Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1860 Page 4
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J' - ?THE EVENING STAR. A B ALLAD APOCT DB ROW TIM. Th* mcon nhinf ofrr d* clon<Uen?. Und ' t eimirit* plow of-r do ?? ; V'ut I rent^o Conor I stand, L'nt I took uuuo can luit mo. Mim ?iiviz Mrn.m Wii, I sire her p.tino f.?artand worat; Put * tid?*? kn?* rot Dor Cftnii i'nchiff hod ooi oa poard. Do pr*rt* pl'?ir<?d cool nnt bleasaat. V~ l< ok?t at d? down; Wit ponnuglrt on d?_j Va trt on tin ii?ck m a wrnnr, Und droplcd ??'P -dy dere. ten % ouot oo* de rowties pegn.afd to plaakguard andaohvear, ' yjmwn mrt % papy A * indo H<tc6, Vo. * * ofccw <f of >m?co One to?>k<u. '"to her vace ; Ui?t t owed it?. "' hon?, J> voman not convuo. De papy p*gtn 11 gry. j L'nr de rowtie* nereamt out a latfan L nt kai J de fuon was "huh." Pimefy ve pecomrs some hoonger, j Masilda Y*si unt 1, 1 opei>?d de lit of nun* packet, I- nt prtnged out a cherry- hie? A oHerry-kooken na:t pretxel#; "llow coot!" Maih^da said. Veil * lowtv AnktpS't ?i from her. Unt prtaks it ofer mine hot. 1 dell* hjm he pe a plackgnart. I fed him a biece of m* mi wit. 1 won d it pefnr* a tonea d, Mit de t>lM iunwlf pehindt. D n he knocks ma down lait a slooug-shot L'nt peat* m* plack and piue. Und a!i dm plack juaris help hiin Dill ] .aintd, unt dat is drue. De rich American beepies Lou't knuw how tie rowties strike; Do po'-r hardt working ^barman. h? krt'Ws it irtor? as he 1 ke If de Sharman sbedkersunt bapTt Are om"<nmc8 loo ha dt on dis liindt, Bhoos dink how de D-wtsch k.t driven Alung py Ue rowiy's handt. HA5S BftKITMAXK. Telegraph Between France and the United States. Tfce ad vantage to France of having a telegraphic cable Laut down between her own coasts and those of the United gtites ia pointed out by the Cons'.itutionel, In an ytlcle which directs attention fa> the princip-tl cend.tons of the convention passed between the Minister of the Interior and the Company represented by MM Rowett, Connean aud Curtis. After observing that the establisnmentof a telegraphic communication between the two countries must have the effect of increasing the movement of affairs In a very decided manner, and mu?t promote the prosperity of the French markets, the article proceeds In the following terms: "The Company engages, for the guarantee of a minimum revenue of I,MO,000 francs during fifty years, to lay down within three years, a submarine electric telegraph between the roasts of France ai d the r?lt?*d states, with a station at Newfoundland, and another. If thought desirable, In one of the Aiores. Other lines may be added. If deemed necessary, and on the same conditions. The amount of the commercial movement between France and the United States being constantly increasing, it ia believed that the guaranteed mlnimim of interest is by no means excessive. and thst the Company may reasonably expect to realize much higher profits. Every precaution, however, has bees taken to prevent toM to the Treasury. The guarantee of the government onlv begins from the day on which the telegraph shall be in regular operation aud placed at the disposal of 'tie poblie. Till then the undertaking Is altogether a private speculation; the company flridsail the funds necesa^ry for laying down the cable aud organizing the service; it ?a IU1> ?t wumi riu U1U peril, BUU IS ?1UUC responsible in ra*e of failure. In tnis eminently French undertaking the Mini?ter of the Interior baa been careful to protect the interest* of French industry. A special clause hasbeea Inserted in the convention, providing that tbe cable shall be manufactured in France. Nothing now remains but to execute the project, and that operation will not long be delavea The convention only allows the company one year to be^in the works bv which tliue one-fourth of the cable must be ready 9po*tasbovs Combustion ?a case of spontaneous combustion occurred In this etty yesterday, wnlch might have caused the destruction of a Urge amount of property but for Its timely discovery. A barrel containing balls of cotton saturated with spirits of turpentine, which was prepared for and left over from tbe torch light procession of the Bell and Everett party on tbe occasion of their State Convention in June last, was deposited for safe-keeping in a room ou the upper floor of a ware-house, a day or two after the adjournment of the Convention. Yesterday foresoon, smoke proceeding from the room, which uau oren Kepi ciost-a ana bad not been entered ainee the barrel was placed In It, led to the discovery tbat tte balls were on fire, from spontaneous combustion, though they were not In blaze. S'lma (All.) Issue. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HilTEL-D Campbell. La; Miss 1 Ryan, N Bellmen, G Ryan,M 9 Mccov, ?d; C Perkins, Mrs M ??reen, J E Ewer. Mlsa M Farrar, W Eaton, C Hotter, J H Collins, Va; J Johnson, M Evans, Rev K M J< hnaon. A Walker, Ga; J Farley, l>r W Wilson. A Merritt, E M err it, Ha; JrTerry, H S?ckell. Mia; J 9 Ward. Va; H Ham. aker, Md; J F Brown, L A Fant, Vs; J Payne, Fla; Mrs M Winston and daughter, T P Winston and ly, K\; S Irfck-y and ly, T Kelso, J Ewers a?d ly. Va; T Hams J Blsaell and ly, Mo; Mrs J Bri"e. Md, A Lnnis NY; L Benton. Md; D Hill, R J Hill, Cal; M Belly, Md; G Vast. Tenn; W H Richardson, Va; Mrs Lewis and child, A iioovtr, Pa; W Campbell, N V . NATION A I* HOTEL?C C?yhlll, Texas; R R Sawles. Va; Rtv W Hodges, Airs C S Hodge? Miss C 9 Hod-ea, NC; Miss VV F Norrts, NY; U W Wood and lady, 1U, J H B rod head, l*a; 3 M Jonea and family. M 8 Jones, LM"; W M Wallln^ton, Pa. C SrUeffW, Min T P Mc.Manue, L'tah; W H Mitchell, Md; W Winder, Va; G F Shepherd. NY; P P Chiaa and 1-tdy. Miss A Conrad, M ss H Conrad. A Conrad, La; J Wadsworthand ll/). v. I JU ? ? ?~-?j j *?> <0 <~uaw, Ifl. KIRK WOOD HOl'SE?C Fonde r.nd on, J E Owen. Ala, J Pittmai), I.a; J Holmes. <>, J Parker. Va; J P4rott. Md; J M P'tta, W Pmton. .