Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1860 Page 3
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f LOCAL NEWS. I ll7"Tbonj(h The 5ran Is printed on tb* teteat I mmm pt??g In a?r south ef Baltimore, Its edition I t? w> l?rp ? to nqnlrt it to be pat to prat at aa J cH*y hoot; Advertisements, therefor*, should be I s?nt in before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may Inoi ipfu until the next day. Noticb ?District of Columbia AdTwtimnsrts to be inserted In the Baxtimobs ?tr*are received j at and forwarded from Tn Stab Office. RrLWors?The thunder storm of Saturday night effected a very agreeable change of the sir. wbick for two days had b?en oppressively tot, and vesterdav being cloudiest and pleasant, afforded opportunities for attendance on religious nervine, which were very generally enjoyed by r church-going community. The congregations \ a? t>i* cfc'.rr be* ttrougho'itthe city were generally lar^e during all the services. J-numtry Ckmptl ? At 11 am, Dr. Edwe?dS diSr .mrwd from the text "Therefore bein" jmtl??d by faith, we bave p**ce with Go"*. through cur .Lord Jesua Christ," A.c. At "p m &e congrecatlou was addressM by D, RiTwaVd. from l.i ke Id 20, ' Notwithstandin g j? thi, ~joice not that the spirits a?e subject bu\ ratber re V 'ri- "T",'"1" """"^ar* written in Heaven.'* \ rbe speaker U*?n > , that frotn the 1 ?'i~ Ve^?,' -?ch?p4f c*ontai?,!,,? the text. 1 r,? Zrl ; -? Apostles wrre fitted sx J !"rflwV? .-***? Kxtra ordinary giftaare inf ' v_, ^comptmied by more than ordinary resV muf k' -?'tl<s. M well as hv extraordinary danger*, B A. u ?rir conceit. self security, Ac. These I ' r^Mliea were m??D. and tut extra powers with f ?hlrh thev were gifie<i might prove detrimental I in th?!lr r?sults. and to this end God addressed I to theni tbe lan^nage of tbe text. na t nquire | as to wtert Interpretation shall be placed upon tbe 1 **prrssion "ywir names are written In heaven.*' H -rond donbt It Is a figurative expreas^o*. And allusion is made to a custom wWcb pfwniled in 11 cities In anclenttimes.of rpgttlering tbe names >f all respectable cltixens, atad should any citizen ne form an action n? worthy of the city to which no claimed citlsenahip, bis name was Immediately strlcke* from tbe roll, and thus his claim to protection by the State was totally forfeited. Christ inSended to siv In this figure, rejoice that you arc good citizens of Heaven, that your names are earoUed there. By heaven we may under a - I wiina xne great congregation of Christ's followera, these who bear hia Image It la far more Important to be a Christian than to have all other endowments beside and lack tbe Christian character. Wealth, learning, position In society, Ac.. are not tbs ends of one's life, but only the means. Methinks 1 taeT the voice of God saving to a man who has climbed the steps of fame, and whose name floats on every breexe. rejoice not in this, but rather rejoice in the feet that your name is written i?? Heaven Dr. E. here compared the ?nan of wealth, of intellertnal power, of posi? *l?n ;.n society, &* ., to one of moral worth, one w oo would stain tbe enrth with Ms blood or Buffer his frame to crackle in the flames rather than earrl?cc principle. He admired the reply of Cato. who, when ask?*d if Leans not wretched in old H^e, said "A man <s wretched at any age who bas not the sources of happiness within himself" Things of this earth fade, and cannot possibly follow tic further than the grave. A man lays up riches and knows not who Is to possess them afbr ctiflemn. a man who hat bis name written in Heevea o?rty bey* ns truly to live when tiesh and totood iw to him no wore The speaker theu inquired what we are busying ouraelvte about! It 1> out that w? may have our names written in Heave*. We are neglecting onr soul's salvation He then exhorted bVs hrarera to break tbe bond* *>f negligence and indifference wbicb now bind them, "nd to week their aoul'a salvation; for what," said he, 'shall it profit a man who shall Rain tlie whole world and lose bia own aoul *" Trinity Church?In the morning, Rev. Dr. Hntfr?v ^rector) discoursed from the text?"Leokvc unto Jeaua, the author and flniaber ef our faith." Human hearts mu?t and would have tomHblng to look nnto. They mast have faith In something exterior to theia*? lvee and greater i tiian themselves; or they must have in themselves 1 *s sufficient for themselves. This looking unto something which they could see, could make 1 them what they would be. and give them what thev would have, is an Inborn, incessant, and uni versal want of the human heart The gratification of this want depended upon two conditions It depended npon the entireneas of one;s faith, and npon the power of the object to which they looked for strength and comfort, te give them whet tbey needed, and make them what jot meir nappmess it was necessary they should become. Mrtkoditt Protestant Church, Ximth Street ? The services were conducted by the pastor. Rtv. F Light Wilson, who preached In the morning from id Kings, 10 15 : "Is thine heart right?'' Closing with a powerful appeal to the congregstioo for self-examination. At night, a discourse upon the text of Job. 21.15: "What Is the Al im&hty that we should serve himV' For week* pas; this congregation has been engaged lu meetings of a very interesting character, itinerating among the dwellings of the members of the ehnrcb. Thow social meetings are preliminary to a series of meetings soon to commence In the chnreh, In which the pastors of varioo* stations ore expected to aid. Among the ministers named who are e*pect?d , are Rev. Messrs. Sherman, , AV right, and Oliver Cox, of thr* Maryland Conference. Tht Assemlly'i Ckurrh ?The pastor. Rev Mr. Car others, being frum sickness unable to preach, the Rev. W. Hamilton, D. D , of the McKendree Church, delivered an appropriate and eloquent MTna from John II 9: '-Are there not tw?-1v* hours la the day." Dr. H spoke mint feelingly of the great work of eight yesrr ministry of the pastor of this church, and now In hi* affliction be had the consolation of having b*ea Instrumental in building up a large and important interest in 1 this city, mostly the effort of these few years, and i to last in ita influences many years to come At ' night, Rev. T. Seedrrs preached from the text: "It is good t? be zealously affected In a good cause " HtMhoditt Ckvrtk South. ? Rev. Mr. Proctor, pastor, conducted the services and preached In the morning from l.uke, 13, 8th to iKh verse* At night from Malachl, 3,18: "Then shall ye return, ai d discern between the righteous and the wlckrd; between him that serveth tied and him that serveta him not " An interesting aeries of meetings has been in progress at Ut>s church during a week past. Last night several penitents presented themselves at the altar, and one conversion was reported. St Aloystus ?\ large congregation assembled at the tln?e of high mass. (II o'clock,) which was rrl?brated its a most Impressive manner by the officiating priest, Father Magnire At the reading of tUe gospel. Rtv Fattier W Ljget delivered an ticqurut d sco rsr frtmi the I jth verse of tt.e 2d cbaptrr of ?t. I.nke. At veaf?