4?. PIANO Oaeetft Jm. ?>n? at f IW do. FOR Om at M m Om at 92 id da. Jy SI Pa. .. between and vta. IO AAA gallons champagne an* l?,UUU CRAB APPLE C1I)KR.-We iav*? Oi? attention of tk? pr.blie to oarlarceaad vail mlaoUd atook of C ham pa/to* aad CraJ A ppl* Cider, wtjioh w? K?arantaa to m para jatoa, and will b? oia on ra^oaaoie term* to order to make roon for our ??r t| (took. Git* bi a c*ll at th? ?. H AVKN. BACON A CO '8.AND 8TF.I* WAT 5*- A SONS' PIANOS are onir to arc;:;;:',,:J .teDffW Piano are r*?ii*?t?d tr> oalland euniM M <rep?'< eleevhere. Mnaic De^it-wwur of P*i?*. are?a? atW Eleventh at- M a IAOOB EKED, ? Mmnemn w MILITARY CLOTHIRCj kfmin Co*ivn Skord akb 9n*n Bra.. PHILADELPHIA. military clothe"rOK BALK. ??*-? <V 100H0MT! V\ ^ m o? A . y^fc DISPATCH! \ \Iat Sa?e lhe_ Piecct! At mttidmtt will kmppm. trm *? mttt ru^lw^ faniiui it < < ?< ~k - ?- w-? - ad ooBTmiMt trmr for rapainac F ami tar*. Tor*, Crockery. Jto. irAIDING'S PRKPARKD SLFI meet* all sacb emergencies. and no hoaaafcold ?aa Muni to be without it. It it a wars ready and cp to the atickinc point. Thar* ia no loayr a iwii am for unpitf o hairs, splintered ttimwi, haadioaa aoUs, aro broken cradiea. It ia iaat the ar&c.r for one, aball. and other ornamental work, to Vita ladi?a of refinement and taste. Tfcu ?oit. -able preparation Is aaad aold, hotnp bwaiaa.iT held in eolation, and posaeaaiac al' ta? alaabie aaa.itiea of the boat aabinat? kara' tiaa. It nay be aaad in the ptaoe of ordiaary ailata. baiag nstif mora adbeetve. M USEFUL IN EVERT HOUSE." Pric*, tb oenta PI. fi.? Braah aooompanuw eaok bottle wmmmm Ahi, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. AMitn HKNRY cTsPALDjNe ft CO.. Box No. S.ftOft, New York. Pit ap for Deoiera in Coaea oontoininr Poor. Bleat, ood Twelve Do*en?e baoetifal Litbofropfe io Bitov Cord ooeompouf iu eocb poet oca. inr A aiucle bottia of SFALUINU'S FKM FAKED OLTJE will aore tec tn&ea iti ooet la oaolly to erary hoaaeho'.d.^H) Sold by oil prominent tftoUonara, I>r*if lata. Hardcore oad Fnriutara Deolnra, Qrooera, 000 Kane7 Storea. Vo?nirT merjrMBtt ahoakl m*k? a not* of SFAL DIWS PREPARED ULVE. ?ms makint u> tkir lit. It wih ?tw.p?i any ohn>at*. f?HM? & 'A ifi t ^ f Tku H t?tn u 11 *atfe- J ^ ' ^{IVl af "?*? fm ?'*? (tt? Jdm ftmhUrr ? J '^rtv1 w.+> rJinftt* in 11> i.)/.?X *22? > ^ *?X I5<!?5 xx^^zrx'fssA 5 P r JaMmf ^ 'TSieJwiie'^W' dj!* ^ V U< I'mttm uto * JUwM X If C-rtL. f |S| J ? /<* ?%m?>, ^ 1^ sggBfcf;. ^ ^ CAUTION. PVROUKRS SHOULD BE CAREFUL M PURCHASING THE VAUET WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mamma UN THE LABLL. ALL OTNLKS AUK All IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE AtOVE WHISKEY. WM.KDALY. SOLE PROPRIETOR IISUTM WILLUUi s: NEW TOML BOB SALE IN WASHINGTON BY T 11j BAIBIU'I t rorruiH I uuMAiito W ggff fnr g*- ^ tb* AhnrA rntmmJlArM iMfei ! W^/CfcxL1*^1 wltK1 wSI?W. *?* h?:i-b%rr?i? AnluorMr ova uo>, lad hirkljr itnpmr?4 br . oattwby b?dtile|Te?re,W ?le?Skr Lb FAMILY RYE WHl/IMtY. w^taWfetisr"?< n? M^HSTCAfl&Ku $2*KSJSg*sLSs. wwr u? .m Jk? Liw iMTK>t { Mnn?? ~TI |

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