-Cj W Ctifiillrid. NY; Uou W G Wh.U-ley. J XtradlT. Deli G McCreery, I'SA; Col R<unean, Pa; W Phillip*, DC. OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS PSOM THK I'aiTCB STATBS. S(?im<ri. L*arr. for. Days. Vanderbilt ..New York?.Havre. ??.Sept. 8 C.ol Baltimore. .New York...Liverpool. ft Conc?u*m N?w York. ..l>? way !?ept. il Airicwv _ New York ..Liverpool Sept 12 Jura.?. ..New Yo*k... Liverpool.. S?pt 14 \izu. ? .?,.New York..Liverpool.. rept 15 Palton.?. New Vork ? ..Havre Sept 16 Ba?ana..\. New Vork S >?in'pu?u. S^pt 16 Gaaaan . H >?U>n .Liverpool...Sopt 19 C. Waskin*ton..New York. ...Liverpool.. gcpt& Leiuster . Boston * O-fk 4D An*. ? Jiow York... Liverpool S?pt Jb litmn'Q \?w York... 8outu'pton. ?ept 4) Adnaiio New York... Havre.. Out 6 a raff :N?? York. ...Havre Oct iS From Kl'ropc llliaoiB. ??>u:h'pton ..New York-..An*. C. Waakinftou? Liverpool New York ..auk.? i,>hfOTian Liverpool (.Jue-Oee Au?. >? A?i?.._ ?.Liverpool 4>ew York. 1 Leia????..... ? ?. ha.way M. ?ton Sept. 4 tfreinen _8outh'pton... New \ ork.. 8opt. 5 A I lauo _??oalh'pion...Now York-.^-pt. II T. ince Albert. ...iia<wav ..^.New Y'ork. .Sepr, 18 A a?v> ?.iSoutli'ptou ..New \ ork.. .Vepi. 19 New York South'pton. ..New York. -Oct. 3 The Havana iuaiI beaioer* leave New York on the 4d. IAD, 17th. and /7th of each month, and Charleetob on the 4th and 19th. fae Ca.tfnrma inai I leave New York on th* hut and autb of moutn. 279 206? Pa. Avi., forl1un fhuit?, Pa. At*., *.10#UUjIj. confections. WiUmrd'tUttL ll^a turn tn ? ' " - .uvuviouutfb ill Uil D"?6Q<ll &Q4 iL?r?uai;u t?&?rv.j lo :! ? New v... ?, under WUlartrs Hotei, just opeaeu, in conuexioii wt?? hi* o* ealab.isumeut, fttwt He wl! be happy to ieaeive auj orUars forsuperiorOoa/?cti"c? of m> on uuortatwft. Also, all orders lor Dinners, Suppers, us.,s,aad Private Parties, winch will be served sp la Bis inimitable siTie, vita u.a same sroicpt&M* and dia?fcU>h wt?iBh t>? hw hltbertn rtown. n* S Bnfcw music. ELL AND KVfcKETT P??LKA, Ixil'OUii soh'?ttfsche. kl.NtiULN POLKA, KKCKIMRIuGm. fOLKA * 4El2*?^OF WALKS POLKA, ?aoh with a oorr?et Uuio?rapliic liksnesa on the 4M0 pafe. J us: rsae tm at , JOHN' F. ELLIS'S Piano and Musio ?t<>re, as w ' "m aud n?u ?tre U. AvkrY nice seven octavk piano havia* been in u.e a short tins wiL be eofii at a great sacrifice tor eaMs pNvi the oiu'f b*uu (K-rupe'ied to leave thJHtl' eur. O uila 9> loe ft J?. will n<. w he sun for 9* o aasQ. to be s??' at Mr. METZKalOTT'8 Music r< ?... ? < ' _ .... .. ..?iiai- >on r.iwv.r.inn. an 23 KfcW ilLK MANTufcS AND HOOPKD 8k.lRTU W? ut* r?o?r#4 by aj'?u tNfMrp! *f,k taua -.1.1 MA.NII.ES Au* KLAL ?BfcNCH Lack MAN ?LK???O Pi INTS AUo M dc *?n <4 iA? f*il title nf WoVK* t?KlKT8of?Mr'?r air.y. L.vdiaa in wiut of ab> of the Above ??4 ? iL ??r? low pries* will ptoAM u? An Mr 17 Mil* t*i< ? ?\rl.nn > HincHiSQ^. AL k: XX ALL AND XXX.ALSJ! . TAAyerMT ma4 momi boleeoi& A!e in ttu oitj i? Jv t> *u^4 m the Wa^mTSwTON tJRfcWfcKV. fn.? l!e t? u?4? from in Ait AA4 IomodI) - ? J e? until lB|in ##tir? m Me (Action to co? in| iNKAU.Pr^netorof Uw ?,! onrrti I nv- i? f.i? sPfchCH PAPER V ? TM?i wa; irilf b? ?oH Tow lor o*?h. - BLiA.NCHAKO A NOUUN, | ??* v/, ^ J^frtattrt.AndFA.A*. [ MISCELLANEOUS. pROPOSAL? POR MATERIALS FOR THE ] NaVT DxrAKTM*T, ) Bur9f Co*!tractum, AqM%rm,nt. tc,,) au|m( u, 1m>. s Rbalkd Proposals to farmah materials for tha Na*j K>r tfce i*o&. j?*r ending the 90th J one, l#8l. will b? receivnd at this Bureau until S o'olook. f. m., of thts SCth September next. These Proposals mast b* endorsed *'Proposals for Material* for tk* iViry, Burmm of rm'truttiom, 4"e.. that they way ne distmguisned from otner buunw letter*. The materia;* and articles embraced in the claaaas named ar? particular,y deeori bed in printed ohedules, any of which wi I be fumahed to aucn as desire to ofldr, on application to .the Commandant* of the reapective va-da, or Jo the Nary Aeents nearest thereto, and those of a '1 tne Yards upon appnoat on to this Harlan. Tpis division into olasses beiuc for theeonTeoieneeo < dealers in each, each portions wiil be furbished as are aotuail? .equtrcd for bids The Commst dant and .Navy Agent of eaoh station will have a o JPT of the sch-nluirs of the other Yards, for examin?'iononly, from which i( roar be judged whether Lt will be I desirable to make application for them Offera mutt be made for the whole of tt-,e otaas at auy Y'ard upon on* of the printed ached, ulea, or in alriet conformity therewith, or they will not be ->%jMered. o?r ?ract will be awarded to the low??> J/h,,,'V ^ fivea proper security for lts/u *? * >! * P/??ted Staioa reaerv** the rijht U ' ?" J0*?-! A,1' K "?*? for any oiaas, if deemed ezorbitt AiMrtTnlJu rn ",*t ? the very beat quality, to be All articles m~ vder, w,j la suitable veaselaai w % the ei??.?2kl rtl a" reepecta tnbj e\ nit of tlio contractor, a ooant wri*kt *a to the liiapec'lon, measure. euiw JLsof the Y a d where reoeived,. -?w "** faction oi the Commandant th< nf tw. Bidders are relerred to the 001,. ?' "? respect ve yards for samples, instru ^ P{~ tioular description of the articles: a*. ?:>? ?"?*r t'lines being equal, pre ferenoa will be gi\^* acu,il?s f%? iinarli?n maniitanhira Kver* jtf-r,a? required by the law of ltfr ^D~ gust, I8W5. must be accompanied by a written a..teo, the form of which i? h; rewi'h given. . '1 hose on 7 whose ofl?