*a, the perform- ' ance or the chotr waa enhanced by tbe aaaiataace of V :m Juliana May. the accompUatied prima ! donna of St John ? (Kplacopal) Church j Wttiem Ck*jul ? R?-* Mr McCaully, pastor, , preached In the morning from 1st Samuel, 14 8 : j And Jonathan said toUm yewng inau toat bore ( hit armour?Guor>! l?i as %<< over unto the garri- , ? >* at ifeeae uiv.tcamc.sed, it may be that the | Lord will work f(?r na. f>?r theee la no reatmlrtt to j the Lord to aave by many or by few ' il Bight , the discourse w?i biaul upon Luke 10, 3'J to 3?lh erae, .n< !ua:va 7ms lover* of good eating and drinking, wfiobeve not alreedy fonnd it out, wilihegUd ' to l<"?ru that that central, convenient, weli-ap- : l>o M#d, and well-conduote4 establiatfctnt. th- | "Slmpocw Houae," corner of the Avenue and Teutb street, waa reopened, aa good aa sew. an tbe 1st !nat , and la now In tbe fall tide of eucrti/ul operation. For gen-rel coimnltnce of /T&OKerueut, Invariable choiceneaa of fare, and moderate ehar^a, tbia eatabllahment la probably ur:iurpaaa~d la the city or rlae where Tub (iiARt Piui Pi? - Vic to come off at Arlington Spring* to-morrow, U probably the m<>?t liberal affilr of *be kind eTrr gotten up In th1? vielnlty, andtbr c h<t racier of tbe (?arties connected with It la a -ent jruar.?nty tUat it will be conducted with tbr . L'Tieal fair neat t rou^bout. To mv nothing about t >? chance of getting a vain able preaeat, the nteiaur* of tbe pic me I tap If will o doubt be well worth the price of adtnlaaion Read tbe adrerttwoieat la another eel join. Faox New Yo?k?Tbe aUramahip Montlcello, Capt Oager, arrived at ber wtur' tnfa morning, la forty boora from New York. The following la , tbe Hat of paaaengera : Jaa F McLaughlin. MIm Margie Sbeehey, Mi as M A. McLaughlin, K H. | f.JT* \a - M? * * ? *" 1 # mm<*v, u h ;nwT in^ir, >*ir? codor, mwer Ml*, M !* Ogden. jr , J G Carr Win H C. I UrrKtirnun, M. J. Auk, E D Kdton, T. O * Alien. K P King, A F. Anderson. Aiiss Jane 1 O'Connell. P. Knack i Violati>? Mcsicifil Law ?J Herbert, wh?i I keep? a t suurant nea/ market apace, waa arreated ? on Saturday bv offl-;er Yeatrmn, for permitting gambling id hla house. This ta said to be one of those coses in which the landlord lets a room U> a party, and knows that tUe room ia us-d for gain- ? lag, and doea aot prevent It Jnatice Itonn read ' the law to he defendant, and ordered him to par Uie I?e, ?J0 and coeta > 1 Browo?r? ? Misstbbls, It should be borne In I at Odd Kellowa'Hall this evening. t The fbet that this Troupe coma here under the management of our Sanderson ia asufllclent guaranty that they are *m fmit. Read the advt rtise- < meat In another column. 1 n Ns?t-Yabd PiorLB, Attsjtio* Wyaan 1 calls the compear to order at 7% o'clock to night I at 04d Pellnwa^ Hall, Garrison street. Every i member of the humaa family la the neighborhood is expected to be on baud la order to laugh and be merry. I S?ek jiorifi la another column of the reopealm{ < of Harvoy'a Oyater Depot We aeppaw thereto t uo qaeadoa bat what this la ik* fit* to get eyv | tmrt at all tin? and la is* ausstltv Til Vol I E!*CA3r?X*!TT ? T.&ilOf Simt: ft nit one who visited York, Pa., during therece encampment, to aay award concerning the tr there and bark, and wbil he law. | chanced go up In the same train with the only com par reoreaenti ng tb? military from the Diatrict, and affords me pleasure to state that in the who course ?f my life I have never ar?n the sau number or '-gentlemen In nniform'' preserve i perfect decorum, and whose deportment was mo trite th? l~f? f~ ? ..... ... ? ?v ?? ?u wuc genu my. Arriving in Bl tlmor*. they were received bfthe "B till more Ctl Guard*'' In true military atyle, and that com pan bowed that ttor regarded the wants o* the guasta and the demand! of the "li?ref man" to rrp-istng them with a hamper filled with goo edibles, drinkables, olgara. Ax , which prove gfatiy acceptable, aa the Rifles tunuaaarilv mad * very rapid march through the town to conne* with the train from the Calvert Station I thin one of the corps Informed me that the dlatanci which la quite two milts, wan accompliab?d 1 ttrtiuy-tjeo minutes, and in perfect order Thre hearty cheera were given tbeir etrort at the di partu'rt of the train, and *11 fell to work at d< ,U?1 imm iu^ I uo *' W v VI JJWU ?U1I1KI BU Ol'pui tuiely prepared bv the "City Guard*;'' ana aa patted through I observed that they Were aa goo< ftt auch charges aa at marching, tlpon which heard numerous encomium! passed both In Bait! more and York subsequently. The ran artived at York about 9% o'clock, am 1 noticd that here, too, aa In Baltimore, a compll Bientary escort awaited our young Washlngto soldiers. The Worth Light Qnard, I think, ei 1 corted them to camp,where everything wai, I pr? time, In readineaa to greet them, and comfortabl and cleanly tenU weir In watting, well supplie* with the neoeWatiea for sleeping, ic 1 under stand the eommlaaary of the company procure* meula for the whole number in attendance from i hotel, and that a table was spread in camp, wel supplied with aolld and wholesome food: whicl was, I think, a much better plan than tnat fol lowed by most companies on the ground. At si] o'clock a. m the roll of the drum and the boom log of the cannon (a heavy brass piece of ordnana captured at Cerro Gordo and presented to th? ftate by Gen Patterson. In whose honor tbecam| was named "Camp Patterson,") called the whoh immense throng to roll call: after which one houi w. s devoted to morning drill, when ' Peas upon a trencher" was a well-rrspouded-to call to break fast. Breakfast over and ail thinga in readiness the signal was given for battalion parade; and ali the companies in r^mj) were dnwn up in line m.uri * ui.xuuuu vi nujuwm venerai w luon, (who by hi* urbane manner and friendly bearing won many friends,) and put through a part of tb? "manual," brought to a present arms," and re viewed by Gen. Keitn; wben the parade waa di? mi Med by the commanding o dicer who rude lh? great blvk horae, (by himself denominated tb? "eawif cow,")*and toe men marched back to theii quarters At 3 o'clock same drill and regimental movements. Every arrangement seemed complete for convenience and comfort round and upon the grounds Some 5W> tents accommodated the congregated military. Numerous eating tents, fruit stands, and lager saloons, with their tempting displays, were dispensed just outside the sentry line, where tike hungry could satisfy bis appetite and the thirsty allay bis thirst At night many amusing incidents were observable, vocal serenade* wert fri rjuent. while la all directions bands Were play* inu soul stirring airs, which died away upon tb? evening air like the gentle murmurs of tbe mountain rivulet, bushed to slumber on the bosom nj the placid Inland like Seme who desired to gratify those who bad not seen it. with a sight at the I? * * * ?Mvvrr?c? ouiuiiouijr in iuiprrvonming that intelligent creature. by the aid or two boys, sundry bulTUo-robes and a pier- of hose from the tn .jlne-ho-ise, for a proboscis; which caused great merriment throughout the ground*. All whs good spirits, all good nature, and all seemed Imbued with the belief that It devolved npon them to con tribute something toward the fund of general good cheer. >o words c*n convey an ade<|iiat? conception of the