Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR* W/1HHINUTON CITY TUESDAY ftrptmWr &pint ( (Dp T|*r?iaa frw Tbr Comititmtiim *<111 further the Ute peer h of the lion. A H Stephen^ ?t Augurfa, Ga. The Inttlltgent r Is devoted to newi and mlseellaay. _ _ _ IET An attempt was made In Norfolk oo Thursday to arrest a runaway negro woman. Bhe ran on a bridge, and fearing that the wonld be caupht, jumped off Into the water and was drowned The Troy Times contradicts the state, ment that a match baa been made between Heenan and Morrissey. It says that these partifS have not met slnre the refusal of the latter to ft-b*r a which some Inconsiderate friend had made for him; nor has Morrlsaey since changed the determination expressed then, not to enter the prize-ring again, except under c lrcumstaccea of great provocation r 1 Tun Tixa> Tbocblcs ?The Tyler (Smith county) Sentinel Says tttat no attempt has been made to lire that town, nor have the citizens of Smith connty hung or otherwise violently dealt with any man. Italao rays that the most thorough Investigation, made by a number of the leading cltlaena, haa proved that no such thing as an insurrection has beeu thought of by the slavea in that county, and that If any such thing has been In contemplation east of the Trinity, it has been confined to one or two small neighborhoods ISAUGC* ATION Ot TBI PtXKT Mo!fUMXNT AT I'lbvklabd ?The nximment to the memory of Commodore Hazard Prrry was inuagurated on the 10th Instant, at Cleveland, Ohio, In the presence of 30,000 persons, 15 In military companies; 1 .CM) Masons formed h portion of the procession There were also in tbe line 6 survivors of tbe battle of Lake Erie, and a large number of soldiers of the war of tShi. Hosea Sargeant, of Boston, who was on board Perry's flag-ship, the Lawrence, daring the battle in 1613, was among those present Mr. S flred the last gan on board the Lawreaee, and handed the American flag to Perry as he was preparing to leave for Niagara Ferry stood up in hi* small boat, tbe death hail of the British rattling fearfully about him thewhite, and rereived tbe stars and strips from Mr. Sar geant's own bands A (though la advanced years. Mr. Sargeant is hale aud barty. The oration was delivered by Hon. Oeorge Bancroft, and the concluding tercmoaies was performed by the Masons. Wat DsrAaTMB.iT.?On the arrival at Fort Villon of company I, second dragoons, Lieut. "W?. Kearney, and the detachment of recruits for company G, second dragoons, and tbe tenth lnfhntry now at that post, will proceed at once to Fort Garland, and report to Brevet Lieut. Col E. R. 0 Conby, tenth Infantry First Lieut L. 8 Boker. United States riles, has been ordered to proceed without delay to join his company D. now in the field against tbe Camancbes and Kioways; also, Second Lieut E. P. Creasy. L'nited States rifles, will proceed without delay to Join bis company B, at Fort Staunton. Assistant Surgeon B. A. Clements, medical depart ?.. ..ufc .. I VII VIH> uc will report 10 I lie commander of the department of Texas. Awlataut Surgeon Tnomas M Uetty, medical staff t. S. Army,will accompany M?j. ShepUerd"? column on ita inarch to Texas Company 1 eighth Infantry will remain at Fort Bilaa until further orders. The following disposition of troops has been made : The seventh U. S. infantry, under com m*nd of litest. Col. Pitealrn Morrison, will move on and take posts as follows, viz: One company temporarily at Albuquerque; two companies temporarily at l^oa Lunas; three companies temporarily at Fort Craig; two compaales,under command of Major Isaac Lyude, will be detached at or near the Miembres, lu order to take post lu that nctalty as directed. - Assistant Surgeon Kdward N. Cnwey. Medical Department, has been assigned to doty with his command. The headquarters ?nd two compaiiics, under Lieut. Col. Pitealrn Morrison, will proceed to take post in the Tieislty of the mines of Arizona, as directed. Assistant Hmnann If U U?li 1 - - ? uoanu. ncuicil ueptninfBt, HIVlgned to duty with th*.? column. Company third infantry will proceed without d(l>T to Alboqwrqiw, ud rrport to Mijot C C. Sibley, to fonu put of hit column now under orders for Texas. Pmattl Cut. B. U Bchroeder, U. 9. A , is at Kirk woods'. - - Col. Rnggtel, I' H. A . and Cap*. Armstrong. V 8 ?T, are it the National. lix-President Pierce was, ou Thursday last. thrown from his wag on tn Coaoord. M. H., his horvi taking fright and taming suddenly, tie was stunned ana bruised, bat not seriously injured Da bmx'i OxicisxTKD Bittkxs ?\Ve are nut in the habit as o<u readers are aware, of re?ouiuiendUig or noticing the various nostrums that are urged uj on tbe public attention But tbera are o> caaloaai cases where a departure (tm <l:. ? - .ui* tmvc Mm proper, and the article abov*n tuned pr?*nu i cut of ibn kind Tula medir ik b?? acquired a permanent reputation fur the r? lief of djrspepai*. liver complaint, heart burn, and all difficulties orlgiuatluj; ur proceeding from tbe digesti we organ*, and, coutai oin^ no alcobol, bo mineral, or any poiaonous drug. It is oue of tbe af?t remedial prescription* K?r a fuller rrcunt tbe reader is referred to tbe advertisement *4 tbe article ? WtnctiUr Spf Cirmi or an Imumi Hn Tomi ?On Wednesday morolDr last, whilst two dh>" ?"d a boy were ravaged in (tiling ?* Ceaar Point, near Uw ibttutk orrwiiutit liver, and off tbe shore of JMf. Henry Itmil, they ct?|(bl a inoutk> turtle Perceiving a violent eouvalatoa of tbe water, and rapid movement of tbe net, tbev battled la slowly and cautiously, and d ? overeo tbeir prize II is doubtless tbe largest sbell fsb caught Id these waters for maay >ws, weighing five hundred nnd etgbtv-aeven pou*da It la over four feet ia Width aad five .a length, and tfc? exaction. <.r r-.. . wmm w*? required to place kt in a furniture wag ?a EaTim os tub Cam?Om of the UUst public cm*xiI?*C(* ke Iht eetobllahment of ai?rpican on all the great railroad* la the country The moklPg car ha* long beea a rrcogalied lnatitutloo (Something beyond all Uii* haa Ju?t beea ronmwBCfd on the Itna of travel between Htrn %. burg aad New York, via Readiag, Allentowa, andV.aotoo A reotouraat ear la imcIiiJ to rack throng b if-ln where travellers may procure thing* to eat and drink ev*a more comfortably than they cculd at the ihlioM along the road i (?7* ttoaldin** Prepared CUe to be uuiveraally welcomed by housekeeper* whertver ft {**+, ? ?* preetealv the ready reliable adhesive nmuk* needed for repairing furniture and fcoi.eebcdd Vara?l*dnt Timor, Jftw Y<nl, 8 ft W#b. trr B-** miC* ajeedlly disappear by *>)> |i.?, tfoal quantities of etratiu ebeeae and ? .