Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1860 Page 1
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4 "Jmmwmmmm^krnmrnmmam^mmmm^mrnrnmammmmmmhhm i * 7 rTiiii * , i'| i . . / * t^ i ? . ? nt - |rj|| *r.j*T I ?renittjg |l||l ?2fe. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER G. I860. N^. 8.856. I ? THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and llfA #*., IT W. D. WALL AC II. rapers served In ptottrw by carriers at ? a year, or 37 oents per month. To raaii sabsonbara me pnoe le 03J) a year, i? advance; Si for six month*; fl for three months; and for lees than three months at the rate of U oents a week. Sing 1* copies, o*b ckxt; ia wrappers, two tints. Ii r" A nvBG -ft* nvvvTs ninalii hA anr I In thA nffinA betore tio'o.ook m; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. { Blondia and Fariai at Xiacara Tbe Buffalo Express of the 30th ultimo reoountt the feaU or the riral rope-walker* over tbe Niagara river, as follows: The announcement that these notorious individuals would each carry man upon their re n*^ liva nvap tKaU pacna/?tiffA ^ Vll VI * ? M >J V* VI ?UVtl I VO^^VMTV v?w?wj drew a crowd to the Fulls yesterday. At least one thousand persons went from this city, ttlondin's performance was witnessed by, we should say, four thousand people, stationed within his enclosures on the American and Canadian side*, and upon the bridge. Precisely at four o'clock the Frenchman made his appearance, and ran out upon his rope. Having proceeded perhaps two hundred feet, he commenced a series of gymnastic exercises that w? venture to say ao other man in tho world would dare attempt. First he lay fall length upon the rope; then he turned a number of back somersaults , then he hung by both feet; then by one foot; then by one leg crooked at the knee-joint; then he stood upon his head. These feats were performed with amazing rapidity?a rapidity that was fearful to witness, or would hare been, but for tha per? . ?? .1 ? leot sen-possession mat was apparent iu every motion. Having reached the centre of his rope, Blondin laid aside his balance-pole, placed hil stomach upon the cable and xrent through the motions of swimming, after which he descended the swing. which is a permanent fixture at that point. This swing hangs about thirty feet below the cable, ileru he set himself whirling, making eighteen revolutions in about as many seconds, and performing various other tmr prising feats, concluding and climaxing the whole by hanging to the swing with his head downwards, lie then ascended to the cable, picked up his pole, and trotted to the Canada side. The time occupied in the whole journey was a little over fifteen minutes. After a delay of about half an hour, which was mainly occupied in adjusting the guys, Monsieur Blondin made his appearance on the Canada end of the oable, bearing his agent, Mr. Harry Colcord, upon his back Considering the fact that Mr Colcord weighs one hun muJ i< rnado of rattan sua ut to be carpeted with Bru^els carpet, and seats are to be on the inside similar to those of hu omnibus Over 22 miles of sewing baa been done on this balloon; ita lifting power is over GV.UOO lbs 'it is three times an Urge as the City of Xew York," in which Professor L->we advertised he was to attempt to cross the Atlantic last fall?that ballnon held < 00,000 cubic teet of gaaf the'Atlantic. which La Mountain crossed Lakes trie and Outaria in, held some 60 0?h) feet of gag ; and when he and Mr Haddock made their famous ascension from Watertown, it would contain some 25,000. It will tbu? be been that Mr Coe lias made and prepared his balloon ou the largest scale, and is making ample preparations for a splendid exhibition and ascension. He now intends to go to St. Souis, or aome city west, to make exhibitions, and endeavor to hnd that easterly current, in which h? is such a firm believer, and which has had so many seekers. The coat of the balloon will be several thousand dollars, and is really worth a sight." In April last he commenced the work on a balloon, which is to be liDished in the coarse of a week or so. The luc of the Arsenal building wa* procured, and in it the work bu been progressing for the |M>t four months?there being for two months mi? eighteen to twenty hands, and at other tinea a lew number of hands at work io making. Tarnishing and otherwise preparing the mammoth ttrial ship. Th* Latkht Sbxsatio* at Haratosa?a JIandxu mf Young Ntphftc Prove* to be a Gentleman'* Mistress.?A eorreepondent at Saratoga writes the following gossip :?A gentleman of wealth and respeclability from New York city?a married man?came to Saratoga with a young man whom he introduced to hid friends a* "Charley, hid nephew." Charley was an amaiing good-looking young fellow, about eighteen years old, with black eyes and rosy cheek*, and a dash of frolic about him that won him troops of frienda. The ladies were ail in lore with the little fellow, while tl sen were ready to die of envy, lie danoeu elegantly, and Miked love with all the ardar ?f a passionate foal. When in the society of men he was more than erer entertaining. He vi ui> cuuuuopu auu victims wnn u)Q utmost tatig-frota. lie had lores at Saratoga, and at Newport; on the peaka of the White Mountain*, aud awty down amoug the plantations of tha Sooth. In bet, crinoline had raised him to iU shrine. Beside* all this, Charley was a spendthrift He was prodigal of hu money, and wine in abundance waa brought at his command. He insisted upoa paying for it all, aud coald tip goblet* with the best of them. But one day Charley drank more than hia usual allowance, lie beeame unusually communicative: be said strange thing*. not the leaat strange of which was that he wu a tr?tnaH ' Charley wu correct; be. he, or it was woman, ?ad the mistreat of the wealthy Xew York gentleman, who f?rmsheJ the -'spelter" with which Charley waj enjoying Saratoga life. The discovery of "my nephew's ' sex necessitated a flight to other quarters, *nd it is more than likely that the <ld man and Charley are enjoying themselves at sua* other watering-place, where the same fashionable kind of life ta kept np. Tm Beloias Pavemext.?TbeNew York F* Cis says it* Belgian or trap-block pavement ia en p?