Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON 01TT: THLRSUAV fttptemfeer 6, i960. Spirit ( the Ntrtlai Pr?M. The Camtiitwtio* d?canU at length upon the r*?l danger of the spread of Republicanlani. Tbe Imtelltg/nrtr defend* the position taken by Jndge Douglas at Norfolk, In regard to rwistlng aerration by force. 07" We have received from Shepherd (who has them for nte) a package of Breckinridge and Lane envelopes; also, specimens suitable to other parties [T7* A letter was received here yesterday from Mr Yancey, stating that be should come North, thiougb Virginia and Maryland, about the middie of this month. Thenceforward, until the close of tbe Presidential contest, he will speak at places as his friends may designate. Uy Two military compnn*r? in Frederick, Md., have purchased the knapsacks and accompanying accouterme&U of the Baltimore City Guard. The articles are of no further use to the Guard since tbeir adoption of the Zouave uniform. tE^The Census Marshals of St. Louis announce that the returns are now so complete that the estimate may be made The total population amounts to one hundred and sixty-one thousand, making one hundred and sixty per rent gain since 1M00. <u I AiiSa la (Km ! n ul vanr* <if Pi nrlnniitl tb? latter bavins only one hundred and fifty-eight tbaarnd. Statistics or C???lik Tkadx ?It appears from statistics furnished the Constitution by il. C. Mclaughlin, Esq . superintendent statistical office. Department of State, that dnriug the past twelve monthsfifteen vessels have landed In Oulta zysv coo lies from China, linkup an aggregate or 48,970 ainee I'M?. Of the fifteen vessels four w?re Spanish, six French, four American, and one Dutch. Tisttwosial to thi Memory ot Lopez.?The usual annual ceremonies in memory of Gen. Narciso Lo}*z were celebrated at New Orleans 011 tbe let of September. Tbp Cuban resident* of New Orleans and their friends participated largely In tbe celebration, for wbicb ample preparations were made. Funeral mass wa* celebrated at tbe Jesuit'* Cburcb. coraer of Baronne and Common streets, with imposing rflect |?7~Late accouats from Yeurzuela sute that the trial of ex-President Caatro and bit Ministers for treason against the State was concluded on the Jtetli of July, and resulted In their conviction They were, however, immediately pardoned bv ? ? J the Court. This singular course on the part of the tribunal had caused considerable excitement throughout the country, and bad also called forth severe animadversions froui the press Castro was about to retire from Venezuela, and it was apposed he would take up bis residence either in Porto Rico or Cuba Judge Douglas is Maryt.anu.?Judge Douglas srrived in Frederick city, .Md.. yesterday afternoon lie was enthusiastically received by a l*rge gathering of people. About 3^ o'clock he addressed a large assemblage of people, prominent anions whom were many well known democratic political leaders in the State. Mr. Douglas was to leave Frederick to-day at 1 o'clock, p. m . in the regular train, and wlH arrive at Baltimore at 4 45 p m., when he will be met by the Committee of Reception, Charles F Mayer, hsq , chairman, who will conduct him to the Glimor House, where rooms have been provided. About V o'clock in the evening the Judge will be serenaded bv the Bines' Band, when h* will .... doubt address the people of Baltimore on the political questions of the day. On Friday morning the Judge will leave for Harrisburg, Pa. Naval ?The I'nlted states practice ship Ply. mouth will spend several weeks in the Chesapeake Bay in order to give her midshipmen crew practice in exercising the great guns, sending down spars, setting up rigging anew. 4c., 4c. The members of the first or senior class, having the hsv? ? ftno 1? 41 I f - .v , MUV UFpvi?uiu?j v< icaiuni^ pracu. caliy the duties of the "officer of the deck for Instance, redu. ng an?l setting sail, talking.wearin g, coming to an anchor, getting under weigh. Ac., Ac. All the naval officers attached to the New York station were mustered on Tuesday in the Crooklyn Navy-Yard to hear the minutes of th<; Totten court martial read Commander Totten, i* Las been already published, was found guilty of. Srst, drunkenness; second, of wrongfully Imprisoning an officer; and. third, of disobedience of order*. The proceeding of the court are to be read to all ship* in commission. ivftftdiabv pi.ot?Startri\o Discovery ? The dUcswr of a camp of four whites and ei^ht negroes, all armed, near Selnia, Ala , has been noticed One of the negroes bad been arrested and < onfesScd tLat these men were connected with a contemplated rebellion In that quarter of Alabama, and that it bad be*-n delayed from the fact that on the Sunday appointed for it such a terrible rain fell that no gathering c ould be made. The !*elma Issue of the iteth ult. says: Since that t".n.e a vigilance committee ban been organized and actively engaged in ferreting out the scoundrel* connected with this atrocious conspiracy On last Wednesday or Thursday, Mr Frank I.ane had occasion to correct ? ??' ' boys; and after inflicting a pretty sever* chastisement. be told the boy that be was not yet done with bim; there were several things yet for which be intended to punish bint. The negro taking alarm, and supposing that everything bad been diacovered, confesaea everything he knew He aald tbev bad be* n told tbit iiiiii.ediately after the Presluentiai election they would be set free?that oa last Suuday a week ago tbey went to meet at a church after ajiegro funefai sermon wa?over, and organized?that Sam (a negro bny belonging to Mr Howard, and since arretted,) was to be their commander. In >r* a'atemeat be Implicated two white men, MAbaji (or Payne) and Stedbam. This information was communicated to the committee, who eomrmsaiooed Charles Sbellev to conduct the scheme for tbelr detection. On Tliuml?? niuM !?? ?- I J --fc? *?? iBbelley repnti rd to the bouse of Mr Ogletree, bmt the point of rendezvous Repr? tenting bJm elf u a northern man who sympathized with the effort to liberate the negroes, ne encounteredStedbam and wr>n bla confidence. What be learned be baa not disclosed in full, but enough is known to warrant the conclusion that the evidence la amply sufficient to establish the complicity at MedLam and Mahao (or Payne) and the negro Sam al'ove mentioned, all of whom have been arr*?'