* tf~?rd^*quills TWf devour thla bmX. ?u?h?, m wijora 10 amy who loe troops destined for the garrison at Fort Fauntleroy, whither be will proceed with tbe coluuui under com* mand of Brevet Lieut, L'ol. W Chapman, fifth Infantry. Surgeon E. J. Bally, medical corps United States Army, has been relieved from duty with the expedition against the Camanches and Kiowa vs. and will proceed to Fort Union, and i?mium ma mum* aibo, Annm surgeoa J. C.Billy, medical corps United states Army, it hereby relieved from duty at Fort Union, and will proceed to report to Brevet Llent. "Col. Porter for duty with the expedition against the Camanches and Kioways. Second Lieut Wm Sinclair, third artillery, baa been ordered to report immediately In person at Fort Columbus for duty with recruits soon to be aent to the department of California. Eight companies of the fifth infantry, under command of Brevet Lieut. Col. Chapman, will proceed at once to Bear Spring, and command the construction of Fort F* untleroy. At Albuquerque CoA. Chapman will be jo ned by Ccmpany II of the fifth infantry, and will detach Company G of the fifth infantry, which will remain at tL??t |<ost until further orders. On the arrival at Albuquerque of the troogs under Col. Cbapotaa'a command, Major C. C. blMey, third infantry,will proceed with K, I and A companies of his regiment to obey general orders No. 6; on .? r? m??- in - -- WilBllWTOW KIWI 1MB OOMIP. 1 Explodid?The returns from the recent elec tioa In Maine, to be found In the Star'* telegraphic ? column this afternoon, inrwt effectually explode c th? pretenae that Douglas la far aUMgw In Joew I England and at tbe North generally, thin the * Democratic party's cause was before To take t auTauugr oj xne tendency of the norther* popular 1 mind to abolitionism, Mr. D*>uglaa and bis allies (Mvni to plant their Democratic cause there upon a free-soil hauls or platform as distinct and palpable aa that of the Republican party. Though for the sake of beat) ng Republican-party abolitl onIsrn re nomine, tbe friend.* of the Constitution in Maine who support Brecbridge, and the Union (Bell) party of tbe State voted veaterday in aolid column far tbe Douglas ftee-soil candidates, they are. aa far as tbe returns show, most shamefully j Itntn?worse beaten, fu, tLian before it ?u ] enayed to force Dou^Ua, at CLarleaton, upon the crtiin Democratic Main, to ennblg bit Maine and other Rcpabllcsn-party Stat^a follower* to ' continue to play out thetr game of attempting to j draw atragth from tbe Republican party by pro- ( ft-aslng doctrines which they could claim to be 1 more aure to defeat " the extension of slaYery" In ] United States Territories than ttiat (the doctrine) y of Mr. Seward himself. The trjtb a, thousands , of hia original supporters, for rnorr honest than f himself, have simply acted In i;oo<t faith upou Uie ' doctrines he teaches. Those doctrines dcpreAte ' the existence and spread of A v?icnw slavery on , this continent, as distinctly nsr U>e doctrines of 1 Republican party ism do; and tuey are Inculcated and enforced by Dou^ist t ' ?elf and bis 1 traveling orato s and press*-* wUt< u vehement , and profuse denunciations of tt?* 4imcst entire i South, tor being " disunlonlsts," tUveocrsts/' &r , ss corns from the lips and i?cf the Kepnb- 1 llcan-party orators and newspap*/ , tbe portion of bis late follower* referred to ?real ill ng in his effvirts to bolster himself ii* I South, In the 1 face of his practical allUneflr*#tV the abolition t cause, as making him really # * jiUy of the con ttdenee and support of any'f*?^ So that they maybe ?ure of austalnlng l'? ' / ** In defence of 1 which he originally led tb*fr< / ' 1 from the Democratic-party fold, they l'.?vr.'? '-n ply transferred < tboir votes to the party oi ?l-icerlty In advocating them there can foe no ole queation? ' the Republican party. Mm. Howi'* Sxwmo Patvkt Ex- 1 txmkw.? At we have before *>ned, the appllca- ] tlon of Mr. E. Howe, it , t- r ? extension of hla patent for the needle used aAe beat sewing ma- > cblnea, which waa for soi'e A ne pending before * the Commisaioner of wan decided on Saturday laat. Tbs grfiwiy* on which the appil- ' -? a .'A ? ? ? * 1 cnviuu w<u iuaae, as pr ^'^ea 11 me argument of bit counsel. were,?that tV hal." million of dollars acquired by tbe inventor is profits, waa not a sufficient remuneration tor tbe actual advantage derived from tbe use of tbe invention; that new branches of Industry bad been created by lta meant, and that by lta uae producta bad been cheapened and Improved and houra of lalwr leaaened, while wages bad been increased. After having beard tbe argument*, tbe Commissioner of Patents reserved his decision until Saturday last, when he granttd the application and extended tbe patent for seven vears. In making his de< ision, the Commissioner expressed the opinion that tbe pr tits which bad accrued to tbe inventor were not such as tbe value of the Invention entitled him to. Tub Pacific Trleqkaph ? Proposals for the construction of the Pacific Telegraph were this morning opened In the oflice of th? Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, when bids were found from the following parties :?Hiram Sibley, Rochester, N. Y ; Theodore Adams, Uarrisbnrg, . Pa ; Orvllle Clark, Sandy Hill, N Y.; John & I U Harmon TMinll \1 , > n tf a. 1 _? >aaw ? | ^ ^ " w i j i>a >vu | A? . ft . a IVailUj ijl| Joseph, M? ; three different propositions. Th? Wbathk*.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation s about 7 o'clock. Sbptbmbbb II, 1300. Nrw York, N. Y cloudy, cold. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear. Richmond, Va. ..clear, 60?. Petersburg* Va. clear, cool. Norfolk, Va ....clear. 68', wind W Wilmington, N.C cloudy, rainy. Columbia, S. C cloudy, warm. a n - ? ? - ? vuuiiroM/Bf o- ciuuQyi /t*f wina n Augusta, Ga. ....cloudy, cool. 1 Rvannan, Gi. cloudy, Vj , wind N E aeon. Ga. cloudy. * Columbus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. ...cloudy, cool. 1 Jackson, Alia cloudy. Mobile, Ala clear, TO". 1 reoH TBB win. d Pittsburg. Pa cloudy, 76?. Cleveland, O overcast, 57^. itarometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 29,974; at noon, 29,"95 I Thermometer at 7 a. m Hi"- ?t nma ?oo Maximum during 48 hour* ending t a. m. to- ' day 71*; minimum 60'. L ryg? ATTENTION, "WIDE AWAKES!"- I LkJ* The members of the K^puMica-, Wide A wake Association are requests*' t > uif.