*raeding the old cobble pavemeot. It ia Aiaaae?tionably conceded to be the prettlrat and most tttoful as well as durable pavement ever inA'odtfcwd Into the city. I'nisaaaoaae brtirr kind i should supersede It, of wWch tberr ' <4osa not aew f*ui to be tbe removal probability, Ibe Belgian paveiovnt la likely to Cover all thr 4own-<owa ttixouvUfiras la the COOfse of a ||w yt*n> | 4 dred and forty-fire pounds, and that Blondin himself weighs but one hundred and twentyfive. u may be imagined that he had a pretty good load to carry. It was perfectly wonderful to witness the ea?e with which Blondin achieved this most difficult and dangerous undertaking. Colcord left his perch?we cannot think of a better word?but twice during the entire walk, and then merely stood upon the rope for half a minute or so, for the purpose of " straightening oat." In exactly fourteen minutes trom the time they left the Canada snore they were received upon the American side with the hearty plaudits of the assembled thousands. Farini started with his man?a Canadian by the name of McMullen?at five o'clock. He entered upon his task with evident fear and trembling, and proceeded with it in a bungling an^ anrlr ?ar.^ msnnof W.v,n? vAn o u K/int I nuu a n m n ! ! V* iuoiiuwt . "" * ft O V.'UW fifty feet, he compelled his animate load to descend from bis position, stretch out its respective legs, place its hands upon his shoulders, and trudge along after him. It was carry and unload, unload and carry, for three-quarters of an hoar that he occupied in his " performance"?which is acknowledged by all to hare been an exceedingly sorry one. It was witnessed by less than fifteen hundred persons. Farini may bare pluck, but he lncks tact and experience. lie may aspire to be called the rival of Blondin, but at present he must cona?nt to be known merely as his imitator. A Mammoth Am Ship.?An seurooaut at Rome, in New York, is just finishing a balloon v*bich will eclipse even Prof. Lowe s "City of frew York,'* in which that gentleman intends crossing the Atlantic. The Rome Sentinel gives the following facts and figures about this monster balloon: There are about 8.700 yards of cloth in the balloon ; over this is tbe netting, weighing 9u0 lbs. The balloon wheu inflated is 20t> feet nigh ?or some 20 feet higher thau the steeple of the Presbyterian hurch in this village. Its diameter is 115 feet, and to fill it requires 1,731,000 cubic feet of gas. Thecoet of balloon gas in ome localities is <2, and others le*4; ordinarily about $2 per m At that rate it would coat over &i,000 to fill it. The car and basket is feet tn circumference and 13 in diameter, HOW TUB LADIB9 COM V KJtCBD ATTBXI>I*G the 1)kbates of Co*grkss.?A writer in'th* Intelligencer says: Some years ago I became acquainted with and lived neighbor to a lady who wai a bride in 1794. and resided in Philadelphia. A* she belonged to the social oirclt which then adorned that city, and whs formed of the elite of the whole country, she had many anecdotes and reminiscences to relate in regard to the distinguished personages who then figured in public life, and the manners and custom* of the d?y. Among others she related that she was one of a party of ladies who were the first who had ever attended the debates in the House of Representatives You know from history that while the Jay Treaty was under consideration, and the House was debating the question whether it would make an appropriation to carry it into effect, party leeimg ran very high, and the debates were animated. At a party given by Mrs. ?, one night, a speech wade hy some member ww the subject of conversation, and was spoken of in terms of admiration; whereupon Mrs. Langdon, the wife of Senator and afterwards Gov Langdon, remarked to Mr Fisher Ames that shu thought it very hard that the ladies could not listen to euch eloquent speeches aod enjoy them as well as the gentlemen; to which Mr. A replied that he saw no reason why they should not if they ohose to coma and listen If you think there would be no impropriety in our coming, said Mrs. L , if yon will give me n itiee when you intend to speak, I will make up a party and come and hear yon. Mr. A. said he saw no impropriety in their coming, and would give her notice when he was to speak. The party w?,i made up, Mr. Amas sent a noto to Mrs. L. informing her when he * i ? ? * - - ? - snouiu aaaresa tno llouse, and ahe, with her female friends, attended and listened to one of the moat eloquent, powerful, and effoctivo speeches ever made in that body, Mr. Ames's celebrated speech in support of the Jay Treaty. My venerable informant was one of that party. From that time ladies attended the debate* as well as gentlemen. Voloaxic Ert-ptiox ix It klaxd.?A correspondent of the Scotsman describes a recent eruption of tho Kothigja Johul, one of the most celebrated Icelandic mountains:?"This johul. or glacier-covered mountain, forms part of a long range of johuls?about forty miles long and twenty broad?which stretch in a northeast and southwest direction along and about twenty miles inland from the fouth coast of Iceland. Their average elevation is five thousand foet They include tho Mydale Johul and the Eyafjalla Johul. There has been no volcanic eruption in Iceland since that of Hecla, in 1846. The present is the fifteenth eruption of Kothigja, the last having occurred in 1823. The fifteenth eruption began on the 8th day of May last, and continued till about the end of the same week. It was preceded, aa ia usual before the eruption of Iceland volcanoes, wi'li local earthquakes; and the first signal of its event occurred in the form of a cloud of smoke, which rested on the summit of the mountain Vivid flames and a column of smoke or stoam. sometimes twenty-four thousand feet high, were visible occasionally?as on the 12th and 16th May?in Keykavik, which is at least eighty miles off. Ashes, pumice, and sulphur were thrown up in considerable qnantitiet: but the chief feature of the eruption was the ejection of enormons quantities of hot water, which formed streams of great depth and velocity. These torrents carried with them to the sea, twenty miles distant, huge pieces of ice?the size of which latter was sometime* such that they were stranded only in twenty fathoms of sea water. Fortunately, as yet little damage has been done to the neighboring farms and farm lands, but the Icelanders live in dread of a renewal of the eruption." Scaxdal in Jkbsxy City ?The Jersey City Courier says: For some time f>ast a young and dashing married man residing in this city, and connected in or about the New York Custom House. has been very intimate with a young prepossessing married woman, whose husband we understand is employed upon the ferry dnring the night. The gay Lothario always watching his opportunity, generally called upon