Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 0 f rdfc tw* rra*. A LOVFRS OOWH STAIRS?AND UP. ' ! Th? boar of midnight was drawing near, i 1 Ai I pa??ed the hotiso of a millionaire: A bMkutifnl moonlight night it wa?, ? Such a on? a* lover* >on i?it paa^e. Tn the parlor a lady and ?tutor sat. Converging of this. and conversing of that, In lanfna|e so alegaot. soft, and refined. That atiowed the; were both of polisharf mind. Tha conver?anon (teemed light and jar, A* they sat 'neath the ga*light tete-a-tete; Yet, half in earnest. naif in play. They talked 01 lots in a roundabout way. A ad they spoke of flirtation*, of p&rtias, of balli Of ineMents napp'aing while making ca'ls ' 8f pia me?, excu sions and trips u? the Sonnva f oon*uesU, ad ventures, and all such things! ' And thoaj^tbey JN;;aredjo^?jk quite free, fna [xmami * ?*-?? wim ?nu |iw?i t I thoeght there was something tuey wished to Had no t stern etiquette stood in the way. While thna 1 was musini the matter o'er, I oh\ncd'i to look in the basement door. And there a maid and her suitor stood. And talked of their love as lovers should. They spoke in aaee^ts soft and low. And even iaitered while speaking so ; Of etiquette's laws th*y never ht?ara. So they allowed their hearts to prompt eaoh word. The seitor leaned o'er the maiden's form. And in trembling voioe told his love so warm He knew none of fashion's choice ton ?#M, Mo he spoke like an honest, loving beau. And she, the simple, mnoeent maid. The instincts of her heart obeyed ; M?e, blushing, heard her lover's vow. ad answered it?she scarce knew how. ? ? * Look on that picture, and then on this, Ye connoisseurs of mortal bliss. And tel> whi?h enjoys the more. The lovers above, or those in the door ? T. s. Tie Excitement 15 Tex as is Getting Daxqerocs to Traveler;*.?Mr. bayers of New Orleans, who had been traveling through Texas. purchasing live stock,a* he nad been iu the habit of doing for many yean, failing to make oonnecuon at Palestine with the stage to Crockitt, he attempted to procure private oonreyance, as the delay would interfere with his business arrangements. This anxiety to reaeh Crockett, counted with the fact that he was a stranger, coning from the direction of I>allas, excited suspicion, and he found himself surrounded by a orowd, who took hiui to be an incendiary. 60 f*r from being satisfied with his explanations, snd a detailed history of bis business and life they judged him an enemy, and proposed to give him an introduction to Judge Lynch Anticipating the worst, Mr. bayert stood oa his defence, drew hi* revolver, and stated to the crowd that if they had determined to bang him he would sell his life as dearly as possible; and in hi^ Masonic character, he oalied upon the Masonic fraternity for aid. This appeal proved successful for del&>, and after more cool investigation he was released ry"There won't be a darn'd thing this ummer bnt politics.'" said Jonathan, who was diaouasing matters at our depot with a city triaod "I tell you that I can't meet anybody but what tney're puttiu' em ter me, 'bout the little giant, Southern niggers, old Brown, the constitution and spread e?gle, the railsplitter, and a thunderin' lot of tber names. Coruarn it, why the bull frogs in the pond bask of our barn are all on a titter, bellowing out "Old Aba?01d_ Abe"?"Illinois?Illinois"?"Bell- j verett?Belleverett'7?"Put him thro'?pot him thro'?chug." ~~ ARRIVALSAT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL-H Snowden, H C Mc Lautchlin, Va; F Ferrall. J Harty fnd ly, NC; J Fatton. Mrs Patton aud daughter, Alt; H Gelban. H Plegsn Mo; J A Gordon, Z B H-rudsn, Va: T Daven port, Ga, J Williama and daughter, La: Mia Hayes Tenn; J Warden, Ga; J White, Va; F 8 TLompton. S H de Boer, Fa: T Richards, lad; J Mitchell, Ala; H A Rldgl-y and If, Ky; 8 Cbenowith. Va, W McRitb and ly. L> H Fowler and ly, La; B Tardy and ly, G Wilburn. J Watkii s and ly, A la; T Emory, A M Harding, Ind; J Johnsons and ladle*, SC; Mrs R K Barrow and fam,J Hage and fani. La; J Morrow, SC; 8M H.nige. Va; J A Smaller and fam. Mrs Lincoln. 0;JH Mcl>aniel,SS ShrlTer, Va; J H Hiker and ly, Miaa A Spring. NY; E Ferris and fam, R U Wintersmitb and ly, Tenn; O 11 LlTlnjjston, N V; P W Chase. Re* 6 Chase, D D, S Cbase, Miss; JJ E Tompkins, NJ; H M Brown, J Brown, NC: R H Green. Miss NATIONAL HOTEL ?T W Thruston, I H C Mudd. UC; J H Lester, Va; J White, Ind; J B Howe, Va; M TreTlno. Tex; J W Derickson, C J Waiksr, Fa; F. B Wallbridge. III. J A Green. G Tucker. R M Orldtu, M M. Mahon, A H Miller, J Haabronch, N Y; J lienney. C Kaulfman. Pa; G Tborburne, Shan^hae: M CMmdv H R Caruthen. Trnn; jrftes Cobol. ? T Fitxgera!<i aud bm. F VI.ale. Md; 8 Rom, D Spur lock. NIih Bodge*. L Morse. Tenn; W Kngllib, Va; \V R Stuart and lady, La; Mrs Folk, T Moouey, Md; G King and lady, C Richardson and fam, La; ti W C Lad wick aud lady. Md; C H Handler and lady, Mia A McCoonell. >li? MeCulloch. Mia* CiainS, SC; V Kin? and fam. Mlsa, j iockusb and r, MIm BalLy, MY; D Wilcox, Ga; V\ 9 Blake and fam, Ml?? Miller, NY; G S Gray.Md; J Ho;;, NY KIRKWOOD HOUSE?J Moncade. Ga; G Buffer, H *li?cke*te, Va; W Tucker, Ky: W F Wright. Md; J C McCoy and ton. Mo; H Snyder, Jkld; C Brown, Va; G F Fonder and ly, B Bradty, Ga; A F Kibb. W G Freeman. MY: J McManu, Va; J Ball. Rer T Morpby. Pa; J Woodfcouil, V?; C Grtffln, C W Tboniai, rs*A; C J Brunkle, NY ; J W ribaw and Iy. J Bar Li--id and ly, Mis* ti VYerar. Va. J V VVellett, GVV Baker, Fa; F M Mmy, DC OChA NS YEAMBRS' SAILING DAYS Fbom tbb Umitbb Statbs. Bt'omtr*. Ltntt. For. Days. Vantler but?. .Mew Vork?. Havre. Sept. C.of Ba.tu11ore .N0v York...Liverpool..??ept. Conna?f m .N eir Yorku.G*iway Sept. 11 Afrion. .......New York. ..Liverpool Sept 12 Jura.. ?..........New > ork...Liverpool.. Sept H i?o .New Y'ork.. Liverpool,. Sept 15 Falti'n .New York_..Havre. Sept 15 Bavaria New V or* Soutli'pton. Sept 15 C*ua<la BoaU?n..._ . Liversool.. .Seat ! U wuDiii|Uin..1Nev York. ...Liverpool.. S?pt 2i l#ein?ter. Boston...... .Gal way Sept a Aaia New York... Liverpool ..Hopt24 tfremen. .New York. ? Sootti'pton bept .9 AdruUio ........ New York. ...Havre Oat ( Ara?< New York....Harra.._?Oot li Prom Europb llllaoia South'pton. ..New York.. .Aa(. 2* C. WMhiu(tou?Liverpool New York ...Aag.^9 Mnlw?iin Liverpool Quebeo Aug. M Ana .Liverpool new York Sept. 1 L?i niter ??Oalway.?. Beaton 9*pC 4 Bremen ?