-t at the 1 Win wain THI&,Tuesday > EVENING, at ue'oi'k. H) 11 It* Y?r?THE OPPOSITION VOTERS OY THE S'-^oixl Ward are req uewtnd to meet at Hall, (old Union Building,) on THIS (Tuosday) EVENING, at 7S o'clock, to nominate an Independent Conservative camluHte for ComnionCouocil, in plac-of Wm Orw. Esq., esi<n.;d. It* Yy=?SON8 OF TEMPERANCE-there will L 5 t e a meeiinK of Good San.a.-itan Division. No 5, Sons of Temperance, at Tempera oe Hall, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock. Vembers are requested tu be punctual iu their a't^ndance OTJ J. N BRIbfiE. R S. 1 NATIONAL GUARD BATTAMON, I J? A J'Tfc.NTION !?\ on will meet at the Co- 1 luint'i%'! Armory oe TO-M* >K K i > W i Wednesday) a ?i. .n * i ?"* - iiWi iztn intrant. at 8 o clock, in summer ii il >rm for parade and target practice. B? or'ler. i If Major JA3. A. TA1T. < f%-ATTKNTION. WASHINGTOM LIGHT J LP INFANTRY BATri.ION -You are or ' deed to m-et at jour armor; at 8 o'clock a in., on j the lJth instant, in 8nmfi?r uniform, for target j 6mb<. The ?tld Guard and contributing member* a'? respectfully reqnetted to risit the Battalion at t Meridian Hill. No person will be admitted upon the ground rxoept those invited :>y membora of tho Battalion. By enter. | 11 JA8. Y. DAVIS, Major. 1 TT5?DEMPSEY 4 O TOOLK. R i3 WEDvIXU AND YlSITtSQ 4 CA HI) kNUKATFRS. t Importer* of fins WEDDING STATIONERY, , WEDDING ENVELorKr>, I the moat beautiful style*. f 396 Pa. Av., between 9tu ami 10th st* , au 27-6in W A.* HI ROTO X. 1 ||A1K 91'UUH FOR BALK?19 Share* in Bank , 1) of Waaliiacton.t Sharei iu Far men ami Me 7 ehaai?e' Bkak of o-?r?eii?N. CARROLI. MAHON Attorney, j ?e 11 ft' .No 134 Pa.avenue. " |?OR IIIRE-A SERVANT MAN, (alave) 2*. 1 > vara old; is eowpetout to t%k* oare of home#, to wrva an cwwkiiiMi.dnvw, porter,or an a farm han.t. Applv at No. 409 INiath atreet, between H ? and I. ae ll-lw* 1 L<OR PHI L\DKI>PHI A ?The ?teainer Jamee P Jorotne, < art Je ome, h&a fcr- ^ rived an<l will ?a>l {*??#*>? above port on TUurmlat inO'Diu(,at 10 She will reaeire freight up U? tnu*.f aR'.'i"*- Apply to UV1>K * OAViUBON, h |1 2t Georgetown, P. C. A rockviu.k fair N On Di!>Qh wilt leave Martin a Franklin Hotel, 1 corner of Stn and Data, on 'I iiura- 1 <U) momma next, at 6 o'clock, the Kockviile Fair, ami reOn/in* at 111 i ?' 'y* a reasonable hour. Roi*:m1 trip ticketa Per- t a na deairuu* of aeovrtus a Beat will leave tkeir t< n?m? at the Hotel. C ae 11 zt B. COOLBV. Agent. a THKOtMTMTD.iin.iui- . " - "- 11 K<i??v<hm1 kfljBdid lose Piano, i? ads |><HB Nnnnai ClMNNtv Y?rk: aod only mnntha am*a by a wall known p*r?on for 9960. . T^J *r. ?? ^5!*m? tao?-t unable a* to offer it /or |2X' on mi; Mrnu. ct lud m it. i JOHN F. ELLIS'S I .. 11 ?/^SL0k,nu* * SonaT PlMCt, _ ? '] f*- *V- bat 9th w< l?*tk lU. ft (VORFOLK OYSTER*! * * ATv C . _ B NORFOLK OYSTERS! * .. Siteti- NORFOLK OY9TEB* ? in tha market are re*eir?d and dauy^^ /^\ * MrVAfl u?HA^a>k>. .lii ? n ai? ? # A . w.i.n mi o*C ? ?.<% I Mjj % luiun?a m muoui ib th? r%rr b.'itmUV tjrU.Bt LmdUt and OmUigtmH^Bji** and Rui*ura%t, U ~ lUtw^n laji'aad 13th ,u. ( g??WK'4 OS1BNTAL BALSAM. BALDNtSH AND'HKADACHK, u f bu uv diioorwf haaprodaoBdBstmialiinf r?talu in onitif htldMfi Bad *to?pin( tbB hair froBi tiff dandruff b?^4 all ?Ni"H ~ i;t l*e .kin; B 0?l tain ? !> fur i aadaoh^, a?<f ads- I I tfitUu ??*h Bud Mrfnma Pnoa Viaanta. Pur MB I ? **Jh^n ni|?l\iJw*lf A^'B- tt' V . af Ik* lUMtr Lady Blfla?The Law I Life estimated at aearly Three Hamdred aaais Chicago, Sept. .?Captain Malott, of the choonst AugnsU. states that when he flr?t dlsoveTdthe steamer'! llgb's, b?>th red and white, > v... i. 1? # ? . . - - iv ?'.imwvrrv uci km w: innn a IJ uarwr 1(1 Oil 11 & nlle distant. and steering aortheast It was rajnon very hard at the time. We kept our Yestol ?n ber coarse, *s*t by south, nntil we saw a ooltolon was probable, when we put tbe helm bard ip and struck tbe steamer two or three rninitios ift-rwards, just abaft the paddle box on tbe port tide. The steamer on ber course, her engine In tall motion. Headed the Augusta around north | ilongside the steamer, Wwt they got separated In ibout a minute, wb'n the Augusta Ml in the r?ujhofthe sea. All tbs head gear, jlb-1 o >m," ind stauncbeons were carritd away. We took lu .ail and cleared away anchor, supposing the vea,?.! win 1H Mil ifl.. ?--- '? ? -? rv , nv...? ... na?ci virm H'P IUC wm'I WP fcJOl ip the forr-aail. mud we aurceeded in KftUnji vtorr the wind land stood for land. AVe lort iteht of thr steamer In five minute* after the coltalon Mr. Beman. aeoond mate of the I<ady Elgin, itatea that "at half-pest two o'clock a aquall utrnck it; In five minutes more saw the lights of the r?svl one point off the port bow 1 tang out tkfli.l.lWtft' thp v nmm i I Ia ,?. , ?? .votv> -W ? w%? ?w fmy IIV a ktriiiiun md struck us tint forward of the paddle box on toe Hrboard side. tearing off the wheel and cutting through the guard* and into the cabin and hul" We were steering N . W. by Wa point to wlndjrard Our course at that time was N W. After itrikiag ua the vessel hung for anoment ?nd then {ot clear. 1 went below to aee what damage bad t>een done, and when 1 got back the vessel was ;one " When the Intelligence of the loss of the vessel ivlth the excursion party reached Mllwaukie yesterday, it spread life wildfire throughout the city. The telegraph office was thronged all day wltb the relatives and friends of those on bAard. Many who p earn ted despatchts were In tears, tud the most intense anxiety and excitement was t _ *t a - ? - mniiiir-Biru in vnc* rounienances Of ail. in (De hirst Ward of that City, it Is aald. there i?scarcely i house or place of business that has not Lost some inmate or employee All the survivors unite Id according to Captain Jack Wilson praise for his great bravery aud luring through. He was foremost in confronting the danger, and earnest fur the safety of the jk?stengers. He was drowned within a hundred feet [>f the shore, Chicago, Sept. 10.? Among the lost by the ite;imer Lady Klgin are Mrs Jsne Cook, Miss Kllzabeth Cook, of Fondulac; Franklin Hopkins, Win W Hornernnd son, of Philadelphls; United States Marshal Uurus, of Milwaukle. Mr. Thomas Kennedy, who was reported among the lost, is saved All accountsrenresent thedixtrew of it Milwaukie as intense The whole city is ihrouded in mourning and bus ness suspended The owner of th?