the woman t>etwe-n the hoars of 6 and V o'clock in the evening, and told her "his love." By degree* their acquaintance ripened into ardent love?love did we say? Yes. and a few sights ago they visited New York. The lady's husband mistrusted bis wife was rather cold?straws norm time* tell which w<iy the wind blows?and learned that the guilty couple intended visiting Gotham. Ueaccordlugly got a friend to p-rform his duty that night, and dressing himself in dis^use, followed the gav lord and his fair spouse over to New York, and saw them enter a house in Green street. In an hour or so, tbev made their appearance, and straightway started for Jersey City, followed l..r I.iibK l\n ' ? -* ? * - vj kur vti an i vin^ ?1% Uf r rC^lUtfHCP lip town, ami after divesting tLeuiaelvee cf their apparel. they took a teat upon the sofa, when thw nice young man again told her of hi* love. While on hi* knees to Tier, the enraged husband suddenly made his appearance in the room and presetted a pistol, whereupon the nice young made leg bail for the front door, minus his hat and coat, followed by the husband For two minutes an ludr-acribabU scene took place, the Kuiltv party ntaklnz good his tscape. what folI lowed we are nnsble to ?iy. but will probably have occasion to ref?*r to the matter again lu the course of a few <l*y*. The husband uas taken the neceMtry stepa to procure a divorce froui his unfaithful wife. f I.apy Bykon's Wai.?The will of the late Lady Byron, who died In England, May 10 1*60, in her s:xty-aiith yeer, has been admitted to probate She was the relict of the poet Byron, who died as long ago as the year l^sM, and was in her own right Baronet* Wentworth. In addition to ?:100.?)(>0 personalty, she was possessed of a number oi valuable eatates She has left a considerable amount for various charitable purposes; bat the most remarkable item In the will Is the following:?She gives "toChnrles Follen, of Boston, United States, .?300 (about #1.600) to assist him In the difficulties he will have to contend with In his disinterested ad%ocary< f the rights of the colored rare " The Baronees lias devised the estate O*. neylleld, situate at Darlington, in the county of Durham, to her grandson, Kalpb Gordon Noel King, the son of tier daughter Ada and the Earl of Lovelace, which ia entailed upon hia issue, and, in default thereof, then to her grandson, Viscount Ockham; and that the inheritor of the estate shall uae and acquire by royal license the slriiame of "M ilbanke," which was her lad\ ship's maiden name, her father being the late Sir Kalpb Mllbauke Bart., who, upon the death of his brotbar. Thomas Nowel, late Viscount Wentworth, (title now eitinct,) acquired by sign maaual also the name of "Noel " To her said graiidson, Kalpb Gordon, she also leave* a lega-y of XiS.OUU To her grand-daughter, Anne Isabella Noel King, she leaves a life Interest la all her other estate, and on her decease to be divided amongst her children. Tbbbibi.k Tbaobdy in Flokiui?Foub Mkn Shot D?ad ?The Cedar Key (Fla.) Telegraph of last weeek says: kA terrible tragedy occurred at Starke, on the Florida Kailroad, a few day* since. It seems that a party of meu, headed by one Luck Dowllug, had threatened one Dr. llollinjfsworth for some report he had raised on tb?n.They repaired to the house of Hull)ugsworth, at d commenced their attack The old man was sitting tin urilk -J.I. -a F -c .i>K?Miciuiail lUe Ulllf. Wltu hi* Wlft? and a youth of fourUfu v?n wltu lilin He and tbi* boy, hi* aon, began firing 011 tbe party. killing the leader at the tlru tire. t-our other* were left on tbe ground Thru* have died and two are badiv vrounded Tbe house was literally shivered by tbe bulleta. UjT "Dr. Wlnstlp baa recently lifted, In Pblt adetpbla, no lest than eleven hundred and sixty pounds dead weight Stop, Doctor' you'll get Into trouble If you keep on that way. Little vlcea lead to large ouea; Urge ones to crimes. We knew a fellow one* who got a babtt of "lifting" things?amall one*, a Brat?the* larger, until at laat be took to ?koj> lifting! Consequently tbey sent him to the penitentiary fo* Ave year* ?Boston Post as Bwolish Lady i* thb Pclpit.?Tbe Rev. \Y. Booth having been laid aatde by Indispoaitlon for a week or two, Mri. Booth otttdatea for Mm in Betiie*d* Chapel. Newcaatie, England. Tbe lady grounded her dleeourae on "Strive to ruter In ut the atratgbt gate," kc , and the large aud:en<~e wblcb Lad congregated to hear,?it with evident interest, iiatenlng to her chaste and fervid eluquenee for npwerds of u bour. The service Aurs. winiluw, N Experlen ed Narm and Female Phyrioiftn. presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Fer Children Teething, Wk!?k fraatly lubinui tha pracaaa ?f taaihlnf, kv aaftaa laf tfe* rims, radaeirf alt inltioraauaa?will allay aLl rain and apaaraadie *cu*r.,and ta SORE TO REtSOLATE THE BOWELSD?Mt* ap*" "> "MlbtM, it will ji*a rait ta yaaraaWM, and RELIKP AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa n??a pat an *nd laid thlt aruela for a?ar tan yarn,and can ?AT, i!?co*nni"iri ihd i ei th of it, wbatwa ha>( na?ar baau abla ta. ,aa? ?( an* OTHII -?-?? I -j- ? ' ? -- ? iti rvs . iiiimnu.ii' * I I NO LI l!?. wlMaf ?TA1?CI TO *rFICT A cru, nin^LUW'l wb,n umalj ?aad. Naaar did wa knew si>IIT! \n ?n liiatar.ea ?f diaantiafaction by ?ujr ant who aaad it- On tbt contrary,all art SYK JP, dalifhtad with ita OPlKiTioni, and ipiu in tiripi of bifhtat (unmigdiun ' IB iu.-lr?l tgtota and raadical virtaaa. Wt tftak in >h?t miliar " WHAT VI DO Iliof," iftlt tin ;uri' aipininci, iXD n.CDWC OUR mri'TiTlOff FOh TH I rnflLMIHT OP WHAT VI Hill Dlcull* It: >lmNi t?try Iixunci whm ma infant anfftrluf from pain aLd aihauanou, ratiaf will ba foand in ffiats r twaidr minntaa af;tr tht t?rcp la ai.rr.inialtrtd. Thia ??ltiaMt rrtnaratlMi la tht rrair.nri'?. ?f ?f ih? meat IIP bribnobd and tBILPUL (fl'RIBI in Naw El #I tad, udhu kaan uaad with nbybb-paiLINO ivccifl la THOUSANDS Ob CASES. U aat aoly ralia?aa tkt child fram pain, Lai li>*if*rataa tk* alaiuacb and bewail, rerracta acidity, and ji*aa tan* and anargy ta thi wbali lyatiin. It will Umeat iratamly riliiv* Gkipins in thr B?wm,s and Wind Colic, Aodcrareoma eontalalaoe, which, if .iet apaadUy ramadiad and in daath. We I _ ik Sieve it the BUT AND IU B BIT H B M - FOR Ht III Iba WORLD Id all caeee af DTI- CHILDREN >*TBBT and DlAB mat in cnil- ttktiilmo drbn, whether it anaaa (cam teething ' <r from ana other auta. Wa wooMaaj to mtj who hu a cbild eaffarnif from any of tha forejfoli-g eoniplaiuLa-Di> NOT LIT TOUR f R B jrnic f?, NOR THB PRBJt'DICXi or OTHIli eland between year eafferinp child and tha relief that will ka St'RB?yaa, ABIOLUTBI.T st'RB?