ho*pltility of the York people and their constant endeavors to render their visitors from every direction services, and tn make them at home I was informed by a member of the Ritles from this city that more genuine and disinterested generous hospitality was never exhibited than by some of the cltlxens of York toward a gentleman (who, bv the by. has been favorably known here a* a writer of ability) who was taken suddenly and very seriously 111 while on parade. I do nut remember all the names of those whom he told ire rendered him such great kindness, but the physician Who tendered him professional atten tion. and t >ok him to bis house, was Or Pish or Fisher The whole company speak la the highest terms of commendation of the attentions bestowed upon tbem In York. On m? arrival home 1 And that the Battalion of Light Infantry honored the returning soldiers with an escort, and 1 am more than pleased at this. as it Indicates a good feelLng between the respective companies, which one who has observed the bitter sarcasm of newspaper correspondence carried on here for some time past, would never hare dreamed existed The visit of the Zouaves to Washington has engendered a military spirit which it Is hoped will not soon die out, and we look forward with high hopes to the full reorganization of our District military upon a basis of greater durability and strength taan the old; and the dawn of the era of good feeling among all the companies forming the military body, and the entire suppression of all f 11 nan ru/ttu na u?UI/?k 1 ? ? L---- **' jw. J'*. jcoiwimc? uit-u ui inic uavr f ucr? ttiaily preveuted that harmony and promptitude of action ?o essential to good discipline and a thorough and compact reorganization of the District volunteer lutlitia. The Infantry and the National Rifle? have set a good example, and 1 truat it will be followed bv all other companies who have at any time, or who now evince any aversion to harmonium affiliation Yours, respectfully, Yoke. Washington, Sept. 10, 1^60. So?lfTHI\ri WiflTin nv TU? \Ir*i^fn. . a ? THo&tTiEfl ?The resident* of Mew York avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth stents. are not Bt all satisfied with the condition of that afreet. They complain that for the last eighteen months the space set apart for a carriageway there has been made a place of general depoait; that many cart loads of refuse mud. sand, ashes, clay, etc , mixed up with dilapidated boot legs, pieces of old coats, cast away hats, and kindred nuisances, have been dumped in the middle of the street, together with rubble stone*, boulders, iron pipes, md other heavy matters, until the scene In front *f their residences reaembles what is generally understood to have been the condition of the surface of the earth pending the delnge They complain further of the perpetual existence of acontiderableduck pond near the junctureof Fifteenth Ureet and New York avenue, whose surface is >rnain?-nted with green cream, very pretty to look it occasionally, but unpleasant as an institution. They also object to the abrupt character of hill md valley existing thereabouts, and mildly suggest th- adoption of means by which a drive may >e taken in the neighborhood witnout being fraught with the peculiar reflection* growing out n iue association 01 oroxen umuwilti tbe science :>f s irzaf. They alao speak reproachfully of the lourlahlng existence lu divers places thereabouts >f a plant of the genua carduus lanctala:ut, a plant which Is inuch more ornamental aa viewed in a distant sheep pasture than In tbe middle of i principal thoroughfare of the Federal metropolis. In point of fact, they are disgusted with ih- condition of that street, and want tbe Covportion, or some other authorities, to place it la a condition to be traveled in safety. V. 8 P*siT*!?T!A?Y.?This institution, now inder the wardenship of C. P. 9engstack, Esq , m in excellent condition in all respects. It Is not mly tbe receptacle of tbe convicts of tbe District Jourta, but the convicts of U. S. Courts in the States and Territories help to make np tne large iiuuoer of prisoners there confined to labor. The :are taken of the health of tbe inmates baa always nade this one of the healthiest prisons in the ouutry, and at tbe present time, though there are everal cases of bilious fever, tbe general health of be prisoners is excellent. Tbe number ovw lnarcented is Mte Of theee about 30 are from dls<tot sectioas of tbe country. Only 6 female*, and if these but 1 white prisoner. The prisoners are variously employed?some in boot and shoe n&king, broom making, laboring in tbe yard, ic. The greater number (95) are employed in hoe making, and tome of them turn out fine pee I mens of tbelr skill.which are sold by dealers n such goods at low rate* In broom making 16 ule of Mantillas, Uuiten, Raglans, Hoop Skirts, ,adi**s Drew Good* and Dry Goods generally, mnouucnd In suotti** column of to-day's HUf, by A?U * Barnard, auctioneer*; sale commencing it to o'clock to-morrow morula*, at Pen nay 1rauta a venae, between Nl?lk and Tenth atreeta Noticb, 1b another column, the ca-d of Mean tublA Rupp. who have recently opened a ttrst i?m bouse of entertainment In Seventh atreet, >ppo?it? the Center Market They propose to na? the thirsty with par* drinks, and those who lunger with wholesome well-cooked amis. Give Jmbi call. * a hub are engbgrci, sdci inert irt goo<l workmen ? nanufacturing broom? of excellent quality, and urnlng out daily from 250 to 300 broom? The ntire institution is under the supervision of lnucctan. who regularly import every portion of be buildings. inquire Into the discipline and amazement of the prisoners, and frequently visit he institution to see that all is in ord r. With i?e present officers the idea of reformation Is up?rni(K(, and so it should be. imprisonment Is. o be sure, a punishment; but a prison conducted ipon principles of mercy, by discreet officers, may trove a bleating to many misguided, unfortunate on victa Sue h officers are In cUarge of this lnstiution; and the results of the:r labors have been nade apparent In the reformation of acme Who tare been under their cars. Ax ArraoACHixo Orisias.?Mr R.C Stevens uteuds to astonish the Washington ladies not' ong tie ace with the style and finish of his new itore room; for In refitting aad refurni'ding It he lis wofked an entire change in its 4ri**r*nce i ons, it it aoaiuira vo m one of tb? mast elegant iUc^? of the kind la the country, as w?U as eiremely fashionable and popular with the fair sex. CtowM or Lamas should attend the A action T- J Ci*TmiLOtA.?&-*ntr?* Cmw,-'Theoperatt?a? nt ; of the ottcera and guards were rather eitemlve ip ; laat ntfht anion* the colored population In the to . Serenrii Ward. Their example might b^foUoared IT I adrairta^reoualT la other parts of tb?- rltv among It i the other coraple*lon of peof-le. The dlttculty le I of rapturing a t*ng of laurlrts neproea i? not m great when they are well surrounded; but tbera A I 1PA (Tincri Mlltllv * la ?1 .1 -til ? B ^? 7 ? Wl WUIW re who ought alto to be punished, ud tbe pun>shi. raent and dispersion of tbe?e won Id tr? far to rely rrtoYe tbe blot of Inefficiency from the character of y tbe .MetropollUu police. ir < Saturday night?HanMb Donoho,drunk; workI house 60 days. Ellen Smith, drunk and ragrani; workhouae 00 days. Virginia Russell, disorderly and lighting; fine and coats, #8.15. JamesThomple son, vagrant, workhouse 60 days. John Atkins. 