* steamer Lady Elgin has libelled the schooner Augusta for The body of Mr Ingram, of the liritisb Parliament, has neen recovered. Twenty-seven bodies ?nly have recovered. Rockvillb Agricultural Fair ?We have 3**eu favored with one of the bills put out by our neighbors for the Fair of their Agricultural Surety, to be held at Rockville, in Montgomery :ounty, on Thursday and Friday next, and are nost acretably surprised at tbe extent and variety jf the premiums which It offer* They are divided nto twenty-eight distinct subjects, and amount to ;onaiderably upwards of >ix hundred dollar*. The arrangements teem to have been made on a larger scale and with more completeness than ?eretofore, and the fair promises to be more ittractlve and successful than its predecessors \nd indeed we sincervly hope it may be so. for he enterprise, spirit,and desire to improve which iave heretofore marked its displays,and the great ind most gratifying :.11 provnneut visible in the :ulture of the country since the institution of liis Hoclety. are matters for public congratulation. \n interesting feature of the tlrct day's exhibition will tie the presentation at 11 o'clock of a very >eautiful banner by the ladies of the county to the loclety. This is a step in the rlgbt direction, for vby should not the art* of peace, and that art specially on which all others depend, receive its need from the fair baud* of the lovely daughters if those who are engaged in "making two blades if grass grow where one grew befot%," as that ither art beneath whose Haunting banners fields ire made barren and hearth-stones desolated?? Inttlligtnrer. I^OR A SHORT TIMK "Nt-Y.-DEAFNESS V AMD NOISES Im CHE HEAD.-HR.Ulb?TON. member ol the Roja1 Cm e?;e of surgeons if fciiK and, has arrived, a"d is now j repa, e<l to pp.y ui? new and extraordinary treatment by rhioh he was him-e f aured af er eleven year- in *n?e satfrrim Particu a's for seif-onre sent to kny address for postAg,; consultations daily from n til! 4 o clock free; reft-ren;* to i.ondrets <<f p r uns curtd. Aiidrets No. 312 'Iweifth stieet, A ??hinctori, t?. O Neivons pei k. na thould r*at Vita! Statios" for self ouro. gent free to any ad? Itess for 12 cent* in stamps. s* ll-fw* I? TOl OlVg NOTICK THAT THF. ? riiiKonmr (mm itnmncil Irom the Orphan*' y"iirt of Washm/to i count*, in the District of Onumbia, letters or administration on the personal ?tate of Kbfuezjr RoUbird, late of Washington :ounty, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exiibitthe Katne, with the vouchers the eof, to the ,ui??cnl>e!, on or l?-fore the 8tn day of September i?xt; they mav otherwise by law lm exuludiMl from JI Imnefit of tno said estate, Given nnder iny hand Uis 8th day of September. 18ft\ Ei'IIli AIM B. HODBIRD,v s? ll-law3w* Administrator. ^JAIDS, WIVES AND BACHELORS ! KememOer FRIDAY, the 21st day of September, o present your Sweethearts, Hust>ands and Children with the first number of THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. Three Cents?Weekly?Fifty Column*. -idiUd by the bright- *t galaxy of talent over comilnAf) in anA ataar ':<r _ ,M ,,..w r?|rv.. v/iwi ouimm ivr (lie uiuereQi lepartuieut*, which arc a* follow* : poetry, Puss!**, Bnicmft*, Ac., I'nlns of fact and fiction, "*ci*nce and Finn Arts, -saay*. j Muttic ami the Drama, Uto<rnphie*l Sketohe*, Wit and Humor, I'robi. in* in Chat*, Leader* on th? Topic* of tha Day, Gardening and Horticulture, Recipe* ar<d D?in?atio Kconotny, Note* aid Memoranda, New Invention* and Mechanic*, Instruction in (ierman, Inxtruction in Frenoli, Marie, Song*, Polka*, Ac , A ? 1 Aiiawcio ku vui ruBpuiiuculs* SIXTEEN PAGES.""FIFTY COLUMNS. ICT" Printed f om New Tyf on Good Pao?r Publishers, A. IIARTIIILL & CO , iiO North Wt llissn it.. New Y'orlt. The Trade supplied by ROSS * TOUSEY, DEXTER k. COMPANY, or any of the Wholelale News Agency Houses. ?e II 3*. C \V. SCHL KRMANN Contnues to five IN . STRUOTIONHON THE HIA.NO. IN VO"At. MUSIC. to. Re?idenne No. 404 Sixteenth Hreot, nortli of L?fay?tte Square. se Ift-tf \fAHLON ASHFOKD, L?1 ATTORNEY AT LAW. lias removed hi* office to No T Indian* avenue, he name oooupied by C.S. Wailaoh, Esq. be 10 2'.* rfc NOTICE TO INVALIDS. I "R. J. H S HLNCK Will positively Ite at the l)ruK S'ore of I)r. Sam'-. B Wait??, corner 7th st l >d I^onifci?n& m.* ?? ? - K I?>IIUIK?VI( uiljt UM ?f WIUVH lay next, 12th iuot. I?r. K. ta particularly de* rous i im every one that haa be<<n or is about u?ing lua nedioine*. He aiven advice free and only ciiar*-H >3 when he makea & thorough examination witli na K spirometer ?e 10-21 P! aNu>?One very nice 6>* octave Pano lor SO. Alio, one veiy littl u<?J. for 0175. At ha Muaio Store of W.G METZEKOTT, UoT? iger.t of Main way A bon'a and Rave i, Bacon tc *o.'? Piano,'. ia 10 fTTo'RG E B 8LOAT 4 CO., U Manufacturers of the elliptic lock stitch and imp?ovki>shi;ttl,e 9EWING MACHINES! me aimplent and beat ever constructed ! Free from leather pad* and complication! Reliable upon all manner ? f ? VAKKANTED TO KVEK\ PURCHASE*!* And THE PET OP ALL CREATION! Manufactory. 11*29 atreet, Philadelphia, a'"if"w"'""<rrff0's,#i25wk.ll. m % 6too Safe I'a. av< nue. Pinion firewood mills, U Cotm TtB T. *XU CiKtl., The undi aignetrooat re*p*ctfull> invita the *at sot on 01 oar caelum- ami the public *er:e ailr r> the feet that we have now afloat AOO TONS OF .OAL. of ail ?i*e? and of the vert heat qualita. rliioh vewilliell at a profit of 25 oenta par ton frvm lie vea*el* r Wo are al*o manufacturing HICKORY, >AK ami PINE WOOD. nlllengtha and sizea. j IT"?- AIT orilera fll'ed with rtiRpat-th |i"7" Otftoe o?>rn^r7tli atrset and Canal. iS 4 eol?t McKNEW * A1AELOW, Pro'ra. VIEW ASSORTED LOT?>1 SELLING OFF CHEAP' I Juat o?*>ned, 2H0 do*?o LADIES' LINK N I lANiDKKRCHlEF*.??ni!,*#ceiiUtn tSados?n. < S)d?? RENT*' LI wen HANDKERCHIEFS, rom CIJWadox'!D to all finer cradaa. an do?-n LADIES' FRENCH CiHwr. -uiU ?, ? ? * Of w niv? 7!ADlf>1' PINE APPLE HANDKERCHIEF*, ?set 6t M< tfavnth ?t above 1'a av. 1 order to diapoM "fj?f ?iiUr? ?U*k of Men's Md FuliiontW* Hat and Cap More, aaM-lm Pa.aT.,naar Four-and a>-hatf ?t. 30R 8ALK.-A pair of COACH IUMWK*, . 4 young and i?at,?.;td for no fault; thr J SESSSSS?^ i ? WANTS*. IVANTRD?Bt ? jroaac cirl. IK y?rt of M?. ? ? SITUATION ** n*..* or chambermaid Can (iT? food rfftrenca. Aildr??< S L)., Gwrt?town Pout Offico. bb 11-ft* ANTRiV-A SITUATION a? ho?i?7k?