.ed, and now await in Talladega jail their exam.nation, which will take place on Thursday neat. On TViesdar ni? ht. says a later account, the citllens r?f Talladega took from the jail the white man w ho waa the ringleader, and banged him. Thi Prisck or W*lm to Vimt Ciscixjtati Tbe Cincinnati Commercial savs that the Prince of Wales and snite will be in Cincinnati between ijeptember iith and 3Utb On tbe 20th July Mayor Bishop adilresai >1 a note to "His Grace the Duke of Newcastle," extending to the Prince of Wale* ml Mite an invitation to visit Cincinnati and r? ?i uv>|/itauuu, iiia on Saturday he received the following reply. vi?: "Mosthal, August 26.130D "Str- I have submitted your letter of theWtb July ti> bia it oval Hi^hr.^s the Prtneeof Wales I have tbe pleasure of ii. forming jrm that bit Koyal Highness will visit Cincinnati on Lit way tbro.yb the l ulled States Tbe time of Lla doing so will probably be between tbe 16Ui and tbe 30th September. 1 have to thank you for your otfer of baapltality. hnt the Prince la obliged, on account of the shortness of tbe time at hia disposal, to dr* cllne all invitations except that of the President, and be will take rooms at the botela during bit limited stay la the several citiea which he vialta. ' 1 am, air, your ob t serv't, "Newcasuk ?'R. M. Bishop, Eaq., Mayor " Rimabiabli Re?c?citatio!?.? la ? village near Newark, England, In an old thatched house, which baa been occupied by the aame family for nearly 30o years, there Uvea an old iuan in hia Xlh year. He stairs that when he waa about 11 yeara of age, be waa In au apparently lifeless state, or Uinrt, for about nine days, and during that time, be tbinka b? beheld the glories of heaven. His parents ftallv believed him to be dead, bis colBn was ordered and made, and hia aetubled for tbe purpose of burying Lim Tb? clergyman went in to look at the ccrpae befor* tt?r coffin lid wurrewcd on. and tl tiding It to I* warm, at ence exprr?*d tbe opinion that the child waa not dead, and aent for a doctor, who, oa arriving continued the aaaertlon, and lnatrucied tbe moibrr to molateu tbe boy'a llpa will) win* aad %*ater twice a day. HUr did ao. and ou tbe aeventb day b?- iHovrd, oa tbe eight day be could bear ronvtraation. and on tbe ninth day waa able to op*-a bla eyea and riae from the bed Since that time bla health haa been delicate, but be baa (ontluucd to occupy tbe colUge until now. 0. .v?iiiM V ** *" WAiHWflTO^f ?lRWS AXii 80UTF? Platim ro* Lincoln's Election ?It is well known bv many here that Douglas and bit man agersare bent on securing Lincoln's election, lu the belief that if he be elected the Douglas luterest will coaie up as the regular Democratic organixation; and that Douglas will thus manage to succeea him (Lincoln) in tbe Presidency. None of them entertain tbe least Idea that Doogl&s can possibly be elected now; and thsylabor U^prevent tbe election from going to tbe Bouse of Representatives by any possible cbasee Hence tbelr persistent opposition to ftislon ttrkets In Connerticnt. Pennsylvania and New Jersey; wblcli States tbey desire to secure to Lincoln, beyond peradventure. They consented to the proportion tn fuse with the Bell Interest in New York, because believing it certain that Lincoln can carry that State over any possible combination that may b? made against him. They are anxious to give Virginia. North Carolina, Maryland and Tennessee to Bell, so as that tbe Breckinridge cause may appear after the election to have been as weak at the CAIIIII ?m -i t (luk M A?t K TKaw *?? ?? ? KVU.U ? wv i??/? ml uey mx* IV fcrurc BUCK 1 a mutt, at on* of the means of aiding tbelrscbetne j of assuming to be the head and front of the Democratic party oppoaition to the administration of Lincoln, whose election, aa explained above, thejr >rk to make sure beyond any passible contingency We know, positively, that this programme 1* freely avowed both by Douglas and hi* managing men Id private conversation. It is in excellent keeping with his (D.'s) declaration to John Cnvode, that he had his " baggage checked tLrough for the Republican party'a headquarters," on a memorable occasion ; and also with bis as surance to Frank Blair. Jr , that his obiert was to secure for htm the ml of James !*. Green In the I 9. Senate; tLe trutli of neither of which hah Up yet dared to deny by authorizing the wit" tunsfs to both conversations to make public what they know concerning them. The key to the tone of his (Douglas's) lute Virginia and North Carcliua speeches and to the course oi hi* confidential friends in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, acting untl 'r his immediate advice, is to be found in this explanation, as honest Democrats, who are still his dupes. will tind to their sorrow, perhaps, soon after the opening of the next session of Congress Kktbrsisc; Home ?The various conveyances centering here come freighted now with htavy loads of passengers, on their return from the springs and other jaunting and sojourning points The Washington hotels are therefore better fliled with guests than at any previous perlcd. perhaps. aiuce ice adjournment or congress The truth it, | no summer tour is now complete, unless the tourist embraces a sojourn of from twenty-four hours to a week in the Federal metropolis, where more of real interest is to be seen and enjojed than at any other point in this country, except New Vork city. The custom of embracing a short sojourn here in the programme of a summer's jaunt isuow becoming very fashionable, and we predict that it will soon be followed by all, especially, who hare never previously visited the Federal metropolis. as well as by those taking considerable interest in political aft'airs; for the latter 11 nd advantages here that may be sought any where else in vain. ? IXTRLLIrtlJKK FROM Ci >MM I SXIOS KR CREEV wood ?A dispatch from Kansas City to Mr. Mix, acting commissioner or Indian Affairs, dated tbe ttti iust . report* the arrival there of tbe Santa Fe mall. The driver met Commissioner Greenwood and party on the 31st ult. at Big Bend of the Arkansas. All were well, and water and grass plenty. Everything was quiet. Bent (supposed to have been killed by Indians) was alive and well. From the above, Commissioner Greenwood and party were near Pawnee Fork of tbe Arkansas, where there Is a military post So, should tbe attitude of the Indians be hostile, efficient aid will be at band. ? Exaximxq Board or Naval Exqixkers ?A Board of Naval Engineers, consisting of Chief Engineers B F. Isherwood, R. II. Long, and B c ? ?