Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OH, BE NOT THE FIRST! 1 Oh! be not the Srit to diaeover A blot on th* famajf a friend. A flaw in the fait hof a lorer. Whose heart mat pf?re true in tue ead. } We none of ng know one another, And oft ml? error w? ftll : Then iet n* ?p<"ak wsil of our b other. Or apeak not about k'm a? all. jT n* m Merit m?* AV^If^P /I WVI1SSTJ "I SB O'Pt ? 1 **" J " ~" , gaspicion nto?t fal-e ?"d undne. A? d ikni onr belief ?i*f be shaken In hearts tj>?l are bouaot ana true. How often the liacht smile of ciadness |i worn by a frie?:d that we meet To corer a ?ou' fuli of sadness, T. o prou i to Acknowledge defeat. How often the sigh of dejection Is heaved f om the nrpocr.te s breaa?. Topfoty truth oraftettion. Or lali a suspicion to rest. How often the friends we hold dearest Their nobie?t emotion* co iceai; And boaorns the Barest, sinoerest. Have secrets thejr can not reveal. Leave ban- minds to harbor ?u -picion. And small ones to trrv^e onr deTect*Lft ours be a nobler ambition, For base ta the mind that suspect.". We none of ns know one another, And oft iato error wf tail; Then let us speak well of our brother. Or speak not about timst all. AH Exbcctio* at Moxtbvidko.?A letter in tbe Norfolk Dav Book, dated on board the Unit-d States steamer Pulaski, at Montevideo. Jnlv 20?h, . it r A v.? . I M>?. j usi ucjvic wc 0111 vcu uric, a uiuiri) longing to one of the negro regiments, wm executed in the little town of Colonia, near here, for staallng Sftouncea from an officer. The culprit wu taken from the cabildo with bis hands hackled, and surrounded bv a guard of soldiers, and marched to tbe pub ic plaza; a priest preceding the procession bearing on hisshnnlders a hug* black cross, and chanting some part of the mournfully monotonous funeral service. The dooni'd man being seated on a bench, the death warrai.t was read by tbe alcalde of tbe village, and having had the crucifix presented to his lips the fatal signal was given, and a sergeant stepped forward from among the sold ery, seized the man by tte hair, and eta kit throat from ear to tar. Who Ossein M. h h?inis momentous question his agi?t?*d crinoline circles in Montreal to a fearful extent. The Pilot cfthat t'wn publishes the uamcs of the now immortal fair ones It will be observed that Alls* Napier was honored t?lce Gracious' bow her female acquaintances must hate her! uThe following is correct l?at of the ladies who were honored with the Prince's hand in ibe dances on Monday evening: The Hon Mrs. Young. Mis* Georgians Delisle, Miss Fisher of Halifax. Miss ^ervan'e. Mia Ds Rochblave. Mrs Tyre, Mils Leach. Mrs. F Brown, Mi* Napier. (twice,) Miss Johnston. Miss Elizabeth Smith, iiiw Chauvean, Wrl. Elizabeth Stewart, Mrs Belson, !V*r? O. Fre-r, Mia Won". tt>? Hon Mn. Sanfleid .McDonald, Mia Dorwin. Mn King " A Br*ola* Kauri ?v a Locomotive ?The New Bedford Standard of the 3d ins ant says that on Saturday afternoon, aa the Boston train of cars from this city waa passing near Jamaica Plain, an Irishman, Id attempting to avoid ttie Stoughtun train, stepped upon the track in front ?f the engine. which struck ami threw him violently from the track H?> was pek'd np and carried into Boslos, but life was extinct upon th?- arrival of the cara Upon bis person were found a complete set of burglars' tools, including skeleton keys, flies, and a 4*jimmy " The supposition Is that be was going into Boston to prosecute his businsss His name w?i not ascertain frr A hostile mertin^ took place near New Orleans last Saturday octweeu .Mr Kufusl, Perku:>. of Aln., and Dr. W. B. Poinaexter, a planter, on i Yazoo liver, Miss. The fe-rms were dueling pia- | tols and twenty paces. At the first fire Mr. Per- ' kins was struck in the forehead by tbe ball of h's antagonist, injuring him severely, but not pent-- , tratlng the skuil. Tbe quarrel wis In regard to fltmily affairs, the combatants being brothers-inlaw. IT^ A dispttch to the New York Herald, dated Richmond, Va , Sept 5, says:?O. Jennings Wise I \ * j _ * - ? - - - ? ? uurnKuiiirge auan?nce a: .Metropolitan Hall In this city to-night in favor of Breckinridge and ] Lane He stated, upon the authority of a Virginia i delegate who remained in the DoiiirlasCouvention | at Baltimore, that William L Yancey was ten- I dered the nomination for the Vice Pre* deney on | the Douglas ticket, but that be refused to accept, toat oil an4 water could not intermix ARRIVALS A T THE HOTELS. BROWNS' Hj I EL ?9 B Owin^s. Md; H I) ?tc>ver, NY: Miss Harwood. Mms J Cooke, Pj; Hon D Hebba-d, Ala; J Molford. Mtss?s Bovkt:.. L Spencer. B Yancey. M:? H C Yaicey, Miss C Tancev and niece, .Miss 9 Harris. Ga;^J Alexander, NC; L B Pa tin, Va; Capt Jones, USA; J B Pltinan, La: J Piskyand fam. J Woolfolk. Va; J M&llory. Ky: G Nehau. C Hunger and It, Mo; T Gray and fain, Va; J Stooeman and fanu, Md; A Mey^r. Mi*; J While. J A Scott and ly, A Cralie and 1-. E Cooth. J Caldwell and ly, Vs; J Campbell ai d ly, R B Dampbcil and fam Md; T Jenn<ngs, L?: Misa ande'son. Ky; B F Moore, l.a; G Pr ce and !y. N Harrison, Pa; M C MoweU. SO; J C HUpatrlrk. La; D S AlitK>uae.Pa; L Blackford, Va; R F Jones, Ga; J De Vale oust and ton, l.?: K Kersey. W Hill, Va; G Hall aud ljr, O; G Collin, Md; Mn I>amlce and fain, LI. NATION %L HOTEL.?T D Stone, Md, T J Houifh, Dr W A Dudlev, Va H M SpolT'n. Ia, H Atkins. Va; F-T Reawick, NV; R W Reed, O; \V L Wall, DC; G D Vaughn, Maas: J Gibbi MiKGibbes. f<C; D W Magill, Ea; A Frazeraa<i daughter. Ill; Miss Thompson. K H Jenkins, N Y; J M Pocli. Del; S Kirbey, Md; R M Tonair, G S Livingston, Cuba: A Mayes, W Bradti Id. T?t; C R Ku*e't. Ga; E C V\ aleot. Tenn; Mlaa Williams, J Baldwin and lady. Md; R H Stuart, Va; F Muinford,?; W Ricbtrdson, L?; Mra M Levy, Mia* A Levy. NV; S J owes and lady, Md; Mis* McCafferty, MissSwasey, Pa; J Kane, NH; i J Hog. NV IUKKWOOD HOUSE ?W Goodfrey. NY! J D Grafton, USA; B Davis audiv, Mrs A' Orooieliu. VkO Dupout, SC; T E Griffin, Tenn; J H Howard, SC; O SiocUir, Va; W P Blake. Ct; C Reddlek and ly, Va; U Barman. NV. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fuou the Uritbd Statkb. St-atyitrt. L*av*. For. Days. CoaoMgkt New York...Gaiw&y Sept. 11 Afrit*.....?.....New York...Liverpool....S?pt IS Isra .... .New Vork. Liverpool . Sept 14 Vi>n _.\#w Ynrlr ??? 11 _ ? fWI . . I J FiTtoa .New York H?vr? Sept is H> irit New V or* South'? ton. Kept is Caoaua. _ Boston ..Liver poo'.. J<ept rj C- WMh;ri|ton...\?w Vork ..Liverpool.. 8-pt2< MlliM.. Boston ...Gal way Sept *5 Am.. New York ? . Liverpool.. Jfrewea. .New York. _ S>utn'ptou ?ept *9 Adnata New York. ...Havre. Oct 6 Ar?(<>. New York ? Havre ,__.Oct ,3 FBOM Kirotb JJohemiaa........Liverpool... Ouebee..... Auk. 30 i?U Liverpool New York Sept. 1 LM8>Ur r.?lw?y B< ston..?..Sept. 4 h'r'mem . South'pton... New York. .Sept. 5 Adaauc. 80ttkY?m...ri?vYork .^pt.It Fniee Albert.. .(ia: way New York. .Sepl. 18 inio Soutb'pton ..New York.. .8*ept. 9 New York. South'pton ..New York.. .Oct. 3 Tm Htvuia mai. stuamers leave New York oq Ike id. !^th, I7tii. an I 27th of eaoh month, ami Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The C*li<ony*iTi*ii?M^,'"?r? ?e?ve New York on the Hit and j>th p( eaV month. DENTISTRY. * DENTAL NOTICE. ! K LOOM1S Has cloaixl his otfice Tor the season, and will ho absent, as o"?tisl, tlonnr the snni 1 a?er month* ; ^il! r??uiiw practice about the liit of Ootcher, of which furth* uotice will be giv?tu i 1/ W-tf ; E DENTISTRY. ; R. 0.1 LLS, after apractioa't?st of two years ' that he can with coufidenoe reoom-^MHfe mend the Cbaoplfubc Hroceee fonnsertinrgweSH Riloial teeth It nu tue advantages or* ? Creafth, beaaty, oieaoltneaa, aud or.eapneas. ftl 1 Mfereeta inserted for *1*. Partial in proportion. , OAoe JO* Pa. avenue. Ml 1 WUUJJ COAL. | J u o d i " < AND 1 "COAL i l>aliv?red to all r*rt> <rf th? oily, at tha lovaat < OMiU rata*. _ T J 4 W. M. GALT, I Ofice 993 Pa. ar., b?t???D 11th and 12th tU . | < at n-tf north ?iaa. j ' T_HE SUBSCRIBKR HAVING ON 1U.ND . an nwiiim atook of Kl KL, ia frejaraa to 1 ael. u?w low; fitarafaroaa*. j W()uD??trt *iid ^litany tisa. Call and >m tot jonraeil Wool1 111 a. B. ?raa> of Fourteenth ao? C eta. |c?m!keys^ j \\ DEALER IX fa ( \ WOOD & COAL, LIME, { | / SAND, CEMENT, HAIR, \ V Plaster, and White Grarsl, / 1 jy 548 N. E. Cor. 12tk A C Bta.ll ( WASHINGTON, D. C. )l < 1> _ *OUCK. li IletSONS DM inttitf lu HMkMfug or 1mtui( a * ( ^awii -Ml -d\?ou ru End ready Ml* by t Wlu ??J PanuaJiin* Mo? 4M Tth Jk mC, ? TlDOLFH BUi HLV. I v - ? * T ?" ' . " H" ?- ? - MISCELI?ANEOU!i Army supplucS * ? ? Orncs Of JUIT CLoTvim a?? Kmri??o? t Philadelphia", An?u?t77, i?0. I S?.u.*8 P*orr?al? a^e invited, and will be r? c tred at thianffiee, anti! too'ciock a. m.,ofTmr?<>*y, the inartetath dar of September next, for farmahine by c mtrvjt the following Arm? 8?P*Ue? and Mat-main, deav?raole At the United State* Clothing aud tquipa** Depot, (Sohuylkill Ar? nal,) lu quantities *o chaired ri?:? S.fOu jarda ulotli. rta'k Wiw. (indigo wool dy*d? for c?p? 54 inohea ?ide, to weigh about 14 oaciota per yard. 4D,0no yd* keraey, dark bloc (indigo wool dyed) twilleu, M inohe* w de, to weigk 33 onnoe* per va>d. . , ? 5.000 army Va k'U, wool aray, (with the letters U 9 . ia blvsk,4 inch** on*, in ttieo*ntre.) to be 7 f?et tone, and 5 feet 6 inane* wide, to weigh 5 pound* each. i 30,000 yard* of flannel, dirk b'me (indigo wooldyed) S? luohe* wide, to weigh lu oanoM per >i. 100,0000 yard* tlanrel, white (cotton and wnoDU inchM wide, to weich 6K on ces per yard 80,000 yard* Carton flannel, *7 inch** VIM. to weuh 7 onn<*e? per yard. 90,nee yards cotton drilling. nnbieached. 27 inches i wide, to weick 6K on noes per yard. 30,000 yards ootton drilling, nnb.eachtd,36 inches wide, to weigh 8 ounoee per jaru. 80,000 pairs half stockings, gray. 3 met, properly made ?f gor<J fleece wool with doable and twisted yarn, to weich 3 pounas per doien pain. 15,000 yar * Rcssia sheeting, 42 inches wide, beat quality. i 3.00i> yard* brown linen, 38 inches wide, best quality. . 10 oro yards ootton muslin, nnbleaohed, 38 inohM wide. 10,000 yard* biaek silecia, best qnality, 36 inohea wide. 1,500 yards buckram, best quality, 40 inohea wide 15.000 sheets dingwad, cottoa. 33,tt*) yards tape, white X and X inches wide. Silk r d. whit", yellow, green and bine. I r->r H%$a, per yard. - Silk twin and aewing ailk, beat puahty pur pound binon thread, W. B No.30a40,per pound. i> dj Blue, No. so a *o. do. Do do aborted oorora, No. 3J a 40 perl?. *io doz?n ?po>Ma ootion. 5") pi?*e?a w?bbing. I ftnd IK inch. 3>,"00 yards cotton duok, 2aK iuohea wide, to weigh 15 ounce* par j? a. 30,0)0 yard* cotton duok. 28>? inchea wide, to weigh 10 ounoea per >a d. 30 OOO j&rdb oottpnduok, S3 inchea wide, to weigh 10 ounce* p*r yard. IMoorda a d imhiIi, for trumpetaand buglaa, rv84(Mt-d color* l,r/o TKids K inch t-ilIr laoe, a?aorted onlore. 