Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ^ -- -y-r-r i i 1 - ..... ?*** poMJebae the U*t or L?tt?i frtfa'nThfr Tn the W?oh!ns*>n Oil* Peft QW?, aed'r Im prot1 atom at the Uw direnting them tn be prrtrtrf la the newipapw having thf lafgctti circulation within the delivery of the oftoa, Tt* total dally elrtntoaon te more then deufttv tbet *9 .? rwu? n.l.1^4 im (va j* r? v* ?mi j umki wttj piiowu i u mc yiiuiT/kU( uw lutnbl* I^Tboftjrb irn Sta* It printed tin the fa?te?t team grew Ir. n? south of Baltimore,4*s edition tVjo lV?" ?tSo'tcqnlrB^t to b?r put to pr?* at an (Ulf hour, AdTfrtiscppnts. tbrrrforr, should be e?nt in befof 1J oVj^^k m , otbetvrjie VUey pfy ??* tpfar nntll tb? next dt r- r^Jt-.c N" erica ? I)b?U?c| of Cotuubia Ad war klaecneftts be twrtrd in the rUtTiwo** 8r??e reevlved att ud bmrdcd front Tu rtt*i Olc*. , f JIMm. Own Tatu>*'? 8?K*cR.-^n'M* addfPM ' -?< M?e foeeMng on Thursday ?*v*ni?y U*t of tb? Bell and F>?r*t Club. Mr Osrle T?vW* tgrk strong ground In firmr of *fn?!on" of '-all opposed to the afcoMUonlste,* contending that thorn are only two parties before the country e^gi^ed In *Um PnaHentlal content? the national rrflm party, biaed on Ibe CoiwfltutUn and tbe Inw*, a peaceful and a lswat>!dlae party, and tbe nr* tfbtn! hbe!Mi 1^1 partv. ba?*d on Gov t*rwerd 4 4 higher law'' doctrine nod hit " 1wej?r?atlblt oantliet- between tlM N?rtt and the Foiifri Cjnf { la a couaeivative patty, protecting life *ndpro|? vrty, holding out the olive branch of petce,- u,t oci*? a fartv of destructives, violating law and lmf^riiliat the d?iuL-r of tb? land in blood. the extr?"mWa tec;retting Um failure of Joint Hrowa'i f raid Tk* one party relies on the Bible and the Constitution aa written, the other perverts both. la bla kte speech at Detroit, Gov Se.wa d ridbculed the " alarm of Virginia and Te*an" on tbe use, wltfcin their border*, by abolition assBSQina, of the murderous ride and the pike, and the torch of midaigbt Incendiaries. The one party la supported by the purest pa'riots *f the land, the otb?r by the bills and Black 1 Otori(?tofthf dsv, | lltical Puritan* and politi; ral l?lack leys A* partisans, no regard ta had bjr them to ptircfpl" asid truth. Yet many of the ?og-iftlUd epubllcaas are highly respectable and of unblnrlahed character in private llf? apart from politic*. If now, they have lately supported the abominable doctrines. aa proclaimed by themaoives. of Seward and I.iucoln. pltTcrent versions nave beeu given af ?*> . Sewar^'* late ape^eh, aa if Id suit dilfereut an lions of tbi? country That far the North U another * Helper^' much of the sting ta taken fVom tfceaonthern version' Sncil were the remarks aa e*t*esaed. though of courae much more Id exteitw. the late preal-' daat of the Ro'J ai.d EyweUtMub at it* 1-at w;et-' Ing Mr Tayloe at*" defended ttie trovernment from the unjust Tepro"m>ll"1ta|t it wm regarded with "ccatempt abroad,? reir.artiuig "If auch be a tbe oaialon at txeter loucb^he better far Mr. JBacbanan. ?o much tha mare b^commanda tharespecV' of tte speaker 5tr. Yay!d* also did jriHice to tte Vt^e Pieaideitf, fbr tt<parity of bis character. and bia devotion to tli&rniojL N?r did be qwrttion DoHglaa' being a^uatad 1 dv Ihe saiwe patriotic pr.ncia^ea '^a to Mf. Lil-V I cola, heljevfd to be s ruptctaufc' r.Mm j>tr *r, apart Cram bis a bout ion ?vn, not if^tnuended dv any ex per! e??* or kit oW? act of aiatrsiriMisiiip, lie Heed* rw luaiufeato of Uts .ibulitlon l)riucioi*| from Oor Sevrird Mr. f-TW^rr Maiulyfor hnr?r!f' H? preceded Gwr V*rr?l'lH?*\:neiattnc hi* b?U*f la tbe *ppraBfbl?E uiiflHrtHU twrrn the states of tbia 1"a!on "tMuW matOM of them emplov free l*bor and other# slave laoorj" Tbea* W?4a Mr. Lincoln * own Wutda from tie ?tump: "I believe thltliovrminfnl eaniuitfiAiite permanently batf alave and half free;'' and been* pre?fc-4 bi? deliberate judgment In tbe xtcar in of ?lavary iuto the free State*, traleaa -'the 0?{c* neat* of alayery arreat th* further aprwd -I it, and place it where tbe public mind aball rest in tbe belief tbat it la In a courae ot ultimate efctinc* ' in cue of Mr. Lincoln"* election to the Pfri: - j dency. It 1* clear, a* Greeley *aya,'some ODe k to J be ruaatrti ?tfce uattvn or tbe aW-litiobiits To avert the national calamity, la rait: of tfca election ?f Mr L'ucoin Frcatdency, th?*e la. a deep reaponaiblil*, on th<ae who are nc&* afele to ataveotf nationaldtabakor, with the m'.n / Lasard* of the luaa of life and >1 p^*?pe:ty. If iK>t j tbe aeveran?-e of moieof the Ht^Wa. jmmTjj tbe evila threatened to follow in tbe train of tbe abb lit:ob victory. Mr. Tavloe closed hia late addf*-a? with the Inquiry: "!? tbffr no Blucher tr> come to the re*eue and to eontributo to a Waterloo deft-at of Mr. Lincoln and hia army of ab'riitlouMs V' Tsoaerss aMi.rzmay or tV* " ^ ii?? Avitti.''?Last >verrl:ijf. the ton City Wide-A.wak?? UK* In large auatWra at t&e repubUom ht-adq aarV-rs, on ttw carter of Indiana >wane and ^fuM street. far the par|>oae of <-.oeipletin? their orgatrtzstlon This done by toe selection of Uie following ?ifl-ers:?President. Lavis CJepLsi*?; V1f* Pre?)?le>it. G^or^e H. Plant; Secretory. 6. A Hall: Captain, H?iiry M Kit-M, First Lieut nnar. R K KlfHtt; S?c ad Ll^St-v&at, RfchacdM iAoarn-r. This A? sori-iiiun nrw another* about ninety member*, with nuweroua a< cessinr.i at tiek < iir*-\'iti; A uniform aim liar to tl* w>in by ltludjvd associations in Hartford; Ct., Lasbr*n ad<jf>?d by tti'J organization Yhe^aptaln jwi'^ma'it.-' aifofiu cou?i?U of aQ Inverness mantle. or overCoat with cape, uiade of btacfc enamel Clvtfc, afid ; Miated tapt f fw Captaitt rarrl?? a r?d, and -wli IipuenaTit a bine or green l.uttf^i:. "Jkefiiri vales wear a black enamel circular <-*&?. aultr ftdL and of uood lenatb. glased cap. an A carrv a winging or fl'eman'a torch. TwUpiwirii. <Let?f*tat tn tfer company carrftag twy l*?v? lorrhea, ate a*atton?d on the extreme right. The organization <rt the ftrat "Wide-A wake" aaaociaUou ia Mid to tkve Lad Its Origin in flirtt rd. Ct.. annealed by tbe apperrtlace of or fteur yonng men wejriu'4 ***1 capt? aod capa la tb? torchlight proce?a;o.i wb|<-h i?rad*d tb? Crec'a of Hartford U311 -ir -rt to Hon. Caaalua M trlav, on tbe night mruaiv 25, M8U. The utejeet of the VV )?!? organisation, aa la declared ta the Ii not-a^ly for tfca pufpoae at ptmi:ng in torrfcii^bt projections, But ia eape*.iaii? d^i^ned to c( -vp^^te in all ijie miftutae of political work, and to thia end ite ie inbera are to lye detached off by atreeta; every atreet. Iaae, ar.d by-wayih the city to | aufflrient number of \vlde Awake* tnttto IfVofcafW evrty volrLn<!-tl(ir abobocAif tuch?in that atreet,Co tn>dae awd V?f aetiwly alive hll kfccwra-rapi tiittaBs. and, by- arguiuaaia, doeuiner.a. ahd-ail honorable mnmi aeroee *?doubt Jul aad Wfvettiig. and j*-r?