> s may be accepted will " ro ifif d. and the ooct act will bs forwarded as so*1* thereafter as practicab *, which they will be 1 * quired to execute within ten day* after its reoeip * at the Post Office or Navy Agenoy named by them. J Sureties in the full amount will be required to situ th*? contract, aud their re?pon?ibility certified o by a United States District Judge,United States thst ict At.ornej, Col eotor, or Navy Agent As additional seourity, twe-ity per centum will be withheld from the amount ofthe bills until the contract ?hall have been compete*!; and eighty per ue turn of each bill, approved in triplicate by tho commandants of the respective yards, will be paid by the Navy Agent at the points of delivery within thirty daTR after its presentation to him. It is (tipuiated in theoontract, if default be m&<1e by *ho purlin of the firbtpart id delivering VI or a> y of iti<? artioies mentioned in any class bid A for in the contract, of th* quality and at the time B and p aces above provided, then,and in that oase, the contractor and his sureties will forfeit ?i)<l pay ' othe Unit-d states a snin of money not exce^fliwj t twice the aniouut of suoli o>a*s, whioli may be t-*~ covered from time to time, according to t:ie ?ef of Conrress in that case provided, approved Mairuh 3, 1843. Cias* No. 6 to be delivered one-fourth part on or * before the L&lh May,one fourth pa t on or before h the 2>>th July, one fourth part by the 2nth !?fcptem- i ber, and the remainder by the 1st Do em tor, 1KI. Cla<s 3, the whole by the I5tn May, 18PI. TKe re v mainiug classes to b"? delivered one-fourth part on ti or before the 1st December fourth part on * <>r before the let April, and the remainder on or Is [. for* the 3>ith June, 1861, ualess earlier required. ' with a notice of twelve days, comprising at each I* deliver* a due proportion ol eacu article. Class 1' and all following, if additional ?|uautities of any of thf articles named therein are i emanned, they are to be furnished on like terms and conditions previous to the expiration of the fiscal year, upon receiving a notioe of fifteen days trom the bureau, the ooinitjuidaut of the yard, or Navy Agent. Form of Offer. I, , of , in the State of , here by agree to furnish and deliver, in the respective e V&vt \ ULrfiit &|| thA Arfin as na in ?Ka hereunto ?tfixed aereeaoiy to tha proviaiona ui the ohedulea therelor, an i in conformity with the ad vcrtueinent of tue Bureau of .'onatruotion, &o., of Auguat J2, 18' Should ipy offer be accepted. I re queat t* be addreeaad at , and the oootract i Mnt to the Nary Age-t at , or to , for signature and oertinoate. Signature. A. B. Date. WitoMS. The schedule which the bidder enoloeea moat be n*ted to hia offer, and eaoh of them aicned by htm. Oppoaite eanh artioie in the eoheoule the prioe must be ?et, the amount earned out, the aggregate footed up for each, and the amount ' likewise written in worda. I Form of tivarantet. The underaigned , of , in the State i of . and , of , in the Btat? of .hereoy tuaranty thati'i case the foregoing diu ~ 1 ?" ?u> "? iub oi*??fi tneiein u%med b? aooepto<i, he or they will, within tan daya after the receipt ot the contact at the Poat Ofioa earned or Navy Agent d?aifi ated, execute the oontraot It-r lho *"? ? with good and luffioient auretiea; anfl -n CM? aaid ahall fail to ent^r into ooutr* "* M *f"ro?aid, we guaranty to make rood toe difl??.'eno? between the offer of the .*Lrt and tna? *hl ' ? n?*r be aooepted. Siguaturea of the t*? Kuaraiitora. C. D. Oa fa ' Date. Witie?a. . I horebr oertify that tha above nam JO ~?~?? are known to me aa men of property, au^ ?bla to make good their gaarantea. Date. Signature. G. h. To he a'gnfd by the United S'ataa Dintriot Jadge, United State* Diatriot Attorney, Collector or Navy Agent. The following ara the Claaaaa required at the raapective Navy V'arda: K1TTERY, ME. Claw* No. 8, yel ow Pine inait and spar tiirber; olaaa iO. white pine; ofasa 11. ash piank; olaaa 14, white a"h oar ;a(tera; cam 21, iron; 22, spikeaand Laila; 23.1?ad. zinc, tin; 25. hardware: 27. paints, Mia, Jta ; 2^, flax canvaa; 29, cotton oanvaa; 3>. ooiion &nu rax twine; 3.'. leather: 3t, ImntiuK ana d y good?: 37. pitch. (ar, roain, &, tallow, aoap, aiid oil; 3?, ship chandlery; 4<>, ata. lonery; 41, firo wood. CHARLKSTOWN. Clans No. 1, wmte oak logs; No. 6, yellow pice p auk stock loge; 10, white pme; II. aati and cypres?: i. black wal at cherr,: 14. whitA ??> ?r,A h ckorj bittr; 16. whim oak aiaves and heading; 1 21, hum; 22, spike ?utl nuU; 2S lend, noo, and Mag , It, hardware; 27. paints, oil*. <tc; 2-t, dtxoanva?r; oottjn oaava*; ?\ flax and o -tion twine; 31, Kl**a;32 ?<vth >r; ii, hoar; 34, bt u*he?; 35, bunlng and dry goods; 3}, pitch, tar, roam; ?, h iuw, aoap. auloii;3i aniD chauUierj; 40, atatioLerj;41, fire wuv.a; 42, ox hides for rope. BROOKLYN. Claa* No. I, whit* oak iocs; 3. white-oak promia ouous timber; lo, win to-pme; 11, aali and otp-ens: II, white a?h oars, hickory [?ri, and butu: 15, white <>ak stave* and hea dings; 21. iron; 22, apiifea an.I naiis; 23, lead, una. anc tin; 2t, pi< uol; 2i l hard?are;2< p^intv oi ?, Jto ; 2R, Hi* c*nvaa;29. ooit .n oa..\fm:3, fl*x and ootton twine. 31. glaaa; :J2 leather; 3d. noae; 31. brimher; bunting an" drr goods; >? a:iwras; 37, pitoh. tar, and rosio; 38, I taf ow, ?o?ip. and oil; 33, ahip chandlery; 40, at*'ion- i i j. 41, fire wood . PHILADELPHIA. Claaa No 2, white oak plank; 6, yellow pice plank atock logs; >0, white pine; 16, black aprnce; 21, iron; 22, spikes and nai a; 2t lead, xino, and tui;25, hard- , ware; 2r, punta ana oila; 2-, flax canvas; A) ro t>n oau?a?; 30, flax find cotton twine; 31, flaas; 32. leather; 3*. hose; 34, brashes; 36. bunting and dry good a; 37, pitch, tar, and rosin; 3?, ta low, ao*p,and oil; 3D, amp chandlery; 4", atauonery; 41, fire wood. WASHINGTON ! Claaa No. lo. white ime; 21, iron; 22, apikea and nail a; 23, lead, xme, tin; 21, pi< iron; 29, hardware; I 27, pamu and oila; 31. glaaa; 32, leather; SB, rallow. up oi'; S, ship cnatdlery; 43, boiler, tank, and wiry irou; 44, cnain iron; 45, ingot copper; 47, bellowa; 48, po.ea. , GOSPORT. Cla? No. 1, white <>?