Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1860 Page 1
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0 SKIStS ?tu r. it I- ;ri u> > - ? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 5. 1860. N*. 2.355. THE EVENING STAR N PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BtlLDIKtl, Cornm / Pennsylvania amn%4 mud link at W. D. WALLUH, Paper* rTsd m paokarei by oarnera At * a T?r, or 97 oenta p?r month. To ui! ntwtttbtra the ?noe in 43 jJ a year, m mdvamct, $1 for aiX moatha; ft for three month*; and for law tnaa three mcratha at the rate of Moente a treak. Single copies, cuii w wrapperi. cwtru. AD7?*TTt?*ifT? eeoaM be eeat to the oCiee bet ore 13 o'o.ook m.; otherriM they may not aftaar ntii tL? next 4AIA ParilaM Alnntar* wtk* White Mean , ' *h" ' A correspondent af the Boston Courier givw the following account of a perilous adventure in the White Mountain Notch, on tha 16th of August: The peri hi** adventure of Mr. and Mrs. <}?, from Jersey City, on Mount Wllley yesterday, is the theme of oonversulion at the nreaent moment. The summit of Mount Will??y fa but two milej from the Crawford Ilots?, and is visited by all, whether they asoenJ M iont Washington or not. A good carriage road has been constructed to the top. and the mod* ef ascent is either by foot or in moantain wagons. " Tlwwe two parsons walked up, and ?fter v?#wine the tremendous gorge formed by Mount Wfllird on one side ana Mount Webon the other, with the Wllley House looking like a small type box in the distance, they rotsed by connecting ridge from Mount Wil)?rd u> Mount Willey. Prom this latter mount, m>me J,500 feet in height, in a spirit of adventure. they commenced to dcf jend. For five or six hundred feet they found very little trouble; but soon the way wits full of difficulties, Which they hoped would soon pass away, but, as events subsequently prorad, they had but commenced They get safely over several ledges of rocks: finding that their trouble* were increasing, they endeavored W reiwa, bat foaad that i*uari/1 tkav ?^4ha&J atlas wvic ivuuuoli iv iuu fl*i iv i na'ire of either keeping on or remaining where tkey were, in the hopos of becoming mused at the b-.use. and that searching parties would bo sent out for them. Mrs. 0 aeated herself upon a btrge rock, while her hnabasd worked hini?elf butow a short iismnce to ducover the best way of preceding doirn. In a few moment *be exclaimed that the ?*ock was moTfog, and told her husband to juin]> for his life, and he barely escaped being crushed to ^eath, the rock rushing by him with fearful velooity down the mountain aid*, breaking down small trees and loosening other largo stone*, until it fonnd rest at the monntaiiTs base. This waa startling, and CMt a gloom over them, yet they were not diacouraged. Something mnst be done, and that quickly. Lying dowr. iLit, and holding faat to rocks by one hand. Mr. G. lowered his wife over the Irdge with the other a$ far as he conld reach, and then let her drop some six or eight feet further upon a narrow abelf below, and then . 1 P. 1 r.ttaiJ K I t?an 1^ f n tU ia ? a n n av <la Uiupi". U U I UiCUl | All IU in Ul Mil U VI VHVJ U O* cetided a long distance. To add to their terror*. thej did not know bat that they might c jQja to a lodge over which they could not get down. A aiu&Te misstep. or the loss of presence of mind on the part of either, would have resulted seriously, if not fatally. A thick growth of large bushes then became a matter of obstruetioo, and in getting over and through them, by dropping from branch to branch, their clothing was rent and their flesh scratched. After a hard struggle of mure than four hours, they succeeded in reaching the base at the tide of tne road, where they were soon after found, more dead than alive, by a rescuing party, headed by Mr Hadley, one of the proprietors of the house. which party started from information given them by a gentleman who saw them from the road in their dangerous situation, and reported it at ouce. Restoratives were given, and they were assisted into the wagon and brought safelv baek. with bodies comnletelv exhau<ted, their haods considerably lacerated, and their clothing badly torn.? A PrlBce at Ball. A good deal has been written by the correspondent* following the Prince of Walea, about the etiquette which i> enforced in the ball rooou whirh H R. H. honor*. The following from the Montreal correspondence of the New York Express will be toand interesting, pur ticnUrly to the ladies: His Royal Flightless opened the ball by danc ing a quadrille with Mrs John Young, the witeof a member of the Provincial Cabinet All of hid partners ware selected for him beforehand, of course ou account of their rank or connection* The poor fellow had not even the privilege of going up to some pretty girl whom he liked, and uking her hand in the dance Some of his partners were old, some were ugly, luiue were taller than himself; most, however, were suitable in appearance. They were brought up and introduced to hi? Iloyal High iicac, nuu as cvi'^uvuvi ic^uiicu luriu w icuiaiu iileot until addressed, and his Royal Highness could think of but little to **j to them, their portion wiu wfien exceedingly awkward. A red oord inclosed a space about large aa the largest of Xew York drawing rooms, and oataide of this his Royal iiighutvu did not paaa, except to go to tapper A few distinguished peraouages only wore invited to dance within the charmed circle, to join the Prince's quad* villa, bat the world of anttUcn nlKrr?< inun<l the rope like the ? pec t*tors t>f a bear ikov. The Prince do?? not dance handsomely; he ii rather o*nstrained in his movements, as if conscious that all ayes are upon him: and ?l one time he requosted his noble attendants to invite ?ny one who ohoae to come within the sacred crimson cord, the isolation of dignity btcimu insupportable. In dancing waltzes and other roand dance.', he nerer went but twice round the circuit i hare described; k? gave hit partner hi* right hand whenever any other gentleman would do so, and followed al) the eti inettas of the ball-rooa wW? tiuttriug, When tnr>uzh, he bowed to the ladf.who walk. ?