-South'pton... New York. .Sapt. 3 Adriatic. South'pton. New York..Sept.It Prince Albert...Oat way Now York..S?pL 1? irwo South'pton... .New York.. .Sept. >? New York...... South'pton New York. Oot. 3 The Havana uiai. eteamero leave Naw York on tk* 94, ma, 17th. and 37th of eaoh month, and Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The California mail ?te*m*re laare New York oa (MM aad Sotb of aa*h month. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS FOR HARPER'S FRKRYjr-CHAJfOE OF DAYS ?On and after J uly, 2,19b., JP? ^ the iUtmer ANTELOPE, Ca?t. J. VVELL?.earryini the L'nitad States^^**^^"* jittl, will leave Georgetown EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY aad FRIDAY, at7 a. m.,and re" turn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B.?Every Wednesday the Antelope will run through to Shepherdatowa. sji auim* os .,a, n^siy;, , Breutje, CapUin W". p. RittoJ.wUl * 3.. \.,?VZ?0iC'^0* * m": &R<1 return every tltern&t* ttff tt | O olook 4. ?0. On tjfl Stjf |irfja? trim. assBSr"-1~" *,u ""Wk S'sta ? jelA-Sai i5o^^mpp&; ? ft g|?,KN'egii'i0AA,4wiv,i9S buxe. printo Kjuirm CHEE8K. Tot mi. iuw by john j. bogl'b. L>sor(*to?a, J) c SBS&XAivs Zf?v??ta: Z>JL wu* * fMLANUbLL.. OrTlCIAn, V*, . ? 1 ** XnJf It.. tfMrfrtOM, Mm ocMttctlf uu band a large aaaortment of rVMekNw *\SB??1.Pwikubio. Col nan ?re<2. anu al other tfrfcCTA<;I?E?, U? o?4t fUA-ity, ID roia.ailrer. at?e' and German Mlv?r(mTBM. N.J. ofi P-rame. keja "ed and KVg a? MtjntMmnordar. 10 U-ly J OH. r. BIRCH. USDSRTAXXR, ? ' J Cm. BrUt* *nd /'/tf-m iii., Cwiumm. Having given mr peraonalattention tothiebtaaeii m m? bumn^e*, 1 am prepaiod U?. _ _ attxiid to Ml ?ui? wiLi j>'. m?tneea nnum from aJitanoo raabeanp pii*i at a '? w miuataa' notice.** lk?T?alar|( aee?n.n*!itof CoPf"! S8 a'war* on hand. Particular attention piiii to th* removal of the <UaJ from tae old to tiia new burial groaada. I W oarewe and Hotw for hire. H 9m ' B^andiVH^Su*. I l*?LtrL.Ali A>;M?tTTlAi"MK 1 4 \ TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JJOOTS AND SHOJ^ TO SUIT THK Weir?no* man u factum in* all kinds of BOOTS and BHOfc.8, aad oonranUv nc?nn| tgAa uppijr of eutoro mad a work of every de-SHI caption made expreaaly to order, and willFMl be sold at a roneh lower prioe than haa bwi1 ilk heretofore onarjed in Qua city for much inferior artiolea. Potsoc* in waat of BooU and Shoe* of aaatev or oity made work, will alwar* tmd a <**! uwrrmin in tort and at the lovMt ay *-r 114 ^waufnA >twu. I HAVE REMOVED TO No. 1? MARKET Brace, Penn. avenue, between 8th and^tffe nth atreeM, where 1 will be hawr to waitBHX on ail who will Ifcror me with a call withr ll a fine atook of BOOTS and 8HOK8 for* Ladiee',Gent*',b?>ya\Miuea' and Childreo'a wear. aa t eotr J. RQ8KNTHAL. f^IVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived thia day, embraeinc all auah mm una and sum of Sol* Leather, Ladies'HM Ureas and Paokinf Trunks. Our trunk^1?*" Sea room azhibits at this time the crsatest variety traveling requisites, at mods rate prions, to be found this aide of New York. Also, svrfnr desc ripVkUCEk [X^Old Trunka repaired or taken in exohangs for mv oaee. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Trunk Sales Room, mar Sl-tf Mi Pa. arena#. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY^ O 4?? TtH STtm. ^ Oppotitt Odd F?ll?u>s' Hall, Wmrkintton, D. C. Traveiera will studv their interacts Oj examinin my TRUNKS, VALICKSAo, before pur-?ns ohanng elsewere As I use none bat thtHJRM best arterial the market affords and emplov^H*u the best workmen, 1 oan oonfidently reoommend my work to be superior in Str-ngtk and Durability to Trunks that are m&de in other oities and sold here. 1 keep constantly on hand, anil make to order (ob one week's notioe) every deeonptien of SOLA LEATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND otktr T ALICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., *c. Trunks, Ao.. Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of tka eity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Also?Aient for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES, de 16-1* JAMES 8. TOPHAM. ^RMY SUPPLIES. _ Orvtcz o? Am Clotpiso awd Eqctpaoi.I PHILADELPHIA, AU|Ult 17, 1860. \ S*alid Proposal* are invited, and will bare of ived at this o(Bce. until 10 o'olook a. m., of Thursday, tbe fourteenth da? of September next, for furnishing b? contract the following Army Supplier ana Materials, de iverable at (he United States Clothing and Equipage Depot, (Schujlkill Are*nal,> in quantities as required, via yards oloth, dark blue, (indigo wool dyed) for caps M inches wide, to weigh about 14 oanoes par yard. 40,000 yds kers?jy, dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled, *4 inches wide, to weigh 22 ounces per yard. 5,noo army bla .k?ts, wool aray,(with theletters (J. S . in black,4 inches long, in theo*ntre.) to be 7 feet loug, and 5 feet 6 inohes w ide, to weigh 5 pounds each. 30,000 yards of flanuel, dark b'ue (indigo woo!dyed) 5t luches wide, to weigh 10 ounces per yard. ion,nooo yards flannel, white (cotton and w?ol)Sl inches wide, to wei<h fiX ounces ?er tard 80,u0() yards Canton tlanne . .7 inches' wide, te weigh 7 ounces ter yard. 80,000 yards cotton drilling, unl.leaohed. 57 inohes wids. to Welch 6^ ounces per yard. 90,000 yards ootton drilling, uiibleachod.36 inohes wide, to weigh I ounoes per yard. 0,000 pairs half stootmgs, gray. 3 sues, proper'* made ??f good Heeoe wool with doable and twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pound* per dozea pairs. 15,000 yards Rrssia sheeting, 42 inohes wide, best quality. S.ono yard* brown linen, 38 inohes wide, best quality. 10,000 yards ootton muslin, unbleached, 36 inches wide. 10.000 rarda hi*/>lr Ka?? <.? ! >? i??l'? wide. 1,500 yards buokram, beat quality, 40 inche* wide. l.S.oou aheeta dingwad, cotton. 3u,(??i janl? tape, white\ and >i incliee wide. Silk r<*d. whit*, yellow, green and b!u?, for flaga, per yard. Bilk twist ana aewing silk, beat puality per pound. Linen thread, W. B No. 30a40, per pound. D> do Blue. No. *> a 4o. do Do do aaaorted oolora. No. 3J a 40 per lb. 300 dozen apoola ootbin. SuO piece wabbing. 1 aud IS inoh. 3\'<00 yards cotton auok, 2hK ii.ohes wide, to weigh 15 ounoea per ya-d. 2?,i*i0 yarda cotton duck, 28>i inohea wide, to weigh 10 ounoea per yard. ? ooo yarda cotton duck, 33 inches wide, to weigh 10 ounces par yard. 150oorda ai,d (assets, for trumpeteand bugles, asaorW colore1,?