10,-u) vards H am i)% inoties w irated la a. do. 17^00 hat cords. worsted, a?aorted color* 3-16 inok diameter, with a tasaol at eaoli end two inch's l?n g. 15/flO black felt hnta, heat quality, made of aootoh mnA l-?. >i . u .? ?? * uiuu u^ iieu uvjiiuj ?IIU n n&rOl* hlio'i oalruh l.^atfn a, 2 luohes long. b-ass eagle*. 2W0 brae* crotatd cannon. 3.00 du l uii?g. 3500 do do sabres 100 d<- castles. 6/rS> do kuaps&ck trimmings sets. 60 dn spears a:.d lerul^s for guidons, and colore. 800 gros* buo'<les, iron roller, S and IJf inch h?tt qnalit* 5' grosa toiokle* f.?r o?cV stooka. | inn pairs N C 8 Iras a scale*. 300 pairs Ser<aint's brass, and 25 pair bronzed scales. 8,000 pair oo'poml'sand privates' brass, and 190 pair bronzed Hoale . 7,oo< gros? o< at buttons, best quality, gross aliirt do do 2,?>oo grosa suspender buttons, do IS) busies with extra mouth piaoos. 1*0 trumpet*, do do 2m fifes, B and C. 30 drums, ooraplete, artillery. 8i do do infantry. HIM do heads, hatter. 800 do snare. 2"?i do snares, seta. 2 0 d > atioks, pairs. SJfl do co ds.ol Itaian hemp, 1?> do slings 3W> tent roles wa'l sets. SIS) do servants' do 2,ooo tent pins, hospital, s -nail. f??l - >* --II I uv II*T (Of do toffliniiL t?nt hattons, (wo'>d) fcmall. 20 i?? tent slips, do do 1<*> 4arnso.i ri \k hal.iards, of Italian hemp. 150 recruiting do do do do 2,ft? pounds <*otton sewing twine, 6 and 8 strands. 15,0 pounos MauillaUnt cord, large, medium?od small, b?st quality. 15,f>00 tin canteen* with cork stoppers, S pint*, to weizh \\y$ ounces. 4*X) iron pots ?I'h tails. 3 MO tneox pan*, shaet iron. 2, tffloainp kett do S size*, in nests. 1 nnn n ok ?x??, 2 siz^'.to w?-ighGSi and 7 pounds 2 oiio f"!'ire ax??. ca? ?t-el, h.<jt quality, 3 sizes. 1 0 o piok ax* band; J, best quality. leuinz ao do oo do \l camp hatchet do do do 2 i?*J spades do do 80 stoves for Sihiey tentr. 4.?> chains for Sibley tent*, sets. All the abo e mentioned articles must eorform 11 alt wptrtt to the scaled staadard patterns ia t <ia office, where they can h? ex*min?d, and any additional information in regard to them will be furnished, sample pattern* of the woolen at*d cotton o.othes will he aent by mail to biddera; it ia desirable that the artielee be oi domestic manufacture. Thff privilege i? reserved by th* United states of d?creas rr the quantit* ona fourth on the acoeptanoe of tne proposals, and of increasing it from oao third to one-ha*f at any time prior to the turn p lion ol the contract, by giving tue contractor thirty diys notioe of xnch desired inornate; and of rejecting any proposal which may be considered e*"*vagant. fhe manufacturers' establishment or dealers' p huo of business must be speaihcally stated ia the proposal, together with tn? names, address, and responsibility of two persons proposed as securit n. with the acknowledgments ol said persoas that the* will be su-h -ecu.ity or will b? reaponsible f at good security be furnished in case a coa tract is obtained Bids lroin manufacturers of, or regular dealers i thj artioies. wih be preferred, and contracts will be awarded to the lowest respon*ibe bidder, who shall fur ish the required securities for the performances thereof U'livenes to eomrnwithi* a ? ....... ?wi / u?j ? aiior the acceotanoe of lh? f'rpnia'f, and one half ol the I quantity oontracud for must l>? delivered la equal } monthly proportions within four month* from aid d \td 1.1 aooepiaroe, aud th? remainder within three month* thereafter in monthly or greater propor ti -mi, as the contractor may find convenient It :? to be distinctly understood trat conti&cU are not transferable wit. out the c nsent 01 ttie proper authority, and that an* ssle assignment, or transfer, without such eoneent havinc been ob taint d. lexsept under a process of law,) will be regarded a* an abandonment of thee niraot: and t.*>e contractor and his securities will be he d re sponsible for all loss or da age to the United Sra ps which may ari-e therefrom. Payments will be made on each delivery. Ten per cent, of the amount of each delivery will l>? retained until *he contract shall t>e completed, which will be forfeited to the United States i oaae i f Huff lrt#ti .n A?i * r 1 .-u kUn u? me oouir actor in nl- I fiiliDs <t>e ooniraot I Forma of propoeala and guaranty will ha far- I ni?h*d upon appiiuuiou at tbia odioe, and none I be ooaaid?r*d tuat do n>l conform thereto. I Propoaaia will b? endowed?"Propose for Furnishing Army buppli*?aud Materials," and Da addraa?3, CHS THOMAS, Colonel, au 21 3tawt?M Aaat Q. M. Gaol. U. tt. Arany. Not??The time for delivering la extaarfad to January 1 at, 1861 i oat?-ad of "to com ni'w* witktn furty days," aa above pabliahed Br order of Q. M. General of the Army, ael C118. THOMAS. v INo. 608] PlOTTCE OF TBfli RKMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM SUPERIOR ?? BAYFIELD, IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. In accordance with the provisions of the aat of Osrre^a, enttt'ed "An act authorising rUoi*" in fa* location of land offices," approval March SI, 1*SJ. it i* hereby declared ana made knowa tha tiie < ffi^e for the aal* or muMi? J- -? " ?? r?w>tw laiius oup^nor(in tti6 >iAt? of Wiaoontin. will ne removed to Bayfield, in Mitl S'ate, at a early a Jay as tract i tab It. Further notice as to the precise time of rioting th? "fine at Superior, preparatory to '?rao??l. and of it* opening for buaineaa at liayfield will he giv*n by the register and receiver lor the laud district. Given under my band at the oity of Washiugtop Chit 24th day oi Au uit, A. D. 1d6Q. By order of the President: JOS. 8. WILSOV Coaimiaaioner of tbe General Land 0'^M, a"3 25 w6?r WASHINGTON * CITY GARDEN. EBN9T LOEFFt,ER. Froj Hew Yvrk avenut, httvttn 1st ?u m, la calling the attention of u>e pub'.ieto bit grounds I would stale that every arrang ,-.?