<J off by herself, generally some eight or f *=t, until h?r Ir.ends came op to receive her. Then, of course, they gathered round to oon? KruuiUie the fortunate dancer; some of theM Udiee refused to dance again during thu ereniug, and others took off the glove which had been rendered ncred by the touch of royalty, vowing never to allow it to come inoontact with leea distinguished bands The Prince wiu?dreined in a short red coat with broad blue ribbon, dark red trowsert rery badly made, (either dark blue or black.) and wore patent leather boots with spurs. He has rery large feet, and in waltzing is not at all graceful, and gets soon out of breaih; he makes constant use of his pocket handkerchief In tne interval* of fh* danee, a* if to cover his lack of apaaeh. iij wenn exactly like a very well-behaved yonth of about fixUen. who bad been very little ia aoeiety, who knew the forms whiob he was to observe, but had not yet acquired much oonfi. deuce when with the sex. lie had a recess fr j*n his work once, of aboat five miautaft. when bis tap little middle friends (boys of wo| quita his own a?e) ware allowed to talk with him, and the oofy natural expression of genu* ina T Kmtra luarv rm Kt? faA? wa? ffcna VfCMKIV A ? > V ?vwa* VM Ui? W W M bUVI) uppaMnt. lie looked aa if he were appointing to fljr a kit* or go on a tramp for bitd*' Man day, and I dimbt not he would much rtQier d? o than follow out the prograau*o wf the Duke ?<f .WvtiiUt. Bat tbe music struck up again, and thoillutriaui descendant of so man j kingt returned to Li* task; however, be scetned t4 like to daure although he neter railed vWlf engaged in it Bat exaert when at supper, ht *ai laeeMaiitlj engaged ia tin* ixx-upatiun uatU halt paet'fonr. When be left, the balh wfMWtt w?u> *)ub over. A> Vifc Bivti.- A roan aam#-d Pa'r'r* 4'..mitll atreate4 ' New Y#rk, \V?dn??dav. for kvati.-ig Lit niotbar, a crtirif fc# had ilrrtdf aerved one jrrtf In tkr pttlMtar) for Tbe P.xpr>-*? ?aya: Wben arrVtg*rd before tbe Captain*! desk, Coanetl broke away from the officer and dealt bi? mot liar a aowerful blow In the lica with Liifct kttuckmvr t*f loth* t<x?r, where the mnjin^TTa ftste of Iweualbllity for n?arly a quarter of af hour. While Ike poor woman thua lay before ll>a grac?l?M tramp, be awaUed Ler in the nvxt bid ?nd nuatt, calilag her all lh? vil* and dtatrasttng namea Imaginable Jtabeaqueatly when before Jnatia* Kelly, Coaaelt threatened that If hta mother aent him up for tbla aaeanlt. he would murder her wbeu h^got ont Again. A?alft ddreeeiag hU uiotLer. th? wretch aald, "net you a cufla Bade aad buy ?rope for me. for I wlli rarialnty kill yo?. If I haei for It Aaaaen m ,TT ?M VI f.' . I Operatisas # ?fcf Offitt. I Tbe follow)Is ft IM of patents tantd from the U S PntentOffice for the week ending August 28, each bearing that date: \y. H. Allen, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For la' provement in elevator for stone bouses. Jsaies Alsop, of Clinton, III ?For improvement iu seeding machines. lu. S Bacon, of Alblan, N. V.?For improvemeut in bee hives. Kdward Badlam, of Ogdensbarg, N. Y.?For improvement in feeding raachinta. F. S Barnard, of New York, X. Y.?for proved automatic terrestrial tiin- globe. H. M Bearer. of North Auburn, and Lewla C. Peck, of Lewiaton, Me.?For Improved machine for cutting and awaging.shpe tip*. David Bisaell. oi Detroit. Mica.?For improvecnent in crimping machines Thoa. Black, of Princeville, 111.?For improve ment in cultivators Tbos. Board, of Ripley, Va ?For Improved ahoe cleaner. Rein hold Boeklen, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in hammtra. L.. Bradley, of New Yorit, N. Y t-For improvement in telegraphic apparatua. G W. Brown, of Ualeaburg, 111.?For improvement 4n cultivators T. S. Brown, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improved oscillating ship's bertha. Gm Uuclianaa. of lliekoev. Pa.?For Imninv*. m#nt in self-acting wagon brakes. A H. Burdlne. of Cnnlsrtaoma, Miss ? For lm' provement In cottoa gins. L S Chichester, CTXeW TarT, tfTY.?For Improved meat and vegetable chopper. A M Chlsholm, of Atitlgonisb, Nova Scotia.? i For Improvement tn lineal quadrants. 'C. M, Christian, of York, N Y ?For Improved rotafy rntterhead iTbr planing machines. Kdward Conway, of Dayton. O ?For Improvement in heating aud cooking apparatus. A DeWltzelbrn, of Washington, I). C.?For improvement In holding doors open. J. C. Dickey, of Saratoga Springs, N. Y ?For i Improved gold washer and amalgamator. T S Disstou and Henry Dlsston, of Philadelphia, l't.?For improved machine for setting saw !teeth. n T < ?*- ?y-v%_s_ mm ? i i . isvugiM. vi 4-iBurBviue, uuio.? ror improvtnt In sugar-cane mills. D. E. Fean, of Tallmadge, O.?For Improved gate. Frederick Fidler, of Batavia, N. Y.?For improvement in stalk and root cutters J. F. Finder, of Marion, S C.?For improved circular tabl*. F. G. Glovd and E. A. Floyd, of Macomb, III. For improvement in r^jrn-planters. L. H. Freueb, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improved car ret;later. Ransun Gilbert, of Morrisville, Vt.?For Improved clothes dryer John Gouldlng, of Nortb Wllbrahatn, Mass.? For improvement in cotton gins. C. A. Gregory, of i'ouj/bkeepsie, N. Y.?For Improved apparatus for tilling bottles. Stuart Uwynn, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement in spading machines. L W. Harris,of Waterville, N. Y.?For Improvement In presses. James Harrison, of Troy, N. Y.?For Improved -* 1 V-H. a|'i?aiaiu? 1VI HU^IU^ UCill. David Haskell. of Georgetown, Mass ? For improvement in sewing machines. Simeon Haywood, of Cliremont, N. H.?For i improvement in operating railroad switches. P II Holmes, of Cincinnati, O.?-For improvement in rotary engines. I'base B. Hcrton, of Elmira. N. Y.?For improvement in maehlnecfor hulling and polishing rice. Kgach S. Hoff, of Zaaesville, O ? For improvement in cultivators. George Hull, of Port Crane, N. Y.?For Improvement Ir cattle ties. Solomon Hunt of Danville, Ind.?For improved wasbtog machine Gordian C. Hyde, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For improvement in operating railroad switches. W A Ives, of New Haven, Com.?For 1m piv*ru au|?r. Samuel Kennedy, of Hlbbeta.O ?For Improved apparatus for fetdi og sawdust to furnaces O S Kinsey, of Heading, Pa.?For improvement In horse rakes W M. Knight.of Buffalo,N Y.?For improved ad irun. E. D l^adv, of Nashville,Tenn.?For improvement in straw cutters. R Little, of Middle Branch,O?For Improved coffee roaster. Samuel Maitland. of Fort Wayne, Ind.?For improvement in be?