* yarda K inch silk laoe, aaaorted oolora. nj,'*M vara* s, * ? AM IS inches worsted lace, do. 17,u00 hat oords, wor*Uni, assorted colors 3-16 inch diameter, with a tassel at each end two liiohes long. 15,100 black feit hats, best quality, made of Scotch and Englishobney and Hussia Hares. !VW0blaok ostrich feathe's, 12 inches Ion?. 17.2m brass eaglot. ??o brass orossed cannon. 5,?oo do bu(i?a. 3Wo do do aabree luo do castles. 6,i*? do knapsaok trimmings sets. SO do sp*ars aud lerules for guidons, and oolors. 8iio gross buckles, iron roller, 96 and IX inoh best quaiitT 5* gross buckles for neck stocks. loo pairs NCH trass scales. 300 pairs Sergeant's brass, and 25 pair bronzed scales 8,ooo pair oorpural's and privates' brass, and 19* pair bronzed scale*. 2,00) gross coat buttons, best quality* 2,V*i gross shirt do do 2/xsi gross suspender buttons, do ISO bugles, with extra mouth pieoe*. 150 trumpets, do do 200 fifes, B and C. 30 drums, oomplete, artillery. 80 do do infantry. 800 do heads, batter. 800 do snare. ^kt Hn inarm 2*0 do atioka, pairs. auu do corda.ot Ita'ian hemp, Ijv do alioKB ano tent poiea. wail aeta. .**) do aervanta' do 2,??> tent pina, hospital, small. 2,(100 do wall, large. do aoirunon 1>tent buttona, < wood) small. 20,i?u tent aiipa, do do 100?amaou flag hal'iarda, of Italian hemp. 150 recruiting do do do do 2,u??> pounds ontton sewing twine, 6 and 8 strands. 15,o<?i pound a Manilla t< nt cord, large, medium atd mall, beat quality. 15^00 tin oanteena with cork atoppera, 3 pinta, to weich 11>, ounoea. *)Q irou pot* wiih bail a. S.ot?) maaa pana, alieet iron. 2,'^ camp kettles, do 3 sizea, in neata. Biokaxea.2 aizea, to weigh 6)% and 7 pounds. J.000 railing axes, oast at *1, b^at quality. 3 aizea. l.o opiok axe handles, beat quality. 6,000 leiiin* do do do do 2 000 camp natobet do do do 2 000 apvfea do do ftot stovea for Sibley tents. ? chain a for Sibley tents, aeta. All the abo*e mentioned artioles must oor form it? all respttts to the sealed ?t*sJard patterns m t tms oftoe, where they oan be examined, and any i additional information in regard to them will he famished. Sample pattern* of the woolen aLd oottoa olothee will be sent by mail to bidder*; it ie desirable that the articles be 01 domestic manufaoture. . ? | The privilege U reserved by th? United states ol decreasing the quantity one-fourth on the aocrptanoe of t?ie propoaa'a, and of increasing it from ue third to one-haifat any time prior to the eum pl*tion ot the oontraot. by giving the contractor thirty day* notice of such desired inorease; and of rejecting any proposal wtnoh may be oonsidered extravagant. rhe manufacturers' establishment or dealors' place of business must b? specifically stated in the propoaaL together with the names, address, and responsibility of two parsons proposed as securities, with the acknowledgments of said persons that they wiil be su"h *econty or will be rasponsi; ble that good security be furnished in oaae a con I traot ta obtained. I Btda trom manufacturers nt n? A?' ra i'i the artielee, will be preferred, and contract* will be awarded to tbe loweet reepon?it>ie bidder. who ahall ran uh the repaired wxjuritieafor the p-?rformancea thereof L??liven*e to commence within fort y day a after the aoeeptanoe of the propoaala, and one half of the quantity contracted for inuat bedeliY#red m equal monthly proportiona within lour month* from ?aid date ofaooeptanoe, and the remainder within three montha thereafter in monthly or greater properti.,na, aa the oontractor may hnd convenient It ia to hediatinctlf understood tbat eontiaoU are not traneferable without the ooaaent or the roper authority, and tnaiaur aale. aaeignment, or tr*n*f-?r. without auoh eoaaaut having been obtained. i ex sept nnder a prooeea of law,) will b? regarded aa an abandonment of the o<.ntraot: and the ooutrajtor and his aeouritiea will be he?? re ipuuwuM ior an io?a or Oa.i'ftf* to the United Statea which may ari*C therefiom. Payinenta win be made on each delivery. Ten per cent, of the amount of eaahdelfrery will be I rataired until the contract whall be oomploted, 1 whioh will be forfeited to the United State* fn oaee of deft loalioa on the part of the oontraotor 11. mlllliag theeoatraot. Foini of propoaala aad guaranty will be fur1 niahed upon applie%uon at thle oftoe, and none be eontidered that do not o< inform thereto. Kropoeala will be endoreed?*'Proi>o*a>e for F?rniaJunc Army thtpplieeand Materiaia," aad Deadareeeea, CHS. THOMAS, Colonel, ao 21 3tawtS14 Ant Q. M. Geul. U. S. Army. at - * - - - msje"? ',~iS3? MMIT. Vii *' ~?Sfalf'g gffh>??ow. NE^Jtt,f.sys?P.JE5^r., k* wiiToffir fct rmrf low rata*. tW? thoM pROPOSALS. Bureau Yard^and Dodkt*At\?, 1660.( B?a.LKB PROPOfiLi for ?teh o>m* separate!?, endorsed "Profoeale for Clara No.l uamethe cla?e> for the Nayy \ ard at (urn* the yard,)" will oe re o? ived at thia o(Boe until noon on th? ISth day of September next, for furnialunjt and deliver in* ?t the aever?l Navy V aids named the raateriala and article* emhruto in printed schedules. which will J be furnished on app:io*lior?, and sent by mail, if so 1 requested, to NrioBi desiring to offer to oontract ' for any or all of the cUsses named therein, by the J commandants of t*? several Nary Yards, for the ' olas?r* far the yard* voder their ooauna^d, or by the navy agent nearest thereto, or by tns bureau (or any or all the yards. 1 To prevent confusion and mistak's in ual-nt the aftrt, no bid will be received which contains classes J for mart than one yard in ont enrtlope; and each in- 1 dividual of a firm must sign the bid and oontract Bidders are hereby cautioned and parties arly J not)tied that their offers must be in t>>e form here- ' laafter prescribed, and be mailed lu time to reach their destination before tne time expires for rsoeiv- ! ing them;*o6i'i will be considered which shaltbe received after the period stated, and no allowance will be made for failures of the mail. To guard against otfera being opened before the time appointed, bidders are requested to padorae on the envelope above the address, and draw a lino under the endorsement, thus : "Proposals for Class No. (name the class) for the j Nary Yard at < name the yard. <" I To the Chief of the Bureau of Vardsand r?o?k?. Washington, 1>. C. Form nf Offer. I Hera data the offer ) 1 (hare insert the name or name* composing the 1 firm,)oi(name the town.) in the8tate oMnnmo the State,) hereby offer to famish ULder your adver ti**-m?ut dated (dat* of advertisement,>and subjeot to all the requirement* ofthe tame, and of tie printed aoheuule to which it reters, ail the artioles embraced in Class No. (name tue class) for the Navj Yard at (name the jam,/according to said schedule, viz : (here paste ok the prictetl class from schedule, and opposite ea?h aruole settho price and carry out theanijunt in the column* for dollars and oents, and toot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the class,) amounting to (here writ* the amount in words.) 