{ 11 ^al- *?? ? l . . will auriuuir at iae roiuafipDia navy-yard on the 18th of September, for the examiuntlon of aaslstant engineer* for promotion and applicants for admission Into the engineer for pa Caididates for admission Into the corps must apply, In writing, to the Secretary of tbe Navy for permission to appear before the board for examination The application must be arcoin. panied by satisfactory testimonials as to the good moral character, correct habits, and sound constitution of the applicant, who must not be less than 20 nor more than *2G years of atte. Naval iNTir.Llr.ESci.?Assistant Surgeon Richard C. Dean, of the steamer Crusader, Home Squadron, having been condemned by medical survey at Key West, has been detached from that vessel and ordered North Lieut Wm. E Fltzhugh has been directed to proceed, by the California mail steamer of the 20th Instant, to Wansmn nnii lannrl .... , -?, ? ?? y mmmm-mm ?v|>vi? *VI UU?J "II board the l-anea*t#r, to relieve Lieut John Q MIt* hell, who will return to the Inlted State*. ?? The New Yoek Fcmo*.?Juatas wego topr. to we leurn that the Consultation Committer, whirl* we spoke >.f yesterday, aa being In session at the National Hotel on the subject of the New Vork fusion, have decided to fuse in cuae ten Douglas men are taken oil the electoral ticket, and ten Breckinridge men aul>atituted. ? A Thied Assistant F.noinker Warranted. Henry Fagan has been warranted a Third Aaaistaut Engineer in the Navy. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith uuiau luaunuion. xue ume or observation : about 7 o'clock. September 6, lBflO. New York, N. Y elondy, rainy. I Washington. D. C cloudy, wind 9 Petersburg, Va. clear, 7V. Norfolk, Va clear. 73?, wind E Raleigh, N. C clear, 71?. Wilmington, N. C clear, warm. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C clear, 77?, wind NB Augusta. Ua clear, pleasant Savannah, Ga cloudy, 79?, wind N E Macon, Ua. clear o?.ln- - - - vviuuiuu>, v<&..Clear, plPfliaDl, Montgomery, Ala. clear, warm. Jackson, AU clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 8U\ New Orleans, La clear, 84?. FROM THI WXftT. Pittsburg, l'a overcast. windNR Cleveland, O cloudy, 7(1?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) at noon, 30,U63. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 73?; at noon, 7H? Maximum during *4 hours ending 9 a. m today, 84*; minimum WJf*. UjT Tbe Prince of Wales, as bas already been stated, bas accepted the invitation to visit Nt w York city. At a meeting of the committee appointed for tbe purpose it bas been determined to issue two thousand eight hundred invitation tick, ets. The invitations are to be In tbe nroDortl on of I thr?*e gentlemen to fonr ladle*. Every ticket Is to be carefully registered and properly countersigned. So fer at yet appears care will be taken to make the fete aach as to do credit to all concerned. Ex. penae* to be paid by the committee. Corrtsj ondtnct 9/ The Star. BILU T, WIM-oxhs. AU>' 31, EJttor Star: Matters are looking oetter here now than tbey have before for three years past. The grain crop proved to be all we expected and more, as It threahea from thirty to forty buahels to the acre Corn and potatoes promise well, and are nearly out of harm'a way Peace and plenty seem to be the rule, and trade Is Improving every day. Kven the vexed question of Farm and City Mortgages seems to be forgotten tn tbe universal good feeling. The grain dealers are handling from 3,UUi W\(M) buahels of grain a day. Wheat for the peat few daya has ranged from 80c. to Hie. pet bushrl. All th?* vacant stores are belug filled up with I|PD? mtru*bm m?A ?- ? " *' W|..u pt. mii us inquiring for storerooms ewy day. * Attempted Murdxr amd Romut.?In St. Lua i last Saturday, John H. Well*, formerly of Petersburg, Va,but i.ow of Illinois. fell I* compa?y with a stranger. who, after visiting several section* of Uie city, took htm lotoau alley and drtnandrd fala money. Wella refused to comply, \vb*trupou the strnngrr drew a pistol and tirrd, putting Si* buckshot In tils aide, causing him t* I lull helpless to the ground, In which condition h? was robbed of all his money?about f2Z Th? robber made his escape. W alia, It la thought, wlU I recover. I I 1 / L MriUrim Affair. SCPPOCXD DEATH O* A HCSB A!VI> THKOCG H TH* AGKXCT OP HIS WIPE. The Cincinnati Gazette of St-pt 3 says :?A week ago, Mr J^ry H **cCord, a gentU-man who baa leojj reaidet- tn tbii city, and was well known aaf uinctayateemed by a large circle of friends aaC acquaintance*, Nturned to hia home, and after partaking ef a hearty supper, suddenly fell to the tloor, aa If attacked with a fainting fit He waa immediately carried into an adjoining room and laid on a sofa, and a physician summoned aa sooa as pgeaiMe. The physician pronounced Ma daagerouily ill, andalter leaving some medicine, ^avt- positive order* that he should not be disturbed until morning; bnt during the night Mr McCord grew better, and, despH* the mandate of the doctor, he arose from the sofa and vnlked to hia chamber. The following morning be vai taken with a violent entasis and convulsions, and grew gradually worse during tbe dav. and when the physician called aga'.n and noted bit changed condition, be left word that no one aave bit immediate attendants should be admitted into the room; but not withstanding all precaution, Mr. McCord constantly grew worse, and about 6 o'clock Tuesday evening, surrounded by his family and friends, he died in a spasm Tbe funersl ceremonies were arranged to take place tbe following Tuesday morning, and a few moments before the minister commenced tbe performance of the last sad rites, a messenger appeared in the chamber of death and placed a letter in tbe bands of a son of the deceased, which stated that his father bad been poisoned. directly accusing his wife and a man named Wasbburne. Tbe letter was signed "Your friend, William ." Of coiirae, a document bearing such horrible intelligence, and charging tbe son In the memory of his dead father to Investigate tbe matter, almost unnerved him; but be b^ard the service through and paid tbe last tribute of respect which | a child can pav a parent, and after returning from the grave arquatnUd the family with the contents of the letUr be bad received. Tbe mother denied that she had any agency in tbe matter, and chided her boy for giving crcdence to a letb r which she said had been written to injure her Friday following. I.awrence Alberger went to the Police Court and cansfd a warrant to be issued for the arrest of Kmily McCord and Jerome Washhurne, charging them with poisoning the deceased. The Instrument was placed In the hands of Chief of Police Wilson, wt?o, instead of harrnwintr thf> In<r? nf tli** fnmilw v??? ? fc- ? uj uiu**!!!