-hlves Frederick H. Mannv. of Rockford. Ill ?P?r Improvement In harvester* Martin H. Mansfield, of Ashland, O.? For Improvement in seeding machines Ellaba Matteeon. of Brooklyn, Y.?For improvement In converting reciprocating Into rotary motion. i James McLaughlin, of Duncannon, Pa.?For Improvement la seed planters Matthias 1). Merriwether, of Denmark,Tenn.? For improvement In barrows Jobn Middieton. of New York, N. Y.?For improved window washer \V H H. Miller, of Williamsport, Pa.?Fo* improvement in railroad car coupling. James R. Mills, of Bloomtield, Iowa.?For improvement In seed planters George R Moore, of Pittsburg, Pa ?For Improved gange for double-sraming machine Alexander Morton, of New York, N. Y.?For improved machine for making gold pens. Henrv G. Nelson, of Lock port, N.Y ?For Improvement in water wheels. i.. >ewion, of Black Brook, N. Y.?Pot Improved quilting frame. V A. Patterson, of Kingston, Tenn. ? For improvement in grain separators. | David PennoYet, of Northeast, N. Y.?For Improvement In car seats end couches John G Perry, of South Kingston, R. I.?For improved sausage flUer. Hansom S. Potter, of Chicago, 111.?For Improvement in car coupling. J. E. Priest, of St. l,ouis, Mo.?For improvement in priatlng presses. Montgomery Queen, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in Journal boxes. Josiah M. Kead, of Boston, Mass.?For improvement In ovens. Ezra Keid, of Bazetta, O.?For improved fastening paddle wheels. Horatio N. Rhodes, of Richmond, Vt.?For Improvement in sliding switch for railroads Horatio N. Rhode?, of Richmond,Vt ?For Improved safe y rallroau switch L. P- Rice, of Adrian. Mich?Fof ! meat iu tilde valve* for steam engine*. A Koden, of Taiiade^a. Oa ?i or improvement in ploughs Henry A. Hoe, of Madison, O ?For improvement In cheese hoops. John A Koebliug. of Trenton. N J ?For improvement in trussed compound girders Kllphalet S. Scripture, of New York, N. Y.-? For improvement in wrenches J. C. Hellers, of Woodvill*, Mia?For Improvement in cotton presses. James Shaw. of Ma'uayunk, Fa?For Improvement In gig mil!*. Andrew L. Simpao*. of Durham, N. H.?For improvement in working ship's sails. Hamilton K. Smith, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improved washing machine. T. HrigtfS StnllL.of Marietta, O ?For improvement in lamp*. W. H Toudier and John F. MoesLlin, of Cambridge, Mass ->Mi traproved sofa bedstead .irurmm tpoun, or Norwich, Conn?For improved team strep. Wm.S Wallace, of Americas, Ga.?For lm? provcment lit brick machine* Abel Ware, Athens, Me ?For Improved sorvevor's instrument Kpbreiiii Well*, of Auburn, Mlai?For Improvement in cultivators James White, of Bangor, Me.?For Improve*) amalgamator. Thomas Williams, of York Borom/h i?? _F/? n-i " -? improvement in lamp* |> Wol( ami M Wolf, of Lebanon, Pa.?For improvement In corn planters David T Wodrow, of Cincinnati, Oklo.?For lmpr?>veinrnt In fuenaeea \\ K YVormeii. ?>f Hermantown, Twin ?For improvement I n plousha K H. Anjjamar. *f riew Orleana, L?., aalgnor to blni*?lf and Tobta? Marru?, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement In cane fovirem. Joaepb Iisrdey, of Mollne, 111., Maignnr to O Cbaoiberinln and"W H Babcock, of same plara. rui in pivu^ui. Pfltr Lwli. of New \ork, N. Y., assignor to himself and Raram Wandel, of Castleton, N. Y. For Improved valve gear for steam engines. Jacob W Truax, of Kichford, Vt . assignor to himself and O J. Smith, of same place ?For Improved bead block for saw mills l^ewla Whitehead and SamT F. Kittle,of New York, N Y , aaalgnora to Samuel P Kittle, uf same place ?For Improved spring mattresa ftylvanns Walter, ut UoeU>n, Mass , assignor to hi list If a .d ?. M. Hemeuwajr, of same place ? Fv?r Improved true* IWstener. O.W.N Yogi, of Yellow Springa, Ohio, a* I liquor to Ulrnwif uid John T. Watoou, t( L4* ?ei .?'*.* -'W >U .? .a**eaH M .'I I f I ward* Depot, Mies ? For Improvement in cultivators. C. Williams, of Weston, Mo , assignor to blmself and J. F. Dcffenbacher, of same place.?For Improvement in bee-hive*. Reissue.?'The Clark Fatent Steam and Fire Regulator Company of New York, assignees of Timothy Clark, of Bedford, N. Y.?For improvement In ftafety apparatus for st am boilers Extension?Thos W. Harvey, late of New York. N. Y., deceased, (H. A. Harvey, administrator )?For improvement in machine for cutling wood screws. Thoe J. Sloan, formerly of New York, N. Y., now of Paris, France ?For improvement in wood screws *vm howp, Cereased. lnte of Ppringfleld, Mms , (Joaeph Ptone, administrator.) ?For improvement in truss bridges. A MRS. WIN SLOW, N Kxfftrtm ed Nurse and Famal* Physician. presents to the attention of moUicra. her SOOTHING SYRUP. F?r Children TeethLag, Wklak (lull; laciuulaa tba pracaaa ?t vaalkinf, k* wftll tng -JK (Siua, hjkii| fcli Inlamraatiau?will allay ALL rin ana apaaroadi; li SURE TO RKOVLATS THE BOWELS l)tp?od ap*u it, ir.*i)i?rat it will fi?? raat t? yaaraa'.'aa, and RKLIKFAXD HSALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa li??a put ap uJ a aid thia arti'.la for #?ar tan jtm, aLd CAS uf, in <-or*riL>BNcB and IHIIIHWit,whai?a oaia n??ar *>Mn akla t?j? ???iamy ?f unjr OTHII MaJiciaa? situ MRS. !m?- : . faii sd,l!f a a t w i i *-' I- ? -?? - - ^V'c'D.T. WILLOW! Vh'.r'm.V*."' N?T?f did wa kn?? (.IKT M A CI *> ieitune* of diauUaiae'ion by ?ny . ' tmt ?? ?i*4 it. 0? ,k? MBtr.ry.altara SYKJP, dalirtnad villi iu or ?atio;<j, and ______ up#ak is tanra ?f hijhaal eoinnundatioii ef iu rai itil (facta ?ud loadieil nrtaaa. W* apeak in .Ma nninr " what ? Bo row,* aftar tan yaara' aiparianca, IHD Pl.lOi.l OIH Rlftr?Tiofa ro* tmi rtJLrir.mcnt or what ?i hiri n?CI.as1. Iii iimiiil t'lrf Indutl ?Kara IM infant la lofiarIn* from p?in and aihi?aticq. rahaf ?ill hafo?-d in iftaau in*(Ur minataa a/tar tna arrup la ?cinii.iatarad. Thia prapn ration ta irn praaeription af an* af lha lUli UFlRiiNcir ?nd iin,rui. urmii In N?w Eralaad, wdbaa baar mad with RBTBR-rtlMife ICCCBII Id THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It IM Ml j tha child from pa la, hat Uiviyaratai tba tMMCh aad MviXi tarraeta acidity, and fiaaa taua and aaarfy la iba wdala ayataaa. k will almaat inatactly raliava Vairix* IK TBK llOWBLB AND WlND COLIC, and aTaresraa can?ult!ana, which, U iat tpaadi;/ rtiuadlad and in daaih. Wei???i bAiava ft tb* HIT tRDItimiT HIM- FOR BR)V in tl>? WORLD in all eaaaa af DV?