-nt ha? AA **n made to make this "Met.-*?t" mor?>Yl^4f ittiactive every day. Moi.dr.*, the Gar-JiJU I lona are open to the pubUo r.*s? - - 1 ?- wi ?a?i gu a ouoo* rx :\wik Df * aeiaot band. T .tor,?d?*tring to enjoy the laooc and walta ?i I fir u r'ae aaloon in oomplete >rder to render pleaau re U< *11. On otirr daya the >r?pri?tor will on?'Jrfor.r grant th* u?e ef ike ;roundt for aonooi ?,r otjier Pio Nio Paitiea with>ut charge. For the amuae ,nent o* ohiidren he haa introduced i number of u jm, never before mm iii thia tit*, and oalo.a.ate4 at the aame una to aaue the old folka." N. H?Attache'] ia my Bottling EetaWiahp*?!. |nd lam\Jiea oar be aupplied with mi quantity at n?r fjilnenoa. of ttaaf heaititfel dnnJt.LAGRE HKER, upon eaort eotioe. 1* IH? ^MfrORTANT TO HOU&KfcEBPEftB. B. K. PURREE * CO/8 j uaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUKB. mt kround from fre?h Spioea, eel eo ted Md qf??1 ?y u? exprewly for the purpose without r?|yeno* o ooit They are beautifeny paoked in tinfoil, 1 lined witn paper,; to prevent injury by kwpiMi I vnd ire tail vetcht, white the orainary troma . ipioee are aimoil invariably short, wi wwrwH *?aiacle trial wiU abundantly prove. Manufactured only by _ ^ E. R. IMTIVKK A 1 C* It i* ?V? -1 ~ - " ? t*1 ?<w>tT "?tT\ >"w VoVk. I fi?LD AND 8IL.VKK ?PKCTACLE?.-h4*l J in* tad orach tiMrino* in UMXUU& nanofaotannc and aalo of Bfeotaoloa.^^ am now prepared to ntply any or all that want a r?ry aup*nor <<u*<ity of aluaoo, with th-?ae that ,reP^HtcaJrala'-d tobenafitthairtight. Haviegnu itaoh araotioo in fitting the "oat difloalt oaa?a, I _ ??l warranted in aayina that 1 o?n aeleot (.aaaea at I Ji time* that wi/1 aaitthowearer, ud at the aaae imo oan awl them at ao ^jw a prioo ttat all ttat nah to aao them aan a n?> o. HOOD. M 34 No. SS8 Penn. aruit, MffflwcnrtS. TNPEOTlNEt JL \r v r .... I UR, PERSIAN FEVER CHARM FBTBR AND AOUB EXTERMINATED. I ' r" " ' ?. THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED PROM WRBCK. ' | j - , 1 i * THJT f RETENTIVE AND REMEDY ton ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS. i CUttRR ivfliTtnn in a mv * ~ *fi j , . V NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. INPECTINE, INPECTINE. INPECTINE, Iff PECTINS. JXPECTINK, INPECTINE. I Thu tATPlhlA Ml*Aw Ot'lfL'U i M H - ? ? buv w u w ?mw r n t on> v AGUE has smitten hundreds of thousands of per sons throughout the world every year, art] l.M never till uow been m-t by suooeesful medical treatment that hae not produced sever* MEDICINAL DISEASES, Whioh affoct the lungs, the spleen, the liver, the heart, or other parts of the human organism. The INPKCriNK ?s the natiral antagonist of all fevers. and when it ooraes in oontaot with the akin, ie absorbed by the interior organs, which resist easily miasma and all tendencies towards thos* maladies whieh prostrate the inind and body with fever. Fever and Ague reault from numerous causes. No plaoe is axempt from the causes whieh promote the existence of the disease. That being once seat ed in the system, induoee depression of spirits, lassitude, languor, pains, ohills. fever, and a long train of disagreeable sensations, depriving the patlOOt Of ill flDArir. And rAiiiiAinr Kim nr har tn ft I condition of EXTREME HELPLEBSNEiS. Why will any on* auiTir the horrnra of dobilit&tlng latermitUnt Fovor. vhen by th* ut of th? INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, OR PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eaunant medioal and ma<ioal Qualities of vhieh are instantly absorbed, ALL TRACKS OP DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, SfcLV UAKK IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE 18 WISRR THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHJLB THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. THE IHPECTIHE, Oft PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hu cured thuua?oda of both mim of tb? moat dreadful Fevera. Rwd and rilMt WONDERFUL EFFECTS. 9 l/wmuni DHMI1, a riiuourg, i or IWO r?VI U?'leee to himeelf and eooiety?a martyr to Chiile and P?tm?oared in less than three weeka, and improved ia eight hoar a. Mary K. Belknap, Sandusky, Ohio, after almost losing her reason as veil aa strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chille, restored to health in tweaty hours. J. R. TWton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from 4?ath's door, having suffered for fear rears, made well in five weeks, and laprorad ia tvo hoars. Adolpto MonHro, of Franee, relieved in one hoar, while travelling ia the ears of the Fort Warns nd Chioago Railroad. He was apparently dyiqc with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Loskport. New York, reeeued aftor seven rears' auffering. perfeot oure. Thousand of other oasss prevented and oared every s.ionth, and not a single eomplaint of the sAoieipoy of the TWIDVJIOTWWfKi m x-m m * *11 ?? B PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. ' <; . .i<?t . ' r !'! THY IT, PROTM IT, KJfOW IT. And uk* known tU vosdwfal yovin and yittuM. tLftt tkou who in Km. or ?kn m 1 vith rafffcriac, mr b* Ud to iw ft timpl*, ibiv>ztmi? ?r?yymtlo?, tirnlsk(d by Ut ft ltd of IVfttar* (tor MAWS BLESSING! nnpauTini a *? < M | ib Bold by all drvgoibtb and medicine dealers in america. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, 8nt tor mftil to ftnr urt nf ?k? ? . vuivuDWMI. REMEMBER, It to n?t Hkn liw?r. hot U oatwmrUj. iWdieg to dlrMtiou, wkieh uoo?^v Mok MANVPAOTUKBO BT JI1R WILCOX * C?., 1U MAIN STRUT, KIC1MOND, ViltINU i. A Ji'j r v BRANCH OFFICE, To. M BANK OP COKHKft/Gg BUR, DING, MW ro?? CITY. M M-4iaMltUa f TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I HAVE ft "MOVED TO No* 19 ****&* ?p*oa, Peun. ?T?nu?,betvoos tthand? ?tk eWta, wfrw? I will be Himt to mtBM on ?ll wh? will f?voi- ma wiiki ?%i! wittoyVj fine atook of MOOTS ?ud WH? for* Wk > LadiM'.eenU'.boya'.MiMM' *t?u Child ran a w??r. M 2 *otr J. ftOyK.NTHAL. ] j?OOTS AND ?M^OK8 TU &VIT Tit* w# V* BOW nacufiwotarmt all kind" of BOOTS Md SHObS, and ooratantTv receiving taifia sappij 01 nturn nu* work of ever; d*Ml oriptio". made expressly to ords', and will w HJ be sold u a muoh iow?r prion than hu been * heretofore charged in this oitj for Moh inferior articles. i Parsons in vut of Boots and Shoes of ?ut?H or i etty mads work, will always find a food assortraen ' in storeand at the lowast pnoes Giveusaoall. GRIFFIN & WHO., ay f-r 114 Pennsylvania avenne. \ FIVB HUNDRED TKAVKL1NS TRUNKS < arrived this day, eu?braoin< all su&ii Mm tiea and sixes of Sols Leather. i^ilip?'HnH Ureas and Packing Trunk*. Onr trenl^?*?** 1 aie* room exhibit* at thi* time the gr?aU?t variety 1 traveling recutita*, at moderate eruas, to be 1 found t)u* *ide of New York. Also, every deecrip8A?PE^BA8> 8ATCHi?sFA vit,cA ' vAHTJp 1 DAlTot OA l vnLudf AO* ITr Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohaage for new obm. WAjL^ gT?PHEMS * CO? | Trunk Sales Room, marg-tf sua Pa. atewa SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 4M 7th Stkiit. Qrptitt Odd ftUtnai' Hon. Wa>kimgtou, D. C. Travelers will study their interests D> examiniA my TRUNKS, VAMCKS Ao , before pur chasing elsewere A* I u** none bat thfHMR best material the market afford* and , the b"st workmen, 1 oan ooufidently recommend mi wors vo oe superior la strentih aod Durability to Trunks that are mad* in otiier oitiM and aoid bar* 1 ke?p oonatantiy on hand, and make to order <oa on* week'* notice) avery deecriptien of SOLE LEATHER, IKON TRAMS FRENCH DRESS nut WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND and i otktr VALICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, 4*., tc. Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a work tanlike manner, at short notioe. Trucks delivered in any part of the city, G*orf*> town, or Alexandria oelebraud FAM,LY <jo!S-l> JAMF3 8. TQPHAM. TRAVELERS DIRECTORY. Daily link op nkw kwck-h k?i% coaches to upper marlboro', ikm U S. Matt. The uodersign-d are now running Daily, (except Sundsv.) Four ho se Coaches >? - jfiTt^x^rz^ tween Watliinjctonaod Upper Marl l>oro\ as follow* : tTrwv-*y* Leave the Ste*mhnn? Hotel, corner of Seven'h street and Pa at7o clock a. in. Returning leave l"pper Marll>o-o at 11 o'clock a in., and arrive m Washington at So'elock. in time to connect with the 3.2" p. in. t ain for lialtimure. The Coaches ara new and oominodious, the teams fimt-olaHk in tho hands of careful and a ceo in mounting drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro 5n centa. To Long old Fieids 25 44 ToCeot?fville 38 " Freight and packages in proportion. Ml 15-tf OSBOKN k CO . Proprietors. OALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I) WASHINGTON BRANCH. Ckahok or Hoou. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 19th, I860, trams wii! run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7 4* a. m. Leave Washington at 3.2u and 5.30 p. in. On 8u nday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On bnnday at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for the Ka*t will take trains at 6.20 and 7.4" a. m a.id3 2'p m. For the Weat at 7 4" a. m. and 3.30 p. m. For Annapolis at 7,?d a m- and 3JD p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturdat evsninr thus on r> ?? _ ? ~ r> **? |W* ?w Philadelphia only. 13-d T H. PARSONS, Arwit. NEW ORLEANS ZS3- TBRBB SATS WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. AL.Li kail. KOUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee, East l ennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Muntsippi Central, Hew Orleans and Jaeison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS"ROUTE: Memphis bj Rail, thenoe bv First OiUi Pickets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thoooe to Mobile by Firstolasa Packets. Mut-iie to Nev Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRA1~NS?STSBAT* Iwchtdrb. Leave Washington at 6 a. m and 6 p. n?. The Steamer GEOROK PAGE le*v<?? her ? uarf foot of Seventh street at 6k a. m. and 63K p ni. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange aud A exaodria Trains for the Sonthwewt. Office?Pennsylvania avenae, oorner of Sixth st. UMAU CIICUO TBBOROB TO MW OULXAJU. I.TnnKhnrr miy-.U. Bristol ? 160' Atlanta. 2fi no Knoxville . ... Maoon 28 on Chattanooga. 24 no Colnmbua 31 50 Daiton. 24 on Montgomery s? <*> HunUrvillo.. ..27tin ) viaM<>mphie.?2 fi Srand Junotion 30 un N.O.J viali. Juno .42 SO aahville 25101 \ via Mobile...45 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL aud ia S00 MILES SHORTER, and 84 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I.ise? the Lynnhburr Fxtenaion bains now oompleted, aa alao the Miaaieslppi Central, making it tha QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT HOUTE FOB. SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First olaaa Siaapinc Cara! I 10 jiew uneaap. ... ttoori. xi wy / Memphit .