5* do ; do. 60 day*. William Morrat, drunk and k vagrancy, S& 15 s> Sunday ?Sarah Veil, colored, safe keeping. n Obas. Blue, colored disoderly ; fine and cost e S3 15. John Swan, gambling; do. S6 15. James *' Hill, do; do. S6.15. Cbas Worth!ngton. do. ^ and carrying pistol; do #26 15. Wm. Burk, r* gambling: do. S6 15 John Cole, do.; do. 96.15. ^ Solomon Holland, do.: do. M 15 James John f *on. do.; do. SO IS. Robert Wells, do.: do St 15. ' Bull Gray, do ; do. *6.15 Richard Bowy, do.; do. SC. 15. Dfnnli Blackburn, do ; do. SO 15. . John Lane, drunk and disorderly; S'2.15. JumM Klntf, out after hours; S3 15 James Johnson, do ; ' S3 15. Charlotte Mason, unlawful assembly Sne and costs. SO 15. Catharine do. S*> 15 Catharine Boston, do ; do. SO 15 Sarah J. Bateman. do.; do SO 15. David Holland,do ; . do. SO 15 Louis Addison, do ; do. SO 15. Bob Harrod. do ; do SO 15. Ann Gray, do j do.SO 15. i MalvlnaCrompton, do.; do. SO 15. Baksy's Tfticopnmovs it the beet and cheapest article for Dressing, Bsm1 tifymg, Cleansing, Carling, Preserving and Re storing the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Drue [ giata and Perlumera ar 12 -6m~ 8 ... . ? Ho**orATHic Ksxmnn 5 All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'a specific Ho5 meopathic Remedies put up expreasly for family . uae, in boxes, at 35 and V> cents each. Also, ' in oases, containing 30 vials, from to 9n r each, with book of full directions. For ml* by ' Z. D. Oilman, 3iO Pa. arenne wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitxgerald. 3A3 north F streft; also by F. H. Winter, corner of Mas.-achufcetts ava [ one and Hixth street. Ais<>, Pond's Extract of Wiuk Hnt'l, for internal and external inflammations of > all krtids. Sold as above. ma9-ly Mat. Winblow,an expen*ncadaarMaiMllMn*I? > physician, has a Sootkmt Syrup jor Ckilden Ttttkta/r, which greatly facilitates the process of teething by softening the gutna, reducing all inflammation? wi'l allay all pain, and ia sure to regnlats tne bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yoaraelvea. and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly aafe mail oaaea. 8madvertisement ia I another oolnmn. oo 11-ly Kkadkr. have you ae*n Prof. Wood'a advertiaement in our paper. Read it; it will intereat you. au20-eoly Wistax's B*l?am or Wild Chirrt. , The following letter from Rev. Hkmi>y Wood, of , ConcordtN. Kditor ofthe Congregational Jour na , spfaks volume* in favor ol Wi*tar's Baltam:? Cohcord, N. H., March 2. Micssrs. skth W. Fowl* a 1 Two j<?n mn. a midden and violent attack upon my l.iinsM confined me to my bed for several w??Ks, > and when 1 recovered, I was so much opprossed by difficulty in breathing. that 1 was often unahlo to > sleep or rest uponaliiMl Ivy night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the ineffiracy of the remedies used, ] supposed the disease incurable. 1 Being persuaded to try a ixittie of Wiitar'* B <Unm | i/ IVtid CKtrry without confidence in its efficacy. f*?% ? Uiuwu, VIICJ piuiiiubn t% upcou J health and vigor. In biliou-ne a, ick h adaohe, acidity of the ?tomaoh. and d<*re*- , sion of spirit*, thev are equally efficacious. Hold by i all Drut gists, at 25c., 62., an,! & 1 per box. se 7 lw Da J I1o*t*ttkr'i? Bittk**.?These Bitters are . universally acknowledged to fx* a sure prev1 ntati ve and cure for Facer ami Acue, Flatulence. Heaviness of tne Stomaoh, or any other like affection, 1 Their effect upon the sjstern is inost miraculous; thejr jive a h' althy 'one to the system, remove sll morbid matter, and in fact thoroughly cl'-anse the , ayst m of all impunities. The prop ietoia in ore- j senting thin preparation to the public, assur* them 4 that in no single case, where it has been used according to their directions, has it l>e<-n known to { fail, hut on the contrary, new virtue* have l?een found in it* u*e. To those afflicted with an* of the above ills of the body, the "BiUts" are offered as a speedy and certain cure. Try them and form your 1 own opinion. ' For sale by druggists and dealers generally every- i whe'e. se S eoSt i Mrr**'a Miracitix>cs Vermis Destroyer, i the oldest and t>e*t remedy known for cxterminat- < in* Rats and Mice. Cockroaches. Bug*. Ants, 1 Musqintoes, Fleas, Moths,Uratn- Worms and Gar- , den Insects. r?_; ; i r\ a f ?n r? ? ?t?- _ a? *? Ml / riiiu;i(JH L'rpui, Di a onKVUWtJi il. 1. Bold by all Dnik<i?ta everywhere. ma 18-3ra ' DIED, r On Punday morning, (the 9th innt.,) J05IATI F. . POLK, Ksq., lung a rem.lent of this city, agod aft. ; He was much distinguished for in'egritr and b nevolence in manners, a gentleman of the old school, faithful and .firm in his view* of the Den*, , and di*<l calmly resigned to the will oi God. Hi*' t lriends are invited to attend his funeral to-morr<>w ? (Tuesday) at 1? o'clock, at Mrs. li&uaerman's, Pa. t av , bctwuen 3l and 4>i streets. i On the 10th instant. JANK ELIZABETH, eld- ' est daughter of toward and Klizabetu Watson, J aged 2 var?, 7 months and 23 days. I The frionds of the family are requested to attend \ the funeral, from the residence of hT parent*, K st , at 4 o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon, r On the 9th lnitant, at Green Hill, Prince George's county. Md., NIaRY A L'GL STA, daughter of Geo. < A. and Sarah R. Digges, aged It month* and 29 days. On the morn ngof9th instant, after a long and painful illness which she bore with christian forti- i >ude, ESTHER ANN,eldest daughter of Robert and Sophia A. Cohen God took her home ; the bud is plucked . From off its parent stem, ] And gone to b oom in Jesus' crown, * A bright and jriof Jess gein. , While net in lifVs unclouded morn. Her father called her home ; , OK I arttu! tth 11 u a fair fnr ha? The dear departed one {the sweetly sighed her lateet breath Out on the air of morn. And a* the suurise tinged the bills. Her spirit passed to n^Aven. Her toils and trouble* all are o'er, . Her earthly race is run : Olibre?the with us a prayer for her, S The dear d?par'ed one. ' Her funeral will take place from her father's res- J: idenoe, on Monday, at o'clook p. m. Relatives , and friends of the famny are particulaMy invited to f attend, without further notice. * On th? 8th instant SAMUEL T. ALTEMIJRS, son of Thomas and Mary Altemurs, aged 7 years, 5 I months a id 1 day. * j Agents for diamond state horse j SHOE IRON? s^-eoat ( JNO. R. KLVANS A co. Thimble skeins and pipe boxes, i FOR WOODEN AXLES. f Assorted Sizes. r Just received br J sett eobt (Al?x Ga?.) JNO. R. ELVANSA CO. W MERCHANT TAILORING. i EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI- ? MERS, AND VESTINGS. ? WALL. STEPHENS t CO., 3*U Pennsylva- " nia Avenue, have just received a larre variety of new Fall Goods, to whioh they invite the attention 1 of their friends and customers. au 30 tf Jj Hdr. melvin 1 AS Returned to the city from a northern tour, . and will resume the PRACTICE OF MEDI- i CINE. Fob Rkjit?A STOREHOUSE, sdioining Bos- l wall's Drag Store. Apply to Dr. MELVIN. near J the oomer of Maryland av. and 7th st., Island. ? _m 7-at? SEVENTH STREET. 