*:uie the l*?t]le <>? elKi'au <14y* 4j each, polling district, the WId* \M ^I Vf to br oat i?. fujf. JtefS ur.dae 4ir?cUwa ol th? ?ie^Uv^?w(uraiU<?e, aiid i mmWtLftr iiyexvialoa of th* < df%ln. u distrlhcheck-./*, cLaHi-u^er*, axa eapeciallv as jua^r'juen, t>rtf*<?ery republic** Utlie poll* wTka Ioll<rwi*i_ ne\r ebeor vtm selected ?y the offal nal ordfr ?f Wide Awtkot. ftwit a timber proposed, and ia now known t&Mu^bout the country a* the Wide A>*ake CLe^r "Hurrah", Huzzafc I Hurrah, Hurxa^ : i Hurrah, Huzzab !f"' II a*k Ball ?We are much pleated to ace ttat this rnoniv tpori. until lately ?o?ftu*4 to Ue .V*th and Kait tgWglfintm' to fee (fulvi^pKri .tKl In our stoatfceni Combirflafrgitpe. 4?irkt**s and Mt*piglU ia tao requisite* lux a 41'ud pUyci, )t g\ v-e? an amoftfit ??f ofmt-air e*er" A0bat cdu< obUiiVd !g 1# oth?r ijiiHie tb* we *ih<w of, faZ in a iu*i?i?ultv where the left* n*?jor;tv of tfte 1be foanvrrfn readao vaentary lrv*aj?ii? \\'<?h ttiKton OX i?u< bran a OfltuJH&tadl l~<*t spring tii? 4f<.Hypac CUU?wUicL4? tlie ploi?*r wpiifji X'be 3 ntti?played feral interrtt.iig a .d clo^ely-coatj-iUa ninwlir*, whlrh j?ave a great 1mp?h*pto tte gairip; and iwvr vrr kirt t>-re to roitffblf uf^uaized rluba?the F#U>nf?. . National, and Rrth'an?bea1d? a boat of minor organ, lalloaa On Tueaday next tlir Pot mac* gate iryUxtr akill a^Jnm tk??* National Club \v t are lofartnt-d >y amateura that t ie* , iob? are b*tt? la fine pLayiag roadttian, and *fer? n-ver ( ore eveul) matched tLan uuw, and m e ' all anxioja to aae a r!o?eiy-fouglit ao4 e*cltlng Mar to be praaeat at ?a?rp t on Tummy. The Potomac Club at Mi last luaUUief <^ed well for tba aot'.ar aex. aad gavt- |i.t:u 4o<f ceamai*dationa na tbe rtatate of thing* *Uo\?-dt;Ho tar Botblag ?t good-JuaWMpVfaaniiOm atf fl??f*' f WasftiactM lent theti prettaor to aacoara*. llietf rta*??fcibn?. With th* flM-trat otur*.a tLat tfc?gan>e ilactf and w t(i Ua*?dded lmp'w ttiat Maeoura^nrni Uom fkt mz rv?ry> wirr? g| v?a U> tUf araia >i{ Youug Ameijcs, we ? tat^>e M Id Mt Ba*? B^U turf* WtOt nickel is In ' lUgUnd?ttn national ?-uu?. > t_ ' Tat F.irranrna rf Mm Eaat W?filuglon ({uadrlllo Aaaoriatloa Id uimoml. o? Tl>?r*Av rvrntaf Uat. araa a tndtftiitl ent attkir. Ah.xat om~ buadrtdeoupla "Wipped Moia tto?itgbt faauatu: tor" to th- lna^irln^ bimui of l*rof. ? Hcb(uder*a a^lrndld band Tiw cu.inuitu-e Wrm M:itlr:ag iu tt.*-'r ?f .-irta topleia^ Yiilrlfti*?i??*e folly 8Ucr?-a?ful wu rv.d<^>r?d %y tfc# *r&yi 1i whfrh itxv w*n Urored wiUk' the auilet or ttie lid"* ' ? - ' ' Tina Win^ . Wynnai laat ja'gbt r*tryt?odt alWKil I t?e on band to jfJr? tim a buniitr He h'to jvrforma at half.paai thr??* o'r.idrk th.a afWruoou. U * cttUlrra, at 10 centa a Jw-a4 ?Ji*? ibei? ? diiae- . Tub I * rBi>Goft*?? -TUi iplr'ted c^m^ny u *uMla* cwi.ittafld u/ Ciiptnia Sv-lijdd. wvrv ou jja'ftde l*?t aecoc pan I ad b? at*. Ual TU|f p-rforrn |fc*jr vsriooi n?ITTar> ?oiution? l? m *ety owuBBt f mb l ?wi Poa*** w will b?> boklea Mrn dir rM-xt wrrk im \V??Uy o?rn?r ( ftth and F ? c?iuit a? Awe o'clock P^*1 . 6bb La another column, OT ??? d?*<MIKib, 5, of the /_ Misting or ru DnociiTic Association or Alexandria?Tbe Sentinel of Thursday evening aayi: '^T&eTVniorratia A?wlaVjM* n>ft In regular meeting laat Might Sax?pM lfrlll^TJe "te& to do hit dut,v, and hor*-d (be nK-ttibera of tbe A??c!sttotj Wmtld do tb*?ra A TVrn-?T-frablei**te oMbwge wm t&iitug in tbe country. A eaadidate for tbo Preaid^ury?ti?* hiebeat ?lec*1 ve cilice In th* world, wm troing nbovH miking himself leek* At large for iia own ticket tn tlx Ste*? cf Vlrgtula No mon. ?>Mb> r In or mit of tbe bos; lta!. | waa insane enough to believe Mr Douglas stood j tt? least possible ebsnce of tb* vote c f j Ylrginf* And tbe Wbtc naDert an* now felm- i the r*4tyuof tbe apfiMy Vavei TUe trAn kwid f uecet* rilv delayed <Mt It* d'p<utur? Xrntn bo#. ; duaavtUe ia toaaaferrin* tin pmmmu^vt h*i ^ . ' The Om?* ?Br ??ana?<iar?io'u< U Mo|b?r e?l?a)0 It wilt be teen that StTefhen'a < Ida Cbqc, i araM|in?l'9ti Opera T?0Ufwv<UMp^?attQ<a I >>? < ?, k?e. oa Monday Ibc Utt? luat if?ep a let***1* outlcaUM U l?M?r? ?4ve;il?s?eq. -i "J' t. if?ii WV1)) k.'14 ? i 0 Thk Roxf' Rot-ana "?The oretirrenco of vart"us rluu aimI Uisturtor.rr-s on the comity roads, r?c?ollT?aon* of which w?re of a at-rloua charactna?h?a exeih-d tbe < onntry nstdnnu to take steps to bnrg the oUend r? to in*tice Sofhe two w-ik< ngo * si-rvant of Mr. J Pierre wji Attacked ai.d beaten on the road, aad hia injuries were ?o danWioa* that liis life wua fur a time despaired of The dm riptma of snoie persons who were s*>n noon the ro.nt about the time, led to the sw?pt.|on oi variowa perxma. and County oili er K*ese proredded yesterday to make arresta Two men ( \V ?i-Collins an.1 Win.Carr) were arrested and taken before Justice Donn The Identity of neither being fully establtahed, Cclllns was bouorahly disn:;*sed,' and Carr was beld for a for.titer Leading. It is certainly a great auuoyanr-# to kar? crowd of roti>4Us'" hanging about one'a I pretniaea, keeping the banda from tkelr labor and alaaostng and threatening tbe family. Thk I'hhw Pratvb Mxwr!*oa, which hare b*en held for tbe Laat three montha or more Id lb* Ninth-at. Methodist PruteaUnt Chntrh bare been removed to WtllfV Dhaorl fur th? enminn urwk On Friday after uooo.wtoea LUis change was mail*. It was proposed that an appropriate notice should He taken of the cordial manner la which lue church worshiping In that house haJ kept It ofMyL for?o long a um? together, for the daily accommodation of the Pravef Mealing: wh#renpon Cot Kdwards, of the- W rater a Presbyterian Cuorch, niotevt tnat a rote of thtnks t* pa.Med b? those now assembled. to the pastor and people if the Niuti.-street M. P. Church fur Uteir kl oddest In this buliaU, aud It was so carried. Tat Nobtrikii Mabkbt.?The principal Sat1 nrdnr wight market ta located In the Northern Liberties During the mornings the dealers , c*MH;r.-*At? at the Ceulrc Market; but after tbree ! oeosk f?. ni tbry ?r*aerallv (nnore the greater | S'umi of their provisions to the Noribe n&atket up?>?V their i nstoium wbi) reside in tkc > - ' * of t*ie etty A v sit to the Saturday-til*. bt< saWs iu tu:< locality will coa<rince the behold^ J Uist this iiuirket is one of steadily-increasing Ibm portauce and pro&t The stalls are always Wall^ patronized, and tw [fniUWui being strictly er r :o:<.ed,'*?c?lla*? order is maintained. . w?'f k r.. ? i-j , . 1( f The sotrrbwbsim* B?*t? ?The passe tralu natuiOrange and Alexandria railroad ires? rday V?i attained by a very l?rp? nuiwVr of ua*? age*?? requiring the iwe u( ? Ouiral t^r t i earrr Ibmil Tbls fact to evidence of U?e ,<rejf auinbers seeking this route froio y?e Sonh?od wr.m wivnp, an'* tirr iwiun-ui^wiv jnqmreti waut anm of nn>i?ey would be r?