(a folio* tk* ura of th medicine, if tiirety aaa<l. Fall diractioi.a cr aainf will a caiapony aac'r l-ottle None tannine atilaaa tba fac-aimila CURTIS * FKRKINS, Naw York, ia an tha *aieid* wrayp* oid by Drarriau throarheat tha world. Principal Offi'a. No. 1> Ceilar Strait, H. T. Price en It IS Caate par Betue. aa ll dAwlr ITlt> u a r 17) a vn Dovm C VM CA1JU fliiu J.. I^OR RENT-A three Btor7 BRICK HOUSE r on H streot, hot ween 4th and 5th. Also, a twostory liKICK COTTAGE, with garden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded br a large common pasture, and would l>e a demrable location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. BIRGE, 446 12'hst. jy 19-eo3m* FOR RENT-That new and well arranged three tory BRICK HOUSE. No. I^i.on G street, between 19th and 20th sts., First Warn, lately occupied by Mr. Bodisco, Russian Legation. Possession given immediately. Inquire of Mr. SOUTHEY S. PARKER, next door east. ma 16-eotf I^OR SAI.E?Very cheap,on reasonable terms, one of the most desirable BUILDING LOTS in the city, sitvated on the north west cor'.er of 6tli st., and New York Avenuo. Enquire of J C)5*. F. HODGSON. Stove Manufactory, No. 405 7th st., between H and 1 sts. au 15-tf FOR RENT.?A new and handsome FRAME HOUSE will be for rent in a few days. It is beautifully situated on Thirteenth street, between Georgia avenue and K St.. Navy Yard : has a large garden lot attached, a pump of g-od wa'er n-ar. and contains 4 rooms, kitchen and woodshed. Will be rented low, with or without the lot, to a good tenant. For sale cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE ; works well in anything Inquire of T. E. CLARK, Nrvy Yard; or of JOHN HATCH, 61* H st.. between 4th and 5th. jy 16 T O^LET?Two_ welj_ arranged and convenient | rKAMK HOISKS, containing six rooms each; ono situated on 14th st. west, b tween L and M sts north; the other on st. north, between 14th and 15th sts. west. Enquire of J. P. Hilton, No. U'i9 F st. north, between 13th and Uth sts. west, or No 375 14th at west, between I, and M ?t*. north an 2^-tf JOHN P HILTON. IpOR RENT?The three story (brown fror.t) HOUSE, No. .167 New York avenue, between I'tth and 11th ( treats, north side, co>itaining hi teen rooms. This house is convenient to the Patent Office, Treasury, eto.: ix lighted by gas, and in every way suitab e for & boarding house. Rent moderate. Apply next door, or to A G. FOWLER, srcond ttovr north wing of Patent Office. jy 14-tf tpOR RENT-Three BRICK HOCSES-one on Twelfth street, between C and D;one on the corner of Twelfth aud H sts.; and one on H, between 1/tli and 13th sts. Inquire of JAMES W BARKER, on H street, between 11th and 12th, No. 495. ma 30-tf I70R RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the baild17 tng immediate.y opposite the west wine of the City H&l.,rpoer;tly occupied by Cha*. 8. wallach m an offioe. Also the front room in the second story and the thi-d floor of the Mm< liuiidinc. For t?rms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. U LoniBiNiif avenius. ja 13 tf Washington CITY GARDEN. ERNST LOEFFLKR. Proprietor. New York avtnut, b'twtm lit and 2d its. In cal'int the attention of the public to ray {rounds 1 would state that every arrangement hat. A . A b??u made to make tins "Retriat" "i?reWTftY attractive every day. Mondays the (lar iuBLL ucnm ?i o \jpen iu %uo pu iiuo i?i uiiai ~tt UOIlOtTl given h? a aelectband. Thoaedennne toenioy the dauoe anil waltz ?i 1 fii><l the saloon in cotnplete order to render pleasure to all. Ot> other dayi the propriotor will olieerfullT p'aiit the u*e df the trounda for tohooi or otner Pio Nic Paitien without charge. For the amusement o*"ohildier hf has introdnoed a number of little pairc.i, never before sewn in tlua oity, ami oalouated at the name time to amuse the "old f'olka." N. B.?Atta/ihed ia my Bottling Entablishni'nt; and lamiUea oan be auppliad with any quantity at their resiaenoe. of that heaituiui drink, LAf/KR BEER, upon Mort notice. je 15 3m V EIGHTH LlATIONAL EXHIBITION, At CINCINNATI, OHIO, Sept.l2tk-V)tk. The UNITED STATES A0R1CULTIJRAL SOCIETY will hold it* Eighth Annual Aericultu rat and Imlufttna' Exhibition on the jcrour.da lltieral!y provided by the citizens of Cincinnati, which are to Im fitted up in the beat atyle. There will lie Ha!l? and Tents for the displav of IMPLEMENTS, MACHINERY, TO(51-S, DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES. FARM AND GARDEN PRODUCE, FRUITS, FLOWERS, and NA T1VE WINES: with Stall* and Pegs for HORSES. CATTLE, SHEEP, aud SWINE: .and an unequalled mile in length and forty feet iu width, for the exhibition of Horaea The Premium* offered?in cash,?koM, ailver, and hrnnfri mA< >-<1 i.^lnnifta mil norliRabt^u ?/...? to ' * 920,000. The Exhibition will rt-main open Iroin Wednesday, the 12th, to Thursday, the iMth, of September, thim giving time to examine anil test the impie menu and machinery. For premium list* or information apply at the Office of the Society, No. 336 Pa. avt^iun, (up stair* ;) or to the nulmoriher, at Ciuojnn&tf, Ohio. BKN. PKRLKV POORK, jy 24 tf Seo'y U. S. Agrioultura Society. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STUNK WOkKS. The subscriber Leg* leave to inform the oitixsns of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has add?<t to hia lone estai lished buiiueaa the auxiliary of steam power for sawing and manufao tunn* Marble and Brown Stone Work in their va rmua branches, Marblo Mantels, Table and Washstand Top?, Tile, Monuments, Tomb and Head S*tonea, Sia'>s. Window Lintels, Sills, 8te*a and Platforms. Having purchased a large sUiekufIt\liaa Marble in block,from fi-it handset tha lowest rates, he feels ooniideot of being able to furnish Marb>e Work as low as it can be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied with Italian Marble in blook or stabs at the same rate as formatted in New York, and on accommodating terms. Also, on hand, a large supplr. of Pumice St..n*. Water of Ayr flore and Polishing Potty at New York prioes. Encourage the enter prise; it will be an acqniaition-Ui the oity. ALKX. RUTHERFORD Pioneer Steam Marble and Brown Stone Works, Pa. ? ., cor. Thirteenth st, as 21 Sm Waskingtoa, D. C. regular stea^^acket link between baltimore and WA9HINGTO N.?Leave r . weree at. wharf, Baltimore, u ?The St Nichol a ere WEDNE8DAY, at 6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m. Leave Hiiey'a Wharf, at the foot of 11th atreet, Washington, aa follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. Sr. Nicnona, every BATURDAY.at6a.ra. For freight, jto., apply to TH0S. W. RILEY. Afent, Riley'a Wharf, atihel'oot of mar l?