4^6 r a beautiful assortment of GOLD PAPERS, with a varied stock of medium and low oriced GOODS. F1RKBOARD9. PRINTS. PIVTiRES. coRd I arid TASSELS, ic.. remnants or low priced PA- ? PKRS, with a handsome (took of WINDOW ! f greatly roduoed price*. Order* left 1 for PAPER HANGINGS and WINDOW l. SHADkS satiaiaiotoriljr exeouted with skill and . t dinpateb la otty or country. Please fir* me a oall, Don't forget the number. . _ JNO. MARKRITER, No. 486 Seventh *t., 8 door* al>or* an 27 eo6t* Odd Fellows' Hall. JUST RECEIVED, * n OUR NEW STYLES GENTS' FASHION- I ABLE DRESS HATff, with improved Sweat rw Leather*, rendering them eaajr and plea?ant 1 tee wearer. At """ LANE'S Faahionable Hat an<LCap Emporium. j 434 Pa avenue, near 43i st, I au29-eo6t (SUtesACoo*.) I W. HAMILTON' I ? PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS. No. J?? 7th 8ti?t, ntar Odd HmU. | ^ aua-U PUTTY It* DOWN. W (i ALTS' W ? ? 0 ao?O&K. 0 0 A J" ??SPA~ AT., BlTW llTH AWDttTHS**., ... North aide. ? Mill and Wharf foot of SavanUanth it., ] tf B?low UV P??artma t j FLOUR, MEAL, MILL FEED, *? * ... Juat raoeirM on comimment? 4*>nhla iDpenor brand of fraah ground Fan>il<, <? iSfFlour, Fraah groand Sura Maat aad Mill Faad of all kiuta c ooaataatl j on hand, for sal* low ia lota to auit. ?u35?m D. L. MORJ11BON * CO. t f 0 SPECIAL WARP ELECTION. TN THK BOARD OF COMMON COUNCIL. * ^kptrmbbk 3. *?. Ai?o/r^, That an ?lection n fceretoy directed to b*l?*M in the^oond Ward on TilUR5*DAY. the . l.T h . ftv (if ? * f 11 *l r-.? ?? 11-ai, to nu in" vicwicy now I xi?tin<r in the Board of Common Council by tfce i??iBra.;idn of Oroie, fctq. / 1 v SECOND WARD-TiRST PR"CINCT.! Pnrmint to the al<ove resolution, an cl?ctloa WUI | be held at the corner of Twelfth ?trfOt and N*w York avenue. The polls will l>e opened at 7 o'clock 'Cs r>:w,RT. SAM'L W. OWEN, OiO. E JIl.LARD, 4 7 ta t'ommimoners IN THE BOARD OF COMMON COl'NCIL, tfiiPTmii 3. U ? Rtsolrrd, That an election is h*r-bv directed to be held in the Second Wanl on THURSDAY, the ISth day of September next, W> f.II tbe vac?nr now exist uk inthn Board of Common Council by the resignation of William Orme. Ksq. SECOND WARD-SKCOND PRECINCTPnrsuant to above resolution, an election will r>e held on Tanth street, h t ween D and K sU.. ?M door north of the auction store of J C. MeOuireft Co. The poll* will be < pesed at 7 o'clock a. in., and closed at 7 o'clock p in _ SAM'L LftWIS. ? EDWARD C. DYER, W1LUAM P. SHKDi), -te Commissioners. lost and found. NOTICK.?Found thw d?y, tre?pa?sin? upou im premises. three small two ofj^^KW them white and one black. The utncr is req uef ted to come forward, prove prop-a&jMaLlB rty.pav damages, and tak them *wat. T. EDW'D CLARK. !'?. ?v. and 14th street ea?t. September 10, men. _____ It* LOST?On Thursday afternoon, between the Second District School and Mass, avenue ami 6th t.,a Mir of (jOLD SPECTACLKS, having engraved ?<n the ed*e i.f the frain*, "To Mrs. Randolph, from her pupils " The findar will be lihwrallv rewarded by tearing theni at Mr. H^R BAL'GII'S Drug Store. ae7 3t* LOST?On Tuesday, August 7th, a BWDI/K of Kvening Star News-papers, containing four onpiea of each dar for mouth of June. 18.W The finder will re-*?ive a liberal reward by leturning them to this office. au 15 tl "wants. i iuuihi in? uinioDiij wmou entirely r?morea Reform one bottle wns used up. Sympathy with my fell >w suiferers induce* mo to uialce thin public tatTn^iil, *nd recommend the artiole to others similarly afflicted. With ruspect, yours truly. Hfjtrt Wood. None genuine unless ?igned I. Bctts on th# wrapper. Prepared by H. W. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for sal? by D. Oilman. J*. C. Kord, jr.,**. B Waite, G. Stott, John Scliwarze, Nairn & Palmer. Wash ; a _ j i 1 ? - ?? - * lugiuui auu uj ue&iera everywnere. se 4 lw.r HoLLoWit'l PlI.LS. Ihftmt'ry.?Unlike other apecifios in common use winch act u more temporary sty ptic?. Holioway's Fill* seise on the neat of the dtseane and exterminate ill primary cause? b? invigorating the dige*- j tiveorgana, stimulating th* liver, purging the cliannn a A.rui siirifvin# Klr?/ui !%<* ? ? /??..?*? ? \*7ANTED-Byayoun* tirl, a SITUATION u nurse or chambermaid. i'l.ase address B<>x 18, Siar Office. selo-st WANTED?A good COOK and CHAMBER MAID. Apply at No. U64 F et.. between '3th and 14th. If WANTEI>?Tlireo PLASTERERS and two good HOD CARRIERS, to go to Ricnmond. V>. Stead* employment and the highest waies wiH he given to go?n! ha-ds. Add ess J AS. KEKNAN, '20-2 41, at , Hand. W 10-3'.* WANTED?At the Railr? ad Depot Rastanrant, asmnrt. active WOMAN a? cook. To one who understand* her busineKtt tlie duties will !< ? light and trie liuheft wago* will be gi? en. Al? . a No. 1 Dining-rooin S'rvant. Apply to L. A. TAll I, TON, K a: I road D<?pot r? 10 3t* INFORMATION WANTED OF JOHN UALLAUIIEK, iW'Prnaker by trade?supposed to be in N?w York < ity. If he wifi write to his an'-t. NABBY HAOOERTY, ca'e of ftamel Hargertv. corner of Ninth arid N at*., Washington, D. C?, he will hear of aomathing ?o bis advantage. se 10 3t* (New York papera copy.) WANTED IMM KDIATEI.Y?At the Union In telligenee Office.No 1'2 Loa av. nearly i-pp. City Hal .Washington,D. ?' .as msn* English.Geiinan and Scotch foniale SF-R VANTS an may oome a on* from Ha tiniorc. Good homes and good wa^es given. Com along, girl*, as you will have ituati as uiocured without dolav se 10 3'* II. DUNCAN & CO , Proprietors. \l^ ANTED? Hf a stead* and industrious young ?* man, a.SITli ATION as poiter m a tUore or watchman in a hotel. Itent of referwn..?? .n.?n A<i-1resM R. W. I,., Star (Vffic?. Be 8-31" ilfANTKD?\ middte-aged COLORED WOMAN, to <y>ok, ? as<i aud iron, for a very piiisII family Call at the new house adjoining th*? Geritian Hall. 11th Kt.. hetwee-, Fa-id (j. ?c a 3 WANTKU-A SITUATION, a young girl, a* chauil?ermaid and nurse. Mhe has a go**! ( recommendation. I'losse address Hox No. JlS.Star Office se 8 3t_ WANTED TO RENT-A small FARM offrom J5 to .V* a-r??, with c-?mforalile dwelling and the necessary outhouses, and himmI soit. witlun two miles oi tho city. Address "Agriculture," Star Of See. ne8-3t*_ \\f ANTED? By a mall family, who expect to * remain in the city two <>r three years, a suit of re I inrnisl!*il KOO.M1*, consist ing of parlor and wo txnlrooni*, in a tirst-2l*n house, and where , ttier?* are no other Ntardcm?with apriva e family jrefcred llnexcept'onahle rcf-rence* Riven. AdIresa "Comfort." City Tost Office. ?e 8 3t* WANTKD?A PURC1IASKR for a Farm of 75 , acres <>l land, situated in Montgomery coun- , ',y. Md , 12 miles f. om th? city and 3 from the Beltsnlle railroad i-tation. There are 41 acres iti onoic rood a d pasture land ; the remainder inaigood itate of onlti va ion. The improvements oonsi<t of I i comlortalde dwelling, hsrn. stalilinz, 4.0. The I ibove propertv will he sold a bargain. upon immeliate application to Mr. KOBKR'i' TaYI.UK, IVendell k Building. s?8-*>i* STONE CUTTER# ?1 will give employ \ ment and good wages to ten competent Stone j Gutters, at Charlottesville, Va. se7 3t* JOHN DA1.KY. 1 II f ? VTT ??T\ Tl?ri.?a?r?f * **? ? - *" ? 1 AMr,u-mr..>ii nvi, IM I AI,(IU.\S " HANbS. .None but sood hands will !