- CHII<DRE1 "*iTH??iid Dim Nat in chil- TKETHlltfl. r>R?i*. whatbar It ariaaa fram taathinir 1 or from an* o?har caaaa. Wa wo?M n? ta a*ary mothar w'io haa a child farm j from any of fht forafaii.V eomp!?inli? DO HOT LIT TOUR rRBJUDICBI, KOR TH1 PHRJI'DICBa OF OTHIR* atand batwaa* jevr aflahiig child and tha raliaf that will ha rn B?yaa, AIIOLI TII.? sI'll I?1? follaw tha o.t ef th madicma, if tin-tly caa 1. Fall diraetioi.a or oatng wit! a aar.ip?n? a?ch boaia. Nona aaniMna aidaaa tha Uc-aiuiila CORTli A PERKINS,Naw Turk, iaan tha a?;aida wrappa nd by DrBf{ia*.a throor host tha ?arl-J. Principal Offlra. No. llCadar ftraat, W. T. ?* WW. T 'y?u k? |;?I uvviia. W U'OIVIT FOR 8ALE AND RBKT. P^OR SALE?Very oheap. on reasonable term*, one of th? most Vte?irable BUILDING LOTH in the city, ?itvate<t ort the north west of6th st., ami New York Avenue. Enquire of JOS. K. HODGSON, Stovo Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., hetween H and 1 ma. au 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE willl>? for rent in a few days. It i* beautifully mtu&ted on Thirteenth afreet, between Georgia and K at.. Navy Yard: ha* a large garden lot attached, a pump of g..oa water n-ar. and oon'aiaa4 room*, kitchen ami w<>od*hed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a rood t-nant. For sale cheap, a rood, strong WORK HORSE : works well in anything Inquire of T. F. CLARK, Navy Yard; or of JOHN PATCH, 619 H St.. Itetween 4th and 5th. if W TO LET?Two well arranged aid oonvenient FRAME HOUSES, containing six rooms :l each; one situated on Uth at. west, t> twocn L nnd M ats north: the other on N at. north, between 14th and 15th sU. went. Enquire of J. P. Hilton, No. lil9 F at. north, between 13th and 14th ats. weat.or No 375 Uth at w>)at, between I. and M eta. north. au i^-tf JOHN F HILTON. l/OR RENT?The three atory (brown front I r HOUSE, No. 367 New York avenue, between 10th and Uth streets, north aide, containing fifteen room*. Tiii* honse la convenient to the Patent Of6ce, Treasury, ota.: is lighted by gax.and in every way suit&b e for a boarding home. Kent mo jurat*. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER. S'-cou-J Ho r north wing ol Patent Office. jy 14-tf CMJR RENT?Threo BRICK HOUSES-one on r Twelfth street, between C and I); one on the corner of Twelfth and H ?t?.; ami one on H, l>etween 12th and 13th st*. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER, ou H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 42lT ma 30-tf FOR SALE?A rmall FARM of30acres, situated at the Little Falls, having aoomfortabledwellinx-houiie, oorc house, stables, Sco ; well-fenced and watered : within four miles of Washington; 15 acres in cultivation, the baianoe in handsome woodland. it is peculiarly aesirable as a country res> denoe, being perfectly hsfcjthy and most rornanticallw li ATMlllMnt fiahir. a Hill KunHn# In?nip? of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Falls. de 7-2awtT F'OR HALE?A lot of LAXI) containing 5$cre? in Prii ee (ieorKf's cout ty,adjoining the District line, 5 mile* north of YVasliiii&tu:! oitv and 2 miles from the Soldiers' Home, ia a healthy neighborhood. improved with a comfortab edwt-lling and an orchard ol seloct fruit. Situation desirat.le as a building site, convenient t<> churches, kclioole, etc. Tens* hl>eral. For particulars inquire on the premises to the subscriber. au 15-eolm* Mrs. E. DAV19. I?OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the"bnii? F tnf immediately opposite the west wine of tht City Hat.,reoently oooupied by Chas. S. \Tallacb as an ofltae. Also the front room in the ( oond lory and the third floor of the aanid bntldinc. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Lonui&ua uronus. ja 13 U carriage factories. \MTABH1NOTON CARRIAGE FACTORY^ "" D Strttt, Bitwetn 9tk and lOrt Struts. W? hav? juit fininhed a numtxy o( fint oi&ta CARRIAGES, uoli an Light jarr?,a Wat-jnt, Parle Phtatons, Family Car-Yfft.Sv9i | rxatel, and Butttea, which we will sell ~ ULi ft vor* iniftl! profit. Seine practical meohanios ia different branches or the business, we flatter ourselves tbftt we know toe styles And quality of work that wi'l givn ?at s fftotioo, combining ligbtneas, ooiuiort ftml dirftbili ty. Repairing promptly ftnd carefully attended to the shortest ut tioe ar.d inost reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN k. BOJPP, Coach makers, suooessors to Win. T. Hook, ftp J7-?lly rri CARRIAGES. JL HE Ssbaoriber havm* mad* addittoca to ki faotor it making it now ou of the iviMt^AU. fiitJie Dtatnot, where hu faoiiitisa for?flC|^K maoalao^uriijcCAKKlAOEA WiiiO,\S ol ail kiads eaoaot be sareaeeed, and from hu lonr expenonoe in the buineta, he hope* to five <#nnr?l aa&cfootion. A!' kinda of Carnacee and Lickt Wacona kept et |^li'RKFjAiRBneatlT dene, and all erdera prompt Second-hand Oarrla?s? taken in exchange for are DENTISTRY. DR. 1in H _ T - , I ...? VIUW IWI ?uw on, and will be absent, as usual, during the lum iner month* ; will resume practice about the 1st of Oatoher, of whtoh forth* notice will be given.' 'C| DENTIMTRY. I"R. HJLL3. after a vraotioa! teat of two 7*UP feela that he oan with oonftdecce r8otim-^Mb inend the Cheof lastic Ptoccs* for insert!nrAfllBfV artificial teeth ft has the advantages ur*444" trength, beauty, cleanliness, and ahoapneu. Fal njjor sets inserted for & Partial in arosortiou. (Jtoe SO# Pa. avenue. mi National soap and candle works, GlIlM STI??? Btlwttn BrtdK* and Water strut t, Georgetown, D. C. A larga stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family, Cfcatile and Fanoy SOAPS, Alto, TAT-LOW and ORKASK Tor Looomotir**, Steamboat*, and all kinds at maciiinerT. alw*y?on hand, " aun for aale at price* to aoit the trail C. B. JKWELL, Proprietor. W !<> ?otf THIS WOMAN IN WHITE, a novel, by Wilkie Collin*, authorof the D*>ad J*s?ret, *.0 1 wl? oloth, ?1; paper 75e. Illua*ratntl by John | ^ /% IjftfliH Italy tn Traiiitioc, Publio 8?anee, ard 1'rirjte (ipliiun* is iho print' John Ailhen.A. M.. aeihor of tn? SauoeMfei Merenant, Jto , fto;; I vol ; price 91. J2s*p??r* oa Wlree, hj Mrs. EHU, author of * ? tMwri3.mHM.M4 J* ??..i EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON FEMALE INSTITUTE. A BOAR DIM* AND DAY SCHOOL, afl3 0 fcT., UITWIM 17TH HBttniSrv The Frtntk Lantvatt PrmettcaJly Taught. I Mn. SMITH pree?nts bar compliments to tue parent* of her pupil* a..d hopes tiiair daughter* ?ill be present punctually on the first (Jay ofthe session. i (S??i>temt>er 15.) The t>oard of instruction conriH*. as formerly. of ten profomors and teacher*. *t?? or whom taught during tho last aOHSiwn. aii 3? gw* T female ewcation. HOSE Parent who wtsft their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where th?ir phrsica: trail, tnt will reoeive daily and apoeta' I atlAnliAM ?n,U. ?' * .luim m- oji approval system ol Calistheuio< ami Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av MR. k MRS. Z. RICHARD*. au3P-tf Prinorpals. 