#f?r. Al?o. * Sittw'joi r'iMnS?'in?id ?th1 ? ?? glrvsK, or^hilCa nurte. Be?t ofnr?MMM mi ? Apply ?4T Ninth ?t. ' Ye'lf-at"" WTTANTFD-A mpwIihlK yonnt WOMAN, to attend children anirio cn?mb?rwork. Apply toMri PER RT, F at (south -?de. between fitn and 7th at a. . se 11 St WANTED?A reapwctahle yonnc WO MAW, to nurse and do ehamf?erwork. ratiafactonr refMi'c required. Apply to Mra. a. E. PERRY, F atn?et l>etween 6th and 7th ats. ?? II It WANTED?A SITUATION as ovwawr on a farm. Hy *">e ^ho is thoroughly and praolieally acquainted with farmin* ard ordemn* in all their various hranoHes ; or vould take a p ace on shares. Ad tress. through the Washington Post Offira, ('vp-Beer." le II at* W ANTED?Byayonnr rir\ a SITIMTION ft* uDrne or cltaiiilierniaitl. Pi ase address Rox 18, Star C!ffice. se Iu 3t W^^ANTF.D?Thres PLASTERERS and two good HOD CAR R1KRS. to %n to Riehmond. V*. Steady employment and the high*** wa<e? will be given to go<id hands. Add est JaS. KEFNAN, ttQ'2 Ht , 1-land. sells'* t]|7 ANTED?At the Railroad Depot Restaurant, u a smart, a-live WOMAN a? cook. To one who understand* her business the duties will !?o light a:ia the hishe t wasea wil! he fcireii. Alw. a No. 1 Dining-room Servant. Apply to 1>. A. TARL T<>N, Railroad Depot se 18 St* \HJANTED? B} asteady and industrious voun* ?? iaan, a.SITUATION as porter in a store or watchman in a hotel. ll??t of references rivt-n. Address K. \V. I.,Sl&r ?f 8 Jt" WANTED-A middleaged COLORED WOMAN, to oook, wash and iron, for a vert nuall family. Call at the new houae adjoining the Hall. Ilth st.. between Fand <?. *e ? 3 WANTKU-A SITUATION, by a young girl. &a chambermaid aud nurse. She has a good recommendation. Please address Box No. 23, Star Office. se n 31 ANTED TO RKNT-A small PARMoffrom ib co 5<i acres, with comfortable dwelling and the ne?essar> outaouses, and good soil, within two miles of the city. Address " Agriculture," Star Of fica. f o 8.It* WANTED? By a small family, who expect to remain in the city two or three years, a suit of we 1 furnished ROOMS, consisting of parlor aud two bedrooms, in a first-class house, and * here there are no other l>oarders?with a prita e family preferred Unexceptionable references given. Address "Comfort," City Poat Office. ee 8 St* WANTED-A PURCHASER for a Farm of 75 acre* of I And. situated in Montgomery county, Md , 12 mile* fi om tli? city and 3 from the Belleville railroad ?tati<?n. There are acre* in entice wood a d pasture land; the remainder in a Rood state of cultivation. The improvement* oonsint of a comfortable dwelling, barn. atablmg, Ac. The above prop?rtv will lie sold a t>argAin. upon immediate application to Mr. ROBERT T \ Y M >R, Wendell s Building. ?p 8 6t* 1*7 A NT E D-TW K N TV-FIV E PAT A LOONS " IIANUS. None hut good hand* will b? mployed. Apply to GKO. KOI.B, Foreman for Wall, Btephen* 3k Co., S'ji Pa av. *e 7 4t WANTED?Bv a steady and indu?triou* man, a SITUATION as collector. Best of reeoni mendation* given. Addrons .M. C., Star Office. Jy 12-tf Look out for the rockville fair H ncrh T.RthRm'a tiv.hnr?? ma will I A venue "and Seventh street on . THURSDAY MORNING, at o'clock. Fare $1. twwi^S** 86 :o-3t N. J. PORThK. Agent CHICKERING A SONS'SUPERB PIANOS. N *w ai rivala every wen*; terms ?tn:? highest prices paid for old Pianua in partRsHB psvmen; for new. Pianos for r?nt. ?II " JOHN K. BLLl!1, ae 10 3Qfl f'? av , hot. 9th au<i I' th its. A ORE AT BARGAIN.?For sale, a light family CAKRIAUK, with aliiftiax teat for. dpgys, two or four persons, made to order thisStSK- -&&? Spring; price . 75: can l*? seen at T.w ~\B .SAILOR'?* Livery Stab e, corner 14th at aid A v enno. se TNOTITK. HE UNION MARKET, Union Butldiairs, on E stroet. between 13 h and 14th. havin* iu?t h?-n r*fitt<-d, wi I be duly opened ag&in uq Monday- tho l??th in*tant. where my customer* and the public will find everything in m? Provisioning line thtt the country atfurd*. at iny u*u?l mod^rat* char???s. no in-fit ' JO a. L. H KI3K. CHARLES A. 8HAFK?.watch MAKER; 346 Ptnn. Avemmt, near Serenlk Strret Entire attention given to the Repairing of Cbro noniotera. Dup'ex and i?ever WaUjh??. fine fv Clookx, *o. Also, to th* Kngra?in? of In- fyW vitation, Wedding, Visi ing and rrofeiaioaa [ ?. arda ? ,r <v*lM The purple graph OF FRANCE. One barrel of this dclicioua Foreign Fruit, in largo olimtara. will b? recived. and f >r ?a!e at the low nri<i?? of 20 cent!? per pound.on Thuritday rnorninr in Center Slarket. n'-ar 9th at., b* JN < . B1CKSI.ER Al?o, tirid DauuoiiJi fvcrv day thia we?k. The trade can be supplied on \Vednemlay 009 7th at . Inland go 10 21* FOR PALE-A BAV HORSE, five yeara old taut pprinc ; stand* about aevontoen tj\. hand* hish and atout in proportion. AUo. a 1^* Hay Marc, thrr?e year* old la?t spring; nvt yet broken The owner of the above na red atork having raised them can vo?rch for their ate. Sold for no fault, but for want of u?c. Can lie tnen at the atablecfthe aubsoriher. Firat at. west, between 1 aod K ?ta. north, Fuurth Ward, ae I# ? JOHN ROVER. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY S, 261 C St., bettrfm lOtA nnH Itft. Ha will to-da? open hia lone ? ?tah i hed and well known NOR FOLK OYbTKR ^ SHUCKING DEPOT for the aeaaon /_ J Ho ha* made arrangement* t" rfo?*ivev^^\IJB# regular puppuea of the beat NOR- ygmtw FOLK OY& TERr* on every Tuesday, Tha'aday, and Haturdav. He will alao k~ep ennaiant.y on hand a large and varied aaaortment of FISH, including ?rery aort known to Waahington WDIN. Ha r?turna hi* ainoere thanks to thove who patroniaed his Kat^hlishmont during the aa-t ea*< n, and la confident thai hia irfrwuo"! facilities for k oping oonafALt'y on fresit supplier of < > YS TF.RS, FI*H, GAME, &.o., Ac, will ?i ply reward aoontinuanoe of their pat.on^ge an' custom. Sold at the lowest market prioea, and de'ivered at all parta of the city free of oharce. ao 10-1 m T M. HARVEY. IITfl NOVF.f.TY M!I,LS FLOUR. 