<|?i|*tte U> orlng about a tnore ptrfprt undents ndiftg between all partie* Having been informed by the bolite official, he at one ' duwu'd tU- casu," and left Win. Humxi (colored) ?ent to a funeral, and cot*tng home got Into * stone bat*le with aoBie other colored boys. and w-u discovered by an effier, who ehas?d h!m all the \ray from the Congress burls! ground to Carroll's Spring, where tlii boy gave It ui?, and the oQv er took Uiuq to tM magistrate, wtio lined him lightly in view of his long racs, and let him atld?. m h! ? ? - - r?. ? ?* * * - mi : **i. jjivp giuwing a ' O'jni* of their trip to York, Pa. From the time tbev arrived in Baltimore, where they were received by tLe City Guard* and escorted from tbe Camden t(? the Calvert Station, they vrene the rer ipienU of every attention and ktndness. They m&fcbed tbro'iLjli n I'.timore ?treet. followed by an iinmente crowd of <tdm1riag ?|ivctators, and won high encnai urn* all hand* for their excellent drill. U'h^n the* arrived at York they were received by ,the Worth Infaptry, by whom they were escorted tu tbe encampmfnl. l)uring the stay in camp the tliiirs d/llled wlib great regularity, and on Thursday morning gave a gr? exhibition drill, wfaiob was witnessed by an immense crowd or's, who frequently rewards the earp* with loud applau?? The Marhie Band which a< "vjoipsuitd tbe Rifles on th?lr trip, *Uo won goideu opiuisns from all. There ue;c e!ybtr*u 4J0i|<anlts in tamp, and all agreed in aw?rdti<g to U.ikkll# the honor c f bring the best drilled 2nd ni'.ist soldierly corps present armed of disorderly conduct, were severally flnetj WW. M:?ry *nd Catharine McCarthy, af' cuit,'! of disturbing tbe pezrt by naing inaecnt arnu igr. wer* ki?e?i &1.W4 each Lftuiiel Stewtrt, a.u.w?w<l "f pro&Mtlty in lue public streets, w>s fined J Colivra wu charged with beiny a destitute kwAt, and sent to the workbcm* 9i? days. George Smith, arcuied of disorderly tchavior in Lue public streets, was Uucd $.>'H Zarh Mitchell accused of disorderly bebevi-ir, msa filled IM M. aiid In default ot decurity was sent to th* workhouse 90 dayi. David O'Rtirfa, accused of making a dlsturbni.ce In the streets of tbe .Northern Liberties, was fined ? ' '.M, ayl in ?W miU of tbe proper vouchers was seat to tbe warkhauae 66 days t P'f6rt Justice MrK'ttn* ?Jeremlsh Hickman happened U> be strolling along Pennsylvania av? ou? one day when a certa.n liotel keeper was giving a house-wanning to some frienas and not a 9 !<?? IMIIIU*. w uv unu rirrn rriiimiK Oil dUU* Hirtrrjent Jeremiah '-dropped" )n. and was treathJ handsomely. so much so that be Hkrd the fare iicecdiugly well and left at & lafc-hour, well [>l?-rt?-d with b!s reception In eudeav>firig to make his way home by niooail/t.t, be lost k|is war. and became obscured tx-tmU a wood pile, where h? lactate uw9on?-ioui. awd remained In that condition until the'-Charley's" brought him to the eastern 1*< k-up The Justice found htm there next naming, repentant, and re-idv to make kverv apt>lo,- v fur ui? pruvio is errors; and in consideration of bit manifest peutittuce. H?ed Lltn lightly, and let biiu go. (ieorjit: lieardtley uot tigut at a funeral and stopped the way, Kttd did ntber things not laid down among the puhth- (lutfrt of hack-drivers He Was required to call at the magistrate's office in ord*r to get art right about n little ditierence of opinio between himself and a oorpnritiou ofl*c?r In reapect t? % corporation ordinance In relation to persons who follow bis vocation Here the magistrate read t>!m the law in ?nch r ise* made aud provided, which aatWlf d blm that be true national, canakiate, jobn C. l>rockl:ir concluding amid nuch applause. Mr. Win F. Carne, a gallant and talented yonmr democrat, neit obeyed the call of the meeting, and made a rery spirited and forcible adiireat, which wat w?uiuiy applauded. Air Carne givta promise of much usefulness to the ' ??Me of democracy and S?tat<? Highta, and ve bopt to sre hltu duly honored ?nd remembered XV e are triad to ?oe young men coming Into the work, and taking place* upon the rostrum; etpeeiatly when tbev glre anch evidences of both industry and jriftn ' At the conclusion nf Mr. Oarne's remark*, the ' association adjourned with three rousing chcers far Breckinridge Aitd Laue. r*%. J a. ? - * ? ? - i ?> urmucr its niewnnc we say Toax mf gallant democracy of Alexandria are aroused ami at wort, ^cond o-ir effort* ? witfi eqoal ze I?and ?oon tbe l.ioB of tbe Virginia democracy will be seen Miaging tbe dew-drops from bismaae. and putting the army of bell-ringers to Might . Police Affair Jmstitt Birnaclo -~Lwdia Ucrmour was accused of disorderly and iMUCaae demeanor, and fined tl W. Charles 1Jtiller. accused ef selling Hqner on the Sabbath; ?red *53 ar.d ?1 .27YMta. Thon:ss Bowie, ehargeri fth profanity; fined 82 0-1. and la default of security w*s sent to the wofkboow M days Jaiin H. GroM/alias Her^iusn. accused of 'using profsne lairpna^e, was fluid 91 ?t Kllea Davis and child wrre discovered with no tislble means cf support^ sent to Ihe aliuUiouseGO d-.ys, Fmnianuel lie 11, Lewis^, Betsy Jones, lulisn Halt*. HnirietU Jones, hllen Bcaulsn. Ana Boiler. ail tLag him euly because Ihey "hope by dividing the wiucrattr volt u> uIto the State to their cand! ?Mr (Ml. Hxwllrd ipoa the demonrae-v *?f Alexandria to nnlte and help to aa*e the JHale Tru* theft. The rnmmltU'fl appointed to engage a ?u!L*iblo reorn La which to huld the meetings of the Assort# ti?? reported Wiat tbev had engaged 8arepta HaH The o??nrimiKee appointed on the subject of n!?1ne a flag pole reported that their work wii done. Quite aJarge number of democrats gave In their namrs as members of the Association Jt was r*aol*e<l that tbe Association would ir.eet on Friday ntsrM next, at th+ eonrt-honse, tr order to dedicate the Br**ek!nrld?e and Lane flag pole; and a coqiiultUe waa appointed to make ueceaaftry rMmtrrawta In answer to loud caila, Col. C. K. 8tnart addri?i*d the Asportation Mr S an id tbn< be bid been traveling the northern r.erk of Virginia, and that the correspondence bauaJly coming from that place and pulWiahed la the Alexandria aXAtte waa uot a true representation of the statu of olitlral ftMlinq The 4?aor,r?tr there ire ttrnify nnlted, and would jjlve a noble aecoant of tn"trwfvt* The aapporter* of Air Douglas art exceedingly few. . . Col. Shiarc ^ruceeded to vindicate the platform of the dreckinrldge Convention aa right aad proper, and the on 1? aafe and honotabi* port tie a the South- could tak# He ga*e many reaaona wby the Alexandria democracy. of all other*, ahould be united in thair tfforta and in their votes. He contianed for ?ome time. showing the faiaity of the position of the lMu^laa and Hell parties, and urgiug upon all t > nnite on the only real and AlUiDin Mat-to* ?Tbe Union miJf of A lerandrla bad another Tread lilWIBWW list nlgbt. Under tte marihalahlp of ?r. iobn Arnold, a procea?loa wag formed and ttj*reh*d Ukr*uf)i the principal (treats, batting at the flig dUPrCcenUy eroded br ihe Tuaneltowa boja on WlTke* street, aroond which a platform bad be?nf constructed for the ?pe?ker? vrbo were to ddr*** lh? m^ftlnc Ju A P.nallah Pan lnfrn)n<>>(i. the orator#? Messrs W. Jhilany. Henry *V ) Thomas ajid M O Ball?each of whom iddrttsad the mffting In appropriate speeches hi Abe' Hoe at the procession tn?re appeared numerous transparent ies, appropr'ately fM.