> oiniloyed. Apply to GEO. KOLB, Foreman for Wall, ? Stephens A. Co., 'iU'2 Pa av. se 7 4t A YOUNG M A R RIKD M A N. who speak* Ki^ C*. lish and German 11 u *nt!y. is open t > an engaitenent as gardener or farm overseer II .? has, how iver, no objection to a situation tn a store, wlrno ;ood business h tint", promptitude, and fideli t ar.- J ifce*?ary. H in qualifications for eitl er of the said utuations will bo fully b?>rne out by I*is references. I Vddress, or personally apfi!) to, A. W., .<Q9 G ?t., ietwe?n I2tli and 18th. no 7 St* WANTED? By a steady and industrious man, a < SITUATION as collector. Best of reoom t nendatioua given. Address AI. C., Star Office. ? jy 12-tf t ?????????? f PERSONAL. VOTICF, OF COPARTNERSHIP.?Th? un- J I* derstgiied hav -this da* lormcd a copartnership indar th* name and sty^e of W.m.G.andp. M. PrT- i it, f ?r the purpose of carrying on a first class Gro- r iery, havint this da* bout fit the entir* stock and . ixtures of William S Jones,on the corner of Third treet and Mass. avenue, where we will hepl'-ased , o rurniuli tn? ntiz?n? choice SrooRriN ami * .iq nor* at moderate pries. We respectfully soicit a oall of the public patroi aee. i WM ? PETT1T, J P. M. PETTIT. i Washington city, Sept. 7th, 18#>. o Vot.ce ? I have this day disposed of my entire o'kof Groceries. Liquors a:.d Fixture*, on the i orrier of Third street aud .Mas.*. avenue, to Mesrrs. rVro. G- and P M. P t?it. Thanking m? former nstomers and friend* for t?eir kindness and it ?.1 patronage h-stowed on ine, I hope they will be ( tow the sa-ne on my suocesso c.whc will be thank- ' ul for all favor* WILLIAM S. JONES. Washingtwn Sep* 7.1860. se ln-.1t NOTICE.?At a meetint of tlM Island PrMBd?tiip / Association, held September 4,1160, JohD G.if i ith was expelled for non-payment of due* and other J nisd^m "auors. Ily order of the Island Friendship ' Association se 7 3t' j AM PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS f\ against the estate of the late Ebsnrzkb. Ron- 1 hki>, will present them (properly vouched) to tn , ? or settlement, on or before the 25th day of June, * ext. hPIIRAl.U l? ROUtilKD.ciyner Island >1 sts., Trtstoe for th? Heirs, au ifl&wtt* t PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE EVENTS, t will be satisfactorily explained by a la'y,at ler reridenoe^No. *37 C st, between l?t and 2nd i ib., mati'i. i.iinauii?iioiiiwacenis, an ?>-l3t* VI A DAM K FELIX, FX) RTUSE TELLER, . 1 from Paris, informs her former friends, and the >ublio generally, that ?ho has removed to 461 renth street, between K and F, where she will l>? iappy to see all who will favor her with a sail, au 13-3w* J MADAME MORRICE, THI Gmr A?T*olo"I otST AitD D<">cnnss, jmstfrom Europt.?'lttu lunly Kift-d and intelligent ia?iy can be consulted it the Past, Present and Future Events. Call at <?>. 'JOS Tvrenty-second street, between H and 1, iViuhipgton. jei^-.lin* UNION W!l. STANI?. NO MATTER ?? HO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently 1 shall remain in Washington and ?>ntinue to pursue hi; oo"urati'>n "f HOl'SK, HON and ORNAMENTAL PaJNTLNG. Gild- a ng in ail ita l.ranotaea, Old Glaaii.g frop?tiy at. ? n.._? j ^ ? - - ? 'uucrvi iu. rninurs ana t #r name nun g loiwi|? furniture in the l>*st ?tj le liliii, c%l attention t> the Pun tin* of Ronfb (tad Brick Wtlli All of th<* above I will do as rh-tp as the cheap* : t. J therefor* sol'oit Uiepatronace v< ray friends J .nd fallow oitizena of the District. Punctuality , riotiy observed, and work done in tha b#?t man- -1 *r. Yon will please mind yoar stop* and stop at M. IV Pa K K KK'S Painting Establishment, No. 53' c iS 5? *!! Louisiana av , north tide, between 6th f ti d 7th *ts. . P. S Signs put up free ef charge, aa uanal. mi 3) 3 m (i H STKAW HATS, HTKAW HATS! } Olearino outstock ofstraw hats 4 n ord?*r to dispose of iny entire stock of Men's and ?oya'?TRAW HATS irni iadaaa? aw will be . flered uulu the eloee of Ut* ee?*on ^ j Fashionable Hat and Cap ? au 211m Pa. av., near Four and a-half st. i ' '* L 1 " - WASHINGTON ~ '> > 4 j COMPAN* ; , J. Q. MoGLlEE, PrMidwO. ' 1. D. HtNWIW. S?or?tefT. ' 7-xitr j LfcALTIMOXJk LJJHL UNbLMAi\Ct ou.-ii H coiroiitn t?30 -JnM I. IwHUOtox, PrM. d. Coult**, tjro *. >?u? WMDukuy JNBLRSS LIVE? and RUY* ind GRANTS ANNUITIES, 4.?. Descriptive pfcirpMeU m*i to obtained at tto J 'omnuf'i Af?noT for tMlJiftnot of Coiuinbi*. j Wi?^&JP*aa i GEORGETOWN. Cbrtfsfondenrt of Th? Stmt. UioMBtowa.Srpl'BbM 10. 1809. Tb'? tlty hxvtnjf bma nl?M m Ue torn taut " of \%f NewYerkand Wmaht acton rtMMktp liar, a notable cr* la oar commwc'il history was I marked on Tu*?i*y of l*tt we*k by th? "im ar- I I ,lw.l " k-i-? *- ? ? .? , ? >n<i>n .nmiuirao, OMCM lint hb4 rMfhfd h'T wharf in Waah! ngton on Monday evulag, discharged a large bulk of freight, and ^ wii at the wharf of the Company hero (foot of ( High at ) on Trrodav morning On that aay aba ? took in ue*rly 4.(<O0 barrel* of flour, and left her* r, on Wednesday morning. Thla dispatch I* cer- c taialvcommebdible. Another graufying feature of thia "flrat arrival' la the fket that the steamer. ? heavily freighted, paaaed the bar, coming aad ^ going,without the lraat d'fflrulty, and had a ?ulfi- c cleat depth of water and plenty of wharf room at * her mooring* here at all st&gaa of the tide .Mayor Addtaon, who has been in the couatry C for *ome week*, ha* improved In health very \ much, hi* friend* wi'l be glad to hear He waa 'I in wwn yesterday, but left again this nx-rning fl Mr. Tenney ) and has been acting mayor durlug V Mr. Addison's absence I' Mr. John \V. Kid well, who was injured by a 01 fall at Romney,Va..wns steadily improving wUen last he&ra from _ fl GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For ?tktr GirritoiMi s^rirtuonMli m Jirtl j??*? |l'*T RECKIVKD- ~~ ~ - le hlKJ?. prim* P>>rto Rieo SUGAR?. W> bMa.?-Id R>?? WHI-KY, W 25ft HKRR1NG ?nd ALEWfVF.S. fr AO hh'i. <'ru?h?d *m) R-6n d -UGARS. In 9< bt(* Rio and Jm COFFKK. cc 10 hhdt.d 'W priced) MOLASSES. m For ?'?bT JOHN J BOG I E. ?e ?o E JEWELRY REPAIRING . _ T VERY D??orip ion of Jewelry earefulljr Repaired at a luodoratc ch*-t? bv n< JAVIER A. WATSON. ?J 59 B idge ktreet, Georgetown. *: An Apprentice wanted. se 7 St* *' __ ? an FOR BOSTON ?The regular packet brii Ando- tb ver. Captain Levi C rowel I, ha* arrir?d >-?v w and i? nowdnehartiiyt hw ca-co She tb l>e receiving freight for the aWve port on*" Saturday morning, and will fail with dispatch Ap- *_ nl. , u i d i' | l'Y* l nu/t An ? ? ) ?/ >" > n i\ i i?c< I CK> 1I|IV/<| ili* dUU 1VI &16T tt . Georgetown. ?"6 I* ?p RC. C. ATZS 1,0 ESPECTFULLY laforiuslua friend, and the f" puldic generally t)ia'he removed to No 33Hich . str?rt, adjoining M*<onic Hall He i< prepare to 101 furnish, at the ehnrtest notice. Dinner and Evening F* Pa'tiea, ?nd feel a assured that he will five entire tatufiction to those who mar favor him with a ap C All kinds of CONFECTlONF.RYand *'n th? lowest prices. Btst ICE CREAM at ?l So per .J, gallon. c. C. ATZ?