-T*Ta#o 11th at.. Waahington 4 "'Ol.D AND SILVER SPECTACLt- B.-UavII int had mnoh experience in the^^^a^ inarm factoring ami sale of 8peotaolea H-J 1 am now prepared to aopply any or all that want a vert eup*rior qua ity of glaaaea, with thnae that arebeatoal<'ula*-d to benefit their eight. Hariri bad muoh practioe in fitting the **oet difficult oaana, I leH warranted in eating that I o* n *<lect giasw at all timee that will auit the wnarer, and at the aame time oan aell them at ao low a ?rioe that all that wi?ii to un taain o*n afford to purohtM. H. O. HOOD, No 3*3 Peon, &vot>ii* I>ALTlMOKE *JL . . . BUTTER HOUSE. - Pfy.yyHay fjr*h ud?Mt, in Ooahen paak**. *,?.okl? ^masfre assas. 1 * Liquid** fit*, ffftiUmuro, EDUCATIONAL. MR8. Rt'RR will resume the duties of her School on Momlnjr. September 24. on H stre?t, b^twe^n 18th and M*h ?t'e?t* ?? < foim WASHINGTON FKMALK INSTITUTE. .4 eoardtyr; axd day school. U93 G ST., Bitwii^ 17TH and 13m ST?. Tki Frenrh Lmntvate Prartic*Jly Taught. Mrs. SMITH prenunts her ooroplimenU to tlie riarenti of Iter pupiiti a d hopes their dutixhters * ill m? prevent punctually on the first day o( the sersion. | (ScDt?)uber 13.) The board of iantruction a* tinnier!)-. often professors and teachers. -?evin of whom tmi<ht during the la*t session, an 30 2w* FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who % ish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education. wli?n< their phytic*' t-ai'iing wi I reoeivedaily ami special attention, under the most approved svstemof Calistlienic and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av . MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARD#, an 30-tf Principal*. _ Everett institute. M a?s. A v., Hitwikn 9rh and 10th St? The cxercises of thin w- It known institute wi.l !>e resumed on Monday, the 3d of September. Terms are very reasonable. For particulars see circulars at the different bookstores, or call on E \V. F Alt LEY, the proprietor, at his residence, 4'2S Tenth struet. nil 29 6t* BROOKF.VII.LE ACADEMY. Montgomery Cocxty, Mn The next session will commenoe Septemb r:sj. Boys are prepared for college or trained for business. Catalogues nay he obtained by addressing the Pimcipa!, at Brookevile, |\|j. E. B. PRETTY MAN, A. M.. au29 2w" Principal. fFEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, 1 ALEXAXDMA, VA. Mr*. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal The thirtfenth arnnal *n?non of this Institution will comini'nco on Tuesday. Septenilier 18th, in tiie hmise recently occupied by Sylveitor Scott, Esq., No. 1*0 King street. The course of study pursued will coinpn?eall the branches requisite to a thorough English E(lu ?-? >- J - vot.ou) ?><u iuutit;, i idiiuu, imiiu mm isiawing, n d?airM. In addition to day scholars, Mrs. .MoCormiek is Firepared toreceiva limited number of pupil* as loardem. who. constituting a part of her own family, will he u' der her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, a* tar as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. ?R Ar P. on U VnrtAn !>/?? T\ **'** " -.v v. ??? *_ v'v. m i i* vi wuii, lit1 v. iy c< ioa Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq . Edmund F Witmer, E*q., Henry Marbury, fc<q., l^wii MeK<*nz e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, E*q , W D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*. E?q..J>is. Entwisle. Jr., Emu.,Col. John \V.Minor. Loudoun. Messrs. ISi&ckloclc A Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Terms. Board, with Tuition in all the English R-anche?, $2" for the annual session?payable semi -annual!) . lu advance. iVI iihic and Languages at Professors' prices Hj~ fro extra charges. au 2ft-tf rp GONZAGACOLLEGE. I. HE Scholastic exercises of this Institution will be resumed on the 1st Monday in Septemb.-r. _au 27 2W W. F. CLARKE. S J.. Fren't. I^KANKLIN ACADEMY, h ^ A SELKCTSCHOOi\~FOR HOY?*,"" ( Formerly located i? the First Ward.) This Inyti'ution will commence its Third Annual S<*s?ion, at it* now location, on Monday. September 3.1. Applications for admission may l>e made on the premise* at any time after the 25'h in?t. au 25 lm K. B. DP^ TRICK. Principal. CENTRAL ACADK.MV, CoR*KR K a*D Tt*th St*. This Institution will re*ume itxdutie* S"ptemt>?r SI. Applica ion i maile to the Principal at the rooms. Circulars at the book?tores J. S. DE HART, Principal. Reference*. Prof. Henry. LL. D , M. H. Miller, E<q.. Rev. John C. Smith, D D., Dr. C P. Culver. Rev. A. G. Carothers, Rev. J, P. Davidson, au 23-1 ni WAJ*HTN GTON~S EI,F7CT SCHOOI., Coll<er ot Trxth ?5d G St*. The exercises of this school will t>e resinned on MONDAY, September 3d. For L*rins apply at my residence on D street, near St?r Office. Circulars at bookstores. au 21 22t SAMUEL KELLY. Princina.1. SELECT SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADlES. Miss M. RIDDELL will resume the duties of her school on the first MONDAY iu September, at No. , 4A1 I vrelfth street au2*-lni I? M ERSON INSTITUTE, J H St., Bktwjik> 12th asd 13th St?. SELECT CLASS1CA . AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS The Eighth Annual Session of this school will I commence on MONDAY, September 3*1. Kuml*r of pupil* limited. au 4) (Staten.; CHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. ' 'HE PREBCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 37 w Eiohth St., Between K msu L Sts. Studies will be rosuined in this iiTisti'ution on MO^lHV, September 3d. Circulars at book?tur*?. au 16 U A. C. RICHARD?*. Principal. Metropolitan collegiate instl TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 461 E St., Between 6th and7thSt?. The fonrtii anniiJil se.- ion of the Institute will continence on the lirst MONDAY in St-ptenib-r. Application' should be made early, ttie numlior ofpupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H V ENNER, at tlio Institute. au 9-tl OT. MATTHEW'S FEMALE ACADEMY, Corner !8fA si and A'tif Yorkar. This Institution, under the direction of the Sis ters of Charity, win ha opened for tiie reception of pupils on Monday. Sppt?