1 UU BIJL& l)f Una anperior brand of Family and Extra Flonr received thia dar. For sa'e in lota to suit by 1). L. MORRIStN t CO. ae II corner of Twelfth and K ?ta. Fa great bargain. OR SALE?A neat little OAKRIAOE with an able bodied FAMILY NORSK. Rnninnt fl\. g^ar nearly new; horae perf**etly gentle and juJR nafe. The whole, caruaeo, hot* . harness, net anil whip ma? ! ? had for $15^, the owner hav in* no furth r us" f?r them, if early applua'ion he made to BARNARD A BUCKEY, Georfet*wn. ae 8 St MOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Pi or <?? a l? will be received up to M onday .the 17th instant, bv Messrs. Denmead A Son?,l?r Painting the Iron Bridge over Rock Creek. The work to be taken by the io; and rot by inea urement. The 'iroe for finishing the work to be agreed on. The bridge to receive four coats of paint, viz : One of red lead and three or white. For farther particular* apply to the foreman of the work. aea at m. s. m m aHON. Ct PERIOR SHIRTING LINEN* AND COTTONS. We hav* now in store a fn 1 ?tuck of superior makes ol Whirling Cotious and Linen*, all grades Sli<"'tin< C?lton* #tI I .men ftheetiiiK, Table l>iapoia. Napkin* and Towelings, some m the lot very ifctl White and Colored Flannels, in all grade*, with full ftook of general Staple Good* for families,*11 at the lowest prioet. I. W. OOLLEY * CO.. ee ? lw 333 Seventh st., above Pa. av. Stoves, Grates, Range*, Furnaces,&c. We l?f to oall the attoatioa of the public to ear large an<T beautiful . oi STiiVtirf ?B itm Jtc.. of ererj description. In addition to oar re?a l?r stook, we ask particular attention loth# follow lug ar:icfe?, which we do not think can be equa led, oertainly not ury?eaedlby anything in the mark#: The *taw?rt Air-Tight Cooking ?t?r?, The Ki?terbock Hog-honse Furnace-the best heater in the world. The CoHBOpetltan Cooking Range, Col ins & Co 's Jmerored Parlor H atar. The i balienge Heater, Cox'e tiaa-M ruing Store*, The Banner Compete, (in Burner?the largest and finest elavated-ovea Cooking Stove ever offered for sale in this city. We a k special attention to t hi a Stove. We solicit a call from those Je*iriu? tr. -- ? r? SIBLEY * QliY, ful )9? PfTt't Arrin, wth ?rd nth ?i J^^Obt?rre?5t*w / lJU If<m tHt ?1 AUCTION SALES. Br WALL A KARNARD, Aooti.>n?*r?. A UCTION ?ALK or DRV ROODS. A? . ?\. Coxt xrmi.-r0ji! mhiiob of clocks. Kftcaoa, Duiier*..Mmi, an and D ? G?mxJ? en*al l- AIno, H^fSiUCiiuti, Bonnet Rihh-?nt no raaoy Artioi??. Ao . Ao . *H ?t<?f7 rnoMi orer it,?r?of M&xwfll A Bro.-SH* Pe ? . It WALL A llAWNARP. A wot*. A&SSS&h K ATM * ?*>ii wnpiiau r 2.H(>UtaC(?rM ''? t, *xt-atw ll?d P?ekl, 4?hV?n'i Fine Salt. J Factory tlx 4,1* to 1^?0 do. Worfhlastw? do. { tbnUn. This rargo we will a#!! at puolio au<iti>n oa arri ra', delivered from the amp. of whioh da* notiee will rx> liven ia thia paper wll < W. H MtLl.Klt. WON ? CO. By J. C. MoSUI RE ft CO . Auction** . | I FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A F*MILI decli - is? iloraiKiirixe ?Oa THL'RS DAY MORN I\u S*pt<>m>?r iSUi- at I* o'oitxsk, on the wnI aide of Fourteenth street, between H and 1 str<?eu, we shall b*1< th? Furmtor* and Effeoi-i oia <lfc* huasfkeepint. oompris Ju^? Sup-rior Rn??w.i?J Piano Forte, nearly new. and in perfao' ordar. Mahogany So'a. Conwr Chairs and Parlor Chairs. Mahogany Ann Chair and Rixjker, Radiator Stove Boo* Sh*iv?a, Tw... .) - - J I - " ? * IIIO J", j ?"'U Ui[rsin V/trKU, WllOIPUt Extension l>liUftg Table. RelrlferatOT, Ch:na, )'? a and Orookery VS. are, Be?uie?'l*, Burea la. Wardrobes, Mattreeera. W ??hatmnda, Toilet Seta, ghamher and oth r Storea, Hatraek, Ookinf Store, Kitchen IcnM.i, Ac Terma: 9A> an<i under, oaaii; over that aam ft oredit of & and *> data, for aatiafftotorily aodoraed notei, hearing intereat ae l <i J C. VtGL'l?KA CO. Aaeta. By WALL A BARNARD, Aaotiooeera. DKBIRABL.K SUBURBAN RESIDENCE AT |Tr?iic ArcTio* ?Oi KKIDaY AFTERNOO>. Jflat, at hail paat 4 o'alock, ve will aell, in front of the preniia*e. that daairable reeMettea eel ed Rook Sprinr. aitaated on tha aorthweatern boundary of Georgetown It. O , and o-ntaininx ab iat tiiirty fcr? aerea of iftad, improved by a good two atorv Kra ne House, Barn, Slablea* *?pru>? H<>u?e, Ao The aitnation ia beaut fa I, high and healthy, and ia watered by aererai apringa ol para water. Term*: One third ea*h ; ha'anee la one, two. Mid three year?, bearing int<*r*et *eoored bj a de*d of trust. e li d WALI. t BARNARD, Auct*. By TIM DOW LING; Georgetown FRA.MK HOU9K AND LOT AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY A FT E R N o ' N n xt, the 14 h inst.. at 5??'olook. in front of the premiee*, 1 anal I " ii part of Lot >o. ?, in Th el keld'e artdiuoa. fronting 24 eel on >*ixih hUeet. by I 0 in depth, n?er tb? oomer ?>f Krederiek *tr<-et. with two *tory fram?* houre with rxceilent d-y ool'ar. eb a. a a. Term* of rale: tine third eash; balanoe ia 6 and 12 month* lor approved endortrd aotaa, bear ng i tereat, and *Hinrn>l by a deed of t u.t on the premipe*. 1M-?i THOS. POWL1NC. Aact. | By J. C. MoG^IKF. ? CO . Auctioneers. AI'AIR *'K i?i sir a blk hordes, teot TIB? WaBIVJ (Nil Dorm,* H * KM*** Fob LB. Tha Hiiliotiril)?iit kHitd.. nirunt of their premises, on S-pt'-mt?r 13:'>, at l. o'ci ck, a patrol Bay M*r<?*. a' out ?ix years old, stylish in aotion ami appi?aranc *, aoourtoin'd to double and sine Is huiw. Both art> no 'II-nt saddle hoises. A Trot'inj: Huge;, i rjkrl* n-?w. and a doable set ; of liarn*s* will te *oid at th; same time. '< be horaea c?i ho seeu u< in thfdat of sals at th* table* of Ik. ttrsarson. B at, mar H.srteeiiUi. 'i'ernia of aa)e: Aor^ditol 4 months for aaUafactonly endorsed notes. l>-^nn? interest. se 1-d J C. Me U RK * CO.. As ta. ) AM USfcMK .NTS QDD FELLOWS' HALL! COMMBIfClSO MONDAY EYM'U, S<rt. 10. RUDWORTH'S (I,*TITtU ?>Ktf?TJI*L AMI OSLT WOOIVfj MIWKTRELSt THE MODEL TROUPE or th?PR?FESSIO?I, From WootT* Marble Pa-lac* of Minttrehf, 561 arH 363 Brofedwa*. Now York?where th?T hare l> -'-n ^PritKiurn'l? located for the pant 10 tear*. Thi? Trou. >(!*- bfst Eihiottnn Tr -urt tn ik-r -urntry) have reotn?!y ciooed the l>'it 1 >an< anil triumphant enxageiTiet.t of four week* at Rarnu?n'? >1 uriim. New York?the tr^-ent Minstrel Kngacement on record. They are now making their Southern tour, n.der the entire nupcrvimon of MR. JAMES II. BUD WORTH* Prince of Ethiopian Co?ne.liann. FIFTEEN STAR PERFORMERS: J. H, Ridwiiiih, Tamhoriuint, W. J*. BrnwoKTK, BnHdar Roae?, U ... . . Li ?? n-u- -i ? 1 J1UWAEII, J. K.CAMrBtLL, John KEI.I. A. II. Woud, e. Ui'.i, M J. Salomons, Mona. 9TEAKoeca. W. STE4TTOK, Ma t?-r 1 l?mm y , Huk J. It Giiuii, E. R. J. GtTIOIf, Mktt Puki BcDtrotTl, Mtnui Ikdkx Fa be . co. The (Jr?*?t r<??n*a?ion Prima Donna. All Solo I'ar former a. Forming, f??r cenum" talent, a galaxy un equaled in the aiu? in o f Minatr'lay ADMlllON TWENTV-FIVE CENT*. If jpUN FOK THE NAVY YARD FOLKS! W Y M A M, ThkFc*?y Pillow, At ODD FELLOWS HALL, N?t? Yard. -MONDAY, Ti;S.SI>AY. anl WEDNESDAY NHiHTS, lOtli.Uth and 12th September. *e 10 3t ^ASIMNGTON THEATER. Sole Leaaee and Manager 9 W. Glbbh. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op'n for the regular Fail and Winter Staeon on the bight of THURSDAY. Norimu lar. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian <>f the Age, will comineaoe an engagement of Tweve Night* on MONDAY, Nevemlw 5th. and will be follow d bytne moat HK1LI.1 \ N T STARS Ithe Theatrical Pirmamai t. Ij j~ Communication* if addressed to B. W. Glskx. "014 bowery Theater," New York, will mtM-t with prompt attention. au 18-tf I j* pr ep. conr ert8! JjRNST LOEFFLER, Ntw York mrmmt, bt1K and 2d strut, would reaaeotfally stata to the publio that CONCERT oft^M SELECT MIJSJC will be given every MONjfP DAY and THURSDAY RV KM NOS dm ia*tha season. at hi* Pavilion, eomn?Mio( at S o'clock and ending at 10 p. in. Previons to the Concert, t;i? Saloon is open to those desiring to while a war a f?w hoar* in the mair daaoe. ICE CBR4M. WATER ICES.and every deeonption of CONFECTIONERY always ready at aitr prices. Parties tlfsmng U?e Gardens for Pio Nia par poeue. are requested to give a day or two aoboa. jr It Sin EXCURSIONS, F1C N1CS, Ac. A GRAND TOUR!#kMENT Will he given Cj the EAGLE R f D I N 6 CLUB, At ANALOSTAIf TS1 AND, On MON DAY. 17th last. Particulars in future advertisement. se ll-tf I mi ook or r for fun < i HO! FOR Akr.IVGTON> The NATIONAL GUARDS BA IT A LI ON bag leave to announce to their friendi and the public generally that therfNaHflrv*^ will five a FRfcK PIC NIC andKECS Target ShooUog. at ARLINGTON tfPRINU. ? WEDNESDAY. September 12. Withers' brass and string band has bean anwill leave tba eorner ol Pa av. and Kst hourly. The steamer Geo. W Riggswill ve the fo ? of High St., Georgetown, hourly. By order of the " It COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. av Ait 1HN1*. Jk fro NINTH STREET.?Pereone returning to Ti?J thecitr frotn their ?nmuter reaorta trill lad vacant eeveraldeairaMe rooma, fearing th? eonve nienoes of Kan, water, and haihing cluieU U 4 AS Ninth at., one rtoor eouth of F; anitahle ei'ber for ffcmiliee or iincl? pTable liM'dwi teeoutiiKxialed on moderate Urmt. ; Milv Im PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. I HAVE On liaivi eeveral hue P1ANO& of Raven * Bac"0, Koeeakrants ana other makes^^g^^ winch I trill eeM or rent at moderate prtcea|MMB and oa accommodating tonne. IllT! 1 hare reaunwl teaojuag lite Piano and Vooai Mu lq 10 eobneetion. Thoae wiiliing my a*moee will pleaee apply *t my residence, No. 807 0 etreet. between 14th and Mth. ee?-eoK? BENJAMIN RKIS*. nOLITICAL BOOKS FOR THE TIMESI r ualrawV Ta w * ' * _ . . ?mm uw> ?n uy IliMi. pr? paivj,Ud it, v Taxt Boat by mill, free, on re- I a*iftor9i Douflaaaari Ltaaota sent frae oa reaaipt of 50 cflBt*. Drrd Scott C&m fart by mail on ree?ipt of JD aeats. lafe of Douglas Miit bt m. I o? r?o? pt of ao onIi Campaign Medal# of al Lis* candidate* nt by mail, free, on receipt of tt o-nU, by BKN r VwE*CH, Bookaailer and IMalioaar, Pa. av., M 6-1 w tint.) batwaaa Illfa aad 12ta *UT?B PLACB r .o?TPs^vr<Po?. At tk* Lrwttt Pritu ,*'Ur?Sl?r* Mfi lm Abor? Odd Vailov*' Hall. ^yATCB REPAIRING *^jf[LVEI WA*E I have one $lhabe?t a?t>bl'ybyaaUvaa<l farpuhad with a eomptata H of tool* tor rapair QHfijjlMi Cow a N^r?N. wWyfc ?y< will ft ad a pari or in **iiljr a-n* ion* to Mitkwi vara aold by detiara la gaaaraJ aud rear. f atal a? IMu own.^actur*. i-v ?.? % * * ** ' ' a *T - W T ?* AUCTION 8ALBS. ... i i ' i .? - . Ttri a vw* mrin at a wt * ?'?. ~ l a? /ii i uii i v v/v? m ir i v m m / yr By J. C. lU>UtKB > CO. A?tii "im~? VAt-rxBr-K mjilmw txrr on norTB timber Uth .>**?'? o?k.AB the prow taw w? afctn mU part at Lot .No. 4 in 9<|??r?l57. frot.tiot f? (ft ob Berth h it'***, f~tw*+w tth mm* mlh Ma *wi. run n( *<Mt 1? (*4+in *S' ?tn I pMP*tJ*J "IM?. Tk* fiK. 1 *> Bl HI tiltlBfifi tl>?f?yaMflt?* ' N' M?hr?m?K? (?i for Ik* (TcaiMi. .. Ywmi ()# tuk tke i *-1''*' " ?* f7 oka*, with iniBrMt, mi'M by * " ?mt ob IJi? pr*+mi -?4 J. c. Mbghre k u?-.ab^?. Bt A. I.RKKN. AlofeMVr. . T^RIISTKK* !*AL> Of" A hABToe A Tk 'CT A. OF l.A.N Daailad "Fatar Ml!1 fl?C IB theoount* of W a*htn?t >n <?a tn* ?*i "? ? N'm.afr KuM| Mfi about tnrew muse front l*? a<t? .< Wukiuion, (teiBf ?Mrt of u? eron *rtj ka va a* tha Pinej pr*n?u Trottlnc C?nraa Bi virtue < 1t*<> da*il? of Uaft. eaa **a on or aboat tbe*th <Sr ft Ancaat. ItM. M^i*- ? aorderi in Libar J. A.H . 1*-, foloe 3?",e< one ot the 1 reo ird? of IM ? Hlf W aaklnf ton. la U* Dniri. t of C-*tn?iUa? at.d the other bearing dat' ou or about the nth <1a? ?f Mm, >a?, ~ ? * raoordod in l-ibor J. A. fc.. No. lit, ?"4., i at ***.. a ?o one oi th? i*?a raovrde of *ai4noai?'j. 1 vUl ^rooaad to a?i: at puMir aacuni to tk? h>f baat biwr. (mfUEfDtY.U# lUh any at Cmfel n| at 5 o'elook p. m.. at U* A act on |omi si aata. oomer 7ti. aod U Mc*rU, >V??h ajton. ,4ft!l thai part of a traolof land oailrd * Peter'* B?' Sant,' aitwnte, !jir*. an<1 be?n? in tk? aonnty nf Washington, in tu? Duirirt of t o umbta, acd on tba trait aide of tha f*r?e> Hranah V thih IM foMowmc *?*'? and Iwnoda, U ?u B<HTtnoto? lor th? aara at a auia*. No 4,p anted In the weet ine >>f ?atd road. f->r the nwtheaat aoroar of a lot of and iud lud offto Hlm f*p ak man, ao<l running from thence cortu aiztr one ?k! a half dsgree*. veat fifty hi aod fortjr-p*ar haa tv w ?' " ? ??? P*~ r'"' 11 I1OT* W B .Vo.3. *t the t o.thweatooraer ofSpe^kaaaa'a lV|*r lot toil the b*finnmi of kit ? lot, then running north tai tj arid a halfdecree* nu| tw?ntr eight and a h*.' jo/ahef to a ?take in tre aouth liae of a road tarfnty five W| vide, and with tl.i raft lire of Sp*?kman'a airal er i. t, wfcre* i* planted a *tore flo. th*ww ranamg *?ati. u|t(oneand a ha fdegree*. e*at hTij am? pe'ehe* and foar and one ban Jrrdtti of a perch to a ?tak is the weet lieeof the Piney ? an b road, theao* with said weatlineof aaid 1'umy Branch rona In a traitb? line to the place of beginning, ooctaitmg Un aer*e aiid thirty *11 pcrekea of land,** more nr lee?;u? get/iT with the improve me nta thereon, whieh mmm. tut of a new, apaoKKia, ar.d wail-bait f? try F ame Dwelling honae, atabling. ateda. aid awt homee. i erm? of nale: Ooe third eaah; the Ware* icfi rid It month*, for which ths purchaser will he r*. quired to give hia note* bearing mte^aat from the day of aale. and aeeurtd by a deed ol treat apoa tke pra-^U"a. Should tba pnrehaaer fail to comply with tk?. term* of aale within fcre data after tfc* day of ?S?, the truatee re**rrea the njht to reee I t&id proparty,at thenak and cat of the dnfaa t nj parc*>a fii nrvu (i"n| iivw uni pr?tiu?i fin is ixrior br advertisement. in *oirie n*wtp?per published in the city of Washmtt-m, of Uio UM, plse?, and terms of each re*a!e. All ooovejsnoes St Uie oost of tke purchaser. R. H. LACKEY, Trustee. m S'-eo&da A GKK.KN. A act. FUTURE DAYS Bj WALLA B A K N A H I>. A urUoaeers. LAR?SK STOCK OF FANCV AND "TAPLF. D?t Go<>i>? at AecTioM?On thl'l>d4> MOIMMl*. ij:h in?t-. si . o'n.