1 propose as my went (hers name the agsnt, if one is required by the uohe?lule) lur the supply under the classes m.reeHaneous, by & non resident of the plaoe of delivery; and should my otTerbeacoepted, I request the contract n ay be prepared and sent to the uavy agent at (name the agency )for signatures and certificate. (Hers tho bidder and eaoh memtier of the firm to sign ) Form af Guarnnttt. The undersigned (name of guarantor) of(name the tow ii.) aod State of (name the State,) and (name of second guarantor, Jtc..) hereby undertake that the above named ? name the bidder or hidden) wi 1, it hist or their] otfar as above be accepted enter I into oontract with the United States within fi teen days after the date of notice through the Pott Of?aa n( tka ?A.?oa^akU ' 1 ? 1 '* ??,. ... vi ilia |ur moil | uner i>eiurtj mentioned. Witne#*: (Signature of g.iarantora.) I oertify that the above named (here name the guarantors) are known to ma to be good and re sponsibleguarantor* in this case. (Signature.) To be nigned by the distriot judge, diatnot attorney, collector, navy agent, or aome peraon known to the bureau to be reaponaible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Claaa No. 2. Stone; o aaa No. 6. White pine, spruce,jumper. ai>d cuoreaa: Mo. * !-?. ?? hatr and plantar; clsjia S'o. 8. Cement; oiaiuNo.9. Gravel and rand; ota'a No. It. Iron, iron caila. awl p kea; oiaaa No, 12. St?#l; cia>a No. 14. Pil??; olus No. 15. Pa nt?, oiu. and ciaa.; c!a?* No. 16 Ship ohaudiery; class No. 17. Hardware; e a.a No. ltf. Stationer); o'aa* No.20. Hay an-" straw; e aau No. Si J?rove!)a?r;o!aii No. 22 ?:harouai;oiaia No 23. Bating, packing,ami ho?t;o a?n No. *4. Sperm and lubri?4finj oila; oltasNo.25. 1 ion otatinga; o aaa n'o 28. Augers; olaia No. 27. Anthracite coal; claaa No.29. Bi Luminous Gumbe-land coal. BOSTON. Claaa No. 1. Bricka; olata No. 6. Whi.e pine, epruoe, juniptr, Ae ; oiaaa No. 7. Lime, hair, and plaster; o as* No.9. (travel an<1 aand; c!aa< No. 11. iron, iron nail*. a d apik??; olasa No. 12 ateei; class No. 14. Kiie?; cla?? No. IS. Paints, o la, and Kiaar; o ass No. 16. Ship oli&nd ery; elaas No. 17 Ha'dwarc; class No- I*, stationery; otaai No.3. Hay aid atra?;o'a?a No.21. Provender; ?la?s No. 22. Charooa ; ciata No 24. Spe m and lubricating oil*; olas* No. 2b. Augers; claaa No. 27. Anttiranira < % ; aaa wo. jb. Uituminona Cumber and oo&l claaa No 90. Broad Top mm bituminoua ooal. NKW YORK. Claaa No. 7. Liine, hair, and platter; elaaa No.". Gravel and aand; claaa No. 11. aron,irun ua la.and apikea; cla?a No. 13. 8te?l; olaaa No. 14. Fi e?; o aaa No. 16- Paiuta, oila aid gl%aa; c aaa No. 16. Ship chandlery; oiaaa No. 17. Harjwarr; c aaa No 18. Stationary; oiaaa No 3U. Hay and straw; o aaa No. 31. Provender; claaa No. 22 Charcoal; c aaa No. VS. lie ting, packing, ana hose; claaa No. 24. Sperm and lobriaating oila; olaas No. 26. An-e.a; claaa No. 27. Antkraoite ooal; olaaa No. 3D. Broad Top aemi-bitunnnoua ooal. PHILADELPHIA. Claaa No. ft. Oak a:.d bard wood; c'aas No. 6. Wh te pine, Kpruce, jumper, ft o.; olaaa No.7 L>me, hair, and plaater; o;a?. No. 11. Iron, iron apikea, aid naila; c aaa No. 12 Steel; cla?a No. 14 .Kit**; o aaa No. 15. Hainta, oila. and g:aaa; olaaa No. 16. Ship cuatidiery; oiara No. 17. Hardware; oias8 No 18. Stationery; c aaa No 19. Firewood; claaa No. So. Hay and attaw; olaaa No. 21. Provender.; olaaa No. 22 Charo>>al; claaa No. 24. Sperm and 'nbrioating oila; olaaa No. Stt. Augera; ciaea No. 27. Anthracite ooal; olaaa Broad Top and aemi bituminoua ooal. NAVALASYLUM. Claaa No. 1. Clothing; claaa No. 2. Ha*a, boota, and ahoe?; olaaa No.3. Proviaion*; c aat No. 4. Groceries; olaaa No. 4. Dry tio da; elaaa No. U Bread,&o.; olaaa No 7.T bacco; elaaa No. 8. Miao?llaneoaa; olaaa No. 9 Haidware; claaa No. 10. Painta, r.ils, and glaan; claaa No. II. Lumber; claaa No. 12 Stationery; clan No. 13. Firewood; olaaa No. 14; o- a ; oUaa No. 16. Provender; olaaa No. 16. B.lokii;oiaaa No. 17. ii?ar.ivem?n? ? vt WUI0VVI J WASHINGTON. Claa* No. 1. Brioka; olaaa No, 4. Y allow pine Inmber; oiaaa No. 5. Oak ai.d hard wood; olaaa No. 6. White pine, aprucc, jumper, Ac; olaaa No. 7. Lime, hair, ami pla ter; oiaaa No. 9 Gravel ami aa.d; oiaaa No. 11. Iron, iro j nailaand apikea; olaaa N<>. 12. Stael; olaaa No. 13. Pig iron; oaaa No. u, Filea: ola<a No. 16. Paint*, oiia. an: glaa*; oiaaa No. 16. Ship ehanilery; o'a?a No. 17. Ha-dware; ca?( No. 18. S'atio erj; olaaa N". 19. Firewood; olaaa No. 3i). Hay and atraw; oiaaa No. 21. Pronenuci; o aaa No. 22. Charcoal; olaaa No. 2.1. raiting, packing, and h<3ae;o!aaa No. 24. Sperm and mb icati g oila; oLfa N.-. 27. Anthracite coal; ola?a No. 28. Richmond or Virginia ooal; olaaa No. 29. Cumberland bltumiuoux ooal. NORFOLK. Claaa No. 3. Yellow pine timber; o'aas No. 4. Ye low pine lumber; olaaa No. G. Unite pine, tpruoe, lUuiper, &o.; olaaa No. 8. Cemeu?; o aaa No. 9. Grave, and Band; olaaa No. 11 Iron, iron n%tla, aud apiken; o ana No. 12. Steel; olaaa No. 13. l'ig iron; c a?a No. 14. Pilea; olaaa No 15. Paii ta. oiia, a a glaaa; oiaaa No. 16. Snip otiand!orT; claaa No. 17. Hardware; olaaa No, 18. SMatonery; claaa No. 20. liar and a'raw: claaa No. 21. Provender; olaaa IMo 22. Charcoal; oiaaa No. 24 Sperm and lubricating oiia: olasa No. 26. Augera; c'i?? \o. 27. Antaraoite ooal; o aaa No 29. Cumberland ituminouaooal; oiaaa No. 30. Broad Top aemi bituminouaooal;o aaa No.31. Replacing the gal.eriea at Navai Hoapital. PKN8ACOLA. Claaa No. 4. Yellow pine lumber; olaaa No. i. Cement; olaaa No. 9. Gravel and aand; e'aaa N<>. li. Iron, iron naila,and apikea: olaaa N. . 