-inber 31. The course of instruction will emhrase the ordinary brandies of a good Knxlish education, tof>*?t)i?3r with music and tho Pr<>neli language. For tonus apply at the Institution. A Free School for girl* will also be conducted by the Sisters at the name pace, but in a separate house. au 2A eo2w MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, ~ Corner of I <*n>i T<>ntK sts., Wa.ningtnn ft.'*. The next session f this school will coiriinence September 3d, 136?. The youi.g ladies of the Institution are particularly requested to lie punctual in attendance at the opening of school, and all others who wish to become members of the same to make rariy application, as the nuiutier of pupils will lie limited. Twins, Ac., given on application. au a-ii3:&ootOct 15* ST. VINCENT'S SCHOOL, CoRNBR or 1'KSTH AJ?? G STS. The duties of this I nstitution will be resumed on I kia A ret Kl miila i. in Mun^umar navf I la owakai ill" II' VI IHWIIUWJ III I * *-? llivi llvjk V* a WO VAVi VISOB will be conducted as in former years. au 23-eo2w (States ) r|^ WESTERN ACADEMY. 1 HK Exercisos of this school, under the charge of Dr 3. L Looms, and the Primary Department under Mi?s Annie h P*ck, vri 11 In- resumed Soptemlter 3d. Circulars can !? obtained at the bookstores. (Int > auJ7-eo2iu T'HE KIPLKY FKMALE SEMINARY. 1 BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, Situated BetwsesSth i*d9th St*. E*?t, Will commcnoUsiuxt session on MONDAY.S. pteniher loth All desiring further information will lie furnished with a catalog ue giving full particulars by calling upon or addressing the principal. au 16 eoaw 0; E. RIPLEY. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. Ml'NSON Has returned a'td resumed his profe^s.on. Office and house at 463 E ni _ i. _.i .J r ii . i ii-. k ^ luiru uour mi ui sixin. in nuaiuon i> (MP . very o'ber approved etyle, l>r. M. ha? *?t 1 ',l 1 t.e'k on vulcanite Bm (or ike 1mt thrw jura, acd. from ex?enenoe, knowa it exoels all otk?r?, a d ia one-third leaa in prioe than gold. His old patron* of Washington, Alexandria, and <?eorret >wn are respeotfully aolieited tj call, au 25-eoIy D dental notice. . , R. LOO MIS Haa closed his oifiee for the ?oa *on, and will b# absent, %s usual, during the sum iner month a ; will resuiuo practice about the lat of October, of which furth* notioe will he giv?n. JU!Hf H? . - JJKNTI8TRT. . ?v. iniiiiD, vur ?iruaw urn 01 nro years feel* that he can witn confidence reoow-^^ajfc inerd tne Cheoeiaatio Prooeaa for iucerUncNMISf artificial teeth. It haa the advantage* oil4UU' trength, beauty, oieaulineaa, and cheapness. Fill M*?r sett inserted for Partial in jro^orUon. U?ce 306 Pa. awiun. ?e7 T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Nut Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottexy.oondnated by the Hpaniah Uovernmect ondrf the tutorvjuon of the C&btaio General ol Cuba, will taie piaoe at Havana oa THURSDAY, ttzPTKMaicK 13. 1W0. finhrrn wrucvn u nu/iiMiv m ?4* VOKJ9MV Vlt CAPITAL PRIZK 9100,000. 1 pri?? of #100,000 MMM o<_ I oo fl0,00n # do So* J do 90,000 LM do ?* J do au,(wo WMprox. um 1 do .. 10,000 IN ALL 9S6 PRIZES. Whole Tioketa. f'JO?H*lve?, # 10?QowUre, ?4. Sfflwa?ft!!?fca; eixs Jir "w b*oamS^m! kA">rvw<>^*a aoon " to# r?ralt AM ordonTioraobemM or tiokets to b* vldri?M?d l? DON ROi>KK?l'fc.Z. M?tt ' 0*rta{C&ir<Mt?Cfe?rlM?*M(B.C, J AUCTION SALES. Br A.UKKKN, AurtHMMr. 1NTKKK?TtN6 SAUK AT PUMJC A IK! Tiosi uv R?i:. teTAiK AXO fKvtuXAk Pm-nntt?Ot) the firatTUESDAYmV SB ?*m>or Oe?ob*r. at 1? n'oi??tr. two hichU <Miitivat*d ? '???* ad i intuK. fcost?u me atoutiO tcimr esch, h.Uat d 8 inilM from \Va?hin#lon oity, D. C.. on the sernwth itrwt ml in M?ntcomorrooarty. M<J Aleo, H??u?e'iold Ftrtntureand every deeciiptiunufF&rai I Stock. coKtiauug in part of? Nine Norw and one Cott. O " ytu of Workini Miwri, T*? ity four firal ofCa'tfo, cimpmim? fiiiuii 1 <IW|, y<-unfr WO . ic, Abmi tiui u hoii ami Moati, Jot of theoa, rair of fin1 r%rii&<e H?>r?os, l.iKht Oar-ia,!-. row Hurt:***. fr.? Mot*. Huilsln H"h?s, H *nk?U, *?., A c. AI: o Paini!j- c&rr a?? arcl D?abie Hariioaa, Ham- l.a<1io?' and Gents* Saddle*. Hridtes, Sieien Ac . in. On? Kour horse VVuou. Harness. Carta, C*rrvall. liorn knd t iti CniiK^r . <>/wi a,^ . .? v/ - u 11 uc . i i i ' vu r\B t c W , Threshtn* Machin? ai?d Horn* Power, Rockaway, Fan, Reajxrand Mower, And many oilier useful articles too numerous to mention l.arce lot of Clover and Timothy Ha?. Whoat. Kvrf and oat M aw,Carnaiul Corn Fodder l he fo'iii* will be sold at one o'otock, without re??>rve. No. 1, containing a!n?ut iuft acres, title perfect ami froe f'om ail encuirbianoe, hasau el?eant rnode-n house, replete with all c? nvcinerces ol a firat o an* city resilience, snoii at hatlis. water closet*, rang* ai.d pump in ktluheii, furuaoe, tine dry cellar, hot and cold water in lied room*, oin aervator*, and in fact every thing requisite let aii elegant country residence. The house, with its Bn'rrundin?s, cost about ,*l<*i Farm No.} has about 2??< acres hirhly improved land, so' d fa'in house, ru w corn crib and ctat.ary. Hood narr. am! stalling for 12 homes. Buildings valued accord i-g to ine^rance survey at about 65.1-ui, the whi'.e under good fencing; r onty of excellent water in every direction. Also, sufficient wool land and Ene mead ws. T^e farms will lie sold together or separate, at hist purcoaser's option. Terms of sale: One third cash: balanoe to stilt the purchaser, secured by a deed of ?"-?st on the property. All the personal prcptrty will be sold on a rr^dit of 3 months for a"! turns over 8"* and up to 825: all over that *u?a a cred-t of6 months will be given lor notes sai.Ki'a^toriiv endorsed, bearinr in tere?t trom the day of *a e; all Bums under $K> cash. The whole property, real and perioral, will t.e ?old without reserve on the first rues< ay in October, and the stle will be cnntu ued d?ily until the wholecftbep ope-ty isdisposed of. The property oan be viewed and every de*;r*Me lmformati >n giv-n by calling ??i. the owner, WILLIAM A. BATfHELOR about 3 mile* b?yond the farm* of Mr. Claget ana F. P. Blair, on the Seventh tCMt road. Address, if by i?tier, Cottage Po*t Office, Montgomery county, Md. bp 4 d A. GREEN, A net. By J. C. McGl'IRE ft CO . Auctioneer* VALUABI.E ISLAND PROPERTY FOR Salk ?The whole of Squa^ \ o, snfi. beuut'ed by F aud ti street* south, aud by De aware avenue and First and Second sttc?ts w?*t. having been subdmdrd into fitty convenient htnldinc lot*, with front* ranging from 15 to 2j feet, will be offered at public *a!<*. on th* premises, in Lots, on TML'KS DAY. the t th dar of September next, at half past 4 o'clock p. in. Person* wishing to purchase a lot or let* can *pply to the nT>de?