1 WRfftS. TODD II,!. R'mmo the duties of h?r School on Monday. September 8d. Num?>erof pupils limited to 24. For trriiM inquire at h?>r residence, 3M D street, between 6th ami 7th sta. au 29-lw* PVERKTT INSTITUTE. Fj Mass AV.. Hki watH9TH *!? ? 1<>rn St? The exercines of thia w?ll known institute will he resumed on Monday, the 3d of ^opteruber. Terms are very reasonable. For parti?iilara see circulars at th-) different bookstores, or call on E W. FAR LEY, the proprietor, at his residence, 423 Touth street. ati a-flt* BROOiSEVlLF.E ACADEMY, Moxioomkbt CorsTY. 1\In The next session will comraenoc Septemb?r 3J. Boy* arr preparod for college or trained for butiine?g. Catalogue* ma* be obtained by addressing the Principal, at BrooVeville. M4. E. B. PRETTY MAN, A. M., I au 29 2w* Prinoi pal. Female boarding and day school, ALKXAyDRIA, VA. Mre. a. J. MCCORMICK, Principal. 1 The tuntcnitu annual session o? thia Institution I will commence on TuomJav, S?'ptenil>er 18th, in tite house recently occupied by feylve.ter Scott, F.?q., | No. 1?*0 King street. The course of ntndy pursued will conipriteall tha l>?nche? requisite to a thorough Enslish Education, and Music, F<enoh, Latin ai*d Drawing, it desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoC.oriniok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils at* boarders, who. constituting a part of hor own family, will bo U'>der her immediate care and supervision. ahe will endeavor. ?.* *? " iW* ?? *"' round them with the oomfortsand kindly inflneuoes of Home. Rtfertnrm.? Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D". Elias Harrison, Rev. 1) F. Spring, William H K?wle. | Esq., Edgar Snowden, fcsu., Edmund F \Vitm*>r, Esq., Flenry Marburjr, t*q., I^wis McReuze, Esq., Robert H. Hunton. Esq. \V. D. \Va!la<rb, Editor Evenine Star. Benjamin Water*. E*q . F.ntwisle. Jr., , Col. John W. Minor. Lou<toun, Messrs. liiackiock & Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Trbms. Hoard, with Tuition in all the English Branches, 5i*ifor the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance M u?ic and languages at Professors' prices. l\j~ !Vo extra charges. an 38-tt TGONZAGA COLLEGE. HE Scholastic exercises of this Institution will be resumed on the 1st Monday in Septenibir. au 27-2w- VV. F. CLARKE.S J . Pres't. Franklin academy, CoR!VKK TUIRTK*MTH AND h STB.. A a n v n/>i? ,1 ^ . ? * ? ? ? ? n. ^r.i,r,ui StHUMI. rUK HOY!*, ( Formerly locatrd in the. Fmt Wnrrt.) This Inntnntion will commence it* Third Annnal Session, At its new location,on Monday.September. 3<1. Application* for a<lmim<k>a tnaj be made on the premises at any time after the V5th inst. au 25 Im R. B. i)ETRIt K, Principal. CENTRAL ACaDKM Y, Coknkb F. **d Tbttk st*. This Institution will remnne its<!ntiei> Sepfemtwr 3<1. Application# ma^e to the Principal at the ri>oniE. Circulars at the books-tores I J. K. DE IIART, Principal. Hefmtmee*. Prof. Henry, LL. I)., M. H. Miller. Rev. John C Smith, D D., 1>t. C P. Culver, Rer. A O. Ptr?tiiKri ' I" ?. ? ... - . ? , ? ?? i V t k ?/? ( tuovui au 2S-lni WASHINGTON SE^FXT SCHOOL, CoKMKR OF Tk>TH AND G ST*. The exercises of this school will be resumed on MONDAY. September 3d. Tor t rtns n^plj at my r.*id<nceonD street, near Star Office, circular!) at bookstores. au21 at_ SAMUEL K ELLY, Principal. ?< ELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADiES. Miss M. R IDDELL will resume the duties of her school on tlt? first MONDAY in September, at No. 451 i welfth street au ?i-liw EMfclRSON INSTITUTF.. H ST.. Bitwkix 12th AND 13TH ST?. SELECT CLASSIC A , AM) MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR HOYS. i ne eighth Annua! Session of this school will commence on MONDAY, September 3d. Number of pupil, limited. au 20 (State*.) C1IA9. B. YOUNG, Principal. I^he prescott i1igh school. 370 Eighth St.. BktwiwEn K a?t) I- ST?. Stndies will be resumed in this irmitution on MO > DAY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores, _au 16-U A. C. RICHARDS. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate institute for young ladies, 464 e St., Bitwihn 6th and7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute wiil coriiiiiei.ce on the first MONDAY in Septembr. Application* should be made ?arlY, as the numltor of pupils i? fimitxl. For particulars set' circulars or applv to the principals, Mr. atul Mrs. T. H. HAVENNfcR! at the institute. au 9tf V~ ILLAGE GRKEN SFMINARY IS located in abeauti.u! and hoalthful village 12 im es abo\? Wilmington, Del., and near the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad. Reoommeaded br the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the MeluoJirt ?i i-i..., ... pynwwfW i>iiui VJII. The course of study is extensive and thorouek?in the Mathematical, Clansmen) anil English Departments. Student* are prepared for buainesaoroolle?*, In the preparatory eon rue for oollege special rcforenon ih made to Diokinaon College. The institution ) provided with a large philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study of Natural A library of tliree iiuudred volumes is aecaaai We to pupils The fifth year will oommencs MONDAY, September 3d.1f?>. lioarding,Tuition, fco., for session of 14 weeks, ?4j. Great attention 1 a paid to the moral deportment of students. Monthly reports sent to parents. F<?r circulars or information address the Principal, Rev J. HERVKY BARTON, A. M., Village (,rAan Uannnsr* T"iulows r?> minnKr (>? Rrfrrrnref?itev. Levi Scott, L) l>. Bishop ofM. E. C , Wilminiton. Del ; Mr. F. A. Lutz, Washington. D. C ; Mr. O. W. Augell, do.; Meaara. L>ick?on St King, Georgetown. au 11 tS?p 5 VOCAL INSTRUCTION ! MRS. FRANKLIN, Tiachii of Mrmc, 542 H,between 6th and 7th streets. seLeolin GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. (Foemkri.t Miss L. S. Enousira.) A BOARVIN<t AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed ot the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction omhraoea all that is taught, from the rudiments to the moat highlj finished education. j no corps or toacliers, ten in number,are eminently qualified and experienced in tlieu' several departments. Lectures Friday evening*on the Natnr&'. Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulars may beol?tain???l by addressing the Principal.Miss M. J. HARROVKR,<?eorg?t(nrfi, DC. au 22 ??n3?n P?OLUiMBlAN COLLEOK. \i wirnnigtos. d.x". Ti e session of tb6 College opens on W i-lnesdar, September 26th; ttae preparatory school WednMday, ^ftember 12th. For terms, catalogue, or otner infornintion. apply to the President an a 2aw4w* G. W. SAMSON, D. D. (i/i school for girls. l?U8H MARY F. DUNCaN Will, on the second MONDAY <tha mh) of September n?xt, ojen a hoI.ooI for girU at No. 21 Indiana arenne, in which wikl he tain lit French and the ordinary branoh's uf a?oad Kngliah education. au tl QEORtfETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. HUuiies will be resumed at thia Institution on the trst Monday of KeDtemlittr. ? .. . Mi M-eoaw JOHN EARLY. 8. JM Ffident. Mrs. m.k.kingsford s seminary. 419 ESr-WwHi.NaToh.D-C. The next session will commence October UU WO. Terms forwarded on application. au 16 U VI/ MB?. M. C. fROWN f ' ILL Resnine the dntiee of her School on Monday, September 19 Instruction fiven in English, Fr?nch and Mualo. No. 9 K street, between 8th and >th. au 3>-ei 4: REV. C. P. RUSSELL, ASSISTED BY MAS. Russell, will reopen his school fo )ouug Imim on the first M(J,VDAY of September next, at No, 41 East Capitol street. Washington, D. C. au l&-2awaw* B|? Z NEW MUSIC. ^ ' I , ELL AND P.VfciHETT K< M.KA, ?>JH"TTISCHE LINCOLN POLKA, B^ECKI.NRIDOK ^OLKA _ rmnvKor Walks POLK RmN with & oorrot litcoiraphic likane** on the Uil? rut. Jut rSifSLfiftS^ a M??M m wu luu ?Uf u. "auction sales. By A. OKKKN, AuoUoneor. TNTERKbTING SALK AT PUBLIC AUC 1 TI05 OF R 141. E?Tnnc A*D r EPSO!tAL P*OP?HTY?Ou tns first TutvitJA V( th?2?l ?2?r'?f ijm>ber, 10 o'otoos, two l?u?ly caJUv?t*d Farms, id i in n*.wont* tin? s!out?n tcrw each. srtostcd 8 miles from WsfhimtoiisiiT, LI. C.. M tk? (mtNub ftr?at n>?d,in Mon(4oni?rf oountf. Mil Also, Household Fnrnituro nndevery description of Farir Stock, consisting in p?rt of? Nine Horss* &i,o out Colt, Q e p*ir of Working ftcers, "r#?Mffonr h-ad ofC??tto. eo#??n?inf? Mlion?>u*h jri unK SUH?r?. ten , ito. Abvut thirty tfors&nil Shoais, lot of Sheep, rsir vi unr tsmil? HOrww, Light CaT'ia*:?, dow double huuo?, F y NeU. Buffalo Kobea. B *nk"ts, A.O., A c. A\to. Faulty carraee aid D.mtnte Hsrn#??, ' Harn*?i, l.siitee' aad U'Ma' &addlM. Bridies, Bella. Ac.Jtc. . Cn? Four hor?*\Vatnn. WamM*. Carta, Carryall, Corn and Cob Cruai.?r. *??od aa new. Thrashing Machine and Hor?? Power, Kockaway. Faa, fteaptr and Mower, Aud mail) other useful artioi?*s too numerous to mention. T.ante lot of Clover and Timothy Hay. \Vhoat. Rtcaud Oat St aw.C^rnaac Corn Fodder The fai ms wit! be told at one o'otrwlr, without reiTT?. No. I. oi.ntaininr a'-out 30# acre*, titlo perfeot and free from all oncuu*i>raci;e. ha* aa *legant icodo'n hon**, replete with alt w^nvenieree? ol'a firat o ail eitf reaiOene*. muoh as hatha mOar oloseta, i?n&? aud p*:iip in kuchea,, tn? dry cellar, not and cold water in bed rooni*,o.>a servator*. aid in fact every thine requisite <?r an elefaut o.ui.ti) r<.?i.U>net*. fh? bouse, villi it* ?u'r< ur.dines. coat about Farm No. > ha? ahont 3?" acre* HeMy improved land, io.-d farm U>?cM:cWC?rii ctil< ?nd ttauary, RO<id oarn and stab u r fo- horres. fTui 'int* va'.aed acoordmc to mmranoe wirv. y at ahoat 95.100, the vruote under coo4X?aaii>t; piabtj of ox cellent water in every direotioii. A'ao, sufficient w>o^ ?and und fine mnadnws. The h-mi will >e sold together or separate, at first purchaser'* option. Term* of sale : One third cash; ha anoe to amt the purchase*. necurej by a deed of t'u^t on tue property. All the p raonal pri p< rty will be ?"ld ?.n a rredit of Smontks for ali mmtover ard up to S?; an over that sum aored;tofC montha will' be f iv<jn for cote* a&t.sfactori.y ondor^t. btariu{ in tint iron the i*ay of m'p; a'.l nam* under .*!? oash. The whole property. real ae<l peraocal. will ?e *i?Jd m Ll.nut ie-er*e m tbe firat ruectay in Oct ber. ami fbe??le will be eontii ued d*ry arti the whole of the piope tr ladirpnaed of. The property can Ix* viewed and every deairae itnfcrnj* tion ?iv?n by calling on the, WILLIAM A B ATCHKLOR abon? 3 wiiee h?yor! the farm# of Mr. Claget and F. It\ UUir, 011 tha s^eviriH ?t aet road. Addre**, if by ;? t er, Cottage Pbst Office, Mor'comer* oountj, Md. ae 4 d A. GREEN, A not. U< T. M. MjsCORMICK; Alexaudna I 'UinvisMUnKK'S SALE OF A VA.LUA V/ Fr.t T*act of 1-a.sp is thi rorsn of aiwxV?? ON Tl!? A . L ? H. K. K.?Bt vulue of % decr ? of ti ? Circuit Court of Alexandria county, in !*? sn't of H^x?, Guardian, r? Hardiu and <. titers, ?n<- umWeiKned will, on I I rfiDA V. t ? 2d ?f uot"b*', 1AJ0. &t 12 o'clock, in front of the Mayor*# office, id the city of Alexandria, tell at ptiulio aueuon. a va:?afcl? t rt?t containing abnu' ^40 acres of land jn toe county of A!cxanur;a, of whnn I aorist-n B Harlin t- tq died genu. This ftro? rtT iiea aboui 7 n I'na fron A'i nni1 ta an*i 6 rum Wa&iuuftu.i and (>*orcntowat ou the road I eadir.< f'omTa :*?'!\rrofc' to ftd-or^t'owr. ar.d on the A :e*andria. I.ondoan and Hamprh'i ? R?tl road, a wat?r station heiof near the ,aud. The unpiovem<*nts consist of a c<>od tw -?tory name Pwelim* HoaK with ha?V h?ilding-*pniiK tiOnse. a barn aud ail necaasary outhouse* T*e ptoxmiity of this farm to the tlir.e markets of Alexandria, Wmhi -it**!) *n<* irffo-jjetow, th* character of th? land an t ttie h^aiUifutnoaa of the location, make* it . a Ul- ? 1 o ?i--ou curiv ir??ut3liuc. The tetm* ?re*<srtbed br t'ie decree *re: One tenth of the purchase matey in cash; and th? rendu* h. lour equa iL?t-\ mei.U at o >2, m mki 24 rr.o&tfts f'om tnod?