-ribed .severa! of arklrli were gotten up bv a lad. who certainly deserves much credit for Us admirnble ta?4e In aucb matters The scene of the mietlng vai graced by the presence ef a very large detection the beauty of Alexandria We mean of eoorse fb* fair sex. Ttar Loudoun agricultural fair closed yesterday. Several p-emtnms wrr? swarded to exhibitors frmn Alexandria Mr. Jobs T. Priced heautlfol borse was tbe admired ef all admirers. in the , trotting matrh yesterday. Black Hawk ctme off victorious. Th* N?w Mbthodtst Ertscorat Cbtsck SoriH?The demolition of the building on tbe, northwest corner of N tnth and E streets is now la progress. preparatory to tbe erection of m large new edifice for the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Mr. S. T. O Mmwll. architect, of this citr, has now nearly finished the design of the hew building. On Ninth street the front will b?? 83 feet, by PJl feet in depth The top ef the spl e will be tW3 feet from the grbaad Tne interior is arranged for the vestibule, with tasaeiated paveJ ment, Sabbath school room, class rooms, busines* rooin, minister's study', tscture room?all 16 fe*} high In the clear From this *lorv the assemblage I ascend to the main audience room, which 1st* by 8U feet, and 43 feet high. A front gallery will be erected for tbe especial' accommodation ef a | choir?and organ if they bave one. Two spsclouf tide galleries will be wAl arranged for all th# Sabbath school pupils. Tb- rulp'.t arrangement! t are to be peculiar. Immediately In the re*r there will be a private room, with tbe facilities of wnter?aud entrance fr ni the m ost end, ao that the clergy will not be obllgtd to pass through ttt ' entire enurch. ' Tw* Mabouks ?Tbe sportsmen who are fond of shooting In the marshes, are now enjoying fine sport along the Anucostia and l'nt^mar. The reed birds ana blackbirds are very numerous, nrtd ortolan are attracting tbe particular attontio* of "good shots " Little boys are making money by hawking reed birds in bunchea about the streets. During the month of September there arc manv little fellows. and loint* ndulla who mnk?' jjood wages wild their guna and skill's, shooting red bird and ortolan for the nnm?roui restaurants of the citv. The season for ortolan is but brief, and alter the firat frost but f? w ^u.inem enter the marshes to hunt thein, it is esteemtd as labor lost. The Centkr M akkxt ?Thia morning the maiketspace presented nn unusually livelv ap^.irance. Saturday, of course, is the busy day at tb** market, and generally the attendance, supply, and sales are more extensive than on the mid-week sale davs It is then that dealers from distant sections of the adjoining counties apjiearat the farms, and purchasers from all sections of the city and county appear in the rnarlu t To-day the attendance was quite an increase over the average. There was a liv?iy demand,quick sales, and general satisfaction. The weather being warm, the early morning was the busy time. Good order prevailed throughout the sale hours. Crxtkal GtrsRPiroF?* Cases ?John Flanngan violated the cltv ordinances by getting drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner, and was caged for the nic/ht Ji;at rp Ilf*nn t\rAm V.i?r? 91 15. tine and and he bein^' unable to comply, wu aent down to the workbouae for alxtv days. J a in t* T. Nickels wig guilty of ?iiriliir misconduct, and, more fortunate thau hla feiiowp i*oner, he had th* needful at roimnand; and when he ?at rated at SI 15, tine and coats, he complied and departed, bearing In mind, bo ; donbt, the leMbn taught. Several lodger* wefe acr.ouimodat^d na comfortably as the watchhouie I conveniences would permit An I ,*i itkm kmt ? <.{uite an excitement teems ' 'to exist thronghont the city with regard to tie j grand prize pi<--n<e at Arlington nexi Tuesday. In oar peregrin at to .is throughout the city We heir of U at, every cor-itr, or where a crowd ?n?y fce collected together The presents, whleh ar^tobe f*en in H (J ftoorl'a window, are'Arely ?J. tl.a* * *U ?A I- ? ... ?U * ? li ? ' - ? u.niupu'ur. oii*i <uai lan. ?j^?iurr WHU ilif Uispij y ? of tireworka whlfb will take place at ni^ht. w*' 1 have no doubt will attract aa immeme crowd to Arlington. Ix Ai-siaxdria yntcrtar, Thomai Javlns was arrrafnd ?nd olMriRM HJnll.ebtrjft-d with beirtg connected with toe aaaault auoo the tailor, Kink j on Uedn-aday night lait. The evident* atfAiifct Javins conaitta in the declaration of John Cha^JUm, now iu jail, that he taw Javim lund upon a , IwikIi and Uir<>w a atoita at king. The injured man ia not dead, but liea in a precarious c?n<t'.tiou at the poorbonae.- . Notice.?'Tb? Union Market, tnlon bbfldlni*. on K street between Thirteenth and Fourte<'nth, having Juat been <M1fr61y refitted, will b* duly opened again on Monday next, th? nth 1r??ii;4t: wh-re my customers and toe public will Hi$d 1-tVi i nir in m?? r??n?? i ) ? !*??.?? *l>~* * I- - ? ? ' iuiui; in i?ij j/iu?i?ivii 11^ unr niai iur cuim* try *tlor<i?, at uiy usual moderate charges. It Jo* L. Huki.' Accidkxt.?We regret to l<?arn that the afcige between Winchester Hod I<~?t>biir|{, Va., cases'. led at Castlemnn'a Fefrjr, y*at?rd:?y, Uy which several i>n***n^<?r? were serioustv b??rt; amoij; other*, Mrs . Irwin, of this city, was vefv mnrh irrnlsed, and hirtl her hend t-ut. >nrt i?t seriously. Her children escaped unhurt. \'x thk None* to CorrrKACTom, in advertising column*. it will b? seen that proposals are In vitt-d for tbe painting cf the iron (aqueduct) bridge over Rock croek It is worthy Uie attrition of contractors fur that description of work. AaKivenat Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenfiand-a-hilf street, schooner Bloomtleld, Wheeler, from Pbilailelnhia, with 90 tons of coal lor .Mr A B. Waller. Say aovkrt:??mkst in another column of Bud* worth's Bacd of Minstrel*, who op?n here on Mondny night uext. mrtzh's mrracclotfs VtZHiS i^mtki) ( jj8 , the oldest and r*m?lT known ?*tcrmm?t us R?ts airl Mio?, Cockroaches Hues, Ar*n, Musqnitoes, Flea*, Moths,Gram-W oriu? and Garden jneects. r . :? Principal Depot. 614 Bnwlvay, N. Y. I liV all hnitff I?tu A?awl? a trim ID Qm / MAKRIKD ' On the 6th of June, I860. h? the Rev. Wm. Dmnm, Mr. CH^RLks W O'.NKIl.L, to Miu JA.VK CM VILLI fcK.ali of W Helmut n. _ At Fort Mouroe, V?., on the4t(i mutant. l?y Rev. Mr. CI.PWJ, Lient. W M. OKAHAM, II.' *. A , to MARY B , daughter of Captain Ja?. B. Kiek etU. U. if. A. DIKD, In. VVilke? Ba-re, Pa , on the ^iiWrtj of carlft f>ver, in her llrtu year MARY tLLHN, oideat daughter of Mainr K H. Bowman* 0. ft (nztnoer?, ai:d ?f Mrs. M. Is. Bowinan, former!) of WAJJTH. WANTRO-A good TIN AND SHUBTIRON WUKKKR. To it good Norkmau ?'