*irn?d, at h * office, where also tne piat of kuUhvision may be seen. Title that, of the original proprietor. Terms of *a!e : One fou th cash; the residue in threw e*uai insta'irienu, at 6.12and 18 montti?.with int?rest. to b* securer on the premises. Unless t'ie terms are complied with withir five day* from the day of sale, the right is re?erv? d to ro*ell. O" five days' public t..e risk and cost of defau.t ing purchaser. All cmvmancei at the purchaser's ce?t. HICHARD ll.CLAKKE, Attorney a* Law. our-6th at. and I a av. au2i Po4d? J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. '|'K1 TKK ^ALKUKAPAR T or A TRACT 1 OF LAN Dcalled "Peter'g MillSeal,'' situated in the oountT of Washington, on the Finey Branch Road, aud aboat thrre mile* from the oity of Washington, twine apart of the eropertj known as the Piney Branch Trotting Course/' Br virtue of two deed* of trust, obe heannr date 0 i or atK/Ut tbesth day of Augu?t, IfcSb, and recorded in Liber J. A. S , No. 158, folios S4?, et ae<j., one oi the ani reenrda of the ooonty of Washing t>n. in the Dutrict of Columbia, aud the other bearing dat? on or about the ' 4th uaj ot M ay, tax, a?id recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 177, foiioa 4^4, et ??q-. alto on* of ti e iai>d 'eoordn of ?aid county. 1 will proceed to ?*!1 at public auction to the highest bi ider. cn TUESDAY, th? llthday of September. lMiO. at 5 o'oioot p. m.. at the Auct on Room of A. Gkkkn, corner 7th and L? stre la, Waanmgton. "a ltha- part of a tract of land called'Peter't iMiIl Se\t,' situate, lying, and being in the count* of Washington, in the Uisirmt of (Columbia, and on the *e;t side of the Pmny Branch road, contained w.thin the following m?t?* and bounds, to wit: twinning for the name at a stone. No 4, p anted ill tttO west iind of ?aid road, for the nnrtlinaaf corner of a lot of sa,d land laiJ off to Hays i*p-ak mar., an<) rnnningfrom tfcenoe north sixty-on?* and a 'iaif !?*-*??, *r*st fifty mi and forty-four taundr^<lth? parches. with i-p1* k man's north line, to a nton?. No. 3, at t*?? nortftw??t oomer ofSpeakman's larger lot and the b'Kinatnc of his smaiier lot, th?u? e running north thirty and a halfdegrees, east tw>?nty-eight and a half perehe* n a ?take in the outh iir? of a roid twentv-fiv*' feet wide, and with the east lire of Sp<-ak man's sinal er lot, where is piantwl a stone N". 5; ihence raunine south sixtyon-ain a ha.f'l?iree?. c?>t kfty niue perches and f ur and oas hundredth of a porch to a stak < in the wo?tlineofth" Ptn?y K ?n h road; thenc with said west line of sail Piney Kranch ro\a iu a straicht line to the place of beginning, obtaining ten aorei aud thirty-six p.-rchos of land," more or le**; toKft'ier with the improvements therein, which oonmituftndv. tpaciou*. and well-bui t two story F ami i>weilii'& house, stabling, sheila, ai.U out hou-os. 1'erms of wvle: Ooe third cash: the lialaroe in 6 and 12 >uoi>thf. for which th purcnaea- will tie required to give his not-.-.? bearing mt?ie?t from the Jay of sale, aud secured by a deed of trust upon the pre-"is?s. Should the purchaser f*il to comply with the terms of *a<e within live days after the day of aa!e, the trustee reserves the ripnt to resell raid property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting ioha ser, upon giving five days previous public no'ioe by advertisement, in smrm newspaper published in th* city of Washington, of the time, p!&o?, and terms of suoh re-alo. All oonveyances at the ooat of the purchaser. R. H. LASKFY, Trustee, au 2!-*oA.ds A. GRKKN, Auct. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY^ v v D Strett, bit teem 9tk and 10t4 Siruu. We ><ave luet finiabed a number of iret olaae C A K K l AGES, such aa Light Fancy^ ?aa Wattmt, Park Phtattm*. Fanxxlv rar-KatSR rmjte j, <inA Buwtitf, wktok we will a ver? ainal! profit. Reiuc practical mechanic* in different branches of the DDtin^M, we flatter ouraelvee that we kno? the *t?!ea and quality of work that will fire aatia feotiou, combining lichtnesa, comfort and dnrabi.i ty. Repairing promptly and oarefiliy attended to the siiortoat nr.tioe and moat n?w>nable <**iarref, WALTER. K ARM ANN k. BOHH, ('oaelimakera, aucoeaaora to Wa T. Hook. ap 27-dly _ T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeeribw kavinc made addition* to kl faotcrj, making it now one of the la tke Ihetriot, where hia facilities furafuHK manulaotnrinrCARRIAGE ft L16H'f*SIR W AGON8 of all kinds oannot be enrpaeeed, auk from hi a long ejpmeoae in tke baaineee. ke kup<-e to give gar.era aatufaotion. All kinda of Carries IM Llgkt Wagone kept e? ..'V ... - , JWi*e.rAimeeeeayeeee,ae??UwMre?mBH ly attended to. BMMM-ktM OurtecM Mm tn exefeanre for m %*. _ AND1KWJ. JOYCK, TU H mmmor mt ?a?h ftnrf f rU WOOD AND COAL. WOOD mi AND C O 4 L it' Delivered to all parts of the cit>, at the ioweet oaaible rates. T J.tW.M OAl.T, Offioo Pa. nr., between UUi ?ud 13th eta , na 17-tf uoi th ?Mla. TUU SUB9CRIBKR HAVING ON HAND aaextenaiTe of PURL, ia prepared to Mil at a very low ficnrefor eaali. WOOD Sawed ftnd Split Hij >ia?. Call ami see ?>r jou/aeLf. R. W. BATES, ma IS ?.K. corner ofPourteJothao* c'atm. (fc. MTkeys!^ V PKAl_tR j* a liWOOD & COAL, LIME,[( J! dan rr urur Ml vnnu, WWII!, ^ \\ Platter, ?hq WWU Gravel, ff J 548 N. E. Cor. 12th * C 8te.ll U On# aq?Ar? Kmth Peon. At. g [I ur* f ii ~ ^ WH 311 I >1 ?-tf PKRs*ONS hoOMkMpin* o'HWj *or?!iii of houa^h -Id fffecU can find ra^ilL*^/ i!3 oa'iir.f at tur t-'ntmabinc SU>a?. 4j*s?ttb rttoou j?* EWBOLF* MUCU1.V. I THE WEEKLY STAR Tktf FfcaHty m4 Nm ?tftiBiif I t>r r%n?ty of llMrMlii miln Uu m? bo fowxl w ??f Mim?w fikUiM mm 8aur?aj Mraiag. 04+}. pei wtum. { * >i.*r?ric? Tn. onpi? ? ?? J JJ wwhooi th^ #y m nwi * .7J1' O ( D?r%ll; ihr otic boat U? oomUT. K ~r ;" , ICT ?i? Mt ?- ? ?? | K?w?a leomaiMM t( Si ?mu. i ??????? MEDICINES. ?CROFl LA^ rj_g Krj[^ | , * oonsUtuUotiM ?i) ? ?. a rurrtfUol af tt? lo Hi, l?? which Uiu turn bwoM vikftM, vak. nA >ocr. B? ir rb? elroalatioa, ft tvrvadMth* t>.??bar?? oat1a 4iMN?a Mi B-rt if it. WlAUTM be it* ungia, it i* h*rWlla' r nUn ooaatt'ution, 4aaMmlia| "froai paraata tu i hiUran Uw U>^u4fHrU ? d ZSt n to b^ tha rod of Hip vk ???- "I win visit th? m>?ain?e ot the fatbera Naaa'&air ohnUrMt." Oue (tuifUr t-f n?r p*;pi? lira Icror^oH; their p "! < ' *r*? rrraded by thia JurfciuajnlWuotu RD-l the r health > aiiMriiunu*d bf It. I u tiwnM it T on tat } tun we ant r*nonJ? the blood hr %n Iter**nre mer inn,Md l#n?nntt? it br haa'Ur food and Suoh a noedieiua we hw| m COMPOrSD F.XThAC T Oh SARSAPARII I. A, the moat ffl?ctn&! remedy wMoh the medio*. Iti l of our time* can deriae for tkn evarywhare f ravai mx and fata malady. It la oomhtnad fr<>? UN moat rout* remedial* that have bean diaoovered f?r the expnrcation ofthia foa! diaorder from tba blood, ar.d the reeooe of a??t?