<54 do. ( lteS^r^.:!i ft: C7"Th? U.8. JIIAILand ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over thie New Line. Xioketa can be .obtained at the Soath Western oe, corner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania avenue. to theiollowiuf points Lynchburg, Bristol, Kuoxville, Atlanta, Chataaaowfa. HunUville, Grand Junction, Maoon, Naihville, Dal ton, Columbus, M0ntf0maWfcWfc4?EAN8mpiU'' 53 117" THRO van TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. n^Omnibuaee and Ba<ca<e W&|oiu leave the oft?? at a. in. and 6 p. m. JAME8 A EVANS, Tioket Aeent. ma23 tr Corner Sixth ?t. md P?. ?t. THE 8TKAMKR J AS. GUY Will resume her 1 trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jr?k February, 18ft). Will leave WASH inurun err iucwai FRIDAY, at6 o'olook a. in.,and ALEXANDRIA ^thaJf-pMte o'olook, for CURKIOMAN and the intermediate L&ndinza. On her retain trjaa. ahe NATH'L PA*^Eb^^HNS?VtAL? A MB The New York tnd Virginia Screw SUMMhlf wrar?*?a?MyraSS2M2; HIo clock p. m. auae du, Pueen?era fro? WMhin*ton and ?eprietow? \ ?u Uke the oo^ee connecting with Aleuodru ?tc*rob?ftU or railroad, whioh leare the oornot at Ttk ctiWtand Pa. areaee hourly, or they o&a leave , on the steamer m>m the Western Wtareee at 1J 1 nF^gkTwillTe reeeivei ?*?>U^tomnof3e?ar JT lanaraaaa-will be effected on alt good* by tuuMat tna oflae of tkeComvany a* % fm oeat tloni for passengers by this 11m i i ui ia every rmtet artt o au, and every effort vil be i?ade to reader thu communication with N*? * ?For^?refikt*or yaeeage* 'ay y 1 j Dto FOWLS * , ^"j^RO||WELL ^ CQ j ?t-ly M West sCoorner Albany. New YoA inr ton every Batarday, at S o'oloek a. m. 1 Passengers oaa join the skip at Alexandria at any tuge before the hoe r of tly {teaser's departure. *?.?in uiv btod; ui mv imisori inAmiicy zSyg^fegficu, i LOW OF FIAN08 FOR RENT AT LOW ratof. Pi&noa for Mue on tfco n~t ft Indaoil. Anaardaflni. Mm .. . *? JOHN P. EM,IB. i ? U ?ol? Mont for Ohiolr?nng ? How' ftaxm ( ta.5? "WVEE ( I.ANF1 I M Ht tod Cap Btcr^g^ ^ ?, ... Rfut%at R*wxtdf *k tk?^ 3,' ?'i POE ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELWACJ P**r*JflP. APPLY IMMED ATBLT. A CURB WARRANTED. OR NO CBAM9M, IN FROM ONM TO TWO DAYS. VwkiM M U? ItU.limiirM tliMMwidta Btotji l?? HtUit, i*T?aiiu; OtacktrfM, lautiKj, ?acaa*J DakiUty. Mar? ? , X>ytfp*y L*> >aar.Lav totrOa.Ga*>aai?a tfliiu, hlpitnm ftii ^nn, T>? t1?n, Dimoi af fcffct ar iiulaaaa, Dmiaa a*Ida laU, Ttnai, Haas ar kin, Afa^aaua ml Ui Lain, liMttb M IwMi Ibaaa TarnMa Diaardari uwn| (ram Mlur; Ithu ( fanh?ihaaa Draadfal ud Daatncu** Pracucaa vkick raalar Mirrufi lapaaaikl*. aod daairay kaia Kady ud MM rOIMNBI ki'i kaeMi* ika ticterf BdUMtfy fki, | ta huimI; !?' Uwm?? W Tmm Um rfii mm ?T Utt4 ulinii u>4 trulnii i?:?U?u, vba nrfht athtrwtaa k*r? miruccd litltniBf StcaiM with ifc*UlHm filMiititti hiuij u. iiTiaf lyT?, mr Mil wnk ha m* MiUlU PIUOH,n T h>( Mii^iMua^iUu Mu riui.kiai iwaif afcyuu! *HkiM,H|uilIrtUItt, *e , ?di> card. wfce plMX kioMir??4?r tk. wn af D? I. aa; raMvt aaly conla* in kit kaaar u * f*aU*maa ia4 awMailknb pan feu attill ii a ptfhcu. orrict lit.; ioiti ruouuci mutr, lafl kaad nitrmtug fraa Kumii uni: ih? 4aan ftaa iki f*?l Ml ( Wirvi uai ul mh?v, kill?1 ui k? paid ud aaeuiD uusf. ink juimtui, Hiakan aftba It^tl Catlara flirfitu, Uk4a, m4aui fraa ? a# Ui mm imuhi Callaj .a ia linti lain and tba pnui part af wbaaa Kfa ku baaa ayaat ia tb* ha* KlaU af Laadao, Pu.?, Pbiladalfhi* tad nuiivt, Ul a* ctad aaaua af taa aaat aatanishtnf car** that wara #?a? knawa; n.?ny traablad vita nofiaf to laa ?aa< aad a* vkia aalatp; rraat aarvaaacan, Mu aiamad at h44m and*. baaVfWoaaa vnb fraqaaat blaabiag, attbodad mm* tUaaa wltb daraaf axaact af Mad. vara eared't liliull Till r AftttCSbAR NOTICE. Taanff Mao aad atbara vita haaa u.)ara? laatsaalvM k; a a rum practiea mdalf ad ia abia alaaa?a babit fraqaaatiy Ittrnfd fram a?ll ratapaoiaoa, ar at aebaal, tba afaeta a* vhicfc ara ni(bUy fait ?vaa vbaa aalaap, aad if aat tarad, randan atrntfa iapaaaibla, aad daatnya batb aW aad bad*, tbaald apply imratdiatN*. Tkea* ar* Man* oftb* ui aad malantkaly (facta pradaaad by airly habit* af vaa:h ?i?? Wtaknaaa af tb* B?tk aad limb*, Paine id tba Maad, Oimaaaa af >(bi, La** af Maaaalai hair, PalpitaiMu af tba tfairt-UfiaaMi Nitmi l t;,Dit>a|inNl?f tka f aatuaoa, VMWti Daki.uj, avmbia na of Couiaaf u*n, 4c. WKNTALLT.-Tna faarfal ifieti aa tka mind a?a aatk t* ka draadad ? Laaaof Maniarv.Caafaaia* afldaaa, Difrtin* afSpirtta. Evil l>rr?dMi(?, k??ra.ocaf cult,(t.f Dn'.rul U*iaf Samada, TimidSy, M.,wi Mai M III tnlt H* (Ml NEKTOBI DEIILrrr-TkHutiMii ?UI ta tba ?>aaa of thair dae iuinf tiaeitk, laoiar ikair ka !>? ( waaa, pala, nirffisi and am?.eiatad, faaatof a alafalu i^uuitt akaat U>a ayaa, crajt, nr ayaiptauaof (Huaptia mit-ABits or lMPRunKHOB. fill, lha rr-iJjiudad *i.<J iirpra.lai.1 vaOarj af plaaaara lad> ka hta iir.Jiikad t>.a audiafthit ptmhl duaiaa, il laa afiaa kappaoa thai an 'II-ureal aat.aa af akama or d r a?d af dn^a?a?J 4?;ara him? frgra applying *.a ikoaa vka. frara adaaatiaa and raapa lability, cu alaoa bafnaod bim. la (alia lota vat aaoca if uortni ana aaa.gamg rmgdln. tlx, f carmr, lick hi* pacauiary aabauuea, ka*p kin trifltag mantb after month, ar a* lanfaath* *mat:*t' faa a?r ha ah t*iu*l, ?nd ill daa?i? ir l*a?