*. J*? se4->ni H High street. Georgetown. . . ... TOBACCO, SNIFF, AND SEGARS. tb< I AT WHOLESALE. I h?v?to-d?y reofirf<1 lab box?s of TOBACCO. | consisting of pound lumps, fou;s, tens, large Mid to email twists. Also a large lotoffine HAVANA ai?d YAR44E Lw OARS. **> Also, on hand? up m hoses of medium aud low priori To cii bacoo, bo 2S^,w tV*ars. <?r] & cases of Garrett's fcotch Snuff, in bottles; , also, K anp*H, <; iiRfess. and Mac<atH>y. . Ak) dozen of Anderson's and Goodwin's rine 11 Cut Ch?wing and "mokiog To'acoo, U? I9> cross of Shanghai and Parlor Mate lies. IUi hexes of Pipes and Pip - Heads. 75 bales of Killickimok Mn<>kin*, ami ail titer . articles pertaining to the trade 1 All of wluoli are otTend at the lowest wholesale H?i prices. JAMKS WALLACE. La No. 30 Hun street, Georgetown. tbf Goods delivered to any part of the District free of | charge. an i9-tw 0j S" STILL ALIVE." Ga PI I.I.M A \ A III AT have Removed, tempotarily. If f to the Store (No. n> r formerly occupied by l^wi* I*a)ne. J. nearly opposite their old establishment. Bal IO" L)KY GOODS can be had as ciieap as ever. ^ "t au 21 3w Krf Ij'OR RKN'T-A convenient two-story RRICK ?r' " DWELLING, on Fir?t itrtet, Villi Gas and "u Water. Also, a commodious Dwelling and More, get on Hiid?e ?tre?t To huitalU" tn.ants the rent will Mi *>e very m<?i?iate. Apply to SAML EL M.KEN Brl NY. No. i~l Uuntiarton fct .Georgetown, an ^1 tf m, FOR 8A LE"AND"RENT. [For otktr ' ypr Salt a*d Rent'1 advrtisemtnti, VT! ???>!< !>?*. 1 *[' IjHW SALF. OR RENT-A new FRAME > with fi rooms and a summer kitchen, froi on 16th kt., between K and L. Inquire on th* premises. se 10 3t* >j f^OR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, No. 441. on rdc N *tr. et, between Ah and 13th sts.:and Dosses \!? ion given on or before the 1st of October. For 'pj*, :ernis apply on the prerones. iir 7 3 * Mr I^OR RENT?A two story BRICK HOL<-K, pie I containing 7 room*, on ( utreet, near 2ld. The and tous^is near the Circle and Pa. avenue Inqnire |,v U Grocorjr corner Avenne and fid nt. ??7-9t* h'OR REXT-A com ortable three-story HRICK w UWELI.ING nOlT!*E, on Ni^th str-et, oppo- eric lite Grace Chnrch. on the Inland Rent very l<?w. E InquireofG. CAMKRON,n"it door, where the K |ey can be found ; or of CilA!*. S. WALl.ACH, ^ro So. 1 Indian* a v. ae7-eo3w 1H> RENT, AND GOOD W1LI. F(>R*AI.E. Cor A large STOK E on Pa. avenue, between 9th I' ind 9tli ata., Xo. M. oppeaite Center Marker; <>a? >een occupied at a dry goods store. For partieu P ara mquue on the premises. se 4-lw , - mat L'O* 8AI.K-A new two-story-and-basement r KRICK HDL'SK. containing S rooms and eel- t>?r lar. fitnatttd on Elaventh atreet north, witlnn & C< *iinnt<'?' wa k of the Northern Litvrtiea Market r*rnt? unimua lv liberal. Apply to H. N. I A\'8DALE, corner of 7th at and Pa av. so 4 2w* r_ , bsc 4 RAM K OPPORTUNITY ?A magnificent O C\ FARM f >r aa!e or exchange for oity p opert*, wcr suntainlrg *M asrea, ha f miie from Fairfax t*t?- 1JH,r ;.on. Orange and Alexandria Railroad. It laundtr i(to. i high atate of cultivation, well watered, good >ui aings an 1 Umber; it can he height low. Call >n G. \V. BRAV' A CO., at their Jjwenr f tn-e, SI6 Seventh atreet. MS m* -V FOR SAI.K?A ainall FARM ofS' acr?? ol lund, situated l^tt miles north of'SoIdiera' Hoine and 4 . nil's from \\ axhington city, being a part of Chil- . ** urn Ca?tl- Mauoi; ISacrea in market ra den aud 'f " ne ba a"ce ia heavily timbered, with a avri >g ot the lever failing water,a voung orchard of peaclw* and erne kppl??, having on it atnnall frame home*. Appu at tick taud No. !i?l Outer Maket, of Mr*. Mi ikTl- ...i*, d ER or on the plice to J. II. MORTIMER. "J , au SUtv* rr"U ?? iqIU FOR RENT-Anew 4 atorr BRICK HOI8E. with marble mantle and grate*, wat ?r fixture*, i rith ba h room* Al -o, ga? in every room, fcituat-d ?n Thuteenth street, between I, and .Ma?? avenue. Pi U?o, a thr?e-ator* and -attic Brick Dwelling <ui H to-d itreet, between 13th and 14th streets. Apply at ton X M. P. -HEDB'S Fancy More. No AOillth ?t. j inc __ anrl CLAY'S HOTEL, w-?, (FoKMCKLY L'.IITID STAT16,? ham PENH. ATESUK, WAaJrfI, U C The Ukitkp Hotei having pa#?ed into ' he hanriaof the UDdsraigned.thejrreapeci-M ?. A oily inform their friends and the public VlfmV hat the houae hae been closed for the la t C wo mounts, ana nas Wfn mo ou^nu reuoia.?d, la^ epaired and fur rushed, and will be reopened <>n ihe it September in*t. , The house being heated with steam. and provided W1" rith otiier modern improvement*, may now be on * las?>d with tho fir*t hotels of the country. It ml. wcr iow accommodate eotnc thres k undred p-> sons. In a The proprietors giving thru personal attention to Qh* iukiue<<s, 10 eflort will i?e spared on their p\rt, or aj,rr heir attendants, to contribute to the comlort of heir quests. Hoping to receive our share of public pationace, re remain, wry respectfully. N ). H. CLAY * CO. ape Washington, August 2U, thrc N H?Gentlemen desiring Board can find pleas- fa9u .nt Rooms at moderate prices. se i-l2t |)ou National h*'1, SOAP AND CANDLE *"l WORKS. GKSKN Stkket. J5'twe<* Bruitt a-nd U'attr *????< ?. Ueorgrjoicn, D. C. {'?" W? A large stock of CANDLB3, H? Brown, Faoulv, Ca?til? and Fmoy 80APH, city Also, t*?" TALLOW and GREASE for Loooraotivn*, strain M>at*, u.l a.l kindsof maofciiMrjr, N lw%jt on hand, , , a?d and for sale at prices fot j w un ine inwe <n ? C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. h",, <y U-eotf j^CHOOL AND COLLK9L OUTF1 r?. YouthS and Boys'' Clothi,ig for School and * Drtss Wear. Parrata and fnardiara wishing U? furnuh their hi rfr*n and ward* with So< ooi a-d C-o!i cePntbta 'n*T or the oominf ?**aon, are invi'td t > exairm > ur *?11 ireaeot arce and ext*n*iv* assortment HOY*' 3H-THINW, wiiere they can fit n?t U?fir ch'Mfn >f all ?i*ea m a lew monents with erer? dt-aoripion of K-ady aia4e Qarmoat*, of aa^vtantiai and iarabJe quality, at very m"d? ra'e p o* e Lor WALL, STEPHfcN? * CO., SrV< au 30 tl 3?ii Penc. avenue GH)R SALE.?A pair of COACH HORSES, P young anil (a*t, u Id for ou fau.t: th?' r\ K iwaer kavinc no viae foe tkna Am It at ?n N. H. UJ,PE&MAN>Or^r.,oo'Pw. -^Z3: jIvania aveuue. balwttMi 3d ud 43k ?ta aa 8 If 1~5oifSALE? A nioa HORs-K ami TUP BUGGY. N The fcorte t* pariactljr gen-I* and ?oun.l,r\l . reil suited fo? a fh??ioian. If early appliat to a is .nad? a bargain way ba had AP acU ilj at Tel'grmph offioo. n 7 St* ( Cr? C|| WILL 0UV a Pin I'KAli ULAtfcK u!L K.dU orCaMDfr* Dmm lUi at LAN K'S ?s Fashioaabl* Hat and Oaf ittora. Pa.???.. ? i a. M> )m ..ear ? W etr?c_ \\ gSSBS^Kresftsi. TUB LATEST N E* 8 I I TELEGRAPHIC. TIRRIBLE &TKAMBOAT CALAMITY, laklur mt M#?a*r wit* Tkm Ha*4r?4 M rifljr PuMB|tri BmN-OtmI Lm* *f Lift. v n ic ago . dept. o ? warn i?t tlfi? rhlrh w>i run tala thl* maralM *be?e?er # Waukegan. u4 ?uak la ? laufca. ted uprard QfMflpWHiMW heard. lscladttf fcl military nd fee cawipaalra The di?a?'ee r**t?-? introM eicitement hera The military oompenlea m hoard the nnfcrtu ate ttetmw ware the Black Yager*. *h? Ortw ager?. and a rile rompaay. Ah* aererai ?ro ompaniea from Milwaukee, who had boeii oa a ialt here and were returning The aamea of tboae aaved are aa followa H * arvl. cLark. Frederick Hue. aW-ward. KdaaM ? pauaar, porter, Robert Gore Tboaiai M> rpt v bontM Coin! unburn. Michael Conner. JobH b. lobort, M iwtukt* rb"<aaa ^ta. Tlmd firvaw. V A Uutrv. Mr Wldrnan of Ohio. !.?> n ?