<ifc lint ( molojio. ht will hr iiven Apply to W. L). WYy\ttW, No. 451 r* ?v. J }r WANTKD? Bya*tea<H and ir>Aa>a^ioui join* mau. aSlTl ATION as port jj- In a ?tciT? or wafcihiiian in ? hotel. R?it of f/orenc*1* fciwn. Address R1\V, L., Star Office^ ti.fa' WANTED-A niT?l<ii?-?feU COl.UEEli \V(K MA N, to cook, wash and irott.i?<r a *??j miIsII family. Call at rhe n?v Iivum adjoining tin* <*ern?a'i Hall. IUh at-, hetwoa . F and HW? I WANTKU-A SITUATION, br a young ?|rl, as chanbermaid and "uo*. *11* ha* ft * <?l raooiumemiation. l'le??paddn.*s* box No. 9S,?t*r OtfiM r w>i ft WANTKD TO RKNT-A *uaU FARHoffrurrt 2ft to 'it aor#*, with aoitiforialite ilwrlluic ami th? nectary outuous**, aud got?il soi., withiu two miloa I \f f ka <?? ?? A V tlfa r t if MIHV? VI kl|? Vltjt AVIUIVVS M^llUUIkHIOf W???I V/| - ? ?~f* _ WANTED?By a amtt family, who ramam is Ui*?ity two vr three aui( of we 1 furnished ROOM"*, con matin* of parlor And two bedroom*. m a hmt-oiata kou??, aod where ?r? axe no oth?r boardora?with apriva'o tyunilr tetrad ( n?xoepU<tM?Oi# ra&reaoea givafl. Iddreaa"Coinfort," City i?oat Office. ae|-3t* WANTEjD-A ri;RCiTA^KR foT? Flrii oi 75 aeret nr land, ait<m-e<frir JH*?iit?mnery oonnty, Md ,U union & uni tii? city aud 3 from the Belt** vule railroad atation. There are ? acres iit cnoicA' wood a d pasture land; tho remainder in ? ?#oil ft ate of cuJ tiva ion. The vnipro v? ment? ?bitti?t of a condor'able dwelling, bam. atattftnr, A*- fho above property will tw anft} a harpain, uooit unfie ,'Jtp rtTQNE CUTTER?-I irltt *m> wnplpy * f 'rtreftt aoU gooa va?pot>}e? ?ympataot,etaue 1 WW DALKt. WANTKD^TVVKNTY FIVE PATALOifSS HANDS. N<?a* but ropjl h^ailn wiu JmAVt.UNG MARRIED M^N.'wfcoMeaks 14*Uah auu tienuAU ilu.utly, u opes t. an entAseweut a* sardeiar or farm overaaor. H* naa, haw Imm , i.u uianuun i" "" My11. 141 * VY L" fLI I k<xmI htuinev* b ihiWt, irroiuplituda, yd MW TJJrJ n??aaarr. H?m qu?lifio?uon? frr WHWr of the *<d aUu*ti >imi will b?* fully bornaumtlwhia ??**,*' AdJrrsH, or prtrsouallj t9? A. W., Jlllf ."l, > b*tw8 -n 12th and lyhf Uii-AuV ro RtN*f?Br ? ?uai rt IwsSKFWj?.?aavw?&ton, with comR'tabla buLding* and good !*tod Autfreaa "KirMi," Blarienaburg, Pnnoa Qa*>r|J omUy, M4. . * iTTmf ' u? ... M '2 3 # ? ? j> * - ? ' . %. m THJt wUKLV Wam. UJ~ That ttrt6 prpoiar ftiratly journal, the Wbkkit ST4a,flill.?t,1?nnl?f MekopaiitWi Bfwi and goaaip, and choice literary reading, la now on oar counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced in ita e#Wrtaiutng contents are ' h*f i fallowing articles *"*? torV! RUvm ? ?" ??rx_ ,, ?? - nwva vi eaigmrj nowur"""ink Causes Death, Row tbv Japsscae Fish; " Stand as the Anvil'?a poem; physical Education?the strong man ( Dr. Win 1'sblp) and fcow he became itcunc, WotaMi ia France; Traveling one Hundred Years Ajio; The Danger of Over Exertion; The Eaily Love?a poem, TheShadowsof London Life; An Englishman's Opinion of an American Wab*mg i'J ice? u:? viewaoflaaWi'jiwikhleJifeatSiratopr, Wild 5porta of lnd'a-aeelng the le- J rth?nt literally; Mr. Fur. Fee# a Waiter and feel* Mean; ftegffien s?d L?ya!ty in t{iieb<<c; Hydrophobia; The Japanese and tbe Chinette; A Poet on the Prairies: Alexander Dumas; Tbe People?a poem; Tbe Value of a Londou Du?t Heap; An Abolitionist Quizzed; H-brtw Women; Couldn't take a joke; Live Cattle ; Weighed by Measure;' An et-Oevernor'a Amuaements; Mysterious Affair?aupposed death of a husband through the agency of his wife; Incendiary Plot?startling dlscoviTv; Scandal in Jersey City; Jaines River and K*na\?h* Caaal; Rein&rkabli* RMiiK-itatlmir Walker1* Pfnowmnia In Central America; Attempted Munier and Robbery in St Loot*; Movements of the Prince tf Wale*; Lady Byron't WiUj A Virginia C*?c4 *?'d to a Frc'nrh Company; Particular! or tbe'Cfcprnre of Truxilloj The Affray In Wytbetilie; The Disagreeableneaa of Congress Water; Awful Human Sacrl? lice; A Weary Life It it to l.ave no work to do?4 poem; Keeping l"p A ppeBf&ive*?a-v??fy Inter* eating sketch; Execution of Murderers at Lynchburg and St Louis; The Manner and Style of English Women of Rank; A Poison* Intj Cas?- in Maryland; Getting In Wheat in Wlacous'.n; A Steam Carriage Successful on Common Roads; Interesting from the W<st Coast of Afrirui; The Daylight Meteor of last November; Scan. Mag. In California; Arrest of Dr. Wiekham Operations of the Patent Office; The Jar ksna - ' Democratic A?wvM*?iIon; The Dell and Everett Club: Police Matters; The Park Riot Cis?>{ Tbe Stand of Colors for the New York Seventh Regiment. ... _ . ? - - - - ? iuc.>axionai departure lor \ork. I'ennr sylvanta; Tb?*<eventli Regiment Com- j mittee In New York; Ueneral Whlker and Nicaragua; TLe i*dii Mis. In New York, and the Japanese Hotel UilL; IntcrtMiiM Leiter ?roiu ? C S. N.f" ' Ou T*.fr win^7' in Virginia; Letter from aboard tbe Great Kas;rrn on In* return inp; Tbe IMitl-' cal Committee*, and tfie P<in'i(uay Drcisian; I"AUatens fail In iliy weatli-r;'' Senators Ciiu^mau, of X. C", and Brown, of Miss ; Mr. Douglas in Virginia; New York Politics; PlayTns* for I<i:n*oln,? Kle? tiori; Department N^ws; Kdi tor lata; Washington New* andOoMip; l,e> al IriUllisreice. Jfcc , Ac.; Late news, foreiga and dumnUc, toy aiali and telegraph; Interesting l'erson^l Item*; And a fcreat variety of choice literary article!, both prose and poetry, too nuuierous to aicatlon. This is just the paper above ail othnrs for perfcons sojourning In tli* National .Metropolis to gend to their friends at a dWtnnce. Price only three cents per copy, or J|1 ?"> per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arr?n^fcd. - J!=g JjOHT AND FOUNT). L(JSY?1On ThtiwIaV afternoon, b*t?r*i the Sceoad Liit?n<J ttrh'iot ard Mit?. ' ami 6th s',a pa'r orUOl.D 8PECTACLKS, having engraved no Iho tnice. [ tuts fraru*. "To Mrs. K%>-" oolph, f-omTiei* piiprls "* "I n.-* finiWirill bo liberally reward*.! by leaving th?m at Mr. II a K H Vl'liU'S l)rm sLu.#. ? ?' i Cj " KJiWAKl) will b? eiren Itr ti?? re:urn of a I pair of GOLD SPF.<xTACt>:4, ri^n with name of K. Biale on them '* *" Aj ROHKRT se 6 3'^ Pa. ava.-.g" Capitol Hull ? OST?Between Ninth ?treet a id Nt* York ?tIVfiHi*. ami T?r?l<th ?.*r F.a.> tvjwt.'j pair t.l GOI.L> SPKCTACLKt*. in a ' '' """" Tbrown en* i: sj-'gotj Bridgeport, C<*i? , ?tHmpcil ou | it. A suitable rcwarj \rtlf ho snren if left at tk^ ' Kpiscopal'""linrch llou.e.on Twelfth utreet. n?*^r F. or at thic office. ?e 6-2t* IOST OB XIla? AID^CKRTIFICATKS OF J 1 VDF.HTKDNF.*:* !Mn? *1 *iwl?r-H?# tftr.ner for .*<3 9, and the ialt^rf>r ?2 9 li.nue.1 under an a* t of 1 l?o I.'.ort?). ation of W'a^tiiiiSU/u of September it. 18 8 Apjmra !mi nan b?*r maMtothe Mat or tor a rei??ne of the above certificates. ? *?? f^KKfcUt A. 3PALLD1XG. LOST?On Tue*la?, August 7th. a Bt' V 1)1.E of Evening 5f*r .