* loaa; e, yellow pins plank atook loga; 1'. elm; 16, black apruoe; 18, Ugnumvii Ue; 21, iron; 22, apike< and nana; 23, lead,, tin; < I 24, pi( iron; 2S, hardware; 2?, p?inta, oila, Ac ; 2?, flax canvas; 23 o<>tu>n oaovaa; an, (lax and e?tton I twiae; 31, glass; 32, leather; 3), hose; 34, broanea; 3?. buntmt aud dry g xhis; 37, pitch- tar, rosin; 31, tallow, soap, and oil; 39, ahip chandlery; 4", stations y. WARRINGTON. Claaa No.2, white oak p ank; 10, white pine; 14, white aa^ oars; 15, white oak nave* and leading; 21, iron; 22, apikea and natla; 21, lead, zino and tin; 25. hard ?tre; 27, pai uta and oila; flax and cotton twine; 37, pit< h. tar. and roain; 34, tallow, aoap, i aud oil;an, ship ohand.ory; 40, aiatioueiy. an 22 l\w4w WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN. ERNsT LOEFKlER. Proprietor. < New York * venue, between 1st and 2d it*. j InoaJHaa tne attention ul the publie to my groanda 1 I would state that every arrangement ha. ? . ? A i t?e-ii a. ad? to make Una "Retreat" inorrVAAV i Jttiartfe e\ery day. Monday a the Gar-AiUHLL fox are op*n to thipubUo Ireeof charge? anone<-rt 5iven ht a aelrotband. Thoaedesiring to enjoy the anctf and watt? wi I find tie salmon in complete I order to rftiidor pleasure to all. O'' other daya the : proprietor will cheerfully gpant tlir uae of the ground* for school or other Tio Nio i'a tiea with| out charge. I-or the amusement o<" ohildren he haa introduoed a number ol lit'ln game*, never before seen in thia ' ?it?, and uhIou ated at the aame time to amuae the i HOW lotki:. ' 1 N. H.? Attached is my Bottling Kstablnhm-nt, and lamilies can he supplied wiUi any quantity at their 'eaiuenoe. of that healthfnl drink, LAGER BEER, upon ah'.rt notice. Je 15-Sin NOTICE KGULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BE: TXVEKN HALT.MORE AND WASHINGTON .-Leave I merne at. wha^f, Baltimore, aa foi | owa: The St Nichol a every WEDNESDAY, at p. m 4 *?*? ttw ?? * U A IT n i v i i' -* ? - ? M. -v-?/mvm ? ?| v' jr ca I V II A/A X 9 M D in* Laav* i>il?y'? Wharf,at the foot of 11 Ui atraet Washington,aa follow*: ' i foLDMBU, every WFDNK8DAY MORNINO, i atfi. St. Nichol*.*, everj SATURDAY,atSa. m. . For freight, ? 8., apply to 1 fHYW. W. RILEY, AlMt> Riley'* Wharf, at thefoot of mar l?-T4T8in 11 th ?t , Waakuniton A~ WM. T. UOVK * CO. ilKhN'j* prepared to azeoate Mr ordKI vltt | W PLtlfcfl/irtft, og $|EAM FITT1W? IQT JUore c.u 9t* street, a fiw door* north of ft. |\Jht\ STVUESOK RICH JKWKLJtY ? H.U* I IN flOv 'P *** Ja?t opened a large atoat, which bt wiil?V'tS5 **I ?ow rnUa Therefore tSo.e that a.?a JWlVSfo 10 -Ka ?vm ~ j ~ ? I , ?* 'NPEOTI ti B ; ^ * * 'tt'T wi "t . t' ? 1 M ?? PERSIAN TEVER CHARM. fbtbr and ague exterminated. *1 ? 1 THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION BATED FROM WRECR. the preventive and remedy rOB ALL intermittent and bilious fbtbrs CVRKSTINSURED IN A DAY. i i ; ' ? *'' ; '* ' . ' t NATURE'S GRAND RKSTORAT1VJB. #> ? . 'TiPKTTINS. TVPtrrrvr fNPECVlNE, INFECTINE. 1NPECTINE, INFECTINE The torribie milady known M the FEVER AN1 tGUE hu smitten hundreds of thousands of per ons throughout the world every year, acd ha iever till uu* been m*t by suooessful medioa reatment tta\t has not prodaoed severe MEDICINAL DISEASES, rhioh affeot tke lungs, the spleen, the liver, tin eart, or other parte of the human organism. Tk NPECTINK is the natural antagonist of all fe ere, and when it oomee in oontaet with the skin i absorbed by the interior organs, which resis suit miasma MO Ml tenaenoiaa 10 wards thos naladiea which prostrate tho mind and body witl sver. Frrsr antf Ague reeult from nameroaa eaoeei io ptaoe is attempt from the causes which promot he ?xiateD?e of the disease. That being cmoe seat d in the e*stem, induoea depreaaion of apartta. laa itude, Ia?gnor. pains, ohilla. fever, and a loni rain of disagreeable sensations, depriving the pa lent of all energy* and reduoing him or her to i audition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one anffer the horwra of a debll tating Intermittent Fever, when by the aae of th< INVALUABLE INFECTiNE, OB PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. ;he eminent medioal and magioal qualities of whic ire inatantly abeorbed, ILL TRACKS OF DISEASE MAY BE ANN1 HILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE RK|1ED\ THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLIS1 DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN 8TRIVK TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. THE INPECTME, or PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Ht? cured thousands of both kin of the mm dreadful Fevers. Reed and refleoU WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemvel Bonsa'l. rtf Pittsburg, for two year* u*? less to him?elf and ??oiety?a martyr to Chilli so F*ver?nured in lee* than three weeks, and uu proved in eight hoars. Mary K. Belknap, Sandnsky, Ohio, after almoi losing her reason ae well aa strength by lntei mittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health i twenty hoars. J. R. Titton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought froi death's door, having sniftered for fonr years, mad well m fire weeks, and improved in two hoars. Adolphe MonHro. of Franco, relieved in on hoar. while tiavellinf ia lk? oar* of the Poi Wayne and Chioago Railroad. He was apparent ly dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Loekport, New York, rea sned after seven years' suffering. A perfeot oure, Thousand of other oases prevented and onrei ?very month, and not a single oomplaint ol th rifiolency of the IRPECTIHE, OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. TRY IT, PROTB IT, KNOW IT. find make known iU wnnderfol power* and tIi KWi that thoee who tuffer, or who are threaten* vith may be ltd to ?ae a simple, in mxiouv preparation, lurnished by the field o Mature for MATT8 BLESSING! ri ?. . 4 - . ' , * I *;M INPBOTIN B 18 SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDI CINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. L riviwEj u??i UOLLAR, Bent by mail to ur y*rt of th* UniUd Btatea. REMEMBER, It U not taken inwardly, bnt la applied ontwardly Moor41ni to dirnotlonj, vhioh noooapaay taot MANUFACTURBD BY JOHN WILCOX * CO., 188 MAIN STRBBT. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BRANCH OFFICE, OF COMMERCE BUILDING MffW ?? vrry? I us .?*% - i 1..? ' 0 T BONKS, BOOTS AND SHOES, t Boots and bhoks to suit rmt: t1ku8, We ye mow manafaoturmf'aU kind* of BOOTS j and t?H<)ES, and ooistantfV reoeivmic a^|l? . tnppj of eaatern made work o? ?>rri do-SH] 80nrUo?, made expreaaly to order, and will V Wj he aold at a mnoh tower arise than liaa been* Hk i heretofore oharged in this city for maoh inferior . articles. , Paraona in waat of Boota and gboaa of eaetesn or | oitj mado work, will alwaya find a aoadaaaor'mea ; in atoreaad at the loweat rnoea Give u? a oa.i. eRl^FIN * ay*-r SI4 Pennsylvania avenue. I CMXE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived thia da*, embraoinc ail tiea and aisea of Solo Leather, Uliai'Mim Drees and Paokiug Trunk*. Our trunk^ *** galea room exhibits at this time the ir?*atest variety of traveling requisites at moderate yncM. to M found this aide of New York. Aieo, vvvrj oeeenetion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VA1 ICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, AO. 11?* Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohanft for uew one*. WALL, STEPHENS k C0? . Trunk Sales Room, wrB-tf Pa. ami*. ^SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 13 ^ 499 Irm Bruit, Ovrositt Odd ttilowi' Hau, D. C. Trailer* will atudj their interests Dj eiaminm TRUNKS, VALICES Ac , before pir am uhamng etsewere Aa I u*e none but th< HRm 1 beat material the market affords and mplo*^ ""' I the beet workmen, i oan ooiifidently reooir mend my I work to be superior in StrmfiAand Durability to I Trunks that are made in other oiUea and sold hera. I 1 k??*n nnnatAntl *>? ?4 * * _ _?T vu uaiiuf auu Hiue Mi uruer (on on? week'a notice) everv deacnptien of SOLE LEATHER, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS tmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND and otktr f ALICES, TRAVELING BAVS ; HARNESS; SADDLES; WH1FS, te., tt. Trunks, Ac., Repairer) and Covered, in ? workmanlike mincer, at ahort notice Trunka delivered in any part of the city, 6eorg?lown, or Alexandria. Alao?Agent for How?*? oelebrttod FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. dal&-|v JAMES ?. TOPHAM. T&AVELKKS' DIRECTORY Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', farryt** tkt U. 8. Mail. The undersign d are now running Daily,(exoept Sunday.) Pour horae Coaches b?twecn Washington and Upper Marl boro', aa follows : ttrwy^f Leave the Stemuboat Hotel, corner of S^veuth Rtr^tfinrl PlL flt7 <? nl/v?Jr ? " D 1 . ? ... . ? viuvn in. liOVUIIllIIK JC5VO 3 Ijper Marlboro' at 11 o'clock ft in., and arrive in Washington at 3o'clock, in time to connect with the 3.20 p. in. t ain for Baltimore. s The Coaches are n*w And commodious, the teams j first-class in the hands of carofui auu accommodating drivers. Fare to LTppnr Marlboro jn cents. * To Long Old Fieid* 25 " ToCenterville 58 ** Freizhtand package* in proportion. ,, an la If OSBOKN ? CO , Proprietors. e OALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. . P WAS HI MiTOy BRANCH. i iiMEjim e Cua.ngk or Hock*. \i ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, I860, trams will run asfoliows: Leave Washington (it 6 2? and 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington at 3.23 and 6JO p. m. ' On Sunday at 3 2" p. m. 8 * Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.4* a. ra. Leave Haltimore at 3.15 aud 4.30 p. m. On Sanday at 4 25 a. >. r Paasenxers for the Fast will take trains at 8J0 and 7.4<> a. m and 3 20 p m. For the West at J 4? a. m. and 3.2i> p. m. s For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Sufnr/law ?U-a?a - ? ? v? v?vuiuk p? m. iTun JO0B W Philadelphia only. Jo 13?<< T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS X3NT TU..HBB DAYS WITH THE CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. SKRHH ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via . Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East Jennesses and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson., TO NEW ORLEAN8! MEM PHTS" ROUTE: Memphia by Ra 1, thence by First olaaa Packets to New Orleana. r MONTGOMERY ANX) MOBILK ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.theae* to Mobile by Firat olaaa Paoketa. Mo'i.e to Nev Orleaaa by 1 Lake Steamera TWO DMLY TRAINS?Sundays Iwcludxd, Lrave Washington at 6 a m (Ml 6 p. m Thf Steimdr GK.ORGK PAGK leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 6M a. m. and 6Af p ra. and oonnect* at Alexandria with tb? Orange ai>d A!exaodna Train* for the Sonthweat. Office? Pennsylvania avnnue, oornar of Sixth ?t. BA00ASB CHKCESD THUOCOH TO I1W 0BL111I. Lynohbnrg f?5" Memphis >31 >*> Bristol., 15"' Atlanta V W Knoxville _?Mvx)o..? 38 00 ?hattanoofa... 24 Columbaa SI SO aiton....... ?24no Montgomery S? unttvillo .27 i*' ) naMemphia.43 90 Grand Junotion 3? <?' N. O.) via *S Juno 42 80 Nashville 25 to > via Mobile, _.45 80 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 00 MILES SHORTER, and 44 HOURS LESS IN TIME it than any other I in?? the Lynnhbnrg Fx tension being now oompleted, aa also the Misaisaippi Central, makinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First oiaaa Sleeping Cars! {To New Orleans.?74 Hours. Memphis?? 54 do. Montgomery ? ? do. Naahnlle ? 46 do. ETTh? U. 8. MAIL~aii<l ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Uua New Lino. lt Tickets oan be obtained at the Ronth Western Office, oorner of Sixth atroet and Fenuayi vama attnu% to the/ollowicg points: ivpohbnrg, Bristol, Knoxville* Atlanta, ChaManoo|a. HunUville^ 6rand Junction. nwuui IIWUTIIISI MHWli lAliUUIUBI) Montgomery, Mobile, M?mphia, and ji NtW ORLEANS. irr through tTFkets to the various virginia springs. fC^Omnibuaee and Baggage Wtiosi leave the " uIoh at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A EVANS, Tioket Aceot, ma 33-tr Corner Sixth ?t. an J Pa. av. I''HE STEAMER JAS. 6UY Will renine bar tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of jpwk " February. I860. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY FRlDAY,at6o'oiook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-put t 6 o'clook, for CURRIOMAN and the n intermediate Lan<linca. On her rntor trie*. ak? will leave CURRIOMAN very WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 u'oluok a. m. liUClAN 8. 1'AtiE, Proprietor* NATH'L BOU8H. AiX Alexandria. f?36 PFOR NKW YORK. A88A8E. INCLUDING MKAL8 AMI BTATEROOM, fT.40. TbsNnr York and Virginia Screw Btearaehif Company'! new and eirjant loam(hip ^4^* MOUNT VERNON,Capt.T.C.Bmitii'^XH* will leare the Coirpany'i Depot, Itra Wharve?,at ll'o'olooica. m-every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'olock p. m. sarae day. Paaaengers from Waanington and Beorgetowi oan take the ooaches connecting with Alexandria team ^oata or ran ruad, wk ion lea re the ooraer ol 7th atreet and P^ avenne hoarly, or they oan iaarv I vn iuc louiior iron IM TVNWI Wftil VM At 11 'olook & m. State rooina oan be engaged en appiieatioo to r Meaara. Morgan dt Rhinenart, Western Wharrea Freight vill be reecnrod up to the hoars ofdepar tare. ffT Insuranoe vill be fee ted on all gooda by thisline at tne oflloe of (he Company at K per ew ereraiam. The aoeonunodationa for paaaengera by tkis liM are in every reepeot firat-e aaa, and ovary effort wil be made to reader this oonimunioatioa wife Now Vork an agreeable and health tin one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLS 4 CO.. Agents, Alexandra llTB. CROMWELL * CO., M t-ly 86 Weat st.. corner Albany. New York. jy KW YORK AND WASHINGTON The Steamer MOU^iT VERNON Will loawo o'clock p. m? and New York for Waah-^^^^^ uuton every Saturday, ats o'ciook p. m. Paaaengera can join the ahip at Alexandria at any time before the hour of the steamer>a departure. n. in zn? event or the etMuaen liability to oroea the bar la ooneeqnenoe of low wattr, all roods vill be promptly achUred to ami fron the efeeaer : j5BZ^nzxusu |MPORTANT TO BOU8EBBEPBBB. E. B. PUEKBE A CO.* Guaranteed aot only ABSOLUTELY AND PEBPECTLV PUKE, but iron ad from fresh Biiml ?~i -i?4 ' iirvr snaivt K^MA'ssai gpitN irr almoat lnwiftbly ihort. W vvrut fctt-UJMfcW.U taRHBWb. 1 ii't [ .J .* art 1" sftiw . AlKiO * .3 LOCK IMPVTU, Ht DUf*m?d tu mni OTMW, 9r^f,mmA mtf EJfttnnl Htwudf m? MU WmU, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMI Hl'DKNCB. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FEETElfT. APPLY IJCMEDATELY. A CHUM WARRANTED. OR no CHAR9M, in FROM OffX TO TWO DATS. VtUiut if lha illk, lirtiuu ifMlMrflkllMMfl u< Sladdar, IBTaiantary DiKkirpi, Ismumk CaaaraJ I Daktlity, Htr?aaantaa. l>ra?aaar, Cat (tw.u* i.irAa,C?htm rfUMi, folpititiOT ?ftit<aan. ^^itrtVwiian, Dinnm af Bight ar iiMmtii, Dumh af ika Im4, Tkraat, lUii ar tku>, af taa Lun, (imuU h ka?a*?? ttam Tarnkla DuMdttt ir?u( fin Wlitrj Itkni at Yaai*?Usaat I>r??df?I aad Diamcu'i Pncu?N vkiak raatar Mumyt wpimHi, u4 daauay k*u My u4 Wit TOtMMU Bipatlallr M>> kt?M ika hcium ( fclttuy TIm, tktt draadfa. and daairaciiaa kakai vlitt anaaall t inyi M aa uumI} gn<t 'Jkaoaaada af Ymc| M?b a.' t n.?. at altad uitota and krillaat ia:alltct, vka aatgbi aiMrviN UM ininicit l?tintn(litttM vilk Ml tlnA* ll itMWlM? *tk?4 ta tMuif tka M*ia( if ra, mm.} Mil wife Ml MM MilKlIB riUOM.ii T mi( NtotUtafliMU Ihl rlui, V?it( tnnif akyaiaal (MiiMt, njuil iiwll) dafarrkitita, Ac., tf tt !:1t car*4. Ila Wka himteif me4at ika atn af D?. J. Mf iaH|l aaalf awka ia kit k?ar aa a faaUaaaaa u< aaaldaatiy #?J t|n ku akiil aa a pkyttaita. urnci ?a. t aovra rttouici rraMT, lafl hand aid* gatng frw Baluaara tiraai, a fa? dtan tnm Ikt rail m( taakaaraa aaaa ud ankat. hMUH mat ka paid a ad aaatan a auaf. br. ionraroa, Naakan af ika KtfaI Gatlafa aflaagaaat, k?taa, nataatt frata aua af ika tnaat ammant Callagaa ta Ika la?M luiaa, asd Ika graaiar part af vkaaa lib ku fcaaa apaat ta ika kaa aitala af Laudaa, Paria, Pbiladalakia aad alaa vkara, kaa affactad aama af tka aaaat aatantaatng aaraa tkat vara aval koava; man* traaklad vilk ringaag ia tka kaad aad aaaa vhaa aalaap; graat aar*aaaaaat, kaiar alaaatd at tadda> aaaoda, baahfklnaaa with fra^aaat klaaaiag, attandad ?f a tUaal vttk daraogaiaaot af nisi, vara aarad iaaadlaial?. rux pabticbuajl wane*. Taacf Mao aad atkara arha kaaa ui)ar?d tkaaaalaat ky a at nam praetica indalgad ia arkaa ataaa?a kaku fraqaaatly la*mad frara aril cainpaaiaat, a* at aakaal, tka afacw at wuivu &i? oipuj rtii o vfeic atitap, oa ir mi ?ir*tf? , >*nd?r* niriufi inpwiMi. u< daairayt m bm im badr, hoaid apply imstdMUiT. Tho?i >r? ?"i'? oflh* it< *?d aalaaakalp ?f?cu pr*d??*d bp rl* k'biu ?f TMtb vis t Wwkim af ib? lick ??< Uata, ntDi in tba Natl, Dimmi ( Siftt, Laaa af Mmilu Pawar, Palptiauau af iba litit.pnptpti' kuiMi IrriuMitIj, Ptrinf mm ?f .ha D.g??u?? ruiceni, tuwil DaMUtp, ?ymp!?'n? of Cn.iimfiin, Ac. Ms.HTA LLT ?Tru faarfal afieu an tba aitd in an>u ba draatf ad- L?a> of Maraar?, Canfaaiaa af Idaaa, D*prtaa>aa f Spirit. Ktil A*?rtiaoef>acikiT, alf-Udirbai, Lava af kamad., Tin-idr.j, ?u.,wi taa>< af iba aaita pra daetd NKRTOIS DBBIkrTT -Tba?a*?di aai M?