12.J*teel; olaaa No. 13 Pig iron; olaaa No. 14. Kilna; olaaa No. 15 Painta, oiia, and glaaa; olaaa No. 16 Ship ohandterj; oiaaa No. 17, Hardware; claaa No. 18. -tationery; olaaa No. 19. Firewood: ai**a rw<> * puuuiMi pmca our me yard of delivery. who may M ealled upon to deliver articles vntkjut dtiay a when they aball be reg aired. Approved euretiee in the full amount of the contract will be required, and twenty per centum a a additional leounty deducted from each payment " until the contract shall have been ooinpletcd or cancelled, unless otherwise authoried by the de * Ktinent. Oo o:as?es of articles headed "Miseel- * eous," to be delivered as required during the fiscal year, the twenty per eentnm retained inay, at the discretion of the eommandant, be paid quarterly on the first of January, April, ialy and October, * when the deliveries have baensaMsiactorj, and (be ? balance (eighty per oent) will ba paid by the if- I apective Nary Areata within thirty data *(?* - r.n?wiDii 01 me Diua, in triplicate,duly vouched I ftRd approved. 1 No Mrt of the peroentnra reeerved if to be paid nntu all th?reieoted a-tiole? offered under the oontraetahall hare been removed from the ?ard unImi apecially authorized b? the department* n It will be stipulated in the ooulract, that if da f, li t" made by the partiea pf the first part 1 in delirerinj aJl or aavof the artio'ea tuenUuned * m any o im bid for. ofthe quality and at the time. , and pljtcea atove provided, then Md In that 52 fc tbe iai<* paitiee will forfait and pay to the United State* a ram of money not to exceed tvioe the amount of aneh olaaa; which may b? recovered I from tine to time, aoonrdinf to theaotof ConrTaea I In that oaae provided, approved Mareh 3.IMS li is io be provided m the oouuaot that tha bu- y nay and airaw;olaaa No. 21. Provender; claaa No, 22. Charcoal; claaa No. 23 Halting, p%cking and hose; olaaa No 24. t*perm and lubricating oil*; Cias* No.26. Augera. The achedule will atate the timea within whioh artioea will he required tol>odelivered; and wheie the printed tohedale la not uaed, the p*noda stated in it Jor delivenea must be copied is the bi<1a. a.I the artiolea which way be contacted for muat be I delivered at auoh place or plaoea, moludiug diayage and oar*age to the place where naod within the 1 Nav; Yarda, reapeoiively, for which the oflor la made.aa mar be directed Ity the commanding ofli car thereof; ana. all other tninga being equal, prof erenoe will be given to American manufacture No artiole wil> be received aiter the expiration of the period vpeoified in the schedule* for tli" completion oi deliveries, uuleaa upeoially authorized by the department. In computing the claa?eaf the price atated in the ooluunt of prtcea vill he the standard,and t*>e aggregate of the elaaa will l>e carried out aocording to the prioea atated. 1 It la to he provided in the contract andtobedia- i tinetly u;.'.cr$t" od by the biddsis. that the ?mnu..i 1 ?uu uumuer < i article* enumerated in Glasses hnaU?d "Misoellt neoua" are specified aa the probable \ am uantity whiitt mar he required, aa well aa to fix ata for detersiuiax the lowest bid; hot tho oon- < tractor > to famish more or leaa of the said esu \ merited artiolee an il in *urh quantities, and at ruth ( ! limes, as the bureau or commandant may reqitir*; auoh moreaae, however, not to exceed one halt of the quantities stated'and requisitionsseut thrugh th* pott offiae thai I be denned auffieient notice) duuuc the fisoal jear ending 30th Jane, tMl; and " whether th* qantitiea required be moreoi le?s than 1 those specified, the priem shall remain the tame. 1 Alt the articles under the oon:raot inu?t be of the best quality, deliverrd in good order, tree of all and every charge or expense to the government, and subjeot to the inspection, oount. weight, or muaa urementof the said Navy Yard, and t>? in ail re pocta aatiataotorv to the oonnnandant thereof. I biddrra are referred to the yard for plana, speoifi- t oationa, or aampiea, and any farther d?aoription of t the aiHoles, rontraotors lor claaaes headed *'Mis- ( oellaneous," who d? not reside near the place where i the artiolea are to be delivered, will be required to s name in their propoaala an acent at the mt. ?? ? *M rtMll taawe the powar of aaanillac the toatract, nthoat low ar limp to the [onniMt, is mm "oarrass shall not have mad* sufficient approprla torn for the ertielss named, or for the oomplet on >1 work* estimated for, and on which thi? adverisementis baaed, and ahall also hare the power to norease or diirinish the quantities named in th? liassea not headed ''Miscellaneous," in the sohrdi!? tw*it; five percent Peri or a whote offers a hall be acnepted. will be toufitd by letter tnroucfc the poet office, which aojoe shall be considered sufficient; and if they do jot enter into contract for the supplies ?peoified vithin fifteen days from the date of notioefrom the wreai of the aoreptanoeof their bid,* <x ntract rill be made wuh some other person or pereoae. md the jsaraators of saeii defaa.ttng bidders will >e bald responsible for all delta*nancies. All offers not made in striel ctmjormvtt with this idvertisement, will,at the option of the bureau. be nee ted. Those only whose offers may be aooepted will be lotified, and oontracts will be ready for exeoation ls soon thereafter as may be practicable, aa 16 law4w,Th T&AVE1JSBS' DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying tkt V. S. Mail. The undersigned arc now running Daily, (exoept ?unil?v.) Four horse Coaches be- ? tween'W'ashmgtou sod Upper Marl boro', M follows : W V'**"* Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner ?r Seventh^ utreet and Pa. at 7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave Upp^r Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a m.,and arrire in Washington at 3o'olock, in time to oonneot with the a.a< d. m. tiainfor Baltimore. Tne Coaches ar? new and ooiumodious, the teams first-class in the hands of careful aad accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro... ? cents. To Long Old Fieids. .... .25 ** ToConterville - 38 44 Freight and packages in proportion an I.VII UOPUKil a UU., ITOyrftOW. D ALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. gus? Chans* ov Hours. ON AND AFTER WKDNESDAY, Jan* 19th, I860, train* wilt run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7 40 a. m. Leave Washington at &20 and S JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. in. On Sunday at 4 2ft a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at 6.90 ar<i 7.4*1 a. m and 3 ?