< ?k. *? n'tc !. at the Aactioa Room*, s k'ce slock of Fiwt and Staple Dry Goods. o..mpr s, us Cloths, CMsim*r*s andCassirMts. Cashmeres, Mouseelites, Laraiiar, Ciotks aad Merinos, Gray Goods. Oftlicos aad Laves. Pitted aad ( !m<1 M'usseiinrs. Mars*?"a*. 4a. White and Brown Cottcns, Cambr. ^* and Met iaods. f _k. a **? ? s inn Ltinen, rr'icn i.inen Ml Handkerchief*, H >aierj. o lovoe. Hoope. Cruriit'. Ac With i th*r Goo :i not ker<M?iM iu4. Term? caah. bo in d W K LL * B A IT NA R l>. A ipU. By WALLA B\KN4ID. AMtinaMri, IM ARfiF AND ATTRACTIVK SALK O" J Cms *. Pabia*. Btn?qrif I.ava add otncb COfTLT \N ABB. Ill NIT COT BOH? MIAS. KlIM B AND A MBBICA* Gt.Atl W ill. r >K i LATBV ** ARB, k 1*0l!kh asd akbbica!* i'ctlbbt, AC.. AJID IKUM 3rcNB < H!j* WABS, PABIA* A*T> But?* -tat'-itts. Ac. Ac.?on THUK!?DA\ ext. Septem >er 13th. at o'e oak, Bod ooeuaetng each 4b7 antil further notioe. we aha i eel I, ?t th? tore ofC. K. Greei.. 27 4 Pa. Bvri.Be, b?t?wi IIUi and IJth street*,a targe and varied assortment of the above ware, such as? Vm?i <*ard B?c iv?r?. Co'.of ne B? tt:*. Cordial Seta, Tea r*ets, t?lee? Wa e of a i kinds, Tabl#C?it(ir?, U m? Car tors, Hjm-om. hork?. Dinner Sets. CBtle*?, Ao. With many other k uli not here ena>nerated. The at>ove sale wi'i t>ef?und w >rthf the atten ti in of the put>.to. aa the c jo-la a-e all new atylee of the late*t importation, and al warranted to be of the beat aua itv. Antpe arrantewieuta Bsade for the eomfuit ? f the iaJie.". Terete ?' and under oaah; over #?? a credit of Maad ?> days. fjr aati?faotoii.j eudorecd do toe, K#If 1 Pf intitfAi t ea 1# d WALL A BARNARD. *eet. By A. GKKLN, Auetioneer. VALUABI.K PKul'KRTY O.N NORTH f. iiiwum 7ih abdIth!*ti wsar at Arciios Oe i H l K >!)A > , (he Jth inat, I ahali Bell, in front of the premise, at ft o'e oefc p. in , part of Lot r?n z. in r-*na'? ^o. An, with Uie impruwut'. which o >n*i?t of a two story brick loutr, witfe hook building, cot tail ir>< an rooms aad kitoben. The |i t f'<>r.U on noria I street 42 l?ft, : umiu 1*01 VO fe-t about nuaway tUeaquve, between 7th and 8th etraela. The iliOT'mi-nt (in^ property la eligibly equated and preeents man? irvleoemenU to per<oae wishing to make a c<>o4 levwin^nl Term* One !<>ur.h ca>h; ba a ee in 1, 2 ad<I S years, for notes l>eartt.g ict?-e?t from day or eale. A dcxKi given and a <2e*l f trust taken. Tit e in disputable. AI e nvejai.cmg at the ooet rf Us purchaser. ee 7-4 A^GRKKJV^Auct. rvi AKSHAI/S SALK.?In nrtne of a writ of 1*1 i?ri facias iseuod from the Clerk eOfto* of the Cironit Court of the District of Co'atnhia for the County ol W aanington. ami u> me dreotefl. I ill exp>'?? io pub ic eae, for oaah, la f out of the Court H >aae d or of said <v>o?ty oa MONDAV, the IttdM ufOot.' > !> *(. 8 It <>'i:]<K>k m. a. def utlai l a ^iktil, title, o ami ai*d Interest in and ?o Lot \o C. in t^aaarc <11, in the city of Washington. D. O , I *^ther w th a: and incaiar tfee improramei t* ther??>r. e?ii?l at il ieried apoa aa tr>e property of V\ i! ia-n li anrbard. aad wnl bo ao!d to 'aualv jadioia.a No. 31, to JanuaT tera 1?6>, ik favor of Jesse B U ii?oa 1'. 8 Mareha' for the Di*tr,ci of Comn'hia. mm O A+m B T. M. McCOKMlCK, Alexaodna pOMVISMONKR'!* ?*ALE OP A VALVA BL* T? ACT "J I A>D IS TK* COfWTT Of AL1XAKt?ai\. V?.. 01 thi a . L. A H K. It.?By vi<tu? of & deor?-e <f tt>i i i'o?ii Coart oi Alexandria oouaty. in tbe ?oit of ll.oe, (.uatdiar,, ? ? Hardin and tb?ra, tbe undmaicned will, m 1U r&DA Y? We W ofOct be*, at 12 o'clock. in trout of th? ayor'a officii, in tue eity o< Al xm dria. Mil at pntOic nueti 11. am .*v- trot cntai-iaf 24" ncrea of land m tne counn -r Alexandria, ml mi 'h l.auTfct a B Hardin tv <4 .died eerxeJ. Trtta E'P r'y Milkio.l n i w from Aiexandia aa4 & a WatbiLXton and b?'rii*t"*i. on Um r?ad d ec f-om ,TF a la i^fanroa" to "lows, and oa t ia Alexandria, Loudimn and Hnirpthi'e Rei rood, a ?at?r atnMon ??*r th? land. The improvemente conaial ? f a food tw fry (mm* DwHlinc tio.iK ?-ita )?? huitdmc-apnac nomm. a bare nodali nec ? ?!-y out h?ua--a Taa proximity of tt.ia f?rm to tan -hue mark^ta of AloxaM'ta. Woahiugtor and G?*or(?tovrf the character of the land an < the bra'thfoloraa of ike location, makea it d??ir?hle rraid*ii<s*. The terma areaer 1 bed *?rtSa decree are O? teath vi who pvowM min SMI IM filft i# in four r4u.11 instalment.) Bt 6 12. 18 Ml N BKrtitk* from tri^iUf ?f "?. >, tlx- rief- rr?d ( TB'tU to h? *cured by the iondt of Uw ?Bro hater, bsariiif ra t-re?t f-om the U?t of tBle.Brda retention of tho titl* ?n'i' paid. If d?eir?^ br pirobtMr* tk? pr?m ertj w<'Uid )> di vifled in'o two or ?>? i?iiMl. Bed B ?Ut thereof will to ?ik k t?l h* t*?e idBbt Mgned. 1 LOUIS KINZta. I??l ItBWtd OBBIM OBBT Br BARNARD A BUCKKV: Qw^m THiRU9TKK'? SA1.E -? rirtma rfl ? tract, datad A^rH 14,1MB. narnfad la UWr. J. A. 9,. Na. Ill, foiioat*!, Ao . l w}ll?fwa?*? M*. aallONDaV.U. nth aa? of t u'o.ook p. m., on the pramuea, a.. that\ *t In tttorirUwu, twi'ii parto of 1 owt?ndr?<l aodti'?tj four (1"?4'aid ?l? haadrnl aadewtyIva. ( ?,Tii Baa'V* aw-oiid additioi to (owe, t>oand?d at fol.owa, *i? t M-iraaiat aft aorthwaat aorner of L?lNo. MBatrCM { wH addition, aud ruunr j thoi oe *a?i aad paiaJlaj with B?all tt/aat 136 l??ot; ih**,a? ikmU and pftraUM with Waahnifton atra t 3" f ?*; thaaoa aad ?*rallal with tfc* ir?t lia* u> C"ii*r*>?? 'treat, and fhaao* with aaitt *ir?wt to tb# h? mrinr. with tka m 'nU, e>>*ti u< < f a tinail Tarns of mU: Um ol um> kmImi bowj to br pAid id ouh, aud the raai<iA* >? two mm! luatA mat'i it o?? ?ud two yMkra. with * ha ?M>ir?d T ari i?Ik?:? b* oo?pllM with in vna wfk altar aa'a, or t a property wiU k? m?W MtM parebaaar* 'H k And ooat Wai.TKUP C"X,Tra*AA. m I4%w?4< KARW4KDA BtlClKY, 1^?U8r ?AI.K-By Ttrtaa of A <1*?1 of tract 1 frum JtulM >fc:d?o a to t*a ?4ftg?4. 4*^ tod AU(U>I 'ttti, l*6n . aud r*oord*d among tha land r?oor W tor: o?.>u?tr, Dxlriol of Co. am bm. titer* vi I Ik a pubic ?aka. at tbr foot of Ifcla**itth ?t.ort. ob M'lNDAV. 1**pt n.ber H k.Mtt. At 11 o'clock m.. ol tk* fo!'(>? lac prwpwty? On* t?n i?r Seme B< At *N??t ifn M long. Ua* tWiw aboatora and hflj liUmai low and A taut twanij fact daap. Aud ton o-iia of S?nna Bopa Twrm* ewk. wj< D L. wi'Kyr. fiAmi Woo?: WOODS w on n KIIDLING WOOD,at UmMa i*?Q p. . ?' < * W Jt. ?ALT. ?NGINK**T, OFFICE. %3'i wfcaa ^JSgfcg r*^ ?M'"Vii'?! xL?{-? w "** f ?a tUrtimwiutiitta#. D No bftMAnrn ROMR* U t ^

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