> ?;l file, fht< deferred paviaents to be ocared by the hondi of ttae p?rohaa*r. beamijt ict rett from tite dav of saie. aiwla retention of the t'.tl*uni i-aid. If desire-1 by pureriisrri the > i>p rty would be divided into iwo or m??r? parcels, a :d a piat taereof will b? exiob W h? the nidar signed. I LOUIS KINZtR. an 2tawt4 WOOD AND COAL. VV ? ? D . ~ - * 11 u COAL Delivered to all parts o( the city, at the lowest sensible rates. T J. & W. M. GALT, Office Pa. av., between 11th and Wth sts., ma 17-tr north ride. HPHK SUBSCR1BKR HAVING ON HAND' I an extensive ?U>ck of FUEL, is prepared to se!' ftt a verv tow fimrefor cash. WAXJi) Sawed sr. i SjUt any sis*. Cai' aud for yourself. R. W. BATE8, : Wood and Coal l)wlr, ma IS 8. F? corner of Fourteenth and C sts. ( O. M. KEYS,)) Y bFALBK IN II WOOD & COAL, LIME,'J // SAND. CEMENT, HAIR, V\ V Plaster, and White Gravel, if jit 18 N. E. Cor. 12th 4 C Sts.ll Mi Vuo Hi tun* South IV no. At. \l C washingt^I^j^CB Nm eighth A T I O N A L EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sept. \2tk-V>tk. The UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold its Kirhtli A r itual Arrieulto r&i a: d lmlu?tn? Exhibition < <. Uiujt'u niliiluier all* provided hjr the citizonn of Ciiicinii&ti, which are to be fitted np m the best There will be Hall* aud TenU for Uie di?p;a? of IMPLEMENT S. M A r H IN ERYJOOLS.DOM EST 10 MANUPAOTrREH, FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, 1 RUTS, FLOWERS, and NA TIVE WINES; with Stall* and Pens for HORSES, CATTLfi, SHEEP, and SWIN'F: and an unequaltod Traok,??ne mile in length aad forty f-*?t in width, for the exhibition of Horses. Tlie Premiums offered?m oash,??oid, silver, and hntnu - ? ?~ ?.???, aiiu coiViU^abTB, aixii'uuv 20,000. The Exhibition will remain open Irons Wednw| day, the Uth. to TliursdaT, the Stir, of September, thun giving tima to examine and teat the inp> inents and machinery. For premium lulu or information apply atthe Office of the Society, No. 356 I'a. avyiue. tup taire ;)or to the wibioriber, at CiiuinnatF, Ohio. BKN. PKELTT POORF., jy 24 tf Sec'y U. 8. Agrioultura Society. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Hoya Havana Lottery. oobduoted by the Spanuh Government, under the supervision of the Captain General of Caba, wiil take plaee at Havana on THURSDAY, HKPT*mbbr 13. \W\ vnj au Jl'MJlAU ?U UK.UinAH.Kt. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. 1 prize of 9 lOWX*) so pnxes U. |UN 1 oo - ?,000 60 Jo M 1 do sri.non 159 do ?oc 1 do *?,(*? yaptrol. ?ju# I do 10J?J0 IN ALL a?*8 PRIZES. Whole Tickets, #ao-Halves, ?10-Q?arWs.? '?. Prises ouhw at sight at 5 per cent, discount. Bxllsoa allsolvent UauisuUeu at*ar. A dravine Vill Ve forwarded w mou u the reenii bM?mM Imvi. ^ , . > au ?<?. f?. ? an 38 tr Carenf CfU Po?t.fifcart?torn. H. O. p.O^FKR^FA? MA^L^AND ?.??>, The gabeoribar be*? leave U? lufonn the oitiaect of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that h? ha* atld'rt to hie lone e?taMi?hrd hu?in??? the auxiliary of?team power for Bawiag and manufac turinc Marhle ao<i Brown 8U>a? vn ork in 'heir varwm?Vriuohe.!>farbie Mantel.. TabU *?A w?i. ataud Top?, Tile. Monain?nU, Tomb aod H?d 81a*?a, Window hiDtota, 8il*t fttop* ai d F; at fo r ma. Mavinj ?u rohaaed a lar r# atoo* of Julian Maroie is block,! rum unthvodaAt the ,o*w nUea, he fWlaoontkier.t ot faunc at>i? to /aqutli Mart.!# Work as Inw aa it ojan be purchased in New Yuik. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The tr%de auDBiiei with Italian Marble in bhw*k nr a'aha at the tame rate aa farnnhed in l*#w York, and en aooommodatinc terma. Aiae, on h&ad, a iarae aiio t of Pumioe Stone. Water of Kit Hote aiKi PrOlLZiJP: p.?<3-" "ftS- ftb. i an v-V^rfcC TACLV 1 ; ,old an? >B ,*?#?? Ol i THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkia exoettont FmiiItm* N?w '?mi m taaniLf a n***" ??ria*r of latereatinc raadtag !M.r gu Ufbood IB M) oU*r-ia rk"""1 a* SaUrdaj Ml?|< Tn?? C? *. tmrirUhln, u <xd\ +mt. f*in*la roj*. f< ?? ?- 91 m FIT* oop? ? T?n c?ri* ? ? Twftut; toflM ? UN Hr *rt>aoribu?f m claha raised laooi aetcbhora vithoet tt* intervention of a S?ai' a?e?t. ?a yf1 [ y| ww GGwKtj/ sa*?o. It lavariehli eoataina Ue *_*?**kajtor that haa mad* 7V grmtmt Star ot reflate eo cenerally throaghoat Ik* eoaatry. irT" 5*m ? ? ? ?""w " * ? m i c ^ j j g flVwW " ftt th? o<>ant?r. itnni-4l?l* ? ajW U? INU M iH^r. Pnoo?THREECENTt* I^P'WtlOUttri VlM Ml M l|?ti Will ! loved icomniMiot of to o?et?. MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD'* RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AID nuvtn i? pr?m?e*? *n? IU t au* imimmm, i?c. wail* p.*a?ai;t u> the a*u?. it retiniting, ?xhil*rati?? 10 . Iterating and ?trengtneDin( to the ?iu MVm' and at the ?au ? time reviviiea, t* newi the B'ikkI iu a I ita rtglMl poMt-.and Umit ?( nr??r(.>(?r<i?ad rtm4?r?tkt rjftfm ? -? < ?# afc<? i* atimrJcf <tf It i* th - only pri-paiaitv? ever offVmi to the world, ao chemically m.<1 fuilrc irtnned a* to b- tne Boat powerful loaio. an.' at the Mm* time ?> perfectly ><iyt?d to. a? to vt in perleet accord an oe with the hn < ! mitur . au i henoe will toctkf tkt trrmk'it ttrmmtk, auu tone up thedi^aativo organs, .im than alia, \i n>r rr?u?a? d other irritation. it > perfect? exfcilaa tiuj aiid at the aauie time it 11 tunfuM ultrMf of vtgetah e?, yet au coiul'ined aa to prodtio* the m >?t thorough to rue efl?ot, without piudaciac ftfaf in ?Hou? cotaeqvetTcem. Focti a remedy h*a W - u?an n.1 to ova m aumw IB 16* idMioI vurtf, far it na?d? no iii'iilev skill to a?* thai d?t> it* fc.llowa al. attack t <>| (iiiMM, and proof* 1* a> d In d??-d riUm op to tt* IMUlM* lUu kl of many >( 1 lie moat fata!. auoti.for ?ian pi.. mm Im folluvint: Cor.? indie aatioa. 0t*p*p?<a, L*>aaoi .App??iu?<, t aiutu?,-?. N-iwui 1 ritalw it), \-ira *;a Valpita ion of th* heart. M*anchn??. Night pw-at?. U'lfM, <<I<I<1IIMM. RHr(ti?i? ol. mm w?ii as i'ainful obslruiitfl. too profbr*, oi !? .? ?o?n; Meii-truai :on, a.d Fa.imt of the Vv umb. Tii??o al! upon ?l#t?iiitT. "lift p?>*, ; 'i * t ri. i- *"< '111ai u?l B ood K*t?>v?ior i? mm urc to cure mm tha auo ta to riae and a< t. T)>?r? is no inutiU* a ""it it. Batttiia m not a if th? ar*tem is ww.l.u?l w are open to l>.lmni at tS'k*. t'-e iiver **rpwi <>r w?>r* tee kidneys refuse t-. psrftMia ilMirfiMtiou,|a4 we are troubled sr .th scalding and inoontineroe of nr i.e. or u vi uritery iIimmii (if tit name. pair in the t>ack, side and between the heu.oera ea<tiu? ly UaUe to a ight oo^ds, CfU*be. ai,d if ?u oheoked. iimiii emaciat.un fullovs.and the patient -l.,wn to a permatnre (rave. Hut staee w, not allow us to enamerate th* >nanT n s e wneh % e iire ufklxe in a veakou^U eonliuoaoi uie?>s-en.. But ve a . ! k .\ u. :;iis C? rc'ial and H o.>J t.?r have a perfect, *af?>, pieaeaut and eiTerteal remedy fur - i Appftit.