> p. m. For the West at 7.40 a. in. and 3.30 p. m. For Annapolis at7.40 a m aud aaop. m. For Norfolk at 7 4?a. m. On Saturday evening the3^0 p. m. train goe* to Philadelphia only. je 13 rt T H. PARSONS, Acent. NEW ORLEANS IN TJBLRBX DATS WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, <i?ir \jrirung ana jacjctfn*, TO NEW ORLEANS! MRM PHIS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence by First olMa Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thano* to Mobile by Firstolass F tickets. Mohi.eto New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?StrwDAYS Ikclvdid, Leave Washington at 6 a. us and 6 p. a. T h? Steamer G EORG K PAG E leave, her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6V a m. and 6* p. m. and oonnocU at Alexandria wiu the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthwast. Othoo?Pennsylvania avenne, corner of Sixth st. lAHifll CB1CIID TDROCOI TO W?W OELIAHf Lynohbarg _ #7 5n Memphis tM 00 tnstol...^._..__^lftno Atlanta "0 noxville SflOO Maoon..._ 28 00 Chattanooga. 24<*> Columbus 31 50 Dal ton. 24 (0 Montgomery 3S 00 tluntsnlle 27 ?m 1 via.Memphit.42 50 Grand Junction nn N.O.S via I). June 4-' 50 Nashvilla~?.?>.2510 > via Mobile.. .46 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 800 MILES SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other the Lynehbnrc Fx tension being now oompletod, as also the Mississippi </euirw, muiD( ll uie QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It ia provided with First oiass Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans ? .78 Honrs, Memphis? 34 do. Montgomery A3 do. Nashville 46 do. mrThe V. S. MAII."and ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken ovor this New Line. Ticket* oan be obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street aad Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Atlanta* Cii&ft&nooca. Hantsville, Grand Jnnotion, Maoon, Nashville. Dal tun. Coiuinoui, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. \ZT THROUGH TIFKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. 117Omnibuses and Basrare Vssm* lt*Mtka nflfoe at 6 a. m. and # p. m. " JAMES A- EVANS, Tioket Afent, u>a 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. rpUK STEAMER JAS. OUY Will renime hei I trips on TUESDAY, ttet of JP?k February. 1860. Will leave WASH IN 6 TON ever* TUESDAY and*"*^" FK IDA V, at 6 o'olock a. m.. &ii ALEXANDRIA at half-p&Ht 6 o'olock. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate La'tdinra. On her roturn trifa.ahe will l*ave Gl'RKIOMAN every WEDNESDAY aad SAT U R DA V", at 5 o'oiook a. in. LUC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L POUBH. At't. Alexandria. fe2Q P.aa.a. --- 4k i/iiiu IUEjAJUO A H II STATEROOM, fT.iO. The New York ud Virginia Screw Steamahlf Compaur'a new end elegant ataamehip f T^n MOCNT VERNON, Capt.T.C.8mith,?jH? will leave the Company's Depot. tern Wharvea, at lt'o'olooka. m. every WF/ONEftDAY, end the Company's Depot. at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same da/. Passengers from Washington and Qeorgetowa o&n take the ooaohos connecting with Alexandria ateamhoata or railro&d, which leave the oorner ol Tth atieet and Pa. avenue hourly, or they can leave on the ataauier from the Western Wharves at 1) 'dock a. m. State room* can be engaged on application It Messrs. Morgan A Rhinehart, Western whirves Freight will be isoeived up to the hours of depar JCT" Inscranoe will be efbeted oa all goods by this line at the ottee of the Company at tf per Met premium. The aooommodationa for paaeengers by tliia lint Ke m every respect firet-c aaa, and every effort wil made to render thia communication with New York an agreeable and healthful one. Por freight or paatage apply to FOWLK * CO., Agents, Alexandria. _ aS? ^rorl^Join $l&?lZ*,P. m. * / *^??ggiggjg/ )Tth?u nd?r?if natT." JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'S smiZioT BPzons. (iutrutMil not oily ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, >at ground from fresh Spioes, eeleoted and qleaned >1 as eipressly for the purpose without referenoe o eost. They art beautiftolly paoked in ticfoii* lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping. ,aJ are full weirljt, while the ordinary ground Iptoee are almost invariably short We warrant ? a single trial will abundautly prove. Manufactured only by W-if.f)A W.tT i If| !rt^ N^rSrork. A WM. T. DOVE * CO. fl.RKNow prepared to exaoate any orders with FITTING irr Store on 9th street,a few doom north of Ft, n R ANG1B HARPER, FAMILY GROC KRVA^5BPEKP STORE, Comrr itfJitw Yfrk ace*tu and Tentk ttrttt, Respectfully noliciU the patronafe of thpeewho 1 i?t he in want of any article in the above line. Hit ndeavor* shall be to pteaae, and bp a etrict attenon to the want* of the public, he hopet to nmt a hare of their patronage. m t*; . * ma iock oonuaU of arary wtioU u?u*11t to ba >un<i ia ? hrst-oltas Family tirooary sad Feed tor*. wlT-tf I. ?. . UMiL ?. . MOTt. I.LilflT. fill praetlM in th?"Hij^<5? Jrt o^Brrora u4 ApMlast J?okaos,tho PwlartTCowt ?? Pontotoa, < MEDICINES. D* <9nS!&A?ou LOCI lOITITU, Hftf WlMMrW Oi Mil CarUw, Sf tldf, mU Wip Efttt*mJ Hrmtdf w tk* WmU, FOR ALL, DISKASKS OF IMPRUDENCE. LET HQ FALSE DK~l ICACY PREVENT. *rrn iMNbU ATCLV. 1 CVRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARHM, rjr FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VMi>IH ?fU? ItU.IUNItlM 1*4 IhMii, i?T?H?iAry Di*ck?rfM, Iimhi), ??MNl Debility. Hothbw, Dyt7????,Ui(ut.U*? ?f Idiu, Pi!piut<?i rtk??Mit. niditT,Tr?KklM#kl Piiiiiivm of fcfhl ?r >hldin???, Dmiim (ftka ImI.TIiwi, Hmi ?r Au.AfivoMrflta Uim,Iim<Uii ImiIi llmi T?rnM< dnw4lti trouif rr? Solitary l>M> ?l Ycath?th?*? Drttlhl u4 IHmwuii Pr?ctic?? vIhU mb4m Mirrufi impaMikU, u4 <wu?r ktu IW; tm4 Ml?4 TOIiMU MIR huiUlb >k?k?a k.K. >/ >1*. thai draa<if*l u4 4*atracn*a ktkit wktck lanaillt awaapa a* u aataaaly |n>( Uwn?4> af Th>| Man at tha mm atait*d ultiu u>d krtllai.t iui*ll*tt, *k? nitbi Mtiiwui ta>i uiructd lietaeiof Iwuu vitk tk*Uandtr? atiImimm w rtktl u NMiir tk* lirtaf If**, My Mil viU hU ml muun IUU1U PUMRI,* Tm(Hiv?MMvk?il Hu ita*a, kaiaf ivtrtd ykytiaal vkimm, HfuM 4tMlMf 4*fac.niU*t, 4?., tpttdur carad. Mi vM tlttH kim*t If nlit tkt Mr* at Dr. J. My r*ttfl Nriy mMi to kit kmt u a pitlMu u4 mNm; r*ly (fM kit Mill u I (tflMiU. ufpick Mt t com ruoiucimin, laft Mod u4a ffaiag 1Mb Bajuiaara kkh, a law 4?l? 1MB tha emu. fill dm wtWtm mm* u4 taakw. fcinw Ml k* palt ?4??Ul* iiuay. dk jounroa, M*ak*n *f Ik* B?yal C*?l*f* *riar(**m, b*4*a, rn 4mm tnm aa* af lb* naaat laaaM OaHafm ia tk* IbkiJ Btataa, ?a4 tk* maur pan at wMaa lift kaa k*aa tyaat id tk* Maaitala at Lander, Pan*, Pkiiadelfkia u4 *l*?*k*r*, b?