|l<n vbal la tba oat* af ibair dacliumg baalib, laamg tbair aigar, ka awe waak, pala, aarraaa and aawiiud, t*na( ittapkl ifpauuei aboai cba apaa, aaagk er apmptaanaf aa*aa?puae D13LASE8 OP IMPRUOKMCK. Wkn th? raugaidatl ?od irapralani ?a?i; af plaaaara ladi k* baa im.hikad ifca ? l? a't*u p?inf?l diaim, ittaa aftaa kappana tbat ? rtl-rimed aaoaa af ikiaa ar draad af diacaaaay datars bim from applying la thaaa wka, frata adaaauaa aad raapactabiliif, can ilcm bafrtaad kw. I? '? lk* buidttfifnorrulmd 4??ifn>of pratandara, wba, inaapa kla f carinf, llch hi* pacaeiary aaVa'aca, kaap Via trllaf matuhifiar ninth, aria lanf Ua amailaat f?a ka akUir. ad, aad ill duptir !iin ku * vttk rataad kaalU la ahrk a?af hu failing diaappaia'rnanl; ar * Ua aaa af ihu daadly paitaa, Marcary, hiiun Ua tarariauaoal iium^m ( ttii tarnkla iIiiiui, aaek aa Afaetianaa' Ua Ratri. Thraal, Rm, fctn.Ac.. prorraaa t ( with frijV.fa! rapid My, (111 da*U fiu t Cadlaku draadfal aifannta kj aandmf Ua I* IMI ? aiarad caentry fran vhaii Miroa aa (rmlai Man. ML JOHBIOHK IKMCOV rOK OHeABIC WEAAMBM AMD IMPOTKHCT. y Uta fiui ud impaaom raaady vaUaw af Ua atful ua apaaduy cartd uj fall aijar raaiarad. TtmuiaMttl Baal Btrvaai and dakth'.atad. vka kad I a* I all kapa, kavt kaao iiaraadtataly raUntd. AH irnpadimanu la Mirria|i. Phyateal ai Haatai Dtaaaalt wuaaa, Lata af Piacraatraa Paait, Hartaaa ImualUty Tramkliftf iad W aitmii at Eikiaauati af Ua aaaaifaaffW kind apaaadily tarad. bntx Kien w?r or b pun. TIC MAN'/ TiiOORANIM earad auhia ma.tailaa art** Ua laat aaaan'.aan yaara, and Ua aamaraaa ixapartaat Baaad ealaparauaaa parfarriad ky Di. Moaae. vnaaaad ky U? (apartan af Ua pnpara and aaay aUar paraa'.a, aa.iaaa ad vkach h.?a appaarad again aatd afaia kafara Ua aakilt, kaaldaa kta aunduif n a f aotlamfn af tkarastar ana 'aapaaal Willy, ta a arfdati paiuua la Ua liwui |u ?-ly DK. J. BOVKK IMPERIAL WINE BITTEKS, Are now being na*d from Maine to the 6r?t Salt Lake, ani the animwl veniiot of All who lie them either km a fnedirin* or M I beverage, u thai they are unanrpMed in the world Dr. Doda aeed Mvem an ceaaiu. T in in* practice fur 35 years before we purchae*J of him the aoie nrht to manulaotara and preeent them for saie to tne public. Forth* cure of Ineipient Onraniption, fndireation, Dyrpepeia, Pi lea, Nervosa Dieeatea, Female Com plainta, and ai! oaaee --ea Hiring atumo, th?y are fca onW HamK* ??'?-? - ? ? * L 1 * * >v>m UVW'? Uiutv iuvsiuai)i? rOTT"t>uy . Alldt iron I their medicinal properties they ara n pure, wholaIdmt and deughtfui Beverage, producing al: the pleasant exhilarating effects of Brandy or Wins ' without their tnjurions results. l-et all friends of humanity and all advooates of temperanee ass let as in sut sutninc these Taiuaele Vegetable Bitter* for the mint ml ounu and adviterated Ltfttnrt with wliioh the oountry 11 flooded, and thereby effeo' aid la ban.shing Disease and Drsnkenese from the land. ohaklks widdtfield * co., Proprietor*. T* William street. New York. J. SCHWABZK. Agent, Washington, D. C. DR. J BOVKB DODS* IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For Disea?es of th? Kidneys, B adder and Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, n?rer fail to cure, and are warranted to give satis lavuuu| CliARLE* W1DDIFIKLD * CO.. Proprietors, Wuhamst., New York. J. 8CBWARZ K. je7ly.r Agent. Washington. D. C. JOY FOR THEM KAND t*r FFER1NG. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE KEMMDY a wd REJOWE IS HEALTH. Friend, do you auff-r? Arevoa the victim of UT ofthoee numerous Ailment* whioh a'iae iron iapurity of the blood? What are they, do yoa Aak f RaUier ?'k, what are they not.' 1 he blood ta tka aouroe of lite aad h?a'th. And it i? the firat eemeot of oar being to respond to Any oAase whioh ' ff.ota th- ayptem, as th? po'ee infa fihi j atteata The ever prevailing NeurA giA. the irritating Krya pe a*, th* aub*> r?orotuiA die agonising Kaeumatiam, Nervous D-bili y, Oy^pepniA, Liver? omplAint witn ita torpor and dijectiob. and tha numberless ills that fl3Sb ia heir to. derive their hideous origin from the blood. D?-al kind * then And ger.tly witn the blood. Us* the vitalising res uiees of nature (or its aid. And rulTtr iia to oimmend to your pop lid w Aad use that truy vA'uable m^iosmant known as MRS. M. COTS IXDIA V VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this a most infallible spec:fio popuiar senti-rent h*a apoken in dr-eided tArnta, Ami the evidenoes of this great eflioacy Are m tAin-'< by oonstant avowals of eurAbve effects Aad ? t u ' loaaiwi irura m uw irw W^T &!1 OU16T and the '<Mt m?*?iieal skill have failed. us couolukiOQ, that oertifieatea ewres are r<?t sought from th? illiterate and sneerfioiv, but tin?? are volunt-ered from the in^errasp-v?ab!e eoj-oes ml ja?tif? tbs highest tarmi in winch it is possible to tonnwd bo valuable ? sp -cifis to pub io approval We may add also that t&e curative properties of the medicine are nailed only by its restorative elT-cts. the s??t-m reoovering from disease with f?n?*w constitutional visor. For sale hY all resseotable Druggists in this oity. and by the proprietor, MRS. M COX, > one reitome unless her name is biown on the bot?'<" and her seal on the oork K- 'noe 91 per bottle, fit bottle* for ft*. ol*:aU Agent. R. ?. T. C189KL. Drugsist, C.. Wholesale Agent for thelftatriot, and wi 1 lupply the trade at my pnoss. an 18-tr f|FFlCK OF J[N8P_ECTOR_AND SEALER v up u/vr? nc rcRS, W*?HIWGTO!l, July It, lain. NOTICE IS HEREBY QlfEti. Tfcat.acr**ably to the proviaioaa of the idiMno* of tb? Corporation approved May It. 1M0. the anderaignad if now prepared, "whenever reaulrfO la writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapaet. examine, teat, prove, andaaoertnn the accuracy of refiatration ofany gaa meter in nee in tbia eity." Ewy meter, tffoaud incorreet, will beaoodeniBM, and another, aealed and marked aa trne, will be aet in tta p.aea. If proved to be aaaarata ia ita me*aur*ment of gaa, it will be aealed aoeordiugly, and J*ain put inpoarioa for aaa. t'ffioa No. 510 Seve-nth atreet,(near Odd Fallowa' Hall I < "pen from 8 a. m . to 5p m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy lft- tf laapeetor and dealer of alaa Met era, T PROCLAMATION-! O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *o. WktrMu,^^ ^ wo fi ??? iiwuu UI UIV 79T CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA, CHOUC, DYSENTERY, DV9PW8I{k|lLITT.??,M, prevail to an alarminf extent: lw( nker?l, It meet be of the F1 EST CONSEQUENCE at onoe S*ft, Sptiai, **d DR. MONTARDE, ow Pau> offer* W? MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER REMBDF^OR1 THEfBcSTlfSSfittUlNT* In order to eabafy ' THE PUBLIC . . u that no impomtion u intended in tlM aale of Una THE MONeS^Al lll*kBFUNDBD wh? tham?ma.TLl7loZZ~*r*tuft,**., then at u; Dmc Store for MIKA.8ui.UUsTAFrfln.LKE, ^ taka m directed, and ff not perfeotir wtialad, Return to our Aaeat, who will refced joar moaar. Prioa? 