* the teruiird publi. fy to the station-house, allowed the wife * remain at houie under the surveiilsnre of an officer. The nme course wai pursued toward! Washburne. The following morning they were taken before the Police Court anH held to bail In the mm of 85,(HX> for their appearance from day to day. I On Friday afternoon Ccroner Carey, in company I with the physician who had attended upon Mr. | McCord. visited the graveyard and exhumed the | body, took from It the stomach, and placvd it in the hands of Prof ssor Wayne for cbemlc&l anal's's. There are, of course, a hundred rumors concerning the melancholy aflair, to which we give no heed We have It on positive authority that Washburne's visits to the house of Mr McCord were made against the latter'* expressed wishes, and have several times given rise todon.e>ilc disturbances Professor Wayne has not yet reported the result of the Investigations. So soon as he shall have finished bit labors the efl'air will be judicially examined. Jamb* River ant> KanawhaCanal ?Great interest is exhibited in Virginia for an arrangement that has verv recently Iwen entered Into between the James River and Kanawha Company and a French company, the chief directors or which are Me*TS. De Bel lot, frtrts. The object of the contnrt betwefn these parties is the extension and perfection of tb'* canal communication between the county of Kanawha, (in which Mtsirs De u-n?? -? i. > ? imwi air ><uu proprietors,; on Ilie river or that name in Western Virginia, and the James river. W ith this so improved as to have the canal seveD fe? t in depth, and able to ar commodate vessels of live or six hundred ton*, it is drained certain that a great and continually Increasing trade will spring up between Western Virginia and tbe Empire of France, whtreby the latter will receive from the former the greater portion cf the vast supplies of Iron, coal, and timber which her manufactures annually require. The capital stock of tbe new company is large, we believe twenty millions of dollars Although the contemplat "d imfirovement will have several powerful rivals, in be Haltimore and Ohio railroad and Pennsylvania and New York roads and canals, yet sucbare the advantages claimed fur tbe Virginia canal, by reason of milder climate and other circumstance*, that it is confidently believed the tonnage can be reduced from the present rate of four cents per ton to one-ninth or one-tenth of the same. We shall be glad to learn the success of any arrangement* tending to develop the vast natural resources of Virginia, and to increase Its commerce sad extend its commercial relations WiMK'n Programme ixCr*tral America. Tbe New Orleans Picayune of September 1st "learns by intelligent gentlemen, direct hither from Honduras, and personally conversant with late events In tbat country, that Walker's expedition is of a more comprehensive character an?i has a more Important object in view, than generally supposed It is nothing leas than the regeneration and consolidation of the Ave Central American States, as In day* gone by, i" one federal republic." This change ofj>rogranime, It Is said, was brought about by extensive "correspondence, which in the last six months has passed between Gen. Walker and his friends in Central America, In Nicaragua, Costa Rica, in Salvador, in Guatemala, and Honduras, and which, as said before, caused his sudden descent upon Truxillo. where be lai.ded, not under the Nicaragua flag, nor even that of Honduras, though recognising the sovereignty of the State, but under that of the old Central American Union or Confederacy And this Hug now, we are assured by gentlemen direct hither, alone waves over his camp. rv-g? METROPOLITAN LITERARY ASSO lk3 CIATION.?'The regular meeting of the Ms trop >iitan Literary Association will l>? held TOMORROW (Friday) EVENING,the 7th uiKt., in ..I,?,l ? ?< - ' - .. ..j - wHwi nwusc, njtacr hi i eni.'i alii] 1' .tls., St 7.1* o clock. The members are requested to l>? punctual in their Attendance. By order. THOMAS M. Mi EPHERD, Pec. QEO. H. MORGAN. 1'ies. wes-ar rv-*=? THK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION' " 5 will hold its regular woekly meeting at tlie Wigwam, <-i>rn?r of ludiatiaaveriuf and Second ht , TO-MORROW (Thursday) EVENING,steight o'clock. Mr. K. F. vViuisi and othars will address the met ting. The puhl c arc invited. se 5-2t* (Ts^DKMPSEY A OTOOLK. LL3 WEDuINU ANl) VISITING (A HI) KNUHAVKHS. Importers of fine WEDDING bTATlOMER Y, WEDDING fcNVKLOPKS, the most beautiful stylos. 32H Pa. Av., between 9tii and Kith sts , ail 27 tilII WASltl ffOTOTI* FORSALE-A eus'nf SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS for amputatious, trepliatiing, Ac , ol London manufacture, nearly new aud in excellent condition, at Messrs. NAIRN A PALMER'S Drug Store, corner of Ninth street and Pa. aveuu*. so6-3t COAL AND WOOD! Red Ash Coa!, White Ash Coal, Ljkens Valley Cooking Coal, Oak and Pine Wood, sawed ar.d split, Also, 2u0 barrels Charcoal, in (juauimes to suit. For sale by R. W. BURR. so 6 e.i3t* Corner of 7th st. aud Mass^av. riiHE PLACE 1 TO GET YOUR SCHOOL BOOKS At tk* Lowest Pricet ! *r BALL ANT YNE'8, 49~ Sevkkth St, eft-lm Abov> Odd Fellows' Hall. NEW BOOKS.?Woman in While, l>y Wiikio Collins. Wood*and Waters, by A. B. Street. Ebony Idol. Cluskey's Political Text Book, sent by mail free on receipt of $3. (ireely's Political Toxt Book, sent free by mail on receial of $L For sale at our store, 3T4* Pa. avenne, at our usual discount of 10 to Viper cent. BEN. F. FRENCH, se6-3t Between llth and 12th st?. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the t>?st establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairinc every description of line Watches, and (KJ particular attention give to the same, by I' orough competent workman .and all work guarantied A1 o, every descnp ion of standtrd SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manuifeetured under my own supervision, whioh my cu*tuiners will find far superior in gnality and fiuuh to norther* ware ; old by dealers in leneral and .... .r. wi nit)ir i owu manufacture. I'. O. HOOD, ,e6 338 Pa. avenue, near 9th ?t. O! IT1CAI. BOOKS FOE THE TIMES ? c'uikeT'i Text Book tent by mail, pre-paid,on ^VJe^ 'sVulitical Text Boek by inafl, free.ou reCei5>ui']a?land Lincoln Debates tent free ou reoeipt C*?e ?ent by mail en re??ipt of 3D ?*Life of Douilassent by mail on rooeiptofan cents Campaign Medal* of al: the candidates sent bf {, o.... "'^fiVVRKNCH, Bookseller and Stationer, U7? Pa. ar.. se 6-lw i Int.) between 11th and 12th >t*. r* eVrTiT e b. s l o a t k. c o V " Vl Manufacturers of THE ELLIPTIC ^LOCK STITCH imp?c?vi?5 shuttle SEWI5G WitIIINESt TVift aimnlMt K-?-* ?? * ? otpi vviilirUClfU FreeTrom leather pad* and compilation' Reliable upon alt manner of t??,ric? WARRANTED TO EVERY PURCHASER : ManaTMtory',^I8S Bewh ?fre?* ? V . ? i H' , .' .tt , J, S (J*OU)0Mw . 4 # EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, *c. PLEASURE WITHOUT NEGLECT or BUSINESS. graxd yrrpoxL ight excursiox To <iLY MONT, On THURSDAY EVENING. S?pt 6. Tl>< monWa ..r ?>.. flO'I nai'l ? A?HI UUAORfl'LB A8KMbCY would _ Jt*^ reMactfullj annoutr* that they ,,voia (And NWNL1QHT EX rUESIQN toGLTMONTon THIRSDAV EVENING, a?^temt>?rl; and they would *tat? thai no ax pease hash*** ?pnredt<> rendert?nsapleasaat trtf to all who may favor them witti their pre eno^ Th" steamer I'BOf Colltkr has l<?eB eajated and will leave bar Wharf quarter of 7 : B!af?len h wVarf, tfavy Yarn, quart?r ??1 8 ; Alexandria 8^. Cnaehee will leave 7th ?t and Pa av. at GSi. Prof, 5*chroeder'? !>ra?* and string l>anJ ha1* l>een eneaced. ... , j . I Tickets 5" cent*, admittm* a teitlenun and ladies ; to be had of the Committee or at the (mat. Cowmitttt of Arrnnt'm'nt*. James Kenton, Ja?. Mathieson, John I,an?le\- D~-t 1 _ . < imiiK m N. MoNally. * Joa.H.Pegg Sam'I Howell. se 3 4t* 1 ^RLINGTON GRAND PRIZE PIC NIC! LOOK OUT FOR~KKXT TUESDA V, ThkIIth. THE GRAN DEST EVENT OF THE SEASON ! SPLENDID DISPLAY"OF FIREWORKS! pleasureTsd PROFIT A cran-i Pri?-> Pic N'ic will lx> (riven on Tt'ESDAY NKXT,at Arlington Ppn'n*.><rr^3^r ^ on which ummwd i!00 ENTS will be distributed. W The gifts,C nsisting of Gold aud Silver vv&tchek. Silver Tea Set of 6 pieces worth .?4D, Rrao?l?ta. Enrring*. Hreastpins. Ac.. Ac. have been purchased of Mr.H.O Hood, Jeweller, between #Ui and loth ats.. and can l?e seen in Ina window Every piece there exhibited, together with l? other gifta, will j ? fairly distributed at 6J? o'clock on the day of th* Pic Nic. Withers' celebrate?l braaa and atring land in engaged. There will also l*? a SPLENDID DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS! Superior to any private enterprise ever gotten up. The Proprietor guarantee good order and a pl?a?ant time to all. Omnibuses will leave 7th st. and Pa. avenue every hour during the day. The packet Flying Cloud will run between Georgetown and the Springs, and the steamer (ieo. W. Riggs will leave 14th st. bridge hourly. Tickets, for gent'emen, 50 cents; ladies. Z5 cents. No charge for children. sc4 etlt f?RAND TEMPP.H iVnr i-vm nQinu VI TO U L YMO \T, " " MONDAY, Skptimsih 10. TheCATHOl.lC BKNKFICI \f. TOTAL ABSTINENCE ASSOCIATION ofthe JP*" * District of ?'olumbia will giv* rhcir^^4v|^? Annual Excursion on Monday,Sep-^^?"1^-* teinfoer 10. The Thom?? Cot.lvkr is chartered for the occasion. She will make two trips during the day. SUe will leave Georgetown at quarter-past 7 a m., the Ston* Hoo?e at lialf-pa t7a tu , aud her what f( foot of 7th st. Washington.) at 8 a. in. She will inak? a second trip from Washington al half-past 1 p. iil, touching taoh way at Alexandria Omnibuses wiii start trom the corner of 12th st. and the Avenue, 7th et and the A venue, and from the corner of 4th aud il sts., and from the Capitol gate at 7 and 7J* o'clock a. m. Omnibuses will l>o at tlic beat when she returns. VVtthers' celebrated hard will discourse sweet music by hart and wa*er. Dancing, of coarse, will imvc us wtarim,ana mere are lew wlioiu Withers will pot tempt that way. In fite. nothing will ? e wanting to make it a day of real pleasure to the members of the Association and the kind friends of th e cause who will accompany them. Dinner a d Supper will bo furnished in good style by the proprietors. Messrs. Jones & M iller. No intoxicating liquors will be sold during the day on board the l?oat <t on the grounds The strict est order will be maintained on the boat aud on ?hor?. Tickets at $1 earh will eralde a gentleman ami two ladies to enjoy the excursion. Single tickets 5<? c*s. Children free. Committee of Arrnnfoments. John D. Clark, Patrick W Hickey, 'I homa* Dufly, James J. Kane. Ge. r?o Savage, Patrick Carroll, M Enwriuht, Join Herlihy, Tiniothv Greon, Patrick Shea. Jam"s MeGran, an 31 Th.S.Tn.ThAS (States F.M.W&S) AMUSEMENTS. W 1 M A H, The Magician and Ventriloquist! SIX NIGHTS ONLY. ALSO. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTKRN'NS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. COMMENCING MONDAY NIGHT, Sept.3!. ?u 31 8'yy ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager 9. W. Glbxn. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op*n for the rernlar Fall and Winter Season on the night of TuURsDA Y, Novkmbih Ur. JOSEPH JEPFERSON, The Comedian of the A^e, will commence an enfl|?nwntof Twe ve Nirht* on MONDAY, Novemlier 5th, and will be fo'lowd bythe most BKILLh NT STARS In the Theatrical Firmftmer t. IT/"' Communications if addressed tn S. W. Glk.m, -'Old Bowery Theater," New S'ork.wdl meet with prompt attention. au U-lf EFRRK CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLER, AVte York ?