* affected mis* at tk* bmi eaten itkiuf car** that war* *?ae knavn; many ire a bled witk rmfiar ia tk* keed aad tin *r1>*a tele e a; mat timaima, k*t?y elartaad at *?44m and*, keatifalaaM vitk frecaeot klatninf, attended iiai Mta vttfc |*n*f*Mnt at m!b4. vat* cartd liasadlaUlT. Till runciut NOTICE. Taaai Maa and atk*r* wbe bare '.u)ar*d i?ee*a*l**a ky * I uritin crtfilica iniil#4ii in vkaM ? K*ku f?an?aaii? , laaraad fram *?11 CMpaBMoi, ar at acbaal, th* afacta a< which ar* ntfhiij fait *?ao *blo a(i**p, and if nat citll. taadara mrmp impoaaibl*, aad <<unp bath aM ih badr, ahaald apply ireiradiatala. Tmi art huja of tb* aad and malaachala (ficu ?raia?*d by *arl? habit* of raa'-t ?i? : Waakuan aftfc* Back had liiaba, Paina la iba M aad, Oianaaa of Sifiil. Laaa af Maatalci Pavar, Palpiuuan af tha Haart, Pnpapar, MatTaai IrnubO If, Daraafanaot af tha Dif aatiaa Pancuaua, duwal DabUity, at mptotna of Conaarapuati, fte. MENTALLY ?Ttia fanrfal afacta an tha mind art aaah w ! ha draadad?Loaa of MaraarT.Caofaaiaa afldaaa, Dapraaa.aa fBptriU, Kail P-aptailinga, itmiw afaoatr, SalflKatr?t, baa* af Sahtada.TimidHy, iu.,in aaaaa a/ tha avtla paadKld. MUTOn DMlkrf T-Thawaad* aaa aa?|adr* vhtl ta th* eaaaa af thair d*e!iniaf baa'.th, laai~f tbair ?t*ar, ba aniof waak. pala, narraaa and *iB*eiat*d, aaainf aatn|iiUl ippaarajftca abaai tha apaa, eaajb or apanptam af aaaiiapOa DWBAIBI OP IMPRUDBMCB. Whan tha miafaidad aad licpradant aaaarp af plaaaar* ladl ha baa iiapibad tha >?*da af tin* pamfal diaaaaa, it taa afiaa happan* that aa Ul-tlniad aanaa af ahaia* ar di?*d af dhcataii daiar* hire from applainf ta thoa* vha, frars adacauaa aad taapaciabilup, caa alaaa b**n*ad bin. fall* lata ifc* hatid* af Ifnoraat aad daaiamaf prauodara, wha, lacapabl* r viriar K Kia ?A*?a?a,??? a?V-*? w ? .-5? | ? '"r in??| tooth ?ntr ?aoiht or to loaf >1 tho tmallttt ftt cu bo obtained, and iu duptir loavo him with mood hoalth to tut mit bit nllliif diaappotatnoat; or by tho boo of that daadl* pot too, Morcary, btotoa tho eanotitational tyaptoott of thfc tombl* diooaoo.oachao Aftcuoat o'tfct Roan. Throat, Moo*, kin,Ac., prorrttur.* with frtfbtfel rapidity, ull dtalh piu t poriod to hit droadfu taffonnr* by tandiof hioutbitio dtocoTtrtd bo?try (r*a whooo bow bo bo utftlir rotarao. ML JOHMONVftEMEDT rv?? OR0AM1C VtiUlM AMD 1MFOTEMCT. My thU rroai tad iwrorotai romody woakcoto of tho hmm art tptadily earod aad rrf'. rifor rootorod. Thotamdt of ih? Boot ntrroot and dobilitatod, who had loot all hopo, hart boon iramodUtoly roltovod. All irepodiintoM to Manttfb. Phyotoal or Hotul IMooaaU oatttnt, Loot of rr^crottiTO Powor, Monott IntuWlM) Yrtmbluif and WoaKboooor Exbaaouoa of tho aootfoarftk kind tpottdily carad. MiAjMfrjnMT ur THS ram. ni MANY THOUSAND? car?d atlku m.titBttoB vttkta tk* l*?t iixntiii fun, and lk? Ritrvaa mptnut tint4a) p*rtu*ui p?rf?rre.?d ky Ur. jBbnMa, vi'oi*a**d ky to? iiHmn if it? (iptn ui ut; Mini HtHni,tMuid vnick hifi ipptirii ifiia and tpi> k*fer* Ui Baklit, ka> ?td?( ki??*uim| ? t f?nU?m*t. *f (kttuuiul n?>wl' Mlity, m a nfuni puuui to tk? ilitul. ha sly Dr. j. bovee dod'8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTKHS, Arc now being need from Maine to the Great gall Lake, ani the universal verdiot of all who um trem cither a* a me/txtin* or a* a brvtraft. n that they are unaurpaaed in the world. 1H. l)oda seed them auocaaaf jliy in hia eraetiee for 36 years before we purohaaed of him the aoie ucbt to manufacture and present them for aa?e to the public. For the cure of Incipient Cor.inm^tion, Indication, J>y? rvK?.oi i iiovi noiTuBi inieftiei, r emM0 Com plainta, and all oum requiring atonic, th-y are beyond doubt a moat invaluable retrady. Aside from their m< properties they are a para, wholesome and deightrtu Beverage. produoiag ai! the pleasant exlnlerating effect* of Brandy or Wma without their injurious results. t-et all friaoda of humanity and all advooatea of temperance aaaiat im in aubatituing thaae valuable Vegetable flitters for the mineral ptuomj and *4uittr*trd Liquor $ with whioh the otAintry ia flooded, and thereby effectual aid in ban.ahing Disease and Dranke&aaa from the land. _ CHAKLF8 WIDD1FIF.LD k. CO., Proprietora. 73 William atreet. New York. J. 8CH WARZE. A cent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVEE DOCS' IMPERIAL OIS BITTERS. For Dieeaaea of the Kidney a,B ladder and Urinary Organa, and e^aoially for Female Obstructiona, never fail to oure, and are warranted to gire aaCa*CH?aRLE9 W1 DDI FIELD 4k CO., Proprietors, 79 William St., New York. J. ?CHWARZK, je7-ly,r Agent. Washington. D. C. JOY for THE SICK AND HI1F-FERIN6. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY ARD RE JO WE Iff HEALTH. Friend, do you suff?r? Are yoa the viotim of aay of thoae numerous ailments whioh ansa iron laputity of the blood? What are * hey, do you aak? Rather a?lu what are they not1 he biood la tka source of lire and health, and it ia the brat element of our being to reapond to any canae whioh afftota th? syatein. as th* pnlae tnlalnb^r atteata The ever i * irniannf ftt? pe an. the a*oaiaian Nertou* l>einj11w, ufipepma, Liver Complaint with ita n /?,0.r V* dkl?o?ioo, art/ the number Je*? tila that 11^ r\lr^2? .?.riv? hideom origin from U?e D?*l kindijr then and c?i.tly with the blood. I HA t ># Vlfj ITIiiir ra>,.? r/^a. ..f '* < ??v w.vvu, .MOB.uft i wvtti vo? isi nmurit Tor 1U fllUi and autfer u? to cotnmend to your confidence atd um that truiy valuable medicament known as MRS. M. COX'S IS'DIA V VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia & m it infallible a^coifio popular sentiment baa epoken is decided tanas, and the evidencea of thia great efficacy are nitaic-d by constant avuvai* of curative effect* aid tn- happiest r??u:U from ita uaa are after a.i other remedies and the bent m?<lical akili have fared. Let ua say,in cmiolution, th?t oertifioatea o curea arc not rought from tha illiterate and superficial, but they are volunteered f on the m >af raapcctable eouroca and justify the highest terms in wliioit it i? poeaiblc to oommend ao valuable a specific to pib io approval. We may add also that the ourative properticaof the medicine are equalled only by ita restorative eflYcta, the eystmn recovering from diaea?e with renewed ooustitutonal visor. For aale by all respectable Drnggiata m this ity.and by the proprietor. MBS. M COX, t?one reuuine unless tier name la biowa on tfce bottle and her seal on the oork TO" Price f 1 per bottle, aix bottles for ?&. _W\oUsaU At<*t. R. H. T n?Kl fi omcE "warna '"1" IfOTWE IS ably to the ^ruTiiivBi of the "idm&noe nftiie CornowDrJ?