* hln ariiK rainad bn;.tl<M|l ??r ki* ralliaf duappointmeal; ar b? tha aaa at that daadlt paiton, M*rcary. haatan tha MMHtuiaMl aymptaaaa af Un iambi* diaaaaa, tact u Af action* of tha Heart. T raai. Maaa tin Ac.. prorraaainf with frifht/al rapidur. till daatk pate* aanad '.a hia draadfal eafarmre by a?ntll"g kiaHOalw iiaeaaarad caantry fram whaaaaearna aa iraialai retaraa. DE JOHNSON*EEMEDY FOR. ORGANIC WEAENEM AMD IMPOTENCE Mj llli imi aad lasaruai lanady aatiwaafUl ainai tra apaaduy cared and Ml aifar raatarad. Tbaaaaoda artha at aarToaaand debilitated, vka had last ail haya.katl haan rained lately relieved. All mpa Jioiaata ta Mamif*. Pbyalaal ar Maaul Duaaaittaatiana, Laee of Pracraeuae Paver, lanaaa lrmeatiay Trembiuif nad Waakaaaaar Elbaaeuaa af tha aaat lanfc kind apaeedily cared ENPOEJEMENT OF TEE PEXM. TEE tlAKT THOUSANDS aarad aim,a -a.fca iki last HMutMn ran, tod tb? nininii iaptnul lintMl tpirnmn ftifsnsse *1 Dr. Jahassa. ?hiimh4 by M HMiun if lit ptptri u4 auy Mkir mnm.uuhi^ wk h??? MMMl tftuu4 t(U!i k?f?r, Lti PSllic, ? ridta hutuotftnf w s (tautmin ?f cktrtctii tad umimI MII9, Ii ii(titiil puutu tt < ttltirf. |u SH; DR. J. BOVKK IM?D? IMPERIAL WISE BTTTFH8, Are now being used from Maine to the 6rent Bali Lake, an J the am versa! verdict of all who see t'.em either as a n dintu or a? a bertrart. le that thny are snevpaseu in the world Dr. Dods ssed Uiem aut oeeefullr id hie praouce for 3S years before we pnrohaaed of him the aoie nsnt to manufacture and present them for aale to the public For the o?'e of Inoipient Consumption, lnaife?t;on, D?s pepaia, Pitee, Nervosa T>isea>cs, Female Co* plaints, and all oases reeumac atoaie, Ut?y are beyond douht a moat mvafaable renedy. Aaide from their medicinal properties they are a pure, wholesome and delightful Beverage, producing all the pleasant exhile<ating effects of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. et all fnaoda of humanity and all advooatee of temseranoe assist s in subsiituins these vaiuaeie Vng etable Bitters for the mineral poistm* and aduiteraUd Limtri with wbtoh the oountry is flooded, and thereby aid in l?n shing Disease and Dmnkeaeee from the land. OHARLR* WIDDIFIFLD * CO., Proprietors, 78 William street. New York J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, Washington, D. C. OR. J BOVEB l>OPy IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For Piae&>>e* of the Kidi>??? B adder ana Unaary Organs, and ??p?oiaily for P?n?i' Ob tmoOof?, never f?ii to cure. eu<i ?r? warranted to fire ?Uitool ion. v OlI\RLfc* WIDDIF1ELD k CO.. Proctor., T? WiiLw. ie 7-lr.r w..u... ? >> ^ ?? wmufbo i, 1/. Ji UY F'?R THKSIJK AND *?;MURING. I LET ALL WHO ARK AFFLICTED HAD! APPLY THE REMEDY AND REJOICE IX HEALTH. Friend, do yon anil -r! Are you the viotim ofuf ol tbuM uumeroue Ailment* which t in irum impu'itT of Um blood? W UAt Are <bey, do yon Atk t K'.ttier A-k, ?Jut Are they not? lb* b'ood > tb# nu'oe of !iieand bm'tb. and it i? th? firrt emett of our t*? respond to A: J eAu** wnich'ff Ola tU- *jitem, as the pulse lnfaifiMv Attseia The ever preTAiunc N?*uf?lfiA. the irritating Krye pa a*, the Sorolu A tb? KBonixin? KheuiaAtiiw, NerVllUR D^ f. n*il>jnuic I i?Ar *1 *? u"*' v"'n|n?uu wiuim torpor and d jaitioii, and the numberless ills that ft ?(> is heir t< ,deriv? 'heir hideous origin from tha blood. D-al kind j then and get-tly with the blooa. lit* tne vitalizing res utoes of n%tir? (or iU aid. and *afT?r us u> ootnmeod to yrur eor.fidenoe and u?e that truly va'uab.e in^licsment known aa AfftS M. COX'S IXDIAV VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With rfgard t<> tills"st infallible speoifio popular Mutimeut has ?p?kon in d-cided tariijS, aud tbe evidences of this great efioaoy are sustained by ooustant avowals of euraUv* ?ffMts and tu- happiest result* from its us* are after a.! oUtr remedies aud the best medioal skill have fared. Let as say, in conclusion, th^t certificates cures are not soucht from tbe illiterate aud suiverfioia1, but they are volunte*r?d bom tbe n<.at re potable sourovs an I juetify lb* highest te'ms in iuon it is possible to o.>m?r>eud so valaab e a sp aifio to pnb ic appr >va! We pay add alao that the curative properties of themedioine srs equalled unij uj us reawriiii v? ea-ci?. me iirt-m reonvarmr fromdie?-a?ewUh reowwert oonetitatjoaal vie or. For In br all leepaotable DraffiaU ;n thu 011j, Mul by the proprietor. MRS. M COX. r out ?rtnaiue uul?*m her Biae is b.owi wu the bot?'? and her tea! on th<* oork \rr Tioe Jl per botJe, ?ix bott'ee for #&. WnoUrn't frnt. R *. T. CI83EL. Dracciet, Ge-'r?eu>wn. L> Wholeul? MHt for the Die tno?, aid wi 1 supply the irade at my pnoee. au 18 tr 0MFF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OAS* METERS, WiillNm, Jely It, 1MB. NOTICE IS HEREBY QlVEM. That,atraaably to the proviaiooa of the oidioanee of the Corporation approved May i2. lsfift, the anderaitned ie aiiw prepared, "wtiecever required in writing, aav on pre payment of the fe? of fifty centa, to Hepac*. txamin tent, pr->ve, and ascertain the aoenraoy of regietration of any gaa meter in u?e in tnie oity." Every meter, iffoatid incorrect, will baeoodemned, and another, eealed aud marked ae true, wtii be aet in i?a p.ace. If proved to be aoc urate in mona?r?ment of ru. it will h* and a tain pat in pokpiom (or u*e. Offioe No 510 Seventh etroet,(n?ar Odd Fallow*' Ha.! ) < >pen from 8 a. m . to 5 a. m. CHARi.KS W. CI NN1NGHAM, jy IB tf Inapaotor ami PaaJer of tfai Maura. 