* ? *?, biuret* 1*( and 'id streets, would rei??jc!fuil? ?L late to the publio that A COMJERT ofifl? SELECT MUSIC will be given evert MON V DAY audTHURSDAY EV EN1N?S during the season, at hit Pavilion. ooininer>oing at 3 o'clook and end in rat in p.m. Previous to the Conoert. the Saloon is open to thoae desiring to while &VAV ft fr> or luaira tn Hio ,nL' CUKANT. WATKH ICKS.antl every dftsoriptimi of CONFECTIONERV alwayt ready at city pnoex. Parrie? des-'iriii* the UaHena for Pio Nic pur p * ?. a-? n-^ue*'xl to fire a day or two nutioe. >* 18 Sni "personalT ~ DISSOJ.LTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. Tim late tiTm of V arxrll & Finch ik this d*y dissolved by ntuttial o inwenf. All buiiine** connected with the !a?e lirm will l>e sett ed by Mr. G. H. Vari ell The business will be hereafter carrie 1 OlH UMIM Bf Mr. tt> H> VIIMUttt Ik! old Ktfcfld, 11 Lou i i?n 11ft av. G. II. VA RIM P.LI.. JNO S FINCH. Washington, D. C., Septamiter 6th. I860. N. B.?MR. FINCH will still continue to execute the Kraininic, a* heretofore. se 5 3t TMIK COFAK TX R R SHIF exiting x be'ween f. i* crocker find C. n. ki'glkk, under the name of Cko< kkr k Kccler. i? thin day dissolved ly mutual consent. All debts for or against th? firm will be settled by Wm. <*. Crocker aiul C. N. Ku<ler. wiio will continue the busine**, F. F. CKOCKKR, CHA8. N. KVGLKR Washington, August 27,18fr>. _ we 4-3t? PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE EVENTS, will b? sarufactorily explained bra la^v.ft her residence No. H37 C ?t , beiwoen ltt and 2nd ts., Island. Consultation fee 25 cents, au 2S-13t* Madame felix, fortune teller, from Faris, inform* her former friends, and the publio generally, that she has removed to 4<>1 Tenth street, between E and F. where she will b? happy to see all who will favor her with a call, au 13-Sw* ___ MAUAIUE MOR RICE, Tiik Gkkat Ahthol*?!st and Doctrju.5, jum from A'nroj??.-^TM|3 highly Kifl<?d and intelligent lady can bo consult*! on the Past, Present ana Future Eveuu. Call at No. 203 Twenty-second street, between H and I, Washington. jei?3m* Fmne pianos for rent or sale, At KI.LIS'S. Moslc reoeived tri-weekly, at ELLIS'S. Melodeousaud other Instruments for rent, at _se? ELLA'S. JOHN E. SCHEEL. Txachkb or Mcsic, Inform* his patrons that ho continues his Private Lesaons in the city the tune he is not enxated at the Union Female Academy, corner of luhlSB street and New York av. Orders niay be?fi^ l?ft at the Academy or Motxerott's Musiu Store. ?e5-3t' SEL1ZER WATER SELTZER WATER! SELTZER WATER! We have to-day reoeived a fresh supoly of Seltaer Water, in baskets, direct from the vessel in which they were imported. KING 4 BURCHELL, jie 5 Fifteenth st. and Vermont aT. m S* DADIILiI Q n ? ?? ? i v? l- a unnivuuo rAiHILI APIU hX TRA olo flour, SS barrels No.3 MACKEREL, 38 boxes CHKKSK. 75 bush'la white beans. 10 barrels prime New Orleans MOLASSES, 2 <i<?. HONEY SYRUP. For sale bf eSKST J. R. BAftR A CO. English school, (mali and Fsmai.k,) [ A'o 365 Maryland av.,brtv.9th anJXOlk ?U. The exercises of this School were resumed on Monday, 3d of September. Terms froin A3 to $6 per quarter. JOS. R. KEENE. se^-St* J i eacher. TJ KM EMBER, The great bargains in new and it SECOND HAND PIANO^U^^nt. se 3 306 Pa. %r., hetfHh and loth s.s. 1tnion firewood mills, u coknke 7TH st. as? ca?iar , D. C. The undesigned moat re?peotfulIy mvite the atfl tendon ol our customer* and the puhlie generally to the (act that we have now afloat 50U TON'S ?<F COAL, of all sizes and of the venr beat quality, which we wUlaell at a profit of tfteents per ton from the vessels _ J ? We are also manufacturing HICKORY, OAK and PIN E WOOD, all lengths aad sizes. ITT All orders filird with dispatch If ^ rtorn?r7H? ?1 SVwlOt Mcl'X'EW''^MfftCovfr, Pro'n. F?* uVid'hii.aSd ?,ML gl'2^ , w"a. ^'piiava^o^, A'feaa : jlTUlUniH, b*W?0 M Md 4S kU. luStf .o. . 'i :;^i3 K ?. <: i WANTg. Hod carriers wanted-ami? u? ai.. I.EN a JACKSON, Piut?r*ri.4T> Pa. ?v.f mflisnax'th ?U. It wanted to rjknt?iw ? *r*ctjc?i y * Jot thac^tsainc * ?-. or !oni?r. ? F\RM of aba?t l(jn?cr?*. withi?t l(> or ISmilMof \Va*hiniwitiiootnfiwtalilo !?ni',linc? u<1 mod land An ''<* ? "Vf^ln*rBl?d?Bkl.uri{, Pri no* caftr.Md. M? * flr'rse ivan ted? An old Mttlad colorad wooiM-f,m prefme.1. Patient and ?ood natural: t6 riv*all hor tuwtnd attemon lonnaehild. An* une having ?'ich ?ervant for hire will rlea?* are** iiox 4 -tamitice. where an inter view wi he hart and vwm per n-onth li* 11/ANTKD-A German. Sootoh or Kncu?h \V(). "f MAN. a^ cook. Apply at Kalorania. 21 *t * >1 Boundary *ts. ?e V3t* Viroon TI UNKKS WANTKD.-Two list?. " iancj Turner*, and twoactir- B <y*. %1-out IS ye^raofake. ApMj at the Mount Vernon Kactory, near tbe railroad depot. ae5 3t* Af?-:\v industrious and go ahkad Vonnc Men will have a fine opportunity to irake money for the next three month*, l>> cafiin< at the Plum Uaguernan (Jailer*. Brown'* Hotel, Pa.av. Hour* from 8 to 10a. in _ *05 2t* M. H. CAMPBELL. WANT' d-a WOMAN, to cook ud wa*h. at 1*4 1 ?t. l>etwoen gHli and 21?t *?' 4 3t* W~~#ANTF.D-Kirhteen rood MINERS, to work on tunnel No. 1, WarhiniLon Aquaiuct. Ware* rpl ner il?r s* 4 St" r JACKSON ? C A N A I'(i H. WANTED IM M KDIATKI.Y-A competent and reliable borae-shoeing ami r?a<r? jobbing B ACKSMITH. Apply at the chop of DA MKT. .MS ER3, corner P?. avenue and 324 at . Fir it Ward. a* 4 ?* WANTKD-H) a ateady aod ludoatrioua man, t SITUATION an wlltoior. Betl of recom m*ndationa given. Ad^reaa M. C., Star Ofice. jytttf LIST OF HNOLAIMRD PACKAGES at the Oftee of the Adama Kxpreri Coapu;. Wuh* icgton, D- C- to be aold (or freight and oaargee, if not immediately cal'ad for. "FORGE H. Bl'RNS, Agent. September tat, lien. Aubin, N Lindley, Prof Adamaon, A Laurence, A I) Alden, J R J Li viiixaton, H B Anderaon.JH Lynch, A Adama, J P Lat-ot><?, H B Alexander, C Leonard, Kev C Adams. E C Lidiich, Agnee Adair, O Lawaon, Sergt W Abbey. Win Lootnia, M Ashe, W 8 Lawrence, Col A sobrook. r R Langlei.O N Addison. J W Lone,SB Barber. RovS I aibwt, C C Bs'lard. H L< nt?troth. Rev L L Bran oh, J W Leo. Mra M Brown, A H Lang, J Brini?r. M O I Ali&rrA. F Barclay, A P I.awr?n?e, Col Belmont, Aotoatna I.enher.UH Butta, Wm B Mott. Col C H Krovu.A Mrera, Col Benuaa. Prof S M MaPheraon.J A Baer, MraM MacKey, JT Bowie. ?J MSP Had win. till McAboe.E Baird. I)r MKon. Hon C Btimaid*. A E Munta*ue, K L Burn*, Mary MoCrpory.PA Burna, P Muldoon, M B'artkmore. B C Mannypenny, Col B'?wne. M Mortal, K B Butlor, Rev H H Montgomery, J B>Ian. K T Martiu. L> B Brown?. H F MoKrovar. A H'>?ae, Wm McLran.WT Brown. A V MoCracken. J Barnard. GC Mucheil. A B Birler, J G Meader.J Baker, Wrirhtt Co Meeka. J W B anton. B H MeCollim, Wary, Brown. A M Mason, R fc Ba.ika. K D Mortoii, J H Bennett. C W Markley.T Br; uk, KH Miniater of Pern, Byrr.??. I)r J Merrill A Pearce, Cla.k.BH Murray, T Coleman, C W .Marian, J B Co*. J K McMurrar. C H <Jociirarw?. J A Manning, Catkartaa, Ciaaeli, R >? T Mitoheil, H Carter, C H Merrill, l II Cannon. J M Md Ag'l College, Cutta, HL Milla, J H Connolly, F C MoK?lc>,6 Chnnteau.C P Mitot>eil,AS Coleman, Mra M B Muzty, F Connolly. J MoPi.eraon, C H Colby, PT Mitobail.WF Cooper, Wm Moraeil, Rev J Chapman, Wm Mindebff, M Molot?r*iJ I i:ru??w. l? u hcCM?T. *; l trook.GW** MMuire.Jn? I ' ChwbwJ"11'' MudlntM F 1 Cookw. J W u N?wbro?th. * B I J ? Nn'.or.U wa I Cooper. Nicho,?on.U w 3 i C?mpHell. T A 0,1 ,JO M J Clarfc?.MiMJ opp?"h,'m i Cr*tch?tt. J Otrcn*.J t | Oolbarn, J O p&t?Dt,CoraOI I ' Cot.0 ^ ?