*rlli0"2i *** 12 ?nd?r?nu*d ta now prepared, whenever required ic writn.r and oil pre payment of the fee offifV. ??. .?? . u w |I ?|TCi;ij examine, teat, prove, And asoertsuu the ttocuracf or registration or any gaa m^ter in us* in tins city." Every ranter, iffoand incorrect, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked a* trne, will be set in its place. If proved to be aoonrate in i?? measurement of gaa, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for uae. Oihce No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Fellow*' Mall ) r?pen from 8 v m . to 5 p m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy litf Inspaotnr and Xmlerof?*M Meters.^ T PROCLAMATION! O THE CIT1*EN9 OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, A a. WhtrtQS 'At the present eeaaon of the year CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA. CHOUC. DYSENTERY, _ DY8PE?14. DKBILITY,fco., Ao.. prevail to an alaming ax tent: And vek0Ttai, It moat be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE tort, WM.j.* DY At onoe Soft, Spetdy, and RAcati***, DR. MONTAROE, or Puu, offers kii MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as tb* moat CERTAIN AjSlD EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to Mbafr THE PUBLig that no imposition is intend*! in tba aale of this Great Modioitie. THE MONEY .WILL BE kEPUNDKD ssi clII fflm vhsn the mediotae tails to give anUre satisfaction. Isk, than at any Drag Store for nil MnMTmr\o.? MIRACULOUS PlWfclLLER. J j Uki u directed, and If not parfeatli uutiid, f Return to our Aiert, _ d. b Clark, esq.. I 4K 8tTMt and Pennsylvania A?wu, who will refaud your money. Prioa?83 and 60 Casta par Bottle. ' For aale at all Drug s*to*e? every where. | JAS. MoDONNELL, < Oanerai Areet, ly 11-aotr BalMawwo. | f2.50S82dKl>^,#5tf B"VE* , LANK*5 1 Faahioaable Hat and Cap Store. Pa. tw I uw in awiHawt, 1 MISCELLANEOUS. T.? tS&SSS^&B!* ' h?T? jual bMi publitr? . to vfcMfc lfc? MmUm ?f 1 with a'ory notM hr H?* I ry U. Krm*. fn>(b?of ml Ltd! i? iUU Ua *er?lty <>i : 1 v. . fno? ft PiHn'? Apo of? ?n4 Cnlo With *(>? bj W.*, Ty??r limw, Pi-oImmk ot br*?k m A*lNnl(Mtog; yr*? _ .....? ui wiwuoi r reuo? y,mi. arijaul %Amr Pott?nn*? cr*??tM? I" b? F. T. YTiitilm" 1 ?o(; ?n#? |i. A N?? Method of Uuuai bpaaiat, after IW SyitMi off Aka. *" BLANCHARD A MOHl fV. a? y J^?T,n^ ,l % * ?*. n The* 8oa*a? ara <.fara4 V; IM nIkm m to* noil (i|apia.4arabl?, raltabl* a |s&^RS?is^v^*cEi Vanaoal S?ai* Pair, At., kc. l? **?ry mm vktrt J tutuui tKw ??? raa>t??d fcrat ataaa maiiat For aa at ** Loaiaiaaa aracaa, Dap* of f a TrjSr ?e. riTTWON. am | w?aaswaa s-uiv m I Off F"E- p 1 Joto*jc ririi. ^a,S'i.Wf^?.VTO?L5f.?h^4!' monie Ha'l. Th*UTuU|?<>f hiv;i( a pfcett'f* apply of water m readily oheorefrd uUm ire of yeeterday.a* I am well eati*fied I ah<>ui?i bare beer burned oat bet lor the boeeufe! *?pply npor mi premiee* and th*t of my aenrbbore All order* for the intrnCnotion ofWktw and Ou will be promptr attended to. Ttrai u rtuou ble m any pi ember in the eity. jyjs C. SNYDKR Wl^m OAS FIXTURES. E Hare in etore, and are dm ? reoetrint, Oil F/XTPARS of entirely New Pattern* and D*>? ctt* 1 and Finish, an pen or ib ?t> ie to anything heretwfoe offered in tin* market. We mritecilimene ceneim ly to call and examine our stock of <>a* and Water Fixturee, feeliiiK couiidxnt that we hare the beet ?*lec'.?<i etook in Waahinctoa. 1 All Work in the above line intrneted to Mr ear* Will be promptly attended to. w w * a# \* i? ? o a ? ?? -- l r.RP ? HWaAN. war X tf S7* I) A One at 25 oents par boiu Oatity do. a.. PIANO Oaeatfl r, OMItllJII do. FOR Oae at ft fc Om at ft 50 do. KENT. Awlu^iojTkfcVj. Jy n Pa. mr? httwn nh aad .Qth rta. 12,000 .iSS I the attention of tk* pcbiie to oar larss aad vail m leoted stock of Champagne aad Crab App.e Cider, whioh we j?arantaa to be pare inioe, and wu be Bid oa reasonable terms in order to wake roow - oar apring aloak. 6ite?i> the tit Wa W Bfwsst, >?swXes. ^ RAVKN. BACON ACCS.ANDSTFINWAY k SONS' PIANOS are onlr to foand at the warerooms of W fi IK KTZ |Mal K)TT. Persons i a eaareh of a rwablelfllil o are raaaasted toealland exaauee before par ohteinf elsewhere. Musio Depot?ooraer of Pe?.n. avenue *.od Eleventh st- as ft VACOB REED, m Mmvicmn of MILITARY CLOrilRC, loimuT Coim Sbtokd a an 9raaca Sva* PHILADELPHIA. MILITARY CLOTHS FOR SALE. l f ^ DISPATCH! ^ At mteidtnts will > ?> , m? to wU-tmlmfJ fmmilw, it ia vary daairable Io bar* mat cheap and ooaTaniaat *w for rapairiag Fvraitwa, Toy*. Crook ary, Jta. FALDIIVG'I PREFiRKD GLUI bmu all anob emergenojaa. and bo boaaabold mi afford to ba vithoat it. It ia aivaya raady aad ip to tba BUcking poiat. Tbara ia bo loayar a urnI ally for Vlmping p*iaira, apiintarad venaara, baaitiaaa dolla, aad brokao oradiea. It ia just tba arttaia for oona, aba... and othar vi.amenta, work, ao popta with Lad 1 *a of ra&Domant and taate. Tkia admirable preparation la a aad ?old, baio? * cr.emca..T held ib aolation. and aoaaaaaing ali the alaable^aaliaa* of tba t*xt oai-mat ? kara' flaa. It map ba aoad ib tba plaoa of orduaary laniiata, baiat vastly mora ad baa Ira. | - VBSrOL in EVERY HOUSE." Pr\C*, 25 MtU. N. B.? Braab tooomytiUM ??k bottle. WMnh D*pot, No. 49 Cedar itmt, N?w Tort. Addrm HENRY cTsPALDINe * oo? Box No. S.?0?, Now York. Put ay for Dealers in Caees containing Posr, Kijrat,&td Twelve Doses?a bean Ufa i Litfcocrapk- i to Bhow-Card aooompanyiic ecota paokace. C7" A uniio buttle of SPALDINV'S FRB FARED OLuE vill nave ten times its eoet unaally to every household.,^] Sold by all prom inert Stationery Dnggtete, Hardware and rirnitnre Dealers, fliusers, and Knuoy Storee. Country merchant* shosld make a note of 8PAL DlflO'a PHF.PaREU OLl'E. wbea nakisc ep their list. It wi I utaad any oliiaate. le 10 ?y ZeZ < IVaiir^Ki^ J Uifs SSg*^ IllfjflTOffiij' ?5;#?g |3L^otw?C!S1 u*5#y yM^n. ?*<. -? /,<.~jr 9i' ^ V. Oa(W?toiitMiMr<'X I V??- tt ij^yyi | CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUET WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS uiomuunn WITH THE SIQHATUREOF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARC J u ?ai?a * ? ^ AII iMiiniiuiiMUAUuunitKrtii "i OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. ' WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTI1ILUAH SI HEW TDRL fOR SALE IN WASHIIWTOS BY j T-ly BAH SOUK k. WllB. J OLD FAMILY MTM WHISKEY, d SSSSIST I SSMMKSUS "-BIS* |

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