279 206" Pa. Avi., FORKI6N FRUITS, Pa..Avi* Ba<a leave to oall the attention of tua fnanda aad the public generally to hia New Store, under WUlanTa Hotel, ]nat opened, in opnaexion with hie old aatabhahment, whore ho wi.l bo happy to reMi veiny ordera for eaperiorConfaeCioaa of aia owb importation. A'ao, all ordera lor DtmMra, Rappara, BaUp, aad Private Partiea, w hi oil will be aarvad ap in hia lainutable at jle, with the namepromptseaa aad dia ?*mr wfi:ow MtnorTo mhcrwv* Aa 8 BSX-rSsKSSSS V*"1*. Maryland ud Virftti*. warranted ?ir*, Al*>, liwrtri Rmndiaa, HeiiMMy, Otard, Dapny * Co., JdIm Robina, Ac. Also, P?Mh and A Ml* Branny, pare Holland Gin, oli Jamaioa audit. msww Atery nice seven octavk piano havtai ha*n m umi short ti?i? mil ba oldatafreat aaorifioe for oa?h IBHI ih? ownt being ooni polled to lea** th ? I *?' Mty. O igioal prioa >390. will iov ?oM for |N suh. to be Men at Mr. M ETZKROTTT8 Maue St"r?, oirner l*a tmit and Mevmth aa 0 NKW 8,L,t "ANIf^BOOPKD BK1BT8. I We har? r*oei?ed by exp?ee? anf^i of "M l#l kUB IMi IITI9U1 VTUTD^ 0?l? tpui | (O&litT. Ladiea in want of any of the ilion good* w1"'ss i A",1* * ' IX ALB AND XXX ALE!! ?tK 'xsvtrfZMeisiiK sttvwaw tlYi Thif Alo i? mad* from bmUi md Hum only | UMotonotftul toriv* ouro MUifioboa lo torn MM C C^LINKAU, Proprietor of th# l?i.i* w*?k?? nw**" 5S??e3fc?s,. I, T.i ,5SWSi l?LT,jri2.*Jews',faSV ? ?'-* ? ? VraTi um< witfc uilturr ikii b? |m rr>.PiwM.PrtilNW(a{uiuiui ih* m*u Lai nfMt; ol MUkifu;Ti?T; jr" 1 & Cnt* with ? .** kf W.|. Tyl* rrot?met *1 Cmk ii AmMnt Oo4 *!?!&? twft frt* of fw?k >??tu.miMi a ?r*r Poit tii'? Pi^okiM/' bj FtT. vV ictolnilll; 1 *oi ; mi** ? I. A N*w Matbcxi ol l.?*r?uac fty?u*k.fttfcar U* gji'w *>fw in. PwMtekr BLANCHARD 4 MOBl*. ? y E!*r*nth rt mfi a*. br tk* OBiMMlMrVitM Vir|iu?A| lontirti ft Pfcu. ia., kc^ *V*i? ^ ?" O. PATTiaON. UNl K3&V ^ UNI UttotIM to BM ?P*1N? AM. fCMJtfcft liuftla ? > m Wfte. JMaliniiifc k? EwSJiySfflftfi , " . #? vatvv \ F I * R. Fi ft f-OTOMAC rirn j wont* Halt Tl? a^TMtur* * ptajhii. ft ia>pl! t( viut ?u mli * otM w' tS* I * > weU a*li?A*0 1 efcooM tMKMd out Lei K>i the buuuufu h^' mpor my rremiMi and lli of my neif bU>re Ail order* for the introduction of Water tad On wiV b* ?"Nin?r'? mrmnt>4*4 to. Terme n rutow tie M aar plmbtr ta Um eity. Jy? C. INVDE& VI/ OAfl FlXTVili." " E Have m etore, and ar* d%i j rroetnisr, J 5 FIXTPlt KSofenUMy %ew l^aUrrna and [V.,. na aad Fiaiah. eaperior in at^te to aaatluaf heroudare offered in lliia markrt. >T e innlf oiliaeua |*yvr% 1* WaaiUiJMtii. Df mii >tc?k of IrteebJ W?xar Fixturee, Mann* confident thai ve have the Met elected (took in Weahmrtoa. All Work in the ahov* Vne intruated Uoaretra Will be pronptiy attend"4 *?. M VERB * MoGBAN. aiv .'-If ?T? I) etreel. (UUt CRAMrAONI AMI UK AH APFLt CIDtK.-Wi I tn* attantion of lb# paMia to o%r area and wall aa I iMUd atMk u< CkMjnaa<MMd Orii Af p? C*Aar, I vkiah * i*uaatM u m aura icioa, and will ba J Gld am rmombi* Ittnii in oraar to piata rooa I r oar a?ria? atook. Ci^^a ^Ma' jl DnuL 0>? w<i. w ??"*? atXT^ i / ^ / aoovmti 5r\v \ F^/f OltFATCH! ^ / .... .... ?. - x/- ur? in riccei; ^ it miimu ?mil lui n, r*m ? ?N?-nr?i?JW fmmtiiiu. It to *?r to k?w mnm oImm IPiUHHVI PREPARKB OLCB MM *11 IMtl *1X1 M> t?OM?tkOi4 ?% Mora to b? viUuat n. It ts tlwftya ra*d? *"? if to tie auokinc #ofaL Thar* u no lomftr ft ?M?' aitr for lnipirc ohftlr*. Y?ne?ra. ha*al?M I dolls, and hroKM rruiM. It ia jaat tha ftHtele for [ ball, ftrd other waftirrrt*! work, fto p?9atftr I with\ft4W of rofinaaioc: bjkI tuM. J chwnio* !yT*!d ic poaawaaiaf af^ta# nluib ^ uulitiM of the b*?t oahtr<*( maker* (1m. It may b? aao4 id tbo of ordinary Ming nit!; roorr iwih^To. " VSSFUL IN SrgRT HOV8K.fritM, 8S ooota N. B?A Srttk MMfi? 1Mb bottU WkoUt+l* Dim** No. 48 Cedar trot, Hwm Tort. """ Fat ap for D?al?r? ia Caaea oostalaiat Four. Kicht, and Tvolvo Doa*n?* baaub/al L*iUM?r*pAto Show Card aooompaayiac ?aoh paoka**irr A MBTl? boCUo of SPAi-tHNV'S FMS PAKBDOLVB will aave tor boa* it> aoat aaBMSllf til ?V*P? hAuaaiftM ' " Sold bf ail voaiibabt tttatioMra. Drmcciata. V Hfcrdvw^md Ffcrnitv* DmUws, Oroof, im , Coir tn iMrakuta ib?ild Mk? mM of IF1L- ( DlJrf'M FRKtAREU OLCK. vkta Mfcini M ? thwr liac It will ???nrl im w )Tl? X ropXdJB3^S"^5' lUHffiMi I * /iip/ j ytj ' n ? MMf O'f* r ?/ *<* M L,'VO*A ? ?< /?> ?trQ*? J $Sf& lF^isrx'^rn- ;l Hffe ?S;?I? fz-lcto^'KMpS. 5j V**wUw< ?r'*< A*#/V*^* < Y H ' #p? W Hi CW?MI?IH J>I? !*??I L Jf ???'*??. f m f > II CAUTION. PORCUSEKS SHOULD BE CAREFtH. ' m PURCHASING THE VAUfY [ WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS AROMAIIC VALLEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTER FLIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. ffm.njj.oij i, BOLE PROPRIETOR I9SHDIWIUUMSIIEWTUL ton SALE IX WASHINGTON BY y t If BAKBOUR 4 8EMMB8. TDrrUiU L Ciuntvui'ft pumMn oinrouf^ L JpGNOLlfMACNOLil I hifhiy improved b? Ill, V? unfoot t ? ^^^ ;2s^^-'^?ar^^^i?, u"5 OLD FAMILY lYk WM1&XIT, i&tawt^&ipr f F'" rkaaii P K A N C 1 R H A K P K 1, FAMILY GROCEK >"A^?D?KKitD STORK. ?* an.4 Tmntk Mr Ml. aeweUfwUy aajioita ti? muim(r of n*? i?i? wMiofM; trttrb m thetoorMm. Hi* MufMvor* ?kall Im to rr%j?. ?nd by a ?trt?t ?l*n Hon to Mm vuli of th? puUlie. Im Kcmm to writ a ii*r*oi iheir pfttrouftc*. Bi* hickooiinitiortrwT arti?U ?Hi to h* tB ft fim-elftM PwnUj *i<o~n wl w . UJU1. ft. E MTti 1 Unto!

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