*ro i D" ?*? Oampbs'l. Arohy P?,"*r'? n I Cook'J^M porter.^ p. n_ Cocrand. C M price, !*? if**1 CrURpn, Dr N> J P?>k6f.'Siof ComWl, CM P?t-?t,Com ot l^nnntii^M1* ^ w Do 1 ci*p?. ? D i>o I Cook, AJj* ? Do ?Jo I Uouthfrtj. ijf- Do 1 Dobyn*. Col T J D<> d,? 1 I)ul6n. F-.i* Do fo.p t'eppsr. C.?l J r DuJkju, Cli'r poiloclc, M I Do Mom PonsiouM Com^ol 1 K-i;4 ? ?iur, r* j V?"in OI Doer, J K Patent Oftioe Delariey, K Perry, T W Douf!u,M?G Pirrj.WHH W S Pat^iit, Con. of Dcnnia, J P Randolph, Col J J Davis, R VV Rudt era, 1 linn him, E \V Roaiing. J Daniap. R P Roboaon.Ciit J l>artiT, J A Son Rich. G VV Dowd, K tor Duuna> Ridgevay, W E<lw%id?, 8 Rotunaoa. Mia A _ Do J S Rowe. ?p?i.cdr Faton, W Rerd. laaa: R??m. Win Riehardsoo, P Kdelman, Mr Robin?on, >* hatou. J Stiepperd Win talsnu, Dr _ Stuart. Rev D C rn(dOitin*, J D >uliivan,J Fraz*r, J L Stone, r* B Farmer. MO Seward, J I. T r?Bch, E B Sent pi, Dr Ford. M Solom-n, H Mfrld, M Schmidt. V Kurae, J Schae. Wm Foator, J Snuti), Luti Ferguaon, S W Seieonac, J 11 Farley, Mrs J Seiigm&n, M Vreip.Frrd Stone. H Fa ler G C Seibert.S EarnII, J Skinner, A P Finckle. Her S D Sp?ncer, li.?*h Foater, J \V Stuart, A. Griffin, F C Summer, J H Giarnb&atian, G Sage, F Givanrer, S Scranton.J 11 G reason. VV Schroder, A Gillie, H W Sterena, u K Goaaett. Mlra hleveua, G W Gazette Ofie* Sullivan. N S Green Pro'U \V Snydor. j Omnea. J W Sn.jth, W Gardner. A W Sutton, C Mra N S*ephena, Alex Gekyl, F Sebastian, C Gibson, W N Sanrdera, T K Gaapair. G Siiu'na.J Gray, Mra K Stone, Capt C P Galea, Miaa Shoemaker, H Hjam, KD SjliUI.SC H uminclL John SSiSi^.1 H*H, A T ft Co Toney, E Hunlent, J J Do. JJatoh, E D Trier, C N Uayea. i L Taomaton A Hnah. Corner of Pmn. arrnu, mmd iVttuk tirwl. The su^scribera detire to return thanka to their ouatomera for the very liberal patrona?e extended to them the peat buaineaa year, and would retpectfully repreaent that their inoreaeed experience enables thr-ra to thuw a more attract 1 re a tuck of Carpete, Ac., than they hare hitherto offered^ Their room* are now filled with erery vamty of CARPETING from the fineat Royal Velret Medallion* to the lnweet priced Ingrain . CURTAIN DAMAeK, BROCATELLES and LAChS, iu all the beat pet'erna. A rery large lot of FLOOR OILCLOTHS, fro? 53 centa to R1 35 per aquare yard, amonf them ait eheeta of extra auperfine with orxiU-eaeil and eatia finished facea. With the ueoal variertr of MOSAIC RLG8. PIATS, SHADES, CORNICES, TARLK and IANO COVERS, Ac. . v Rnyera are reepeoUully invited to neit their Show Rouma.they will find their atook theneweetaad freaheat.and their roopaa thelargest,>hemoatpleae _ mom comfortable L U.I mi ?Uif L. p. perky * eg. I 4 Hooke SB Tyler.'RC Henry, N 8 Tbamu, H Hankneoht, U L Thoiuaa, B M Hammer, M ThnitMiin. \V i Hea d, J T ThraeJler fe UoffniM.C Tnoker, Win Horning. D Tail, F 8 Harrington, W H Tiu?uia?on( Elijah gH&wkes. Col J A Taylor. Jaa yam, B D Tttrge, Mr 1**11,?, A J Tr* i hall. DrC A rvejr, H Todd, Wm D Huch*?, N H Tremr.te, A C Hutolunca, W B Throop, B F Haroian.S Trowbridge, W H&s'ui, H Todd, Lt J ^V Hannay, Peter TJ H ana man, T Taylor. W E Hnnter, T Van Vlut, 8 F Hartshorn*, J Vouch. H Herr, 8 Wi iatni. Mm E J onea, S W right. W Jordan, G WaJaoe, Mr? M J XV P Watcher. J B * JamM, F I. Williama, J Jackson, T B Wemmiga. J iote?, A WootUr, J R arson, Hon 8 Do. ooea, P Weaver. H E Johnston. Mr* 8 F Wa i, W_B |6dder. B A Wykoff, W C Karamarhneber, XV Ware, E T Kirkup. Potta k Co Woodruff. J B Kirby, J Whiteley, A Kensarter. N R Wella, Hon D Kendall, ED Whipple. C I^jr ' c KuoMtr. M ^ Wi'm, MimAW feiSW M wXTmV D KodMi NU" K W?Uun, kennan, W J Ztiglar, Q*o King. H MMn NEWLTPKKVoOM^'%PK'R RV Rl?II.n?v? Managakv ?? la. dealer, H-.?ud aad >* ? Ta. in, U>. Ir'ltbCtl Md Cutl?|K livMtMt, Lk>. Mtiic* top Wuh(tt(.d wd bvr?u?. 1_ki R ocker.b.eepj Hollow ud Euf Chair*. Kxnvifut Feather UMii ?pnn? m< Hur Mat t>eaaee *u<3 K UlIM', Child'* Mkh. |?or l>r??*ta( Burma ai.d ( hurt. ; clock. . l,oiin|m. Bettae. Wood a d Caae m?i ck? re. Kxtenaiou. uinuf. Chaiut>er and Kucmh laUaa. 8af<*. Oupt?'*rd?. Wardrobea. Htovaa and Kitchen I'tenula, A lientU'ttifcii aad a Lad ' fa^tde. Aiao, an a?*oiUiieul VVuio* tiaeketa. Jar* aad man? oth .r art. e'er. Twm? cask. ?e5d W k 1.1/ * BARNARD. A art a '*>IIL'8r !*AI.K ? B* nrte* of a <*e?1 of tia I 1 Iron* iain?n>ki<linoirl? t'i? undr-rMfr> <?. dm ted Augaat ?tb. liisrt ai.O reooided amot<g uta iu<i rocor<ia of \Y?*ii;a?tor coant*, lite'tiol of Coluaibin, there wi'l l?* a pub ic ?ata, at the foot of Kla* -?.tn rtrwt. oa M< ?N OaV. ^t'"'!'*' k. 12 o'clock in., ot th? following property ? Our tau oar feme Llal atmat hit? (m! long. One Seiue about ore hundred and faftj fathom* lor* and about twenty feet d??ep. And lea ooila ol sterna Hope. Term* raah. art d U L. SMOOr. Truatea. Br HAK N A K D A I1LTRKV; Oeoraetowa. TRl'8TEK'8 BALK -H? nrtae ?r* d aJ ?.f traat, dated April 14,18SP. re? >rdad ia Liber. J. A. 8., No. I7S, folio* 101. Ac , I wM?f*r at ana ion. oa MONDAY. ih? l?th da* of V?UmI> f Mtt. tt So'o.ookp.m ,oolitepr*ime*e,a.lthat I?.to! croai d in Ucontetewn. b?n g pa-t* ol Lota ana ti a ad red and niretr four (I'm at d ore hundred and nin?-tv live, i ?5.)ib Bea i'a aeroud addit oa t" Heor?* town, t??anded a* fol'owa, ait: IWbihi:? at tia* northwe?t corner of Lot So. ciBftj i*?,i in aai 1 addition, and rnnrtot ther ce ra .t and paraMH with B?a!l street I2S leet; thenoe north and parallel win, Waahiafttaa el:e?t 5" the roe waat and para lal wilii the brkt line to Coucreaa *t. ret, aid with aaid atreet to the b vinninc, with tie i n^ri tjni'i u, c'ineUtiai of a aniali <1wein i Term* of aaia: < >ne third at the eorohaee agar; L. ?..J 1- - ' " >u > *- pwu ill null, U.U Ui? rMNiUt U two (fill in??a meu'e at one at;d two year*, with >utar**t. to h?MC*rMl Tw*i e.