*. F atu lenoe. w~ak * 1 sick stomach. Lanroer, I tver Compla:ut, ami Kever.or am B liou?attack, Co>tiv<?neee, Aci'tily of the Kl'?naoh. Nerv ouai>eea, Neuralsia, I's jit\tion of the Heart, Depression >fSprits. Sores.Pnuplee on the Face, or any disease arising from in.pure biood, such as Sorofnla. e.rywpeias, tsronetutia, Ccuth.difiaaity of Br?*tfcinj, and all that claaa of diaataaa oal ?d femaia waknraa. and enumwta'ed above. W# *i 1 ai?o ?? tiie traveler tapoeeo i > end?mm. ilwnn of o.imate aru vatei. w. , t, .d it a p.taaabl. aaJe anu sure re?"ci:>. w J 1 .< on? ahiuu e\ar travel with out. K??d r. try it. for we aaaure ?o? )M wili fir-ii m it a fi it i.J ;i.J-eil.a? we.l aa a lri?ud in i.aeu. All per-i-na ul sedentary kabita ?ill find it % f*rfee', prevecti v.* < !, a - w?- a* a cure for tho?eailinei't* which t . ? e pa; I c: .ar. > ?xp. ??n] HmM uiiiiixt^r*. B'.iiOt ntk, alt -rue)*, , ilerajt (aa.eaten, aiij lvii- ? win. u-" i t accu?t iii?n1 to mac), ost4<>or exe r*i e. wi I find it to their advat tac? to Keep a bolt e constantly on liaixl; and above a'I mothers or ti<o?e i-eoonnuc tuoh, will ko th ough that moat riancerott* peiwd ti' tonljr with a)1 thair UWUt'nitlMi ?trf ? t S hnt Mtn . 1 thousand ailuemts ?o pr<*tr*'.*-nt imoof the fetnai* portion of the voild. In short, it indeed a mother ccirdial. Trv it old and joudi; no logger rati th* risk of delay: it will relieve ard prove itself em phatioallj a Kf ,\torm:ir* Cordtal mmd Blmd R?*or? . tor. ? O. I. WOOD, proprietor, 444 B">*d*af, new York, auJ 114 Market Strest. ?U Louie. Mo.. u4 eold by a.l g'jod UruKgute. Price One Dollar per Bottle. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD REXOVATOR ?uao-?olir.atw DR. J. BOVKK oowts IMPERIAL WjyE EITTRRS. , Are now beiLj used from Maine to the Great Bait Laice, an J the ui ; versa: verdiot of eJ! wk? t.iem NlkwMlMc/wiMor a* a it that taey are uiiau'f>o??d in the workfi l>r. Dv4a aaed them ncoeasfmir ia hit praotioe for IB 7Mrs before w? [HfhHefl ofhim th? eole rtctat to MIMDI and preeent the*. for eaie to the pnbuo. For LM on'* of Inoipient Consumption, Indicectior.. I>7? pepeia. T*ilea. Nerroni nieeatee, Fnaftlt Com plaitU, and all oaeoa reenirmr a tome, they Are beyond douht a muit invaluable rerredy. Aside fron. their nedicw-a! proparUee th<?y are a pare, wj.o e <>me and delightful Bererace. prodaoint all the pieaoani exhilerntinc effects of Braady or Win* without their mjurious results. all frirada of humanity aud all aJv.^oatea of temperaaoe aset*t * 111 ubetitaiiie ?ha*e Yalaawle Vecetable Bitter* for the mmiTdi poisamt anii tuiwiirrtutd Lhmti with wU'.oh tue o<mntr> it floodea, and thereby *f fee*na I* atrt in ban ahirif Disease and Drinkeoeee Iron the and. CHARLKS* WIDDIFIKLD k. COPro?neton. T? William street. New York. r ? no n wwt . n r?r? ? ? - *. cr* n n Ar/.r,. AHllt WMbincton, D. C. DR. J- BOVRB DODf' IMPERIAL UIN BITTERS, For DiMaae* of the Ktdn?j ajB .adder ud Orrana, ud ea*?eiaUy for Famale Obatruotiona. never foil to oar*, and are war ran Ud to fir* aaUa ^ H A'HLBS WIDOfFIELD * CO.. JeT-lyj* Arret. Washington. D o. P~ ROPOSAL8 FOR REPAIRING TaK OUS TOM HOUSE AT BALTIMORE, Ma. T*K*?tmT D*partm*w*, I WuHlIKTOX.Jd; liun.\ P>OPO?A.U will be received at LUta Department untr the uit??nth da? of September, A. !>., W?, at 12 u'e.uct, now.,, for ihe repair* of U* CaatonHouae authorized to b? repaired at BalUawa. Marj ami. aooimlinr U? iha plana and ?p#c.f<o?Um* prepared at thia Department. Bidder* wilt ne r? <inire<i to receive tbe old oaatiroa work di* P~n?rd Willi iu part pa< nmot of tbe work, at the rate of one dollar per hundred pounds, and will b* required to faruich al tbe u atonal ana perform all the t>Aoe*earv ia?"?r to nnwipwtc the repaire aeoordiac to the p ans tnrmeh^d. Ninety per o?-nt. of tii* amount of work d toe and* delivered aooordinc to oontraot pno* i umid amount to be a*oertain?a in the manner >r* ?trib?d by th? oontraet, by the etimato of mi ??ent of the liepartmer t appointed lor that pur poMl wvl be pa.4 montiil*, at the work protree?ee, and ten per oent. retained antil the ctonplebos of tae oontraot and aoceptanoe of the work by the agent aforenaid, and to be forfeited la tbe tml of n*a fulfilment ot o? iitraet. Heeciftoationa at.o drawing* will be r*ad? on the lath ol luittl, when ttiev otu l>e hid on , <&tinb ti. tl.? !? ???*.. ' The prnpost * mo?t tte ??nt to th a Department! addreased to tlie Secretary of the Treasury ar><1 plainly ei.dori?vl " Prnposah for rrmairimt tkr more Cm y torn U?,' U<1 will bo opmmtd at on* o c ock of tit* i\nt day limned lor receiving tfca lime. __ HOWELL COBB, if *T-2aw*w BgHjW of the Tr??ry. A NALOSTAN RETRF.AT, A On AKALOSTA* ItLASB, Orpotitt O?mgeto?m amd W?kt*gfm. The subscribers htmcg leased for a em ofmn tint tieantifal and roniantio sp*>l, op*n?uA?1~k It for Uie accommodation of the pnrmo oi.lniB ttMSlatdar of May. l?6". For (Maty o ii9| iMury, iMiibtful >row?n?ilM, baking. E, be Ii'lM iti superior v&Ur? it n unturpiind in Us faiiNu I iir dome i? largeAnd oommodiota, hayiai ton entirely renovate 11 baa a larfe Danoint Platoon attached to the iioaae. be* idea Dining and DraMinc Rooma for betb iMiw ana inlMrt In addition apiendid Artx.ra detaet Iron IM bailOirga. ParbN, FuuiIim and lndt vuluaia Will and it a moat deairable p.aoe to pa?* tka auitry da>a of aum iner, aa every attention will be iuarantl?d by ttie proprietor*. Tb# atricieet aohtw ?rttngrm?iita willbe enforoed, and pohti -al diaanaaiooa wiH bm prohibited. Tw * :?? ? - m * " - * * u* LOiurr will Be lOUnO to WlltlB All Ui delttciM of the muod iU aJ uom*. The Fhr %ill l>? formatted with tUe ehoi Ma* I. qoon and Winea hud the Ln??t Seg&ra. , fjwcietiea, Sondar Sohoola. Claba aad Military Ci'mtmiM will t id thia the *?oet Oeelrabte reeert naer the Mtropolia for e> ?iiM * ?<?art tad or M KM G?or*etovn. and O **!** Waihiaftoa, fcovrty. from S o clock v in. Uil It p. m . duly. Sraona preferring a pleaaant iid via the A?a*duoU eaoiioit the pabho tojudf* for thweeslvee. aad "S SBS? '' j SMMTCHtfc. ?' ~f. rvw rii^ m lAl. VV ASHING TON SS&KKHtaw iSMSss^asoi attractive every day. Monday* the 6?r XuBT deni are open to tke pubhc free cSe&arr*-* ooeotM liven by a eel*otband. Tho.* deetrim to enjoy Ue danoe and valts wtU Sad tke eeJoon ia Mntiu order to reader pleaeare to all. Or oUrrdMiiSI Dronrs?u>r will nh??rfaI T (rut tka km ?V_ iround* tor iofcooTor otkir >mNm Sff^SESS^S^SSS!& ym?t*5S ^KF.jfTiiyow ?kort pott?. " 'jsll M o?:n'tif *t mj Farouiiuaj iMom, 4?? Ttt ?< k?"wwa b tssolr* ?vc*ly,

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