-*< from ita deatrurtire con?e?<uei.ce?. Heuoe it abouid ba aauloyad lor the cure of not only anrofula, l>ut a'ao thoaa other aflectiona which arte* froai it, a??hM Krapure ami Milu !*u A ill,'ton? 'a Fire. k<>M, ur KrTCip*.&a. Pimpiet, fu>tulea, Blotcbea, lJlairMid Boi"a. Tuaow, Tetter and !*aU K heem, t*aald Head. Hinrworin, Rheumatism, Syphi loe acid M" cunal l)i??aa?e. ilr..p>y, Dta^pwa. f>e' :!it?, and, indeed, all t'l.rup.Muu ariainc from Yuiat?>i or Impure R'o.wl. I he p -pu'ar belief in 'tmr*'ttv or i*r /?loeri ioanjM in worn. lor aerotula ? deitaueratioo of tU>- Blood. The particular pur?oee &iid virtu? ofttiix >?r-?p?nl ? it to purift and re eenerat* this vit*! flaxl. without which ?ooud health i? ini?<??iMe ; contaminated oouetitatioaa. Pr*p?r--<1 h? DK. J C. a\ KR A CO.. Lowali, Mm* .and *?ld hy all drutriste ?>m whme. au 13 oolm Helm bold' Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and S pec 6o Remedy GR AH* KL^Lcd?DRXJpfl^?, kLJANG^YB* Thia Medicine increase* t*w ?o*<r of Di*e*tior, and excitos the absok ?knt> into heater which the WATERY OR CALCEROUtS deposition*. ardall I NNATURAL KNLARGRMKNTS are reduced, aa wall aa PAIN aad INFLAMMATION. a^dri* food for MEN, WOMF.y^dR CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S* EXTRA_pT _RUCBU, For WnhmM Arm hi froan Lxoeeeee. Habita of Dissipation. Early Tndi?or*tion or Abu**. Attmdtd wuk tk* Srmptomt Indisposition to F.xertioc, Losa of Pow?r( Lost of Memory, Diftonity of frutl^ai, Weak Nerroe, Tripbuiii Horror of Disease, WaktralMM, Dimness of Vision, Pan. in tha Radk, Universal LaMitnieof Um> Mu sonar StiUii, Hot Hand*, Fiaahinc of the B >ciy. Dry dam of the Skin, Fruptions on the PALLID COUNTENANCE. These ayaiptunu, if allowed to (o ot, wktek tins medicine inv?riaM* rmori, eoor fnj.ows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FTTH. Ik One or Which thi Patixxt mat Exrfaa. Who oan ear that the* are not frequent, y followed by thos- 'DIREFUL I>I9EA*ES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of the c%aee of their aufferi&c, BUT SOKE WILL CONFESS. t ur d l' 11 iuj / ??> k ? ? ? i u i nuvvn it- \jr i u r. i > HA .> Er APY LI IB And tk* tdtlanckolv lUmthf bt Co*' wvrtM B?*r ?in?l* wi'nm to the troth of the >?wrtioc r"B ^'oYoVSPe Re?mre? the aid of medicine to atrenctaan ?i?t I' vyrorato th? *y?V>m. Wkick Hklmbold'b EXTRACT BL'CHU a?t>?riably do**. A TIIU WILL COITV/KCB THE MOST ftKBFTICAlIN MANY AFFBCTIONS CKCULIAR TO FEMALES. the extract Bacho la noMnaVod tj any other remedy, & is Chlorosis or Immm irref iiiarily, P&icftiineM. or ?u?preMioo of C?? ternary Etvuai:oni, I'.oerated or Hoirr boai atata of the Utorua, Lenoorrh?a or Whit*, Sterility, and for a 1 uhti^uiki ineidont to the i w better ariaiiic from Indiaorctloa, BahiU of J)iaaiyaUop, or in the vn inm*' orLJFK. SXK SYMPTOM* ABOVE. __ NO FAMILY SHOULD Bh WITHOrT rT TWr* *o m?r? Mtrrury, m Mui'dfu for ??<< D*?jermu nrww'i BELMBOLD-9 KXTRACT BtCHtJ SECRET' DISEASES In alithatrStagee. At Uttl* expenae; Litti* or no ofcanfa n Dirt: No inoonveniaBee; ilU M FilFOWi It eanaei & fr*aner.t de*:ra anJ giTM atraaf th to Urinate, therein Rw?<>v1ut 4Jbctr?cti?aa, Preventing, and cunut Stnalur?e of tu Ur?hra, AKavint Pani and li.fiuan;abon. ao fra^uant 1a the olaaa of diaea?e?- and expelling mil fwnwtx IHttand, mnd ??'? ?( Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE BIU TBS VICTIM* OP UOaCU. and who hav* paid kt+ryfut to be curad in a abort time, hare found they ware deoeived. and that taa POISON" haa, by the nee ofrownrei aa" i-?- - i * i r iti*i u u| iymi in in? vysvovB* to I'm Hil?id!.d'f Rimer Bccwvfor a. iTmo... ...1ypGANS. Wk-"'?*tfr..'KOR PKMALK. From whatever cnu<e < >n gi neu&i ud eo natter of HOW LONG !* i'ANDINV And ia oertein to tieveth* deaired ef^> t in ell DteamssFOR WHICH IT IP R EOOM MKN DED. Evident* of tk* moil rtaiblr mmd Tt*p***%kU cAerlet will eecoinWktj the ni?oioi??a CERTIFICATE* OF CUREtft. Ptotn lull tan <im<w. With Nam** now* to tUCIKNCK AND FAME. Price VI.(Hi per kettle, mt etx tor IJ.M Delivered to any Addrew. aeonvely pecked fro UUMI VUHID. Pttctiu Sttmptoh* in all O*wttttt?nowm. Cares tiitrtntrrd ! Airrlw Gratia It AFFIDAVIT. Ho-Konally ?pp?&rod betore ma, an A:d"mu the city <>i Phiadelpiu%.H.T. HKLnaoLD,vho beiac do)) worn, doth say. ma preaoraJioaa eei >aia no nnrootio, bo mercery. or <>tW injariooe any*, bat art parely v?getaS>.e. H. T. UjLM UOiJf . Swn and aubeoribed before me, Uua Sd ?y of November. 1W WM P. HIHRKRD, Aldmrnmy Ninth afreet. above Race, PHft. Addrees letter* for wforaaatioa 1a eenfttienpe to H. T. HKI.MBOL1). cWiey Who endeavor to diapaae * or rana owaH and "othkb" ABTicLaaoa the airaraTion attatmku {lelmbold'a Genuine Preparations. ? * Extract Bucba, - - garaaMrilto. M " Improved Roee Waeiu Sold by 8. B. WAira, *?* Seventh atreet, tad S. C. Foap.Ja.. ooraer Pee a. avenue and Kleventb atreet, Cat oat the ad rwrti aemetrt and send tor it AND AVOID IMPOSITION AMI) tXPOBUHt at 4 eolv 0? As ?-Aj 'I'a HUIVIIKWEL.ft^S UIIVERBAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat mnd Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actus/ Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELBBRATID Tkt liaturml and Suro KMM?/!r7/ A vouj complaints, From NM!?tck& tcio?|li ail mil vkmOfiim m ev?r Out of |Mtfiu Ti??II?. MUm Tss,%rmEP Tk? Tol? Anudyn*, thouj.ii oootMMBc not ft par tiole of Opium, pr?d?*M ft)I tW r**hir?mMiU ot. and may b? uMd ib all mn ylnnww 0?*a vm a?xl wittiutl yrtxJueiL( titiUm bat CarM, and l"\'iVnfVS?2!*CoftJ^^^rSl"i^ all tta* common obi action of <Vukb Rrnv diaa, whwh arodiio* *aet*? or aroatrataou,) ma? ba o'-naMMpatl tkf cMMonoc tjmr to ad Throat aid (m ~o??pjaiate.and uaad wit* pufaat tmpanity. * * *? i' w court (rum proprieto or friaMa um i?*?t Mvere inveotifauoB of both RmomIi'i, mmi rtUu^ of oar pnmphi*ta to be lo?u?l viU &u ;>r? mwi torn partiaaatrty to purchase oatt of ti<o?o?r o Cn bo 4?p?*<>o4 upon. *f nil n oonUtnei Oio ouiona of Poti^ota ?atf PhvMotaiu. "Prion* within rnuh of kT" uiiu Aeijrrt. J. W. HrRJuwKLL * Co., T ud S CombmtouJ v. j to II OI U iMiid nod to whoa Hiim an oomnatiztzzzzjzl A VF?Y NICK PIANO IN ?>?T Oil [1KB to*- TCW "?xsBKUHr

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