\e?->-papers, containing f?>or e?HPICK ?(< *? ft dav 1r>r i(u>nthof Jons. 1861 The mniwr wu ivt* a iiDerai rfwsru uj leturniy* tiiem to this ofltotj A H au 1.0 :f 1_rr: personal" * TN^TlCF. HE I.KWIS lit1 f'LKK whoRe name appear <1 in th<> W&tcu Mou'-e Kerort puL ixhi-ii in t, e Star ?f l'i rfat.trrtTw no- l.MvUBi'tler, hi'!*r <>n lioard tha Aqua Creek mail t>oat. It" \JOTlCK.?At* meeting ofthe Island Krienc-hip 1* Aaaociation. h*-ld S*epU*riii?er 4.180.1, John <iriF h'h wa-< QKyeMetf tor vi Aue> and ot er inisdcin?^rtmr#. Iiy wd?r?f twftimx! Frimdahlp Amtoeiation w 7 3t Dissolution of copartnkpship. l?'e firm of Vamxbi.l A Kim u is this dlv ImitoH-rfii h? mutual o*r>?ei?t. All oofcn?oted with the iato bnn will 1>? sett ed Tijr Air. 011 Var'*ii Tn? Imimiibsh will Iki hereafter earned ?i> mm iinnat hv .Mr. ?. H. VWaall. at old kta .il, 51 Louis au??v. ? ,t . v^j^jru., Wanhiruton, i). g., September 5th, lhfci. N. U.- MR. I-'INCH will still continue to execute the (irMUing. an beretufoiq. . tie 5 3t PA ST. PRFSKN T. AN DF1TURK KVK NTK will be ?a i?fac ??r;ly explained bj a hftr Nvrt at , lieurMn li*? ?a<1 -jd 1UM lliOlll. UUUVUitlMUU I* 15 ia OOUM. ?U faj-lol ' \1 A iVAM'V: VftLlIt, fOKTV.1x TELLEK, i l from l'ari*. informs hwformer friends, atxt the public Kpnerally, that she has removed to 4(1 Teu|it #tr<?et, between E and F, whet* she.wilir* happy to *ee *11 \rhrnr?H favor herVitti a. Mfl. _au I:wiv' _ >>. \IADAME HTDRKTCE, Tub Great A*TROU>ivl U!ST AND D-'CTRKSS, j*>J from &*rWM.-~Tilia hiRiiljr cift-d and inU?llt?ent lady uan be oontultrd on the Pwt-, Proaeut ai d Future Events. Call at No. *f>A Twenty-?e<w?!i< atroet, between H and 1, Washington- ^ jetaawi* ?By? FOR SALE AND RENT. ? ; ( km atkm Vt'er Sals amd Jittu" aUvtrtistvumti, tttjirtt pagt ] L^OR RUNT?A BRICK HOI'?E, So. 46?. Inn 1 N ?tr. et, between Jtn and 13th ?tg.:ati<l posses tiipil given mi or beforo the I at of October. twrm*a|rpl? on Hit ?. ue 7 :) ? t^OR ITENT-'A t#o rtnry BRICK HOr-K. containing 7 rooms, on I street, near 2*1. The h<<UH? is ueai Hit* Cirolr1 a 'id P*. avenue. lugiitr* at Grocery corner Avflnue an<1 22rt irt. ?e7 3t* F< ?R R RN'f-A Hinall BRICK HOUSE. with good lot, on Fourth street, between TN attfl I), containing 4 moms and small kitchen. Apply nt JOHN H. GIBES','ii'i P?. avenue, between i3tii and 13t% s* iT.r t ) I '? / 1 be 7-2t* TO LET?A large HOUSE-No. 41T Thiitoenth treet : ever* tii#l?rn convenience Inqureof W. C. CONOVER, ii?5 1'a. avenue, opposite Wii?"*** . . . . j RKNT. AND GOOD WILL FOR SAUK. A large STOKE on Pa. avenue, bctweon Ith and 9t!i sts.. No. 2U. opposite Center Market; lias, been occupied ai a dr? goods store. For part idu lar?tBt<Mro/>HtU?>y"*m^ , ^ M4-lj IT'O4* SALE?A new two-story and basement r r 1VKICE HOUSE, oBtaiiMUK ?iot-iU4 aud cellar, Mtualed on EUv?*ull> street north, witQia 5 minutes'wa'fc oftirij Northern Litv-rtta* Marfa*t. T??rm? ufluamilty libera*, #rtfiy*?ff) N. tANiDA LE. comer of 1th at and Pa. av, , m i Jw? C>OM PORTABLE" R O O M S ANErfAfeTS ^ HOARD oaatM bad at MJSS BONVIE'f*. No. 459 TwelTni ?., between O and H. se S 6t* ARAME OPPORTUNITY ?A raMnificfrtt FARM for tale or exohangefor oity property, Aiintairiinr i(l t.nrAi. hi.lf hiiim frnm FRirflil HtA t^LJ A \ J it4i'V IS UDft T S^ESFK'^HnS: 'as FttJSKAMWGft MB?, *? Br occupation, aituated on 9th ?t., between M ana ^. hoJtU . Wr Rar.(aujat* t*|?i?<>at; Nor sib# i corner7th ana Mat*. or Jl*3 lra. *r., tooth si|?, between i>? and 6th *U , of\VM. H. CAMPBELL. 1'. ** g'-' - ! t * * ' f ' " , fpOR SALE-A email F ARM of3t aorea of l&?d, situated 1 >? mit?* north ot Soldiers' Home Ann 4 iniUa from Washington city, being a part of Cqillum Caatl.< 15 acres i? market garden and the ba ar>c? ?a n^Viijr tiinberea, with a iprinr ot never failing water,a voung orchard of peaohea and mwaiF au ao-2w? | , 7* OR HUNT-i n.w A..Inr? BRICK HOI'XV r with nartotofliiurt 1*? ati<Tifr*t?v wat-r fixture*, with ba-h room* Al?o, |U in every room, *itual-<t oa Ttarl??atti *r?*Ol*t*qpn LfMtfkJI|M? avenue. Also, a thrce-itoo-nna-attic Hriok Dwelling on H t I.: r STRAW HATS, STRAW HATS! ?1 3bss?tt#n^" i *,?w ''wsswwsawii ?i. ,.'V4CAI #t* U II# | . 4 * * ? ,' "* ? * * -V -% GEORGETOWN ^ Corrsspondenct of U? Star. SioiiirowR, September 10M Tb? Bell and Everett mooting Of \a*t evening t Forest H?U w?a decided success. Tbe room ml well Ailed. aotwltbotaodlag the ? scorn fort vir >i?ic VI IUT rmufl, lor 11 was Oflf of the hottest nights of the season, and good order ud harmony prevailed Joseph.H Brsdl?? tsq , altbovgf. he had uedergon* the fatigue of thetnp to and from Frederick, and tb? exertion of apnaklag to a iarge crowd la the open air at that place, was introduced, and spoke with Lis accustonn-d vigor and spirit, remitting those wbo heard him of hts efforts in the campaign of 1940 He depleted the dangers of sectionalism In strong colo s, and made an earnest appeal In behalf of the futon candidates The crowd seemed to catch his enthusiasm, and he was frequently spplauded He was succeeded by Mr. \Vm B Webb, of roar citv. who was Introduced to the irve-ting by Mr Magruder We understmd Ibat It Mr. Webb's first political speec h; and l is friends ma* cd&Kratulate aim on his success, which !s proved b\" 1 llI lllllltv tn Vmh . ? m i wl pleased while the thermometer wa? vtnplng amm* the nineties. His speech wm an argumentative one, and fimmcnred with a history of the causes which have led to the present distracted Halt of the country, lie then ur^ed tb? success of the Republican or either of the Democratic cmdidat<-? will not bring repose to the country; but that the safety of our asiitution* depends on the election of Bell and Kwett as President and Vice-President of the I'nited* States He was earnest and Impassioned, and was warinly applauded After he had dosed. calls were mide for Mr Tenney, but that uenilemau declined to speak, and the im-etlng adjourned Our hastily written notice of the action of the Board of Directors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, lr. sUstion to the steam packets, contained two errors m hich it is necessary to corre? t The miilinum diM^ht of Itiow boats was ixed ;>t .1 fft it.siead of l>tt, a* written by us, and the rite* of toll to b* paid are dojble those charged on coal boat*, ic. Our cltiiei s will do w?.ll to notice the Georgct>wn advertising column, an they may ?avp aiotf)' by dniov no. Tttrv will And adverti* -d tb?r?; cheap clothing, by A !?chmidt A Co , at th* old tarn on Orldaent stationery and f ncy articles, by Crandell. un Bridge st , who* assortotent vr know to l?e full and varied, "couf*-ctioner7, Set crrams. k.c , by Ala. wbo is now to W found on High t . near the Masonic Ha'l; and other things useftol and ornsmetital I .en**- rour aJvertig-ments at Dr Barnard's, at CrandeH's, or at Jll Bridge st , and they wjll be attended to. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Fur other firor^etovnt ndrertitern**!! ret JitH pif F' JEWKLUY REPAIRING. iTTU^ iM-ycrip ion of Jewelry caref.illjr RenA.i t A<J t( a riMt/larhit' < !.* * * ' ? " TAVSS A. WlTNN. . A9 B ul*? street, Georftnwn. An Apprentice waiitul ?7 3t* FOR HO*TON ?Th#rrci''*r packet ?>i u An foyer, Caj.aiu Levi Crowell, ha* nr4i?n?* ' h'"C? <n S'.e wi 1' J>> !>=? receiving ? ut for the a''<ive port " n '* Saturday morniir airt will mil with di*ra'ch Ap plytoHAR I LKY &. BRO? ??9 and 101 Water ?t . Gforgatoyn. ?? 6 lw 1\i\ NKU n<?v r?.s ji sr RKcfivm.I?MP Also * beautiful aa>?<>rtment of HAIR, TOOTH ?nd NAIL URL>HES. th? fiitat ever offered in t :is imvket. fVuether wuh riet? oj L'-efu! and Fanor Articles. SCHOOL IlllOKS of ail kicilt. Ac . Ac., at ?. CR*NDKLL'S. Me fi-3t Xo 1*2** Bridge ?t .GwrffHnrn. RKOPKMNGOr THBCHRAP CL?>THiVJ STORK AT No. lOO RIDGE -TRKKT, MfiOTU wifir t:.? 1 i 1 -- i at ciui< ? in- uu(iciei|iiw Ji?fc%r- juf'> rr* turned to h" ;d htftiiii with a fuil m?o* t?n?>iit of I AI.Laml WlXTflR CLO ' ? hioh mey invite t!ip ntteuti n of their former cu?tomora ami tii<- pnlilic LPncRiljr, I eiu* (>repar< d to Mil on th? ii.ost roa jo :ali.'e terms. Kei U A. SCIIM1DT A CO. BH C. C. *TES* tf.i r?r?r,f?ioi ? r ? ? - ? ? - * ?r.?rr.v iti'lh imormt iii? menis aT>a tne T?rtM?e r^n'rally tlia he Has removed to No 55 Huh litfCl. a (joining \la o'lic Hall He is prenavd to the rf> rtest notice. Dinner and Evening Pa'ti^s, and OfW a?*rrred that lie will five er.tire a'i>ficti<m to those who may favor him with a call. . AM ktnd? f f CONFLATION FRY and CAKF. at ttt* lowest pricea. B.ttlCE CREAM at 91 5" pt.r gal'on. C. C. ATZ*. ?e 4-!m 55 ffifrh street, Georgetown. \1 pfs h-hf* h- fts h: I FSS SHAD, LABRADOR HF.RRING ROfND HKRKING,< l'THFHRING.K\ I RA BOK HKKRING, aLKWIVKS (St. John and Merermohi ) 80 hansls Extra No. 1 Labrador Herring, H"> do No. I Magdalene do. 60 do. No. I Bohton do. 50 hlf bblv No. 1 do do. AO barrel* St John Alewives, Daily expected par brig Andover. Also, 'n store? 100 l>a-r?Jtf No. 1 Meraiiuclit Aiewives, 5" do. No 1 Cut Herring, '2^1 Hrv N. 1 Um ifflv <'<> Si hir Mils. Extra Roe <1o. Id do Extra No. 1 MfK? Si.a<l. For sale in lots to suit purchase's. HARTLEY * BROTHER. se3-1w 99 atiil 1 >1 Water st , Gtumt-iyn. T" OBA,CCO? ^NUFF, AND SF.OARPT AT WHOLESALE. 1 have to-day reofived 13u Itoxes nf TOBACCO, cou*i-tiu? of pound iumpk, fouis, tens, largo and sinali twt*t*. \1m. a lar.c iot of tioe HAVANA and VARA <*K I OARS. Altu.on hand? 12J l>oxes of line, medium aud low prio?d To. Laooo, 2*l^?i0 Solars, 35c?h<-p. -f Garrett'* ?*colcli Snuff, inUittles: 01 m>, I ;<u> {>? ?, CuiiereM. and Mac aboj, SOOdox-m of A) il?rauu and Innnlwik i Pine Out Ch?*piK *nd Mucking To* aoco. IJi*ro?ii of ^na .jihai and > a- i >r lu* ixfcxua ol r ? ?"d Pip H' Sita. 73 bale* of KiUiekmtck Maokini, aw) ail other p<r ?iuir>x to thatradci Ail of whicii ?r? uuori ti %t t>ie lowest w> ?! sale price*. JA.iiKS WAI.LACK, No. 59 Hun at'set, OtxjriHown. Goods liclivcrud to ao> part oi' the Uitliict Irt* of oharta. au .?-iw S" STILL ALIVE," PILLMAN & IIVST have Removed, temporarily, to the Sto.-e (No. 77) fvrme'ly occupied l>jr Lewia Pa) no, ti???rK opposite tl.?-i eta establishment. frr DR\ ijl/ODS can be had a? cheap as ever. an 'Z; 3w rl^HK UNl.hKSMtiNlib CARKKN KR AND & BUI LDKR ofl.r* hi* a?rvic?s to the public of Georgetown, Washington, and vioinitT, aiKi wi 1 aont'MOt for or auperi tend the construction of pubUa ?i?d private be: di g*. Plata and spenfiuationa will l>? furmaned at abort notics ffi ? andrhos on Concrete at Georgetown, I?nmediately north of tne Poat Oifiee au 2T 3j?eo HKNRV WING ATE. TCLINTO> ACADEMY. HE Next Annual J?es?iou of this acho! will coininei.ce ou .MONDAY. September S The school has been remorod to lf>l Weat stre-t. I e: ween Congraca and Huh. Circular* may be ob*&im-d after the 22d of August, at the drus * ore of Mr K. S. T. CUiil, eo'ner of C^ng/en* aud Bridge *ta. auJB eu 1m G EO. ARNOLD. M. A.. Principal. FOR RRNT?The DWELLING and STORK No. 77 Bridie street. The dwuiiing c<n'?ir? 11 roonn tn excaluntnrder. beaidee o ? ?eU, water c orot, bath room, era?ke houae. milk hous* w 11n ruunm. wat?r, i d wood*: e t; with gas fixture* complete, Oelu and wat?sr. 1 he windows command charming view* of the river an-* viiao?ut oountry. The atore is completely fit'od with ahaivin*. counter*, ia? fiitu et, ami water, with lar?e Frenchp'at? ?.<-.?? window* and doors. and two >?'*e dry u?!lar? The; will be rented either together or aepand to a ecu,a ard permanent tenant at very W rater Alio, (br r -nt t ?o BRICk rtTALLKS, wit i oairiace uou.-os atiaohed, * .t? hydrant in th* , yard. Apply to Dr CKAG1N, 134 Dumbarton : street an 14-ootf C* RAN DELL, OPTICIAN, V ffo. 188 Vrxdtt It., 9<VI<<MMI, Has constantly on hand a targe %*iortn<eii: of French Nearsighted. Penscopto, Coi- w ? orefl, and al. otter 8PEVTAnjLB8| oT^J the best *ua.Oj, in cold, skiver, steei, aa<: Gorman liverfraio^s. &. 8. Old Fnunaa Repaired and ?wrg ?tiitbam to ordw. no 1?-1j KJiNT?A oonr?>nie?t two-story BRICK r iJwKLLI Ntf, OB Pi rat street, wit n Gas and , Wwfc r. Alto, a cmaniodinns Uweiinr and >tore, On B .age street To suitable t-n?nt? the rent will Sever* moderate. Apply U>SAMUEL M.KRN NY, No. ifl-4 iHiabarien st .Georgetown, antl-tf J^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Toirtki* and Boy*' Clothing for School and i Dre-m Wtar ^ raiwuts and guardians wishing to furnish Ueir taidfpn ami wards with Sohoot ar<d College Outfits for the ooming season, are inru?ti In exair ine our assss ^SrsrjSSmnSSE^wSTS. "' p?&ea -"ifeoR ' 1 .?VVW wood: ZTT~~~ TT W O O 0 !! WOOD!-! STOVE ud KINDUNG W*OD,attt? Iovm T. J. h W. M. GALT, ?, !?<? lltk Md 12th >U., int*H tf j with i<| n I U/VDBtOAW r*? ICTj^ik Pfciifof ki?ds o( Gr?n. ? ?4n AJMWs'fiKf'a VW|| .1 H Mil* .OUwV.'A .ffi'.^ I?IS .Of. * ? - ? *r ? . , . . ?. ? THE LATEST NEWS TKLKGKAPHIO. Later tr*M Hi Ndllc. Sr. Joe?r?. **1* ?k4*km tmm CeMo-oii to Aug ?. ud fro'n the teadwlch UMi to Aug ?. reacted her? thi? meraUt by the Peoy IT /be Express ?rr1t?d at lu PmmOM m Un ttd of Aujjuat. with SM. LeuU diW of tha 10U The n?* t from the Kxtockr u4 North <Vo llaa elections puti tbe Bali u4 LeereWmeola good aplrita. and tbry are pasblag tk?4r Mate atganltatla* energetical!* T Lerr :? uttle State nrwa All the pollt1?tana are preparing tmt tbr (omr SUte CaanaBOM ta b? held a: S,. ramento betwesa tkf 1Mb af AaglU* and the IJtb of Septeanher A correspond eat of the S*~ ramento l aioa write from Virginia Clt? that It la ax-Ttataad Chat a rartv of aevea white mem, who had b?en ailaatnf for aoae Uim. wre burned to de?U. DMf PjTS mid l.ahe. bv the lad'aaa Tbair cbarred rrma na were chalntd to tram The b*ad a?d eteat of C-ne of them *?i not horned and hr thta me?na tae reat were ldetrtilad aa tba par U who .ef1 Call fornia f r the V\ raboe mines (a Mar. under rowmand of Normas Cottpild. Wmerlr from Can bridge, Washington county, N Y. l^arge numbers ol emigrants cmUim to arrlra at Carson and Honey I.ike VsUeys. no**.atlag mostlv of families a a i.b. ? ?i?