84 and 40 Caata par Bottla, Pot *ale at all PraiWom arerrwfcere. JA8. MaDONNBLL* General Asaat, j; ll-eotr Baltimore. ?;n WILL BUY * pi!*a OKAB BEAVER Wwgimmtr* ur*m MM M ! i.r i <?- '*wwaS^L|)[ 1' w y?W ?x limp Viitai-sT I' ~ cnr.LF.0fe TFXt ?< OIH HE Fol'owiaa H<> >* for ei**? o*' wtxmla h%r? jutt h*?n p?bh(h?2. to Wbiotl U? titration ?.( IMWbera i? Vir^ifi A?ticid ?itli rxfk*' ?tory _ < tf? Sj ll? ? nw. rmiNNrn LMtl IB OM BHU ID wrulj oi Mt?hi|art, | ?ol; f < 3k h.ttd I Apoict 1 Bud Crito Wltb DvlM Vf W. F. T?>*r O'Bv**, prol#??or <X 6rr*k ?? Amlimt 0?? i f r iC MMlltl Fz?rci*M in?.! p*-t? of French ft}nUi.vrU(Kl ??>?r Poititib1* Fruetii*," b? F. T. \Vmk?lmMa; 1 to. ; pri*? A N?? M?tlio4 uf LIMUM BfMUili,|{Ur U? 8j?'*m of F Aha. PWB*1#b7 BLANCHA?P k MOHL'N. bh y KierenOi at ?m Fa ?*. HO Wfc'8 I MPEO VED v\ t:i0H 1 N G 80 A L KF Th?M 8oalM tr* irtrr*4 to tit* mMi? u i\# mod *im?iet4arah:?, m4 ert* /at .? W. r irtltiftM ^rwuiiu Mrnb^n bj U?* Let*4 MAtPi i-kirtai Virgirt* Ac-m tvrBa SooiMJ, V irg Bia A man Mir* twr. } ?(i|.4 lastitat* Ftir, pern??lv*a.*, N?? Vvik Mala; Au; ulmtxd t|?y ot*? r*oMTMarM ennpnu?H B?< a? < at S? Lo?imu ?rni?, I?fOt ?f Ml #* IrMtetau 4* IMT K> C. PATTI80N. AMI ^VABHW?TON BEW1N0 ROOM*. TV M Ml II. tIMAfri IVirtt ?T f? iw Nov u tto box to c? SfRlMG M4l ;i'VKt| tllKTs oumi* u? to order Tie atiliNnWla m. pu?l to ra*k<> 9fl!RTS, DIAWKR^. Jt 7*. luorWt notioi?. Ail O?torif<i<w* of twviu <?.. SHIRT BCt^OMP. COLLAR*. u< WKIrtr liNDSMtllritwkM. ??<* ? nvrt FIRE. firk. POTOMAC WATS*. I M Mill MtVMl ii th* rLlI M mi?o M4 HAP FITTINO Bl'*IN K??* at my ? dM^ la I'fc.fcar raonio Hfc ,. Tba ?d?M i?|? of ha?,i* * MUlf of *?t?r ?u rrKLi'1 ^t'nrd At lu? ft re of tNwnUy.u I am wHi ?%u C<-?l T ihouiti fc*v? b?^?i burned n?t but lor the N>?i.ti/u! (apply i^nr * tkal rtf ? ? ? gri vHnwv IIW Mlv% J nTI( Bl"*! All ordar* for til* ii!trodooc>?a of Wttar and 6m will b* promptly atumde* to. T?i aa umim bl? u any ylimUr is the aity. Jy? C. PWVDEK We A 0 P1KTCRBI. E Hm m itorf, u<! art? tfu ? roootnoc, ViS PIXTL'K?S of entirely New Pattern* anrt JV'.pa* and Finuh, ?np?rior ,n *U * to n ylh >| borel.ioro offered in tin* n ark-1. W. invito cititrn* |*t,<?r*. Ij to cmll and eiamita obi Hock oi Gu am* \V?w Fixtnrea, taHirg confident that w# tart tb* b*>?t aolarted te.-k in 'Washington. AH Work in the above ur>? intmetrd tn oar tart will be promptly attended to. MYKR8 * MoGHAN. mar 5 tf 3T* I> ?tre?<. 19 fWWl <?Al CHAMPAGNK AND I ?,U\MP CKAK A?'P1> CI DKR.?V\ unu the attention of *k? p?it>hc to oar .art* ami w?t1 ?e looted utook of Ci.ampa?ne auU Crab App:a Tutor, whioh ws tua'-aete# tr> be pare iaio?, and will be aoM on reasonable tnmi in ?>rdor to nr.alt* room lor oar apriuc'toek. Give o* a c* l at tM Union Bottliac Depot, fat Na. IT liMKiKt. kM>r(?inw|. / v moiokt! *\ v \ f DISPATCH S < f* \ l /v* v * j stte pircei! %\s^ At mteiimt* w*U knrrm., rraw ? / mtlui, it > r*?ry dmirahl* tn hav* ipiw er>?*? and oonrsniect v?y f#r repcmn? F ?rnitwr?, Toya, I pvaavat* ^ ^ I WI WV*WI J t ?>W? arALDI?IA'l PREPiftED OLFB mMti a such raiw^cMM. and no h?a??hold aan afford to be without it. It ia *iw%t? ?e?dy n?>d ay to am?; point. Thwt ia no InafaritwN i ait; for Impinf cha> re. apt uttered wn??r?, headjeaa do. a. a*.d brokrp antjiaa. It ia jaet tM arttei* tar ooda. ah?!l. and < ih*r or namM ta. work, eo popaiar with iadi?a of refinement and taate. Thia admirable preparation la oaM ?old. twine I chemically h?'d in ao'otion. and poaaeeeiac *11 (M rateable qua mea of the heat o*bn>*t mak?*?' (> >. i It may be naed ia the paeeet ordinary ? bainc TMt f more adhaeiTe. " VSXFDL IK EVERT HOUSE." Prtc4, 35 o*nU N.B.?A Bruah aooompaiuaa each bottle. Wkoluml* Dtret, No. 49 Cedar etraot, New Tort. Addreee BBNBY C~8PAL,niN? * CO. Box No. 3,?0?, Nov Vert. Pit ap for Deaiera in Caaea con'aiaiat F^ar, F.iifct, ard Twelve Doten?a heaatifk! LiU?orra#ble Show Card aocompanyinc each paofeare. inc|* hottl* of sPALDimrs prw PARED GLUE will aara ten t'lmee ita ooat aaaaally to every aoaaehotd.^m Sold by all promiDetit Stationery Drarfiata. Hardware and Furaitnre Deaiera, vroaera, and Fancy Storea. SCoantry aierohaata aboak) make a aoteof SPAL TttVS PREPARE5 GLUE, whea a^kiac ap air Hat. It wlii atar>d ani on mate. fa |5-W ^ 'A < ???- ~ .-J 'I P' y Mtr l*l< ?>? H?Mii> ? )| ? 111 {VMM/IU JUmik < v e~*~. i , ?5l f 1? BoT.6^o???*er\^L| 'S CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULB BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY f WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS | imwrwin WITHTHE8IQNAJ1JREOF \ ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATiON AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJALY, " Sra fUJUuTs"HEW TML tOR SALE IN wAsnryuroK BT r y \t CAIBQUB * 8E1MP. ^^lL^^OLT)\ -i Mmmmukmvi1 mvviirsK iiishcyj I . W? ??r (pjflte I traa.M4kic.MT imfrrv?4 in ?) . w?oofc|*l?oKJ recomntMaa it aa p?? rirxr^T an<l Wit Wlufltj tml can fo??)h fy di?tifl?sl. ?' alio o(T?r oar OJUD FAMILY RYE WttrSWXY, ad other btaa4a. fVaai Lh? tarcaat itncl of Fi?* Ptoaix Di Hilary, oa the IMiayilrtti rirarTKi.* Ofleae M Wall treat, ff?? V<rrk : * * I? fro-th Frnnt itmat Hnhulili?mk mmr m !* F R A N c I 8 HARPER. A MI LY GROCERY*'AND* FEED s?TORR. I < W ?/ ?t* Y?"* memm mm4 7W* ?frw (ju?j e?tS??a,iawa w I' "tor* . -..v io? wa f *.?.?. LMUJu rl .? **" " i. k- > ??< A L1"" """* 'm.H. Will prm ? ? ?i r mfW&$sss& f CI 8* i *b ruL*}'.8 ami > ,u *f , ?fc f > I

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