| <?? t* oomp i?4 within on* wek ater rale, or t prvpmtf wUl to reeeld ?: tbe puroiiaeer* -i?k end cjit WAITRK ? C*X,Tr?etae. e 1 2*w4 di BARNARD* HI'CRF.Y. Aaota. boarding] A ro NINTH STRKET.-Pwtow rrtarnini t> "? >?> thectt? froir tli> ir ?u tinner re?ort? will finJ TMABt Mvnt! deiir?U< roomi, hkvini the comrrnii noe? of ?a*. wfil*i. *nd l?<l.tng cioreU, at 44.1 Ninth at., one door eoutli f F; kuitali'.e either for ffcmilieenr ?:ncle centlein n. Table t-oa der? aeooauuixlated on moderate te mi. Milw "GET THE BEST." THOMSON ^CELEBRATED S K I_E T 8. NOVELTIES FOR Al'TlMX, 1*60 Thr Fifftlf Part* Gtrc. ?? CMlUtatlM. * toallcra Q?ea " Fairy. " FarUlaa Traia. * Z*ph jr Renodelied frwia tba latest Parisian daaicr* Mauufactarcd au'.ely by as from 1'born*on'a Pat*nl Impr -ved Corrugate! r'pnors auJ laimiiaM* Wrd?e Slide. Every Skirt staiaprd with our i mi? aad tiade mark, the Crown. Tor aa e everywhere. The Beat ia the ( heapest. W 8. * C. H. THOMSON k. CO.. *36 Bboai?wav, NEW VOKK. au 6 M&ThfUt SepAl*wlm DEPARTMENT OF THE INTKIlOir PcMaioa Orrtca, A<ic 2J, IM>>. Sealed propoaala will he r?<civ?H] at this < tfcf.> aotil 12 o'clock at noon on the loth da? o( Hep???wi her next. for furnishing, for 'be ua* of t> is uffi.i*, niuet> cord* of beat dry hickory wo d aod taatardt best f>ak?r't pine wood, four U?t in length, to be delivered and corded on the f1attin* on the W*?t front of the Patent Office Ruilrfine <?* Ninth direct west, on or befnra the hr*l day of OcU?fcor n*it. Proposal* should he adriresaad to the Coiniruaaioner of Pension*, and endorsed " Proposals for Wo?l." GKO. C. WHPnN?. au 28-dlSeplrt l;oninninioii?r. BH. STINK MKT*. P*. Ar., bst. liTa asd 13th Sr* . Having >a?t leturueJ from New Voik, ia aow opening a coinpl.-te assortment of Sooda in his lineof t:ad''? TT" *3 IB NTS* DRESS HAlS. vancaa Bflj BEEBPTS VENTILATING j&JS DRESS HATS, _ X iML. CA-S1.MERE DRESS HATS.%0>AB# weat >roul, PRINCE OF WALLS HAT. for yojne A l>?-autifui a? ot ent ofCAI'S for ?] < a*? afcitl uil f li^iljity. _ au ll-aodaiil* Pure tti.D r\ k WHISKY.-Oa bud mn.i brand of Por? o!J 8r? Win kj.Coppar Di?tillad. ifii^r by the r<fflab e dialiltora in NilajlTaaia, Marrlaad a .J Vrfinia, nmatad Mr*. Alao, Inportad Hraodiaa, OlArd, Dape? * Co.. Jnlaa Robica, ac. Al?<\ P?acii and Aft # ' Br?wiT, para Holland Qla, old Jamaica and St. Croix lam, aad Wium of avarr vanacy.ali of ?t\Gdkrd braaJa A *UM* <ot ef Cuara and Tobacco YOITNG 4 KKPHART. A*enU. a? M-l? 9*9 Fa ar . Ww arl. *twTrart, J COAL OIL. U8T Received from iha Vir^iaia Oil ComiMf 50 b*rra!a p'ima PHRAFlNE f*t?AL OIL, Wfcich is warraaud aqaal ta tna Naar V# k or Boatnn ail. Ska trad* aaa ae aupaiiad oa Uia i??? taring aa ty bat at tka NortiT. ytM fta aa ffi 1 m B.C. PI R l>^ , 403 Pa. tt. W DAMAGED BUOK0. E Hara a lot of Parkar a Wauon'a RtaJa a and Spell-ra that wara d%tn**ad a littla b* ?i *r in tfca ataamar irom N?* York, wfeiek will be a*id for ba f the uawal price. blanchard a mohun, < Corner llth -t. and Pa. ar. a LL THE BOO|(S USfcD in THE Pl'bljc t\ Srhc>' If and P. I vat# Aoadauuaa m the District for aa!e at tka lovaat pneri, br ... 1L. Taylor a maury. aa Ha Waahiftoa H. k*t-ire, 344 pa >? ZOUAVE SIGNAL HORN. Prtea f*?S )a>t reoaivad at Iha Nu?a S.arc of aa 3 W. G. METZFROTT 279 TJ2HS5r 206 Raft laara to omi* wt a* firifada kX jKrsasfc zSLiaLBttitJz P2!^w^lw ho**. ?t<t cinlire<i. Fine tKif?ki r- riO.iTS. *ow?h! and p^ggnd, f J TV. Calf ?i AITKKS. good qualities, low prices. an WASHINGTON AQ' KDC'CT OPFICl . Wi?B August S\ Wf SlU.l d pbopo?*i.? nr?? invited lor o<Hnpl?4inf the buck ?ork or tiia taxli-service reservoir of ?h?? V\ uhinttuu A<|ui)duct.U th^ corner of Htghaiid R< a<t strict*, (>e<?r(?:own. P?an?aiid ?p cifi^ati .??. mu be imd nt th? ?flloe until Thursday, liio 6tu PWpl'-ntlier, on wlueh ds>. si loou, ai: p. o hiuii rvcei ved will be opened in pri?t. nee ? ! bid.Isrs. Proposal* mould be endorsed M Proposals fi>r Brick Work," nod nd>!resood to Copt. H W. NhNHAM.r.D Encisfwt, Chi' f Engineer Washington Aqueduct, an Sl dtfirVp WILLIAM II. POWELL, <?neco?sor to Jab. E. Wattoh.' Cmtur ef A'? York Arenf n*d Ninth ttrtet. a Having pnrciia?ed the entire Stock, ;>kkI-\\ ill. ai d t-'ix tares at the above ET^I stand, I invite the atU'-BtMHi ui all tb?l~^P old cualviacriof ti? ?u*r? tu my hn<< dvck of PR K-?n GROCERIES, M INES, an* LIQUORS, which I am n >v dai!* receiving, aitd which will t* sold at the lowest eity pneee. Pli-as<> call, and "we strive to p?eas?" will be the motto au eolw PILOTS' NOTICK.-Tu aU Captain* and owners of Vessels, hound U> the Diitnrt < iv of Colainlna, tone* is herein riven, that Ath ?it?>U u?) (>e lound at all times at IK corje's Island, at the inuutiiof :U Ms.j'a liver, ai:d m ar Pine) Point, a-id that it it not n<-e?s?ar> to talc.-\ ireini* Pilot* Irotn the r I ?atn. whee the vessel ti bound to Georcetown or Wa Minctnaotty, Miri ?n<l Pi l/\?u .mb Iwi aI?i -- AUCTION SALKS. HTFr *tk*r Awrion 9*U*, fw /I'j/ By ). C. McOTiKK 4 CO. Amouuhmt*. VALt'ABLE BM'LDINO I.OT ON NOKT* KPt.. ntv>Ki?ri a it d hm'n , at Pruc Arm k ?Ou TI'ESDaI AK ? bit NOON. ?* >tMntwr llth, nt * o'f ook. no tM ^rdiim ? ha! Mil part of Lot No. 4 in ufc-? jJ7, fr.v..t, >4 fa, t on north K atr*?4. brtw* <Hh aud l.Hh ?U wNt, riit'ni * acfc 121 f?*t Ini)> l<> t a >y, ?uU<x>t to % Kri'tji. l?a<*. ruf?-airp *H' toao*ui<?d at any tm? ?? UifH'?wni oftw*at? o*at? fWHiar* toot (or tii? ground. Twm: One tr.irdouli; the rea.dna ia i aaJ it m>>nth>. with iat?r?*t, a*cur?-4 b) 4<1.*J ?ftr?*t on tk* jr. in IM*. mM i.C. Mcbl IRK * CO.,A?ota FUTURE DAYS " Us I t * I-' *. -a * ? *?7 * in?v inn ? vv? , n ntunnw I %. ?TOCKS? AT AUCTION -On PIIMT Al*^ r Mi NOON. S>ft*wi?r 7tk, at 5 o'clock,at u? Auction Kotiiuv. v# thai in cuimi toiail 1,14*' Corpoiation ut W ??h!r.|KH Uuartarlt Btoci i 4 0 ^ortoiation <f Aleiiudr* Fotni anbua, 2 3t< But ot IN. IKjbu! ion St- oi. I ?tni< each, in ourr*i,t turda I j v mcttmii i ro ??(> Bj W ALL 4 HARNARP AMotioneora. EXECl'TOW'S JjAI.K OF H0l A"L?1*2*31 *! ; rrnon.?.i? saIIKDa) MOKMNu, kui sepu.utM . ,, |? <i cloc*. will Mtii.u. frof <;! IkttHlM RIHMl t>7 orJ?roftfca Ora-m** r..urt a cMirr* " in? t of ?i irtwui KnfMtar*.

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