-M ? .^nu? < n ibihiiu aim m nn VUkt* trr pr celvrd to Aug fl. Tbe principal topics cf nrlnBg interest are some dereloptaeuta of oftctal ireegu larity, of which pirtlcn i?rs ere give*. from in laTeat'.sratloa of the affair* of tbe An*t Iran Consul at Honolnla. A bill before the legislature for tbe eataMlsb merit ft a bank with per currency ra warm:\ disc listed, with considerable proa pert of t?lii|the paper circulation of tbe out not to nwml tl5tl,0fol Later tr?a Car?M St Jobvs. Hep* 7.-Ti*itfimwClhrsf W'm . ington. with adricea from Liverpool to tbe 3ucb ult . baa lieen lair, -euied by the news boat of Me Associated Pre*? oil - ape Rac* Tbe steamer Canadian arrived at UwpssI a* tbe*?th Garibaldi has bad ndd:tioaalsacreaa la Calabria, aud has been dictator It Is rumored that tbe King had qatltad Naples In a frltate Tb? K.nglieh Pirlltnfit ?m fwrojrued on the V^th l b* (^ooen's ?prrf fa nvi the relation* eos taIr?e?i wli h foreign Powtfi are fH< ndly and Ntt factory. and she tr.iats there will be no danger o1 any interruption ot the keaeeai peara of Europe H> r MnjeMr bflitw if tbe Ital.ans are Ml to tb maeleeo they will settle tbeir own dlSeoMtan She hope* tLe Independence ?.f Hwttaariand will b* sustained; UweuU tbe atrocities couunlttod to Syria, and will rt eerfully concur with the other Powers to re< stabllab order ttiere Her Majesty e*perienc? L? \rtfelt pleasure and satisfaction ot tbe warm reception w fetch tbe Frtneo of Wilea la receiving in her province* in North Ajnerloo l I* The Prt?c? ot Wain. Cooortd, Sep. T ?Everything passed off quietly here last night. Tbe Prime s carriage waa drawn from tbe wharf to the ball-room by fifty citizens The ball waasuccessful,and tbe Prince expressed himself delighted ?;th Lis receptloo. Toeosto. Sept. 8.?TUs Prioce of Wales or rived bere last evtsun* The Ormngeewe ted been parading the streets. but vka the steau ?r bringing the Prince ?u aigitalled. they deled tbeir robes and api<eared as private citizens Tbe reception was of tbe moat magnificent de acription. surpassing any display ?vn seen In North America. Tue I'riaen was conducted to tbe Government House, and there responded to tbe city adrireas. Lake Itrnarr Sank?Great Lsm af Life CHICAGO, >ept -.?Tbe iUatufr Lad/ Ellta vu run lutn this morntag off Wankagaa by trbw nfr and tank in *i minutes. Sb? L?d upwards of fESOpassr ugfc'*, including several mfUOtn and Are companies. Oaly 1< have baen saved as far as known Col Lumsden, one of tbe proprietors of tbe *few Orleans Pirayunr. and bis family, arc acppaaarl to be among the lost Vermont KlrtUsa. BcRi.ixaTox, Se|>t 7.?Returns from 144 towns jrtve Fairbanks I4.74i majority. a Republican _^a.n since last year of 9.HB7 Gov Ftlrtask s majority will undoubtedly reach '34 (Mi Tbe Senate is uaanimoualf Republican, wbite tba Ho tie tbus far sUnds He^ii> icaoa, 17$; Demo craU. IT?a Republican gain of six over list year lOsaiaatiSB far < eagreoa. Wirnrowj, Sep. 7.?Tbe Republicans of tbe Twenty-tblrd distric t of tbts State ban aocnl nated Ambrose W. Clark, of Jefferaon county for Congress. Large t oflee aale la ?ew York Mnw Yeas, Sept. ?An suction sale of coffee limk nlH * th mania.. * r-?? ? ? ? Wf* wr|W BDld Klo of poor qualilv brought \ oraflnv 13 40. Shipmrat of ?Mr te kwo* \iw Yobs, Sept 8?Tba ate nithlp CItf of Baltimore alW at aooa to-day far L>?rpoo:, with *{>4.1*10 U(ltia?r< Htarktta RiLTnoii, Sept. 8-Floor closed ?toady; UowJ. ard itrrrt Wheat cloa**l Yen- tnn; weet#-rn red 11 33; wblte ?l 30*i 45 Cora rloard firm. Provulnna rloaed quirt but atrady. Lard I4c Cofft* cl*ed ateadyat 13?al4&c. VVhlak* rloaed firm at '-Ej ^ rasMc. K*? Vara m?ra??a Nfw Voat Sept Flour la firm; 8tata IS 70 c<u ?, ?>liv "i i.nv> Bouib'rn MKaM 4V Wheat la tirin Corn la eteedr: m *ed ?*e?Or Provialona fere ateady Wblaky ta held at H6c. Ft?rial Niw Vokk, Hept ? - Stock* are he tar; closing active; Chicago and Rock lalaad ? *%; llllaoie Centr.l abarea N7; do bonda 06^; Michigan South efn Near York Central ? : ?Tj^; Hudac.n River RR 66jf; Mo. *?at?l#. f*LAY'S HOTEL. xy < foimut PENH. ATEXUE, WAbHlaGT^N. D C. Tne Usitid 9t*ts* Horn haviag paeaed lato the tuuidaof the anaeraig nod.the* raaitot-A ? ? lull? inlofm their tnenja aud the put..icV|fmf that the houae lias been closed for the la t^|^l too montha, and haa been thoroughly rMMHaj, repaired and formatted,and wili be roopeaod oft tha lat ."^eptawi her inaL Tne feoMee Uein* heated with a lean and provtte<i with outer modern improvement*, may now he oiaaat-d with the brat b<<v-ie of ute oooatry. R wil. now accommodate aome three i undrod peraona. Trie pi of netoi a giving their paraonai a Hear i en to bu?ine*?. bo effort will We pared on their Mat, or their ottendoiiU, to oontnbote to the ooralort of their auetU. Hoping to reoeive our ahore of public p4troM(l, ** *"'>. H. CLAY * OO. W&ikinctoa, A agyrt 3ft, 1Mb. N B.?bentlemeu deeirio? Boot) eon io4 pfeo* ant Rao mi at mode rote pnom. GOODr> iru MircUd villi U (f* to ta? MM of peraous IB moderate alreumituoM. Co pet*, CurU.nt, OilelotA, tf , upper Mors. ?? ?"C' """ ""^Vi'S^ltSVBER, Penn. oreoue owl N iDth street. ?e l-6t "Porrj^BuildiDj.'^ CH K A P SC HOOL BOOKS oad SCHOOLST A TIONER V of oil kind* for sole oh tte k>tM' Urmi. ot the WMkufV'* Book?tor?. TAYLOR A MAl'RVS, ae -VI w 3 *4 Po eveou# LMIK A s?Hl>RT Tl.VF. ONLY .-DEAFNESS r ASO NUlSES (# TH* Mt AD.~btL.CGl fcTUi>. iMmlxr IM Ro)tl C-U*C"of Sur** * oi KnclOfcd, hoa Bruved, ood U uow preporoi to oppiy hi? o?w aud e itroordibon irninit b> vlM*h he ?u himrelf cured after eleven >eo? iotent* Buffering. Pa Uculora fitr ae!l cuao aol to ou) addreai fur consul tot i<>u? frerr. 10 nil 4 o clock lr?o; reference to hun<UM)> of per on* cure?L **"" No. S12 TweJLh iliaat YVfcthititctnn. 0 C. \rrvout p*raona iiiiH wad Vital vistioa" for eif eur*. Srat Iw to aar a4 dr?aa lor M ftnU ik itMH- ? tl-tW H W. BOLTON. ,AINT1[, ff ? ??l DF.Al.FJl IN PAINTS, No. Ap# 7in arnp. mmr Odd MW ttkli. anrtf WTTY T<* DOWN. , 1 I _ Vr o o t) A0fp&L c O a L \ 99i Pa. at.,B*tw. iit* anttnBrw 1 Mui an?J Waarf fix* of&v?rt**nth at. iwa iftf H?4ow ffa> P?art??< ? TNION FIR K WOOD MILIAR U c?tm 7ti >lJkyJ^ML i) c The ntwtorai ?.aad Km i >>pa?>fallV hirhTtb* at lantion 01 itir castuin ir? and ?Aa puMif r? fail? |n the fret Umu w* haw bow aSoat MM TONS OF CO At* of all aiaea and art** a?alit?, trliieh w? will Mil at a proA4 of ? * P* I* Araaa oipWB^?58 ffl?PT'ifT A11 oni?ra lU with d*pat* h . <a'A'w*w'riKtiegU'. jn.Ol'R. MEAL, ^MILL FEED, h*. r JuH ; rof IVMIM Mjwmk- I JB bM*. N<*-1 ^ . Sr' E*OK SALE.?A pur of COACH kOC|E?. I4 )Oat| Ul <%*t, Bt W Ph M AMI It U? s??afi

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