> pdlko, of W annua and ? ln^rabani, a nwaWr r tbc Co nod loo Parliament Tbo book i tt4 paper* a the MMmrr are all I oat After tb? rollUlon with tbearbooner lb? atrau < r oated sootb to Wlnetu. where aba aooa aui.k HlilTiniHIC PttTlCTUll. The Clerk of tb* tteamer Lody Llgia laakn tbo llowlnv rtatemerit: Tbo l-ody Kl*1n loft Chtc?f?> at half pax II clock Friday night, for Loko ??iperior. A?.oa| ? ^tfwnfirn ??r? tbe t'aloi Ouardi, <4 Mti MSmSiZSZVmZX*. f, the arbooner AofuMi. of Oiwito, cam* in llaton with Uw Lady Elgin. ?rb? about ten I In from ib?r?. The ??w (truck tUe iWhik uidib'.pi, by tbe (U|;viy, on tbe Itrbtwd aldr be two reaaela tnatantly separated. tai the Adista drifted by In the darknena At tbe aioniei t ' tbe eolllaion tbrrr wm Buck aad dtnci'f lng on in the forward cabin In an inataut 1<T tLe terrt ble craab al. wan atlU, and in balf > bour the ateamer went down 1 pawd through e eablnn; the ladie* were pale bat allent Th-r? aa not a try or shriek?no nouad bnt tbe wato of e atram and th<- aurge o 1 tbe henry tea W bet' they were full* aware at ib*tr ? tether their appalling attuation midr tknii ?cthlMi. 1 ranoot tell A boat waa lowered at once wltb the dealni mt ilng around upon the larboard aid* to eiamtaa e extent of the leak Tbere were two oare beuglng to the boat, but juat at that moment aome raon poaataaid bimaelf of oae at Ibrtu, and we the boat were thua rendered powert?aa to e It. We au'-ceoded. however, la reaching U?a aael, but were nul- kh drifted awaeand thrown on the beach at W tnetka Onlr two boala were t on the ateamer Oae of tLetu contained tfalr :n peraon*, all of whom were aaeed Tha other re eight persona, but oaly fonr of thorn reached . ~ -r? ? .w- ?-* - ? *?viv an *v, mic mur i*?um uring orpwiffl IV bcarh Before I left \Ur iv ?ni'r tbe ragtae* had cewr 1 work. the flr?* having been extinguished The rce and d:ration of the wind waa such that the at* and the fragments of the wrerk were drive* tbe lake, and would rearh the abore la the rtntv of WlDflki Aa I flood upon the hearh p?feas>ly looking back wpon the route we bad ifled. I ronld aec. In tbe gray moaning light, jecta floating upon the water bod. ocnetimca, bought | saw bamaa bnut atraggltag with ; wavta h g. c liitl, Clerk of tbc Lady Elgta. The Name* or thi Vienna The following peraona, who left the Tiwmi' >uae I tat evening and took paaaage oa tbeataamer dy Klgio, are ?uppo?ed to have been anaoagat I lost ' A l.nmidrn wifr twvchlldrrn New (Meant. W Garth and wife, Mta* Anna riL and Ml** Amanda Gartb. of Parta, 111 F Hal! and Udf, of Aurora. Ill , Mr. Seateltea. be ttrni of Smith & S*ntellen; |' 8 Hand Mr. irce. of tbe firm of Goodman tc Pewroe, Mra rrow aud Isiac KIn^l?*f. of Milwaukte, Jamt* i^rove. Mr. Fitzpatrick. of Kenoaba. Wia ; Mra tls and four ch.ldren. Mr Bond ard two ebll n. Jam** Bellow*. ol Mineral Point, Wla , A rkinghani. J. C. I'ollard and lady. J Fits 'aid and lady. Michael Con?-^an and lady of Iwaukle: Herbert Ingraharo. member at U* tl*b Parliament, a ad ronridm of Iviai ? i?trat*d Mfvi indtmon Herbert, bdw*M tit*. fanny liurus. Charley Pmllb. of Chicago, t> Morton, of ?uf>ertarClt> . l?*o L Simpaofi, . Jolllet Mr l.ocke. of frbetnaaan, Otta Lanice and wife, Mr. Nlckle ana Mr. Phillip*. Milwaukee, John H ?ran, itepuly I' 6 Marshal V\ lacomin i one of the above named have yet been heard iu. Thi S*r*p. 'he following are tbe name* of thoae anred In litlon to tbt?e already mentioned ?Charles y, Michael McGrath, Peter Welch. George .Inn,, Wm C 1 t~Mm D ? IV. ?vhh ?*c|:?n , *? ?u ur, James Mclnis. John Murray, Frederick Hal r. John Koper, T Prltcbara, John Lrertwe wife, John Doyle. Mr Waldo, laaar tiara , John Ollinore. Mr Burk# and wife, J*La Ktplev, Frederick Snyder, J. H WilUrd H. Gunnison, Pefer Walah, Wm Lenywr. Fred k L>f ?esky, Bridge* fl^Loe. John Roalln, L>e Bar. Jimet Rogers. Frederick Fettroeyer, Poners, Mrs. Riven, of Mllwsukle; Farry tbers. Patrick Maber, treman. Mrs Simonda, >rjj* Davia. Patrick Myers, of Chicago; Jacob ik, of Fon da I Ac. : Is not fctated how theae parties were rescued. sacORD DlSfATCB . HICAC.O, 3ep? 10?The following it the *ati?1 number of tb?ee on board : Excursion pasran QlMl- si wummmm CH !,? > V"V, | *r?, Vi?w W| UIUH naveU 9b. apt Jack Wilson waa drowned within 100 of the shore. iNrarly lou j>eraous arrived bin fifty varda of tb? shore. but were a wept k by the broker* and lost nly 21 Ixxlipa have been recovered, Tbey e mostly recognized aa resident* of Mllwankk, e than 120 of whom are known to u?ve been The Sew Yark DeMcratlc Fasten ew Van, 8ept. 8 ?The Breckinridge and i*l** Democratic Committee have filled to t a fua on and adjourned at/r ?The Doujjlaa aub-Comuiittee have finalised to allow ten Breckinridge electors aud Breckinridge candidatea for Lieutenant tiovir and l^anal Comm aatoner to go upon tntlr rt, and have recommended the mate Can U*e to ratify their action. The matter now i between tbe two chairmen of the State Com Ires, and will probably be adj lated a* above. 'tlilical MtreaiuU of Mr. U?a|la? rilabali-hia, Sept. 8 ?Mr. Douglaa apeak* ay at Heading, and (0?i from thrnce to Em instrad of coming to Philadelphia aa la led. Hi* reception here .* at preaentpea*pew?-d o iarquencr rf tbe Lincoln and Bell eweuaga prcx "*ai?n* tbia evening Tbe Douglas mm e unal>i?d fe> procure mualc for t^-algnt, averr d belnjr enp?h-ed by tbe two rival parti aa who e demonstrations here to night lnaac?rattaa of the Perry tlataa. Lkv*i Akp. rept. e?Gov Spragoe. of Rhode nd. wttb tbe member*of tbe State L?ct*latur? the Governor* Guard, arrived to day, and attend tbe 1 uauguratioa of tbe Parry atatae be irth r stint Tbe Governor ana bis etafi e wiIcodmI by Governor Denaieoa, of Ohio, nont-L Tbe Guard eoes into camp with the n. volunteer nulltia and other < ompan'ea from Ml Political lauill|rac(. ok folk . Srpt !? ?Ilea Roffrr A Prm mad* iwrrfu' *p??-ch last night at Ashland Hall, of r hours lu lenglb It win m brilliant ettort In >r of Breckinridge and Lane, and against t;l*a'a M) iatt?r sovereignty prlaclpUs Th ?w crownf-a, ana uw to- r n wm Listen ra u? i tjn-rtt applauae and eothuaiaaui HtTfanta ml 6**rral Walk?r twto*, Hepi. 8.?The bark Carib, at thia pert i TruxilJo Annual 13lb. report* that General Iker'a force conaiafed of only ninety two men. dally eipectint; rei aforoeroenta Tbe araa warty deaerU-d.aud buaineaa was at a d all 11 ftkifaeat el ftpeeie U Itarepa. iw Yon, ftrpt e ?The ateamera Vaaderbdt City of Haiti more left tola port at aoea to d?y Europe, Ukta* JoloUr npwwd*rf tlJMtuM) >pe*-le, on forn^a imoiat The TtadtrUU about *W pttugwi ne i e t.v. niK)ii.*(< l.-OI Gr?>*f of tbis citr ieft ?v im '?ri? tor Texas He pmmm thr?mjh Lit ond Meruptilt, etc . wlier*- be expect tr, I c<>ii?idT?bl? bodies of K G C .**, who are tow bin u ibelr d?sttMtt?a. f gresclsBsl nmiastmi llejitows. Pa . h ?H?h? Heorr A ^Decker was renominated f-e Oo??r??i ! !* ? ith district to-day I>r??aal lntolHi'icf BMIM, M. M^Hob luteMl V J?b?. I?w4 Utwajth tata rliy ? turd?y ?I^hl eu ?r for Nfw Vwk i? You. ?ep?. W. Mwn awkH Is ?uv, m ob call ta? per cent.. Stuck* are rataer re: Cbic*fo *B? Roe* UUM 79 \, Illtaola uoi ?bar*Vr, do bond*?\; JHVrkl*aa >?u?b 4i?k; New Vovk ?oW] ?*; K? Miiag 47fc; ImiKMmIIU^, Mrlttly I I???? * ^ ? ? OQD! w o O 0 R woo oa roVF aj,?i ITNDMN6 at Ut I vea TIM W M. tiAl.l'

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